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DEVELOPING IN FOX CREEK “a playground of opportunity” 2013


QUICK FACTS Why Fox Creek? The Town of Fox Creek is conveniently located on Highway 43, approximately 2.5 hours from the City of Edmonton and 2 hours from the City of Grande Prairie. Fox Creek is a full service community of approximately 2000 friendly residents and has a shadow population of an additional 8,000 – 10,000 – approximately 10,000 – 12,000 in total. During the winter season our population swells to approximately 15,000 due to the oil and gas activity in the area. Fox Creek has a median $88,447.00, one of the highest in the Province of Alberta. The town is a stopping place for many of the 7,000 vehicles that pass through Highway 43 each day and the traffic volume is projected to grow 8% - 10% each year. Fox Creek’s economy is driven by the resource industry with oil, gas and forestry playing the primary role. There are many large well established corporations within the Town that continue to boost our growing economy.


SHADOW POPULATION Shadow Population is the temporary, seasonal or full-time workers that reside in and around Fox Creek but do not have a permanent residence within the Town. These people are usually in work camps, drilling rigs or rent a place in Town. The Town of Fox Creek services approximately 1000 people that are considered “shadow population” that live within the boundaries of town and approximately 10,000 – 15,000 within a 30 km radius of Fox Creek.


Fox Creek Surrounding Populations


DEVELOPMENT With an extensive transportation system with air, road and rail links across North America, our area is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to begin a new venture as well as established businesses looking to relocate. As an important hub between Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Fox Creek is key to the economic balance of the region and Northern Alberta. Our community is energized with a young well-trained workforce. Fox Creek offers a wide range of potential business opportunities for those needing space to grow and develop.

* The age chart statistics found below are based on the 2011 census.

Retail, Commercial and Industrial Development Place Photo Here, Otherwise Delete Box

Fox Creek is home to large retail developments such as IGA, Rexall Drugstore and Home Hardware and several smaller national retailers including Subway, a & W, Macs Convenience Store and Gas Station, Husky Gas Station, Petro Canada Gas Station, Acklands Grainger and UFA. Fox Creek also offers a large variety of specialty stores and restaurants. With Fox Creek having one of Alberta’s highest median family incomes, and a young population, the options for new development are unlimited.

“ Th e To w n o f Fo x Creek h as a yo u n g p o p u lat io n , t h e m ajo rit y o f it s resid en t s b ein g u n d er t h e ag e o f 59. Fo x Creek co n t in u es t o p ro v e t o b e h o m e t o m an y yo u n g f am ilies an d w o rkin g yo u n g ad u lt s.”


DEVELOPMENT Issued permits comparisons Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

# of Permits 78 62 51 52 45 76

Value $15,549,300.00 $2,628,500.00 $6,449,090.00 $4,655,030.00 $1,874,200.00 $40,314,200.00

In 2012 Fox Creek experienced substantial growth which includes construction of three (3) new brand name hotels, a gas station, convenience store, liquor station, restaurant and three (3) industrial shops with offices. This rd new development is located in what is known as Plan Area B, which is on the east side of town off of 3 Street East. Projected development for the future includes 10 acres of recreational land (Plan Area C), 156 acres of single family residential development (Plan Area C). 20 acres of multi-family residential development (Plan Area A), 500+ acres of commercial, industrial development (Plan Area D) and 100+ acres of industrial development (Plan Area E). Plan Area’s A, C and E are projected to begin to be developed in 2013, 2014.

Municipal Taxes Mill Rate 2012

Single Family

Municipal Tax Rate 9.1600 Education – Alberta School 2.6759 Foundation Fund Tax Rate Seniors Lodge 0.1627 Accommodation Tax Rate



12.3200 2.6759

14.3900 3.6201

Commercial Vacant Land 19.26 3.6201




Conceptual Future Growth Plan for Fox Creek

Fox Creek Golf Course



Industrial Development


To Grande Prairie

Residential/Single Family Development

F Industrial / Commercial Development



Residential/Single Family Development

Multi-family residential


Commercial/Industrial Development

Fox Creek Airport


Commercial/Industrial Development

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

To Edmonton


Economy Fox Creek has an economic base focused on in mainly oil and gas and forestry. Approximately 70% of the principal wage earners in the community have jobs related to the operation of the nearby oil and gas or the timber resources in the surrounding area. The Town’s commercial sector is located immediately adjacent to Highway 43, and the community’s industrial properties are situated beyond the commercial zone further removed from the highway. The local business community caters primarily to the needs of Fox Creek’s residents, oilfield workers, other resource workers, shadow population and the highway commercial traffic. There are approximately 250 businesses [home occupation, commercial, industrial, retail] in the community. Fox Creek’s economy is driven by the resource industry with oil and gas playing the primary role. The major oil and gas employer in the area is SemCAMS, which is part of the SemGroup Corporation. SemCAMS owns and operates two sour gas processing plans west of Fox Creek and numerous pipelines in the area. Trilogy Energy is another large player in the area as their oil and gas assets are primarily in the immediate area surrounding Fox Creek. Recently Trilogy purchased a shop and office in Fox Creek. The oilfield service industry supports the oil and gas activity in the area, with numerous drilling and well service companies having branch offices in Fox Creek. Other major players in the area include: Apache Corporation, Chevron, Shell, Celtic, Athabasca Oil Corporation, Paramount, Chevron, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, EnCana, Devon, Talisman, Petrobakken, ConocoPhillips, Pembina, Harvest, Husky, Tervita, Suncor, Taqa and Millar Western Forest Products. Natasa Mining Ltd. has purchased 847 million tonnes of coal, 6 leases for $5 million. Natasa is a large progressive mining company which plans to extract the surface coal northwest of Fox Creek. Fox Creek’s secondary resource-based industry is forestry. Its role in Fox Creek’s economy was threatened after a fire destroyed the area’s lone sawmill – owned and operated by Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. – on August 29, 2008. After nearly two years of uncertainty about forestry’s re-emergence in the local economy, Millar Western announced on June 18, 2012 that it would rebuild the Fox Creek sawmill. The new state-of-the-art sawmill now employs 55 full time staff producing dimension lumber.


Strong Economy Indicator – Fox Creek Northern Gateway Pipeline Project


An Estimated $5.5 billion project 15,000 person-years of total employment (on-site, purchases, indirect, induced) in AB 280 kilometres of pipelines and one pump station near Smoky River Total Project construction spending in Northwest Region of AB is estimated at $847 million of which $76 million will be spent on a pump station near Smoky River Estimated $142 million in goods and services in Region.


Strong Economy Indicator – Fox Creek

“Oil and Gas industry is heating up in Northern Alberta and the Town of Fox Creek will play a major role as a satellite stationary town”


Strong Economy Indicator – Fox Creek


Transportation Fox Creek Airport Fox Creek has a paved and lighted airstrip 2600 ft airstrip, which is frequently used for private and charter flights by the surrounding industry. The Town of Fox Creek is currently looking into the different options for expanding the airstrip to accommodate larger aircrafts. Rail Service: There are two Canadian National spur lines south of Smoke Lake, which are used to transport sulphur produced from gas plants in the area to external markets. Highways: Highway 43 is a major connector to the northwest from the province’s urban centres in the south. The current twinning of Highway 43 has significantly increased the tourism and business traffic passing through Fox Creek. Access to some portions of the regions hinterland is provided by roads that have been developed by oil companies and forestry related industry operating in the area. Trucking Firms: 3 Boys Consulting Oilfield Services Enermax Services Inc. Fox Vegas Trucking Gary Davidson Trucking Kodiak Oilfield Services OilyMitts Ltd. Rival Trucking Waynes Contracting

Alliance Trucking Prosperity Trucking Fox Creek Excavating FST Oilfield Services Gibsons Energy Ltd. Grimshaw Trucking New Adventure Trucking SLI Trucking

Badger DaylightingDalmac Dalmac Oilfield Services Fox Oilfield Hauling G & L Trucking Grant Mackay Trucking Mojo Trucking Northwell Oilfield Hauling Total Oilfield Rentals Ltd.

Bus Services: Greyhound Bus Lines offers passenger and freight services to the region travelling both north and south. Couriers: Greyhound Courier Express, DHL and Purolator provide service to Fox Creek.


SERVICES Electrical Power Distributor

Natural Gas Distributor

ATCO Electric st 31 – 1 Avenue Fox Creek, AB Tel: 1-800-668-2248

ATCO Gas PO Box 419 Whitecourt, AB Tel : 1-780-778-8481 or Toll-free 310-5678

For more information on the Electric and Gas retailers please visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website at Telephone: Telus: Contact:

310-7353 310-2255

Eastlink: Contact:


Telus and Eastlink are also both able to provide high speed internet service to Fox Creek. Water: Municipal water is supplied from groundwater wells. Water is treated for iron control, chlorinated, put into a reservoir and then distributed by a piped system. Individual water meters have just recently been installed and are now required in all new development. Waste Management: Sewage collection is by a piped system. It is treated by the use of retention ponds. Household garbage is picked up on a weekly basis, while businesses are responsible for their own garbage collection and disposal please call the Town Administration Office at 780.622.3896 to set up your utility account.


Current Local Businesses Accommodations: Fox Creek has over 420 rooms available. There are three (3) new hotels to be completed in 2013/2014. Fox Creek current hotels include: The Devonian Inn and Suites, 94 rooms – 780-622-4434 Alaskan Motel, 64 rooms – 780-622-3073 Grizzly Motor Hotel, 23 rooms – 780-622-3792 Fox Creek Inn, 90 rooms – 780-622-3821 Regal Motor Inn, 25 rooms – 780-622-3333 Bedrock Inn, 14 rooms – 780-622-2223 Western Inn, 62 rooms – 780-622-8333 Foxwood Inn and Suites – 780-622-2280

Restaurants: A & W Restaurant

Ernie O’s Restaurant and Pub


Grizzly Lounge

Suzy Q’s Sports Lounge

Shangri-la Restaurant

Tops Restaurant

Husky House Restaurant

The Pizza Joint

Services: Petro Canada Gas Station

The Source Electronics

(2) Husky Gas Stations

United Farmers of Alberta

(12) automotive Services

(32) Construction related services

Macs Convenience Store

(5) Financial Services

Fox Creek Car and Truck Wash

(2) Liquor Stores

Rexall Drug Store

(11) Health and Beauty services

Home Hardware


(7) Laundry and Cleaning services

(41) Oilfield services

(13) Contractors

(47) other businesses

THE TOWN OF FOX CREEK 102 Kaybob Drive, Fox Creek, Alberta T0H 1P0 • Phone: 780.622.3896 • Fax: 780.622.4247 •

Developing in Fox Creek  

Fox Creek - "a playground of opportunity" Take some time to check out the big opportunities that our small community has to offer.

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