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IsdinSunProtectors award the

Sunscreen Expert Diploma to: Due to having successfully completed the activities and achieved the goals we set for Sun, Skin and Sunscreen in the

22nd IsdinSunLab Campaign.

Now you have antoher important challenge to face!

You are now an expert in sunscreens! Now every day you must practice what you have learnt about responsible habits when you are exposed to the sun when taking part in any kind of outdoor activity. · Your skin is highly sensitive to sunlight, you must use a sunscreen with very high SPF 50+ and one that is suitable for your skin type. · Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving home and reapply every 2 hours. · You must apply sunscreen again after playing on the beach or taking a dip.

· Protect your skin by wearing a cap, t-shirt and sunglasses with UV filter and by using a sunshade. · Be generous! Apply a sufficient amount of the product and don’t forget your ears, scalp and feet. · Avoid exposure to the sun between midday and 4 pm.

· Hydration is also important; always take a water bottle with you.

· You must also protect your skin on cloudy days because ultraviolet rays can penetrate the clouds.

· You must also use sunscreen in the mountains, in the city and when taking part in any outdoor activity. · And don’t forget a lip balm with SPF. Hang this diploma up in a visible place at home, for example on the fridge.

Isdin ing diploma  
Isdin ing diploma