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Uwe Langmann & Shaun Stubley


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Steve Jobs.

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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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Shaun Stubley - Queen for the Night


Shaun Stubley

Shaun Stubley was born and raised in the market town of Loughborough in the heart of England. His interest in art started at a very early age, inspired by the “chiaroscuro” painters who used techniques to create the illusion of three-dimensional forms. His fascination for this technique greatly influenced his illustrative style and is evident in his current photographic artwork. Now living in Milan, he works as a freelance photographer and designer. Fotoblur got a chance to talk with Shaun Stubley about his views on artistic philosophy, creativity, and expressivity.

ARTISTIC PHILOSOPHY I think that the main purpose of photography is to evoke emotions - it makes no difference what the subject matter is. A wedding shot, a holiday shot, a landscape, or a flower - the viewer should get a certain feedback from the image. It could be one of joy, sadness, love, fear, surprise, pleasure, or intrigue. This may sound banal, but history has taught us that the most successful photographs are those that succeed in stirring strong

emotions within us. Naturally, as a portrait photographer, my prime aim is to capture the inner essence of the subject as well as creating evocative images. I believe that art is the means by which artists convey their passion, unleashing their creativity to evoke emotions. True artists create with their hearts, a philosophy which I always try to adhere to, no matter what I’m photographing. CREATIVITY Without creativity, the world would come to a standstill. In photography, creativity is fundamental. It helps us in our journey to develop our own personal signature style which will ultimately get our work noticed. At times, content and technical know-how alone are not enough to achieve our goals. It’s the way we photograph our subject that sets us apart from others. I think it’s true to say that many successful photographers put creativity before technical know-how. When teaching photography, I try and stress the fact that one doesn’t necessarily need to have the latest camera with the most megapixels to achieve the best results. continued on page 15

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Shaun Stubley - Sensitivity

Shaun Stubley - Debutante

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Shaun Stubley - Storm

FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER - Shaun Stubley Radiance My Future Wonder

Discovering our own creative potential can be a lengthy process and often only comes to light after a period of practicing, experimenting, and studying the work of others. We should try and break away from what is considered “normal”; think outside of the box, think differently. If we want that light bulb to glow brighter then we must start thinking that creativity is the most important element in a photograph. Being inspired by whatever we’re photographing helps us to capture the subject in a more creative way. Experiment by shooting at different angles, try different compositions, don’t be afraid to make mistakes but above all, be open minded. EXPRESSIVITY To some extent, all my artwork expresses two strong recurring elements: elegance and romance. Not all my subjects are models - some are friends and some are women who simply want to be photographed for many different reasons. The end result, however, must always embrace these two fundamental elements which have, over the years, helped me establish my signature style. To obtain this, it’s important that my subjects have complete trust in me and feel completely at ease in my

presence. They need to be totally relaxed before I start shooting, they need to understand the kind of mood I’d like to create so we can work together in harmony. I always ask my subjects to visit my website before we arrange the shoot so they can see my style. There’s nothing worse than photographing someone who has never seen your work. I need my subjects to have total faith in my ability, but also to be very open minded and understand that we’re not taking passport shots! It’s important for me to photograph my subjects in a way that they’ve never been photographed before. Soft lighting and elegant poses are of the utmost importance and both help greatly to enhance their femininity and create romantic, elegant images. Photography has become my main creative outlet. As an artist it enables me to express my opinions, stir up emotions, communicate my message and, at times, allows the viewer to understand my character. Portrait photography has become a challenge for me, almost an obsession. To be able to capture the inner essence of a person in my own personal style is exceedingly rewarding, both for myself and my subjects. This in itself is a powerful motivation!

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Uwe Langmann - Warden

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Uwe Langmann

Uwe Langmann was born and currently lives in a small city near Munich, called Memmingen, Germany. Uwe Langmann’s journey into photography began while pursuing a career in filmmaking. While shooting photos of locations for a film idea, his friends and family began noticing his talent in photography. This happy accident eventually led Uwe to focus on photography as his main interestmedium of artistic expression.

I’m more ed in showing a sense of poetry in the ordinary. Like a painter creates an abstraction of what he sees.

Uwe’s work possesses a mystical simplicity and an almost dream like quality. Uwe says that the intent of his work is to not portray the world as it is. He explains that “I’m more interested in showing a sense of poetry in the ordinary. Like a painter creates an abstraction of what he sees.” He also tries to avoid communicating any specific idea through his work, but instead, wishes the viewer to formulate their own opinions and ideas. “For me, art must not tell a story but is something that exists solely for its own pur-

pose.” He describes his work as open for interpretation where one might see an interesting arrangement of objects while another sees a metaphor for societal issues. Each person should formulate their own interpretation of his work. However, Uwe admits that many of his images lend to feelings of loneliness and despair and occasionally communicate a lack of connection to the world or even emptiness. But he says optimism can be found in many of his images, especially where he intentionally captures connections between objects such as in his image “Family.” While shooting, Uwe looks for subjects that feel desolate, that seem alone in an open space. He will often include small elements of human presence such as poles, fences, and machines. His ultimate goal is to look for subjects which possess interesting shapes, rhythmic patterns, and which resonate with one another. As Uwe says, his intuition guides him while looking for the right scene to capture.

Limited edition prints available on request.

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Uwe Langmann - Scales - Car & Pylon

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Uwe Langmann - November Road II

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Uwe Langmann - Quiet Movements

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Uwe Langmann - Family

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Uwe Langmann - Out of Sight

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Uwe Langmann - Ad Infinity

Issue 12 fotoblur / 23

Uwe Langmann - Winter 010

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Uwe Langmann - Foggy Grove

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Nader Mansour Yaseen Alhddad - I Love My Place

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Marco Virgone - Into The Hole

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Gaurav Singh - Boundless

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Gaurav Singh - Immortals

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Francesca Parità - Decadence

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Mario Marino - Karo Boy, March 2011, Ethiopia

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Kazuyuki Iijima - Repetition

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Peep Loorits - Dots and Squares

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Robert Moran - Floor 10

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Maciej Leszczynski - Romeo and Juliet

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Linda Wride - Curve 2 of 4

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Junya Suzuki - Fragment of Life

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Mohsen Daemi - What If?

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Mohsen Daemi - The Last Breath

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Paolo Scarano - BLACK

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Janina Leonaviciene - Irish Flight

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Nima Moghimi - Scar of Life

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Arunas L. Birutis - / | \

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