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Cover Photo

Mohsen Daemi - Moments Before Resurrection

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Isa Frรถhling - Green... for ร gnes!

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Syaza Mohd Shakharulain - Lil’ Miss Sunshine

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Ausadavut Sarum - Stairs To Your Door

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Eric Frey - A Dream

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John Kosmopoulos - Purity in the Age of Sin

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Alex Korolev - B2

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Dimitri Bogachuk - Pipes

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Dimitri Bogachuk - Lonely Cloud

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Kazuyuki Iijima - Something Inside

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Mont Sherar At Fotoblur, our community represents many of the worlds most talented photographers. Mont Sherar is no exception. For Mont it doesn’t just end there as his talents are broad and diverse, developed upon the unbeaten path of creativity and individuality. Mont was born in Canada in 1962 and now lives in Denmark. As a young boy he was recognized as an artistic child prodigy, highly influenced by the great Rennaissance artist, Michelangelo. His parents, in keeping with his insatiable appetite for drawing, used to buy him huge rolls of paper from the local newspaper printing house. In the 80’s he was a leading progressive music DJ in Miami Beach’s “The Kitchen Club.” Mont has been a key figure in the world of ice hockey where he is known for designing the Matrix Mask, a hockey goalie mask popular among professional goalies throughout Europe during the 90s and displayed in the Hockey Hall of Fame, in Toronto Canada. When he is on the ice he goes by the name “MONTster.” Through his hockey training camp, Monster Goalie Academy, Mont teaches the art of goaltending to young players. Its our pleasure to introduces this issue’s featured photographer, Mont Sherar.

Mont, how did you initially find out about Fotoblur and what drew you to it’s community? I was originally a member of and really didn’t know much about anything else. I heard that there was another photo-site that did not have the obligatory “rating” system for photos, but instead used a totally unique interactive system where “real-time” communication was a key element. After checking it out, I realised how ingenius this completely new concept was! Here, there was no chance for anyone to make you look “bad” simply because they didn’t like your picture for all the wrong reasons. At Fotoblur, either you show you like it - or you leave it alone - the way it should be! Why should anyone have the right to make a rating of an image look bad, simply because they either dont like the genre, understand your art, or worse, just dont like your personality? Furthermore, the interaction among fellow “artists” keeps things flowing, moving, ALIVE. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to be a part of the community here. It’s as if one is in a virtual world of all cultures, tastes, and opinions BUT with a common interest of every citizen - creating visual art!

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How has being a member of Fotoblur helped and/or influence your photography?


There is no doubt that Fotoblur has provided me an uncanny amount of creative stimulation and motivation! As a participating member, I am constantly moved by a flowing river of endless ideas, points of view, different tastes, approaches, techniques, and amazing creations of all kinds! On top of all this, the constant feedback one receives is a fantastic indicator as to how the international “population” reacts to what one produces. Compared to other sites, there is very little “negativity” on Fotoblur. I feel this is a good thing. The reason is simple. With a completely different approach to rating /commenting, one can easily judge others works on a “relative” basis. While some might get more “promotion” and comments than others - the result is the same when looking at things “relatively.” If one feels they need help they just ask. There are plenty of other sites out there for in depth, long and drawn out “critiques.” Fotoblur allows me to refine “my own style” and the direction I want to go by using all this real time activity to judge my work (as does everyone!). I prefer to stay away from in-depth “critque” forums as on other sites, because I think this leads to “more of the same” results where everyone is telling everyone what “they” would do. Originality comes from within, and the great challenge of a true artist is to find his way through observation and inspiration. Fotoblur is perfect venue for that. I have an entire community to thank for the positive results I have achieved since being here. I think we all learn from each other - directly or indirectly. If there are 100,000 members on Fotoblur, I can easily thank each and every one of them for any good results I may have had on my creative journey!

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

At an early age art was a major influence in your life. Can you tell us how that experience helped shape who you are today?

belief that it is the artist that must find his way based on observation - and his/her own interpretation of that observation. If one applies too many differing “opinions” to their work, the work becomes too “safe”, too “more of the same.” Originality

If I could describe my childhood, it would be with three things. Art. Music. Hard

and uniqueness are bred from within ones own choices and decisions. Only YOU

work. All of them are what drives me today. Growing up on a remotely located ranch

know what YOU see and feel. This is why I pride myself on “learning from others” by

in northern British Columbia, Canada (the local town had a population of only 500),

“observation” and self-interpretation - not by text book play-by-play.

I immersed myself in both art and music after long hard days of farm-work. Thats all I did for many years from as far back as I could remember. My interest in artists of the Renaissance, taught me both the beauty and complexity of human anatomy. How the great masters posed and lighted their subjects, long before there was such a thing as a camera. How perspective and POV influences the viewer, how colour

Take us back to your years as a DJ in Miami. Do you feel this experience drew from and further shaped your love of art and the creative process?

provides emotion, and other vital ingredients to this great period of history. My passion and studies were not limited to this however, because I was also a great fan of

While music is dear to all of us, it has definitely had an influential role in my life.

comic book artists like Al Capp and Gil Kane - both of whom excelled in their knowl-

During the entire 80’s I became one of the leading progressive music Dj’s in the USA

edge of human anatomy. The painter Norman Rockwell was also a huge influence

and ran an iconic discotek called “The Kitchen Club” on Miami Beach Florida. I also

in my childhood, and I have read several comments on Fotoblur where there has

did re-mixes and several productions, including my own album. This experience

been a comparison with him and my own work. Again, the wonderful interactivity of

in the music world, has given me the courage to take bold and daring chances -

Fotoblur! There can be no doubt that when I am thinking up ideas, posing my sub-

including the way I compose my art. It might also explain why I am so attracted to,

jects, making compositions and processing, Michelangelo, Gil Kane, and Norman

and appreciative of anything that I find “off the beaten path.” My early music roots

Rockwell are all in the mix of my crazy, creative mind! ;-)

were in punk rock, and punk was all about individuality, governing one’s self, and being original.

Your family are main subject in many of your images. How do they feel being the subject of your work?

What message would you like to leave behind in your artwork? What are you trying to say through your images.

Naturally, my own family provides me very easy access to “models” when needed. I have four kids plus my wife - and the entire age spectrum to choose from. They all

Most of my work conveys a simple message that is relatively clear. However, due to

know what to expect from me at this point. They also know that my approach to a

the fact that we are all different, and with different backgrounds and experiences,

photo session can sometimes be similar to my coaching of ice hockey players. In

I never provide specific descriptions. I respect the viewpoints of all people when it

other words, if I start screaming and shouting - they just laugh at me!

comes to interpretation of my work, and prefer to let that work speak different things to different people. Just like music. The same song will have many different reactions/interpretations to different people - even if everyone has the same positive or

As a previous hockey player and now instructor do you see any parallels between your creative, artistic side and the way you play and teach the game? Another huge part of my life has been professional ice hockey (my canadian roots

negative opinion about it.

What do you think the world is missing today and how can we improve it?

of course!). My instruction on the ice is as creatively put together as I try and do with my photography. The success of my hockey camps has been largely due to the

Technology, communication, and information are essentials for quality of life no mat-

“uniqueness” of the programs. While most coaches are running their camps based

ter where one lives. All of this is constantly improving which in many ways is a good

on the “books” from others, I do everything I can to take completely new approach-

thing (there are always plus/minuses of course). Theoretically, the more knowledg-

es - sometimes bordering on the edge of crazy! I guess I’m thinking like a “punk”

able we are about one another, the more we tend to understand one another. And

whether on or off the ice! But the kids love it - and that is what counts the most! :-)

the more we understand, the more personal we become. The more personal, the less likely for conflict (in general). In short, Fotoblur is a great example of how this works, because I know there are many genuine friendships created between many

What are your thoughts on creativity? How does one discover and develop their own creative potential?

different people from many different cultures. The more we “humanize” our relations by personal contact, the more we enjoy and appreciate each other - its a simple fact. Perhaps we all need to stop voting for government, and vote for each other -

I have very strong beliefs on this subject. I believe it is better to be “flawed” but

just like on Fotoblur! ;-) We just vote and tell each other how great we all are - and

unique in what you do, than it is to be “perfect” but formulated. I also believe that as

then there would be no more wars haha! ;)

artists, everyone can find their own, “signature style”. Something that makes their work stand out on its own, something that tells the viewer “this is me!” For some, finding this comes easy - for others it’s just a matter of persistence - creating and experimenting until it appears. Observing and appreciating others, even those that have styles completely different than your own, is probably the best way to stimulate the creative process. Push the boundaries. And dont fall into a “formula.” Learn from others - but dont try to be like others - otherwise, who’s art is it? I also believe strongly that there is no “right and wrong” when it comes to art. My “shyness” from participating in “critique forums” has nothing to do with ego - it has all to do with the

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

Mont Sherar - La Femme Pivotante

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

Mont Sherar - Mariposa

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

Mont Sherar - Future Pacifist

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

Mont Sherar - Honour The Fire

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

Mont Sherar - One Giant Step

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

Mont Sherar - Illustrative Viewpoint

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Featured Photographer Mont Sherar


Mont Sherar - Stop on Red

Featured Photographer Mont Sherar

What can we expect to see from your photography in the future? What areas would you like to explore? Recently, I have begun to delve into the realm of non-human photography, such as architecture. However, in doing so, I want to portray this genre in some kind of unique way. I dont know if I have succeeded, but my goal is clear. Perhaps I can find a way of “humanizing” it - or simply finding a look we havent seen too often. Another subject matter I want to explore is humour. I want to bring my interest in cartoons to life with photography. Reality that has a “comic-like” feel to it. To try and get a reaction where people feel good. With so much sadness going on today, I feel that focusing in this area would not only be appropriate, but a tough challenge as well. I’m truly like a “kid in a candy store” in terms of how I view the world around me. I want it all! Everything is to me, one huge pose. Composed of many different “subposes”. My challenge is to find them - but without limits on what to capture and how to do it. Even the most mundane things can reveal something interesting - if one takes the time to explore the possibilities. One of the few “genres” I have never tried is macro photography. Its one of those areas where I simply feel I could never improve on it - never make a “difference.” But at the same time, I LOVE to enjoy what others are doing in this field. It’s truly amazing, and requires an enormous amount of skill to get it right. There are a lot of fantastic macro photos on Fotoblur, and most of it is mind-bogglingly great. I think the world is better off without me trying this category - but, who knows, never say never they say!

Lastly, who are your personal heroes? Chef Gordon Ramsey and Bear Grylls! Both have amazing human qualities of excellence, and both have achieved success without following the normal standards. Unique and original is an understatement!

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