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Issue 11


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Issue 11

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Contributors Makkai Bence, Marcus BjĂśrkman, GwenaĂŤl Bollinger, Serena Bowles, Andreea Chiru, Kittiwut Chuamrassamee, Mukti Echwantono, Dave Engledow, Luca Ferdinandi, Eric Frey, Zurab Getsadze, Ruolan Han, Stephen Jackson, Rob Jenkins, Hengki Lee, Harry Lieber, Jorge Maia, Nima Moghimi, Robert Moran, Toshitaka Nakanishi, Shigehiro Ono, Perakman, Tiziana Pielert, Santosh Rajgarhia, Jim Robertson, Aoki Ryoma, Andrej Safhalter, Ade Santora, Paolo Scarano, Erik Schottstaedt, Mont Sherar, Gaurav Singh, Tan Hock Teck, Pavel Tereshkovets, Aubrey Tiosen, Ivana Todorovic, Zoltan Toth, Sharon Wish, Yuriy Yurievich, Neil Craver, and Rolfe Horn

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GwenaĂŤl Bollinger Tiziana Pielert Kittiwut Chuamrassamee Sharon Wish Luca Ferdinandi Jorge Maia Yuriy Yurievich Aoki Ryoma Jim Robertson Gaurav Singh Rob Jenkins Robert Moran Perakman Paolo Scarano

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Yuriy Yurievich - Sunchild

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Yuriy Yurievich - Summergirl

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Neil Craver OmniPhantasmic This project is meant to be consumed with your emotions and not simply perceived with your sense organs. I wanted a transcendental meaning behind them; not only with the use of chromatics and aesthetics. But with my intended focus be on the philosophical theories, I wanted a “subliminal composition” to create an undertow of messages to stress the strong influences of unconscious elements affecting and driving people’s lives. And with the creation of a strong undercurrent of incommunicable thoughts, would be the stage for illuminating the subconscious intellect into a perception; not deception.

As a youth in North Carolina I began my path as an abstract painter and figurative sculptor. My motivation grew from my interest of psychophysical effects of chroma. My creations are the exploration of my inner facilities in the pursuit of contemporary knowledge expressing “original thoughts”.

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The visual aesthetics are purely symbolic in their thought application and structure; with decomposing forests of broken memory connections, and tumbling of vertigo into the correct positions of phenomenal reality. The shallowness of the area above the horizon line indicates the division of the limited amount of information consciously perceivable (atmosphere-above) and the larger mass storage of all the sense information, rationalizations,and prejudices of the subconscious below (hydrosphere-below). The nexus of contingents between drowning and floating, falling and flying, dying and living are some of the main unphysicalintangible themes in this series. What you can perceive and process is an extremely finite portion of what you receive from the physical environment. And to truly grasp the vexing questions of your inner facilities, you must open yourself to a flood of unrestricted information. Once the excavation is started; the illumination of the self imposed restrains of values, ideas, and moral codes will dissolve. When the subconscious floods pass society’s imprisonment; starting a process of uncontaminated awareness; a penetrating understanding will unfold!

Featured Photographer Neil Craver

Neil Craver - Pleasurable Terrors of Levitation

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Featured Photographer Neil Craver

Neil Craver - Dismantling Connections

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Featured Photographer Neil Craver

Neil Craver - Phantasmic Cycle

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Tan Hock Teck Harry Lieber Mukti Echwantono Zoltan Toth Andrej Safhalter Dave Engledow Makkai Bence Marcus Bjรถrkman Serena Bowles

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Makkai Bence - Happiness All Way Down

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Marcus Bjรถrkman - Level One

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Rolfe Horn “I like to see the beauty in the world.” I know that when I’m photographing, nothing else matters. Time seems to stop, as if the past and future disappear, and only the present exists. With the exception of the scene in front of my lens, the world vanishes as if nothing else matters.

Rolfe Horn was born in Walnut Creek, California, in 1971. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute in the fall of 1996, where he was named the most outstanding graduate of his class in recognition of his accumulated achievements in landscape and digital photography. In 1998 Rolfe decided to give up commercial photography in order to assist world renowned fine arts photographer Michael Kenna. Working for Kenna allowed Rolfe to concentrate all his efforts in the fine arts. Since 2001 Rolfe has ventured out on his own finding his own gallery representation. Rolfe continues to live and work as an artist and photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Website

I believe our creativity can be discovered by experiencing new situations, because the mind is inherently creative. Each time we encounter something different in a scene our thought processes come up with new ideas about what we see. When we explore those ideas in depth we discover other creative ideas which are much different from our first thoughts. I like to see the beauty in the world. My parents are avid collectors of Asian art, so my upbringing into the visual arts was that of simple beauty, almost like a Haiku poem, which has definitely influenced me. Also, because I work traditionally with my photographs, I like to convey the world in a way that is not what we can see with the waking eye. By using black and white, reality is once removed, and by adding time exposures, it is removed a second time. Every scene I’ve encountered actually happened, yet the final print looks nothing like what we see in everyday life. Photography is a universal language. There are no borders with it. It gives us hopes and dreams, makes us curious, and makes us live. I once was told that life makes photography which I countered that photography makes life! I was 21 years old at the time and I have since come to the realization that both are correct.

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Featured Photographer Rolfe Horn

Rolfe Horn - Study 54, 680/24 Interchange

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Featured Photographer Rolfe Horn

Rolfe Horn - Schooner Gultch

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Featured Photographer Rolfe Horn

Rolfe Horn - Seaweed Farm

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Ruolan Han Aubrey Tiosen Erik Schottstaedt Nima Moghimi Stephen Jackson Santosh Rajgarhia Andreea Chiru Mukti Echwantono Zurab Getsadze Ivana Todorovic Pavel Tereshkovets Mont Sherar Gaurav Singh Kittiwut Chuamrassamee Ade Santora Eric Frey Shigehiro Ono Toshitaka Nakanishi Hengki Lee

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Ruolan Han - Floating Melody

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Aubrey Tiosen - Lydia

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Contributors Makkai Bence Marcus BjĂśrkman GwenaĂŤl Bollinger Serena Bowles Andreea Chiru Kittiwut Chuamrassamee Mukti Echwantono Dave Engledow Luca Ferdinandi Eric Frey Zurab Getsadze Ruolan Han Stephen Jackson Rob Jenkins Hengki Lee Harry Lieber Jorge Maia Nima Moghimi Robert Moran Toshitaka Nakanishi Shigehiro Ono Perakman Tiziana Pielert Santosh Rajgarhia Jim Robertson Aoki Ryoma Andrej Safhalter Ade Santora Paolo Scarano Erik Schottstaedt Mont Sherar Gaurav Singh Tan Hock Teck Pavel Tereshkovets Aubrey Tiosen Ivana Todorovic Zoltan Toth Sharon Wish Yuriy Yurievich Neil Craver Rolfe Horn

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