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Meon Valley FORUM Life in your Community ISSUE 101 APRIL 2024 STYLE ˙ INTERIORS ˙ HEALTH & BEAUTY ˙ INTERVIEWS ˙ FOOD & DRINK ˙ ENTERTAINMENT ˙ EVENTS BISHOP'S WALTHAM FESTIVAL 2024 Join us for an Unforgettable Musical Experience! RECIPE OF THE MONTH Bun & Butter Pudding (Leftover hot cross buns) GARDENING TIPS FOR SPRING From the National Trust NEWS & EVENTS FOR APRIL Find out what's going on in the Meon Valley Cover Image: Soberton Church


A picturesque grade ll listed cottage, perfectly situated in the heart of this pretty, quintessential village. The property nestles within approximately 0.5 of an acre of beautiful gardens and is captivating, both inside and out. The unique charm, heritage and character of the property has been retained with the most sympathetic of restorations, which seamlessly blend into the 21st century. Early interest and viewing highly recommended.

Exton – Price Guide £1,325,000 Freehold


Bishop's Waltham – Price Guide £340,000 Leasehold

A unique and spacious character home, lying just a short distance away from the thriving town of Bishop's Waltham. The property once formed part of the local village school and was sympathetically converted some years ago into this interesting group of homes. Internally, the property offers generous accommodation and an early internal viewing is recommended.

Soberton – Price Guide £735,000 Freehold

Superbly situated detached bungalow, set in a sought after semi-rural location within super gardens extending to approximately 0.65 of an acre. The bungalow is on the market for the first time since it was built around 1965 and offers great potential for a new family to enhance and personalise with their own refurbishment. Viewing recommended.

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Price includes VAT, installations and a fully comprehensive 10 year insurance backed warranty

Any 3 Windows

Any 4 Windows

Any 5 Windows

Any 6 Windows

Any 7 Windows

Any 8 Windows

Any 9 Windows

Any 10 Windows

Any 11 Windows

Any 12 Windows

Any 13 Windows

Any 14 Windows

Any 15 Windows


• Increased security

• Saves money

• Saves energy New 36mm unit

Certificate of Excellence

Bespoke Kitchens & Furniture

custom offices, installed by

Happy Kitchens have a unique approach when it comes to kitchens and custom spaces in the home. We use excellent quality materials which are fitted by exshipwright joiners, who used to fit the woodwork on Super Yachts. That in itself is unique in our industry but then add in the fact that we are bespoke, but don’t charge the inflated prices that your highend high street showrooms do, gives us the recipe for your perfect home solution. This is why we are one of the highest rated home improvement companies on HOUZZ, beating all the top names you might recognise when walking down your high street.

We have never had less than a 5 star review and have won the HOUZZ best

of service award every year since it has been running. The staff at HOUZZ reference us to other companies as to how customer service should be done. Many of our customers have used us 2 or 3 times due to moving house or tackling other projects in their existing houses.

We do not have a template for design and take a fresh approach with every customer. It is important to take all the best ideas a customer has, then bring in the experience we have to offer, and often our ideas will be completely different to any other companies as we are innovative and bespoke. We often hear that customers have had designs and quotes that all look the same, are boring and un-exciting, yet expensive. This is because

most high street ‘kitchen designers’ are just salespeople with no idea on how a kitchen works.

Bespoke sizing - Media walls, boot rooms, ex shipwright joiners with exceptional attention to detail

So whether you need an amazing Kitchen, Utility, Bedroom, coffee bar with custom pod storage, Office, Media wall or Living Room storage we can help. The design visits are free of charge, and we can quote on the same day. Also Ben loves design, so often at no extra charge, he will help you choose paint colours, light fittings, Bar stools, artwork and can even recommend great pots and pans.


of the top reviewed companies on Houzz, offering free home design visits

“Thisisthesecondtimewehaveused HappyKitchensandonceagainweare overthemoonwiththeresults!

Thelevelofworkmanshipisjust outstanding,theguyswereapleasure tohaveinthehouse,Wewon’thesitate tocontinuetorecommendHappy Kitchenstoanyonelookingforanew kitchen.Highlyrecommend!”

Anna and Hugh Cutler

T: 01489 339177 W:

Our customers will often use us again, and recommend us to Family and Friends. The quote from the review above was from a customer who has chosen us twice, and their parents also have a Happy Kitchen, and two of the parents' friends.

“HappyKitchens.WOWWOW WOW.Thankyousomuchforgiving usthewowfactorweaskedfor.”


The biggest compliment we get from our customers is always around our attention to detail and often bringing something completely different to the table. If you are still unsure after reading this, go and read some of our reviews on our Happy Kitchens Houzz profile, and do a search of kitchen companies on there by review rating, we are always close to the top of the list.

Out-of-the-box thinking, bespoke design features, and friendly staff with excellent attention to detail are just a few of the reasons you should call us today. If that isn’t enough please do remember that the design visit is free of charge, so you have nothing to lose.

8 year

winner of the Best of Houzz award and one of the highest reviewed kitchen companies on Houzz in the UK Covering all your needs in Hampshire

Earn over £100k? Beware the ‘60% tax trap’

While 45% is the highest ‘official’ income tax rate in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the way the tax-free personal allowance is treated means

that some people pay an effective tax rate of 60% on some of their income.

Known as the ‘60% tax trap’, it applies to earnings between £100,000 and £125,140. Here, we explain how the tax trap works and why pensions could help you manage it.

Income tax and the personal allowance

Most people have a standard personal allowance of £12,570, which is the amount of income you do not pay tax on each year. If you have a standard personal allowance, the tax rates you’ll pay in each band of earnings are as follows:

How to reinstate your personal allowance

A way to mitigate the 60% tax trap is to save into a pension. If you earn £110,000 and make a gross pension contribution of £10,000, your adjusted net income falls to £100,000. This would reinstate your full personal allowance and give an effective rate of tax relief of 60% on your pension contribution. There is a cap on the amount you and your employer can pay into your pension each year and still get tax relief. For most people, this is 100% of your UK relevant earnings or £60,000, whichever is lower (this might be tapered if your adjusted income exceeds £260,000). If you exceed your annual allowance, you’ll have to pay an annual allowance charge which essentially claws back any tax relief received.

Next steps

Source: HMRC

Once you earn more than £100,000, your tax-free personal allowance starts to be tapered. It reduces by £1 for every £2 that your adjusted net income exceeds £100,000 and is zero if your income is £125,140 or above.

Why the 60% tax trap occurs

Imagine you earn £110,000 – or £10,000 above the threshold. You would not only pay £4,000 in higher rate tax on the £10,000, but you’d also lose £5,000 of your personal allowance. And with £5,000 of your personal allowance gone, that portion of your income is now also subject to tax at 40%, costing you another £2,000. In other words, of that £10,000, you’d only get to keep £4,000, which equates to a 60% tax rate. For Scottish residents, the effective rate of tax is even higher at 63%, as income in the higher rate tax band is taxed at 42% in Scotland.

Understanding how different tax rules might affect you isn’t easy, especially as the rules can change frequently. A financial adviser can help explain how the various rules affect your long-term financial planning and help decide the best course of action for you. Kirsty

We live and work local to you. We would be delighted to help you and your family achieve financial clarity and stability.

The value of investments, and any income from them, can fall and you may get back less than you invested. This does not constitute tax or legal advice. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future. Information is provided only as an example and is not a recommendation to pursue a particular strategy. Information contained in this document is believed to be reliable and accurate, but without further investigation cannot be warranted as to accuracy or completeness.

RBC Brewin Dolphin is a trading name of Brewin Dolphin Limited. Brewin Dolphin Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register reference number 124444) and regulated in Jersey by the Financial Services Commission. Registered Office; 12 Smithfield Street, London, EC1A 9BD. Registered in England and Wales company number: 2135876.
BDM4915 2/24_1
Band Taxable income Tax rate Personal allowance Up to £12,570 0% Basic rate £12,571 to £50,270 20% Higher rate £50,271 to £125,140 40% Additional rate Over £125,140 45%
Planner Divisional Director E: Matt Lyth
Investment Manager Divisional Director E:
46 Jewry Street, Winchester SO23 8RY T: 01962 798000 W:

Practical. Accurate. Friendly.

Life doesn’t stand still. Some events you can predict, plot and carefully plan for. Others come out of the blue and send you reeling. Whatever you’re facing, we’re here to help.



Settlement Agreements and talking ‘off the record’

‘Using a settlement agreement to bring an employment relationship to an end, and effectively wipe the slate clean, can be very useful. But, to start the conversation, employers need to be able to speak off the record,’ says Linda Wilson, Partner and Head of Employment with MacDonald Oates. ‘There are ways that this can be done, but it’s not as simple as just stating something is off the record – employers need to take care and be aware of a few limitations.’

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a binding agreement to waive most contractual and statutory employment rights against the employer, usually in exchange for a payment and sometimes other benefits such as an agreed reference.

To protect the employee, where there may be an imbalance of power, the agreement is only binding if certain conditions are met. Most significantly, unless the agreement is reached through Acas, the employee must receive advice from a lawyer or an appropriately qualified advisor.

Benefits of a settlement agreement

Dismissing an employee can be fraught with risk. Employers need to have a legally sound reason and must follow a fair dismissal process. If not, an employee with more than two years’ service could successfully bring a claim for unfair dismissal. Employees do not need two years’ service if they can establish that something else was at play, such as discrimination or if the employer found the employee difficult because they ‘blew the whistle’.

Using a settlement agreement can avoid the cost, delay, hassle, and risk of instigating dismissal procedures. Unless certain rights are carved out, a suitably worded settlement agreement should prevent the employee from bringing claims against the employer.

Benefits of ‘off the record’ discussions

Talking ‘off the record’ allows for a frank discussion without the risk of it being used in evidence before a court or employment tribunal. Otherwise,

Droxford History Group

if the employer asks the employee whether they would be interested in an agreed exit, the employee could resign and claim constructive unfair dismissal. Alternatively, if the employee is dismissed further down the line, the employee could use this conversation in an unfair dismissal claim to show that the performance management process was a sham and the employer ‘wanted them out’ all along.

When are conversations ‘off the record’?

If there is a dispute with the employee, the ‘without prejudice’ rule may apply to protect communications genuinely aimed at resolving the dispute through settlement. This could apply to all types of employment claims, but does not apply in exceptional circumstances such as where the communications involve fraud or blackmail. If there is no dispute with the employee, and provided certain conditions are met, an employer can have what are known as ‘protected conversations’ without the risk of the conversation coming back to haunt them.

A word of warning; this protection only applies to unfair dismissal claims and discussions before the employee has left. If the employee has other potential claims, such as for discrimination, the conversation could form evidence in a tribunal. The protection also does not apply if the discussions involve ‘improper behaviour’.

We can talk you through the timing and what you need to cover to make sure conversations are ‘off the record’. There are ways to efficiently bring an employment relationship to an end and to keep risks to a minimum, but there are traps for the unwary. This is why we recommend you take legal advice and we can help with this. For further information, please contact Linda in the employment team on 01730 268211 or email lsw@

Thisarticleisforgeneralinformationonlyanddoesnotconstitutelegalor professionaladvice.Pleasenotethatthelawmayhavechangedsincethis articlewaspublished.

membership costs the very economical sum of £10 per head. Visitors are welcome at £3 a meeting.

The Group holds meetings every other month on a Thursday in the village hall, 7.30 pm, that include a talk on matters of interest. These generally have a local flavour or some relevance to the area, however tenuous! Details of meetings are given below in the Programme of Events, non-members are very welcome to attend for a small charge. There are plans to expand activity into workshops on family history research and more general, historical research. We hope to encourage groups of members to research local topics and for individuals to document the story behind their houses.

The simplest way to become a member is to come along to one of the meetings, where we will be delighted to tell you more and sign you up. Refreshments are available, at a small price, before and after meetings. On 25th April 2024 - Guy Liardet talking about the Meon Valley Archaeological & Heritage Group at Droxford Village Hall.

For more information on the group - community/droxford-village-community-7711/droxford-history-group/

‘Droxford History Group was established in 2014. It was formed following an open public meeting that showed great local interest in a broad range of historical subjects and some enthusiasm for new research. Annual Linda Wilson - Partner

COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURAL AND BUSINESS CONVEYANCING 01489 888341 NOW SUPPORTING THE MEON VALLEY Midhurst Telephone: 01730 816711 Facsimile: 01730 816016 Petersfield Telephone: 01730 268211 Facsimile: 01730 261232 MacDonald Oates LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. MacDonald Oates LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales under number OC344357. Our registered office is at Walltree Court, St. Peter’s Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3HT. Employment Law Services Here to support you and your business EmploymentLitigation Commercial PropertyWills&ProbateMediationFamily Disciplinary and grievance matters Discrimination Contracts and Policies Business Reorganisation Tribunal Litigation In-house training



Book tickets at
13 ENTERTAINMENT / EDUCATION 73 ST MARGARETS LANE, TITCHFIELD, PO14 4BG WWW.TITCHFIELDFESTIVALTHEATRE.COM | BOX OFFICE: 03336 663366 MON 6 FEB TO SAT 11 FEB @ 7.30PM, SAT 11 FEB ALSO @ 2.30PM MON 6 - SAT 11 NOV & 7.30PM ARDEN THEATRE ARDEN THEATRE FRI 5 - SAT 13 APR @ 7.30PM & SUN 7 & SAT 13 @ 2.30PM SUN 28 APR @ 7.30PM MON 22 - SAT 27 APR @ 7.30PM Open Morning Friday 17 May Excellent in all areas - ISI Inspection 2023 Independent co-educational school for children aged 3-11 years 01962 888000 Worthy Park House, Winchester Where Happiness Reigns PRINCE’S MEAD D I AMONDJUBILEE194920 2 4 booknow Forum Ad 180x126mm April 2024.indd 1 14/03/2024 09:19:52

St Swithun’s crowned national lacrosse champions

St Swithun’s under 15 lacrosse side are celebrating after being crowned National Schools Champions.

The team were the comeback queens as they came from 2-0 down to defeat Claremont Fan Court 3-2 in the final and take home the Under 15 National Schools Championship trophy.

The side started off strongly and ended up top of their pool on the toss of a coin after finishing with an identical record to Priestnall School. They then defeated Walthamstow Hall 3-1 in the last 16 and Moreton Hall 6-3 in the quarter-finals. A late goal in a tight semi-final against Caterham led to a 3-2 victory and set up a battle against Claremont in the final.

After finding themselves 2-0 down in the final, the team fought back to tie the game at two goals apiece. Poppy then scored the decisive goal in the final minutes to clinch the national crown.

Team captain Natasha said, “It was a fabulous day from start to finish, emotions and stakes were high. The positive vibes started right at the start of the day and were intensified after every single match and every single win. But the best feeling in the world was lifting that trophy at the end knowing that the tireless hours of hard work and training in the wet and rain had paid off and every single member of the team had put their 100% into the whole season. I remember looking at everyone smiling and

laughing thinking that we had made it as the best U15 team in the country. Everyone worked so well together and I am so proud to captain such a fantastic team.”

Member of the team, Eliza added, “Our team spirit shone throughout the day, and especially before the big moments, such as the nerve-wracking final! To get us hyped up and all in the mood, we played our team song and danced in a massive huddle. This united us as a team, and prepared us to stick together throughout the tense moments. Coming back from 2-0 down in the final showed our grit, ruthlessness and determination. It was an amazing day, and one that we will never forget.”

Lacrosse coach Tia Hislop said, “I could not be more proud of these girls. They showed incredible resilience, discipline and support for each other in a number of tough games to make the final. They kept their composure and dared to believe when it mattered the most and left all their energy and effort on the pitch. All of our teams have done St Swithun’s proud and I am so thrilled for this team to be taking home the U15 National Schools championship trophy.”

St Swithun’s Headmistress Jane Gandee added, “We are delighted for the girls and everybody involved in lacrosse at the school.

The way the team were able to relax under pressure and embrace the fun of playing together is a lesson to all of us.”

St Swithun's Winchester is a renowned leading independent boarding and day school for girls aged 3 - 18. Founded in 1884, the school promotes quirky fun whilst providing modern academic, sporting, creative and recreational opportunities. The St Swithun’s vision is a world where our students see possibilities, not barriers. Its purpose is to turn girls into courageous young women and our belief is that it’s not just about learning lessons, but learning who we are without fear of failure, censure or outdated attitudes about what young women can aspire to.

16 RETAIL / FOOD & DRINK We are proud to have opened our first store in Alresford Hampshire with our collection of own brand products growing every year, focused solely on bringing Mane Dealer clients new and old quality, design and style. Telephone: 07557 429394 Email: 20 WEST STREET | ALRESFORD | HAMPSHIRE | SO24 9AT - E FORUMUsecode 24 onlinetoreceive 10% DISCOUNT OPEN MON - FRI FROM 10AM - 4PM & SAT 9.30AM - 5PM - TEL: 07932 481078 BAY TREE WALK, 9 THE SQUARE, WICKHAM, FAREHAM, PO17 5JQ TEA&CO F FEESHOP BEST TE A IN TOWN TEA ROOMS MEON VALLEY FOOD AVAILABLE • Jacket Potatoes • Panini's - Fillers include: Tuna, Ham, Chicken & Bacon, Coronation Chicken, Cheese, Prawns, Plain Chicken, VE Cheese • Sandwiches • Toast - Toppings include: Beans, Scrambled Eggs, Tomatoes, Chocolate Spread, Honey, Marmite, Jam, Marmalade • Crumpets • Teacakes • Cream Tea • Plain & Fruit Scones • Homemade cakes • Prepackaged snacks including: Flap Jacks, Muffins, Crisps, Loaf Cakes and Cookies (Gluten Free on request) DELIVERY PEOPLE URGENTLY REQUIRED FOR AREA 1 Droxford, Exton, Corhampton & Meonstoke Approximately 550 homes AREA 2 Upham, Durley Approximately 260 homes Having your transport is advisable but not essential For rates of pay and more information please contact the editor on 01962 735137 or
Bank Street Bishop's Waltham Hampshire SO32 1AN Opening Times Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 2:30pm; 5pm - 11pm Tel: 01489 894 684 Tel: 01489 893 348 E thewalthamtandoori FREE DELIVERY fororderstaken over£20ina3 mileradius FREE easter eggs for all children over the Easter Bank Holiday When dining at our restaurant






Great selection of larger on B&BOFFER £45perroomper nightexcluding breakfast & vat One of which is wheel chair accessible. Dogsarealsowelcometostay. Formore informationpleasecontactus Our amazing range of Gluten Free Pies - Chicken, ham & leek - - Maroccon tagine - - Steak & Kidney - - Steak & blue cheese - - Lamb & mintOur delicious VeganMenu
Spinach & vegan feta pie
tart Soup of the day
or raspberry ripple icecream
chocolate brownies Great selection of larger on tap & Bowman's ales m 01329 486509 1 E k everyBikerWednesday Wednesdaywewelcome alltypesoftwowheeledtransport . 15%ofallfoodallday foreveryone
Tel: 01329 486509 Droxford Road, Soberton, PO17 5AY EVERY THURSDAY & FRIDAY Buy any of your favourite main meals and get the second HALF PRICE! Easter Deal Kids eat for a £1 With every adult meal purchased a child eats for £1 from our kids menu From Monday 2nd to Friday 12th April enjoy the sounds of folk music every Forth Tuesday of the month

Bishop’s Waltham Rotary Club

March 2024 News

Incubators to Ukraine - Update

We reported a couple of months ago that we had secured several desperately needed incubators to be shipped out to medical facilities in war torn Ukraine. Through this initial effort which came about through a collaboration between Bishop’s Waltham Rotary, the Hampshire Medical Fund, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, REACT disaster relief, V-Aid and Ukrainian charities, we were able to send an initial 3 incubators in mid-January. Thanks to this initial collaboration we have managed to keep things going and we have secured a further 5 incubators, which will be going to Ukraine in mid-March. These incubators will also be packed with various other medical essentials that have been donated, bolstering the impact being made. Once we have images of the incubators in their new homes we will share them here.

An important date for your diaries

We are now well into planning mode for the main event of our fundraising year, our annual, and eagerly anticipated, Bishop’s Waltham Rotary Summer Fayre which includes the ever-popular Live music, Dog Show, Motorcade and Classic Car Show plus plenty of stalls, food and drink to keep you entertained. This year it will be held, as usual, at Hoe Road Recreation Ground on Saturday the 8th of June from 12:30 – 5:00pm. Put the date in your diary to come along for a great day out, and if you would like to get involved or have a stall, contact us via our website.

Like our Facebook page or take a look at our website for updates on what is going on, what we have been up to and how you can help us help others!

Welcome to Amelia's Therapies


We are a professional and friendly beauty salon located in the beautiful village of Wickham, Hampshire. We are passionate about our client experience, delivering a professional and personal service, ensuring our clients leave feeling like they're our only client.

Organic Facials, Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel Polish, BIAB, Lash & Brows, Sienna X Spray Tans, Waxing

T: 07967 487891

Amelia's Therapies, The Square, Wickham, PO17 5JQ

Last years Rotary president Sara presenting the winner of the best car in show shield Live music to entertain the crowd

Treatments to rejuvenate and enhance your natural look

Treatments to rejuvenate and enhance your natural look

Tucked away in gorgeous historic Alresford, Hampshire, Saddle House Medi-Spa will help you discover and uncover your very best you. Saddle House is a nurse-led Medi-Spa of excellence with a private car park for complete discretion.

Tucked away in gorgeous historic Alresford, Hampshire, Saddle House Medi-Spa will help you discover and uncover your very best you. Saddle House is a nurse-led Medi-Spa of excellence with a private car park for complete discretion.


Emsculpt Neo

Help eliminate fat cells and build muscle in a single 30-minute treatment!

We are delighted to announce that Emsculpt Neo treatment is now available at Saddle House Medi-Spa.

Saddle House Media-Spa Treatments Include:

Medical Facial Aesthetics, Skin Tightening, Hydrafacial, Visia Skin Analysis, Skin Tag & Thread Vein Removal, Pigmentation Treatments, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, Incontinence Treatments, Skincare & Packages.

Satisfied Clients

We are proud of our 5 star reviews.

Western Court, Bishop's Sutton, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0AA
30min Per Session 20,000 Contractions Per Session -30% On Average % Fat Reduction +25% On Average 25% Muscle Mass Western Court, Bishop's Sutton, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0AA Tel: 02380 518558 Book Your Bespoke Consultation Now
Treatments for Men & Women

Gardening Tips for Spring from the National Trust

Spring is an uplifting and hopeful time of year for many of us as we watch the natural world burst into life. Learn some handy gardening tips on creating blossom displays, pruning and mowing, and the types of flowers and vegetables to plant in spring.

What to plant in spring

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, many gardeners will be busy sowing seeds and preparing flower borders and vegetable patches. Once the soil is warm enough you can start planting potatoes and onions and sowing hardy vegetables, including broad beans, cabbages, carrots, radishes, lettuce, rocket and spinach.

March and April are good months to plant perennials, sow hardy annuals like marigolds and plant summer-flowering bulbs like lilies and gladioli. Late May is a good time to prepare your beds by removing weeds and digging and raking the soil to create a fine tilth. As daffodils and other spring bulbs die back you can start dividing crowded clumps to help spread them out next year.

Rising temperatures accelerate growth in borders and vegetable beds, so it's important to keep on top of weeds with regular hoeing. During dry spells, you should water plants at the beginning and end of the day.

Things to do in the garden during spring

Weeding and mulching

Spring is an important time for getting on top of weeds before they take light and water from the plants you want. You can also mulch your borders in early spring, provided the soil is moist, and there is still space to get in between the plants.

Pruning hydrangeas

Prune hydrangeas in March. Look for a set of healthy strong buds and then cut the old flower heads back to just above them. For mature or congested plants you can also take out some

of the older growth to encourage it to reshoot from the base.

Looking out for wildlife

When you’re gardening at this time of year, take care not to disturb nesting birds and always check carefully for them before pruning hedges or shrubs. When you tidy and cut back winter growth in spring, remember there may be insects and amphibians living there or even a hedgehog hibernating.

Leaving the lawn for pollinators

Spring is the time when we usually start mowing lawns regularly but you may decide to join the growing trend of leaving all or parts of it uncut for a few weeks at a time. This will allow clover, daisies and other species to flower and provide nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinating insects.

Container growing

If you have a small garden, patio or terrace then container growing could be for you. Here are some useful tips to help you make the most out of container growing.

Choosing plants for containers

Bulbs and annuals are great for growing in containers because they can be replanted each year to create new schemes. Herbs such as parsley, basil and thyme will also grow well in pots which can be placed near the kitchen door for easy access. Many perennials and even small shrubs and trees can be grown in containers, but species choice is important so make sure you do your research before you buy.

Compost and care

Use good quality peat-free potting compost for temporary displays. For shrubs and perennials which will stay in the same compost for a while, choose one with soil in it or add your own. Plants in containers need regular watering, so ask a helpful neighbour to take care of them when you’re away.

Planting small trees for blossom

The arrival of blossom is one of many things we love about spring. Even if you have a small

garden, you can create an eye-catching display of spring blossom. The key to success is choosing the right size trees or shrubs for the space you’ve got. You can buy bare-root trees and shrubs between November and March or in containers all year round. It’s best to plant them in autumn or early spring.

Choosing the best blossom tree for your garden

Personal taste, colour and smell are obvious criteria for selection, but remember to check the plant’s soil preferences and most importantly its final growing size. Even small spaces can accommodate a container shrub but remember this will need regular feeding and watering.

If you’ve got space for more than one tree, think about how they will complement each other –flowering in sequence or contrasting colours. You may want a tree with multi-season interest or one that produces fruit. Fruit tree blossom is great for pollinating insects.

Why not enjoy a day out at one of Hampshire's many National Trust sites, here are just a few:

Winchester City Mill

Free to enter Ancient watermill, café with island garden and wildlife spot in the heart of Winchester. Bridge Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9BH

Hinton Ampner

Elegant country house with highly distinctive gardens - Hinton Ampner, near Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0LA


A romantic house and gallery set in beautiful riverside gardens near Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0LP

The Vyne

Explore a former Tudor powerhouse turned 17th-century family home, set in gardens, woodlands and wetlands. Vyne Road, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 9HL

For more information and to join the national trust visit:

23 GARDEN GARDEN Mud Island Garden Centre Tel: 01329 834407 Find us on Facebook @mudislandgardencentre SOUTHWICK ROAD, WICKHAM, HAMPSHIRE PO17 6JF Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm Excellent range of perennials, climbers, shrubs, trees, fruit and herb plants, together with seasonal plants and now specimen plants available Garden Ornaments • Home & Giftware Pots & Planters • Garden Shop • Artificial Flowers

April Events

Fairy Trail at Bereleigh Estate

Until Sunday 14 April

From 10am to 4pm

Bereleigh House, East Meon, Petersfield, GU32 1PH

Come and enjoy our new dragon and fairy trail this Easter. The trail starts in beautiful grounds of Bereleigh House with some obvious signs of our mystical friends but as you continue on the trail it leads you into the woodland where you will have to have your wits about you to spot they shy and sometimes mischievous creatures who inhabit this world. Magnificent unicorns, dancing fairies, fiery dragons and even the odd boggar have been spotted here.

Bishop's Waltham Rotary Charity Fashion Show

Thursday 18 April

From 6.30pm

Jubilee Hall, Bishop's Waltham, SO32 1ED

To raise funds for: Breast Cancer Now - The reserach and care charity. Doors open 6.30pm to visit stalls. 7.30pm Fashion Show. . Spring and Summer wear presented by Labels Boutique & Agency & Luvvit Boutique. Tickets £15 available from Labels & Luvvit, High Street, Bishop's Waltham, SO32 1AA. To include a glass of prosecco and canapes (prosecco bar available) Grand Raffle.

Singalong Evening

Sing along to the greatest hits 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, including Take That

Saturday 20 April

From 7.30pm

Blessed March Church, 12 Church Street, Upham, SO32 1JH

Abba & Musicals! Come along for a jam packed fun night of singing and live entertainment with a hot supper & pudding. Bring your own drink & glaasses. Alcohol or soft.

Meon Voices Spring Concert - Spring into song with The Meon Voices

Saturday 27 April

From 10am to 2pm

Jubilee Hall, Bishop's Waltham, SO32 1ED

Calling all music lovers. The Meon Voices are back with their Spring Concert, ready to lift your spirits and usher in the warmer season. Join us on Saturday, April 27th, 2024, at 7:30 PM at St. Peter's Church, Bishop's Waltham. Prepare yourself for an evening of stirring melodies. Our talented choir, featuring soprano, alto, tenor, and bass sections, will showcase rich harmonies and beautiful soundscapes. From the timeless works of Gershwin and John Rutter to the captivating sounds of Vaughan Williams, a touch of Cabaret flair, and even a sprinkle of Adele, there's something for everyone in this diverse programme. Unwind during the interval with a refreshing cup of tea, coffee, and biscuits. Admission is completely free. We'll have a cash collection at the end, with proceeds being generously shared between the choir and the church's chosen charities. Feeling the musical spark? The Meon Voices are a welcoming bunch, and we have a waiting list for new members. Our practices take place on Monday

evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at the United Free Church in Bishop's Waltham. We hold at least two performances a year, one during the festive season and another in the spring. Don't miss out on this heartwarming evening of music and community. We look forward to sharing our passion for singing with you. If you would like further information, please email Jane on or contact Phil on 01489 579078 or via email

Meon Valley Studio Jewellery & Silversmithing Courses

Saturday 27 April

From 10am to 4pm

The Old Dairy Workshop Becksteddle Farm Yard, Colemore GU34 3PS

Tutor: Olivia Brown. £120 per person (silver included) Suitable for intermediate students, or beginners with a steady hand! Meon Valley Studio is in Colemore, in the Northern tip of the South Downs within easy reach of the towns of Petersfield, Alton, Winchester, Fareham and Havant. Please contact us for directions or to make an appointment to visit: https:// contact

Bishop's Waltham Garden Fair

Sunday 5 May

From 10am to 4pm

Wintershill Hall, Durley, SO32 2AL

Children Under 14 Free - Entrance £5. Face painting. homemade refreshments, bird of prey display, morris dancers, free parking, Cuff Billett's New Europa Jazz Band, 60+ specialist stalls, La Gastono

mica. New cake decorating competition for children - see website for details. By kind permission of Jamie & Carolyn Balfour. In support of St.John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group.

Soberton Fete

Saturday 29 June

From 1.30pm

Church Green, Soberton, SO32 3PF

Food & Drink, Entertainment, Grand Draw and Much More!

Good day all.

Another month passed. And another reminder of your MVU3A monthly activities. April showers? As I write it seems as if it will never stop raining! But better news- on 2/4 at 2pm we have “Timber framing for beginners” offered by Penny Copeland. Penny has spoken before with great expertise. I suspect she will not be showing us how to use a carpenter’s chisel! On 16/4 at 2pm we have a speaker new to us, but well known on the professional circuit- Glen Duggan speaking on “Orchids, terrorists and kidnapping in the Darien”. Everybody is welcome. Guests will get an especially warm welcome. Our current record is 20 guests! Guests pay £2 to defray speaker costs. Venue is Wickham Community centre. Tea and biscuits provided after the talk, and we always have pre-loved books for charitable sale.

Lyndon (Chairman)



Web ite- : meon-valley



Please visit our website for all the latest news, information, second-hand machines for sale and special offers in the showroom.

Supply and planting large specimen trees and shrubs

Espalier, pleached and instant impact hedges

All trees and shrubs carefully selected Design, landscaping and ongoing maintenance

Tel: 01962 771800

Free site visit and consultation

Bosque is a trading name of Just Limegrass Ltd.

Harko: 07710 502798

Tom: 07855 656984


26 GARDEN MCIHort, MPGCA NATURAL GARDENS Gardening with Nature in Mind Helping people to create and manage ecologically diverse gardens and landscapes 07789 293591 WILDLIFE GARDENING CONSULTANCY AND ADVICE NATURAL LANDSCAPE & GARDEN DESIGN BORDER & PLANTING DESIGNS SPECIALIST PRUNING J. Platt Contractor 07500868917 • Hard landscaping • Agricultural contracting • Hedge cutting • Fencing


Jazz 1.5

EX Hybrid automatic, 5 door, satellite navigation, front

rear parking sensors


control air conditioning, cruise control, alloy wheels, 6,000 miles,

2016 (16)

Blue 1.6 HDi Automatic, satellite navigation, panoramic roof, power folding mirrors, cruise control, parking sensors and camera, £ 35 road tax, 57,000 miles


500 1.2 Lounge, Pan roof, air conditioning, bluetooth, Parking sensors, alloy wheels, 26,000 miles

MOTORING / HOME y n Telephone Gary on 01962 771331 or 771881 N M C o t h o t o r o m p a Holden Farm, Cheriton, Alresford, Hants, SO24 ONX Independent Garage and MOT Testing Centre Established in1999 - All makes of car serviced and repaired - Free collection, delivery and courtesy car (when available) Competitively priced tyres - Batteries - Vehicle Diagnostics - Exhausts r Silk Services are renowned for their extensions, conversions, full refurbishments and renovations as well as providing a top quality professional, personal service at an affordable price. www silkservices co uk 01962 771 815 info@silkservices co uk Electrician All electrical work under taken Sockets Lighting Smoke Alarms Landlord Inspections Electric Gates EV Chargers Air Conditioning Hot Tubs Call Chris on: 01489 287826 07852 362154 Reasonably Priced - Small Jobs Welcome VIEW OUR CURRENT STOCK AT PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL CARS HAVE SERVICE HISTORY BRAMDEAN GARAGE, A272, BRAMDEAN TEL: 07811 041653 OR TEL: 01962 732 995 AndrewsAutosource Carefully Selected Cars Approved by trading standards
following cars have been carefully selected because of their low mileage, excellent condition and service history.
(20) Honda

8 The High Street, Botley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO3O 2EA


Telephone: 01489 536187

At Town and Country, we take pride in ensuring every client receives the best customer service, from the informative and knowledgeable sales process through to the extensive after sales care.

Our boutique showroom showcases some of the finest kitchen and bathroom furniture available, with a strong emphasis on UK and European manufacturing. Bathroom manufacturers on display include Ambiance Bain, Kudos, Roper Rhodes, Tissino and Arte Form, with Porcelanosa and Ca’Pietra tiling throughout the showroom. Our kitchens are expertly crafted by Schuller, one of the largest German kitchen manufacturers, and Mackintosh, their products are made exclusively in Britain. Both have an extensive and inspiring collection ranging from the contemporary to the more traditional.

Please contact us regarding our complementary design and quotation service, we look forward to hearing from you.

Visit Town & Country

8 The High Street, Botley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO3O 2EA

Telephone: 01489 536187




Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante

Alresford Brocante is back on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May


Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Antiques | Vintage | Flea Market

Sunday 27th September 2020

This market goes from strength to strength and is back on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May for its 6th year in Broad Street, Alresford, SO24 9AQ from 9.30am - 3.30pm. The market offers a Frenchstyle Brocante flea market with a mixture of Antiques, Collectables, Curios, Vintage Retro, Bric-a-brac, Vinyl records and those ‘musthave’ quirky finds from traders, enthusiasts as well as people just wanting to clear out their garages and lofts - why not come and join us in Broad Street (ring for booking details). A fun day out for all the family with music, many of the restaurants and cafes, as well as some of the shops will be open. Free entry. Local general parking.

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Sunday 15th September

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Sunday 15th September

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Sunday 15th September

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Sunday 15th September

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30 - 3.30pm

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Sunday 15th September

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Sunday 15th September

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Antique & Art Fairs acvr_events

Antique & Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs

Antique & Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs

Antique & Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs

Antique & Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs

Antique & Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs

Antique & Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465

Supported by

National Garden Scheme - Hampshire

More news from our NGS Chelsea Garden 2024 - fully funded by ‘Project Giving Back’, designed by Tom Stewart-Smith and built by Crocus. In keeping with an increased emphasis on sustainability, The NGS Garden for RHS Chelsea will feature a number of recycled and repurposed items. Some, like the old tools that will be on display in the potting shed, were destined for the local tip before being rescued by the Hertfordshire based Sunnyside Rural Trust. Known for its innovative trainee schemes and services that offer wellness, training and employment to young people and adults with learning disabilities, Sunnyside blends social enterprise and day care with the therapeutic nature of horticulture. They began refurbishing and selling garden tools as part of the project in March 2023.

Now for something very different from Hampshire NGS Streamside Trees - Bonsai Experience 43a Basingbourne Road, Fleet, GU52 6TG

Visitors can enjoy a guided tour around the 140 ft garden, with a natural stream, azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, a pond and many wildlife habitats. There is a display of bonsai in development and a tree nursery. Then enjoy an informal bonsai demonstration from Julia, an enthusiast who also holds 'Create a Bonsai' hands-on experiences and is a member of bonsai societies. Relax with refreshments and Q & A. Starter trees will be available to purchase.

Tour & Demonstration: Thursday 9th May 10am and 1pm: Sunday 25th May 10am and 1pm: The tours starts promptly at 10am and 1pm: Admission: £20.00 per adult. Pre-booking only - simply click on the above link. Limited tickets available. Price includes refreshments. For any clarification contact This experience would make an ideal gift idea for friends and family - something a bit different.

Beagley (Head of Publicity) -National Garden Scheme - Hampshire

31 HOME Very reasonable prices, and courteous friendly service from a local company you can trust in your home. Tel: 01962 690 005 or 07790 883507 3 Great Deals! Deal 1 Have any three of your carpets cleaned for just £90 total! Deal 2 Have your three piece suite freshened up for just £100! Deal 3 Have any three carpets and your three piece suite freshened up for just £175! SUPER-FAST DRYING FROM 15 MINUTES Fabulous Clean Carpets, Upholstery and Curtains PRICES FROM based on standard room dimensions Carpet Price Carpet Price Carpet Price Carpet Price Carpet Price 1 £50 2 £70 3 £90 4 £110 5 £130 THE Carpet Care PEOPLE Your local furnishing care specialist Malcolm Skeet silk self-storage FLEXIBLE & ACCESSIBLE SECURE STORAge solutions from £85pm WWW.sILKSTORAGE.CO.UK storage@silkservices co uk 01962 771 815
YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT BED RETAILER Open Monday - Saturday 8:30am to 5pm. 7pm Thurdays by appointment

Bishop’s Waltham Festival 2024

Come and Sing - Join us for an Unforgettable Musical Experience! New date May 18th 2024

Prepare to be transported to a realm where melodies reign supreme and harmony is king. The Bishop's Waltham Festival invites you to join us for an unforgettable day of musical immersion at our renowned "Come and Sing" event!

Under the masterful baton of Andrew Cleary, esteemed Musical Director of the Portsmouth Military Wives Choir and more, you'll embark on a voyage of musical discovery like never before. With his expertise and passion, Andrew will lead you through a repertoire of enchanting pieces, unlocking the full potential of your voice along the way.

Secure your place among a select group of 30 singers, all brought together by their shared love for the art of song. Set your alarm for 10:00 am and prepare for a day brimming with musicality and camaraderie. Through immersive rehearsals and collaborative sessions in the intimate setting of the historic United Reform Church on Basingwell Street, Bishop’s Waltham, you'll delve deep into the heart of each piece,

uncovering nuances and refining your vocal technique under Andrew's expert guidance. As the evening begins, the stage awaits at St Peter's Church, Bishop's Waltham, for the crowning moment of your musical journey. In a breathtaking finale concert, you'll showcase your newfound skills and collective talent, leaving audiences awestruck and inspired.

For just £17, indulge in a day of musical splendour complete with a delicious lunch to recharge your spirit (£10 admission without lunch).

But the journey doesn't end there! Beyond the notes and applause lies a community of kindred spirits waiting to welcome you with open arms. Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or a budding talent, “Come And Sing” is more than just an event—it's a celebration of music, friendship, and the enduring power of artistic expression.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by. Seize the moment, raise your voice, and join us for a day of magic and melody at the Bishop's Waltham Festival's "Come and Sing" event!

Mark your calendar, spread the word, and reserve your spot today. For more information and to secure your place, visit or contact Jan Veck at KINDLY

Skandoor A well respected long established family run business based in Bishop's Waltham ELECTRIC GARAGE DOORS AUTOMATIC INSULATED GARAGE DOORS & FRONT DOORS
Roller Doors Roller Door 2 Medium Panelled Sectional Doors 2 Medium Individial Panelled Sectional Doors Two large ribbed smooth sectional doors Solidor Front Door
Roller Door

Bun & Butter Pudding (Leftover hot cross buns)


∙ 600ml Semi-Skimmed Milk

∙ 200ml Double Cream

∙ 400ml Single Cream

∙ 1 Vanilla Pod

∙ 4 Medium Free-Range Eggs

∙ 170g Caster Sugar

∙ 6 Hot Cross Buns (sliced in half and spread with a knob of butter)

∙ 3 Tablespoons Cognac

∙ 1 Handful dried apricots (chopped)

∙ 1 Orange (zest of)

∙ A little icing sugar


Preheat the oven to 170°C/325°F/gas 3. For the custard base, bring the milk and all the cream just to the boil in a saucepan. Cut the vanilla pod in half, scrape out the seeds and add to the pan. Whisk the eggs with the sugar until pale, then whisk in the milk and cream mixture, removing the vanilla pod shell.

Dip the hot cross bun halves in the mixture, then place in an ovenproof dish. Drizzle over the Cognac and sprinkle over the apricots and the orange zest. Sieve the custard over, and leave it all to soak for at least 15 minutes.

Place the dish in a roasting tin, half-fill the tin with hot water, then bake the pudding for about 45 minutes. When cooked it will have a slight crust on top but will still be slightly wobbly inside. Dust with the icing sugar and serve.

Recipe from Jamie


Alresford Watercress Line - Sat 6th, Petersfield - Sun 7th, Romsey - Sun 7th, Alton - Sat 13th, Winchester - Sun 14th, Emsworth - Sat 20th, Southsea - Sun 21st, Ringwood - Sat 27th, Winchester - Sun 28th

For more information visit:


Open Day at Meon Valley Bowling Club

The open day is an opportunity to make our green available to everyone who wondered what we get up to and wants to have a go. Flat shoes (essential) can be provided and there's a stock of different sized bowls to make sure everything starts in the right way - and it's all FREE!

It is offered around the third Saturday in April each year. In 2024 it will be Saturday 27 April - and places must be booked - call John Gray

Come & Sing!

Southern Voices are inviting local singers to come and sing with them in a choral workshop as part of their 40th Anniversary Season on Saturday 4th May, St. Paul’s Church, Winchester, SO22 5AB.

Find out what it’s like to sing with the choir and their fabulous conductor, Jamal Sutton. The programme has a 'joyful' theme, with works from the English Choral Tradition by Finzi, Elgar and Wood with some Bob Chilcott thrown in to add even more fun. It’s on the ambitious side, but all enjoyable music and you will have a good sing!

The accompanist will be the immensely talented George Castle and registration starts at 10am. Bring your own pack lunch and complimentary hot drinks and biscuits will be available. The day concludes with a free concert for your friends and family at 3pm in the church.

The workshop costs £20 (£10 for those 21 and under) including music; please buy your tickets at ComeAndSing

Car parking is limited at the church; please use nearby Winchester car parks and allow time to walk to the church.

Don’t be shy, come and sing with us – we really look forward to seeing you there!

(01489 896194) after 15 April - sessions will be for around an hour, starting at 10am, 11.25am, 12.30pm, and 1.45pm.

If you're wondering whether to give bowls a try, just to whet your appetite, spare a minute to watch this: watch?v=nbyn5rY-OkQ

Having tried, if you would like to explore further, we run coaching courses for small groups during the following weeks for a modest fee.

And if you then really want to join we can provide an application for membership form, and there should still be enough of the summer left for you to get time on the green to hone those skills, get more experience and meet loads of interesting and friendly people. The sun tan is more problematic.

On the buses

The Original King Alfred Running Day which is our largest event of the year will be on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2024.

We expect up to 25 visiting vehicles as well as everything available from the Friends of King Alfred Buses collection, operating free bus services on a wide range of routes.

Plan your visit - get a programme/timetable in advance. The order form can be downloaded at:

Buying a programme helps us cover the costs of a Running Day and supports the ongoing preservation and restoration of our buses. If you can't print the form or fill it in, just send a letter with your cheque to Friends of King Alfred Buses, 13 Ashley Close, Winchester SO22 6LR or, if you are paying by bank transfer, send an email to membership@ including your name, address and payment amount.

On Sunday 15th September we shall be participating in Winchester Heritage Open Days. More information in due course. For only £30 you can become a Friend of King Alfred Buses. Click on 'Membership' for more details. In this way you can keep up with all the latest developments and take part in various members' activities.

If you would like to buy one of our sales items

Wickham Charity Beer Festival

Our beer festivals have over 30 locally-brewed beers and ciders with delicious food and lively entertainment throughout the day. Since 2008 we have, with your help, raised over £170,000 for both local and national charities.

Our next beer festival with a wide variety of beers, live music, and a delicious BBQ will be held on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th April 2024. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Wickham Community Centre Mill Lane, Wickham, Fareham, PO17 5AL

by mail order, click on 'Souvenirs & Books' to see details of what we have and how to order.

On 8th December 2023 a serious fire broke out at Penton Mewsey where several historic buses are kept. Amongst other vehicles not owned by us, Leyland Olympic JAA 708 was severely damaged. Further details are in the news section under 'The Friends'. The book which tells the story of JAA 708 is still available, with an update about the effects of the fire. Click on 'Souvenirs & Books' for ordering information.

Lost Property Enquiries: If you have lost something on one of our vehicles, please phone 07771 828918.








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Million loss across the UK, yet many people continue to ignore the symptoms
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Such symptoms include ringing
ears (30%), mishearing what people around are saying(28%) asking people to repeat themselves
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