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Middle Eastern Tabbouleh salad with couscous

By Lucia Foster-Found

Tales from the Riverbank Photography Competition

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Bishop’s Waltham - Price Guide: £675,000 Superb detached family home, lying handsomely within a lovely residential setting just a level walk from the centre of Bishop’s Waltham. The property offers well presented and spacious accommodation with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, double aspect sitting room and a recently installed stylish kitchen/breakfast room and dining area. Garage, parking and garden.

Offices throughout Hampshire

01489 6

bishopswaltham@pearsons.com | 7 Cross Stree

40 %R ese rve d The Pavilions, Swanmore A fabulous opportunity to express early interest in this exclusive, superbly situated New Development by Imperial Homes. Each home is beautifully designed, offering the perfect blend of space, homely living and a finish that lives up to the Imperial Homes renowned specification. 40% now reserved, please talk to us as to how you can reserve your new home.


et, Bishops Waltham, SO32 1EZ | pearsons.com



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Let's celebrate the beautiful butterflies of the South Downs National Park


Middle Eastern Tabbouleh Salad with Couscous


From photographers to solicitors - every professional service you need Make your garden dream come true

Go West! By Lucia Foster-Found


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PROPERTY that you ideally need to sell now, then it is fortunate to have caught a sellers’ market.

5 good reasons to sell now.... The demand for properties is high – There is an imbalance between supply and demand. Applicants are putting considerable pressure on agents to let them know about any properties coming to the market, so if you market a property now, it is likely to attract considerable interest. The future is unpredictable – Given the rapidly changing circumstances and likely economic changes, it is not easy to predict when a downturn may come. Act now while we know the market is favourable.

As an independent property agency, we are able to fully focus on our client and their property. We are able to be flexible in our approach and not ‘one size fits all’. We can quickly adapt to changing markets to always ensure the best outcome for our clients. So, now is the time to make the most of this opportunity and call The Country House Company on 02392 632 275.

Mortgage rates are low – Buyers are able to commit to a low fixed rate mortgage and create long term financial stability making this an attractive time to be buying. This is the season to sell – Spring and summer are an ideal time to sell a house. Properties and locations present better at this time of the year and as the summer holidays approach people have the time to focus on plans. As we are being encouraged to holiday in the UK it will mean more people will be discovering the benefits of living in The South. If the time is right for you – The best time to sell is when it is the right time for you personally, and if personal circumstances dictate

Kate Porter, Head of Sales Tel: 02392 633 026


Experts in property Sales I Lettings I Management Across the South

Selling, Letting & Managing properties in the Meon Valley 02392 632 275

sales@countryhousecompany.co.uk  lettings@countryhousecompany.co.uk management@countryhousecompany.co.uk countryhousecompany.co.uk

½À 5


Seamless Worktops making makeovers easy

Can Inst be in u alled n a da der y!


At Overlay we believe less really can be more when it comes to updating your kitchen Overlay seamless worktops can cover Ceramic, Corian, Wood, Laminate worktops. Overlay is eco-friendly, quick and easy to fit - revitalising rooms in under a day without significant cost and disruption. If you are looking for a beautiful and contemporary look for your kitchen surfaces, then Overlay seamless worktops are the answer, we have a wide range of colours and styles to suit your requirements.

The precision-cut seamless makeover worktop fits exactly over of your existing surface.

Once successfully fitted no trace of your existing worktop is visible.

Visit our NEW website for more information T: 0800 0903779 www.over-lay.co.uk

• Free no obligation quotation • Over 30 different colours and styles available • Minimal disruption to your home


Let’s celebrate the beautiful butterflies of the South Downs National Park Seeing the first butterfly of the season is nature’s little way of teasing us that summer is here so we can break out the sunscreen and plan for some lazy afternoons to quietly work on our tan. Like people, every butterfly is uniquely beautiful. They are a symbol of change, rebirth, growth, endurance and life. They are also an indicator species whose variety and volume inform us how our environment is faring. And, over the last few decades, their decline has been one of the starkest warning signs that our natural world is in crisis. Yet concerted efforts are under way, led by the National Park Authority and partners, to create more high-quality habitat, such as chalk grassland, woodland and heathland, to support these beautiful creatures. And there have been some real conservation success stories – such as the remarkable comeback of the Duke of Burgundy butterfly which is now thriving in small pockets. As June sees Butterfly Education and Awareness Week, we look at five well-known, and lesser-known, butterflies you might see out on your walks in the National Park this summer. Duke of Burgundy

This dainty butterfly is still extremely rare but has been seen in greater numbers over the past few years thanks to conservation efforts. It frequents scrubby grassland and sunny woodland clearings, typically in very low numbers. The adults rarely visit flowers and most sightings are


of the territorial males as they perch on a prominent leaf at the edge of scrub. The females are elusive and spend much of their time resting or flying low to the ground looking for suitable egg-laying sites. Eggs are laid in small batches underneath the leaves of primrose and cowslip plants. Green Hairstreak

The green hairstreak holds its wings closed, except in flight, showing only the green underside with its faint white streak. Males and females look similar and are most readily told apart by their behaviour: rival males may be seen in a spiralling flight close to shrubs, while the less conspicuous females are more often encountered while laying eggs. Grizzled Skipper

This small butterfly, typical of southern chalk downland, begins to emerge in late April to early May, having spent winter as pupae within cocoons of leaves and silk among low vegetation. Once on the wing it’s easy to miss, darting quickly between perches and nectar sources – typically common bird’s-foottrefoil and bugle. If you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of one perched on a twig, it can be easily identified by the checkerboard pattern on its wings. Holly Blue The holly blue is easily identified in early spring, as it emerges well before other blue butterflies. It tends to fly high around bushes and trees, whereas other grassland blues

usually stay near ground level. It is much the commonest blue found in parks and gardens where it congregates around holly, in spring, and ivy, in late summer. Ringlet Butterfly

When newly emerged, the ringlet has a velvety appearance and is almost black, with a white fringe to the wings. The small circles on the underwings, which give the butterfly its name, vary in number and size and maybe enlarged and elongated or reduced to small white spots. Bramble and wild privet flowers are favourite nectar sources. With thanks to Butterfly Conservation and photographers Charlie Hellewell and Neil Hulme. Get involved in conservation and nature recovery! There’s a golden opportunity this summer to help the fortunes of our butterflies and their ongoing recovery. The Big Butterfly Count is a UK-wide survey aimed at assessing the health of our environment simply by counting the amount and type of butterflies (and some day-flying moths) we see. This year’s survey will run from 16 July to 8 August and you can download the app on your phone to take part. Alternatively visit: www.natural-apptitude. co.uk/project/big-butterfly-count/


Only £895 for a fully fitted electric door.

Whatever you want to store...


Gotta get a Garolla.

Whatever your needs, long or short term

...for whatever reason – house sale and purchase not coinciding, travelling, bereavement, house building work, decorating or even ‘de-cluttering’ to sell your house more quickly – we offer a friendly, flexible and secure facility.



WAS £1,354 INC VAT

Barn Store is a rurally-based, family run business covering the whole of the Meon Valley area. We offer all the features associated with the national chains, from high-tech security to hassle-free 24/7 access. For more information, visit our website:

Offer valid for openings up to 2.6m wide & inc: 2 remote controls, 55mm white slats, internal manual override.



Garolla garage doors are strong and solidly built. They’re made to measure in our own UK factories. The electric Garolla door rolls up vertically taking up only 8 inches inside your garage. Our expert installers will fit your new door and take away the old one so there’s no mess.

or give us a call quoting FORUM-MV: Fareham:

02392 384888




us Clean Carpets www.garolla.co.uk

onable prices, and courteous friendly SUPER-FAST 15 MINUTES DRYING om people you can trust in your home

al residents

ur carpets king for an pany who e, will be and above

ed to take f the three ue, high upholstery e offering onth o give to know d out how sh and ill look eshened by ple.

I am fully committed to the safety ofWinner my Customers during the Covid19 crisis. I clean adhering to all social distancing guidelines

The Carpet Care People

01962 Deal 1: 771993 Holden Farm, Cheriton, Alresford SO23 0NX

Have any three of your carpets cleaned for just £97 total!

Deal 2:

Have your 3 piece suite freshened up for just £97!

Fabulous Clean Carpets, Upholstery and Curtains Our approach is simple: We are proud to run a celebrated professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business, and we insist on providing you with good oldfashioned service and value. Call now and find out why our award-winning service is probably the most requested carpet cleaning the oflocal Have anyinthree Stockbridgeyour areacarpets cleaned The next thing for you to do for 01962 just £87690 total!005 is call us on we’ll welcome your call, answer your questions and take care of everything for you.

3 Great Deals!



3 Great Deals!

07537 149 128

Give us a call today and we’ll come and measure up completely Free.

of the st trusted ompanies l, nearets for a rmal cost

Offwell Farm, Southwick, Fareham PO17 6DX


Deal 3:

Have any 3 carpets and your 3 piece suite freshened up for just £177!


Deal 1

we specialise in cleaning and refreshing 3 piece suites (at our current offer price of £97). Fabric Master, our special upholstery and cleaning system is safe, gentle, and very effective. Fibres are restored to their original beauty and softness you’ll see!

Deal 2

Tel 01962 690 005 Have your three piece suite freshened up for just £97!Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of frequently asked questions especially for you sceptics (you know who you are). 1. When you say ‘carpet’ what do you mean? We mean average size areas, say 10x12ft ish. But we don’t quibble if the areas are a little larger - it’s all done on fairness really. 2. Do you move furniture? Our pricing policy reflects the time it takes to clean working around furniture, rather than moving it. any three carpets That said, we are Have for example, happy to move your three piece suite backwards and forwards cleaning under it and replacing it back into piece position. What we don’t price into the job at these discount prices is and your three moving large pieces of furniture like bookcases, sideboards or wardrobes. Similarly we are not insured upflat-screen for to move electricalsuite items,freshened in particular tvs. Again we apply common sense and fairness to the situation and inevitable we do end up moving some furniture around, even at these discount prices. 3. just £167! Are there any ‘hidden’ extra costs? The prices quoted above are fully-inclusive and are the actual prices you will pay.

Deal 3

Price Full Offer Price List Carpet 1 £57

Carpet Price



Carpet Price Carpet

Tel: 01962 690 005 or 07790 883507











1 £47

Carpet Price

2 £67

Carpet Price

3 £87

Carpet Price

4 £107

Carpet Price

5 £127


crafted by Schuller, the second largest German kitchen manufacturer, they have an extensive and inspiring collection ranging from the contemporary to the more traditional.

At Town and Country, we take pride in ensuring every client receives the best customer service, from the informative and knowledgeable sales process through to the extensive after sales care.

Both of us have lived in the local area for our whole lives and we have always wanted a shop here. Adam also started his career in this industry at Botley bathrooms 15 years ago. Our showroom did not have the best start, opening during a pandemic, but we have had great support from the local residents and we are extremely happy our showroom is finally open and thriving. Our boutique showroom showcases some of the finest kitchen and bathroom furniture available, with a strong emphasis on UK and European manufacturing. Bathroom manufacturers on display include Ambiance Bain, Pelipal, Hansgrohe, Roper Rhodes and Miller of Sweden, with Porcelanosa tiling throughout the showroom. Our kitchens are expertly

Being an independent showroom with over 20 years combined industry experience we have chosen to partner ourselves with manufacturers we believe are superior to most within the industry today. We chose to open our first shop in the picturesque village of Botley and had a chance to position ourselves on the beautiful high street in April 2020.


Please contact us regarding our complementary design and quotation service, we look forward to hearing from you.

Visit Town & Country 8 The High Street, Botley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO3O 2EA Telephone: 01489 536187 Email: sales@town-and-country.co.uk www.town-and-country.co.uk


8 The High Street, Botley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO3O 2EA Telephone: 01489 536187 Email: sales@town-and-country.co.uk


COMMUNITY / HOME National Garden Scheme I am sure those of you who have managed to obtain a copy of the 2021 Hampshire Yellow Booklet can’t fail to have noticed that it is a much slimed down version. BUT, this certainly does not mean that there are less gardens to choose from. Far from it. This year (including the gardens opening as part of a Group) we have 116 gardens opening. This is up there with our recent years. Now at last we’ve got the sunshine. Perfect weather for Garden Visiting. Maybe you are planning a Staycation - what could be better than visiting a few NGS Gardens - often described as ‘Britain’s Best Value Day Out’. With the added bonus of the ever popular NGS Home-made Teas, you can’t go wrong. Here are just a few which might interest you. Hospital of St.Cross, St Cross Road, Winchester, SO23 9SD Open: Sunday 11th July 2pm to 5pm Admission: £4.00 children free Refreshments: Home-made teas in the Hundred Men’s Hall The Masters Garden is steeped in history - there was a garden created here in the late 17th century, which includes a wide range of plants. The Compton Garden was created in 1986 and includes rare and unusual plants. https://ngs.org.uk/view-garden/32776


T: 01962 735715





Bespoke Garage Door Solutions We supply and install all leading manufacturers of garage doors and in a wide selection of styles

Call 02380 600027 to arrange a free no obligation survey and quote Unit 6, Vicarage Farm Business Park, Winchester Road, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, SO50 7HD sales@donsgaragedoors.co.uk • www.donsgaragedoors.co.uk


e clusive Double Glazing Ltd

Alresford's Conservatory and Window Experts

UPGRADE YOUR WINDOWS & DOORS WINDOWS, DOORS, CONSERVATORIES • Supply & Installation • New Handles, Letterboxes, Locks • Broken Sealed-Units replaced

OTHER SERVICES • Fascias, Soffits & Gutters • Key Cutting & Locksmith Services


CALL: 01962 732091


www.exclusive-double-glazing.co.uk sales@exclusive-double-glazing.co.uk SHELF HOUSE, NEW FARM ROAD, ALRESFORD, SO24 9QE

COMMUNITY / MOTORING What did the Rotary Club of Fareham do in lockdown? Lots and Lots! Mike Hurley took over as President of the Rotary Club of Fareham in July 2020 little knowing that he would spend every meeting on zoom! The Club has run smoothly each week, in the new virtual world, yet still planned activities and fundraising where possible. The President’s chosen charities for 20202021 have been Rotary’s own charity ‘the Foundation’ and the eradication of polio; local support for Fareham Young Carers and also Stubbington Study Centre, along with international backing for two Sand Dams providing safe water to communities in Kenya. As President Mike said “In the course of my year, thanks to the effort of Club members, the Rotary Club of Fareham managed to raise considerable funds to help its chosen causes. We completed our financial commitment to Sand Dams and started to raise funds for charity Global Sight Solutions building eye hospitals in India and Pakistan. We also gave financial support following a natural disaster in the Philippines.” As the pandemic continued, the Club provided funds for Team Scrubbers making PPE and facemasks and supported groups delivering help to vulnerable families. Christmas meant no collections at Sainsbury, Broadcut but gave us an opportunity to help the local refuges with toy boxes and a visit from Santa, who also visited Fareham Young Carers by zoom. The Wheel House (our community facility on the seashore at Hill Head) is owned and run by the Club and well used by local charities and groups. Because of Covid it has been unable to operate but, thanks to the Hammond Memorial Hall Trust at Stubbington and the Local Authority, it gave us an opportunity to do a full refurbishment inside. In addition we have replaced and upgraded the shutters so we can provide even better facilities once restrictions are lifted. Our zoom meetings have had great speakers and entertainment from all over the UK and the Channel Islands. Internationally we have welcomed speakers and visitors from Saint Martin in the Caribbean across to our Rotary Sister Club in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It certainly wasn't a regular Presidential year for Mike but members have continued to support the local community, and each other, through weekly zoom meetings making it a successful year for the Club once more. President Norman Chapman takes over at the beginning of July. The Rotary Club of Fareham

No r t h Mo to r Company Holden Farm, Cheriton, Alresford, Hants, SO24 ONX

Independent Garage and MOT Testing Centre Established in1999 - All makes of car serviced and repaired - Saab approved repairer and Subaru specialist Free collection, delivery and courtesy car (when available) Competitively priced tyres - Batteries - Vehicle Diagnostics - Exhausts

Telephone Gary or Andy on 01962 771331 or 771881 www.northmotor.co.uk info@northmotor.co.uk

Andrews Autosource Carefully Selected Cars Approved by trading standards


During the current Corona virus outbreak, if you would like to see a car locally, please give me a call on 01489 878879, or out of hours, 07811 041653. 'Masks and gloves available, all cars disinfected prior to delivery. The following cars have been carefully selected because of their low mileage, excellent condition and service history.

2017 (17) Vauxhall Mokka X 1.4 turbo Elite - 1 owner, 16,000 miles 2016 (66) Honda Jazz 1.3 EX , 5 door, 1 owner, 19,000 miles, £30 road tax 2016 (16) Peugeot 308 SW 1.2 Active Estate 130 bhp 2 owners, £20 road tax 34,000 miles 2017 (17) Suzuki Celerio SZ4, 1 owner, Zero road tax, 11,000 miles 2018 (18) Vauxhall Viva SE 5 door 2 owners, 7,000 miles 2013 (13) Suzuki SX4 SZ5 1.6, four wheel drive, Air con, 49,600 miles 2016 (66) Kia Picanto 1.0 Air, 5 door, a/c 2 owners, 14,600 miles

£10995 £9995 £7995 £6495 £6495 £5795 £5295

CAMPER VAN, 5 SEATS, 4 BERTH BRAND NEW PROFESSIONAL CONVERSION 2018 Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive, 12,000 miles, Air conditioning, alloy wheels, parking sensors, reversing camera, lifting roof, 12v fridge, gas hob, sink, mains hook up, 110 amp leisure battery SOLD

VIEW OUR CURRENT STOCK AT www.andrews-autosource.co.uk/vehicle-stock


TEL: 01489 878 879 EVENING TEL: 01962 732995



Middle Eastern Tabbouleh salad with couscous Ingredients • • • • • • • • • • •


1 cup (250 ml) fine cracked wheat (bulgur) 1 cup (250 ml) boiling water 4 to 5 tbsp (60 to 75 ml) olive oil 4 tbsp (60 ml) freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/2 tps (3 ml) salt 1/4 tsp (2 ml) freshly ground pepper 1/2 cup (120 ml) freshly cut parsley, finely minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp (30 ml) scallions or green onions, minced 2 tomato, cored and finely chopped A sprig of mint


Place cracked wheat (bulgur) in a medium bowl. Add the boiling water and set aside for 20 to 25 minutes.When water has been absorbed and cooled, add the olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, parsley, scallions, mint and tomato. Mix gently. Chill for at least 1 hour to allow the flavours to blend. Serve cold as a side dish for BBQ'd meats or a light summer snack. A healthy alternative to pasta, ideal for vegan or vegetarian guests.

FOOD & DRINK Its summer let’s all enjoy some English Quality Wine! Wyches Vineyard is situated in the heart of the South Downs National Park: in 2017 Jane & Tony Burton set out to grow high quality grapes on a 5-acre site adjacent to their home in Upper Swanmore, Hampshire with the objective of producing high quality still and sparkling wines. The vineyard is about 100m above sea level with long views to The Isle of Wight and following specialist advice Tony and Jane Burton and site preparation was planted out with generous spacing of the 5200 vines to ensure free air flow and perfect orientation. The combination of a chalky, flint subsoil, and a warm microclimate provides perfect conditions; and with the expertise of award-winning winemakers The Bolney Wine Estate, this year’s vintage of 3 still wines are already proving highly popular. With 4 grape varieties Chardonnay, Bacchus, Pinot Noir and Fruhburgunder, the vineyard can produce still and sparkling white and rose wines and a still red Pinot Noir wine. Tony and Jane undertake most of the work themselves in the vineyard

nurturing the vines throughout the year leading each October to a harvest of about 13 tonnes of grapes. “It’s fantastic to be taking part in the wider success of English Wine: we now know many vineyard owners and viticulture specialists and without exception everybody is keen to share ideas, and most importantly is extremely passionate about English Wine: and rightly so, as it is beating many wines from abroad in competitions and is lovely to drink. We are very fortunate to have a great relationship with Bolney Wine Estate who make our wines and have an established reputation for making fabulous sparkling and still wines.”

Why not support your local vineyard and go to www.wychesvineyard.co.uk for further details of Wyches Vineyard wines?




he Bakers Arms is a proper country pub... Tucked away in the pretty village of Droxford, close to the River Meon and plenty of splendid walks, The Bakers Arms has understated charm and traditional style. Expect exposed beams, polished wood floors, an open log fire in the winter, sunny patio in the summer and a team of friendly staff, keen to serve you with a smile.

FOOD & DRINK for a celebration. We serve up special menus at Christmas and for Valentine's Day, Pancake Day and Saint Days and our Sunday Roasts suit Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter Sunday perfectly. Drinks which are that little bit more interesting... We're lucky to be close to some of the South's best microbreweries, distilleries and craft ale companies so at The Bakers Arms, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to excellent quality drinks.

roast chicken or 'The Bakers Roast' which is a taste of all three. All dishes come with their own gravies and an impressively wide selection of beautifully cooked vegetables. We always have a vegan option and our signature 'Crab Thermidor' available too. And to top it all off... At The Bakers Arms, we do like a good pud. Ours are always homemade to our own tried, tested and highly rated recipes, it's always worth leaving a little bit of room to squeeze one in. We also always offer a selection of locally made ice creams and sorbets.

The menu at The Bakers Arms changes with the seasons... With a carefully created range of dishes to appeal to every appetite and whim, our menu features plenty of locally sourced and flourishing ingredients. Combine our food with something from our characterful drinks collection and you'll have the recipe for a most enjoyable meal. Our wine list comprises of some fabulous favourites of the house, selected from award winning vineyards. We also list a selection of intriguing vintage wines at very competitive prices so you can confidently indulge in something extra special. There is always a delectable collection of dessert wines, ports, single malts and brandies to choose from too. If the nonalcoholic option is more your thing, we've found some true local juice gems as well as offering plenty of refreshing long drinks. Food for every occasion... All freshly cooked to order, our food includes plenty of hearty and delicious options for laid back dining, light bites and bar snacks to accompany drinks with friends and a great selection of sides to mix and match. Our blackboard always features an extra special fish dish, a homemade pie and regularly includes seasonal specials like autumnal game or a summer superfood salad. We like to embrace tradition at The Bakers Arms and we'll use any excuse

Award winning Roasts... Our Sunday Roast is hailed to be the best in Hampshire. Enjoy roast sirloin of Hampshire beef, loin of Hampshire pork,

If you don't have much of a sweet tooth (or you still have the space) we have a fabulous cheese board with locally sourced cheeses and biscuits and our signature chutney. There's a proper coffee machine so we can brew to your liking and we serve a great cup of tea too. By this point we hope you'll be feeling thoroughly satisfied (and pretty full) and keen to come back and join us another day. Don't forget to try our new outdoor area it is perfect for picking up the evening sunshine.

Whether you’re coming for a light lunch, a couple of pints or a 3 course evening meal, please try and phone ahead to check availability or book online (we are following government Covid guidelines and will resume as normal as soon as we are able). To book simply call us on: 01489 877533 or reserve a table through our website: www.thebakersarmsdroxford.com


COMMUNITY / ANIMALS & PETS 1000 Years of Corhampton Church

Sunday 11th July - 6.30pm Corhampton – Athanasian Consort join us for a Choral Evensong with this special group of singers Sunday 12th September – 3pm Church Green and St Andrew’s – Rough Ditch and Four Marks Folk Bands and cream tea with dahlia display in the church. (A limited number of teas will be available: book and pay when you arrive.) Tuesday 21st September – 7.30pm St Andrew’s – Organ recital by our very own Richard Martin Friday 24th September – 18.30 Corhampton – Yew Tree Talk by national yew tree expert Toby Hindson. Gather around our special ancient tree to start the exploration. Saturday 2nd October – 6.30pm Meon Hall – The Madding Crowd band performing music from 1660-1861 and a delicious Harvest Supper. Charges will apply. Eventbrite booking to follow. Please see the Bridge website: link above.

Friday 9th July - 7pm Meon Hall – One-man show by poet, rebellious priest and psychotherapist David Keighley following the publication in the US of his work “Poetry, Piety and Psyche”. The evening is a mix of progressive Christian poems exploring the state of the church and contemporary theology, anecdotes about 40 years of being a rural parson and insights into the human condition from the viewpoint of a counselling psychotherapist. Please note this event may be filmed. Entry is free. Book on Eventbrite by 2nd July using this link: bit. ly/3fkCXgf


Sunday 17th October – 7.00pm St Andrew’s – Winchester Cathedral Chamber Choir will perform and a finger buffet will be served. Enjoy hearing a selection of music which explores musical development over 1000 years. Followed by some fun madrigals with a local connection. Charges will apply. Eventbrite booking to follow. Please see the Bridge website. Saturday 6th November – midnight to 8.00pm Meon Hall – Exhibition of art produced by local artists and display of locally found ancient artefacts

A very warm guiding you on your hair journey soon. Call: 01329 835991 or book online @ Richardbartlett.salon

Veterinary Hospital & Equine Unit

Is your Pet a member of the Healthy Pet Club yet? Would you like to save money? The Horse Health Programme is a preventative healthcare plan saving you up to £150.

Our scheme is not an insurance - it is a monthly payment loyalty scheme that covers your pet for all preventative healthcare medicine including selected lifetime care medication.

We offer schemes for puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats and rabbits

It is suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys. Our competitively priced horse health plan includes more products and services than any other national scheme. For just £10.99 per month, our health plan has been carefully designed with the cost conscious owner in mind.

So why not join now? Simply call 01329 833112 www.horsehealthprogramme.co.uk

Tel: 01329 833112 www.animedvets.co.uk ANIMED VETERINARY GROUP



SO32 2JG


Celebrating the best of what the South Downs has to offer, our Adventure Golf course is themed around our favourite local attractions, monuments and landmarks in the area.

weave around towers and even take on a spinning windmill.


Summer evenings are for enjoying! That’s why we’ve extended summertime opening hours until 8pm Monday – Saturday from Monday 26th July until Saturday 4th September.

Open from 9:30am everyday Monday - Saturday open until 8pm - Sunday closing at 6pm

There’s something different to discover around every corner. Each hole presents a new interactive challenge to test your skills. Players will navigate their way through ancient farmlands, manoeuvre over narrow bridges,


As you move around the course, you’ll also find mini activities and obstacles. You may even be able to spot a few familiar faces along the way... There’s something for everyone, and fun to be had by kids and big kids alike! Our Adventure Golf course has been architecturally designed and expertly crafted by the team at Greenspan. They have helped us to create a beautifully landscaped course that offers players the best quality, familyfriendly playing experience. Come and check it out for yourself this Summer.

tel: 01962 777 547 email: hello@marwellresort.co.uk www.marwellresort.co.uk Hurst Lane, Owslebury, Winchester, SO21 1EZ E facebook.com/Marwellresorthampshire Q @ Marwell_Resort_Hampshire


There’s no need to book! Simply turn up, pay and play! Balls and putters are included within the pricing.

Adult: £9.75 Child under 12: £7.50 Family*: £29.00 Adult Group**: £35.00 School groups: £6.50 *Two adults and two children or one adult and three children **Four adults

ENTERTAINMENT Bishop's Waltham Brocante is back for 2021

Bishops Waltham Brocante/flea market is back on the 18th July 2021 for the 1st time this year This is a very popular event and as well as your favourite stalls there is always something new offered by our traders and enthusiasts. so whether you like Antiques, Collectables, Vintage Curios Bric a Brac or Vinyl records. Why not spend your Sunday with us in Bishop's Waltham and browse the stalls for bargains. All the traders are aware of the government guidelines and have sanitiser and wipes on their stalls. Parking is free in the car parks and if busy there is plenty of off street parking. This is a joint initiative between the organiser and www.lovebishopswaltham.com to celebrate this wonderful market town has to offer. Some of the local shops will be open as well as the coffee shops and restaurants. www.lovebishopswaltham.com




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Alresford Alresford Brocante Alresford Alresford AlresfordBrocante Brocante Brocante Brocante

Antiques Antiques |Vintage Vintage |Flea Flea Market Market Antiques |||||Vintage ||||Flea Market Antiques Antiques Antiques Vintage |Vintage Vintage Flea |Flea Flea Market Market Market Antiques Vintage Market

Sunday 27thMonday September 2020 Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Monday Monday 6th 6th May May Bank Holiday 6th May && &

Bank Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Holiday Monday Monday Monday 6th 6th May May && & Sunday 27th September 2020 Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Monday Monday 6th 6th May May &6th &May Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30 3.30pm Sunday Sunday 15th 15th September September Bank Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Holiday Monday Monday Monday 6th 6th 6th May May May && & Sunday 15th September Sunday 18th July 2021 Sunday Sunday Sunday 15th 15th 15th September September Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ |September 9.30 - 3.30pm Sunday Sunday 15th 15th September September Sunday 15th September

Sunday Sunday Sunday 15th 15th 15th September September September Broad Broad Street, Street, Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ | 9.30am | 9.30am - 3.30 - 3.3

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ |||9.30am -- -3.30p Broad Broad Street, Street, Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ |9.30am 9.30am |9AQ 9.30am -3.30pm -9.30am 3.30pm Broad Broad Broad Street, Street, Street, Alresford Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ 9.30am 9.30am |3.30pm 3.30p 3.30 - 3.3 Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | Broad Broad Broad Street, Street, Street, Alresford Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ ||9.30am 9.30am | 9.30am - -3.30pm 3.30pm - 3.30pm Antique & 9AQ Art Fairs acvr_events Antique &Antique Art Fairs @ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs Antique & Arts & Arts FairFair acvr_events

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ENTERTAINMENT Visit Jane Austen's House, Chawton

This summer, discover new displays on Jane Austen’s love of the seaside, visit the newly refreshed Gift Shop and enjoy a New Forest Ice Cream amongst the stunning roses in the cottage garden. Younger visitors can explore the house and garden via a beautifully illustrated family trail, get creative making lavender bags and let off steam at the village playground, opposite Jane Austen’s House. There are a host of exciting events running throughout the summer including Guided Village Walks, Mrs Elton’s Strawberry Picnic, Regency Dress Up Day, Guided Virtual Tours and Pride and Prejudice Drama Workshops.

Visit Jane Austen’s House in the Hampshire village of Chawton and discover the world’s best loved novelist. It was in this picturesque cottage that Jane Austen’s genius flourished and where she wrote, revised, and had published all six of her treasured novels, including the timeless Pride and Prejudice. Today visitors can step back in time to 1816 and follow in Jane’s footsteps, exploring the home and garden that Jane knew and loved, uncovering the story of her life and times, and getting upclose to objects from the museum’s unparalleled Austen collection, including Jane’s letters, jewellery and the little table at which she wrote her much loved novels.

For full details and to book tickets, visit www.janeaustens.house


Chawton, Hampshire · Book tickets: www.janeaustens.house


PROFESSIONAL To provide a funeral service that is personal to your loved one I have been in the funeral profession for nearly 40 years and funeral services have changed tremendously in that time.

Most local crematoria now have the ability show a selection of photos either throughout, or at various points during the service. The photos can be a pictorial way of showing a life story starting form very early years through to more recent images. We can also display a single photo of the deceased, or the deceased and their family throughout the service should the family wish.

Many years ago, it was accepted that usually, the service was taken by a local minister of religion, or on rare occasions, by a member of the humanist society. Tim at Wickham However, a majority of services are now referred to as a celebration of life, which can be religious or nonreligious as the family wish. Within a celebration of life service, the family can take more of an active role, often leading a tribute, reading a poem or reciting a bible verse themselves. This in itself personalises the service to the deceased, with them often being referred to by their nickname or character name. I personally, have lost a very close friend recently, and whilst arranging the service with his family, I referred to him by his nickname, a name that was used by all who knew him. Music has also changed over the years. I can recall that when I first started working in the funeral business, it was assumed that a hymn or piece of classical music would be played during the various parts of the service. This again, has changed. We can now arrange anything from Mozart to Frank Sinatra, from Electric Light Orchestra to Monty Python. Again, music is a very important, and indeed emotive, way of personalising the service to your loved one.

All of the above personalises a service to the most important person, on the day - the deceased. Stories can be told producing smiles and tears just as they would in the person’s life. This allows the family to celebrate their life, to acknowledge their love and to know that the service was truly dedicated to that one particular person. Charley at Wickham

These thoughts are purely from the author, Mr Paul M Lee-Bapty, Dip FD Affil RSH, Managing Director South Downs Funeral Service of Denmead, Wickham & Clanfield

For more information visit: southdownsfuneralservice.com

South Downs Funeral Service Your local, independent and family owned funeral homes of Denmead, Wickham and Clanfield 24 hour, local and personal service • Floristry service • Stonemasonry service • No deposits required

Managing and Principle Funeral Director: Mr Paul M Lee-Bapty DIP FD AFFIL RSH

Clanfield Funeral Home Tel: 02392 570239 43 Drift Road, Clanfield, PO8 0JS

Denmead Funeral Home Tel: 02392 231567

The Old Post Office House, Hambledon Road, Denmead, PO7 6NN

Wickham Funeral Home Tel: 01329 833920






13 The Square, Wickham, PO17 5JG


“Couldn’t recommend Michael enough, he has been fantastic at helping us professionally growing our business with excellent financial advice and also with all aspects personally. He will make an excellent business asset to Alresford and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of any financial advice. Lucky to have him now in our lovely town.” Nic & Nell Joly

Alresford Financial 3 East Street, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9EE

FR E Co Initi E nsu al ltat ion


Employment Law Services Here to support you and your business

Disciplinary and grievance matters Discrimination Contracts and Policies Business Reorganisation Tribunal Litigation In-house training

Petersfield Telephone: 01730 268211 Facsimile: 01730 261232



m Em erc i pl al oy Li tig me nt at i Pr on op er W ty ills & P M ed rob ia tio ate Fa n m ily

Midhurst Telephone: 01730 816711 Facsimile: 01730 816016 MacDonald Oates LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. MacDonald Oates LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales under number OC344357. Our registered office is at Walltree Court, St. Peter’s Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3HT.



Outdoor events in July The Merry Wives of Windsor at West Meon Theatre West Meon Theatre are really looking forward to presenting their postponed production of The Merry Wives of Windsor this July on the West Meon Cricket Ground, in the open air and with enough room for social distancing. The performance will take place in an open sided stretch tent covering the stage and some of the audience. Bring your own chairs and rugs and picnicking is available for those who wish. The Thomas Lord will be offering Pre Theatre Suppers as well as pre ordered picnic hampers. The West Meon Sports Club will run the bar and free car parking is available in the Village Hall car park. This production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, set in the 1950’s, follows the exploits of Sir John Falstaff in his ill-advised attempt to seduce two married women! This leaves Sir John Falstaff in a heap of trouble. What follows is mischief, confusion, and ridiculous practical jokes; one of the most frenetic and hilarious of Shakespeare's comedies. The fifties, an era of optimism, colourful fashion, teddy boys and the music of Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and Eddie Cochran and many more……. what’s not to like! The production is directed by Mary Dawson For tickets and updates go to www.westmeontheatre.co.uk

The Further Adventures of Doctor Dolittle at Manor Farm, Botley Following the phenomenal success of 2018's tour of The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle, we're delving back into Hugh Lofting's amazing stories to bring you a brand-new musical adaptation of the Doctor's FURTHER adventures with Jip the Dog, Dab Dab the Duck, Gub Gub the Pig, Polynesia the Parrot. Where in the world will they go? Will they even stay on this world?! Which new animals will they help along the way? Will the Rats still have pithy observations to make? Is Gub Gub still dreaming about cake?


HMS Pinafore at Wintershill Hall, Durley Set on board the warship HMS Pinafore, the opera cheerfully mocks such Great British institutions as Class, Patriotism and the Royal Navy. Josephine the captain's daughter is in love with Ralph a common sailor, but her father wants her to marry Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty. The couple are caught as they elope from the ship and Ralph is locked in the ship's dungeon. Only when certain revelations are made by Buttercup, a dockside vendor, can everyone end up freely marrying their true hearts' loves. This wonderful comic opera gets the complete Illyria treatment, faithfully performed by a reduced cast on a beautiful nautical set. Running time: 2 hours (including a 20 minute interval) Please bring your own seating/rug, warm clothes and picnic. All proceeds to The Friends of Holy Cross Church, Durley (Charity No 1047813) to support the Church Roof restoration. Attendees are required to follow all UK government guidelines to reduce the spread Covid-19, including social distancing, face coverings and hand-washing. Please check the latest guidance at: www.gov.uk/coronavirus. Doors Open at 6:00pm, Starts at 7:30pm - Wintershill Hall, Hampshire, SO32 2AL - Fri 23rd July 2021 50+ tickets available - Price £10.00 - £15.00* *booking fee applies

• As in our 2018 production, The FURTHER Adventures of Doctor Dolittle features a fully orchestrated score, amazing puppets and a plethora of songs that our audiences will be singing along to for years to come, thanks to our cast-recording CDs. • Perfect summer fun for everyone aged 5+. • Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes (including a 20 minute interval) Attendees are required to follow all UK government guidelines to reduce the spread Covid-19, including social distancing, face coverings and hand-washing. Please check the latest guidance at: www.gov.uk/coronavirus. Doors Open at 5:00pm, Starts at 6:00pm - Location Manor Farm, Southampton, SO31 1BH - Wed 28th July 2021 50+ tickets available - Price £10.00 - £15.00* *booking fee applies



Home & Garden Furniture in stock or available to pre-order FREE local delivery

www.silverspringsgc.co.uk info@silverspringsgc.co.uk Find us on Facebook: @SilverSprings.Garden.Centre FONTLEY ROAD, TITCHFIELD, FAREHAM, PO15 6QX




he looked up from her tablet. The light of the zealot in her eyes. “Holiday! We need a holiday. It would be so nice.” Would it though? He was a big fan of the West country. She, on the other hand, was a big fan of other countries.

Mmnnnn. Aaand.. she was off the starting blocks. “Spain? I’ve been dreaming of paella.” His shoulders slumped. Paella – really? In his opinion if nature intended chickens to occupy the same plate as mussels and prawns, they’d have fins not wings. “Dependant on ‘traffic lights’, Darling – but, and I hesitate to mention it, do you remember you had the squit.. I mean, some gastro-intestinal issues in Lloret de Mar? Spent two days running to and from the bathroom. Poor you..” He adopted a sympathetic expression. Misty-eyed she recalled “It was our first foreign holiday together. I was so young. So carefree. SO ill.. Yes, perhaps not there.” That was a narrow squeak; he breathed a sigh of relief. But she’d already washed up on more distant shores. “Greece?” He nodded. “Cradle of civilization, but never any hot water for showers. That bar next door playing music until two in the morning and hey, didn’t you step on a sea urchin?” He pseudosighed. “Happy days.” “Memory of an elephant.” She muttered as a frown creased the skin between her brows. “Egypt then? Amazing antiquities; the sphinx, the pyramids?” Sounding slightly less optimistic than before, though. Promising. “You got the trot… I mean, some more gastro-intestinal issues on our Nile cruise. Positively galloped around the Temple of Karnak looking for the loos – impressive turn of speed in all that heat.” His chuckles faded as he spotted her narrow-eyed stare. “Sorry, Darling. Besides, the Foreign Office advice isn’t superchirpy just now.” Time to steer her away from the hot-as-Hades Mediterranean region altogether. “Perhaps somewhere cooler, somewhere closer to home..?” he hinted. Eyes wide, she exclaimed “Good idea! Iceland. Glaciers, waterfalls and Northern lights.” Re-invigorated, she’d changed tack. Wily. He’d have to think fast. “Not much in the way of relics and you know you like a bit of history.” Was it a strong enough gambit? He waited, watching, whilst she mulled over his latest impediment. He thought she might be wavering.



“Which is why I love Greece so much.” She’d u-turned back to the Hellenic land of the Gods. He was getting whiplash keeping up. She further enthused “ruins, museums, plus great food; souvlaki, stifado, moussaka! In Greece, I’ve never, EVER needed to trot, run or indeed gallop in urgent search of facilities. I haven’t even learned the word for ‘toilet’ in Greek.” She shot him a slightly indignant look. Very true - excellent counterargument. Just as well he had a quick riposte. “Absolutely.” He agreed. She looked momentarily satisfied until he elaborated. “Polar opposite problem. Three days in, it’s bran buds and syrup of figs for you, Darling. I think it might be all that meat..” Pressing his advantage he wheeled out the big guns for a final salvo. “But let’s not forget the dogs. We’ll miss the dogs terribly. AND they’ll cost us a fortune in kennelling. The girls can’t look after them, not with the babies and everything.” Oh, he was good, he’d impressed even himself. She had to concede defeat now, surely? She shrugged. “You’re right of course.” He shoots! He scores! Mental fist pumping. But why was she was beaming at him, looking so suspiciously pleased with herself ? “I was just teasing” she announced. “I thought we’d go West this year. So I’ve booked a dog friendly cottage in Devon for a fortnight. Complete with hot tub and a good pub down the road.” It sounded perfect. Deep joy flooded through him. “It’s got a wood burner” she continued “because, let’s face it, the weather might be cold. I’ll pack our waterproofs, because, let’s face it, it’s bound to rain. And I’ll take the wetsuits, because, let’s face it, the sea is a bit nippy. Hopefully the traffic won’t be too horrific – although it is a bit of a trek and there are extensive road-works en route.” Her face wreathed in smiles, she got up and kissed him. Watching her retreating back as she went to tell the dogs they were going on holiday with mummy and daddy, the words ‘cold’, ‘rain’ and ‘road-works’ lingered in the air. Unexpectedly agreeable, delightful, even wonderful images of holidaying overseas arose in his mind. Diving into warm Mediterranean waters. Lively bars full of music and fun. Exotic wonders of the ancient world. Hot, rejuvenating sun. Tearinducing Northern lights. And paella. Well maybe not the paella. Jumping up out of his seat he sprinted after her, calling as he went “But I’m not ruling out somewhere abroad next year… Darling.. Darling?”


FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1973 BUILT ON GREAT SERVICE & VALUE FOR MONEY Supply and planting large specimen trees and shrubs

Please visit our website for all the latest news, information, second-hand machines for sale and special offers in the showroom.

Espalier, pleached and instant impact hedges All trees and shrubs carefully selected Design, landscaping and ongoing maintenance Free site visit and consultation Bosque is a trading name of Just Limegrass Ltd.

Tel: 01962 771800 steve.cann@btconnect.com www.georgecanngardenmachinery.co.uk

Harko: 07710 502798 Tom: 07855 656984 www.bosque international.co.uk



• Local fully insured family business • HCC Trading Standard approved • No Call out or VAT charge • Wasp Nests, Rats & Mice, Moths, Ants, Bed bugs, fleas and all other pests. Tel: Owslebury/Winchester - 01962 777382 embirkettjohn@sky.com MAY COTTAGES, LONGWOOD. HAMPSHIRE



For more information

01962 735137




One of ITV's Most Popular Antiques Experts

BEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR: Gold & Silver Jewellery & Antiques Including: Watches, medals, bronzes, oriental ceramics, quality antiques, house clearance/insurance valuations

Happy to arrange home calls by appointment karendalmeny@gmail.com For enquiries please call:

07712 545 700 Karen Dalmeny Hearts & Hugs, Titchfield Hearts and Hugs is built on my love and passion for Country Home Styling and anything nice that makes your home cosy and beautiful. I hand pick all my items that I would love to have in my home.


CLASSIC & CONTEMPORARY INTERIORS SALE We have a fab selection of homeware, giftware, cards and much more. We would like to consider our beautiful shop the hub of the village and a browsers paradise. We moved to Titchfield in December 2020 and finally opened our doors for the first time on 12th April. We have felt so loved and totally blessed with the support received from new and existing customers. Titchfield is a beautiful village and my husband and I are looking forward to many years enjoying village life and the community Please pop in and see us, we would love to meet you. Kimmy Hearts and Hugs 1 Church Street, Titchfield, Hampshire, PO14 4AG Tel: 07920 482550 kimmy@heartsandhugs.co.uk https://heartsandhugs.co.uk


Wed 28th and Thur 29th July Viewing: 12 noon - 5pm, Thursday 22nd July 10am - 5pm, Friday 23rd July 10am - 2pm, Saturday 24th July 10am - 5pm, Monday 26th July From 8.30am on sale days Bidding starts at 9.30am Catalogue available from 21st July

www.andrewsmithandson.com Enquiries: t: 01962 735988 e: auctions@andrewsmithandson.com THE AUCTION ROOMS, MANOR FARM, ITCHEN STOKE, ALRESFORD, SO24 0QT

RETAIL Westlands Farm Shop Fresh Raspberries grown on the farm available now at Westlands Farm Shop, Pricketts Hill, Shedfield, Southampton Tel: 01329 833832 | www.westlandsfarmshop.co.uk

Simon Lawson Jewellers 18ct Tanzanite and diamond stud earrings - £865 60 High St, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, SO32 1AB Tel: 01489 895575 | www.simonlawsonjewellers.co.uk

Boutique ME French Connection - Rhodes Sleeveless Shirt, 100% Cotton, stylish and casual £45 High Street, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, SO32 1AA Tel: 01489 891052 | www.boutiquemebishopswaltham.co.uk

Boutique ME Thought - Isobel Hemp Midi Dress, Summer Style £49.99 High St, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, SO32 1AA Tel: 01489 891052 | www.boutiquemebishopswaltham.co.uk

on your highstreet #shoplocal #supportsmallbusinesses Here is a selection of enticing and eclectic items now available on your highstreet. Stay local and support your diverse retailers! Andrew Smith & Son Classic & Contemporary Interiors Sale - Wed 28th and Thur 29th Jul Monthly Antiques & Interiors Sale Sat 26th July Tel: 01962 735988 | www.andrewsmithandson.com

Labels Dress Agency

Simon Lawson Jewellers

Botley Mills

Designer handbags at Labels

18ct diamond cluster ring, fabulous 1.13 diamond weight £2500

Celebrating our Centenary at Botley Mills

The Old Forge, Brook St, Bishop's Waltham, SO32 1AX Tel: 01489 896515 | www.labelsdressagency.co.uk

60 High St, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, SO32 1AB Tel: 01489 895575 | www.simonlawsonjewellers.co.uk

Botley Mills, Mill Hill, Southampton, SO30 2GB Tel: 01489 772900 | www.botleymills.co.uk



Camera Ready


How to Photograph our Chalk Streams

ith smartphone technology improving each year, more of us than ever can take fantastic photos. What’s more, our beautiful local chalk streams provide amazing inspiration! Here’s our guide to capturing them on camera.

Plan ahead

You don't need fancy equipment to get a great shot, but you may want to give your smartphone a low-cost boost. One nifty tool is a clip-on macro lens, for small insects and fine detail. Another is a mini tripod to keep your phone still - handy for low light or windy days. When planning your adventure, the most valuable thing to prepare is knowledge. If you're looking for wildlife, swot up on animal tracks, bird calls, and plant habitats. For landscapes and heritage features, local guides can be a goldmine of vantage points and hidden gems.

Watch the clock

The time of day can make a dramatic difference to your photos. The periods around sunrise and sunset are called 'the golden hours' for their warm hue, while noon on a bright day offers intense contrast. Avoid angles where the sun is behind your subject - this could create a silhouette - and watch out for your own shadow sneaking into the frame! Another factor is the weather: we usually pack up when rain appears, but hang around and you might see some interesting details. Examine how water droplets cling to plants, or how stormy skies add a moody feel. You could even visit the same place in different seasons, comparing the cool tones of winter with the simmering heat of summer.

Play with patterns

When we think of nature photography, we often picture prowling tigers and towering mountains. But to capture the more familiar wonders of our chalk streams, often called


‘England's rainforests’, you may need to view them with fresh eyes. Try homing in on textures such as stone, metal, or tree bark. This can be a great way to showcase underrated subjects like aquatic insects, historic structures, and non-flowering plants. If a stream is in your shot, experiment with reflections and the water's rippling surface. You can also move around your subject in search of patterns; perhaps a few tree branches form a zig-zag shape, or a group of people have eye-catching symmetry. Leading lines - like that of a path, bridge, or stream - can add a sense of depth to your photos.

Change your perspective

Another way to put a new spin on something is to frame it differently. Try looking down on it from above or going low to mimic an animal's perspective. You can also use the rule of thirds: just imagine a 3x3 grid over your photo and position points of interest on the lines. While it's tempting to fill the frame with your subject, try allowing it a bit of breathing room. The wider surroundings can add important context, such as a heritage feature next to a modern one or wildlife with people in the background. If you do want a closer shot of your subject, it may be better to approach on foot: digital zoom, which is used by smartphones and smaller cameras, can reduce the resolution of your photos. However, only get closer if it’s safe and you won't disturb any wildlife.

Get creative

Why not test your skills with our Tales from the Riverbank Photography Competition? It focuses on seven local chalk streams, including the Candover Brook, River Arle, and Cheriton Stream. There are prizes on offer for heritage, landscape, people, and wildlife photos, as well as special prizes for under-18s. Learn more at www. hiwwt.org.uk/winterbournes/tales

WELLBEING Richard Bartlett Salon, Wickham

Salon owner of five years Richard can still be seen creating exceptional style on the salon floor and continues to train our salon assistants to be excellent hairdressers of the future.

A very warm welcome from Richard and the team to our very own slice of heaven here in the heart of the wonderful Wickham community. Here at Richard Bartlett, we believe in excellent customer service as standard, and pride ourselves in providing precision hair cutting and styling as well as creative colouring techniques. Our stylists continuously aim to better themselves with advanced training to further their skills and stay relevant in an industry that is ever-changing. Meaning we can keep you up-to-date with the latest fashions and styles whilst still personalising your hair to best suit you.

Salon Owner - Richard Bartlett

We are proud to use the luxurious La biosthetique colouring, hair care and styling range, which are passionately climate-neutral and use 100% Eco energy during the production of their fantastic range. A welcoming peaceful, friendly environment with personal touches means you can expect to leave feeling like the best most beautiful version of yourself. Whether you are looking for an update, transformation or to maintain your hairstyle we look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your hair journey soon. Call: 01329 835991 or book online @ Richardbartlett.salon


RELAUNCH PARTY You’re invited! Join us to celebrate our 1 year rebrand anniversary …

Please rsvp to: 01329 835991, enquiries@richardbartlett.salon or send us a message on social media to book your place live demo’s, retail discounts, raffle prizes, free fizz & goodie bags will be available so bring a friend and enjoy!

*Offer valid for new clients only on production of this advert. Terms and Conditions apply.


Tues: 9am - 5pm | Weds: 8am - 6pm | Thurs: 8am - 8pm | Fri: 8am - 8pm | Sat: 8am - 4pm Richard Bartlett Salon - The Square, Wickham, Fareham, Hampshire, PO17 5JT T: 01329 835 991 www.richardbartlett.salon enquiries@richardbartlett.salon


COMMUNITY West Meon Music Festival promises an exciting return After a “mini-event” last year because of Covid-19 restrictions, the West Meon Music Festival will return to normality in September with four days of concerts and masterclasses. The festival’s founders, the internationally renowned Primrose Piano Quartet, will also be joined by several of the high-profile musical guests who would have performed at the originally planned 2020 “10th anniversary” festival. Highlights of the festival, which runs from the 9th to 12th of September, will include a performance of Brahms’ stunning “Horn Trio Op.40” with leading horn soloist Stephen Stirling; Mozart’s joyous “Piano Quartet in E flat”; and Schubert’s final chamber work, the ever-popular “String Quintet in C major”, when the Primrose strings will be joined by violinist Jonathan Stone, until recently a member of the acclaimed Doric Quartet and Kirsten Jenson, at present guest cellist in the Allegri Quartet. In addition there will be a recital by the exciting young guitarist Laura Snowden described as a “string sensation” by BBC Music Magazine and a performance by Roman Kosyakov, winner of the Hastings International Piano Concerto to include Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”. Also planned are masterclasses for young musicians, various preconcert talks, a folk music concert at a local pub, and a late-night concert of works by Bartok and Schoenberg.

BBQ in the Park – Saturday 11th September

Sadly due to Covid restrictions we have decided not to hold the annual village fete but we are pleased to announce we will be holding a BBQ in the Park on Saturday 11th September. We are working on what we can and can’t do so please watch this space for an update or check out our website or social media. The plan so far is to serve our usual burgers and sausages, we’ve asked one of the local pubs to run a bar and we’ll play you some music. We’re also looking at what is possible as far as children’s entertainment is concerned but this will depend on the restrictions at the time. Helping those who help others.. When we heard about a volunteer for a local charity, having a difficult time themselves: post covid infections and lost jobs due to lockdown, we were only too happy to help. The replacement of a kitchen appliance will hopefully help this family get back on their feet.

In all there will be eight concerts over the four days and full details of all concerts and tickets can be found on the festival website: www.westmeonmusic.co.uk.

Other dates for your Diary Swanmore Fete 2021 – Sadly, due to Covid regulations we have decided to cancel this year’s fete.

Did you know Home-Start Meon Valley is covered by Home-Start Hampshire!

with a disability, struggle to establish a routine with your children, Overwhelmed! If you have children 11years or younger HomeStart Hampshire CAN help…. Email family support@hshants.org. uk to find out more.

It’s the same staff just a new name , location and bigger support network. Find us us by searching for HomeStart Hampshire or visiting www.homestarthampshire.org.uk Many parents need help, friendship, advice or support during those early years when children are young. There is no rulebook for raising a family, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. But if you can get support & help when you need it, then day-to-day family life and your child’s future can be so much brighter. If you feel Isolated, suffer from post-natal depression or anxiety, Struggle with the emotional and physical demands of having children, feel Tired, unhappy and exhausted, Struggle to cope


Meon Valley Lions BBQ in the Park

Do you like the idea of ‘giving something back’ to your local community? Would you like a flexible, adaptable, and fun volunteering opportunity that you can fit in around your life? If so, We need volunteers who would enjoy networking and participating in promotion opportunities, fundraising events, meeting new people and spreading the word about the valuable work that we do! Any time you can spare no matter how small is valuable, so please do not hesitate to get in touch! Home-Start Hampshire (Meon Valley) Arena Business Centre, Lancaster Court, 8 Barnes Wallis Road, Segensworth, Fareham, Hants PO15 5TU E: info@hshants.org.uk W:www.home-starthampshire.org.uk T: 0330 124 2095


Lo c I n de al & pe Fami ndent ly B u s i n Ru n ess




• Hearing Tests • Invisible Hearing Aids


• Earwax Removal • Tinnitus Consultations

• A Bespoke Dedicated Service

• Custom Hearing Protection

• Independent Advice • Home Visits

CALL US ON 01962 790749


4 2 W E S T S T R E E T • A L R E S F O R D • H A M P S H I R E • S O 24 9 A U CALL US TODAY ON: 01962 790749 • VISIT US AT: alresfordhearingstudio.co.uk 691839934


WELLBEING / COMMUNITY Here comes the sun Further to our article in Forum’s May edition on choosing the right Care Company we are pleased to announce that Lapis Care has been revealed as one of Homecare. co.uk’s Top 20 Home Care Providers in the South East of England 2021. Not only that, but we are Hampshire’s only Independent Care provider to qualify for this prestigious accolade. We believe this is recognition for the hard work put in by all the Lapis team and look forward in continuing to exceed client’s expectations, furthermore we continue to look to recruit carers to our team so if you want to join us, irrespective of experience, please contact us through our website LAPISCARE.COM or on 01489 890016. Summer is upon us! We have been blessed with some glorious sunshine and the Lapis team are out in shorts! After an exceptionally long wet winter it’s what we have all been waiting for, perfect for lifting our spirits and reuniting with friends and family. At Lapis Care we encourage everyone to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible, so we have created our top ten safety tips for remaining safe in the sun. 1. Keep hydrated- it is extremely important to stay hydrated. Your water/fluids intake should increase when its hot (avoiding excessive alcohol). Ensure you have plenty of drinks to hand and have some water every 1-2 hours throughout the day. 2. Wear sun cream. SPF 30 and above is recommended for your face and body whilst outside in the sun. 3. Do not leave any one in closed vehicles, especially children and animals. 4. Keep your home cool, open windows and close curtains in rooms that are hit by direct sunlight. 5. Try to stay out of direct sun between 11am and 3pm, any walks or exercise are recommended outside of these times. 6. Don’t forget about your pets! As much as they enjoy the sun too, be sure to provide shaded cool areas for them to rest and ensure plenty of water is available to them, they may drink more than usual so make sure water is always topped up. 7. Dress for the weather. Try to wear light loose clothing that will keep you cool and consider wearing a sun hat when out and about. 8. Think heat, think hygiene. Remember to keep your home clean, the heat can attract bugs especially flies in the kitchen and bins, remember to empty waste bins regularly and keep surfaces clean. 9. Sleeping in the heat can often be uncomfortable, try changing to lighter bedding to keep the bed cooler while you sleep. 10. Ice lollies! Add them to your shopping list, a lovely treat to enjoy and keep you cool in the sun!


Your Local Home Care Provider & Consultancy Service, Owned and Run by Registered Nurses

Our experienced and highly skilled team offer bespoke packages enabling you to remain safely in your own home. This can include Personal and Palliative Care, Social Visits and Domestic Duties.

Want to be part of a fantastic team and really make a difference? Lapis believe that: Cared for staff = Cared for clients Call or email us now for more information

Call us on 01489 890016 to see how we can help you, or email: contact@lapiscare.com www.lapiscare.com



EDUCATION Mental Toughness and the pandemic By Jane Gandee, Headmistress at St Swithun’s in Winchester

Last week AQR International, which specialises in helping organisations optimise people performance, updated its 2017 research into Mental Toughness with a new meta-analysis of data collected during the pandemic. The findings show that girls in single-sex schools which are part of the Girls’ Schools Association (as St Swithun’s proudly is) are generally more confident and emotionally in control than girls in co-educational schools. The research also indicates, not surprisingly, that girls who were more mentally tough before had an advantage in dealing with the pandemic. At St Swithun’s, we are not surprised by these findings. Girls in single-sex schools like ours grow up without encountering

gender stereotyping, at least during their education. This has a multitude of benefits which the girls carry with them into the outside world and throughout their adult life. One benefit relates to subject choices. Our students learn that all subjects are open to them and that they are just as likely to be successful in maths and physics as they are in art or English. They appreciate that success is about acquiring the right skills and attitude rather than being male or female. Unbelievably, there are some co-ed schools in which not a single girl studies physics, apparently because there still exist stereotypes suggesting that physics is not suitable for girls. Research also shows that girls in single sex environments are more likely to continue with sport which is linked to a positive body image, a healthy relationship with food and good mental health. The absence of boys has a further plus in that the girls here tend to grow up a little more slowly. They can unselfconsciously have fun without worrying about impressing anyone. Why does mental toughness matter? Because it correlates with ambition, adaptability to change, ability to cope with stress, achievement and well-being. Indeed, other studies have shown precisely that girls educated in single-sex schools are more likely to take risks in the world of work such as asking for a pay rise or applying for a promotion. www.stswithuns.com | Tel: 01962 835703

A leading independent day, weekly and full boarding school for girls aged 11-18

It’s who we are. Assessments for year 7 2022 entry take place next term. Apply now for the few remaining places.

Please contact registrar@stswithuns.com for further information. www.stswithuns.com | 01962 835703



Old hedgerow on Hinton Admiral Estate: the project will involve filling the gaps

CPRE Hampshire Hedgerow Heroes Project Volunteers Wanted For Hedgerow Heroes Project • CPRE Hampshire are looking for volunteers to get involved in work on hedgerows • The launch of the project coincides with the first National Hedgerow Week • The site is just south of Bransgore on the Western edge of the New Forest • CPRE Hampshire will be working closely with the landowners, the Hinton Admiral Estate • Hedgerows form the UK’s largest wildlife habitat and play a major role in supporting biodiversity and tackling climate change CPRE Hampshire are keen to support the restoration of hedgerows and are part of a new project, called Hedgerow Heroes, to plant or restore over 15 kilometres of hedge across the country. “Here in Hampshire, we will be planting 1.7 kilometres of new hedgerow and improving a further 1.3 kilometres of existing hedgerow to create a better habitat for wildlife. We will be doing this near Bransgore on the Western edge of the New Forest and close to the Burton Common Site of Special Scientific Interest. We are looking for volunteers to get involved to support the project which is due to commence in the Summer. We would love to hear from local naturalists to help with wildlife and soil surveys. But we are also looking for volunteers to assist with hedge-laying and hedge surveys elsewhere on the estate. No particular expertise is required, just the ability to undertake some light manual activity, a friendly personality and a keen interest in the countryside. Anyone interested should please contact us at hantssupportercare@cprehampshire.org.uk” CPRE Hampshire Chair Dee Haas says: “An increase in hedgerow planting will help with carbon capture and mitigate the impacts of climate change, but they also create important habitats for wildlife and can improve air quality”. The National Tree Council, who are organising the first ever National Hedgerow Week from 29th May-6th June 2021, say “Hedgerows are the often-unsung heroes of the British countryside, yet they form the UK’s largest wildlife habitat, they are a major part of our landscape and cultural heritage, and they have a crucial role to play in our future when it comes to halting biodiversity decline and tackling climate change.” CPRE, the Countryside Charity, have long campaigned for the value of the humble hedgerow and see them as “the vital stitching in the patchwork of our countryside. Not only are they beautiful, with shifting seasonal colours,


but they also provide homes and corridors for wildlife”. CPRE would like to see more hedgerows planted and restored, and strongly support the Climate Change Committee’s call for a 40% increase in the extent of hedgerows by 2050 to help tackle the climate emergency. The overall project will engage with more than 600 volunteers, 15 schools and two colleges. It will see the planting of over 50,000 trees and whips, improve the biodiversity of hedgerows, link landscapes, support carbon sequestration and connect people to the countryside. Locally, CPRE Hampshire will be working closely with site landowners, the Hinton Admiral Estate, who will carry out the planting work. Estate Manager Rich Shirley says: “We are delighted to be working with CPRE Hampshire on this project, which is part of our wider plans to restore hedgerows across the estate.” They will also work with Bransgore Primary School, who see this as “an amazing opportunity” to teach the children about the importance of hedges to the countryside. The new hedgerow will replace one which was removed many years ago – like so many other hedgerows across the county - and will run along historic boundaries identified from old estate plans. All hedgerows will be being planted with a mix of species native to Britain and will help support a broader range of wildlife. By replacing historic hedgerows and filling in gaps between old hedges, we hope to improve the habitat for animals such as dormice and bats. By improving wildlife habitat and thus encouraging an increase in the local population of birds, mammals and invertebrates, the project will enhance the amenity value of the area and thus encourage more people from the local communities and the nearby urban area to access and enjoy the countryside.

CPRE Hampshire team on a recce visit to the project site: on the left is hedge-laying trainer Chris Sparkes, on the right is Hinton Admiral Estate Manager Rich Shirley





open as normal under government guide lines



Tel: 01489 786273 info@solentgaragedoors.co.uk www.solentgaragedoors.co.uk UNIT 7, BRIDGE FARM INDUSTRIES, CURBRIDGE, SO30 2HB

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