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Valuable tips for creating beautiful garden landscapes

Trinity's Big Sleep Out at Home

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Friday 14th May 2021

Swap your cosy bed an d

Target sponsorship $10 0

sleep out at hom

per person

Register today: www.t rinitywinchester.org.uk /bigsleepout @Trinity _Winch


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Happy Easter from Churches Together in Alresford

Unfortunately we are not able to publish services at this time but please do consult individual churches for details. Many of our churches are now open, please check websites for full details. Anglican: St John's www.arlevalleychurches.org.uk

Roman Catholic: St Gregory's www.catholicwinchester.org.uk

Methodist: Alresford Methodist Church www.alresfordmethodistchurch.org.uk

The question is Acts ch: 16:30 ''Sirs, what must I do to be saved?''

Answer 1 - 16 :31 "Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, and you WILL be saved, you and your household."

Answer 2 - The Letter to the Romans - ch.10:13 "...for whoever shall call upon The Name of The Lord, shall be saved." The Message of Easter is that The Lord Jesus Christ died upon the cross to pay the price of our sin, was buried. He rose again the third day. He ascended back to Heaven . He will come again soon. Are we ready?

NEW FARM CHAPEL New Farm Road, Alresford, Hampshire - Sunday Services 10.30am and 4.30pm Tel:07447 158058 For any who wish to zoom, please ask for the zoom link via our website www.newfarmchapel.org.uk



Seamless Worktops making makeovers easy

Can Inst be in u alled n a da der y!


At Overlay we believe less really can be more when it comes to updating your kitchen Overlay seamless worktops can cover Ceramic, Corian, Wood, Laminate worktops. Overlay is eco-friendly, quick and easy to fit - revitalising rooms in under a day without significant cost and disruption. If you are looking for a beautiful and contemporary look for your kitchen surfaces, then Overlay seamless worktops are the answer, we have a wide range of colours and styles to suit your requirements.

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PROPERTY / COMMUNITY Alresford PSCO Hi all I hope everyone is staying safe in the current climate. I would like to introduce myself as PCSO Victor Mills, I’m the new beat officer for Alresford and will be doing an input here every month. I want to say a big thankyou to everyone for adhering to the Covid regulations. We have been quite good on the most part in this area. I would like to inform everyone that I will be holding on the 21st April between 11:00 and 13:00 so please feel free to attend. This beat surgery will be about safe at home and crime prevention advise. In preparation of the lifting of lockdown and summer being just around the corner I thought now would be a good time to I’ve out crime prevention advise. With it being so close to summer more people will be using garden equipment so my main advice would be to make sure you leave it out of sight somewhere secure such as a shed. Also make sure you have proper locks for sheds and only give keys out to people you trust. Another thing to note are keys as many people keep there keys in the view of the public in windows and doors so please make sure you are keeping them out of sight somewhere safe. You can contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team by email at winchester.rural.police@hampshire.pnn.police.uk Please use 101 to report non urgent crimes but if it is urgent please use 999.

New photography competition to capture local chalk streams

Winterbournes unites 16 organisations in caring for these habitats, with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This new competition, titled Tales from the Riverbank, is continuing the rich creative tradition around the streams. Prizes will be awarded in four main categories (Heritage, Landscape, People, and Wildlife), as well as additional Community Choice and Young Photographer categories. Entrants could win up to £75 of photography gift vouchers and the chance to be featured in local exhibitions. While the current Covid-19 restrictions are in place, the partners ask competition entrants not to go outdoors specifically for taking photos. Instead, they could capture sights on their daily exercise or make a note of places to visit later. The competition is open to Hampshire residents who are not professional photographers and closes at midnight on 30th June 2021. For more information, including full terms and conditions of entry, visit www.hiwwt.org.uk/winterbournes/tales


The partners of the Watercress and Winterbournes Landscape Partnership Scheme are delighted to announce a new photography competition. Its focus is the unique qualities of seven Hampshire chalk streams: the Bourne Rivulet, Candover Brook, Cheriton Stream, Pillhill Brook, River Arle, Upper Anton, and Upper Test.

Kathryn Boler, Watercress and Winterbournes Partnership Manager, said: “Our local communities are enormously creative, and our chalk streams are a great source of inspiration. We’re excited to recognise budding local photographers, and we can’t wait to see how the special nature of our streams is captured on camera.”

These globally rare environments are home to iconic species like kingfishers, water voles, and brown trout. Watercress and

For more information visit: www.hiwwt.org.uk/news/photographycompetition-captures-our-chalk-streams

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A name you can count on in a changing world… A name you can count on in a changing world… Who would want to live anywhere else?

We are lucky to be living in such a beautiful place, with its chalk streams, Georgian townhouses and individual shops, which are xxdue to open again soon, thankfully. Hellards is very much part of the furniture locally, having set up home in Alresford in 1988. Over the years our experienced team have helped many local people sell or let their homes. If you are thinking of moving this year, or would just like some honest, independent advice, please contact one of our friendly team to book in a free market appraisal. We hope to hear from you soon!

11 Broad Street, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9AR | alresford@hellards.co.uk 11 Broad Street, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 | 736333 alresford@hellards.co.uk www.hellards.co.uk | Tel. 9AR 01962 www.hellards.co.uk | Tel. 01962 736333

Valuable Tips for Creating Beautiful Garden Landscapes


hen you bring a new plant from a nursery to plant in your garden you become a designer who designs the garden landscape that you have. If you want to be a great designer, you need to be aware of certain aspects so that you can have the best landscape. You may have noticed that some gardens have an organized look while others, having the finest plant collection, look haphazard. The basic reason for this is because the owner or the landscape designer has not planned the future of the garden properly. The following tips will help you to have among the best garden landscapes that can be had. The following good tips will help you to have a garden which will stand out from other gardens and will also keep you from the headache of knowing what to do. Plan the garden properly The landscape of the garden must be planned in such a manner that it looks beautiful now while also having the future in mind. You will find it is best to plant your precious collection of plants in such a manner that there is enough space when in future you require a mower, or the stump grinder, to enter for building projects for your porch or the patio. If this planning is not done now, then in future you may have to throw away your precious plants in order to have space for allowing movement of such equipment. Have a focal point The focal point of your garden must be such that it attracts people and engages their attention when roaming in your garden. It should be different than others but not out-of-place. You can have an antique garden bench as the focal point but don't use an object which is not related to the garden. A water body or an oak tree can be a great focal point which will give the garden landscape a new dimension. Curves must be checked It is good to have curved pathways or flower beds in a garden, but you must not overdo them. It must be kept simple so that the geometric design that you have incorporated in the landscaping stands out. If you use those shapes too often it will become common and no one will notice them. Have movement in the garden A garden landscape that does not have movement is like a painting. Paintings are good on the walls but in a garden, you must have movement so that you can bring life and create interest in your garden. You may be wondering how to have movement. It is quite easy to have such


movement in your garden by adding swaying ornamental grass or flowers which attract birds and butterflies and this will help to have the desired movement in your garden. Think completely differently When you are designing the landscaping of your garden you must think completely differently from the one that you now have. For example, if you have overgrown shrubbery don't think that you have to keep it like that. By removing it you may be astonished to find a sunny sport which can be ideal for a rose bed. So, don't plan your landscaping according to the present situation but think differently and you will find new possibilities to have an even better landscape. Choose plants according to locations When you select a plant base for a particular spot in your garden, consider the growth rate and the final size it will be. If you do not base your plant selection on these considerations, then the money you spend will not lead to overall beautification but, in the end, you will have to spend more money for adjustments. If you think that having a cheap plant which grows fast you are gaining much you are thinking wrongly. The money you will spend later for pruning and other maintenance will eat up your initial savings. So, have a purposeful selection of garden trees and place them properly. Let the garden show the way The design of the garden should lead visitors to your house. You don't want visitors losing their way so the garden must show the way to the house. The curved pathway or the big pots that you place need to say, "Hi, this is the way that you need to go." Limited number of species If you have a garden don't feel pressured to have every plant species that is available. Select those species which will help you to have a garden which is easier to maintain and gives it a uniform look. Select the species according to seasons so that you can have flowers in your garden all throughout the year and also add to the biodiversity that you have in your garden. Space plants properly This is of utmost importance because it determines how your beloved garden will survive. Having proper spacing of plants ensures having the right air flow required for the survival of the plants and avoids having fungal insect infection. You may feel that there are vacant places in the garden. Yes, there will be and you can easily fill those spaces by the proper use, and positioning, of annuals.


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'Under current Government guidelines we hope to reopen our showroom on 12 April and we warmly welcome you to visit to view our stock of lawn tractors, rotary mowers, hedgecutters, brushcutters and chainsaws. Also on display is the latest 500e 48v Stiga Li-ion range of powered garden products. No carbon emissions, lower noise levels, greatly reduced vibrations'

Please visit our website for all the latest news, information, second-hand machines for sale and special offers in the showroom.

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COMMUNITY Protecting the inspirational landscape of South West Winchester

A team of experienced planning volunteers from CPRE Hampshire, the countryside charity, have carried out an assessment of a tract of chalk downland surrounding the south west of Winchester and concluded that it is countryside and green space of such high quality as to qualify as ‘Valued Landscape’, which requires it to be protected. The land consists of one large area running south west from Oliver’s Battery to Hursley, and another large area running south east from Oliver's Battery to Compton. The first area is proposed for a development of 5,000 homes, ‘Royaldown’, with an adjoining area planned to house solar panels. The second area is put forward for commercial development, park and ride, approach road and solar panels. CPRE Hampshire has made a physical assessment of the land in the context of a National Planning Policy Framework Valued Landscape which should be

protected according to national planning guidance. CPRE Hampshire’s assessment highlights: • • • • •

the attractive and distinctive chalk downland and undulating landscape the attractive, undulating farmland, with tree belts, hedgerows, rural lanes and public rights of way the high-quality public experience of the landscape from public rights of way including the much-used Monarchs Way and Hurdle Way the limited development and overall sense of tranquillity the important contribution of these areas to the landscape character of the West Winchester Downs

Christopher Napier of CPRE Hampshire says, ‘These areas of land are part of the West Winchester Downs and a continuation of the main South Downs chalk landscape, which stretches from the Itchen Valley to the Test Valley. It is a very undulating landscape often with far-reaching views over adjoining downs and lowland landscapes but also more visually enclosed landscapes in dry valleys and woodland. Together the areas form an essential part of a tract of National Planning Policy Framework Valued Landscape of fine chalk downland with escarpments surrounding south west Winchester, which extends south west from St Catherine's Hill to Hursley and then northwards to Farley Mount and Teg Down.

Do you love wildflowers? Would you like to know more about them? And help save them for the future? Now in its 5th year, Plantlife’s Great British Wildflower Hunt launches in time for the


The National Planning Policy Framework sets out that planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by protecting and enhancing Valued Landscapes. We strongly advocate that all local planning authorities in Hampshire carry out landscape assessments to identify Valued Landscapes in their Districts in the process of revising their Local Plans. This would ensure that where they exist, they are protected as required in Local Plans for current and future generations.’ Planning volunteers at CPRE Hampshire, along with the Save South Winchester Campaign Group and the Dever Society, are responding to Winchester City Council's Local Plan Consultation 2021 which is currently out for public consultation until midnight on 12 April. This Valued Landscape assessment will be submitted as part of the CPRE Hampshire response. Meanwhile, you can view it at www. cprehampshire.org.uk.

Landscapes are not only diverse and inspirational with breath-taking views

start of spring and the Easter holidays and runs right through the summer. The Hunt is all about putting names to the familiar faces of the wildflowers that surround us every day. Whether in town, local woodland, or the countryside, this is a chance to get to know these characters and the stories behind them and what they can tell us about the natural world.

The Great British Wildflower Hunt

but play a vital role in tackling the climate emergency by capturing carbon, cleaning the air, helping to slow floodwaters and providing habitats for wildlife. As a feature of open countryside and green space, they are also important to people’s health and wellbeing, something that has been proved during the coronavirus pandemic.

This year’s hunt includes 24 early-blooming spring species which you may be lucky enough to find flowering now, such as celandines, whose flowers close up when it’s not sunny to protect their nectar, violets which are indicators of ancient woodland, ramsons with their unmistakable garlic scent and primroses, the “prima rosa” or “first flowers” that are the true harbingers

of spring! There are 72 species to spot in this year’s hunt; and – as an extra challenge for the kids – we have selected 12 that every child should know! Please click here for the film! Research that Plantlife carried out with YouGov showed that 70% of the public wanted to know their wildflowers better and the hunt is a really easy and fun way to do it. This year, Plantlife has even launched a new app to make hunting all the species even easier! #wildflowerhunt Launches Tuesday 16th March Please keep safe and follow Government advice on travel and social distancing.

Lawn Treatm from o ents nly

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Impress your friends and create a garden your family can really enjoy. Moss, weeds, bare patches and unhealthy lawns can be improved with professional care & maintenance. This requires the right treatments, at the right time of year, applied in the right conditions. Off-the-shelf lawn care products can be OK, professional results.

We will visit at a time to suit you, assess the condition of your lawn, and provide a professional report worth £30.

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Independent Independent Lawn Lawn Professionals Professionals nt Lawn Professionals Independent Lawn Professionals


9 99


Lawn Pests Lawn Pests There was a time when I rarely came across a chafer grub or leather jacket in a lawn – that was before the withdrawal of Merit Turf, the insecticide used for controlling these tenacious pests. Since then, we are seeing an explosion in the population of these unpopular pests. Let’s take a look at their lifecycle, the problems they cause in a domestic lawn and what can be done. Crane Fly/Leather Jacket



The larvae of the crane fly are nicknamed Leather Jacket due to its tough brown outer skin. Beginning life as an egg, laid into damp soil. Once hatched the larvae feeds on the roots of lawn grass plants. The larvae pupate in late summer, emerging as a flying insect in early autumn. The adult only lives to mate and has a short life of around 15 days. After finding a mate the female returns to lay eggs in the soil then dies. The cycle begins once again. Like moths, the crane fly is attracted to light so you probably come across them flying erratically around your house on a warm autumn evening. Garden Chafer Beetle/Chafer Grub

Chafer Grub

Chafer Beetle

Looking like an alien invader, the chafer grub is the larvae of the garden chafer beetle. In my experience they appear most often in mossy lawns, where they can live for up to four years, devouring grassroots as they grow. After they pupate, the adult beetle emerges from the soil in May or June giving it the common name of May Bug or June Bug. The beetle doesn’t fly well and buzzes around annoyingly on early summer evenings – threatening to get stuck in


long hair! After around a week of mating the female returns to lay hundreds of eggs back on the surface of the soil and off we go again. Lawn Problems Grass relies on its roots, not just to anchor it into the soil but as its lifeline to moisture and nutrition. In addition, there is an essential gaseous exchange between roots and the atmosphere. In times of drought, grass leaves die back and the plant stores essential moisture in its roots. When the rain returns the grass absorbs moisture and moves out of dormancy and back to producing green leaves. If your lawn is carrying a burden of root eating pests then it has fewer roots to access essential nutrients and moisture and gaseous exchange. Grub damage is often first noticed after a period of drought when the lawn fails to come back to life after the rain returns. If you have localised areas of dead grass, further investigation as to the cause is recommended. Secondary Attack These lawn pests are a favourite food of birds– rooks, ravens, magpies etc. Foxes and badgers are also known to eat them. Once this secondary attack begins it’s unlikely to stop until the food source is gone. These grub eating animals can decimate a lawn in a relatively short period of time. Control Following the withdrawal of Merit Turf, we are now dependant on biological controls to manage the population and reduce lawn damage. Total eradication is unlikely, getting the population under control is the first step. Pheromone traps can be purchased online and placed in the garden to catch breeding adults. In addition, the use of parasitic nematode worms is reported to be effective. Nematodes are applied to the surface of the lawn and move through the soil to burrow into the body of the grass-eating grub, digesting it from the inside, increasing in population and moving through the soil to find more grubs. Management If your lawn is carrying these pests it’s essential that you do all you can to help the grass cope with the burden. Focus on root development through the application of the right nutrition and mechanically aerate the lawn regularly – both of which will aid root development. In addition, the application of wetting agents can help the grass deal with drier conditions. Watering in times of drought is essential. If you suspect problems of this kind then contact a lawn care professional for advice. Ian Kenyon runs Shrekfeet Professional lawncare and sits on the committee of the UK Lawncare Association. He is always happy to offer free and friendly advice. www.shrekfeet.com Tel: 01962 46 01 46


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Design, landscaping and ongoing maintenance Free site visit and consultation Bosque is a trading name of Just Limegrass Ltd. Harko: 07710 502798 Tom: 07855 656984 www.bosque international.co.uk

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COMMUNITY / GARDEN Winchester Citizens Advice Lesley Rose, Advice Services Manager for Citizens Advice Winchester District gives advice on how to manage your post and delivery issues. Question We’ve had a lot of issues receiving our post recently and haven’t seen our usual postie around in a little while. Some of my neighbours have had some of their online deliveries delayed too. Is there anything I can do? You’re not alone, we know posties are currently working very hard, but we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people coming to us for advice about post and parcel issues. Letters If you haven’t received any letters in your post, think about if there’s anything you were expecting like bills that might be due soon. If you’re missing a bill you could check your account online to see how else you could pay. Lots of businesses offer online chat, email and phone as a way to contact them. If you’re worried about missing letters about any benefits you receive you can contact the Department for Work and Pensions on the number given on any previous letters you’ve had. If you have questions about Universal Credit and don’t have a digital account, you can call the Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 5644. You can check Royal Mail’s website for updates on areas that may be experiencing delays.

SPECIALISTS IN STUMP GRINDING, TREE WORK & THE SUPPLY OF LOGS All types of countryside contracting undertaken • Mobile Bandsawing Service • Brushwood Chipper Hire • Concreting • Hedge Cutting • Fencing

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Chris Matthews Tree Care and Woodland Management

• Tree surgery / TPO applications • Hedge maintenance • Fencing / Garden structures • Woodland management / tree planting Qualified in arboriculture and countrsyide management. 15 years experience

Tel: 01962 732498 Mob: 07879 448141

Parcels If you bought something from a business to be delivered, it’s the seller’s responsibility to make sure the item is delivered to you. If the seller used a courier, they should chase the courier to find out what’s happened to your order - it’s not your responsibility. Check the delivery address you gave the seller. Then contact them and ask where your order is. If the seller claims they've delivered it or don't know where it is, you can ask for redelivery. You might be able to get a refund in some circumstances where the delivery time was essential and you let the trader know ahead of time. Under the Consumer Rights Act, you can ask the seller to deliver the item again if the item wasn’t delivered either: • by an agreed date • within a reasonable time - usually within 30 days. If the new delivery fails to come within a reasonable time you can ask the trader for a refund. If you ordered something from a private seller or if you think a seller had broken the law by refusing to deliver an item, you can contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline for help. For specific support with a consumer issue, contact the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133. To speak with a local adviser at Citizens Advice Winchester District, call their Freephone number 0808 278 7861 or email advice@ cawinchesterdistrict.org.uk


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Should I get my hearing tested? expect a hearing screening to last around 30 minutes and will involve a hearing professional looking into the ear canals to check for ear wax and assess the eardrum, followed by a basic pure tone assessment. How do you know if you should get a Hearing Test? Hearing Loss is much more common than you may think: Did you know 1 in 6 people over the age of 18 suffer from some type of Hearing Loss, below is a list of typical symptoms of hearing loss. Trouble Hearing In Background Noise? • This is the most common sign of hearing loss. Do you struggle trying to hear what others are saying in a noisy environment?

Full Consultation vs Hearing Screening A full consultation is desirable when you, a loved one or your healthcare provider suspect you have hearing loss because you are experiencing problems with hearing. A full lifestyle consultation will be undertaken and a full audiometric and diagnostic test undertaken. This includes sitting in a sound-proof booth and having your hearing levels measured across a wide range of frequencies. If the test results show signs of deterioration of the hearing then your audiologist will show you a variety of hearing devices to suit your situation. A hearing screening can be conducted to get a baseline of your hearing. Screening is useful if you suffer from tinnitus or if you would like a general health check of your ears. A screening is usually faster and not as in-depth as a full hearing consultation. You can


Is the Television Volume Loud? • Are you struggling to hear your favourite television programmes? • Are your family members commenting on how loud the volume is on the television? Do you regularly say to others ‘pardon’ or ‘what did you say’? • One of the most common signs of a hearing loss is others hearing peoples speech is muffled or unclear. If you find people are mumbling or speech is perceived as muffled it could be a consequence of hearing loss Do you experience a ringing in your Ears? • Tinnitus or the perception of hearing a ring or buzzing within the ears can often be a sign of a hearing loss If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms it’s time to have your hearing checked. Alresford Hearing studio offers both full consultation and screening services to suit your needs, Alresford Hearing Studio are a local family run business with years of experience helping people with their hearing needs. If you feel you would benefit from an appointment, contact their friendly team on 01962 790749.





May be a good time to address your EYECARE NEEDS If we enter another lockdown situation, it may result in a suspension of routine eyecare services. Why not take the opportunity to get your new spectacles now? We can provide emergency cover under the local Minor Eye Conditions Scheme in most cases. Our spectacle workshops mean we can usually supply your new spectacles quickly, often on the same day. A l r e s f o r d 01962 732336 Four Marks 01420 560082



W W W. M AT H E S O N - O P T O M E T R I S T S . C O M stockists of:

Care for children, elderly and mental health disorders is available in Alresford, Winchester, Alton and surrounding areas. Services; companionship, meal preparation, shopping, personal care, babysitting, cleaning, dog walking. T:07858 07858698294 698294 www.palitcareservice.online E: damla.palitt@gmail.com T: Instagram: palitcareservice E: support@palitcareservice.online

26 The Dean Alresford Hampshire S024 9AZ Tel: 01962 738683 www.studio49alresford.com



ENTERTAINMENT Yes – didn’t you know, just a short stroll up Sun Lane, and there on the right, looking like the front lawn of a stately home, is a magnificent 4 rink bowling green and clubhouse, peopled by knowledgeable and friendly locals eager to guide you gently into the wonderful world of Lawn Bowls!

The Joy of.. ..Bowling!

Ah, the Spring! Season of promise and joy to come! When at last the good gentlefolk of Alresford, venturing out after the enforced Covid hibernation, can enjoy their first game of….. Bowls! What – is there a Bowling Green in Alresford??

What pastime can compete with an afternoon of friendly competition, out there enjoying fresh air and sunshine, while trying your skill at rolling a large ball in an attempt to reach and touch a distant smaller one – what could be simpler? Yet you will find it is not so easy, with the vagaries of what appears at first glance to be a perfectly flat green, and the tendency of the bowl to turn in a gentle curve as it slows, the ‘bias’ causing a frustratingly unpredictable change in the direction just when you thought you had the measure of it!

Never mind, Alresford Bowling Club will offer guidance, free use of club bowls, and friendly advice as you learn to master this most gentle of outdoor sports. At least three free visits are available to newcomers of all ages, our only request being that you wear flat-soled shoes, with no heel which could damage the green. Please see our advert below for our times of play. We look forward to welcoming you to the glorious, sunny, exciting world of outdoor bowling! Come on – give it a try – make new friends, learn a new skill, exercise both your arm and your little grey cells! Contact secretary Barry Morgan on 01962 733477, or alresfordbowls@gmail.com, and start your next adventure!

Alresford Bowling Club

We are a friendly bowling club, situated in Sun Lane, close to the centre of Alresford. During the bowling season (roughly mid-April to September) we play many friendly matches against local clubs, have a number of internal competitions and knock-out tournaments, and regular roll-up sessions. Roll-ups are opportunities to meet, play and socialise with other members, and take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 10.00am to 12.00 noon, and Thursday evenings 6.00pm to 8.00pm (with a social element). Visitors are welcome at roll-ups, and at other times when accompanied by a Member. 2021 is a good year to join the Club, as we have a one-year-only half-price membership offer of £40 for Playing members (£10 for Social Members). Lawn bowls is a great game, not just for the retired but for adults of all ages; and we can provide bowls for you to have a go. Further information from Barry Morgan (Club Secretary) 01962 733477; and on the club website.

www.alresfordbowlingclub.org.uk 20

Wuthering Heights Heights


adapted by adapted byCharly CharlyArmstrong Armstrong

WAS IT YOU 4-14MAR MAR2020 2020@@7.30PM 4-14 7.30PM &&88@@2.30PM. 2.30PM. NO NO PERF PERF 99 MAR MAR

Wuthering Heights

21 MAR 2020 @ 2.30PM & 7.30PM

Pheasant Plucker & Friend STREAMED SHOW

Adapted by Charly Armstrong






d Y Lane, Titchfield, PO14 4BG 73 St. Margarets ea 23–28 MAR 2020 @ 7.30PM 6-11 APRIL 2020 @ 2.30PM & 7.30PM r www.titchfieldfestivaltheatre.com • 03336 663366

E Alresford Alresford Brocante Brocante Alresford Alresford Brocante Alresford Alresford AlresfordBrocante Brocante Brocante Brocante


Antiques Antiques |Vintage Vintage | |Flea Flea Market Market Antiques |||||Vintage | Market Antiques Antiques Antiques Vintage |Vintage Vintage ||Flea Flea |Flea Flea Market Market Market Antiques Vintage Market Alresford Brocante

Alresford AlresfordBrocante Brocante

Alresford Alresford Brocante 0333 666 3366 Brocante 03336663366 Alresford Alresford Alresford Brocante Brocante Brocante

laughter. The story of a bird handler who throws down her gauntlet; a soaring tale of avian antics, wit and daring. Harriet’s journey of self discovery is both daft and deliriously funny.

Antiques Antiques | |Vintage Vintage | |Flea Flea Market Market Antiques | | Market Antiques Antiques Antiques |||Vintage Vintage |Vintage Vintage ||Flea Flea |Flea Flea Market Market Market Antiques Vintage Market

6–11 apr 2020 @ 2.30pm & 7.30pm

We are BACK due to popular demand on the 3rd of May 2021. Sunday 27th Monday September 2020 Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Monday 6th 6th May May & & social 6th May & The marketBank will beHoliday asHoliday vibrantMonday asMonday before taking into account Bank Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Monday Monday 6th 6th 6th May May May & && Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30 3.30pm Sunday Sunday 15th 15th September September distancing on Bank Holiday Monday - Broad Street, Alresford, Sunday 15th September Sunday Sunday 15th 15th 15th September September September SO24 9AQ fromSunday 9.30 - 3.30pm.

Broad Broad Street, Street, Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ 9.30am | 9.30am 3.30pm - 3.30pm Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ ||||9.30am -- --3.30pm Broad Broad Broad Street, Street, Street, Alresford Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ 9AQ 9.30am 9.30am | 9.30am 3.30pm 3.30pm - 3.30pm

The market offers aAntique French-style flea market with a & Art Fairs Brocante acvr_events @ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs Antique Antique Arts & Arts FairFair Curios, mixture of Antiques, Collectables, Vintage Retro, Bric-a@ArtDesignFairs Antique &&Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs Antique Antique Antique &&Arts Arts & Arts Fair FairFair brac, Vinyl records and those ‘must-have’ quirky finds from traders, 07514 680872 | 023 8045 3465 07514 07514 680872 680872 |023 023 8045 8045 3465 3465 07514 680872 ||023 8045 3465 enthusiasts as well as07514 people just wanting to clear 07514 07514 680872 680872 680872 ||023 023 | 023 8045 8045 8045 3465 3465 3465 out their garages jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com www.acvrevents.co.uk jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com and lofts - why not come and join us in Broad Street (ring for www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk booking details). A fun day out for all the family with street food and music, many of the restaurants and cafes, as well as some of the shops will be open. Free entry. Local general parking. Supported by www.towntrust.org.uk

BankBank Holiday Monday May 3rd 2021 BankHoliday Holiday Monday Monday 6th 6th May May && Bank Holiday Monday 6th May & Bank Bank Bank Holiday Holiday Holiday Monday Monday Monday 6th 6th 6th May May May && & Sunday 15th September Sunday Sunday Sunday 15th 15th 15th September September September

Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | 9.30 - 3.30pm Sunday Sunday 15th 15th September September Also Bishop's Waltham High Street on the 18th July

Broad Broad Street, Street, Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ | 9.30am | 9.30am 3.30pm - 3.30pm Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AQ | -- --3.30pm Broad Broad Broad Street, Street, Street, Alresford Alresford Alresford SO24 SO24 SO24 9AQ 9AQ 9AQ ||9.30am 9.30am 9.30am | 9.30am 3.30pm 3.30pm - 3.30pm Antique & Art Fairs


@ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs Antique Antique Arts & Arts FairFair @ArtDesignFairs Antique &&Arts Fair @ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs @ArtDesignFairs Antique Antique Antique &&Arts Arts & Arts Fair FairFair 07514 680872

07514 07514 680872 680872 023 | 023 8045 8045 3465 3465 07514 680872 ||023 8045 3465 07514 07514 07514 680872 680872 680872 ||023 023 | 023 8045 8045 8045 3465 3465 3465 jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com www.acvrevents.co.uk jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com jackieedwardsmarketing@gmail.com www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk www.acvrevents.co.uk



New Alresford Town Council

Annual Town Assembly At the Annual Town Assembly held virtually on Tuesday 16th March 2021, the Chairs of our committees gave an overview of work undertaken during an unprecedented year which has frustrated some activities but has shown how we can respond quickly to challenges. We reacted swiftly to the pandemic by setting up the New Alresford Town Council non-medical support network and helpline for the more vulnerable members of our community. All made possible by our team of fantastic volunteers together with Alresford PIGS, Rotary, Churches Together and New Alresford Town Trust. Our grants At the Annual Town Assembly, we received updates from groups who have benefitted from Council grants. Winchester Basics Bank and Citizens Advice have been extremely busy during the pandemic. It was lovely to hear that the children at Sun Hill Junior School are enjoying their colourful new picnic tables, in a designated area where they can go and


have some “quiet time”. We award grants to local groups and organisations serving residents every quarter. Our next round of applications will be considered at the Town Council meeting on 27th April 2021. Applications should be submitted by Tuesday 6th April. We would be delighted to hear from you. Please visit our website for more details.

Around our parks In Stratton Bates Rec Ground 24 whips have been planted, a mixture of shade-loving species: yews, holly, and hazel to enhance the existing hedgerow as part of our Spring planting programme. We know that at certain times there is a demand for parking. But please do not park on the grass as this is causing damage to tree roots along the edge of Rosebery Road and there are safety risks to other road users and visitors to the park. If parking in residential roads near the park, please park considerately. We have installed signage as a reminder to drivers.

Winchester Basics Bank We are delighted that Winchester Basics Bank will continue to operate a food hub from our offices at Arlebury Park every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm. They provide emergency food and clothing. Please do not hesitate to ask for help from their friendly team. www. winchesterbasicsbank.co.uk Citizens Advice We have been asked to appeal to anyone who is experiencing debt problems. Help is at hand. If you have money worries, please don’t delay in contacting them for confidential and impartial advice. www.citizensadvice. org.uk

At Sun Hill Recreation Ground all the play equipment and surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and the ball shooter has been repainted. We’re pleased with the result and the play area looks smarter and refreshed. In addition, three new bins have been installed: two at

Sun Hill and one at Arlebury Park, Our thanks to NATTA building company for kindly installing the bins free of charge. Community Grants The Watercress and Winterbourne's Community Grant Scheme is offered by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust as part of an initiative focussing on the chalk streams that comprise the Test and Itchen headwater. This scheme offers small grants for community projects that protect, enhance, or celebrate the streams that feed the Rivers Test and Itchen. If you would like more details, please visit www.hiwwt.org.uk Respect Protect Enjoy We have been asked by the Countryside Service to encourage everyone to work together to ‘Respect Protect and Enjoy’ our countryside and the rights of way network, especially during this time when there has been a huge increase in demand. They are also asking owners to ensure their dogs are kept under control as they can pose a danger to grazing animals. Please see the Hampshire Countryside Service Facebook page for more information. New Alresford Town Council Arlebury Park, The Avenue, New Alresford, SO24 9EP Phone: 01962 732079 www.newalresford-tc.gov.uk


New Farm Motor Services Ltd New Farm Road, Alresford, SO24 9QE

01962 732338 L.P.G.A approved autogas conversions www.autogas.com

Allows your petrol engine vehicle to run on Autogas, a fuel costing approximately 76p per ltr, with the environmental benefits of a 20% reduction in carbon dioxide production and 2000 times fewer particulates produced from the exhaust fumes when compared with a diesel. Widely available across the country and locally in Winnall, Winchester and West Meon Hut service station. The government has committed to this fuel difference for the future.


Class 7 Vans from 3,000 - 3,500kg Class 4 Cars and Vans up to 3,000kg All makes of cars and vans serviced and repaired All makes of truck and horsebox up to 7500kg maintained and prepared for ministry plating tests



• • • • •

Welding specialists Tyres for cars and motorcycles 4 wheel laser alignment LPG for sale for cars Recovery services

• Free collection • Diagnostic testing (including Landrover) • Courtesy cars • Certificated engineers


PRESTIGE CARS OF ALRESFORD TEL: 01962 865602 MOBILE: 07752 570787



MOT TEST CENTRE FOR: Cars, motorcycles and vans up to 3,000kg. All makes serviced and repaired.

Class 4 MOT's

Class 1 & 2 Motorcycles


Tel: 01962 733888 e:mike1ams1@aol.com

Specialising in 'your Social Life Lifts'

07838 167117 Steve Cleverley Pre-Booked Only

Alresford Town Private Hire Ltd www.alresfordtownprivatehireltd.com Alresford Town Private Hire



No r t h Mo to r Company Holden Farm, Cheriton, Alresford, Hants, SO24 ONX

Independent Garage and MOT Testing Centre Established in1999 - All makes of car serviced and repaired - Saab approved repairer and Subaru specialist Free collection, delivery and courtesy car (when available) Competitively priced tyres - Batteries - Vehicle Diagnostics - Exhausts

Telephone Gary or Andy on 01962 771331 or 771881 www.northmotor.co.uk info@northmotor.co.uk

How the UK’s largest community theatre is inspiring our future performers Titchfield Festival Theatre (TFT) is delighted to announce its new partnership with the Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust (GFM), with the launch of a two-year post-16 BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts this September. The BTEC national qualification is equivalent to 3 A levels and will provide a wide range of opportunities for students to work alongside the theatre cast and crew. It gives openings for young people to perform on stage as well to develop technical skills, helping to broaden their understanding of theatre. Kevin Fraser, Artistic Director of Titchfield Festival Theatre said, “Titchfield Festival Theatre are delighted to be able to partner with GFM on this BTEC initiative. “Young People are the mainstay of theatre: it is important to ensure that the performing arts sector have a pool of trained and inspired individuals who wish to go on and seek a career in this dynamic business sector.” This collaboration is only one example of TFT’s commitment to giving opportunities for young people to fulfil their potential. In addition to the partnership with the Gosport and Fareham Multi -Academy Trust, TFT has been working with Havant & South Downs College since 2020 as part of their BTEC Performing Arts programme. Final year students are opening TFT’s 2021 Shakespeare Season with a contemporary and reimagined production of A Midsummer’s Nights Dream at Titchfield’s Great Barn on 18th – 21st May. At the heart of all these activities is the Titchfield Festival Youth Programme managed by Conner Handstock and Sassy Harvey. Conner is a professionally trained actor and qualified drama teacher, having trained at Bath Spa and Chichester Universities. Sassy is a trained drama facilitator possessing a degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. As part of the course, students will have the opportunity to take part in the Titchfield Shakespeare Festival, devise and produce Children’s Theatre to be toured to local schools as well as honing their theatre and stagecraft skills within a theatre environment.


The trusted private transport service

Standards you can rely on for airport, ferry port and city transfers Carpe Diem Executive Cars has built its reputation for excellence, professionalism and reliability offering a premium service at competitive prices

Contact us today and leave the rest to us Tel: 0330 6600 029 Mob: 07801 816 062

email: franco@carpediemec.com www.carpediemec.com

Sassy said, “We are so excited about the future of the new partnership with the Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust, which builds on our growing youth theatre programme. Our goal is to inspire the future theatre-makers and performers of tomorrow.” Head of performing arts at the GFM David Malcolmson said: “We are very happy to work with a highly respected organisation such as the Titchfield Festival Theatre. “They have a well-deserved reputation for engaging, inspiring, entertaining and challenging audiences, with theatrical productions that range from the classics to new works. “This course is unique and vocational in the truest sense because it will allow our students to work alongside talented people working within the industry. We can’t wait to get started.” A promotional video has been produced of the BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.

73 St Margarets Lane, Titchfield, Fareham, PO14 4BG Phone: 0333 666 3366 www.titchfieldfestivaltheatre.com


Andrews Autosource Carefully Selected Cars Approved by trading standards


Service and repair of most makes of vehicle, motorcycles and classic cars Stockists Of Ca

Oils lassic ol C str

During the current Corona virus outbreak, if you would like to see a car locally, please give me a call on 01489 878879, or out of hours, 07811 041653. 'Masks and gloves available, all cars disinfected prior to delivery. The following cars have been carefully selected because of their low mileage, excellent condition and service history.

2014 (14) Land Rover Freelander 2, SE Tech, Sat nav, cruise, Parking sensors (F&R). heated leather seats, Demo + 1 owner, full history, 51,000 miles £14995 2017 (17) Vauxhall Mokka X 1.4 turbo 1 owner, 16,000 miles, Lockdown Reduction of £1000 NOW ONLY £9995 2017 (17) Dacia Duster 1.2 Laureate 4 wheel drive 1 owner, 2,983 miles, £9495 2016 (66) Honda Jazz 1.3 EX , 5 door, 1 owner, 17,000 miles, £30 road tax £9995 2016 (16) Peugeot 308 SW 1.2 Active Estate 130 bhp 2 owners, £20 road tax 34,000 miles £7995 2017 (17) Suzuki Celerio SZ4, 1 owner, Zero road tax, 11,000 miles £6995 2016 (66) Fiat Punto 1.2 Easy Plus, 5 door, a/c 1 owner, 8,700 miles £6495

Engine Diagnostics M.O.T Tests Cambelt Replacement Exhaust Supply & Fitting Tyre Supply & Fitting Electrical Repairs Clutch Repair Courtesy Car

Contact Mike, Shane or Steve on: 01962 734466


Shelf House, New Farm Road, Alresford, SO24 9QE

Repairs Servicing M.O.T


Servicing, MOT, Tyres & Bodywork Repairs

FREE Local collection and courtesy cars (T&C's apply) Free Safety Checks

Please ring our friendly team on: 01962 736186 andy.wilcan@live.co.uk www.wilcan.co.uk THE LONG BARN, WINCHESTER ROAD, ALRESFORD, SO24 9EZ

CAMPER VAN, 5 SEATS, 4-5 BERTH BRAND NEW PROFESSIONAL CONVERSION 2018 Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive, 12,000 miles, Air conditioning, alloy wheels, parking sensors, reversing camera, lifting roof, 12v fridge, gas hob, sink, mains hook up, 110 amp leisure battery £32,995

VIEW OUR CURRENT STOCK AT www.andrews-autosource.co.uk/vehicle-stock


TEL: 01489 878 879 EVENING TEL: 01962 732995

• equestrian maintenance • Ploughing • field cultivation • Hedge cutting • Forestry • spraying specialist • fencing • topping • wood thining • Tree Felling & branch lopping

Load of logs - £70 per truck load

Tel: 01962 735452 / Mob: 07880 527049 www.appletoncontracting.co.uk



Design Realities Alpaca throws and cushions in various sizes and bespoke furniture Tel: 01962 732507 | www.design-realities.co.uk

D.Barker & Son NEW Sif Jakobs Capri necklace in Rhodium plated silver - £305 40A West Street, Alresford Tel: 01962 732200 | www.dbarkerandson.co.uk

Interior Style Tortoise effect glass vase - £85.00 29 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AB Tel: 01962 736311 | www.interiorstyle.biz

on your highstreet #shoplocal #supportsmallbusinesses Celebrate the re-opening of the High Street with a shopping trip into Alresford. Here is a selection of enticing and eclectic items now


available on your highstreet. Stay local and

Spring Arrivals... The Organic Cotton Dina Slub

support your diverse retailers!

Dress by Frugi from £29 in ages 2-8y Tel: 01962 734488 | www.ragamuffin-uk.com

The Alresford Gift Shop


Alresford Beauty

Visit us in store or online

Raffia tote in black, white, yellow (shown), red, green and cognac - £39.99

10 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AT Tel: 01962 732192 | alresfordgiftshop.co.uk

24A West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AT Tel: 01962 735553 | www.alresfordbeauty.co.uk

RETAIL Billy Goat Startrite summer canvas £25 (lots of different styles) and machine washable too! 11 East Street, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9EQ Tel: 01962 733926 | www.billygoatshoes.co.uk

Alresford Beauty Large canvas tote in orange - £24.99 24A West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AT Tel: 01962 735553 | www.alresfordbeauty.co.uk

Delilah Boutique

D.Barker & Son

Ilse Jacobsen transparent Raincoat - £125.00

NEW Ti Sento Milano gold plated

34 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AU

silver locket pendant - £179

Tel: 01962 738470 | www.delilahboutique.co.uk

on your highstreet

40A West Street, Alresford Tel: 01962 732200 | www.dbarkerandson.co.uk

#shoplocal #supportsmallbusinesses Celebrate the re-opening of the High Street with a shopping trip into Alresford. Here is a selection of enticing and eclectic items now available on your highstreet. Stay local and support your diverse retailers!

Alresford Beauty Canvas stripe bag, shoulder bag in orange, navy or yelllow - £22.99 24A West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AT Tel: 01962 735553 | www.alresfordbeauty.co.uk

D.Barker & Son

The Alresford Gift Shop

NEW Coeur De Lion Geocube necklace in blue, white & gold - £149

Bee Applique Messenger Bag - Cards, gifts

40A West Street, Alresford

and much more in store and online Tel: 01962 732192 | alresfordgiftshop.co.uk

Tel: 01962 732200 | www.dbarkerandson.co.uk


COMMUNITY Alresford Surgery News The Alresford Pigs – Thank you We have been extremely fortunate to have been given a very generous donation from The Alresford Pigs. This donation has been gratefully received & has been used to purchase an airway suction kit for emergency care and resuscitation, a surgical trolley & digital cool bags with thermometer’s which allows staff to vaccinate the housebound. The addition of this new equipment helps us to provide essential services to our community during the Covid pandemic, and will also benefit our patients in the future…. The Alresford Pigs has given financial help to those in need in Alresford and the surrounding villages for more than 40 years& do so through fundraising events. For more information about the Alresford Pigs or any of their upcoming fundraiser events, please visit; https://alresfordpigs.org/

Oakleaf Stationery Ltd

OPENING TIMES Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 1pm

A comprehensive range of all types of stationery – business and social Supplier of printer cartridges, art and craft materials, party and sewing items and a good selection of childrens stickers, colouring and painting books.

SERVICES WE OFFER... Photocopying Laminating Document Binding Scan to Email Personalised Printing Agent Transfer to DVD Agent

We are also a UPS Access Point Visit us at : 56 West Street, Alresford, Hants SO24 9AU 01962 736116 oakleaf.stat56@gmail.com

Thank you so much from all the GP Partners at The Alresford Surgery on behalf of our patients. COVID-19 Vaccine Update We know that you, like us, are struggling with the continued confines imposed upon us all due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is trying to make the best of the situation and, as a practice; we are committed to caring for you in the best possible way whilst keeping both you and our team safe. To keep you as informed as possible, we will update these messages frequently as we become aware of more information from NHS England: • The vaccines are still being rolled out in a very strict order. • We are working hard to get Cohort 9 patients vaccinated by the government’s target date of mid-April & we are confident in being able to achieve this. • Those eligible will be receiving a text or call to book their vaccination. • We are completely reliant on the supply of the vaccine; please do not call us querying when you will be receiving your vaccine. At present, the order of priority for vaccination is: 1. Residents in care homes for older adults and their staff Completed 2. All those aged 80 years or over and frontline Health and Social Care workers - Completed 3. All those 75 years of age or over - Completed 4. All those aged 70 years or over and the clinically vulnerable individuals ( not including pregnant women and those aged less than 16 years) - completed 5. All those aged 65 years to 70 years over - Being invited by the NHS mass vaccination sites. 6. All those aged 16 to 65 years of age in an at-risk group – Completed. 7. All those aged 60 years or over - Completed 8. All those aged 55 years and over – In progress 9. All those aged 50 years and over - not starting yet. • • • • • •


We may contact you via telephone or text to book your vaccination or you may get written to by NHS England. Please only book one appointment for your Covid vaccine. Vaccinations organised by the surgery are being held at the Holiday Inn, Winchester & this will be the case until at least the end of June. Please do make sure you keep your vaccine appointment. If you are unable to attend, please telephone the venue. It is very important that no vaccines go to waste due to patients not attending their appointment. Before and after your vaccine you must

Sustainable Diamonds

Re-Opening 12th April 40a West Street, Alresford, Hants Tel: 01962 732200 www.dbarkerandson.co.uk

• Wash your hands • Wear a face mask as advised • Keep 2 metres apart • Do remember that we are still open if you have any medical concerns. • We have been made aware of several scams involving Covid vaccinations, so please be assured that we would never ask you for payment for your vaccination. As always, please do NOT call the practice to query when your vaccination will be. We will invite patients as soon as we are able to but due to vaccine supply, this may be at short notice. We have been assured vaccines have been reserved for second doses within the 12 weeks, however we have been informed it will not be before a 10 week gap. Thank you for your patience with the GP Partners of Alresford Surgery. Telephone: 01962 732345 Website: www.alresfordsurgery.co.uk


One of ITV's Most Popular Antiques Experts Happy to arrange home calls by appointment karendalmeny@gmail.com

BEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR: Gold & Silver Jewellery & Antiques Including: Watches, medals, bronzes, oriental ceramics, quality antiques, house clearance/insurance valuations

For enquiries please call:

07712 545 700 Karen Dalmeny


Two of our favourite types of wine! This tas�ng is all about super fresh wine styles. You will be able to enjoy 5 of our hand picked recommenda�ons with a special discount too. Book your place by: Fri 30th April

EVENT DATE: Saturday 8th May 7.30pm

Summer BBQ Wines - £45

With the hope of spending the brighter summer months outside we have selected a fab handful of wines to enjoy with all kinds of BBQ foods. Book your place by: Fri 11th June

EVENT DATE: Saturday 19th June 7.30pm

Call: 01962 732002

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW VIA: Email: simon@tngwine.co.uk Online: www.thenakedgrape.co.uk



Savoury Hot Cross Buns A delicious savoury alternative to the traditional Hot Cross Bun, with the same spicy-sweet taste we enjoy. With mature cheddar, sage and bacon glazed with maple syrup, what more could you want as a replacement for the traditional Sunday morning breakfast. Ingredients

55g salted butter, cubed, at room temperature 460g bread flour 1 tsp salt 40ml soft brown sugar 1 tsp mixed spices 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp mixed peel (optional) 11g Instant dry yeast 1 large egg, beaten 200ml warm water ½ cup raisins or sultanas (optional) 230g mature cheddar, grated 250g streaky bacon halved lengthways 60ml maple syrup, for brushing 30g fresh thyme sprigs, to garnish icing sugar


Grease and line a deep roasting tray. Rub the butter into the flour and add in salt, sugar, spices and then mix. Add the yeast and mix again. Beat the egg and warm water together and add to the dough. Mix the ingredients to form a soft dough then knead for 10 minutes until you get a smooth and elastic result. Mix in the raisins or sultanas, if you are using them. Split the dough up into 12 equal amounts and roll into balls. Roll each ball in the grated cheddar cheese then wrap two slices of bacon over the top of the dough to form a cross. Place the dough balls in the tray and loosely cover with cling wrap and allow to prove until roughly doubled in size.


Preheat the oven to 180 °C (160 °C for fan-forced). Brush the bacon with maple syrup and sprinkle some thyme leaves over the buns. Bake in a preheated oven for 30-40 minutes until golden brown. Test the buns are cooked correctly but tapping them, they should make a hollow sound when tapped. Serve warm with loads of butter for spreading.


Fowler & Smith are evolving and expanding! We are delighted to say that we have taken over number 32 Broad Street and will be opening our doors on the 12th April to our new antiques, vintage and contemporary centre, as well as our brand new and exciting café/restaurant – No 32 Broad Street.

This is such an exciting collaboration with other antiques and vintage dealers bringing you a broader range of interesting items to peruse over 3 floors. To add, we have 2 super talented Chef’s, Craig and Pedro who will be offering a range of British, European and World Cuisine, Street Food, yummy breakfasts and a good range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as boozy afternoon teas!

our community and dealer network to keep the space healthy, relevant, and progressive.

Due to COVID-19 we won’t be able to sit people Explore our Explore new Fowler our new & Smith Fowler online &forSmith online showroom. inside foodshowroom. immediately, however, we can sit you outside in our amazing garden and we will have some

We’veAnother made point our We’ve lovingly made curated our treasure curated trove oftreasure unusual & unique of afternoon unusual collectables, & unique to mention, all of ourlovingly meat is locally excitingtrove food and teas available. collectables, statement statement modern pieces, antique modern furniture, & available furniture, to browse available & buyto online. browse & buy online. sourced,pieces, organic or/and free& range, sustainability andantique welfare is highly important to us.

We will also be offering a large takeaway menu and

busy creating stunning cocktails to present with our

and somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy a drink

Discover excitingDiscover & original exciting items,&personally original items, sourced personally & is selected sourced from & across selected from across the there a secure cycle storage areathe for our visiting Our Mixologist and Café Manager Nick Grant is cyclists, providing somewhere safe to leave their bikes UK, Europe & Worldwide. UK, Europe & Worldwide. delicious Sunday menu and Mark and and some hot food. We offer a wealth We ofbrunch offer knowledge a wealth &Corrie, can of knowledge advise & help & can source advise exactly & help what source youexactly need. what you need. Bex our Centre Managers are excited to assist you as

you meander around the We are call already taking bookings, please consider For inspiration: follow For inspiration: uscentre. on social follow media, us on callsocial us ormedia, browse ourus online or browse showroom: our online showroom: booking via email to avoid disappointment -

info@fowlerandsmith.co.uk fowlerandsmith.co.uk fowlerandsmith.co.uk

Another offering for the future is creative activities in the form or wellbeing classes, painting, and events as well as entertaining pop up evenings! This is just the start, we will strive to keep evolving, listening to

We look forward to welcoming you! Best and warm wishes, Corrie and Mark.

Broad Street . Alresford Broad Street . Alresford No32 Broad Street, Alresford Tel: 01972fowlerandsmith 374778 01962 734778 01962 734778 @fowlerandsmith @fowlerandsmith



OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY IN LINE WITH COVID19 GUIDELINES WE ALSO OFFER Although there is a lot of misinformation around the future of woodburning for PHONE & VIDEO APPOINTMENTS domestic heating, there are no plans to ban woodburning stoves.

With a modern ‘Eco-Design’ stove, you can be assured that you are doing your bit for the environment; burning the correct type of wood is carbon neutral and emissions from modern stoves are up to 90% lower than older stoves/open fires. For more information and the facts on woodburning01962 stoves, please pop in to 736926 mail@gibbonssolicitors.co.uk our showrooms or visit www.stoveindustryalliance.com. www.gibbonsolicitors.co.uk 3 East Street, Alresford, SO24 9EE Tel email:

Gibbons Gibbons Solicitors Solicitors Limited Limited Authorised Authorised and and Regulated Regulated by by the the Solicitors Solicitors Regulation Regulation Authority Authority no. no. 617854’ 617854’

Tel: (01962) 883776 Email: info@kingsworthyfoundry.co.uk www.kingsworthyfoundry.co.uk

Retail Assistant Required We need a motivated team player who can converse with customers, lift heavy items, assist with deliveries and other instore duties. You will need to be enthusiastic, willing to learn with good customer skills, and a can do attitude.

Catherine Paget catherine.paget@pagetwillwriting.co.uk MA (Cantab) Law Member of the Society of Will Writers Affiliate Member of STEP

Tel: 07786 626979 www.pagetwillwriting.co.uk

We are a small team, passionate about giving the best customer service and exceeding expectations of our clients This is a full time position, 5 days per week to include Saturdays Apply in writing to Kingsworthy Foundry with your current CV Start date early April 2021

Andrew Bevis

Architectural Designs & Drawings Tel: (01962) 883776 Email: info@kingsworthyfoundry.co.uk www.kingsworthyfoundry.co.uk


Alresford, Hampshire & Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Mob: 07775 524891 | a.bevis@btinternet.com


Your Local Accountants since 1992

Full range of Accountancy, Auditing, Taxation and Payroll services tailored to suit your needs Small Business Consultancy and Business Start Up Accounts & audit • Business advisory • Tax

Farming and Equine Specialists

• Bookkeeping • IT & online accounting • VAT

FREE Half Hour Initial Consultation

• Buying or selling a business Payroll Accounts & audit • Business advisory ••Tax • Bookkeeping Accounts & audit • Business advisory • Tax • Bookkeeping • Payroll IT & online accounting • VAT • Buying or selling a business • Business start-up • Wealth planning & protection • IT & online accounting • VAT • Wealth planning & protection • Payroll • Business start-up • Wealth planning & protection Buying or selling a business • Forensic accounting • Business start-up

Contact Steve Morgan, an Alresford resident for a free initial consultation on 01252 smo@wiseandco.co.uk Contact Steve Morgan, an711244, Alresford resident on 01252 711244

For friendly, professional, proactive advice please contact: Butler & Co, Bennett House, The Dean, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9BH T: 01962 735544 E: julie@butler-co.co.uk www.butler-co.co.uk

or email smo@wiseandco.co.uk for a free initial consultation

www.wiseandco.co.uk Wey Court West, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT www.wiseandco.co.uk Wey Court West, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT

UNIQUE AND BESPOKE We recognise that every life and therefore every funeral is unique. We have been providing bespoke, personalised and affordable funerals for over 160 years.

SINCE 1860 The Steel family have proudly served the communites of Winchester, Alresford and the Itchen Valley for four generations.

DEDICATED SUPPORT Along with our experienced and dedicated team we are personally here to help, support and guide you 24 hours a day.


01962 862333

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23/09/2020 17:52


COMMUNITY / PROFESSIONAL Sponsors thank you and club update Firstly a very happy Easter to you all. Following on from our entry in this fantastic publication last month, we wanted to take this opportunity to do two things. Firstly, we would like to thank our incredible supporters who despite not seeing a competitive game of rugby since March 2020, not one has approached us to discuss or review their terms of the contract. This shows us their devotion, integrity and total understanding of our situation whilst battling their issues due to Covid. As published last month, ARFC will be doing what we can to reward their loyalty with any future commitments. In no particular order: Alresford Agricultural Show, Alresford Watercress, Alresford Pigs, Alresford Music Festival, Barnes and Liddiard, Big Scaffold, Claas Western, Cleeve Construction, Country Cures, Covers, Exclusive Double Glazing, The Forum, Hampshire Tiling Company, Hellards, Hilton Banks, Orchid Sky, SRC Carpentry, The Swan Hotel, Deefort Kit, The Bell, NATTA, Red Cat Brewary, Crawfords, Workflo, Label Craft, IVC, Fyffes,NUTS, Tim Miller, Looseheadz foundation. Secondly, as things stand at the time of print, all seniors will, of course under Govt. and RFU Covid guidelines, return to training from 30/3. Our Minis Hornets will resume on Sunday 4/4 Thank you to all that have stuck with us and we hope to welcome you back when allowed to. www.alresfordrfc.co.uk

Easter at the farm Join us for a cracking Easter holiday at Butser Ancient Farm. We’ve been busy over the winter working on our Stone Age and Saxon house constructions, come and see our progress as you step back in time. Meet our newborn baby lambs, follow our easter trail and learn a new skill with a hands-on demonstration (selected dates and times). Visit www. butserancientfarm.co.uk for more information. Easter at the Farm - Monday 12th April to Sunday 18th April 10am to 4pm. Normal admission applies - tickets must be booked in advance and will go on sale at the end of March. All activities are being planned in a Covid secure way, and we will be limiting numbers on-site in order to comply with social distancing and give the best experience for all.


Introducing Mr Mac Let me introduce myself to you. I provide a service helping people to come to grips with installing and using their home-tech. Macs, iPads, iPhones, Windows laptops and PCs. I also give unbiased, advice. If your device is playing up, or it is very slow I can offer various solutions. Additionally, I can analyse your home wi-fi and see if you are making the most of it and getting the best deal out there. As I concentrate my efforts locally and I am not part of a large outfit I can keep my prices reasonable. My primary aim is for all of my customers to be happy and I am pleased to report that they usually are! As the last couple of months have been difficult for most of us and especially as most of my work involves home visits I put out a call for used, older laptops and tablets that I could clean up and then donate to schools. I had a marvellous response and subsequently, I have been able to donate over 60 devices to schools in Winchester. This is ongoing as I am told that there are never enough to go around so please bear me in mind if you have an older device that might be of use. I can be contacted by telephone on 07392 552 592, by email at andy@mistermac.co.uk or visit my website, mistermac.co.uk

Village Agent Worried about falling? You can help prevent it from happening to you. Stay active Exercises designed to improve muscle strength, balance and coordination are the most effective in preventing falls. You can do these at home or join an exercise class aimed at preventing falls. Hampshire County Council run such classes all across Hampshire. Have your medication reviewed Some medicines or combinations of medicines can make you sleepy or dizzy. Have your vision and hearing checked Problems with sight can lead to trips and problems with hearing can affect your balance. Make your home safer Use good lighting, especially on the stairs. Tidy away things you might trip over. Use a non-slip underlay under rugs. In the bathroom, have grab bars put in and use non-slip mats in the bath or shower. Use a small stepladder to reach high places, not a chair. Wear suitable footwear – make sure your shoes and slippers fit well and stay on properly. Don’t walk indoors in socks or tights. If you are worried, speak to your doctor. Also consider having a personal alarm, so you can call for help if you need it. For more information, contact your local Village Agent Denise…… on …..07969 376023 - Village Agents are volunteers who can help you find information and local services that will enable you to stay living safely and independently.

P RO U D TO N OW O F F E R T H E P E O P L E O F A L R E S F O R D O U R S E RV I C E S • Traditional & Dignified Funerals at Affordable Prices • Funeral Plans at Fixed Prices, Why Pay More? We are a local independent family run business which operates on a 24 hours basis.You will always have a personal continuity and we will go through all the arrangements and look after you throughout. You are an extension of our family when in our care. Direct Cremation: £1275 inclusive Bespoke Cremations from £2195 inclusive Traditional Burial from £2395 plus Cemetery fees

C O N TAC T U S 24 The Dean, Alresford, SO24 9AZ Tel: 01962 388470 (24 hour) Email: info@wessexfuneralservices.co.uk 106 Battery Hill, Winchester, SO22 4BH Tel: 01962 855773 (24 hour) Email: winchester@wessexfuneralservices.co.uk www.wessexfuneralservices.co.uk Also located in Eastleigh & New Milton


COMMUNITY Alresford Watercress Festival 2021

As many readers will already be aware it was with a very heavy heart that the AWF committee decided to cancel the 2021 festival. At the time of our announcement there was no guidance in place and the committee felt that with the anticipated continued restrictions the delivery of a festival would be impossible, even with

Alresford Rotary April 2021

Helping Reduce Digital Poverty The closure of schools required children to have access to a suitable computer/ laptop and the Internet to facilitate home learning. During the first days of the second lockdown, Ewan Gardner and the Friends of Sun Hill made an appeal on Facebook for the donation of IT equipment that could be refurbished and distributed to local students. The appeal received a fantastic response from the local community and, recognising that this was something that local Rotarians could help out with whilst in lockdown, Alresford Rotary President Jonathan Read contacted Ewan Gardner who agreed to engage in a partnership to provide equipment for local students who needed support for home learning. Ewan had been refurbishing laptops to donate to local children since the first lockdown in March 2020 and had already refurbished and donated several machines on his own before this new appeal brought in many more devices for his attention. Rotarian Jon McKenzie’s appearance on BBC Radio Solent’s breakfast show publicised the appeal across a wider area resulting in the generous donation of dozens of laptops locally and from as far afield as South Wonston and Alton. They were of varying specifications – many of


restricted numbers and a potential new location. The recent “Roadmap” announcement would have still halted the event so, whilst extremely disappointed, we know it's the right decision. The "Watercress Week" will take place online 17th – 23rd May 2021 at www. watercressfestival.org and will include live cookery demonstrations, recipes, links to traders sites and interviews with specialists including Dr Kyle Stewart. Full details and the schedule of events will all be announced via the website and social media over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in the streets of Alresford on 15th May 2022.

which Rotary was able to upgrade to Windows 10. Ewan Gardner and Ken Coburn have been largely instrumental in ‘cleaning’ and upgrading the laptops, being careful to ensure the removal of all personal data and settings of the donors. Since March 2020 approximately 70 laptops have been distributed to local families. Ewan and Alresford Rotary now has a pool of devices ready for distribution. If your family needs one, or if you know of others that need them, please get in touch. Once the Covid restrictions are lifted, Rotary plans to develop a digital/internet hub within the town to enable families and individuals to access IT facilities and perhaps learn IT skills from the expertise of Rotary’s members. Alresford Rotary want to help those that need to get online to manage bills or other domestic needs and those that are job hunting in the wake of the pandemic. Once the hub is up and running, we’ll let everyone know what the arrangements are and how to get in touch. This project has been generated from the needs of the community in an extreme situation and the community has responded magnificently, helping us to work together for the benefit of all. Jon McKenzie/Ken Coburn/Ewan Garner Alresford Rotary, part of the world’s largest voluntary service organization, wants YOU to join it and/or help it in its activities! Please contact rotaryalresford@gmail.com www.alresfordrotary.co.uk

The Lightroom

The Light Room is a new exhibition/ gallery space for hire in Alresford. Already attracting interest from a wide range of artists, we are excited to be opening for exhibitions and reservations from April 12th. Please contact gill@the-lightroom.com www.the-lightroom.com

National Garden Scheme Nothing much has changed in respect of travel, and really up until 12th April we will still be offering pre-booked tickets only to visit our gardens. This way the numbers can be regulated and we will be following government guidelines. After that things won’t change a great deal for a while, but as always it is best to check the website ngs. org.uk for all up to date details. As we are still limited to local travel, we do not have a plethora of gardens open for April in your area. As the weeks pass and we can travel further afield, we will have many more gardens to tempt you with. For now, we have:Crawley Gardens Crawley, Winchester, SO21 2PR Crawley is an extremely pretty little village and is a pleasure to walk around with its fair share of thatched dwellings, its C14 church and the obligatory duck pond. This year they are offering two Spring Gardens open to visitors:Little Court & Paige Cottage https://ngs.org.uk/view-garden/17567 Opening: 2nd & 5th April 2pm to 5.30pm Admission: £7.50 children free. Pre-book tickets at ngs.org.uk Refreshments: Due to the current situation there will be no refreshments available. Take Care and Keep safe Pat Beagley (Publicity) National Garden Scheme - Hampshire pat.beagley@ngs.org.uk

ous Clean Carpets

onable prices, and courteous friendly SUPER-FAST 15 MINUTES DRYING om people you can trust in your home

e Forum

al residents

our carpets king for an mpany who e, will be and above

ted to take f the three ue, high upholstery re offering month to give to know d out how esh and will look eshened by ople.

I am fully committed to the safety ofWinner my Customers during the Covid19 crisis. I clean adhering to all social distancing guidelines

The Carpet Care People

Deal 1:

Have any three of your carpets cleaned for just £97 total!


Deal 2:

Have your 3 piece suite freshened up for just £97!

Fabulous Clean Carpets, Upholstery and Curtains Our approach is simple: We are proud to run a celebrated professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business, and we insist on providing you with good oldfashioned service and value. Call now and find out why our award-winning service is probably the most requested carpet cleaning the oflocal Have anyinthree Stockbridgeyour areacarpets cleaned The next thing for you to do for 01962 just £87690 total!005 is call us on we’ll welcome your call, answer your questions and take care of everything for you.

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3 Great Deals!


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we specialise in cleaning and refreshing 3 piece suites (at our current offer price of £97). Fabric Master, our special upholstery and cleaning system is safe, gentle, and very effective. Fibres are restored to their original beauty and softness you’ll see!

Deal 2

Tel 01962 690 005 Have your three piece suite freshened up for just £97!Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of frequently asked questions especially for you sceptics (you know who you are). 1. When you say ‘carpet’ what do you mean? We mean average size areas, say 10x12ft ish. But we don’t quibble if the areas are a little larger - it’s all done on fairness really. 2. Do you move furniture? Our pricing policy reflects the time it takes to clean working around furniture, rather than moving it. any three carpets That said, we are Have for example, happy to move your three piece suite backwards and forwards cleaning under it and replacing it back into piece position. What we don’t price into the job at these discount prices is and your three moving large pieces of furniture like bookcases, sideboards or wardrobes. Similarly we are not insured upflat-screen for to move electricalsuite items,freshened in particular tvs. Again we apply common sense and fairness to the situation and inevitable we do end up moving some furniture around, even at these discount prices. 3. just £167! Are there any ‘hidden’ extra costs? The prices quoted above are fully-inclusive and are the actual prices you will pay.

Deal 3

Price Full Offer Price List Carpet 1 £57

Carpet Price



Carpet Price Carpet

Tel: 01962 690 005 or 07790 883507











1 £47

Carpet Price

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Carpet Price

3 £87

Carpet Price

4 £107

Carpet Price

5 £127

We are experts in extensions, loft and barn conversions, renovations, alterations, general brickwork and building restoration FULLY INSURED FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ADHERING TO ALL SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES

CONTACT Sam: 07717 677919 Richard: 07802 354816 Ryan: 07717 002801




Paul Rolfe Free Quotes • Service & Repairs • Full Year Guarantee on parts • OAP Discounts TV installations considered • Freeview achieved where others have failed

T. 01420 80650


M. 07918 913194

MICHAEL J SLY Plumbing and Heating

All plumbing and heating works from fixing a leak to installing a full Heating System or Bathroom Suite

Plumbing and Heating Complete Heating Systems High Efficiency Boiler and System Upgrades Power Flush and System Treatments


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Maintenance/Service Including Anti-bacterial disinfectant coil treatments Interior/Exterior unit cleans Electrical/Fixing/Pump/Leak checks Fgas test/certification Commercial/Residential Services from £50 email: info@superkool.co.uk for a quote


Gas Boiler Service Water Softeners

Bathroom Installations Complete Bathroom Installation Cloakroom and En-suites Power Showers and Electric Showers Tiling and Flooring

Free competitive quotations

Tel (Cheriton): 01962 771285 Mobile: 07973 407996 Est. Locally for over 30 years


REFURBISHMENT • INTERIOR RECONSTRUCTION KITCHENS & BATHROOMS • GENERAL BUILDING Local, experienced, and here to help you. Andy Cliff • 01962 738883 • cliffbuilding@gmail.com

High quality domestic services Guaranteed


One less thing to think about. Maid Marian Ad 90 x 135



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We can help.

Maid Marian

One less thing to think about.

We can help.

Colin Joyce • Reliable friendly service • Repairs or installation • Kitchen, bathroom, shower • Outside tap, cold water • Storage cisterns, taps, WC • No call out charge

01962 776545

Domestic plumbing



Adrian Cobb Plumbing & Heating M: 07774 979 325 T: 01962 735354

No job too small – No call out charge Free quotations available ALL ASPECTS OF PLUMBING & HEATING Reliable local plumber






telephone: 01962 736713 email: enquiries@maidmariancleaners.co.uk web: www.maidmariancleaners.co.uk • Regular cleaning and end • of tenancy cleaning • One off spring cleans • Washing and Ironing • Carpet cleaning • Building maintenance • including painting and • decorating • Shopping • Man with a van

CJ The Plumber


• Regular cleaning and end • of tenancy cleaning • One off spring cleans PROFESSIONAL DOMESTIC • Washing and SERVICES Ironing • Carpet cleaning • Building maintenance • including painting and • decorating • CLEANING Shopping REGULAR High quality domestic services Guaranteed • Man with a van END OF TENANCY CLEANING

telephone: 01962 736713 email: enquiries@maidmariancleaners.co.uk web: www.maidmariancleaners.co.uk Wallpaper Specialist Andover

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uk . o c . r doo e g a r ga fix my

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The Repair Specialists Andover

w Guaranteed, fast &

cost effective repairs w to all door types w Independent Family w Business w No repair - No charge w Repairs, Locks, New Doors & Automatic Operators

01264 337711


01962 715200

COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • DOMESTIC Providing a comprehensive electrical installation service • Home automation • Lighting schemes • Electric gates • Emergency lighting • Electrical installations • Home entertainment • Fire alarms • Burglar alarms

T: 01962 735397 w: butlerandking.co.uk e:info@butlerandking.co.uk Unit G, Prospect Commercial Park, 4 Prospect Road, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9QF



Alresford Chamber of Commerce We can’t often shout about how hard The Alresford Chamber of Commerce is working behind the scenes to support and represent important things relating to our business community, due to confidentiality, but we are delighted to be able to let everyone know some of the things from just the last month. Together we are stronger • Our chair, Fiona Isaacs, attended a stakeholder meeting with WCC economy team , NATC and others, in order to represent important issues relating to businesses across all areas not just the high streets, at this time. • Our chair Fiona Isaacs and Simon Evans from our committee registered to speak at the WCC meeting relating to the station carpark. These committee members requested that permit parking be retained and that the extra income from the increased prices be retained in Alresford. We also asked for support on the Dean Carpark proposal and the importance of this to the town. • We have been working hard to ensure that businesses who reached out to us about grant help, or grants that they did not know they qualified for, or have been given incorrect information on. As a result we have assisted many in re-opening of business grants that they qualified for, from nonessential retail, hospitality, mobile hairdressers, taxi drivers and small Ltd companies and more. This includes The Forum Magazine to re-open grant applications that had been closed and missed.


The Swan Hotel, Alesford

Alresford Pet Co

A huge thank you to Fiona Isaacs from Alresford Chamber of Commerce for all your kind support and guidance regotiating the Winchester City grant applications forms. We really couldn't have done it without you

A big thank you to the Alresford Chamber of Commerce for their guidance and support with a Covid business grant. We would strongly recommend getting in touch to see if some of the less well known grants may be available to your business

We have also hosted our first New Business Showcase via zoom. This was a great success and highlighted how many new businesses have managed to start up during this dreadful year. We will have more on this next month.

Promoting all types & sizes of business in Alresford. Join the Chamber and take advantage of these benefits to your business • Grow your business by increasing your company’s profile locally. • Stay informed of what’s happening in the town and have your say. • A great way to ensure everyone knows who you are and what services you offer. • Get free affiliation membership to the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce. • Build your business connections and sales through a vibrant local business group. The Alresford Chamber of Commerce is a representative body for business members in Alresford and the surrounding area Recent Chamber Achievements • Secured funding from NATC for the Annual Christmas Tree Project • Lobbied our local MP to bring business rates reviews forward • Helped and advised with COVID19 Local Gov Business Grants • Given local feedback on parking in the reviews to WCC & HCC • Carried out a public questionnaire on the future parking plans in Alresford Chamber Events • Biannual town centre events to drive football and sales • Various networking and information events held at local business premises • Developing the War on the Line event into the centre of the town • Taking part in the #Alredressedup charity fund event • Late night shopping in December • Regular online meetings and AGM What Our Members Say “I joined the Alresford Chamber to increase my sales. I have made lots of new contacts and also sales that I probably wouldn’t have made if I hadn't joined” “ for the equivalent of just £3.67 per month, it’s a no brainer!” “ I like to know what’s going on around me and the Chamber is the perfect forum to do this” Alresford Chamber of Commerce Keeping Alresford on the map




w: winchesterwoodfloors.co.uk e: info@winchesterwoodfloors.co.uk t: 01962 733016


Barnes & Liddiard Electrical Contractors Limited All aspects of electrical work undertaken Fully compliant to part ‘P’ of the building regulations

Domestic Commercial Industrial Garden Lighting

Tel: 01962 733272 41

Fiona Isaacs

Your Conservative city council candidate for Alresford & Itchen Valley

I have lived in Alresford for over 13 years. I have run 2 businesses in Alresford for over 10 years. I am Chair of Alresford Chamber of Commerce and have been for over 4 years and an active member for 8yrs. I have been involved in the towns parking group for over 8 years and passionate about keeping the towns free street parking. I am involved in the community with The Lighting up Alresford project (Christmas tree project) and lead on the LED project ensuring that the town can successfully continue with the project with LED bulbs. Myself and my husband run the free halloween charity event for over 5 years. This last year I have been assisting businesses with their Covid-19 grant applications, ensuring that the key issues for businesses in the town and surrounding areas are fed into the main groups within the parish, city and county councils and many others. Why vote for me? I believe that for our community to thrive, we need a better understanding for the business community , the impact decisions within the city council have on our community, the businesses and the economy. That being a councillor means representing all aspects of our community and surrounding areas. That giving back to our community is important. That is why over the last 13 years I have employed local people, supported other businesses, supported our community with volunteer work and hosting charity events, supporting residents with pedestrian access to the recycle centre, defending on street parking 4 times over the last 2 years, presenting data on why WCC should purchase land for the Dean carpark and continuing to raise the importance of this for our town and surrounding areas. It has been my main priority to ensure that all businesses get the help in order to survive this pandemic and support our town and villages.

Dear Fellow Resident, My name is Caroline Horrill and I am standing for election to the County Council. Working for my community is at the heart of my values and way of life. For many years I was a Parish Councillor, Churchwarden and founder member of the Community Shop in my own village. I still volunteer at the shop every week, some 11 years on. That belief in ‘community’ led me to stand as a Winchester City Councillor for the Wonston and Micheldever ward, where I have served for the past 7 years. I know the Winchester District and County of Hampshire well – I was born in the New Forest and have lived in Hampshire for most of my life. With this experience, I know how to get things done and I will work hard on your behalf, bringing renewed energy and ideas. Working to combat climate change, including finding renewable energy sources, must be a priority but building solar farms in parts of our beautiful landscape is just unnecessary. Building on greenfield sites before brownfield sites is, again, unnecessary. You can count on me to be clear in my views on this fundamental planning principle. In these difficult times it is hard to meet in person, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 01962 679910. With very best wishes

Caroline Horrill

Your Conservative county council candidate for Itchen Valley

Promoted by Guy Ashton on behalf of Fiona Isaacs and Caroline Horrill all of Winchester Conservatives, Manor Farm, Itchen Stoke, Alresford, SO24 0QT


e clusive Double Glazing Ltd

Alresford's Conservatory and Window Experts

UPGRADE YOUR WINDOWS & DOORS WINDOWS, DOORS, CONSERVATORIES • Supply & Installation • New Handles, Letterboxes, Locks • Broken Sealed-Units replaced

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HOME 2021 New Forest and Hampshire County Show cancelled to due COVID-19 concerns

pandemic. The New Forest & Hampshire County Show will be returning to New Park in 2022 on 26th, 27th and 28th July. All stakeholders involved with the New Forest Show will be contacted personally within the next couple of days. The cancellation of two subsequent New Forest Shows has only happened once before in the Show’s 100-year history. No Shows were held between 1940 and 1945 during World War 2. The 2020 event which was also cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic would have marked one hundred years since the very first New Forest Show in 1920.

Following a review of the current pandemic and the Government roadmap the board members of the New Forest Agricultural Show Society (NFASS), organisers of the New Forest and Hampshire County Show have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 event that was due to take place on the 27th, 28th & 29th July at New Park, Brockenhurst. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 22nd February 2021, board members held a digital meeting to discuss the 2021 New Forest Show and unanimously agreed they had no option but to cancel the 2021 event due to ongoing uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19

Authority submits response to National Planning Policy Framework and National Model Design Code consultation proposals

Martin Stewart Chairman commented, ‘We are all extremely saddened to have come to this decision, but the Society is a Charity and the Show costs well in excess of a million pounds to lay on annually. Whilst we believe we are slowly coming out of lockdown there are still too many things that could delay matters. The final date of the 21st June is the earliest the final restrictions could be lifted; it could be delayed. If the Society were to go ahead and for whatever reason the Show was cancelled (even with 3 months to go) it would bankrupt the Society. The Board unanimously agreed that it was better to protect the long-term survival of the Society than to risk everything in what is still very uncertain times. We know what the show means to the community, exhibitors, competitors, sponsors, stewards, members and indeed the whole team at the

(NPPF) and new draft National Model Design Code. The consultation seeks views on draft revisions to the NPPF to implement policy changes principally in response to the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission “Living with Beauty” report. The independent report encourages the use of high-quality design for new build homes and neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, the consultation is also seeking views on the draft National Model Design Code, which provides detailed guidance on the production of design codes, guides and policies to promote successful design.

The South Downs National Park Authority has submitted its response to the Government’s consultation on the revised National Planning Policy Framework


The response, which can be read in full here, was approved by Members of the National Park Authority at Planning Committee on 11 March.

Showground. We are very disappointed but will be back with a vengeance in 2022’. In a response to requests from Society supporters, the NFASS has created a Centenary fund. Anyone who would like to help secure the future of the New Forest Show is encouraged to do so by donating to the Centenary fund. Donations can be made online via the New Forest Show website. Denis Dooley, Chief Executive commented “This was a very difficult decision to make and I am sorry we cannot hold the New Forest & Hampshire County Show this year. The fragile nature of the roadmap alongside the uncertainly over regulations for large events this Summer made planning for the 2021 Show impossible. When coming to the decision the Board were unanimous in their aim to prioritise the long term success of the Show and the safety of all those involved. These are both unprecedented and challenging times for the Society and I would encourage anyone who wants to demonstrate their support to contribute towards our Centenary Fund”. The Society are delighted to be launching their new education program this year with the aim to connect people with nature through the formation of an education hub at New Park. The project will consist of six areas and more information can be found at www.newparkfarm.org. For more information about the New Forest and Hampshire County Show visit www. newforestshow.co.uk

Alun Alesbury, Chair of Planning Committee, said: “The South Downs National Park Authority welcomes this opportunity to comment on the draft revisions to the NPPF and the draft National Model Design Code. “We strongly support the addition to paragraph 175 of the NPPF that any development within the setting of national parks and other protected landscapes should be sensitively located and designed to avoid adverse impacts on the designated landscapes. “We also welcome the Government’s emphasis on good design and the creation of beautiful places both in the amendments to the NPPF and the draft National Model Design Code.” For more information visit: www.southdowns.gov.uk



GARAGE DOOR SOLUTIONS We supply and install all leading manufacturers of garage doors and in a wide selection of styles

Call 02380 600027 to arrange a free no obligation survey and quote Unit 9 & 10, Vicarage Farm Business Park, Winchester Road, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, SO50 7HD sales@donsgaragedoors.co.uk • www.donsgaragedoors.co.uk

COMMUNITY Trinity Winchester's Big Sleep Out

Trinity Winchester’s Big Sleep Out is going virtual this year to raise money for its work with homeless and vulnerable people. Join in the fun from your own home on Friday 14th May 2021 and resist the temptation to jump back underneath your warm bed covers for one night. The evening consists of a full programme of virtual entertainment streamed live through Facebook. Activities include exploring nature at night with nature experts Chris

Alresford Neighbourhood Watch News Neighbourhood Watch in the United Kingdom is the largest voluntary crime prevention movement covering England and Wales, with upwards of 2.3 million household members. The charity brings neighbours together to create strong, friendly and active communities in which crime can be tackled. Neighbourhood Watch Network is the umbrella organization, supported by the Home Office to assist Neighbourhood Watch groups and individuals across England and Wales. Neighbourhood Watch groups work in partnership with the police, corporate companies with aligned values, voluntary organizations and individuals who want to improve their communities. Neighbourhood Watch aims to help people protect themselves and their properties and to reduce the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance,


Packham and Megan McCubbin from BBC Spring Watch and a chance to take part in a cooking masterclass with Chef Jack Stein (from Rick Stein restaurants) who will be showcasing meals to cook with simple ingredients. Participants will also enjoy close up magic and illusions with magician Colin Phillips,

big sleep out at home

There will be shelter building activities to help sleepers build a masterpiece to sleep out in and each participant will receive an extra special goody bag including a beanie, torch, selfie frame and snacks to help them through the night. accurate reporting of suspicious incidents and fostering a community spirit as well as tackling new forms of crime such as cybercrime. In 1964, 28-year-old Kitty Genovese was stabbed in New York outside her apartment. Two weeks after the murder it was rumoured that 38 witnesses saw or heard the attack, but none of them called the police or came to her aid. This motivated a community response and the very first Neighbourhood Watch scheme was set up in New York, and in 1982 the first UK scheme was set up in Mollington, Cheshire. From there Neighbourhood Watch grew from strength to strength. Neighbourhood Watch representatives formed local, and wider, structured groups. In 2007, with the support of the police and the Home Office, the umbrella organization for the movement, now known as Neighbourhood Watch Network, was established. Their focus was on building local Neighbourhood Watch community groups which liaised with the police and focused on reducing burglary and other home and personal crimes. Neighbourhood Watch schemes are run by their members and are often supported

The evening will provide an insight into the work of the Trinity Winchester and a chance to hear from the clients it supports, including an exclusive look inside the new accommodation project, UnderOneRoof @ trinity which is due to open in June 2021. Finally, as participants get ready to sleep out for the night, they will be able to enjoy a reading of A Cat Called Smokey from renowned actor Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, W1A). Registration is open now at trinitywinchester.org.uk/bigsleepout. For more information contact the team on 01962 828636.

by the police and in many areas, a local Neighbourhood Watch Association. Schemes can vary in size. A volunteer resident coordinator supervises the scheme and liaises with the police and other partners on information, messages and initiatives. It must be recognised that the scheme is a community initiative, so success depends on what the members make of it. The police can't deal with the problems and issues arising from crime and anti-social behaviour alone; they need the help of the whole community. Neighbourhood Watch provides a way for local people to play an important part in addressing this balance and making their communities safer. If you have any questions, please contact us. Contacting ADNWA or Police: Adnwa website: www.neighbourhood.watch.alresford.org e-mail us at: contact.adnwa@gmail.com Crime in Progress: Ring 999 Non-Urgent Issues: Ring 101 (If you observe suspicious activity) Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 Or visit the national website. https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/about-us/ contact-us/frequently-asked-questions

big sleep out at home

Friday 14th May 2021

Swap your cosy bed and sleep out at home

to raise money and awareness to help reduce homelessness £12 TO SLEEP OUT £55 FOR TEAMS OF +

Target sponsorship $100 per person Register today: www.trinitywinchester.org.uk/bigsleepout @Trinity_Winch



Are you ready to swap your cosy bed to take on this challenge? You’ll have to resist the temptation to jump back underneath your warm bed covers for one night, to raise money and awareness to help reduce homelessness.

GO All pa r e tic OD Y co xtra s ipan be ntai pec ts w BA an nin ia ill G tas ie, a g a l goo rece ty tor pro dy ive ch g b a d sn res isco acks , sel ramm ag n u f tau nt an ie e ran fro d sp fram , a ts m l ec an oc ial e, d s al ho ps.

You can get creative and build yourself a cardboard shelter to sleep out in your garden, whilst listening to nature and the wildlife around you. You could even bed down for the night in your bathtub! Wherever you sleep, make sure it’s unusual and don’t forget your sleeping bag.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Music and entertainment from local artistes, close up magic with Colin Phillips, shelter - building activities and a chance to test your knowledge in our big sleep out quiz.

Jack Stein from Rick Stein restaurant will be showcasing meals to cook with simple ingredients and a delicious recipe for a banana split in his cooking masterclass.

Join wildlife experts Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin as they explore nature at night. Take part in their competition to win a special prize.

Finish off your evening and get ready to sleep out with a bedtime story of A Cat Called Smokey read by actor Hugh Bonneville.

Every penny that you raise in sponsorship will go back into Trinity’s services, to help us to keep offering long-term, positive change. This is not an experience of being homeless, as we will all be taking part in our own homes or gardens, but it is a fun way to raise funds and awareness.

Trinity Winchester is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1074604

Sponsored by

COMMUNITY / EDUCATION New Hampshire History Trust reveals exciting plans for the future

The organisers of Winchester’s successful Heritage Open Days programme announce the formation of Hampshire History Trust, a brand new Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The primary role of the new Trust will be to run Winchester Heritage Open Days, to develop a Winchester History Festival and to run other community projects such as a Blue Plaque Scheme and Hampshire HistBites, Hampshire’s very own history podcast channel. Nicky Gottlieb and Becky Brown, two of the three founding Trustees, said they were delighted that the new charity had been approved by the Charity


Commission, especially as they got the news on the close of last year’s Heritage Open Days. “This is the start of an exciting journey for us,” Nicky said. “Five years ago when I first re-launched Heritage Open Days here in Winchester I always dreamed that it would develop into a wider history festival to celebrate Winchester’s incredibly rich history and heritage. Becoming a CIO in our own right is a crucial and exciting first step in realising our ambitions to bring Hampshire's rich history and heritage to a wider audience. ” Becky paid tribute to the City of Winchester Trust and Bruce Winton at Community First and all the organisations, sponsors and volunteers who have been involved in Winchester Heritage Open Days since 2016. “We wouldn't be here without their support and encouragement ', she said.” And we hope our partnerships with the City of Winchester Trust, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Winchester College, Hampshire County Council, Winchester BID, and the University of Winchester will continue

to grow as we build on the success of Winchester Heritage Open Days to develop a Winchester History Festival and hold more outreach activities and events for schools .” The proposal is for the Winchester History Festival to take place in late September, immediately following on from Heritage Open Days to ensure that the Trust continues to offer a diverse range of events that are accessible to the whole community.

The general public can discover more about the Trust and its plans by visiting the website www.hampshirehistorytrust. com , or by listening to Episode One of Season Three of Hampshire HistBites released on Wednesday 3rd March and available via Spotify, Apple Tunes and Google Podcasts.

A leading independent day, weekly and full boarding school for girls aged 11-18

It’s who we are. Join us at one of our open events: Saturday 8 May Saturday 12 June (Sixth form) Saturday 26 June

Please contact us to book your place: www.stswithuns.com | 01962 835700

Managing the step up to senior school Tips for Year 5 parents on how their daughters can succeed in years 6 and 7

Online conference, Saturday 24 April at 9.00am Top tips from the experts for Year 5 parents: Supporting your daughter through years 6 and 7, how to build a success mindset, the inside track on girls’ friendships, the key to high performance, a calm approach to entrance exams. Booking is essential.

Please contact registrar@stswithuns.com or visit www.stswithuns.com/year5conference


EDUCATION / COMMUNITY Godolphin’s Spring Term 2021

Godolphin Spring Term Godolphin has come alive again this month as students were welcomed back into School after lockdown. Head Emma Hattersley said “it’s so good to be back. During the first few weeks, the emphasis has been on reintegrating the students into School and allowing them to spend time with their friends. It’s been wonderful to see the whole

Jackie’s County Corner for April

Hopefully, some of you will have received notice of vaccination by the time you read this. But that doesn’t mean that everyone’s problems will be over. You can ask for advice on Hampshire’s Coronavirus Support & Helpline 0333 370 4000. Maybe you have time to be a telephone buddy to a lonely resident? For info : https://www. butterfliesfriendship.com/telephonefriends The Winchester District Local Plan consultation is open until the 12th April. Go to www.localplan.winchester.gov.uk to see the strategic Issues and give your views on the options posed. Questions include Carbon Neutrality, Homes for all, the Natural Environment, and the Vibrant Economy. If you need a paper copy, please call WCC on 01962 848508


Students have adapted well to wearing face masks in class and Godolphin’s dedicated parents have joined the medical team to provide regular Covid testing across the School. The boarding houses have been full of laughter while the girls have been reunited with their friends. Now more than ever Godolphin’s flexible boarding offering is really popular and is helping to meet the demands of family life during this time.

school community reunited and together again.“ Action-packed days in the Spring sunshine have really helped to lift our spirits and students have embraced all the activities on offer. From team building sessions, lacrosse and netball, fitness and tennis, football and Combined Cadet Force, there’s been so much going on.

Other consultations are coming this Summer after the May elections. Hampshire Hospitals consultation on hospital provision see more at www. HampshireTogether.nhs.uk Highways England M3Jn9: go to https:// highwaysengland.co.uk/our-work/southeast/m3-junction-9-improvements/ for details, and to register for updates. Extensive Flooding Alleviation Work is continuing across the division. This has been a major focus for me in the last year. Several sites have been listed but frustratingly, some of the work isn’t being done until the next financial year due to budgetary constraints or the effects of Covid 19 on work teams. A pilot of School streets is looking at removing traffic from streets in front of school gates, to improve opportunities for active travel (cycling and walking) into school. We’ll hear the results in the Autumn term. Residents are seeking non-motorised access to Recycling Centres (HWRC’s) but the promised pilot of ‘’walk in/cycle in/ buggy in/wheelbarrow in’ hasn’t started yet. Hopefully the HWRC’s will be fully open by the Summer, and the pilot will start then. Additional special school places are being created in Andover at Icknield and Samuel

Godolphin’s strong pastoral focus continues with the health and wellbeing of its students being a priority. Last month the School launched a telephone helpline talk@ godolphin.org and last week an invitation to join a new Wellbeing hub was extended to the whole school community. If you would like to find out more about Godolphin, please get in touch with our Head of Admissions, Corinna Florence admissions@godolphin.org

Cody school, due by 2022, and opening in September 21, the Austen Academy at Basingstoke for children on the Autism spectrum. This provision adds to the growing need for special school places for children with SEMH and neurological conditions as well as for those with physical disabilities. The 20/21 HCC Gigabit scheme being carried out in conjunction with BDUK and Openreach is very popular after a slower start and as a result, the resident/organisers are finding the process challenging! Of the 26 schemes registered so far in the county, at least 7 are in the Itchen Valley Division! I have appealed to the County to renew their fund of £1m to ensure their top-up support continues. We asked to scrutinise the process because it is resulting in frustration in failure to deliver by Openreach. It was very useful- you can see extracts of the you-tube of the meeting on my website: search ‘broadband’. My website includes news throughout the month too, but please email me directly if you have any queries. Jackie.porter@hants. gov.uk 07973 696 085 , @JackieLibDem or see my website www.jackieporter.co.uk

Let your child discover who they want to be 3–11 Day and Boarding




admissions@godolphin.org www.godolphin.org

Feeling more isolated and anxious during lockdown? are you having trouble hearing TV or talking on the telephone?


Profile for Mark Tubb

Itchen Valley Forum Issue 172 April 2021