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Workshops on modern living by philosophers, artists and cultural mavericks. Iridescent fields of light captured on film from across the globe. The new take on city-making in a nomadic world. Creative workshops marrying new animation with powerful Indigenous arts practice. That’s just some of what FORM is up to at The Goods Shed, and further afield, in the coming months. Managed and curated by FORM, The Goods Shed is a social and cultural project space connecting community with creativity. There’s a coffee pod, creative events and high-profile exhibitions; the building, a repurposed rail shed, houses an interactive, open-plan gallery and project space that fosters collaboration and the crosspollination of ideas. With an ongoing series of artist residencies, thought experiments and public programming, The Goods Shed seeks to fuel the way we think, plan and act with imagination and innovation. Accessible to anyone and everyone, The Goods Shed aims to connect, comfort and inspire, to engage people of all ages in creative learning, and to nourish new generations of innovative thinkers. We’re about investing in artistic talent, celebrating out-of-the-box thinking, growing opportunities for creative professionals and embedding art and creativity within community to change and grow a neighbourhood. And we serve really

good coffee.

Here are some forthcoming highlights from FORM’s programming at The Goods Shed and across the State. *Creativity can be unpredictable so please note, some events may be subject to change.

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Gloria, Untitled, 2018. Photograph by Bewley Shaylor.


Creative Bureaucracy and Civic Cities recast in the Nomadic World: a double bill with Charles Landry THURSDAY, 19 JULY

Author, speaker and architect of the Creative City concept-now a global movement-Charles Landry is an urban trailblazer rethinking city-making for the 21st century. No stranger to Perth, Charles is an international authority on the use of imagination and creativity in urban change, who helps cities identify and make the most of their potential.

Charles Landry for PUBLIC Symposium, 2015. Photograph by David Dare-Parker.


“You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.” Italo Calvino

PUBLIC PLATFORM, 2016. Photograph by Jean Paul Horre.

The Creative Bureaucracy & its Radical Common Sense

The Civic City in a Nomadic World

Thursday, 19 July | 2 – 3.30PM

Thursday, 19 July | 6 – 7PM

Bureaucracies shape and influence cities, particularly their ‘atmosphere’, the intangible but nevertheless influential aura that can encourage or discourage entrepreneurships and citizenry. Charles argues that there is a direct link between the success of a city and the creativity of its bureaucracy. In The Creative Bureaucracy & its Radical Common Sense he explains why creativity and bureaucracy, two concepts apparently in tension, are in fact natural allies in helping communities bridge divides and find commonality in the quest to build better places to live. Learn how different bureaucracies can broker engagement and innovation to project a generosity of spirit. Public sector professionals, or anyone interested in this area, this speaker event is for you.

Where do we belong when everything is on the move? How do we reinvent anchorage, connectioncities in which togetherness in difference meet and mix well? In The Civic City in the Nomadic World, a one-off special, Charles recasts the civic city notion as a “clarion call to refocus and rethink our city making and to draw on the best of human attributes, emphasizing more what we share rather than what separates us.” Explore the implications our connectedness and mobility have for the meaningful creation of cities, and interrogate how we find a sense of self and belonging in place. This session is open to anyone interested in building healthy vibrant cities.

TICKETED EVENT $15 + booking fees

TICKETED EVENT $15 + booking fees

For all bookings please visit


Spinifex Hill Artists and Martumili Artists

pujiman Exhibition Opening Thursday, 23 August 6.30PM MEMBERS PREVIEW 7PM EXHIBITION OPENING FREE EVENT 7PM opening by Ben Wyatt MLA; State Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Finance, Energy and Edgar Basto, ‘BHP Asset President, Western Australia Iron Ore’ and Welcome to Country by Barry McGuire. RSVP to

Old stories, new voices; Culture, Country and creativity passed down through generations and translated into animation, film and exciting new mediums. Collaborative exhibition Pujiman, unites artists from two of the Pilbara’s most dynamic Aboriginal art centres, Spinifex Hill Artists and Martumili Artists, and celebrates the sharing of knowledge. Pujiman, which means bush or desert born and dwelling, is the creative culmination of a two year collaboration between the art centres and includes work from more than twenty artists in the mediums of animation, filmmaking, drawing and acrylic painting. This exhibition reveals the work and knowledge of some of the Pilbara’s senior pujiman artists, and introduces a new generation of emerging artists, informed and inspired by their predecessors.

Wilarra, May Wokka Chapman and Mulyatingki Marney, acrylic on linen, 125 x 300cm. Image courtesy of Martumili Artists.


Pujiman Sand Animation Workshops

Before there was paint, there was earth. Before there was canvas there was sand. In this creative workshop, for young people aged 9-15, participants will play and experiment with sand drawing techniques before creating their very own short stop-motion animation using sand on a light board. The workshop is inspired by Pujiman, a Spinifex Hill Studios and Martumili Artists exhibition. During the project, Pujiman artists shared how they used to map Country through drawing in the sand. Workshop participants will be guided by young artists from both art centres alongside leading Western Australian animator Steven Aiton.

May Wokka Chapman and Minyawe Miller drawing in the sand, Punmu 2017. Photograph by Wendy Nanji.

Thursday, 23 & Friday, 24 August TWO SESSIONS PER DAY | Ages: 9 – 15 Session 1 9 – 11AM Session 2 12 – 2PM NUMBERS ARE LIMITED TO 18 PER SESSION BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Email or for bookings or further information.


The PUBLIC Silo Trail paints Pingrup

Kyle Hughes-Odgers for PUBLIC Silo Trail, Merredin, 2017. Photograph by Bewley Shaylor.

Take art out of galleries. Daub it thrillingly high and deliciously differently. Make it far flung. Monumental. Visible from remote highways and over treetops. Emblazon it in unexpected places. On grain silos. Farming infrastructure. Make it art that tells a story- about a people or a place. About the budding cycle of its wildflowers, the beautiful species of seadragon found only off its coast. Create a trail that invites people to explore their state; and you have the PUBLIC Silo Trail. A creative project transforming country infrastructure into sites of world class mural art.

Over the past three years the PUBLIC Silo Trail project has created murals on grain silos in Northam, Ravensthorpe, Merredin, Albany and Newdegate, and on public walls and transformer boxes throughout Katanning. This August, the final silo in the trail is being painted at Pingrup in the Great Southern. Take a road trip to Pingrup, and see art as it happens on an epic scale. Then follow the trial to Newdegate or Katanning and find even more world class street art. Where will the trail take you? Find out more at


The Pilbara Creative and Cultural Forum Celebrating one of Australia’s richest cultural resources: the Pilbara

Martumili Gallery at East Pibara Arts Centre. Photograph by Robert Frith, courtesy of Officer Woods.

friday 21 september keynote address

Friday, 21 & Saturday, 22 September 2018

Jonathan Holloway Artistic Director, Melbourne Festival

distinctiveness Jirra Lulla Harvey Founder, Kalinya Communcations

East Pilbara Arts Centre, Newman

+ Regional Case Study Speakers

Creative Business Monica Davidson CEO Creative Plus Business

Nicole Monks

Be heard, be inspired, and be part of the Pilbara’s creative and cultural future. A two-day event featuring presentations, conversations, and professional development with leading speakers from across Australia and the region. Be part of this exploration of the Pilbara’s cultural and creative capacity and help inform a region-wide strategy for the Pilbara’s cultural and creative sector. Get your tickets at

Artist and Founder blackandwhite creative + Regional Case Study Speakers

SATURDAY 22 september keynote address Catherine Hunter Chair UN Global Compact Network Australia

arts for impact Kim McConville and David Leha Beyond Empathy Collaboration + Regional Case Study Speakers

creative places Brian Robinson Artist+ Regional Case Study Speakers


THE WEST COAST BAKE SPRING EDITION Saturday, 27 OCTOBER 9AM until sold out FREE EVENT Enjoy the Spring sunshine and tempt your taste buds with the next edition of the West Coast Bake. Perth’s favourite seasonal bake sale is once again bringing together WA’s best emerging, artisan and big-name bakers for a sweet treat-fueled Saturday. Kicking off from 9am and featuring hands on creative how-tos with our Makers Sessions, follow the scent of fresh pastry and cinnamon!

West Coast Bake, Photograph by Taryn Hays, 2018.


Field of Light: Avenue of Honour by Bruce MuNRo

THURSDAY, 4 OCTOBER 2018 – APRIL 2019 ALBANY Dusk in Albany, Western Australia. Thousands of glass spheres glow in homage to the Anzacs. In the aftermath of war, our gratitude remains undimmed. Field of Light: Avenue of Honour. An immersive artwork by Bruce Munro celebrating Albany with a sea of lights in the whites, yellows and greens of the wattle and the kowhai, the national flowers of Australia and New Zealand.

Experience a story of place, told in light. Find out more at

Field of Light, Hermitage Museum and Garden, Bruce Munro, 2014. Photograph by Mark Pickthall, courtesy of Bruce Munro Studio.


Catching The Light: a photographic exhibition of light works by Bruce Munro

BRUCE MUNRO catching the light Friday, 5 October 6PM EXHIBITION OPENING THE GOODS SHED Free event, all welcome RSVP to

UK artist Bruce Munro is celebrated internationally for his ephemeral landscape installations crafted from light. His signature Field of Light artwork, comprising thousands upon thousands of fibre optic light-emitting spheres ‘planted’ on slender stems, which come to life at the onset of dusk, have enthralled audiences from Wiltshire to Arizona. This photographic retrospective of Munro’s light works from across the globe will mark the launch of Field of Light: Avenue of Honour on the 4th October 2018 in Albany, the latest iteration of Munro’s Field of Light. Until Anzac Day in 2019, 16,000 lights beneath the memorial trees of Albany’s Avenue of Honour on Mt Clarence will offer a moving memorial to the bravery and sacrifice of the Anzac servicemen and women who sailed out from Albany for the battlefields of the Great War, and to those who did not return. Catching The Light records Munro’s luminous, arresting responses to the world around him, and gives a sense of what awaits the visitor to Albany. Join the artist at The Goods Shed for the launch of this photographic exhibition.

“I’ve kept sketchbook journals for the last forty years and had recorded moments and memories of feeling connected with the world and I realized that a lot of that could be expressed by light. Our experiences of being connected to the world in its largest sense, of being part of an essential pattern, became my subject matter.” Bruce Munro

Field of Light, Cheekwood Museum and Garden, Bruce Munro, 2013. Photograph by Mark Pickthall, courtesy of Bruce Munro Studio.


Scribblers Festival 2018, Photograph by Taryn Hays, 2018.

SCRIBBLERS FESTIVAL POP-UP Join us for a day of wordy fun featuring comic and book-making workshops including Harry Potter spell-making and calligraphy, upcycled haiku, and a checkup with our Book Doctors to get your next reading prescription. You’ll also get a sneak peek of our 2019 Schools Program. Sign up at to find

out all of the details as soon as they’re released, and stay up to date with inspired opportunities for your young creatives.

Questions? Email


type club Saturday, 1 December 10AM – 1PM FREE EVENT Helvetica or Gil Sans? Whether or not you know your Sans Serif from your elbow, join The Type Club to talk lettering and typography, ideas and techniques. Ideal for design lovers, topographers and both experienced and would-be calligraphers. Email

Type club, The Goods Shed. Photograph by Samantha Ee, 2017.


Christmas Flowercraft WITH ROSE & BUD

THURSDAY, 13 DECEMBER 6 – 9PM TICKETED EVENT $171 – $190 + booking fees Deck your halls with boughs of holly... or wattle, or some other delicious foliage. Learn how to create Christmas wreaths with one of Western Australia’s leading flowersmiths Rose & Bud. For all bookings please visit

Photograph by Samantha Simone Photography, courtesy of Rose & Bud.

About FORM

At FORM we see creativity as a catalyst for positive change. We believe that the best, most vibrant places to live are the ones that nurture dynamic creativity, showcase cultural diversity, insist on quality, and are shaped with people in mind. FORM is an independent, non-profit cultural organisation that develops and advocates for excellence in creativity and artistic practice in Western Australia.

FORM MEMBERSHIP FORM is a not for profit organisation which funds the majority of its programming through partnering and sponsorships. We welcome members, donations, volunteers, creative and in-kind exchange. If you are inspired to help us build a State of creativity, you will find information at the following links.

Our activities span high-level artist development and exhibitions, place-making and strategy, social and multicultural engagement, cultural infrastructure development, Aboriginal cultural maintenance, research, and advocacy. All of these activities are connected by the exploration of artistic excellence, whether through processes or outcomes. FORM is a State-based organisation. We have head offices (Station Masters House) and a project space (The Goods Shed) in Claremont, and facilities in the Pilbara (Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery, Spinifex Hill Studios, and Port Hedland Visitor Centre).

Gloria exhibition opening at The Goods Shed, Photograph by Taryn Hays, 2018.

Scribblers Festival, Photograph by Taryn Hays, 2018.

THE GOODS SHED 4 Shenton Rd, Claremont WA 6010 T E W

+61 8 9226 2799

The Goods Shed is an initiative of FORM.

Program Partners

Cover: The Goods Shed, Photograph by Taryn Hays 2018.

The Goods Shed is FORM’s space for exhibitions, installations and commissions; for artist and thinker residencies; for community activity and exchange. The transformation of The Goods Shed has been made possible by the partnership between LandCorp and FORM. Occupying a heritage railway building in the heart of Claremont, The Goods Shed invites people to connect locally and globally through culture and creativity.

Principal Partner

The Goods Shed Program July - December 2018  
The Goods Shed Program July - December 2018