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Sound books� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 4-17 Toddlers� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 18-19 Montessori� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 20-21 Box sets  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 22 Picture books  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 23-26 Activity  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 27-38

BTS� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 39 Fiction  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 40-41

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �


Video Game guides � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 43-44 Fiction  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 45-50 Pop Culture� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 51-53 Fiction  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 54-55 WTF� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 56

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �


Fiction  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 58-63



Fiction  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 65-72

Contents Sound Books 4-17 Toddlers 18-19 Montessori 20-21 Box sets 22 Picture Books 23-26 Activity 27-38


Sound Books

New theme in our best-selling sound book series: nature! Illustrations by Olivia Cosneau


Bug sounds

Rights sold in Italian

Listen to the sounds of the cricket, the hawk moth, the fly, the cicada, the beetle and the bee.

March 2019

Our sound book series: over 2,5 million copies sold in France!

Bird sounds Listen to the beautiful sound of the European herring gull, the common cuckoo, the tawny owl, the Eurasian collared dove, the European robin, the Eurasian blue tit‌

Books with 7 sound chips 15 second sound chips 155 x 170 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 â‚Ź Rights sold in Italian

March 2018

Sound books for children’s well-being! Illustrations by Séverine Cordier

My Emotions sound book Children will associate and identify different emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, proudness…) thanks to an evocative sound, for instance the text of proudness comes along a cheering sound with an illustration of a child proud of his drawing.

Books with 7 sound chips 15 second sound chips 155 x 170 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 € January 2018

My first Relaxation moments Children can listen to different sounds of nature: the rain, a cat purring, the waves, birds singing, a heartbeat, a mobile hanging. A gentle text to accompany this peaceful moment. Also includes some advice to help parents with this relaxing experience.

My first little moments of Meditation Through sound chips and images children can imagine that they’re a tree, that a butterfly touches them, the heat of the sun, the wind on their faces, the sound of the sea or that a feather grazes them.

August 2017

My first Yoga postures

January 2017 Rights sold in German

A first approach to yoga for kids! Postures are adapted to them: the peacock, the butterfly, the cobra, the child, the butterfly, the grasshopper and the cat. On the left page: a text to describe the position.On the right page: an illustration of the child in posture + a sound chip which invites you to relax.

Rights sold in Italian

June 2017

Rights sold in German



Children can discover the greatest musical hits thanks to these 6 pop titles!

Sound Books

Illustrations by Aurélie Guillerey My first African songs

Our sound book series: over 2,5 million copies sold in France!

My first Disco songs


Extracts from: Claude François: Alexandrie, Alexandra ABBA: Dancing queen Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive Patrick Hernandez: Born to be alive Dalida: Laissez-moi danser Ottawan: D.I.S.C.O

June 2018

April 2019

My first Hip Hop songs

Illustrations by Sophie Rohrbach Extracts from: Mouana Moké – Republic of Congo Mami Wata – Burkina Faso Amina – West and Central Africa Pililili – Guinea Maya Yaka – Republic of Congo Kékélèh – Sierra Leone

October 2017


Extracts from: De la Soul: Ring, ring, ring Grandmaster flash: The Message Eminem: My Dad’s Gone Crazy MC. Solaar: Bouge de là Missy Elliot: Get Ur Freak On The Sugarhill band: Rapper’s Delight


(October 2019)

My first Jazz songs

My first Reggae songs Extracts from: Bob Marley: Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley: One Love Johnny Cash: I can see clearly now Tiken Jah Fakoly: Plus rien ne m’étonne Kingston Town: Lord Creator Alpha Blondy: Sweet Fanta Diallo

My first Rock songs

August 2016 Extracts from: When the Saints Summertime Take the A train Round midnight Lullaby of birdland Take five

March 2017

Books with 7 sound chips 15 second sound chips 155 x 170 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 €

March 2016

Extracts from: Elvis Presley: Be-Bop-a-Lula The Beach Boys: I get around The Rolling Stones: Satisfaction The Clash: Should I stay or should I go? Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA Nirvana: Come as you are

Children are introduced to Classical Music and its greatest composers in this best-selling series.


Illustrations by Séverine Cordier. Texts by Emilie Collet. New!

My little Handel

Rights sold in German

Extracts from: Alla Hornpipe – Water Music Prelude – Suite in G major The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Solomon Sarabande – Suite in D minor La Rejouissance – Music for the Royal Fireworks Hallelujah – Messiah

and Italian


My little Verdi

August 2019

Rights sold in Italian, German and

Complex Chinese

Books with 7 sound chips 15 second sound chips 155 x 170 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 €

Extracts from: Aida – Triumphal March La Traviata – Libiamo ne’lieti calici Nabucco – Va pensiero Il trovatore La Forza del destino – Overture Rigoletto – La donna è mobile

January 2019

Christmas pieces of Classical Music Extracts from: Handel: L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Snowflakes Bizet: L’Arlésienne – Royal March Delius: Sleigh Ride Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Handel: Joy to the World

Rights sold in Italian, German, Complex

Chinese and Greek

October 2018


Sound Books My little Satie April 2018 A beautiful introduction to a contemporary composer, one of the pioneers of jazz! Extracts from: Rights Jack in the box Le Piccadilly Menus propos enfantins (Childish Small Talk) Valse-ballet Croquis et agaceries d’un gros bonhomme en bois Gymnopédie n°1

My first songs to dance September 2017

sold in Italian

Rights sold in Italian, Catalan, Castilian, Complex Chinese and German

Extracts from: Waltz - Tchaïkovski ,”Waltz of the Flowers”, The Nutcracker Farandole - Bizet, “Suite n°2”, L’Arlésienne Polka - Strauss, Trisch-trasch polka Flamenco - Bizet, “Aragonaise”, Carmen Ronde - Saint-Saëns, “Final”, The Carnival of the Animals French Cancan - Offenbach, “Infernal Galop”, Orpheus in the Underworld 

Animals in Classic Music October 2017 Extracts from: Flight of the Bumblebee, Rimski-Korsakov Ballet of Unhatched Chicks, Mussorgsky  Royal March of the Lion, Saint-Saëns  The Trout, Schubert  Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky The Blue Bird, Tchaikovsky

Rights sold in Italian, Complex Chinese and German

Books with 7 sound chips 15 second sound chips 155 x 170 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 €

usic” “Classical m subseries: copies over 600, 000 ce! sold in Fran My little Bach March 2017 Extracts from: Cello Suite n°1 in G major Prelude n°1 in C major The Well-Tempered Clavier Cantata BMV 147 Toccata in D minor Orchestral suite n°2 in B minor

Rights sold in German, Greek, Castilian, Catalan, Simplified and Complex Chinese and Italian

Instruments of Classical Music January 2017 Discover different instruments: The violin (Brahms – Violin concerto in D major) The flute (Grieg – Peer Gynt) The guitar (Granados – Spanish dances) The trumpet (Verdi – Aida) Rights sold in Danish, Kettledrums (Lully) Complex Chinese, The piano (Bach)

German, Castilian, Catalan and Italian

My first Opera classics August 2016 Extracts from: Verdi: La Traviata Mozart: The Magic Flute Bizet: Carmen Offenbach: Belle Hélène Rossini: Duetto buffo di due gatti Mozart: Marriage of Figaro

Rights sold in Italian, Castilian, Catalan and German



Sound Books

Rights sold in Danish, Greek, German, Catalan, Castilian, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified and Complex Chinese

October 2014

My Little Vivaldi

Extracts from: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Turkish March The Alphabet Eine kleine Nachtmusik Sonate n°16 The Bell Song

Extracts from: The Four Seasons: Spring Summer Autumn Winter Mandolin concerto La Follia

January 2016

Rights sold in Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified and Complex Chinese

My Little Beethoven

My Little Chopin

Extracts from: Ode to Joy Pastoral symphony Concerto for violin op. 61 Minuet in major G Für Elise

Extracts From: Grande Valse Brillante Minute Waltz Raindrop Prelude Nocturne in E flat Polonaises

Rights sold in German, Catalan, Castilian, Simplified and Complex Chinese, and Italian

May 2015

Rights sold in Greek, German, Catalan, Castilian, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified and Complex Chinese

My Little Mozart

Rights sold in Greek, German, Catalan, Castilian, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified and Complex Chinese

May 2015

“Classical music” subseries: over 600, 000 copies sold in France!

March 2016

Rights sold in German, Catalan, Castilian, Simplified and Complex Chinese and Italian

The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns

My first classical Lullabies

Extracts from: Hens and Roosters The Elephant The Aquarium Aviary Fossils The Swan

Extracts from: Chopin’s Berceuse Flies’ Berceuse Schumann’s Kinderszenen Fauré’s Pavane Offenbach’s Barcarolle Debussy’s Clair de Lune

January 2016

Songs of the World Séverine Cordier

Rights sold in German and Italian


Following the tremendous success of My English Nursery Rhymes (see below), this title presents songs from the 5 continents, sang by natives in their own language! A unique concept and a fun way to introduce children to foreign languages.

May 2016

Songs: Giro tondo (Italy), Nan Ni Wan (China), Kalinka (Russia), Nini ya momo (Morocco), La cucaracha (South America) and Old Mac Donald (USA)

Lullabies from around the World Sophie Rohrbach

Listen to the most famous and traditional lullabies from around the world and discover different traditions. Children will travel far thanks to the tender and exotic illustrations drawn by Sophie Rohrbach. Songs: Antilles (Lullaby of the Great Antilles), Africa (Olélé ! Moliba), South America (Duerme negrito), Russia (Cossack Lullaby), USA (Hush a bye, baby and Ani’qu ne’).

May 2016

My first English Nursery Rhymes Séverine Cordier

Rights sold in German, Catalan and Castilian

Discover the most famous songs in English kids love learning from an early age! You’ll hear the songs and read the lyrics in English at the same time. Each song has its translation beneath in French (to be translated in your language). A fun way to learn English! List of nursery rhymes The wheels on the bus ; One, two buckle my shoe ; Itsy bitsy spider ; Twinkle, twinkle, little star ; The alphabet song ; Head, shoulders knees and toes

August 2015

My Christmas songs in English Yu-Hsuan Huang

Listen and sing along to the most famous traditional Christmas songs in English! Extracts from: Jingle Bells ; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ; Old toy trains ; Santa Claus is coming to town ; Walking in a winter wonderland ; Silver bells

October 2016

Books with 7 sound chips 15 second sound chips 155 x 170 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 €


Sound Books

Illustrations by Séverine Cordier My first pieces of Classical Music A new concept in our best-selling sound book series! Discover your first classical and contemporary songs through 7 sounds chips and 6 LED lights! As the music plays, you will see stars shining, fireworks, bright garlands light up the book to the rhythm of the music! Extracts from: Tchaïkovski: Swan Lake Vivaldi: The Four Seasons Tchaïkovski: Sleeping Beauty Beethoven: Ode to Joy Chopin: Nocturne in E flat

With LED lights flashing to the rhythm of the music!

Books with 7 sound chips and 6 LED lights 15 second sound chips 220 x 220 mm 12 pages Hardback Retail price | 16,95 €

Rights sold in Castilian, Catalan, German, Italian and Danish



(October 2019)


20 sound chips which refer to a sound Illustrations by Mélanie Combes My first early learning picture and sound book New!

Upcoming: Animals

(September 2019)

To the left, a series of images. To the right, a scenery with 3 sound chips! Each spread will guide toddlers through basic actions: see, listen, touch, feel and grab.

April 2019

Illustrations by Julie Mercier My first super picture sound book

15, 000 copies sold in France! A brand new concept: 20 sound chips which refer to a sound and a word! To the left, a scenery. To the right, a series of images and sound chips! The child presses the image of a dog; we hear a dog bark and the word “dog”. Each spread refers to themes especially selected for toddlers: the farm, home, the zoo, public transportation…

April 2018

220 x 220 mm 12 pages Hardback Three sound chips on each spread Retail price | 19,95 €


70,000 copies sold!

Sound Books

Illustrations by Charlie Pop

My first Audio Learning book The very first audio + interactive board book!


2 sound chips per double page with a unique concept that combines a sound and a word: the child hears the sound of the chip and a sentence that describes the nature of the sound.

Upcoming: Knights (August 2019)

Discover the World

September 2018

200 x 220 mm 12 pages Hardback 2 sound chips + 2 flaps on each spread Retail price | 14,95 â‚Ź


April 2019


May 2018



At Home

It’s Christmas

Seas and Oceans

January 2018

October 2017

May 2017

Rights sold in Complex Chinese

Rights sold in German and Complex Chinese

Animals of the world



February 2017

October 2016

October 2016

Rights sold in German and Complex Chinese

Rights sold in Complex Chinese

The Farm

Rights sold in Italian and Complex Chinese

April 2016

Rights sold in Italian, German and Complex Chinese


75, 000 copies sold!

Sound Books

Illustrations by Charlie Pop A declination of our successful “My first Audio learning book” series (previous page) made especially for toddlers! Each title has 5 tabs and 6 sound chips. Just like the “My first Audio learning book” series, the child can press on the sound chip, listen to a sound and then to a sentence that explains it. For example, after the sound of the cock’s crow, we can hear an actual sentence being pronounced: “The cock is crowing.” Also included: search & find games to help develop the baby’s sense of observation.




April 2019

January 2019 Rights sold in German and Italian


The Zoo

Upcoming: The Forest (August 2019) October 2018

September 2018



The Beach

The Garden

Baby animals

April 2018

April 2018

January 2018


Domestic animals

Construction Site

January 2018

April 2017

The Farm

The Savannah

10,000 copies sold

April 2017

155 x 170 mm 10 pages Hardback with tabs 5 sound chips Retail price | 9,95 â‚Ź April 2017

20,000 copies sold

April 2017

12, 000 copies sold



A game included in every title Goes to a show | April 2019

Visits Paris | March 2019

Pacifier | February 2019

Christmas | October 2018

Emotions | August 2018

Takes the train | June 2018

Rides his bike | May 2018

300,000 copies sold! Emmanuelle Massonaud & Mélanie Combes

Available in English!

170 x 170 mm 32 pages Hardback Retail price | 5 €

Meet Timoté ! This cute little bunny has become children’s best friend! This series launched in 2014 explores the universe of children’s everyday life and concerns. Each story is enriched with a specific game to pursue the reading experience. Upcoming: Goes to the library (August 2019)

Rights sold in Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Greek

Available in English Visits the Louvre museum | March 2018

At the fire station | January 2018

Goes skiing | October 2017

Eats at the canteen | August 2017

Gets up to mischief | May 2017

Has a little sister | April 2017

Goes to the circus | April 2017

Goes to the doctor | January 2017

Takes the plane | May 2016

Is potty-training | May 2016

Is very polite | March 2016

Disguises himself | January 2016

fait du poney


Emmanuelle MassonauD et Mélanie ComBes

fait du poney

Pour la première fois, Timoté va au poney-club. Que de découvertes… Dans la même collection,


ne veut pas dormir chez papi et mamie au bord de la mer a perdu son doudou et la galette des rois fête son anniversaire fête Pâques

entre à l’école à la ferme va sur le pot visite le zoo est très poli se déguise fête Noël



5 €

Christmas | October 2015

Goes riding | August 2015

Birthday Party | April 2015

Easter | March 2015

Loses his cuddly toy | February 2015

Kings’ Cake | December 2014

Goes to school | August 2014

At the farm | August 2014

Goes to the Zoo | February 2014

Doesn’t want to sleep | February 2014

Goes to the beach | February 2014

Visits his grandparents | February 2014


Fani Marceau & Claire LeGrand A new series of fully illustrated cardboard books for toddlers! Each title is a recollection of gentle moments with mom, dad, even with a baby brother or sister.

There’s so much to do with mom!

There’s so much to do with dad!

May 2018

Scratch and smell book

September 2018 Scratch, smell and recognize your surroundings thanks to 10 fragrant stickers! Each scenery evokes familiar places for toddlers. In the woods, we discover the smell of mushrooms. In the garden, the smell of fresh-cut grass. On the beach, we smell the sea. A book full of surprise to enhance toddlers’ vocabulary!

Rights sold in


Having a baby brother soon

May 2018

Having a baby sister soon

January 2018

Touch, look and recognize familiar objects and animals! More than 100 pictures and 20 materials to help children develop their language skills while they touch different materials. They will discover various sensations. Various materials on each page: soft flocking, spot varnish, flakes, holographic images, etc. Relatable images: a child lying on the grass for example. The reader observes and touches, as if he were on set. A cardboard format, practical for toddlers.

158 x 158 mm 24 pages Retail price | 6,95 €

January 2018

My giant touch and feel book

April 2016

Touch & feel: animals

220 x 220 mm 22 pages Hardback Retail price | 14,95 € August 2017



Céline Santini & Vendula Kachel Illustrations by Claire Frossard

My Montessori calendar

My ABC to touch New!


My Montessori activity book to discover

My Montessori activity book

A recreational activity book with all kind of activities to let children discover the world around them, the environment and nature. It comes with two pages of stickers.

April 2019 June 2019 A Montessori calendar which allows children from 3-5 years old to understand how time passes, but also discover letters, numbers, the five senses, the world and nature. It includes stickers to customize the calendar.

A sensory ABC with rough letters on the cover and all pages!

155 x 190 mm 28 pages Hardback Retail price | 9,95 €

Montessori box sets


March 2019 230 x 285 mm 48 pages - Paperback Retail price | 7,95 €

In both boxes, one dedicated to numbers and the other one to letters, children will find a book and rough cards which they can follow from the tip of their fingers, thus allowing them to use their senses to memorize each number or letter. The perfect titles for the Montessori education at home. A concept based on the Montessori education. Co-author is head of a Montessori school. A box set with a quality box, a book, cards.

Box with a book + 22 cards Box format: 210 x 190 mm Book format: 130 x 180 mm Book page extent: 18 Hardback Retail price | 12,95 €



Montessori Numbers

May 2017 Make your children discover wonderful activities suggested by a Montessori teacher to familiarize them with letters, numbers, nature and environment. Stickers are included to help complete the different exercises in a fun way.

Rights sold in Romanian

A brand new concept: a board book + rough cards with numbers and letters inside a box to take with you at all times!

Rights sold in Italian and Romanian

October 2016

October 2016

Box with a book + 52 cards + 24 dominos Box format: 210 x 190 mm Book format: 130 x 180 mm Book page extent: 18 Hardback Retail price | 12,95 €

Rights sold in Romanian and Italian

Upcoming: Pin punch (August 2019)

Montessori activity sets


Montessori Timeline

A brand new series of Montessori activity sets which will allow children to familiarize with basic concepts as letters, numbers, and time but also to develop skills as lacing! Each set comes along with instructions written by a Montessori teacher, an activity book and materials.

Montessori Rough letters

Montessori Addition



April 2018 A 4 meters timeline with over 20 pages of stickers! In this 12 month timeline, children will put a sticker each day of the week. They can complete their timeline with: stickers about the weather, clothes according to the season, fruit & vegetable of the month, animals of the season…

January 2019

January 2019

A new set with 26 double-sided rough cards with the alphabet in print and cursive, as well as images which go along. It comes with an activity book and instructions to use the kit!

Children will learn how to add numbers thanks to Montessori! A set with 20 rough cards with numbers, 86 rough cards with beads, 9 auto-corrective addition tables, a frieze from 1 to 20, an activity book and instructions to use the kit!

218 x 218 mm - 12 pages booklet + 4 meters timeline + 20 pages of stickers - Retail price | 7,50 €

218 x 218 mm Retail price | 7,50 €


218 x 218 mm Retail price | 7,50 €



April 2018

Lacing up game

Montessori Numbers

April 2018 April 2018

This activity set comes with rough cards with the alphabet as well as images which go along, but also an activity book to take their first steps on reading and writing.

This activity set comes with rough cards with the numbers from 0 to 20 as well as images to associate, but also an activity book.

Thanks to laces and a series of elements with holes (a tree, several animals, flowers, fruit), children will develop their concentration, dexterity and their fine motor skills, which are essential when they will earn to write.

218 x 218 mm 12 pages booklet + 52 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

218 x 218 mm 12 pages booklet + 42 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

218 x 218 mm - 12 pages booklet + a lace + a set of elements Retail price | 7,50 €


Box sets

New series!

“My … years old box set” series

Illustrations by Tiago Americo

Lovely box set with 3 games according to children’s age!

My 3 years old box set At 3 years old, children discover their first board games and learn the concept of team play. The box set comes with three different games with simple rules. It includes: a big board game about nature and animals, with pieces and a dice; 24 memory cards and a lotto about the seasons.

My 4 years old box set

My 5 years old box set

At 5 years old, children know how to count and play more difficult board games. The box set includes: a goose game, a 40-piece memory and a war card game of animals.

At 4 years old, children learn to observe and to sort objects. The box set includes: a big search and find board about the city with 40 objects to find; 6 vehicles puzzles with 3 pieces each and a 28-cards dominoes.

190 x 210 mm Retail price | 12,95 € June 2019

Picture Books


Girls can do it too / Boys can do it too!

Illustrations by Isabelle Maroger

A fantastic picture book about equality and freedom! “Soccer isn’t for girls! Dolls aren’t for boys! Boys don’t cry! Girls don’t like to get dirty!” You’ve probably heard these sentences on TV, at home or even at school. They are all wrong impressions, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, you can do anything! A 2-sided picture book with 2 different covers and 2 stories – one from the girls point of view, the other from the boys point of view, to avoid clichés with a light and poetic tone, which invites children to be their true self.

220 x 260 mm 48 pages Hardback Retail price | 14,95 €

By Sophie Gourion New!

Rights sold in Castilian and Catalan

February 2019

Waiting for Christmas

Flip the book for a different point of view!

By Nathalie Lescaille Illustrations by Claire Le Meil Violette and Robin are so excited for Christmas, but the wait is too long! Fortunately, their grandma has a lot of ideas to ease their impatience until Santa comes. In this interactive picture book, just like an Advent Calendar from 1st to 24th December, children will discover 24 treasures that symbolizes Christmas time, season change, and the joy of preparing the holidays with family.

October 2018

245 x 290 mm 32 pages Hardback Retail price | 14,95 €


Upcoming: Dreamcatcher (October 2019)

Picture Books

The Hummingbird’s Wisdom Illustrated by Pippa Dyrlaga

Discover the well-known American Indian myth of the hummingbird through this gorgeous picture book made with laser cut pages. This little bird tries to save the forest from a fire taking tiny drops of water in its beak. All the other animals, the anaconda, the monkey and the quetzal make fun of it; but it doesn’t matter as it is doing “its part” and will convince others to help him. A beautiful ecological message: each citizen takes actions and contributes as he can to save the planet.

Il brava l’incendie pour les déverser.

Il brava les flammes, la fumée, le danger.

October 2018

Laser cuts


Under my tree

250 x 250 mm 40 pages Hardback Retail price | 18 €

By Muriel Tallandier Illustrated by Mizuho Fujisawa A beautiful picture book with flaps and several interactions for children to play and explore. Take a walk into a forest, get to know different types of trees and animals with this tender and poetic story, which invites children to relax, but also to see, feel, touch the nature around them!

Rights sold in Simplified Chinese

June 2018

245 x 290 mm 32 pages Hardback Retail price | 14,95 €

50,000 copies sold!

25 25

Stories to learn how to manage your emotions! By Stéphanie Couturier Illustrated by Maurèen Poignonec

A poetic and tender story about a child’s emotions: fear, anger, jealousy, joy, timidity, proudness, sadness. Thanks to tabs and flaps children will learn how to deal with each of them.

The book of my Emotions


245 x 290 mm 32 pages Hardback Retail price | 14,95 €

Rights sold in 10 languages! October 2017


August 2018 Rights sold in Turkish


Rights sold in Turkish


January 2019


Achilles is cheerful and curious… but only when he’s at home! During a school trip, he doesn’t feel very confident. He mumbles, blushes and doesn’t want to talk. All because of his shyness!

197 x 177 mm 24 pages Hardback Retail price | 5,00 €

Miss Fear follows Jeanne everywhere! She worries about a lot of things: noises, monsters, nighttime, she’s scared of everything! How can we reassure her?

April 2018

Rights sold in Turkish

Rights sold in Italian Simplified and Complex Chinese


Marnie would love to have as much attention as her little brother Hubert: he gets the best gifts! Marnie sulks in a corner, the evil “Me, me, me” is with her!

August 2018

This morning Victor is in a good mood! He’s going on holiday with his family and his best friend Tommy! What a lovely adventure! But Tommy is not so sure about this; he misses his parents and he’s feeling blue. Luckily Victor’s joy is here to cheer his friend up!

Jules is not in a good mood this morning! Someone appeared on his day: it’s Paige the rage! This morning will be difficult for him…!

April 2018

Rights sold in Turkish, Italian Simplified and Complex Chinese


Picture Books

My little emotions bookcase By Stéphanie Couturier Illustrated by Maurèen Poignonec


125 x 140 mm 6 board books of 14 pages each Retail price | 12,95 €

My emotions activity book

April 2019

Discover 6 brand new and original stories, one per emotion, in a lovely bookcase that you can take everywhere! 6 board books by the same authors of the Livre de mes émotions bestseller. Children will learn in a gentle way how to deal with anger, joy, proudness, fear, jealousy and sadness.


Anger, joy, proudness, fear, jealousy, sadness… in this activity book children will discover and learn how to manage their emotions thanks to creative and playful exercises. It also includes stickers, an “Emotions Wheel” and a pre-cut memory game!

May 2019

230 x 285 mm 48 pages Retail price | 7,95 €

Upcoming: Fingerpaint (August 2019)

Activity Sets

My first early learning activity sets A new declination of a successful series: activity sets for the 3-6 year olds! Cards to scratch, to color, to decorate! These lovely kits specially crafted for the little ones come with: 2 scratch cards, a wooden stick (adapted to their age), 5 cards to color and to complete with 50 foam stickers and a sticker sheet.



New series! 218 x 218 mm 2 scratch cards, 5 sceneries, a sticker sheet, 50 foam stickers Retail price | 9,95 €


March 2019

March 2019

250 Stickers

New series!

250 adorable stickers to decorate everything you want!

The World

250 stickers 190 x 190 mm Retail price | 4,95 €

So cute!

February 2019

February 2019


Activity Sets

Upcoming: Christmas (October 2019)

Scratch, search and find – Unicorns New!

The first scratching search and find book! Rainbow the unicorn has lost its colors! Help it find them again through magical sceneries! Scratch each page with the help of the wooden stick and find the 24 elements hidden inside it. A cardboard book with 8 scratching sceneries and a wooden stick.

February 2019

August 2018

218 x 218 mm 16 pages Cardboard book Retail price | 8,95 €

A set which includes: a book with ideas and easy step-by-step instructions to make your own dreamcatcher, It also has all the materials needed: feathers, yarn, pearls, a circle…

Upcoming: Origami garland (August 2019)

Watercolors on a stick

September 2017


A new and practical concept: to use this watercolors, no water or paintbrush needed, just a stick! This kit comes with 5 watercolor sticks, a stencil and 8 wonderful sceneries to color

218 x 218 mm 8 cards Retail price | 9,95 €

Pompom animals

218 x 218 mm Retail price | 9,95 € A complete kit with 4 wool balls, baize stickers and eye stickers. Pompoms are a simple but fun activity to create adorable objects!

September 2017

218 x 218 mm 4 wool balls + baize stickers + eye stickers Retail price | 9,95 €

Colour birds with sand

Fairy tale mosaics A complete kit which includes 7 cards and 1600 mousse stickers (of which 400 are glittered!)

Decorate 6 extraordinary bird cards with coloured sand! This kit includes 6 cards, 6 sand tubes and 1 wooden stick. For children from 6+

218 x 218 mm 7 cards Retail price | 9,95 €

218 x 218 mm 6 cards Retail price | 9,95 €

April 2017

April 2017

ns” series: ”My creatio sold! 700,000 copies

My birthday kit



Rights sold in German, Italian and Spanish

Puzzles to scratch


120 Tattoos


June 2019

June 2019

June 2019

All you need to organize a birthday party! A complete kit with invitations, 6 masks to color, accessories for your own photo booth, a club flag garland, stickers to customize your party and guide with games ideas.

A unique concept: 5 puzzle cards to scratch and play!

120 dermatologically tested tattoos for a cheerful summer season!

218 x 218 mm 5 pre-cut cards + a wooden stick Retail price | 7,50 €

218 x 218 mm 3 tattoo sheets Retail price | 7,50 €

218 x 218 mm 6 masks, 8 invitations, a club flag garland, photo booth accessories and stickers Retail price | 7,50 €

Stickers – scratch cards A new concept on this series: a complete kit with over 100 stickers to scratch and a wooden stick!

Enliven fairy cards

218 x 218 mm A wooden stick + 100 stickers Retail price | 7,50 €

August 2017

Christmas metalized cards A kit with 5 pages of stickers, 5 transfer metal transfer sheets and a wooden stick to decorate beautiful Christmas sceneries

August 2017 Cards to bring to life thanks to movable parts to create and different materials to stick for a 3D effect!

218 x 218 mm 8 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

October 2017

218 x 218 mm A wooden stick + 5 cards + 5 transfer metal transfer sheet Retail price | 7,50 €


Activity Sets 7 sceneries in each box: 2 scratch cards + 5 sceneries to complete + 300 stickers A multi-activity envelope never seen before!  

218 x 218 mm 5 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

Fantastic animals

Baby animals



2 sceneries to be completed with metal transfer sheets and glitter

2 sceneries to be completed with metal transfer sheets and glitter

2 sceneries to be completed with a velvet touch and pompons

2 sceneries to be completed with glitter and shiny details


March 2019

Sequin embroidery


March 2019

March 2018

Shiny masks

March 2018

Shiny cards 218 x 218 mm 6 masks Retail price | 7,50 €

January 2018 A kit with 5 sceneries to decorate thanks to 500 sequins

218 x 218 mm 5 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

January 2019 A kit which includes 6 masks, 550 shiny decorations and 1-meter rubber band!

Thin Felt Stickers

218 x 218 mm 6 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

January 2018 Make this 6 sceneries shine with over 550 shiny decorations

Glitter Works

5 cards 160 thin felt stickers 40 paper stickers

Detach the sticky parts from each card and pour your glitter on them! 4 sticky cards 1200 paillettes

218 x 218 mm 5 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

218 x 218 mm 4 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

February 2016

February 2016


Scratch cards series

Scratch off the black ink from the cards with the included wooden stick to reveal magical colours!

Exotic animals – scratch cards & stencils

Cute animals


March 2019

Thanks to stencils, you can reveal wonderful exotic animals from around the world by scratching the black ink with your stick.

218 x 218 mm - 10 cards + 4 stencils + a wooden stick - Retail price | 7,50 €

Scratch masks



March 2019 218 x 218 mm 10 cards + a wooden stick Retail price | 7,50 €

May 2018

218 x 218 mm 10 cards Retail price | 7,50 €



August 2017 218 x 218 mm 10 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

January 2018 218 x 218 mm 10 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

Mini-scratch cards: Little fishes New!

March 2019 145 x 145 mm 6 cards Retail price | 4,95 €

January 2018 218 x 218 mm 8 scratch masks + a wooden stick + a big rubber band (1 meter) Retail price | 7,50 €

New format

Mini-scratch cards: Christmas decorations

Mini-scratch cards: Christmas toys

Mini-scratch cards: Easter

Mini-scratch cards: Spring

October 2018 145 x 145 mm 6 cards + golden yarn Retail price | 4,95 €

October 2018 145 x 145 mm 6 cards + golden yarn Retail price | 4,95 €

March 2018 145 x 145 mm 6 cards Retail price | 4,95 €

March 2018 145 x 145 mm 6 cards Retail price | 4,95 €


Activity Sets My activity set box: scratch cards and secret messages New!

A set which includes: a 32-page book, 8 scratch cards made to write messages to your friends, 8 envelops, 4 decorations to scratch and attach with golden yarn, stickers to scratch and a wooden stick!

215 x 270 mm 32-pages books + 8 cards Retail price | 14,95 € October 2018

My activity set box: scratch cards

A complete set box on a successful format! It includes 12 scratch cards (4 of them, shiny), stickers to scratch, a stencil, 4 sceneries to scratch, a wooden stick and a 32-pages book with stories.

215 x 270 mm 32-pages book + 12 cards Retail price | 14,95 €

October 2017

Wonderful animals – scratch cards & stencils

Wonderful animals – shiny scratch cards

September 2016

A complete kit which includes 10 scratch cards, 4 stencils and a wooden stick to make beautiful works! Thanks to stencils, you can reveal wonderful animals while scratching the black ink with your stick.

Animals of the world – scratch cards with pantone

June 2017

A complete kit which includes 10 cards and a wooden stick. New in the series: some scratch cards have a silver pantone!

A complete kit which includes 8 beautiful scratch cards: 4 silver scratch cards + 4 colour scratch cards. You will reveal wonderful animals when scratching the ink with your stick!

January 2017



June 2016

February 2016


September 2015

New series!

Kawaii kits




A super cute kit in the shape of a lovely animal with creative activities inside! It comes with 2 scratch cards, 2 cards to complete with stickers and shiny elements, 4 origami papers and a bracelet.

110 x 155 mm Retail price | 7,95 € Upcoming: Panda and Fox (Fall 2019)

Little travel games

May 2019

May 2019

Treasure hunt game A 45 minute treasure hunt for 3 to12 children! A complete kit with 20 parchments with riddles to hide, 12 invitations, 12 rewards and a full instruction guide for the organizer!

June 2018 30 game cards to take everywhere with a pencil included! Logical games (sudoku, minesweeper), observation games, word games, games for two players…


June 2018

218 x 218 mm 20 pages Retail price | 7,50 €

Origami decoration 50 sheets + 8 models 50 sheets with beautiful patterns, a leaflet with 8 models, a thread and a wire to create your decorations.

218 x 218 mm 30 pages Retail price | 7,50 €

June 2018

218 x 218 mm 50 sheets Retail price | 7,50 €


Activity Sets

Paper Jewellery

Origami animals: 50 sheets + 8 models

Aquarelle cards

June 2017

January 2017

Create origami jewellery and paper pearls! This kit includes: 50 patterned sheets, 1 booklet with 8 different models, thread and cotton and 6 pearls. You can create a ring and 3 origami necklaces, but also paper pearls to create beautiful coloured bracelets.

218 x 218 mm 50 sheets, 1 booklet, thread & cotton, 6 pearls Retail price | 7,50 €

It’s easy being an artist! In this pack, you’ll find all the necessary material to enhance 5 coloured paintings: 5 cards, 1 colour pallet, 1 brush. Just follow the detailed step by step indications to create lovely aquarelles!

218 x 218 mm 5 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

Pop-up cards

January 2017 You will find all you need to make adorable origami animals in this pack: sheets with patterns, sheets with folding to practice, and a step by step guide with 8 models! Follow the steps and create your stunning foldings, simply! And with the free pearl string provided in the pack, you can create your very own origami garland!

218 x 218 mm 50 sheets, 1 booklet, 6 pearls and cotton thread Retail price | 7,50 €

Fairies and princesses metalized cards

January 2017

218 x 218 mm 8 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

In this pack, you can create 8 beautiful pop-up cards thanks to the following components: 8 colouring cards, 8 precut detachable pop-up elements to colour and stick, and 8 envelopes. Just follow the detailed step by step indications to create lovely pop-up cards you can kindly offer around you!

September 2016

218 x 218 mm 5 cards Retail price | 7,50 €

In this pack, you can create 5 beautiful shiny works thanks to metalized cards! All you need to do is detach the precut sticking surfaces on the cards and put a metal transfer sheet on it to make princesses shine!



Animals of the world


By Nathalie Lescaille Illustrations by Adèle Combes A complete activity set to learn everything you must know about a subject! Each one comes with a 1-meter poster, 175 stickers to complete it and a 24-pages booklet to answer all your questions!

New series! May 2019

Countries of the world

The human body

218 x 218 mm A poster, 175 stickers, 24-page booklet Retail price | 7,50 €

August 2018

August 2018


Activity Sets

New series!

Brainstorming series Logic games and experiences to reinforce children’s curiosity. Learn while having fun!



Scientific experiments

April 2019 A set with a book with all accessories to discover plants and animals: a magnifying glass, cards with explanations, an explorer notebook. Thanks to the 24-page book learn how to make your own herbarium and customize it with 20 stickers!

April 2018


September 2018 A set with a book with 10 scientific experiments to make at home stepby-step! It comes with all the material needed for each one: 2 test tubes, a pipette, a stirrer and an inker.


218 x 218 mm 24 pages Retail price | 9,95 €

September 2018 A set with a book with 10 magic tricks to make at home step-by-step and impress your friends! It comes with all the material needed for each one: a magic rope, a card game and several foam balls!

Optical illusions A kit with all you need to train your brain: a book with riddles and logic games, a tangram, 2 metal brain-teasers and 20 cards with activities and challenges. A complete kit with: a 24 page book, 2 metal brainteasers, a tangram and 20 cards.

April 2018

A book with optical experiences to recreate at home, 20 optical illusions cards and all the material to build a cardboard periscope, a whirling disc and a spinning-top. A complete kit with: a 24-pages book, 20 game cards, cards and mirrors.

55, 000 copies sold in

The little ones can now start colouring too! 180 x 180 mm 14 pages Retail price | 7,95 €

Funny animals



Paint with water and see adorable animals and vehicles appear in colours! A unique concept: all you need is a tiny bit of water to reveal the different drawings on each page. A practical way to teach small children how to hold their pen and how to colour, without making a mess. And it’s economical too: you can colour infinitely! Included: a search & find on every page.





Les Dinosaures

Peins avec de l’eau pour voir apparaître les couleurs !

April 2018

May 2019

Cute animals

May 2019

The zoo

Animals from around the world

Animaux du Monde

Peins avec de l’eau pour voir apparaître les couleurs !

January 2019

April 2018


The farm

Rights sold in Italian May 2017

January 2018

Princesses and fairies

January 2019

Baby animals

Rights sold in Italian January 2018

May 2017


Activity Sets Illustrations by Stéphanie Rousseau


Super cute coloring

215 x 280 mm 96 pages Retail price | 9,95 €

Shiny mandalas

August 2018

Shiny unicorns and fantastic creatures New!


230 x 285 mm 48 pages Retail price | 9,95 € February 2019

February 2019


K-POP Love story 140 x 204 mm 216 pages 11,95 € by AE Jung The first fanfiction about the K-pop phenomenon BTS! Alice, 18 years old, has taken a year off after high school to work in a concert venue. Tonight, the internationally acclaimed K-pop band BTS will perform there! Backstage, she bumps into Sun, one of the leading singers, and his manager. They are having a big fight about Sun’s prolific love life! When they see Alice, an eccentric idea comes into their mind: what if they staged a fake relationship with the young girl to ease fans and media? Will Alice accept an offer that will change her life?

May 2019

Diary BTS 120 x 175 mm 400 pages 7,95 € The perfect diary for BTS fans with photos all year long, facts, details and anecdotes about the band and each of its members! June 2019

1  000 copi8 es   sold

Rights s • Englis old: h • Germa (USA) • Hunga n • Czech rian • I • Korea talian n!

EVERYTHING IS OKAY by Anne Kalicky 140 x 204 mm 216 pages Paperback 11,95 € Published in September 2016

Follow the first steps of a very special teenager, Max, in Secondary school… Here’s an extract: “Dear humans from the future, what you are holding is a unique treasure, a time capsule, Great Max’s notebook (ME -) ). Well, for the moment, I’m only 11, but I’m determined to leave my footprint in History and become the hero of my time. That’s why I have to tell you every important event of my existence and specially my first day in Secondary School. It’s going to be legendary! This book is a reflection of my genius, you’ll see! If only my family and friends could see it too…” A wide range of SMILEY sticker books, diaries, calendars are also available on demand!

I’M THE BEST (MORE OR LESS) by Anne Kalicky 140 x 204 mm 216 pages Paperback 11,95 € Published in March 2017

8 copie 0s00    sold Rights s • Englis old: h (US • Korea A) n

It’s a new year for Max and he’s determined to seduce Naïs, the girl he’s secretly in love with. But it won’t be as easy as planned… At the same time, with Tom his best friend, they decide to launch their own fashion brand to become rich! But when a disabled student arrives at school, everything changes!

TO THE RESCUE! by Anne Kalicky 140 x 204 mm 216 pages 11,95 € Published in September 2017

Rights s • Englis old: h (USA)


Max seems to be in a lot of trouble! Just take a look at this extract: “SOS! To the rescue! Call 911! I’m trapped… I’m a prisoner in the middle of nowhere. It’s super hot, my pencil is shivering and I’m writing these lines in the dark, using a headlamp… I’m suffocating! So you, who are reading these lines by a desperate boy, come save me!”

ON TOP! by Anne Kalicky

After his lively summer vacations, Max arrives in high school where new adventures await for him! Only a few weeks to get used to his new environment, he has already a huge challenge ahead: become a student council!

IT’S ALL GOOD by Anne Kalicky 140 x 204 mm 216 pages 11,95 € Published in October 2018

A series! ns y illustratio e il m S l a Origin ge! on every pa

Max is ready for the summer break after a stressful first year in high school. His dad has planned a big surprise for the family: he has bought a motorhome and will be taking the family on camping trip! At the beginning it was all joy and excitement, but it didn’t last long, several breakdowns and some frequent visitors who don’t like ‘strangers’ will challenge Max’s mood. Summer time isn’t going exactly as expected…

, names, characters and all related indicia are owned by The Smiley Company ©1971 - 2019. All rights reserved.

140 x 204 mm 216 pages 11,95 € Published in April 2018


t e c d e n n o c ls e v o d l N r o w e h t to nagers. ee t of


404 éditions: books that link screen and paper through 6 worlds:

VIDEO GAME GUIDES For beginners as well as addicted gamers, thematic guides on today’s best video games.

FICTION Fan-fiction series on Minecraft and a series of novels with original enigmas...

#FOLLOWME Meet the celebs everyone is talking about...

GEEKOPEDIA Learn how to do everything, simply.

WTF Totally off the wall!

POP CULTURE Geek stationary, quizzes, games…!




THE essential guides to know everything about Minecraft! 170 x 210 mm • 96 pages • Hardback • 9,95 €

A guide that reviews from A to Z all the basis of a specific subject, from the first steps to more detailed developments for experts! Hardback, fully illustrated, for young players. CONSTRUCTION This book is the ultimate Minecraft construction guide! You will discover useful and amazing information about materials and techniques, but also detailed step by step to create the most amazing constructions!

April 2018



August 2018

January 2019


February 2018

220 x 216 mm • 72 pages • Hardback • 9,95 €

How can you create a giant zombie? How can you ride a llama? Where can you find colored wool? These questions and many more are explained in this fully illustrated guided! A strong subject among Minecraft players! 4-colour illustrations and hardback binding.





140 x 100 mm • 386 pages • Paperback • 9,95 €

170 x 220 mm • 120 pages 6,95 € June 2019



Updated editions (versions 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12) 130 x 190 mm • Paperback • 80 pages • 6,95 €














FICTION FAN FICTION: works written by fans of a preexisting world (book/TV/series/movie/video game...) who invent new stories based on these settings/characters.



RIG HTS SOL •N D: ORT • G H AME "JOURNAL D'UN NOOB" SERIES (MINECRAFT) • POERMAN RICA COPIE Y S SOLD • SP RTUGA L ANI W I N SH 140 x 204 mm • Paperback • 11,95€ ORL FRANC D E! • IT WIDE A L • RU Y The hilarious diary of a young Minecraft villager who wants to become a warrior! SS • •CZ SLOVA IA First auto-published on Amazon and ranked at top of the sales! E C H R KIA •C Our hero is 12  years old, he’s about to go to Minecraftia school and is destined to • TH HINA • EPUBLI C E K become a farmer or a butcher like all the other villagers. But his dream is to become a • U NETHER OREA K• L A N POL warrior and beat the monsters that keep on attacking the town. So when he hears that AND DS



5 of the best students are about to start a warrior training, he’ll do anything to be a part of it! Competition will be tough but he’s chosen to be a warrior!

Volume 6 Volume 1

Volume 2

February 2016 • 312 pages

May 2016 • 240 pages

Volume 3 August 2016 • 264 pages

Volume 4

Volume 5

January 2017 • 264 pages

August 2017 • 288 pages

March 2018 • 312 pages

A (LOST) KITTEN IN THE NETHER BY BES T SELLIN G AUTHO CUBE K R, ID! Billy’s brand new adventure in the Overworld! After defeating the Endernova, the terrible enderman who wanted to conquer the Overworld, Billy and his friends go on to a new adventure in the Nether, while the kitten learns how to manage its magical powers; but did Billy actually make the Endernova disappear?

140 x 204 mm • Paperback • 11,95 € A (lost) kitten in the Nether is derive from the Journal d’un Noob universe. Readers will find all of the emblematic characters from the main series in this spin-off.

Volume 2

March 2019 • 288 pages


September 2017 • 288 pages


Billy isn’t a much disciplined kitten… Its mom had warned it not to play in the forest, but it didn’t listen. That’s how it found itself in the Nether, a bizarre world inhabited by scary creatures. In the company of a ghast almost cheerful and a not-so-evil witch, Billy develops incredible supernatural powers! Will that be enough to fight against Endernova’s army, the Enderman that wants to rule over the Overworld? In order to save its friends, the kitten must become the champion of the Nether, as the prophecy of The Chosen One tells…




THE SECRET LIFE OF MONSTERS A new Minecraft series from the monsters’ point of view! 130 x 190 mm • 144 pages • Paperback • 7,95 €

I, THE MOOSHROOM Charlotte longs for adventures and mysteries, her dream is to become the Sherlock Holmes of Minecraft! Unfortunately, nothing ever happens in the Mooshroom island… Until the arrival of two Minecrafters and the theft of some precious mushrooms that will change everything! Charlotte will lead the investigation!


April 2019

I, THE WITHER SKELETON What Leo loves the most is making jokes and he obviously shares this passion with all the creatures of Minecraft! After a questionable ultimate joke, he is assigned with the dumbest whiter skeletons of the whole Universe. Leon will have to take charge, but it’s not easy to have a serious quest when all he wants to do is have a good laugh.

I, THE WITCH Sally the witch wants to develop a destruction potion to be proclaimed queen of Minecrafters. The only issue? She doesn’t have the recipe and she has to deal with a clingy little boy. August 2018

January 2019



I, THE CREEPER Everybody knows it: in the Minecraft world, creepers explode! But for Mervyn, it goes beyond that. His main goal is to make his dad proud of him by winning the prestigious annual competition of Creeper’s explosions! Between family pressure and his rival mockeries, things will be harder than expected for the little green monster. In this fun and unique diary, follow the intense training to become the best exploder of the Overworld!


February 2018

It’s not that easy to find your place in the Minecraft world when you’re a tiny green cube; but Slibertius, aka Bert, knows already what he wants to be: the best stylist of the Overworld! Though it is a bit difficult to dress up cubes without legs nor arms… During his journey Bert will meet dangerous spiders, witches and he will fight his worst enemies: Minecrafters! The hilarious account of an impossible quest for the sake of fashion told by the most determined cube of all Minecraft!

February 2018

I, THE ZOMBIE It’s hard being a big villain when you have the most stupid soldiers of Minecraft! Gladly Bern, the destroyer zombie, can count on Bruce his loyal friend, who gives him great advice in grunts. He has one major goal: inspire zombies to work together towards a common goal: conquer the Overworld!


May 2018

In Minecraft, the Ender Dragon is THE beast to defeat. But this Ender dragon is bored! He dreams of going out on an adventure… One day, an audacious Minecrafter comes to show him the world instead of fighting him! Follow the adventures of the dreadful Ender dragon thanks to his amusing journal which will let you visit the whole Overworld! May 2018



ESCAPE BOOKS: Based on Escape Games! These are adventure games in which a group of people is locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape the room within a set time limit. 130 x 190 mm • Paperback • 11,95 €




May 2019 • 288 pages

January 2019 • 288 pages

September 2018 • 270 pages




Following the traces of your father, who is a prisoner in a cult, you’re trapped in an Ancient Mayan temple. Thanks to a notebook with precious information, you will have to do everything in your power to find him and get out of the temple alive!

Chicago, 1893. You are locked in H.H. Holmes hotel with no way out. You are at the infamous American serial killer’s mercy and he wants to test your logic and self-control. A sharp logic, an analytic mind, a real sense of observation… there is no doubt: you must be better than H.H. Holmes if you want to survive.

You are trapped in a zeppelin transformed in a lab, the commands are completely locked. The Professor, whose identity remains a secret, keeps testing your logic and self-control. Your challenge? To find a way out… alive!


March 2018 • 288 pages



Locked up in a spatial station, you realize that all exits are blocked. The lack of oxygen and a strange presence running around will challenge you to find a way out as quickly as possible. A sharp logic, an analytic mind, a real sense of observation… there is no doubt: you must be better than the unknown outer space creature if you want to survive.

Are you ready to enter the world of the ruthless Lovecraft? You’ll meet face to face the worst creature that has ever existed: Cthulhu, the High Priest of the Great Old Ones, who lives in the deepest ocean. Cthulhu has been awaken and now he wants to end the world!

October 2017 • 288 pages





Trapped by Moriarty, your diabolical Nemesis, you’re going to have to have to escape to stay alive... and save your faithful friend, Watson. A new Escape Book based on the ultimate master of mystery: Sherlock Holmes.

Minecraft is an awesome game… as long as it stays a game! Stuck inside the Overworld, you are going to have to be brave and smart to resolve the different enigmas and find your way out to the real world. Zombie attacks, protection against creepers… Will you come out alive?


June 2017 • 288 pages

March 2017 • 240 pages




Trapped inside the SaintJacques tower, followed by the spirit of alchemist Nicolas Flamel, you will need to use all your imagination to make it through alive…

Zombies have invaded the world. An old friend, a biology teacher, needs your help to finalize the remedy for fever Z. But he’s a prisoner of his own laboratory. Only you can help the world and escape from zombies!


November 2016 • 290 pages

April 2016 • 272 pages



“JUNIOR ESCAPE BOOK” SERIES After the great success of our Escape Book series, 404 is launching a new format for middle graders! Just like our main series, readers will have to solve puzzles and riddles in order ESCAP E to get away from the book! BOO


130 x 190 mm • 96 pages • Paperback • 7,95 € THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF MS. HIDEOUS In a funfair you get into the haunted house of Ms. Hideous, ready to be scared stiff. You suddenly realize that it is a trap! The evil witch locked you inside and she can shrink the house to a bag size! You will have to keep calm and be ingenious if you want to get out safe and sound!



THE CURSED TEMPLE Incarnate Minus, the hero of our major international best-selling series “Journal d’un Noob” in this epic adventure in Minecraft! During a village exploration with friends, you suddenly come across a ruthless warrior. Your sword is already in position to tussle when you realize that he doesn’t want to test your force, but your logic! Trapped in a unknown place, you will have to free yourself without fighting. Logics and observation will be your new allies!

May 2019

THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND Abandoned on a mysterious island, you have to find a way out. There’s a volcano eruption coming and you have to avoid it at all costs! You will have to use all your logic and concentration if you want to leave the island alive! Cleverness, an analytic mind, observation…there’s no doubt: you have to put all your efforts to quit it on time and who knows… maybe you’ll find some fantastic treasures along the way.

February 2019

February 2019




175 x 130 mm x 40 mm • 40  cards + 32 pages booklet • 9,95 €



March 2019

March 2019


DETECTIVES Embark on a wonderful adventure in Lady Snock’s manor! Holly, the old lady’s cat and her collard with an emerald inside have disappeared. You have 45 minutes to find Holly if you don’t want to be accused of its disappearance! Time is running out! Will you manage to solve the riddles and bring it back home?

Embark on an exciting adventure in a far away land! Princess Elisa has been kidnaped by a dragon! You have 45 minutes to save her before the dragon eats you all up! Time is running out! Will you manage to solve the riddles without getting lost in the horrific den?


June 2018

June 2018



Embark on a fabulous adventure with dinosaurs! Professor Flynn, a well-known geologist, has gone missing! To find him, you must go to an underground world, in a deep jungle filled with… dinosaurs! You have 45 minutes to solve the riddles and save Professor Flynn! Time is running out! Will you manage to escape from these carnivore monsters?

Embark on a fabulous adventure to the Palace of Versaille! The grandson of Louis XIV must marry a princess, but the wedding ring has gone missing! You have 45 minutes to find it, before the ceremony starts! Time is running out! Will you manage to solve the riddles without getting lost in the castle?


March 2018

March 2018



The Captain has left you on an desert island which hides the treasure of Buzzard the pirate. You have 45 minutes to find it. Will you be able to spot the treasure and escape from the hook of the dangerous pirates?

All your constructions have vanished and you are now in survival mode. There is an army of monsters chasing you. You have 45 minutes to solve the riddles and save your game, and to discover who has hacked your server!




230 x 300 x 52 mm • 132 cards + 3 booklets of 16 pages • 14,95 €

ASYLUM Locked in an asylum where the most unstable patients have taken over, you and your friends will have to unite yourselves and join all your ingenious to get out of this hell in less than one hour. A BOX A SCENAR, IO A POSTER , & A SOUND TRACK

October 2018

CTHULHU You and your friends end up in an odd village. Nobody speaks and all the residents seems to follow a disturbing cult. You have 60 minutes to close the dimensional portal that will lead the end of the world!

October 2018

ZOMBIES 3 scenarios with different difficulty levels to fight zombies at home! The game comes with: 135 cards to hide, a poster, 3 booklets of 16 pages, badges and a one-hour soundtrack terrifying sounds! October 2017


175 x 130 mm x 40 mm • 40 cards + 32 pages booklet • 9,95 € SPIES POLICE INQUIRY

March 2018

A thief has managed to get in a stylish villa known for having an unbreakable security system controlled by AI. You are a police officer assigned to the case. With the help of your partner you must decipher how the robbery took place by recreating the scene.

March 2018

Your latest task is to prevent Dr. Kheyr, a mad scientist, who has sent a weapon in orbit capable of destroying entire cities unless he is named ruler of the world. You have managed to enter his secret lab, but are now trapped in it. You have 60 minutes to find the code that will deactivate the weapon before it hits Earth!



361 x 361 x 60 mm • 96-page book, 200 cards • 16,95 € “JOURNAL D’UN NOOB” – THE GAME The phenomenon continues! Finally, a board game inspired from the Journal d’un Noob universe! Join Minus and his friends in their great adventure! Prove that you’re the best by answering quizzes about Minecraft and become the leader of the army to defeat the awful Herborine! It comes with: • 200 cards for a great game • 6 pieces • A booklet with rules • A board • A dice • A minute glass



October 2018


FICTION A NIGHT IN HELL A chilling gamebook for young adult readers! 140 x 205 mm • 312 pages • Paperback • 14,95 €

By Andy Rowski It’s Halloween and you’re invited to the party of the year at your friend’s Victor, who lives in an old manor in the countryside. Everybody will be there, including Clara and Lucas, your best friends who are having a hard time after their break up. Victor tells the horrendous story of the manor: a hundred years ago, a man, in an act of madness, savagely killed his whole family. During the party you realize that the place is actually haunted and that the ghost has only one goal: to kill you. Dive into this nerve-racking book and try to find a way to survive this horrific night!

April 2019




A gripping western in space! 140 x 225 mm • 320 pages • Paperback • 16 €

By David Gallais Rubens is not made for the life in Fark: too thin, too weak, too rich for this desert land filled with scums. What brings him to this infamous planet? Gripped to his briefcase, he’s looking for Phyne’s help and the mercenaries. But what is the true purpose of his visit? One thing is sure: Rubens won’t be the same after it! Embark with him into a thrilling spatial trip!

March 2019


ALMOST MIDNIGHT Six orphans, one city in danger

130 x 190 mm • 144 pages • Paperback • 16 €

By Anthony Combrexelle Paris, 1889. 6 orphans who live on the streets against their will and make a life by mugging and stealing are now on the run. When the Paris Universal exposition starts, they make a huge mistake: they steal the wrong object from the wrong people. It will lead them to the core of a secret magic world, where they will face up mythological creatures, witches and terrifying mechanical enemies in order to save their lives and the whole city!

10,0 0



January 2018







February 2019

DANNY-LLAMA 140 x 204 mm • 144 pages • Paperback • 9,95 €

By Claude Combacau Meet the most peaceful llama on Earth! Nowadays we are all searching for a little peace of mind: by doing yoga, eating healthy, becoming vegan, meditating, following Scandinavians lifestyle… Look no more, master Zen Danny-Llama has open the doors of his temple for us. In this complete and well-documented guide, follow a special llama’s journey which includes philosophical concepts, testimonies, colorings and yoga postures. This off-the-wall and hilarious guide has tests, recipes, tutorials and everything one needs to relax and be zen… just like a llama!

e d a r G e l d Mid and Youngn! o i t c fi t l u Ad



By Frigiel and Nicolas Digard Illustrated by Thomas Frick The Meraim Battle

Follow the adventures of the most cherished duo in Minecraft

Volume 4

370 pages • 12,90€

Frigiel, orphan since the mysterious disappearance of his parents, is raised by his grandfather in a small village in the Forest of Arden. As a teenager, he doesn’t know much about the world. With his reckless and goofball but faithful dog Fluffy, he’s going to have adventures which will lead him to the Nether lands and to discover that magic, forbidden for a century, is still used.

March 2018

The Varog Forest

The Nether Prisoners

Volume 3

The Return of the Ender Dragon Volume 1

304 pages • 11,90€

320 pages • 12,90€

368 pages • 12,90€

Volume 2

September 2017

• Best-selling series! Over 400,000 copies sold in France • Rights sold in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Russian

Frigiel is the French Minecraft reference in the videogame sphere. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers!

March 2017

October 2016

140 x 225 mm

Comic writer, novelist and scriptwriter, Nicolas Digard brought to life this series, which gather his passion for videogames, magic and faraway lands.




By Frigiel and Nicolas Digard Illustrated by Thomas Frick The Three Clans

A new storyline in a successful series

Volume 2

New cycle!

336 pages • 12,90€

Upcoming: Volume 3 (October 2019)

350 pages • 12,90€

Volume 1

Frigiel, Fluffy and his friends depart to the FarLands, an unknown territory famous among each adventurer – and Minecraft player. Our heroes discover that the region is real indeed! The relation with magic is completely different and its inhabitants have developed a brand new civilization, but among all of this, the land house a terrible monster.

The Devour

November 2018

April 2019

140 x 225 mm

FRIGIEL & FLUFFY: THE ORIGINS By Frigiel and Ange • Illustrated by Anako Follow the very first adventures of the young Frigiel and Fluffy in this exclusive prequel.

Volume 1

Volume 2

176 pages • 9,90€

Let’s Save Fluffy

176 pages • 9,90€

The Treasure Hunt

June 2018

140 x 200 mm

Upcoming: Exclusive! Volume 3 (October 2019)

In the village of Lanniel, Frigiel’s grandpa is very often away. Our young hero, who has just turned 9 years old, feels a bit lonely, even if Fluffy, a young wolf, has become his best friend and keeps him company. But some encounters are about to change their life and destiny forever: new friends, monsters and a mysterious man that seems to be watching them from far away. Get to know the village of Lanniel before its destruction by the Ender Dragon!

Ange is the pseudonym of Anne and Gérard Guéro, two successful scriptwriters. They are the authors of several fantasy and sci-fi books; comics and also role-play games. February 2019

Anako is a comic book and videogame lover, who works as an illustrator.

“QUARTER OF BROTHER, QUARTER OF SISTER” SERIES By Sophie Adriansen Illustrated by Maureen Poignonec


A funny and dynamic series about a blended family, told from the point of view of the children Arthur and Viviane. They hate each other but will have to live together for their parents!

London here we come! It’s show time! Volume 4

London here we come! (Vol. 4) Viviane and Arthur go on a school trip to London for a few days. They are delighted. Upon their arrival, however, they find out that they will be staying with two different families. Families which seem… very odd to say the least. One family shares its culinary experiences with Viviane and the other one sees in Arthur the cousin of the British Royal family. There is no way they’ll ever let him go… Both kids will find a way to communicate. Will they survive this terrible school trip and return home safely? •A  new title in the series written as a TV or Web series. • F ully illustrated series. •H  umours series on the theme of blended families. • I nteresting topics in this volume: cultural differences; discovering a new country and its traditions; travelling away from parents. Sophie Adriansen has written over 20 children’s book.

A hilarious series about a blended family!

Volume 3

October 2018

My worst birthday

Volume 2

Maurèen Poignonec is a prolific children’s book illustrator.

June 2017

November 2017

An unexpected rival

Volume 1

February 2017 140 x 200 mm - 96 pages - 9,90€

“KOBOLTZES” SERIES By Benoit Grelaud Illustrated by Sylvain Even

A marvelous underground adventure where magic rhymes with ecology!

The Koboltzes are to be found just beneath the surface of the Earth – indeed, if you stamp your foot hard enough, they may very well hear you… When the surface of the earth becomes uninhabitable for them, the Koboltzes, a small species which looks like humans but which lives underground, ­resolves

Mission Uluru

Mission Quebec

The Wayampis’ treasure

to fight to save the natural world. They have one goal: save the planet from the destructiveness of

Volume 1

Volume 2

humans. In Karmah, one of the many cities where

Volume 3

the Koboltzes dwell, we follow the various missions undertaken by Tammpo and his friends under the

May 2017

with all their underground activities and their

176 pages

240 pages

192 pages

watchful protection of the Grand Imperial. What

February 2018

missions to the exterior to save the Earth from ­ serious environmental threats, the life of the Koboltzes is one long, non-stop adventure.

October 2018 140 x 200 mm - 12,90€

Benoit Grelaud is the author of the successful series “Le Maître des clés” (Gründ, 2012). He is also an active member of a Children’s authors and illustrators’ association.

Sylvain Even is an animator who illustrates in 3D the magical universe of Koboltzes!


By Fanny Gordon • Illustrated by Alice A. Morentorn A polyphonic novel about the life in an odd building!

Pirate’s heart

“Rue des Tempêtes” is an odd building by the sea, which holds 6 apartments and inhabitants of all ages with strong personalities. They all know each other but can they face up to the danger that is approaching?

the detective and so should she, as lots of things are going on… the next door building’s major works are still going on and the chief A threat in town archaeologist is convinced e1 that it hides still many Volum treasures and mysteries to be found… Then there’s Felix and his family who have now been fully integrated in the building but who are hiding a very big secret Valentine is determined to resolve… And finally, most importantly, April 2018 Valentine has to know whether the great p ­iano teacher Penelope will allow 140 x 200 mm her to play in the festival 12,90€ which is coming soon…

Volume 2

272 pages


256 pages

January 2019 In this second volume of the series, we are once again in the heart of the animated building of the “Rue des Tempêtes”, with different families we continue to follow ­ closely. Main character Valentine, 13 years old in 17 days, is still playing

Alice A. Morentorn is a children’s book illustrator and digital painting professor at the prestigious Emile Cohl School, where she also majored. She has worked in France and the United Kingdom.


By Fanny Gordon Illustrated by Caroline Romanet The Greek Gods come back to Earth and they live hilarious adventures!



176 pages

176 pages


May 2019

June 2018


•T  wo famous children’s books authors (Véronique Delamarre Bellégo and Pascale Perrier), who write under one name: Fanny Gordon. Over 40 awards and thousands of loyal readers. •A  choral novel where each character speaks one chapter after the other (like a TV series) •V  aried characters with strong and joyful personalities. • F irst title in the series in many award selections!

Fanny Gordon is the pseudonym of Véronique Delamarre Bellégo and Pascale Perrier, two successful children’s book authors with over 40 awards and thousands of loyal readers.

The Gods of Mount Olympus are bored and have lost track of our life in Earth. One after the other, they will come and visit us while trying to stay incognito… Poseidon, God of the Sea and other waters is very proud to present his museum of offerings to the twelve Gods of Mount Olympus. But he is struck with terror when he understands the “gifts” found in the waters are no other than tons of waste abandoned by man. Charlie, one of Aphrodite’s friends, suggests navigating with him to measure the impact of the damage. Along with the young girl, ­Poseidon, who will appear as Marius, a 20-year-old student, will help in his own way to preserve the planet. • Two famous children’s books authors (Véronique Delamarre Bellégo and Pascale Perrier), who write under one name: Fanny Gordon. Over 40 awards and thousands of loyal readers. • A choral novel where each character speaks one chapter after the other (like a TV series) • Mythology is a strong topic for young readers. • Humorous and light approach to the question of ecology.

140 x 200 mm 12,90€

Caroline Romanet is a children’s book illustrator and comic writer.


By Taï-Marc Le Thanh

Imagine you had to save the world, that Victor Hugo was your mentor, Vercingetorix your personal trainer and Leonardo da Vinci your worst enemy… And you might even fall in love with Joan of Arc!

The Ancient’s memory

Ghandi’s shadow

Volume 1

432 pages

Volume 2

360 pages

416 pages

Thirteen-year-old Jasper is a perfectly ordinary boy, apart from the fact that he loves to spend his nights clambering across the rooftops of Paris… During one of his nocturnal escapades, he has a strange encounter: he sees a bearded old man ­being chased by a horde of criminals! Jasper cannot believe his eyes when the individual throws a mysterious phial in his face before vanishing. But his real problems begin the next day during his physics class when another old The Spartian’s oath man tries to take him captive. Fortunately, a great man comes to his rescue – Victor Hugo himself Volume 3 in person, who has returned from the dead along with seven other historical figures: Vercingetorix, Mozart, the brothers Grimm and Homer, soon to be followed by Joan of Arc! They all live in a secret lair called Babylon, right in the heart of the capital, and are there to battle evil. Their mission is to prevent their eternal enemies from retrieving fragments of the Seven Wonders of the November 2018 World – in the wrong hands, these fragments could signal the end of humankind.

April 2018

September 2017

Taï-Marc Le Thanh is an amazing storyteller. He has a particular gift for fantastic universes and great ideas: his books are rich, exuberant and stirring.


By Gerard Goldman Illustrated by Terkel Ribsjerg Martin thought he was going to have a blast during his holidays in Wales, but his parents, both successful comic’s authors, take him to south Spain and Martin is bored to death! Until the moment the family passes by a film set and not just any one! It’s the one of the new western by the great Sergio Leone, with star Claudia Cardinale: “Once Upon a Time In The West”. Martin and his dog are amazed by how the movie is made. He becomes friends with Sandra, the niece of his idol but one night, she is kidnapped! Following his courage and taking as example the bravest hero of westerns, Martin starts looking for her. •A  retrospective mixing fiction and reality around the well-known western •A  n epic adventure with tons of actions in the Spanish summer of 1968 •A  book for comic, cinema and travel lovers

Join Martin in the film set of one of the most famous westerns!

Since his early age, Gerard Goldman has been passionate about drawing and cinema. He has directed short films and documentaries and has written several picture books.


May 2019

140 x 200 mm 144 pages 10,90€

Terkel Ribsjerg is a comic book artist and colorist.


By Jean-Luc Le Pogam

A breathtaking trilogy placed in a dystopic near future where the most dangerous people are those who love art, those who dream…

The White Hell

The Target Volume 2


Volume 1

April 2019


2034. Europe has been circled by an impassable electromagnetic wall. The whole continent is now a frozen prison controlled by a technology which programs everlasting winters with temperatures near -50°C. Plastic artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, photographers, journalists are all persecuted by the Dream-Eaters Squad (DES). Their raids are more frequent and violent than ever. One night, after a guitar lesson, Iwan and Thibauld were almost caught by the DES. They barely managed to run away and thought that the worst already passed; little did they know that the nightmare was just beginning. Once they arrived home, they realized that their parents were missing! At that moment their good friend Melanie reveals her suspicious about her step-father: she thinks he works for the DES…

August 2018

140 x 225 mm • 400 pages • 14,90€ Jean-Luc Le Pogam is a children’s book author, stage director and scriptwriter.


A thrilling adventure about unprecedented scientific discoveries and the importance of taking care of our planet!


During a scientific expedition in Siberia, two American paleontologists pull out a female mammoth perfectly preserved. Back in Los Angeles, they make an astonishing discovery: the female mammoth is pregnant and both hearts are still beating! Only Irinei, a 12-year-old shaman who lives in a nomad tribe, knows the key to this mystery: during a journey to the afterlife world, he gave back life to the mammoth soul, who has a mission on Earth… Despite this, the mammoth and its baby cannot survive far away from Siberia. To save them, Irinei starts an adventure far away from home where he will stand on his beliefs of respecting animal life and the Earth’s future.

140 x 225 mm • 14,90€ • 304 pages

February 2019

September 2018

Eighteen years ago, Val Reiyel worked on a documentary about the discovery of a mammoth in Siberia. Today she writes her first young-adult book about this cherished subject.




Covers all subjects and has no taboo


Will help you grow subtlety

Covers our own world but enjoys escaping to all others



Has a fresh tone, with a pinch of salt

Refuses all clichés and welcomes both boy and girl readers



Poulpe Fictions is proud to announce a new collection for first-grade readers: “Mini-Poulpe” are 4-color illustrated books, with short texts especially made for the 7 years old onwards, with witty, amusing and fresh stories

by Cécile Alix Illustrated by Louis Thomas

Tarzan, lodger at the Edelweiss Club, has no friends: he can’t stand the instructors; nor Jeanne, his rider (also known as The Blunder); nor Sixtine, the most annoying human in the world; nor her spotted pony, Pistache. But for our mean pony the worst

Emma is bored: she has tons of ideas, but the world is so grey… In her garden, she discovers two interesting figures: Micha, a little boy oddly bright and Plouk, some sort of koala that can talk. The duo has for mission to give back its colors to the

MAy 2019

THE PRINCE AND THE WITCH by Gilles Abier Illustrated by Maud Begon

world! Emma joins their adventure and quickly the magic takes place: when they are together everything is possible!

The Witch is furious: everyone in the kingdom fears her and moves aside when she passes by, except for Prado, the Prince, who once again puts her in her place in front of everyone. As she cannot put a spell on the King’s son, the evil Pignole enchants his fiancée, who’s now a disgusting frog. Prado is thrilled: he loves Princess

139 x 186 mm - 48 pages - 6,50 €

by Geneviève Brisac Illustrated by Bruno Salamone

of them all is Django, a fly that doesn’t respect his silence (not even his dung)! Everyone wants to make him disappear, but Tarzan decides to protect him. Nobody will touch his best enemy!

139 x 186 mm - 48 pages - 6,50 €


139 x 186 mm - 48 pages - 6,50 €


MAy 2019

MAy 2019

Eline so dearly that he will kiss the frog without disgust to break the spell! What he doesn’t know is that Eline enjoys her new form and will do anything to avoid the kiss…



March 2019

by Clémentine Beauvais, Sandrine Beau, Alice Brière-Haquet, Charlotte Bousquet, Anne-Fleur Multon and Carole Trébor Illustrated by Kim Consigny 150 x 220 mm - 208 pages - 14,95€

MAy 2018

168 pages - 9,95€

6 major voices in today’s Children’s literature, 6 short stories about bold and leading princess! Princess aren’t exclusively sleeping beauties, delicate daydreamers or romantic and well-behaved girls… Tired of waiting for a charming prince to join them, our princess go on adventures on their own, showing the world that a princess is capable of whatever she thinks of! Mischievous, brave and rebel, in the theater or in the deep woods, nothing can stop the princess’ revenge! A richly illustrated and outstanding short stories collection.

#girlpower #contemporaryprincess

Julien Hervieux

Floriane Turmeau


February 2019

by Floriane Turmeau

STORM, THE LITTLE LORD OF THE SHADOWS by Julien Hervieux Illustrated by Carine-M.

216 pages - 11,95€

A book-game where readers lead the investigation! Twins Alix and Theo have started their first year in middle school. Everything goes by perfectly, but one day someone burgles Theo’s locker and the thief leaves a strange note: if Theo wants to get his things back, he must accomplish a mission by the mysterious “Daring Fellowship” … The twins get in action and their mission will even change the order of their city! A marvelous suspense with 16 games and riddles to be solved by readers and enhance the story!

#inquiry #adventure

is a film critic who loves writing for children!

is an author, illustrator and graphic designer.

Rights sold in Russian h and spanis

Storm is a little lord of the shadow. Like his dad and his grandpa, his fate is already settled: one day he must take away a princess and lose the battle against the knight who will come to save her. But this, and all the classes about how to become a true villain, bores Storm. His plan? To take away the princess now so he can get rid of his quest and do whatever he wants!

#notsovillain #fairytalestwist


ORPHEA FABULA: a series about a 21st century teenager who discovers History and cultures by travelling in time!


Volume 4 april 2019

Volume 3 october 2018

Orphea appears on a drakkar in Norway in the 9th century when the king and his soldiers are ready to leave for a war. Before they embark, the priestess must contact Gods to make sure the mission will succeed. Unfortunately, the Dragon Tears, the magical crystal that allow the link between the world and Odin and Freyja, are missing. Orphea must find them to bring the luck back and sooth the king.

by Marie Alhinho Illustrated by Miss Paty

Volume 2 June 2018

168 pages - 9,95€

168 pages - 9,95€

Orphea’s latest mission takes place in 1903 in Russia, where she must find the Night Star. She is part of Marius Petipa’s ballet, one of the most influential ballet masters and choreographers of all times, who’s also looking for the crystal!


Volume 1 March 2018

168 pages - 9,95€

168 pages - 9,95€

In her second adventure, Orphéa Fabula travels to Versailles in the 18th century, to the kingdom of Louis XIV. She must find two black crystals with unexpected powers. Inside the court, some members have been sick and rumors say that the only cure is two magic black stones...


Marie Alhinho is a young and talented author. She majored in History and Children’s Literature.

ORPHEA FABULA AND THE CRYSTAL OF OSIRIS Orphéa Fabula is a super spy who time travels. Her mission? To gather a series of magical objects with unknown powers. Her first adventure takes place in Ancient Egypt, where she must find the Osiris crystal. Gladly she has the help of Ana and Seth, two children of that time and her cat Sphinx!

#fearless #timetraveler

Upcoming: Mozart (Fall 2019)


Natacha Quentin loves science and writing books!

CELEBS’ LIVES: biographies on famous historical characters with a humorous and modern tone

October 2017

Rights sold in italian

Melissa’s hero is Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest thinkers of all times. She tells his story in a recreational way, yet with welldocumented content. It has over 80 great illustrations that play along with the text!

240 pages - 11,95 €

by Cécile Alix Illustrated by Leslie Plee

Cécile Alix is the author of the successful Tarzan, mean pony and Goliath, the pirate cat!

#humor #biography


by Natacha Quentin Illustrated by Marie De Monti For Lucas the greatest scientific of all times is Albert Einstein and he’s going to show us why! Do you think that Einstein is just a weird erudite with an odd hairstyle? Gladly Lucas is here to show us the facts: Einstein was indeed an exceptional scientific but also a humanist, a curious mind and even not so bright as a student when he was a kid. In order to imagine concepts such as general relativity, Albert had to

work hard! Thanks to Lucas and his friends, you will know all about Einstein!

#physicisfun #allisrelative

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Volume 1 june 2017

by Ismaël Khelifa illusrated by Joëlle Passeon


An author, journalist and true adventurer of Polar Regions, Ismaël Khelifa wrote this novel based on his experience in Greenland.

#Adventurersofthe21stcentury #ecology

168 pages - 9,95€

Ismaël Khelifa

Volume 2 March 2018

by Ismaël Khelifa Illustrated by Joëlle Passeon The Team Adventure arrives to another unknown territory: the Falkland Islands! They meet Marilou, a farmer and scientist, who takes care of penguins and albatross. Their mission: count the birds, until an unexpected fire leads the teenagers to go help the penguins.

168 pages - 9,95€

Fatou, Rémi, Vicky and Yanis are 4 (normal) teenagers whose lives change when they are chosen by the Foundation for Earth to go on an ecological mission in the Artic. They are catapulted across the globe and named reporters for their classmates. The worst is yet to come...


216 pages - 11,95€


March 2019


Christine Saba is an author and French teacher in London!

April 2019

Volume 1 august 2017



by Christine Saba Illustrated by Mioz

by Paul Ivoire illusrated by Miss Paty

Buckingham Palace, while investigating their own family!

#newspies #londonmission

On an island far far away, 3 enemy clans share their land: hens, foxes and vipers. With the announcement of a war threat, a chick named Albin is involved in the conflict together with Zora the vixen and Célis the young viper.

192 pages - 9,95€

168 pages - 9,95€

Since Nathan has arrived in London to meet his cousin, odd occurrences are happening one after the other and let’s not talk about the shifty behavior of their host family. What if the cousins were actually in a spies’ house? Driven in spite of themselves in a highly important mission, they will have to thwart several burglaries from the National Gallery to

HENS, FOXES AND VIPERS: a trilogy of epic adventures as seen by animals

Paul Ivoire writes books for both adults and children.

#adventure #warofclans

Volume 3 May 2018

Volume 2

January 2018



by Paul Ivoire illusrated by Miss Paty

The three kingdoms know that a flood is threatening the island and they all work together to build a dyke. In the meantime the evil forces escape successfully from prison and pull out their revenge. Celis, Zora, Albin and their friends are getting ready to counter-attack! The end of an epic trilogy!

168 pages - 9,95€

168 pages - 9,95€

Albin and Zora discover that they live on an island! With the sea level rising, the land of vipers is threaded by a flood, which compromises the balance of the three enemy species. They must convince each clan to join forces, but some powerful members have other plans…

by Paul Ivoire illusrated by Miss Paty


FILTHY BEASTS, OUR FRIENDS: a series that says a lot about animals’ foul mood

June 2019

BEBERE, THE GRANDPA HAMSTER by Cécile Alix Illustrated by Louis Thomas

168 pages - 9,95€

Bebere lives a peaceful life in Pamela’s family, until the Big Spider, an old and scary woman, kidnaps him along other hamsters. Bebere becomes the leader of the team and ideates a plan to get of this horror house, before Big Spider stuffs them as the cats on the fireplace!

#sweetescape #savethehamsters

February 2019

CAVIAR, A SUPERSTAR FISH by Justine Jotham Illustrated by Perceval Barrier

168 pages - 9,95€

Goldy, the goldfish of the great singer Miss Silver, is helpless: his owner passed away and now he is part of a completely trivial family, who ignores his talents and treats him like a small fry! What’s worst of all is that they even change his name to Caviar. He must do something about it and come back to his life as a super star. Maybe Leo and his granny could help him…

#superstarfish #SOS

Ludivine Irolla is a Children’s book author and editor who knows everything about fantastic creatures!

Justine Jotham is a PhD student in Literature. She’s passionate of cinema, writing and reading.

October 2018

ADÈLE, A UNICORN IN SPITE OF HERSELF by Ludivine Irolla Illustrated by Marie De Monti

#unicornsarenotreal #coincidences

Rights sold in Polish

168 pages - 9,95€

Adèle is a horse who was born with a horn on her head. She lives a peaceful life with other odd animals in Norbert’s farm. He and his daughter are suspiciously lucky people; they even win the lottery! The news spreads and one child discovers that they get their luck from a unicorn, Adèle… but she thinks she is a horse and she doesn’t believe in magic at all!



MArch 2018

September 2017

by Cécile Alix Illustrated by Louis Thomas

Cécile Alix is the author of the successful Tarzan, mean pony!

168 pages - 9,95€

168 pages - 9,95€

“No, I’m not a fearful cat at all and I’m not lazy either! It’s not because I’m a domestic cat that my life is boring and I’m going to prove it to that braggart Coconut. I also have the sense of adventure and risk, mister parrotfrom-the-South. Anchors aweigh! I shall leave on my barge and you’ll see!”

#humor #fearfulpirate #catlife

Luc Blanvillan has already published 7 young adult novels and an album!

Cécile Alix is a former experienced horse rider. She has now gone over the other side and decided to write about horses. Tarzan, poney méchant is her 5th novel.

ROMEO, THE NICE MOSQUITO by Luc Blanvillan Illustrated by Marie Novion

Have you ever wondered what those mosquitoes that keep turning around you think? This book gives you the answer from the source and from an unique point of view, it’s written by Romeo an odd mosquito. He doesn’t bite (only females do that!), he speaks human and he is the best friend of Camille, the grandmother of Clelia. He loves to watch TV with her, especially the romantic TV shows with super tangled stories!

#Humor #freshness #mosquitosareeverywhere May 2017


by Cécile Alix illustrated by Louis Thomas

s Fiction r e p l u ve Po ler! O d! l e s best opies sol c 13,000

An honest and truthful novel that reveals the unspeakable hidden thoughts of an adorable moody poney.

#humor #impertinence #meanponey

168 pages - 9,95€


THE NUMBSKULL BATTLE by Gilles Abier Illustrated by Mini Ludvin

May 2019

Anne-Fleur Multon is hyperactive and committed, just like her characters. She shot the moon to offer us her first novels.

Volume 3 Spring 2019

In this new adventure, we will travel to New Caledonia where Itaï lives. Thanks to a school project, she meets a new friend, Gaia, who wants to protect the island from the construction of a factory that will put the whole ecosystem of the zone in danger. Fortunately, the ‘Hello Witches’ team is here to help!

There is an island without a name which doesn’t appear on any map and keeps at the bottom of its volcano a great treasure. If a boat approaches it, the volcano will simulate an eruption to keep travelers away. On the island, children of great pirates learn how to become one. One day, a Spanish caravel arrives. The young pirates will protect the island at any cost.

#pirates #adventure

HELLO WITCHES: an energetic and connected series that revolves around a group of mind-blowing girls

Volume 2 January 2018

EXACTLY UNDER THE SUN by Anne-Fleur Muton Illustrated by Diglee

The 4 heroines are back and it’s Maria who will narrate their adventures! Aliénor, Itaï, Azza and Maria find a mysterious painting in Alienor’s grandfather’s manor, which will lead them to an intriguing investigation!

Volume 1 May 2017

10000 copi sold! es 192 pages - 9,95€

by Anne-Fleur Muton Illustrated by Diglee


by Gilles Abier Illustrated by Mini Ludvin

192 pages - 9,95€

168 pages - 9,95€


May 2018

192 pages - 9,95€

192 pages - 9,95€

There is an island without a name which doesn’t appear on any map and hides a great treasure. The problem is that after an enemy attack, the island is compromised and the young pirates who lived there shall leave it and take the treasure with them. The way to their new home will be turbulent: storms, enemies’ attack and betrayals will put the young pirates on guard to survive!

Gilles Abier is the author of over twenty successful children’s and YA titles.

SHOOT THE MOON by Anne-Fleur Multon illustrated by Diglee

Aliénor, Itaï, Azza and Maria meet and launch their own Youtube channel. They are determined to not let anyone annoy them, especially when Itaï sees herself put aside from an e-sport championship, which is supposedly for boys only...

#girlpower #humor

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