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Words from the Publisher This month, I want to give a big shout out to my Tastemakers Network and of course to its founder Kevin Shine. Tastemakers is a network started by Kevin Shine which links a variety of intellectuals together for the purpose of networking. Tastemakers meet via conference call biweekly and discuss various topics relating to the music industry. I've learned so much in the short time we have started and have truly enjoyed all the special guests who have come thru and shared their knowledge with us. I think so far my favorite call was with the rep from BET who gave us great insight on the behind the scenes at the station and what the audience doesn't see. Big should out to BET!!! I been able to link up and work with several people I've met thru tastemakers and it’s truly a blessing of a network. Thank you once again Kevin Shine!!! Follow him on twitter @Kevin_anr_Shine where he drops knowledge on the regular.

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Youth Community Spotlight Nicola Shines The Spotlight on Future Rapper


Ford Entertainment Readers, are you ready to be entertained? ‚NOW THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVE THEM LIKE YOU JUST DON’T CARE” (My favorite old school rap line). This talented teenager will find a way to make it to #1 on the Billboard Music Charts. Nicole would like to introduce to you all the Future Grammy Award Winner. The Best Rap Album will one day go to 15 year old Chaydon. Stay tuned Ford Entertainment Readers because his songs will one day be on radio stations. May God Bless you with great success, Nicola.

Hands Up Music


Abigail Rebholz

Ford: Model of the Month



Who Is Foley? “Well I think that Foley is the voice Interviewed by Ms Caramel of the everyday man, I’m not too that X made it hung up on flash but I do represent cool to show you the “FLYY & Young Go Getters”. Not had Jesus in your everybody got Dope stories but that corner…I’m just doesn’t take anything away from my saying! street knowledge and love. So I feel What do you that I represent that vibe that you have coming up can be whatever you want to be, just in the near being willing to work hard for it side future? of the industry…” Gearing up for How long have you been doing my first nationmusic? wide release of I’ve been around music my whole my song “Shawty life, I began with the piano around What It Is” and age 6, then went to full time writing also dropping and producing at age 15. From there I new videos to get began my own journey around 17 or more visual with so. So I guess we can safely say my fans. Of “FOREVER” LOL! course hitting the What is your number one focus in road promoting the music industry? and meeting my To be remembered as one the “Great fans, because I’m Ones” whether it’s using music to a people person, change the world or just to inspire I don’t underthe ones after me to become somestand how you can have people pay thing more than what is being shown you millions of dollars and not even in the media. But my overall goal is to come out to shake they hands occawin a “Grammy” That’s been my life sionally. Just take your money and dream, to walk on stage and place hide in the Hills somewhere until my name in history next to every it’s time for another movie or CD to other Grammy winner... drop then you want to campaign! I When you do your music what or tell my fans all the time Let’s Talk! who motivates you? How do you keep yourself humble? I may get banished out the industry Driving or just going thru local for this, but I have to say it’s a comneighborhoods, meeting people bined effort from DMX because of his and listening to what they are going attitude and spiritual self underthru or been thru, plus I have to say standing, I know he has had a lot of my kids, when they are normal LOL! bad press and made a lot of bad deciThose things help me to see that at sions, but let’s keep it fair this guy any given moment I can lose it all, & was the only dude that I can rememmy kids help me see that my life is ber who prayed for you on his CD! not all about me, myself, and I no LOL! Come on man, less we forget 9

matter how hard it gets trying to become something more. Give everyone your contact information? Reach out to me via email at, contact my Manager Jay @ 901.215.5909, & of course simply join my website I stay visual and in touch with my website. Oh and on twitter @foleydlife and of course Facebook @Foleyofdlifeent Give all your shout outs? Shouts out to the first lady Whispher, My guys Big Daddy, F8, & Jay...Of course everyone in and around D’Life Ent let’s work everybody!

Shine Time Artist Showcase winner

Galaxy + Young Coast + Lil Danger

Swag Kids 10

The Swag Kids consist of three

plan to sign with a major

ents believe that music is a huge

members James aka (Galaxy),

record label.







Jonathan aka (Lil Danger). They are all related & use to attend the same high school; they all decided to pursue their music career after being asked to sign up for a local talent show. James is the oldest of the group & Jonathan is the youngest. When they’re





recording music they’re either in school or playing street basketball. The Swag Kids also enjoy executing pranks on people; they have sometimes been labeled as comedians. Although they come off as very immature, they take their music very seriously and

The group has faced a lot of adversity,





The Swag Kids are very diverse;

challenge has been trying to

they are not like most hip hop



groups. They categorize them-

career & their education at the

selves as Hip Hop / Pop artist.

same time. Sometimes the

Their sense of fashion is also very

three would stay up to as late

unique, they tend to wear old



school items & prefer 80’s hair-

several homework assignments

cuts. In their rhymes there is mini-

& lyrics. The Swag Kids have

mal if any profane words, they



don’t talk about ‚gangbanging‛,

where kids at school would

drugs etc. Their music is a mixture

ridicule them for the way they

of Beach Boy/ Hip Hop. The Swag

dressed. People also have criti-

Kids even sometimes tend to do

cized their music for not being


hostile enough. The group has


not had much support from

unexpected activities and keep

their parents either; their par-

the world on their toes.

















Swag is more than just the way you dress; swag is the way you walk, talk, etc. Swag is having confidence and being cocky, being able to attract any female you want with simple gestures. Everyone has their own personal swag; even the local hobo has swag. Swag is something that you’re born with, it’s inside of you. The Swag Kids are all dependent








together on most projects and right now in their careers don’t plan on doing any solo activities. They all write their own lyrics but no one has done anything solo. They all work together on scripts when it comes to music videos as well.


the will

future release


area; there was also a lot of


negative criticism. People thought


they were too friendly; people

Their first mixtape dropped in 2009 and was very successful. Many people at the Swag Kids high school started to recognize their talent. They started to make a buzz in the local 11

wanted to hear about violence and drugs. Overall we gained a lot of publicity and fans; the mix tape was



professional music career.



Currently the Swag Kids have been focusing on interacting with fans and dropping more music. They dropped their latest music video (till I die) in the summer of 2011. They also have been talking to indie record labels and A&R consultants. Their major focus is getting signed to a Record Label so they can give back to their community. They are also building on their social networks; YouTube, Facebook, etc. Till I die was a new sound for the Swag Kids. It had a more hardcore vibe and content was very different than their other songs. ‚We wanted to show the world that we have multiple personalities and that we can be tougher at times‛. They also did their very first official music to the song (till I die) in summer 2011.

This year swag kids have a vari-

They are going to release

ety of different projects they’re

another mix tape and plan on

going to release. They are

doing some touring on the east

currently working with Blatant

coast. They are currently working

Beats and working on some new

on a full release album.

songs. They are also going to be performing at concerts and doing contest for their fans.


Reverbnation: Swaggkids Twitter: @swaggkidss

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Shine Time Artist Showcase winner

Br ee zz


How did you get started in music? Hmm… well when I was about thirteen years old, I remember having a BAD day. I had a lot on my mind and no one to talk to. Even if someone was there to talk to, I could not have expressed myself like I wanted or needed to in order for them to understand. I went to my room, grabbed a pen and some paper and wrote my very first POEM. It was a poem but to my surprise, it became a song entitled, “My Life”. How would you describe your music? REAL!!!!! RESPECTFUL!! PURPOSEFUL!!! STORY TELLING!!! FUN!!! My music promotes Self Confidence, not pride. When I talk about the club and party scene, I don’t degrade women. Most of all, my music is the reflection of my life. I share my struggles but I never end the song without letting my listeners know that Struggles don’t last always…they make us BETTER. What's your motivation when it comes to this music game? Wow, what is my motivation, My Son of course? Well, this is one of my motivations. People getting to know me, the REAL me is my motivation. Too often artists are like books, we judged by the cover. If I can give someone hope and the courage to follow their dreams motivates me. In this business, we are all placed in one category…Rapper. I am motivated to prove that there are intelligent business men in the music industry, even at the unsigned level. What motivates me? Let me see, this is my dream career. I want my chance at the top. What makes you unique as an artist? My goals & dreams make me unique. I am unique because I believe in me. I just don’t want to be signed; I want to

be discovered by America. When I have a pen and some paper, I am like Picasso. Even if you don’t understand or can relate to my music, you will always see that BREEZZ is by Design. What part of doing music do you enjoy the most? I enjoy interacting with the crowd and seeing how the crowd is responding to me and my music. I enjoy going to the lab. When I am in the lab, I am in another zone. I also enjoy being on the grind promoting my music. In a nutshell, I enjoy People and their response, ESPECIALLY the women. If you could collab with any artist, who would you choose and why? I like to and have assisted some local artists and have been featured on some tracks. There are so many talented artists in the 239; it is hard to be limited to picking just one. But I would collab with an artist that has a different style than mine. You were probably expecting me to say a major artist, but I am a realist and I want to win at each level so I can learn enough that when opportunity to sign does come, I will have knowledge and not just sign my life away. If you could compare your music style with any current mainstream artist, who would you compare your style to and why? Nelly! Yes, I am similar to Nelly. I know my audience. I represent Pretty Boi Swagg. Make no mistake…Pretty Boi Swagg goes hard, but the focus is more on Fun, Club life, Weekend Rendezvous and Life in general What are some of your goals in music? First thing first, I have to first make a name for myself, by performing when and where I can (that is appropriate) 15

around the 239 & eventually expand. I want to expand my topics. I want to be able to talk about things from current events to the streets to Religion. I want to start an Indie record label, so that those coming behind me will not have to work as hard as I did. You know what, My goal is to always have my music, my style and my sound being a TRUE reflection of me, Not Jeezy, not Plies or anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I respect them, but I don’t want to be them. What made you choose to be an artist? LOL! It chose me! I just went to my room to write a poem. Since the first Poem…”My Life”, I have been passionately driven to communicate with world through my music. Later in life, I realized that I am an artist & not a rapper. On my Bad day, I discovered my passion and my purpose …To paint the world Breezz Babii! Before I exist, I would like to thank Ford Magazine and Lady Chelle for the opportunity to be featured. I also would like to thank Ms. Danielle Randell for an awesome photo shoot. Thank you and great appreciation goes to those who support my music, pass out my music and just love my music. Special shout out to my number one fan, my son Anthony Brown Jr. Daddy loves you. To my mama who pushed me and still pushes me to become a better person and a better artist. I love you mama! To my brothers, my circle… You know who you are…This is a movement not just a performance, Lets gooooo

Youngin Da Sp

success comes from the accumulation of every little effort you've made in the journey to accomplish what you desire. When asked what he thought about the

engineering programs such as Protools and Sonarlee,

possibility of finding his big break, Ian Watts offi-

consequently leading to the establishment of his

cially known as ‚Youngin da SP‛ replied; "I don't

own studio in his basement by the age of fifteen. Ian

believe in big breaks; it's not my style to sit and

self produced and engineered his own mix-tapes in

wait for that magical moment in which someone,

his basement for the preceding years and after three

by chance, discovers you and decides to make

years of hard work a producer from MTV’s ‚Taking

you famous. In my opinion, success comes from

the Stage‛ expressed interest in his talent and

the accumulation of every little effort you've

offered Ian a contract to MTV’s season two of

made in the journey to accomplish what you

‚Taking the Stage.‛ Fully encouraged and supported

desire, officially known in my city as grinding."

by his parents Ian took what he calls a ‚leap of faith‛

Ian Watts was born in Cincinnati, Ohio,

and left behind his friends, school, family, and future

where he spent his childhood dreaming of being

in soccer to pursue a future in music. It only took one

a star rapper. Ian commenced his journey as a

episode of ‚Taking the Stage‛ to completely revolu-

young entertainer at the young age of eleven

tionize Ian's life. When asked about the impacts the

and has been successful since he has started.

show caused on his career, Ian replied: "My life has

Many people spend their childhood yearning to

already been changed tremendously by appearing

become the next star but few have the drive and

on the show," Watts said. "It gives me that boost in

capability of doing what Ian Watts did at an early

my music career that not a lot of people get. A lot of

age. At the age of thirteen Ian Watts began to

people will hear my music and I'll have more oppor-

teach himself how to utilize professional audio-

tunities from that exposure." 16

The show was a success and was the num-

of Midwestern culture, Watts' music is a unique

ber one show on commercialized television for

mixed breed, of rap. Since the beginning of his

ages 18-24. This success lead to an increase in

career he has landed reputable gigs with prominent

Ian’s fan base and allowed Ian to be mentored by

hip-hop artist in the music industry such as Trey

music industry personnel, artist, companies which

Songz, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Hi Tek, Talib Quali, J.

subsequently lead to the establishment of Ian’s

Cole and LMFAO. He has also been featured in

own music company, ‚Homteam.‛ After the show

venues such as The Dukester, Balleteck, Club Cele-

Ian began seizing many opportunities continually

berties, Hammerjacks, Jack & Jills, Glenmary Hall, The

planning and developing his future in the music

Form, The Madison Theater, Mad Hatter, Mad Frog,

industry. Ian stated: "I'm really hard on my music

Bogarts, Dirty Jacks, The Mixx Ultra Lounge, Centas

plan and doing a bunch of performances. I hope

Center and The Underground.

to sign with a major record label and be in that

Even after achieving many successful oppor-

game stably," Watts said. "I also want to work with

tunities, Ian Watts constantly expresses gratitude for

different producers just to see how they operate. I

not only his career in music but his parents. Watt’s

have my own studio for producing, but I want to

states: "I'm thankful for everything I was blessed

learn more about it." Ian’s plans led him to the

with: the gift of music, the drive that I have —

South Florida music scene and with no family or

because a lot of people have drive, but not everyone

friends. Ian continues to work hard on his music

has the drive to pursue it — I'm blessed financially


that I don't have to worry about my next meal or







worry about my parents."

Ian Watt’s is an unquestionable natural

With a heart full of passion driven lyrics,

entertainer with a distinct sound. Ian describes his

catchy phrases and an enthralling unique sound Ian

sound as ‚Midwest-sounding music.‛ With the

Watts is determined to bring a new Midwestern

influence of growing up and listening to East and

flavor to the Hip-Hop culture guaranteed to leave

West Coast rappers, combined with a childhood

listeners yearning for more.







“You Can’t Spe 18






ell GUNShine without G.U.N.S.� 19

A year after our very first cover, it was only fitting to feature Ford’s favorite group back on the cover! Ladychelle traveled down to their neck of the woods to catch up with the four members of G.U.N.S. and find out what’s been going on, and what’s next for them. Ford also linked up with the guys last Easter right before their scheduled performance alongside Plies in Ft Myers (that interview can be seen on our website

drop. We don't really wanna say who its gonna be hosted by, We’re gonna let yall find out. Other then traveling and recording, we’ve just been doing our photoshoots, and our regular schedules you

How is the single going? What is the overall response from the public? That song makes people feel BIG. We’re making hits and

know? Our itinerary.

people are liking it. There’s a

Take us briefly thru your daily or weekly schedule as a group.

giving feedback and its all been

lot of people on the internet good. And Its only going to get better. We’re currently working on the ‚BIG‛ video. Its going to

past 5 days, we’ve

be crazy and over-the-top BIG.

been doing 2 clubs a night,

It’s going to be whatever you’re

from shows/performances, to


walk thrus, to meet and

keeps switching options and

greets with the DJs, with

ideas on the making of the

other artists, with people in

video because the label is not

We just ran thru Florida starting in

general, all our twitter fans,

letting anything off standard

Georgia, 7 days, 7 cities. We‘ve

just getting out there in the

go down. Everything has to be

just been working on Overtime,

streets and touching base.


What have you guys been up too since our last interview on Easter? We just came off a promo tour.

For the

out latest mixtape we’re bout to 20




What is the secret to staying together as a group? It actually doesn't take a lot of effort or a lot of work. We do whatever we wanna do, but music is what everyone has in common. This is what we do. We do this naturally. This is first nature, its not second nature to us. This aint a job. We cant call in and say ‚I need somebody to come in for me today‛. We live our job. Everyday, we wake up, we get our texts on our phones with messages that tell us what we need to be doing for that day. Our job is easy. And we’re used to traveling. So when its time to Load up, its time to go. Last time I seen you guys perform, you had a lot of energy on stage. The people were loving it. Do you guys have any special rituals before hitting the stage? Yea, Smoke. But people tryna make it seem like its so much more then what it is. Like it aint no ritual. We just do this. We listen to other people music that we like, on each other’s gadgets and smoke. That’s just what we do. Even when we not rapping.

We don't put our energy into them. We don't put our energy into stuff we don't wanna learn about. We trying to learn about music. We’re in different states every week. Their concerns don't reach us where we be at. We just try to keep a positive mind. People don't bother us. We worry about stuff like Which one is our good side to take pictures in, should I wear a hat and stuff like that. Those are the hard things we deal with on a daily. One of your songs on the mixtape, the whole premise of the song is pretty much about the perks of being a rapper. Give us a little run down of the music lifestyle. It aint what a lot of people would make it out to be. This is real hard work. And you really have to put your everything into it. The grind don't come easy. Its not a step you can skip. You actually have to grind and get there. And you gotta stay consistent in whatever you do.

How do you guys deal with negativity? We love them. Shout out to the haters. They have to know what you doing to actually not like you. That means they’re putting their energy into it. 21

All that work and all that grind. When do you guys play? When we go out, yea its out job, But we party while we there. We don’t just go out just to go out. There’s a purpose to it. You go thru all kinds of emotions in this. You be at your happiest moments in this. And you be at your hardest moments in this. You go thru all kinds of emotions in this game. So we party we chill, we hang out with our people. All our families is each other’s families. Ford Ent Magazine truly looks forward to catching up with these fellas again. We want to thank them, once again, for grazing our very first cover last year and definitely look forward to catching up with them throughout the year! Hopefully pretty soon, we can all catch them again in Ft Myers and we’re definitely all looking forward to the BIG video! Stay updated with G.U.N.S via t w it te r @GoonsUnited and also via their website:

Young AC “We're motivated, the support and the hate is fuel to make "Overtime" better than the mixtapes that came before. It's time to finish up the fourth Quarter strong”

T-Stunna “I'm still jit from the ghetto, khaki pants wife beater and the Gucci belt on. People are beginning to take notice, more hate more cake!”


Pebo Florida “Every day is a lesson. G.U.N.S, we're avid students in this game. Thankful for our blessings, humility is wisdom.�

Jay Balla We've been working hard and this feels like our time, so you know we're going to shine!


Kaspa Tha Wicked Let's start at the beginning, how did you become "Kaspa ThaWicked"? I got the name Kaspa as a kid from an older hustler on my block that I looked up to. He realized one day that I wasn’t interested in playing football and kiddy games like my peers so he would let me hang around him and his boys. When I started hustling I didn’t tell him or anyone that I was involved in the life. He one day found out when I was on the block after school and a package slipped out of my half opened bookbag in front of him. He then said that I was like a ghost because I was so quiet and low key that he would have never known about it. Since “casper” was a popular ghost from a well known cartoon, he then started calling me that so I just switched up the spelling and it stuck with me. I later added on “Tha Wicked” because I had developed a

reputation for being spiteful and vindictive in my neighborhood. That’s just an extension of my personality. Why music? I believe that there is power in words and/or lyrics. I'm not one that’s good at verbally expressing my emotions but I found that through music I can get my thoughts, feelings, and opinions out. Growing up I would write notes to my mom when we would have issues or a falling out, and I would hide in the cut as she read the words and at times it would break her down into tears when she would hear my feelings or concerns. I just wasn’t good with face to face talks or interaction with people. I later found out that by putting it on paper and to a beat, I can touch on any subject without fear of embarrassment. 24

What are most of your songs relating to? Street life? Love? A mixture? My music is inspired by the streets because I am a product of the streets. I have been involved in that life since a youngin and I done been through it all from incarcerations to loosing soldiers and close ones. Through my music I take you on a tour through these Miami city streets and that road can get bumpy at times. However, I like to focus on the struggles and the celebrations of life versus the day to day operations or illegal activities of the streets. What makes you unique as an artist? I believe I have a different sound and it’s a sound that’s been missing from the music Industry, I'm just raw and uncut. I know you hear people claiming they keeping it “100” Well I'm keeping it “1000”! My resume is out there for anyone to check or ask about. I came up listening to Pac, Scarface, 8 Ball & MjG, Trick Daddy and a lil Biggie so I'm into the Tales From Da Hood! I love a good story line in a record and that’s something I pride myself on. I like to take you on a journey with each record.

Tell us about your new single, Lots of Doe... That’s just a MONSTER right there! A lot of times you hear about just the hustling activities, well I wanted to make a record that focused on the celebration that occurs after you done made you some money, your paper is right, and Stacks is on Deck! My producer Shoota played the track for me, within 15 minutes we went in on the hook. I took that with me, rode around with the concept and the very next day I came back a laid down a masterpiece. I think it’s a good coming out record for me and its getting a great response in the clubs, Strip clubs and Underground radio. But we not stopping here its a lot more where that came from believe Datt! We know you have a record out with one of the south's favorite rappers, Lil Boosie, Tell us about that record, how did it come about? What's it about? I was always into Louisiana artists, from Souljah Slim and the whole No Limit records to the Hot Boys and the Cash Money movement. I was presented the opportunity to work with Boosie through my cousin Black that

fucks with the Trill Ent. Camp. I was already a fan of what Boosie was doing and his grind inspired me. Upon meeting him we clicked ASAP on a personal note, me and Kid vibe alike and real recognize real since the beginning of time. I was going through some legal issues myself at the time we recorded the record so I wasn’t able to be on the road and promote it as I should have and shortly after he had his situation which sadden s me a lot! The record is a super banger , its called “Get Loose” . it’s a great club record and Boosie did his muh’fuckin thing on that! Its something for the ladies to bounce and pop to. Get it Get it Get it …lol Finish this sentence: The Game Needs me because: The game needs a makeover, its too much cookie cutter shit going on and all the real niggaz are becoming extinct, I'm that breath of fresh air. 25

What do you enjoy the most about the music industry? Making hits? Performing? Traveling?.... I like being in the studio working and traveling is great, but the performance part of it is the BEST! To see your work come alive and to feel a connection being made between you and your fans right before your eyes is the greatest feeling, no drug can give you that. What's next for you? Where do you foresee yourself by this time next year? I see myself running the Game or atleast the South, lol. No, but I see a better, improved, and more experienced ME. I'm still a student of the game but I'm willing to go out and give it my all. It is better to have tried and fail then to never try at all. I'm ready for what the game has to offer, I signed up for the long run so Let’s Go!!!!!!!

Sexuality for the FAB, FLY, & FOCUSED

100 Best Sex Rap Songs So once again I’m searching the world wide web and I couldn’t find me a comprehensive list of rap songs that talked about sex. So I decided to make one. I bring to you the 100 BEST Sex Rap Song, some are more XXXplicit than others but aye, isn’t sexuality anyway? The list is in no particular order because that would have


been an all night debate. Without further delay, like to read it…here it goes. 1. Mind Sex- Dead Prez

18. Hit It From The Back-

32. Magic

2. What’s It Gonna Be- Busta

Mob Deep

Stick- 50 Cent

Rhymes feat. Janet Jackson

19. That Way- Wale feat.

feat. Lil Kim

3. Get You Wet- Plies

Rick Ross and Jeremih

33. Doing It-

4. Toss It Up- Tupac feat. Jodeci

20. Bedroom Boom- Ying

LL Cool J

Yang Twins feat. Avant

34. Pussy Real

21. All Good-Busta Rhymes

Good- Jacki-O

22. Fucking You Tonight-

35. I Can Tell

5. Tear It Up- Young Jeezy 6. K.I.S.S.I.N.G- Nas 7. Tonight- Trick Daddy feat. Jaheim and Trina 8. Pussy Crook- Mystikal 9. What’s Your Fantasy- Ludacris 10. Wetter- Twister 11. Candyman- Dirty 12. Pop That Pussy2 Live Crew 13. Blow Job BettyToo $hort 14. Pussy Popper- T.I. 15. Getting Some Head- Shawna 16. Oh Na Na Na Na- Lil John & the East Side Boys ft. Chyna White 17. Movie- Twista ft. Chris Brown

Notorious B.I.G. ft. R. Kelly 23. How Do You Want It?-

You Wanna Fuck- 504 Boys


36. Fuck Friends- Camouflage

24. Ludacris- Sex Room

37. It’s Time To Make Love-TPain

25. Phone Sex- Trina

38. Lollipop- Lil Wayne

26. The Whisper Song-

39. Tryna Get Nasty- Lil’ Boosie

Ying Yang Twins

40. Sex Ed- Mia X feat. Silkk the

27. Take You Home- Foxy


Brown feat BlackStreet 28. Pretty Pussy- Plies 29. Headboards- Hurricane Chris 30. I Wanna Taste YouPastor Troy 31. Bet It Taste Like CandyMissy 26

41. Khia- My Neck, My

63. I’ll Pay For It- Souljah

86. Make Love To A Rap Song



- T-Pain

42. Akinelye-Put it In

64. Hotel- T.I.

87. Mrs. Parker- Young Money

Your Mouth

65. I Want Sex- Lil Boosie

88. Big Girl Now- NAS

43. Sprung- TPain

66. I Feel Like Fuckin’ -Plies

89. She Swallowed It- NWA

44. Some Cut- Trillville

67. I Got A Problem- Trina

90. Bust It Baby-Plies

45. Cut Up- Ludacris

feat. Plies

91. Candy- Foxy Brown

46. Slow Jams- Twista

68. Rodeo- Juvenile

92. Break You Off- The Roots

69. Mrs. Officer- Lil’ Wayne

feat. Musiq Soulchild

Feat Kanye & Jamie Foxx 47. Let’s Get A Room- T.I. feat. Jazzy Phae 48. Pillow Talk- Kid Cudi

70. Bedrock-

93. Yellow Light- Twister

Young Money ft.

94. Ain’t No Fun- Snoop Dogg

Lloyd 71. Stapleton Sex-

95. Oochie Wally- Nas 96. Slob On My Nob-

49. Juice Box- Gorilla Zoe

Ghostface Killer

50. Work It- Missy Elliot

72. Climax- Slum

51. Hit It From The Back-


Rick Ross

73. Go- Common

52. Gimme That- Lil Webbie

74. Girl Tonight- Twista

53. Slow Motion- Juvenile

75. Porn Star-T.I.

54. Nasty Song- Lil Ru

76. I Get Around- Tupac

55. I Feel Like Fuckin’

77. Freaky Girl Remix- Gucci

Something- Lil Wayne

Mane feat Lil Kim

56. Play- David Banner

78. Nasty Girl- Notorious B.I.G.

57. Get It Wet- Twista

79. Adults Only- Slick Rick

58. Call Me-Too Short ft Lil Kim

80. Late Night Tip-Three-6 Mafia

direct shout outs but I don’t

59. Bend Over Baby- Field Mob

81. Money Make Me Cum-

want to put them on blast like

60. Freak Though- T.I.

Rick Ross

61. Fuck Faces

82. What’Chu Like- Da Brat ft.

- Scarface


62. I Luv-

83. Bottom of the Pussy-

Scarface, Too


$hort, Trick

84. Please Excuse My Hands-




Three 6 Mafia 97. Wet – Snoop Dogg 98. Pussy Cat- Missy 99. Let Me Hit It- Silkk The Shocker 100. Me So Horny2 Live Crew

Honorable mentions go to my Twitter Fam which I call #teamXXXplicit! I want to do

that! They know who they are and I appreciate them for assisting me with the list!

85. Get Naked- Travis Porter 27

Models What is your ultimate goal for your modeling career? I would love to model name brands and be in magazines, and do more

Syncere How did you first get into modeling?




Ever since I was a little girl I have

as they are! No one can be

always had a passion for dressing

you better than yourself

up. Being unique and different


dreamed of being a model in the entertainment industry

What would be your dream gig? I would love to work

Did you ever think you would be modeling?

the red carpet at BET

It was always a dream..something

would like to help

I never thought I would get the

interview, take photos

opportunity to do!

etc. Awesome!

What is something about the modeling industry that people wouldn't know off hand?

Who have you modeled for so far?

It can get discouraging if they


are always looking to compare themselves to everyone.

awards or VMA's. I





heart is in high fashion! I would also like to host/ do radio topics!


within and love themselves

with my style and as I got older I

runway My

Models How did you first get into modeling? I first got into modeling thru a girl name Anna. She introduce me to Chris Royster and from there he was my modeling manager and helped me with my shoots, walks, events etc Did you ever think you would be modeling? I




though I would model because of the fact that I never really had the chance to really put my A GAME with it all.

What makes you unique as a model?

Who have you modeled for so far?

One thing that the modeling

I modeled for IMTM Worldwide

industry would easily know

& also had the opportunity to

me as me being DIFFERENT

work with big industries like six-

and striving for the best I

teen magazine etc

tend to just go with the flow with things, love to just be able to do


& one thing is being

What is your ultimate goal for your modeling career? My ultimate goal is to inspire

able to pull of any look.

people out there show them

What is something about the modeling industry that people wouldn't know off hand?

also to inspire them by there

My dream gig is to be

others to know that your a well

able work with Vogue &

rounded person .

Ellie modeling industries.

that anything is possible and looks because I feel as by the way you bring yourself upon things could put alot out for others especially when you want


Supreme makeovers


Get Ready for Fall As fall is approaching, so are all the new fall trends. From fashion to hair and to makeup. But before you go into a panic that you have already spent a ton on wardrobe and school supplies, you do not have to break the bank to still rock the latest trends in the makeup department. One of the greatest issues that I hear all the time, around this time of year is, losing that tan you have worked all summer to get and keep. You do not have to let go of your bronzy look yet ladies, there are ways you can still have that bronzy summer glow and wear it gracefully in the fall. Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Lotion is a self-tanner that is easily applied (CVS $7.49). It is recommended to add a few drops of it with your daily moisturizer to keep a healthy glow and avoid the dry skin that fall winds bring. By mixing it with your daily moisturizer, it makes it less intense like a summer tan and transitions you in to the fall subtle glow. Having a self-tanner will also help you avoid going from tanned to pale and pasty in days. Since we hit the moisturizer topic, that is a year around must have! You should be careful on which moisturizer you decide to use in the long run, a lot of name brand moisturizers

contain harsh ingredients such as AHA, Salycilic acid, alcohols, benzoyl peroxide, drugs, steroids etc. these will only dry out the skin even further (causing flaking, rash-like symptoms). Neutrogena has many great products under $10. And ladies, we do not need to let go off the bronzer (the heavens just opened and a ray of heavenly light just shined down as the heavenly choir sings Halleluiah). We have been taught by the best of the best to apply bronzer (our bff next to mascara and eyeliner) and to apply it on the apple of our cheeks and areas where the sun naturally hits your gorgeous face. Well, here is a new trick of the trade, apply your bronzer that you already have, off your cheekbone and start using it under the cheekbone. A good contouring product is Lightsweep shadester sculpt and shape powder by MAC. This is a well spent $28 . Now, I know I said I wouldn’t break your bank, but Fall means natural/neutral colors, so you can even use this MAC powder as an eyeshadow. Having a great blush is also imp o r t a n t .


Colors like taupe and brown are a must have too. You can find great colors by e.l.f at Target under $3.00 and great eyeliners and brow liners under a buck! Place some eyeliner under your upper lashes as well, to make your eyelashes look more full and blend it nicely with your choice of eyeliner and mascara.

But where would you be w/o full coverage and flawless looking skin? Motives cosmetics has a great line of makeup, especially their Custom Blend Foundations. They also offer a selection of crème, powder, or liquid. You can go to and select your color and they will send you a sample of their custom blend foundations or hook you up with a motives consultant in our area that can have that one on one personal consultation as a one stop shop. Last, but never the least! Our luscious lips ladies…remember to have a good lip balm, because the worst is a dry, chapped lip. Nieva kiss of moisture is under $3.00. Welcome the fall with a peace of mind knowing you are prepared and always looking good.

Supreme makeovers


Wearing White After Labor Day

Fashion has gone through an evolution as the decades have gone by, but it seems that this was just more than a fashion rule, it was set in stone. In the 1950’s you couldn’t wear your thigh high white boots in the fall like you did in the past summer! This was also a way to distinct the classes. Only the Elite had money to transition through the seasons when it came to everything from cars to fashion. Let’s all be realistic, white will always be a part of our wardrobe. The fashion rules have been broken for centuries, as long as the rules have been made. Fashion still distinguishes through the classes. You have your elites that wear exclusive limited

fashions, but who is to tell you that you can’t wear your white air force ones, your white pumps, your white pearls, and your classic white Adidas when you feel like it…even after labor day??? I know one lady who would tell you that fashion is what you make it. She made a statement, more of a statement then being the only person in the couturier field to be named on the Time:100 Most Important People of the Century. Coco Chanel incorporated white in her everyday wardrobe. Let’s also face the fact, if you live in Florida, the chances you will see cold weather in the month of September are slim to none. So if you find yourself standing in front of your closet with a blank look on your face and can't decide if you should dare face the world on Tuesday with a white article of attire, take the words from a wise woman: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel. Remember, " Everyday is a Fashion show and the world is your Runway!"- DJ Torres

Clothes by

In the early to mid 20th century, wearing white became more than just a way to stay cool in the long excruciating summer weather, but more of a fashion statement and etiquette. So what does white and Labor Day have in common you ask? Labor Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Monday of the month of September, so it is traditionally marked as our last day of summer. Digging through the history and opinions of the fashion gurus throughout the centuries, they felt as though it was a fashion faux pa to wear the same wardrobe with a new season approaching. Many also felt that wearing white in the rainy season would get you all muddy and who wanted to walk in the streets of New York City with mud stains on their crisp clean whites?




Pimp This Game By @McKlezie -- I Bet You Remember My Name Hello everybody and welcome to another installment of Pimp This Game. I enjoyed the response that I received from the first article I wrote, so I decided to go ahead and enlighten you with just a little more knowledge. "Thank me later" in my Drake voice. Any who's, I seem to remember a time when Grind Mode and I headed to some city in the Midwest, in the hopes to expand our greatest (yeah I'm feeling myself), and while sitting in VIP indulging in some of the finest that this Midwest town had to offer, I was approached by a local artist and his manager. Now mind you, I'm 3 matrix, 2 shots of patron, 1 cup of goose and cranberry, and a one fat blunt into the evening already, so any discussion of business was a "chicken wrap". Need-less-to-say, dude passed me a cd with a phone number written on it in what seemed to be eyeliner pencil and began to tell me that this was "the hotness". I let off a Wiz Khalifa laugh, and got back to giving this redbone all of pimping. I was giving her some of the best game that this young pimping had to offer, when a song came on in the club that caught my attention. Now there's a couple things that I pride myself on. This hellified pimping and my ability to call a hit before it takes off. So as I peeled Red off me, I took in the song and listen to the strong possibilities of it taking off.

By the second time the hook came around I'm mouthing the words like I made the record and doing my dry little two step. It didn't take long for the local artist that just dropped off the cd to me to return and proudly let me know that the record playing was the song he just gave me. Now listen very carefully, because I'm slowly pulling to the point. Being that his number was scribbled on the cd, I put the cd into my leather jacket with every intention to listen and decide how I would move forward with this potential hit. Fast forwarded five hours later, laying in the bed and waiting for Red Bone to bring me up some breakfast from the La Quinta free breakfast buffet (Oh yeah, I didn't forget about Red. You know I killed that lmao) I decided to throw the cd into my mac book pro (I get paid every time I mention mac books) and vibe on it. Besides the mixing issues and a couple other lil problems here and there, I thought the record was fire. I played the record for about 3 hours straight while driving back down to 34

“How Important is Branding yourself in this industry?�

Miami. Seeing nothing but an upside, I decided to give this local dude a call and let him know I wanted to fuck with the record. Now some of y'all may have noticed that I've been saying local artist and haven't mentioned his name once. Well, there's a good reason for that, because after doing all this research on this record and getting all excited, dude failed to put a valid number on the cd. Not only did he not put a correct number, but he never mentioned his name, never gave me a Myspace, Facebook or Email. There was actually no way in the world for me to reach this dude at all. So this local artist made a cardinal mistake; He did not brand himself to me.

How important is branding yourself in the industry? Well, lets think of it like this. McDonald's, Pepsi, Nike, At&t yield billions upon billions of dollars and obviously are known throughout the world. You as a customer know that when you walk into any Mickey D's you will see the Golden Arches, a Big Mac, and those delicious fries. You know when you pick up a pair of Nike running shoes, you will see the check on them. You see a N and Y on a hat, you know its a Yankees hat no matter the color. So why do they still spend billions on advertising? Simple, they are branding in your minds who they are while at the same time creating impulse thoughts about what they are trying sell you. For example, you're sitting in the studio starving wondering what to eat, and the engineer walks in with bags with the Burger King logo on it, and you suddenly hunger for a whopper. That is a brand that was sold to you because of constant advertising and once seeing the brand, you remember the product and craved it. Now that we understand what branding is, how do we use this to further our musical careers. Truth told, some of y'all our branding yourself and don't even realize it. But its all got to mesh together and make sense. If you are a goon at heart, you talk like one, you walk like one, you dress down in all black, grilled up tatted up, you whoop your woman and whatever else goons do, then let the music you doing reflect that. Making a record like Parents Don't Understand

wouldn't be up your alley so to speak. Don't misunderstand this as me saying to become a carbon copy of what's out there. You still have to create your own lane. It's not that you're trying to be like everyone else but you are trying to have the public remember who you are and for it to make sense to them. Repetition makes perfect. There is no wonder why when you watch WWE you know what's gonna happen. You know the Rock is gonna hit them with the peoples elbow, raise the peoples eyebrow, and ask you "if you smell what the Rock is cooking." Then later on you see millions and millions of fans walking around wearing the Rock's shirts . The better you brand yourself on the small circuit, the more you peak the interest of the majors. Think about Khaled yells out "We the Best," Jay Z throws up the Diamonds, and Waka Flacka yells his name 1,000 times thru out his records. You may not agree with the tactics but whenever they get interviewed or perform you know what they are about to say sometimes before they say it . I am aware that every one I've mentioned has a machine behind them, but it's not all about the money. You as an artist must remember to brand yourself on the smaller scales with the ways that don't need money. Ask yourself this, when you perform on a record, do you remember to even say your name, whether it is in a verse, intro, or hook? 35

Do you have a phrase, accent, or sound that identifies the crowd with who you are? Is your name spelled correctly on cd's, flyers, and t-shirts? Or more importantly is it spelled in the same font so that it becomes familiar with your target audience? Are you at rhythmic club, trying to break a trap record? Does the deejay say your name? If your answer is no to these question, then maybe you're not branding yourself correctly. Its simple people, the more you are seen or heard, the better you are branding yourself. If you performing at a club for free, then ask the promoter to put your picture, name, and/or logo on the flyer. Do not shy away from interviews, or cameras. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to new people while at the same time making sure they remember who you are (In a good way). If you are funny, loud, arrogant, tall, short, whatever makes you stand out; use that to your best ability. At the end of the day when you leave your house, someone new should remember you. Invest in flyers and a photo shoot with the right image that you are trying to promote. This is key in branding because when you are gone and out of sight from your target audience, your flyers and image are still left behind. And lastly, your internet game should be agreement with one another. If you have a blue back ground on Facebook, twitter, and MySpace should be the same.

Remember McDonald's. Every store looks alike for a reason. That's so no matter where you are in the world when you see it, you know its McDonald's. Same premise, no matter where your target audience goes on the internet, when they see it they should know its you. Branding is extremely important if you are trying to make in any where in this game. Now you can get money without being known, and that is another topic. However if your goal is to be famous, then you need to brand yourself. Because honestly, who wants to be that guy that has a hot song but no one remembers their name. Thank you for your time and once again follow me @mcklezie for any questions or insight.



Poetry/Spoken word The Impossible Come Alive

In Times To Come

Born in a world where drugs and killing ruled, she was taught to never loose but raised to cheat if it lead to win. In her heart she knew there was more then this, how could this cold world have love for this type of living.

In times to come as things have past we find that for the things we ask and the things we do are to get in where we fit in or get stuck up in sin, where our mission is either over or beginning. One thing we don't want to do is keep going through battles and duels unless we know its a way out of this struggle we go through.

Grew up being told she wouldn't succeed, the tears burn her eyes but refused to let her weakness be seen. With broken dreams she continued to push hard, knowing one day this would take her far. Her shadow became her best friend, trust and loyalty had died. Waking up with screams, she knew she needed to become free. To the sky she looked and prayed to GOD for wings. Her day finally came.... Determination broke those chains, released from what held her in. The gray skies that have never been bright are now showing a new light. The doors that lead to a new life began to open wide. To those that told her no, she showed them wrong. Reaching her goal, finally finding the missing pieces she held her head high and walk that road with nothing but pride....Crossing that finish line she made THE IMPOSSIBLE COME ALIVE!

By and by through bloops and blunders things that happen they make us wonder, how it can be just like a jungle sometime in our mind but it's designed to fight from the start as long as we have the heart to finish. We can't be diminished by the people that are going to smile in our face, disgrace us, act like they were there with us and didn't even have a clue that God had designed for us to make it through. Sooo laugh now cry lata alligator we're gonna go on and meet our Creator, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and Ending To Him we will be sending all lf our prayers, sorry bout that slayas I'll pray for you too cuz that's what my Bible tells me to do but u can't keep watching out for me cuz I can't keep watchin out for you the only person I know is you that's got to walk in your shoes. For the popo's and judges we can't hold grudges for the incarcerations and fingerprint smudges they can't hold a soljah down won't nothing stop us now as long as we keep on movin. And if you think I'm smooth @ what I'm doin I'll just tell you that Jesus comin through. Ya see naughty boyz are like twelve gauge shotties kickin noise and when we abuse our toys uumm boyee, ride or die ,die or ride get inside for if it takes all day or if it takes all night I'll be like drac @ ya neck on sight, not strapped in wrong but strapped in right lookin for our Savior to give us some light. See mind bashers are like computer hackas hacking off into the brain but we've got to maintain move on man or woman avoid the strain hear what I'm saying!

Ladi n Blue @Ladin6lue

***All poetry/Spoken word submitted are the intellectual property of the writer. To submit your work, please send complete work, illustration, or pictures to subject line: Poetry Submission. 38


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