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Special Thanks Special shout out to the 239’s Winner’s Circle co-founding Members, Niikijha Stephens-Lynch, Katrina Shanks, and Princess Johnson. Also a very special thanks to Esta Burke-Reid and Alvita Hill for all the help and support they have extended to the growth of Ford Entertainment Magazine! Also, thanks to all of you who viewed online or purchased a copy of the September issue of Ford Entertainment Magazine! Your support is greatly appreciated! Make sure you check out the pics from the first official issue release party by Amedis Nights Promotions with music by DJ Quest and photography by S.A.D. Photography.

Amedis Nights Promotions presents Ford Entertainment Magazine official release party. Music by Dj Quest, photography by S.A.D. Photography. With special invited guests Alvita Hill, Esta Burke-Reid, Sho Zoe, Racquel Gilmore, Steve Woodz, Psycho Joe, and Model Shana Kay. What started off as a rainy night in Ft Myers, Fl ended as a night to remember with music by 239’s number one Dj, Dj Quest at the area’s number one night club, Neo. Special thanks to Dj Juelz for starting the party off with great music and a digital presentation of the magazine. While the ladies sipped on liquid joys all night for free, a great time was had by all. Truly can’t wait to see how we top that in October! ~ Ladychelle, Publisher.

In This Issue Featured Artists Lil Rufus………………………………………..18 Haitian Fresh……………..6 Comedian Joe Mobley…….....8 DJ Dj Quest………..10 Photagraphers Mike Fisher….12 FordCandy of the Month Miss Ladiee……….26 HipHop News Dissin’ the Dirt W/Scrappy...16 Causes Domestic Violence……..30

The Write Spot Your Worth is Priceless……..24 Why compatibility matters…..34 Music reviews Lil Wayne-mm not a human being……...32 Jeezy- The last laugh…..33

Haitian Fresh

about, Fresh explained name



the meaning of the




By Paige Diamond

“When he first came to


in 1992,

at the age of 6, it was a different era for


orn in Port au Prince, Haiti, Haitian Fresh

Haitians. They were picked on , ridiculed, accused of eating cats and such, were said to

and his family, like many other Haitian fami- have aids and all sorts of nonsense. So Fresh lies, fled to Miami, Florida to escape the took it upon himself to change the minds of poverty and politi- the masses by showing them cal


that how much he truly loved his people. I am Hai-

plagued Haiti.

tian and I stay Fresh; I look good, I smell


his good and there is nothing that you got that I

love for Hip Hop and don’t got. There’s nothing that you can get his


degree that I can’t get.

in Business and Mar-

If you look in history, Haitians were

keting obtained from the first black

slaves to be free, so my peo-

Bethune Cookman Col- ple are the bravest and Haitians should be lege, Fresh decided proud to be Haitian. I call myself Haitian to make it his goal Fresh because there’s a lot of power behind to


himself it. Hard work, determination, blood, sweat,

“into a business and brand that he could mar- and tears, that’s how my name is getting out ket and on top of that represent Haiti and there into Hip-Hop; now its circulating.” speak for the people and struggle he represented.”

Fresh is truly one step away from being the biggest thing in Hip-Hop. He has grinded

With hard work and dedication, Fresh has for himself and even went as far as spending landed on covers of magazines, performed with half a million dollars on himself

in two

major artists on tours, performed on B.E.T’s years. Because he believes in himself as a Spring Bling, walking red carpets and is even artist. a spokesperson for Red Monkey Jeans, and has And he is convinced that every goal he has set had features on his songs from Lil Boosie, for himself will come into fruition. Simply Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross and Wyclef.

because he is a man who does not accept the

If you’re wondering about the creation word NO as an answer. of the name Haitian Fresh and how it came

(reprinted from May issue of One Entertainment Magazine– FL)

Q & A With Joe Mobley

As interviewed by Alvita Hill So what's your agenda looking like lately? Just keeping busy. I do Limelight Showcase on Mondays in Fort Myers. Tuesdays Mojitos in Cape Coral and I Host Accoustic Affairs on Thursdays. Along with my weekly radio talk show on Fridays...called Fridats wit Joe Mobley on 107.5 Dunbar Community Radio. Hmmmm...So you stay active in the Comedy world..Any new comers you doing shows with? Well Yes, as a matter of fact I am... Magnum Jackson, J Church, Rawstream. I also work with a hot poet . Her name is Nichole Palmer aka NuKi.

Always better to bring laughter than pain. Now we covered you favorite venues, lets hear about your least favorite. Well its hard to say but it would have to be any after hours spot...the people are just too wasted to comprehend. It becomes a different situation not Comedy. How do you handle those types of situations or hecklers?? I'm a good listener and I let them feed me then I take care of the situation by using "Verbal Judo" which I learned from a wise Uncle Curtis Glasper and after that it's a wrap!

Do you play Mentor or lay low when around these youngsters? I'm more of a mentor. Sometimes you have to step in and light fires underneath their b o t toms sometimes. Other times its keepin them' s a long ride up but a fast one down.

Please do tell about Uncle Curtis Glasper....Influence? He's a BIG influence. He was the first one in my family to really pull me aside and told me how I really had a chance to do this at a higher level...its coming from a guy who played basketball at a higher level. I really look up to him he's a big inspiration.

True...true! Is there any tidbits you can offer the readers who may want to venture into comedy? Yes, be strong, be consistent, have a thick skin and last but not least patience.

It was a pleasure to interview you, hit me wit one of ya famous line, jokes, or skits before we sign off! I aint BS'ing...that sums it up.. that's the line I'm sticking with...Lol!

What drives you now to continue on the track up? My kids, family, home town...just for the ple who said I could do it basically!! I have a God given gift to bring people my world of laughter .

long Thanks for the interview its been a blast. Big shout out to my girl Vita and Ford Magazine peo- for the interview! also into Always a pleasure Joe, keep it funny! Fa sho!

F have

he also put out about 3 or 4 albums. My motior years, Southwest Florida residents vation for this comes from my success and my




1 0 5 5 t h e B e a t


their a n d




h e a r He’s


rocking with you on the radio from 6 to 10 every day and also in the clubs.

failure's. I’ve been rock bottom and I'm determined not to go back. I’ve been that dj that couldn’t get on. I’ve been that dj that walked to the club with my records and walked back home with my records. I’ve worked everywhere (Checkers, Wal-Mart, KFC, construction,

Ladychelle sent a quick email to Dj Quest, to find out exactly who he is and why he does what he does.

LC: How did you start your career as a DJ? I actually started djing for myself lol! When

sewer cleaning and more)

but was never happy.

Now I can say that I am happy and living my life.

What's the secret to making it in this industry?

I played football I would make my own mix tapes for me to listen to on road games or in the locker room, but my team mates would always ask me to make them one. So it started as a hobby until I moved to Orlando and made it a career.

LC: You obviously have a passion for this

Respect everyone! I try to show everyone love and give them the same respect that I would want. When you start burning bridges you lose respect. Nothing last forever, you might be the shit today but wont be shit tomorrow.

What projects are you currently working on?

field. Where does that love come from? What's Right now my focus for myself is to continue your motivation? I think my love of music comes from my family. My family has always been involved in music somehow. My parents were part of a Christian group that put out a studio album. I fell in love with the process of creating music as I watched my Dad write songs and then see them blossom into a great piece of music. On the DJ side my Uncle was a radio dj back in Haiti and

to brand "DJ Quest"

the DJ and the producer

and then move into other avenues of entertainment. On the production side I'm working on Sho-Zoe album. We got a few more songs to finish up and a few more features to get. I'm also working on Stephanie Martinez's project. She's a 21 year old pop artist that is getting a nice buzz right now. (reprinted from June issue of One Entertainment Magazine– FL)

Dj Quest

Fisher Lenses‌

By Alvita Hill Ok....then tell me what kinda shoot you wouldn't do! Anything that has to do with heights or me losing my life-lol!

So how long you been into photography? 2 years but always had interest in art. What/Who got you into art/photos? Cartoons got me into art..Then I seen photography as another way to capture art and people said I was pretty good at it...So I just started focusing on photography.

So No rooftop shoots??...have you had any scary moments? Rooftops are ok as long as its not like 7 stories or more. No scary moments yet for me...models!

What do you prefer to film scenery or live modWhere would you like to see yourself in another els. 2 years? Both Just somewhere in the industry as an established As of lately what type of work have you been do- photographer. ing? Just up and coming models and music artists such as Tanisha Guice, Carolina Martinez, Josh Roshad, Whitney Plante, and of course My Payup! Crew...I had to shout them out.

So what if anything do you have lined up? I have a few shoots coming up with models Tanisha Guice & Carolina Martinez in the near future. You can also catch me shooting at the Reserve on Wednesday nite for ladies night. Oh and I'm Fasho..I understand...So you have a good support shooting with Lil Rufus & Princess. system around you? I would say so. Everybody believes in my ability Is there a way for the people you shoot on soo...All I can do is show love and remain Wednesday to see their pictures? For right now just Facebook since I just moved humble. back from Orlando. I'm getting back in the The best way to be..So tell me what drives you swing of things. to continue with photography? All the positive feedback from family friends. That's my biggest motivation. What would be you dream shoot? A shoot with Wiz Khalifa-lol!

and Is there any advice that you would like to give someone that would want to become a photographer. If its your passion, Go for it. A man of few yet powerful words. Lol..I couldn't think of anything.

Excuse me for being lost..who? Wiz Khalifa an up northern rapper. I like his I would like to thank you for your was style. a pleasure..hope to see you out and about. Oh I see....not so lost! What was Definitely, and thank you =) your favorite shoot to date? I would say all of them cause ..Each one was fun.

Scrappy’s Dissin’ the Dirt DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and humor and generally have no factual information. This is for entertainment only.

Chris Brown's last album, Grafitti, sucked. But he has a new one that'll drop in a few months called F.A.M.E. I've got a better name FU! R! U Oooooo. Now that's an acronym!!!

Kayne West is my dawg, trading up again, ditching ol gurl Amber Rose for Victoria Secret supermodel Selita Eubanks (sp?). Both are bad chicks, but Selita? Daaammmmnnn!

Nick Cannon sucks as a rapper and sucks as a TV host. So now he's gonna be a human Regarding T.I.'s recent California drug bust, it appears a Cali judge is beat box. Whos' box is he practicing on? gonna get him off. Hey... isn't that Tiny's job? It ain't Big Bubba Hit that high note Mariah! from Fulton County Institutional no mo!

Neyo's gonna be a baby's daddy! How did Shout out to my friend, David Banner and Usher, two of the most that happen! Must have been mad guy on intelligent cats in the game - helping me give SWFL teens advice on guy porn at the insemination office! socially coping in a new High School. Also, Neyo started losing his hair at the age of 14, just about the Take a closer look yo! Nikki Minaj's ass is deflated. P. Diddy probatime he was losing his virginity to his High School Football team. Go bly got kinky one night and stuck a needle in the booty - deflated Trojans! that bitch like a kid pops a balloon! Busta Rhymes is being sued for $250,000 for throwing a glass at a woman in a bar. He's like, Whaaaattt?!? Bitch told me to pass the Courvoisier! Justin Timberlake is engaged to Jessica Biel, but they are not getting married soon. He says I'm putting marriage on layaway, just like the poor people Lil Wayne's ex Toya is getting remarried. It is gonna cost her millions do with bicycles at Walmart! in alimony. Damn, Toya, you're not the caculating slut I thought you were. Lil Kim and Kim Kardashian are Chingy's dating a tranny, albeit a tranny that looks like a dime. He opening up a hair salon in Miami togethneeds to remake "Pulling me Back" with "Pulling back and Forth!" er, calling it "Salon se Kim". They should name it :Salon se Hoooooooooooooo!!! Fantasia's suicide was a publicity stunt. Too late for that, her career has been dead for years. Swiss Beatz was real smart to take wifey Rick Ross, the missionary, has a sex tape, Alicia Keyes on a trip to Europe instead of the supposedly banging a Rolodex stripper on Caribbean, where everybody could see the his couch. They even used a tri-pod! Don't beached whale. That ain't fancy! bother watching it. It's like a Hippo squashDiddy says the only girl in his life is his daughter, ing black Bambi!!! Delilah. F'in hypocrite! Brutha is banging Niki Holla!!! Listen to more of my ish every Minaj front and center, Cassie on the side & baby weekday afternoon from 3p - 6p on the Mama Kim Porter in the back! only station worth a damn, 105-5 The Beat!

Lil Romeo plays hoops for USC! Recently, he was drunk at a USC frat party, banged a random chick and got her pregnant with triplets. Dude's got game. He can ran the three.

The above reflects Scrappy’s opinions, not news. The content here is rumor and not substantiated facts. The source of these rumors is third hand conversation and not information provided by a credible source. The stories are for entertainment purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views of Ford Entertainment Magazine or Ladychelle Ent as a whole.


The New R&B Prince Of the South


hits like Merry go round, I'm Wrong, Bad B*tch and F*ck em decent, We all know Lil Rufus as the singing sensation that we all can relate to in our relationships. From break ups to friendships to arguments to between the sheets, there is something for every body on his new mixtape A MAN’S POINT OF VIEW. Ford Entertainment magazine’s own Ladychelle sat down for a phone interview with the new R&B Prince of the South to get to know the man behind the music. Lil Rufus, born Rufus Lowe, first fell in love with music at the age of 5. He was always around music, with his parents both being singers (although not professionally). He grew up singing and performing in the church and completely fell in love with the arts. “it helped me cope with a lot of different things that I had to deal with growing up” Says Rufus. Around the age of 10, from watching music videos, Rufus added another skill to his résumé: Dancing and choreographing. Its obvious to anyone, the love Rufus has for his family. Especially his dad who to him was a great manager, friend as well as a mentor. During his interview, we spoke of his father and the life lessons that were passed on to him: “My dad died in June 2009, on the same day as Michael Jackson. It was a big day for me as well as the rest of America. It was sad because as everyone was mourning MJ i was mourning my father. It was a devastating situation. I never thought I would lose him. Its so unreal. I try to cope in different ways and of course music helps me with that. And he was always my backbone. My dad was at every show, every event. Not only as my manager but as my father and my friend. Losing him was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. That experience helps me deal with a lot of things I have to go thru today. I wish he was here still. But things do happen for a reason. Thank God I'm still blessed and still going on. Some of the life lessons he passed on to me where: Never give up and always do your best because at the end of the day that’s all you can do. And if the job doesn’t get done at least you tried your hardest for it to get done and that’s all that matters. I don’t want a day to go by that I didn’t do my best because

that extra push could take me to the next level in life and in my career.” Aside from his father being the number one man Rufus looks up to, another great role model to him is president Obama. And unlike many others, Rufus had the chance to actually meet the number one man in America and share his gift of music with him. “It was an excellent excellent experience. After he was announced president, I wen home and wrote a song about him. That showed right there that we as people can do anything we put our mind too. My mom looked in the paper and saw that the president was coming to my hometown, Ft Myers, FL and I knew I had to get to him some kind of way. So I actually SLEPT out for tickets. One night outside. With news stations and all, ready to hear my song and find out what Obama meant to me. The next morning I was 4th in a line of thousands. Being able to share that with him was a great experience. He told me I had a great voice and took the cd with his song dedicated to him. I've dreamt about that day every night since. So far, for being so young, Rufus has accomplished a lot in his career. He’s had a song on the radio featuring another great artist (Plies) which have gotten rave reviews. He’s also dropped the mixtape, a man’s point of view which everyone is truly enjoying. He’s also completed a music video for his single Merry Go Round which you can view on And is currently signed with recording Label Big Gates Records home of Plies. By this time next year, this young man aspires to have an album out, in stores and to have grace the stages of 106 & park. There’s no doubt that this man will accomplish all that in more in the near feature and truly achieve success. Which by his own definition means “I don’t count success in terms of how much money. I count success as how many people enjoy my music and how many I’ve reached with my music and the changes I make not only in my life but in others life as well. It’s a joy seeing people singing my songs and relating to my songs. “ With that definition, I would say, he has already achieved success!

In his own words “The music industry is a hard industry to break into and it can make or break you. To all the aspiring artists out there who wants to be the next big thing, I say keep your head on straight…..and have in mind idea of what you really want to do. Don’t let anyone change your path. Stay on that positive road and feel like you can make it. Stay positive and on the right track and you'll be successful”

“If I don’t accomplish anything else I want to be remember as a kind person, a person who cares for others, as well as myself. A person who is determined to reach his goals. I just want to be remembered in a positive light. So if that can happen I’d be fine.”

“There's not a moment that goes by that I don’t think about my dad. And how I wish he was still here to continue my career with me. I wonder everyday how different it would be.”

“My goals are: to be successful in the music industry, to own a restaurant (soul food restaurant for my mom. She loves cooking and I just want to own it have her be able to do what she loves to do), own a clothing line and have a family one day.”

“Being signed with big gates records has been a moving experience. A movement that I'm trying to keep moving. I'm hoping everything works out coz it’s a big process. From late night studio times to writing and recording. It’s a hard industry to get into and a harder one to stay in. So it’s been a blessing all the way around.”

Your Worth is Priceless‌.

All i'm saying is WOMEN mostly, Stop letting crappy dudes walk all over you. There is some-

I'm sure every woman and man has experienced one out there that will treat you like the someone in their lives that has made them feel queen u should be treated like. You should like absolute crap. That someone being a per- never settle for the bullsh*t when all it does son you loved more than anything more than is break you down and makes you feel like sh*t life itself. Being in a relationship with that when you aren't. Women are the most BEAUTIFUL someone who constantly neglects your mind, creatures to walk this earth but ya'll combody and soul.

plex, confusing, and evil! Lol but I love

Making you feel less of a woman and detaches y'all and i'm only

speaking this to hopefully

you from logical thinking to realize you don't open the eyes of those chicks who are settling deserve what you're being given.

for less and hopefully keep the eyes already

Nothing p*sses me off more than seeing a opened on they toes so they never fall into beautiful, amazing woman in a relationship that ''slump''. with a boy. Not a man, A BOY! A man will do

Your worth is priceless, Never let a dude

anything to make that woman feel so good, so make you feel any different! amazing, and like nothing in the world matters Never settle for less. to him but her. A boy beats you down emotionally and tries to break you down. I mean women really need to wake up and realize p*ssy is power, yeah I said it. Your worth

is price-

less and you shouldn't take sh*t from no man. I honestly really wish all women would see they deserve MORE in a relationship when they see things are so wrong and so out of place but this all ties into one of my other articles ''The Heart''.

People think with their

hearts and forget everything else and forget they deserve only the best. Eatyowheaties

We Get It Poppin at uBunz. Music, Blogs, Gossip, And The Infamous uBunz Section


dCandy of the month

Miss Ladiee Age: 21 Hometown: Kansas City Experience: 4 years Interested in: Print Modeling

"live everyday like it's Ur last, if it's worth doin do it big"

The facts about Domestic Violence. “According to the National Coalition Against

The health-related costs of domestic violence exceed $2.8 billion each year.

Domestic Violence, Domestic violence is the

Between 3.3-10 million children witness

willful intimidation, physical assault, bat-

some form of domestic violence annually

tery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior perpetrated by an intimate partner against another. Domestic violence results in

1 in 5 (21%) women reported she had been raped or physically or sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

physical injury, psychological trauma, and sometimes death.� October is Domestic vio-

1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be

lence awareness month (alongside other great

stalked in their lifetime, for an aver-

causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness). This

age duration of almost 2 years

month, we give the simple facts regarding Domestic Violence. If you or someone you know need help, please pass on the National Abuse hotline number 1-800-799-7233(SAFE)

80% of women who are stalked by a former partner are physically assaulted by that partner and 30% are sexually assaulted by that partner.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive The national numbers according to Domestic

relationship, please seek help. Call the

Violence Resource Center (www.DVRC-OR.Org)

National Abuse hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE). Do recognize that Domestic Violence is a cycle that is never ending until you

1 in 4 women (25%) has experienced domestic violence in their lifetime Between 600,000 and 6 million women are victims of Domestic Violence each year, and between 100,000 and 6 million men Nearly 3 out of 4 (74%) of Americans personally know someone who is or has been victim of domestic violence. More then 3 women and 1 men are murdered by their partner in this country EVERY DAY.


Domestic Violence Quiz: Are you in an abusive relationship? Know the difference between relationship strains and relationship flags. Instructions: Enter the number of points next to each question depending on the severity of each item: Never: 0 points Sometimes: 2 points

Rarely: 1 point Frequently: 3 points

__ My partner keeps money from me, keeps me in debt, or has "money secrets" __ My partner acts one way in front of others, and another way when we are alone __ My partner sold my car, made me give up my license, or won't repair my car __ My partner is secretive or lies about past relationships __ My partner has threatened to hurt me

__ I feel isolated and alone and have no one I can really talk to

__ My partner has threatened to hurt my children __ My partner has actually hurt my children

__ I have lost friends because of my partner/partner's actions

__ My partner has threatened to hurt my pets

__ I no longer see some of my family because of my partner

__ My partner has actually hurt my pets

__ I have thought about calling the police because of an incident of violence

__ My partner has threatened to hurt my friends or family __ My partner has hurt a friend or family member __ My partner has threatened to commit suicide if I leave __ My partner has struck me with hands or feet - slapped, punched, kicked __ My partner has struck me with an object or threatened me with a weapon __ My partner has given me visible injuries - bruises, welts, cuts __ I have had to administer first aid to myself due to injuries from my partner

__ I have actually called the police on one or more occasions __ I am afraid to call the police because of threats from my partner _____ TOTAL POINTS

How did you score???? 0-17: Generally Non-abusive 18-58: Moderately Abusive 59-95: Seriously Abusive 96 and up: Dangerously Abusive

__ My injuries have been serious enough to seek treatment - doctor, hospital, clinic, paramedic __ My partner forces me to have sex when I don't want to __ My partner forces me to have sex in ways that I don't want to __ My partner has been in trouble with the police

An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection

Album Review: I'm Not A Human Being EP - Lil Wayne I walked into this mixtape with optimism but the first track, Gonorrhea, quickly shot that down. Lil Wayne shows his rust with this EP. I'm Not A Human Being is chock-full of immature content, weak punch lines, and annoying hooks. I can't say that I'm surprised, Wayne has been on a downfall with his guest spots as of late, one can't believe that he would take the same approach on one of his own pieces.

Songs Gonorrhea (feat Drake): 3/5


Hold Up (feat T-Streets): 3/5

Don't even bother, wait for

With You (feat Drake): 2.5/5

The Carter IV‌

I Am Not A Human Being: 4/5

this CD should be treated like a


Nicki Minaj had the best verse on this EP, on the song YM Salute. This is a huge step back from No Ceilings, which was one of the best releases of 2009, even for a mixtape. This is even worse than The Carter 3. If this is what we're expected to hear on The Carter IV, then it'll be a definite dud.

Bill Gates is a good track though, it goes. Best Songs: Bill Gates, YM Salute, I Am Not A Human Being, I'm Single

I'm Single (feat Drake): 5/5 What's Wrong With Them (feat Nicki Minaj): 2/5 Right Above It (feat Drake): 2.5/5 Popular (feat Lil Twist): 2.5/5 That Ain't Me (feat Jay Sean): 1.5/5 Bill Gates: 4.25/5 YM Banger (feat Young Money): 3/5 YM Salute (feat Young Money): 3.75/5 Nicki Minaj

SAVES this song. by @imtroyirock

Jeezy dropped his "street album" The Last Laugh (9/29/10), and after several listens, here's a full, song-by-song review by yours truly.

Mixtape Review: The Last Laugh - Jeezy

Trying to rekindle the flame and create buzz for his upcoming album TM 103, Jeezy has decided to release yet another mixtape this year (with Trap Or Die 2 and 1000 Grams being its 2010 predecessors). Trap Or Die 2 was a success, 1000 Grams...not so much. Jeezy seems to have gotten back to the groove he was on when he wrote Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, which is great; that album is widely regarded as Jeezy's best, and a classic.

4/5 This is the Jeezy you know and love. Jeezy seems to have found his niche again. After a disappointing showing with 1000 Grams he comes back strong with The Last Laugh. The album itself is a certified banger, however, the production does become a bit repetitive (which is another peeve I've had with Jeezy's recent material). The best song, hands down, is Strip Club, it stands out from the pack and is still extremely chill with a great hook and respectable verses. Personally, its one of the best tracks I've heard from Jeezy. The mixtape as a whole is very consistent, the features fit (Slick Pulla sounds pretty decent, Yo Gotti doesn't help or hurt either of the tracks he's on. Overall, The Last Laugh is a promising mixtape, and ranks among the best of this year.

Songs The Last Laugh: 4.25/5 Game Over: 4.75/5 Handle My Bizness: 4/5 The hook ruins the track. Annoying. Rap Game: 4.25/5 Amen: 4.75/5 Do It Again (feat Slick Pulla & Yo Gotti): 3.75/5 Trippin' (feat Slick Pulla): 3.5/5 All White (feat Yo Gotti): 4/5

Jeezy went off on the second verse. Jizzle: 3.25/5 Pressure's On: 4.25/5

"I will never lose, if I lose, then I lost" Lmao, shout out to Dr. Dre. Best Songs: Strip Club, Amen, Game Over

Don't Stop (feat Shawty Redd): 3.75/5

Great cruising music right here. by @imtroyirock

Strip Club (feat Shawty Redd): 5/5

The 808s on this track are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Reminds me of an old Tupac cut.

Why Compatibility MATTERS!

· Religious affiliation · How your spiritual faith(s) are exercised or if they aren’t?

By Paige Diamond Sexual Compatibility Many of us don’t give any thought to how important compatibility is when starting friendships, building relationships, and starting a family. We kinda take things on a as is basis- I like you. You like me. Cool! When we get down to the nitty gritty of the matter compatibility is far more than just that. Compatibility is defined by a

· Sexual identity and security · Do you have chemistry and a healthy physical attraction · Views on sexuality (outside and within a relationship) · Ideas on romance, intimacy and closeness

feeling of sympathetic understanding and the capability of living/existing together in harmony. Many

· Gender roles in the relationship

of us aren’t living in harmony with the ones we Social Compatibility love or shall I say LUST for obvious reasons. You both are oil and water. Its nothing to be ashamed of, the trill of the chance and/or capture gets us

· How do you socialize? · Are you an extrovert? Introvert? What is your partner?

all, but at what point do you not get caught up in it? Common areas of incompatibility are mix match

· Family ties and upbringing

religious/spiritual outlook, trying to play doctor

· Communication style

and heal a broken heart, being with someone just b/

· Intellectual compatibility

c they are majorly different than what you would normally go for, age gaps and rebellion. What should you look for? I thought you would ask. Here

Financial Compatibility are some areas of compatibility you should consid-

· Generous vs penny-pinching


· How well they handle their finances?

Spiritual Compatibility

· Similar financial goals

· Do they believe in God or a higher power? · Which holidays are celebrated

· How will the finances be spent? (on dates, trips, living together etc.)

Health & Nutrition Compatibility · Eating/diet habits

cause they both are intrigued by each other’s differences and can appreciate them. Those couples are more than likely view their diversity of style,

· Exercise vs. Couch potato character, wit and swagger as a way to balance The adage “opposites attract” may make for some wild sex and lustful energy but it is not the recipe for a long lasting relationship. The more a couple has in common with each other, the better are the chances of them building something that is long term.

Relationship compatibility is something

that is often overlooked and rarely discussed. It

themselves out and compliment the very things they aren’t as strong with. Differences are to be appreciated but everyone has deal breakers. The question is how do you deal with deal breakers when they are packaged right with a shiny bow on it? So you sweep them under the rug or do you throw up the deuces and leave? Hmm one to grow on huh?

is in essence the glue that holds a relationship together when you get on each other’s nerves and want to kick each other to sleep! The lack of it is a fast way to break up due to annoyance and boredom settling in. After you sex each other’s brains out then what? I am not saying your mate has to be 100% compatible to you or even be your twin personality but when you are compatible it makes a world of a difference. When compatible, you will enjoy being around your mate and it’s a hell of a lot easier to communicate. When opposites attract it is be-

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October Issue of Ford Ent Magazine  
October Issue of Ford Ent Magazine  

October Issue of Ford Ent Magazine