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New Books Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless by Kiki Swinson and Noire In Kiki’s Shamelessly Rich, exclusive parties, high-end rides, designer everything—for Virginia Beach heiress Megan Rich, it’s just an ordinary day. This spoiled-rotten rich girl can have anything she wants and topping that list is Duke Chambers. In fact, one taste of Duke’s thug loving has her spending like crazy to keep him primed, hot ’n ready. But when her parents cut off the cash flow and Duke comes up with a revenge plan, this poor little bad girl gets faced with making a dangerous life-changing choice…. Then in Noire’s Puttin’ Shame in the Game, Zsa Zsa, Malisha, and Kiki will do anything for a man who’ll pay their bills and keep them in the style every trophy wife deserves. These gorgeous gold-digging sistahs are using every lie, trick and scheme in the book to seduce wealthy New York City police officer Noble into making one of them his one and only. But sometimes the only way to win is to know when to walk away….

Shaq Uncut: My Story by Shaquille O'neal and Jackie Macmullan Diesel. Superman. Shaq Fu. Wilt Chamberneezy. Shaq. You know him by any number of names, and you know all about his legendary basketball career. But there is a lot more to Shaquille O’Neal than basketball. Whether acting in films like Kazaam, rapping on any of his five albums, challenging celebrities on his hit show Shaq Vs., studying for his Ph.D. or acting as a reserve police officer, Shaq has led a fascinating life. In this candid new autobiography, he discusses his colorful career, NBA victories and his thoughts on major NBA names like Kobe Bryant. From growing up in difficult circumstances and getting cut from his high school basketball team to his four NBA championships and recent retirement, now Shaq discusses it all! 8

The T.D. Jakes Relationship Bible: Life Lessons On Relationships From The Inspired Word Of God Whether you’ve got relationship troubles or you want to enrich your relationships with God, your family members, your significant other and even with yourself, Bishop T.D. Jakes is here to help. This lavish and lovely edition of the King James version features warm and informative essays from Jakes, who takes you by the hand and leads you into “the romantic liaison between divinity and humanity.” If you are a new believer who feels intimidated by the prospect of reading the Bible, this is the edition for you: the bishop explains how to think of the Book in easy-to-grasp pieces. He shows how working on our relationship with God, “the greatest love story in the world,” helps us deepen and improve our relationships with our loved ones.

Cover Girl . Prized Possessions by Brittani Williams

Drug-addicted former model Brooklyn Johnson’s life is in ruins. She once had it all—money, jewels, designer clothes and men falling at her feet. Now washed up, and recently diagnosed with cancer, all she has left is to get high, and all she looks forward to is death. When she watches, helpless, as her only friend dies in the street in front of the crack house, she reflects on her life, starting from when she was discovered in high school. She realizes she wasn’t always good to others, including her own children, and thought she never needed anyone. Even as she developed a drug addiction and fought to maintain her sanity, she kept others away. But what will it take for her to let others in and finally find a reason to live?



Tierra Ferrari

Model of the MOnth

OK a lil bit about me: I am 50% Puerto Rican 50% African American and 100% SEXY. I was born in Jersey City but as an Army Brat , I have lived all over. English of course is my first language but speak a little Spanish. I graduated in May 08 with my Bachelor in Business Marketing/ Minor in Music. I love both playing and watching sports. Believe that modeling is more then a job. -- its MY PASSION! 11


Wooh da kid Wooh Da Kid has been on his grind for the past

Wooh Da Kid, also the eldest brother of Waka

3 years. As a member of one of the hottest

Flocka Flame, has a unique style of his own re-

movements in Hip Hop, BrickSquad Monopoly,

flecting more of his Queens, NY roots. However,

Wooh Da Kid’s slow yet steady climb to success

it’s southside Atlanta, GA, where Wooh was pri-

has been paved by guest stints on his affiliate’s

marily raised, that he became “caught up” be-

albums: Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame’s

tween the streets and rap music and ultimately

2011 release Ferrari Boyz, Gucci Mane’s The

chose a lifestyle that put him behind the mic in-

State Vs Radric Davis,and a series of mixtapes

stead of behind bars. The 25 year-old rapper


has been going in full throttle every opportunity





download” Pressure presented by Trap-A-

he has gotten.

Holics and DJ Holiday. With top-tier production heat coming in the form of Drumma Boy,

“I started at the bottom and worked my way up,” he explains. “Everybody’s got their time and right now, I believe I’m next up.”

Southside and Zaytoven, the 23-track classic exemplifies his formula for keeping the block banging. 12




who’s known for his“crazy wordplay,” is finally becoming the one to watch at the

Mizay music

Entertainment, management

home of other talented artists including brother Waka Flocka Flame, French

I bring a little bit of everything to the game. I’ve been making a lot of power moves on the low and I’ve been plotting my career like I’m playing a game of chess.”

Montana, Cartier Kitten, One Thurd, and Tarvoria to name only a few.

“Everybody in my camp

has a different lane; no- two artists are alike. Some of us might talk about similar things but we all have our own way of putting it to music.” Known




punch lines and iced-out mentality, Wooh Da Kid is headed to the top.


new single “Feeling Good,” produced by heavy-hitter Southisde On The Track, is bubbling on the underground circuit, which is a

“I bring a little bit of every-

And with his proven track

solid showcase of his growth

thing to the game. I’ve been

record, he’ll steadily show

and ambition. Giving a fresh

making a lot of power moves

why he should be crowned

voice to the hood, Wooh Da

on the low and I’ve been plot-

Wooh Da King in no time.

Kid’s rap star status is all but

ting my career like I’m playing


a game of chess.” 13

ht Tig


MR. 150 On The Dash By: Lola Sims

In the streets your known as,

What other things are you

The Main Attraction or Mr. 150 working on? We’re really bout to go all the

Its 12:30 a.m. on Thursday night

On The Dash, what do those

and while most people are pre-

names mean and where do they way in, in just a minute. The come from? whole plan is really to make this

paring to begin their workday in a little over 7 hours; Tight, is gearing up to begin his. Hailing from East Atlanta Zone 6, an area made prominent in music through the recent success of artist like Gucci Mane and others, Tight has been a fixture on the local scene for some time now thanks to the success of his single, “Dump That” and a host of others. As a guaranteed Atlanta classic anthem with a rotation life of more than 5 years, “Dump That” has only been the beginning for this talented artist. With the release of his latest EP that features the classic Atlanta anthem, the remix Still Dumpin, and other songs that feature Nitti, Bobby V, Young Ralph, and CoCo Brown, he’s got something more than just good music up his sleeve, he has a whole arsenal. Ford Magazine recently caught up with the rapper to see what he has going on and what’s coming.

a movement for more than just Well Mr. 150 on the dash came

me. I want to get in for myself

from my song, Dump That. I

and let the world hear my music

say “f8ck going slow, 150 on

but I also want to be in a posi-

the dash in the song” and that

tion to put other artist on. Right

became like everyone’s little

now I have an artist signed to

saying. That’s also mainly

me named, Bloe. He has a nice

what people would repeat

buzz going on right now with his

back to me when they came

song called, Get It. So, that’s

up to me about the song, so I

something were working on now

knew it was catchy and I just


went with it. The Main Attraction, that’s self-explanatory.

We heard you have a new single?

Being that “Dump That” and

The new single is called

“All Night” were such a big

Splacksession featuring Juney-

record for you, you actually

boomdata and it’s doing pretty

just shot videos this year.

good in the clubs. Most DJ’s

What other plans do you have for these singles? We shot a video for Dump That and All Night just so people know whose song it is, and its been working. We have a lot of creativity planned for these videos so there going to be big for me.

bring it right after Dump That, which helps the all-together movement, and I appreciate it. All in all, you have a lot going on. Where can people learn more about you? Definitely follow me on twitter @tightzone6 for all the updates but also check me out on youtube by searching Tight The Main Attraction.


ar J.M How did you come

What are some

to the realization

of the emo-

that you wanted to

tions your mu-

do music?

sic draw out of

It actually came to

its listeners?

Me in the 10th

It’ll get you in

grade when me

a dancing

and 2 of my home-

mood, If you in

boys just did the

love it might

talent show for

make you think

fun. While I was on

about ya pass

stage I fell in love


with it from then.

and remember the good times

How long has that

or just give you



About 6 years now

Describe your music I make all kinda music, Love

What is the number one lesson

songs, dance songs, getting

you've learned so far concern-

money type songs, a lil bit of

ing the music industry?

pop all kinds. I do that to try

If you want it you gotta get it

and attract different crowds..


People mostly know me for dance music though.


Alotta people tell me its my grind‌ Like I do close to the impossible when it comes to doing things on my own..

What about music that you especially love?

If you were'nt making music, what other career

Hearing from the supporters.. They let me know

would you be pursuing?

everything what songs is hot what songs is not.. I

Honestly I was gonna go to college for Broadcast-

love that because something may sound hot to

ing.. it’d probably be something in that field.

me and really be wack. I wanna know… But at same time having Haters comes with every

Describe your fan..

career so I expect those too… I love performing

My Fanbase is mostly Teens and college students

and being in the studio those three things.

for now.

Aside from being an artist, any other goals and

What are your top 5 musical influences?

endeavors you're pursuing?

I look up to a lot of Artist especially if they already

Well besides being and Artist I’m also the CEO of

made it but Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Ice Berg, T.I, and

my Own Record Label so I do have Artist I will be

Meek Mills would be mine influences.

pushing very soon. What can we look forward to in the next year or What's you ultimate goal with your music



I’m actually bout to start up my second tour I got

Really the Ultimate goal is to make Classical

more singles to drop and a couple mixtapes..

never dying records and staying rich. What's the biggest misconception about the music industry? The biggest one is Artist think making demos and submitting them to labels is gonna get them a deal… The Game has changed now you gotta give a label a better reason to sign you alotta people have talent but its deeper than talent now… This career is just like any other, learn the game before you step in it. Why "JMar" as a stage name? How did that come about? I was actually given that name by people in highschool my real name is Jahmar but in highschool they called me JMar for short and I had a lil song that went its “Jmar dat upcoming star” I had the whole school singing that lol so I just stuck with the name since then. 17

Ford Ent Mag & Dirty South Radio iShine Contest Winner

Hitman 18

When did you first realize you really wanted to do music? What made you realize that? I first realized that I wanted to

for your mind to bring to life

then branch off to other things,

and relate to.

such as commercials and movies. I for see myself being an ambassador for a big company,

ting in the hole; better known

What are some of the emotions your music draw out of its listeners? The music I do is so diverse it

as the Naples County Jail.

drags out so many different

Other inmates would pay me

emotions. I make music that

canteen: honey buns, bars of

you get crunk to before the

What's you ultimate goal with your music career? To sell over 100,000,000 re-

soap.. All that good shit, just

club, dance to during the

cords in my career. I know

to spit a few bars. Right then

club, sex music for after the

that's a bit much but like they

and there I realized I was des-

club and when its all said and

told Pac "You can't sell that

tined to become an artist. The

done, break up music. Moti-

many records," and he sold

best to ever do it.

vational music. All my music

double that number, and is still

has bits and pieces of my

selling. Rest In Peace to The

How long have you been making music? I've been making music for

crazy life that anybody and

One & Only "Pac." So it does-

everybody can relate to. Just

n't hurt to try to do the same.

just about 5 years.

know I make music to bring

Its either you win big, or you

people back down to earth.

go home hungry. Right?

What is the number one lesson you've learned so far concerning the music industry? Don't go into the game ex-

What about music that you especially love? The way it makes you feel after listening to a real good

Why "Hitman" as a stage name? How did that come about? Because "I make hits..

pecting them to give you eve-

song you love so much. Its

man." (chuckle) But on a

like the music runs thru my

serious note, a few of my

veins, hits my heart but I feel

homies back in boot camp in

no pain. Just like an irresisti-

high school would call me Hit-

ble drug to some, I need it in

man cause they would call me

my life.

when a new juvenile offender

do music when I was 19, sit-

rything. You need to man up, look the game in its greedy eyes and take what you came for. Not just the gold, but everything. How would you describe your music? Oscar picture. My reason for saying this, is because my music is full of life. I paint pictures

or movement. The voice of reason that strives to be heard.

would enroll in the bootcamp Aside from being an artist, any other goals and endeavors you're pursuing? I'm a business man, an entre-

and would be forced to free

preneur.. I look at music as a

would call on me to shut him

business. I hope to make it 19

style against everybody, and if the new offender would beat everyone before him, they down. And I did just that.

What's the biggest misconception about the music industry? It's not as friendly as they make

music industry. My deliverance,

inspires me most would be

swagger etc. The vision that

Nelly. He not only raps but he

my music puts in the listeners

makes music that will be played

heads is like I said before

for decades.

it seem. They don't welcome you

"Oscar Picture!"

with open arms. Record labels

tures and bring them to life in

don't care about you, they care

your mind. It doesn't hurt to

about your image and what they

go listen to my music, judge

What can we look forward to in the next year or two? Well, I have my mixtape "Full

can do with it. Its not easy work

for yourselves and before you

Throttle" dropping January 1st

either, when these artists scream

know it, watch it form right be-


"no" they're serious.

fore your eyes.. You see it?

brother DJ RiFiK. 239's finest DJ.

You can't sleep in this music in-


The mixtape's theme is the

I paint pic-

dustry, you're always up doing shows, videos, recording, inter-





movie 'The Hangover' so you already know what to expect

views, signing autographs etc.

Describe your fan.. My fan? mmm - real with an

That takes a toll on an artist, so

open mind. Who understands

you'll never forget unlike their

if you aren't built for it, leave it

my music not just listens to it.

night. (chuckle) Shout out to

alone and go find a new craft.

But if you just listen to it just to


But this game right here, has my

listen, then of course you're a

(laugh) Also Dj RiFiK is drop-

name all over it, and I'm here to

fan too. I need all the love and

ping a mixtape too with a few


support and artist can get. A

of 239 finest. So yall check for

real fan goes out and buys

that too. Iron Firm Money Gang

your album, buys tickets for

is my team and we have our

If you weren't making music, what other career would you be pursuing? Honestly, being an artist and an entrepreneur is all I know and all

every show they can reach.

designer apparel so yall need to

And of course who shares my

def check out for that. Iron Firm

music with others. By the way,


haters are fans too. So for


I can see in my future. All I can

ratings up.. I appreciate it.






make music.

What makes you stand out as an artist? My distinct voice and energy. You hear my music and you can already tell that I'm starting a whole new epidemic for the








whoever hatin, please keep the

see myself doing is this. So that question is irreverent. All I do is

from this mixtape. A mixtape

What are your top 5 musical influences? I can honestly say that I listen everything from Pac to Lil Wayne all the way to Jeezy and

Where can your followers and fans find your music? Follow me on twitter @Hitman_239 or you can listen to



on also you can find it on and

back to myself and also other

music besides rap, like Jimmy


Hendrix. But I'd have to say that the person who I believe 20




“my music is full of life. I paint pictures for your mind to bring to life and relate to.�


Music Reviews Weezy F does it again, with his fourth installment of the carter series he solidifies himself in the rap game. After being released digitally August 29, Carter 4 piled up over 300,000 units sold, completely smashing "Watch The throne" itunes sales which was only around 296,000. Wayne also has a host of cameos including...Rick Ross, T-Pain, John Legend, Cory Qunz, and of course Drake. Everything about this album says, just put it in and let it play. "Blunt Blowin" starts the album off with Wayne expressing the fact that he really doesn't give a f*ck. His voise cuts through the record and he again shows his lyrical content is as sharp as a razor. Recent release "She Will" featuring Drake is another record worthy of 110 spins a day on your local radio station. This time bringing along none other than Drizzy Drake, the duo keeps an optimistic look on asking the opposite sex for some sexual favors

s a y i n g , "Maybe she wont..But hey then again maybe she will". Also, How to Love, John feat Rick Ross are also worthy of honorable mention on this album. Lil wayne delivers at all angles on this one and there isn't really too much one could say about this album, without it being good. All in all, this album is without a doubt one of the best this year...without a doubt. - D.J. Rolle

Last time we heard a whole mixtape from Shozoe was “The Passport”. One of my favorite collections of works from this Hip Hop artist out of Naples, who’s been taking Florida by storm for several years now. The tape starts off with …what else but a Katt William skit and a banging intro track!? Sho went all the way in with this “Purple World” track..letting the world know exactly what he’s been up to…what’s been going on for the past year and pretty much that he’s here..he’s back and he aint going nowhere any time soon… “I Quit fucking with certain niggaz…coz certain niggaz were leaving my pockets hurting nigga!” <- - #EnoughSaid. Up Next....Sho drops a line on that On One remix...then goes innnnn on that “Headliners” the original track some real competition! “Ive been grinding on the low..tryna multiply my ends...ask the psychic what’s the future and she say she saw a Benz...” I love that

joint right there. Plus it starts with in creole so as a Zoe myself, how could I not appreciate that?! Next track.......would it be Shozoe if he aint get a lil nasty for the ladies? Getting his grown and sexy on with tracks like “Get it wet” and “Motivation”. Shozoe makes any full blooded woman want to throw them panties on stage! Lol. But all fun and freakiness aside, one of my favorite tracks on this tape is “Back Down”. “Its that feel good shit...even when times are bad” <-- that line right there sums up that whole track...if I had to call it, I smell the next hit single. But this tape continues with the Shozoe classic styles we’ve come to love with tracks like “Roll up”, “Grinding”, “Alien” and of course the collabs with some of finest indy artists in south Florida: Wicks, Sweetie, Hitman, Tim Wes, Mike Dallaz, Tico de Niro, & Retro....making this mixtape a solid hit. Im calling the next club hit RIGHT NOW tho with “K n H”...DJs, trust me! Get on that track ASAP. It has the vibe, the tone, and the lyrics to get your club popping. Overall, in my opinion, very few indy artists an hold off a whole mixtape on their own...without any major artist features, major DJs, or alot of bells and whistles. Just a man and his mic....making some real music. -Ladychelle



The Game 101

Use your FREE resources Of course, it takes money to make money. And in order to make it as an artist in these day and age, you have to reach in your pocket if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re really trying to get somewhere. However, there are plenty of resources out there for artists that are free of charge and are great tools to help them keep their fan base updated with their newest and latest music. Apart from the usual Facebook, twitter, and Myspace, here are 5 other sites we would recommend: YouTube is a video-sharing website. Uploading is easy and unlimited (on quantity, length of video might be limited based on type of account). This is a great resource, its been around since 2005 and is videos are viewable on phones as well as personal computers. Not only is this a free resource, but users have the potential to make money from their accounts. This resource is great for artists. It allows music artists to upload music, videos, pictures and is easy to share your music from this website unto other social networks. Some of the perks of this site is you can actually sell your music via iTunes and other digital markets (for an extra fee) and you are also able to set up a music store. This site also allows artists to create electronic press kits with just the touch of a button! Another great site is This site allows an artist to upload their music, have subscribers and allows comments and feedbacks from the fans. Its also, very easily shareable via all the social networks. Artists are also able to upload more then just one song, they can actually upload a whole mix! This is definitely worth using. Ringtones are all the rage and Myxer is the perfect site to use for that demand. Users are able to upload any mp3 song and create a ringtone from any part of the song. Although, in order to download a ringtone someone has to have a Myxer account, creating an account is easy and free! This a great site for artists and works awesomely with twitter. Artists upload their music and can set the track for automatic retweet. The account sends out a tweet with the song title and download link once an hour. And from the creator of Twitrax comes, sort of the same concept except it offers up to 10 messages to set on auto tweet and the account chooses a random message each hour to tweet. Also works great with Youtube videos and mixtapes. 24

Follow @TeamWicked_ @KaspaThaWicked





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This Fall/Winter season, incorporate the holidays without having to settle for that old wool granny Christmas sweater. For example, the Old Navy fall collection represents a more subtle attire. It is young, but still classy and fun for your everyday wear from school to work. The Macy's collection is more of getting ready for the holiday parties and family get togethers. Fun, but still comfortable. Here are some example pieces: Animal print scarf $16.94

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Pleated chiffon dress $62.99

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Relationship Junkies- Are You One? -Paige Diamond A lot of singles measure their worth based on how many people approach them or how many people can they have calling them etc. I had one friend, if no one trying to holla at her… she’s ready to go and I’m sure y’all know what I am talking about too. Then you have the relationship junkies. What’s a relationship junkie you ask? It’s those people that are habitually “on to the next one” ….they like whoever likes them. Some men and women have no preference what so ever… oh I am sorry…they have to have a pulse! Then they get in these toxic relationships that are based on nothing but shallow factors that at the end of the day don’t mean anything. They are so worried about how they look and what they have, that how they treat them isn’t important anymore. A lot of people, I am finding out are not even looking to be respected because they disrespect themselves too much. Let me keep it thorough! YOU hold the standard and you have

to make who ever that wants you rise to YOUR standard. People will always treat you like you treat yourself. You need to check yourself first… what is it that you really want. You cannot turn a booty call into your main squeeze… I repeat, you cannot turn your booty call into your main squeeze. Leave that where its at. If you decided that’s all they are good for, leave it like that because there is a reason for it. Stop setting yourself up in so many ways for upsets in relationships. Why get a raggedy guy or chick, and try to fix them… dust them off, clean them up? So they can look good for the next or for you to have some sort of control over them because they owe their “salvation” to you? It’s time for a check- a REALITY CHECK! People always show you who they are. Stop talking so damn much and just sit back and watch. God or whatever


you want to call your source of truth, gave us discernment so how about you use it. The bottom line is this. Before you go off the deep end talking about what all a person has to be in order to be with you, make sure that if they come that you will be what they are looking for. Check yourself first and they will check themselves before they step to you, if they are worthy. You have to have standards, if you don’t you become like the majority, stuck in a relationship where you have no loyalty to this person because you can’t see yourself with them. They were just a gap filler to fill that void of being by yourself. You all are going to have to learn about “Mr. & Mrs. in the meantime”, trust me. I am only speaking from experience from both sides…. where I am now and where I was. Oh yeah and remember its not about Quantity but it’s about Quality. I just hate to see you all settle for less. Aren’t YOU worth waiting for?

The Roots of all EVIL!!!!!


Growing up, my mother would

aisle. while standing there you

the skin beneath your hair, so

say, "Grey hair is a sign of wis-

have 1,000 boxes of hair dye

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products looking back at you.

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Poetry/Spoken Words Time Doesn't Heal (In memory of those we've lost) Time doesn't heal the pain you get from losing a loved one, in fact the pain grows as the time goes by. "It will get better" and "You'll be okay" are words I started to hate, how can things go back to normal when the person you've lost is no longer here.

Ladi n Blue @Ladin6lue

How Love died Have you ever wonder about a soulless soul? where the bad covered all the good. Have you ever wonder what could make someone so harsh and turn their heart so cold?

Time doesn't heal and memories become a constant reminder of the time you shared with the ones you've lost, and though they were some great times you can't help but hurt when you remember no new memories can be made with them. The tears show up unexpected without a warning they start to fall, some from happiness and others fall from pain. Time doesn't heal but wishing you could hold their hand one last time, to see them smile is a dream we hold in our minds. Thinking of the things we would say to them if they were here with us today. To share a laugh, a hug or even a simple hello, to share all the good news that have happened to you, those are feelings you treasure. I place my hand over my heart and while I start to cry, a smile shows up....To have had those special people in my life, was truly a blessing. Thankful and grateful for being given the opportunity to experience a love that has left footprints and even if time doesn't heal I will continue to keep their names alive....In memory of those we've lost

It wasn't always that way though, joy and laughter did exist before. Smiles were big and brighter then the sun. But somewhere between happiness and pain the transformation begun. These four walls held in the loud screams caused by terrifying nightmares, the pillow caught each tear that fell from the eyes that saw fear. Slowly the sadness became anger, tearing away the good from the mind infecting it with hate. Leaving the body emotionless, making it loose faith. With every ounce of power taking over, evil kindly made its way. Not knowing where these feelings erupted from many didn't understand, instead of asking what was wrong judgmental eyes visualized what they thought was the reason. Sanity became questionable and voices attacked the brain, can't figure out what has happened could this be the end? Somewhere inside still laid some innocence, it wasn't meant to go in for the kill. In midst of all the commotion, drama took over leaving behind no trace of that love emotion. You see it was love itself who committed suicide and now without it I must live my life!

***All poetry/Spoken word submitted are the intellectual property of the writer. To submit your work, please send complete work, illustration, or pictures to subject line: Poetry Submission. 38 @WhoIsShoZoe 39


November 2011 Ford Ent Mag  
November 2011 Ford Ent Mag  

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