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I think of my life as chapters and this current chapter of my life is called “Growth Through The Struggle.” God is realigning and readjusting everything in my life and it’s no easy process. There are tears, laughs, insomnia, and questions. Lots of questions. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can see progress, I have been sent angels, dope ass individuals who genuinely want to see me win. I have my family back in my life. My man still makes me feel like a goddess. I’m even releasing a book this month!! An erotic novel that includes the juiciest sexcapades you could think of that I may or may not admit them to be real experiences. You’ll have to stay tuned. But most importantly I now have the greatest business partner/manager I could ever ask for! Thank you Longboy for all you do. God, I see and feel you working in my life and I promise to get out your way. - Ladychelle

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We look at what’s hot on the radio according to Mediabase/ BDS Soundscan, the streets, and Dj Samore, and what she feels is that next hot record. Most of the time when she says it’s a hit, it’s a hit!

INDIE PICKS 1. Chivonne Saywhat Thinking Of Me 2. Alto Keyz Nobody Else 3. Hobb Anthem ATL Bizness 4. Al Blaze Got That Work 5. Project Girls Club Run Up

For more on the Urban Experience and DJ Samore, Check out, Da One Radio on (over 40k loyal listeners on the radio station, monitored

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Gucci Mane | Migos Get The Bag

Spotlight Tracks

Yo Gotti


3 Blac Youngsta Booty

Bruno Mars | Cardi B Finesse (Remix)

4 Derez Deshon Hardaway


Cardi B Bartier Cardi Ball Greezy Nice and Slow

Dej Loaf Big Ole Boss

N.E.R.D. No One Ever Really Dies

Busta Rhymes|Missy Elliott Kelly Rowland

Get It

Rick Ross|T-Pain |Kodak Black

Florida Boy

Eminem | 2Chainz | Phresher Chloraseptic (Remix)

YFN Lucci | Meek Mill Street Kings

Justin Timberlake| Alicia Keys Morning Light

Rich Homie Quan Change

Remy Ma | Chris Brown Melanin Magic

Catching Up with Hunger & Foreign Every time I turn around, I see you guys on my timeline, doing something. Seems like you had a great year last year, give me a little recap of how you 2017 went. Hunger: Me and this man linked up at the top of the year. It started off, we were just going to do a record together. Foreign is somebody that, in the hood, everybody knows him. He’s been putting it down for a minute. Everybody in the city knows me from doing Grindmode stuff. So we both had some history, and we decided to link up and do something. And the chemistry is so crazy that we went in there to do one record and it ended up being a large body of work. Just based of conversations we had, I realized it was a lot of opportunities for me and him together to get somethings done. So we came up with the whole Foreign Lifestyle. And we went in that direction with the clothing, the music, everything going hand and hand. We’ve been making a lot of noise in the city all through 2017, now it’s a new year and we’re just ready to rock.

Foreign Lifestyle Foreign: I watched Hunger do this. I was a fan of Hunger, I still am. I move off his energy and his experience. A lot of things I know now came from him and other people I’ve worked with.

I know how to do. I don’t know how to shoot no jump shot, this is one of the only things I know how to do. My advice to any artist is, first your heart gotta be in the right place. If you in this because you’re thinking you gonna make a quick dollar you’re gonna be disappointed. This is a game that could break your heart over and over for lack of better terminology. You gotta be consistent, you gotta be persistent, you gotta be able to accept nos and failures. But when you get that Yes, when you get that win, it overshadows everything else. 2018, top of the year, what does first quarter have

in store for you? Top of the year we have a project out and floating around. We have the “So Disrespectful” record EP that we put out towards the end of 2017 so that’s still out there on Datpiff and all media Now Hunger, being a veteran in this outlets. And we have the new single game. Tell me the top 3 things that “Throw it Up” that’s making a lot of you carry with you that helps you renoise for us in the city. Shout out to main consistent in this game. DJ Epps, we’ve been making a lot of You actually you mentioned one of moves with him. We’re in the studio my ingredients, which is consistency. Tell me real quick about the clothing Number one you have to have passion. consistently. This man has big things in the works. Things that we can’t even line? Tell me the vibe of it. You can’t be doing this for money or Foreign: You can go casual with it, you fame or things of that nature because put out there like that. can go urban with it. It’s however you those things are superficial. I was Interviewed by Ladychelle feel. passionate about music way before I knew you could earn a dollar making To have two vets link up...Tell me music. So that’s what always keeps about that. me grounded in doing this. This is all

Multi-platinum producer Ensayne Wayne, shot & killed On February 10th, 2018, multi-platinum producer Ensayne Wayne, the older brother to Drumma Boy was shot & killed in Atlanta. Police report that he was involved in a dispute & shootout with an unknown man outside The House of Fresh clothing boutique that is owned by Drumma. Wayne had produced records for Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, Jeezy, Scarface, Future, Young Dolph, Tela, Young Buck, Starlito, Don Trip and man, many more. He was 49 years old. Our condolences go out to his family & friends. On January 27th, 2018, Ladychelle sat down with the super producer at House of Fresh, to discuss music, clothing, and life. The interview was set to appear in the March issue of Ford Ent Magazine. When we came in, you said we were catching you in your natural element. We’re at your store, House of Fresh, you were cutting hair, and you also produce music.Tell us about your work with music? I’ve been doing music since the early 90s and played instruments all my life.

I guess I’m just blessed. I’m just multi-talented. And I just look at it as everything you can do is a stream of revenue. A need for a certain lifestyle will make you look for more ways to win. Give me a recap of how your 2017 went. We had a bunch of new records come out. No Love with August Alcina and Nicki Minaj, we worked with Keisha Cole, Aretha Franklin, its just been a host of new work in 2017 so hopefully yall get to hear this stuff in 2018.

How did you get started with music? As a kid, I ain’t realize what it was, but I was overly competitive. I guess music has something to do with me being competitive, makes me a little bit more alert when it came to coordination when it came to choices in life. It’s something about music Where do you find the time to that just, made me want to do more accomplish all of these amazing more more and more. things? There’s not enough time really. You have the music going on, you have the store, you’re also a bar- How do you organize yourself? How ber...why pursue different passions do you balance it out? at the same time versus to sticking I kind of space myself out. I come to just one. here, I go to the studio, we make

rounds. We have House of Fresh, we have House of Hits, we have Icons. Just making rounds. That’s very inspirational. There are so many people out here working a 9-5, they have their dream, but they have it on hold because they feel as though they don’t have the time. What would you say to motivate that person? I would say, if you love it and you can monetize it, then definitely wake up and put some work towards it. Every day you get closer to where you wanna be. And if you really wanna be self-sufficient, then do that more than you work your job for someone else, I think that’s really the key. Which is worse? Someone who started something and it flops, or someone who never got the courage to start? Never starting to me is worse.


According to Ladychelle, Dj Samore, Dj Phresh, S

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Tokyo Jetz @TokyoJetz Jacksonville

Mike Sm @MikeSm Miam

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BigZay Miami @BigZayMiami Miami

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W HO ’ S U P

Sarasota Six & Longboy

N ext

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Mook Boy

@MookBoyFlyGoon Orlando


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You can’t. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. If I wanna sing, I wanna sing. If I wanna rap, I’m gonna rap. It’s however, whoever is listening to it at that time, whatever they think it is then that’s what it is. I try to not put a cap on myself.


In regards to your name, of course, when I see “MF Frio”, to myself I translate it as “Muthafuckin Frio!” is that what it stands for? Absolutely. I added the MF later, I used to, and still call myself Fat Boy Frio, FrioMind, just a whole lot of monikers that I have. How I feel that day is who I am, but MF is who I am. Just gotta let you MFs know. And Frio is just come from me being cool, niggas gave me that name a long time ago and it just stuck. And the music that you create, is it more R&B, is it Rap, is it Hip Hop? How would you categorize it?

Tell me the moment that will make you realize, “I’ve made it”. When my mom takes it seriously. She still, of course, looks at me like her baby who’s suppose to be doing pharmacy or something like that. That’s cool to whoever is doing that, but that just wasn’t for me. But once my mom says “damn, you really did it.” Then I’ll be like, “that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” But it’s not approval, or putting it in her face type of thing, it just that support, it means a lot. There are 4 quarters in 2018. We’re in the 1st quarter. How are you spending it? Honestly, I have a lot of stuff that I need to get it out. I have a lot of stuff on my computer that people don’t even know about. Enough to hit people over the head every other day with it. 2018, I’m just trying to hit you in the head. This is like my coming out year. To let people know, yeah you know I can rap but actually putting out the moves to being MF Frio. Where can they follow the music? I’m on SoundCloud under Fatboy Frio.

Y B B O B S E T LY a Action

r e m a C

Bobby Lytes stepped unto the scene on January 1st, introducing himself to the majority of us on Love and Hip Hop Miami, through our tv screens as the gay rapper from Miami, who doesn’t get the approval or love he deserves from his superstar cousin Trina, and whose personality seems to always be on 10. “Never Apologize for being you,” says the Homestead native who didn’t grow up with much. But who is Bobby, who was he before all the flashing lights and cameras? How did he get on the show? What are his plans now that he has our attention? Ladychelle caught up with the superstar at G5 in Miami for this exclusive interview.

part of yourself in order for your music to be accepted? No. To be honest with you, when I first started I wasn’t out the closet so it was harder for me because I found it that I couldn’t be myself. So the moment I got out the closet and started living my truth is when I realized, oh wait, its like a weight lifting off my shoulders and now I can be the person I’m born to be, be myself, and I can live in my truth and while living in my truth I can do my music and it works out. I knew it was going to be hard work.

You often mention your humble beginnings and how you didn’t grow up with much? Can you tell me a distinct episode in your early life that made you want more than what you had at the time? Just growing up without a father, it made it hard for my mother. So I experienced a lot of love patches, a lot of moments in my life wishing we had more just so we could maintain a better lifestyle and those are the moments that kinda made me realize, you know what? you gotta go for it and you gotta make it happen. How did you begin to channel your

life experiences into music? First I realized I was talented in music and I knew I had a gift in music so I decided to pursue it as a career. And as I did that, I discovered that I was able to use music to channel things in different directions.

What advice would you give someone who’s hiding part of themselves and worried about what others may think? I would definitely say, you have to love yourself first. Love yourself enough to know that you’re worthy of whatever you want to accomplish. No matter where you came from, who you came from, what type of background you have, it doesn’t matter, you can make things happen for yourself regardless of your sexual orientation, your color, all that is just things society has created. My number one advice would be to reach for the stars and love yourself. Make it happen.

When you walk into a room, it’s Lytes, Camera, action. Your personality just shines through and we love it. People be trying to make it seem Bar for Bar you have some real tal- like I’m too much, too extra. I’m like, ent. But you don’t get the credit yall bitches do too less. you deserve because homophobia in hip-hop is such a thing. Which Your big break came with being cast causes a lot of other gay artists to on Love and Hip Hop Miami. A prosometimes hide that part of them- cess that you describe as long and selves. Where there any point in tedious. Was there any point where time where you wished you hid that you were like, forget this?

To be honest with you, it was a long ass process but I kinda didn’t look at it like “it’s not gonna happen for me”, I kinda knew I was already in the door I just knew I had to secure my storyline and let them see what I was going through and who I am as a person so I would be able to have the story that I have now. I was blessed enough to be able to show a lot of my story. Why reality tv? What made you say “yes, I want all these people in my business!” It’s Love and Hip Hop. It’s a legendary franchise. It started with Love and Hip Hop New York, then Atlanta, then Hollywood, and now Miami. So why not be a part of this legendary franchise, with a brand new city and take this thing to the next level and help elevate the brand. So I was excited to be a part of it, of course. It’s one thing to have the world follow your grind when it comes to music, but how is it having a spotlight on your love life? It’s hard putting your relationship for the world to see, but it’s even harder being cheated on for the world in front of the world. So you could only imagine. It was a big deal for me. I handled it well because I have music there for me and I’m a strong enough person and I lived through breakups before so I knew how to handle it, but at the same time not everyone knows how to handle it. Some people it would break them, having all this much attention on their love life because this is a real thing. Besides music, how else did you cope with the emotions and the attention of the world on your love life?

I was just focused on the fact that I was on Love and Hip Hop. I was so happy and overwhelmed with joy I wasn’t even thinking about that, I don’t even read the comments. I don’t care for the negativity.

Everybody has their opinions. Some opinions can turn into constructive criticism. So it just up to you what you want to listen to or what you want to take it or ignore. The way I handle it, I stay focused on me, what I gotta do and I stay focused When you open yourself to the on the positive aspect of things. world, and now people feel like And I count my blessings before I their opinions are welcomed. Do count my disasters. you just bypass that or do you ever clap back?

Ball Greezy BaeDay2

You mentioned in an old interview that you’re from Lil Haiti (Miami), are you Haitian? No. I’m Bahamian. My mom is from the Bahamas and my dad from Turks & Caicos. Tell me about growing up in Little Haiti and growing up around the Caribbean culture, how did that shape you? It showed me a lot. It showed me how not to be one minded. I grew up with a variety of people, it helped me become who I am. I know how to brace myself around whoever I’m around. You’ve been doing music for a very long time. You blew up on the scene with Shone. So let’s take it way back and tell me about that track. That track was actually a mistake. Really they were making “Shone” for Trina. But I told them to let me get it so I could try to write something for it. But I wrote it for me. So I went to the studio while no one was there so I could record. Because had they heard me record it, they would have been like “that’s supposed to be for Trina.” I tricked the engineer into it saying ok “I’m just gonna do it and just listen to it,” but I took it straight to the club. Creating your own lane... I wanted it. So I had to find a way to get it. Have you carried that mentally throughout your career? That’s always been my mentality before`the music. I find

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing? Probably in prison or dead.

much know. That’s the wow feeling right there. And when I come out and everybody’s going crazy... to me, it’s like a surprise party.

I mean as in a different kind of skill... I would have been in the streets. I thought I was going to play football but they are hitting too hard out there. I never went to school, so I didn’t have the grades to play. But I was still playing with no grades.

Getting that reaction from the crowd, do you feel like you’ve “made it”, or do you feel like there’s more work to be done? It’s just motivation letting me know that I’m on the right track with it. I don’t do what I do for money. The money part for me is the reaction I get for the time I sit in here (studio).

So music pretty much became your plan A through Z? I grew up around music, my daddy played the guitar and my brother was rapping. I used to be in the studio with them just listening. Then one day I decided to just try it. I was just trying it. When I tried it then, I did a song and it worked. Then it came to the point when I was asked to perform the song at the Jamboree at school.

Tell me about Bae Day Bae Day came about, that was a bunch of songs I had that was just sitting around that I wasn’t using. How the game was going, it almost had me feeling I had to do music like that to get my movement moving. But I was always one to go against what everybody was doing. So I’m like, I’m not finna change now. So I said, you know what? I’m gonna take all the songs I got, women songs, and put them together. I don’t think anyone’s ever done it.

ways to get what I want.

At what moment did you realize you really made this happen? When I heard 2500 people singing my song. Explain that feeling to me It was amazing. I hear a lot of people playing it. Just imagine coming from nothing, recording a song not know, you just wanted to listen to it...but a car ride by you, playing it. Somebody, you don’t even

And you created a masterpiece. And now we got Bae Day 2. Speaking of Bae Day. Is there a Bae? I ain’t married. It gives the ladies hope. Shoot your shot. When you see me out, I’m good people. What do you want to accomplish in 2018? I called 2017 out. And I just wanna triple it in 2018 and I got a lot out of 2017.

Self Love

The first time I was told to love myself, I didn’t quite understand. How do I love myself? Isn’t somebody else supposed to love me? Now in my 30’s I find myself doing exactly what I once was confused about. Dead-end relationships left me scorn & empty. Toxic friendships left me with no more trust in me. I started to isolate myself more and soon realized that was the beginning of “loving myself.” The feeling of peace, turning off my phone, not picking up that call, turning down an invite, laying on my

is the best Love couch in silence after a long day at work, enjoying a glass of wine alone. Those simple things really made me happy inside. I began to put myself first. So this is what “Love yourself” meant!? Oh, what a feeling. Don’t get caught up in “Painting a fairytale picture of your life”. Be your OWN goal. LIVE for you, LOVE yourself FIRST before you love anybody else. LAUGH until your cheeks hurt. I’m so grateful for all my trials & tribulations. The worse endings brought me to the beginning of loving myself! My peace cannot be disturbed. -FancySays

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#FordEntMag Bobby Lytes- Issue #45  

Check out the February issue of Ford Entertainment Magazine featuring Bobby Lytes, Ball Greezy, Foreign Lifestyle and an exclusive interview...

#FordEntMag Bobby Lytes- Issue #45  

Check out the February issue of Ford Entertainment Magazine featuring Bobby Lytes, Ball Greezy, Foreign Lifestyle and an exclusive interview...