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Table of Contents Team Bigga Rankin presents: Credits

New Music……..….6

Publisher Ladychelle Enterprises LLC

Editor In Chief


Rachelle Ford

Torica: Her Way...8

Senior Writer

Klass Money…………………...12

Staff Writers

Lola Sims

Michael Forbes

HaitianBoy Slick………...14

Paige Diamond Jessica Jams

SPARKLE Her Return to Music…...18

Beauty/Fashion Writers Supreme Makeovers

Graphic Designer

Special Shout Outs:


Team Bigga Rankin

Kid Rich Clothing Line…………..22 Beauty

BSnS Radio Network First Lady Niki You, our reader.

Skin Care in Seasonal Change….26 814-FordMag @FordEntMagazine

The Farewell issue A Look back at our past covers...28 Pictures from our past events and appearances…….32 4



Ford Entertainment Magazine and Team Bigga Rankin presents:

What’s New in Music!?










Much Respected Tampa Rapper Fatty Duke shakes up the Sunshine State with Newest Video “Boomin’” Featuring Gucci Mane Tampa, Fla.- You just can’t turn on the radio or set foot inside a Florida nightclub without being captivated by the up-tempo production, quirky synthesizers and bottomless bass kicks of Tampa rapper Fatty Duke’s infectious “Boomin’” featuring Atown don Gucci Mane. Now topping himself once again, Fatty Duke shows why he has had the Sunshine State on lock for so long with the long-awaited video to “Boomin.’” The track is produced by rapidly rising beat junkie DJ Young Cuba. And the video, shot on the gritty streets of Fatty Duke’s beloved Tampa, is the vision of creative mastermind producer Omar Shaikah of Shaikah Films. “’Boomin’ is just an installment of several major moves that I’m making in the upcoming months,” says Duke. “I’m about to change the way we listen to, look at, and feel music.” Planning each move like a strategic game of chess, Duke’s upcoming project, a street album entitled Talkin’ Cash Shit hosted by DJ Winn (Cool Runnings DJs, Mr. Watch Me Work.) Set to be released on September 18, the mixtape features fellow Tampa rappers 1 Syke, Don Juan and Pro Major. But that’s doesn’t even scratch the surface. Fatty Duke is scheduled to drop his 360 Records / ICE Management- released compilation album Traffic Kings later this year.

Be sure to check out and for your daily dose of new ish!

“Traffic represents your trials and tribulations,” Fatty explains. “King means that now after have pushed through your trials and tribulations; you can be your own ruler in your own lane.” But first, sit back as the single “Boomin’” pulsates your speakers and the surreal video resurrects your screen.


Torica Her Way


By: Jessica Jamz How long have you been doing music? According to my parents, I've been singing and humming melodies before I could even talk, I remember being able to sing since I was 4 or 5, so technically I've been doing music my whole life. But my professional career started in 2001 when I moved to Atlanta. How do you describe your sound? This is a hard question for any artist to answer because none of us ever wants to categorize our creativity, but I think the best description I can give of my sound is that it's pop-infused, soulful R&B, with a hip-hop edge. Here's the break down, the pop elements in my music stems from the catchy melodies and the topics most POPular among women, the soulful R&B comes from my love of this genre, lyrical content, and vocal delivery, while the hip-hop edge is definitely from the beats I choose. I like contrast, so I definitely prefer a gritty, heavy-hitting track over a soft, pretty one. So far what has been your greatest accomplishment? I've had some amazing moments throughout my career, but my greatest accomplishment to date is having my album distributed by Universal Music Group, which just affirms that all my hard work hasn't been in vain. I'm more than excited!! You've penned a number of great songs, how are you inspired to do so? I'm definitely inspired by my own experiences because I'm an honest writer, I like to write about real things that happen to me and that I know other people are going through. As a huge fan of music, I remember listening to songs I could relate to and thinking, whoever wrote this must know

me, because I'm going dealing with the same, exact situation. It's a known fact that things don't seem so bad or are easier to go through when you know somebody else can relate or has experienced the same thing and overcome it. So as a writer, my mission is always to write songs that are based on reality. I want people to feel like my songs are about them, you know a soundtrack to their life.

lol) is unlike anyone else's. I'm a veteran in my own right, but still have the hunger of a rookie. I know who I am as an artist and as a woman, while others may still be trying to find themselves, which comes across in my music. And when people buy my album and come see me perform live, they'll definitely see that.

How is your creative process different when writing for yourself rather than somebody else?

I'm releasing my album titled, A Beautiful Mess, on August 4th, which I'm over the moon about and my album release event in Atlanta on that same day, is being powered by Be Magazine. I'm on a press & radio junket promoting the album, writing for a few major and new artists, and I've already started working on my next album. On top of all that, my team is currently planning my US tour and just building the TORICA brand as a whole.

When I'm writing for another artist, before I even get to the studio, I'll play their music and just vibe with their sound. I also try to research things about their private life that may be public, so I can pinpoint something they're experiencing. For example, if an artist I'm writing for is in a new relationship, then I need to write about them being in love, or if they just got a big deal, then I need to write about them getting money and living it up. Being a songwriter is almost like being an actress, you have to get into character so-to-speak and become the person you're writing for. On the other hand, when I'm writing for myself, I can just write about whatever I'm experiencing or whatever I want to experience. I can play it safe, or I can be edgy and push the envelope, it really just depends on the mood I'm in. I'll just go in the studio play the beats super loud and just zone out.

How do you feel you set yourself apart from other songstress's trying to get in the R&B lane? Here's the thing, I'm not just R&B, I'm pop, I'm hip-hop, and I'm soul. Unlike a lot of other artists my label allows me to have creative control, so I get to sing and write the songs I want to sing and write. My content, my delivery, my... swag (for lack of a better word 9

What do you have coming up?

Tell us about a beautiful mess? How did you come up with the concept? What went into making this album for you? A Beautiful Mess came about because as I said previously, I LOVE contrast. I wanted my album title to represent me as an individual as well as describe my music at the same time, A Beautiful Mess was born from the idea that in life, things can sometimes be a mess, but everyday is an opportunity to turn that into something beautiful, and it also signifies Loving Who You Are As You Are and Loving What You Have As It Is.

A Beautiful Mess is available for download on iTunes now. Follow Torica on Twitter: @torica Follow Torica in IG: @toricamusic

Press Recap

AONE Music Group/Universal Recording Group' TORICA Launches debut album, A Beautiful Mess

AONE Music Group/Universal Recording Group's newest R&B/Pop sensation TORICA launched her debut album, A Beautiful Mess on Saturday, August 4th, 2012. The BE Magazine sponsored private affair held at Drexina Nelson Studios was hosted by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fan favorite Arianne. The 60 hand picked guests that included luminaries from the worlds of fashion, music and media were treated to lite bites, OG XO Brandy and Chocolata Wines courtesy of Aiko Importers. A live acoustic set with accompaniment by Corey Griffith gave all the opportunity to experience A Beautiful Mess in the exclusive performance by TORICA. Guests wrapped the night with photos and gift bags courtesy of Carol's Daughter. A Beautiful Mess is available for download on iTunes now. Follow Torica on Twitter: @torica Follow Torica in IG: @toricamusic Photo Credit: Thomas Brice Photography Media Contact: Nikki Walker 404.408.7121 10



FLORIDA RAPPER KLASS MONEY SOARS WITH "WARRIOR MIND FRAME" Fast rising and much buzzed Florida rapper Klass

(Murder By Numbers)"] and Lloyd Banks ["V6: The

Money soars with his latest mixtape release,

Gift"]. The project outranks urban heavyweights

"Warrior Mind Frame", released via his record label

such as Shawty Lo, K. Michelle, Currency, Iggy Azal-

Route Change Music Group.

ea, Yelawolf, OJ Da Juiceman, Trick Daddy, Lil B,

"My mixtape 'Warrior Mind Frame' basically repre-

CyHi The Prynce, Azelia Banks, Honey Cocaine, and

sents the state of mind I had while working on this

Tony Yayo!

project; ruthless, determined, forceful, energetic,

The mixtape consist of 21 tracks and includes fea-

relentless and unstoppable! Basically a warrior state

tures from other popular southern rappers such as

of mind towards success!" said Klass Money.

Young AC and Spitta Boi with production from Ul-

Klass Money's eagerly-awaited project took the Hip-

rich, Waxblend, Skip of WeLoose and was mixed by

Hop circuit by storm once it was officially released

Danny Russo, who has credits such as Ace Hood and

on the #1 mixtape platform in the be-

Red Cafe.

ginning of July 2012. Hosted by DJ Meat and DJ

"Warrior Mind Frame" embodies the true essence

Lucky C, the blazing project features quality produc-

of Hip-Hop with the Caribbean born rapper's inten-

tion, witty lyrics, and Klass Money's unique person-

sive rhymes and remarkable flows. Klass Money has

ality and style.

developed a solid fanbase in Florida and beyond

Shortly after its release, "Warrior Mind Frame" was

and showcases once again with his latest project,

already awarded with DatPiff's prestigious "Hot This

"Warrior Mind Frame", that he is the future candi-

Week" badge. Only one month later, the already

date for XXL's infamous Freshman list.

classic mixtape was positioned on #4 on DatPiff's toplist for the most popular mixtapes this month,

DOWNLOAD NOW: Klass Money - "Warrior Mind

scoring over 112,000 Views, 109,000 Streams and


more than 50,000 Downloads.

Most recently awarded with DatPiff's rare "Silver"


badge (over 50K Downloads), "Warrior Mind Frame" ranks closely behind Hip-Hop superstars 50 Cent ["5

CONNECT WITH KLASS MONEY Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:




Before we begin, tell us, who is "Haitian Boy Slick"? Haitianboy Slick is a really humble guy that did not have much throughout his childhood. He is a real Haitian dude that has a strong business mind, hungry for success, and a different breed that is cut from a different cloth. How did you come up with that name? When others didn’t remember my name they use to only remember that I was a Haitian, so they would call me Haitian boy. I am the type of person that likes to sit back and observe, listen more, talk less, laid back, and you never are able to guess my next move, so that’s where the Slick comes from. Since there are a lot of Slicks, I put the two names together to create Haitianboy Slick. How long have you being doing music professionally? I have been doing music professionally since I was 15 years old. How did you get started in music? I started free styling with a couple of friends when I was 13 years old in their parent’s garages. That’s when I wrote my first song, called “When you in the Chevy”. I played it for a couple of ears to get their opinion and they liked my style and they wanted me to work with them on a project. What caused you to realize you wanted to create music? The positive and negative feedback motivated me to pursue my music

career. Some said they admired my island boy/ country boy style and the aggressive flow that I would bring to the table. Describe you music First of all, I am a street nigga and was raised on that gangster rap, so I make music for the streets. Most of my music is very motivational to some because I let others know it is ok to put yourself in certain situations to get your love ones out of worst situations. What influences your music the most? What influences my music the most is the struggles that I have been through, and being hungry for success and that is why I named my company So Motivated Ent. What sets you apart from other artists? I am unique. I have my own swagg, and style. Like I said before, I have a very aggressive flow and am a versatile artist. My mentality is different because I come from a place where people can barely get food to eat on a daily basis; therefore I am in it for a totally different reason, besides, the clothes and the cars. Take us through your writing process I turn to the pen and the pad when I have a lot on my mind, good or bad. I travel a lot so I write most of my music on the road. Thinking about the mistakes that I have made in the past and how I could have done things differently. 15

What makes a great artist? First of all, I am a man. A real man always stands on his own two feet and I am a very dependable person. Also, I am a dedicated person that put his sweat and tears into my craft.

What aspect of the music life do you enjoy the most? I enjoy traveling the most because I get to network and meet different people with various opinions and lifestyles. I also enjoy recording songs because that is when the magic happens in the booth. What has been your greatest memory so far in your music career? I felt like moving forward after seeing the reaction on their faces when I wrote my first song and people did not notice it was me. The greatest memory so far in my music career is the love and support from the fans, friends, and family. If you could go on tour with any 3 artists, who would you choose and why? Dr. Dre Jay Z Ricky Rozay Because they all are very successful business mans that started just like me with a mic and a couple guys that all had a mastermind plans that made them become multimillionaires that can make a difference in the world.

“Never try too hard to be someone else because no matter if you have similar life styles you can never fit someone else’s shoes. We all have different struggles that we must overcome. “

What are your goals in music?  

 

Help others better themselves through my music. Motivate others through my music ( it’s ok to buy clothes, cars, etc. but buy your mom a mansion first) To be successful Open doors for others

When you're not creating music or performing, what do you enjoy doing in your down time?  Hanging out with family  Building different companies to invest in (Always thinking of a master plan )  Smoking God’s gift on Earth (herbs)

If there was a movie being made about your life, what kind of movie would it be, and what would be the title? Title- Fit My Own Shoe Never try too hard to be someone else because no matter if you have similar life styles you can never fit someone else’s shoes. We all have different struggles that we must overcome.

Where can the readers get your music or connect with you?

Finish this sentence: The Game needs me because_____________

Livemixtapes Instagram

I am bringing new music with a different style and I’m here for the ones that needs motivation when they are off track. 16

Twitter/HaitianboySlick Facebook/Haitianboy Slick -the-Profit-mixtape.372586.html slick slick


r e t i r w g n o S r e g n i S

E L K R A P S Makes Her

Return To Music 18


“The time was right and we had an amazing catalogue of music to share with the world," says Sparkle. "So I got the wheels rolling again"

f you know anything about good music, it always comes back around. Such is the case with 90's songstress Sparkle.

Soon to hit the promotional trail to speak with media and do interviews, Sparkle is very optimistic about a smooth transition back into the hearts of millions. Fans have been very loyal since the last project and Sparkle hasn’t taken that loyalty for granted. She dedicates this album to those hardcore fans that stood by her during the difficult times. For a listen at “So Bad” go to http:// and follow her on twitter at @iSparklei. Hear the incredible new single "So Bad" at:

First bursting onto the music scene in a HUGE way under the musical guidance of R. Kelly in 1998 with the smash hit, “Be Careful” that spent six consecutive weeks at #1 on the Hot R&B Airplay charts. Be Careful was followed by a string of other hits that same year that catapulted Sparkle to R&B stardom. Fast forwarding to 2012, Sparkle's releasing a new single and wants to let all her fans know that the single titled “So Bad” makes her feel the complete opposite, so good in fact! Sparkle’s in a creative place in her life again musically and sees nothing but positive things on the horizon so the track shouldn’t mislead listeners to think life isn’t great for Sparkle because in fact it is. Much like any artist in today’s music industry, controversy has plagued Sparkle’s career but that same controversy wasn’t enough to keep Sparkle from doing what she loves most. She’s focused on what made her fans fall in love with her initially and that’s music.

Sparking her triumphant return to the R&B world with the recording of new music she recently finished up the filming of her new music video, “So Bad” that is sure to recapture the hearts of her legion of fans. Sparkle on set beamed with excitement as she films her first music video in over 10 years. “It’s an upbeat track with a funky beat to it. It is definitely some of my best work and I couldn’t be more proud of what I have accomplished with this single” Sparkle says in an interview. On the set of “So Bad” everyone felt the positive energy from Sparkle and her unrelentless desire to give the absolute best work possible. Many may wonder, what took Sparkle ten years to jump back on the music scene but timing is everything. 19


WWW.IAMJSF.COM $13.99 Sale!!


Q&A With Pittsburgh based Clothing Line:

Kid Rich By: Tam Porter What is Kid Rich? When you put together a person with the gift to gab, a graphic designing computer specialist, a person with great fashion sense, an ambitious promoter and someone that’s has a stern business mindset. You get the great team of Kid Rich Clothing.

We’ve been in each others lives since the younger years and we have always been known to never do things the, should I say, correct way. The rebel way. We have come together as a unit to succeed in a area that the city of Pittsburgh, Pa is not known for. Fashion. We notice that pretty much everyone in Pittsburgh were “followers” instead of “leaders” when it came to fashion. Just following whatever new trend is in all the videos or the stars 22

were wearing. So we decided to create a lane of our own, so we created Kid Rich Clothing. Kid Rich (R.ebel I.ndividual C.hanging H.istory) Clothing is about going back to those childhood days and when you use to sit and fantasize about if you were the richest man/woman in the world and the things you would do and the places you would go.

The rules you would change. The lives you would make better. Well some of those fantasies and dreams don’t need money and you can begin to work on them now. If nobody else supports you, the people of Kid Rich do. We are a generation of rebels and innovators. Fight for what you believe in and believe in your dreams. Where are you from or based? We are based and from Pittsburgh, PA From where do you draw inspiration for your designs? We get our inspiration from the classic cartoon character Richie Rich.

He symbolizes everything that we are trying to portray through our clothing. Is your line for everyone? (For example kids, men, women, older people) Yes it is. We are just doing mens clothing for now, but in the very near future we are dropping womens and kids apparel. Both are in very high demand. What products do you carry? As of right now we just carry t-shirts, tanks, polos and sweatshirts.


Any plans for expanding the line? If so what will be added? We will be venturing into other apparel such as jeans, cargos and outer wear as we continue to grow as a brand and company. Is your line available anywhere in any stores? If so where? Yes we are. We are in a few local stores in the Pittsburgh are. Time Bomb Shop, Soul II Sole and 720 CafĂŠ.


Kid Rich (R.ebel I.ndividual C.hanging H.istory) Clothing is about going back to those childhood days and when you use to sit and fantasize about if you were the richest man/woman in the world and the things you would do and the places you would go. 25

Skin Care in Seasonal Change By Tiff Hodge

Stop wind scorched skin in its tracks with these face and body moisturizers. 3Lab -Perfect Lips Laface Hydrating and Firming Body

Provides intense long lasting hydration while treating fine lines and wrinkles. It adds volume to improve the contour of the lips and adds definition to the lip line. Anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals help protect against free radicals and keep the lips plump and moist.

This elegant, non-oily , subtly fragranced firming lotion contains special plant extracts that work botanically to exfoliate, firm, tone, lift and moisturize. Restores optimum moisture and a lasting elasticity tightening and lifting agent that also hydrates and firms.


Juara Candlenut Hand & Body Balm Rich in linoleic and linolenic acid, candlenut oil moisturizes and helps mend rough, chapped skin without any greasiness. Nourishes and moisturizes, while protecting skin from water and harsh elements.

Always the safe route for those looking for the good ol answer to scorched skin.

Aquaphor An easy answer for the change in wheather that mother nature continues to play with us. Designed to help relieve dry, cracked, and irrated skin this healing ointment is non irritating and fragrance free.



The Farewell issue After 2 years of features, interviews, photo shoots, meeting great people, and having a grand ole time. Ford Entertainment Magazine closes its doors. Special thanks to Lola Sims, First Lady Niki, Judy Murcia, Supreme Makeovers, Mike Fisher, Michael Forbes,, Dominique Rolle, Alvita Hill, Tisha Maybin and many many more!!!! Thank you to everyone who’s ever taken a peak at an issue, posted about it, or even criticized an article (still tells me you were paying attention! Lol) But seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all!!! Love, Ladychelle September 2010 Our very FIRST issue, featuring Goons United By The New School! One of my favorite southern groups! October 2010 One of my all time favorite R&B singers: Lil Rufus graced our second cover. His single “Merry Go Round” is still a top 10 on my all time playlist! November 2010 Our 3rd cover was a result of our very first contest. The Limelight Showcase series. An Open Mic event where the audience got to vote and choose their favorite artist. Shout out to Manny P who won that title! This issue also featured our very first photoshoots “All Hott Everything!”

December 2010 Our December issue featured my favorite artist out of Tampa, Lil Kee! Yup, Mr Bust It Wide Open himself! January 2011 Happy New Year it was indeed with Pretty Ricky gracing our January cover! We got to drive down to Miami, Fl to attend the taping of their video shoot for “Topless”. The team and I had an awesome time! It was great finally meeting this group who I think is responsible for the conception of at least ONE of my kids! lol February 2011 Had to show love to the models with our February issue. And who better then our hometown’s sweetheart “Christa Elise?”


March 2011 After meeting the group the previous December, they were the perfect pick for one of our covers. March finally became that time to feature Grindmode on the cover of Ford Ent Magazine. I got at least 3 reasons why I love this group! April 2011 In April we held the Ford Entertainment Awards. The award show and ceremony centered around our hometown of Fort Myers. It was only fitting to drop our “Hometeam” Issue featuring Frank Lini. We also release a mixtape and distributed free issues to all the attendants. That was a memorable event in Ford Ent History! May 2011 With May came our photoshoot and interview with international Superstar Qwote! The shoot was amazing, this artist is funny, down to earth and extremely humble. And is skills and talents are unmatched by anyone in the game right now! Team Qwote all day over here! June 2011 Our cover feature and interview was Florida Music’s Godfather himself, JT Money, was the REALEST interview ever. He gave the game raw and personal. If you missed that feature, you missed out BIG TIME! Big thanks to JT Money for the priviledge to pick the brains of one of the greatest artists to ever bless a mic. July 2011 DJs are one of the most important aspect in the game! They are the ones behind the music..They make and break records every day and keep the party going. Yet, most don’t get as the much needed thanks, respect, and recognition they deserve! Which brought along our RESPECT THE DJ issue featuring Bigga Rankin, JiJi Sweets, Dj Quest, and Dj Demp on the cover. We salute the DJS!!!

August 2011 Almost a year old, we had to show love to the hometeam for supporting us during our first year with a recap of all our favorite 239 artists. Fort Myers has some of the most talented artists in the music game: Frank Lini, Psycho Joe, Steve Woodz, Sho Zoe, Lil Rufus, Sweetie, Wicks, Princess are just some of the few! Don’t sleep on the Hometeam!!

September 2011 We were all so proud to make it to the one year mark. And how to better celebrate then to repeat our first cover. It was great to sit down and play catch up with Goons United By The New School and see what they’ve been up to for the past year. Since the last interview, they’ve been on the radio, performing, making appearances, and getting ready for their new mixtape “Overtime” that was gearing up to drop. 29

October 2011 Ever since we launched our first issue, I’ve personally wanted to do a “Ladies First” issue. Why? Because Ladies Rock! Seriously, there are some phenomenal women in this game which is why we couldn't even bring ourselves to pick just one cover feature. Big Thank You to Debra Antney, Lola Monroe, Dj Dimepiece, and Mz Smurff for adding class and style to this cover. November 2011 Keeping in the spirit of the previous year, we held another contest for our cover. Congrats to HitMan from Naples,Fl who took home that title along with a photoshoot, courtesy of YDC Photography. December 2011 We went south for our December cover. To the heart of Miami. Readers were introduced to the New Face of the South, Kaspa Tha Wicked. January/February 2012 We decided to school the masses with our January/February issue. Titled “The Music Business” and featuring Slip n Slide VP Julian Boothe and CEO of the The Firm Kevin Shine, readers were taken behind the scene of the music game and introduced to the business side. March 2012 The Sports Issue! BIGGGG thanks to Brad Smith for giving us the privilege to pick his brain about life, the NFL, and everything else. There are a lot comparisons between Music and Sports where industry life and rules are concerned. And with this issue, we were able to showcase just that. April 2012 Following in last years’ steps, we decided to hold a contest to find our second annual cover model. Congrats to Francesca Savage who won the cover! May 2012 May is Haitian Flag day. That being said, we decided to celebrate that day all month. And how to better celebrate then to feature one of our favorite Haitian artists, Billie Blue out of Miami? June 2012 Magic Marcus Willis is one of our favorite Boxers of all time. When we caught wind of one of his biggest matches on the horizon, we took that opportunity to show our support by showcasing him on our June cover. July 2012 Wow, what an honor it was to be able to feature the lovely and talented K Michele! This issue also features Juicy sex confessions from August 2012 The Farewell issue. Hope you enjoyed every issue as much as we have!!



The Farewell issue Had some great times with the magazine, from award shows, to music summits, to club nights and interviews we had a ball! Here are some pictures to give you a look back at some of our favorite people and moments.

Interviewing Pretty Ricky on the set of their video shoot for their single “Topless”

Big Sam and the Eastside Boys in Atlanta, Ga

One of my favorite people in the world and biggest support system. First Lady Niki!

Slip n Slide international superstar “Qwote” at the Slip n Slide music studio in Miami, FL 32

With Sho Zoe at his mixtape release party in Naples,Fl. “The Passport” is still one of my favorite mixtapes to vibe to!

Ms Caramel, Memphis, TN

Huey, Atlanta, Ga

Kevin Hart, Marco Island, Fl

Lil Kee, Fort Myers, FL

Frank Lini at the Ford Ent Awards.

With Kevin Shine & Sweetie. Memphis, TN

Qwote, Fort Myers, FL

SlipnSlide DJ Bo Jack, I Need A Hitz radio. Decatur, GA

Dj LowKey and Dj Showtime Lil Chuckee, ATL

R&B singer Lil Rufus

Comedian, Magnum Jackson. Ford Ent Awards Dj Quest

For more pictures from all our events, visit 33

Grindmode accepting their Ford Ent Award




Facebook/HaitianboySlick 36

August 2012  

Featuring Sparkle

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