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from the desk of Michele D. Tell


Dear Readers, We are thrilled to feature Siempre Tequila as our cover story in July. The number of celebrity-endorsed spirits continues to skyrocket. However, Siempre Tequila embodies the love of co-founders Alexandre Lacroix and Monica Sanita with the tagline “Celebrity Not Required.” Their own celebrity, Chido, is its new Brand Ambassador and official Siempre mixologist, taking advantage of all the hype around NFT technology and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Siempre Tequila was one of the first brands to develop a combination of the agave and market it. Siempre Plata (Gold PR%F Award 2021), Siempre Reposado (Silver PR%F Award 2021), and Siempre Añejo (Gold PR%F Award 2021) is the core line. We welcome them to PR%F Awards and PR%F Magazine. Stephanie Blitz writes frozen drinks and other spirit-infused frozen goodies. As PR%F Awards witnessed the popularity of these cool boozy treats heating up, new categories have been added. Calling all alcohol-infused popsicles, slushies, push-ups, ice creams, and gelatin shots—PR%F is super excited to welcome you into the mix. For those who have tried these frozen concoctions, you know taste testing is the best part. Visit and submit your entries today. PR%F Awards Bar Essentials & Gadgets with our bar gear and gadgets reviewers, Hayley Maxwell and Daniel “DD” de Anda Fast are seasoned hospitality experts, buyers, and innovators in the beverage and hospitality industries who will be debuting and reviewing the latest “musthaves” behind the bar. There are more than 50 different categories to enter: barware, gadgets, wine accessories, and even more. Our entire judging staff will review all bar gadgets —beverage buyers from across the United States. Enter your bar, beverage, and wine accessory at Check out Sommelier and PR%F Awards Wine judge Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey attending the Wine Spectator Grand Tour in Las Vegas hosted at Resorts World Las Vegas. The Grand Tour walk-around tastings featured 200 wines rated 90 points or higher by Wine Spectator’s editors. Our November issue of PR%F the Magazine will highlight incredible brands that give back to a cause of their choice. If you give to a special cause or highlight a special organization as a recipient of some of your proceeds, we want to hear about you. Drop me a note at Michele@ PR%F Awards is heating up, with many, many entrants. Don’t lose the opportunity of getting your brand in front of our many judges, all beverage buyers from across the US. Enter your SKU, and you automatically go into two separate competitions—PR%F Awards Masked, the coveted double-blind tasting competition, and PR%F Awards Unmasked, the total package, where our judges taste and rate your product while evaluating your bottle, price point, look, feel and taste to see if it will be a perfect fit for their shelves. Enter today at Cheers & Namaste! Michele D. Tell Executive Director, PR%F the Magazine Founder, PR%F Awards

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Getting Into The (COOLER)


Photo by Kitera Dent

getting into the (cooler) summer spirit



officially summer, which means fun in the sun and a built-in excuse for enjoying a refreshing beverage or cool treat. Well, thanks to one of the alcohol industry’s latest trends, you can have your dessert and drink it too. Specialty frozen concoctions deliver a serving of sweetness alongside a delightful buzz. As more consumers treat themselves to a taste of these innovative products, the demand for more varieties and flavors continues to grow. So do your best to savor, scoop, sip and slurp up every moment of summer with some of these frozen, booze-infused creations.

A Spoonful Of Spirited Goodness

Specialty ice creams have been a crowd-pleaser for a while, touting their high-end ingredients, sophisticated flavor combinations, and a sense of exclusivity. However, new players have come into the mix as numerous brands have begun adding some proof to the pint.

TIPSY SCOOP BOOZY ICE CREAM has made a name for itself in this category with its ability to blend the magic of an artisanal, hand-crafted dessert with beloved classic and contemporary cocktails. Incorporating local and seasonal ingredients in New York, they offer consumers a wide array of choices, including Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Cake Batter Martini, and Mango Margarita Sorbet. Yes, they are as delicious as they sound, which is why it’s a good thing Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream can be shipped to all 50 states nationwide.

PR%F the Magazine

MERCER’S WINE ICE CREAMS has been deemed as “the ultimate pairing” for all vino fanatics. Sold at retail locations around the country, they come in 10 palate-pleasing flavors. So why order by the glass when you can order by the pint like Peach Wine Zinfandel, Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, and more? Unlike some of the more subtle alcohol-infused frozen treats, a few of Mercer’s Wine Ice Creams are up to 5 percent ABV, so you must be 21 and over to purchase.


getting into the (cooler) summer spirit

Ice Cream Bars With A Boozy Twist

An ice cream walked into a bar… and turned into a booze-infused treat. Some people prefer their ice cream served in a bowl. Others are loyal to the cone. Then there are those who opt for the alternative that doesn’t require any serving vessel—an ice cream bar. It is a praiseworthy “finger food” that has jumped onto the alcohol-inspired, frozen dessert bandwagon.

BUZZBAR ICE CREAM is a line of gourmet, spirited ice cream and sorbet bars. Made in Vermont, the brand claims to provide the “Ultimate Gourmet Ice Cream Cocktail Experience.” Any bartender would be proud to serve up its delicious line of products that include Blitzed Berry (strawberry ice cream meets rum), Bourbon St. Chocolate (chocolate ice cream meets whiskey), and Vanilla Daze (vanilla ice cream meets cognac). The packaging lets consumers know these treats are not made for kiddos. However, they are perfect for those 21 and older looking for a sweet reprieve from adulting.

SNOBAR is a brand that has added another twist to the alcohol ice cream bar by delivering ice pops that promise a full cocktail in every serving. These boozy ice creams mean business! Just to give you an idea, their Cosmopolitan ice pop (shoutout to Carrie Bradshaw) is made with premium vodka, and triple sec has a 14.68 percent ABV. Subtlety is not one of Snobar’s selling points. Instead, it’s about setting the scene and having a fun night with friends.

Officially PR%F Approved If you’re looking for something a little less bold in the booze department, SUNPOP is another tasty frozen cocktail option.

The PR%F Awards have always been focused on giving credit where credit is due. It’s not about the size of the brand but rather the quality of the product. As PR%F Awards witnessed the popularity of these cool boozy treats heating up, new categories have been added. Calling all alcoholinfused popsicles, slushies, push-ups, ice creams, and gelatin shots—PR%F is super excited to welcome you into the mix. For those who have tried these frozen concoctions, you know taste testing is the best part. Visit and submit your entries today.


Photo by Andrew Jay

getting into the (cooler) summer spirit

Gelatin Shots Are All The Buzz

This next category would make LMFAO proud (we all know that hit song that got the word “shots” stuck in our head for days). These are not the Jell-O shots you made with your roommates in college. These are most definitely a step up in flavor and convenience. Here are a couple of options worth giving a shot—pun intended.

SLRRRP SHOTS are the world’s first vegetarian-friendly, award-winning gelatin shots. Made with premium alcohol and plant-based ingredients, ensure the quality is top-notch, and the finish is smooth—no nasty aftertaste here. As long as you’ve got SLRRRP Shots on hand, the word boring will never make its presence known.

SHOTTYS PARTY-READY GELATIN SHOTS makes classic fan favorites like blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, and grape. These gelatin shots are all-natural and made in the U.S.A, perfect for tailgates, pool parties, barbecues, and all sorts of summer gatherings. Small but mighty in spirit, these 12.5% ABV shots come in packs of 24 and are designed to be a party hero’s trusty sidekick.

PR%F the Magazine

Stephanie Blitz was born and raised in Milwaukee and currently resides in Las Vegas with her husband and two children. She is a proud #boymom and the founder of Architect Of Words. Stephanie is a freelance writer and marketing maven who believes in the power of coffee, values experiences over things and recognizes the ability words have to connect people.

Proof Awards - double blind taste test 3X WINNER!

Clean Functional Ingredients Only 9 grams Organic Cane Sugar No Artificial Sweeteners Added


pour some sugar

Pour Some Sugar by Jerry Hammaker

Photo by Wendy Rake

“Step inside. Walk this way. You and me babe. Hey hey!”

— Lyrics from Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

pour some sugar


We have learned about alternatives to sweet wines in previous editions. In response, I have received inquiries about “serious sweet wines.” So, it’s time to step inside the world of serious, sweet wines and pour some of that sugar! One of the goals of some fine winemaking is to maximize the sugar content inside the grapes until harvest. Grapes are great examples of converting sunshine and proper temperatures to sugar in the juice inside the grape. Too much rain or too fertile of soil can bring diluted sugar and flavor as the grapes swell with water, the plant pushes energy to the vines and leaves, and the vines don’t need to push deep into minerals and stones for water and nutrition. Residual sugar is the sugar left over in wine after fermentation ends — a big source of carbohydrates in finished wine. Residual sugar can be listed on some labels (usually a back label) or tasting notes at a winery as “RS.” Fermentation can end naturally when the yeast cells “poop out” so much alcohol that the ungrateful alcohol, in turn, kills the yeast, thus halting further fermentation (think 15% plus alcohol). Typically, wines with higher ABVs have less residual sugar because the yeast has eaten it all, processed it, and “pooped it out” as alcohol. Fermentation can also be stopped by chilling or adding alcohol (killing the yeast). This process leaves more sugar in the juice (and usually lower alcohol or “ABV”). Some sweet wines, wine coolers, and wine seltzers add extra unfermented (sugary) juice, sugar, artificial or natural flavorings, and fruit juices to boost the sugar (sweetness) and change the flavor profile of the finished wine. They also add artificial colorings since the additives can discolor the natural wine and be not as pleasing to the consumer. These are common processes in making popular, cheap “bulk” wines—many with labels with cute animals, footwear, and/or cute names. The label usually doesn’t mention any specific vineyard or location/territory where

PR%F the Magazine

Photo by Jerry Hammaker they actually sourced the grapes because they are gathered from multiple vineyards throughout the state/region or shipped in bulk from elsewhere. Heavy use of chemicals and fertilizers controls bugs and disease and forces more growth in the vines. They also don’t mention that the juice is hauled to the manufacturing plant in huge airtemperature controlled railcars or tanker trucks and then stored in fields of outdoor tanks that look like huge oil tanks or huge football-fieldsized pools (usually uncovered and then sprayed with chemicals by machines to kill fruit flies). All of these added sugars, flavors, and colorings are there to essentially hide the defects in this highly


pour some sugar

Photo by Jerry Hammaker

Or, go for sweeter sparklings:

• Moscato, and Champagne labeled Extra Dry (between 12 and 17 grams) • Sec (between 17 and 32 grams)

• Demi-sec (between 32 and 50 grams) • Doux (50 grams)

processed bulk wine. There is a huge carb count from these added simple sugars! The sugars and chemicals definitely make this great hangovercausing wine! Take a trip to a good wine shop and get incredible, naturally sweet wines with solid ABV. Look for delicious dessert wines from the Old World such as: • Sauternes or Barsac from Bordeaux, France

• Vendanges Tardives or Selection de Grains Nobles on French Alsatian dessert wine labels

• Vin Santo from Italy

• Royal Tokaji from Hungary

• Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese (typically Riesling) from Germany

Photo by Jerry Hammaker Ice wines from the New York Finger Lakes, Colorado, Michigan, and Canada are delicious; lick your lips, sweet wines! These wines get their sweetness from extended hangtime, into late fall, on the vine. The “raisin” loses water and retains all of the sugar, juice, and flavor. Or, they are hand-picked by intrepid vineyard workers

pour some sugar


don’t have the same flavor profile or quality as hand-picked traditional ice wine. Some of these poseurs are even made at wineries that used to make traditional ice wine, so be careful before you spend that extra money on a bottle. Given the correct conditions, some late harvest and ice wine grapes develop Botrytis (called “Noble Rot”), a welcome fungus that adds a rich, honeyed flavor to the wine. These serious, sweet wines are a perfect pairing for many desserts, soft cheeses, and as a sipper on their own. So, when it’s time for “serious” sweet wines. “Pour some sugar on me. C’mon, fire me up. Pour your sugar on me. I can’t get enough!”

Photo by Jerry Hammaker (usually the actual winery owners, winemakers, family, and close friends) while frozen (the grapes and the workers) in mid-to-late winter for ice wine. Be aware that some wineries make “fake” ice wine by gathering the grapes at regular harvest (in beautiful late-summer or fall weather) and freezing the grapes in a freezer before pressing. These are sometimes given cute names like “Freeze” or “Frost” and typically

PR%F the Magazine

Jerry Hammaker, Owner Certain Aged Ventures Wine Consultant, PR%F Awards


matthew-lorèn lindsey

Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey A trained palate showcases the best of wine By Debbie Hall Photos by Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey

matthew-lorèn lindsey

Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey has spent the last 15 years as a wine collector and industry leader in the wine space as an importer and distributor in the Las Vegas casino market. He is the lead sommelier and wine judge for the PR%F Awards, the largest double-blind wine and spirit competition in the United States. He serves as the Executive Sommelier and Director of Wine for the National Blended Festival, curating the wine experience for thousands of festival attendees. Additionally, he is the founder of Appellation Wine Brands, a luxury lifestyle company that creates wine brands for restaurant groups, hotels, and private companies. Matthew-Lorèn shares his passion for wine as the founder and educator of The Advanced Wine, an e-learning platform for wine enthusiasts and novists. He is the creator of, an online wine course. He is the Sommelier and Director of Fine Wine at West Coast Beverages (import and distribution company).

PR%F the Magazine



matthew-lorèn lindsey

Recently Matthew-Lorèn attended the Wine Spectator Grand Tour in Las Vegas hosted at Resorts World Las Vegas. The Grand Tour walk-around tastings featured 200 wines rated 90 points or higher by Wine Spectator's editors, along with a delicious selection of food and a souvenir Riedel wineglass. Attending the Grand Tour for years, “This event showcases the most highly-rated wines out right now. It is a great experience and a privilege for me to attend and sample wines revered by Wine Spectator as some of the best wines from around the world,” explains Matthew-Lorèn.

Follow Matthew-Lorèn on his wine journey on instagram @ TheLordofWine and email him @

Peter Mondavi Jr. and Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey

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The coveted double-blind tasting competition

The total package competition

Century Award

Perfect. To receive a Century Award is to be defined as perfect. It is a 100-point perfect score, unanimously, from all judges present at the awards tasting program. Unanimous. Only a selection of these brands makes it to the prestigious level. It is the ultimate accolade and the utmost level of achievement in a spirits and wine brand. Unparalleled.

Double Gold Award

Outstanding. Spirits and wine awarded a Double Gold are beyond industry standards and celebrated with prominent elegance in their respected categories. These brands define finesse and make a palate dance with superiority. When you achieve this award, your brand defies gravity.

Gold Award

Great and distinguished with high praise and worthy of celebration. Our Gold award is a high merit of achievement. These are the brands that set the bar beyond standard heights and reach it — at all costs and are classified as some of the best brands in the arena. Hue, Taste, Texture, Power, Length, and Echo all balance to create a superb flavor and moment.

Silver Award

Rated as good and recommended for the public, our Silver award recipients demonstrate a noticeable well-balanced presence between flavor and complexity, taste and finish. Many of our Silver recipients can be found nationally in stores, restaurants, bars, and online.

Bronze Award

Our Bronze award recognizes these brands to be fair, well-crafted, attractive to nose, taste, and finish—worthy of recognition.

Enter your brand today.

the science of spirits


MYTHS OF NOSING SPIRITS 1 By George Manska, CSO, CR&D, Arsilica, Inc., sensory researcher, inventor, entrepreneur


The Myth of Tulip Glasses

Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano

PR%F the Magazine


the science of spirits

The spirits industry has long been plagued by misinformation, particularly when it comes to glassware. The widespread use of tulip-shaped glasses is a case in point. Here is a history of how it happened and a few alternatives to set the nose straight, improve and enhance everyday drinking enjoyment.

sherry glass acquired a dual purpose. Why have a second set of glasses for whiskey when sherry tulips were already in place and deemed acceptable for an alcoholic beverage stronger than wine? Distillers and distributors fell into lockstep rather than search for a new glass, and the transition from sherry to spirits became rather obvious, although poorly planned from a sensory standpoint.




In the late 1700s, the English began importing, bottling, and redistributing Spanish sherry worldwide, and it quickly became the accepted and almost ritual drink of the upper and middle classes. During dockside loading of sherry cargos (as well as wines), the seller commonly presented a tiny tulip-shaped tasting glass (copita) for the buyer or captain to tasteverify newly purchased goods. The “dock glass” became the favorite glass worldwide for drinking sherry, as it is small enough to hold only an ounce or two (just enough for a sweet dessert libation), has a stem (elegance so no fingerprints on the bowl), and is relatively easy to clean since it is about the depth of a towel-wrapped forefinger. Tulips present an agreeable nose to the drinker since sherry (a fortified wine) is about 22% alcohol by volume. The small tulip glass headspace indicates alcohol content stronger than wine, yet the increase in pungency is tolerable and therefore is considered acceptable. As the spirits industry grew, Scottish distillers explored the globe for new customers. The same aristocratic markets that loved sherry added scotch to their drawing room beverage cabinets, and the

Scotch blenders quickly realized that placing a 40% plus ABV spirits in a tiny tulip designed for 22% sherry created a nose-bomb that severely limited blending sessions by quickly incapacitating sensitive noses required to blend the desired flavor profile. Rather than change the glass, blenders focused on reducing alcohol pungency by diluting samples with water to reduce the alcohol content by half, 20 to 23% ABV (1-ounce whisky to 1-ounce water). Who actually drinks whiskey diluted by nearly 50%? Obviously not a practical approach to solving an acknowledged problem, the practice was further complicated by science. Proven fact; dilution to 20% significantly alters flavor profile. A simpler, more effective solution would have implicated the true cause of the problem as the alcohol concentrating tulip glass. Yet, the industry opted to preserve tradition rather than face the resistance.

the science of spirits




In the span of over 100 years, the majority of spirits glass designs appear curiously similar: nearly the same bowl height, best pour 1½ to 2 ounces, similar bowl diameters, and tiny nose-bumping rims which force the head back in an awkward tilt while drinking. Any radical departure from the tulip design would most certainly have been rejected by the spirits industry, which was deeply rooted in the tulip as the spirits drinkers’ symbolic identity badge. Manufacturers, not wellversed in the physical science of gas behavior (aroma) or sensory practice, concentrated on minor style revisions with deliberate care to remain close to the basic tulip shape rather than displease the spirits industry.

Since the end of prohibition, American whiskey marketers were well into reviving spirits’ visibility (having gone underground during prohibition after peaking in the roaring twenties). This was accomplished by:

PR%F the Magazine

• Targeting business executives, politicos, and high-viz persona, purchasing visibility in movie scenes, billboards, neon street signage, targeting business and finance magazine ads and stories. • Glorifying the ritual deal-closing drink in the office environment as an obligatory final reward, salute, and handshake for a successfully completed task.


the science of spirits

• Portraying the celebratory drink as the symbol of success and implying a personal membership in the great “businessman’s brotherhood,” as well as a reward at the close of long after-hours work sessions. American businessmen characteristically drank whiskey with water and ice (bourbon and branch) in a large mouth tumbler, and elaborate hand-cut crystal whiskey sets with decanters were commonplace in “C” level suites. Water and ice cubes in a large openrim glass manage alcohol pungency quite well. Of course, the tradition spread rapidly to the many who wished to emulate the trappings of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. The below “C” levels quickly established the post close-of-business Friday afternoon “watering hole” tradition to wrap up every workweek (birth of Friday night “happy hour”). The public was now reentrenching spirits as a universal self-nod of approval and reward for jobs well done or simply for enduring the week’s drudge. It was business as usual in the late 1960s. Scotch Brand Ambassadors, Distillers, Educators, Authors Unite to Carry the Tulip Torch: Scotch whiskey came to the United States in the 1960s, and scotch marketers soon realized American drinkers had no taste for straight, neat spirits, as they had been conditioned into the cocktail world by prohibition rotgut (and potentially deadly) spirits. As a matter of fact, drinking spirits straight and neat were considered socially unrefined (skid-row, cowboy, low-class). The American post-prohibition glorification of the deal-closer toast-clink was well underway, and bringing scotch into the business venue was relatively straightforward:

• Replace bourbons and American whiskeys by presenting scotch as the next higher step up the ladder of success symbols and exclusivity.

• Teach tulip glass drinking methods to avoid olfactory alcohol pungency and ensure the tulip’s position as the universal iconic vessel and recognition badge of the scotch drinker. Americans would do the rest. Much of the public was already attuned to adopting habits and quirks of successful businessmen, and the British aristocracy. Americans had long embraced a fierce love for everything British and Scottish, the transformation was set in motion. Eager to adopt the idiosyncratic trappings of the lairds; scotch whisky and glassware, tartans, kilts and sporrans, bagpipes, pipes and drums performances, tams and badges, long Scottish wool scarf sales, and fake Scottish accents enjoyed new life in American markets, along with the new “correct” method of drinking scotch from tulips.

SPIRITS TASTING METHODS FOR TULIPS: Teaching a proper drinking technique was quickly undertaken by scotch sales executives, brand ambassadors, whiskey educators and authors, and beverage column gurus and began with the iconic tulip. New and experienced drinkers alike were instructed in the following tulip methodology in order to maximize one’s enjoyment of drinking scotch whisky.

RED EXPLAINS THE FALLACIES OF EACH METHOD: • Inhale through mouth and nose simultaneously to lessen alcohol pungency. Lower intake airflow significantly diminishes nasal aromas, increasing difficulty in identifying character aromas.

the science of spirits

• Add water. Increased surface tension shuts down all aroma evaporation. Often characterized as “opening up” the spirit, the illusion is due to reduced pungency; far less character aroma intensity is considered collateral damage. • Don’t swirl. The educators admit swirling releases more alcohol, and swirling tulips is not advisable due to alcohol’s volatility and concentration. It is the “engine” in wide rim glasses that creates aromas (just ask a wine lover). • Smell the aroma from about a foot away, then in 3 to 4 successively closer sniffs until the sample is right under the nose. This may reduce pungency but also gradually overwhelms receptors with mostly alcohol molecules, leaving fewer ORs (olfactory receptors) to detect character aromas. While reducing the initial shock of pungency, acclimation works against honest sensory diagnostics. Remember that none of the above tulip sampling methods are effective with other spirits glasses, as all were specifically contrived to mask overabundant alcohol in tulips. Scotch whisky marketers were brilliant, and the arrival of the Glencairn glass in 2001, endorsed by several leading scotch experts, quickly propelled the tulip glass shape sales well past the hand-cut crystal “rocks” glasses in popularity.

TUMBLERS ARE SUPERIOR TO TULIPS: Typical ethanol concentrations in a 4-inch diameter tumbler approximately 3½ inches tall are 85 to 90% when swirled prior to nosing, which is still significantly better than 95 to 98% tulips.

PR%F the Magazine


ENGINEERED SHAPES SUCCESSFULLY AVOID OLFACTORY ALCOHOL POLLUTION: In 2002, Arsilica, Inc. discovered that a vessel engineered with a neck restriction and flared rim would control, dilute, and divert ethanol away from the nose far superior to the tulip. • Zero concentrated alcohol

• Enhanced character aromas • No pungency or sting

• Separates all aromas for easy identification • No upper-rim nose-bumps

Two fallacious axioms are frequently used to reinforce the spirits industry’s tulip stance and reluctance to accept science. •

There is a widespread belief that no one will ever separate ethanol molecules from other aromas. Graham’s Law describes the diffusion velocity of molecules passing through an orifice. In gas dynamics, lower masses (ethanol) travel at proportionally higher velocities resulting in separation. A restriction with a properly sized controlled rim flare separates alcohol and displays all aromas for easy identification (This method was employed in A-bomb production to separate U235 from U238).

Tiny rims concentrate all aromas so none can escape the nose. Not true; they concentrate highly volatile, lower mass alcohol molecules, which rise to the rim opening first, masking character aromas.


the science of spirits

MARKETING THE MEME: That the establishment of tulips as an iconic symbol was ever a formal part of an organized plan is highly doubtful. Beyond question, industry marketing ensconced the tulip in its current position by rejecting or deriding alternatives. Today, the tulip is the official glass of most professional whisky clubs, groups, and societies. In the annals of marketing, one is hard-pressed to find a more perfect example of a self-manifesting meme without rational, scientific purpose. Memes establish new traditions.

THE NEW MEME: In the long run, younger generations embrace functional, useful science. As always, with time, true science wins. Knowing exactly what you like, place science as primary in your personal product decisions.

George F Manska Chief of Research and Development, Arsilica, Inc., engineer, inventor of the NEAT glass, and sensory science researcher. Mission: Replace misinformation with scientific truth through consumer education. Contact Information: Phone: 702.332.7305 Email: Business mailing address: 452 Silverado Ranch Blvd, Ste #222, Las Vegas, NV, 89183.


Party at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Tower of Power, Barry Manilow, Cabaret Shows, Great Dining and Expansive Pool.


estgate Las Vegas is the home for Legendary Vegas Fun, with the excitement exploding in July.

Tower of Power Las Vegas, lending soul and jazzfunk with old-school R&B, Tower of Power has been thrilling audiences with their signature sound since 1968, Come be a part of live music history with Tower of Power, performing at the legendary International Theater on July 16.

GRAMMY®, TONY®, and EMMY® award-winning singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and musician Barry Manilow and his MANILOW: LAS VEGAS – The Hits Come Home! has added more shows, including the return of the holiday classic A VERY BARRY CHRISTMAS. New show dates include Sept. 15-17 and Sept. 22-24, Oct. 13-15 and Oct. 20-22, Nov. 10-12, and Nov. 17-19. The Christmas shows run Dec. 1-3 and Dec. 8-10. Tickets are on sale now.

Westgate is home to great entertainment in the Westgate Cabaret shows including The Magic of Jen Kramer, Soul of Motown, and The Bronx Wanderers.

Formed in Oakland, California, in 1967, the band brings a unique sound that combines elements of funk, soul, and pop with heavy doses of R&B. Their self-named album, Tower of Power, was released in 1973 and made them one of the most successful groups to emerge from the Oakland scene. With hits like “So Very Hard to Go,” “Treat me Like Your Man,” and “Down to the Nightclub,” your night in Las Vegas with Tower of Power will be the ultimate Motown experience!

The Magic of Jen Kramer, the only female headlining magician in Las Vegas, turns the impossible into the impossible-to-ignore, wowing audiences with her contagious smile and world-class sleightof-hand. The amazing Jen performed her 500th show at the Westgate Cabaret on June 24. Guests are always amazed at Jen’s jaw-dropping illusions; her show is full of unforgettable magic and Fun with a capital F. Soul of Motown celebrates doo-wop and Motown as its music enveloped the entire world. Audiences will enjoy the music of The Temptations, The Platters, The Drifters, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Sam Cooke, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, The

O’Jays, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and Aretha Franklin. The Bronx Wanderers, the father-and-son duo with their top-notch band, pair powerful vocals and musical flair with enthusiasm and genuine love for the music they perform. The Bronx Wanderers recreate the magic of the era and build an energetic bond with their audience while transporting their audiences to the past of legendary music.

Westgate Las Vegas provides a range of culinary adventures. Fresco Italiano tempts with the perfect blend of menu options that highlight its Italian culinary range and skill. Enjoy Italian-style cuisine defined by freshness and simplicity, like hand-crafted flatbreads baked in a stone-fired pizza oven, produced with imported Italian flour and family recipes. Create custom dishes matching favorite pasta with fresh sauces. Choose from entrées featuring Osso Buco, Frutti di Mare, or Lemon & Rosemary Roasted Chicken, slowly cooked in natural juices and enhanced with fresh herbs and garden vegetables.

Benihana is a unique culinary adventure. As guests walk into the restaurant, they are transported into another world with lush Japanese gardens, flowing ponds, exotic statuary, and an authentic Torri Arch. The exhibition-style Japanese cuisine features hibachi tables with master chefs preparing a full range of unique and traditional teppanyaki dishes. Tasty entrees tantalize with hibachi chicken, teriyaki steak, and filet mignon. Enjoying a colorful signature drink at the bar surrounded by the exotic décor makes the drink that much more special. Edge Steakhouse offers a dining experience close to perfection. Guests can savor an extensive menu that combines American steakhouse favorites with delicious specialty appetizers, creative entrées, and PR%F Magazine innovative sidethe dishes. Top quality wet and dry-aged

westgate las vegas resort & casino


Prime cuts, domestic Wagyu beef, and fresh seafood are some of its specialties. Toast with selections from the double Wine Spectator Award-winning wine list with pairing options available. What’s more relaxing than laying by the pool, taking a refreshing dip, or enjoying a favorite cocktail under a cabana by the tranquil waters? This is the perfect mix of rest and relaxation. The newly renovated pool deck at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

provides the perfect blend of rest, relaxation, sun, and fun, featuring luxurious pool cabanas and daybeds. The pool also features a 15-seat hot tub, a bar, a retail store, and a grill. The SuperBook at the Westgate Las Vegas™ features over 30,000 square feet of heart-racing action with a massive 220-foot-by-18-foot 4,000 video wall with over 350 seats. With the exciting sporting events coming up, guests can experience high-action entertainment at the best and largest Race & Sports Book in a smoke-free environment in Las Vegas. This iconic world-class destination and the home of Legendary Vegas Fun offers a unique blend of amenities and excitement with all your favorite table games, the hottest slots on the market, and more than 225,000 square feet of meeting space

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celebrity not required™

Celebrity Not Required™

Meet Chido, Brand Ambassador and official mixologist for Siempre Tequila

By Debbie Hall


he number of celebrityendorsed spirits continues to skyrocket. However, Siempre Tequila embodies the love of co-founders Alexandre Lacroix and Monica Sanita with the inspiration of Monica’s grandmother. Recently, they welcomed Chido, their new Brand Ambassador and official Siempre mixologist. This medium-sized familyowned and operated business combines the heart and soul of its core team with a fantastic line of tequilas. Siempre Tequila was created in 2015 by Alex and Monica through the hard work and dedication it took to start the company together. Bringing the family together in the venture, admittedly, no one knew much about the industry. Their first distillation was 150 cases of Blanco tequila with no customers. However, today Alex is the CEO of Siempre Spirits Limited, sharing his passion with the love of his life and partner, Monica, and being the best father to his daughter. The road to the development of Siempre Tequila was bumpy. Alex’s side of the family rebelled and didn’t always walk the straight and narrow. Before Alex changed the course of his life, he found himself sitting in a jail cell facing 27 charges. His daughter was an infant at the time, and Alex pledged that if he were given a second chance, he would turn his life around.

celebrity not required™


Alexandre Lacroix and Monica Sanita

He did get the opportunity to start over and met Monica when they were both attending college. After graduation, they both started careers in advertising, working up to 100 hours a week and still not making much money. Then, they both experienced an epiphany and decided to start their own business. Visiting Monica’s family in Mexico and enjoying her roots, tequila sparked a desire to develop and distribute their own brand. While Monica’s family was originally from Acapulco, they moved to Jalisco, where her great grandmother and grandmother made homemade mescal which added to the legacy of Siempre Tequila. The fermentation techniques can take from three to five days, and it is distilled only when it is ready. The agave is sourced from both the highlands and lowlands in the valley. “If you ask the farmers in the highlands, they will

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say they grow the best agave producing a sweet, citrusy tequila with floral notes,” says Christian Cusson, Brand Manager, at Siempre Spirits Limited. “If you talk to the farmers in the lowlands, they will say they grow the best agave with a robust, smoky, earthy tequila with a hint of pepper. We embrace this as feminine and masculine and decided to combine both.” The distillery is based in the town of Tequila in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco. The process begins with the 50/50 split of the agave plants getting cooked in brick ovens, the traditional way of cooking agave, and then crushed using a roller mill. Now comes the open-air fermentation and then the mixture is distilled using volcanic spring water from the volcano located in the town of Tequila. The tastes developed are very unique and brought down to 40% ABV. Siempre Tequila offers both a sweet and savory flavor with floral notes on the nose and peppery notes on the back taste after taking a sip.


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Siempre Tequila was one of the first brands to develop a combination of the agave and market it. Siempre Plata (Gold PR%F Award 2021), Siempre Reposado (Silver PR%F Award 2021), and Siempre Añejo (Gold PR%F Award 2021) is the core line. Siempre Plata, unaged, was the first one in the product line. Siempre Reposado is aged up to six months in brand new American oak barrels using a level two rechar on the barrels before beginning the aging process. The Reposado has a nice, sweet undertone that accentuates the flavors from the barrel. The Añejo is aged 18 months to two years in bourbon barrels with a level four rechar of the barrel before the process. The Añejo will speak to bourbon and whiskey drinkers with vanilla and chocolate notes from the barrel. “Ironically, our Añejo was supposed to be our Reposado. What happened was that we were at a point in our company where we wanted to start aging our tequila. Using our Plata, we used barrels that aged Jim Beam whiskey. We planned on aging it for six months, but due to

finances, we could not bottle it after six months. So, it aged for another 18 months and became our Añejo,” explains Christian. In the future, some passion projects are in development, and its portfolio will be expanded to appeal to a broader range of consumers with different price points. “Many tequila companies are concentrating on ultra-premium brands and very expensive tequilas. We believe that everyone should be able to purchase a good bottle of 100 percent agave tequila at a good price point.” For more info, visit Follow on Facebook @ SiempreTequila, Instagram @ siempretequila and Twitter @siempre_tequila.

celebrity not required™


Join the Club The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Bored Ape doubles as your Yacht Club membership card and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE BATHROOM, a collaborative graffiti board. The community can unlock future areas and perks through roadmap activation. As their tag line reads, “Celebrity Not Required™.” The world of tequila is filled with celebrity brands with George Clooney, Kendall Jenner, P. Diddy, and Kevin Hart. “We don’t see celebrity brands as a bad thing. Some of these tequilas help to develop the category and grow the love of tequila. While our competitors, we are all in this together to make tequila a bigger and better category appreciated by the consumers,” Christian states. But now, their own celebrity, Chido, came along as its new Brand Ambassador and official Siempre mixologist, taking advantage of all the hype around NFT technology and the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Chido has his own story, attends events, and cutouts of Chido are a hit for Instagrammable moments. Follow Chido on Instagram @ ApeChido and join the Bored Ape Yacht Club group on Facebook.


celebrity not required™

Siempre Reposado This beautifully aged spirit boasts notes of oak, fruity undertones, honey, and vanilla underpinned by cooked agave. There is a smooth harmony on the palate, not unlike what shows in some very fine bourbons. Our Reposado is a very unique expression, made using brand new American oak barrels, extra-Anejo tequila, and a hint of natural aguamiel.

Siempre Plata Crystal clear in appearance. Complex aromas and flavors of spice, herb, pepper, sea salt, citrus with candied, floral notes, caramel, and sweet fruit hints. Exceptionally smooth, naturally sweet, and made for sipping. Plata is our purest expression, made using blue weber agave from both the highlands of Jalisco and the valley of Tequila, bringing together the best of both worlds for a perfectly balanced tasting experience.

Siempre Añejo Our Añejo is a complex combination of carefully selected still-strength Siempre Plata rested in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, ranging from 12 to 36 months in age. The beautiful blend is made from 100 to 80 using volcanic spring water. You can taste alluring notes of toffee, salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and peppercorns, followed by a lasting-lasting, warm finish. Enjoy in a snifter with dark chocolate and mixed nuts.


athletes invest in wine app invintory

Athletes Invest in Wine App InVintory

InVintory App

Josh Hart and JJ Redick prove that wine and tech are a powerful combination.

After a successful launch in both the Canadian and American markets, wine cellaring platform InVintory is seeing its expansion potential reach new heights, thanks to investment from two professional athletes—NBA stars Josh Hart and JJ Redick. After using the InVintory platform themselves and seeing the benefits of it with regards to managing their cellars, tracking their bottles, and viewing key data and insights into their wine habits, both athletes were hooked. “InVintory has changed the game for wine collectors,” says Hart. “I’ve tried different platforms, and none even comes close. The ability to find bottles in my cellar within seconds is amazing.” Founded in 2018, InVintory offers a mobile and web app with a free tier called Aspire, along with a paid in-app subscription called Prestige. The company has developed novel technology while staying true to the traditions and history of wine and taking the headache out of collecting so that wine can be enjoyed in the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. It does all this through its sleek interface allowing users to scan labels, upload bottles, categorize accordingly, and create memories and wish lists. Additionally, Prestige allows users even more advanced features, including patent-pending 3D bottle-finding technology, market values, and cellar analytics. A team of administrators and sommeliers will import anyone’s collection from another app or spreadsheet free of charge. InVintory is not only reshaping how collectors engage with wine and track their bottles but are now on a rapid growth trajectory. With this current fundraising, InVintory will build on its collecting platform and invest further in its community, expanding into the broader wine enthusiast and wine business segments. “We are actively working on some exciting new features that will bring the world of wine together in a way that has never before been done,” says CEO Jeff Daiter. “Ambassadors like JJ and Josh are such an asset to help propel us forward. They found

athletes invest in wine app invintory


InVintory organically and make the perfect investors and advocates.”

InVintory was started in 2018 by father and son duo Jeff and Josh Daiter in response to a direct need for a simple solution to track and find bottles in Jeff’s personal wine cellar. The app consists of two products – Aspire and Prestige. The free Aspire tier offers a range of features to help collectors at every stage of their journey manage their collections, from scanning labels to adding wines, creating custom tags to organize bottles, and capturing special moments in a memories journal. Prestige additionally offers advanced technology to create a 3D cellar replica and find bottles instantly, as well as advanced analytics to obtain cellar valuation, track activity, and view collection breakdowns along multiple dimensions (among other features). The company currently has users in 140 countries and over two million bottles under management within the app. That number only continues to grow, indicative of the vast potential of the wine market, which is valued at over $350 billion worldwide—larger than the digital music and fitness markets combined. InVintory is distinct in its strong commitment to presenting wine authentically, using modern technology to fortify the traditions of this storied industry.

Josh Hart

“I am excited to be involved at such a pivotal moment for the business,” says Redick. “As an avid wine collector, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the app. It’s been really exciting to see how InVintory has grown, and I’m looking forward to helping it continue on this path.”

For more information, visit and @ invintory on social media.

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JJ Redick

InVintory is available on iOS and the web. Prestige is priced at $9.99 per month or $99 annually.


the color of wine by urbanvino

The Color of Wine by UrbanVino By Jena Domingue Creator and CEO of UrbanVino House of Brands Photos courtesy of UrbanVino

On the recent podcast, he spoked about how he grew up, his family influences and how he made his way from the baseball diamond to the vineyard. Growing up in Sacramento, Greg’s first love and the reason he went to college at University of Miami was football. He insisted he wanted to be a two-sport player and when the football coach told him he had to make a choice, well, he chose baseball. Greg was drafted four times, then went on to make his mark in the big leagues as a four-time MLB All-Star.

Greg Vaughn, four-time Major League Baseball All-Star and all around great guy, businessman and philanthropist, is killing it in the game of wine. I recently had a chance to hang out with Greg at the Black Food and Wine Experience to gather firsthand feedback on his wine. I can tell you, his sparkling rosé is a real crowd please and his pinot is delicious enough to impress the pickiest of Pinotphiles. Since retirement Greg has become a solid businessman, serious golfer, and a pillar in his community of Northern California and Henderson, Nevada. Greg partnered with his good friends at E2 Winery several years ago to roll out his selection of varietals, most notable—the sparkling rosé, pinot noir and merlot will know you socks off. These are not lightweight wines— they definitely deliver a home run. I was quite impressed as I tasted through his collection. The pinot just seems to dance in the glass. It is smooth, sexy and lets you know you are drinking with the big boys. The rosé is flirty and can stand alone, with no need to dress it up. It just shows up and makes an impact on you. Greg is very proud of his wines and has his hands in all aspects of the winemaking process. He picks and helps process the fruit and, most importantly, guides the winemaking process to fit his palette and preference. You can see his fingerprints

the color of wine by urbanvino

all over the bottles. The Fifty bottle of pinot celebrates Greg’s 50 home runs in one season. The merlot also celebrates that standout season and, if you look closely at the label, all the dates of the 50 homeruns are listed. This is a fun brand that will quickly grow on you, not just for the wine, but for the cause. While playing for Toronto, Greg’s son fell ill, and they learned he had childhood diabetes. Since that time, Greg formed the Vaughn’s Valley Foundation 23 Wines to raise awareness and raise funding to support his community. Almost all proceeds from GV23 Wines go to the foundation to fund research into juvenile diabetes as well as whatever other needs crop up in the community. During the pandemic, Vaughn’s Valley funded internet access for thousands of school children as well as gifted laptops and backpacks so children would have the tools they needed to be successful. He also contributes resources to first responders and heroes of his community. Vaughn’s Valley hosts a celebrity

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the color of wine by urbanvino

golf tournament every year and continues to be a huge driver for the foundation. Greg is also known to sponsor comedy shows, Top Golf events and baseball mentorship camps. I can say this is an all-around fun-loving family man who loves his three children, especially his grandson, Major. To donate, sponsor or participate, visit GV23 is sold is 11 baseball stadiums, can be found on wine lists throughout California and Nevada and purchased at 23wines. com. Visit or Apple Podcasts to listen to the UrbanVino Podcast for a complete audio version of the meeting, and visit YouTube for the video version. Connect with Jena at LinkedIn @ Jena Domingue and Instagram @ urbanvino.

Jena Domingue is the creator and CEO of UrbanVino House of Brands and Senior Vice President of Sales and Talent and Culture at WineDirect. She is also US Ambassador (California) for Liquid Icons, a global agency working with ultra-premium wine brands worldwide, offering scholarships and apprenticeships specifically geared to promote diversity and inclusion in wine education and hospitality.

in s t r



o o w

n !

A bold, thick full-flavored mix that won’t water down in your glass. No MSG or high fructose corn syrup.

Setting a new standard of excellence in the industry!

Our handcrafted small batch mix made from a unique blend of natural ingredients providing World Class Taste!


bar gear, gadgets and beyond

Bar Gear, Gadgets and Beyond

Our experts share some of the best ones found.

Hayley Maxwell, General Manager at a Local Gaming Bar in Las Vegas; Marketing, Sales, and Buying Hayley Maxwell works in the hospitality industry and really understands the bar business. People love gadgets, with new ones being invented, manufactured, and marketed every day for those in the food and beverage industry. Hayley is one of the experts who will share her unique perspective on gadgets. Daniel “DD” de Anda Fast, Bar & Nightlife Consultant Daniel “DD” de Anda Fast offers more than two decades of hospitality experience having opened more than 30 venues during that time including bars, restaurants, pool experiences, nightclubs and more. Daniel has created craft cocktail menus on the Las Vegas Strip, worked as corporate mixologist for American Beverage Ventures (ABV) and is one of a select group of lead judges for PR%F Awards.

Photo by Taylor Kopel

bar gear, gadgets and beyond

Vinloq Visit for more info.

What our experts have to say: DD: Hey Hayley did you look at the Vinloq slow decanting and wine preservation system? Hayley: Yes! I got to test it out over the weekend. Vinloq is the first slow decanting and wine preservation system. I am a wine drinker, and I know you enjoy good wine as well, so I’m always excited to see anything to do with preserving wine. DD: I thought the system was easy to use, and the directions were very clear. You just place the nitrogen gas dispenser onto the gas reservoir, which is a little bag that seals in the nitrogen gas. The stoppers go right into the opened wine and are labeled by little red and white dots. When the red dots line up, that means it’s ready to store, and when the handle is down and the white dot is matched with the red, you are ready to pour. Hayley: I think this is a great product for home with expensive wines that you don’t want to go bad after you have opened it. I like that the kit came with tasting notes for you to keep track of and put on the chart the wines you like and the complexity of each wine because, after a few bottles of wine, you may not remember which wine you liked. Wine tasting has that effect on me. DD: Yes, I also thought the little tasting note cards were a fun addition to this new wine experience. The Vinloq slow decanting and wine preservation system is a great gift for wine connoisseurs or even someone just getting into drinking wine. It’s fun and innovative in the world of wine.

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Vinloq slow decanting and wine preservation system



bar gear, gadgets and beyond

Siligrams Visit for more info.

What our experts have to say:

DD: Absolutely! Old school cocktails always have a place at a local bar, casino, expensive high-end restaurants, and even nightclubs. I see Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, an old-fashioned drink, everywhere I go. Now just think you can have your restaurant logo on a beautiful ice ball to go into these traditional drinks. Hayley: I think that would really add to the experience at dinner, even at home. I had my husband’s initials put onto the cylinder ice cube Siligrams offers, and it is really a conversation piece with friends since everyone wants to know where we got it. DD: I tested the ice ball mold and even added pieces of cherries and orange slices into the water to freeze and let the essence come out as the ice melted. Hayley: What a great idea. I love infusion in drinks. How fun would it be even to make a mojito and then add the mint right into the ice ball? It would look beautiful with the Siligram ice cube with a logo or initials on it.

Hayley: My husband is a scotch drinker and really enjoys a good scotch. I have been looking for an ice cube tray to make larger cubes not to dilute the scotch. Siligrams makes custom whiskey ice ball molds that are such a great gift. They can do a ball, cylinder, or cubes, and to make it extra special for a gift, they add custom logos or initials. This makes a wonderful gift. DD: What I love about this product is that it is a high-quality silicone mold and the mold itself is very thick, so it is durable. The size of the cubes that Siligrmas make is perfect to fit into a rocks glass. Hayley: Do you think that whiskey and scotch drinks are popular again? I see more and more specialty cocktail lists incorporating old recipes and constructing new drinks using scotch or whiskey.







The PR%F Awards


reat spirits flowed together in camaraderie and unique tastings when spirit industry leaders gathered to judge the PR%F Awards 2021, 2020, and 2019. Officially named the world’s largest spirits and wine competition in the US, PR%F Awards 2021 encompassed innovation with judging. PR%F Awards 2021 launched a new dual adult beverage competition format including two competitions in one—PR%F Awards-Masked, The DoubleBlind Tasting, and PR%F Awards-Unmasked, The Total Package. It has been three years of incredible tastings, new partnerships and the fun of Las Vegas with more to come.

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