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THE MANY LIVES OF CHELSEA The comedian still packs a punch, but she’s changed her target.

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Welcome to your new go-to-guide of all things entertainment…and its new creative director, me! Here you’ll find a little bit of everything for everyone. Country music, cornhole, basement shows, football what-have-yous. Know how many hearts an octopus has? Trivia night could be your new thing! Still in the band you started in the shed behind your mom’s house 10 years ago? Put your talent to the test! Still indifferent about social gatherings? Not to worry, we have a movie list so good you won’t have to leave your couch for at least another week. Despite your weekly sightings of the same four people milling about the grocery store, Jacksonville is bigger than the four aisles you repeatedly find yourself on and has tons to offer entertainment wise. So we stuffed our Excel sheets, filled the phone lines and filtered through emails to compile our go-to, must-see, best-liked, most-loved, dearest-desirable-destinations known as the Folio/EU entertainment guide. Enjoy! -Rain Henderson

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TASTE the Life

Jacksonville Beach | St. Augustine Beach | Fernandina Beach

SaltLifeFoodShack.com 4







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Timucuan Parks Foundation preserves, promotes and enhances Jacksonville’s

Mayor Lenny Curry made the “tough” decision to suspend Jacksonville’s

natural areas through community engagement, education and enjoyment.

recycling program due to thousands of complaints regarding yard waste pick-

Timucuan Parks Foundation holds the Florida Coastal Cleanup, part of the Ocean

up. The city will have recycling drop-off boxes around town, but we all know

Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. Each year, volunteers pick up things

most people are not going to use this to their advantage. In the height of climate

like plastic bottles, bottle caps, straws, food wrappers and cigarette butts from the

change, Jacksonville’s leaders chose a pretty dumb solution to their problem.

shorelines that could cause major problems for wildlife and the ecosystem.

In other news,

BOUQUET TO ZANE JONES Duval County veteran and recent graduate of Los Angeles Film School Zane Jones burst onto the entertainment scene in a major way by winning an Emmy—just two months after graduating. Check out his Emmy Award-winning film, The Girl in Apartment 15 (currently streaming on Amazon Prime).


Celebrating 17 Years! Good Food Has An Address.

216 11th Ave. S., Jacksonville Beach | 904-241-1112 | ElevenSouth.com 9

IT’S IN THE STARS Fall Horoscopes Isa Barrientos

LIBRA You’re in the clear to finally make it a good year. Beware of the superficial—keep moving toward your higher purpose. A partnership will turn a new leaf. SCORPIO The comfort that you’ve built in your home won’t quite feel warm until you sit in it, silently, alone. Find a new kind of love in the cold air outside, just beneath the setting sun. SAGITTARIUS The comfort that you’ve built in your home won’t quite feel warm until you sit in it, silently, alone. Find a new kind of love in the cold air outside, just beneath the setting sun. CAPRICORN At the top of your game in the middle of the day, you’ll find that work flows smoothly and your network is secure. Make some time for your family and your home. AQUARIUS Expect some travel on a plane, perhaps an astral one. Take a moment to find yourself and define yourself there. You will be beautiful in the eyes of the world. PISCES You’ll find some hidden treasure in the form of a return—you feel that you’ve made good and you can run with that. You might find inspiration in a religious service. ARIES A relationship will run its course and another, more passionate and deep, will come to you. Your reflection will shift, too, and it will actually feel like you. TAURUS Our minds make monsters out of piles of clothes. You’ve got it together in the eyes of the world, but the psychic clutter sees through it. It will only take a day or two. GEMINI Pleasure and amusement will move to the top of your list, and they’ll be best expressed on canvas or in song. You’ll be in your best spirits at work. CANCER It’s your nesting period—much of your energy will go toward making a beautiful home. Choose creation over consumption. You’ll be charming, though rather dramatic, in matters of love. LEO You’ll have a million ideas running through your head, your feet will feel a little restless. Take a long walk, stop, find a friend and talk. At the core of it all is a sweet nostalgia. VIRGO Walk the neighborhood with your best face on. Money matters could catch up to you if you don’t balance your spending habits soon. Hold your valuables close in the meantime.




“ Vaccinated & Horny” Intro Kerry Speckman | Interview John Aloska Some know Chelsea Handler as an ultra-woke liberal lady, who built comedy specials and documentaries around the partisan divides of the late 2010s. Some know her as a brash, politically incorrect talk show host who changed the demographics of late night TV. Handler herself probably wants to meet you somewhere in the middle: curious and introspective, brazen and unapologetic, but self-aware enough to draw a line in the sand before she trends for the wrong reason. Handler’s newfound sense of self-awareness comes from a religious practice of therapy, meditation and smoking marijuana. Through this triad, she says she’s “debitched” herself and wants to be a nicer, kinder, gentler person in her everyday life. On stage, however, Handler strikes a balance between transcendence and raunch. The comedian will be the first to admit her career has been one of ups and downs, evolutions in plain sight and luck. As with many comedians, she has had to navigate the treacherous new landscape of comedy: where one is often expected to be overzealous, but not punch down; have heart, but not be too mushy; and politically deft, while also staying out of serious policy discussion. In short: this is not the comedy landscape that grew your favorite Saturday Night Live sketches of the ‘70s. For Handler’s part, she seems to revel in the challenge. Ahead of her show at the Times- Union Center, the comedian sat down with Folio to discuss life, her career and what people can expect from her new tour. Folio: Tell me about the name of your tour, Vaccinated and Horny. Chelsea Handler: You have to get vaccinated before you can legitimize your horniness ... Vaccinated and horny was actually a title that one of my girlfriends came up with. I didn't tell her I had chosen it, and so then when I had announced my tour she was all like, “Hey, you picked my name! I came up with’ vaccinated and horny’!” I had completely forgotten, of course. I think, you know, I just want this to be a joyous tour and bring life and laughter—I want to be the reason people are getting together again for the first time. Getting together, for sure. A lot of people are ready to rumble, in a sexual way also. So why not include that? A lot of us are sexually frustrated, especially those of us who have remained single and alone, and childless alone, as an intention in life. The pandemic was a real whoopsie-doodle. First, I was patting myself on the back for not having children and having to say the words “homeschooling” or even participate in that. But at the same time I was like it would be much easier if I had a husband around. It’s not easy to meet people during a pandemic and trust that they are behaving in an appropriate way that makes you feel safe.


How has COVID changed the way you’re touring?

silly and small we became, and how easy it was to tell how big the world was.

Well, we fly into the big cities, and we take busses in between the cities. I do three or four shows a weekend, depending. We

But the number one role of being a stand up comedian is

have to keep it pretty tight on the road; you can't screw around

making people f*cking laugh.

with this. Had you been existential before COVID? We’ll be doing all of the things: planes, trains and automobiles. I mean I gained a lot of that self-awareness during therapy. Any tour horror stories?

You’re basically paying for that transaction of self-awareness. You're paying someone to tell you what's wrong with you and

Oh God! The worst thing that ever happened to me on the road?

what your shortcomings are. I've learned for a long time that my

I was once performing in New Zealand, in Auckland, and I had

epicenter is not the world's epicenter. My life is not the center

a guy come meet me. I thought that I was gonna like him. When

of the universe … That's why I try to not stay in L.A. for too many

he showed up I couldn't believe his outfit and I couldn't go

months consecutively before I lose my mind. You can get your

through with anything. I spent the next four hours in Auckland

head so far up your ass that you don’t know whose ass is where.

trying to ditch this guy, just because I couldn't be upright and say I wasn't interested. I just kept trying to get rid of him.

With your podcast and your tour and your last docuseries, you’ve been gravitating toward “normal people” not

I remember waking up in the morning and saying to my assistant

interviewing celebrities. Do you ever wish you could go back

at the time, I'm never lying again. If I had just said, ‘Hey, listen,

to before your celebrity?

I'm just really not that into you, I could have saved everyone a lot of time.”

I mean, I like my celebrity. It’s the perfect mix. I don't get harassed—well, I mean I get harassed online but who doesn't. I

You’ve talked a lot about “debitching” yourself and going

can take that like no problem, that’s a day at the beach.

to therapy and smoking weed. We’re meeting this kinder, gentler Chelsea. What can people expect from your tour?

But I think for me I'm just always more compelled—and Dear Chelsea, my podcast, is all about talking to normal people—

Well, I mean it’s kind of a Chelsea 2.0, but standup is still

because I just really wanted to talk to normal people. I like

standup. My “Evolution” [HBO] special was really about my

regular people. I like dynamics: sibling dynamics, family

experience I had during therapy. I wanted to do something

dynamics and interpersonal relationships, and I like to be kind

profoundly meaningful within the medium of a stand up special.

of like your big sister or your best friend who's gonna give you

So when I did my most recent special for HBO Max last year,

that kick in the ass and tell you to go for it when you're too

I really wanted to come back to stand up in a way that had

scared to make that jump yourself.

meaning for me. I kind of burned myself out on celebrity culture for so many And by telling my story—and that whole special—was just a way

years. I just don’t care. And now we’re in a different time,

for me to say something in this forum that had an impact. In

making fun of celebrities doesn’t end well. We learned that the

the past I felt like it had just been weightless: cracking jokes,

hard way, just look at poor Britney Spears. We need to let those

and cracking jokes and cracking jokes. Now, I’m in a different

little kids be little kids and let celebrities just make asses of

space too. There’s always an evolution happening. It's like you

themselves on their own.

want to get back to being rowdy and being bad and saying naughty jokes.

Staying on Britney Spears—do you think you need to cancel people to learn? Do you wish you could go back and not make

That’s who I am. Yeah, I want to bring that to the forefront, and

those mistakes, or were they worth it?

I want to remind people how idiotic we all behaved during this pandemic and how embarrassing our behavior was. And how

I think mistakes are very fruitful to become the person you're


gonna be. Without those mistakes and without learning there's no learning curve. You have to learn that something isn't appropriate and you accept it, and then you apply it. There's all these steps to being made aware of a situation and then applying it to the way that you're gonna act in the world. And then maintaining it. I think everyone has come to grips with the fact that things have gotten really insensitive, and people's feelings were not being considered. Do you think comedy will change—or is changing—with this reckoning? Not only with celebrity culture but also with equality and injustice. Will some comics be left behind? Yeah, some comics are being left behind. But it's a new era, I like the challenge of having parameters. I like being told you can't do this, you can't say that. Good! I will have to get more clever. And some people will be left behind, but those people were probably too far behind to begin with. In the past few years your forte has been specials on equality and policy issues, why is it important for you to talk about those things? I grew up in this world as a white, pretty woman. It was pretty easy to become famous and become a celebrity and a standup comedian that was pretty successful. It was tough work for me at the time, thinking in the narrow scope of my purview, but when you look at the larger scope of things like, wow, I had every advantage in the world to make my dreams come true. And what is it like for someone who doesn’t have every advantage, and what are you gonna do about it?

Click to watch interview


MUSIC comedy Veterans Memorial Arena

Alhambra Theatre & Dining

Oct 1 LIT AF Tour featuring Martin Lawrence, Rickey

Oct 31 Young Frankenstein Sun

Smiley, DeRay Davis, Jay Pharoah and Tommy Davidson

Hyperion Brewing Company

Oct 15 Daniel Van Kirk w/ Andrew Youngblood The Comedy Zone

Oct 1–2 Rich Guzzi

Creative Veins Performing Arts

Oct 7–9 Joe Machi

Oct 2 Intro to Stand-Up Comedy (1-Day Workshop)

Oct 14–16 Jon Reep

Oct 3 Intro to Improv Session

Oct 19 Nimesh Patel

Oct 7 Acting, Improv, and Comedy Classes

Oct 21–23 Ali Saddiq Oct 28-30 Tony Roberts The Potter’s House International Ministries

Oct 2 The Annual Cure Violence Concert and Comedy Show hosted by Mark Gregory JC Restaurant and Supper Club

Oct 8 PK Presents Kerwin Claiborne Oct 9 PK Presents Tim Bae Oct 15 PK Presents Tony Tone Oct 22 PK Presents Kleon the Comedian Oct 23 PK Presents James Davis Oct 29 PK Presents Bubba Dub Murray Hill Theatre

Oct 8 Improv Night with First Coast Comedy Oct 23 IMPENDING DOOM with IN DUE TIME Florida Theatre

Oct 9 Nate Bargatze Oct 10 Jim Jefferies Oct 22 Taylor Tomlinson Oct 28 Bert Kreischer Jax Craft Beer

Oct 16 Improv Night with First Coast Comedy Museum of Science & History

Oct 28 MOSH After Dark: The Craft of Comedy Times-Union Center

Oct 30 Chelsea Handler CBD Café & Kava Bar

Oct 7 Comedy Open Mic Oct 14 Comedy Open Mic


The Comedy Zone


FALL MOVIE PREVIEW Reviews by Harry Moore

After a summer movie season with a somewhat limited number of releases, in comparison to years past, the fall promises to be full of exciting releases both in theaters and at home. From explosive blockbusters to artistic awards contenders, there is something for everyone. Here is a breakdown of some of the highlights on the way:



The Addams Family 2

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

This sequel to the 2019 animated reimagining of the creepy and

Tom Hardy’s parasitic alien-goo monster is back for a sequel to

kooky family sees the titular group hit the road on vacation. A

the 2018 film. This time Venom must face off against the far more

spooky time for all ages just in time for Halloween season.

vile and monstrous villain, Carnage, who becomes the host of a

Oct. 1 in theaters and PVOD

deranged serial killer played by Woody Harrelson. Oct. 15 only in theaters Dune The critically-acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve brings a new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s influential sci-fi novel to the screen. This space epic follows a young nobleman, played by Timothee Chalamet, who is entrusted with protecting the future of his family and people. The supporting cast includes Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin—and should be viewed on the largest screen possible. Oct. 22 in theaters and HBO Max

The Many Saints of Newark Writer/producer David Chase returns to the world of wise guys in this to his iconic series, The Sopranos, which follows a teenaged Tony Soprano and the mobster Dickie Moltisanti who loomed largely over the show. The late James Gandolfini’s son, Michael, takes over the part of Tony. Oct. 1 in theaters and HBO MAX No Time to Die Originally slated for release in April 2020, this is the highly anticipated final outing for Daniel Craig as James Bond. Featuring recent Oscar winner Rami Malek as the villain and acclaimed filmmaker Cary Fukunaga, the film should prove to be a truly epic

The French Dispatch

send off for Craig.

Wes Anderson returns with his usual cast of featured players,

Oct. 8 only in theaters

including Bill Murray and Owen Wilson, for this film about an American magazine based in France during the 20th century. The film’s

Halloween Kills

structure is broken up into a series of short stories that should allow

Michael Myers returns yet again for another murderous rampage.

for the director’s whimsical style to flourish in full.

Jamie Lee Curtis is back for the second part of this trilogy for the

Oct. 22 only in theaters

recently revived franchise. Oct. 15 only in theaters

Last Night in Soho A full-fledged horror film from British filmmaker Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver). The mysterious trailer didn’t reveal much of the plot, but it appears ghosts, possessions, creepy men and time travel are all involved in this tension-filled cocktail. Oct. 29 only in theaters Eternals The MCU goes mythical. Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao brings her accomplished visual style from the arthouse to the biggest franchise in film. Eternals follows an ensemble of god-like beings

The Last Duel

who have been overseeing human history and must now come

Ridley Scott directs this medieval epic set in 14th century France

together to intervene in the world’s fate.

about the last legal duel. The film boasts an impressive cast including

Nov. 5 only in theaters

Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck—and reunites Damon and Affleck as screenwriters for the first time since the modern classic Good Will Hunting. Oct. 15 only in theaters



As the wind turns cold, the leaves turn brown and pumpkins become readily available, it becomes time to say goodbye to the summer season and prepare yourself for the next. Horror enthusiasts never need an excuse to fire up some of their favorite monster flicks, but for the rest of us, the Halloween season provides just the reason to get your fear on. Being spooky is for all ages, and there’s more than just gore fests to watch this Halloween. Here are my choices for of some of the best options current available for streaming:



Halloween (1978)

You’re Next

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Michael Myers may

A twist on the home invasion thriller, this blood-soaked film is just

be back in theaters in the latest installment Halloween Kills, but

about as much fun as you can have watching a family try desperately

nothing can top the sheer creepiness of Michael stalking Laurie

to survive against a group of masked killers. Full of twists and turns.

Strode in the background of scenes on a crisp fall day. Available

Go in knowing as little as possible. Available on Hulu.

on Shudder. Final Destination Series Hocus Pocus

Why pick one when you can have the whole thing? Each installment

Perfect for kids (and especially kids at heart), this family film about

follows a group of characters who manage to survive a near-

three witches causing chaos is bound to get you nostalgic for the

death experience, only for them to be picked off one by one in

‘90s and snacking on candy in no time. The long-awaited sequel is

a series of excessively coordinated accidents. Absolutely not for

expected to be released around Halloween next year, so a rewatch

the squeamish. You will never feel comfortable driving behind a

of the original is absolutely needed. Available on Disney +

logging truck again. Available on HBO Max.

The Fear Street trilogy Netflix released this slasher trilogy over the summer, so now is the perfect time to binge all three of them. Based on the R.L. Stein book THE INVISIBLE MAN (LEIGH WHANNELL, 2020)

series of the same name, the films are set in the fictional town of Shadyside where a mystical killer is on the loose. Each installment is set farther back in time, revealing more of the killer’s background and the town’s secrets. Available on Netflix. The Invisible Man (2020) This modern update of the classic monster movie manages to use heavy themes such as domestic violence and mental health to tell an incredibly intense tale of a woman trying to escape a man nobody can see. Elisabeth Moss delivers an excellent performance in this thriller. Available on HBO Max. The Lighthouse Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe play a pair of lighthouse keepers marooned on a remote island with nothing to do but drink and slowly go insane. This twisty chiller will leave questioning your own sanity before its unforgettable final shot. Available on Amazon Prime Video. Corpse Bride Tim Burton’s stop-motion film is a beautifully designed, gothic creation. Johnny Depp stars as a man who inexplicably finds himself in the land of the dead and betrothed to a murdered woman. This visually delightful musical is suitably spooky for kids of all ages. Available on HBO Max.






Café 11

Cuba Libre Bar

Oct 12 Albert Cummings

Live Music and Bands on most

Town of Orange Park

Strings Sports Brewery

Oct 22 Igor and the Red Elvises

Friday nights

Oct 1 Saliva LIVE on from 7-11pm

Oct 8 Robert Brown Jr 7pm

Prohibition Kitchen Every day


Hilltop Restaurant

Veterans United Craft Brewery

besides Tuesday.

Live music on most weekends

Live music Tuesday-Friday from

Live Music on Fridays


4:30-7pm in the lobby

Jax Craft Beer

Oct 1 & 2 Blistur

The RoadHouse Bar

Live Music every Friday from 7-9pm

Oct 8 & 9 Livestream

Live music Thursday-Saturday nights


Dee’s Music Bar


Oct 15 & 16 Hogtown

CopperTop Bar

The Cellar Upstairs Winery

Oct 8 Tiffany Sweet Band 9pm-1am

Live Music Every Tuesday through

Live music every Friday and

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Friday 1-4pm and 6-10pm


Saturday night

Oct 2 Forever Motown 5-9pm

Meehan’s Irish Pub

Big Dawgs

Oct 6 Edwin McCain 7Pm-12am

Live Music on Thursdays from

Cliffs Bar and Grille

Live music every Wednesday

Oct 24th The FIXX and the English

2-6pm and Friday through Sunday

Full bands take stage at 8pm on

Tom and Betty’s

Beat 7-11PM

from 1-5pm and 9pm-12

Friday and Saturday

Live music every Friday at 7:30pm

Oct 27 Columes 6-11:30pm

Dos Coffee and Bar

Oct 16 Jeff Joslyn Band at 8pm

Palm Valley Outdoor Bar

Oct 9th Live artist

Oct 30 Top Shelf at 8pm

Live Music every every Friday,

Shanghai Nobby’s

47 Heaven Park

Saturday, and Sunday

Oct 14-17 Live rock band event


DJ Capone Wednesdays

Fion McMcools

featuring over 30 bands

Pianist Brian Iannucci plays every

DJ Jaso Thursdays

Live Music every Friday and

Ancient City Brewing Company

Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

DJ Paco Fridays with

Saturday at 9 PM

Live music on Saturday starting at


The Daq Shack

Woody’s BBQ

7pm and on Sundays starting at

Pianist Carl Grant plays every

Live music on Sunday starting at

Live Music on Friday nights


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday




The St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Thrasher Home Center

Daily’s Place

Oct 14 Earth, Wind, and Fire

Oct 9 H2O 7-10pm

Oct 1 AJR The OK Orchestra


6:30pm The RiverHouse Live music on Fridays ORTEGA


425 Town Plaza Ave


The Casbah Café

Oct 15 Thievery Corporation

Oct 15 Hispanic Festival 10pm-next

Oct 2 Brothers Osborne: We’re Not

Live Jazz every Sunday from


day at 1AM.

for Everyone Tour 7:30-11:30pm


Oct 17 Modest Mouse 7-11pm

Iggy’s Bar and Grille

Oct 3 $uicideBoy$ 7-11pm

Oct 26 Lany gg bb xx tour

Oct 1 & 16 Mandalla Band 7pm

Oct 6 NF louds Tour 8pm-12am


Oct 7 Ryan Cambell on Piano 6pm

Oct 8 Zac Brown Band 7-11pm


Colonial Oak Music Park

Oct 23 Pink Paisley’s 7pm

Oct 9 Alice Cooper w/ special

Whitey’s Fish Camp

Oct 2 STARt Music Festival

Oct 29 Julia Gulia 7pm

guest Ace Frehley 7:-11:30pm

Live music every Monday, Saturday


The Breezy Jazz House

Oct 12 Pitbull 8pm-12am

and Sunday around 6pm

Oct 9 Cliff Cody w/Davis Loose

Live azz on Thursdays from 6-9pm

Oct 14 3 Doors Down 8pm-12am

Mr. Chubby’s Wings


Grape and Grain

Oct 15 Jonas Brothers 7-11pm

Live music every Friday from 8:30

Oct 15 Shamarr Allen

Live Music every Wednesday,

Florida Theater

to midnight

TAPS Bar and Grill

Thursday, and Friday from 8pm-

Oct 7 David Jeremiah live 7pm Oct

Sunset Tiki Bar

Live music every Wednesday,


16-17 The Monkees

Live music every Friday and

Friday, and Saturday

Live DJ every Saturday

Oct 23 LOL Surprise! live 7-9pm

Saturday at 7pm

Arnold’s Lounge

Mudville Grille

VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena

Spring Park

Live music on Wednesday and

1st and 3rd Monday of October:

Oct 8 No Limit Reunion Tour

Oct 15 Blues in the Park at 6pm

Thursday at 7-11pm Friday,

TBA Big Band


Mercury Moon bar and grill

Saturday, and Sunday from 8pm-

Second Monday is River City

Oct 29th Luke Combs 7-10:30pm

Live music every Monday and


Rhythm Kings

1904 Music Hall

The Parlour

Oct 8 DOVYDAS 8pm-12:15am

Live music on most weekends

Oct 17 Collie Buddz 7-11pm

Wednesday and most Fridays

SIC Underbelly

Sadler Ranch

Singleton’s Seafood Shack

Rain Dogs

Oct 2 TV Girl/Jordana 8pm-12am

Oct 8 Bubba Sparxxx 8pm

Oct 11 Mike Conlin on the Deck

Live music/bands on Thursdays,

Oct 21 Code Orange 7pm-1am



Fridays, and Saturdays usually from

James Weldon Johnson Park

Tad Jennings 6-10pm every

Oct 19 Fundraiser to Support Mel


Oct 4 Live at Lunch 11:30am-2pm


(Live Music)

River and Post

Oct 15 Live a Lunch 11am-2pm

Pili Pili - 6pm every Wednesday

Brix Taphouse

Eric Charlton every Saturday at 7pm

Oct 22 Live a Lunch 11am-2pm

The Surf

Live Music every Friday 6-10pm


Oct 29 Live a Lunch 11am-2pm

Every Friday and Saturday 5-11pm

The Fly’s Tie

Live DJs on Wednesday from 9pm-

Dos Gatos

Blue Jay Listening Room

Live music on most weekends

close, Thursday through Saturdays

Live disco music every Friday

Jazz Jam every Tuesday

Ocean 60

from 10pm-2am

DJ NickFresh Saturdays

Oct 2 Johnny Bulford

Live music on Wednesday from

The Garage

Intuition Ale Works

Oct 9 Mathew Fowler

6-9pm and Fridays from 9:30pm-

Live Music on Fridays from 8pm-

Oct 1 Rambler Kane 8pm

Oct 29 Sam Burchfield


12am and Saturdays 9pm-1am,

Oct 22 Sheer Mag at 8pm

Oct 30 Time Sawyer ALL

Hurricane Bar and Grill (Neptune

Reggae Sundays with DJ Brooks

Oct 23 Frankie and the Witch




Fingers at 8pm

Coop 303

Live Music on Friday nights at 7pm

Jack Rabbits Live

Oct 29 All Them Witches at 8pm

Every Friday and Saturday at 9 PM

Monkey’s Uncle

Oct 2 JMSN with Malia 8-10pm

Jacksonvile River City Downtown

Gustos Italian

Great local bands Thursday and

Oct 5 Matt Woods 7-10pm

Oct 3 Jazz Festival Brunch

Oct 1 Latin Night with Caribe

Friday nights from 9:30pm to close

Oct 12 Assuming We Survive 7-9pm

The Justice Pub


and live “Island Music” on Sundays

Oct 17 Live music 7-9pm

Oct 1-3 Jazz Festival After Dark

Oct 2 Gusto Latin Night 10pm

from 4-8pm

Oct 30 Backseat Lovers 8pm-1am

9pm everyday

Oct 7 The Chris Thomas Band Oct 14 Live Fireball Band 7:30pm



Oct 16 Latin Night with Ventura

WildCrafters Live music on most weekends, Jazz

Latin Band

Fishweir Brewing

on saturdays and Djson Sunday

Surfer [Bar]

Oct 22 The Party Cartel Band 9pm

Oct 7 Live Music Friday Musicale


Oct 17 Collie Buddz 7-11pm

Oct 28 Cloud 9 Bnd 7:30pm

Oct 1 Fanya Lin (Piano)

Jerry’s Grille


Oct 17 Sister Cities Concert - 3pm

Oct 1 Sutton Live 7-10pm

Live music every

Oct 28 UNF Faculty voice recital

Coop 33


Oct 31 Harvest fest (live music and

Oct 1 Live music 9pm-12am

kid activities) 1-5pm

The Local Oct 1 Briteside 7-11pm

Music listingS Kemp Preston


TIME TO ENTER! Submit your video entry from 10.3.2021 @ Midnight until 11.4.2021 @ Midnight Winner will be announced in the December Issue.



Confessions of a Trivia Host Kerry Speckman

Growing up in the birthplace of Kevin Bacon, the Slinky and tallest masonry building in the world* with a dad obsessed (in the best possible way) with history, game shows, sports and roadside attractions, I was all but destined to be a trivia host. Since fulfilling my destiny, I have hosted trivia nights at countless games at bars, restaurants and breweries; home birthday parties and holiday gatherings; and special events like Dirty Trivia at 1904 Music Hall and Hamilton trivia at the Main Library. (Side note: Hamilton is onstage at the Times-Union Center through Oct. 17 and, for what it’s worth, the best musical I’ve ever seen). In the process, I have learned a few things I feel obligated to pass on. That said, I present 4 Things Every Trivia Player Should Know:

1. Trivia hosts don’t know everything. Newsflash: No one knows everything, no matter how smart they are. Some don’t know anything beyond the words they read over the mic. Others, like yours truly, spend hours researching subjects and meticulously crafting questions but aren’t professors of quantum physics or theology—and will never give a Sith about Star Wars (yes, I had to look up that reference).

2. Cheating is for losers. Sure, you may have won that highly coveted $25 gift card, which you probably can’t even use until your next visit, but at what price? You are the scourge of the game and the thing I hate the most. You should also know other players are always watching, especially if your team is winning, and they WILL rat you out.

3. Don’t be a jerk. I’m sorry you don’t know the capital of Australia** or what an octothorp*** is despite using one on a daily basis. No need to write me nasty notes on your answer slip (ex. “This is a HORRIBLE question”) or scream obscenities at me from across the room (“That’s stupid! You’re a f*cking [r-word]!!!” is one that I jumps to mind.) Also, if you march up to me full of piss and ethyl alcohol converted to acetic acid by a genus of bacteria*** with smoke coming out of your ears and the first words out of your mouth are “Not to be an asshole but …” you are probably about to be one.

4. It’s just a game. Obviously, you want be the envy of the tens of people in your general vicinity for your mastery of minutiae, but in the big scheme of things, it’s just like trivia itself: It doesn’t really matter. But it sure is fun!

* Philadelphia ** Not Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane or Perth. It's Canberra (pronounced CAN-bruh). Remember that one. *** The “official” name of # **** Vinegar






Ernest Clayton Walker Jr. is an American country music artist. He made his debut in 1993 with the single “What’s It to You”, which reached Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart, as did its follow-up, 1994’s “Live Until I Die”. Both singles were included on his self-titled debut album, released in 1993 via Giant Records. He stayed with the label until its 2001 closure, later recording for Warner Bros. Records, RCA Records Nashville, and Curb Records. Clay Walker has released a total of eleven studio albums, including a greatest hits package and an album of Christmas music. His first four studio albums all achieved platinum certification in the United States and his greatest hits collection and fifth studio album were each certified gold. He has charted more than thirty singles on Hot Country Songs, of which six have reached number one: “What’s It to You”, “Live Until I Die”, Dreaming with My Eyes Open”, “If I Could Make a Living”, “This Woman and This Man”, and “Rumor Has It”. Clay sat down with Folio 2.0’s Rob Nicholson (via Zoom) to talk about his latest album, Texas to Tennessee, how he and his family handled the pandemic and lock down, to listen to a few new tracks off his new album and his upcoming show at The Florida Theatre.

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City of Atlantic Beach Fall Festival

#VivaLaFiesta.Jax – The First Ever 2 Day Hispanic Festival

Date: October 9th, 2021

Date: October 16th-17th, 2021

Hours: 11am-2pm

Hours: 2pm-6pm

Where: 2072 George St. Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Where: James Weldon Johnson Park 135 W. Monroe Street,

About: Food, Music, Games & Crafts

Jacksonville, FL 32202 About: Live Salsa Music, Dancing, Delicious food and mush more.

Orange Park Fall Festival

St. Augustine Songwriters Festival

Date: October 16th-17th, 2021

Date: October 22nd-24th, 2021

Hours: 10am-5pm

Hours: 12:30pm-4:30pm

Where: Town Hall Park – 2042 Park Ave., Orange Park,

Where: Colonial Oak Music Park 21 St. George S St. Augustine, FL

FL 32073


About: Clay County’s oldest and largest Arts & Crafts Festival.

About: See today’s hottest hit songwriters, legends of

Over 200 artists and vendor’s plus two stages packed with

yesterday and shining stars of tomorrow. Stages with live music

entertainment for regional and local artists.

performances scattered about St. Augustine

Kids Zone, shopping and even a farmers’ market.



Join us for live music, food trucks, bounce houses, a beer garden, and Jacksonville’s only Halloween parade! 4pm on Edgewood Ave South in the heart of Murray Hill

Murray Hill-O-Ween Vincent Dalessio

Fall is in the air, finally, and Murray Hill-O-Ween is right around the corner. The Murray Hill Preservation Association’s biggest fundraiser and Jacksonville’s biggest Halloween party is back and better than ever. This year will feature the famous Halloween Parade, yard decorating contest, vendors, food trucks, beer garden, games and a stage for local performers for a night of fun. The Murray Hill Preservation Association, also known as MHPA, is an all-volunteer not-for-profit that works with residents, merchants and the City of Jacksonville to promote, preserve and protect the resources and history of the Murray Hill neighborhood, according to MHPA’s president and events committee chair Kate Truslow. “The funds we raise from this event we use to put back into the community with landscaping improvements, partnering with the city with the Matching Grant Program to do improvements to sidewalks, different plantings in the neighborhood, up keeping the park and those types of things. We try to get lots and lots of people out to attend and shop with the local vendors that participate,” Truslow explained. Murray Hill, originally platted as Edgewood Subdivision in the 1880s, is one of Jacksonville’s oldest neighborhoods, but true development didn’t ensue until after the Great Fire of 1901 that burned down the majority of Downtown. In the 1930s, development of the now bustling Edgewood Avenue business district began and blossomed over the following years with landmark business openings like Edgewood Bakery in 1947, Dreamette in 1948 and Murray Hill Theatre in 1949. Murray Hill-O-Ween goes down Oct. 23 from 4–9:30 p.m. with the parade kicking off at 7. If you are looking to get involved with this year’s Murray Hill-O-Ween, you can register to walk in the parade, enter the yard decorating contest, register to be a vendor and donate to sponsor the event at murrayhilloween.com.


it’s alive at the alhambra!





202 R







E ’S






on stage Sept. 30 - nov. 7 RS POLL


GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! 904-641-1212 | alhambrajax.com 35



Recently submitted events: OCT 2


River City Pride Parade & Festival

Art Walk Beer Garden

Riverside Park

James Weldon Park



Artist Talk Jillian Mayer

Tides & Tails Humane Society

Flagler College

One Ocean

OCT 15

OCT 16

Virtual Chad Smith of RHCP

Wasabicon Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center

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Cornhole: More Than a Tailgating Activity Quinn Gray

If you ask the average person what they know about cornhole,

It is interesting to see how much strategy and variation there

most will say that it’s an activity that they enjoy playing before

can be between different players, with all of them utilizing a

another sporting event. What if I told you cornhole has its own

particular playstyle.

sporting events? Prior to the finals of the Pro Men’s Singles Shootout, I spoke to Meet the ACL, or American Cornhole League, which had its ACL

Frank Modlin and Adam Hissner. Modlin uses a more gentle,

Pro Shootout Championship at Daily’s Place last month.

arcing motion, while Hissner uses a quick, powerful motion.

Professional cornhole is a sport I never realized could be so

I asked Modlin how he would try to attack Hissner’s strategy to

entertaining to watch, not to mention the great community of

which he replied, “Adam is typically a more defensive player,

people who participate in it and manage it. I had the pleasure

and he likes to throw up a lot of blocks…honestly, I just want to

of getting to talk with ACL Commissioner Stacey Moore, who is

try to exploit any missed blocks, any blocks that he sends to the

clearly very committed to getting the sport more mainstream.

left or right, I’d like to shove them further out of play.”

“The idea actually [of creating the ACL] came from tailgating…

When I asked Hissner the same question, he said, “At this point,

I saw people playing cornhole way more seriously than any

I just want to score points early and then tighten it up in the rest

other tailgating game,” he said. “I got to know that there’s a

of the game after that. Ten rounds [of play] is tough for all of us,

lot of strategy around it and a lot of people who are really

so hopefully he misses, and I don’t!”

passionate about it.” Hissner ended up beating Modlin in an extremely close game Moore decided to use the popular tailgating game to create

that came down to the last bag thrown.

a way for people to show off skills that were previously just party tricks and create a highly enjoyable sport. The league

As for the ladies singles finals, reigning singles world champion

gives players the chance to earn money and supplement their

Cheyenne Renner took on 2020 doubles world champion

lifestyles by doing what they love.

Sam Finley.

“They clearly dedicate their lives to this craft,” Moore said,

After a nail-biter with many lead changes, Renner took home

referring to the hours players spent practicing and perfecting

first place. It was a great match and even more amazing to see

their games. “Some of the younger players have even invented

how supportive the two players were, as they practiced together

new shots, and that’s one of the coolest things that’s become

pre-game and congratulated each other after the match.

a part of our sport.”


Although the players are always duking it out against each other, they have formed a close-knit community, and you can see them fist bumping each other after one makes a good play. The event also included an exhibition match up between Jaguars legends Todd Philcox and Larry Smith, who were paired with ACL pros. It was a surprisingly intense match with Smith’s team taking a 12-0 lead before Philcox and his partner stormed back to win it all. ACL Professional Cornhole’s tagline is “Anyone can play, anyone can win.” The best way to tap into one’s cornhole skills is to sign up for local tournaments and get involved with the sport. Who knows? Maybe the ACL’s next Pro Shootout Champion could be from Duval.


NFL 2021 Season Record Predictions AFC North

PITTSBURGH STEELERS 2020 record: 12-4 Projected 2021 record: 9-8


Notable additions: ILB Joe Schobert, OLB Melvin Ingram, RB

2020 record: 11-5

Najee Harris [R], OG Trai Turner

Projected 2021 record: 12-5 (win division by tiebreaker)

Notable departures: C Maurkice Pouncey, OG David

Notable additions: DE Jadeveon Clowney, S John Johnson

DeCastro, OT Alejandro Villenueva, RB James Conner, EDGE

III, CB Troy Hill, CB Greg Newsome Jr. [R]

Bud Dupree

Notable departures: DT Sheldon Richardson, DE Adrian Clayborn, DT Larry Ogunjobi

The Steelers won the AFC North last year by riding an easy schedule and check-downs from QB Ben Roethlisberger,

The Browns focused on the defense this offseason, making

who got brought back despite showing that he has taken

sure to add players to positions that held them back last

a large step back. Their once great O-line was completely

year. Johnson, Hill, and Newsome will greatly improve the

dismantled this offseason, starting with the retirement of

secondary that had lots of trouble last year. Clowney will be

possible future Hall of Fame C Maurkice Pouncey and the

a great complement to Myles Garrett, the Browns’ stud pass

loss of Villenueva in free agency. The team also surprisingly

rusher. The offense can only keep getting better, and Odell

cut DeCastro after a below-average 2020 season. The pick

Beckham Jr. will be returning from injury, which will help out

of Najee Harris solved their running back problem, but what

the receiver group mightily (although Baker Mayfield has

is he going to do when the offensive line is full of people

looked better without Beckham on the field). RBs Nick Chubb

who can barely start? No playoffs for the Steelers this year.

and Kareem Hunt have a very good chance to form the best rushing attack in the league, with Chubb being one of my


personal favorites to be this year’s Offensive Player of the

2020 record: 4-11-1

Year. I predict that the Browns win the AFC North this year.

Projected 2021 record: 6-11 Notable additions: OT Riley Reiff, DE Trey Hendrickson, WR


Ja’Marr Chase [R]

2020 record: 11-5

Notable departures: CB William Jackson III, WR AJ Green,

Projected 2021 record: 12-5

DT Geno Atkins, DE Carl Lawson

Notable additions: LB Justin Houston, WR Sammy Watkins, OT Alejandro Villaneuva, LB Odafe Oweh [R]

With Joe Burrow returning from a season ending ACL

Notable departures: OT Orlando Brown Jr., LB Matt Judon,

and MCL tear due to the Bengals’ horrible O-line, people

RB Mark Ingram, DE Yannick Ngakoue

thought that the team would do more to address this area of weakness. However, all they did was sign Riley Reiff and

If not for the crushing season-ending injury to RB J.K.

draft Jackson Carman in the second round. The team picked

Dobbins, it’s likely that it would be the Ravens who I had

rookie WR Ja’Marr Chase over Penei Sewell, a promising

winning the AFC North. However, while the Ravens made

tackle who could have solved their needs at the position

great additions over the offseason, the Browns also had a

for the long term. Chase provides the Bengals with a true

great offseason and suffered less losses than the Ravens.

deep threat (as long as he can solve his drop problems), and

The Ravens will have one of the better defenses in the

should help make the offense fun to watch. The defense

league even with Judon and Ngakoue’s departure. Oweh is

still has some work to do, but if free agent signee Trey

one of the fastest LB/DEs that we have seen enter the league

Hendrickson can replicate his production with the Saints, the

and will provide a great complement to Houston and Calais

Bengals should improve on both sides of the ball.

Campbell. QB Lamar Jackson should have another good year, solidifying the Ravens as a force in the AFC.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.


NFC North

CHICAGO BEARS 2020 record: 8-8 Projected 2021 record: 8-9


Notable additions: QB Justin Fields [R], QB Andy Dalton, OT

2020 record: 13-3

Jason Peters

Projected 2021 record: 13-4

Notable departures: CB Kyle Fuller, OT Charles Leno Jr., DL

Notable additions: CB Eric Stokes [R], WR Randall Cobb

Roy Robertson-Harris

Notable departures: C Corey Linsley, RB Jamaal Williams, OT Rick Wagner

After the Broncos surprisingly passed on Justin Fields, the Bears knew what they had to do and traded up with the

Packers fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief now

Giants to select the OSU quarterback. Fields has looked like

that reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is back and ready to play

one of the best rookie quarterbacks in preseason and camp,

in Green Bay now that his problems with the team have

but the Bears chose to start out the season with Andy Dalton

been solved…for now. The team traded for Randall Cobb

under center, which will probably result in a losing start to

back, one of Rodgers’ all-time favorite targets to throw to, as

the season. Once Fields comes in, he could have a learning

another way to help keep him around. The team lost All-Pro

curve, but will be an improvement over Dalton. The loss of

center Corey Linsley to free agency, a loss that the line will

Fuller will be a big hit to the secondary and Robertson-Harris’

surely feel, but versatile lineman Elgton Jenkins will help fill

departure will be felt on the D-line. The Bears snuck into the

in at whatever position he needs to, due to his ability to play

playoffs when they shouldn’t have last year, and let’s just say,

everywhere on the line. The team also drafted speedy corner

that isn’t happening this year.

Eric Stokes to fill in at some point for struggling Kevin King. The Packers have a good chance to make the Super Bowl


this year, at a time that it is extremely urgent as Rodgers’

2020 record: 5-11

future after this year is greatly unknown.

Projected 2021 record: 2-15 Notable additions: QB Jared Goff, OT Penei Sewell [R], DT


Michael Brockers, WR Tyrell Williams

2020 record: 7-9

Notable departures: QB Matthew Stafford, WR Kenny

Projected 2021 record: 10-7

Golladay, WR Marvin Jones Jr., WR/RS Jamal Agnew

Notable additions: CB Patrick Peterson, TE Chris Herndon, DT Dalvin Tomlinson, DT Sheldon Richardson, OT Christian

The Lions are in full-on rebuild mode now that Matthew

Darrisaw [R]

Stafford finally escaped the horrors of Detroit. The team

Notable departures: TE Kyle Rudolph, OT Riley Reiff, S

looks to be in competition with Houston for the 1st overall

Anthony Harris, CB Jeff Gladney

pick. Their receiving corps has been reduced to one of the worst in the league, with oft-injured Tyrell Williams now

The Vikings surprisingly missed the playoffs last year (in

leading the pack, a huge downgrade from Kenny Golladay.

part to injuries to defensive players), with head coach Mike

Second year CB Jeff Okudah needs to step up or could be

Zimmer calling the defense the worst he has ever coached.

known as one of the biggest busts from recent drafts. The

The Vikings made sure to shore up holes on the D-line by

Lions are in a pivotal year that will determine their future, and

signing Tomlinson and bringing back Richardson and Everson

it’s likely that they will not be seeing many wins, if any.

Griffen, players who the team regretting letting go in prior years. Plus, Danielle Hunter will be returning after suffering a season-ending injury last year. The team was forced to let 2020 first rounder Jeff Gladney go after domestic violence charges stemmed, but the signing of Peterson will be a great replacement until they find a long-term solution. The Vikings have a chance to make the wild card this year, but I believe they will narrowly miss.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.


Join Jaguars’ Player AJ Cann’s Pledge It Campaign benefitting Guardian ad Litem Foundation


Be the voice for a child in need. Help us raise money to support abused, neglected and abandoned children in Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties by pledging a donation for every offensive touchdown the Jaguars score. Make a one-time donation or pledge a donation for each touchdown. Individuals, donors and sponsors can all get in on the action this football season and help the vulnerable children in our community. Win, win!



| INFO@GALFIRSTCOAST.ORG | (904) 255-8440

AFC South

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 2020 record: 1-15 Projected 2021 record: 6-11


Notable additions: QB Trevor Lawrence [R], CB Shaquill

2020 record: 11-5

Griffin, WR Marvin Jones Jr., S Rayshawn Jenkins, DL Roy

Projected 2021 record: 12-5

Robertson-Harris, WR/RS Jamal Agnew, RB Travis Etienne [R]

Notable additions: WR Julio Jones, EDGE Bud Dupree, CB

Notable departures: QB Gardner Minshew, MLB Joe

Caleb Farley [R]

Schobert, CB Sidney Jones IV, WR Keelan Cole

Notable departures: CB Malcolm Butler, TE Jonnu Smith, DE Jadeveon Clowney, WR Corey Davis

After finishing last season with the worst record in football, the Jaguars drafted Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, who

The Titans now have one of the most unstoppable offenses

is expected to be the player the franchise has needed to

in the league with physical receivers A.J. Brown and Julio

turn itself around. Lawrence looked great in the Cowboys

Jones leading the pass catching side and 2020 rushing

preseason game and he, as well as backup C.J. Beathard,

champion Derrick Henry leading the ground game with QB

gave the Jaguars the sign that it was time to move on from

Ryan Tannehill under center. The team did lose underrated

Gardner Minshew, who was traded to the Eagles. Shaquill

TE Jonnu Smith to the Patriots, leaving Anthony Firkser

Griffin will form a powerful corner duo with 2020 first-

to start. Their offense will be a nightmare for opposing

round pick C.J. Henderson, and Marvin Jones will improve

defenses. On the flip side, the defense has made strides but

an already stacked receiver room that contains DJ Chark

is still going to be a bottom-tier unit. Dupree was overpaid

and Laviska Shenault Jr. Following the injury to Etienne in

after tearing his ACL, as the edge rusher was significantly

pre-season, 2020 breakout player James Robinson will

helped out by having T.J. Watt and Cam Heyward pull all

once again be the main running back for the team. Overall,

the offensive linemen, giving him inflated sack numbers.

the Jaguars have greatly improved but will still show some

In addition, the secondary is still relatively rough, but now

growing pains this year as this young team finds its traction.

instead of Malcolm Butler, the team has raw rookie Caleb Farley. The Titans will win the division due to their elite



2020 record: 4-12 Projected 2021 record: 1-16


Notable additions: OT Marcus Cannon, RB Mark Ingram II, LB

2020 record: 11-5

Christian Kirksey, QB Tyrod Taylor

Projected 2021 record: 10-7

Notable departures: DE JJ Watt, WR Will Fuller, C Nick

Notable additions: QB Carson Wentz, OT Eric Fisher, DE

Martin, WR Randall Cobb

Kwity Paye [R] Notable departures: QB Philip Rivers, OT Anthony Castonzo,

For those who don’t know, Texans QB Deshaun Watson is

OLB Justin Houston, S Malik Hooker

currently in a tough situation, as after requesting a trade from the Texans, Watson was convicted by multiple people

After the retirement of Philip Rivers, the Colts searched for a

of doing some horrible things, which I will not go into

QB and decided on trading for Wentz, who enjoyed his best

detail about. Watson’s future with the team is up in the air,

season in Philadelphia under then-head coach Frank Reich.

and therefore I will be predicting this record based on the

Wentz was horrible last season in Philly, and the Colts hope

assumption that he doesn’t play. This would leave Tyrod

that he will be able to improve, although that is not a given.

Taylor as the starter, who isn’t bad, but not as good as

Castonzo also retired, and the Colts signed Fisher, who is

Watson. The Texans lost two of their best receivers and JJ

still rehabbing from a torn Achilles, to replace him. Paye is

Watt finally made it out of Houston. The team signed lots

a rookie who should provide an instant impact and help the

of low-impact free agents to 1-year deals, which typically

already great defense. The Colts will just barely miss the

signifies that the team is going to let the season go to the

playoffs but will continue to improve.

wayside. They have a high chance of getting the 1st overall pick and will begin to try to fix their ruined franchise after this season.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.


NFC South

CAROLINA PANTHERS 2020 record: 5-11 Projected 2021 record: 7-10


Notable additions: QB Sam Darnold, LB Haason Reddick, CB

2020 record: 11-5 (Super Bowl Champions)

AJ Bouye, CB Jaycee Horn [R]

Projected 2021 record: 13-4

Notable departures: QB Teddy Bridgewater, WR Curtis

Notable additions: RB Giovanni Bernard, EDGE Joe Tryon

Samuel, RB Mike Davis

[R], QB Kyle Trask [R]

First-round bust Sam Darnold is hoping to find his stride with

Notable departures: Full starting team retained

the Panthers after having the beginning of his career marred

The Buccaneers achieved the crown jewel of all

by the Jets. The team lost do-it-all receiver Curtis Samuel

achievements last season, winning the Super Bowl in their

and RB Mike Davis, who filled in nicely when Christian

home stadium. Their sights are set on repeating as Super

McCaffrey got hurt. Reddick, Bouye, and Horn will all improve

Bowl champions and are in a great position to do so. They

a young defense that is still finding its stride. Second-year

are the first team in the Superbowl era to bring back all 22

S/LB Jeremy Chinn will hope to improve off of his surprise

starters. Tom Brady is continuing to play at a high level and

breakout season last year when he proved to be one of the

is ready to lead the Buccaneers and teach rookie QB Kyle

top defensive players from last year’s draft. The Panthers will

Trask to prepare him for when his time comes to start in the

definitely improve this year but still have a long way to go.

near future. The defense staked their claim as a formidable unit and should continue its elite performance. The return


of OJ Howard only improves the already stacked pass-

2020 record: 4-12

catcher room, and Bernard gives them the receiving back

Projected 2021 record: 6-11

that they needed last year. Antonio Brown will be available

Notable additions: TE Kyle Pitts [R], RB Mike Davis

for the whole year (barring suspension or injury), and it will

Notable departures: WR Julio Jones, C Alex Mack, S Keanu

be interesting to see how his season goes. The Buccaneers

Neal, RB Todd Gurley II

have a great chance to make it back to the playoffs and defend their title.

The Falcons made talented Gators TE Kyle Pitts the highest drafted TE in NFL history when selecting him 4th overall, and


rightfully so. Pitts figures to be a replacement for Julio Jones

2020 record: 12-4

as a sure-handed, physical pass-catcher. Teaming him up

Projected 2021 record: 9-8

with WR Calvin Ridley will greatly help QB Matt Ryan as he

Notable additions: S Jeff Heath, CB Brian Poole, DE Payton

enters the final years of his career. The team replaced Todd

Turner [R]

Gurley with Mike Davis, who had a surprisingly good season

Notable departures: QB Drew Brees, DE Trey Hendrickson,

last year with the Panthers. The Falcons defense is still in

WR Emmanuel Sanders, DT Sheldon Rankins, TE Jared Cook

rough shape and is what is holding the team back. Once they

This offseason was incredibly tough on the Saints, who were

can implement some serious changes, they’ll still be at the

so far over the cap that they had to let a lot of starters walk

bottom of their division.

and cut or restructure others. They were unable to make any high-profile free agent signings. QB Jameis Winston looks ready to lead the team and preseason star WR Marquez Callaway will help fill the void left by Sanders. Unfortunately for the team, WR Michael Thomas had surgery on his ankle and will be out for a couple of weeks. The secondary will need lots of help, and CB Marshon Lattimore could be facing a suspension. The Saints will not be able to make it back to the playoffs this year as they deal with life after Drew Brees.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.



No Contract Memberships! 3563 Philips Hwy #702, Jacksonville, FL 32207 info@theedgerockgym.com | (904) 683-2512


AFC East

^NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 2020 record: 7-9 Projected 2021 record: 11-6


Notable additions: QB Mac Jones [R], LB Matt Judon, LB Kyle

2020 record: 13-3

Van Noy, TE Hunter Henry, TE Jonnu Smith, OT Trent Brown,

Projected 2021 record: 14-3

WR Nelson Agholor, WR Kendrick Bourne

Notable additions: WR Emmanuel Sanders, DE Gregory

Notable departures: QB Cam Newton, OG Joe Thuney, CB

Rousseau [R]

Jason McCourty, RB Sony Michel, WR Julian Edelman

Notable departures: WR John Brown

After drafting Jacksonville native Mac Jones in the 1st round,

The Bills addressed the defensive line heavily in this draft,

Cam Newton became expendable, and after watching

picking Rousseau and DE Boogie Basham in the 1st and 2nd

the two QBs play in preseason, the Patriots elected to cut

rounds, respectively. That was one of the main areas of their

Newton and roll with Jones as the unquestioned starter.

team that was lacking last year, and it showed in the playoffs.

Jones will undoubtedly show some early rookie struggles,

If they are to defeat the Chiefs, they knew that they needed

but as indicated by his preseason performances, display the

to improve there, which they did. Sanders will provide a great

traits that made him a first round QB. The Patriots signed

complement to Stefon Diggs, who led the league in receiving

loads of talented free agents and now have the best TE duo

yards after heading to Buffalo in a trade with Minnesota. QB

in the league, with two top ten options in Henry and Smith.

Josh Allen is my pick to win MVP this year, and it will be fun

The defense has improved as well, with the linebacker corps

to see how he performs. The Bills are once again poised for

now becoming one of the best in the league. Although the

a deep playoff run.

WR position was addressed in free agency, it is still weak, and is what is holding the team back.

^MIAMI DOLPHINS 2020 record: 10-6


Projected 2021 record: 11-6

2020 record: 2-14

Notable additions: WR Will Fuller, WR Jaylen Waddle [R], CB

Projected 2021 record: 4-13

Jason McCourty, DE Jaelan Phillips [R]

Notable additions: QB Zach Wilson, OT Morgan Moses, WR

Notable departures: LB Kyle Van Noy, OG Ereck Flowers, QB

Corey Davis, DE Carl Lawson

Ryan Fitzpatrick, DT Davon Godchaux

Notable departures: QB Sam Darnold, TE Chris Herndon IV, CB Brian Poole, LB Neville Hewitt

The Dolphins were disappointed with QB Tua Tagovailoa’s performance last season and worked to put as many

After narrowly missing out on Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence

weapons around him as possible. Fuller and Waddle will join

by getting the second-worst record, the Jets settled for BYU

DeVante Parker to form one of the most electric receiving

QB Zach Wilson with the second pick. Wilson has shown off

trios in the league. The team no longer has veteran Ryan

some of his great attributes and some of his glaring flaws.

Fitzpatrick to bail Tua out when he needs it, so now, the

Personally, I feel Justin Fields would have been a better pick

team’s success rests solely on his shoulders. McCourty and

for the Jets, but what’s done is done. The Jets worked to put

Phillips will help the already powerful defense which helped

some pieces around Wilson by improving the brutal o-line

carry the team to lots of its wins and hopefully solidify it as

and adding Corey Davis to the receiver room, who is solid

one of the best in the league. The Dolphins hope to make

but overrated. Carl Lawson, their big defensive free agent

the playoffs after narrowly missing them last year.

signing, is out for the season after getting hurt in practice. The Jets still have a long way to go before they’re competing in the strong AFC East.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.


NFC East

NEW YORK GIANTS 2020 record: 6-10 Projected 2021 record: 9-8


Notable additions: WR Kenny Golladay, TE Kyle Rudolph, WR

2020 record: 7-9

Kadarius Toney [R], CB Adoree’ Jackson

Projected 2021 record: 11-6

Notable departures: DT Dalvin Tomlinson, OG Kevin Zeitler

Notable additions: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, WR Curtis Samuel, MLB Jamin Davis [R], CB William Jackson III, OT Charles Leno

Daniel Jones is entering a pivotal year that will determine

Jr., OG Ereck Flowers

his future with the team. The team was sure to put weapons

Notable departures: EDGE Ryan Kerrigan, OT Morgan

around him, including Golladay and Toney, who will join

Moses, CB Ronald Darby

Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton. Rudolph will join Pro Bowl fraud TE Evan Engram to give Jones some big bodied

After narrowly winning the weak NFC East last year with

pass catchers to work with as well. Star RB Saquon Barkley

horrible quarterback play, Washington knew it was time to

will be returning from injury and will help out the offense

upgrade. The team signed journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick and

as well. The defense is slowly getting better as well, and

added Curtis Samuel to play alongside WR Terry McLaurin to

will be a solid unit with DL Leonard Williams and CB James

form a powerful receiving duo. They added to their already

Bradberry leading the unit. This year is make or break for

elite defense by signing Jackson and drafting Davis, and

Jones, and the team’s performance will depend on whether

improved their o-line with Leno and Flowers. This team is

he makes the next step or stays a mediocre QB.

ready to truly compete, and it will be fun to see how they play.

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES 2020 record: 4-11-1


Projected 2021 record: 6-11

2020 record: 6-10

Notable additions: S Anthony Harris, WR DeVonta Smith

Projected 2021 record: 9-8

[R], CB Steven Nelson, EDGE Ryan Kerrigan, QB Gardner

Notable additions: LB Micah Parsons [R], S/LB Keanu Neal, S


Malik Hooker

Notable departures: QB Carson Wentz, S Jalen Mills, DT

Notable departures: LB Sean Lee, QB Andy Dalton, CB

Malik Jackson, WR DeSean Jackson

Chidobe Awuzie

The Eagles were surprisingly horrible last year, due to Carson

After losing Dak Prescott to injury last year, the Cowboys

Wentz’s ugly performances that led to him getting benched

got exposed. Their powerful offense could no longer make

in favor of QB Jalen Hurts. The Eagles had one of the worst

up for their horrible defense. The Cowboys made it their

receiving corps last year, and selected Heisman winner

priority to address the defense in the draft and free agency

DeVonta Smith in the 1st round, who figures to improve

but were operating with low cap space. They signed Neal

the weak group. They helped out their weak secondary

and Hooker to help out the extremely weak secondary, and

by signing Harris to a surprisingly cheap deal and adding

Parsons will help an awful linebacker corps out. To make

Nelson. Kerrigan will help their already strong D-line and

matters worse for the Cowboys defense, LB Jaylon Smith has

can fill in at LB when needed. The Eagles’ Super Bowl

taken a noticeable step back, and LB Leighton Vander Esch

championship feels so long ago due to the intense tear-down

has been horrible in coverage as of late, and is very injury-

of this once-great team.

prone. While the Cowboys offense should return to form with Prescott back, the defense will cause them to not live up to their potential.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.




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AFC West

DENVER BRONCOS 2020 record: 5-11 Projected 2021 record: 7-10


Notable additions: QB Teddy Bridgewater, CB Kyle Fuller, CB

2020 record: 14-2

Ronald Darby, CB Patrick Surtain Jr. [R]

Projected 2021 record: 15-2

Notable departures: CB AJ Bouye, OT Ja’Waun James, RB

Notable additions: OG Joe Thuney, OT Orlando Brown Jr., C

Philip Lindsay

Austin Blythe, DT Jarran Reed, LB Nick Bolton [R]

QB Drew Lock failed to improve last year and was downright

Notable departures: OT Eric Fisher, OT Mitchell Schwartz,

horrible, prompting the team to trade for Bridgewater, who

WR Sammy Watkins

beat Lock out for the starting job this year. The team created one of the best secondaries in the league, with Fuller, Darby,

The Chiefs lost Super Bowl LV to the Buccaneers thanks to

and Surtain joining safeties Justin Simmons and Kareem

their injury-ravaged O-line, which forced Patrick Mahomes to

Jackson to create a lockdown defense in the air. Von Miller

run for his life the entire game. The Chiefs rebuilt their line

and Bradley Chubb will continue to be a fearsome linebacker

and it now looks better than ever, especially with Laurent

duo, but the D-line is significantly worse, and is a major

Duvernay-Tardif and Lucas Niang returning from opt-out.

concern for the team. The offense needs to improve if this

Reed will help a defensive line already containing Chris

team is to be a competitor.

Jones and Frank Clark (who could be suspended), and will make an instant impact. The Chiefs are once again a favorite


to win the Super Bowl…as long as Mahomes finally learns

2020 record: 8-8

how to beat Tom Brady.

Projected 2021 record: 6-11 Notable additions: DE Yannick Ngakoue, CB Casey Hayward,


C Nick Martin, OT Alex Leatherwood [R], RB Kenyan Drake

2020 record: 7-9

Notable departures: OT Trent Brown, C Rodney Hudson, OG

Projected 2021 record: 10-7

Gabe Jackson, WR Tyrell Williams

Notable additions: C Corey Linsley, TE Jared Cook, OT Rashawn Slater [R]

The Raiders chose to go for a complete rebuild of their

Notable departures: TE Hunter Henry, LB Denzel Perryman,

O-line, trading away three valuable starters for draft picks.

DE Melvin Ingram, CB Casey Hayward, C Mike Pouncey

They reached for Alex Leatherwood in the draft, in typical Raiders fashion, and signed Nick Martin to replace Hudson,

The Chargers are beginning to get closer to a playoff berth

a significant downgrade. Their defense continues to be an

under QB Justin Herbert. One of the main things that the

area of concern, and the Raiders signed Ngakoue to help

team knew they had to address was the O-line, and they

out, even though edge rusher was not what needed the most

signed top free-agent center Corey Linsley and drafted

help, seeing as they already had Clelin Ferrell and Maxx

Slater. EDGE Joey Bosa and S Derwin James, the team’s top

Crosby there. The receiving corps is still getting better, and

defensive players, are returning from seasons in which both

Henry Ruggs should improve after a disappointing rookie

were hurt in some capacity, with James being out for the

year. RBs Josh Jacobs and Drake will form a nice one-two

season. They lost veterans Ingram and Hayward, who will be

punch, giving the Raiders one of the better backfields in the

missed. This year won’t be a playoff berth for the Chargers,

league. The team will regress from last year but won’t be

but as long as Herbert continues to improve and the defense


performs like it should, this team should be ready next year.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.


NFC West

^ARIZONA CARDINALS 2020 record: 8-8 Projected 2021 record: 11-6


Notable additions: DE JJ Watt, C Rodney Hudson, WR AJ

2020 record: 6-10

Green, RB James Conner, LB Zaven Collins [R]

Projected 2021 record: 12-5 (win by tiebreaker)

Notable departures: CB Patrick Peterson, RB Kenyan Drake

Notable additions: QB Trey Lance [R], C Alex Mack, EDGE

The Cardinals barely missed the playoffs last year, and are

Samson Ebukam

ready to win this year. They added JJ Watt to play alongside

Notable departures: DE Kerry Hyder, CB Richard Sherman

DE Chandler Jones to form a terrifying pass-rush duo. Collins will improve an already powerful LB corps containing second

If not for the team being ravaged by injuries last season,

year player Isaiah Simmons, who will see time at LB and S.

the 49ers would have likely made the playoffs. However,

Rodney Hudson is a huge improvement on the O-line and

the team lost countless players as the season went on, and

will help protect Kyler Murray. Green and Conner arrived

completely fell off the rails. The team drafted the future

on cheap veteran deals and will help out at key offensive

at QB when they traded up for Trey Lance, who is soon to

positions. Murray looks poised to improve even more off of

replace QB Jimmy Garoppolo. The defense should return

last year’s Pro Bowl performance, and the entire team looks

to form now that players like Nick Bosa and Dee Ford are

much more playoff-ready than last season.

back, and the offense will improve since TE George Kittle, WR Deebo Samuel, and RB Raheem Mostert are all returning


after having injury-riddled seasons. The 49ers are ready to

2020 record: 12-4

compete again, and I have them winning a tough NFC west.

Projected 2021 record: 11-6 Notable additions: OG Gabe Jackson, DE Kerry Hyder, TE


Gerald Everett, CB Sidney Jones IV, WR D’Wayne Eskridge

2020 record: 10-6


Projected 2021 record: 12-5

Notable departures: CB Shaquill Griffin, LB KJ Wright, DT

Notable additions: QB Matthew Stafford, WR DeSean

Jarran Reed, CB Ahkello Witherspoon

Jackson, RB Sony Michel Notable departures: QB Jared Goff, S John Johnson III,

That’s right, I have the entire NFC West making the playoffs.

CB Troy Hill, TE Gerald Everett, EDGE Samson Ebukam, DT

This is an elite division containing 4 teams that deserve

Michael Brockers

to be in the postseason. Although the Seahawks lost 3 important defensive veterans, they were able to sign some

The Rams got rid of former 1st overall pick Jared Goff in favor

others to new contracts, specifically S Jamal Adams, one

of underrated Matthew Stafford, who will instantly elevate an

of the top safeties in the league. Jackson will help fix up a

offense that didn’t get much done last year. While the team

below-average O-line and Everett and Eskridge will give QB

still has an elite defense with Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey,

Russell Wilson more people to throw to. Hyder and Jones are

and Darious Williams, the losses of Johnson and Hill will

solid veteran additions to the defense, which is still trying to

be felt in the secondary. After the season-ending injury to

get back to being as elite as it was in the early 2010s. The

Cam Akers, the team traded for Sony Michel to complement

Seahawks will get the final wild card spot.

Darrell Henderson. If not for Akers’ injury, it’s highly possible that it would have been the Rams, not the 49ers, winning the division.

There you have it, my entire predictions for this year’s NFL season. As with any year, there will be surprises, both pleasant and disappointing, but based on how the teams look at this time, this is how I believe the season will go.

[R] denotes rookie * denotes division winner ^ denotes wild card For those who don’t know, the NFL has moved to a 17-game schedule.


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The 21 Most Instagrammed Places in Jacksonville The Instagram app, without a doubt, has been the driving force behind the revival of photography over the past 5 years. Sure, there’s the rise of the smartphone camera giving us the ability to take photos at any moment—nowadays, everyone has a camera in their pocket—but the inspiration among today’s masses to take more pictures and have people actually see them, comes from Instagram, or “IG” for short. There’s something going on inside the walls of Instagram that you just can’t find on Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps it’s the simple interface, along with the near non-existence of sharp everyday scrutiny, politics, or even negativity, that makes Instagram a welcome haven for photographers of all varieties, as opposed to the other social media platforms. Another thing going for IG is their implementation of hashtags. Over the past couple years, Instagram hashtags have become more popular and utilitarian than Twitter’s, the original facilitator of the hashtag. Facebook’s use of hashtags seems to be the least relevant, although still useful.

It’s 2021 now but Instagram has the same, if not stronger, hold on us. What are the most instagrammed spots five years later? Tell us at stories@folioweekly.com


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