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Carly Pearce Interview Rob Nicholson


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Gray’s Gridiron, 2022 NFL Mock Draft Quinn Gray


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A New School for The Beaches Susan Gold


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1-800-CALL-FBI 5





It’s all about you now. Listen to your impulses and put yourself first (within reason). You’ll be feeling energetic, so it’s the perfect time to follow your first instinct and see where it goes.


Your year has been tumultuous so far, to say the least. This tiring trend of unexpected problems coupled with emotional uncertainty should start to level out. You’ll be feeling more peaceful and may end up better than you were prior to the recent trials and tribulations.







This Aries season will have you feeling empowered as an individual. It’s important to ride this self-empowerment wave, but make sure not to get too self involved. Don’t start any arguments; you’ll have difficulty wiggling your way out of them.

Assured directness isn’t always in your repertoire, but this month will bring it out in you. Dial in on your empathic tendencies to understand those around you. You can utilize that knowledge in a positive way. Transition from observation to action.

You and Aries have a lot in common, so you’ll be making this Leo season part 2. Your high energy and theatrics will be on full display. Take advantage of this period of harmony with yourself.


Relationships will play a huge role for you at the beginning of this month. It’s an easy time to start a romance, rekindle affection with your current partner or just feel more connected with friends/family.


A few areas of your life, namely finances and relationships, have seen some stress recently. Things will start to work themselves out as an obstacle seems to dissipate. You’ll be back on a routine that benefits your mental health.


You’re on the go. A train stopping for no one. It’s a good time to prioritize movement and strength. Maybe set aside some responsibilities (but not for too long). If you take an appropriately timed break, you’ll come back grounded and renewed.

Imagination and energy are in high gear for you. Don’t lose sight of reality during this period. While this energy and passion have you wanting to pursue every tangential idea, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed when the fervor fades. Slow and steady.

Pay special attention to the areas in your life where you’ve felt stifled recently. This spring will bring fresh changes, helping you move anything that’s felt stuck. Be open to new perspectives and ideas.


You hesitate to self promote. Whether it be your need for perfection or feelings of superiority: don’t let your ideas collect dust. Your recent creative endeavors have been successful. Share so others can appreciate them.


You’ve noticed magnetism and mysticism in the air. Step away from the banality of daily life to see what this new atmosphere has to offer you. Relax your grasp on some dated beliefs and allow yourself to progress.




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Jon Pardi, John Michael Montgomery, Molly Hatchet and Larry Fleet Metro Park

APRIL 3 Rodney Atkins and Tracy Bird Clay County Fair

Born in a Barn

APRIL 5 Kameron Marlowe, Walker Montgomery and Jameson Rogers

Local country and folk music fans are in the right place in 2022 with a concert calendar full of Grammy and CMA winners, Billboard chart-toppers and up-and-comers. So don’t wait until it’s too late: get your tickets now.

Clay County Fair

APRIL 6 Shenandoah Clay County Fair

APRIL 8 Brothers Osborne

Martina McBride is an American country music singer-songwriter and record producer. She is known for her soprano singing range and her country pop material.

Daily’s Place

APRIL 15 Martina McBride

McBride signed to RCA Records in 1991 and made her debut the following year as a neo-traditionalist country singer with the single, “The Time Has Come.” Over time, she developed a pop-styled crossover sound, similar to Shania Twain and Faith Hill, and had a string of major hit singles on the Billboard country chart and occasionally on the adult contemporary chart. Five of these singles went to No. 1 on the country chart between 1995 and 2001, and one peaked at No. 1 on the adult contemporary chart in 2003.

Florida Theatre

APRIL 16 Restless Road Southern Social

APRIL 21 Carly Pearce

McBride has 14 studio albums, two greatest hits compilations, one live album, as well as two additional compilation albums. Eight of her studio albums and two of her compilations have an RIAA Gold or Platinum certification. In the U.S., she has sold over 14 million albums. In addition, McBride has won the Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year award four times (tied with Reba McEntire for the thirdmost wins) and the Academy of Country Music’s Top Female Vocalist award three times. She is also a 14-time Grammy Award nominee.

Riverfront Plaza

APRIL 1 Dean Dillon and Revival Roadshow Metro Park

APRIL 2 Lorrie Morgan and Deana Carter

McBride sat down with Folio’s Rob Nicholson to talk about her upcoming show at The Florida Theatre, April 15 at 8 p.m.

Jake Owen

Clay County Fair


APRIL 29–MAY 1 Billy Strings St. Augustine Amphitheatre

APRIL 30 Neon Whiskey Whiskey Jax



Jacksonville singer-songwriter Rambler Kane set out to become a lawyer, majoring in political science at UNF while working odd jobs like stocking wine shelves or selling cars. Questioning his trajectory towards law school, Rambler put all down and turned to his true love, music. Mixing elements of country, folk, blues and soul, Kane has created his own variety of an Americana sound. Folio’s Rob Nicholson sat down with Rambler at our studios to find out more about this artist on the rise on Born in a Barn. Friday, April 15 @ 6:00PM Harps American Pub & Grill, Jacksonville, FL Friday, April 15 @ 9:00PM w/ Trials of Job Rain Dogs, Jacksonville, FL


WJCT Public Media today has announced the launch of its

and social media in the weeks leading up to its golden

“50 Years of Radio That Matters” campaign, celebrating a

anniversary, culminating in a one-day pledge drive on Friday,

half-century of local news and music on its flagship radio

April 8, 2022. The organization seeks to raise $50,000 to

station — and a half-century of community support.

support its broadcast operations.

WJCT FM debuted on April 10, 1972 as “Stereo 90,”

“The media landscape — much like our local community

broadcasting music, news, and public affairs programming

— has changed in ways great and small since we first took

for approximately 18 hours a day. Today, after changing to

to the airwaves,” said David McGowan, President and CEO

an all-news/talk format in 2020 that has seen the station

of WJCT Public Media. “Today, we reach more people in

garner some of the largest audiences in its history, the

more neighborhoods of Northeast Florida than ever before.

station operates as WJCT News 89.9. Its programming

Listeners find us on the air, on their phones and on demand.

includes WJCT productions such as the local public affairs

Though our delivery methods have increased in number, we

call-in program “First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross,”

still hold to the singular vision that fueled our first broadcast:

which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020, and the new

that serving this community matters most.”

health program “What’s Health Got to Do with It,” which debuted last fall. WJCT News 89.9 is also the co-producer of

WJCT Public Media is currently accepting messages from

the statewide public affairs program “The Florida Roundup,”

listeners to share on, WJCT News 89.9, Jax PBS, and

and broadcasts other Florida-focused programs such as

social media. Supporters can submit their congratulations,

“Florida Frontiers'' and “Capital Report,” in addition to local

an 89.9 FM memory or their favorite “driveway moment” that

newscasts throughout the day. Additionally, the station is

kept them listening through a story’s end at

Northeast Florida’s local source for the two most popular news magazine programs in the country, “Morning Edition”

In celebration of the station’s anniversary, WJCT Public

and “All Things Considered” from NPR News. Alongside

Media has also introduced:

these listener favorites, WJCT News 89.9 carries programs

• Voices from the Past, a series of personal messages from

from a range of program producers and distributors, including

the station’s hosts, reporters and producers from across the

National Public Radio (NPR), American Public Media, PRX


and others.

• A limited-edition line of commemorative merchandise • A special edition of First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

Financial support provided by listeners is the stations’ largest

dedicated to honoring the past and celebrating the future

source of revenue. WJCT Public Media will share highlights

• An online toolkit that supporters can use to celebrate the

from the station’s history across its website, app, broadcasts

station’s anniversary




E at nd Underbelly April 15 a


All at 7 P M, show at 8 PM.



. es ag


All trivia games are general knowledge unless otherwise noted. Don’t see your favorite trivia spot? Drop us a hint at with “trivia” in the subject line.

MONDAYS Mellow Mushroom–Avondale, 7 p.m. Mellow Mushroom–Tinseltown, 7:30 p.m. Whiskey Jax–Beaches, 7:30 p.m.

TUESDAYS Dick’s Wings–Nocatee, 7 p.m. Dick’s Wings–San Pablo, 7 p.m. Harps American Grill, 7 p.m. Jax Craft Beer, 7 p.m. Jerry's Sports Grille, 7 p.m. Rain Dogs, 7 p.m. Sahara Cafe, 7 p.m. Southern Grill, 7 p.m. The Stout Snug, 7 p.m. Time Out Sports Bar, 7:30 p.m.

WEDNESDAYS Dick’s Wings–Fernandina, 6:30 p.m. V Pizza–Mandarin (pop culture), 6:30 p.m. Dick’s Wings–Mandarin, 7 p.m. Firefly Bay, 7 p.m. V Pizza–Fleming Island (pop culture), 7 p.m. El Jefe, 7:30 p.m. Harps American Grill (pop culture), 7:30 p.m. Hoptinger–5 Points, 7:30 p.m. Hurricane Grill–Fleming Island, 7:30 p.m. Time Out Sports Grill, 7:30 p.m Hoptinger–Jacksonville Beach, 9 p.m.

THURSDAYS Bottlenose Brewing, 7 p.m. Darby’s Dungeon, 7 p.m. Dicks Wings–Atlantic Boulevard, 7 p.m. Dick’s Wings–Orange Park, 7 p.m. Gators Dockside, 7 p.m. Mudville Grille, 7 p.m. Tom and Betty’s, 7 p.m. Whiskey Jax–Baymeadows, 7:30 p.m. Sidecar/V Pizza–San Marco, 7:30 p.m.

FRIDAYS Time Out Sports Grill, 6:30 p.m.

SATURDAYS Dick’s Wings–Atlantic Boulevard, 7 p.m.


Selling of Grom Lily Snowden

Angie’s Grom has been a local favorite and a Jacksonville

pastor at Beach Church in Jacksonville Beach. The Sweats’

Beach staple for over a decade. Menu items such as the

roots run deep at the Beaches, which is imperative in owning

Samoan Wrap and the Peruvian have made the Angie’s

a hole-in-the-wall in Jacksonville Beach due to the tightly-

Grom the Beaches icon it is today. However, all traditions

knit local community. The local culture at the beach is strong,

evolve and change over time.

and Sweat is well-equipped for this new venture with a large network of local contacts and business partners.

Don’t panic! Grom is NOT closing. The new changes to Angie’s Grom include a new owner and a newer, simplified

Sweat, his wife and four other members of their family

name: Grom. This new ownership is the result of too much of

invested in Grom together. In a recent Instagram post Sweat

a good thing for previous owner Ed Malin. “Mr. Ed,” as he’s

wrote, “We bought Grom because we love it, so don’t expect

known by locals, has owned Angie’s Subs for over 20 years

much to change. The staff, food, culture and decor will

and Angie’s Grom for over 15 years. He has also started his

remain largely the same.”

own vodka brand, Two Titmice Vodka with previous Angie’s Subs/Angie’s Grom manager, Kelly Mullarkey. Although

With all the recent changes and development at the Beaches,

both Angie’s Subs and Grom have been extremely popular

this comes as a relief to locals. On a personal note, Grom is

among Jacksonville residents, Two Titmice has also recently

one of my favorite and most beloved spots at the beach, and

gained popularity and is now being sold in 27 states. Malin

I was even an employee there for a short time. Mr. Ed was

recently decided to let go of the business and sold Grom to

one of the kindest bosses I have ever had, and I will never

new owner, Ryan Sweat.

forget all my early mornings spent at Grom. I also remember Ryan as a true, kind regular, and I have faith that Grom will

Sweat is a Jacksonville Beach local and has been a regular

thrive and continue to serve the Beaches under this new

at Angie’s for 20 years. He is also a well-known student



C O M E DY APRIL 1 Sebastian Maniscalco: Nobody Does This Tour St. Augustine Amphitheatre FIRST COAST COMEDY PRESENTS: IMPROV COMEDY NIGHT Murray Hill Theatre APRIL 1-2 Steve Rannazzisi Comedy Zone APRIL 6 Improv Night Colonial Oak Music Park, St. Augustine APRIL 7-9 Damon Wayans Jr. Comedy Zone APRIL 8 Joe Rogan VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena Henry Rollins Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

APRIL 13 LOL Comedy Night Comedy Zone

APRIL 21 Fortune Feimster: Hey Y’all Florida Theatre

Improv Night Colonial Oak Music Park, St. Augustine

APRIL 21-24 Tommy Davidson Comedy Zone

APRIL 14 Tim Dillon Florida Theatre

APRIL 23 Nikki Glaser Florida Theatre

APRIL 14-16 Anthony Rodia Comedy Zone

APRIL 27 Improv Night Colonial Oak Music Park, St. Augustine

APRIL 16 Demetri Martin Florida Theatre APRIL 20 Funny Women of a Certain Age Florida Theatre Improv Night Colonial Oak Music Park, St. Augustine


APRIL 28-30 Jess Hilarious Comedy Zone APRIL 30 Steven Wright Florida Theatre


Understanding Ramadan: the Holiest Month in Islam Omar Aftab

Ramadan, Islam’s holy month of fasting, begins April 1. The month is packed with traditions, both religious and cultural, and for many Muslims, it is the highlight of each year. During Ramadan, Muslims give up all food, drink and sex from sunrise to sunset. However, this is just the bare minimum. Muslims are also expected not to sin, tell lies, swear or get angry, and they are supposed to dedicate as much time as possible toward worship.

the brink of their determination, sacrificing every single vice along with food and water. It brings discipline back into the lives of those who may have strayed away from their goals and pushes those who haven’t even further in strengthening their willpower. Along with that, Ramadan is intended to increase piety in Muslims. Not eating or drinking all day, knowing they’re doing it for something bigger than themselves, is a constant reminder of religion. Then, when Muslims finally can eat, they do so and then quickly head to the mosque and spend hours in worship.

During the day, Muslims still pray the daily prayers, and they often increase worship at night. After sunset and breaking the fast, most Muslims head to their local mosque to pray the final prayer of the day as well as a special prayer that only occurs during Ramadan, known by many names but most commonly “taraweeh.” The taraweeh prayer is often much longer than regular prayers and can extend from when the sun has set to midnight and sometimes past that. During this time, Muslims stand in prayer and listen to Qur’an, the Islamic holy book. Usually mosques will go through the entire Qur’an in taraweeh throughout the month of Ramadan.

Finally is the humanizing aspect of Ramadan. The fasting increases sympathy for those who are poor and in need, something desperately needed especially in the modern U.S. Most Americans are privileged in their access to sustenance and never have had to worry about food or water. During Ramadan, not only does one willfully give these things up and feel a fraction of the pain those in need do, but Muslims are also expected and heavily encouraged to give zakat, translated as “charity” but, literally, coming from the word for purification. As one gives away money while they are hungry and thirsty, it is believed they are purifying their souls. This is the crux of Ramadan: everything—not sinning, controlling emotions, restricting sexual desires, not eating or drinking, giving charity and dedicating free time to worship, all of it— is for the sake of purifying one’s soul from the evils of the previous year and preparing oneself for the next year.

The last 10 nights of Ramadan are extra special. These nights are the most intensive with Muslims often dedicating every second they can to the pursuit of Islam. Some Muslims even spend the entire 10 nights living in the mosque as the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to do. In these 10 nights, one night is said to be Laylatul Qadr, the night of destiny. Muslims believe that during this night, everyone’s destiny for the year is decreed. Furthermore, the night is said to be worth 1,000 months or around 70 years. So to do a good deed on that night is worth doing that deed for 70 years and to do a bad deed that night is the same. However, it isn’t known which of the 10 nights it is on, though, the most popular opinion is the 27th of Ramadan.

Even those who are not Muslim can benefit from Ramadan. First, understanding the traditions of another group of people is always fun. One can also apply some of the core concepts of Ramadan into their own lives or at least try them out. Fasting a day, giving some charity, spending time away from distractions or pondering on life and purpose can increase anyone’s sense of gratitude, satisfaction and overall quality of life.

The purpose of Ramadan is several fold. The first is it is a time to recenter oneself and bring Muslims back to their religion, their values and away from distractions. It pushes people to


The Garden Club Lily Snowden

The Garden Club of Jacksonville turned 100 years old on March 25, 2022. The Garden Club of Jacksonville is one of Florida’s oldest and most established garden clubs. Ninah May Holden Cummer founded the club on March 25, 1922 in her home in Riverside. The club was originally comprised of 17 of Cummer's friends. Within months, the club grew to over 100 members. The Garden Club of Jacksonville was one of the original four clubs in the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. The club continued to grow over the years, and eventually broke ground on a clubhouse. The original clubhouse was a modest slat house located on Riverside Avenue. In 1948 it was replaced by the current club room at the same location. As the club continued to grow, so did the building. After continuing to be built in 1958, the clubhouse consists of an office, library, ballroom and supporting spaces, which still stand to this day. From the beginning, the club was determined to help the city’s parks and preservation of the live oak trees in the Jacksonville area. The club also took on many civic projects that helped the community in tremendous ways. Today, the Garden Club of Jacksonville continues to be a self-sufficient

club. They are a “self-supporting, non-profit organization dedicated to the education, beautification, and conservation citywide,” according to their website. Originally, the club was exclusively for women, but over the years the club has expanded its membership. Today, the club has more than 600 members and is open to all genders. There are many opportunities to join the club as well as several membership levels. There are also Garden Circle memberships, which are more localized branches of the club. The club has many opportunities for local citizens to be involved this month. The club hosts its annual Blooms Galore & More Preview Party on April 8 with a large selection of plants to choose from the day before the actual party. The following day, the 2022 Blooms Galore & More Party will take place at the club. The event will include a sprout sale, green market, kids activities and more. This event is free and open to the public. The club will also be hosting a container garden seminar on April 12 and a special guest demonstration on April 28.



EARTH DAY Rain Henderson

“What if, long after all of nature has been finally ground up in the garbage disposal of the technologic sink, it becomes clear that there are indispensable genetic needs for many of these components of nature?” –Hugh Iltis, in a letter to science


In 1916, Gaylord Nelson was born into the forest of Northern

of people, boosting worldwide recycling efforts and paving

Wisconsin. Like many kids from his time, his youth was spent

the way for the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992. By the

between the trees and his curiosity fed by ever-changing

2000s the focus shifted from air and water pollution to climate

landscapes, scurrying critters and Earth’s pools. His interest

change and clean energy using the help of computers to rally

in life and the inspiration from political speakers he’d seen

hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Earth Day

in town would eventually mix to create a politician who

2010 was a little trickier after a new breed of climate deniers,

advocated for our planet.

heavily-funded lobbyists and a divided country spurred public disinterest. But Earth Day prevailed, thanks to,

California State College, Wisconsin law school and four years

and re-established April 22 as a moment for public action to

serving in World War II failed to deter him from his core values

protect the environment.

he established at a young age. After 10 years as a state senator, he became the governor of Wisconsin and worked to protect

After the 2016 election, Earth Day became more of a serious

wild places, starting a $50 million program to buy privately

political movement, as President D*nald Tr*mp was working

owned lands and preserve them for wildlife and recreation,

hard to overturn all climate-related legislation and loosen the

funded by a penny-a-pack tax on cigarettes. This program was

grips of regulations on oil-drilling and other climate industries,

the one of the first in the nation. He also established other laws

spurring a new community of environmentally frustrated

on littering, trash disposal and detergent use. After two terms

people and adding a new vocabulary word into therapy

as governor, he took a seat in the U.S. Senate representing

rooms, “climate anxiety.” As conditions worsen for Earth and

Wisconsin in 1962.

its inhabitants, more and more people have a crippling fear of the future stemming from observing the irreversible impact

After the media outrage of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill

humans are making on the Earth.

(pictures of crude-covered wildlife and provocative headlines), environmental consciousness was becoming a bigger

Environmentalists rallied at the polls in 2020, thankfully

topic of discussion. Students on college campuses were

so. When Joe Biden was elected as the new president, he

already holding teach-ins, prolonged periods of lectures and

immediately signed the U.S. back into the Paris Agreement,

speeches conducted without interruption by members of the

a legally binding international treaty on climate change;

faculty as a technique of social protest, on the disapproval of

canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, a large oil pipeline set to

the Vietnam War. Nelson thought to use this energy of social

run through the fragile ecosystems of Canada; and revoked

protest to advocate for the environment, kickstarting teach-ins

other Tr*mp-era orders, committing his administration to

on water and air pollution on April 22, a day falling between

environmental justice. Though the administration is a big

spring break and final exams to maximize the attendance of

improvement, it is still deserving of criticism. Scientists and

students. Nelson recruited Denis Hayes, a backpacker and

environmentalists, alike, know the climate issues are urgent

anti-war activist attending Harvard, to help grow the movement

and extreme and need to be acted upon aggressively and

and gain a national staff to further promote the event across

immediately, something that is hard to achieve in an extremely

America to all sorts of other organizations. The event quickly

divided society and government. Money isn’t being spent, bills

caught media attention after being coined “Earth Day” and

aren’t being signed and action is often slowed by conspiracy

inspired 20 million Americans to take to the streets, parks

and doubt.

and auditoriums in a protest against the deterioration of the environment.

Though the destruction of our green world is intermingled with corporate greed, there are some things you can do to loosen

Earth Day 1970 crossed party lines and social classes, leading

the chokehold climate anxiety has taken on you. Whether

to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection

or not you believe one person can make a difference in a

Agency (EPA) and the passage of other, first of their kind,

completely rigged, complex system doesn’t matter. For one

environmental laws, including the National Environmental

second, take a deep breath and pretend to be the fork stuck

Education Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act

in the garbage disposal of the technologic sink this Earth Day

(OSHA), the Clean Air Act and later the Clean Water Act. By

(and every day).

1990, Earth Day was global and mobilizing enormous groups









but in case you forgot: Buy local produce, Riverside Arts Market is a great place for this. The food is inexpensive and in season.

Limit your damn beef consumption!! Those little f*ckers fart so much they are changing the climate. The trees that are being cut down to give them space would normally filter the methane but instead are releasing huge amounts of CO2 amidst their destruction. The soybeans used to feed the cows along with all the other things “necessary” for the process use water so inefficiently we’re basically throwing billions of gallons of water in the trash can. And feeding them destroys the soil, also releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Bring reusable bags to grocery store, every cool place in town has a cute tote you could be using.

Take care of your car, fill your tires, get an oil change so you waste less gas.

Compost, hit up Apple Rabbit compost for local composting!

Don’t buy fast fashion, giving you a hot tip if you’ve made it this far, City Thrift. Google it.

Avoid traffic! “Sorry I’m late boss, I was saving the world!”

I want to say recycle but this is Jacksonville so I’ll say reuse! Can’t believe it’s not butter, can believe it’s Saturday nights’ leftovers!


St. Augustine VegFest Jay Mafela

With Earth Day on April 22, it is important to have a good understanding of and relationship with nature. Fortunately, Jacksonville Business Connections and VegFund are hosting the Second Annual St. Augustine VegFest. The first VegFest was created by the Toronto Vegetarian Association in 1985. Over time, other cities and states held VegFests of their own, including St. Augustine starting last year. The St. Augustine Second Annual VegFest is a celebration of vegan life. Vegans are people who do not eat meat or food with any animal products or byproducts. Vegans avoid foods and ingredients like cheese or milk, differentiating them from vegetarians who also do not eat meat but can still eat animal products. Vegans have different reasons for choosing that life, but the most wellknown reason is their compassion for animals and nature and how they refuse to have a hand in the death and manipulation of wildlife just so they can have a quick bite to eat. The VegFest is dedicated to educating the community on practices and ways of the vegan lifestyle. It features several vendors offering vegan food and services to help educate others. The event will be held April 16 at the World Golf Village from 1-5 p.m. and admission is free and offers food, music and plenty of festivities. People looking to become vegans, vegetarians or just looking for some more vegetables are free to join.



APRIL 1 Jacksonville Symphony: John Williams & Steven Spielberg Times-Union Center Kenny G Florida Theatre Quiet Riot and Warrant Clay County Fair, Green Cove Springs Matt O’Ree Band Blue Jay Listening Room Remember Jones Underbelly The Runaway Grooms Jack Rabbits APRIL 2 Jacksonville Symphony: John Williams & Steven Spielberg Times-Union Center Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox Florida Theatre Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ Jack Rabbits The Heavy Pets 1904 Music Hall Seagate, Gentlemen’s Crow and more Underbelly Tonstartssbandht Intuition Bier Hall APRIL 2-3 Melody and Baylor Trucks ft. Luther Dickinson Blue Jay Listening Room APRIL 3 Jacksonville Symphony: Solo Organ Recital Times-Union Center

Sublime With Rome and Split Tone Clay County Fair, Green Cove Springs Drug Church 1904 Music Hall APRIL 6 New Edition with Charlie Wilson and special guest Jodeci VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena The Zombies Ponte Vedra Concert Hall APRIL 7 Justin Bieber: Justice Tour 2022 VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena Joan Osborne Ponte Vedra Concert Hall KC and the Sunshine Band Florida Theatre Jax River Jams: Spin Doctors and Sister Hazel Riverfront Plaza Spyro Gyra WJCT Soundstage Escape from the Zoo Archetype Faze Wave Underbelly APRIL 8 Jim Brickman WJCT Soundstage Jacksonville Symphony: Mozart's Groundbreaker— Piano Concerto No. 25 Times-Union Center


Next Up! Ritz Theatre and Museum The Black Sunday Tour: Cold Jack Rabbits Skip Marley Underbelly Weddie Braimah and The Hand of Time 1904 Music Hall APRIL 9 Jacksonville Symphony: Mozart's Groundbreaker— Piano Concerto No. 25 Times-Union Center Lisa Fischer Ritz Theatre and Museum The Music of Cream Ponte Vedra Music Hall Cory Driscoll presents Eureka Springs with a Curious Young Tropical Reunion Jack Rabbits Modern Color Archetype SPOT 1904 Music Hall APRIL 10 Samantha Fish Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Jimmie Vaughn WJCT Soundstage Dover Quartet with Roberto Díaz Amelia Plantation Chapel, Amelia Island Megasapien Jack Rabbits

Side Hustle, Fortune Child, Hollow House Underbelly APRIL 12 Drive-By Truckers Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Todrick Hall: The Femuline Tour Florida Theatre Luna Luna Intuition Bier Hall April 13 Mike Love Underbelly APRIL 14 Bon Iver St. Augustine Amphitheatre Jax River Jams: Boyz II Men Riverfront Plaza Delta Sleep, It Looks Sad and Gender Roles 1904 Music Hall Dubbest Jack Rabbits APRIL 15 Back Down Memory Lane Tour: Deniece Williams and Dennis Edwards' Temptations Review Times-Union Center Cowford with Jordan Foley and The Wheelhouse 1904 Music Hall Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Underbelly

Malevolent Creation Jack Rabbits APRIL 16 Tab Benoit Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Fighting Giants Jack Rabbits The Gibson Brothers Peck Center Gymnasium, Amelia Island Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Underbelly Hot Flash Heat Wave 1904 Music Hall APRIL 17 Yarn Blue Jay Listening Room The Breathing Process Archetype To Us Below/ WoR/ Matriarchs Jack Rabbits APRIL 19 Beartooth: The Below Tour Part 2 St. Augustine Amphitheatre Steve Hackett Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Lil Durk: The 7220 Tour Daily’s Place APRIL 20 Don Felder Ponte Vedra Concert Hall 4:20 with The Grass is Dead, Universal Green and more 1904 Music Hall

APRIL 21 Planet Band Camp ft. Three Days Grace St. Augustine Amphitheatre Fortune Child 1904 Music Hall JME Showcase Underbelly

Bilmuri and Oblvyn 1904 Music Hall

APRIL 21-22 Brett Dennen: See the World Tour Blue Jay Listening Room

APRIL 26 Rainbow Kitten Surprise Florida Theatre

APRIL 22 Styx with special guest Night Ranger St. Augustine Amphitheatre

The Zukerman Trio in Concert The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island Chalooby and Bebe Deluxe Jack Rabbits Vibes on Vibes Tour ft. Eric Bellinger and Sammie Underbelly APRIL 23 Elton John VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena The Pack AD Underbelly The Icemen Special Jack Rabbits APRIL 24 Colin Hay Ponte Vedra Concert Hall The Who: Hits Back Tour VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena

APRIL 25 Little Feat Florida Theatre Fate Destroyed Jack Rabbits

APRIL 27 Aaron Lewis: The Acoustic Tour Thrasher-Horne Center The Piano Guys Florida Theatre APRIL 28 Jax River Jams: Manchester Orchestra Riverfront Plaza Houndmouth Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Diana Krall Florida Theatre The Main Squeeze 1904 Music Hall Set it Off Underbelly APRIL 29 Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Jacksonville Symphony: La Bohème Times-Union Center One Night of Queen: Gary Mullen & The Works Florida Theatre


The Connells Intuition Bier Hall Code Orange/Loathe/ Vended/Dying Wish Underbelly APRIL 29 Jordan Tice Blue Jay Listening Room Mihali (of Twiddle) 1904 Music Hall Our House ft. Kendoll Archetype Dean Z: The Ultimate Elvis Times-Union Center Jacksonville Symphony: La Bohème Times-Union Center Lil Baby, Kodak Black & Plies VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena Too Many Zooz 1904 Music Hall Xavier Wulf Underbelly




Cliff’s Bar and Grill Live Entertainment Fridays and Saturdays

Enza’s Live piano music every day except Mondays



Gusto Live music Wednesdays and Fridays

The Stout Snug April 2: FasTrain; April 5: Awen Family Band; April 8: Love Monkey; April 15: Boogie Freaks; April 16: Spade McQuade; April 22: Mr. Bill Show; April 23: Beau and the Burners; April 29: Nevidon; April 30: Jig to a Milestone

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Carly Pearce, I Hope Your Happy Now Rob Nicholson

Returning this April, enjoy a free, four-week concert series on

Before Pearce could respond, Dolly cracked an even bigger smile,



and said, “And they are! They’re asking you to become a member

headliners and local and regional openers. Enjoy onsite food trucks

of the Grand Ole Opry!” Pearce burst into tears, sobbed openly and

and bars with local craft beer and spirits. Camp chairs and picnic

hugged the woman from Pigeon Forge.





blankets encouraged. River Jams is produced by Downtown Vision and is presented by Vystar.

“Dolly is not only one of America’s greatest living songwriters, vocalists, entertainers and superstars,” the Kentucky songstress

Headliners include Spin Doctors and Sister Hazel on April 7th, Boyz

gushed. “She represents all of the values country music holds for me.

II Men on the 14th, Carly Pearce on the 21st and the Manchester

She has the grace of a woman in full, a heart that is all love, the grit

Orchestra on the 28th. With exception of April 7th, Headliners appear

to get it done, the courage to stand up for herself and just enough

at 8:30pm with local and regional music starting at 5:30. On April 7th

glitter to be everyone’s fairy god sister...”

Sister Hazel will appear at 7:00. “And the Opry? It’s been the greatest love of my life since I was a One of the headliners, American Singer-songwriter Carly Pearce,

young girl listening with my grandparents. All of the greatest writers,

has been to Jacksonville before, but this time she’s the featured

legends and pioneers have been on that stage, and I feel them in my

performer. Originally from Kentucky, Carly quit school and went to

bones anytime I walk in the stage door... To actually be asked to join

Dollywood to perform as many as five show a day.

the Opry family, there are no words.”

Now CMA and double ACM Award winner Carly Pearce has come

“When one of ours has a special moment, it’s an honor to be part of

full circle and been surprised by Opry Member Dolly Parton with

that,” Parton explained. “Carly is a real songwriter and bright heart –

an invitation to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry

and I loved getting to ask her to do something so very special.”

family. The emerging songwriter/artist, who cut her teeth as a teenager at Dollywood, has long looked to the iconic superstar for

For Pearce, who has indeed played the Grand Ole Opry 85 times, it

inspiration. Although the invite happened off the Opry stage, the

was a moment she will never forget. Beyond the surprise, the woman

public announcement was held until Pearce’s Opry appearance June

who asked and her love of its history, the Grand Ole Opry represents

22, 2021 so she could experience the moment at her favorite place

the values the woman who won the 2021 ACM Awards Single and

to be, in front of a live Opry crowd. Pearce was officially inducted on

Music Event, plus the 2020 CMA Awards Musical Event for “I Hope

Tuesday, August 3, 2022.

You’re Happy Now,” recorded with Lee Brice and co-written with Luke Combs, wants to bring to the genre she loves with her whole heart.

After the Dolly invitation video played for the packed Opry House, the crowd stood in applause as Carly expressed, “Truly this is the

“Carly Pearce and the Opry have enjoyed a most special relationship

most precious place and the most precious family I could ever be a

since even before she made her Opry debut,” said Opry Executive

part of. I’ve experienced so many wonderful things in my career so

Producer Dan Rogers. “We’ve loved every minute of watching her

far, but this takes the cake!”

star grow over the past few years and are thankful she reveres the Opry after more than 80 appearances even more than she did on

When the invitation was extended as seen in the video, Carly

her first night with us. Every night she plays the Opry, I try to make

believed she was taping a promotion for the Dollywood theme park.

my way back to her to thank her for taking the time to visit us. Every

But Parton surprised her delivering the news with her signature

single time she replies, ‘It’s my favorite place to be.’ Here’s to the

enthusiasm and dazzle. For Parton, the invitation marked the first

Opry being Carly’s favorite place to be for the rest of what will no

time she asked someone to become a member of country’s longest

doubt be a long, successful career.”

running institution. For Pearce, it was the dream of a lifetime not just coming true but arriving in the ultimate package.

Credit: Alexa Campbell Phone interview with Carly Pearce on Friday, March 25, 2022 with

As Pearce took her mark for the shoot, Parton walked into the frame

Rob Nicholson

in ombre blue jeans and a white blouse, big smile on her face. After

Additional information gotten from

explaining she’d heard Pearce was filming a promo for Dollywood,

Photo sent through WeTransfer and inserted to Folio/April Digital/

she continued chatting about how Pearce had played the Opry over


80 times, joking, “You’d think they’d make you a member...”


Dirty Bird & The Flu

Katz Downstairz & Mr. Al Pe t e

Jon Stickley Trio & D ea n Wi nter and the Heat


Lunar Vacation & G laze d


Photo from Beaches Museum

APRIL 5-10 Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp vs. Worcester Red Sox 121 Financial Park APRIL 9 UFC 273: Volkanovski vs. The Korean Zombie VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena APRIL 9-10 Tractor and Truck Pull Clay County Fairgrounds APRIL 13 Jacksonville Icemen vs. Greenville Swamp Rabbits VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena APRIL 16 Jacksonville Icemen vs. Orlando Solar Bears VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena APRIL 19-24 Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp vs. Gwinnett Stripers APRIL 30 Jacksonville Sharks vs. Columbus Lions VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena


Gray’s Gridiron: 2022 NFL Mock Draft Quinn Gray 35

With the 2022 NFL offseason underway, the focus of teams

Thomas, Neal will help keep Jones upright and give him a

and fans has shifted purely to free agency and the draft.

chance to throw more than 10 touchdowns.

Here are my choices for all 32 picks of the first round (no trades), plus a look into what the Jaguars could do in rounds

Pick 6: Carolina Panthers—Malik Willis, QB, Liberty


The Sam Darnold experiment blew up in the lab, and it’s time to bring in a fresh new face of the franchise. Willis is quite

Pick 1: Jacksonville Jaguars—Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE,

clearly the best quarterback in this somewhat weak class


and will need a couple of years to develop. The investment

All signs have pointed toward the Jags going with an edge

will greatly reward the Panthers. His deep ball is remarkable,

rusher with how free agency shook out. Hutchinson provides

and his mobility will help him maneuver around Carolina’s

instant impact to a defense that was bottom-10 in sacks last

weak offensive line. The Panthers sit him a year behind

season. Hutchinson’s power is undeniable, and despite

Darnold and then let him loose in 2023.

a rough showing in his final game of the season against Georgia, his stock should stay high. Hutchinson and Josh

Pick 7: New York Giants—Ahmad Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

Allen create a fearsome young pass-rushing duo that should

With their second pick in the first round, the Giants address

dominate for years to come.

the defense with the elite Gardner. “Sauce” never allowed a single touchdown in his collegiate career and will fit in nicely

Pick 2: Detroit Lions—Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon

alongside James Bradberry. It’s inevitable the Eagles and

There’s always a debate over Thibodeaux and Hutchinson

Commanders improve at the WR position, and the Giants will

and which prospect is the better edge rusher. It’s a close one,

need him if they are to be competitive in the NFC East.

and both are can’t-miss prospects, and here, the Lions get the second-best pass rusher in the draft behind Hutchinson.

Pick 8: Atlanta Falcons—Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

The Lions are in true need of a playmaker in the front seven,

With Calvin Ridley’s year-long suspension and the loss of

and Thibodeaux will provide just that. The release of Trey

Russell Gage in free agency, the Falcons have a desperate

Flowers makes this pick even more likely.

need at the WR position. New quarterback Marcus Mariota doesn’t have much to work with outside of Kyle Pitts and

Pick 3: Houston Texans—Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NC State

Cordarrelle Patterson. Although it may be a lost season for

The Texans have traded Deshaun Watson to the Browns, and

Atlanta, it’s imperative they add at least one receiver in the

it’s time to start building around second year QB Davis Mills.

draft, and Wilson fills that need.

They start this by addressing the O-line, adding the powerful Ekwonu to provide a nasty blocker alongside Laremy Tunsil.

Pick 9: Seattle Seahawks—Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi

Houston instantly improves their O-line and makes Mills’ life


a whole lot easier.

Similar to Atlanta, Seattle’s 2022 season is all but lost. Russell Wilson has been traded to Denver, Bobby Wagner

Pick 4: New York Jets—Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

is gone, and many key free agents were let walk. Instead of

Kyle Hamilton is one of the best safety prospects the draft

picking a QB here, Seattle addresses the leaky O-line that

has seen in a long time. Many draft pundits say that a safety

has plagued their offense for years. Cross is an elite talent at

in the top 10 could be a reach because of positional value,

left tackle and will greatly aid whichever QB takes the reins

but getting a game-changer like Hamilton will be more than

for Seattle, whether it be Drew Lock or Baker Mayfield via

worth it for the Jets. The Jets have been weak at the position


since Jamal Adams left, and Marcus Maye just signed with New Orleans. Head coach Robert Saleh, a defensive guru,

Pick 10: New York Jets—Drake London, WR, USC

will be able to get the most out of Hamilton, and it will be

Now that the secondary has been addressed, the Jets go

exciting to see his impact at the pro level.

with the big-bodied receiver London. Reminiscent of Mike Evans, London provides a big target for second year QB Zach

Pick 5: New York Giants—Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

Wilson. Alongside Elijah Moore and Corey Davis, London will

Ekwonu and Neal are seen as the best two tackles in the

provide instant impact in a tough division for the Jets.

draft, and it will be hard to miss with either one of them. The Giants need to improve an O-line that was one of the

Pick 11: Washington Commanders—Jameson Williams,

worst in the league if Daniel Jones is ever going to become

WR, Alabama

at least an average QB. Alongside the underrated Andrew

The Commanders have their (below average) QB for the


2022 season in the beleaguered Carson Wentz, who they







traded for with the Indianapolis Colts. The Commanders’


receiving room was abysmal last season outside of Terry

… the Eagles can address the defense with the rest of

McLaurin, with no receiver besides McLaurin topping 400

their first round picks. To do so, they first go corner, adding

receiving yards. Williams is coming off injury but once he

McDuffie opposite Darius Slay. If the Eagles are to surpass

returns, he will provide an extremely needed weapon to

the Cowboys for top in the division, they must improve in the

Washington’s offense. It’s hard to see them picking anything

secondary, and McDuffie will be perfect for just that. Avonte

other than a receiver.

Maddox is a solid player but must stay as a slot corner to stay effective, meaning McDuffie can plug right in beside Slay.

Pick 12: Minnesota Vikings—Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU Stingley is better than his draft stock suggests. Injuries have

Pick 17: Los Angeles Chargers—Zion Johnson, OL, Boston

caused the star corner to fall in many mock drafts, including


this one. Stingley will improve a Vikings’ secondary that

The Chargers were among the teams who, without a doubt,

desperately needed a playmaker with veteran pickup Patrick

nailed free agency, and now it’s time to shore up the last

Peterson not being the elite player he was in Arizona and

couple holes in the draft to prepare for a Super Bowl. In the

Cameron Dantzler dealing with a couple of injuries. Stingley

Chargers’ case, the left side of the line is ready to go with

will fit right into the Vikings defense and reunite him with his

second year Rashawn Slater and Matt Feiler, plus top five

old LSU buddy Justin Jefferson.

center Corey Linsley snapping for Herbert. However, the right side needs help, and Johnson can plug and play, likely

Pick 13: Houston Texans—Travon Walker, EDGE, Georgia

at the right guard spot. It’s finally time for the Chargers to

Now that the O-line has been addressed, the Texans

compete, now with an even more powerful offensive line.

approach the weak defensive line. Walker has staked his claim as a top edge rusher in the draft in the last month and

Pick 18: New Orleans Saints—Desmond Ridder, QB,

will be a steal for the Texans at 13. New HC Lovie Smith is a


defensive master and should maximize Walker’s potential.

Ridder is the most underrated quarterback in this draft.

The Texans improve both sides of the trenches in this mock

While New Orleans has Jameis Winston signed for two


years, Winston’s development came under former HC Sean Payton and not current coach Dennis Allen. Winston is a

Pick 14: Baltimore Ravens—Jermaine Johnson, EDGE,

good player but not the long-term solution, and that’s where

Florida State

Ridder comes in. Ridder’s confidence and composure is

Johnson is another player who has shot up boards after his

noticeable on the football field, and paired with his excellent

remarkable combine. The FSU product was a force on the

decision-making and scrambling ability, he will be the type

defensive line, leading the ACC in sacks last season. The

of player who can mold to a scheme in the NFL. Give Ridder

Ravens are coming off of a season in which the entire team

two years to sit and learn, then when he’s ready, let him take

was ravaged by injuries and adding Johnson will create

the reins.

a fearsome young pass rush duo with Odafe Oweh. The AFC North is an incredibly competitive division and getting

Pick 19: Philadelphia Eagles—Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia

pressure on their opponents is a major part of the puzzle for

With their last first round pick, the Eagles address the

the Ravens to retake their crown as top of the division.

linebacker corps. Apart from free-agent signing Haason Reddick, the Eagles are severely lacking at the linebacker

Pick 15: Philadelphia Eagles—Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas

position, especially with leading tackler Alex Singleton’s

The Eagles decide to address the offense with their first

departure. Dean is an explosive linebacker who was a major

of three round one picks. Second year wideout DeVonta

part of Georgia’s national championship win. Dean piled up

Smith is looking like a hit, but first round bust Jalen Reagor

stats in key areas last season and hopes to be a do-it-all

managed to get even worse last season. Adding Treylon

linebacker for Philly.

Burks provides the Eagles with a unique player who can be used like Deebo Samuel is utilized in San Francisco. Now

Pick 20: Pittsburgh Steelers—Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh

that one piece of the puzzle is solved …

The Steelers brought in former first-rounder Mitch Trubisky to be their short-term starter, but it goes without saying that he is not the future in Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger is gone, and it’s time for Pittsburgh to begin their new era at QB.


We are grateful to be voted Best Pizza by the legion of Folio readers. 1176 Edgewood Ave. South Murray Hill Jacksonville, FL 32205 | 904.389.4442



Pickett was average his first four seasons at Pitt, but he finally

their elite defense running. If they are to remain a top force in

exploded in his senior year, throwing for 42 touchdowns to

the extremely difficult AFC, the Bills would be well advised to

only 7 picks in his final season. There are concerns about his

strengthen the defense especially with all the elite receivers

hand size and he carries a “boom or bust” label, but with the

that are being added to the conference. Booth will provide

right coaching (which we know exists in Pittsburgh), Pickett

a strong presence as a CB2 and help the Bills remain a top

should prove the doubters wrong.

force in the AFC.

Pick 21: New England Patriots—Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah

Pick 26: Tennessee Titans—Trevor Penning, OL, Northern

If the Patriots wish to make it back to the playoffs in the tough


AFC, they need to work on rebooting the defense which has

The Titans offensive line gave up 47 sacks last season,

lost some of its key players. Kyle Van Noy is gone, and Dont’a

and it would not hurt them to add more power there. Enter

Hightower is a free agent. Outside of Matthew Judon, the

Penning, a nasty blocker who can fit all around the offensive

Patriots’ linebacker corps is decent but nothing outstanding,

line. Tackle at heart, Penning showed he can play on the

and adding the versatile Lloyd would do wonders for Bill

interior during the Senior Bowl and do it effectively. Derrick

Belichick’s defense.

Henry will be back next year, and if he is to get his third rushing title in four years, the Titans would be well advised

Pick 22: Green Bay Packers—Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State

to beef up their O-line.

The Packers could not afford to give Davante Adams the extension he requested and traded him to the Las Vegas

Pick 27: Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Devonte Wyatt, DL,

Raiders, leaving a huge hole in the Packers’ WR room. If


Aaron Rodgers is to succeed in 2022 (and beyond) and take

Tampa Bay had lots of trouble sacking the quarterback last

the team to the Super Bowl like they desperately want, he

year. With Ndamukong Suh in free agency and with the team

needs more receivers. Olave will provide his smooth style of

not possessing many holes in the roster, they go with a

play to the Packers’ offense and hopefully fill the void left by

partner for Vita Vea on the defensive line. Wyatt will provide

Adams along with another rookie from the first round…

some help to the run defense and open it up for other players to get to the QB. Combine that with improvement

Pick 23: Arizona Cardinals—Tyler Linderbaum, IOL, Iowa

from second-year edge Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, and the Bucs

The Cardinals are in need of interior offensive line help,

will no doubt be seeing their sack numbers rise.

and with Justin Pugh entering the last year of his contract, they need an injection of young talent into the interior.

Pick 28: Green Bay Packers—Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn

Linderbaum can start out at guard and get his footing in the


league as well as back up Rodney Hudson, and eventually

The Packers go ahead and pick two receivers in the first

get the starting job. When Hudson went down to injuries, the

round to completely overhaul the pass-catching group.

backups on the offensive line had no chemistry with Kyler

Dotson’s sure hands will give Rodgers a reliable target

Murray and the rest of the O-line and the team suffered as

to pass to. Combined with Olave, the two could have the

a result. Linderbaum will be a valuable part of the plan for

potential to form an electric receiving duo to keep the back-

Arizona to return to the playoffs.

to-back MVP happy.

Pick 24: Dallas Cowboys—Jordan Davis, DL, Georgia

Pick 29: Kansas City Chiefs—Skyy Moore, WR, Western

The Cowboys currently have Trysten Hill and Carlos Watkins


starting on their depth chart, therefore, it’s almost imperative

Tyreek Hill is no longer a Kansas City Chief after the team

they pick a defensive lineman. Davis helped his stock rise

traded the star wide receiver to the Miami Dolphins after

dramatically after the combine with his surprising speed

being unable to extend him. The Chiefs pick Moore in hopes

considering his massive frame. He figures to be a top run-

of adding star power back to their WR room which now

defender in the NFL and should provide a dangerous interior

contains JuJu Smith-Schuster. Moore is a very underrated

presence for the Cowboys and swallow up offensive linemen.

prospect who could sneak into round 1, and due to KC’s need for receiver, they make him their pick. Moore fits well

Pick 25: Buffalo Bills—Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson

in the slot and could open up opportunities for other pass-

With the Kansas City Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill to the Miami

catchers on the Chiefs’ offense.

Dolphins, it has become even more imperative the Bills add a cornerback alongside Tre’Davious White in order to keep


Pick 30: Kansas City Chiefs—David Ojabo, EDGE, Michigan

Pick 70: Jacksonville Jaguars—Lecitus Smith, OG, Virginia

David Ojabo was projected to be a top-15 pick before


tragically tearing his Achilles during Michigan’s pro day. The

Smith adds depth around the interior offensive line and can

injury will be tough to come back from, but the risk is very

compete for the starting left guard spot.

much worth it for the reward for the Chiefs. The defense is in

Pick 106: Jacksonville Jaguars—Coby Bryant, CB, Cincinnati

need of a playmaker, and taking an edge rusher will continue

Bryant was highly productive on Cincinnati’s defense but

to allow Chris Jones to play on the interior defensive line,

had the benefit of working alongside Sauce Gardner. He

which is where he thrives. Ojabo will not be an instant-impact

figures to start out as a spot starter in his early years.

player, but his contributions after returning to the field from his injury will more than pay off for the Chiefs long-term.

Pick 157: Jacksonville Jaguars—Dai’Jean Dixon, WR, Nicholls State

Pick 31: Cincinnati Bengals—Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida

Dixon will add depth to the Jaguars’ deep receiving room

The Bengals addressed the offensive line heavily in free

and possibly get some snaps in specific play designs.

agency, taking it from a bottom-five unit to top 10 in hopes of giving Joe Burrow lots more time and safety in the pocket.

Pick 180: Jacksonville Jaguars—Rachaad White, RB,

That was the first step. Now it’s time to improve the already

Arizona State

solid defense. Chidobe Awuzie was a great corner for the

White provides running back depth and figures to get some

team last season, but other players (I’m looking at you, Eli

playing time alongside Travis Etienne while James Robinson

Apple) left a lot to be desired. Elam can step right in and play

works to return from injury.

alongside Awuzie and will provide lots of aid to the Bengals’ secondary, which is close to being a great unit containing

Pick 188: Jacksonville Jaguars—D’Marco Jackson, LB,

Awuzie and Jessie Bates. The Bengals are going to do

Appalachian State

everything they can to return to the Super Bowl, and Elam

Jackson is a speedy linebacker who can provide depth on

will be the next piece of the puzzle.

defense and contribute as a quality special teamer.

Pick 32: Detroit Lions—Sam Howell, QB, North Carolina

Pick 198: Jacksonville Jaguars—Tycen Anderson, S, Toledo

With the final pick in the first round, the Detroit Lions choose

Anderson is a speedy safety who can provide solid depth

to build toward the future with Howell. Jared Goff is still a

and develop into a spot starter.

capable starter for the team and will allow them to sit Howell for at least a year as he learns the NFL ropes. Howell is a good

Pick 199: Jacksonville Jaguars—Bamidele Olaseni, OT,

dual-threat QB and could thrive behind the Lions’ sneaky-


good offensive line. He has the tools on paper to be a Baker

Olaseni is an extremely raw player from the NFL’s international

Mayfield-type of player with slightly more athletic upside and

program whose size could make him into a decent spot

needs to work on decision making. Howell can provide more


hope for the future for Lions fans who desperately need it. Jaguars Rounds 2-7:

Pick 223: Jacksonville Jaguars—Tayland Humphrey, DT,

Here are my personal projections for players the Jaguars


could pick in the later rounds to continue to improve the

Humphrey, also known as “Big Saucy,” can provide depth on


the defensive line.

Pick 33: Jacksonville Jaguars—Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

Pick 236: Jacksonville Jaguars—Adam Anderson, EDGE,

The Jaguars add some depth at safety with Hill and allow


some versatility to use him at nickel as he develops with the

Anderson is a risky prospect due to his ongoing legal

potential to start at free safety.

investigation but spending a seventh-round pick on a player with his skill and upside could prove to be more than worth

Pick 65: Jacksonville Jaguars—Isaiah Likely, TE, Coastal

it. Anderson can fill in as a rotational edge rusher and has


the possibility to become a solid starter.

The Jaguars form a solid, tight end room containing Evan Engram, Dan Arnold and Likely, creating new possibilities for play design and adding a pass-catcher for Trevor.


Clay County Fair 2022 Casey Alixandra

From March 31 to April 10, all families and friends are welcomed back to join the fun at the Clay County Agricultural Fair! No longer having to reminisce on last years’ experiences, soon guests will have new memories to cherish. After the gates open and the tickets are purchased, it’s always the guest’s choice on what to experience first. The fair has some huge additions this year, and everyone will have something new to look forward to. But what to do first? Calling all thrill seekers, new rides! There are even new rides for the little thrill seekers. To add to the suspense, ride names aren’t publicized, so you have to find them.

Show, the fair is excited to introduce the Homemade Hounds Dog Show. Every day the grounds are filled with fun activities for the family. So much fun that even Folio is taking part again. Once again, Folio will be hosting Folio Speed Dating. For those tired of swiping left or tired of being single, we want to end that. Held April 5 from 5-7 p.m. at the ferris wheel, Folio Speed Dating puts willing singles in the gondola and sends them up the ferris wheel to learn about each other.

But maybe the delicious aroma of fair food will stop you in your tracks. While the famous funnel cakes will be ready to eat, there will also be many new indulgences …

To participate in this meet-cute opportunity, pre-registration will close April 4 at 5 p.m. All you have to do is give us your full name, email address and phone number. (Don't worry, we don’t give out your information.) After that, you are asked to give us a five-word description of yourself. Try it, you might find love!

The Piggy Pop, a Jimmy Dean sausage deep fried with sweet batter, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and drizzled with maple syrup. The PB & J Tots, Tater Tots topped with peanut butter and a spicy jelly. The Dill Pickle Pizza, a pizza that comes with creamy ranch dressing, topped with dill pickles. And the Big Mac Pizza that’s topped with hamburger, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and “special sauce.”

Folio is also excited about presenting the fair’s Star Search Contest on April 8 at 7 p.m. where local talent is given the chance to shine in two categories: youth (age 14 and under) and adult (age 15 and up). Prizes include a professional photo session and a feature in Folio’s print and digital issues.

When you’re looking for a place to eat, keep an eye out for new picnic tables. This year, the fair partnered with 16 local charities and 16 local artists to raise awareness for the charities sponsoring the fair. After your fill of food and rides, it’s time to get walking. During your trip, look out for a small yet huge addition, Ag-Town. There you will find a veterinarian clinic, a grocery store and a feed store among other things. Get your passport to discover them all and to collect all six stamps. The fair gives everyone an opportunity to connect with animals like the petting zoo. If you want to see animals with talent, past favorite animal contests will be back with new livestock events. From the Youth Rabbit Fashion Show to the Poultry and Pigeon

The organizers of the Clay County Fair truly know how to entertain. With contests, shows and live music every day, people’s days are made. With endless fun, educational opportunities, everyone leaves happy. If guests decide to stay late, this year’s live concert headliners are unforgettable. Big names like Sublime with Rome, Rodney Atkins, and Tracy Byrd will perform, so get your tickets before they sell out. Whether it be the food, the rides or the agriculture, everyone entering the fairgrounds has something to be excited about. For a full schedule of events, hours of operation and other important information, visit



wheelin' in the entertainment! main events



april 1: Dairy Show 6pm april 2: Goat Show 10am Unlimited Goat Show 3pm Swine Show 6pm april 3: Poultry Showmanship 2pm Heifer Show 6pm april 6: Steer Show 7pm april 8: Livestock Sale at 7pm

tractor pulls

ith (free wion) admiss


daily entertainment

april 1: Fireworks 10pm april 2: Pet Adoptions 10am-4pm april 3:

NEW! MegaTron Robot Frisbee Dogs Pig Races Ag-Town Open Daily Early Florida Village Open Daily


Redneck Romper 5pm

april 5:

Ferris Wheel Speed Dating 5-7pm

april 6:

Parade 1pm Bingo 3:30pm

april 8:

Star Search 7pm


BUTTERFIELD GARAGE ART GALLERY • “Celebrating Earth,” April 1-30 • Works by Cindy Wilson, Nancy Hamlin-Vogler, Sam Kates, Sydney McKenna, Jan Miller, Debra Mixon Holliday and Ron Vellucci

STELLERS GALLERY • Works by Eileen Corse, Jim Draper, Fallon Pepper, C. Ford Riley, Alice Williams, MacTruque and Jeff Foxwothy (yes, that Jeff Foxworthy)

THE CORNER GALLERY AT THE JESSIE • Sheila Goloborotko: “many small gestures,” through May 4

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA • Pre[Serve] Group Exhibit, through April 15, Lufrano Intercultural Gallery • Works by Jim Draper, through April 15, UNF Gallery of Art • Spring 2022 Senior Showcase, April 28–May 13, UNF Gallery of Art and Lufrano Intercultural Gallery

CRISP-ELLERT ART MUSEUM AT FLAGLER COLLEGE • Karen Hampton: “Origins,” through April 23 CUMMER MUSEUM OF ART & GARDENS • “American Perspectives: Stories From the American Folk Art Museum Collection,” through May 22 • “Revolve: Spotlight on the Permanent Collection,” through Nov. 13 • “Frieseke in Florida: Memories of Jacksonville in the 1880s,” through Jan. 1, 2023 • Virtual tours, videos and make-at-home projects available on the museum’s website: click on “Explore,” then “Engage”


virtual exhibition

YELLOW HOUSE • “Screams Echo: The Legacy of Lynching” • “Sit in Stand Up,” virtual exhibition • “Magic, Mirth, and Mortality: Musings on Black Motherhood,”

FIRST COAST CULTURAL CENTER • Featured artists for April: Nikole & Eric Cooney

ONGOING ST. AUGUSTINE FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK: APRIL 1 The first Friday of every month (hence the clever name) more than 30 galleries around the Oldest City open their doors from 5–9 p.m. for visitors to browse exhibits and interact with artists. A complimentary trolley service provides transportation between downtown venues.

FLORIDA MINING GALLERY • Richard Heipp: “Devils and Saints,” through April 15 GALLERY 725 • Virtual tour of works by Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

RIVERSIDE ARTS MARKET: APRIL 2, 9, 16, 23 AND 30 Artists, artisans and makers display their original paintings, jewelry, photographs, prints and other handcrafted items every Saturday—rain or shine—from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. on Riverside Avenue underneath the canopy of the Fuller Warren Bridge.

THE LIGHTNER MUSEUM • Bouke de Vries: “War and Pieces,” opens April 1 • Dana Hargrove: “Iceland Series,” April 1–May 20 • “Picturing a Nation: American Art from the Lightner Museum,” through Sept. 30

ART WALK: APRIL 6 Downtown Jacksonville lights up the first Wednesday of the month with art by local artists at hubs in James Weldon Johnson Park, The Jessie and Vagabond Flea at VyStar Tower from 5–9 p.m. Visitors can also enjoy live music, food trucks, street performers, free admission to MOCA and complimentary rides on JTA’s Skyway.

MOCA JACKSONVILLE • “State of the Art 2020: Locate,” through May 1 • “Anderson Goncalves: Cultural Polarity,” through May 8 • “Chiharu Shitoa: “Letters of Love,” a Project Atrium exhibition, through June 26 • Works by Jessica Hische, through July 31 • “FIFTY: An Alumni Exhibition,” through Feb. 12, 2023

FERNANDINA BEACH ARTS MARKET: APRIL 9 AND 23 Amelia Island's premier arts and crafts market comes alive the second and fourth Saturday of every month from 9 a.m.–1 p.m.


A New School for the Beaches

Words by Susan Gold, Archives & Collections Manager, Beaches Museum | Photos from the Beaches Museum


Duncan U. Fletcher High School was built through a federal grant secured

body with 10th through 12th grades going to the new building and the

with the assistance of Senator Duncan Fletcher, who the school is named

lower grades staying in the original building. It cost $1.6 million and was

for. The location was chosen so the school would be in the center of the

the first school in the country to be fully air-conditioned. In December of

school district, and the 22-acre site cost $5,750. The building itself was

1996, the old junior high building was demolished and replaced with the

to cost $69,000 to build. The cornerstone was laid Sept. 25, 1936, and

current structure that houses Fletcher Middle School; only the original

the doors opened on Sept. 20, 1937.

entrance remains in an interior courtyard.

Principal Frank Doggett recalled it was hard at first to convince the

The Beaches Museum will be kicking off a summer-long exhibit of the 85

students to attend, with many wanting to continue attending Landon High

years of Fletcher High School that kicks off with the Fletcher All-Class

School instead. He held a school assembly to pick the school mascot,

Block Party on April 30. The party is a gathering of Fletcher graduates,

the Senator and the school colors. Jean Haden suggested purple and

faculty and supporters from across the decades to reminisce and

white, as no other schools in the area were using them at the time, and

celebrate the Beaches’ only high school. Music and dancing from local

they look nice together. In that same assembly, students chose members

band (and Fletcher alumni) 4Play will be there as well as food trucks and

of the student body to form a student government as an incentive to

much more.

attend, as most schools did not have student governments in the 1930s. This year’s theme will be “85 Years of Defending the Island.” As the In June of 1938, 13 seniors became the first graduating class of Fletcher

only high school on the barrier island, Fletcher has always taken proud

High School. Graduation was held in the auditorium and gym, which has

ownership of this coastal community and its unique quality of life.

since been converted into the junior high library. Sara Lee Crawford, the

“Defend the Island” is not only a rallying cry for the football team but is

first student to register to attend Fletcher, graduated the next year in

also a mentality of those who have been involved as lifeguards, planting

1939 as both the class president and salutatorian.

sea oats, enjoying great surfing, beach clean-ups and more.

The original school had 10 classrooms for 13 teachers and 269 students.

All profits from ticket sales benefit the Beaches Museum. For more

Over the next few years, students would hear the sounds of hammers

information on the exhibit and to purchase tickets to the event, visit

and saws while in class as the school expanded to accommodate the

growing student body. The first expansion started as early as 1939. In 1964, the new senior high building was created, splitting the student


135 W Monroe Street Jacksonville, FL 32202 |


St. Augustine

Food + Wine Festival May 4 - 8, 2022

“One of Florida’s Top 10 Food & Wine Festivals” USA Today

St. Augustine’s coastal beauty, history and culture provide the backdrop to one of Florida’s best food and wine festivals. Celebrity chefs, winemakers and beverage experts come together for five days with the city’s flourishing culinary scene for tasting events, dinners, master classes, music and more. Great festival discount ticket packages are now available.

For festival tickets and information:

Thank You to Our Partners! Presenting Sponsor


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APRIL FILM REVIEWS Reviews by Harry Moore


X Set in the summer of 1979, a group of filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas. But when the elderly and extremely conservative owners of the ranch they’re filming on catch them in the act, the cast and crew must fight for their lives in order to see the morning. The latest horror movie from A24 draws more from the slasher movies of the ’80s than from their more usual arthouse fare. Ti West, director of The House of the Devil and In a Valley of Violence, returns to feature filmmaking after a six-year hiatus that saw him working mostly in television. West’s direction here is assured, as it is clear he knows exactly what type of film he wants to make and executes it with great style and interesting choices. The film lives up to its premise, making its cast of hopeful adult film stars feel grounded and likable (which is aided by the cast who are all on the same page and bring their characters to life)—and their inevitable demise all the more dread-inducing. Mia Goth leads the film as Maxine, a runaway from a religious cult who finds empowerment as an adult entertainer. She gives a strong performance that sidesteps the usual pitfalls of being the scream queen in a bloody slasher film. Jenna Ortega, who was seen in this year’s Scream reboot, may have to do more of the heavy lifting in the shrieking department as Lorraine, the initially silent boom mic operator. Brittany Snow and Martin Henderson are both terrific in their parts, making a pair of seasoned smut peddlers absolutely charming. Scott Mescudi, better known as rapper Kid Cudi, gives the best performance of his acting career to date. And appears to have found a much more mellow West to collaborate with. X is a sex- and gore-filled thrill ride that has a higher caliber of filmmaking behind it than your usual splatter film. A crowd pleasing horror that won’t be easy to forget. In theaters. Deep Water The erotic thriller is a genre that ruled multiplexes for decades with a new rendition of an over-sexed, salacious crime story (often starring Michael Douglas) being released like clockwork to insatiable audiences thirsty for more. But for the better part of the last 20 years, the lurid sub-genre has been dried up and spent, only rearing its head for direct to Redbox offerings and the occasional Basic Instinct parody. But in Deep Water, released by Hulu and produced by 20th Century Fox, the genre rises again thanks to the guiding hand of Adrian Lyne, the director behind Fatal Attraction and Indecent Proposal, and its perfectly cast leads, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas.

The film drops us into the middle of a fraught and destructive marriage between Vic (Affleck) and Melinda (de Armas). Vic, who made a fortune designing a microchip that aided drone warfare, is hopelessly in love with Melinda, who has become bored with Vic and wants a divorce. In order to keep his marriage intact, Vic allows Melinda to engage in a string of affairs, so long as she comes back to be with him and their young daughter. However, Vic soon becomes the prime suspect when his wife’s lovers start to go missing. By no means is this a good movie, but it is a wonderfully entertaining one. Affleck runs back his Gone Girl performance, bringing that same sense of detachedness that allows the viewer to project their own belief of his guilt or innocence until the moment the truth is revealed. Affleck is an actor who has really found himself in middle age, delivering performances that have much more nuance and internalization than in the work he did in his 20s and 30s, making a consistently engaging screen presence. As Vic he is at once quietly menacing and kind of sympathetic, as he watches with palpable sorrow his love flirt and drape herself over other men far younger than him. De Armas, who was last seen stealing James Bond’s thunder in No Time to Die, is as good as you’d expect her to be—and as she always is, frankly—in the role of Melinda. She is very believable as someone you couldn’t walk away from, even if she is actively showing you how much she hates you. Following her breakout performance in 2019’s Knives Out, de Armas’ career has faced some setbacks due to COVID-19 delaying several of her projects an extended period of time, but her role in this and in the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, should see her back on track. Deep Water is a very trashy but fun film that is best watched after a couple glasses of wine. The two leads carry the film through its nonsense plot and editing—which felt as though it was being interfered with by someone other than the filmmaker. Maybe not one to watch with the whole family though. Available on Hulu.




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