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Entrepreneurs can convert a new idea or invention into a successful innovation They create new products, services, business models, or entire product categories and markets, and their businesses drive revenue and create new jobs that drive economic growth.

For decades, I have crossed paths with many brilliant and driven entrepreneurs and feel their origin stories are perhaps the most fascinating aspect of who they are. Each issue Portfolio.YVR will focus on ten entrepreneurs via their work Exploring who they are and delving into what drives them to succeed In this inaugural issue learn about the world of personal electric vehicles and how Will Fan's Emobily is changing how we get around M arianne Zakhour' s Orderbot system supplies businesses with a powerful tool to ensure their products get where they need to be more accurate and boost customer satisfaction

How Zahoor Hassan (Wythyn Beauty) and Spencer Angeltvedt & Tyler Yang (LOA Skin) saw a gap in the beauty industry and are steadily building product lines that are kinder to people and the planet

How Aly Armstrong Event Planning & Design is taking on one of the city's most beloved events, Diner en Blanc, and how Hot Republic's David Guembhyt Jr provides luxury-lovers with VIP parties that keep guests rolling up in sleek hypercars.

How AylexTV Inc's 28-year-old founder, Aylex Thunder, has built a digital empire by asking strangers questions and how a duo from the UK, Guy Gregory and James Burke, are taking bespoke vehicles to the next level with Gregory- Burke Defenders

And how Toronto's Alan Anderson designs Gilded Age-inspired jewelry that is in demand with modern fashionista, and how former Tiffany & Co executive Pamela Cloud launched Roseate, using traditional cultivation techniques and offering luxury pearl jewelry that benefits ocean conservation efforts

I was inspired by the stories of each of these entrepreneurs and hope, in turn, you find them interesting, thought-provoking, and very share-worthy

Cheers & Ciao!



Will Fan is a Vancouver-based multi-faceted entrepreneur fascinated with making the world more efficient and less reliant on outdated modes of energy and transportation.

Will is the founder of EM OBILY, a sustainable micro- electric vehicle business focused on micro- mobility and charging stations and a technical visionary with almost a decade of experience in private equity.

In 2022, he became a Top 10 recipient of the M icrosoft Founder Hub Program and a TEDx speaker speaking in the Science & Technology category on the future of mobility and sustainable energy in transportation.

In addition to his roster of EV ventures, Will is a Global Strategic Advisor to South Korea's SG Entertainment Group, which produces K- pop idols, performers, and creators His background includes a decade of experience in K-pop market trend culture and designing entertainment marketing strategies. Will has studied the Arts, including filmmaking and animation, choreography, and choir dancing. He has a proven track record in bringing business, music, and art together, making him a valued player in the entertainment industry.



Will's desire to improve the world began at a young age. He grew up in a community where bullying, drug use, and violence were everyday occurrences. Tragically, as a child he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was placed in the care of an elderly doctor. Over time, Will was cured, but the doctor who saved his life, passed soon afterwards. Before he did, he shared with Will: " You have to continue to live, no matter how difficult it may be "

Will says, "The doctor saw a fighter in me, and I knew I had to do something meaningful with my life In my early 20s, as a seaman, I met my first mentor, a senior in a private navy crew and a radar specialist He taught me how to navigate life and what it is like to become a responsible and strong person Because of these two incredible people, I have so much to live for. I am dedicated to continuing their legacy "


"At 26, I was working in the petroleum industry, and in 2017 after completing an IPO through Vancouver's Lawson Lundell law firm, I decided to shift my future from a private equity perspective to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. These two professions are very different as one focuses on selling future commodities in the hopes of a good valuation per share return; the other focuses on building an actual business with products and services to customers

"The discovery that I could help companies go public made me realize I could do it for myself, so I was inspired to start a business venture from that experience

"At the time, I was taught that everyone needed energy in the petroleum industry due to its daily usage globally; however, making an impact and doing something more meaningful would not be possible if I stayed in that mindset and at that job

"I became focused on becoming an environmental entrepreneur by reusing computers and recycling lithium- ion batteries and electric vehicle technology components. Industry-wise, that is a big jump, and I admit I struggled initially. I thought, "This technology stuff is the future, and it's cool!" However, it requires trusting your gut intensely and adopting a mindset of optimistic opportunity to pull it off more than anything else.



"Friends and associates said I was out of touch with reality, but I believed the electric vehicle industry would become the next trillion-dollar industry behind Apple and M icrosoft Deep inside, I knew I had finally found something more meaningful and impactful to pursue "Therefore, before the pandemic it was timely when I stumbled upon some electric bikes in my warehouse, quickly leading to a venture that would become my passion


"Embarking on this new path, with no related networks or connections in the sustainability or EV industries, was daunting yet exhilarating Building everything from scratch, travelling the world to network with strangers, and meeting CEOs of multi- billion dollar companies, private and listed on the Fortune 500, became a new way of life I built this new venture into an international success in less than three years


"With the globally recognized Lime E- Bikes, my company was one of a few in North America that knew how to repurpose, maintain and distribute them I secured a time-sensitive deal from a UScontact, and eventually, many E-Bikes and electric scooters landed in my warehouse

"This was not to be a traditional buy- and- sell business model but one that assisted people in getting to places affordably. The electric motor propels them quicker than a standard bike, and with vehicle prices, gas and insurance rising to mortgage-rate levels; I knew I had to be the person to bring these to the city

"These EVs are ideal for students, entrepreneurs, workers, anyone and everyone. They provide flexible transportation, and electrification makes them an innovative product that can help battle climate change by getting more people off the road and away from dependence on fossil fuels.


"All of this leads to the incredible opportunity for my company Emobily to partner with the renowned automotive legend Bugatti. Bringing and launching Lime E-Bikes in North America garnered me an impeccable reputation in repair, maintenance and distribution.

"In May 2022, when ByTech for Bugatti launched its electric scooter, including the new LEGO Technic Bugatti, it generated over 50 million views within two-week of the launch

"With the limited number of EV-qualified people able to partner with Bugatti, I contacted them I negotiated an agreement over the next twelve months from both sides, which led them to invest directly into Emobily! This outcome was entirely unexpected and definitely mind-blowing. I am honoured to be selected by such a prestigious luxury brand as a partner; it's really a once and a lifetime experience.

"The Bugatti brand is something only some people can obtain, and the process was rigorous. I underwent many interviews and was background checked; you name it, I had to pass it The rest, as they say, is history.


"Each time a key project of mine is launched, I feel fulfilled In my heart and mind, I know that my plan was executed perfectly and that my vision aligned with how I wanted it to be. It is like winning in any game; that accomplishment is the best reward. You know when you have earned it

"When I meet with entrepreneurs just starting their journey, I share the value of giving back and promoting well-being while in business In my early career, I only focused on making money but had many moral dilemmas as the years passed. I knew 'making money' held no part in finding true happiness. I wish I had known this earlier, but to fix the past, we must go into the future and help as many people as possible To not just make money or chase success but to find joy and hope in oneself first

"I have seen how being generous brings joy out of people and those who surround us. By being as selfless as possible, we can impact our surroundings more effectively. Believe it or not, generous people are often deemed suspicious or thought to have ulterior motives just for being thoughtful and kind. I believe the only way to fix people's negative perceptions is to take action and set a good example Promoting well-being and getting them to contribute actively is the most important part of engaging with the community


"I am currently designing a charity that will provide affordable and independent transportation systems for people in under-served communities without access to affordable transportation systems or vehicles.

"In my life, I have seen people disconnected from their environment who don't help seem unhappy or less fortunate. I've seen miserable people still working so hard because they lack that positive change. The outcome is no different than a plant with no sun Without energy and love, it will die. Look around, and you will see our world is not in great shape either? forest fires, flooding, drought, violence, and war surround us, but if we all decide to make a conscious difference, we can and will change the world!"

E M O B IL Y : E V E C O S Y S T E M & S M A R T M O B IL IT Y 011


A self-made entrepreneur, M arianne Zakhour started her journey as an immigrant from Lebanon. Her transition from corporate to entrepreneurship highlights her unwavering determination and business skills.

She has shown remarkable resilience in overcoming adversity Over the decades, through her business strategy, Marianne has significantly impacted her community, leading to a ripple effect of success and growth.

Her story underscores the significance of work- life balance in achieving success and inspires those seeking to transform their passion into profit



In her early twenties, Marianne started her career in tM ontreal at CGI as a financial and business analyst She worked with executives, managed a portfolio of millions of dollars, did monthly financial analyses, and daily conversations were always about increasing revenue and lowering costs. What she learned in the corporate environment made her realize that she longed to do something more entrepreneurial

A move to San Francisco brought a new level of job satisfaction that Marianne had not experienced before Joining the legendary family-run Boudin Bakery, she was tasked to increase sales, grow the business, and automate processes Boudin's owners were determined to use every technology and process possible to achieve exponential growth and market domination, and to do so, Marianne brought on board a custom development shop based in Vancouver, BC, to facilitate the process.

While the company developed custom catering and e-commerce software for some of Boudin's businesses, Marianne realized how empowering it would be to help a broader range of companies grow and sell products.

Two years later, in 2006, she moved to Vancouver and partnered with that same software company owner, and they started building a SAAS software provider called Orderbot


Her vision was that this new company would be an order management platform that helps businesses modernize commerce for online ordering and fulfillment.

After the launch and over the years, Orderbot has helped hundreds of clients sell their products online. The company is proud to have a diversified team from several countries and backgrounds working in their West End Vancouver office and sharing the same values and goals

"At Orderbot, I have built a team of experts that provide flawless service and experiences for all Orderbot clients. Each member is equally as passionate about what we do as I am, and together, make a huge difference in delivering excellence "

While there are many people in business that Marianne admires and greatly respects, it is Richard Branson that captures her attention

In the 1970s, he founded the Virgin Group, which controls over 400 companies in various industries, including space travel

"I like that Branson expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age and grew this into something extraordinary, and he always appears to be having so much fun This is an excellent approach to life and happiness ? Work Hard, Play Hard, " says Marianne


Orderbot's Technology Partner Network includes Intuit Quickbooks, salesforce, Shopify, and Walmart Marketplace.

Agency Partner Network includes StackFive, DYODE, nulogic Infinite Innovation, and blueacorn iCi.

Over a hundred companies trust Orderbot, including North American giants like Walmart, Staples, Petsense, Alfred Dunner, and software company Red Hat.



"We cater to many industries but mostly consumer goods, including health, wellness and beauty products, home decor and accessories, children's toys, personal and household electronics, sporting supplies, and clothing Orderbot provides service to anyone with an inventory, and we do it without limits - no company is too small or too big - to work successfully with us From artisan-crafted soaps to couture, office supplies to outdoor gear, and fresh-roasted coffee to hypercar parts, the team at Orderbot can design a system for success.


"Customers typically come to Orderbot when sales volumes get to a point when the process management has the potential to become problematic. They seek to mitigate any negative impact on the customer experience and, at the same time and streamline their growth most efficiently and effectively

"With Orderbot, we add to systems and automation rather than the traditional manual processes.

"Once our team has implemented the system, customers can see productivity double, and we have Case Studies of many that have quadrupled their sales within a year.

"Streamlining processes and reducing the time to fulfill orders drives me. When we work with a company - whether they are just beginning their journey, looking to bump up to the next level, or are a household name like Staples

"We deliver an excellent level of visibility to all stakeholders on how to service their orders best, achieve recurring orders, and exponential growth and if there is one motivating action on my mind constantly - it is GROWTH! A single concept that drives everything we are building at Orderbot With change, a business will grow, and dreams will thrive Knowing I can take something and make it bigger and better is fantastic With Orderbot, we are continuously evolving, and our customers see the results in their sales.


"Decades ago, I embraced a career in the Tech sector because I knew it would be a tool for growth, productivity, and efficiency. I wanted to be a part of making positive change for businesses, and with Orderbot, we have been working on creating abundance for brands for over 15 years.

"As a business leader and someone who never sought to be one, I often share one piece of advice: to listen very carefully and with intent to what the people around you are saying This applies to your workplace day- to- day and to those you surround yourself with

"Additionally, one of the best pieces of professional advice I have received is to slow downjust getting into the habit of spacing out events and meetings to a point where it becomes second nature The second would be to take ' me time' and do nothing. Put the electronics away, find a quiet place, and contemplate.

"Often, I am asked what are the top skills needed to be successful in Tech, and, of course, coding is essential, but so too is understanding of the business use case Identifying the sequence of actions your client needs to achieve meaningful and observable results is valuable!


"My advice for women looking to get a start in Tech is to envision the end goal and move all your actions toward it There are so many opportunities for women in business, especially those with a passion for entrepreneurship. When you combine your passion for the industry with technology, you can enable its evolution in an environment you love. You can build a company with a great idea and a laptop!

"Daily, I am incredibly satisfied with every project we have underway. The Orderbot team works with our clients to create clear goals and then proceeds to break records in productivity and implementation timelines."

Are you a business owner looking for a proven way to take your sales to a whole new level? If you are seeking a platform that can exist as the heart for order orchestration that is transaction-based and scalable, visit the Orderbot website and Request a Demo!

O R D E R B O T : M U L T I-C H A N N E L IN V E N T O R Y & O R D E R M A N A G E M E N T 021


Aylex Thunder is a multi-talented entertainer, athlete, and creative entrepreneur whose mission is to provide accessible education to the world in the most entertaining ways possible

Famous for his viral content in music, comedy, fashion, badminton, and luxury lifestyle niches, Aylex has accumulated a following of over 4 5 million across social platforms and has worked with brands such as T. Lamborghini, The Dalmore, Royal Conservatory of M usic, and more

Perhaps best known for his viral video that sees him knocking on the door of mansions and asking the homeowner if he can ' come in and play your piano ' Which has spawned numerous iterations including offers to ' pet your dog' and ' sing opera.'



A fierce passion for learning and self-improvement drives Aylex. He mastered piano by age 10, was the provincial Badminton champion at age 18, toured China as an opera singer and M C at 22, and founded entrepreneurial ventures in fashion, luxury real estate, Web3, education, and new media

Aylex's content is clever, informative, daring, and always entertaining. When he is not working on one of his companies or creating content, Aylex enjoys cuddling dogs, driving motorcycles, training martial arts, listening to music, and learning new skills.

In all aspects of his life, Aylex stays true to his passions for learning and educating He dedicates two hours a day to learning new skills and donates 100% of the profits from his Web3 company to charities focused on providing accessible education No matter what the undertaking is, Aylex Thunder repeatedly finds success because of his persistent drive and insane work ethic


"I have had a few piano teachers throughout my childhood, but mainly I was self-taught I played to level 10 RCM repertoire by age ten but shortly stopped soon after as I pursued my career as a professional badminton athlete Fortunately for me, since my social media career started during the pandemic, my audience has grown a love for my piano playing, motivating me to create music for others.

"I have played over 50- 100 pianos, most during my content creation days. Creating videos requires me to play in many locations and compare many types of pianos, from the most premium pianos in the world to the dilapidated street pianos you find down your block

"My playing has taken me to very interesting places, such as in millionaire's mansions where I knock on their door - uninvited - and ask if I can play their piano That said, pre-pandemic, I did many more stage performances, more for acting, MCing, and opera.

I am trying to remember the biggest audience in outdoor concert venues, maybe a couple of thousand people. But now, my biggest audience would be my online platforms, producing over 100 million views a month I often play on public pianos, but the general rule of thumb is that if there is a piano there, you can expect me to be on it.



"If I could share one thing with aspiring performers, I would say do not be a social media superstar, that is not what I think of myself at all, and if you think of yourself as that, especially at a young age, it can lead to a life of doubt and depression Even adults nowadays experience this Instead, social media should be a platform for you to achieve your goals

"If your goal is to be the world's greatest pianist, you need the platform to let the world know who you are.

"If you build social media just to be famous, you will soon lose yourself and your goals. Learning is always key; that is the only thing that you can keep with you your whole life

"For me, I have two primary goals? one goal for myself and a goal for the world

"For myself, I want to become the world' s greatest entertainer? a person who can bring others joy regardless of the platform, instrument, or audience

"For the world, I want to provide accessible education. I was blessed with a life of education, and I want to provide it to others as well

"An essential part of reaching fulfillment in life is having no regrets; everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals

"As I mentioned, I have played many pianos over the years, including every piano at Showcase Pianos in Vancouver

"It is hard to say my favourite piano, as every piano has a different touch, sound, and energy designed for different use cases. But if I had to choose one, the Fazioli Semi- Concert Grand for the touch and depth of the instrument are mind-blowing.

"I first met M anuel Bernaschek, the owner of Showcase Pianos, when I was a little kid, maybe in high school

"I would see him around at events but had yet to really connect with him. It was not until later, when I started my social media career that I felt the welcomeness and kindness he showed in supporting me; I am very grateful for that.

"One of my fondest memories on my journey has been creating a family I work with daily. My team members are also my best friends, and working together and having goals that align is just so amazing

"I have zero regrets, believe it or not. Life is too good. Regret is only a mindset; practice gratitude, and your life will be fulfilled."

A Y L E X T H U N D E R : F O L L O W H E R E ! 011


After a 25-year career as CMO at Tiffany & Co, Pamela Cloud founded Roseate Jewelry, creating a luxury brand committed to transparency and traceability. She wanted to do better because she believes beautiful things made of natural materials can and should have a lower impact on the planet.

She shares, "Pearls signify an aspiration of natural purity, perfection, and renewability. At Roseate, day-to-day, this means doing business in the best way possible We started by posing the question: If you were to create a brand from scratch what would you do differently?

"Saltwater pearls are one of the only genuinely sustainable and the most responsibly produced precious jewelry materials No other jewelry material comes close.

Based on sustainably gathered wild oysters or nursery-grown oysters, pearl farms exist in harmony with the natural marine environment. In fact, they require a pristine marine environment to flourish, so saltwater pearl farmers have an economic interest in protecting the marine environment.

"Saltwater pearl farms often act as de facto marine protected areas and can potentially have a regenerative impact on marine ecosystems. "

Her commitment to the planet does not end with pearls Roseate sources all diamonds for its creation from LightBox Diamonds, all created in an Oregon lab using 100%wind power energy



Born in water and designed in New York City, Roseate (roh- zee- it) is an emerging fine jewelry brand that is as bright and optimistic as the name promises.

Roseate's story begins with the oyster - one of the few living creatures that create gems, luminous pearls and a collection of evocative jewelry that expresses the magic of saltwater pearls in a new way.

Pamela chose to work with award-winning jewelry designer Eddie Borgo for the inaugural collection, as the history of pearls has long interested Eddie, and designing the Roseate fine jewelry collection gave him a chance to reconsider this unique object.

Each piece is a personal talisman inspired by universal symbols of nature and humanity. The fundamental form is a glistening droplet of water. From that, many motifs emerge, including dimensional hearts, tactile flowers, and an inventive interpretation of a padlock. The collection is produced with ethically and sustainably sourced South Sea and Tahitian pearls and mother-of-pearl and meticulously crafted in the United States Saltwater pearls are the world's only genuinely sustainable precious gems. There are no beautiful pearls without healthy oysters, and there are no healthy oysters without pristine oceans.

Oceans are the world's single largest source of carbon capture Healthy oceans help limit climate change by absorbing about 25%of all carbon dioxide emissions globally and capturing 90%of the excess heat generated by these emissions. This absorbed carbon is known as "blue carbon. "

Recognizing this vital role, and the role that clean and healthy oceans play in creating pearls, Roseate is committed to donating 20%of sales of specific designs to organizations leading work in blue carbon, including Conservation International and Billion Oyster Project.


"Leaving Tiffany & Co after 25 years, honestly, was disorienting and scary, perhaps made more so because my departure coincided with pandemic lockdowns.

"I had grown up at Tiffany. It was the biggest part of my professional identity. I started at the bottom of the merchandising organization and worked my way up. It took quite a long time to adjust, but I am privileged to be able to go solo and create a brand using materials that I love in a new design way.

"It's also allowed me to organize my life differently It's true that you are constantly working when engaged in a start-up, but I can also travel for an extended amount of time with my family, and I can take my rescue pup, Rocket, to work with me.

"We are also such a small team [at Roseate] that there are no siloseveryone is pitching in to create the best path forward

"Roseate's launch collection has 50 pieces, and one would think this would be difficult to design, but I found the opposite problem! It was a challenge to decide how to narrow the collection to the most promising 50 pieces with so many excellent designs on the table. We partnered with an amazing designer, Eddie Borgo, who created more than one hundred items in the assortment We have years of future launches and expansion possibilities It will be exciting to see what grows and which collections are the most successful


"Consistent with our goal of doing business better, it was important for us to support the work conservation organizations are doing to protect the oceans, marine habitats where oysters live, and "blue carbon," which is ocean carbon capture.

"Currently, our focus is on sourcing with transparency We think this could apply to workshops, mines and farms globally. We are working on some interesting ideas, like offering rubies from Greenland.

"We want to extend the idea of materials traceability as far as possible, including gold. It is difficult to get traceability with some gold jewelry components, notably chains and clasps We have goals to improve this and hope the industry will move in that direction.

"Speaking to the future, we plan to expand our men' s collections further to ensure we deliver on the inclusivity promise of Roseate that modern pearls are for everyone.

"Every day we see signs that men are embracing the evolving idea of wearing pearls This includes my own high school kids and what they express about fashion sense "It is clear to us that saltwater pearls, as the most sustainable and responsible of all precious jewelry materials, remain a largely unknown and underappreciated fact. Part of what we want to accomplish at Roseate, in addition to building our brand, is to shine a brighter light on the unique virtues of pearl jewelry

"We hope to be a broadly recognizable and respected jewelry brand known for its signature design and for doing business in the best way possible And, always, with a pearl."

Are you looking at pearls in a whole new light? Visit the Roseate website and be inspired by the inaugural collection!

R O S E A T E J E W E L R Y : B O R N O F T H E S E A


Celebrated Canadian designer Alan Anderson recently opened an elegant and sophisticated atelier in the historic 1891 Edward Blake House on Jarvis Street, one of Toronto's illustrious last Gilded Age mansions

The Alan Anderson Atelier occupies the second floor, with views of the Betty Oliphant Theatre and the National Ballet School of Canada In the 1980s, the Atelier was home to cartoonist Ben Wicks's studio The Atelier hosts fashion events, and boutique shows each month and is the creative centre for Alan and his couture jewelry designs.

The Atelier has soon become is a destination for jewelry collectors and fashionistas to shop in person the glittering assortment of beautiful baubles and bijoux beauties created by hand by Alan. A curation of small, beautiful vintage glassware, art, and a home fragrance collection are also featured.



Alan handcrafts each piece, prong-setting vintage crystals and stones to create one-of-a-kind creations, all signed with his signature cartouche.

He does not research trends; instead stays true to his style with an ever-changing collection of statement jewelry which he refers to as ' vintage infused '

Alan travels the world searching for rare, vintage unmounted crystals and stones in their original packaging, which helps to date the crystals' original production. That makes his designs unique ? the stones and crystals will never be made again and, once used, cannot be duplicated

Under his direction, each piece is triple plated in Toronto in various precious metal finishes, including 14kt gold, rhodium, and antiqued Japanned.

Recently, when a major world-renowned manufacturer of Austrian crystal ended their wholesale supply chain to focus on their design work, the availability of authentic historical Austrian crystal became limited to existing inventory in independent warehouses worldwide. Alan prioritized seeking out these dwindling sources to support the creation of his unique, one-of-a-kind designs


Established in 1997 in the corner of his apartment kitchen, Alan's oeuvre has grown and flourished to become Canada's definitive couture fashion jewelry house, recognized internationally as a unique atelier offering one-of-kind, eminently collectible designs featuring rare and vintage Austrian crystal elements in glamorous creations.

In 2018, Alan Anderson was involved in the inaugural Canadian Fashion Showcase at Canada House in Trafalgar Square as part of London Fashion Week (LFW SS19). Deemed one of the best in Canadian design talent, Anderson was selected by award-winning journalist Hilary Alexander OBE, Montreal's Caroline Issa (Chief Executive and Fashion Director of Tank) and bespoke tailor to the world's elite, Todd Lynn

His pieces have adorned celebrities, and magazine covers around the world Dame Elizabeth Taylor owned one of his amethyst cuffs, which became part of Christie' s auction of her collection. Other devotees are Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Blake Lively, and Viola Davis

His work, inspired by the glamorous sirens of Hollywood' s golden era, Newport' s Gilded Age, and turn-of-the-century European Royalty, is an art form ? timeless, collectible and destined to be handed down through generations. Alan hopes his creations will be loved and "worn daily in random acts of glamour."

A L A N A N D E R S O N : J E W E L S B Y A L A N 045


In Vancouver, Zahoor Hassan is leading a growing brand that values efficacy, safety, quality, and sustainability. The Wythyn Beauty brand believes in clean and gentle ingredients that nourish from the inside out because beauty starts from " Wythyn."

Zahoor, daughter of Somalian immigrant parents, is a graduate of Blanche M acdonald Centre, an entrepreneur, and a certified plant-based formulator Wythyn Beauty is the recipient of a placement in the coveted 2023 BC Business 30 Under 30 list Alongside others, like Lauren Gillespie (House Concepts and House iD), M elody Lim (Mala the Brand), and Arnav M ishra (DYNE Technologies), Zahoor is actively creating innovation as part of the beauty lexicon



During the process of building Wythyn, she realized the importance of switching to a more sustainable and plant-based beauty ritual is prioritized in a different way than switching to a plant- based diet or vegan lifestyle Zahoor feels what is put on your body is just as important as what is put in it

Zahoor also wants to change the narrative when it comes to marketing beauty products. She wants everyone to feel represented and to fall in love with their unique hair journey. She shares, "Wythyns foundation is built on the importance of inclusivity. I noticed the need for more representation within the clean beauty space. I'm happy now to be that representation I didn't see growing up "

Zahoor's product goal is to ensure all formulations are clean, vegan, cruelty- free, and free- from All products are formulated, designed and handmade locally. Raw ingredients are sourced from a USDA organic- certified company just five hours from Vancouver, and labels and designs are made by a local women-owned business to reduce the carbon footprint Wythyn products have a 20- ingredient list and are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality level and avoid unnecessary waste.

Currently, her team is also her family, which she counts as a positive thing "You have people in your corner who you know you can count on and have your best interest at heart To move into the next phase for Wythyn, we will definitely begin to outsource and hire a couple of positions to help with our busy but very rewarding day-to-day tasks"


"My inspiration to create Wythyn can be traced to my upbringing Being born and raised in Vancouver, BC, nature was a huge part of my childhood. We would spend winters up in the mountains and summers out by the lake. I understood at a very young age that the essence of Mother Nature was a strong yet fragile force that needed to be protected and treated with care.

"When it came to hair care, clean beauty was lacking transparency About five years ago, I consciously chose to purchase only clean beauty products, but for some reason, nothing I used worked, and over time, my hair felt deprived of nutrients. With extensive research, I realized that almost all products were made with filler ingredients that did little for the health of your hair.

"I decided to bridge the gap between science and nature, becoming certified in Plant Based Formulation and developing Wythyn Our formulas are 100%plant-based, and everything is made in Vancouver from start to finish. Wythyn is here to simplify your switch to a healthier hair ritual; I truly believe in the healing power of plants and a future of plant-based beauty being the norm.

"From building a beauty brand from scratch to working towards signing one of the largest international retailers and as a business born during the pandemic, I genuinely value the lessons I learned during those times My parents have always been examples of resiliency and devotion throughout my life. I'm grateful to have picked up those qualities and skills to help me throughout my journey of creating Wythyn

"The beauty industry, for a very long time, has always been profit over people A prime example is the recent recall of over 1 million hair products on the shelves of retail stores in Canada alone due to cancer- causing ingredients. Consumers need to be more ingredient conscious with what they are purchasing and remember a lot of beauty brands greenwash when it comes to marketing Unfortunately, building a cleaner beauty brand will always be more costly, and many more prominent brands are unwilling to take that route "

W Y T H Y N B E A U T Y : H E A L T H Y H A IR F O R A L L 051


LOA SKIN was created with a clear mission: to empower humans from all walks of life to overcome their skin adversity. Founders Tyler Yang and Spencer Angeltvedt struggled with inflammatory skin conditions (acne, eczema and exfoliative cheilitis) and could not find effective solutions without side effects

Their hero product, Botanical Recovery Serum, was soon born as an efficacious formula to combat the underlying nutritional deficiencies people with acne and eczema can have.

The duo prides themselves on educating the customer first to empower them to make the right decisions for their skin and understand how LOA SKIN formulas work They consistently choose ingredients based on efficacy, never trending ingredients

The formulation ethos is centred around creating formulas that work and provide the basis for foundational skin health.

As a brand, LOA SKIN is interested in maintaining long-term relationships with clients and ensuring everyone feels radiant for all the big moments in their lives.


As Head of Product, Spencer Angeltvedt has been formulating skincare for almost a decade. He has a keen eye for sifting through clinical data as it relates to skin health and surfacing actionable insights for efficacious formulas. He has played a key role in ensuring all products and packaging meet rigorous standards and certifications such as vegan and cruelty-free, palm oil-free, organic, carbon offsetting, etc


As Head of Brand + M arketing, Tyler Yang brings his expertise from previous startups and his time at Shopify, a major player in the e- commerce SAAS industry He believes branding is an art and loves understanding all the components that make them magnetic and contagious. He has played an integral role in our visual brand and sharing LOA SKIN's voice through all digital platforms.


"When our clients share their success stories, we feel truly heard and seen as founders and formulators We put so much thought, research and testing into each of our formulas that can go unnoticed by those that aren't in the beauty industry. So seeing real people feeling more empowered because they've overcome some level of skin adversity is so incredibly rewarding.

"As a beauty brand centred on skin adversity, we understand and respect the unique adversity our planet faces due to human impact. This is why we work closely with our partners at Ecologi to offset our carbon footprint and plant a tree for every order.

"Moving forward, LOA SKIN is expanding its online and offline multi-channel offerings We're excited to host key regional pop-up shops, localize our packaging and offering for international markets and leverage key partnerships to tap into each other's audiences"

Feeling like you just found the solution to your skin problems? Reach out to LOA SKIN through their website!

L O A S K IN : A R E Y O U O N T H E V IP L IS T ? 057


Gregory- Burke Visionary Automotive Ltd. stands proudly as a British- founded and operated firm specializing in the meticulous craft of building bespoke, one-of-a-kind Land Rover Defenders from the heart of Vancouver.

Founders Guy Gregory and James Burke acknowledge their passion for the Defender has been a lifelong affair, fueled not only by its timeless appeal as a traditional and distinctive vehicle but also by its potential as a blank canvas for tailor- made restorations.

Unlike other firms that outfit Defenders with overpowering Corvette engines and excessive chrome, their unique ethos revolves around preserving these iconic vehicles' historical essence, character, and charm.



The duo embraces the challenge of eliminating the inconveniences and limitations of the stock models, employing advanced and innovative technologies, such as 3D printing and in- house design, to recreate components, resulting in the perfect Defender that seamlessly blends style with capability.

Their dedication to craftsmanship extends beyond the technical aspects With each build, they artfully weave the clients' tastes and designs, offering personalization that rivals the most elite vehicle manufacturers. The options are boundless, ranging from an array of fabrics, paints, materials, and cutting- edge technologies, making the design process an exhilarating journey where imagination knows no bounds

To ensure a solid foundation, they carefully select donor vehicles from warm, rust-free climates, such as Spain, giving them the template for a pristine build This approach allows the team at Gregory-Burke Defenders to breathe new life into each creation, where every nut, bolt, and component is diligently replaced, upgraded, and refined, resulting in a thrilling driving experience.

Their Defenders emerge as immaculate purpose- built machines, ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures meticulously configured to suit the dreams and desires of esteemed clients


"As a young boy, my life was enriched with experiences in England and Spain, where Defenders became an integral part of my world

"I still vividly recall the thrill of my 12th birthday, bouncing around the picturesque Spanish countryside as my Dad taught me to drive in his striking British Racing Green Defender.

"From that moment on, there was always a Defender project on the go Whether it was experimenting with innovative designs or tackling the legendary " when it rains outside, it rains inside" challenge that these iconic vehicles were once renowned for

"Even in my earliest years, the automotive bug had firmly bitten, with my first words being " red car "

"Evidently, my fate was intertwined with the world of automobiles, a passion my Dad took great delight in nurturing.

"Amidst the allure of countless vehicles I've encountered, the Defender has always held a special place in my heart, with its timeless appeal and undeniable charm.

"When production of the Defender came to a halt in 2016, after nearly seven decades of captivating the world, it became abundantly clear to everyone that this legendary vehicle was an irreplaceable icon Yet, upon moving to Vancouver, I was taken aback by the absence of well-preserved Defenders in the area.

"Understanding that the Defender had never been officially sold here and that imported versions were often plagued by irreparable rust, a new opportunity presented: offering pristine, high-quality vehicles to North America.

"At the core of our success lie the long-standing global relationships we have fostered, which play a pivotal role in facilitating the diverse builds we undertake. These relationships have granted us access to exclusive resources and expertise, allowing us to deliver exceptional, tailor-made Defenders"



"Since a very young age, I have been immersed in a world of engineering and automotive wonders.

"It all started with the cherished memories of tinkering with engines in my grandfather' s garage I was introduced to the art of using machines like lathes, milling machines, and various mechanical tools. Those long days and nights spent disassembling old cars and motorbikes in that compact yet magical garage fueled my passion, and even at such a young age, I eagerly absorbed every ounce of knowledge imparted to me

"The experience instilled in me a deep sense of diligence, a relentless pursuit of perfection, and unwavering attention to detail in every task I undertook It was there that my lifelong fascination with everything automotive was ignited.

"Upon graduating from secondary school, I knew in my heart that my calling was to embrace my engineering passion fully.

"I embarked on a rewarding career journey, beginning as a design engineer and 3D printing engineer through an enriching apprenticeship.

"Hailing from Derbyshire, England, a town celebrated for housing the prestigious headquarters of Rolls- Royce, I couldn't help but feel a strong connection to my family's legacy, with both my father and grandfather having worked for Rolls-Royce in the Aerospace and Nuclear divisions, respectively Continuing their remarkable journey felt like a natural and fitting path for me.

"After 25 years of living in England, I yearned for new horizons and sought greater global opportunities This led me to the captivating city of Vancouver, where the foundation of Gregory-Burke Defenders took root

"My role at Gregory-Burke revolves around engineering, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of excellence in every Defender we create My unwavering dedication is focused on propelling the company to soaring new heights, reaching milestones we've yet to imagine. Together, we will chart a course toward an extraordinary future where innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence will be our guiding stars. With passion as our fuel and determination as our compass, there is no limit to what we can achieve as we pave the way for an extraordinary journey ahead."

The duo genuinely believe that a Defender is more than just a vehicle; it reflects individuality and is a gateway to exploration

Together Guy and James have made it their mission to craft exceptional Defenders that transcend the ordinary, bringing forth a new era of driving pleasure, distinction, and lasting value

Is there a Defender in your future? Follow Gregory- Burke Defenders and join them on their journey!

G R E G O R Y -B U R K E D E F E N D E R S : D E S IG N Y O U R D R E A M T O D A Y ! 067


With years of industry experience and a keen eye for detail, Aly Armstrong and her talented team of event planners and designers possess the skills and creativity to transform every bride's dream into reality and every corporate event into an unforgettable experience. She leads her team with strength, meticulous attention to detail, impeccable organizational skills, and the ability to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of an event

Whether it is venue selection, vendor management, event logistics, or creating stunning visual and thematic designs, Aly strives for excellence in every element of the planning process



Aly has shared that she had an entrepreneurial spirit even as a girl As a young woman, her career path was moving toward journalism, but in 2007, she veered off-track and fell in love with the world of event planning.

Aly attended the Art Institute of Vancouver and, after working on various contracts to gain experience, started her own event production company in 2011

In addition to event planning and design, Aly has produced ten episodes of her Almost M arried podcast, created The Almost M arried bridal box, is a mother of three and an actor/ model with numerous film and television credits She has been featured in People M agazine, Daily Hive, WedLuxe M agazine, CTV, BC Business, and more



With almost two decades in the wedding and event industry, creating and executing gatherings throughout North America, it is no surprise that she is taking the helm of Vancouver's top-ranked annual event - Diner en Blanc.

The global dinner concept began in Paris in 1988 when François Pasquier invited a group of friends to an elegant outdoor dinner at the Bois de Boulogne, asking them to dress in white so they could find each other. The event has grown to over 85 cities, with almost 17,000 gathering for the 30th-anniversary event in Paris.

Beyond the spectacle and elegance of the dinner itself, guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds by good taste and a love of beauty. For one evening, guests recall the elegance of the original French picnic and engage one another, knowing they are participating in a truly magical event

There are no disruptions: no car traffic, no pedestrian traffic? only amazed and astonished looks from passersby observing the scene before them

Launched in Vancouver by The Social Concierge, the event recently celebrated its 10th incarnation in the city's centre at Cooper' s Park in the cool shadow of the Cambie Bridge. From the stage, TSC's Tyson Villeneuve and Jordan Kallman shared with the 2,500 attendees that the beloved event would move forward with Aly and her team.

With Aly's ability to conceptualize, plan, and execute events that exceed expectations, we have no doubt that Diner en Blanc will continue to be the glorious and memorable event it is!



Hot Republic is an international luxury lifestyle and entertainment company creating unforgettable events supporting charities and non-profit organizations. Founded by Gabon-born David Guembhyt Jr, the luxury production company prides itself on crafting custom experiences that cater to the whims and desires of the VIP and often invite- only attendees.

With a roster of supercar owners, fashion designers and models, DJs, exquisite caterers, and celebrities on speed dial, David G Jr envisions events from the ground up that inspire guests to express themselves.

The recent La M ansion Supercar Weekend event was held at a remote private location in Langley, BC and benefitted veteran police officer Kal Dosanjh' s Kids Play Foundation.

The event included a fashion show by Fefe Couture by Farzaneh Jahangard and sponsors Emobily, Lucid M otors, 2000 Cigars, C' est Parfait luxury desserts, Limobook Limousine Car Service, Canadian Flower Winery, and more.



David is a dynamic individual passionate about hosting events that transcend borders and cultures. Born in Gabon, he spent his formative years experiencing the unique blend of two diverse worlds ? Alsace Strasbourg and Libreville Growing up in such distinct environments instilled a deep appreciation for different cultures and their traditions.

Hailing from a family with a strong political background, David developed a keen understanding of diplomacy and the art of bringing people together These early experiences laid the foundation for his journey into the world of event hosting, which he considers his true calling David's wanderlust spirit led him to travel extensively, exploring various countries and immersing himself in their rich tapestry of customs and festivities. These global encounters broadened his horizons and fueled his creativity in crafting extraordinary and inclusive events.

Settling in Canada, David felt a natural affinity for this multicultural nation, where he saw endless opportunities to curate events that celebrated diversity and unity His events became a melting pot of cultures, artistry, and entertainment, leaving lasting impressions on attendees


"Vancouver and Toronto are known for their affluent population and cosmopolitan culture The demand for luxury events in these cities is substantial, offering a lucrative business opportunities.

"Hot Republic has a genuine passion for organizing and creating memorable experiences as they provide an opportunity to showcase creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to curate exclusive and extraordinary occasions.

"The time it takes to produce an event can vary significantly depending on the scale, complexity, and type of event While some more intimate events might be planned within a few weeks, larger and more elaborate events, especially luxury events, typically require more meticulous planning and coordination

"The most significant event we organized was the All White M ansion Party in 2016 at the British Properties, which had an impressive attendance of 375 people It was a remarkable and memorable gathering featuring an opulent setting, exquisite entertainment with a fashion show, and a vast lineup of supercars.

"We are exploring the idea of organizing events across Canada, in the process of hosting an event in St Tropez, and are considering Gabon as a destination event for 2024 "

H O T R E P U B L IC : O N T H E G U E S T L IS T ? 079



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