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olls- Royce Motor Cars have always attracted subversive clients ? rebellious people who build their success by breaking the rules, taking risks and challenging conventions. In the 2020s, a new client has emerged who engages with luxury products on their terms. This generation rejects suits for streetwear, uses blockchain, not banks and influences the analogue world through digital endeavours. In doing so, they have created new codes of luxury that resonate with their sensibilities: darker in aesthetic, assertive in character and bold in design. Their approach to Rolls-Royce products is no different from how they live and in 2020 the marque responded accordingly to satisfy this new breed of buyer by developing new colour palettes ? 44,000 to be precise, more technical surface treatments, and even more powerful driving experiences. One would never imagine that the Black Badge, the highly successful alter ego of Rolls-Royce, now represents almost a third of the orders worldwide.

Post- Opulence for a Modern World Inside this magnificent beast is a darker version of the bright trim and uses dashboard trim, made of carbon and aluminum fibres woven into a check pattern, to create a sporty yet unique look. The dash also features the Black Badge Lemniscate logo, an infinity symbol with a line under it.

It originated with Sir Malcolm Campbell?s record-breaking Rolls-Royce-powered Blue Bird K3 hydroplane from the 1930s. The cabin provides the same type of luxury and theatre as the standard Ghost. The Starlight Headliner creates a mystical sense with the customization of thousands of pinhole lights, and another 850 stars lit by 152 LEDs can appear on the passenger side of the dash. The brightness of each ?star?can be adjusted to suit a mood: bright enough to relax and read under or sufficiently dimmed to create a subtle and relaxing glow. From driver to passengers, every seating position gets supreme comfort with heating and cooling, massage, and an almost overwhelming amount of power adjustments. The armrests are also heated. The soft-close doors latch automatically, and the rear seat passengers can open and close their doors with a button. The umbrellas tucked discretely into the doors are a must-have as one never knows when the elements will make your arrival less than Insta-friendly. To keep the sound of the intrusive city at bay, sound deadener sandwiched between double-skinned doors and floors block noise, as do seat frames damped to match interior frequencies, ports under the parcel shelf that counteract highway thrum, and even sound-deadened tires. As smooth as the ride is, it is the silence that speaks volumes.


The Dark Side of Post Opulence Conceived and born in response to a new wave of clients, Rolls-Royce has created a motor car that is agile, discreet, highly connected and free of superfluous design. The Ghost is not just the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet, but also the most aesthetically pure. In the first twelve months after this motor car was available, it became one of the fastest-selling products in the marque?s history, representing more than 3,500 commissions worldwide! A remarkable result of a marque listening and welcoming new customers outside their traditional scope. The Ghost also started a design conversation in its relentless pursuit of minimalism and purity. Named ?Post Opulence?by Rolls-Royce designers, this aesthetic movement is characterized by reduction and substance. In service to this, exceptional materials are selected and celebrated while the overt design is limited, intelligent, and unobtrusive. However, within this group of clients ? who celebrate minimalism and material substance ? a rebellious subset sought to create a disruptive expression of Ghost by permanently cloaking it in a shade so pure that its very classification as a colour remains a subject of debate: black. Black Badge Ghost reflects these clients?desires. It is the dark side of Post Opulence: minimalism in extremis.

A BespokeConversation for Personalization Clients are welcome to select any of the marque?s 44,000 ?ready-to-wear?colours or create their unique bespoke hue. However, the overwhelming majority of those who request this darker expression of Ghost have selected the signature Black.

The process to create the motor car industry?s darkest black begins with 100 lbs of paint, which is atomized and applied to an electrostatically charged body in white before being oven-dried. The motor car then receives two layers of clear coat before being hand-polished by a team of four craftsmen to produce the marque?s signature high-gloss piano finish.

This operation takes hours to complete an inconceivable for con mass production. This darkness serves as th canvas for clients to high-contrast, hand-p Coachline, which has Black Badge ?black a aesthetic that charac family of Rolls-Royce

three to f ive nd is entirely nventional is depth of he perfect add a painted s created the and neon? cterizes this e motor cars.

Rolls-Royce hallmarks such as the high-polished Spirit of Ecstasy and Pantheon Grille may also be ordered with new processes to achieve a mirror-black chrome finish to match this dramatic coachwork.

An Interior SoTruly Divine


Advanced luxury materials have been meticulously created and crafted for a unique ambiance in the interior suite.

While recalling the dramatic mechanical intent of the Black Badge Ghost, the materials are true to Ghost?s Post Opulent design philosophy. In this spirit, the marque?s craftspeople created a complex but subtle weave that incorporates a deep diamond pattern rendered in carbon and metallic fibres. Behind the beauty of the dashboard are multiple wood layers pressed onto the interior component substrates.

A black Bolivar vene uppermost base layer foundation for the Te layers. Then leaves wo resin-coated carbon a metal-coated thread a diamond pattern and c hour under pressure a then sand-blasted, fol layers of lacquer, whic and polished.

eer for the provides the echnical Fibre oven from and contrasting are laid in a 3D cured for one at 100°C. This is llowed by six ch is hand-sanded

A Driving Experience Unlike Any Else Black Badge Ghost All Wheel Drive is not just an aesthetic but an experience. The clients who enjoy this motor car enjoy the ability to drive with confidence regardless of the terrain. Suitable for North American winters and the uncertainty of road conditions. For the curious and the doubters of the Back Badge Ghost to handle supremely in icy conditions, take note that the marque has included AWD since production launched the 2018 Cullinan SUV and the 2020 Ghost. And while you may not require AWD in your territory, the comfort of knowing that it is there when needed is priceless.

Forging Enduring Friendships Folio.YVR Luxury Lif estyle Magazine extends our appreciation to Gerry Spahn, Head of Communications for Americas Rolls- Royce Motor Cars, and the team at Rolls-Royce for facilitating this incredible driving experience in the Canadian Rockies with the formidable Black Badge Ghost. Over two days, we experienced the Ghost and its legacy of beauty, grace, and power on the highway, along winding mountain side-roads, through ice, rain and slush, all in glorious comfort and control. We also spoke in whispers of the highly-anticipated Rolls- Royce Spectre. Not only will this new sleeker motor car be electric but vegan! The prototype was previewed earlier this year in Arjeplog, Sweden. Industry chatter relays this early taste of the brand's first-ever electrified production car was so well-received, that it was dubbed "Rolls-Royce 3.0." Wa t c h for Pa rt II of Folio.YVR' s Rolls- Royc e Series in Issue # 16 w here w e w ill sha re t he la unc h of t he Rolls- Royc e Sp ec t re EV.





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tanding tall and elegant amongst the lush forest of spruce and pine, the Fairmont Banf f Springs is the heart Banf f National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With majestic mountains and flowing rivers visible from almost every angle, the property reaches the Bow River, is flanked by Mount Rundle and is home to one of the world?s top golf courses. Styled after a Scottish baronial castle, Canada?s ?Castle in the Rockies?has been providing legendary hospitality to international guests for over 130 years. This property is a year-round luxury mountain resort which offers a championship golf course during the summer, unparalleled skiing in the winter, the European-style Willow Stream Spa, authentically local dining experiences, and, it goes without saying, the most breathtaking views. Ideally situated for peaceful seclusion, guests who wish to adventure are just a few minutes from Bow Falls and the Mount Rundle Trailhead. Banff Upper Hot Springs and the scenic Banff Gondola are only a 10-minute drive away.

Beauty & Grandeur in theMajesticMountains The Fairmont Banff Springs, a sprawling 35,000 sq ft, is the most significant hotel in Banf f National Park. With the construction of the Canadian Pacif ic Railway, access to the Rockies opened up, and this brought workers and travellers. With Banf f solidified as a premier tourist destination in the late 19th century, its beauty and grandeur brought people from all over the world to experience the spectacle of the Rockies. Tragically, after opening in 1888, the original wood-built Banf f Springs was destroyed by fire. The gorgeous hotel we visited, as part of the Rolls- Royce Black Badge Ghost experience, was constructed in 1928.

ExperienceDivinity in Dining From our plant-based perspective, of the eight dining - casual to elegant - offerings at the Fairmont, the Rundle Bar offered the widest selection of dishes to enjoy. But do not be dismayed, any luxury hotel of this stature and reputation would never deny guests substitutions based on lifestyle, beliefs, allergies, and dietary restrictions. Cozy, comfortable, surrounded by the beauty of the environment, being served delicious meals and sophisticated cocktails what is not to love? Located on the picturesque Upper Garden Terrace, the 360° Dome is reservable for an extravagant family-style brunch in the morning, an intimate Grapes Wine & Charcuterie experience in the afternoon, and a f ive- course gourmet menu in the evening. The Vermillion Room, a French-inspired bar and brasserie designed by female-led FRANK Architecture in Calgary, opened in May 2018 after a multi-million dollar renovation. The 250- seat venue serves Parisian elegance with Canadian charm and features an extravagant breakfast service, French-inspired dishes and hand-crafted cocktails. We requested and received a delectable plant-based multi-course dinner complete with wine pairing.


WillowStreamSpaandPools A world-class establishment like the Fairmont Banff Springs would not be complete without offering an oasis of luxury and relaxation. Willow Stream Spa is the ultimate serene alpine sanctuary for pampering, reflection, and rejuvenation. Unwinding to the calming sounds of rushing waterfalls and burbling mineral pools is more than anyone can resist. For more than a century, travellers have flocked to this beautiful natural place for journeys of wellness and healing. The crisp mountain air is enticing, and the intensity of high- altitude oxygen inspires clarity of thought and renews strength and purpose. Guests will find easy elevator access to the Spa and pool areas and full hotel perimeter access via the rooftop terrace. Treatment rooms and lounges are situated on the second floor above the impressive mineral spa pool. Antique f ixtures adorn the walls, while three cascading waterfall pools offer therapeutic varied temperature dips. The Willow Stream Spa Pass includes the use of the pool and fitness facility, plus the spa locker room, amenities, and attire. Enjoy the steam and inhalation rooms, saunas, indoor and outdoor mineral spa pools.

FromStudiotoTurret - RoomstoEnjoy The hotel offers eight different suites and specialty rooms. There are two styles of J unior Suites (375 sq ft) for those travelling solo, one with an open concept and elevated sleeping area and the second with turrets and a spiral staircase to a private bedroom. These options allow you to choose between a chic studio style or Old World romanticism. The Terrace Suite (600 sq ft), with its modern decor, luxurious bedroom, grand living area with adjacent dining area, gas fireplace, also has a large outdoor terrace with a spectacular view of the Bow River. Perfect for a romantic destination for two. The Royal Suite is everything you could dream of for a luxury stay. This grand suite offered unsurpassed luxury, with royalty and dignitaries in mind. This unforgettable suite features a reception foyer, a spacious living room with grand piano, a proper powder room and an upper perimeter library that is reachable via a spiral staircase. The attached master bedroom is private with a showpiece chandelier, a plush window seat, and an additional bathroom. A roomy 1,500 sq ft, the Royal Suite is located in the pinnacle of a castle peak on the topmost floor of the hotel?s main building and is accessed by a private elevator. The suite offers magnificent panoramic 360- degree views of the Bow River and the mountains beyond. Our stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs was wonderful and full of surprises, courtesy of Rolls- Royce as part of a weekend excursion to experience the brilliance of the Black Badge Ghost AWD.




RUNDLE BA R | Fai rmont Banf f Spri ngs | Banf f



fter arriving at Fairmont Banf f Springs, we recommend a process: check-in, direct luggage to your suite, then retreat to the Rundle Bar on the main floor to relax and plan the evening. Considered the 'living room' or 'heart' of the hotel, Rundle Bar emulates a sense of luxury and elegance while also being a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where guests socialize and unwind. The expansive two-storey bar boasts custom bronze and wood engraving, a continuation of the hotel's historical thistle motif, a rolling library ladder, and double-volume arches that were once part of the original building façade. Blink, and you may miss it; one of the original arches serves as the 'secret' entrance to an expansive speakeasy-style private room which is masked by bookshelves and floor-to-ceiling doors.

TwoFloorsof Inspiring Mountain Views The second floor is an opulent space with a dedicated cocktail bar and plush lounge seating. Guests seated here not only get to enjoy sweeping views of the Rundle and Cascade mountains but can also take in all the action overlooking the lively bar below. No matter your choice of table, the atmosphere is lively and the service impeccable. This casually elegant space was recently revamped - to the tune of $5M - and unveiled in July 2020 after a six-month closure. The female-led firm FRANK Architecture from Calgary was responsible for the new look and took home a Canadian Interiors' Best in Canada' Award in 2021 for it. The Rundle Bar opens daily for lunch and closes after midnight. Executive Chef Robert Ash designed the menu, which features traditional afternoon tea and classic lounge favourites complemented by globally-influenced Pan Asian dishes. Enjoy with hand-crafted cocktails, local craft beer, and an extensive wine list.


From the menu, we enjoyed a great selection of plant-based stand-outs. We began with Crispy Chickpeas with togarashi nori salt & lime, tangy Guacamole with lime, chilli, avocado smash, pico de gallo & crispy tortilla chips, and Cheese Popcorn with green onion salt & nutritional yeast. Followed by a basil pesto, pine nut, and arugula crispy Flatbread, and Summer Rolls with marinated tofu, cashew sauce, veggies, and rice noodles, all delicately wrapped with rice paper. So satisfying!

The Rundle Bar's talented cocktail curators host cocktail classes at 3:00 pm daily. Guests are invited to sign up in groups of up to eight to shake up their happy hour and learn how to make their Signature Bottled Cocktails from skilled bartenders.

During our visit, we enjoyed a cocktail class with Gerry Spahn, Head of Communications for Americas Rolls- Royce Motor Cars. Never having shaken a cocktail, the experience was educational, fun, and a great way to enjoy the mid-afternoon with a friend.

Our mixologist, Eric, entertained us with his cocktail and ice-making knowledge, proper swirling technique, pour dynamics, and history of all the bitters on the bar.

Together we crafted three cocktails, all of which lean heavily on locally produced spirits, syrups, and garnish to accomplish their unique flavours and presentations.


If you fancy yourself a cocktail crafter, we invite you to mix these three up at home or pick up the premixed version in adorable glass bottles on your next trip.

In J uly of 2020, The Rundle Bar launched a signature Rundle Bar Gin in partnership with Canmore-based Wild Lif e Distillery, which can be tasted in cocktails throughout the hotel and purchased at Fairmont Banff Spring's STOCK Food & Drink. The locally-distilled gin features butterfly pea flowers to create a vibrant purple hue when citrus and tonic are added. It is paired with flavourful botanical ingredients, including juniper, coriander, lemon and grapefruit peel, angelica, orris and licorice root, to create a perfectly balanced floral gin. Additionally, each of cocktails in the class is available bottled and fit perfectly in a handbag, so no matter where you are on the mountain, a refreshing cocktail is always within reach!

Iconic Peak Cocktail Created by Nils Schabert Gaze across Lake Louise and Marvel in the Majesty of the Towering Giants, All Iconic Peaks 1.5 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon 0.75 oz Taylor Fladgate 10 Year 0.5 oz Select Aperitivo 1.0 oz Lemon Juice 0.5 oz Honey Water (sub Agave) 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters Amareena Cherries Combine ingredients over ice in a shaker. Shake vigorously for fifteen seconds. Double Strain over King Cube. Garnish with cherries.



031 WESTBA NK HQ | 1067 West Cordov a | V ancouv er


ancouver-based Westbank Corp. commissioned the Cloud Fazioli, a unique beauty with its tumultuous reflective metal plates, for the downtown Deloitte Summit building. Designed by Tokyo-based OSO and Vancouver-based Merrick Architecture (Michael Skypens and Esteban Ochogavia), the tower?s form is inspired by the shape of a J apanese lantern ? comprised of a system of four-storey cubes stacked around a central concrete core. The piano design plays off the reflective surfaces of the tower and recreates this illusion with metal mirrors. On the street, as those who pass by look up, their perspective is much different from those around them. They ultimately experience different reflections and silhouettes throughout the day and the night.

A Passion for Percussion & Art Manual Bernaschek of Showcase Pianos works closely with the Westbank team to ensure each new commission is a work of art and realized precisely as designed. ?We are very proud of our association with Westbank. Ian (Gillespie) shares my passion for one-of-a-kind art case pianos,? says Bernaschek. The Cloud is one of the latest pianos that Bernaschek has overseen through his business and he is repeatedly one of the world?s top sellers of this highly sought-after brand.

The Birth of a Cloud Fazioli The architects at OSO have covered this incredible instrument with a staggering 450 mirrors (100 mm x 100 mm x 1 mm). The mirrors are mounted on 2.5 mm steel rods of various lengths and veer off in many directions. The effect sought mimics the ethereal appearance and movement of clouds. These mirrors represent the large square panels of the building, and, like the tower, the piano?s appearance changes dramatically depending on the angle viewed. The mirrors were carefully removed when completed to facilitate shipping the Cloud to Vancouver. After unpacking, technicians worked for almost 2-days to attach the mirrors, and then the latest of Westbank?s commissions was ready for an unveiling. Taiwanese-born and Vancouver resident Ariel Tsai (singer, songwriter, youtube celebrity) performed for an excited audience.


The Cloud is a Fazioli Model F228 semi-concert grand piano in black enamel. It was impeccably constructed by hand at the company?s Italian factory in under the watchful eye of the master himself, Paolo Fazioli.

The Birth of a Legendary Brand Based in Sacile, Fazioli Pianoforti SpA is among the most important Italian companies of excellence in grand and concert-grand pianos. Its activity started in 1981 when the company was founded by engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli. Paolo is one of the six sons of Romano Fazioli. Following his passion and intuition, he shaped his way in the family furniture company. He started building a concert piano with sound features completely different from what was on the market at the time. The subsequent success of Fazioli is also a result of an excellent company team, working with significant scientific and artisan skills mixed with passion, tenacity and commitment to create a unique masterpiece: the piano. The building process lasts nearly two years, from forming the rim to the finished product. In thirty years, by combining tradition with scientific research, Fazioli has established its pianos among the best in the world, becoming one of the most influential brands, standing out for its attention to detail and sound of its instruments which are among the world?s best pianos. The Fazioli?s that Westbank commissioned have been designed by some of the world?s leading architects, including Bjarke Ingels, Kengo Kuma, and Bing Thom.

Is it selfish that we want this partnership to continue for many decades? Not at all! The world needs more of the beauty created by this trio! Thank you Manuel, Ian, and Paolo.




NI GHTSHA DE | 1079 M ai nl and Street | Yal etow n



reat chefs come from all walks of life. Some are taught in schools, others teach themselves, while many have just veered into the culinary field after a series of experiences in other industries.

?My grandmother introduced me to this world with the kindest eyes, and it was she who revealed how beautiful it was to feel safe, not to worry about the Khmer Rouge and war. She showed me love beyond the moon and back, and I gained her intuitive talent for cooking.

Then there are those who had the seed planted in their childhood by someone near and dear to them. Chanthy Yen may have trained under the best chefs in Europe, but he will always take his story back to his grandmother.

?I grew up next to her cooking in the kitchen. Every day we would cook, and I would have a role somehow, whether separating the young rice greens from the older ones or using the mortar and pestle and grinding the curry.

"It was a kitchen full of love. I would always be holding her hand going into the garden picking these greens or taking crab apples and turning them into something beautiful. She taught me how to ferment, and she taught me how to cook my first pot of rice at the age of five. She taught me how to nourish a family.?

A Childhood Rich in Flavours Growing up, Chanthy and his family lived in subsidized housing neighbourhoods populated with families that had fled traumatic events in their homelands. Everyone was learning to navigate a new world in Canada. Communicating with language was difficult, but cooking and eating together knocked down barriers. ?The sharing of meals from one household to another was beautiful, allowing me to draw on those memories today when I prepare a special meal or menu.? Chanthy began cooking in restaurants at 14-years-old. As a high school student, he joined a cooking club, which led to opportunities for events with teachers, making lunchboxes, and helping out with meal programs after school.


A string of positions at restaurants and training under Syrian and Italian chefs followed. He continued this path at culinary school in Vancouver before moving to Spain, where he cooked for chefs like Massimo Bottura and Anthony Bourdain. ?When I lived in San Sebastian/ Donostia, I was stagier at Mugaritz, at the time it was ranked 7th Best Restaurant in the World. It was around 2015. Chefs would come into Mugaritz and eat the coursed menu of the moment. To be there and be a part of this was an incredible inspiration.? Chanthy also trained under some of the top chefs in Europe, such as el Bulli?s Ferran Adrià and Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken, winning the coveted Readers?Choice Chef of the Year by Eater Montreal for his sumptuous delicacies at Fieldstone restaurant.

A Member of Parliament While in Montreal, as the executive chef of Parliament, a British pub-inspired restaurant, the pandemic hit and forced the restaurant to close temporarily. Chanthy saw another opportunity, and within 5-days, he opened Touk, a Cambodian street food pop-up inside Parliament. Success was immediate, as evidenced by block-long line-ups and sold-out seatings. With Touk, Chanthy?s voice resonated, and soon the international press, from as far away as Phnom Penh, was writing about this Canadian pop-up!

From Nightshade toa New Parliament Relatively new (January 2022) but already a staple, Nightshade is a globally inspired vegan restaurant in an elegant yet comfortable setting in the middle of Yaletown, Vancouver?s faux-Soho. The menu provides a diversity of dishes and flavours which take their inspiration from around the world. The bar program offers an elevated experience of both proof and zero-proof beverages. Cocktails are crafted with intricate syrups, spirits, and liqueurs, and the naturally focused wine program provides some of the province?s best on the organic front. Owned by Alberta-based Sattva Hospitality, Chanthy led their team to develop the concept, menu, and a culture of inclusivity. Although his current position as the personal chef for Prime Minister J ustin Trudeau and his family in Ottawa keeps him away, Chanthy recently returned to host an incredible evening as part of Planted Expo.

Nightshade & the Quest for Good


The evening consisted of two seatings, the first with a custom menu highlighting local ingredients, including Aki Kaltenbach?s Save Da Sea smoked salmon (carrot-based) and Blue Heron cheeses. The second seating featured the same menu with an added element of Ali Tabrizi, documentary filmmaker of Netf lix?s Seaspiracy and A Little More Good podcast recording with hosts Dean Morris and Zach Berman.

As each dish was presented, Chanthy described every delicious morsel in detail, much to the delight of our tablemates. Such attention to detail and humble approach impressed. Unfortunately, halfway through the second seating, Chanthy had to say goodbye as the following morning he was to prepare breakfast in Ottawa. The evening continued smoothly with Chef Kaide Tighe stepping in and providing the table-side narration! We had a moment with Chanthy to ask about cooking for the Prime Minister and his family during the seating. He shared that it has been an amazing experience, especially to be part of the children?s lives. He recounted how they had recently been to the forest foraging?to nourish their understanding of food, as he did in his childhood. ?In Cambodia, foraging is all you have when walking through the forest. Whatever you can find for the day is the only thing you can eat. It also teaches you about sustainability?you see where the food comes from, the seeds, the earth and the ecosystem.? What is next for Chef Chanthy Yen? A little bird shared that when his contract with the Trudeau family ends, he will return to Vancouver to formally launch Touk in a restaurant space and not as a pop-up. We hope that there are many plant-based dishes on that menu!



OK OK O COSM ETI QUES | 162 Pow ell Street | Gastow n



s the door closes at 162 Powell Street, a rush of . fresh, delicately scented air surrounds me. Across the room, I see two women in lab coats, masks, and gloves, measuring and mixing. To my left is a comfortable lounge area and the gorgeous smile of Oyéta Kokoroko. A Togo-born Formula Botanica graduate who is a skincare visionary that operates her first brick-and-mortar location for internationally acclaimed brand OKOKO Cosmétiques. Oyéta Kokoroko is an entrepreneur with skincare formulation, cosmetic science, and advanced product formulation diplomas.

She is passionate about innovation in the green arena, research and development, and results-driven sustainable skincare. ?My name has its roots in West Af rica, where each name has a story and a meaning. In our language, Oyéta means ?the last of the bloodline,? which refers to rare, unique, scarce? Kokoroko means ?strength,? specifically a state where you feel strong and healthy (both in mind and body) and refers to the holistic blend of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being,? Oyéta shares. Her vision with OKOKO is to create sophisticated and multi-purpose skincare that hits all the right notes: high-performance, luxurious, finely made, all- natural, and cruelty- f ree.

OKOKO employs high-performan precious oils, so delicious aroma results-driven s senses and reve Ingredients inclu Extract (Croton Bakuchiol, Asta Buckthorn Oil,

Featured in num publications, the over twenty aw the calibre of th brand aims to s innovation in th by continually f and high-end be results-driven in multi-purpose a

s exquisite blends of nce botanicals and ophisticated actives and as to deliver skincare, ignite your eal radiant results. ude Dragon's Blood n Lechleri), Blue Tansy, axanthin, Sea and many more.

merous major e brand has also won wards that speak highly of he skincare products. The stay at the forefront of he clean beauty industry formulating innovative beauty products that use ngredients, are and are a joy to use.

049 043

Although she was raised in Montreal, her current home of Vancouver was the obvious location to launch the first OKOKO boutique - on a quiet street far from the bustle of beauty?s big players. This low-traffic area allows the staff to focus on individuals and their specific needs, consultancy, design, and deliver custom blends in real-time as requested.

Not All Serums Are TheSame ?We think it is essential for women to know that not all serums are made with the same quality or efficacy nor deliver the same value. However, in the age of social media and inf luencer marketing, there is a lot of misinformation and claims about what a product can do. For example, a product can smell amazing, have fantastic marketing, and even have a celebrity endorsement with a high price, but that does not necessarily equal high-performance or visible results. It also doesn?t guarantee that it will deliver the value customers expect with its products. Therefore, it is essential to know what you are putting on your skin by understanding more about ingredients and their function so that customers are empowered to make more informed decisions with their purchases and obtain the maximum value for their purchases."

A Promise of Clean Safe Beauty The OKOKO Promise is to make high-quality luxury products comprised of nature-derived, beautiful ingredients that are saf e, devoid of concerns and astonishingly ef f ective. They have no controversial ingredients, cheap fillers, or exaggerated claims in their skincare or marketing materials. Oyéta hopes that OKOKO products will be enjoyed in those rare, peaceful moments that can be hard to find in today?s busy world. Maybe even to motivate to help find some time that is just for you to relax, regroup, ref resh, and rejuvenate.



PRI V A TE RESI DENCE | 141 Water Street | Gastow n



nown for his incredible sense of style, cheeky wit and confident air, Aleem Kassam is not only co-founder of the multi-award-winning Kalu Interiors, but he is also one of Canada?s (and possibly the world's) best dressed, a luxury lifestyle influencer, and energetic promotor of living life to its fullest. Together, Aleem and his partner Victor understand the importance of being comfortable at home. For the duo, the past two years could have been difficult, given the incredibly social nature of their personalities, and while many retreated into their cocoons of avoidance, they flourished.

A Passion for Design It was in 2004 that Aleem began his journey in Interior Design. He obtained a formal education at the Art Institute of Vancouver and soon found himself wanting adventure. Combining a love of travel with this thirst for education, he enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago and achieved a bachelor?s degree in Interior Design & Sustainable Interior Architecture. At this point, he waved farewell to Vancouver. He hopped across the pond to attend the Domus Academy in Milan for Hospitality Design and the school of Central Saint Martins in London for Retail Design. This global perspective influenced Aleem?s taste for design and personal style. With his broad smile and sartorial style, Aleem makes media, guest appearances, and award acceptance so effortless!


A Partnership is Born Aleem Kassam & Phyllis Lui met while attending The Art Institute of Vancouver, and their close partnership led them to derive the firm name Kalu from Kassam- Lui (KA-LU) in 2007. While both had very individually unique styles and sensibilities for design, they also shared a passion for Interior Design, and an understanding of the importance of personal style and spaces for both clients and their homes. Together they espouse creating space that is inspiring, beautiful, aspirational, unique, and individual! From the start, Kalu Interiors served clients across the GVRD and, as each year passes, continues to expand. In addition, Kalu has made its mark in the Vancouver design industry, from single-family homes to corporate spaces to specialty events. The dynamic design duo pride themselves on working with superior tradespeople, offering cutting-edge high-end finishes and always staying ahead of the curb regarding design innovation.


Designing in a Personal Space At Kalu Interiors, the team is constantly innovating, knowing there is much more to a successful project than meets the eye. They design without letting the existing space inhibit creativity and be fluid with all the possibilities to solve potential problems. Obviously, with any best-laid plans, there will be obstacles and limitations in the design, such as structural and electrical, and in those cases, they will be worked with and solutions found. ?The whole purpose of a well-designed space is ensuring it feels like it has purpose! We look at it as a puzzle, make every element fit together and work together. Because it?s only when elements fight one another that a space can feel unsettled, unfinished, or uneasy to the eyes. Nonetheless, throughout our years of experience, we have almost always found that unique solutions only come from unique problems,? shares Aleem. When Aleem began an extensive redesign of his home ? a heritage loft in historical Gastown - he fell in love with a bronze-veined, dark brown stone by Cosentino. The Dekton Laurent became the end-all and be-all of the redesign.


"When you have a material that works well in a space, why not try to take it to the next level?? he says, smiling mischievously. Aleem used the stone not only on the countertops, backsplash and waterfall island, but he also clad the dishwasher, hood fan, and warming drawer! Not wanting to stop the flow, he then used it to create stone f loating shelves which hold greenery, cookbooks, and a selection of adornments. ?The palette selection was quite simple, ensuring that each integration of finish, colour, or material was not overthought. Effortless, seamless, and purposeful were the underlying messages I considered in each choice. Knowing a limited scope of colours and finishes would be taken, a simple whitewash White Oak took the canvas from floors to millwork to provide a light, bright and natural texture and colour to set the stage.? He then added key and contrasting features such as the dark, rich, and earthy colours naturally found in the Dekton Laurent palette. It tied in the loft?s heritage brick facades incorporating the brick through the warm, bronze, and gleaming veins in the Laurent slabs. Lastly, he added matte black trims, hardware and accents, which helped tie together the seamless integration of the Dekton slabs.




Additional layers such as luxe steel finishes, matte black fixtures, bronze mirror wall features and bronze-smoked glass panels elevate the overall space while introducing sophisticated and modern elements. The stunning result of the Kalu Interiors process is showcased throughout this photo tour of Aleem and Victor's absolutely stunning and undoubtedly award-winning home in historic Gastown.

Learn more about Kalu Interiors, founding partners Aleem Kassam and Phyllis Lui, and their team and peruse their exceptionally stunning portfolio on their website!



LI LLY ROSE | Wayf arer Hotel | Los A ngel es



eet Lilly Rose. A one-of-a-kind space that delights the senses and tempts from the moment the elevator doors open. Find Lilly Rose in the basement of Wayfarer Hotel in Los Angeles. Treat yourself to a journey into an underground speakeasy complete with moody nooks and chandeliers, gilding and heavy drapery, an old Zoltar machine, eclectic vintage furniture, and a stunning historic bar. The entire space is heavenly eye-candy and so inviting!

The Genesis of Lilly Rose True to the adage that every great bar has a great story. ?Lilly Rose?is the namesake character of this trippy world. Her spirit occupying this opulent yet eccentric venue is where her world travels, fluctuating career choices, and even perhaps a few passionate, tumultuous relationships are represented. The fantastical aesthetic captures the big personality of such an imaginary yet legendary figure. Craft cocktails, tiny treasures, surprising discoveries, and dimly lit corners set the stage for intimate conversations and welcomed spontaneity. Despite all the playful bells and whistles, this DTLA drinking den is serious about its cocktails?tell any of its deft bartenders what kind of flavours and spirits you like, and they will make you a drink unlike any other. While you can also order classics on the menu and a long list of spirits, you will miss out on Lilly Rose?s ever-changing seasonal house cocktails. A selection of which zigzags from refined rum-forward tiki to negroni-like Japanese whiskey concoctions, all without missing a beat.

A Place toLay Your Head The Wayfarer is part of the Pacif ica Group of hotels, including the Wayfarer Santa Barbara. The 135-room boutique hotel has multiple dining options, a rooftop lounge, and a bar within minutes of the Vegan Women Summit venue, the rustic yet refreshingly modern City Market Social House.


From the elegant front doors to check-in is a colourful, eclectic, and comfortable space called the Gaslighter Social Club. Perhaps an ambitious name for a lobby restaurant, but it does serve a stellar avocado toast and fresh Mimosas despite offering very minimal plant-based options. The uber-cool space features a variety of plush seating areas, wall-mounted collectables, and a 600- book art installation.

On the rooftop, there is Rooftop, a bar with a 360-degree view of the surrounding cityscape. This12th-floor area can hold 195 persons and features bartop tables, lounge seating, fire pits, and an open-air vibe that is open early and closes late.

Satisfy Your Thirst for Adventure


Whimsical. Wonderful. At times, a bit wild. The Alice in Wonderland-esque vibe in the Wayfarer?s basement is well worth the visit. Just one floor down, time becomes inconsequential, and all characters are welcome.




PLA NT FOOD + WI NE | V eni ce Beach , CA



s a raw food chef, plant-based visionary, author, and entrepreneur, Matthew Kenney?s application of contemporary methods and techniques to design innovative recipes with exciting food aesthetics has pushed plant-based cuisine into the mainstream. It has long been said that we ?eat with our eyes,?and while Kenney espouses a philosophy of food as fuel, he has the uncanny ability to create world-class plating. For those not familiar with this prolific American celebrity chef (and missed the mention in Netf lix?s Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, and Fugitives), Kenney is first and foremost an entrepreneur, author, and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine. He is the author of twelve cookbooks, founder of more than 52 vegan restaurants worldwide in countries including Bahrain, Maldives, Lima, and Buenos Aires, and empire builder with Matthew Kenney Cuisine and Matthew Kenney Culinary.

In the little hamlet of Searsport, Maine, Matthew grew up foraging with his family, and it was during his first job as a dishwasher that he fell in love with restaurant life. The people, the food, and the social aspect of the industry won him over, and he enrolled in the French Culinary Institute of New York. After graduation, everything about his life changed. He transitioned to a raw food diet and realized a renewed vigour for life. His entrepreneurial vision was born, and soon, he began opening plant-based and raw restaurants to share his passion with as many people as possible. He has earned several awards, including being named one of America?s Best New Chef s by Food and Wine Magazine and was twice nominated as a Rising Star Chef in America by the J ames Beard Foundation. Kenney has appeared on numerous food and talk shows and lectures on nutrition and health, including a highly watched TEDx talk in 2011. ?Food is not meant to satisfy our cravings, addictions, and indulgences. It is meant to fuel us, to sustain us, to give us positive energy and create one big sustainable ecosystem.?

Launching Plant Food + Wine


In 2015, Kenney launched Plant Food + Wine near Venice Beach. With a purpose to offer a beautiful selection of locally sourced fare on a seasonally crafted menu, with the experience enriched by an extensive wine list of organic and biodynamic varietals. The resulting intimate space has successfully become a communal gathering place where guests experience delicious, health-conscious food in an effortless atmosphere.

The previous tenant in the space, AXE was a mainstay in the community for over twelve years. It was committed to providing a culturally diverse menu?its name is a salutation borrowed from the Yoruba language?sourcing directly from local farmers, organic vendors, and boutique producers. For Kenney to step into that space, the culinary and social stakes were already high, but he was undaunted. With the launch of his vision, he solidified his place in the international vegan community.

This serene and contemplative space emits soothing Bohemian vibes and is the satisfying backdrop for Plant Food + Wine?s bright and flavourful cuisine. With prime access to the Santa Monica farmer?s market, guests benefit from the quality of ingredients, the atmosphere, and impeccable service. Every menu change offers vegetables, seeds, grains, legumes and house-made cheeses, enhanced by the restaurant?s onsite edible garden. The indoor-outdoor space reflects a Mediterranean coast aesthetic with French oak f loors, modern lines, reclaimed stone, and an inviting f ireplace. The transition from inside to out is through an olive tree canopy that shelters diners with courtyard garden seating. For those seeking a beautiful coastal setting for private events, there are four separate areas, including two indoor rooms, a private dining room with a garden view (the wine room), and a tranquil garden patio setting. Hosting everything from intimate weddings to Hollywood wrap parties, company soirees to bridal showers, the location accommodates all. While maintaining its intimate atmosphere, the space has the capacity for a cocktail party of 175 people or 120 seated throughout the restaurant.

A Table for Four Please Our dinner was enjoyed in the garden under the boughs of fig and olives trees, right next to the intimate wine room. Our server joked that the space should be on Air BnB to satisfy the number of people who express a desire to never leave Plant Food + Wine after their meals!


If one were to pinpoint a signature dish, it would be the Heirloom Tomato and Zucchini lasagna, which, during our visit, was delivered to almost every table in the restaurant! It satisfies with its excellent macadamia nut ?ricotta? and sundried tomato sauce, depth of flavour, and brilliant plating, which undoubtedly brings on an OMG moment followed by social media sharing.


In Los Angeles for the Vegan Women Summit, we dined with attendee Laura Simonson (Founder, VIRCHEW), and VWS speakers Marissa Bronf man (Entrepreneur & Impact Investment Advisor) and Margaret Coons (CEO, Nuts for Cheese). Together, we chose a wide range of dishes to share, along with a selection of organic wine and zero-proof cocktails. -

Flora Artisanal Cheese Plate Kimchi Dumplings with Sesame, Ginger, Coriander Maitake Alfredo with Peas and Tendrils Cashew Baked Raclette with Grilled Sourdough Heirloom Tomato and Zucchini lasagna Banana with Coconut Cream & Macadamia Chocolate Caramel Crunch

Enjoy a brilliant meal at Plant Food + Wine on your next visit to Los Angeles. The menu is ever-evolving, the wine and cocktail menu inspiring, and the staff delightful.



GUERLA I N HOUSE | A rt Nouv eau No. 68 | Pari s



or almost two centuries, Maison Guerlain has been revered across the globe for its exquisite fragrance and beauty creations. The historic cosmetics house established its first factory. ?La Savonnerie,? in Paris?Place de l?Étoile neighbourhood in 1828 and continues to manufacture its mythic creations in France to this day. From the beginning, nature has been the inspiration, and its conservation is an unfaltering mission for the celebrated French cosmetics house. With the bee as its sentinel, it unites its partners and customers that share the same vision to imagine and shape a more beautiful and sustainable world together. A decades-long commitment toward uniting luxury and sustainability continues at Maison Guerlain as it celebrates the 15th anniversary of its sustainability department.

A Passion for Nature Vested intoGuerlain A deep respect for and desire to preserve nature is nothing new for the house. Values around sustainability were passed down the Guerlain family line until J ean- Paul Guerlain entrusted his successor, Master Perfumist Thierry Wasser, to continue the legacy his family had built over centuries. Leading the charge for Guerlain?s biodiversity and sustainability program alongside Thierry is Cécile Lochard, who was appointed the house?s Chief Sustainability Of f icer in 2019. We had the pleasure of interviewing these two Guerlain visionaries and were given an inside look into the cosmetic house?s eco- conscious endeavours. Last month, Maison Guerlain celebrated the reformulation of its Aqua Allegoria fragrance collection. Each unique creation pays tribute to nature?s beauty and sweeps us up in a discovery of exceptional raw ingredients and notes, beautifully enhanced by Guerlain?s perfumer-explorers. And because loving nature also means committing to protecting and defending it, the new Aqua Allegoria campaign is a powerful invitation to act for change. ?Sustainable innovation gives consumers a new way to appreciate luxury - a new luxury,? says Cécile. Their commitment to sustainable innovation and in full transparency is evident from the considerations that comprise the Aqua Allegoria collection.




Decisions for the Future

A powerful symbol of Guerlain?s commitment to the planet, the Aqua Allegoria collection boasts formulas composed of up to 95% natural origin ingredients and are now contained in unscrewable ref illable bottles made in France from at least15% post-consumer recycled glass. The 200 mL refill extends the life cycle of the Aqua Allegoria bottle without compromising on quality, sensoriality, and effectiveness. ?When experiencing the new eco-packaging, one does not feel anything has changed, but in reality, everything has changed,? Cécile assures us. The spray unscrews manually to top up the bottle with a user-friendly refill, fitted with an anti-spill system. This launch marks the first time a Guerlain perfume bottle can be filled at home. ?The bee bottle was already refillable, but only in-store,? explains Cécile. ?Developing this format enables us to offer the ability to refill all over the world, through our boutiques and e-boutiques.? The Aqua Allegoria fragrances are formulated exclusively with alcohol from organic farming, a first for Guerlain. The French beetroot alcohol used in its formulas comes from a network committed to responsible farming. ?Formulating a low-impact fragrance is a complex affair,? explains Thierry, ?But we are committed to continuous learning and progress to ensure that not only our products but our partners?practices are as light in carbon footprint as possible.? Cécile works closely with photographer-director and ecologist Yann Arthus- Bertrand to ensure Guerlain employs a holistic approach to sustainability, extending eco-conscious considerations beyond product packaging and formulation to include campaigns.

"The footprint for each campaign is measured meticulously, and several measures are taken to ensure the lowest possible impact,? marvels Cécile. Even the flowers photographed for the Aqua Allegoria campaign were sourced no more than twenty kilometres from the shoot location in France. To complement the Aqua Allegoria reformulation, the collection has welcomed a new scent, Nerolia Vetiver. Containing 95% natural origin, this vibrant and luminous woody floral embodies the radiance of Calabrian neroli, accentuated by vetiver, refreshed by basil, and fused with a delicious fig accord. While the Aqua Allegoria collection started as an allegory of gardens, this creation moved into the abstraction of the Italian lifestyle. It is the love of Italy, its landscapes, and its art of living. ?It has the chic and elegance of1950s Italians,? explains Thierry, the scent?s creator. However, he encourages people to go on their personal journeys with Nerolia Vetiver. ?A scent is a story, and molecules are words meant to be perceived uniquely by everybody. No two experiences are the same.? All living things depend on the climate, and Guerlain acts to protect them by aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030, a mission strengthened by its membership in the UEBT association, Union For Ethical Biotrade. This non-governmental organization is recognized worldwide for its standard of practices regarding ethical sourcing of ingredients produced through biodiversity, and Guerlain aims to have its forty most significant sourcing channels certified with the UEBT standard by 2026.

EDI TOR-I N-CHI EF / Pub l i sh er's M essage


#hiatuscancelle I have always adored the word 'hiatus.' Describing a pause or gap in a process was perfect to use in the situation we all found ourselves in for almost three years. Folio.YVR Luxury Lif estyle Magazine went on hiatus. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would sit down again and begin writing the 'next' issue at some point. My desire to experience and share life's beautiful moments never left, and now as our world is shakily restarting, the passion for publishing is foremost in my thoughts. This issue, join me on a journey to the majestic Fairmont Banf f Springs, where, as a guest of Rolls- Royce, I enjoyed a roadtrip through the Rockies in the Black Badge Ghost, indulged in incredible plant-based dining, and a quirky cocktail class with the affable Gerry Spahn. In Los Angeles the following week for the Vegan Women Summit with Laura Simonson, the incredible founder of VIRCHEW, I shared experiences with the who's who in impact investing and a breath-taking meal at Matthew Kenney's Plant Food + Wine. The evening concluded with a trip into the past at Lilly Rose in a secret speakeasy at the Wayfarer Hotel. Back in Vancouver, with Showcase Pianos' Manuel Bernaschek, I visited Westbank's impressive eco- and dog-friendly offices downtown. A behind-the-scenes look into the developer's fondness of Fazioli pianos brought me face-to-face with a playful wall mural which I photographed for this issue's cover.

Take a tour through Kalu Interiors' re Kassam Kazakov residence, meet Oyé OKOKO Cosmétiques in her studio, din inspirational Chef Chanthy Yen at Nig enjoy a sneak peek of Ann Goldberg's Asclepias from her upcoming exhibitio Gallery.

Folio.YVR is a testament to a city full o that love and embrace the west coast with their attention to beauty.

On the surface, Folio.YVR Luxury Lif e explores west coast ecoluxury; it is a brands, services, personalities, and eve our city unique and very attractive to t world who visit, reside here, and engag hospitality. But behind this gorgeous g powerful marketing company that dr content across the globe to a captive a appreciates the value of living well.

Curious as to how to get your incredib pages of Folio.YVR? Please email me!


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