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Chasing the Dragon

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The Heroin Epidemic Sylas’s Story

Christmas Traditions By: Dorris Keeven-Franke

The Story Behind the Song

Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne”

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TABLE OF CONTENTS St. Charles County Municipality Mayors.....................page 4 Publisher’s Note | Meet the Team.............................page 5 SEPTEM

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O’Fallo n: Gre en Darde nne Pra Cottlevile: Red irie: Ora Lak nge St. Cha e St. Louis:

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Pink rles: Pur 17th GRASSM - SUN St. ple DAY Windjam UCK REALTY Wentz Peters: Blu ’S FAM e ville: Aq Live Mus mer Marina, Windjam ILY FUN ua ic DAY cone truck by Fat City mer Poin 2:00 pm te, Lake , Live Chil Heat, Blue to 7:00 s Due St. dren’s pm Characte t, Chili Coo Louis SEPTEM k off, rs, Hula BER 18 Hoop Con Kids Fishing Derby ST. CHA th, test, Was (13 RLES COM 19th, 20 and hers, Corn younger) Examin th, 21 MUNIT hole, man , Phot ing the st - MO Y COL y giveawa o Booth, Face https://s history LEGE ND ys, lots AY, DEMOCR , health tchas.ed of food painter, Snou/democ and fun ACY DAY TUESDAY, and drin racydays WEDN ctioning S 201 k. SEPTEM ESDAY, 7 of dem BER 22 THURSD ocracy ANNUA nd, 23 in Am AY rd, 24 erica Frontier L COMMUNIT and abr th - FRI Park, 500 Y oad DAY, South RiveFESTIVAL OK SATUR TOBERF rside Driv SEPTEM DAY, EST e, Sain SUNDA BER 22 t Charles Y 6th AN nd - FRI For more NUAL DA informati Y MIC HAE Hosted on visit by the L E. BOE www.sain Cottlevill greens tcharleso e Fire Prote HLE MEMORI fees, cart, ktoberfes AL GO ction Disc lunch, t.com LF TOU dinner, FOOD RNAMEN beverage trict at the Golf TRUCK Club s and more An even FROLIC T t & MO ! Sponsorsh of Wentzville. This fami by SCC Foun VIE NIG $85 dation ip avai ly-fri HT lable, Ryan per person ($34 and Cott treats until endly even leville-W 5:00 pm t is free 0 Haake dusk. At eldon Spri movie (314) 620 per team) inclu dusk, brin and open by the ng des to -4638 Chambe the lake. This g your lawn chai public. Food r of month’s trucks and Commerce r movie SEPTEM at St. Cha is Desp and blankets vend BER 23 on the icable Me 3 grassy ors will be serv rles Commun EXIT 6 rd - SAT hill by CRAFT URDA the TEC ing up deliciousity College. Cottlevill BEER Y H build FES e Legacy eats ing for Park, PaviTIVAL 6:00 the outd and fun pm to 10:0 CONCER lion A oor summ T: 0 er BUTCH Windjam www.exit pm WA 6brewery food, andmer Point, 598 X & THE HO .com Win LLY beverage s. Glas djammer Poin WOODS 7:00 LAKE s is proh te, Lake pm to 10:0 SAINT ibited. St. Loui LOUIS For more s. Enjo y a nigh 0 pm CITY WID info, call DARDEN E GAR (636) 561 t of great musi NE PRA Vendor AGE SAL IRIE -462 c and Boot 0 or ema danc E 7:00 www.dar hs, Kid Zone DAY Noon ranke il arotherm ing!! Bring am to 5:00 to 10:0 , Fam dennepra your chaiDorris Keeven-F ich@lake 0 pm pm irie.org/p ily Entertain rs, saintloui By: men rairie-da s.com SEPTEM y-2017 t, Food Trucks, BER 24 Family ROOKIE Fun Tent, th - SUN Concert S AND DAY by Con SWIM ROC K 400 tagious, STA and Firew www.stpe meters (Olympic RS TRIATHL orks. ON – tersmo.ne -quality FALL Natatoriu t/rec-plex 7:30 m). am -triathlon BIKE 15.8 10 | focu s miles (flat sOn Mag farmland azine s) RUN 3.1 mile s (paved trails, shad y parks)


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Where is Rumpz?...................................................page 21 A.D.D. - Local Band Playing the Classic Hits..............page 22

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Life on Venus.........................................................page 27

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Life on Mars..........................................................page 33


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Accountability is Not Bad Word...............................page 28 University of Missouri News....................................page 35

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Medical Minute with Cheryl Hohe............................page 36



The Story Behind the Song - Dan Fogelberg...............page 38

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The Man Behind the Badge - Scott Lewis...................page 46 New Year’s Traditions.............................................page 48



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Movie Review - Annabelle: Creation.........................page 50



Lew “Th is Behin e Man d the Badg e”


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songs when or e calls they won phon swer a contest . I an t abou studio g in the le asking Dan ” by lly one ran g, peop g Syne rea son the ph .and to play a Old LanEve and he me …… me “Sa lls! sce. mas siness song se ca asking Christ remini the song my bu g that the store on ack and ding it’s people . I love tho s min playin 6-p tell me ience listen ! times nk a I was re I wa on to a conven they urs, dri il today. true! Haha went So the ying. Some g to say to ho t Q, ou unt ry be llin two told the are plane just ca r for out it y, Co must did run d . So I this gu n really sit in his ca forgot ab internet, it is. An icago someo da t Da d and d in Ch in St. Lou swere story. Tha y really didLouis. I kin if it’s on the live n live ek I an The use true St. GHT woma Last we erg was a girlfriend. n lived in ia. Ca she MI d the ikiped t it sai there that Fogelb into an ex- the woma up on W me, bu out d it y told owing it look did run guy sai thr the gu the ed to how flippantly Then and decid ctly , again was exa played this story the song song a, of the erg’s are most radio after . Fogelb St. Louis I am Well on the email…… e. t Dan story abou lives in the ry is tru this h, sto I got ment Jill Hi Tris then il Yes, u com and the Up unt ng yo the facts! in 1983, heari ew away. go ssed intervi t. Loved . Here are m Chica s pa n use ng fro l ref er Da it at tha r morni ved here rtly aft ret. Jill stil to keep rnal Sta nts we mo d to Jill! sec 07 sho in 20 kept it a d she wa Peoria Jou that can marrie ry broke g an o of the dia, had son ipe sto Jill d n’s wik The an l Lucian than Dan it is Da then ts saying ew with Phi ch better mu every reques one intervi , that is to it ward r 2007 Jill did k for cembe . I loo in De nd. KEZK sic on be fou s mu ristma the Ch e ll za lov I Ga 3pm Trish am year! ays 10 . weekd 2.5 KEZK have rds, 10 Rega elberg Dan Fog 2007 1951 -

Jill to y for Jim G ! emor and Jill at m t a ne ring Jim wha for sha and anks story ry!! Th cool at sto a t gre it’s a ! Wha iew, WOW interv the Read gazine

On Ma focus

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crunch cake

Here’s what you’ll need: 1 box yellow cake mix 1 can (16 oz.) pumpkin 1 can (12 oz.) evaporated milk 3 eggs 1 1/2 cup sugar 4 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup chopped pecans 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup melted butter whipped topping

Here’s what you do: 1. Preheat oven to 350F. 2. Grease bottom of 9X13 pan. 3. Combine pumpkin, evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, pumpkin pie spice and salt in bowl then pour it into your pan. 4. Sprinkle your dry yellow cake mix evenly over pumpkin mixture. 5. Sprinkle chopped pecans and walnuts over the cake mix. 6. Drizzle melted butter evenly over everything. 7. Bake your pumpkin crunch cake for 55 minutes or until top is turning golden brown. Cool completely, cut and serve with whipped topping. Refrigerate leftovers.

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Experienc e Christmas The Wh at ite Hare !

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O’Fallon: Green Cottlevile: Red Lake St. Louis: Pink St. Peters: Blue Dardenne Prairie: Orange St. Charles: Purple Wentzville: Aqua NOVEMBER 24th - DECEMBER 30th O'FALLON'S CELEBRATION OF LIGHTS Treat your family to O’Fallon’s Celebration of Lights with a drive-through of the park in your own vehicle... or book a unique specialty ride in advance. No reservations are needed for the drive-through, but the specialty rides require reservations at least two weeks in advance. To get the date you want, book soon! For more details visit www.ofallon.mo.us/COL. Fort Zumwalt Park, 1000 Jessup Lane, O'Fallon Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Friday and Saturday 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Cars $10 • Commercial Vans $15 • Tour Bus $1 per person ($25 min)

NOVEMBER 24th - DECEMBER 23rd CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS Historic Main Street, 230 S. Main St., St. Charles Wednesdays 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Fridays 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Saturdays 11:00 am - 9:00 pm Sundays 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

NOVEMBER 24th - FRIDAY O’FALLON OUT LOUD COMEDY Nick Vatterott headlining! Also featuring Tim Convy & Jack Schurk. Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm Call to reserve your seats. 636-281-2233

NOVEMBER 25th - SATURDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH ROY AND DAVE Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

NOVEMBER 26th - SUNDAY MR. & MRS. SANTA CLAUS AT THE BARN A fundraiser for the USO. Oma's Barn: Home and Garden, 1057 Highway 79, Saint Peters, Missouri 63376 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

NOVEMBER 30th - THURSDAY BORDEAUX WINE TASTING Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 1st - FRIDAY A TRIBUTE TO TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA Hosted by The Prophecy Show. St. Peter’s Cultural Art’s Centre, 1 St. Peters Centre Blvd, St. Peters 8:00 pm 10 | focusOn Magazine

O’Fallon: Green Cottlevile: Red Lake St. Louis: Pink St. Peters: Blue Dardenne Prairie: Orange St. Charles: Purple Wentzville: Aqua DECEMBER 1st - FRIDAY ANNUAL MAYOR'S TREE LIGHTING Hosted by The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis. Festivities will include caroling by Green Tree Elementary School, hot chocolate and cookies, the tree lighting by the Mayor, carriage rides, and a visit from Santa Claus. 20 Meadows Circle Dr, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. City of Lake Saint Louis 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm LIVE MUSIC WITH KEVIN, ANN, AND STEVE Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 2nd - SATURDAY STL SISTERS MULTI-CONSULTANT SALE Hosted by Lularoe Nikki Herbert. St. Charles Community College, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, Cottleville 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm SANTA AT THE STATION Hosted by Central County Fire & Rescue. Everyone is encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Gifts For Kids toy drive. Station #3 - 511 Willott Rd, St. Peters 10:00 am - 2:00 pm LIVE MUSIC WITH MIKAYLA GUNN Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 3rd - SUNDAY PEARL HARBOR REMEMBRANCE DAY CEREMONY Everyone is welcome at this ceremony hosted by the O’Fallon Veterans Commission in memory of the victims and survivors of the bombing of the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. O’Fallon Municipal Centre (City Hall), 100 North Main Street 1:00 pm ST. PETERS CHORAL SOCIETY HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE Hosted by St. Peters Choral Society. Tickets available from choir members or at the door. Fort Zumwalt South High School, 8050 Mexico Road, St. Peters 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm NUTCRACKER TEA Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main Center, St. Charles. $20.00 Adults, $12.00 Children (12 & under), FAC Member Discount Available. 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

DECEMBER 4th - MONDAY THE WHITE HARE PRIVATE SHOPPING NIGHT Hosted by Lutheran High Cougar Activities. The White Hare, 1010 Miralago Way, Cottleville 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

DECEMBER 5th - TUESDAY SCOTCH TASTING Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon 6:30 pm

DECEMBER 6th - TUESDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH CALEB BUTLER Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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O’Fallon: Green Cottlevile: Red Lake St. Louis: Pink St. Peters: Blue Dardenne Prairie: Orange St. Charles: Purple Wentzville: Aqua DECEMBER 7th - THURSDAY LADIES ADVENT TEA BY CANDLELIGHT Guest speaker Patty Schneier and music by Kyle Huelsing. Knights of Columbus - Pezold Banquet Center, 5701 Highway N, Cottleville 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

DECEMBER 8th - FRIDAY BrrrBASH TO BENEFIT TOYS FOR TOTS Firefighters Union Hall, St Peters 7:00 pm - 12:00 am A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS DESSERT THEATRE Hosted by LifeLight Youth Theatre. 7661 Mexico Rd, St. Peters. 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm LIVE MUSIC WITH KAYLOR AND TOMASINO Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 9th - SATURDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH ROY AND DAVE Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 10th - SUNDAY NUTCRACKER TEA Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main Center, St. Charles. $20.00 Adults, $12.00 Children (12 & under), FAC Member Discount Available. 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

DECEMBER 11th & 12th - MONDAY & TUESDAY OLD-FASHIONED HOLIDAY STROLL On this Celebration of Lights walk-through, you’ll hear holiday music, and follow an illuminated drive past holiday scenes that are merry and bright. At 7:25 p.m., fireworks bursting over the lake will add wonder and excitement to this magical walk-through. Along the way you can stop to visit Santa, and refreshments will be available for purchase. Sorry, no pets are allowed and there will be no carriage rides on these two special nights for pedestrians only. Rain or shine. Fort Zumwalt Park, 1000 Jessup Drive, O’Fallon MO 63366 Admission is $3 for ages 3 and older; free parking 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

DECEMBER 13th - WEDNESDAY PACIFIC NORTHWEST WINE TASTING Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 15th - FRIDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH CATFISH WILLIE Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 16th - SATURDAY COOKIES FOR SANTA - KID'S COOKIE CLASS Elderberry Place, 207 O'Fallon Plaza, O'Fallon 10:30 am - 12:00 pm HANDMADE MARKETPLACE CRAFT SHOW St. Charles Community College, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, Cottleville 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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O’Fallon: Green Cottlevile: Red Lake St. Louis: Pink St. Peters: Blue Dardenne Prairie: Orange St. Charles: Purple Wentzville: Aqua DECEMBER 16th - SATURDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH PENNSYLVANIA SLIM Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon BREAKFAST WITH SANTA Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon 8:30 am - 10:30 am seatings. Call for reservations. 636-281-2233

DECEMBER 22nd - FRIDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH COLE BLUE STEEL Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 23rd - SATURDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH ROY AND DAVE Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 29th - FRIDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH HANK AND FOSTER Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 30th - SATURDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH COLE BLUE STEEL Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

DECEMBER 31st - SUNDAY LIVE MUSIC WITH KEVIN, ANN AND STEVE Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon O’FALLON OUT LOUD COMEDY New Year’s Special. Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon Call to reserve your seats. 636-281-2233

JANUARY 9th - TUESDAY Wine 101 Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar, 217 S Main Street, O’Fallon

JANUARY 14th - SUNDAY LBB WOMAN OF THE YEAR BRUNCH Hosted by Little Black Book: Women in Business. The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey, 5065 State Highway N, Cottleville 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

JANUARY 26th - FRIDAY POKER NIGHT- CARDS FOR A CAUSE Hosted by Fire & Iron Station 122. Benefit for Responder Rescue. Call for more details. 314-915-9022. Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri, 115 McMenamy Rd, St. Peters 7:00 pm

JANUARY 27th - SATURDAY ZION LUTHERAN TRIVIA NIGHT Knights of Columbus - Pezold Banquet & Meeting Center, 5701 Highway N, Cottleville 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm FETE DE GLACE... ICE CARVING COMPETITION There are outdoor fire pits, restaurants serving breakfast or lunch and shops to wander in to help you stay warm. Plan to stay for a few hours so you can watch the sculptures develop from a block of ice. Historic St. Charles, N. Main St., 100 N. Main Street 9:30 am - 3:30 pm focusOn Magazine | 13

Christmas Traditions By: Dorris Keeven-Franke

Though St. Charles County was first settled by French-Canadian fur traders while we were a Spanish Territory, it was the German emigrants that made their impact when it came to celebrating Christmas. When Gottfried Duden’s book “A Report on a Journey” shared the lives of our early settlers the Boone, Cottle and Zumwalt families in Germany in 1829, over 40,000 Germans immigrated to Missouri in the following decade. From the Old World came the customs such as the Christmas tree, Advent calendars and stockings to be hung, carefully unpacked, to be treasured and continued here in America. Today over 46 Million Americans consider German to be their ethnic heritage yet may not realize the age-old traditions originally brought here by their ancestors. Advent The religious time of Advent has customs celebrated by a wreath and with a Calendar. The Advent calendar or Adventskalender is a German invention that was originally designed to involve children in the festivities leading up to Christmas. The calendars are usually made of cardboard and have 24 small windows or flaps, one of which is opened on each day leading up to Christmas. Behind each window is a Christmas scene or motif. Nowadays, calendars may contain chocolate or candy behind each window, and sometimes even small toys. The first hand-crafted Advent calendars were produced in the mid-19th century; the first printed calendar appeared in Munich in 1903. Eventually the custom was exported all over the world. The Advent wreath or Adventskranz is adorned with four candles, one of which is lit on each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas. The first Advent wreath, which appeared in the mid-19th century, had 4 larger candles and 19 smaller ones. The tradition of a ring of light existed among the Germanic tribes many centuries before the religious celebration of Advent. St. Nick St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th in Germany. On the evening before the 6th, children place their newly cleaned shoes in front of the door in the hope that Nicholas might fill them with nuts, fruits, chocolate, and sweets. If the children have behaved well, their wishes will be fulfilled. Later the custom became stockings hung by the mantle instead. Children who have caused mischief will receive only a switch, which, which symbolizes punishment for their bad 14 | focusOn Magazine

deeds. The real St. Nicholas lived in the 4th century and was the bishop of a region located in present-day Turkey. Through stories and legends associated with him, he became known as the protector of children and the anonymous bestower of gifts upon them. Over the centuries, the life and deeds of St. Nicholas were celebrated on the saint’s appointed day, the 6th of December. By the Middle Ages, the observance had already become a celebration of children and a day on which they received gifts. It was the German Martin Luther who sought to sever the connection between the saint and the gift-giving celebration for children, because in his Reformation theology, there was no place for the glorification of saints. Rather than abolishing the custom outright, Luther replaced the persona of Nicholas with that of the Christ child; in his Protestant teachings, not Nicholas but rather now the baby Jesus was attributed with bringing the children gifts, and not on the saint’s day but rather at Christmas. Today in many regions of Germany, not Saint Nick or Santa Claus, but rather the Christ child, Christkindl leaves Christmas gifts for children on December 24th. The Christmas Tree Perhaps the most widely adopted German custom of all is the Christmas Tree or the Tannenbaum. Some say the custom arrived on America’s shores with the Hessian soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Another legend is associated with Karl Follen, whose younger brother Paul Follenius later settled in Dutzow. Born in 1796, Karl Follen grew up in Hesse-Darmstadt, one of the scores of principalities that made up the Germany of that day. It was there that, as a boy, he experienced each year the magic of the brilliantly-lit Christmas tree. In 1813 Follen began law studies at Giessen University, but soon interrupted his studies to enlist with his older brother in the Hessian volunteers fighting Napoleon. He was caught up in revolutionary activities, and fearing for his life, he fled from Giessen to Jena, then to Switzerland, and finally to Paris. There he met the Marquis de Lafayette, who urged him to go to America. So in 1824, at age twenty-eight, Follen began his career in America. During his first year he taught German and gymnastics at the Round Hill School in Northampton, Massachusetts. 1830 was a banner year for Follen, as he became a U.S. citizen, and was appointed to a full-time chair in German language and literature at Harvard, and their first child was born: Charles Christopher Follen. They called him ”little Charley.” Follen wanted his son to experience the same magic of the lighted Christmas tree that had enchanted him as a boy in Germany. When Charley turned five, the Follens set up a tree in their home and invited little Charley’s friends and their families to a party, at which the unveiling of the tree would be a special surprise—doubly so, because up to this time Christmas trees were unheard of in Puritan New England. They also invited a distinguished guest for this occasion, Harriet Martineau, a widely-read British author who was traveling in America. She was in on the surprise, and came early to help with the preparations. She also took careful note of the event as it unfolded in the Follen household that evening, and subsequently published her account. “I was present,” she wrote, “at the introduction into the new country of the spectacle of the German Christmas tree.” Round out your holiday with music such as Silent Night or Stille Nacht, some hand-blown glass ornaments, and delicious cookies such as Springerle or Lebkuchen, and you have a traditional German Christmas just as our ancestors would have celebrated. Traditions and family customs enhance our childhood memories, and bring the true story to life as we celebrate the holidays. May your family be blessed with peace, love and happiness this Christmas. focusOn Magazine | 15

er my input to the hungry entrepreneurial spirit that you may have. I bring simple snippets of information based on experiences m my own business life. As promised I’m going to talk about what to look for in hiring a sales person and how they can make or ak your business. A great sales person deserves respect. Many people think they can sell until they actually get the opportunity. en they find out that it takes a lot more than just the title of “sales person “to be successful at sales. Sales - No Business have but one God given talent it would be that I was born a natural salesman. I have always been wheeling and dealing, buying d selling. As a young boy my Mom was never surprised when I rode home on a different bike than I had left with. I traded somedy somewhere for something especially if it was a guitar or a bike because that was cool when I was 12, but this is now and you ed to hire a sales person! ou are in a niche type of business or even a new concept business it will be hard to locate experienced sales people. You will likely ve to train them in your field and then hope they can sell your product. Just because a candidate has a good history of selling dgets, that doesn’t mean they will be able to sell your product. Your sales person should have complete knowledge of your produc hout the use of a script for sales calls. Most people think that a great personality or gift of gab are qualities of a good sales person actually it isn’t at all. I’ve got friends with the best personalities in the world but they couldn’t sell make up to a clown! Your sale I appreciate thelisten opportunity continually my input to sales. the entrepreneurial spirit within those that dareMost ople will likely need to more andtosolve problemsoffer in order to make Look for the quick thinking, creative mind. to take the chance. I bring to light various scenarios based on my own business experiences. In my previportantly, the less they appear to be trying to sell something, the more comfortable your potential client will feel with them. No articles, I’ve discussed start educates up, hire,and runhelps and the market well as grow yourneed ownyour small business. e likes ous a pushy sales person. A goodhow sales to person clientas understand why they product. expand on that idea today by using your imagination and seeing yourself years in the future and e Face Iofwant Yourto Business eventually new business you to are creating now. ur sales person willselling be thethis welcoming committee your products and business. Their voice will be the voice your client will assoIt was always my plan when I started my business to eventually it and retire I was too oldfortoaenjoy te with your business. Their face will hypothetically become the face of yoursell business. Whenbefore you’re interviewing sales person what I was hopefully creating. After over 17 years of building a profiting business with a good track record yourself in the mindset of that candidate contacting you and offering you your product. If you get a chill when they walk throug client expect base, Iyour knew I had something else might actually As how I was getting older your door and you should client to feel the samethat way. somebody How they present themselves willwant. be exactly they will present began thinking retirement researching of selling. I attended on how track. to siness.I Also keep in mindofeveryone is onand theirstarted best behavior on thethe firstidea interview. Get them off of theseminars normal interview I sell your business. They’re usually free and are often put on by business brokers who want you to list your ommend 2-3 interviews before deciding to hire. Use different locations like an office interview and if successful, try lunch or cock business. Youmember can learn lot atthen these seminars just by asking Does questions. I even went to a social business broker s, include a key staff and amaybe a mock selling presentation. the candidate have good skills? Are they conference to gain insights on how to make my company stand out to the right suitors. able and articulate? Have all communications been professional and spelled correctly??? Seriously if they come across unintelligen h something as elementary as misspelled words, keep in mind that’s exactly how they will represent you….Stupid is, as stupid doe



with Jack Johnson

To Broker or Not To Broker:

If you choose to use a broker make sure they thoroughly understand your business. Keep in mind they are going to be responsible for trying to sell it…Typically these brokers want 10% of the sale, should they find a buyer. Granted there are some reputable business brokers, however in my situation I never met a broker that knew enough about my type of business to be any better at selling it than I would be. You will find that most brokers will mass e-mail their huge list of prospects hoping to find a buyer; while at the same time though, they’re telling everyone you are for sale…maybe even your current clients which may create uncertainty for them. The real buyers are hard to find. There are many folks out there that will pretend to be a buyer and even sign a confidentiality agreement, just to snoop in your business without having any real plan to buy. Competitors, though usually a main contender as a buyer are also very good at disguising themselves just wanting to see how much business you are actually doing and maybe see your client list… I decided to market my business myself and not pay a brokers fee. Another thing to keep in mind, after you close on the sale of your business, Uncle Sam is waiting right there for his cut in the amount of 20% + Federal and about 9% State CAPITAL GAINS TAX … plus the broker commission of 10%...so be prepared, your take of the sale will be a little less than 60% of the original sale price.

Finding a Buyer: Recognize who your suitors may be, they’re likely attending the same trade shows you are…. I knew that the right buyer for me would have some experience in my business arena. They would have to be a cash buyer as I did not want to finance my business to anyone. If you finance your business to someone else with just a down payment, and turn over the reins to them, the odds are that you won’t get paid in full…It’s a fact nearly 70% of owner financed deals fall apart within the first 2 years. Look for the big money buyers in your industry, especially if your business runs without you, as this attracts big money. Who is buying your competitors and how did that work out for them? There is always consolidation in every industry. Don’t waste time with the wannabes. Every recruiting conference we attended I went through the trade show vendors testing the 16 | focusOn Magazine

offer my input to the hungry entrepreneurial spirit that you may have. I bring simple snippets of information based on experien from my own business life. As promised I’m going to talk about what to look for in hiring a sales person and how they can make waters to see A who was making in respect. the industry. I break your business. great sales personmoves deserves ManyThough people think they can sell until they actually get the opportun • Beer • Wine • Liquor • Tobacco • never stood on ait table yelledthan thatjust I was I’m person pretty “to be successful Then they find out that takes aand lot more the for titlesale, of “sales at sales. • Snacks • Juices • Sodas • Milk • sure most knew what my intentions were. No Sales - No Business • Eggs • Cleaning Supplies • If I have but one God given talent it would be that I was born a natural salesman. I have always been wheeling and dealing, buyi and selling. As alike young my Mom was never surprised when I rode home on a different bike than I had left with. I traded so Think a boy Buyer: body somewhere forthat something if it was a guitarmaximum or a bike because I’ve learned in orderespecially to give your business worth that was cool when I was 12, but this is now and yo need toinhire a sales person! a sale situation, your business should be able to run without If you are type of business or even a new concept business you.in aAniche business you are considering selling should haveit will em- be hard to locate experienced sales people. You will l have toployees train them in your field and their then jobs hopewell theyand can sell product. in place that know the your company canJust because a candidate has a good history of selling widgets, that doesn’t mean they will be able to sell your product. Your sales fully function without the owner. You will also need documented person should have complete knowledge of your pro without the use of arecords, script forclient sales calls. Mostapeople think that and a great personality or gift of gab are qualities of a good sales per accounting records, web presence have but actually it isn’t at all. I’ve got friends with the best personalities in the standard operating procedures written on every function withinworld but they couldn’t sell make up to a clown! Your peoplethe willcompany. likely need By to listen more solve problems order to make having all and of these in place,inyou then havesales. Look for the quick thinking, creative mind. M importantly, the less be trying comfortable your potential client will feel with them. N a product youthey canappear sell. Iftothe ownertoofsell thesomething, company the hasmore to be 30 packwhy canthey Budneed Light $18.99 one likes a pushy sales person. A good sales person educates and helps the your product. involved in every single detail of the business, it’s simply not client understand Budweiser 12 pack can $8.99 The Face Your Business an ofattractive buy to a business investor, unless you intend on Ruben Sandwich $6.75 Your sales person will be employee. the welcoming to your products and business. Their voice will be the voice your client will a staying on as an Thecommittee new buyers would likely rather ciate with Their face willthey hypothetically the face of your business. When you’re interviewing for a sales pe not your havebusiness. you at all, because know that become once you’ve been Cottleville 101 walk th put yourself in theit’smindset of that you and offering you your 1517 product. If you getPkwy, a chill Suite when they the boss, hard for youcandidate to be thecontacting subordinate... plus if they Cottleville, MOthey will present y the door you should expect your to the feel the theyhow present themselves will be exactly how buy your company and client you’re onlysame oneway. thatHow knows business. Also keep in mind everyone is onand theiryou bestget behavior the first interview. Get them off of the normal interview trac everything works in your business hit by on a truck…. recommend 2-3 interviews before deciding to hire. Use different locations well, you know… You have to see your business as the buyerlike an office interview and if successful, try lunch or tails, include a key staffyou member and maybe then a out mock presentation. Does the candidate have good social skills? Are th will see it and must take all emotions of selling this transaction. likableThis and articulate? all communications been professional spelled correctly??? Seriously if they come across uninte will just beHave dollars and cents to the buyer, even if and it was with something as elementary as misspelled words, keep in mind that’s exactly how they will represent you….Stupid is, as stupid your life’s work. Make no mistake a business sale is only about


the business. If you have a real personal attachment to your business as well as an unrealistically high price based on anything other than economics, get comfortable, you will continue to own that business. Once approached by a potential buyer, seek legal assistance immediately. Use an attorney that has expertise in this area and understands exactly what YOU want as an outcome. They have a tendency to seek their own agenda. Tip of the day… have an idea what your business is worth BUT never tell anyone how much you want for your business. Let them do their due diligence and make you an offer, you may get more than you expected depending on how bad they want your business or need you out of their way…

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By: Robin Seaton Jefferson

Playing the Classic Hits.. In what seems like the era of second-hand music, undoubtedly these are the kind of hand-me-down hits that no one wants to let go. The second decade of the 21st century has popularized the cover band, the tribute band and all things nostalgic where music is concerned. Whether it’s a need we have to return to our youth or simply to preserve and promote what most of us consider the greatest music of all time, we just can’t seem to get enough of the music that brought us through the latter part of the last century. That’s exactly what A.D.D. does. And that’s precisely what has made them one of the most sought-after and loved premier live entertainment bands in the St. Louis and St. Charles County areas in years. Though they don’t consider themselves a tribute band, they sure can carry some legendary tunes. And whether Lead Singer Melinda Galaway is belting out her version of Ted Nugent’s rock classic “Stranglehold” or crooning a love song by Adele, she’s making at least one audience member glad they came to an A.D.D. show. “We try to make every night a night of music for everyone. We do something that a little kid will dance to, that older generations will dance to and everything in between,” Galaway said. “It does not matter your age. There will be something from your era. We truly try to touch every genre of music.” Galaway’s not kidding. From Elvis Presley to Bruno Mars and Dolly Pardon to Metallica, A.D.D. performs a variety of rock, funk, country, pop and dance music. From the 1960s revolution as popular music evolved into rock to today’s progressive-experimental era where just about anything goes, A.D.D.’s sets are an eclectic mixture of all of it. 22 | focusOn Magazine

from Elvis to Metallica The band’s website, addstl.com, says it best. “We’re people that came together to bring harmony and happiness to the world. You’ll find our song selection to be as unpredictable as MissourAH Weather....If you don’t care for the song - Just wait for the next one…” “A.D.D. is a fun band with a great sound,” said Pam Barry Sullivan, one fan who gathered her friends in a local bar for her last birthday specifically to see A.D.D. “Watching Melinda rock out and inter-

act with the crowd is a blast. The dance floor is the place to be when they are playing.” Along with Galaway, are band members Shannon Daoukas on guitar, keyboards and vocals; Tom Daoukas on lead guitar and vocals; Bill Salmon on bass guitar and vocals; and Steve Hosack on drums. Galaway said the name is exactly what it seems. “In the beginning, we could not get through a practice. We couldn’t get through a song without stopping and talking about something else we could play. We are kind of a hot mess. It’s like we all have A.D.D. We’re also a very diverse band.”

The band played its first show in January 2013. But the members of A.D.D. have known each other for far longer, Galaway said. “We have known each other our whole lives. We all went to school together. We all went to Fort Zumwalt. Tom and Shannon are married.” Galaway said all of the members of A.D.D. had been in popular St. Louis bands before forming A.D.D. The 46-year-old mother-of-three sons said she started singing after a random chance event at a local bar. “I joined a karaoke contest when I was 23 at Little Bit of Texas. The grand prize was a trip to Vegas. I won the grand prize,” she said. “I just kept doing karaoke after that. Then my friend started a band called Idiosyncrasy and I joined. I really didn’t even know I could sing till I was a teenager. I used to sing along with my Pat Benatar cassette tapes in my room and one time, my dad said, ‘Hey sis, you’re pretty good!’” St. Charles County Suburban Journals named A.D.D. the “Best of St. Charles” in the Musician/ Band category in both 2015 and 2016. Galaway said they have been nominated for 2017. “People love the mixture of the music that we play,” Galaway said, “from one artist to the next. This is us keeping the music going and keeping the creativity flowing. We would probably like to play more often, but we all have other responsibilities. We all have kids. We all have jobs.” Riverfest and Oktoberfest on the Missouri River in St. Charles are just two of the local events A.D.D. has headlined. Galaway said the band enjoys these the most, along with gigs at venues of all sizes from Bottleneck Blues Bar at Ameristar in St. Charles to Maggie Malone’s in Wentzville. “We don’t really care about the size of the bar,” she said. “We are just doing what we love to do.”

Galaway said even after more than 20 years of singing, she still gets “butterflies” in her stomach on the way to performances. “I really could puke,” she said. “I get so nervous. But once I’m five songs in, I’m good to go.” It doesn’t hurt when the oldest of her three sons shows up at her performances with all of his friends in tow. “My oldest son is 27. Sometimes he will bring his friends and come to our shows. It is so much fun. I started doing this when he was four. I used to take him to practices when he was little.” One musician who sold more than 100 million records, received 21 Grammy Awards for his music and holds the record for most number one albums by a solo artist on the US Billboard 200 may have described best how we feel about the music we love. Shawn Corey Carter, or Jay-Z, as he’s known the world over, described it this way in an essay for Rolling Stone on “What Makes a Classic Track”: “When you hear a great song, you can think of where you were when you first heard it, the sounds, the smells. It takes the emotions of a moment and holds it for years to come. It transcends time. A great song has all the key elements — melody; emotion; a strong statement that becomes part of the lexicon; and great production.” Indeed A.D.D. is helping local music lovers of all ages relive their past while educating the next generation of listeners on the greatest songs of the last fifty years. For more information about A.D.D., contact the band’s booking agent, American Bands Entertainment at 636-265-0500, info@ambandsentertainment.com, ambandsentertainment.com or on Facebook. The band can also be contacted at 314724-5152 or found at addstl.com or @addstl on Twitter and on Facebook.

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History of St. Charles County The first church, built in 1791, was Catholic and dedicated to the Italian saint Charles Borromeo, under the Spanish version of his name, San Carlos Borromeo. The town became known as San Carlos del Misuri: “St. Charles of the Missouri”.

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a humorous look at life by Kayleen Ziegemeier

Buddy the Elf

So much goes into Christmas now, keeping up with family traditions, shopping, decorating, baking, gift exchanges with co-workers/friend/kid’s friends/family/neighbor/and just about everybody else. Oh, but WAIT there is one more, don’t forget that stupid, jolly Elf bringing Christmas joy to every household during the holiday season. What began as a fun way of manipulating, and sometimes terrorizing, our kids into doing exactly what we wanted from the day after thanksgiving to Christmas eve when the elf goes home to the north pole with Santa has turned into this parent’s worst flipping nightmare. I purchased our magical elf from a local Bed Bath and Beyond about 7 years ago. At that time, it was a pretty simple, fun way of keeping my kids in line. One elf, no outfits, no pet reindeers, no insane maneuvers by the elf…or me; but boy did it escalate quickly! Now for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain. The idea of the Elf on the Shelf is simple. Its watches the kids during the day and then magically flies to the north pole to tell Santa how they acted, then it flies back and sits somewhere different. NOBODY is allowed to touch the elf, NOBODY! If they touch the elf it will lose their magic and stay in the same spot. This proves to them that they better be good because if this tiny elf doesn’t make it back to the North Pole at night, Santa knows somebody didn’t listen to the rules. What a great concept, right?! Well at least it was well intended; but, you know what they say about the road paved with good intentions! The first few years it was an easy gig. We would move the elf from the tree, to the mantle, back to the tree etc. The kids were happy, we were happy. The next years it got a little more intense. The kids were older and their friend’s elves did all this crazy stuff; so, I did what any mom would do and stepped up my game. I started with a bag of dumped out sugar and our elf, Buddy, made sugar angels. I had fake snowball fights set up with other toys, I colored red noses on the kids when they were sleeping and had buddy hold the marker, I was so proud of myself, and the kids loved it. Every night I waited for all the kids to go to bed and I was on to my next amazing idea. I grab a tape measure and have it tied to the fan to the tree and have buddy ziplining down into the tree. Usually while constructing these mini unanimated action scenes, my husband strolls in from work and just gives me a look

while shaking his head. But it is all worth it when my kids wake up the next morning and freak out with excitement. “I am nailing this elf thing!” I think to myself. But these last few years, O…M…G…,I can barely keep up. I was a bit tired one night so, I just redid a maneuver that I had done a couple of years before. But, on this morning, my kids woke up completely unimpressed and said, “Buddy already did that like a year ago.” And they went to their rooms and got ready for school. I replied with an offended remark “Are you serious? Can he not do the same thing twice?” “Ummm….NO” they said as they were walking to their rooms to get dressed for school. Is this what my life is coming to? I spend countless hours trying to figure out what’s the next coolest thing I can do with this stupid elf, just so I can get a smile from my kids? I need to get a life; like, for real! It was about at this point, where my drive to thrill my kids started to fail. I don’t know if it was the pressure to keep up with all the new ideas, or if it was work stress, or just life in general, but I started to get sloppy. One night I forgot to move the Elf and the kids were so upset the next morning. Anxiety set in and I had to think of something. So, I did what any quick-thinking mother would do…I lied. I said their little sister touched it. Don’t judge me, it was fine. Their little sister could barely talk, so there was no way they could disprove it (OK, now I am starting to judge myself…). They just kept saying “I can’t believe you touched Buddy! You can’t do that!!” and she would reply with a violent head shake and the word “NO!” I did fell a little bit bad that they were upset with her but, nothing that a little ice cream can’t fix, right? This Elf has affected my life to such a degree that sometimes I will wake up from a dead sleep after I have a nightmare of this bastard elf burning my Christmas tree down or unwrapping all the presents I worked so hard to wrap. After this terrible dream, I wake up in a panic and realize I forgot to move the Elf. So, I wake up in a cold sweat in a complete daze, and end up just throwing it in the tree. It always ends up in a crazy position, that usually makes the kids happy, or at the minimum it satisfies my new monthly requirement. With all of the stress involving Buddy the Elf, this year I am highly contemplating having our elf be the victim of a horrific ziplining accident, so he can sit in a body cast the whole Christmas season. focusOn Magazine | 27

Accountability Is Not a Bad Word

By: Ken Willard - Contributor

What comes to mind when you hear the word “accountability?” For most people in our culture today, the word immediately brings to mind some form of punitive action. Too often, accountability shows up when something goes wrong and people are looking to lay blame. The finger pointing begins. “Sales are down this quarter. Someone is going to be held accountable!” In the book, Winning with Accountability, Henry J. Evans says, “Accountability should not be defined as a punitive response to something going wrong. Accountability means preventing something from going wrong.” Achieving our organization’s mission and vision begins with accountability. • Mission-focused organizations front-load accountability into all of their strategies. • Leaders must establish a culture of accountability where it will be anticipated and expected. • Accountability is about achieving our goals and not fear or stress.

Hypocrisy exists in the space between language and action. What happens when an organization or a leader says one thing, but their actions say something else? Employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and everyone else will soon stop trusting them and assume their words are of little value. Have you heard or thought any of these types of quotes about a company? • “My company says they value new ideas, but we keep doing things the old way.” • “The sign in the window indicated the business was accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but I feel like I was ripped off.” • “The company leaders say they value diversity, but everyone in charge looks alike.” In accountable cultures everyone holds each other accountable for their commitments in a positive and productive manner.

Accountability is born with two or more people know about a commitment. The key first step for accountability is clearly communicating our expectations to those who are responsible. As leaders, this would include not just those who report directly to us, but also those who we may be influencing throughout our leadership circle. One tool which can help ensure you have clearly communicated your expectations to others is a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Specific – Have I described and provided a visual of the behaviors and deadlines required for this task? Do they know what “success” will look like? Do they understand the “why” we are doing this? ***This is by far the most important element of any S.M.A.R.T. goal. Measurable – Can my request be measured? Does it have a clearly defined completion point? When it’s all said and done, can you actually measure if the goal was achieved? Actionable – Will this drive people to actually “do” something or maybe change a behavior? Results-Oriented – Will this request move us closer to our vision? We don’t need more tasks that just create work . . . we need to see tangible results. 28 | focusOn Magazine

Time-Based – Will those who are involved clearly see and hear completion dates and/or clear milestone dates? Can we write this request on a calendar and break it down into smaller steps? While positive accountability may not be easy, it can be SIMPLE. • Set Expectations – never assume, be clear and focused. SMART goals are a great tool. • Invite Commitment – Just because someone knows what to do, doesn’t mean they will do it. Explain how the goal will benefit them and the organization. Connect what they want to what the company needs to achieve. • Measure Progress – Reward completion . . . but recognize steps along the way. Periodically let people know how they are doing. Ask what they need—what is getting in the way? Remove obstacles. Good goals are always measurable. • Provide Feedback – Honestly share how you feel. Be clear, don’t make them guess. Feedback is a gift, be sincere. Intent is more important than technique. • Link to Consequences – What will happen if they are successful? What will happen if they are not? Not about punishments, focus on the mission and vision. • Evaluate Effectiveness – Focus on the results, not the effort. What worked and what did not? What should have been done? What did they learn? Be systematic and consistent. Take a look at your own organization and especially your personal leadership style. How would you describe the current accountability culture? Positive or punitive? No matter where you are today, it is never too late to take steps toward a more positive accountability culture. But it will not happen by accident or by wishing. Make some plans now to take one small step in the direction of positive accountability. Your team and your whole organization will be benefit from your efforts. Here are a few suggested resources: • • • • •

Winning with Accountability by Henry J. Evans Time Management for the Christian Leader by Ken Willard The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni Leadership 101: What Every Leader Need to Know by John C. Maxwell Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey

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humorous look at life by Kevin Ziegemeier

A Man’s Man... ?

Fall is once again upon us. For most people, autumn is their favorite time of year. The dog days of summer are over, cooler temperatures have arrived, the leaves are turning colors, and the baseball playoffs are in full swing. Fall is the the perfect season for long walks, bonfires, hayrides, and tailgating at the local sporting events. With all of these things going on, it is time to take a trip to the store to get some fall activity supplies. The first stop at the local mercantile will be the men’s clothing. One cannot enjoy fall activities without being dressed appropriately. The first thing that catches my eye is the flannel shirts. Not only are flannel shirts warm and cozy, they look manly. I mean, have you ever seen a picture of Paul Bunyan wearing a short sleeved polo? Absolutely not. Speaking of my bro Bunyan, he inspires me to do a manly autumn activity……..chopping firewood. I grab a handful of flannel shirts, thermal undershirts, jeans, boots, and an ax. I am picturing myself leaving the house in my wood chopping attire while the wife lovingly admires my tool. Little does she know that at this trip will include a bunch of buddies, a cooler of beer, and a log splitter.

Just past the men’s clothing is the sporting goods. What could there be in the sporting goods section that a man could use in the fall? Bats, balls, bikes? Nope. Rackets, paddles, clubs? Not even close. Being a man in the fall means only one thing………furry critter season. So I venture over to the guns and ammo. Now, I am not much of a hunter and still carry some severe mental scars from a bad snipe hunt experience. However, it is fall, it is animal season, and I am going to hunt. As I peruse the guns, I am confused by all the numbers…….410, 22, 12 gage, HIKE. Football joke. I know, not funny. But I want to make the clerk think that I know what I am doing. I pick a gun, some ammo, and a camouflage outfit and throw it in my ever growing basket of testosterone. I am really looking forward to blowing the feathers off a defenseless chukar. I am feeling pretty good about my purchases. I am so prepared to enjoy this fall. Maybe I should do a quick lap around the store so all the other shoppers can admire my basket of autumn man stuff. All the women will want me and all the guys will want to be me. What a feeling. It just does not get any better than this. I am so happy. Nothing can bring me down right now. Time to head to the……… wait a minute. What is this? Oh my goodness, it can’t be. Christmas stuff. I can’t believe it. It is not even the middle of October.

There are Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, lawn fixtures……a man’s worst nightmare. It is hard to believe that we cannot enjoy the changing of one season to another for a few weeks without getting smacked in the face by holiday season. How many autumns in history have been ruined by spending nights and weekends putting lights on the house? Decorating the tree? And worst of all, Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong. I am not the Grinch. I enjoy the holidays. Spending time with the family and friends, peace on earth and all that crap. I just think the season lasts way too long. What happened to the days when we decorated our trees on Christmas Eve and anxiously waited on the arrival of ole Saint Nick while roasting chestnuts and reading The Night Before Christmas? Watching Aunt Maude and Uncle Hank get drunk while playing the Twister game they got from their secret Santa? The extension of the holiday season is taking a big bite out of the fall season. Even though the holiday season creates some stress, it does have a major benefit. The after Christmas sales are awesome. I particularly like the sales on cologne. This works perfectly into my philosophy of if a man spends more than $15 on a bottle of cologne, he may as well be wearing a dress. Before the holidays, the cologne companies create gift sets with several different bottles of cologne, body spray, and after shave. If purchased before the holidays, these gift sets are a good value. But purchased the day after Christmas, the saving are unreal. I can stock up and get a year’s worth of cologne for less than $20. And these are the big boys of the cologne industry…….. Brut, Old Spice, English Leather, Aqua Velva, and Hot Bod. As I got ready to check out, I remembered a line for the movie, The Godfather. The Godfather said a man can never be a real man unless he spends time with his family. How true. So I put back all of my things and got a hoodie for the bonfire with my daughters. I picked up some hiking boots for the trails I will walk with my wife. I got a rake so I can make a pile of leaves my grandson can jump into. And I bought some lights and ornament for our house so our family can enjoy the holiday season together. It is not how great the season are, but how great we make the seasons. Being with my family makes my seasons great. I feel like a real man. I hope you all enjoy the fall season and the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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medical minute with Cheryl Hohe, MSN, ANP-BC

is it the blues or are you depressed?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. It is also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression. It affects how you feel, think and behave, and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. It may cause issues with doing normal daily activities, and sometimes you may have feelings that life is not worth living. Depression is more than just a bout of blues, and isn’t a weakness that you can just “snap out of”. Depression is a disorder of the brain. There are a variety of causes, including genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. Depression can happen at any age, but it often begins in teens or young adults. Depression may require long-term treatment. Most people with depression feel better with medication, psychotherapy, or both. Exercise also helps with the symptoms of depression.

~ Symptoms ~ Although depression may occur only once during your life, people typically have multiple episodes. During these episodes, symptoms occur most of the day, nearly every day and may include: • Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness • Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters • Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies or sports • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much • Tiredness or lack of energy, so even small tasks take extra effort • Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased cravings for food and weight gain • Anxiety, agitation or restlessness • Slowed thinking, speaking or body movements • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixating on past failures or self-blame • Trouble thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things • Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide • Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches 36| focusOn Magazine

For most people with depression, symptoms usually are severe enough to cause noticeable problems in dayto-day activities, such as work, school, social activities or relationships with others. Some people may feel generally miserable or unhappy without really knowing why. Any of those symptoms sound familiar? You are not alone. 19 million teens and adults in the U.S. have depression. Those being treated for depression show an improvement in symptoms within 4-6 weeks of treatment.

When should you see a doctor? If you have any of the symptoms mentioned. • • • • •

If you think you may hurt yourself or attempt suicide, call 911 or your local emergency number. Call your doctor or mental health professional. Call the suicide hotline number-in the U.S call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK Reach out to a close friend or loved on Contact a minister, spiritual leader or someone else in your faith community.

Whatever you feel, you are not alone, and there is help out there!


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The Story Behind the Song “Same Old Lang Syne” Dan Fogelberg 1951 - 2007

Contibutor: Trish Gazall Story by: Phil Luciano

So there I was minding my business…….and the phone rang in the studio. I answer phone calls when songs are playing. Sometimes it’s people asking me to play a song, people asking about a contest they won or someone just calling to say they listen. I love those calls! Last week I answered and this guy, Cory Q, went on to tell me that the song “Same Old Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg was a true story. That Dan really did run out to a convenience store on Christmas Eve and he really did run into an ex-girlfriend. They really did sit in his car for two hours, drink a 6-pack and reminisce. Then the guy said the woman lived in St. Louis. I kinda forgot about it until today. I was playing the song again and decided to look it up on Wikipedia. Cause if it’s on the internet, it must be true! Haha! Well most of the story was exactly how the guy told me, but it said the woman lived in Chicago. So I told the story on the radio after the song played, flippantly throwing it out there that she MIGHT live in St. Louis. And then I got this email……. Hi Trish,

Trish Gazall weekdays 10am - 3pm 102.5 KEZK

Loved hearing you comment about Dan Fogelberg’s song this morning. Here are the facts! Yes, Jill lives in the St. Louis area, we moved here from Chicago in 1983, and the story is true. I am married to Jill! The story broke in 2007 shortly after Dan passed away. Up until then Dan and Jill had kept it a secret. Jill still refuses interview requests saying it is Dan’s song and she wants to keep it at that. Jill did one interview with Phil Luciano of the Peoria Journal Star in December 2007, that is much better than wikipedia, that can be found. I love the Christmas music on KEZK. I look forward to it every year! Regards, Jim G

WOW! What a cool story and what a neat memory for Jill to have. Read the interview, it’s a great story!! Thanks for sharing Jim and Jill! 38| focusOn Magazine

At Woodruff High School, Jill Anderson had a typical teen romance: on-again/off-again with the same boy over several years. He’d write a lot of poetry and share his insights with Jill. But as they went to separate colleges, things cooled off. They tried to stay in touch, but he moved out west and she headed to Chicago. That might’ve been the sum of a sweet memory, if not for a chance reunion one Christmas Eve at a Peoria convenience story - one music fans know well. Further, though she and Fogelberg only rarely had communicated over the past quarter-century, she feared that her talking about the song somehow might cause trouble in his marriage. But in the aftermath of his death - he passed away of prostate cancer Sunday at age 56 - she has been sharing her secret with old friends in Peoria. “I don’t want this to overshadow Dan,” Jill says. “When I heard the news that he died, I was very sad.” She and Fogelberg were part of the Woodruff Class of ’69. They would date for long stretches, break up, then get back together. Often, they would head to Grandview Drive, take in the vistas and listen to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Fogelberg often would pen poetry, some of which he gave to Jill. “I still have some of those in a drawer at home,” she says. After high school, Fogelberg went to the University of Illinois in Urbana to study theater, while Jill attended Western Illinois University to major in elementary education. They stayed in touch, even continuing to date for a while. But the romance ended for good when he left the U of I early to head to Colorado and pursue his music career. After graduating college, Jill relocated to the Chicago area, where she worked as an elementary teacher and flight attendant. Not long after college, she married a man from that area, and her connection to Fogelberg faded to memories. But on Christmas Eve 1975, Jill and her husband visited her parents, who still lived in the Woodruff district. Also at the home were some friends of the family. During the gathering, Jill’s mother asked her to run out for egg nog. Jill drove off in search of an open store. Meanwhile, a few blocks away, a similar scenario was playing out at the Fogelberg home, where Dan Fogelberg was visiting family for the holiday. They needed whipping cream to make Irish coffees, so Fogelberg volunteered to go search for some. By happenstance and because almost every other business on the East Bluff was closed, Jill and Fogelberg both ended up at the Convenient store at the top of Abington Hill, at Frye Avenue and Prospect Road. She got there first, and Fogelberg noticed her shortly after arriving. They bought a six pack, sipped beer in her car and gabbed away. “We had some laughs,” Jill recalls As two hours flew by, Jill’s family and friends grew worried. “We were like, ‘Where is she?’” says a laughing Eileen Couri of Peoria, one of the friends at the gathering that night. When Jill returned, she simply explained that she had run into Fogelberg, and the two had caught up with each other. No big deal.

Jill’s old boyfriend was Dan Fogelberg, who memorialized their convenience-store encounter in “Same Old Lang Syne.” Since the song’s release in 1980, Peoria - as well as the rest of his fans worldwide - has wondered about the “old lover” referenced in the song. Fogelberg never would say, and only a handful of people knew the ex-girlfriend’s identify. Jill, now Jill Greulich of Missouri, feels she can finally share the story. “It’s a memory that I cherish,” she says. She says she had kept publicly mum because Fogelberg was such a private person. “It wasn’t about me. It was about Dan. It was Dan’s song,” Jill says. Five years later, Jill was driving to work in Chicago. She had on the radio, and a new song popped on. First, she thought, “That sounds like Dan.” Then she listened to the lyrics, about two former lovers who have a chance encounter at a store. “Oh my gosh!” she told herself. “That really happened!” They would not discuss “Same Old Lang Syne” until years later, during a conversation backstage at a Fogelberg concert. Two parts of the song are inaccurate. Blame Fogelberg’s poetic license. Jill does not have blue eyes, but green. In fact, when they dated, Fogelberg called her “Sweet Jilleen Green Eyes” - a combination of her full first name and his twisting of a song title by Crosby, Stills & Nash. Fogelberg explained that he took the easy way out for “Same Old Lang Syne.” As he told Jill, “Blue is easier to rhyme than green.” Also, her then-husband was not an architect but a physical-education teacher. Jill doubts Fogelberg knew what her husband did for a living. She thinks Fogelberg probably just thought “architect” sounded right for the song. But those are minor details. The heart of the song hangs on its most chilling line: “She would have liked to say she loved the man, but she didn’t like to lie.” Still, even decades later, she declines to discuss that line of the tune. “I think that’s probably too personal,” she says. But the song had no impact on her marriage. By the time of its release, she had divorced. “Somebody said he waited until I was divorced to release the song, but I don’t know if that’s true,” Jill says. In 1980, the same year of the song’s release, Jill married Chicago-area native Jim Greulich. Eventually, they would move to a St. Louis suburb, where she now teaches second grade. A few of her school associates have known her secret about the song. So has Fogelberg’s mother, who still lives in Peoria and exchanges Christmas cards with Jill. This week, Jill sent e-mails to a few old pals in Peoria, lifting the lid off the “Same Old Lang Syne” mystery. One of the e-mail recipients was Wendy Blickenstaff, a Woodruff classmate of Jill’s and Fogelberg’s. “I had a big suspicion” it was Jill, says Blickenstaff, now the head counselor at the school. “I’m happy for her. It’s really cool. ... That’s a memory that she treasures.” Jill agrees. Yet her memories of Dan Fogelberg stretch far beyond “Same Old Lang Syne.” “I’ll always have a place in my heart for Dan,” she says. ” ... Dan would be a very special person to me, even without the song.” focusOn Magazine | 39

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History of St. Charles County On Aug. 2, 1956, Missouri became the first state to award a contract with the new interstate construction funding. The contract was for work on US 40 - now I 70, the Mark Twain Expressway - in St. Charles County.

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Story by: Darlene Fischer


Chasing the Dragon: The Heroin Epidemic is Here! Part 5

"Mine Addiction" Sylas's Story Sylas has lived his whole life in St. Charles County. As a young boy he grew up reading books, loving music, Sci-Fi, and playing outdoors with a few of his good buddies. He got great grades all throughout school and was always on the honor roll. He also met and married his high school sweetheart and together they had a son. Life was pretty good for Sylas. He loved to go have fun, drink and perform with his band. What he didn’t realize was that life wasn’t so great for his wife. One day when his son was just 3 months old, and after being together for almost 9 years, he came home and it was empty. A note on the table was all she had left behind for him. Surprised, devastated, hurt and alone, Sylas sank into deep depression and started drinking heavily every night.

when the baby was about 9 months old, she was removed from their care. Shortly after that, they were evicted and found themselves living out the winter homeless and in their car. Sylas recalls how rough that was on the both of them. Several times they overdosed and one time he even tried to kill himself. He was shocked when he awoke and wasn’t dead. “Surely God must have a plan for me to still be alive,” he recalls. When spring came he thought things might start looking better. At least it was getting warmer. God did indeed have plans for Sylas and when he went before the judge for his third possession charge, the judge was tired of seeing him in his courtroom. This time he was sentenced to

Several months passed and he began casually seeing someone who was a heroin addict. For the first couple of weeks he just watched as she would put the needle in her arm. Up until that time he had only drank and smoked some weed. But one day she turned to her friend who was always so sad and simply said, “Do you want some? This will definitely make you feel better?” At this point Sylas didn’t care about life anymore so he said, “why not!” And that’s how it began. That relationship didn’t last, but the addiction sure did. It was another two years before he met Chelsea. Their relationship was on and off for awhile until one day Chelsea decided she wanted to try heroin with Sylas. It was the tie that would bind them together in a world of shame, pain and regrets. The next couple of years for the both of them were a mixture of getting high, drinking, going to court for traffic and possession charges, and spending small stints in jail. And they also gave birth to a baby girl. They loved the baby and tried several times to quit heroin on their own, but like so many others, this is one addiction where expert help is almost always needed. Eventually DFS was alerted and 42 | focusOn Magazine

Sylas today with his son and his daughter

one year in prison. It was here that Sylas’ life finally began to change for the better. Unable to get high anymore, he began to think more clearly. Eventually he reconnected with the God he had abandoned when he was just 14. He even started a bible group with some of the other inmates and became determined that this time he was going to stay clean. Chelsea also got clean. She was one of the lucky few who were able to do it on their own. Through sheer determination, the loss of her daughter and not wanting to be homeless without Sylas by her side, she sought shelter at the local Salvation Army. The year passed, both had gotten free and they were finally reunited. It’s been two years now since they have done heroin. Chelsea got a full time job as a manager and Sylas works a lot laying carpet. He says he is 110% better and loves having a “clean head!” He is also looking forward to doing some-

thing with his art which he stopped doing while in addiction. They got full custody of their daughter and just had their second child, a baby boy. Sylas says he deeply regrets the mistakes of his past and states, “I honestly don’t even know how I functioned back then but ,as for the future, I’m going to be the best husband and father I can be!” I asked Sylas, “What one thing would you want to say to parents of teenagers today?” He replied, “Pay attention! Especially to their personalities and changes in the way they act and present themselves. Bad hygiene, that’s a dead give away! And don’t let them seclude themselves!” I then asked him, what one thing would you say to teenagers and young adults? Sylas replied, “it really is everywhere, and it will ruin your life! If you see someone out there who is really successful and living ‘the life,’ it’s because they stayed focused on what they want to become instead of doing ‘the cool thing!’ What you could become is your worst nightmare!”

“Mine Addiction” Art by Sylas

(this piece was created by Sylas after getting clean and out of prison) I asked Sylas... “Why mine and not just my?” His response... “In my opinion “mine” is more possessive than “my”... plus it’s a depiction of my own emotions portrayed in a visual form. It can’t be compared to anyone else.”

Scan this QR code with a phone or tablet and it will take you directly YouTube documentary

In an effort to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, the FBI and DEA have released “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict,” a documentary aimed at educating students and young adults about the dangers of addiction. More at www.fbi.gov/ChasingTheDragon focusOn Magazine | 43

“LOCATION... LOCATION... LOCATION” We’ve all heard that real estate saying for residential property, but it also rings true when it comes to business’ location as well. When PRMG Mortgage Corporation was deciding where to call it’s Missouri residential sales operation home, the answer was simple; Main Street St. Charles.

Jeremy M. Greenlee Sales Manager NMLS ID 2746699 State Lic. 1809-MLO P: 314-769-7334 F: 636-757-3751 226 North Main Street St. Charles, Missouri 63301 Jgreenlee@prmg.net www.prmg.net United States Navy

PRMG Mortgage Corporation is a nationwide residential mortgage banker that ranks among the top for privately owned lenders and carries the “#1 Best Places to Work” honor as well. We wanted our Missouri footprint to be engaged with the community on a day-to-day basis. We know firsthand how important home loans are to the community in which we serve; priority #1 was to ensure the community knows we are committed to them. What better way than to have our branch located in the Historic Main Street St. Charles location. Main Street St. Charles is a destination for travelers and community alike. It embodies all the history of our great state as well as forward thinking business ventures. The entire team at PRMG St. Charles lives close and has a vested interest in the future of our community. This branch will be led by thirteen-year mortgage and eight year US Navy Veteran; Jeremy Greenlee. “We are excited to broaden PRMG’s presence in Missouri. Leading a branch for a company that is not only Voted NO.1 Best Company to Work for, but succeeds in treating customers as well as employees with the utmost consideration and appreciation displays the company’s true colors of culture. As our location is in the heart of the Historic Main Street of St. Charles, my team and I will be able to engage with the community daily and be THE destination for customers and business partners alike.

Rates effective 11/14/17. Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. NMLS #75243 www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Financing is This is not a loan commitment, guarantee of any kind. Loan approval and rate is dependent on credit, collatoral and financial history. Terms are subject to change without notice. Missouri Company Registration 17-2361

Discover the Possibilities.

44 | focusOn Magazine

I’m dedicated to ensuring that my team of loan consultants provide the ideal products and services to borrowers here in Missouri. Personal and professional integrity has always been at the heart of success, and as Branch Manager, I keep this in mind while building our presence throughout Missouri. Competitive rates, forward thinking technology and old-fashioned customer service will distinguish us and enable our staff to provide the best mortgage options for the “Show-Me” State. As a US Navy Veteran, I have a special interest and compassion for fellow Veterans. I take great pride in my VA loan knowledge and actively engage with the community to help educate fellow Veterans on their VA loan eligibility and benefits. We have a great location at 226 N Main St. St Charles. Our office overlooks the Missouri River and has a 600sq foot covered deck that will be a show-stopper for customers, business partners and neighbors alike. Our team was already involved in the numerous events and festivities that happen year-round at Historic Main Street; having our branch here only solidifies our engagement with the neighborhood. We understand that home financing can be daunting…we simply want the community to know that we have their best interest in mind and that we are highly trained and provide lending for all walks of life. For peace of mind, give us a call, text or email for a free home purchase or refinance evaluation; you might be surprised at the benefits that you are eligible for.”

The photo shoot for the cover and a Special Thank You to April’s on Main for the decor! Cover Photo By; Debbie DeClue

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from All of Us... To All of You! focusOn Magazine | 45

Scott Lewis “The Man Behind the Badge” Story by: Skip Stevens In my quest to seek out great leaders in St. Charles County, I asked for a sit down interview from Sheriff Scott Lewis. Sheriff Lewis is somebody that’s familiar to me as he was formerly the Chief of Police and City Administrator for the City of Cottleville. Scott and I had never taken the time to just sit and talk, so, I was really excited when Sheriff Lewis accepted my invitation for a spotlight interview. I spent about an hour and half with the Sheriff and learned a lot about the man behind the badge. Scott Lewis is St. Charles County through and through. He spent his younger years living in Portage Des Sioux before moving to St. Charles in the 5th grade and then to St. Peters a few years later. Scott graduated in the last ever class of Ft. Zumwalt High School in 1986 before heading off to Central MO State University (now UCM) to play football on a scholarship and study criminal justice. After college, Scott returned to St. Charles County and worked for Wentzville Police Dept. and the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Dept. from 1990 to 1997. In ’97, Scott was hired as the Chief of Police for the City of Cottleville and accepted the position of City Administrator in 1999. Chief Lewis worked both Police Chief and C.A. until he was elected as St. Charles County Sheriff in 2014. Skip: What motivated you to get into law enforcement? Sheriff Lewis: I’m not 100% sure, but I was a police explorer with St. Peters PD from the time I was 14 until I was 18 so I guess it’s something I was just drawn to from a young age. But, I have also always had a strong interest in politics. In high school, I was on the student council and was the senior class president. At that time, I got to go to Washington DC and shadow Congressman Harold Volkmer. That had a big impact on me. It was really neat to see what goes on behind the scenes and see things that most people never get to see. In college I was on the student senate. So, when you think about my passion for law enforcement and my passion for politics I am in the perfect job! Skip: Who have been your mentors? Sheriff Lewis: Evan “Corky” Thebeau is one. He really helped me get my career started. Corky and I were working security together when he was running for St. Charles County Sheriff in 1988. He involved me in his campaign and I got to meet a lot of people in law enforcement. Corky helped me get my first police job as a reserve officer for the city of Wentzville. I would also have to say (former St. Charles Co.) Sheriff Ray Runyan who hired me in 1992 to run the county’s DARE and crime prevention programs. Lastly, I can’t leave out (former) Wentzville Chief of Police Ken Conlee who I worked for as a Sergeant from 94 to 97. All three men had a great impact on me personally and professionally. Skip: A lot of people may not understand the difference between the Sheriff’s Dept and the Police Dept. Can you explain? Sheriff Lewis: I have to tell you first that I am a bit of a history buff. This county’s Sheriff’s Dept. actually out-dates its county government. In 1805, the District of St. Charles was everything north of the Missouri River and West of the Mississippi River and I mean everything from St. Charles to Des Moines Iowa. The Sheriff’s Dept. first started in 1805 and was tasked as the keeper of the courts, the keeper of jails and the keeper of the peace. At that time, keeper of the courts was by far the largest job of the three. Keeping the peace was tough because communication and transportation were so slow that most effort was futile. Keeping the jail was easy because, back then, prisoners were locked up and mostly forgotten until their release. But, keeping the courts required a lot of work in the form of protecting judges, serving court orders and subpoenas, and collecting civil judgements, which at that time might have meant seizing cattle from a farmer. As we have it now, the Sheriff’s Dept. is 46 | focusOn Magazine

the keeper of the courts, the Police Dept. is the keeper of the peace and the Dept. of Corrections is the keeper of the jails. So, we are the enforcement arm of the courts. We serve evictions, garnishments, executions of court orders, warrants, transport prisoners and provide security to the county courts, judges and court staff. Skip: Law enforcement has been in the spotlight lately with some highly publicized and controversial cases. Generally speaking, what can law enforcement do to improve this situation? Sheriff Lewis: The residents of this county are tremendously supportive of their officers. We are often given food and letters of encouragement. Those things are truly appreciated. I think that is in large part because we have already been doing the right things. We focus on community engagement by interacting with the public as much as possible. The chiefs in this county are all very active in various service organizations such as Rotary, Chambers of Commerce and others. We engage as many people as we can so that they are comfortable talking with us about any issues or concerns. We are also completely transparent and open to anyone and everyone. Skip: What are you most proud of? Sheriff Lewis: Number one is raising three boys. After that I would say having a part in shepherding the growth of Cottleville; Having some input in how our community grew and developed in the years that I served there. Skip: If you could go back in time and talk to the 22 year old Scott Lewis, what would you say to him? Sheriff Lewis: Slow down. Life is not a race. Be patient and learn. Skip: How does being a publicly elected official affect you personally and professionally? Sheriff Lewis: Really in the same way. I like it. It makes me more accountable in both regards. It holds me accountable to doing a great job. It helps me focus on excellence. I like having to answer to the people I serve.I wouldn’t want it any other way. Skip: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your years in law enforcement and politics? Sheriff Lewis: The importance of having patience with people. Not to be so quick to react, but instead to think things through and then respond more deliberately. Also to be patient in terms of hiring. The importance of getting the right people can’t be overstated. Skip: What have you accomplished with the Sheriff’s Department since elected in 2014? Sheriff Lewis: We have learned to do a lot with limited resources. I have worked hard to make the department as efficient as possible. It’s important to me a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollars and, at the same time, to provide a professional, modern and well executed service. Skip: What is your passion in life? Sheriff Lewis: Community Service. Sheriff Lewis’s answer to my last question is quite evident to anyone that knows him. He volunteers for the Cottleville Rotary Club, has sat on the St. Charles County Comm. College Foundation Board, has been active in Cottleville/Weldon Spring Chamber of Commerce, has worked on the Drug Task Force and served on the County Police Academy Board of Directors. What I admire most about Scott is that he is a big guy on the outside but even bigger on the inside. His physical strength is matched by his internal strength of character. He is a principled man of integrity and moral character. In public, he holds himself in a stoic, and reserved manner, fitting for a public law enforcement official of the highest caliber. But when approached, he very naturally softens and authentically engages people in a way that allows others to feel his warmth and kindness.

Scott Lewis & Skip Stephens

Sheriff Lewis and his wife, Amy, have three sons together and love to spend time boating and camping on the Mississippi River. In 2016, Sheriff Lewis was honored by the City of Cottleville with a new city park named in his honor…Scott Lewis Park. focusOn Magazine | 47

New Year’s Traditions

Source: History.com In many countries, New Year’s celebrations begin on the evening of December 31st - New Year’s Eve - and continue into the early hours of January 1st.

Revelers often enjoy meals and snacks thought to bestow good luck for the coming year. In Spain and several other Spanish-speaking countries, people bolt down a dozen grapes-symbolizing their hopes for the months aheadright before midnight. In many parts of the world, traditional New Year’s dishes feature legumes, which are thought to resemble coins and herald future financial success; examples include lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the southern United States. Because pigs represent progress and prosperity in some cultures, pork appears on the New Year’s Eve table in Cuba, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and other countries. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries, a sign that the year has come full circle, round out the feast in the Netherlands, Mexico, Greece and elsewhere. In Sweden and Norway, meanwhile, rice pudding with an almond hidden inside is served on New Year’s Eve; it is said that whoever finds the nut can expect 12 months of good fortune. Other customs that are common worldwide include watching fireworks and singing songs to welcome the new year, including the ever-popular “Auld Lang Syne” in many English-speaking countries. The practice of making resolutions for the new year is thought to have first caught on among the ancient Babylonians, who made promises in order to earn the favor of the gods and start the year off on the right foot. (They would reportedly vow to pay off debts and return borrowed farm equipment.) In the United States, the most iconic New Year’s tradition is the dropping of a giant ball in New York City’s Times Square at the stroke of midnight. Millions of people around the world watch the event, which has taken place almost every year since 1907. Over time, the ball itself has ballooned from a 700-pound iron-and-wood orb to a brightly patterned sphere 12 feet in diameter and weighing in at nearly 12,000 pounds. Various towns and cities across America have developed their own versions of the Times Square ritual, organizing public drops of items ranging from pickles (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania) to possums (Tallapoosa, Georgia) at midnight on New Year’s Eve. 48 | focusOn Magazine

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Murder on the Orient Express Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench

Movie ReviewS by: Kevin Ziegemeier

Rated PG-13

Rating scale 3 Screws… EXCELLENT, A MUST SEE

2 Screws… Good, Wait for video release

1 screw… Average, Wait for Netflix release

You’ve been screwed… do not waste your time or money

Marcus Wehrenberg Theatres Town Square 12 Cine  

7805 Highway N, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

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Regal O’Fallon Stadium 14  

900 Caledonia Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63368

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Marcus Wehrenberg Theatres Mid Rivers 14 Cine  

1220 Mid Rivers Mall, St Peters, MO 63376

(636) 279-2734 B & B Wentzville Tower 12

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Marcus Wehrenberg Theatress St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine

1830 S 1st Capitol Dr St. Charles, MO 63303

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How many times have you heard people say the book is always better than the movie? That may be true, but who has time to read? A book could take days, even weeks to read whereas a movie only takes a couple of hours to watch. If the movie leaves you unsatisfied and with more questions than answers, reading the book can fill in the blanks. Plus, you can put a face with the character in the book. I mean, is it wrong that characters in a book always look like Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, or Brad Pitt? The problem with watching the movie instead of reading the book is that there are lots of blanks to fill. Books can go into great detail about each character. The story can go in several different directions. Each action can be explained based on what we read earlier in the story. Since movies only have about two hours to work with, some of the details of the story get missed leaving the movie goer unsatisfied. Set in the 1930’s, Murder on the Orient Express is a movie based on the book of the same name written by Agatha Christie. World famous detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) has just solved a major case and is looking for a little rest and relaxation. However, before he is able to head to his destination, he is called to an urgent matter in London and must board the Orient Express. While on the three day voyage on this luxury train, he has small encounters and conversations with the other thirteen passengers on board. While traveling through the mountains, the train gets derailed by an avalanche and must wait for a crew to dig out the engine. During the night of the derailment, the art dealer Ratchet (Johnny Depp) has been discovered in his cabin stabbed to death. The rest of the passengers feel it would be in the best interest of everyone if the murderer can be named before the train gets back to the station and police get involved. They turn to Poirot to solve the mystery. Being the best detective in the world, Poirot meticulously evaluates the physical evidence left at the crime scene and questions everyone on the train. This process leads him to the disturbing conclusion that everyone on the train knew the victim and had a motive to kill him. But who did it? Will this be a case that the world famous Hecule Poirot cannot solve? If you read the book or seen previous movie adaptations, you know the answer to this question. However, I have not read the book, and I will assume many others have not either. The problem with this movie is that there is too much information to fit into a two hour movie and is a little confusing. Several of the characters have thick accents and some of the dialogue is hard to understand. Even with the ensemble cast that includes Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, and Willem Dafoe, the movie is somewhat boring. If you are a mystery buff and an Agatha Christie fan, I would recommend sucking it up and reading the book. There will be no short cuts here. If you feel you only want to spare a couple hours on this story, then do not spend your hard earned dollars at the theater and wait until it comes out on Netflix or Hulu. I give Murder on the Orient Express 1 screw.

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FocusON St. Charles County Magazine - Winter 2017  

Publisher's Note: It's that time of the year again, time for family, friends and parties. And this is our holiday season edition. But then a...

FocusON St. Charles County Magazine - Winter 2017  

Publisher's Note: It's that time of the year again, time for family, friends and parties. And this is our holiday season edition. But then a...