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Fresno County Probation Department’s

Volume 18 Issue 5

June 2014

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Memorial Quilt Unveiling By Barbara Dodds This year, April 7th – April 11th, 2014 was designated National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, with a theme of “Restoring the Balance of Justice.” Advocates shepherd victims and their families through the court system, hoping that justice will prevail. Whether or not the outcome of the case seems justified, it’s an emotionally exhausting process and the unexpected loss of a loved one under tragic circumstances is devastating for family members.

and encouragement to families struggling with the loss of a loved one. Suzanne valiantly told the story of her daughter and of her own long and continuing journey to living a full and meaningful life. Jennifer left behind a four year old daughter. (Continued on page 2)

On the evening of April 8, the veiled 2014 Crime Victims’ Memorial Quilt hung on stage as friends, family members, victim advocates and dignitaries admired, and were inspired by, twenty quilts displayed in the Fresno County Plaza Ballroom. Each quilt patch had been lovingly designed by friends and family members to reflect a unique individual whose life was lost due to a violent crime. The Probation Department’s Crime Victim Assistance Center has sponsored annual Victims’ Rights Week ceremonies since 1994, when the first quilt was dedicated. The original quilt included 71 patches, each honoring a lost loved one. This year, twelve patches were added, bringing the total to 470. Innocent victims honored on this year’s quilt were between the ages of two and 82 years old. Gathering survivors to recognize and honor lost family members offers an opportunity for them to support one another during the healing process. Attendance by local dignitaries, law enforcement agencies, members of the court, and the news media demonstrates that the community recognizes their loss. Suzanne Hirata, whose 24 year-old daughter, Jennifer, was killed by her husband in 2001, offered a message of hope

Following the unveiling and dedication, family members gathered around the quilt, as McKai Cartier read the names of 470 victims.

Table of Contents Crime Victims’ Week Memorial Quilt Unveiling Crime Victims’ Week, cont’d; Competitive Grant Awarded, VOISE Opens Employees of the Month for April: Kristopher Stone, and May: Erica Arcia Probation Stars; Battle of the Badges Blood Drive; Gosling Flies Away Annual Office Support Appreciation Luncheon 2014 Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony Jesse Montemayor Promoted to PSM; PSM Group Photo—ERC, 2014 Kristine Ruiz Promoted to PSM; Training Calendar June/July; Appreciation Promotion Profiles: Terry Alaniz, SOA; Daniel Sanchez, SJCO

1 2014 Peace Officers’ Swearing In Ceremony, June 19 2 Hot Dog Extravaganza 3 Walking Works; Recipe Favorites: Youngblood’s Chili Coreen Campos, Focus Forward CEO; Court Hearing Reminder System 4 Returns; Save the Date 5 Got Cake? JJC Courthouse Birthday Club Does; Blessed Events 6 Boys & Girls Club Events at the Juvenile Justice Campus 7 Personnel Happenings 8 In Memoriam: Michelle Shorey 9 Contact Infolink; Wanted: Success Stories; Suggestions

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Crime Victims’ Week, Memorial Quilt Unveiling (Continued from Page 1)

Lori Willits, who served as Probation Services Manager for the Crime Victim Assistance Center from January, 2011 until March 17, presented Makai Cartier with a plaque recognizing her dedication and commitment to this event. In her 21 years of service, Makai has read the names of every person represented by a quilt patch—and each year the list grows longer. Two weeks before the event she begins practicing the pronunciation of each and every name to make sure she gets it right. Makai Cartier is a true professional and a very compassionate person. The Crime Victim Assistance Center is truly grateful for her participation in our program. The Crime Victim Assistance Center is also grateful to members of our Probation family who attended and those who assisted in making this annual event a success. The Memorial Quilt Unveiling is a promise made to the families that their loved ones will never be forgotten. As a symbol of this promise, Forget-Me-Not seed packets were provided to everyone in attendance. The simplicity of a seed conveys what words cannot express.

Fresno Awarded Competitive Grant—VOISE Program Opens By Jesse Montemayor Last October, the Department submitted a competitive proposal to the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), and Fresno was one of six counties awarded grants to provide Probation Specialized Supervision Programs. Proposals from Butte, Humboldt, Kern, San Francisco, and San Joaquin Counties were also funded.

the Victim Advocate and DPO will make contact with the victim to address any concerns the victim may have and provide information about services. The Victim Advocate will provide ongoing assistance to the victim, working with the DPO to ensure the victim receives information and is updated regarding the probationer’s status.

Our grant award was executed in April, providing an additional $100,000 in revenue each year for the three year grant cycle. These funds will allow Fresno County to provide the Violent Offender Intensive Supervision Endeavor (VOISE) program. VOISE intensively supervises high-risk offenders convicted of violent crimes against women, including DV, sexual assault, dating violence and/or stalking. Victims of VOISE offenders receive supportive services from the Deputy Probation Officer and a full-time Advocate. Probationers selected for this program are considered to be especially violent, and at a high risk for re-offending. Probationers assigned to this caseload are supervised on a weekly basis by the DPO to ensure full compliance with probation terms. Probationers will be contacted by unannounced home visits, office contacts and by telephone. Within ten days of receiving a new case,

The VOISE Program is overseen by PSM Jesse Montemayor (L) and staffed by Advocate Yana Nebyshinets and DPO David Jimenez. 2


Kristopher Stone Selected Employee of the Month for April By Martin Sanchez It is with great pleasure that we announce Deputy Probation Officer Kristopher Stone as the Department’s Employee of the Month for April. Officer Stone began his career with the Department as a Probation Technician on October 22, 2007, assigned to the Drug Suppression Unit (DSU). There, he worked with the PC1000, Prop 36, and Targeted Case Management (TCM) caseloads. On October 16, 2011, Kris was hired as a DPO, assigned to the Special Services Unit (SSU) of the Juvenile Division. For approximately 18 months, he supervised 50-60 minors, reviewing probation instructions with minors; referring them to services, including substance abuse treatment, fire starter treatment, and family counseling; providing referrals for community service and the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP); and supervising minors ordered to complete Electronic Monitoring. Officer Stone was transferred to the Placement unit in April of 2013, where he was originally assigned to local group homes. On February 1, 2014, he was re-assigned as the field officer Placement, where he is responsible for maintaining contact with all out-of-custody placement probationers, including those outside of Fresno County and for maintaining

contact with parents/guardians involved with Family Reunification. Recently, he completed training as a “Thinking For A Change” instructor for the Juvenile Division. Regardless of the responsibilities assigned to him, Officer Stone always demonstrates a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and a strong work ethic. He doesn’t hesitate to help a fellow officer. On a personal note, Kris is originally from Oxnard, California, the strawberry capital of the world. After graduating from Channel Islands High School, he served in the U.S. Army for five years as a military intelligence analyst, and was honorably discharged in 1995. Officer Stone graduated summa cum laude from CSU Fresno with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminology in May of 2007. He currently resides in Visalia, California and enjoys hiking, reading, watching movies, and spending time with family and his disobedient puppy, Oscar. Officer Stone expressed surprise and gratitude upon receiving this recognition, and looks forward to his future within the Department. Officer Stone, again—thank you for your hard work, and congratulations!

Erica Arcia Selected Employee of the Month for May By Rosalinda Vera Erica began her career with the Probation Department on April 2, 2012, as the receptionist at the Drug Suppression Unit (DSU). Erica mastered the reception desk in a short time and, in January of 2013, she was assigned to the Prop 36 Probation Desk where she expanded her data entry knowledge and became familiar with Prop 36 case clean-up. Due to staff shortages, she was soon trained on the PC1000 desk and, while still in training herself, Erica helped train new staff at the DSU reception desk. On January 20, 2014, Erica was transferred to the AB109 unit and is currently assigned to the AB109 clean-up desk. She is responsible for processing Post Release Conviction Supervision and Mandatory Supervision (PRCS/MS) court clean-up files such as revocations, reinstatements, bench warrants, violation hearings, modifications, expirations, terminations, closures, new sentences and other events consistent with active cases. She also retrieves minute orders from V2 and pulls weekly calendars as needed.

Erica has spent many hours going back and forth between DSU and AB109--covering vacant desks at both units. Erica possesses great data entry skills and the ability to master new assignments quickly. She has been a great asset to her supervisor, assisting in training co-workers and quality control of data entry. Erica has proven to be dependable, responsible and an outstanding co-worker/trainer. She understands the complex relationships between her assignment and the assignments of others and contributes to a positive and encouraging work environment. Her expertise and positive attitude in training staff efficiently and effectively is apparent to all. On a personal note, Erica was born in Fresno, CA and graduated from Roosevelt High. Erica has been with her husband Chavo for 18 years and they have 3 very handsome boys; Andrew 14, Daniel 10, and Aaron 9 years old. Outside of work their family enjoys family movie night where they lay out blankets in the living room, get snacks, and watch movies! 3


Probation Stars People recognized by their co-workers for a job well done!

 “Thank you” to JCO Johnny Johnson, Camala Thao,

 JCO Elizabeth Ramirez, Juana Cardoza, Kathleen

Jonathon Butler, Bee Vang, Sandra Pineda, Richard Vera, Rafael Rodriguez, Henry Chong, Ruben Ortega and Gregory Johnson, Sr. JCO Julio Magana, Jessica McKenzie, Che Nue Chang, Nicholas Butler and SJCO Olga Vela for your assistance with a Code Blue on 5/06/14 with a minor on the Commitment side, housed in 6A Pod. - submitted by SJCO Sean Herrera

Beintker, Nicol Allen, and Jennifer Venhaus for doing an excellent job in keeping up with your TANF assignment. Great job. - submitted by Sr. JCO Joseph Laygo  OA Connie Ayala for foregoing her scheduled vacation to help her co-workers with payroll. - submitted by Sandra Gorham  Janitor Lance Canales for cleaning/pressure washing the cart we (OA’s) use to pick up and deliver mail around the institution and court. Thanks, Lance. - submitted by Kasandra Jimenez  OA Leah Ramirez for assisting in Payroll on a holiday week. A huge thank you to you, Leah. - submitted by Kasandra Jimenez

 Sr. JCO Robert Stinecipher and JCO Rafael Rodriguez for their work with the minors in 9 Bravo. - submitted by JCO Jonathan Butler

 OA Sylvia Barrera for cleaning out the refrigerators— they shine. - submitted by Sandra Gorham and Kasandra Jimenez

E-mail your Probation Stars to: Jan Stutzman

Battle of the Badges Blood Drive By Gordon Dahlberg A “Competition Between the Valley’s Finest” blood drive was held May 5 – May 17. Local law enforcement agencies challenged each other to “bring it!” Which would have the highest number of donors and units of blood donated? Although donations were accepted at all Central California Blood Center (CCBC) locations, a mobile donation van visited Tenth Street and the JJC to make participation more convenient for staff. Darla Silvera, of the CCBC, reports the mobile donation van received 27 donors on May 14 at 890 S. Tenth Street and 32 donors on May 15 at the JJC. A total of 47 units were donated at the two Probation locations. This year’s winner in Fresno County was the Fresno Police Department. Altogether, 2143 donors donated for Battle of the Badges! Another successful year!!

Rocelia Marquez, from MAGEC, Shannon Kinser and Sophia Doukas inside the CCVC van, displaying t shirts awarded to donors.

Blessed Event at the JJC—our gosling has flown! Until next year…



Annual Office Support Appreciation Luncheon By Sandra Gorham William Arthur Ward said: “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.�

knowledge that they were "helpless without us" and that "nothing would get done around here if we didn't do it."

Office support staff members throughout the department were invited to a luncheon on May 5. We would like to express our gratitude for such an enjoyable appreciation party. Not only did we feel special, we truly felt appreciated.

It was a lot fun watching Chief Chavez joke with us and I'm quite sure all the new employees were happy he decided not to embarrass them this year. Some lucky winners won great prizes and then photos followed the event. The party brought smiles to everyone that attended and those smiles stayed with us throughout the day.

Some of our greatest moments were laughing and socializing with our co-workers while management served lunch and chuckled with us. It was nice to see our managers smiling and taking great joy in making us feel welcomed. We enjoyed their words of kindness and were comforted by the

These are the special work memories we treasure. There is always something to be grateful for and for all you do, we appreciate you!



2014 Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony By Nancy Dominguez Hundreds of people gathered at Courthouse Park in downtown Fresno on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, to remember California officers who have died in the line of duty. Representatives from our department and jurisdictions throughout the County of Fresno and State of California were in attendance.

of our local memorial, saying that each officer deserves to have their own memorial for their sacrifice. He said that over the past ten years, on average in the US, an officer is killed in the line of duty every 53 hours. In the end, he said, most of his remarks today would be forgotten, but emphasized the significance in attending the ceremony is to never forget those who have perished, for we never know what each day will bring for those who serve their community. The People’s School of Creative Arts Home School Choir then sang, “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Each year the students look forward to the ceremony and are honored to perform. We recently learned that some have parents or family members who are in law enforcement making their performance even more meaningful to them. Two California Highway Patrol officers presented a large wreath, after which a Fresno County Probation Department family member, Latonia Haynes, beautifully performed the song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”

PSM Nancy Dominguez, manager of the Crime Victims Assistance Center, speaks at the Fresno County Peace Officers’ Memorial

A single dove was released as Daniel Sanchez, of the California Highway Patrol, read each name on the roll call of fallen officers. Fresno County Sheriff’s Chaplain Rodney Lowery offered prayer for those who had perished and their surviving family members. As the ceremony came to an end the bagpipers played Amazing Grace, and the United States Marine Corps provided a 21 gun salute. Taps was played and the colors retired.

Although there were clouds in the sky and the wind was blowing, the brisk morning weather was tolerable. There were a few sprinkles before the ceremony started, but no downpour of rain like last year. The ceremony began with the helicopter fly over. The sound of bagpipes could be heard in the background as the procession began marching across Courthouse Park to the memorial, where the presentation of colors was made by the Fresno Police Department’s Color Guard. We had the pleasure to have Margot Kim sing the National Anthem and her performance was impeccable.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the Probation staff who attended, those who helped sell pins and coins, and our Automation unit, which prepared the official program.

Captain Dave Purvis of the California Highway Patrol, Fresno Office, welcomed all in attendance and spoke of the recent tragedy of Officers Juan Jaime Gonzalez and Brian Law who died earlier this year. He provided words of comfort and respect to all who serve because they face danger every day. Captain Purvis was followed by Deputy Chris Curtice from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, who honored the fallen with music, singing a song titled “If You’re Like Me.” The words to this song touched the hearts of many in attendance. Ron Cottingham, retired Peace Officer Research Association of California President provided the history

Probation staff stood in formation, joining law enforcement agencies from around the state, to honor fallen Peace Officers 6


JESSE MONTEMAYOR PROMOTED TO PSM By Gilbert Sanchez Congratulations to Jesse Montemayor on his well-deserved promotion to Probation Services Manager effective April 14, 2014. Jesse was assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit beginning April 28, 2014.

Hughes, in wrestling an armed suspect to the ground. A fully loaded 9 mm handgun from Egypt was found in the suspect’s waistband. Two months prior to that incident, Jesse and SRO Hughes had arrested a non-student—also armed with a handgun.

Jesse commenced his career with the Department in 1986, as an extra help Group Counselor at Juvenile Hall. By 1990, he was a Deputy Probation Officer I, working in the AOWP Unit. DPO Montemayor was transferred to the Adult Field Unit two years later, where he developed departmental procedures for operations and evidence collection.

On March 14, 2014, eight children and four adults were injured in a vehicle accident near Edison High School. A Clovis Police Officer later reported that Jesse immediately gloved up and started helping the victims. His “no quit” attitude and positive outlook in life rub off on all around him.

In 1996, Jesse was promoted to DPO IV and transferred to the Juvenile Probation Electronic Monitoring (EM) program. After 6 months, he was selected to represent the department in the Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET), a multiagency approach to deal with narcotics offenders. Jesse has also served as the department’s first field trainer for the NET team—not a small distinction.

In 2000, Jesse was selected as a Department range master, where he has assisted other officers to become armed and to retain their abilities to remain armed. He also has been selected and continues to function as an OC instructor, an expandable baton instructor, and an assistant self-defense instructor. In speaking to other PSMs who have supervised Jesse, the same words to describe him came through again and again. Jesse is an excellent leader with a great amount of knowledge in the Institutions, Juvenile, and Adult Divisions. I asked Jesse how he felt about being promoted, and he said, “Very blessed and thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given by Chief Chavez and the Directors. The huge support from officers, the JJC Transportation Team, clerical, managers, Edison High School Staff, Law Enforcement, and my family has been very humbling.

Later, Jesse was transferred back to the Adult Field Unit, as a lead DPO IV, where he put together the department’s first field training packet for new officers. In March of 2005, he was transferred to the Superior Court Unit, where he served for approximately a year and a half, until he was assigned to the Juvenile Investigations Unit. After a short stint, he was transferred to Juvenile Supervision and assigned to an East County caseload. In 2008, Jesse was transferred to the Campus Unit, assigned to Edison High School.

Jesse, you will definitely be missed in the Campus Unit. Congratulations, Jesse, there is no doubt you will continue to be successful in your new role as a manager.

Jesse received a letter of commendation from Chief Rick Chavez for assisting Edison High School’s SRO, Melody

Probation Services Managers at the Employee Recognition Ceremony, January 23, 2014. Time to update the picture!



KRISTINE RUIZ PROMOTED TO PSM By Karen Roach Congratulations to Kristine Ruiz on her well-deserved promotion to Probation Services Manager, effective April 14, 2014. She is assigned to the Juvenile Justice Campus Commitment facility.

Due to her extensive knowledge of mental illness, she earned the respect of the BHC team members and was heavily relied upon by all. The passion and enthusiasm she has for working with the seriously mentally ill is genuine, and the rapport she demonstrated with her clients was one of respect and dignity.

Kristine has been a Deputy Probation Officer for 18 years and has an extensive array of experience. Prior to becoming a DPO, Kristine worked for many years with girls in group homes. When hired as a DPO in 1995, her first assignment was in the Juvenile Placement Unit, where she supervised a caseload of foster youth for three years. She then transferred to the Adult Field Unit, where she supervised a felony caseload of 500 - 800 adult felons residing in the Northeast Fresno Police District. While in the Field unit, she “cross-trained” for three months in the Superior Court unit where she learned to write RPO’s, provided back-up Court officer coverage, and was also assigned as the rural MAGEC officer.

In addition to her BHC responsibilities, she was a unit lead officer, report reader and trainer for new staff, worked extensively with the Targeted Case Management program (TCM), and has been a “Thinking for a Change” instructor since 2010. Kristine was very excited and humbled upon being selected as Probation Services Manager. When the e-mail announcement was sent, unit staff erupted with excitement, but Kristine wasn’t here to receive congratulations, as she was at the Fresno County Jail. “I feel very blessed and humbled that I’ve been entrusted with this position,” Kristine said. “I am very excited to be going to the JJC. It’s going to be an exciting new endeavor and I look forward to meeting and working with all the staff.”

In 2000, Kristine was promoted to a DPOIV and transferred to the Adult Superior Court unit. She began as an investigator writing RPO’s, as well as providing back up Court officer coverage; however, she quickly was assigned as a full time Court officer due to her demonstrated knowledge and expertise. She served as a Court officer until November 2008, at which time she was selected as the DPO for the new Adult Behavioral Health Court.

On a personal note, Kristine is a devoted mother of two daughters, who keep her extremely busy with all their activities—school, cheer, soccer, and basketball. Congratulations, Kristine, on your promotion. We all wish you the best. The DV unit and the Behavioral Health Court will definitely miss you.

Kristine was instrumental in the development, implementation, and success of the Behavioral Health Court (BHC).

Training Calendar—June and July By Elizabeth Arredondo

May 12 - June 9 - Juvenile Corrections Core - FCC Police Academy June 2 - Force Options Level I (JCO Series) - JJC Detention Bldg. #703 Conference Room/Gym June 5 - Officer Safety (4th Quarter)/\ Baton Recertification - Make Up/ Open Range - Peace Officers Range

PSM Karen Roach, Business Manager Greg Reinke and Director Joy Thompson showed their appreciation of Office Support Staff 8


Terry Alaniz Promoted to Supervising Office Assistant By Sandra Gorham Newly promoted Supervising Office Assistant Terry Alaniz is the mother of seven children—and she has 17 grandchildren. Terry began her career with the Probation Department on May 21, 1998 as an Extra Help Office Assistant. She was offered five positions, and after careful consideration she chose Juvenile Probation—because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Due to her hard work and dedication she was made a permanent employee on December 13, 1999. In March 2014, Terry considered whether or not she should apply for a newly open Supervising Office Assistant position. Terry realized that she had much to offer, and her goal of making a difference was not yet complete, so she applied.

with “a lot of prayer.” As to her interview, Terry found the last question asked the hardest, "Do you have any questions for us?" A few days later, Terry was offered and graciously accepted the position as SOA. When I asked her what she hopes to accomplish as an SOA her response was, "I hope everyone works as a team to accomplish the same common goals." When Terry retires, she plans to spend more time working with a youth program in her church. Terry strives to be a good example to her family and everyone she comes in contact with. She lives by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Terry's joys in life are God and her family. When Terry has downtime, which she rarely does, she spends it reading and bar-bqueing.

While on a trip to Disneyland with her son and his children, she received the phone call asking her to interview for the SOA position. She accepted but decided not to think about the interview until she returned to Fresno. She prepared for the interview through studying, practicing and

Congratulations, Terry, on your promotion. You set out to make a difference in Probation and you continue to make that difference every day.

Daniel Sanchez Promoted to Supervising JCO By Cliff Downing On April 28, 2014, Daniel Sanchez joined the ranks of Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer. Daniel was originally hired as a Juvenile Correctional Officer in June of 2002, and was promoted to a Senior Juvenile Correctional Officer in July of 2006. He has had the opportunity to work in all the living pods in both Commitment and Detention.

new assignment. Daniel enjoys spending time with his family, taking his children to the park, and traveling. Daniel also enjoys working out to stay fit. When I interviewed Daniel for this article, I asked him what he thought when he received notice that he was promoted to the position of Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer. Daniel responded, "I was very excited and nervous.”

Prior to his employment with Fresno County Probation, Daniel interned at Valley Medical Center as a radiology technician.

Daniel states that he is excited about the opportunity to start this new journey in his career. He knows the job will be challenging but is excited about what lies ahead.

On a personal note, Daniel is married to Selina and has a 6 month old son and a 4 year old daughter. Daniel wanted to acknowledge his wife Selina for the support she has provided during his career and during the transition into his

Daniel, congratulations on your promotion to Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer. 9


Fresno County Probation Department Cordially invites you to attend the

2014 Peace Officers’ Swearing In Ceremony Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

Fresno County Plaza Ballroom 2220 Tulare Street, Fresno CA 93721 Refreshments will be served following the ceremony.

For additional information, please contact Melissa Madsen 600-4896 10


2014 Hot Dog Extravaganza!

And the winner of the Cruise to Mexico is‌.Ray Alvarado!



Walking Works—Superior Court Investigation Unit Steps UP! By Kayatana Davis Many of us have participated in the annual “Walking Works” program in past years. In an effort to get everyone involved this year, the Superior Court Investigation Unit decided to turn it into a “friendly” contest between the Southside and the Northside of the building. Team captains (Christy Sanchez - Southside team and Pamela Hardwick - Northside team) were responsible for keeping a daily log of their members’ steps the week of May 5-9. The rivalry became very intense, with some members of the Southside team walking together during lunch to get a “step up” on the competition. When contacted, the Northside Captain had “no comment.” This friendly competition is beneficial to all and there are no real “losers.” However, the team with the least amount of steps will sponsor a pizza party (yes….all those steps for a pizza party) for the winning team. The “final score” was Southside team 789,436 steps; Northside team 713,100. The top walker for the entire unit was Lleni Medrano with a total of 98,868 steps.

RECIPE FAVORITES By Lynette Yamanaka


SOUTHSIDE TEAM—Hungry for Pizza after all that walking! FRONT (L to R): Christy Sanchez, Amy Oba-Spence, Christie Cosentino, Lleni Medrano, Juanita Granados; BACK (L to R): Kayatana Davis, Eddie Chavez, Adrian Pizarro, Mark De La Torre

Youngblood's Chili Thanks to Crystal Youngblood, Secretary to Director Ollie Dimery-Ratliff, we all may enjoy her excellent chili. This dish is a favorite of many staff members at department potlucks and gatherings and among Crystal’s church members and family, so she is often asked for the recipe. Here it is—and it feeds a crowd! The spices and ingredients create a tantalizing taste and aroma that will surely have you and your guests going back for more. So, if you are looking for a great side dish or planning your next bar-be-que, add Crystal’s delectable chili to your menu. Enjoy!

 2-3 lbs. ground beef/turkey  1 whole chopped onion  1-2 chopped bell peppers  1-2 packets of McCormick Chili Seasoning (original)  1 whole sliced Hillshire Farms smoked sausage (U-Shaped)  1 Large can of Rotel mild tomatoes  2-3 bay leaves  2-3 cans of each (drained and rinsed): Black Beans Pinto Beans Great Northern Beans  2-3 cans of Chili Flavored Beans-no meat (do not rinse)

Cooking Instructions: Brown and season meat with seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. Once browned, add chopped bell pepper, onion, whole Jalapeños (make sure not to pierce unless you want it hot), and smoked sausage. Allow the mixture to “sweat” for 5-10 minutes until onions are almost translucent. In a separate large pot add all cans of beans, bay leaf, tomatoes, and chili seasoning and stir. Add meat mixture and let all simmer so flavors can blend. Stir frequently so beans do not burn on bottom of pot. Once it comes to a slow boil turn off heat and let cool. Crystal suggests several ways to serve her chili: garnish with green onions, cheese and sour cream; serve with corn bread; or serve over nachos with cheese & sour cream. 12


Coreen Campos, Focus Forward CEO By Marla Mitchell We welcome Coreen Campos, the new CEO of Focus Forward. She joined Focus Forward in February, 2014. Ms. Campos brings distinctive life and professional experience. She is a graduate of Fresno State and holds a specialized Bachelor of Arts degree in Nonprofit Administration & Professional Writing as well as certifications in Humanics and Serving At-Risk Youth. Coreen has previous experience working for other community benefit organizations including the Renaissance Scholars Program at Fresno State and Resources for Independence Central Valley. Coreen is a foster care alumnus and looks forward to utilizing her past experiences to serve Focus Forward. Coreen stated, “I look forward to continuing the great work of those before me and I'm passionate about working with youth served by Focus Forward. Through effective programming and community support we can truly make a lasting difference in the lives of these youth, regardless of the system they

are in —and in turn, strengthen our community.” Focus Forward recently was awarded a grant to further their work with youth. The Southeast Youth Success program will serve juvenile offenders in high poverty, high crime communities. This program will assist youth with the transition from the Juvenile Justice Campus out into the community through workforce development, education, training, case management, and mentoring. Focus Forward has secured a contract with Fresno County to maintain a mentoring program with the focus on preventing placement of youth outside their homes. Services will include multicultural family engagement to strengthen families and to improve the home environment of the youth. On a personal note Coreen is a new mom to 7 month old Madison. Anytime you ask her about her beautiful daughter, you can see her joy!

Court Hearing Reminder System Returns By Jan Stutzman The automated court reminder system is not a new concept in Fresno County. In the Fall of 2011, with funding from a Probation Court-based Alternatives (PCBA) grant, the automation units representing the Courts and Probation collaborated to produce the names and phone numbers of juvenile defendants with upcoming court hearing dates. The PCBA pilot project coincided with the implementation of AB109, which increased funding and allowed expansion of the project to include adult defendants, as well. It was hoped that the reminder system would reduce the number of “Failures to Appear” (FTA) in court. Defendants were telephoned two days in advance of their hearing dates with a reminder message.

Although the PCBA funding ended June 30, 2012, these findings supported continuation of the program, which operated through December 31, 2013. In a recent competitive bidding process,, Inc. was selected as the new vendor to provide automated court reminder calls in Fresno County. Beginning in June, Callpointe will be placing calls two days in advance of each scheduled hearing. Reminders are available in English or Spanish. Up to three attempts are made to reach a person or voicemail system, and when recorded messages are left, both languages are included.

Following the PCBA grant period, evaluation of the impact on juvenile defendants indicated that the automated reminder system had reduced:    

Citations for Personal Service of FTA notices by 9.5% Bench Warrants issued for FTA by 11.5% Juveniles booked into custody solely due to FTA bench warrants by 16.2% Days spent in custody for FTA by 21.4% 13

Save the Date!! June 9

Heat Illness Prevention training deadline

June 19 2014 Peace Officers’ Swearing in Ceremony— 2 PM, Plaza Ballroom (See Page 9)


Got Cake? The JJC Courthouse Birthday Club Does! By Angelina Mendez Birthday clubs have been enjoyed in units throughout the Department for many years, and the JJC Courthouse Birthday Club began in January. The purpose of the monthly gathering is to acknowledge and celebrate birthdays for the month with cake and laughs. Participation is voluntary and those who participate donate $1.00 monthly—a small price to pay for cake and laughs with co-workers. In March, we also celebrated the four JJC Courthouse staff retirees, Maria Beserra, Joe Ortiz, Yolanda Salinas and Lois Ward. The monthly birthday celebrations bring staff members together to promote fellowship and unity by providing a break from the daily routine to celebrate one another. The Probation Department has long subscribed to the idea that a happy employee is a good employee thereby creating the wonderful workplace we have grown accustomed to.

March Birthdays, L to R: Alina Khammysouk, Maricruz Andrade, Gilbert Sanchez, Jill Chandler, Tiffany Stokes

March Retirees, L to R: Maria Beserra, Yolanda Salinas, Lois Ward

A positive attitude, like a smile, is contagious! Blessed Events Congratulations to Confidential Secretary Sharon Hurley and her husband Ken on the birth of their grandson, Tyler John Hurley, on April 10, 2014. He weighed 9 lbs., 15 oz. and was 23 inches long.

Congratulations to DPO Calvin Herr and his wife Nakia Xiong on the birth of their daughter, Felicity Herr, on May 23, 2014. She weighed 8 lbs., 14 oz.

Congratulations to OA Laura Padama and her husband Gabriel on the birth of their son, Kaleb Catarion William Padama, on February 20, 2014. He weighed 9 lbs., 13 oz. and was 23 inches long.

Congratulations to Juvenile Correctional Officers Jonathon and Jennifer Butler, on the birth of their daughter Makenna Janess Butler, on May 28, 2014. She weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz. and was 21 inches long.

Congratulations to OA Cynthia Castanon on the birth of her grandson, Julian Antony Pizana, on April 11, 2014. He weighed 6 lbs., 11 oz., and was 19 inches long.

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At the Juvenile Justice Campus May / June 2014


Game 1 6:00-7:00

Game 2 7:00-8:00


7A vs. 6A

8B vs. 8A


April 9

8A vs. 7A

6B vs. 8B

Championship April 16

8A vs. 8B

April 2

Our Junior Giants baseball program will begin on June 7th. We are pleased to announce that 9A, B pod and F pod will be full participants this season, as they have now been approved to have consistent weekly games. Participants have an opportunity to attend a Giants game in San Francisco in early August. Youth must maintain a stage 3 for the entire baseball season with the exception of SAU. They must play at least 50% of the league games. It is also required for participants to complete the required summer reading and book reports. They also must complete a one page essay on Peace and Non Violence; a one page essay on what the Jr. Giants 4 Bases of Leadership mean to them, using the following terms: Confidence, Integrity, Teamwork, and Leadership. Attached to this each youth must have written one page on why they would like to attend the game in San Francisco. They must be furlough-eligible and be approved by the facility. Below is the schedule for the Season. We invite all Probation employees and program volunteers to come out on Saturday mornings to encourage our youth and enjoy the games.


We would like to thank our youth who participated in this year’s basketball league. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the coaches and staff who help make our program a success. On May 30, 2014 we hosted an end of the season banquet with guest speaker Dominick Young, a former California State University, Fresno basketball player. He shared words of encouragement and motivated the kids to pursue their dreams and not to repeat past mistakes. All of our youth received participation awards and a special dinner.

Triple Play : Healthy Habits comes to JJC We are excited to a offer a new and fun educational program for all youth called Triple Play: Healthy Habits! The Healthy Habits program will teach youth about healthy food, where it comes from, and how to prepare it for themselves and their families. All youth participants will have new skills and knowledge when they return home. And while at the JJC they will collectively create a cook book, with youth-led recipes. Youth will experience fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks while participating in the program, which includes presentations by guest chefs.

Game 1

Game 2

Baseball Sign-ups June 7

7:00-8:00 6B & 7A

8:00-9:00 6A & 8B

9:00-10:00 9A & B&F

Games June 14 June 21 June 28 July 12 July 19

6B vs. 7A 6B vs. 8B 6B vs. 6A 6B vs. 8A 7A vs. 6A

6A vs. 8B 6A vs. 8A 8A vs. 7A 8B vs. 7A 8B vs. 8A

9A vs. B&F 9A vs. B&F 9A vs. B&F 9A vs. B&F 9A vs. B&F

Game 2 9A vs. B&F

9A vs. B&F No game

Playoffs & Championship July 26 Game 1 August 2 Game 1

Boys & Girls Club Staff Mary Lou Ramirez – Unit Director Jose Contreras—Program Director Cedric Ayers – Sports Coordinator 559-600-4903 15

Game 3


New Hires FAST: OA Crystal Blong assigned to Adult/ Plaza 11th Floor; OA Flora Sandoval assigned to DSU; OA Kevin Kitaoka assigned to Adult/Plaza 11th Floor;

Reassignments PSM Pete Garcia to JJC Detention

Adult: DPO Marc Torres assigned to AB109

PSM Gilbert Sanchez, SOA Elaine Martinez and OA Flora Sandoval to Drug Suppression Unit

Juvenile: DPO Blake Short assigned to Juvenile Court Services

PSM Karen Roach and SOA Rachel Acosta to Adult Field/Special Services Unit

Juvenile Justice Campus: Ex-Help JCOs Long Xiong and Corine Shikaloff

PSM David Ruiz to Campus Supervision

Administrative Services: Program Tech Yussel Gallegos assigned to Automation

DPO David Jimenez and Victim Advocate Yana Nebyshinets to VOISE Grant/DV


DPO Bea Sanchez and Probation Tech John Pfost to Adult Field/AOWP SOA Jennifer Fox to DV Unit SOA Maria Gonzalez to Juvenile/Adult Support - Plaza 11th Floor


SOA Rosalinda Vera to AB 109 Unit FAST: OA III Terry Alaniz to Supervising Office Assistant, assigned to Juvenile Division Support

DPO Ruben Marquez to AB109/Pre Trial OA Benjamin Vera to JJC Courthouse

Juvenile Justice Campus: Sr. JCO Daniel Sanchez to Supervising Correctional Officer

Best Wishes in your new assignments!

Adult: DPO IV Kristine Ruiz to PSM, assigned to JJC Commitment Juvenile: DPO IV Jesse Montemayor to PSM, assigned to DV/SO/Child Abuse Unit CONGRATULATIONS!



In Memoriam: Michelle Shorey

Michelle Shorey began her career with the Probation Department in May of 2005 as a Probation Technician where she was assigned to the Drug Suppression Unit (DSU). During her time at DSU she assisted in the Post-Conviction Drug Court (PCDC) as well as serving an important role in DNA collection. In 2007 she successfully completed the Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy which propelled her into a job with the Fresno Sheriff’s Office in 2008. Michelle then returned to the Probation Department in April of 2009 and was a member of the Adult Offender Work Program and Drug Suppression Units up until her untimely death.

“If you don’t make your own plans for life, you’ll fit into someone else’s.” It has been documented that Michelle greatly enjoyed cycling in her personal life. One of her peers shared that when asked about why Michelle chose to ride for miles on what would seem an uncomfortable mode of transportation, she described “…the exertion and focus needed to train and complete an event” and how she “enjoyed the purity and the freshness of nature” as well as the rush she received from traveling at such high speeds. Michelle will forever be a part of the Probation Family and will be missed by those of us who had the opportunity to know and work with her.

Michelle often posted motivational quotes at 10th Street , such as:

Fresno County Probation Department’s

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