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Botanic Australis is an award-winning locally made Gin, based on a 300 year old London Dry Gin recipe, skillfully adapted using native botanicals by Head Distiller & Founder Mark Watkins.


ith great pleasure, we bring you the second issue of FNQ Food Magazine providing insight, interest and innovation from the food and drink industry across the tropical Far North.

Published by FNQ Media - 7/205 Hartley Street, Cairns, QLD 4870 EDITOR David Leith EDITORIAL MANAGER Silvia Mogorovich PHOTOGRAPHY David Leith Lea Coghlan Silvia Mogorovich CONTRIBUTORS David Leith Janie Barton Kirsty Nancarrow Lea Coghlan Mungalli Creek Dairy Farm Nicky Jurd Silvia Mogorovich Rachel Wilson The Barefoot Drinker

It can’t be emphasised enough how blessed we are in this region with diversity, not only of produce, but also of culture and cuisine. Far from being a homogeneity, our region seems to actively embrace diversity and innovation in food and drink. More than just the changing dining landscape of the CBD, over the last three months we have seen the emergence of a new craft distillery, the construction of a new brewery, dozens of individual food businesses take the tentative steps to invent, retail and sustain a variety of new offerings to hungry consumers. Also beautifully evident is the willingness of established businesses to share knowledge and collaborate; espousing the view that local innovation raises the profile of our region, as well as engages new audiences. In this issue, we feature some of those innovators and look at their individual trials and tribulations. This last quarter we have been delighted to have met some fantastic couples working together in various sectors in the industry, we talk to some of our favourites about how they got together and what drives them to continue to be at the top of their game. We speak with families who farm and find out about the community of seed savers. And, of course, we provide you with our extensive and diverse dining guide for your delectation! We would like to thank everyone for the amazing support we have gained since launching last year - it’s been fantastic and all about the food - and drink too! Eat, Drink and Enjoy!

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Owner, The Dirty Apron & Co - Food Marketing Specialists Oaks Kitchen and Garden run daily cooking classes at Oak Beach that are $165 per person with a choice of 8.30am or 4.00pm classes range from:

Tuesday’s Asian Wednesday’s Street Food Thursday’s Thai Banquet Friday’s Thai Favourites. For more information

MARCH 16 Gerard’s Bistro & Nu Nu Restaurant Collaboration Nu Nu Restaurant invites Head Chef, Ben Williamson of Brisbane’s highly acclaimed Gerard’s Bistro to

Palm Cove for an exciting collaboration of flavours 6.30pm - 10.30pm $160 per person Tickets through




The Blood and Wine Club Presents “The Cow” Harrisons by Spencer Patrick 6.30pm $80 per person

Italian Kitchen Feast Master Class Cairns Cooking School 3.00pm - 6.00pm Tickets through



Easter Feast Kids Cooking Class Modern Pantry 2.00pm -4.00pm Tickets through

Tropical Fruit Tasting Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal 1.30pm For more information contact Tropical Tastes cairnstropicaltastes


Sunday Social Launch Event Gin Social - Hilton Cairns Features live music, BBQ smoked plates, Bacardi mojitos, kombucha

sangria, market stalls and more. This is the first event of a new monthly gathering. 4 pm

Feast of the Senses Festival You’ll find amazing food events, farm trails, cooking competitions, and a huge market day

extravaganza. Cassowary Coast





Sushi, Gyoza and Ramen Master Class Cairns Cooking School 3.00pm 6.00pm

Endless Summer at QT Port Douglas Chilled beats, thirst quenching cocktails and a bar menu that will tickle your tastebuds 4 pm FREE event Occurs Every Month

Oyster Bay Wine Appreciation Night Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa 5 pm $89 per person including tasting wines and 4 courses 4059 9600 for bookings

Meet Eat Repeat 6 For more information MeetEatRepeat

Tickets through

MAY 25 UNTIL MAY 27 Port Douglas Carnivale Come party in paradise! Enjoy a long leisurely lunch, relax on the beach or party the night

away at one of the many entertainment events. For more information

For more information www.feastofthesenses.



Frank Villalta & Jodi Parsons

Owners of Café Strada

Ferruccio (Frank) Villalta and Jodi Parsons travelled and worked all over the world before opening up Café Strada in Cairns last year What do you like best about the food industry in Far North Queensland? We love the produce of Far North Queensland, and love Cairns and its amazing food culture. Cairns has a great awareness and support behind ‘local’ which is fantastic. Who does the cooking at home?

We both cook, prepare and clean together. Food is very important to us, as is eating at the dinner table together as a family. Do you make all major decisions together? All decisions are discussed and made together whether it’s glassware in the restaurant, new menus or even what we are preparing that night for dinner. Together it makes us stronger and 8

complete and a great dynamic. We believe it stops misunderstanding and resentment that can sometime fester and cause negativity in a relationship when we get overtired. Do you talk about work at the end of the day? We found that when working together there has to be boundaries. Always show positive support and a united from in front of staff and NEVER take work home. Leave work at work! Have you achieved any awards or achievements that you’re particularly proud of? We have met many famous people in our travels! We sat at the dinner table with Robert Plant and provided private catering to Marc Jacobs, Princess Charlotte and Kate Moss. What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry? You need to respect your guests, their needs and what they want to eat whether it’s for religious reasons or just because they don’t want to eat certain ingredients. A choice has to be offered.

Antonio Lo Conte and

Vitalia Zanda Owners of Vitalia’s Italia Restaurant


Antonio Lo Conte and Vitalia Zanda worked together for years before their love of Italian food inspired them to open Vitalia’s Italian Restaurant 10 months ago What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully? We have been married for seven years and share everything in our life. We spend all our time together, and we work well together because we cover different roles in the restaurant. We’re always ready to help each other, and we trust each other in our roles. And we enjoy working together! Do you make all major decisions together or do you each have specialised knowledge of certain aspects of the business? We make all decisions together. Do you both cook? If so, who cooks at home? Vitalia is an amazing chef, creating delicious new dishes and specials. Antonio manages the business and oversees the financials as well as taking care of the pizza division. We both cook when we’re at home. What do you like best about the food in Far North Queensland? We love the local products, produce, exotic fruits, local seafood, mud crabs – there’s so much variety! Do you have future goals you still want to achieve? Every day is challenge, and every customer who we make happy is a big reward for us. Our goal is to keep making people happy with our cuisine, getting to know our customers and talking about Italy and our tradition. It makes us proud. What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry? Make sure you have knowledge of the cuisine and how to provide excellent customer service.You also need a good plan and knowledge of both your strengths and weakness. It’s important to listen to your customers’ needs. Remember - it’s more than a job, so do things right and have fun!

Jacob Percy and Kristy Plum spent countless hours researching and perfecting their recipes before they started The Fermented Kitchen six months ago Why do you think more people are looking for healthy dietary options? People understand the importance of good nutrition as well as the quality of the food. What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully? It is very important to be patient with each other despite the stress of owning your own business. Being able to openly discuss ideas with each other is crucial. Laughter and having fun is really important to us in business and in life.


Do you make all major business decisions together? Yes, however, due to work/university commitments we have to make some smaller decisions on our own, but we trust each other to make those decisions. Do you have future goals you still want to achieve? We would love for our brand to be available nationally and eventually internationally. We want to provide a product that is tasty and great for people and also educate at the same time.

Do you talk about work at the end of the day?

What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry?

There are many things we are learning along the way so we are constantly talking about our business even when we are not meaning to. We find ourselves discussing everything from the second we wake to the moment we fall asleep!

Make sure that you want the same thing and that you both are willing to give whatever it takes with an understanding that owning a business comes with sacrifice and many ups and downs. Laugh along the way even if you feel like crying; the journey is the best part!

Jacob Percy and Kristy Plum

Owners of The Fermented Kitchen

John Japp & Andrea Pinciarova Owners of La Fettuccina Restaurant and Bar 14

Andrea Pinciarova and John Japp know the restaurant industry inside and out, having owned La Fettuccina for 12 years after managing it first for four years. What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully?

provider, so it is always a big part of your life. We just try to take a break from it as much as we can.

Patience, lots and lots of patience! As well, you need tenacity and trust. Whether times are good or bad you still need to be able to work together and live together.

What do you like best about the food in Far North Queensland?

Do you make all major decisions together or do you each have specialised knowledge of certain aspects of the business? Most of our decisions are joint decisions - Andrea mainly in the front of house and John in the kitchen. Do you both cook? If so, who cooks when you’re at home? John is the primary cook, but Andrea does cook at home and occasionally lends a hand at the restaurant. Do you talk about work at the end of the day, or leave work behind when you go home? Work follows you no matter what. When you have a small business it is your

Fresh local produce is always available, from meats and seafood to quality localgrown produce. There are lots of small producers creating some amazing small goods and preserves. Do you have future goals you still want to achieve? We have some, but we’re keeping them to ourselves at this stage! What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry? Make sure you know exactly what you are in for - we have seen a lot of relationships suffer when the dream and work is one sided.

where it all comes



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Kate and Rowan Lamason Owners of Little Tuna


Rowan and Kate Lamason first started working together when they opened Little Tuna in 2016 What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully? Very clear plans on what you want to achieve, a common goal and lots of patience! Find each other’s strengths and capitalise on them, trust each other’s judgment and work together to make the big decisions. Do you make all major decisions together? Yes. We both need to be specialists in the business and understand the pros and cons of each decision. Any decision always has multiple elements that will affect the business, so nothing should go unchecked. Although we do have separate areas of the business each of us manage. What do you like best about the food in Far North Queensland? The huge variety as well as all the specialty products available. It’s always fresh and offers something a little bit unique. We are lucky to live in an international destination so lots of different foods are available. Do you have any children, and are they involved in the family business? Our toddler Euston spends a lot of time with us in the factory. He likes to help pack the jars, ride around in the cart and loves to stack the jars. He usually does the local deliveries with us. Do you have future goals you still want to achieve? Yes, we are always working on what’s next for Little Tuna. We want to expand our product range and increase our market reach. What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry? There are a lot of people in FNQ already in the industry who are happy to help and provide advice. Join networks and meet as many people as you can.

What qualities do you think are necessary to work successfully together? You have to believe in each other and work together as a team.You also have to believe in your staff. Do you both cook at work and home? We do both cook at home, and also cook and serve at the café when needed and when Nathan is not away on the trawler. You both work around seafood all day. Do you eat seafood at home? We still love our seafood! Nathan has been on the prawn trawler for 20 years so 20

sometimes it’s hard for him to eat too many prawns, but he loves everything else, especially bugs. Do you make major business decisions together?

customers, both tourists and locals. What advice would you give to couples starting out in the food industry?

Nathan has been involved in the seafood industry for 20 years, so he makes all major decisions, but we do discuss things first. We support each other, which is very important.

You need to thoroughly look at what you want because it’s not easy. We’re lucky that we get along every day, support each other’s goals and we make each other laugh.You definitely need these traits in a relationship or it’s not going to work out.

What do you like best about food industry in FNQ?

Are there any awards or achievements you’re most proud of?

We love the fact that the food is fresh. We also love meeting and getting to know our

Yes, in 2017 we were voted Best Seafood Outlet in Cairns, which we were thrilled about!

Nathan &



Owners of Oceanwild Café and

Nathan and Chantelle Corbett’s love of freshly caught seafood and their experience in the industry fuels the passion behind their Oceanwild Café



What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully?


Do you talk about work at the end of the day or do you stop thinking about work altogether?


Ah Gee Owners of Kuranda Urban Farm

Annie and Jamie Ah Gee had many businesses together before they found the one they’re most passionate about Kuranda Urban Farm

You need to be great friends, be able to have fun together and both bring skills and personality traits that complement the other.

We always talk about work, we love what we do, and we love spending time in our business. Do you make all business decisions together? Although we try to make all major decisions together, both of us trust each other to make decisions in the best interest of the business and the family. Has your business achieved any awards or achievements that you’re particularly proud of? Yes, we have gained nationwide and international recognition for our success in growing and propagating wasabi in the rainforests of FNQ. As far as we know, we are the only people in the world growing wasabi on a commercial scale in the tropics. What advice would you give a couple starting out together in the food industry? Be prepared for hard work. Rely on each other and support each other. Understand that not everything goes to plan, and that not everything goes right.You only fail when you stop trying!

Josette and George

Gonthier 24

Owners of Daintree Vanilla & Spice

After starting from their backyard in 1988, George and Josette Gonthier have grown Daintree Vanilla & Spice into a full-scale commercial business that produces some of Australia’s best vanilla What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully? We both are on the same time line, which we feel is important. Do you talk about work when you go home at the end of the day? Always! Our farm and business are a big part of our family life. Do you make all major business decisions together or do you each have specialised areas of knowledge in the business? We always seek advice from each other. Has your business achieved any awards or achievements that you’re particularly proud of? Yes. We won the ABC Delicious Produce Award in 2014 and presented products on Masterchef. What is the secret to your business’ success? Providing a variety of quality products, and marketing them well. What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry? Never give up and be truthful to your clients. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Snap our fingers to have the heavy work done!


Everyone Wants A Bite Words By Janie Barton

Apex Milk Bar, which was named ‘Cairns Best Burger’ venue by a few different surveys, has become such a popular spot that it has now expanded its original site in Manunda and in December opened a new locale at Mt Sheridan Plaza to meet growing demand… and plans are already afoot to open a third venue later this year. The burgers are created by head chef Brad Ansell using local meat and produce, homemade sauces, fresh fruit and veggies, and are encased in 28

bakery-fresh buns that are made specifically for Apex and available nowhere else in Cairns. It’s these reasons why Apex has become a hit with locals, through word of mouth, and visitors, who read the positive reviews on sites like Trip Advisor. “We strived hard to achieve a good reputation,” said Bill O’Rourke, who co-owns the business with his brother Davy, who owns Cairns café Mama Coco, and friend Ricci Whelan. “We wanted

to provide real food at regular prices, so it’s great to be recognised as being good at what you do.”

draw inspiration from events like Chinese New Year and Australia Day.”

The Apex Milk Bar Express at Mt Sheridan has had a flying start since opening and offers the same tasty burgers and menu selections although the selection is slightly smaller.

One of the most popular specials and the biggest, literally, is the Apex Big Boy Challenge Tuesdays at the licensed Manunda site.

While the burgers are the appeal for many customers, Apex also serves up a range of other tasty treats including hot dogs, chicken wings, fish and chips, southern fried chicken, veggie options, salads and side dishes like sweet potato chips, Poutine and hot chips. The menu is constantly evolving with new creations appearing regularly. “Every fortnight we run a burger special, which is normally a new creation, or we bring back an old special that was really popular,” Bill said. “We also

The burger is massive and includes five burger patties, five slices of cheese, five pieces of bacon, a hash brown, a pineapple fritter and the bun, which is skewered with four onion rings. Challengers also have to finish a milkshake and basket of chips within 12 minutes. If they do, it’s free. Otherwise it’s $29.50. “The Big Boy Challenge is a whole heap of fun,” Bill said. “We’ve only ever had six people complete it although about 65 have tried. A lot of people come in just to try the burger without rushing to eat it, and others come in and just want to watch.”


ESTABLISHED 2017 Macalister Brewing Company is a small microbrewery located in Smithfield, 20 minutes north of Cairns, at the base of the picturesque Macalister Range. We brew fresh, unpasteurised, unfiltered, preservative free, naturally conditioned beers for the Cairns Region to enjoy. Our craft beer range is made by hand, for the love of beer! Opening Hours Wednesday & Thursday 12 noon to 7pm Friday & Saturday 12 noon to 10pm Sunday 12 noon to 7pm Closed Monday & Tuesday 0408 086 814 6 Danbulan Street, Smithfield, QLD 4878



Words By Lea Coghlan


hen Far North Queensland gin distiller Mark Watkins sifted through the charred remains of a

creek bed collecting botanicals near his family’s property at Walkamin, little did he realise he would stumble on inspiration for Australia’s first smoked gin. Botanic Australis Bushfire Smoked Gin is the latest in the line of craft spirits and liqueurs to come out of Mt Uncle Distillery - FNQ’s first commercial distillery - at Walkamin, west of Cairns. After receiving rave reviews at a soft launch earlier this year, Mark, the head distiller, who runs the niche business with wife Claire, is preparing to roll out the smoked gin.



“We were wild collecting botanicals from some of the creek beds where we had a bushfire come through,” Mark explains. “Some of the native lemongrass and river mints were contaminated with smoke so we couldn’t use them in the current gin but we found the smoke worked with the mentha in the mints and the citral in the lemongrass.” Mark knew he was on to something as he dabbled in a new distilling technique. “Instead of air drying the botanicals we put them into a smoker that we made ourselves,” he says. “We smoked it with some of the ex-batch of gin to start it up and also used ironbark for the smoking. This technique takes two days in comparison to a ten-day air drying.” “It’s got campfire, bushy notes to it,” he explains. “It’s got all-Australian botanicals apart from the juniper which is sourced from northern Italy. It tastes quintessentially Australian.” “There is a natural sweetness and the balance hits the mark. We increased the cinnamon myrtle – as the cinnamon and smoke go well together.” The smoked gin – currently being stocked by various establishments in Cairns including Ochre, Three Wolves, Gin Social,Vivo and Barbados to name a few – is the third gin to be produced from Mt Uncle Distillery. It joins Botanic Australis (2010), highly ranked in the contemporary world of gin drinking, and Navy Strength (2015). Both individual gins

in their own right and both winning awards nationally and internationally. Mark believes their distilling techniques and use of Australian botanicals set Mt Uncle Distillery apart from other gin distillers, a craft which is growing in popularity Australia-wide. “The techniques we use produce a really good balanced gin without tasting like a grainy spirit,” explains Mark, who just returned from a trip to London meeting with potential distributors for his rum lines. “People are experimenting with gin distilling and I think a lot of them are straying away from the true gin. “A nice gin has a solid backbone, citral, spice, aromatic and sweet components and should have a nice balance. “One shouldn’t overpower the other. Each aspect of the gin should work in with the juniper.” Mt Uncle Distillery also makes a whiskey, vodka, rums and liqueurs, while Mark is working on a new gin based on the north’s own rainforest tree species, Davidson Plum.

It is quite tricky to balance between leading a modern kitchen and retaining passion and humility. To be both inspired and inspiring takes a complete lack of pretension, a quality that Anthony Smith, executive chef at Temple of Tastes Restaurant at Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort, demonstrates admirably.. Anthony is a young chef with a huge heart and a discerning eye for detail. He started his career gaining experience and working through the ranks at various Brisbane restaurants, then continued developing his skills working with hotels.



Like most chefs, he is true to his craft by seeking out local and seasonal produce and presenting it in the ideal environment. With a history of creating fresh, vibrant cuisine - a fusion of Australian and European flavours his passion to develop his repertoire with Asian inspired dishes brings him to Temple of Tastes. When asked who he admires in the industry, Anthony is thoughtful in his reply, “I never really chased or followed chefs, but I like those who appreciate good food and respect their craft.” “I do take some inspiration from other chefs - Neil Perry, as his flavours and Asian inspired dishes are similar to what I strive to achieve, and Jacques Reymond, who has a real standard in the kitchen for delivery of food



and cleanliness of the kitchen throughout service.” “On the whole, I get more inspiration from my team than anywhere else.” “It’s always been my aim as a leader to inspire and teach my team to push the boundaries, and challenge them to develop their skills, whilst continually learning and growing myself.” “I learn by experience: combining textures, colour and freshness where the taste buds tingle and make the mind curious, this is what drives me to experiment and deliver every time.” There is no doubt that Asian cuisine is influential in Anthony’s kitchen, he says “I like clean, light style dishes that present well, spicy with a balance of other flavours.” Anthony also loves

eating Japanese food, for the interesting ingredients – and does cook several Japanese influenced dishes. Anthony is passionate about using local and in season produce, and often finds this driving his menu and kitchen. Most important is “Vegetables,” which he says ”Are the starting blocks to all dishes, and we have such a variety in Australia, especially here in the tropics”. When not working, Anthony doesn’t stray far from his own home kitchen, “At home, I like to cook risotto with a nice fresh salad. It’s wonderful to create risotto with perfect texture!” Experience the inspired menu of Chef Anthony Smith at Temple of Tastes Restaurant, Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort and Spa.


Obscure Tropical Fruits in Season There’s an abundance of strange fruits at the markets as Summer draws to a close. Be brave and try something new!

Nicky Jurd Precedence 38

Lovers of mangosteen will often tell you that it’s their favourite fruit! It’s sweet, juicy and easy to eat. Cut them on their equator, and then squeeze the sides to reveal delicious white segments. Some of the segments have seeds (I just swallow them!) and if you look at the underside of the mangosteen the splits in the little black button on the bottom will tell you how many segments are inside. This year’s season will last until mid-April.


Custard Apple


These quirky fruit are like a lychee. They have a similar flesh texture and sweetness, but differ in flavour. Their flavour is really hard to describe. They’re sweet and taste mildly like bubblegum, but are more tart than a lychee. They also have an interesting lingering smokiness unlike any other fruit that I’ve tried. They have a small round seen that gives them their nickname Dragon’s Eye Fruit.

So many times I’ve bought a custard apple with good intentions but have accidentally let it get too ripe, and then it tastes bad. Buy them when they’re firm and green, and leave

I spent most of my life thinking that the only way people ever ate breadfruit was deep fried. Breadfruit chips seemed popular, but I could never understand why as to me they tasted like cardboard. The chips are make from underripe breadfruit when it’s as hard as rock and practically tasteless.

Because of their smoky taste longans have great savoury applications. I love to add these to my red curry of duck, and they’re really good paired with citrus like in a green paw paw salad.

Ripe breadfruit on the other hand taste incredible! They are soft, sweet and very creamy. Like a buttery sweet gooey custard, and is unbelievably delicious. They really shine when baked in a tart. them on the bench for a few days until they give a little when you press on them. A ripe custard apple is delightful! It’s tangy, sweet and the flesh definitely lives up to its ‘custard’ name. I like them plain but to really knock someone’s socks off pair them with apples to make a sauce for your Sunday night roast pork.

Savings in the Seed Bank


We speak with Lisa Love, one of the passionate advocates for saving seeds and encouraging biodiversity in our region. What are the origins of Seed Savers Australia? Around thirty years ago, a wonderful couple from Byron Bay, Michel and Jude Fanton, travellers through the Pacific nations and keen gardeners, saw a need to establish a way to protect and save our agricultural biodiversity, which resulted in the founding of the Australian Seed Savers Network. What impact did the network have? It was a revolutionary and ground-breaking move at that time, and many years on Seed Savers is still growing, and helping us to protect our rich and vital seed heritage. There are many seed banks around the world dedicated to saving non-hybrid, non-GMO, organically-grown, heritage seed. This care ensures that our seed varieties will remain strong and viable in the following season and into the future, whereas seeds from hybrid plants do not produce ‘true-to-type’ offspring, and GMO’s are designed with ‘terminator genes’ so plants won’t go to seed, meaning seeds need to be constantly purchased. When did the first Seed Savers start in FNQ? The FNQ Seed Savers group

was started around twenty-five years ago, by Annie Jenkins and Jane Many-Leaves, who you can find at Gordonvale Markets with the most amazing array of tropical food plants, definitely worth seeking out, as her family are almost totally self-sufficient from their lush tropical garden. Why is it important to grow our own food and save our seeds? As Jude and Michel discovered in their travels, many varieties of diverse food plants were being lost, due to the growing popularity of ‘fast-food’, and agencies shipping limited variety produce around the world. Many small producers left their traditions and knowledge behind, and were swept into the conveniencemode of purchasing food. What soon happened was a rapid loss of hard-won biodiversity of food, which had evolved from many hundreds of generations of food growing, and seed collecting and saving for the following seasons. This was replaced by corporate food and seed systems which began controlling the foods which were grown and also promoting their chemicals be used on the plants. What kind of legacy does Seed Savers leave for the world? Jude and Michel made it their personal mission to discover as many food plants as they could, and to encourage others they met on their travels to grow and save seeds, as well

as documenting the ways of growing the local food plants in many areas of the world, accumulating the knowledge to make available for everyone to access. At their garden in Byron Bay, they have over three thousand varieties of heritage food plants and seeds, an amazing legacy. The website is an excellent resource with many ‘How-to’ videos and collated information. How can people in FNQ get involved? In Far North Queensland there are seedsaving groups in Cairns, Mareeba, Malanda, Kuranda, Cooktown, Innisfail, Mount Molloy, and other smaller seed exchanges.You’ll find a great bunch of people who love growing food, having a yarn, sharing our organically homegrown seeds and cuttings, and are contributing to our local seedbank of locally-resilient seeds – which are accessible to those attending our meetings, as well as to community projects where possible. Seed Savers are renowned for their share lunches with many bringing food to share from their gardens, meanwhile encouraging newcomers with their exceptional knowledge of growing food in this area. All are welcome! If you would like to be in contact with the FNQ Seed Savers network, please email seedsavers@kurandaregion. org and we can connect you with your local group.

The journey to certified organics has been a long and windy road yet despite the challenges, Tableland certified organic beef producers Shane and Fiorina Solinas have never waived from the end goal. The couple and their sons Morgan, 12, and Murphy, 10, are the team behind JohnBull Farming, a certified organic beef brand based on the outskirts of Malanda, on the Atherton Tablelands. Earlier this year, the family took a leap of faith and opened doors at Cairns’ local produce hotspot, Rusty’s Market, to sell their retail product. Organics was the furthest thing from their minds when they searched for land seven years ago, but when they landed on the 142-acre property, the certification process had already begun, so they decided to continue along that path, and were finally granted organic certification in 2014. Organic farming is chemical-free farming – pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers are not used. “Retail was always the end goal and that’s why we worked so hard to become certified organic,” explains Shane. “For us to go any further we had to have a certified abattoir and butcher. “We approached Grant and Nikki Blennerhassett from Bingil Bay Beef, as well as Gary and Laurel Haines from Malanda Meat Company, and the plan came together. “The Australian Certified Organic logo is critical – everyone can say they are organic, but being certified organic separates the people 42

A Bull

Market Words & Photos by Lea Coghlan

that want to do it from the people who are genuinely doing it.” JohnBull Farming – the name being a tribute to Shane’s late father John and late brother Bully – was born in late October 2016 when the first of the couple’s certified organic beef was processed. Eighteen months on, Shane and Fiorina are capitalising on growing consumer trends for healthy, socially and environmentally responsible food. Having set the bar high, the couple know maintaining quality is critical to longevity. “We have received some pretty big compliments about our product,” Shane said. “Our job is to maintain that quality.” Having established a loyal customer base through the Organic Co-Operative Atherton, Cairns Local Organic CoOperative, word-of-mouth and social media, the couple accepted an invitation to share a permanent site at Rusty’s Markets, with Shane and Hope Beattie from Sunnyville Free Range Pastured Pigs, on Fridays and Saturdays. Limited farming experience (apart from Fiorina’s upbringing on a dairy and cropping farm near Atherton) meant the couple were newcomers to the organic beef industry… and while they’ve made their fair share of mistakes, they are looking forward to a bright future. “We have learnt the hard way a lot of the time, but so far it’s paying off.”


BEER CRAFT with the Barefoot Drinker

It seems that every time we turn around there’s a new craft beer released onto the market, but what actually makes a beer “craft”? The term was coined by hop-heads explaining how they preferred their beer “crafted not manufactured”, or being created by a small batch brewer, who had no connections to the mass manufactured beers. These small batch brewers were able to create beers with more flavour, in marked contrast to the readily available beers on bottleshop shelves. The brewers didn’t need to make something that would satisfy the masses, they only needed to satisfy a small but loyal and dedicated core. It wasn’t about creating a

beer that brewers knew they could sell a lot of, in fact most of those huge mouth-grenade style beers sell well under their big label competitors, this was about creating beers that make them happy, beers that they wanted to drink themselves. Over the years, that small dedicated group of drinkers has grown to an extent that the large commercials started to take notice, they started buying up small craft breweries, or creating labels that can hide the fact that it’s come from a macrobrewer, more crafty brewing then actual craft brewing. These large commercial, craft breweries have gone on to dull down the

Craft: Stone and Wood Green Coast Lager

European, unfiltered lager with bucket loads of malt character. Nice subtle hop notes and great clean finish on the tongue, very drinkable in warm weather.

Crafty: Sail and Anchor Golden Ale

Made by Woolworths, with no mention of them on the labelling. Just enough hops and bitterness to keep it interesting, not huge in the flavour stakes though, and couldn’t do a session of it.

Macro Craft: Cricketers Arms Session Ale

A 3.5% drop from the Asahi owned brewery, tropical aromas on the nose, strong hop driven palate with just enough late bitterness, its name says it all, although it’s more in tune with a mid-strength IPA.

flavour profiles of their beers, twisting them into beers that were about mass satisfaction. A great example here is how James Squire Pilsner went from being the huge muscled up, hop driven drop that Chuck Hahn had created, to being the commercially viable beer it is now, once it was swallowed up by a large multinational. The future of true craft beer, and with it full flavoured beers in Australia, will lie with those small local breweries. To go forward we will actually need to look backwards, back to when each town had their own brewery. Self-distribution and an active tap-house will be a must, getting their beer out to the public and creating the next round of loyal, dedicated followers, all the while allowing a small operation to make a profit to invest in their next batch. Even with the slow trickle of local breweries popping up, we are still a long way from that utopian vision. Until then we can find happiness in the macrobrewers that haven’t forsaken flavour. It may not keep that ragtag, craft army happy, but until we start voting more with our wallets than our social media, it’s the best we’ve got. The Barefoot Drinker, Far North Queensland. For further insight 45


View w i t h


Words By Kirsty Nancarrow


A quarter of a century ago on a cold Yorkshire evening in the UK, Robert Callin probably didn’t imagine he’d be drinking and selling his own beer in a tropical paradise, but here he is. He started his career in chemistry, working as a chemical plant manager for more than a decade in the UK, before a holiday down under lured him to Far North Queensland. “We moved to Australia and I was a high school chemistry teacher for 10 years and somewhere in amongst there I took up home brewing and obviously the chemistry skills were handy with that,” Rob said. He started winning competitions with his brews – first locally, then at state and national level. Rob admits he became ‘carried away’ with his hobby, undertaking a four year Graduate Diploma in Brewing Science. The 47-year-old launched the Macalister Brewing Company in Cairns last year, taking his long-term passion for beer to the next level. “I wanted to be a brewer when I left university but I couldn’t get a job in the local brewery with just a chemistry degree.” Macalister prides itself on producing what Rob calls ‘sessionable’ beers that are well balanced not too bitter, not too sweet - and easy to drink. “We brew in almost an old fashioned way now, we leave the yeast in the kegs and bottles,” he said.

“It’s a little more time consuming to do it that way but it keeps the beer fresher.” The brewery takes its name from the beautiful Macalister Range that lies almost at its doorstep in Smithfield, to the north of Cairns. At present, Macalister’s craft beer is made and sold exclusively as a local, fresh product. “Beer is meant to be brewed locally and drunk locally,” he said. “Transporting beer across a huge continent like Australia is not ideal for beer, to make beer travel that distance, what you really need to do is pasteurise it and put additives and preservatives in it, all of which detract from the flavour.” “We don’t do that, we have no intention of doing that.” Rob didn’t originally intend to open a bar at the brewery, but he couldn’t ignore the potential of the brewery’s stunning location among the cane fields at the foot of the Macalister Range, with views across Trinity Inlet. But what about the beer snacks, you ask? Macalister Brewing Company has decided to stick to what it knows best but has been inviting local food trucks in to provide delicious edible accompaniments to its tasty brews. The Brewery bar is open 12-7pm Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and 12-10pm Friday and Saturday, with rotating food trucks on site at weekends.

F s n r i a C f o e m Home to so B oo ki ng s 4 0 3 0 8 8 9 7


nning five star This multi award-wi t offers a superbly signature restauran ing a contemporary crafted menu featur stern flavours culinary fusion of Ea t regional produce created with the fines an impressive & complemented by beverage list.

D ai ly 6 p m -1 0 p m

merchant artisan food & coffee







A cafÊ with a relaxing atmosphere & serving boutique coffee, tea, cold drinks, a la carte menu, delectable house made desserts, breakfast, deli-style house salads & Artisan baguettes. It’s the perfect meeting place!


Daily 7am til 3pm




*Present this voucher to claim offer Expires 30 Jun 18 (FNQFM Charge PM9396)






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CO F F E E 48

s r a B & s t n a r Finest Restau BAR36

A bar with personality! A sophisticated venue combining state of the art sound, lighting & visuals that sets an atmosphere unlike anything else in Cairns. Open nightly & offering free live entertainment six nights a week along with arguably the coldest beer in Cairns. A team of chefs & creative mixologists serve a tasty bar menu to complement your beverages until 8pm nightly.

SUN to THU 5pm-late Fri & SAT 4pm-late

flinders bar & grill For patrons 18+. Open til 4am daily, Flinders is located just off the gaming floor in the Casino. It offers bistro–style dining for breakfast, lunch, dinner & supper & has a varied menu with regular dining specials.

Daily 9am -4am


Internationally acclaimed CAFÉ CHINA RESTAURANT is well known for its Peking & Hong Kong cuisine, yum cha, seafood & wine list. CAFÉ CHINA NOODLE BAR is a great place to try an authentic noodle soup or stir fry. Eat in or take away. CAIRNS DINNER THEATRE offers a complete dining & professional theatre show experience with stylised show menus whether it be a three-course meal, á la carte or set course.

35-41 WHARF STREET, CAIRNS - (07) 4030 8888

AWARD WINNING CRAFT MICROBREWERY 0478 729 222 2/17 Johnston Street, Stratford, Cairns 4870 Barrier Reef Brewing Co.

Tap room and cellar door sales Thursdays & Fridays 4pm-7pm and Saturdays 2pm-6pm Also available at good restaurants and bars throughout the North 50

Ju Ju for You! “There is always room for innovation” says award winning Tablelands businesswoman Rylee Venables, “and it doesn’t have to be dull!” The co-owner of the unique and, frankly amazing, Petals and Pinecones cafe in Atherton has never been afraid to put her particular spin on her business and it’s presentation. Her popular venue was designed to be a destination to lift spirits and create memorable moments and connections. Everyone wants good juju in their lives, and now Rylee has

found a way to share it – in the form of her new range of loose leaf organic tea blends. Ju Ju Tea uses only the highest quality ingredients, expertly balanced and packaged with so much love and care, “It’s important to us that you love every single cup of Ju Ju Tea!” says Rylee. “Your energy can greatly affect your day - so our mission is to create blends that enhance, remedy or evoke the right type of energy you need to get through your day.” “Our belief is that by using

beautiful, quality, organic ingredients - we have crafted a unique range of tea blends that evoke emotions to help you feel all of your feels (aka Ju Ju)” Each tea, with evocative names like ‘Happy Ju Ju’ and ‘Grounding Ju Ju’, has been crafted to be enjoyed hot or cold and is available online from www. Rylee’s favourite blend is ‘Chuffed Ju Ju’, which she enjoys over muddled fruits and ice – “the perfect blend after a fabulous day!”



Art Cup in a

For many of us coffee and inspiration go hand in hand, and when you can make a fantastic cup of coffee, plus you’ve completed a Visual Arts degree, it makes perfect sense to explore the possibilities of foam and froth and have a look into the world of ‘latte art’. A recent artform, believed to have begun sometime in the 80’s, it’s also a transient one, says Erik Ruelin, master roaster at Sipping Duck

Coffee Roasters, which he owns alongside good friends Fiorella Denari and Lance Robinson. Aside from being a deft hand at the ubiquitous milk-poured rosetta - he can make a quinella rosetta! - Erik’s preferred method is drawing directly onto the coffee with a toothpick. Along the way he has drawn everything: from Swiss chalets, to boxing gloves for Russell Crowe, when the Cinderella Man film came out.

However, the very first thing Erik drew on coffee, back when he was in Sydney as a young barista, was a duck. And it is his unique duck drawing which now forms the Sipping Duck Coffee Roasters logo. One thing Erik says almost everyone can agree on, “At the end of the day, it’s not about what it looks like, it’s just about having a great tasting cup of coffee!”.


Scoby is an acronym for: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast

Words by Janie Barton


Little did Amanda Hargrave realise that when her partner bought her a thoughtful Christmas present it would lead to a whole new beginning in the food industry for the Cairns born-and-bred local. It all began when Amanda was looking for a refreshing drink, that was not sugary and had health benefits, and she tried a kombucha at a local market. She loved it so much her partner Gavin Downes bought her a kit at Christmas a few years ago so she could make it herself. From there, her interest in, and passion for, kombucha snowballed. Her friends and family sampled her unique brews, loved them and wanted her to make some for them. “I was making 50 litres a fortnight just for myself, family and friends,” said Amanda, mother of two. “It was then that Gavin and I realised there was obviously a market for it, so we started the business. And the rest is history.” Not only does Amanda now own and operate Scoo Brew Kombucha, she creates and manufactures her own recipes using fresh seasonal Far North Queensland produce. Kombucha is well known to have enormous health benefits, including improved digestion and immune function, arthritis prevention,

cancer prevention and energy enhancement. Due to its fermentation process, it is packed with probiotics as well as enzymes, B vitamins and organic acid. Scoo Brew hand crafts a range of different brew blends such as its popular and beneficial lemon and ginger drink. Depending on the seasonal fruit available, Amanda also makes blueberry, raspberry, mango, pineapple and passionfruit brews, among others. “We’re lucky that we have an absolute plethora of wonderful produce here in Far North Queensland,” she said. “We try and source all our ingredients from local suppliers. Not only do we get fresh produce, but we are ensuring the profits benefit our community.”

Scoo Brew is a regular resident at Rusty’s Markets on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays where people can sample Amanda’s freshly-made brews straight from the keg. Scoo Brew is also available in a number of stores and cafes in the city, including Jonsson’s Farm Market, Healthy Hub, JaffleHead and the Conservatory Bar, to name a few of its growing list of stockists. Amanda currently brews and manufacturers her kombucha out of Fang’s Chilli Sauce’s manufacturing facility in Cairns, but is planning to expand to a larger premise to meet growing demand. “At this stage we’re making an average of 350 litres a week,” she said. “And it’s growing every week.”

DIY: Better Butter Butter is one of those ubiquitous ingredients, found in almost all restaurants and homes. It’s a spread, a condiment, and a fat, that we also use in baking, sauces and pan frying. The yellowness of the butter depends on the amount of Carotene found in the cow’s diet. The cream you use to make butter, can make the world of difference to the look and taste of the finished product. We found the Misty Mountain Pure Jersey Cream resulted in a very yellow, tasty butter - the perfect base to add garlic or herbs!

STEP 1: Pour your cream into a clean bowl - 1 litre of cream will make about half a kilo of butter.

STEP 2: Start beating at a low setting, moving up to full speed until the cream starts to separate (5-10 minutes) the white liquid that remains is buttermilk, which you can keep to use in pancakes or baking. 56

STEP 3: Once you have removed the buttermilk and collected the butter together, rinse the butter in cold water - if there is still a lot of white liquid beading out, then you can knead it in cold water.

STEP 4: Dry gently with a clean tea towel, et voilà, homemade butter! Your butter can be used straightaway, or you can add salt, garlic, herbs and even freeze it.


Sage and Butter Sauce This quick and easy sauce is perfect with gnocchi or specialty pastas, and can be poured over vegetables or lean meat for added deliciousness. INGREDIENTS 150g unsalted butter, chopped 2 tablespoons fresh sage leaves

METHOD Melt 25g butter in a frying pan over medium heat. Add sage and cook, stirring, until sage starts to brown and crisp up. Transfer leaves to a plate and add remaining butter. Cook for 5 minutes, or until butter turns golden, and then stir the sage leaves back in and remove from heat butter from the pan.


W o r l d


o f

P o s s i b i l i t i e s



71-75 The Esplanade, Cairns QLD 4870


Dining Guide Directory Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant


La Fettuccina


Aluco Restaurant and Bar


Mama Coco


Apex Milk Bar


MOIM Restaurant


Apex Milk Bar Express


O Cha Cha


Beach Almond Restaurant


Ochre Restaurant


Bluewater Bar and Grill


O’Sheas Restaurant


Boaties Bar & Grill


Osprey’s Restaurant

Bungalow Tavern


Burrito Bar


Outback Jacks


Bushfire Flame Grill


Petals & Pinecones


Cafe China at the Reef Casino




Piccolo Cucina





Cafe China Express at Spence


Splash Seafood Restaurant


Cafe Strada


Suan Suan


Coco Mojo Bar & Grill




Cotton Club


Temple of Tastes


Donut Joint


The Jack


The Three Wolves


Cafe China Express at Shangri La Hotel

Dundees Restaurant

at Thala Beach


on the Waterfront


Tia’s Cafe


Hemingway’s Brewery


Waterbar & Grill


Jaques Coffee Plantation



Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant

Situated on the Cairns Esplanade, Ala Turka serves a sumptuous array of traditional Turkish cuisine alongside a beautiful view of the Coral Sea. The Head Chef at Ala Turka has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of spices, herbs and aromatics. Ala Turka has a wide variety of dishes to choose from - house made dips to charcoal lamb, mixed grills to Turkish Baclava - as well as their famous Moussaka, authentic Anatolian and seafood dishes, plus a wide range of vegetarian options. Ala Turka is a fully licensed restaurant, and has an extensive wine list handpicked and perfectly matched for Turkish cuisine. The beautiful venue is perfectly situated for functions and conference events. 60

07 4041 5331

Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant

4/77-81 Esplanade, Cairns City QLD 4870

Ala Turka Restaurant

O p e n i n g

H o u r s

5 - 1 0 p m

d a i l y




Beach Almond is an award-winning modern Asian seafood restaurant celebrating the rich harvest of local seafood plus great steak, pork and chicken dishes. Located at the northern end of the Palm Cove’s famous esplanade and set in a rustic, beachhouse/fishing shack. The exterior belies the exceptional fine-dining cuisine that awaits within. Beach Almond is a must visit restaurant that successfully combines a casual beachfront atmosphere with a sophisticated, creative and beautifully presented menu. A showcase for local produce and innovative specials this restaurant has been a finalist the Restaurant and Catering awards for the last five years running and is Tripadvisor certified - rated in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide for the last five years. 07-4059 1908






Beach Almond Palm Cove 145 Williams Esplanade Palm Cove, Australia








OPEN HOURS: 5-11pm Monday-Saturday, 9-11pm Sunday










t’s a great day to be at… The Yorkeys Knob Boat Club! Try the all new Boaties Bar and Grill, eat on the deck over the water or in air-conditioned comfort – you choose! Boaties Bar and Grill caters for all tastes and budgets, with an ever-changing specials board, weekly promotional offers and comprehensive menu. The wide-ranging menu offers everything from local seafood to gourmet salads and premium steaks. Feel like a snack? Relax and shoot some pool on the new Boaties Deck with your mates and try our Boaties Deck Tapas and Pizza menu available from our main Bar from 12 noon – 9 pm daily.

07 4055 7711 29 Buckley Street, Yorkeys Knob, QLD


12-3 pm 6–9pm


12-3 pm 6–9pm

Wednesday 12-3 pm 6–9pm Thursday

12-3 pm 6–9pm


12-3 pm 6–9pm


12-3 pm 6–9pm


12-3 pm 6–9pm


The Bungalow Hotel is proudly owned and operated by the Gibson Family, who have transformed it into a modern, welcoming and fresh venue, with an enormous covered outdoor deck, a sports bar with TAB & Keno facilities, Gaming Room with the latest machines and a 100 seat restaurant, function room, and also a private cocktail/lounge bar.

dinner, with a modern menu, featuring a whole pig on the spit every Friday and Saturday night.

They wanted to stay true to the Pub’s history, so the heart of the Bungalow, the Sports/Public Bar, has been updated whilst still keeping its origin in mind - the original timber silky oak bar has been retained and restored to its original glory. The restaurant, however, has been given a contemporary fresh feel, and so very Cairns. Plantations Bar and Grill is open 7 days for lunch and

The beautifully restored Bungalow has gained an enviable reputation for great food, an extensive range of beers on tap, accompanied with some quality wines and spirits!

07 4051 3277 @thenewbung The Bungalow Hotel 200 Aumuller Street Bungalow Qld 4870 PO Box 868

The function area has a very tropical feel, perfect for any function whether it be family, friends or corporate, catering can be personalised to suit any event.

Come and join us soon for a relaxed meal in ‘Plantations’, a quiet drink on the deck or in one of our bars, some good company and loads of fun!

Open Hours Drive Thru: Open 7 Days 10am - 12pm Hotel and Gaming: Open 7 Days 10am til 2am Hours differ on Good Friday, Christmas Day and Anzac Day

The Bluewater is your Celebration Destination Overlooking the Bluewater

perfectly combined, while

Marina with stunning panoramic

the versatile, skilled kitchen

views, The Bluewater Bar & Grill

ensures a multitude of tastes are

is a local favourite. The striking

accommodated. Local musicians

main bar runs the length of

play live every weekend - find

the spacious open plan venue.

details online, along with Daily

Friendly service and relaxed


atmosphere is 72

OPEN EVERYDAY 10AM-LATE +61 7 4057 6788 Bluewater Bar And Grill Harbour Drive Trinity Park, Cairns QLD 4879 Bluewater Bar and Grill


COURTESY BUS *Bookings essential.

Burrito Bar now open in Cairns!

Open Every Day from 11am to 9pm 07 4038 2338 Shop 82/85, Kennedy Hwy & Captain Cook Highway Cairns QLD 4878

We offer a full menu of Modern Mexican cuisine, including our popular desserts, in a cool and casual restaurant. All your favourite dishes cooked quickly and packed with flavour! Just down from the cinemas at Smithfield, there’s plenty of parking plus we are fully licensed, with a selection of beers on tap.



Thrill of the Grill Flavours explode at the Bushfire Flame Grill! Here guests enjoy an “all you can eat� Brazilian-inspired, Australian-style barbecue. Metre long skewers of succulent Australian beef, pork, lamb and chicken are seasoned, marinated and gently roasted on the churrasco grill. Waiters circulate slicing sizzling hot roasted meats and warm, sugar & cinnamon encrusted pineapple from skewers directly to your plate. Housemade dessert creations including Spanish churros served with warm chocolate chilli sauce, complete this unique and exciting

dining experience. An a la carte menu is also available and special dietary needs are cheerfully catered to. Bushfire opens for dinner from 5.30pm until late.

(07) 4044 1879 Bushfire Flame Grill Restaurant Cairns Corner of The Esplanade and Spence Street Cairns QLD 4870



07 4028 3860 Cafe Strada cafestradacairns 79 Lake Street Cairns City

OPENING HOURS Monday to Sunday 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM

A chic modern cafe bar in the heart of Cairns. Serving excellent coffee, breakfast and Lunch by day moving into sophisticated cocktails and delectable dinners by night. Cafe Strada has an up tempo menu, blending traditional favourites with modern Mediterranean and Asian fusion dishes. Always part of the community the chefs deliberately include local and seasonal produce and the cafe grinds local

roasted Sipping Duck coffee. Striving for good service and good quality Cafe Strada has become a firm favourite with locals and tourist alike. A secluded outdoor area and private function room add extra dimension to this already cool venue. For everything from a grab and go coffee and pastry to and cold beer and a share platter with friends Cafe Strada provides sanctuary in the busy city.

Coco Mojo Bar & Grill in Clifton Beach is the epitome of casual tropical dining, with an exceptional variety of meals to try and share. Renowned for their generous portions of international street foods; fresh seafood and seasonal produce (sourced locally where possible) 80

are creatively combined to produce sensational flavours, and locals in the know thoroughly enjoy their meals amidst the lush surroundings. The multicultural element is evident in everything from the flavours to the music - try their Global Street Food

Platter for a whirlwind culinary feast, all from the comfort of their relaxed, alfresco patio. Visit on a Sunday to enjoy live music, drink specials and their signature share boards - it’s what GOOD MOOD FOOD is all about!

(07) 4059 1272 14 Clifton Rd, Clifton Beach QLD 4879 Monday-Friday 11:30am-9pm Saturday-Sunday 9am-9pm

The Cotton Club is the place to meet friends or colleagues for a drink, a meal or to dance the night away. Perfectly situated in the heart of Cairns, the outdoor dining area looks out on the shady fig trees and is an air conditioned oasis where you can keep your cool no matter how tropical the weather is. Inside, the street-level restaurant is an intimate venue with cozy booths and an elegant cocktail bar where inventive flavour combinations created by the talented team have resulted in a unique range of drinks,


from traditionally elegant to the flamboyantly exotic! The Cotton Club chefs create impressive gastropub dishes at affordable prices that keep diners coming back for more: like the hand selected 100-day-old grain fed rump steak served pubstyle with your favourite sauce and beer-battered fries or pork ribs with the house specialty, a sumptuous Jack Daniels barbecue sauce. Meet for drinks and share a plate of salt and pepper calamari, grilled haloumi, fish tacos or try assorted pizzas including BBQ bacon chicken and meat lovers. Whether you fancy a hearty dinner, a light healthy lunch or share finger food with friends after dark, there is a dish sure to please those who love good food. Open daily from 11:30am ‘till late. thecottonclubcairns

+61 7 4031 6304 24 Shields Street, Cairns CBD


A true waterside dining experience, Dundee’s has been operating for over 30 years serving the finest steaks from the grill, fresh seafood, pasta and Australian game foods.

iconic status and is an ideal destination for breakfast, lunch or dinner — but remember to book in advance for dinner to avoid disappointment.

With unrivalled ambience and a relaxed casual dining atmosphere, Dundee’s welcomes many regulars and tourists alike. Never failing to provide outstanding contemporary food along with excellent service, Dundee’s has achieved

Located beneath Cairns Harbour Lights Hotel and adjacent to Cairns Esplanade, you can dine, relax and watch the Reef boats go to and from the Great Barrier Reef.

Breakfast: Monday – Sunday from 6.00am – 1.00pm Coffee and Cake/Pastries: Monday – Sunday from 6.00am – late Lunch: Monday – Sunday from 11.30am – 2.30pm Snack Menu: Monday – Sunday from 11.30am until late Dinner Menu: Monday – Sunday from 5.30pm until late Cocktail/Coffee Lounge: Monday – Sunday from 10.00am until late

P: (07) 4051 0399 E: A: 1 Marlin Parade, Cairns QLD 4870 W: Find us on

Our donuts are handcrafted daily in store, conveniently close to the cinemas at Smithfield Shopping Centre. We create a delicious range of traditional cinnamon and sugar hand rolled donuts to exquisite creations such as our Pavlova or Creme Brûlée donuts or an array of beautiful glazed donuts and delectable filled donuts such as Bella Nutella or My Jam! A selection of our own hand made Bagels, Foccacia and Burgers are also available.

Hours: Everyday 7am–9pm 86

07 4038 3743

Shop 91A Smithfield Shopping Centre, Corner Captain Cook &, Kennedy Hwy, Smithfield QLD


Hemingway’s Brewery is a gastro brewpub situated on the beautiful Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, Port Douglas and soon to be open at the Cairns Wharf Cruise Liner Terminal. Hemingway’s Brewery is the first of its kind in Far North Queensland and

offers a relaxed vibe where you can enjoy handcrafted beers suited to the tropical climate and fresh local produce. Both venues have dedicated function spaces catering to small and large groups alike for weddings, birthdays and corporates.

07 4099 6663 Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, 44 Wharf St Port Douglas Q 4877 Cairns Wharf, Cnr Wharf & Lake Sts Cairns QLD 4870 Hemingway’s Brewery FNQ @hemingwaysfnq



137 Leotta Road

Mareeba QLD 4880 Australia 88

Jaques Coffee Plantation

coffee plantation The Jaques Coffee Restaurant and Cafe is situated in Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands, in North Queensland, Australia, with a beautiful backdrop looking over the surrounding peaks of the Great Dividing Range. Along side the spring waters of Emerald Creek.

The restaurant is situated at the centre of the Coffee Plantation with 85,000 Arabica Coffee trees on rich soils, boasting a smooth and vibrant flavour unique only to our remarkable location. With the ever growing enthusiasm for coffee around the world, the Jaques Family are giving

travellers, locals, coffee lovers and professionals an enchanting insight into the finer details of coffee from the tree to the cup in a relaxed setting. Enjoy lunch, coffee, cakes and scones on the large timber deck or browse the gift shop for something special to take home.

La Fettuccina has been celebrating wholesome,

years “La Fett” has become the byword for

rustic Italian food for over three decades.

Italian in Cairns and has developed a huge local following, as well as being a hit with tourists

Established in 1986, La Fettuccina has a well-

from all nations.

earned reputation for providing consistently good food and excellent service. This delightful

Your experience can be outside ‘al fresco’ or

restaurant brings together all the elements of

choose intimate dining inside the restaurant.

an authentic local Italian trattoria.

On any given night you will find La Fettuccina bustling with life, so it pays to reserve a table

Traditionally simple decor, a cosmopolitan team, and pasta made fresh every day are the hallmarks of this popular eatery. After thirty 90

to avoid disappointment.

FOR RESERVATIONS: Phone +617 40315959 Website: GENERAL ENQUIRIES: 41 Shields Street Cairns, Queensland, Australia @CairnsItalianRestaurant

Mama Coco is a celebration of eclectic flavours and homely island hospitality. Mama believes that the best form of hospitality is that found in the home, and it’s our aim to make all our guests experience this at Mama Coco.

(07) 4052 1226 Mama Coco @mama_coco Mama Coco Restaurant Shop 4/196 Mulgrave Rd, Westcourt, 4870 OPEN: Monday – Saturday 07:00 AM to 02:30 PM. Dinner Last Friday of the month.


The word Moim in the Korean language means gathering; and getting together over modern Korean-based cuisine is what Moim Restaurant is all about. Their popular Chicken Thursday Day is a chance to share Korean Style Chicken for $20 and catch up over a beer or two in the fully licensed CBD location. The friendly staff ensure your night lives up to their motto: MEET, EAT and BE HAPPY! 94

59-61 Spence Street, Cairns CBD 0411 578 541 MON-FRI 11:30-14:30 EVERYDAY 17:30-Midnight moimrestaurant

Upstairs in Palm Court, there is a hidden gem that has maintained their excellent culinary reputation for decades. O’Cha Cha Japanese Dining & Tea oozes authenticity, with everything from the decor to the menu reminiscent of a Japanese dining experience. The space is warm and inviting, with ‘Western’ tables alongside the traditional Japanese tables, where the custom is sitting on cushions around the table. The broad selection of Japanese beers and wines means you can have a fully immersive experience, whether you choose the popular set meals and sashimi platters, or something a little more adventurous. Opening Hours: Tuesday 5:30pm–8:30pm Wed-Sat 12–2pm / 5:30–8:30pm Sun-Mon Closed

+61 7 4051 7055 34 Lake Street, Cairns City QLD O’ CHA CHA Japanese Dining &Tea O’ Cha Cha Japanese Dining &Tea


OCHRE RESTAURANT +61 7 4051 0100 6 / 1 Marlin Parade, Cairns, Queensland, 4870, Australia Ochre Restaurant at Harbour Lights @ochrecairns @OchreRestaurant


Waterfront dining at Ochre @ Harbour Lights It is like a virtual tour through the culinary delights of Australia in a amazing location right on the inlet. With a dedication to local produce and experience like no other in crafting Native ingredients into modern exciting cuisine, Ochre Restaurant offers a range of exquisite dishes, specialising in sustainable Australian regional produce for tourists and locals alike.


The menu changes seasonally and is unique in its use of Australian native foods and regional produce. Stocking an eclectic variety of limited and new style wines and premium beers the potential for serious food and wine matching is limitless.


Ochre Restaurant is recognised both nationally and internationally as one of the most innovative modern Australian restaurants not only in Cairns, but Australia wide.

07 4055 0010 O’Sheas Esplanade, Machans Beach The ideal function venue for your special event! 0409 578 239 or email OPEN Weekdays from 3 pm Weekends from 10 am FULLY LICENSED RESTAURANT ON BEAUTIFUL MACHANS BEACHFRONT

Sit back on the veranda overlooking the Coral Sea and enjoy some of our traditional Australian cuisine while relaxing in the tranquil ambience of the palm fringed Machans Beachfront. Dine at this unique restaurant, as twilight turns to moonlight glinting on the sea. Or sip an ice cold beer from our range of O’Sheas craft beers on tap, brewed by Local Red Dragon Brewey, or pick a quality wine from our excellent wine list. The perfect setting for everything from a romantic dinner, to a leisurely brunch with mates.


Outback Jack’s Bar and Grill is a family friendly Steakhouse offering the best authentic value for money Australian experience for locals and tourists with a full range of healthy salads, burgers, seafood, chicken, ribs and enormous juicy steaks - and you can also try the uniquely 07 4031 9771 78 Abbott Street Cairns, QLD


Australian flavours of crocodile and kangaroo! Fully licensed venue, and the ‘Top Paddock’ can be hired out for functions and special occasions, with catering options and own bar access.

Outback Jacks (Cairns, Queensland, Australia) @OutbackJacks

Portofino’s at Palm Cove is situated overlooking the stunning Coral Sea on Williams Esplanade. The stunning location compliments the amazing food and atmosphere, whether you are after a casual drink from the extensive wine and cocktail list - with classic’s such as Sangria or a Chilli Margarita - or a classic European beer to watch the sunset, Portofino has you covered.

+61 428 774 009 Shop 3 / 41 Williams Esplanade Palm Cove, QLD, Australia 4879

Dining at Portofino oozes class, the Italian inspired menu, with elegant entree’s such as Spanish prawns, soft shell crab, or a perfect woodfired pizza, and main meals including Gnocchi Sorentina and Chicken Reginella, ensure Portofino is the perfect place to dine and relax.



P&P is known for freak shakes, waffles, happy humans and a quirky space... but even more is coming in 2018, as Rylee and her team continue to grow P&P into a wonderland where all of their deepest loves come together - great coffee, delicious food, welcoming smiles and a space for you to feel appreciated. Over the past few years they have hosted high teas for brides, birthdays, baby showers, fundraisers and more... and now they are expanding into creating magical settings for ‘Princess Parties’, an opportunity for little ladies to dress up and celebrate their birthdays in style! This year Rylee has also brought her obsession for creating share boards out into the open and is creating incredible Grazing Platters for events/workshops/ meetings or even as a picnic option for those sunny days by the river when memories are made.

Petals & Pinecones Coffee & Creativity @petalsandpinecones +61 436 412 559 6-8 Herberton Road (Supercheap Complex) Atherton, Queensland, Australia


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07 4041 4284 Piato Piato Restaurant Shop G4A, The Pier Marina Pierpoint Road, Cairns Qld Australia

07 4051 5137 Piccolo Cucina 17 Abbott Street 26-36 Village Lane, Cairns QLD 4870 104

Open: Monday to Friday 11.30am - 9.30pm Saturday 4pm - 10pm Sunday 4pm - 9pm

Piccolo Cucina, a traditional Italian restaurant located in the centre of Cairns, is situated at the end of an iconic local laneway, in a beautiful Tropical Queenslander style building.

Crisp white table cloths and elegant decoration, conceal a casual and inclusive dining atmosphere, and have led to Piccolo Cucina becoming a local favourite in the Far North.

Combining fresh, locally sourced ingredients in traditional Italian cuisine, they specialise in handmade pasta and hand-stretched pizza.

The international team expertly serve exceptional cuisine, all with a twist of the famously relaxed ambience of the Tropics. Eat with us and be happy!


The best place to enjoy the bounty of the sea is by the sea.

With a long family history of fishing behind them, the local owners of Splash Seafood Restaurant know a thing or two about fresh fish and seafood! Head Chef Crystal McCoist ensures each dish is perfectly balanced and absolutely

07 4031 9300 103 The Esplanade Cairns, Queensland Australia Splash Seafood Restaurant

delicious, by celebrating fresh ingredients, and highlighting our region’s amazing local seafood. The nautical themed restaurant is easy to find, right on the Esplanade, and children are welcome!

OPENING HOURS Open 7 days 11:30am - 10:30pm Except Christmas & Boxing Day


Suan Suan is the first in Australia of an already flourishing Chinese steam-boat/ hot-pot restaurant chain. Inspired by the original 700-year-old Mongolian cooking style, Suan Suan brings the traditional communal hotpot banquet into the contemporary dining environment. In this modern twist on an ancient technique, each diner is provided an individual hotplate to keep their skilfully blended broth to their preferred temperature. Choose between three broth base flavours, spicy, vegetable, and chicken, then select your own beautifully prepared ingredients to cook to perfection at your table; from Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, and vegetables there is something for everyone to enjoy. All ingredients are prepared and presented

to make individual hot-pot cooking easy and to put the emphasis on freshness and flavour. The Suan Suan philosophy is of hearty, healthy, fresh food, prepared from locally sourced ingredients ready for you to cook to your taste. All brought to your table with the most attentive and pleasant of service, as you are a guest in our house. Suan Suan is located on the corner of Shield Street and Sheridan and is open 7 days a week for Lunch and Dinner.

07 4123 1234 SuanSuanRestaurant

Opening Hours: Breakfast from 8 am to 11am 7 days a week Lunch and Dinner from 11am to 9pm 7 days a week 2 hours free parking under the Pier Shopping Centre Check out UberEats for Home delivery! 110

Suprimo Cairns is a casual dining restaurant and bar offering a panorama of ocean, mountain and marina views. Situated on the waterfront at Shangri-La Hotel at The Pier, the family friendly restaurant offers a delectable range of Ă la carte meals and specials. The establishment prides itself on great service delivered in a spacious outdoor seating area overlooking the beautiful Cairns Marina. Their affordable range of dishes includes pizzas, pastas and salads or you can treat yourself to fresh juice and smoothies. Lunch and dinner specials are available for $16.90 value. We cater for families on a budget and all kids meals are only $11.90 served with a small soda or juice, also included is a colouring pack for their entertainment Main meal selections come with a complimentary garlic bread for lunch or complimentary pancake for dessert at dinner. (07) 4041 5181 1 Pierpoint Road, Cairns Queensland 4870 suprimocairns


From pizza, pasta, seafood, burgers, steaks and contemporary Australian cuisine, The Jack has something for everyone. The menu focuses on a family friendly atmosphere which bring all the generations together, with diverse and impressive dishes creating memorable dining experiences. 114

The Hotel features two great dining areas, airconditioned comfort inside, or Ă la carte in the outdoor beer garden which includes four super screens - great for watching your favourite sports! Eat, Drink and Experience this hearty contemporary Australian Ă  la carte menu

07 4051 2490 The Jack Cnr Spence & Sheridan Sts, Cairns QLD 4870 Australia

Reception : 9am – 8pm Bar & Gaming : 11am – 2am Restaurant: Lunch 12pm – 2:30pm Dinner 5pm – 9pm 7 days week Functions Catered for

Hidden down a red brick laneway in the heart of Cairns CBD, Three Wolves offers patrons a unique small bar experience. Proudly serving speciality whiskey and spirits, award winning cocktails, and a sumptuous wine and beer selection to folks who enjoy exceptional beverages! The drinks are complemented by delectable eats that allow you to drink, eat and repeat. Come meet the Wolf Pack!

07 4031 8040 Three Wolves Red Brick Laneway 32 Abbott St, Cairns QLD 4870


Dine among the birds in the surrounding treetops and embrace uninterrupted panoramic vistas across the sparkling waters of the Coral Sea and the World Heritage listed forests that clad the coastal ranges. Osprey Restaurant brings to the plate imaginative, cultured ingredients and combinations blending tradition and innovation. Dishes reflect an insightful contemporary approach delivering great flavours & nuance. Combined with excellent presentation and superior service, Osprey’s provides a dining experience that surpasses the norm. 07 4098 5700 Thala Beach Nature Reserve @ThalaBeachNR @thalabeach 118

Thai Lao Vietnamese *vegan available

227 Sheridan St, Cairns North QLD 4870

Tia’s Cafe is bright and cheery and serves a wide range of different Asian cuisines, as well as freshly squeezed juice and sandwiches, and hot or cold Vietnamese style coffee. Conveniently located on Sheridan Street, this BYO restaurant delights locals and tourists alike with the fresh and well-priced dishes - which can be customised to accomodate food allergies and vegan diets - for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mon-Fri 9am-9:30pm Sat 10am-9:30pm Sun 5pm-9:30pm Ph (07) 4031 2222 ` Tias-Cafe


The ultimate steakhouse in Cairns, Water Bar & Grill thrills with char-grilled, succulent meats, served by exceptional staff in a superb waterfront location at The


Pier. Big flavours dominate the menu, and it’s no wonder it’s the local’s choice for lunch and dinner. The interesting art and decor meshes with vibrant music to create

a warm and inviting space where you can savour the hearty value for money food while enjoying the spectacular views of Marlin Marina and Mt Yarrabah.

(07) 4031 1199 Pier Shopping Centre Pier Point Rd, Cairns QLD Australia Waterbar and Grill Steak House


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Cairns CBD & Surrounds 1 Ala Turka 2 Apex Milk Bar 3 Bungalow Tavern 4 Bushfire 5 Cafe China - Casino 6 Cafe China - Express 7 Cafe China - Express


Page 60 Page 64 Page 70 Page 74 Page 76 Page 76 Page 76

8 Cafe Strada 9 Cairns Night Markets 10 Cotton Club 11 Dundees 12 La Fettuccina 13 Mama Coco 14 MOIM

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Find your culinary destination on the maps above. Find more from the dining guide page reference. 15 O Cha Cha 16 Ochre 17 Outback Jacks 18 Piato 19 Piccolo Cucina 20 Reef Hotel Casino 21 Splash Seafood

Page 95 Page 96 Page 98 Page 102 Page 104 Page 48 Page 106

22 Suan Suan 23 Suprimo 24 The Jack 25 Three Wolves 26 Tia's Cafe 27 Waterbar & Grill

Page 108 Page 110 Page 114 Page 116 Page 119 Page 120

PortDouglas• Douglas• Port



Oak Beach• 11 Wangetti•


Ellis Beach ]

in ta

ap ok Co hw


Palm Cove�

Heading north from Cairns on the Captain Cook Highway brings with it a whole new dimension to the region. The Northern Beaches of Cairns range from the charming to the sophisticated offering an array of activities from the relaxed to the frenetic. Machans, Holloways and Yorkeys Knob are all set at the slow local beachside pace and offer a great antidote to the bustle of the City. Palm Cove, is a unique, luxury village by the sea where centuries-old trees line the thriving palm-fringed beach esplanade. Continue on the highway to Port Douglas you are equally staged to visit both the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park, home to biodiverse rainforest. In town, Macrossan Street is lined with boutique shops and restaurants.








Highw ay

2 d oa

Holloways Beach Holloways Beach



n ra Ku


Na na

tio k

ar lP


6 124 44 Ca


1 Aluco 2 Beach Almond 3 Bluewater Bar & Grill 4 Boaties Bar & Grill 5 Burrito Bar 6 Coco Mojo

7 Donut Joint


Page 62 Page 66 Page 72 Page 68 Page 73 Page 80

8 Hemingways Brewery 9 Macalisters Brewery 10 O'Sheas Restaurant 11 Osprey's at Thala Beach Lodge 12 Portofino 13 Temple of Tastes

Page 86

Page 87 Page 30 Page 97 Page 118 Page 99 Page 112

4 Holloways Beach


sp aE







Machans Beach Machan Street

7 5


1 C a











Cairns Airport



1 A1

Mareeba Airport

2 Danbulla National Park 1 52 Lake Tinaroo


Gadgarra Forest Reserve



S tr ee



Ce c ily Street



ise S


Vic tor ia S tre


Ja c k


1 52

S t re

Evans S tr ee t



Str ee t

Atherton Showgrounds



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in S Ma



th Av e nue

First Ave n ue

Third Avenue

Conservation Park Walk


Circus Park

R o be

Fourt h Avenue


Pink S treet

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Second Avenu e


Herberton 1Range National Park

The Tablelands (or Atherton Tablelands) is a highland region inland of Cairns forming part of the Great Dividing Range. The region’s mix of rainforest, wetlands, and savannah is home to unique flora and fauna, like the majestic Giant Kauri trees and prehistoric cassowaries. Packed with outstanding areas of natural beauty; from mountain to waterfalls, the area has an ideal climate for growing, with local produce being exported all over Australia. Te n th Avenue


E ig h th Avenue


Gibson Street

Loder Street


Find your culinary destination on the maps. Find more from the dining guide page Robert Street reference.

1 2 3

Jacques Coffee

Page 88

Mt Uncle Distillery 1

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Petals & Pinecones

Page 100

Index BREAKFAST Aluco Restaurant and Bar Apex Milk Bar Express Cafe Strada Donut Joint Dundees Restaurant on the Waterfront Hemingway’s Brewery Mama Coco Petals & Pinecones Suprimo Temple of Tastes Tia’s Cafe

62 64 78 86 84 87 92 100 110 112 119

LUNCH Aluco Restaurant and Bar Apex Milk Bar Apex Milk Bar Express Bluewater Bar and Grill Boaties Bar & Grill

62 64 64 70 72 68

Bungalow Tavern Burrito Bar Cafe China at the Reef Casino Cafe China Express at Shangri La Hotel Cafe China Express at Spence Cafe Strada Coco Mojo Bar & Grill

70 73 76

Cotton Club Donut Joint Dundees Restaurant on the Waterfront Hemingway’s Brewery Jaques Coffee Plantation Mama Coco MOIM Restaurant O Cha Cha O’Sheas Restaurant Ochre Restaurant Osprey’s Restaurant at Thala Beach Outback Jacks Petals & Pinecones Piato

82 86

76 76 78 80

84 87 88 92 94 95 97 96 118 98 100 102


Index Portofino Splash Seafood Restaurant Suan Suan Suprimo The Jack Tia’s Cafe Waterbar & Grill

99 106 108 110 114 119 120

DINNER Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant Aluco Restaurant and Bar Apex Milk Bar Apex Milk Bar Express Beach Almond Restaurant Bluewater Bar and Grill Boaties Bar & Grill Bungalow Tavern Burrito Bar Bushfire Flame Grill

60 62 64 64 66 72 68 70 73 74

Cafe China at the Reef Casino Cafe China Express at Shangri La Hotel Cafe China Express at Spence Coco Mojo Bar & Grill Cotton Club Donut Joint Dundees Restaurant on the Waterfront Hemingway’s Brewery La Fettuccina Mama Coco MOIM Restaurant O Cha Cha O’Sheas Restaurant Ochre Restaurant Osprey’s Restaurant at Thala Beach Outback Jacks Piato Piccolo Cucina Portofino Splash Seafood Restaurant Suan Suan Suprimo Temple of Tastes The Jack The Three Wolves Tia’s Cafe Waterbar & Grill

76 76 76 80 82 86 84 87 90 92 94 95 97 96 112 98 102 104 99 106 108 110 112 114 116 119

FUNCTIONS Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant Aluco Restaurant and Bar Apex Milk Bar


60 62

Bluewater Bar and Grill Boaties Bar & Grill Bungalow Tavern Bushfire Flame Grill Cafe China at the Reef Casino Cafe China Express at Shangri La Hotel Cafe China Express at Spence Cafe Strada Coco Mojo Bar & Grill Cotton Club Dundees Restaurant on the Waterfront Hemingway’s Brewery Jaques Coffee Plantation La Fettuccina Mama Coco MOIM Restaurant O’Sheas Restaurant Ochre Restaurant Osprey’s Restaurant at Thala Beach Outback Jacks Petals & Pinecones Piccolo Cucina Splash Seafood Restaurant Suan Suan Suprimo

72 68 70 74 76 76 76 78 80 82 84 87 88 90 92 94 97 96 118 98 100 104 106 108

Temple of Tastes The Jack The Three Wolves Waterbar & Grill

112 114 116 120

DELIVERY Apex Milk Bar Apex Milk Bar Express Ochre Restaurant Outback Jacks Suprimo

64 64 96 98 110

TAKEWAY Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant Apex Milk Bar Apex Milk Bar Express

60 64 64

Burrito Bar Cafe China at the Reef Casino Cafe China Express at Shangri La Hotel Cafe China Express at Spence Cafe Strada Donut Joint Jaques Coffee Plantation La Fettuccina MOIM Restaurant Outback Jacks Petals & Pinecones Suprimo Tia’s Cafe

73 76 76 76 78 86 88 90 94 98 100 110 119


Index PET FRIENDLY Beach Almond Restaurant Cafe Strada O’Sheas Restaurant

66 78 97

VEGAN FRIENDLY Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant Apex Milk Bar Apex Milk Bar Express Burrito Bar Cafe Strada Cotton Club Donut Joint Dundees Restaurant on the Waterfront Hemingway’s Brewery Mama Coco Petals & Pinecones

84 87 92 100

Suprimo The Three Wolves Tia’s Cafe

110 116 119

60 64 64 73 78 82 86

CHILD FRIENDLY Ala Turka Turkish Restaurant Aluco Restaurant and Bar Apex Milk Bar Apex Milk Bar Express Beach Almond Restaurant Bluewater Bar and Grill Boaties Bar & Grill Bungalow Tavern Burrito Bar


60 62 64 64 66 72 68 70 73

Bushfire Flame Grill Cafe China at the Reef Casino Cafe China Express at Shangri La Hotel Cafe China Express at Spence Cafe Strada Coco Mojo Bar & Grill Cotton Club Donut Joint Dundees Restaurant on the Waterfront Jaques Coffee Plantation La Fettuccina Mama Coco MOIM Restaurant O Cha Cha O’Sheas Restaurant Osprey’s Restaurant at Thala Beach Outback Jacks Petals & Pinecones Piato Piccolo Cucina Splash Seafood Restaurant Suprimo Temple of Tastes The Jack Tia’s Cafe Waterbar & Grill

76 76 76 78 80 82 86 84 88 90 94 95 97 118 98 100 102 104 106 110 112 114 119 120

FRESH. RAW. ALIVE Scoo Brew Kombucha is locally handmade the old fashioned way in tropical Cairns, Far North Queensland, using 99% locally sourced fruit for our varieties. no concentrates, essences or cordials. We use only the freshest produce, therefore our flavours vary season to season. Previous brews have included Lemon & Ginger, Blueberry, raspberry, Passionfruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, Peach, Ginger & Tumeric, Mango - contact us to find out what’s in the bottle for this week!

0422 225 936 @scoobrewkombucha Scoo Brew Kombucha Rusty’s Markets, 57-89 Grafton Street, Cairns CBD Hours: Fri/Sat/Sun 8am - 3pm ALSO available at Jonssons Farm Market, Healthy Hub, Eat Real Cairns and selected Cafes/Bars - see website for stockists

Scoo Brew loves ya guts!

w w w . s c o o b r e w . c o m . a u



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FNQ FOOD Magazine issue 2  

The definitive magazine for food and drink in Far North Queensland.

FNQ FOOD Magazine issue 2  

The definitive magazine for food and drink in Far North Queensland.