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elcome to the latest edition of Far North Queensland Restaurant & Caterer Magazine, a new decade, a new adventure and hopefully time for the industry to regroup after 2019 which was, to say the least tumultuous. From the very beginning with floods, then moving on drought, then settling into fires, it was harsh. In our industry, there seemed as many iconic casualties as new ventures were coming to fruition. It was definitely a time of change, for some reflection and for others growth. But as of any year, the overall message remains the same, good food, good service and local markets, both for custom and supply, are the underwriters of success. We are seeing development in smallbatch local production, in everything from mushrooms to gin and with it the continued global interest in what regions have to offer by way of unique food and beverage. This product introspection reflects a well established global trend for food tourism, it may not be the primary driver for visitors, but it remains an extra dimension for almost any destination. However, for all its merits and growth, the marketing of food tourism feels somewhat, err, undernourished here in the FNQ. So for 2020, we want you to join us as we begin our crusade to put FNQ F&B on the map, and not just as an afterthought to support our famous geography. We have some of the most diverse, ancient, exciting and unique local produce here, and more and more kitchens are using these as ingredients to create stunning and regionally exclusive output. Let’s go forward into the next decade with 20/20 vision and here’s wishing you a happy, and prosperous new year!

PUBLISHER/EDITOR David Leith CONTRIBUTORS Sharon Timms Paul Garnham Wayne Lavis

Tina O’Hagan

The Barefoot Drinker PHOTOGRAPHY Mick Fuhrimann David Leith

PRODUCTION Jodie Ferrero


TERMS & CONDITIONS The content of FNQ Restaurant & Caterer magazine and its website are made available on the terms and condition that the publisher, editors, contributors and related parties shall have no liability for any action or omission by any other contributor, consultant, editor or related party. The statements and opinions contained in this publication represent solely those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or the publisher. FNQ Media does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, efficacy or quality of the information provided within this magazine. The appearance of advertisements and articles in FNQ Restaurant & Caterer is not directly or by implication a warranty, endorsement or approval of the products or services advertised or of their safety. All material within this publication is protected by copyright and should not be reproduced in full or in part without express permission of the publisher. The publisher accepts advertising copy and or editorial content on the condition that it is the responsibility of the person or organisation submitting to ensure material does not infringe any pre-existing copyright, trademark, that it is not deliberately misleading, defamatory or libellous.

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Cover Photography Mick Fuhrimann

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COVER STORY A Chef’s Journey with Marcel Stammeier

INSPIRING STUFF Meet the team behind Inspired Signs


Liquor & Gaming with Paul Garnham


The low down on digital signage with Wayne Lavis





FRESH CATCH The best coral coast seafood with Dominic Martinez


Talking trash with Tina O’Hagan


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“When quality counts, chefs choose Mighty Nice Meats” • MSA licenced butcher #221L • Proud retailer of Bingil Bay Beef - local, 100% grass fed, free range & hormone free • MSA Graded. Gold medal award winning beef • Food Safe Accredited shop + delivery vehicle Open 7 days Inside Stockland Cairns • (07) 4033 5831 • w w w. m i g h t y n i c e m e a t s . c o m . a u


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FNQ New to You In 2019 we sadly bade farewell to a number of well-known food outlets, including the longstanding favourites Bel Paese and APEX Milk Bar. The overall consensus is that it’s been a tough year, a downturn in tourism numbers and the flowon effect that has in the local economy. Bill O’Rourke owner of Apex, stated the financial strains are what finally drove him into closing the restaurant. He was quick to thank all the many customers and staff for their support over the last five years.

Welcome to Buffalo’s Burgers Wings & Things, their new franchise opened at Smithfield after a rapid fitout at the old Billy’s Field site. The family-orientated outlet includes a range from Wings to Pizzas and features a gelato and dessert bar ‘Sweetstampede’. This is the third in the chain to open and is a great addition to the busy Smithfield dining precinct.

Another recent opening is Crytsalbrook Collection’s Bailey, and their signature restaurant CC’s Bar and Grill. The restaurant features steak which comes directly from Crystalbrook Station (three-hours from Cairns). CC’s celebrates the best of Australian produce and looks to showcase local ingredients. Still under the watchful eye of Crystalbrook combined Executive Chef Rod Zamora, CC’s is headed up by Matthew Larter - Chef de Cuisine and Mark Sinclair - Restaurant Manager. Crystalbrook’s final chapter, Flynn, is set to open in February and will bring with it three new food outlets, including an Italian, and Whisky & Wine bar.

The Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement (FNQ DAMA) covering the Cassowary Coast, the Tablelands, Mareeba, Cairns and the Douglas Shire came into being in the middle of 2019, and has recently seen its first successful hospitality applications. The DAMA is a type of labour agreement which allows employers to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers in positions which they are unable to fill with locally available workers. The Cairns Chamber of Commerce has been appointed by the Department of Home Affairs to be the Designated Area Representative (DAR) and can be contacted for further information. Employers can nominate workers for Subclass 482 visas, who will be able to progress to permanent residence once the normal requirements for transitioning to permanent residency are met, e.g. three years with the same employer.

In the final quarter of 2019, FNQ Media launched its new dedicated digital marketing agency FLAMBÉ. Bringing together decades of marketing and hospitality experience, Flambé will be providing digital marketing solutions for food and beverage businesses across Queensland.


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LOCAVORIOUS A Chef’s Journey with

Marcel Stammeier By Sharon Timms

Marcel Stammeier, executive chef of the newly refurbished restaurant Harbourside Bar + Kitchen, is checking out the herb garden at the front of the restaurant. The chocolate mint and the native Australian lemongrass are of particular interest. “It’s like an after dinner mint in a plant,” says Marcel excitedly. “Before coming to Australia, I’d never seen anything like this. It’s very tasty with the chocolate flavour a very subtle undertone,” the chef says, who uses the herb in a dessert dish with locally sourced Daintree chocolate and Mareeba dates. “The native lemongrass is also quite fascinating – South East Asian cooking obviously uses lemongrass grown there; the Australian lemongrass naturally has a similar flavour, but is a little more herbaceous, sightly savoury.” The childlike wonder of following this German chef around an Australian native herb garden onsite in a tropical regional hotel is infectious. Without a doubt, the ‘slower’ movement of food – eating what’s in season, eating sustainably, ethically and intentionally – is here to stay. Chefs around the world are increasingly emphasising the use of fresh, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable foods, focusing on a produce-driven menu with the influence of diverse international cuisines. An integral

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part of this movement is, of course, the producers. Farmers play a big part in being able to supply chefs with consistent produce. Chefs are asking more of their suppliers to source new and exciting products to cook with. Being able to cook with new and specifically locally sourced produce means that our chefs have more knowledge and freedom to explore new techniques, new recipes, and new cuisines. Thanks to the appointment of Marcel Stammeier, Harbourside Bar + Kitchen is an ode to local produce. With a menu that is representative of its paddock-to-plate ethos, highlights include Bingil Bay beef cheeks, Atherton Tableland vegetables and a locally made Italian-styled porchetta with an Australian flavour twist. In addition, this ethos extends to the bar as well – Harbourside Bar + Kitchen houses a wine and spirits lists that is predominantly local, organic and environmentally sustainable, making this the only venue north of Brisbane to have this as their specific focus. Additionally, Australia has the world’s third largest fishing zone and is one of the world’s largest red meat exporters, which guarantees a wide availability of fresh local seafood and beef for our chefs. ‘Australia has some of the best seafood and beef, most other countries pay a high price to have

30 Dec 2019 1:17:37 PM

it available to them”, says Marcel. “The fact that some of the country’s best seafood and beef is found right here on our doorstep in North Queensland is remarkable – often overlooked, even by local chefs, but that tide is slowly changing.” Arriving in Australia on holiday, Stammeier did what most young, passionate chefs do and worked a number of stages in various kitchens around the country before finally deciding to call Cairns his home. Thirteen years later, he is still here and still enchanted by everything the tropics has to offer. “I grew up on a family farm in Germany with dairy and beef cattle as well as pigs and was exposed to home-style cooking and sourcing homegrown produce from very early on,” he reminisces. “Working with my grandmother in her kitchen when I was little was one of my first cooking experiences . One of the first dishes I ever learnt to make was traditional German meatballs - all the different flavours and the harmony of those flavours on the plate. I still make them exactly the same way she taught me, except these days I use a little extra celery salt - but don’t tell her that! “Even though we’re in a tropical climate, there is a little bit of my home on this menu. We make our own German sausages for the bar menu, the beef cheeks are a traditional recipe garnished with German red cabbage, and we also have my Grandma’s recipe for apple strudel on the menu too.” While Marcel believes chef and farmer go hand in hand, more crucially, he sees it as the next chapter in the food story. “Sustainability is so important. When I was growing up, we only used what was available and in season. These days you can have whatever you want whenever you want, but is that actually a good

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thing? We’ve talked about local and seen how it’s changed food culture in restaurants and home kitchens,” he says. “Next it’s about trying to create sustainable, regenerative systems, locally. “It’s important to look at the provenance of food, how far it’s travelled to get to your plate. At HBK, our ethos is to remain as truly local as possible and using products that are sustainable. No point in eating something rare, and then it’s all gone, right? We have plenty of the world’s best produce in our back yard to be inspired by. “Seasonality is, of course, a huge driving factor for all produce we use here - discussions with farmers start about three months before we set our menu. Using fresh herbs out of the garden is something that is so simple and so effective. We have our own kitchen garden here at HBK, and we use it daily. We are almost in full swing mango season now. We have world class pineapples in Mareeba – juicy, and more pineapple flavour than I have ever experienced. Strawberries are freshly picked from the farm just outside of Atherton, seafood straight from the ocean, grass fed beef from lush green fields south of Cairns. Australian native herbs and South East Asian fruit and vegetables that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Tropical North Queensland definitely has its own palate.”

has been lovingly embraced to showcase on the menu. “Native finger limes are absolutely extraordinary,” marvels Marcel. “I had never seen anything like this before. Now we use it in many dishes, and we even use it as a garnish for drinks in the bar. The bar is also a testament to local produce – for example, we use Mt Uncle Distillery spirits (from the Atherton Tablelands). A classic gin and tonic garnished with fresh and candied finger lime is amazing. And seafood? Easily the best in the world. “In general, we certainly do our very best at HBK to show guests interesting and versatile dishes that create a bit of excitement for them, like crocodile linguini tossed with lemon myrtle oil. In Australia, there are so many culinary experiences that aren’t found anywhere else – lobsters that you can choose yourself are unheard of in Europe. Mud crabs from the Gulf of Carpentaria are sold on the side of the road. Prawns are freshly collected off local trawlers. How good is that? These are unique to this part of the world, so of course I want to show them off – it’s my passion and my privilege.” Harbourside Bar & Kitchen 209-217 The Esplanade Cairns 40803015

Native ingredients have undergone a mass resurgence in recent years, with restaurants at the top end of Australian dining such as Brae (Vic), Attica (Vic), Bennelong (NSW) and locally Ochre Restaurant, incorporating Australian native plants in their culinary offerings. It’s a far cry from the ‘bush tucker’ movement of the 1990s that resulted in native foods’ ultimate demise through mass exposure and kitschy delivery. At Harbourside Bar + Kitchen, this retrospective delivery

30 Dec 2019 1:17:38 PM

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30 Dec 2019 1:17:38 PM

Established in Cairns in 1936 by Hector and Dulcie Manning, currently owned and operated by grandsons, Dennis and Laurie Manning. Family orientated business, spanning over five generations, Dennis and Laurie’s sister-in-law, Julie Manning, owns the cattle that is used for the pies. "We do our best to source fresh quality ingredients locally, supporting other local businesses." After spending some time perfecting our recipes, we have recently started baking bread. Currently selling to the public from our shop as well as supplying various grocers and cafes around Cairns. We supply a wide range of freshly baked breads and have the capacity to produce a high volume of products every day. 07 4054 3077

a dmin @man n in gpie s

man n ing p i es


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Liquid Specialty Beverages is a Queensland family owned company established in 1992, supplying a wide range of spirits, wines, beers, waters, soft drinks and juices. Our team works closely with major beverage distributors both in Australia and internationally to ensure our extensive range remains up-to-date and delivering great choice and value to our customers. To ensure our extensive range maintains a unique edge, we have developed a “hand-selected range” of products, many of which are exclusive to Liquid Specialty Beverages. From craft beers and ciders, to premium spirits and rare wines, our handselected range enables our customers to offer contemporary beverage choices which offer a point of difference – and great margins.

1300 668 736




Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd was formed and commenced trading in 2006. Our offices are located in Cairns, Innisfail, and on the Atherton Tablelands. We specialise in delivering ‘Complete Package’ Sustainable Cooling Solutions in Electrical, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services from supply and installation, to repairs and maintenance for the life of the installed equipment. Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd operates primarily throughout Far North Queensland and we know the unique nature and requirements of working with business in this unique and challenging environment. CAIRNS 8 Spoto Street Woree Qld 4868 Phone: 4034 6000 Email:

INNISFAIL 2/180 Edith Street Innisfail Qld 4860 Phone: 4063 4400 Email:

ATHERTON TABLELANDS 41 Albrecht Road Tolga Qld 4882 Phone: 4091 5316 Email:


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MEET THE TEAM Inspired Signs By Jodie Ferrero


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 12

30 Dec 2019 1:17:44 PM

Inspired Signs, under the leadership of Director and Signwriter, Adam Simes, offer a full commercial signage service from start to finish, from graphics design, wide format printing and signage manufacturing, to vehicle wraps and illuminated signs. With more than 16 years’ local experience, Adam started out on the brush and is highly qualified in traditional signwriting as well as being completely conversant with new forms of technology. “I started out at Tollys Signs, which at the time was the biggest sign company in Cairns. I completed a four year apprenticeship and went on to work with the company for eleven years. “I always knew at some point I would have my own company, and when the time came ‘Tolly’, my former boss wished me the very best, and with the support of my wife and family I made Inspired Signs a reality. We’ve been going strong for seven years now,” says Adam. “At Inspired we try to not set any boundaries on what’s possible and have a passion for projects outside the box, so to speak. We believe we are the norths vehicle wrap specialists, wrapping more vehicles than anyone in the region and are specialists in 3D illuminated lettering and signs.” As their most important resource, Inspired Signs have staff who are the best in the business, a very strong team of professionals including graphic designers, print specialists, signwriters, fabricators and industrial design personnel, all trade qualified with industry experience. “Our key staff compliment of 15 make up the team and everyone plays their role to

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 13

keep up in this fast moving, quick turnaround industry,” says Adam. The team at Inspired Signs have been a part of many great projects with some of their highlights showcasing Trinity Accountants, Hemingway’s Port Douglas and Cairns, The Chambers, and a new job in the works for ISP Fish Market on Ray Jones Drive that Adam says is going to look amazing and turn a lot of heads! Project work, from concept to completion, is undertaken inhouse at their location on Anderson Street, Cairns and as a company that is always looking at innovation, can outsource any specialised services to skilled suppliers where necessary. Inspired Signs has always kept up to date with the industry’s best tech and boasts two wide format printers, rolls roller, wide format laminators, a laser cutter and a CNC router. As a community minded local business, Inspired Signs try to give back as much as possible, providing regular sponsorships to local charities and sporting associations including the Cairns International Tennis Centre and the North Queensland Cowboys and supporting local art and youth groups with material donations. With strong partnerships in business, Adam and the team work across all sectors, and have every type of signage required for the hospitality industry with a growing trend in 3D illuminated lettering and logos. If you want your business to be seen, get your signage lit! Inspired Signs 69 Anderson Street, Cairns 40410409

30 Dec 2019 1:17:44 PM

ADVERTISING GAMING FOR YOUR VENUE (including on social media)

of customers but also for your licensed venue. Most contraventions reported revolve around lack of knowledge rather than deliberate contravention.

When advertising and promoting gaming for your venue, you need to do so responsibly and in keeping with obligations under the Gaming Machine Act 1991 and practices within Queensland’s Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.

The most important areas to focus on include ensuring your advertising and promotions involving gaming:

As soon as you add Acts and Codes everything seems to feel more complicated and intimidating but the legislation isn’t something to be scared of just to be aware of, after all it is there not only for the protection

• are not indecent or offensive • are based on fact • are not false, deceptive or misleading • are not dominated by gaming, and • incorporate responsible gambling messages, where applicable. We recommend you to become familiar with all

the legislative obligations and Code of Practice expectations before you implement any advertising campaigns for gaming at your venue. The Business Queensland website www. provides in depth details, plus a helpful refresher course to get you up to speed complying with the law for gaming advertising and promotions. Check out our next edition, where we will include an article showing examples of compliant advertisements and ones you should avoid. Let’s all work together to ensure the gaming industry fosters a culture of responsible gambling.


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30 Dec 2019 1:17:46 PM

BE AWARE OF FALSE RSA CERTIFICATES The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation are aware false Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training course certificates have been provided to employees in the industry. It appears these certificates were provided to overseas agencies responsible for lodging skilled visas, including the Subclass 407 Training Visa. They are then lodged as part of a full visa application and as

supporting documentation for the relevant visa subclass. The certificates are provided to host organisations or sponsors, in this case hotels or restaurants, to allow the individual to start work or training that involves serving or supplying alcohol. In some instances, individuals are unaware the training provider used was not accredited and that they have been provided with false documents. When assessing if RSA certifications you receive are legitimate, you must ensure: the training was delivered

by a registered training organisation, and it is a Statement of Attainment (statements issued interstate are valid). A Statement of Attainment does not have an expiry date. If you need help to determine if the documents you receive are legitimate, you can contact the approved trainer listed on the certificate. Further information on RSA training and certification can be found at


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By Paul Garnham

30 Dec 2019 1:17:46 PM

DIGITAL SIGNAGE Words by Wayne Lavis, Omega Technologies

Running a business? Think you’ve missed the boat with regards to digital advertising? Not a chance. Digital advertising is the use of screens to show off your business via a screen – most often TV’s at your venue. Those super-bright, tacky signs that have been permeating the streets for a decade or more, spruiking everything from T-Bone Tuesday on a slightly-on-the-fritz pink neon sign, to a massive 16-screen video wall telling everyone how awesome the upcoming <insert local hero> boxing fight is going to be – particularly with your <insert drinks specials here>, well, they’re all now available for a pittance.

Don’t get me wrong – if you want a 4x4 Video screen that might be mistaken for a load-bearing wall as you walk by it, you’re going to have to pay for the technology (in this case, 16 TV’s!), but if you’re just after a few screens to display your menus? Cheap as chips. Want to tell your guests about an upcoming promotion as they check in? Chicken feed. Like all things in this current digital world, you can buy in to Digital Signage at any price point. And you don’t have to do it based on putting an image on a USB stick and hoping it works…. Assuming you’ve got an internet-enabled site (and who hasn’t?), you can add a tiny box to manage your signage. From it, you’ll be able to send an image, series of images, or a video, to any of your controlled screens, from any device: mobile phone, computer, iPad, etc. You don’t have


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 16

30 Dec 2019 1:17:47 PM

to be at the site: it can be done from anywhere, and quickly. Updating your menu pricing? Change and send with a click. A new promo? Load and send. Then the fun stuff starts. Scheduling makes Digital Signage so much more dynamic than printed media. So your restaurant has breakfast, lunch and dinner services? Why not have your TV’s display your breakfast menu at breakfast? With your daily special appearing every minute or so. When that’s over, switch to some other promotion images whilst you’re waiting for the lunch service to start. Automatically, with no staff interaction required, have the specials pop up every 30 seconds (automatically) as required. When you’re not serving, push your advertising – either yours, or local partners! Pushing a show or special event? Offering “kids dine free” or driving a Mother’s Day or a New Year’s Recovery Special?! Put that into your advertising rotation, all whilst your customers are looking at the menu: you’re letting them know about what else your venue is offering whilst they’re deciding what to order. This near-instant ability to change your

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 17

advertising is fantastic. Happy Hour at 5pm? Flash it on your bar screens automatically. If you’ve run out of Pork Loin? The Chef can have the special deleted in moments, with no customer complaints. On the Hospitality and Convention side of signage, it becomes even more of a no-brainer. We moved a conference centre over from printed signage recently. No more printing dozens of directional signage and room identification posters each morning, and then running around putting them up (and hoping the trainee gets them in the right order). Now, they fill out the template and send to the TV’s in a few moments. It’s a huge time saver up front, but the ability to modify something nearly instantly is what makes it so appealing. And the cost? A Fusion Media Player costs $349, and the licensing adds less than $2 a week per screen. Probably less than the ink cartridges you’re using now? Omega Technologies 26 Hannam Street, Cairns 0404 649 336

30 Dec 2019 1:17:47 PM


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30 Dec 2019 1:17:48 PM

Coral Coast


Words by Jodie Ferrero

Coral Coast Seafoods offer a full range of Far North Queensland seafood, caught locally and delivered in the Cairns area or freighted door to door around Australia. Working closely with a number of local fishermen, Owner/Operator of Coral Coast Seafoods, Dominic Martinez proudly partners with the Davies family, owners of the FV Wildcard, to offer some of the best Spanish Mackerel on the market, so special in fact that customers request it by name! “I also deal directly with Barramundi fishermen from the Gulf of Carpentaria and Gulf trawl companies with sustainable fishing practices,” says Dominic. Being a small operation with low overheads, Coral Coast Seafoods can supply quality seafood lines at competitive prices with a strong focus on individual customer needs. Dominic has strong industry associations, having started out 27 years ago, with peers and partnerships across Australia and New Zealand and drawing on knowledge and expertise from fishermen in the game for many generations. From humble beginnings, unloading east coast trawlers and processing seafood in Townsville, Dominic went on to purchase a couple of retail shops with his then business partner. “We also did catering and functions for the Townsville City Council and variety of events like weddings with gigs we got from the then Mayor Tony Mooney, who would often have them at his residence for large groups of people. He was a great entertainer and we really enjoyed that relationship. It exposed us to a vast cross-section of delegations and dignitaries from around the world and it opened up many opportunities.” Coral Coast Seafoods supplies to food venues right across the far north region and also to retailers and wholesalers in every state in Australia with the exception of Western Australia. With the same loyal customers for over a decade and capacity to supply new clients, Dominic prides himself on providing a personal touch with his customer service and maintains constant contact with his clients, particularly locally, visiting their kitchens and cold rooms every other week to ensure orders are received and expectations are met and exceeded. Coral Coast Seafoods 30-32 Aumuller Street, Portsmith 0436 035 555

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 19

30 Dec 2019 1:17:48 PM


TINA O’HAGAN- HOLOHAN FOODSERVICE CONSULTANCY TINA O’HAGAN has a long and distinguished career within the food and hospitality industry. With over 35 years of experience which has seen her hold many senior management positions in Hospitality Management and Directorships with two design manufacturers of catering equipment in London and Ireland, before setting up her own businesses. Tina moved from Northern Ireland to Cairns in September 2018 after getting married and has now set up her home and her foodservice/food waste consultancy business here in Cairns. She is an expert in her field and offers specialist advice to all sectors of the food, drink and hospitality industry, including public sector bodies. Tina is recognized as a leading-edge industrial kitchen designer for capital equipment. She is a foodservice & waste management consultant, design project manager, sales and business mentor and is the first person, and the only woman, in Ireland to hold the Platinum CFSP certificate (Certified Foodservice Professional), and is ranked in the top five people in Europe to have achieved this. Tina devotes her special interest to business startups, SME’s community groups, (some looking for direction or to diversify) and those sole artisan traders who require a “turn-key” approach to their food production journey . From incubation to fruition, her consultancy services provide direction and encouragement with product and growth strategies to transform inspirational ideas into workable, marketable realities. Her food waste consultancy has seen Tina work with Professor Sue Grimes from the Imperial College London who helped develop the food waste station equipment for IMC manufacturers. She has delivered food waste solutions for large volume catering institutions like Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Airports, Universities, Hotels, food manufacturing, as well as small to medium businesses like restaurants coffee shops, not for profit organizations and community hubs, and many other outlets that needed a solution for their foodwaste. Tina is a board member of committee for waste reduction in Cairns (CFWR). Tina can be contacted on 0476524738 Email:

The Australian Government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year. Over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill, enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. One in five shopping bags end up in the bin equaling $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year is wasted preparing and consuming food. Food waste ends up consuming nearly a quarter of our water

supply in the form of uneaten food or over $172 billion in wasted water. When food is disposed in a landfill it rots and becomes a significant source of methane – a potent greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. We have to take collective responsibility for creating food waste and become more aware of our attitude and actions how to reduce and manage it.

However change is occurring, information is filtering through. The more aware of these problems we are them more we see habits, action and legislation drive to more positive outcomes. There have been great strides made over the last few years on waste in general from plastic, food, electrical to paper, although more action is required and it's simple and easy to get started.


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 20

30 Dec 2019 1:17:49 PM

There are numerous off-theshelf programmes, equipment and processes that are available now and have proven case studies that work to reduce food waste. One of these modalities that I have had 15 years experience selling into the hospitality industry is the IMC food waste station. This takes food waste, raw and cooked, through a macerator, de-water, invessel aerobic drum and creates a resource â&#x20AC;&#x201C; compost. This eliminates the need for any carbon footprint and any waste going to landfill. And compost is a fabulous resource great for growing veggies! This off-the-shelf system is now available in Australia. It's best practice in your business to understand what and how much food you are wasting. Weekly audits are a great starting point. Weigh your kitchen food waste and set targets for improvement. Inevitably there will always be some amount of food waste like onion skins and potatoes skin however majority of it can be controlled.

FOOD WASTE FACTS Did you know that 65 percent of food waste is created during the preparation of food. For example, peeling vegetables, creates food waste. 30 percent food waste comes from what is left on our plates

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 21

after customers have had enough to eat (large buffets are the main culprits here, with diners eyes bigger than there bellies )! 5 percent of food waste is wasted through spoilage for example burning or dropping food in the kitchen so we are unable to serve it. Another contributing factor is overbuying food and it not being used within the

recommended shelf life and therefore in most cases it is unusable. We all have to take responsibility on how we treat and understand our food waste get started with a simple strategy to understand the volume of waste your kitchen is creating. Food waste is not in good taste !! Say no to food waste !!

30 Dec 2019 1:17:49 PM

TasteParadise Member Feature Ancient Native Australian Rainforest Fruit Rainforest Bounty farms are located on the

premium quality, enhancing health benefits

Atherton Tablelands. The plantations sustainably

and promoting organic production, all products

grow the rainforest fruits that are native to the

are made locally at their manufacturing facility

neighbouring Wet Tropics World Heritage

on their Johnstone River property just outside


Malanda in small quality-controlled batches. Created by blending the sensational flavours

At Rainforest Bounty, sustainable farming of

and vibrant natural colours of the rainforest fruits

native species and landscape restoration is

with other local ingredients, Rainforest Bounty

at the heart of their business. Using organic

produce a range of gluten-free gourmet foods.

farming methods, they simultaneously restore the landscape for the rare indigenous wildlife

Rainforest Bounty

including the endangered Southern Cassowary.

66 Lindsay Road, Malanda

The sophisticated savoury and sweet condiments

4076 6544

produced by Rainforest Bounty utilise the locally grown indigenous fruits; Davidson (Ooray) plum, lemon aspen (rainforest citrus), lillypilly (rainforest berries) and rainforest (Boonjie) tamarind in traditional artisanal recipes infused with the unique qualities of Australian rainforest fruits. With an emphasis on maintaining


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 22

30 Dec 2019 1:17:50 PM

25 years supporting the local fishing industry

WHOLESALE local & imported frozen seafood fish, prawns, bugs, crayfish, mussels, oysters, scallops

0436 035 555

Trading from JP Coldstores 30-32 Aumuller Street Portsmith

Southside Shopping Village10 Charlotte Close, Woree Mon to Fri (7am - 5:30pm)Sat (8am - 12pm)

Quality meats, quality service – everytime, at an affordable price Bryants Butchery offers the following: •Quality wholesale

•Competitive pricing

•Professional service

•Owner operated

•Daily deliveries

•See you soon

The Bryant Family Butcher is owned and operated by Local head Butcher Ryder Bryant. With fifteen years’ experience, Ryder knows there are three simple rules to keeping customers happy: high quality product, high quality service and consistency every time.

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 23

30 Dec 2019 1:17:51 PM

How to get the perfect Jus - everytime!

The Bone Roastersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; story begins back in 2007, with a vision to bring consistency, convenience and cost-effectiveness to the sometimes messy and definitely space and timeconsuming production of premium stocks and jus. Over this time Bone Roasters has developed a range of products that cover the majority of applications for stocks, jus and glaces and have achieved a level of quality suitable for even the most high-end and demanding kitchens. The founding principle was to take the best ingredients, methods and equipment to create an outstanding product. But to organise this on scale where even this premium product could be competitively priced and accessible to all.

The complete range of Bone Roasters products are produced using real bones and only the very best carefully selected ingredients. Stocks are rendered in traditional open kettles, with the entire process overseen by qualified chefs and are made with all care and attention to detail expected of a premium product. Slow simmering ensures the maximum amount of real flavour is absorbed from each of our ingredients, resulting in an intense taste profile and natural product colours. Nothing artificial or unexpected is added to products to maintain an extremely high standard of quality. The results speak, or taste, for themselves, not only is this a consistent product but one that would be difficult to beat even in your own kitchen.


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 24

30 Dec 2019 1:17:52 PM

Once prepared, the resultant products are bagged and snap-frozen in handy 2.5-litre pouches. The frozen product can be cut and portioned and used only when required; the fast freeze process also ensures the contents will taste as good as the day they were made.

experience highlights the benefits of using their products, with considerable savings in everything from time, energy, space, product sourcing and wasteage, along with less obvious, including the importance of maintaining a consistent output and portion control in a busy kitchen.

The range consists of Veal, Beef and Chicken Stocks, Jus and Glace. The company declares itself as proudly Australian owned and all products Australian made, priding itself in working with many of Australia and the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading restaurants and food providers.

Overall Bone Roasters range offers superior products combined with real consistency that is needed for a busy kitchen, ensuring you can rely on the same high-quality outcome each and every time.

They work closely with many of their customers to understand the real challenges that kitchens face when producing high-quality meals at a premium level. This

Contact your local Bone Roasters distributor Active Pantry Distribution on 0422 993 276

STOCKS & JUS Our Veal Stock is classically crafted, slowly simmered then filtered to create a clean & clear stock. Ideal for braising, soups or your own sauces.

Our Chicken Stock offers you a delicious and pure flavour with no added salt or additives. Ideal for braising, soups and risottos.



15 Brix

6 Brix



A premium Beef Stock product made with flavoursome beef bones offering a truly rich colour and delicious flavour. Ideal for braising, soups or your own sauces.

This product is a reduction from our 6 Brix Chicken Stock offering an even deeper flavour profile. Ideal for braising, soups or your own sauces.



15 Brix

25 Brix



Our Red Wine Jus is a combination of our red wine reduction and our Veal Jus. Ideal as a base or heated and poured over your favourite meats.

Deep in colour and robust in flavour, our Beef Red Wine Jus is made from flavoursome beef bones and our own red wine reduction.

This product is reduced from our 15 Brix Veal Stock with no thickeners added and has a deep caramel colour. An ideal base for mushroom or pepper sauces.

This is a further reduction from the 25 brix product and offers a much more intense flavour and deeper colour. Ready to use as a base or its own rich sauce.






25 & 35 Brix

30 Brix

25 Brix

30 Brix





FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 25

30 Dec 2019 1:17:52 PM

EquipmEnt Spotlight Uses the natural water in food or dish to steam food internally without a water line, drain, or fltration system • Marine-grade stainless construction • No deliming • Cartridge style flter breaks down buildup • Pre-programmed with steam settings • High-contrast, durable capacitive touch display • Manual mode for on-the-fly cooking • Up to 10 selectable languages • Includes tutorials for cleaning and usage • Small footprint – only 16 inches wide • Customizable menu settings via Wi-Fi, USB, smart card, or manual entry • Middleby ConnectTM Wi-Fi ready • Allows use of metal pans • Energy effcient – $1.42/day to operate • Capable of storing up to 256 unique recipe settings • Operates without a ventilation hood (UL®-KNLZ certifed*)

APPLICATION CTX conveyor ovens are designed to cook, bake or broil in high volume with consistent quality results. STANDARD FEATURES: - Self- cleaning - Electronic touch control - Temperature range 200F to 900F - Belt speed from 1 to 60 minutes - Manager control lockout - Belt direction electronically controlled through keypad - Separate left and right bottom and top heat zones - Entrance and exit trays OPTIONS: - 50/50 Split Belt

DZ33I Conveyor Oven

GENERAL INFORMATION Heavy-duty, electric, conveyor ovens consist of a cooking chamber, equipped with 18” wide stainless steel chain link belt. Overall dimensions are 59”W by 39-1/8”D by

17-15/16”H. Oven chamber is 31”W by 22-1/4”D by 51⁄2”H. Ovens may be stacked three high on a short base. CONSTRUCTION The outer body is constructed with18-gauge stainless steel. The oven chamber is constructed of 16-gauge aluminized steel. Infrared heat emitters are enclosed in highstrength thermal conductive steel plates that form the upper and lower housing of the oven chambers. INSULATION The oven is fully insulated on all four sides and top with high temperature insulation. HEATING Heating is accomplished with four (4) infrared emitters. Two infrared emitters are located above and below the conveyor belt. When food product is placed on the conveyor belt, it cooks as it passes between

the top and bottom emitters. Oven operates coolly, quietly and requires minimal ventilation. CONTROLS The oven is controlled by a microprocessor, which includes a time/date clock for automatic turn “ON” and turn “OFF”, an energyconserving standby mode. The oven has a power circuit breaker and a manual “ON/OFF” switch. MenuSelect® The patented MenuSelect® feature allows the operator to preset up to ten (10) different time and temperature combinations into the control that can be recalled by pressing the appropriate preset key, then the computer automatically adjusts time (belt speed) and temperatures. A ready message is displayed when the desired temperatures are reached.


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 26

30 Dec 2019 1:17:54 PM

• High efciency - all the energy goes into the oil. • Unique pan design maximises heat transfer to minimise energy use. • Stainless Steel pan for easy cleaning. • Stainless Steel baskets. • Front cool zone with crumb arrester forlonger oil life. • Cover/joiner strips available for multi-unit installations. • Electronic thermostat. • All models available with & without line-up nosing. • 12 months parts & labour warranty. • 10 year parts availability guarantee. • Manufactured in Australia

The New Smartwash Range of undercounter dishwasher / glasswasher is the frst attractive, intelligent, one touch warewashing system in Australia that offers incredibly sustainable results in water and energy consumption. This professional warewasher offers the frst one touch control panel with digital wash and rinse temperature displays for easy HACCP recording for accurate food safety reporting. These machines are sleek and compact because we know space is of the essence and presentation is key. Only Smartwash offers you a warewasher with one touch control, drain pump ftted as standard, a self cleaning cycle and 3 wash cycle options, offering you an economical and sustainable solution for your business.

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30 Dec 2019 1:17:55 PM

Old World v New World Wines Words by The Barefoot Drinker

Australia is blessed with a diversity of geography, climate and soils. We can pretty much grow any wine variety and produce any style of that variety that we want. When you stop and think about it you realise we are pretty spoiled for choice. But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s when you throw one of our high end reds up against a red from its native homeland, that you get to see the difference between whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s referred to as Old Wine and New World wines.

It might seem like an oldfashioned view, especially in this day of immediate communication via vast distances and social media, but there is quite a stylistic difference between the New World and Old World wines. For example if you made a Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend from Australia, and then using the exact same methods and blend ratios from Bordeaux in France it would taste similar but not the same. This comes down to climate and soil

differences between the two countries. In wine terms Old World refers to the ancient countries where the wine originated from, the style was born and culturally ingrained. Essentially we are talking about Europe and the Middle East. Places like France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, Spain or Portugal to name a few. Whilst New World wines were the wines created from the exploration of the globe. When immigrants arrived clutching their cuttings on the shores of USA, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina for example. The style of an Old World wine is typically what we would call a cool climate style (of course there will


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 28

30 Dec 2019 1:17:56 PM

always be exceptions). In most of those old world sites the fruit struggles to ripen fully because of the colder weather. This results in fruit that is lighter in style, the fruit is more restrained, higher in acid and lower in alcohol. All of which gives that style of wine great, very long term aging potential. But it’s not all about the soil and sun. Culture, tradition and laws play a significant role in the production of Old World wines. In many areas, the production of wine is actually subjected to local regulations and laws that dictate to the

grower precisely what sort of wine can be made, and how that wine can be made. However New World winemakers aren’t troubled by such regulations and laws, they are free to experiment and play with the wines like mad scientists. And while New World producers celebrate local regions (eg Barossa or Yarra Valley), they tend to champion the variety of the grape grown from the region, for example, the Yarra valley being championed for Pinot Noir, Margaret River for Cabernet. It’s also worth noting that New World producers will refer to

their wine by variety, Old World producers refer to their wine by geographic region, eg what we would call Sauvignon Blanc, would be referred to as a Sancerre the area of the Loire Valley in France that is best known for the style; Pinot Noir here is known as Burgundy in Old World terms. There is no hard and fast winner between Old and New World when choosing at the same price points. The real choice is up to you, the consumer, it’s what style you prefer, the big fruit driven New World style, or the clean classic Old World style.

The Barefoot

Drinker FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 29

30 Dec 2019 1:17:56 PM

16 years experience

in servicing all makes and models of espresso equipment. We also sell equipment.

Call today for a quote! 0457 713 766

Paul | Garnham | Training In Partnership with RTO 313345 Responsible Management of Licensed Venues training Liquor licensing consulting Liquor licensing applications Compliance checks Staff training, updates and refreshers Relief management Event management Staff placements Mobile: 0400 902 966 Email: ABN: 38 701 101 150

Party in Style!

We have what you need for a memorable event at a unbeatable price. From tables and chairs to deep fryers and fridges, we’ve got an extensive range for all kinds of functions, events and parties. • Economy party hire • We understand catering happens past business hours which is why we are always only a phone call away. • We will beat any quote by 5%. 0458101685 • 193 HARTLEY STREET, BUNGALOW QUEENSLAND 4870, AUSTRALIA 30

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PRO CURE ONE Professional Procurement & Logistics

Dealers In New & Used Commercial Kitchen, Cafe, Restaurant and Catering Equipment and Hardware

We Buy, Sell & Broker Used Equipment

Constantly Changing Stock - Interstate Network National & International - Metro & Remote Delivery Available

Specialists in PNG Logistics Refrigeration - Ovens - Dishwashers - Grills - Fryers - Restaurantware - More T: 0438 721 215 E: Shed 6, 205 Hartley Street, Cairns, QLD 4870 By Appointment Only 31

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F N Q R e s t a u ra n t & C a t e re r B u s i n e s s D i re c t o r y ARCHITECTS


CP Architects 4051 4088 1st Floor, 3 Scott Street, Cairns

The Sipping Duck 0413 025 243 29 Johnston Street, Stratford

GRUBERS BECKETT 10 Main Street, Atherton

4091 6444

HALPIN PARTNERS 101 Sheridan Street, Cairns

4052 0800

Myriad Designs 176 Buchan Street, Cairns

HURNEY PARTNERS Level 2 Centrepoint Arcade, 8 Rankin Street, Innisfail

4078 0990



Progig 4032 2532 5/450 Sheridan Street, Cairns

MGI 225 Sheridan Street, Cairns North

4047 4000


Premier Catering 4053 3444 Equipment Shop 4, 127 Anderson Street, Cairns

Kleinhardt 4040 7100 Suite 27, 25 Grafton Street, Cairns

Reward Hospitality 4035 1199 54 Comport Street, Cairns




4049 2866

MEDIA POWER Shop 59, Village Lane, 20 Lake Street, Cairns

4051 2211

ALCOHOL SUPPLIERS - LOCAL Liquid Speciality Beverages

1300 668 736 PAGE 11

ALM 284 Spence Street, Bungalow

4041 6070

GOLDEN DROP WINERY 227 Bilwon Road, Biboohra

4093 2750

Artizan Cabinets 178 Scott Street, Bungalow JAM Custom Kitchens & Furniture 78 Kennedy Highway, Tolga

4041 7258

4051 4107

COMMERCIAL CLEANERS Abelia Cleaning 28 Muir Street, Cairns w

Impress Art Graphic Design

4044 2999

0438 176 280

DINING CARD 4095 4544


13000 GUSTO



Justmill Carpentry 0419 715 863

Dream Sewing Supplies 4035 2217 18/223 Hartley Street, Portsmith

CARPET / UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS Allamanda 22 Hogan Street, Westcourt

4056 2300


ENTERTAINMENT Tony George 0412 952 551 Entertainment EQUIPMENT FINANCE New Equipment Finance 1300 665 586

MT UNCLE DISTILLERY 4086 8008 1819 Chewko Road, Walkamin

Tinus Electrical Unit 6, 222 Hartley Street, Portsmith




Casella Family Brands 0437 589 989

Northern Chemicals 4035 4622 157 Hartley Street, Cairns

FNQ Party Rentals 0458 101 685 193 Hartley Street, PAGE 30 Bungalow Cairns


0434 326341


0409 973479

Mezzanine Wines 0421 584 486 NQLS

0466 270343

Red & White Wines 0412 213 855 THE WINE TRADITION 3262 1455

Coxen Cleaning Supplies Jubilee Street, Cairns City

4035 5555

Silver Chef

4051 9355

COFFEE ROASTERS White Whale Coffee Roasters 4028 3208 2/4-16 Tingara Street, Cairns Ransom Specialty 4019 2282 Coffee Roaster 170-182 Mayers Street, Manunda

Events NQ 456 Sheridan Street, North Cairns

1800 191 684

4053 4577

EVENT MANAGEMENT Anita Plos Management 0417 643 339 EVENT STYLING Roux Blond Collective

4035 5158


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F N Q R e s t a u ra n t & C a t e re r B u s i n e s s D i re c t o r y Two Sisters twosistersevents

0424 444 814


Byrnes Quality Meats 4035 2233 Cnr Aumuller & Cook Sreet, Cairns


Total Food Network 4033 3200 37 Redden Street, Cairns

Exhaust 0408 700 682 Extraction Services

Cairns Micro 0438 454 435 Greens & Exotics


Cairns Produce 4035 5064 169-173 Spence Street, Cairns

Coral Coast Seafood 0436 035 555 30-32 Aumuller Street Portsmith PAGE 23

Simon George 4041 9100 113-115 Kenny Street, Portsmith

Preston Fresh Seafood 4057 4634 Lot 10 MacPeak Crescent, Smithfield



TFH 54 Esplanade, Cairns City

0418 666 623


4054 5500

FIRST AID TRAINING AND EQUIPMENT First Response 4047 7700 201-205 Bunda Street, Cairns FLOORING Hoppens Carpets 76 Anderson Street, Cairns

4053 5551

FOOD ASIAN Big Asia 4054 1472 477 Mulgrave Road, Earlville NQ Dumpling 0414 500 572 FOOD BAKERY Manning’s Pies 4054 3077 194-196 Newell Street, Cairns PAGE 10 Flour & Sugar 92/94 Lake Street, Cairns Rise and Bake 0448 944 448 Smithfield Shopping Centre FOOD DAIRY Gallos Dairyland 121 East Barron Road, East Barron

4095 2388

Licks Dessert Co 2/18 Hollingsworth Street, Bungalow

4051 0333

Bidfood 38 Redden Street, Portsmith

4035 3456

Campbell`s Cash and Carry Ogden Street, Cairns

4035 4995

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 33

4035 6543


Farmer Meets Foodie 0488 499 266 FNQ Food Incubator 4276 1866 59 Dutton Street, Cairns FRIDGE AND FREEZER ROOM HIRE

Max Stocks 4035 3911 347 Little Spence Street, Cairns

EVERCOOL 0404 346 582 Shed 9/10, 18 Toohey Street, Portsmith

PFD Foodservice 34 Redden Street, Cairns


4033 3700


Chef Link 2/5 Plath Close, Cairns

Go Vita Cherries Health Foods 4031 0018 Cairns Central Shopping Centre

Posh Lifestyle 0407 242 545 1/6 Danbulan Street, Smithfield

The Source Bulk Foods 4031 5698 Shop 10, 85 Lake Street, Cairns


FOOD INTERNATIONAL Angelo’s Fine Foods 4035 6075 81 Fearnley Street, Portsmith PE Foods 250 Hartley Street, Cairns

4035 1251

FOOD MARKETING The Dirty Apron 0407 124 493

Mungalli Creek Dairy 4097 2232 254 Brooks Road, Ellinjaa

Fine Poultry and Meats 14 Redden Street, Portsmith

FOOD MEAT 4033 2934 Bryant’s Family Butchery PAGE 23 Southside Shopping Village, 10 Charlotte Close, Woree 4033 5831 Mighty Nice Meats PAGE 4 Shop 100, Stockland Cairns

4031 6244

FNQ Party Rentals 0458 101 685 193 Hartley Street, Bungalow Cairns Uptown Hire 4098 2144 14-16 Teamsters Close, Craiglie GAS FITTERS AND ENGINEERS Cairns Gas Contractors 0428 774 278 1 McKauge Street, Cairns GAS SUPPLIERS BOC


GLASS EMERGENCY Cairns Glass & Glazing 4035 6122 Unit 4/6 Plath Close, Portsmith

30 Dec 2019 1:17:59 PM

F N Q R e s t a u ra n t & C a t e re r B u s i n e s s D i re c t o r y GLASS INSTALLATION Bradnam’s 4048 7900 16-18 Hannam Street, Bungalow HOSPITALITY SUPPLIES Chef Link 2/5 Plath Close, Cairns

4031 6244

Bunzl 42 - 44 Ponzo Street, Woree

4031 5698

Premier Catering 4053 3444 Equipment Shop 4, 127 Anderson Street, Cairns Unox 0428 838 330 Bunzl 42 - 44 Ponzo Street, Woree

4031 5698

FSM 3390 4185 4/40 Rivergate Place, Murrarie

PACKAGING & FOOD CONTAINERS ChefLink 2/5 Plath Close, Cairns

1300 316 244

Bunzl 42 - 44 Ponzo Street, Woree

4031 5698

Star Packaging 4031 0018 Unit 1/ 6 Plath Close, Portsmith PAINTING

Reward Hospitality 4035 1199 54 Comport Street, Cairns

Reward Hospitality 4035 1199 54 Comport Street, Cairns

Vellacorp 2/16 Atticus Street, Woree




Hoshizaki 0438 480 216

Pro Cure One 0438 721 215 6/205 Hartley Street, Cairns PAGE 31

Flick/Amalgamated 4444 4315 Pest Control 319-323 Spence Street, Bungalow

IMMIGRATION Carol Shipway 4041 1580 Migration Services Suite 12, 25 Grafton Street, Cairns INSURANCE Joe Vella Insurance Brokers 108 Mulgrave Road, Cairns

4040 4444

KIB Insurance Brokers 606 Bruce Hwy, Woree

4054 8300

LAUNDRY Coral Coast Laundry 4035 1023 10 Redden Street, Portsmith South Pacific Laundry 4041 3305 13- 27 Dutton Street, Cairns LAWYERS WGC Lawyers 1A Water Street, Cairns



Island Point Interiors 4099 5051 3/33 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas

The Lighthouse Company 232 Mulgrave Road, Cairns

Posh Lifestyle 0407 242 545 1/6 Danbulan Street, Smithfield


4046 1111

4031 3099

IT - COMPUTERS Brilliant Technologies 4052 5900 147 – 151 Mulgrave Road, Cairns

South Pacific Laundry 4041 3305 13- 27 Dutton Street, Cairns

Omega Technologies 26 Hannam Street, Cairns


Chef Link 2/5 Plath Close, Cairns

4035 3366

Reef Locksmiths 0414 345 603


National Kitchen 4242 8051 Equipment 8/90 Aumuller Street, Cairns


FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 34

Pestaway 4055 1055 U1/ 9 Industrial Avenue, Stratford PHOTOGRAPHY Blueclick Photography 0414 815 286 Level 3/33B Traveltown, 21 Lake Street, Cairns Captured By Catherine 0407 588 361 Louise Myers 0408 159 326 Photography 136 Scott Street, Bungalow PLANT AND GARDEN SERVICES

ALSCO 118 Lyons Street, Cairns

0404 649 336

4033 0002

Designer Garden Company 0404 972 235 11 Lily Street, Cairns Papillion Landscapes 4098 3081 29 Owen Street, Craiglie PLANT HIRE Pynes

0421 546 597


Troy Cummings Locksmith 4035 4308 77 Nelson Street, Cairns

FNQ Plastics 4054 7488 368 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt



Coral Coast Marquee 0437 000 740 & Party Hire

Plumbnorth 4032 3891 Shed 2/436-438 Sheridan Street, Cairns

Instant Marquee Systems 0409 392 240

30 Dec 2019 1:18:00 PM

F N Q R e s t a u ra n t & C a t e re r B u s i n e s s D i re c t o r y Zammataro Plumbing 8 Therese Drive, Mossman

4098 2774

PLUMBERS INSTALLATION Coral Sea Plumbing 4058 0222 3/ 8 Magazine Street, Stratford Roy Walker Plumbing 4091 4700 45 Tolga Road, Atherton POS SYSTEMS / DIGITAL SIGNAGE /TECH SOLUTIONS National Kitchen 4242 8051 Equipment 8/90 Aumuller Street, Cairns



Jackson & Jackson 1300 881 189 Refrigeration PAGE 11 8 Spoto Street, Woree

Lisa Monks 0431 517 579

Coral Coast 4035 4555 Air-conditioning & Refrigeration 6 Wellington Street, Bungalow

Premier Catering 4053 3444 Equipment Shop 4, 127 Anderson Street, Cairns

Lelkes Refrigeration Mount Sheridan

0409 068 964

REFUSE COLLECTION Cleanaway 4051 5231 66-68 Fearnley Street, Portsmith

APOSS 4041 1255 Suite 1/175 Bunda Street, Cairns

Toxfree Waste 4055 2133 60-64 Greenbank Road, Aeroglen

Omega Technologies 26 Hannam Street, Cairns


0404 649 336

PRINTING AND PRINT SUPPLIES Cardzilla 163 Anderson Street, Cairns

4053 6400

Tacoma Plumbing 12 Industrial Ave, Stratford

0418 182 252

Coral Coast Cartridges 4041 3366 7/131 Scott Street, Cairns Bolton Print 246 Hartley St, Bungalow

4035 0500

Cooper Norman Security 0438 576552 Brinsmead, Cairns

Ink Graphics Factory 0404 022 516 26 Hannam Street, Bungalow

Heightened Security 4084 0598 Suite 2/25 Sheridan St, Cairns

4041 0230

Trinity Printers 276 Draper Street, Cairns

4031 5739

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS Red Energy Promotions 4031 7932 200 Mulgrave Road, Cairns RECRUITMENT STAFFING Signature Staff 345 Sheridan Street, Cairns

4050 3888

FNQ Restaurant and Caterer Issue 4_Master File.indd 35

Eclipse Fabrication 4091 2162 22 Comet Avenue, Atherton Nomad Stainless Steel 4051 6667 170 Newell Street, Bungalow TEA & COFFEE SUPPLIES MACHINES, SERVICE AND REPAIRS Coffee Fix 0457 713 766 PAGE 30 The Coffee & Tea Specialist 4035 4544 229 Scott Street, Cairns TRAINING

SECURITY Cairns Security 4041 0375 Monitoring 17-19 Winkworth Street, Cairns

Lotsa Print and Signage 32 Martyn Street, Cairns


Paul Garnham Training

0400 902 966 PAGE 30

Cairns Business College 4051 5600 91-97 Mulgrave Road, Cairns Expert Training Group 4039 7985 52 Fearnley Street, Portsmith TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS (DELIVERY TO REMOTE AREAS)

TSW Security 0458 726 069 5/113 Sheridan St, Cairns

Toll Ipec 76 Lyons Street, Cairns



4225 3400

4041 0409 PAGE 2

Ambition 4031 2110 242 Spence Street, Bungalow

NQ Signworks Kuranda 0412 005 357

Totally Workwear 4047 4444 98 Scott Street, Bungalow

Inspired Signs 69 Anderson Street, Cairns

Status Signs 58 Comport Street, Portsmith 4035 5120

UPHOLSTERY Cairns Upholstery Works 4032 1007 Shed 5 Traders Lane, 117 Anderson Street, Manunda

30 Dec 2019 1:18:00 PM

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Profile for FNQ FOOD

FNQ Restaurant & Caterer Magazine Issue 4  

The magazine for the Food and beverage industry in Far North Queensland

FNQ Restaurant & Caterer Magazine Issue 4  

The magazine for the Food and beverage industry in Far North Queensland

Profile for fnqfood