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Issue 002

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The Editors FROM

I attended the Annual Unglued Craft Fest all the way back in March, but the event was so fun that I can't let it go untalked about. The event has been going on for 13 years now, however, I had never attended and after going, I was left asking myself, 'Why?' This is hands down one of the coolest events that I have ever been to in the metro. I was blown away by what all of the amazing creators in our community were able to put together!

More recently, I took a trip to St. Paul to visit a very good friend of mine. One of the highlights of the trip was taking a very long bike ride around the city—something I'd never done in that area. And although I've been to the twin cities many times over my life, I never felt like I knew any of it before I biked around it. I'm excited for the snow to clear and to explore other parts of FM this summer!

I've been hunting down the best food and drink in the Valley for Trendsetters' sister magazine, Fargo Monthly. From crazy good cocktails to delicious dishes, I've had a pretty good taste of what's cooking up in the community, so I figured I'd share some of my favorites! Firstly, I have been on a spice kick for the last few months (maybe in an attempt to warm up), and the only thing that has been able to satisfy that has been Thai food. My go-to order has been Panang Currie with Fried Tofu from Leela Thai. Another favorite is a Sunday morning trip to BernBaum's to grab a MidEast Bagel Plate to munch on all throughout the morning. Lastly, on the topic of bagels, my best recent find is Boppa's Bagels. I didn't just find this place, but I did just find out the best way to make sure you're always stocked! Head in early on a weekend morning and snag bags of 1/2-priced, dayold bagels! They taste great and you can stock up on all of your breakfast (or lunch or dinner) needs for the week!

Recently, I attended the Winter Red River Market in the West Acres Mall with my fiancée—she isn't from the area, so it was a great opportunity to share the unique offerings of FM with her. It was also a great opportunity to see familiar faces and reconnect with local growers and makers that we have had the privilege of featuring in past issues.

I also visited a few local furniture stores, searching for home and design trends to implement into my new home (I'm getting married in two months—woot woot!). A couple of my favorite places were Kirkland's (right next to Hobby Lobby) as well as Furniture for Less in West Fargo. Kirkland's staff is super polite and helpful and have a wide variety of furniture and decor— plus they always seem to have sales going on, and I'm always trying to save! Furniture for Less has some of the best-priced furniture in the area—and let me tell you, I put several items on my wishlist!

Creative Director Editorial Team Lead Creative Strategist
14 | ISSUE 002

In the past month, I recently attended the FargoMoorhead Whiskey Fest at the Sanctuary Events Center! This annual event from the Republic National Distributing Company featured an extensive collection of various Irish Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. The turnout was amazing, with the line wrapped around the corner at the event's kickoff! There were nearly 100 different products offered at the event from a wide range of brands, with there truly being something for everyone. The beautifully crafted designer cocktails showcased the latest trends, recipes, and styles that were exciting to see in person. On top of the endless variety of drinks, the event also offered great food and company for an evening to remember! To cap off a wonderful evening, it felt wonderful that all proceeds were donated to two honorable charities within the community, the Lt. Adam Gustafson Memorial Fund and the Christmas Gift, promoting honorable causes. While this is only an annual event, I can't wait to go back again next year!

This month, I took my first (and definitely not last) visit to Sweet Dreams Confections near the West Acres Mall! I've seen it around for years but had never ventured in, and boy am I glad I finally did! The mom-and-pop candy store has a wide variety of not only sweets (including homemade fudge, chocolate truffles, and so many flavors of fresh gelato), but also sells a ton of locally-made sauces, jams, soup kits, coffees, and more! They even serve lunch and have a small seating area for you to enjoy a meal with your friends or family. Along with some sweets (my favorite is the mint fudge), my fiancé and I tried a tomatobased tortilla soup mix that was to die for and even got ourselves some old-fashioned soda. I've been back several times now, and can't wait to go again!

My wife and I went to '90s night at Sanctuary Event Center and had a blast!

There were three cover bands covering four bands from our youth. Low Standards covered Fall Out Boy and Foo Fighters. When they opened with Centuries my wife and I lost our minds. Their Foo Fighters covers were just as amazing. I swear I saw a guy practically bawling when Low Standards played My Hero.

Then there was Brain Stew covering Green Day! Clyde Schuman was able to almost perfectly imitate Billie Joe Armstrong. The most fun part of the night was when Brain Stew launched a bunch of beach balls into the crowd!

The night ended with D Mills and The Thrills beautifully covering Rage Against the Machines. D Mills, formerly of Fargo, came back to do her best Zack De La Rocha and she knocked it out of the park. This was the only set that had a mosh pit and I had front-row seats to that spectacle.

Editor Editor Content Specialist 15
By Josiah Kopp
Sponsored Content 16 | ISSUE 002
Photos by Josiah Kopp

Dynamic Meet the Duo

Border Bank’s Kelly and Nicole are the quintessential “one stop shop” — helping to make your home building project a success.
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Home Equity/HELOC

Unlock the equity in your home! These products can provide you with a simple and fast financing solution for many of your real estate needs.

12-Month Lock

Lock in your interest rates up to 360 days in advance of your loan closing. As an extra value, you have the option to float down to market rates one time, within 60 days of loan closing.

Construction Loans

Ask about our convenient construction to permanent financing option that will save you time and money.

Bridge Loans

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This short-term loan can help to bridge the gap between finances.

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FM Faves! 18 | ISSUE 002
4 1. 2. 3. 4.
Some of their

Kelly & Nicole

What is your favorite place to meet clients outside of the bank?

I am a huge coffee lover and Thunder Coffee in West Fargo is my favorite. The staff is always so friendly and gives great advice and they even have a small back room to use for a more private conversation.

What are your top tips or products to keep you on your "A" game?

Did I mention I’m a huge coffee fan? Outside of coffee, I am big on implementing self-care. It’s something I have to schedule into my day in order to do it and it can be different for everyone. I personally enjoy working out, reading, and massages by the amazing Mona Mendez from FM Massage and Wellness

What advice do you have for someone dreaming of building or purchasing a new home?

Many clients don’t come in until they think they are ready based on what they believe should be their down payment, credit score, and income. My advice is come in when you first start dreaming—let’s visit! Appointments are free, and I can help coach clients to get them ready for purchasing a home or building a new one.

What is your favorite locally made product to buy and why?

My husband and I love to grill and smoke different foods, so we often are trying new seasonings, rubs, and sauces. CJ’s All Terrain Seasoning is definitely a favorite of mine because it literally goes great on everything!

If you could get a free $1,000 gift card to anywhere in town, where would you choose and why?

I would have to go with SCHEELS not only because they have a great women’s clothing section, but they literally have everything for grilling, camping,

What is your favorite place to meet clients outside of the bank?

Cracked Pepper is one of my top picks. They have a unique space to have lunch, the staff is friendly, and the homemade food is delicious— not to mention their homemade desserts! It’s close to the bank with easy access.

What is a misconception clients ask you about Construction Loans?

Many clients think you must own a piece of land before you start the construction process. If you find a piece of land and a builder all at the same time, we can incorporate them both into the construction loan.

Where is your favorite hidden gem in the FargoMoorhead area and why?

Grateful Cratefulls, they have locally made products that you can put together to make fun baskets. Whenever I’m looking for a unique gift for any occasion, I know the friendly staff can help me out.

What is your favorite local pastime activity?

I stay as active as I can, if it’s walking, hiking, or riding bike but my weekly exercise program is Jazzercise. It’s a full-body workout session with a community of women supporting each other. It’s fun, engaging, and addictive.

Rumor has it you have a sweet tooth…what’s your

Yes, it’s true; I have a sweet Carol Widman’s chippers are one of my favorites. They have a variety of flavors, but milk and dark chocolate are

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Follow Kelly on Facebook and be sure to check out their mortgage minute videos on YouTube.

Ready to make Nicole and Kelly a part of your dream project?

Kelly Engstrom


Nicole Hjelden


Visit or stop by one of our Fargo locations today!

Ave S, Fargo,
Sponsored Content Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender | NMLS# 704691 20 | ISSUE 002
4530 17th Ave
Fargo, ND 58103 3203 32nd
ND 58103



Interior Designer ENCLAVE Baby Koenig COMING SOON! Co-Owner GRAIN DESIGNS

Featured Project:


Since the very beginning of Grant and Rebekah Koenig's story in 2016, creativity has been a core theme throughout their relationship. Many of Grant and Rebekah's date nights early on involved exploring their mutual interest in photography by adventuring the backroads and fields of the Red River Valley or building furniture in his shop. As Grant and business

partner Blain Mikkonen pursued Grain Designs as wood craftsmen and Rebekah delved into interior design with Thomsen Homes after college, both began to find their sweet spot in curating beautiful spaces.

The Koenigs later married in 2021 and have continued to excel as experts in the world of design, with Grant and Mikkonen winning awards like Design & Living's People's Choice Awards for Best Custom Furniture Company and The Red River Valley Award for Best Furniture Store in 2020; and Rebekah joining Enclave as a Design Specialist.

Today, the Koenigs greatly anticipate sharing their world of creativity and imagination with many more people, but one more in particular, with baby Koenig coming soon this spring!

Speaking of love and family, let's see what projects the two lovebirds have been working on over the last few years...

Although the two have designed and built many outstanding projects together, from refurbished furniture pieces for their first apartment, to completely renovating their home in Horace, ND, none would make quite as much of an impact as their biggest collaborated endeavor—The Pines Venue, specifically, the Pines Black.

Grain Designs had been renting a workshop on some property near Davenport, ND, and an opportunity to purchase the property arose when the landowner moved. Through careful planning, blood, sweat, and tears— and maybe a little luck—the plans for a wedding venue took shape. The project began in 2018 with the first building concept, The Pines White. With both Grant and

Mikkonen having Master's Degrees in Architecture from NDSU, they began designing the building and floorplans.

After the Pines White was finished later in 2018, it became an instant success, booking out dozens of weddings and events. Soon, plans for a second venue arose. "As we were going through the things we could do differently in Pines Black, that's where I really leaned on Rebekah to use her design," Grant said. "We had floor plans and layouts and things that we could do differently, architecturally. But when it came to any of the finishes on the interior, that's really where Rebekah came through." And thus, the Pines Black project began in August 2021.

Continued >

The Pines Black

Imagination & Simplicity

Rebekah Koenig on Starting a Family

"[In regards to overuse of screens and technology], a challenge that I'm always concerned that our kids and the next generation are going to struggle to have is how to use their imagination," Rebekah said. "I think having a passion and having that creativity inside of you, as well as the passion to dive deeper, plays into that role of having an imagination."

A couple of things

Grant and Rebekah want to instill in their children include lots of hands-on work and helping them understand, "You can do way more by yourself than people realize," as they put it.

"Happiness doesn't come from material things, it comes from living a simple life and having gratitude for the simple things," she said.


Usually, large construction projects involve several contractors and outsourcing, but the Koenigs, along with the help of the Grain Designs team, did most of the work themselves.

Grain Designs built the furniture, tables, and the iconic "120 BARN," a play on words giving a nod to the history of the property being a bonanza farm. A 120-foot-by-120-foot horse barn once stood where the Pines Black now stands.

"I would be working late getting the bar piece done, and [Rebekah] would come to bring dinner out when I was nailing boards up," Grant reminisced. "But we really worked handin-hand in selecting everything within the space."

Continued >


Investing in the Community

Outside of work, Rebekah believes it’s important to be a contributing member of the community in any way possible. In fall of 2022, she enrolled as a mentor for Bio Girls, a preventative mental wellness program with a mission of improving the selfesteem of adolescent girls, meeting with four mentees on a weekly basis.

'Good enough' was never even a consideration for any aspect of the Pines Black; as pieces of the design puzzle would come together, Grant and Rebekah would take a step back and see how each element could be made better to inspire more "Instagrammable moments," as Rebekah put it.

The flea market was one of the first steps for the Koenigs when finding decor for the groom and bridal suites and the lounges inside the Pines Black. "We were looking for one-off unique pieces that tied the space together," Grant said. "And a lot of times I don't see something that [Rebekah] sees and she's like, 'This would be perfect.' And you know, I don't believe it until it's in the space. And all of a sudden, I'm like, 'You're right.' So I mean, we definitely have that dialogue back and forth.


Not necessarily agreeing on everything by any means. But at the end of the day, I think because we have different styles and tastes in certain ways, it really brings a cohesive project together."

The whole concept of a wedding venue with black and white themes was really to act as inspiration for wedding parties to add their wedding colors and truly make it their own. "We wanted to make it a blank canvas for people to make it what they want it to be," Rebekah said.

But for Grant, it's still a bit of a shock that this journey has led to two wedding venues with the Pines White and Pines Black. "I had zero interest in being in the wedding industry, if I'm being quite frank," he said. "Honestly at the time, we believed we could provide a product and experience similar to Grain Designs. Obviously, it's a completely different product and service, but the idea was putting the customer first, realizing what the area doesn't have—kind of how Grain Designs started."

Grant and Mikkonen didn't see anyone else creating the specific type of furniture or offering the type of venue that they wanted, so they set out to bring their own wishes to life and differentiate themselves with the unique size and concepts of The Pines Venue—and it certainly has been well-accepted by the community, having won Best Wedding and Event Venue in the area for the past four consecutive years.

Continued >

For the 120 BARN, it was important for the Koenigs to treat it almost like an accent wall, where the subtle use of different materials, textures, and lines helped create balance. Vertical paneling is a trending design that has made a strong, lasting impression, while not being overbearing to the rest of the space. Interestingly, the vertical paneling was actually inspired by the Koenigs' own home where they utilized vertical panels in their family room. "The combination of mixed materials and textures elevates a space," Rebekah said.

For the space as a whole, their philosophy was "less is more." "If we used that paneling throughout the venue, the bar would kind of disappear," Grant said. "I think it's [about] being intentional and using textures and colors with restraint." With Rebekah's expertise in interior design, this is a concept she excels in, and has trained Grant to also use this concept. "You have to be intentional and use restraint when you want something to really shine," they agreed. "So we think that's what really makes those things pop."

When all was said and done in June of 2022, the Pines Black was a 14,000-square-foot venue with a very modern feel, surrounded by 10 black grain bins. The primary features of the building are the main reception hall with seating for up to 340, an indoor ceremony space, and attached prep suites with a lounge featuring a kitchenette, the 120 BARN, pool table, and golf simulator.

For the Pines Black, the Koenigs partnered with RHET Architecture to help them iron out the details of their plans, and partnered with Epic Homes ND to help them with the building.

The Koenigs and their team put the finishing touches on Pines Black just hours before the grand opening, and since opening, the feedback from guests has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviews like, "We hosted our wedding at Pines Black and could not have asked for a more beautiful venue" and "One of the most beautiful wedding venues I've ever been to beautiful space for both ceremony and reception."

To learn more about the Pines Venue or to book your own event there, visit

HOME & DESIGN Continued > 30 | ISSUE 002

Hot Take

"With the open concept floor plans being the trend, I believe there is a desire to create a cohesive look throughout a large space— but I don't think this is always the right move. I believe that different styles of furniture and finishes can coexist within a space and only add to visual interest and functionality."





"A simple trick we use is two feet per person. If you'd like to seat six people (three on each side), the minimum size table needed would be six feet."



"To separate space without using walls, look down or look up. Change up the flooring material or add a wood beam to the ceiling. The material break will help provide the visual separation of space."



"Sliding doors are a great space saver where a traditional swing door won't work. They can also be built with integrated mirrors, glass, or metal to provide additional visual interest."



"The home office has taken on a totally new meaning within the last few years and a custom desk is a great way to maximize productivity. Getting a custom desk built that perfectly fits the space and aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular with our clients."



"I believe that open or floating shelving throughout the home helps prioritize decor and can help eliminate clutter in the long run. When you always have items on display or out in the open it is easier to keep things looking tidy and can help eliminate unnecessary items."


"Don't always focus on appealing to the masses or playing it safe. Of course, this depends on what type of project you are working on, but if able, do something funky, crazy, or wild. Maybe that’s a new bold accent color brought in, a wild tile design, or a funky wallcovering in a place unexpected."





"Use masking tape and line it on the back of the frame you are hanging, just under the clips/hangers. On the tape, mark the center of the clip. Peel it off and apply it to the wall where you wish to hang the frame. Align the tape with a level, and mark the wall above the tape marks to create nail guides. Remove the tape, nail, and hang your piece!"



"Just because your side table is a natural finish of oak, doesn’t mean the arms of your chair can’t be stained with a deeper tone. Especially when it comes to furniture, bringing in a combination of materials and textures is a simple way to make a space feel a bit more elevated."



"Walking into a 'perfect' space can actually be intimidating when you’re the guest in a home and you're afraid to touch anything. Drape a throw blanket over a chair corner, and turn some lamps on to create some ambiance."



"When selecting the perfect shade of color for a room, test it on all walls, and revisit it throughout the day and throughout different lighting before painting the entire room—whites especially can pull undertones of pink, green, blue, or yellow."


"Before buying new decor, try rearranging your existing decor first. I often find it’s not that I no longer like the decor, but I’m needing some change. Rearranging pieces is a refresh of the space."


5. Continued >
Hot Take


"As a woodworker, this is my color palette for 2023. These finishes from Rubio Monocoat provide an alternative finish to the typical sheen of a polyurethane clear coat. Sold primarily as a hardwood floor finish, this product provides a durable finish layer for tables, countertops, and doors. It is a finish that can be reapplied when needed for touchups or dings and does not require any initial sanding or preparation."

HOME & DESIGN Continued > 35
& COLORS FOR 2023 Rebekah's Continued > 36 | ISSUE 002

Drywall Hooks

"With these, you can finally remove the hammer and nails from the junk drawer. Simply push them into the sheetrock and you are ready to hang. Game Changer."

Packout Kit

"There is a wide selection of these kits and configurations available and are a staple in our shop. This small one would be a great solution for all the tools above!"




Stud Buddy

"World's simplest stud finder. Simply move it along the wall and when the magnet hits the sheetrock screw, you know there is a stud."

Laser Level

"If you have multiple pieces to hang on a single wall this tool is a must-have. It is great for aligning floating shelves or sets of artwork."

Drywall Anchors

"These twist and lock anchors are the only ones I will use. They can be installed with a simple Phillips bit and provide incredible strength for ease of installation."

38 | ISSUE 002

Indoor Plants

"Indoor plants are not only easy “space fillers," but they bring warmth and color to a space. I love getting our indoor plants from Handpicked Goods!"

Visit and see for yourself at 14 Roberts St N, Fargo!

Outdoor Planters

"[They] help define the main entrance and make it a warm welcome! It’s also fun to decorate or fill the pots throughout the seasons and holidays. My favorite pots are from Costco. I love them because they are budgetfriendly and weatherproof!"


Organization Systems

organizing. They have all the organizing solutions for the kitchen, bathroom,

"We use a router extender in our garage gym. It was a cost-effective solution to be able to stream on our TV without it freezing up or skipping!"

"Turning off the main lights and having soft lighting, helps make a space feel more comfortable and cozy."

Continued >


Local Recommendations Grant & Rebekah's


Clearwater Custom Cabinets

"Huge finish selection and great customer service." -Grant


Trever Hill Design

"Trever and his team are incredibly knowledgeable in the design industry and offer everything from full custom design to one-off home goods." -Grant

People We Love Working With

Taylor Belk Epic Homes Rhet Fiskness Rhet Architecture
40 | ISSUE 002

3. 4. 5.

Northern Stone

"The team at Northern Stone never disappoints. From simple countertops to the fully custom back bar in Pines Black, everything came out accurately and on time." -Grant

Showcase Floors

"Provided the flooring, tile, and installation for the Pines Black. Their selections matched with high-quality installers make them a go-to supplier for us in Fargo."


6. 7. 8.

Curated Home

"Plenty of unique and one-ofa-kind pieces for your home!"


Weyer for Hire

"Exceptional service and easy to work with!" -Rebekah

9. 10.

Handpicked Goods

"Truly the cutest! A 'go to' for my greenery." -Rebekah

Love Always Floral

"Great for bouquets and greenery for that grand opening party, hosted events, and housewarming parties to show off your new designs!" -Rebekah

Eco Chic

"One-stop shop for all things home!" -Rebekah

Black Iron Dirt

"They're an excavation and demolition company in Fargo that offers hydroseeding, grading, boulder retaining walls, land clearing, and much more!"


Trever Hill Trever Hill Design
Continued > 41


with Grant

What are wood crafting, furniture building, and architecture all about to you?

The commonalities that I find in wood crafting, furniture building, and architecture are all a balance of aesthetics and functionality. At the end of the day, the spaces we live in and the furniture we use are something we all experience daily, and for that reason, they should be thoughtfully designed and well-crafted.

You and Rebekah both work in the home & design industry. What is that dynamic like for you, both professionally and in life?

Having the opportunity to talk with Rebekah about styles and

offerings outside of our common materials inspires new and creative ideas that help push my design limits. Rebekah has an incredible eye for design and I love being able to lean on her for unique ideas and new concepts.

How does your creative medium with wood complement Rebekah's creative touch?

Wood as a product can be found in every room of the home; from flooring and cabinetry to furniture and paneling, it has the ability to become dominant in design. Strength in interior design to me is in the ability to show restraint when needed and I believe that Rebekah's eye enables the wood pieces we build to elevate the space without overpowering the room.

42 | ISSUE 002

Outside the professional world, what do you devote yourself to?

Rebekah is currently pregnant with our first child and I am beyond excited to become a dad. Our family is something I am fully devoted to.

What is the most ingenious furniture piece you've ever seen incorporated into a home design?

We have designed and built a handful of dining tables that are connected to kitchen islands and really become an extension of the kitchen. It provides a great alternative to a formal dining room and compliments the open floor plan concept.

You and Blain could've started a business anywhere— why Fargo?

What unique opportunity did you see here?

To me, Fargo has always been home. We both graduated from the architecture program at NDSU and have always appreciated the growth, innovation, and passion for design that Fargo offers.

The community here supported our passion for furniture from the very beginning and we continue to see an opportunity here.

What woods and other materials have you been enjoying using to craft lately? Any new finishes/stains you've been trying out and liking?

White oak and walnut. Both of these species provide a timeless look and provide durability to last generations.

Continued >


with Rebekah

What is being an interior designer all about to you?

Being a designer is about creating spaces that provide an experience. Not only making the space look aesthetically pleasing, but creating an experience through the feelings felt when walking into that space, and how well it functions for the intentional use of that space.

What's it like having a husband who is also in the home & design industry?

The design industry is constantly changing and evolving. It’s a fun challenge to learn the upcoming or latest trends and be a part of bringing those to life. In life, having a handyman as a husband is great to test some of these new trends out in our own home (wink wink).

Traveling is a big creative inspiration for you. What are some recent destinations that have given you new ideas?

Since last August, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit Austin, TX; Myrtle Beach, SC; San Diego, CA; and Vail, CO. One common theme I noticed while visiting each of these destinations, is how the outdoors are brought in—most commonly in restaurants or boutique hotels. The design seems to really capture the landscape and setting of where we are and gets pulled into the inside. Whether it be a play off the landscape colors, materials alike, and that contrast used throughout the furniture or tile, etc. It reminds me that things don’t need to be complicated to be detailed and bring a


“wow” factor. It can actually be quite simple if you pay attention to your surroundings.

What is most dear to you?

I’m going to steal my grandma’s life motto here of the "Four F’s of life to live by," being faithful, family, food, and fun…never particularly in that order. I believe life is about having a balance and living with a purpose. A new purpose for Grant and I will be entering the journey of parenthood within the next few weeks! I’m beyond excited to start this new chapter with such a supportive partner.

What is the most ingenious thing you've ever seen incorporated into a home design?

A design I recently came across that did make me dive a little deeper, was a retracting backsplash/wall along the backside of a countertop, particularly behind a stove, with shallow shelving to host all your spices, cooking oils, etc.

When finished cooking, pull the wall back and you’d never know it was there. Great idea to keep spaces looking tidy! You're originally not from the F/M area— why Fargo? What unique opportunity does this area offer for you as an interior designer?

To be completely transparent, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go out of college. But having family members in the area made it an easy decision to stay and work during a time when I thought I’d figure out my “next adventure." I took my first position in design with a local home builder, something I had zero experience in. I then was presented with another opportunity in a new industry that had nothing to do with construction or design, and I took it. I quickly realized how much I missed design and came back to it. Careerwise, local opportunities kept presenting themselves and I feel I was curious enough to take them until I felt my feet stick with where I currently am.

Outside of work, I have a lot of hobbies like photography, fitness, social life, etc. and Fargo seems to be a bottomless pit of resources to feed those hobbies and new ones that continue to come to the surface. It’s a growing community that’s exciting to be a part of!

You fell in love with interior design almost by accident. What was that "ah ha!" moment for you when you realized you wanted to make a career out of this?

Coming to the realization that I wanted to have a career through or involved with interior design was the moment I left the industry. I quickly ran back! It’s not simply just realizing I enjoyed design, but also realizing what “fills my cup” and making a career out of that. What brings me joy in life is finding solutions to problems, overcoming challenges, helping others be more successful in their role, giving experiences and putting a smile on someone else’s

face. I’m able to fill my cup with all those things through design and the development and construction industry that Enclave provides in my role. It’s the furthest thing from boring and it genuinely brings a lot of joy to my life!

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Real Estate Expert ADVICE FROM

Erik's Resume

• Has helped over 6,000 families buy and sell their homes.

• Offers a multitude of methods for selling a home.


Owner Hatch Brokered by Real

Erik Hatch, of Hatch Brokered by Real, has always been a family man with drive. He served as the director of youth ministries for First Lutheran Church, making a difference in people’s lives through his work within the church. Now, still having that deep passion for leadership and making a real difference in the community, Hatch uses real estate to make that change in people’s lives daily.

• A true community servant, as he pursues his passion for developing relationships and impacting the area for the better.

Here, we connected with Hatch to discuss advice for someone looking to sell their home, what a first-time home buyer should look for, home products and vendors that have changed his life, and much more.

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for the

Hatch's debut book "Play for the Person Next to You" serves as inspiration for any reader to learn more about the occasionally rocky path to success. Published in 2019, Hatch recounts his journey to success through vulnerability and transparency with readers. A storyteller at heart, Hatch leaves an honest message with readers through his knowledge and advice in the published book.

Fargo has been Hatch’s home for his entire life, as it’s where he was born, raised, and met his wife Emily. Now, they’re raising their children, Finley and Simon, in the same beloved community.

Following his graduation from North Dakota State University, Hatch pursued work as a youth minister to make a difference in the lives of others. Through his work, he developed an even greater passion for cultivating meaningful relationships and inspiring others that he met on his journey.

In 2014, Hatch launched Hatch Realty with the intention of creating a platform where he could help others find the home of their dreams. While

this driven entrepreneur serves as CEO of Hatch Realty, his energy is now spent casting vision, marketing the business, and leading and coaching people.

Hatch’s ambition and pursuit of developing healthy relationships is what led to the transition with Real Broker, LLC, in August of 2021. With Hatch Realty at the core, this partnership with a national brokerage allowed the team to continue taking care of their clients while offering the necessary tools to better communicate in today’s techdriven world.

Hatch’s passion to make a difference and care for others is deeply engrained in his


"Alignment with the right Realtor can save you tens of thousands of dollars as well as avoid giant headaches in the process. A great strategy session with your Realtor will kick things off to set you up for the biggest of wins. (And did you know that traditionally the Realtor you work with is paid by the seller—so it's a $0 cost out of your pocket!?!)"



"You simply can't buy a house without money (aww, bummer). And unless you have a giant pile of cash, you need to get a loan from a lending institution. Before you ever even start shopping for homes, you should work with your lender to see what you qualify for and even more importantly, what kind of home fits in your desired budget."



"This involves attending open houses, driving neighborhoods, looking at homes online, and more. Make sure you are locked into your Realtor (see step #1) before you begin this process so you don't get stuck with the wrong agent at the right time."



"You may have a lease you need to exit or a basement you're tired of living in, so your planning ahead will be to your advantage. The average home buyer looks for 10-12 weeks before they find 'the one' and get an accepted offer on their home. After that, the pending/escrow period takes 4-8 weeks. So if you're looking to move by a certain date, you need to plan accordingly!"


"Yes, your uncle in Sheboygan may have bought a home recently, but it doesn't mean they know the market conditions locally. Real estate changes daily and is hyper-local. Make sure your team of trusted experts know these intimately."

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Person Next to You: A Guide to Servant Leadership"

personal life. Hatch has helped build two unique nonprofit movements, "Homeless & Hungry" and "Sell a Home, Save a Child", which have raised a combined $5 million to help serve children and families in need. These are yet another example of Hatch’s pursuit to make change in others’ lives.

As Hatch continues to move forward in the real estate industry, he has also made a name for himself as an author. His first book, “Play for the Person Next to You,” released in September 2019. Following the success of his first publishing, Hatch published a second book, titled “The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint,” in July of 2022.

Through these book releases, Hatch is continuing to redefine how the real estate industry is serving its clients and agents at every level. Furthermore, Hatch has launched an inspirational venture titled Hatching Leaders, a motivational leadership coaching program in which Hatch can be hired for many forms of coaching, consulting, sales training, team-building retreats, keynote speaking, and much more.

While Hatch has already broken significant new ground in the FMWF area’s real estate landscape, we’re sure that he still has plenty of new ground to impact moving forward, both in the real estate industry and far beyond.

5 Recommended Vendors Erik's

1.Carpet Garage

"For all of your carpet, flooring, and tile needs, and much more! Founded here in North Dakota, they offer a variety of materials at affordable prices. According to their website, they are currently in the top 100 largest flooring retailers in the nation."

Contact Carpet Garage - West Fargo, ND

(701) 281-9631


2.Painting by Chaz Bombenger

"Chaz Bombenger of Painting by Chaz Bombenger offers long-lasting, high-quality interior and exterior painting. Painting by Chaz Bombenger specializes in painting interior, exterior, kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, and trim. For those interested in a new bathroom, but unsure of where to start, Painting by Chaz Bombenger also specializes in remodels, as they help get your dream bathroom off the ground."

Contact Painting by Chaz

(701) 491-2739


5.Bear's Home Solutions

3.Giddings Painting Company

"Giddings Painting Company specializes in interior and cabinet painting for any and all home projects. Brent Giddings of Giddings Painting Company has more than 18 years of professional painting experience that he’s ready to put to use in your home."

Contact Giddings Painting Company

(701) 306-5383


4. Eco Chic Home

"Eco Chic Home is a home decor, furniture, gifts, and lifestyle boutique located right here in Fargo, North Dakota. While they specialize in interior design, house staging, and retail sales for their customers, they truly offer something for everyone, ranging from counter stools and sofas to succulent spray and stoneware canisters."

Contact Eco Chic Home

(701) 356-6600


"Bear's Home Solutions offers a solution to all of your home heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. As they provide installation, service, maintenance, and 24/7 solutions to emergencies, Bear's Home Solutions offers everything from duct sealing to energy-efficient fireplaces."

Contact Bear's Home Solutions

(701) 365-0365


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Life-Changing Home Products 7

Double Islands

"This, of course, requires the rightsized kitchen. Yet, when possible, avoid the giant singular island and instead do a double island. One is for people to gather around, pour drinks, and enjoy appetizers, and the other is for preparing and serving food. It's the ultimate flex."

A 3-stall Garage

"Most families have two (or more) cars. And between snow blowers, lawnmowers, bikes, yard games, grills, patio furniture, etc.—an abundance of space is needed. The garage serves as an extension of your storage as well as a place to escape the chaos of the inside of the home."

A Four-Season Sunroom

"There seems to be a trend here— that we, in the upper Midwest, crave sunshine and warmth. There's no better way to take advantage of this than through a four-season sunroom. Windows are one of the ultimate luxury items, so why not have a room full of them!?!"

A Home Security System

"Unfortunately, this is a must nowadays. Protecting your home and the loved ones in it is non-negotiable. Cameras aren't nearly as expensive as they once were and help keep the bad guys out and your teenage kids in!"

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A Griddle

"This griddle can be outdoors (Blackstone) or indoors (connected to your gas range). It's the greatest way to cook. From pancakes and omelets to quesadillas and burgers—there's no greater way to cook with ease."

A Sauna

"Finding a good cleanse through deep heat is not only good for your health but it's good for your soul. You can find a two-person sauna for a reasonable price and it doesn't take up a ton of space. Sweat away the long winter days by adding this feature to your home. The Sauna we use is BOTARO Maxxus Saunas MX-J206-01."

Upgraded Outdoor Furniture

"Long gone are the days of a plastic folding chair that's designed to humiliate anybody five pounds overweight. Instead, your outdoor space should be embraced mightily during our glorious summer days. If you're looking to soak up all the sunshine and warmth outdoors, then make sure you have something comfortable to sit on and around."


"A Zestimate is Zillow's tool that gives you an estimate of your home's value based on a computer algorithm. It may get you in the ballpark, yet I've seen the Zestimate as much as 40% off of the actual value of the home. Use a trusted realtor (gets paid a commission when the property sells) or appraiser (charges for the work they do upfront) to establish an accurate value of your home in today's market."



"Just like people, outside appearances can be deceiving— and we know it's what's on the inside that counts. Yet if the outside doesn't seem inviting, rarely will people even bother to schedule a showing. So make sure you have a clean and bright exterior. Consider adding mulch, some fresh flowers (real or fake), paint your front door, and have things pressure washed (that is if the snow is ever gone)."



"Without breaking the bank, you'll be blown away at how much some new flooring can change the aesthetic and smell of your home. All of the old dirt and grime can disappear and your home's value will feel so much greater in the eyes of a home buyer if your flooring isn't worn or faded."



"There's a rule of 50% when it comes to getting your home on the market. All shelves, walls, and closets should have 50% less stuff than it currently has. If the buyer sees clutter, then they don't see the beauty of your home. So do yourself a favor and do some pre-packing (decluttering) and rid yourself of 50% of your stuff."



"Aligning with the right Realtor can be the difference between literally tens of thousands of dollars, a plethora of headaches, and weeks (if not months) on the market. Selling your home is riddled with uncertainties, and a great Realtor should be able to help you navigate these with much more ease and far fewer gray hairs."

Our favorite spot to shop for outdoor furniture is SCHEELS Home & Hardware.

How Erik Hatch Does Real Estate Differently

Hatch offers “a sea of options to sellers” when most real estate agents offer one route for selling a home. First, they offer the “traditional” route of real estate that most follow.

“Most realtors only have one club in their bag, where they list the house and sell it the traditional way through MLS with showings, offers, home inspections, and appraisals. When it's all said and done, the homeowner should be able to maximize their money and get their house sold within 45 to 60 days. However, things rarely go according to plan, leading to stress,” Hatch said. “Zillow did a study years ago to see what the biggest stressors are that home sellers face, and they said that selling a home was more stressful than divorce for a number of people. They went on to say that the biggest things that riddle home sellers are uncertainty, interruptions, and the money that they're going to make. If uncertainty is paralyzing for people, we need to, as realtors, have options and opportunities for them to understand what that looks like. We need more than one club in the bag.”

The next option that Hatch offers is their snap offer program, in which homeowners can contact Hatch to get an onsite valuation of their property. Within a matter of days, they will offer the homeowner two prices.

“The first price that we offer is the traditional list price, and the other is a price that we give you, but you get to pick the closing date,

there are no fees associated with it, and you can leave whenever you want, without any uncertainty or interruptions, Of course, it's on the other side of the investors, taking that calculated risk of buying the house, holding, and reselling the house, so it's not a price that everybody's going to say yes to. [There are] a lot of folks in trying times that are wondering what other options are out there,” Hatch said.

The third option involves Hatch offering a loan directed towards home repairs for the homeowner. “I can loan $10,000 of my money, and we’ll guide the homeowner on which home repairs need to be done by an outside professional. When we loan $10,000 to the home seller, that $10,000 can turn into $40,000 or $50,000 because their property becomes that much more appealing and they were able to take care of those eyesores that were there,” Hatch said.

Lastly, Hatch Realty offers a “Buy Before You Sell” option to homeowners. If a homeowner is in the midst of a tough market and looking to make an offer on their next home, but need to sell their current home in order to buy, their current home offer will be considered next to any other cash offers, despite not having sold their home yet.

“What happens is I'll give them an offer of my own cash to buy the property, and they can take that money to buy their next property without that contingency. They can still try to sell their house to somebody else if they can make more money, and I'll cancel my purchase agreement once they're able to do so. If they're unable to sell, then they have to sell to me if their other options fall through. Most people in the area aren't doing that. In fact, I know nobody can offer what we offer,” Hatch said.

“The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint”

Hatch Brokered by Real Hatch Coaching | Office: (701) 212-1572 Agent: (701) 369-4839 | | | /HatchRealtyFM | 4215 31st Ave S, Fargo, ND 58104 | | | @HatchCoaching | /HatchCoaching | /HatchCoaching
In Erik Hatch’s second book, co-written by Robby Trefethren, Hatch and Trefethren take a deep look into everything you need to find your calling in the real estate industry. Published in 2022, the book offers a variety of tips and wise advice from industry experts to solidify their position at any level in the real estate market.
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Paige's Resume at a Glance



Paige has extensive experience within the interior design industry. From working at Eco Chic Home during her college years to working under interior design masterminds like Trever Hill Design and Melanie Iverson of Mosaic Interior Design, her knowledge is widespread in various types of design.



As a graduate of NDSU's CIDA Accredited Interior Design Program, Paige has several technical skills that allow her to present visuals to clients in 2D and 3D form. She has been asked to return to speak at interior design events and will continue to contribute to the program the best she can.



Having a lifetime dream of opening her own interior design business, Paige recently purchased Mosaic Interior Design with her partner Nicholas. Providing residential and commercial interior design and project management services, they are the perfect one-stop shop for all your design needs.

Professional MEET THE DESIGN
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Featured Project:

The Riverbend


When the Nelsons reached out to Paige of Mosaic Interior Design for their Oxbow home renovation, their goal was to elevate their home with new storage solutions and updates to brighten up specific areas of their home. They utilized Mosaic's project management services, having Paige collect estimates from various subcontractors, coordinate scheduling, and manage the timeline of the project.

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During the conceptualization portion of the project, Breidenbach provided 2D drawings, 3D renderings, and finish selections. Once approved by the client, they sent this information to the subcontractors/vendors for estimates and finalized installation drawings. From there, they began coordinating with subcontractors for a start date and began estimating a completion date.

"Of course we had some mishaps and needed to handle them, but what project doesn’t? The clients were understanding of the process and kept great open communication with us during the entire process. It is important for the client to know that you are there for them and are walking through this process alongside them. It is our job to ensure the client is happy and loves their space at the end of this experience," Breidenbach said."That being said, we are extremely attentive and detailoriented with the subcontractors work. If there is something slightly wrong, we make sure to address it and come up with solutions as efficiently as possible."

"This project was a great experience in many aspects including client relations, project management and contractor communication. Being able to juggle the highs and lows while keeping within budget, and maintaining a timeline is something we pride ourselves on. We are fortunate to have the privilege of providing these services to our clients worryfree."

Focal points of this project include new countertops in various locations, new bathroom, mudroom and main level flooring, office custom cabinetry, mudroom custom cabinetry/painting existing cabinetry, removing an existing closet located in office to create a custom wet bar, and lower level custom cabinetry.



Weyer Companies

"They do an exceptional job with any needed service. From wallcovering installation to painting and sheetrock, they are the place to go!"

Northern Stone

"Excellent remnant selection that is available for viewing at any time. Great pricing and very responsive."

Northern Renewal

"Great to work with and has excellent communication to ensure the job is completed correctly. The finished product is always spot-on and showcases the quality of craftsmanship."

D&M Industries

"Very helpful throughout the process with easy communication."

Clearwater Cabinetry

"Quality products and attentive to details to ensure everything comes out the way it should. They will go out of their way to assist with any additional details the best they can."

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Hot Take

Mixing the right balance of metals and color tones can curate a luxurious look that will quickly become your favorite focal point in a space."
- Paige Breidenbach
"I think that many people have a misconception about interior design. Many individuals assume that you have to have a specific look or budget in order to hire a designer. That, my friend, is far from the truth. We love working with any style, any budget, and any space. It is our job to help make your house feel like your home."
- Paige Breidenbach


"Incorporating various types of lighting into your space is crucial. You may think having any other light source besides your recessed lighting is unnecessary and a waste of money. What you don’t realize is, when you come home after those long days, starting the fireplace with some ambient lighting can make all the difference to help you unwind. Implementing these secondary light sources can make a world of difference in how you feel in your home."






"Whether your style is eclectic, traditional or modern, keeping your space tidy and organized will offer you simplicity and the peace that your home should offer. If you're thinking "simple is boring," I can see where you are coming from. To add more interest to your space, try adding in various textures and patterns to make the space more impactful."


"Just because a furniture piece may be pretty to look at doesn't mean it can’t also be practical and comfortable. When purchasing furniture, make sure you look at the construction of the piece as well as the material. Nowadays we are seeing a lot more availability for pieces with performance fabric that, YES, are extremely practical AND pretty!"


"As Nike once said, “Just do it!” If you have a powder bath in your home, you are one lucky duck! This is your opportunity to go wild or simple while including elements of interest. But we recommend wild. In many homes, the main areas are neutral with some personality, but are likely to accommodate a variety of styles. A powder bath is a small room full of excitement and that ‘WOW’ factor. I say, get the wallpaper, paint that ceiling black. The world is your oyster—have fun with it."


"Who doesn’t love some color, but who also doesn’t love some warm and cozy neutrals? If you’re a lover of boho with bursts of color and texture, creating a balance is easy by adding in those neutral wood tones, maybe incorporating that tassel chandelier that grounds the space with its calming nature and textural interest!"

"Or if you can’t help but immerse yourself in warm tones and fuzzy socks, but you want to add some dimension within your space? Start by adding greenery to bring some life inside, then implement décor items that have subtle color tones to them, mixed with various shades of neutrals and textural pieces."





KitchenAid Artisan by Hearth and Hand

"This mixer is amazing. It is my second as I bake often, but needed this amazing color in my life. Hands-free mixing is by far the best thing—you can walk away and all the work is done for you when you come back."

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Ring Cameras

"Nowadays you can never be too safe. We have always used Ring cameras and since purchasing our home, we have upgraded the types and quantities. It provides great peace of mind if you might be home alone or out of town."

Alexa Echo Show 15

"The Alexa Show is a huge convenience factor. On the home screen, we have a shopping list, to-do list, weather, thermometer access, and light access. From this device, we can add items to our shopping list that we can then locate on our phones while out and about. We can change temperatures and shut off lights as well as watch tv and view our security cameras."

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Milwaukee Packout

"This is something of a personal musthave. We are currently renovating our entire home ourselves. These packouts have been a lifesaver for organization and convenience. I highly recommend any of their styles."

Cell Phone Stand

"If you don’t like clutter, this is a great solution. It keeps your phone elevated off of the surface and easy to look over and see any notifications you might have. I have one at my office to keep my head up and also one at home for when I’m cooking or baking and referencing a recipe, but also to keep off the countertops if I’m being a little messy."

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Local Picks Paige's HOME & DESIGN Austen Dames General Northern Renewal Showcase Floors People I Love Working With BRITTANY GALBRECHT AUSTEN DAMES 66 | ISSUE 002


"Top-tier customer service and a thorough purchasing process to ensure everyone knows all the details."


"Top-tier customer service and a thorough purchasing process to ensure everyone knows all the details."


"Quick, efficient, and very easy to work with!"


"Some of the best people to work with! They are always helpful with questions and providing information in a timely manner."



"They have a beautiful showroom with everything you might need to look for. Great pricing and customer service."

Brockmeyer Tile & Stone Innovative Air Showcase Floors Great Northern Granite
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What is being an interior designer all about to you?

[For me] it's about curating spaces that reflect those who occupy them. It is so important to really listen to your clients and understand their needs/wants. Interior design is exceeding those expectations and delivering a product that will positively impact the future of the space and those who utilize it.

Congrats on being the new owner of Mosaic Interior Design! What's been the biggest growing pain for you so far in this new journey?

Aside from the financial and legal stuff, I would say the biggest growing pain is figuring out creative ways to put myself out there. My name has been bounced around here and there since working at Trever Hill Design and starting with Melanie at Mosaic, but now, I am the face of the company. That changes so many things and brings on the pressure—no worries, I'm here for it!

You've built yourself quite a resume, having been a mentee under both Trever Hill and Melanie Iverson—how has their expertise and perspective of design shaped the way you approach it?

Gosh, I truly am so blessed to have such incredible mentors. They both have such beautiful souls and are very knowledgeable in this field. Though similar, their design specialties differ. Trever is the king of neutrals and monotones. He dives so deeply into the details you never would have thought of. Melanie is the queen of color. While also detailoriented, she worked heavily on project management and contractor relationships. They are both the best at what they do and I'm so fortunate to have worked under individuals that gave me the opportunity to learn from them and broaden my knowledge.

Outside the professional world, what do you devote yourself to?

Currently, my partner and I are renovating our first home together! This definitely takes


up all of our spare time, but when we decide to take a break, I'm either baking, playing with our husky Milo, or visiting family in Grand Forks.

What is the most ingenious thing you've ever seen incorporated into a home design?

Oh boy. I actually recently saw a video of a hidden door built into a kitchen island that led to a basement speakeasy. I thought it was pretty clever, but I also love secret doors.

If you could choose the most important thing you learned about design from each (Trever and Melanie) what would it be?

It's so hard to pick just one. Trever taught me how less can be more. This can be a hard concept for people, but when done correctly, it is absolutely true. After working so long with Trever and being immersed in his designs, switching over to Melanie certainly tested my design eye. Melanie taught me to not be afraid of color and funk (when appropriate for the project). These

likely are not the most important (we would get too personal on that one) things learned, but are things I think about daily when designing. Aside from design, there had been many conversations between the two of them and myself that are some of the most important and impactful I've ever had. For that, I am grateful.

How are you making Mosaic your own? What new things can we expect to see?

We have some exciting projects we're working on and are offering a newlyadded '90-minute in-home consultation' option.

How would you describe your special flavor as a designer? Why is Fargo the perfect place to play into that style?

I would definitely be Neopolitan if my designs were a flavor. One minute I want everything light, bright, and airy, then the next minute I want dark and moody. Fargo is great for that because we do have a huge range of styles in this town. This allows me to cater to them all whether they want light, dark, or right in the middle!

What did those initial conversations that led to you taking over Mosaic look like? When did you know this was the right leap to take?

Once Melanie was about to come back from maternity leave, she had mentioned giving me a stake in the company as part of a 5-year plan. Of course, I was excited about that—who wouldn't be? That initial conversation quite frankly came out of nowhere—so funny. Once Melanie was officially back to work and had accepted a new job elsewhere, she asked me to heavily consider the idea of one day owning Mosaic. A couple of weeks went by and Melanie was ready to sell. She spoke with me about what I and my partner (Nicholas) envisioned for our future; she only wanted to sell to us. Nicholas and I had always had a dream of owning our own design and build business, we just didn't expect it to happen so quickly! With the amazing support of family, friends, mentors, and my biggest supporter Nicholas, we said yes!

How To Support Paige | | @mosaicfargo | @paigebreidenbach | search "Mosaic Interior Design" 69


A Trendsetting Active Community Concept

About Tyrone Leslie

Tyrone Leslie, President and Owner of Heritage Homes & Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Premier Properties, has been ND Builder of the Year, Life Delegate for the National Association of Home Builders,FMWF Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Home Builder Association of FargoMoorhead President!

All of these titles listed from Leslie's career are earned during his real estate career that began in 1989. You don't earn those titles without doing trendsetting things every once in a while—that much is obvious. However, his company, Heritage Homes, is in the second phase of finishing a project, The Ranch at The Wilds, which is trendsetting through and through. Introducing private courtyards, low maintenance living, lock and leave lifestyle, universal design and amenities.


Pickleball is the fastestgrowing sport in America and The Ranch at The Wilds has two courts!

The Ranch at The Wilds

The best times in your life, from being a child running around the neighborhood, to a young adult starting college, you are enjoying the journey of life. Unfortunately, as we age, it can be harder and harder to find the activities, let alone a whole community, that allows us to live life to the fullest.

That best describes The Ranch at The Wilds, an active adult community in West Fargo, built for, but not restricted to, the 55+ age group—the first of its kind. Complete with a 3,000-square-foot private clubhouse, walking path, 24'x46' pool, fitness center, golf simulator, and two pickleball courts—it offers a place for those that are looking for life's most fulfilling moments.

In the clubhouse, the crown jewel of the space, residents have access to— and the ability to rent out—a space for entertaining that includes a fully-finished

kitchen with all of the latest appliances. The space also hosts roughly four events per year that are put on by Leslie and his team.

"Today's clients and the active adult community are looking for more," Leslie said. "Whereas 10 years ago, The Ranch would not have happened. We are really proud of what we have included—the pickleball courts, the beautiful pond, featuring a spectacular fountain, walking path, and all of the exterior amenities are lit up at night, which our homeowners absolutely love."

Included alongside those physical amenities is access to a wellness coach, Russ Drake, who will work with you to accommodate your needs.

"He understands the client awfully well," Leslie said. "He really wants to get in your head so he can understand what makes

you tick. He really works to understand how your body works, what your lifestyle is like, and then accommodates a program to suit you."

In order to bring the project, which is still accepting new buildouts for the time being, to life, Leslie leveraged a multitude of resources, working with Epcon Communities, learning from his Builder 20 Group—a group consisting of 20 builder companies from around the country that get together twice a year—as well as the National Association of Home Builders.

"It's all about educating yourself," Leslie said. "By hearing what's happening in another part of the country, you can better understand what is going to be happening here soon. That helps you stay ahead of the curve."

Continued >
The Clubhouse pool is 24'x46'! A look into the beautiful Promenade III model home! PHOTO BY HILLARY EHLEN PHOTOGRAPHY
A beautiful clubhouse, pond, pool, and two pickleball courts, what more could you want?

The Homes

Individuals choosing to build at The Ranch at The Wilds will have eight different floor plans to choose from, including the option to have either a side or rear private courtyard space. However, the level of personalization does not end there.

"We listen to what each homeowner wants in their home, how they live day in and day out. We follow four areas when it comes to personalizing a home, storage, entertaining, de-stressing and flexible living.," Leslie said.

Give the People What They Want!

The U.S. active adult community was valued at over $560 billion in 2021. There is no question that people want what is offered at The Ranch at The Wilds!

"Our team designs, imagines and inspires our homeowners. But as a builder, that's on us to have that conversation with that particular homeowner."

Whether you are a grandparent that hosts your hockeyplaying grandchildren often and need a place for them to put their sweaty equipment or you entertain and want to be able to interact with your guests while cooking in the kitchen, Leslie promises that Heritage Homes can make that happen.

72 | ISSUE 002
A peek inside the clubhouse.



"It is more than just a TV on the wall inside a sheetrock detail these days. Listen to the homeowner's needs and how they entertain their guests to come up with WOW factors for this space in their home. You can incorporate sheetrock arches by Red River Drywall, natural wood slats by, or custom built-in shelving by Mill Creek Custom Cabinets, wall murals by your favorite wallpaper company—the possibilities are endless."


"Trends have changed from having a traditional fireplace and mantel. We are inspiring our homeowners with creative thought and design, doing unique natural wood elements by Grain Designs or Dakota Timber of Fargo, or even better yet, from a family's old barn! Hebron Brick of Fargo can help add to the variety of stone and brick selections (traditional brick is coming back). Custom-built mantels are also something fun to do with your favorite finish carpenter."


"Floating shelves are great for accentuating areas with artwork, photos, and more! Great finds for these can also be found at Grain Designs or Dakota Timber

of Fargo. You can also sometimes find unique pieces online at or even your local box store can sometimes have some great finds."

"A couple of other great local companies you can utilize to maximize your shelving are JL Shelving of Moorhead and Smart Spaces of Fargo. Both of these businesses can help customize all the shelving for your organizational needs."



"The latest trends in homebuilding include adding detailing to staircases. In most homes, when you go up a staircase, the look can be pretty standard. However, we can really beautify this area of the home. From a U-shaped staircase with a beautiful woodfeature wall at the top or a stone-featured wall with indirect lighting to show off an art piece, the possibilities are endless!"



"At Heritage Homes, we like to call the ceiling a fifth wall! Homeowners tend to ignore their calling and don't see them as an opportunity for a conversation starter, but it can be! By adding natural wood by D&M Industries in Moorhead or reclaimed wood by Dakota Timber of Fargo, custom paint or even a different texture through Red River Drywall in Horace, you can really add an extra dimension to

your home. To top it all off, you can show this dimension off with accent lighting from JDP Electric."


"Backsplashes will always be an element in the kitchen that a homeowner will start with when matching the rest of their kitchen together. The market has been trending towards personalized hood detailing over the stove. Some great local options for this include custom builds by Mill Creek Custom Cabinets of Moorhead. For ceramic tile features, Floor To Ceiling of Fargo is a grat option. And, if quartz is what you are looking for, Spauling Stone will help you continue the quartz from the countertop to the backsplash for a nice clean look."


"From installing steam showers, custom-tiled detailing, heated tile flooring, and soaking tubs to relax in and to make your own private oasis. Check out Ferguson Enterprises' showroom for some great inspiration."


"Of course, technology is an ever-growing and evolving industry. Samsung has smart appliances that can outfit the entire kitchen. Smart homes are sweeping the nation. Some of the top-of-the-line refrigerators are including details like extra drawer space and with the press of one button you can see your entire fridge and everything in it from the convenience of your phone."

In The Blood

The Leslie family name has been instrumental to the real estate and hospitality industries in our communities. From office buildings, hotels, developments, restaurants and of course real estate, their passion for these projects have been profound!

The Ranch at The Wilds | 835 Rania Way W, West Fargo | 701-281-7184 | | /HeritageFargoRanch 73


Fargo's Lindsey Christie is best known for her magic in creating bright, airy, and open spaces layered with texture. The materiality of her work pushes the limits of trends while also maintaining timeless, lasting impressions. With a bachelor's degree from NDSU's accreddited Interior Design Program, nearly 10 years of experience, Lindsey brings a unique perspective of design to Fargo-Moorhead, having spent time studying design in New York City as well as working in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul market.

Let's tour her most recentlycompleted project, a full remodel of a Detroit Lakes primary suite, plus five hacks for interior design that homeowners can utilize in their own homes.

Interior Designer Lindsey Grace Interiors

Long Lake Primary

Resume at a Glance

• Spent time studying design in New York City and worked in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.

• Nearly 10 years of experience in the interior design industry completing start-to-finish interiors in the Fargo market and beyond.

• Offers new construction, decorating, and e-design services!

When the homeowners first connected with Lindsey Christie of Lindsey Grace Interiors for this full-service remodel of their existing home's primary suite, located in the Detroit Lakes area, their goal was to create a more open, bright, and overall relaxing space.

From the ground up, Lindsey replaced the existing dark flooring in the bedroom with white-washed oak hardwood. She then transitioned the flooring to a Carrara marble tile in the primary that flowed into the custom steam shower. For the

bathroom, she mixed two very classic finishes, polished nickel and aged iron, for an updated yet refined feel. Additionally, an elegant but classic free-standing soaking tub was added.

Complementing the hardwoods in the primary bedroom, Lindsey opted to warm up the feel of the bathroom with custominset white-washed oak cabinetry. Both spaces have custom wainscoting on the walls that give the newly-remodeled space an "always meant to be" feel.

Continued > Featured Project: 75

She then opted for bright white walls in the primary bathroom and a soft Benjamin Moore Stonington gray in the primary bedroom. "These colors highlighted the tall ceilings and gorgeous natural lighting the existing space had," Lindsey said. "We found the perfect chandeliers to create a subtle but elegant statement in each space."

The tall ceilings were the perfect setting for a classic canopy bed moment. Lindsey chose a white finish to subtly contrast the soft grey walls. Natural textures can be found in several of the furnishing selections including a natural rattan bench anchoring the foot of the bed. The only thing left for the finishing touch was to select the bedding, and Lindsey selected a soft linen bedding—a perfect finishing touch to this Minnesota Lake retreat, which was completed in the Spring of 2022.

Continued >

Hot Take

"We may be over-influenced. I love the fact that we have such amazing access to fresh ideas, products, tips, and tricks via social media, but there are a few ways I think it really hurts clients and their expectations. There's always going to be something new and exciting in the interior design world, but the value of investing in an interior designer is not to be constantly re-doing your space; it's to have wellthought-out spaces that bring you comfort for many years to come. Our spaces are meant to be lived in—get a little messy and have memories made. I just always like to remind people that nobody's home is Instagramperfect."

[Interior design for me] always has been and always will be about the people who utilize the spaces we create each day. We get to be surrounded by beautiful items and be really creative each day, but it's the people who allow us to do the work we do that make it all worth it."
- Lindsey Christie




"When picking fixtures for a space (plumbing, hardware, mirrors, and lighting), pick two finishes and stick to them. For example, if you opt for polished nickel faucets, pair them with polished nickel cabinet hardware. Then you can go more trendy with brass sconces and mirrors."



"Real hardwood flooring, Carrara Marble, and cedar shakes are all classic elements of design. Don't be afraid to utilize natural materials in spaces where you are comfortable with them aging a bit. It's these items that add character and charm to new spaces."



"One of our favorite things to add during an electrical walk-through is a statement sconce here or there. While these fixtures add a design element, they also add an opportunity for soft wall lighting in addition to the overhead ceiling lighting."



"A simple wainscoting detail, the right casing around doors and windows, and a statement arched pantry door create a more finished and special-feeling space."


"Depending on the scope of the project, the best investment you can make is hiring a design and build team that consists of an architect, interior designer, and general contractor. Each professional brings a unique level of expertise to the table, and having a well-organized team is the key to each successful project; the best projects are products of collaboration."

5 Continued > 79



Lindsey's Continued > HOME & DESIGN 81


Custom Window

"Dressing a window properly, like in a Woven Woods Roman Shade from , makes each space not only beautiful but functional."

Performance Upholstery

"This is the secret to utilizing lighter colors on fabrics or upholstery in dining settings. When the right fabric is utilized, messes and spills can be easily steam cleaned away."

Pair of Ottomans

"We love utilizing a fun pair of ottomans in our living spaces. They create flexible seating or a place to kick your feet up."

This and similar styles can be found at Crate & Barrel in Fargo.

82 | ISSUE 002

Linen Bedding

Statement Coffee Table Book


Patterned Pillow Combination

"The perfect finishing touch to any bench or window seat, and a musthave for your sofa. If you do want to change your space up a bit, this is the easy way to do it."

Statement Wallpaper

"Wallpaper is back, and has been for a while now. We love utilizing good patterned wallpaper in secondary spaces like the powder bathroom to make the space feel more special. For an added touch of durability, a lot of our lines offer a water-resistant finish to be applied."

"A lot of times we are opting for a more casual feel to our primary spaces. We love the luxurious and cozy feel of linen sheets and duvets."
Continued > 83
is one of our favorite services we offer our clients, and a good stack of coffee table books is one of our go-to finishing touches."

People I Love Working With

Local Picks Lindsey's

Taylor Belk Epic Homes/Custom Home Builder Jackson Strom Strom Architecture
84 | ISSUE 002


Rigels Appliances

"They are constantly in the know of all the new and best appliances. They help make the process easy and straightforward!"


Waterfront Plumbing

"Their showroom covers it all, and has a super knowledgeable team to help guide us through selections. We rely heavily on showrooms to always be up to date with the newest products."


Stone Holding

"They have the best selection of natural materials, it's truly like shopping for artwork."

3. 5.

Clearwater Cabinetry

"We love working with likeminded industry partners that are always up to trying out new ideas. The team at Clearwater always values our clients' wants and needs, and we trust in them each step of the way."

Dakota Blinds (Toby Handly)

"Toby is so knowledgeable in the latest and greatest for window treatment coverings, and makes the process simple and easy."

Continued >


Greens and beiges seem to be one of your signature looks—why are those colors so versatile and what other colors have you been experimenting with that we might see in the near future?

Warming up the white! I will always believe that there are classics when it comes to design, and white is one of them. With that said, we are definitely seeing a trend towards warming up our spaces and going "greige" like you mentioned. Greens pair well with almost anything, and we've been loving incorporating a rich pop of cranberry or copper tones.

Outside the professional world, what is most dear to you/what do you devote yourself to?

In this season, it's being a mother to our six-month old daughter Lydia. She is the light of our world and has brought an entirely new meaning to being a female entrepreneur and business owner.

You recently just had a little one, congrats! What's the dynamic like between being a mom and an interior designer?

Thank you! It has honestly been so amazing. It's been so humbling and meaningful [to see] how supportive our clients and industry partners have been of our growing


family. I have always been a part of our clients' lives, in a sense, when creating the spaces that their children live and grow up in, so to receive that same support for our family has truly been the most heartwarming thing.

How does your role in your family help inspire you in the world of design?

In order for our household to operate, we need a calm, organized, thoughtful space. This is true for the clients I work with every day, and I apply this to my everyday work.

I spend a lot of time reviewing the overall look and feel that my clients are drawn to before we start each project, but I also really hone in on who they are as people and as a family. Oftentimes, just through casual conversation. Having a young daughter has only helped me take a good look at how spaces in our homes can work best.

Where's your favorite spot in town to meet with clients?

Besides our lovely South Fargo studio, our team enjoys meeting

clients for a team coffee at Rosewild or Nichole's Fine Pastries. I also have a sweet tooth and will enjoy a mid-day treat and meet from Sonders Bakehouse or our friends at Crumbl Cookies.

I'm also known to sneak away for a quick class at Pure Barre. It's the best "me" time and stress reliever there is. It's all about balance.

What is the most ingenious thing you've ever seen incorporated into a home design?

I will say we are known for sneaking a washer and dryer in the most convenient but unexpected places—it's all about productivity for our busy families! You can hide almost anything behind some custom cabinetry to make the spaces really work.

You've worked in the NYC market as a designer— how has that influenced your work here in Fargo?

Honestly, it taught me to never take no for an answer. I love surrounding our design team

with solution-based industry partners and it's a huge part of what makes our projects successful. In design, there is always problem-solving to do—especially over the past few years. I think starting my design experience in NYC helped me and taught my team that the resources are out there—you just have to be willing to find them.

Sounds like you're a big camping fan — what have been some of your favorite recent destinations?

Ha! Yes, I do love to unplug and unwind, however, I am equally as big of a fan of a lovely resort. We try to do as much traveling as life allows. Some may be surprised that I have a few backpacking Boundary Waters trips under my belt, thanks to my adventurous husband. I always recommend checking out Lutsen or the Minnesota North Shore if you are able to. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing places to escape to just a short drive away.

Lindsey | | @lindseygraceinteriors | /lindseygraceinteriors 87
To Support

Resume at a Glance

• Nearly a decade of interior design experience.

• Owner of Studio Rogue Interior Design.

• Involved in the community.

88 | ISSUE 002

KRISTEN CARLSON Enchanting A-Frame Haven

Owner/Interior Designer

Studio Rogue Interior Design

Meet 32-year-old Kristen Carlson, Fargo-Moorhead's newest business owner in the interior design world— yet no rookie to the game. Carlson has nearly a decade of interior design experience, graduated from NDSU's accredited Interior Design program in 2014, and has worked alongside Building Concepts for several years before recently making the call to become a business owner at the turn of 2023.

Now, as the Principal Designer & Owner of Studio Rogue Interior Design, she is making projects come to life—including the beautiful a-frame masterpiece you're about to see. She's been a proud member of the Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead for the last eight years and enjoys connecting with other local professionals.

Outside work, Carlson loves camping with her husband Spencer and son Kade in their renovated vintage camper. She also loves volunteering in the community and has been a member of the FM Curling Club for the last nine years.

This modern A-frame house, designed by Kristen Carlson of Studio Rogue Interior Design, can be described as a perfect blend of contemporary and rustic design elements. The sloping roofs of the A-frame structure allow for high ceilings, which creates an open and airy feeling. The clean lines and minimalist finishes offer a more modern aesthetic that contrasts beautifully with the organic elements of the wooden walls and exposed beams. The large windows bring in an abundance of light, highlighting the beauty of the natural surroundings. "Everything has been carefully curated to maintain the simplicity of the space," Carlson said. This design

perfectly complements the relaxed, cozy atmosphere typically associated with A-frame homes.

When Robby and Kalee Wysuph approached Kristen with their home inspiration ideas, she thought it would be a simple task to bring the creative concept they envisioned into reality. Little did she know that an A-frame presented more design intricacies than originally anticipated!

Continued >
Kristen lounging in the family area of the Wysuph's newly-finished A-frame home she designed, enjoying the natural light from the floor-to-peak window design.

As you enter the family room, your attention is caught by the large cedar ceiling beams where a two-tiered, fivefoot-wide chandelier hangs. The warm hickory floor carries you into the dining room and kitchen next. Designing the dining space and kitchen of this A-frame home presented a unique challenge— minimal headroom. Careful planning allowed for a bump-out, giving an eight-foot ceiling for the kitchen cabinets surrounding perimeter walls, but extra attention had to be given when positioning the central island and dining table. "Every corner was approached with care so

that those sitting at their table or walking around the island wouldn't have any unwelcome bumps!" Carlson said.

Step into a world where rustic charm meets modern elegance, as stained white oak kitchen cabinets gracefully reveal their stunning wood grains. Marvel at the seamless harmony between the shaker panel cabinetry style and the contemporary lines of the home. At the heart of it all, a majestic island stands tall with its three-inch-thick countertop and captivating blue accent base—a hue that breathes life into every corner of the

house. Robby and Kalee, driven by their taste for the unique, envisioned a home that ditched the bland white palette in favor of a vibrant, popping color. Their choice: a lively blue, splashed across doors, cabinetry, and a custom-designed staircase railing.

You won't believe the chic floating vanity in the powder room at the back of the house! As you continue, cedar-lined walls invite you into a cozy laundry room and bedroom. Oh, and the storage room? It's got its own double-door exterior entrance and is crazy spacious!

90 | ISSUE 002

Traveling upstairs as you hang onto the custom-designed railing, you’ll find a loft perched above the main living areas below. The loft sits just outside the primary suite and offers more stunning views of the lakeside. Robby and Kalee wanted an ideal place to wake up, enjoy some coffee, and take in all this beauty. The loft provides just that, featuring two club chairs and its own coffee bar.

The high peak of the A-frame ceiling continues into the master bedroom. Extra care had to be taken with the placement of the furniture in this room to avoid


any of the dreaded headroom drama. Due to the angles and height of the ceiling and walls, wall sconces were strategically placed on either side of the bed to cast lighting into the room. This cozy room is complete with its own fireplace to enjoy on crisp fall and winter nights.

Step into the primary bathroom through a barn door and be welcomed by those captivating cedar walls once more. "This snug, quirky space was perhaps the toughest design puzzle, with its odd angles and tight quarters making the headroom battle extra tricky!" Carlson noted.

"The shower had to be placed in just the right way in coordination with the toilet and vanity so that a person can enter and exit the shower without contortionist moves."

Built by Building Concepts in Fargo, the Lake Maud dwelling was completed at the turn of 2021, and the finished project is truly a unique work of art, perfectly reflecting the outdoors that surrounds it, with its rich woods and bold blues.

Vendors & Suppliers PROJECT

Continued > 93






"When it comes to family rooms, the fireplace should always be at center stage—not the TV! Don't get any crazy ideas about putting the television on top of the fire mantel— those viewing angles just really don’t make any sense. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it takes away from the beloved focal piece: the fireplace! Maybe give its rightful place some respect and instead put that TV aside on an adjacent wall."


"Looking to make your kitchen a star? Think outside the tile: instead of running a backsplash with grout lines, opt for a full slab of the same hard surface that adorns your countertops. Whether it's quartz, granite... or likely something even more unique, this gives loads of WOW so that you can take 'kitchen envy' to the next level. And not only is it gorgeous to look at—not dealing with messy, moldy grout lines makes for worry-free cleaning and long-haul enjoyment!"



"Time to lighten up your kitchen! Adding layered lighting will make tasks easier and can give you the glow you need. Start by incorporating recessed lights—invisibly hidden, these serve as your trusty general lighting. Who doesn't love a good island? Add pendants to make sure it's properly illuminated while being used for choppin' and slicin'. Last but not least, toss in some under-cabinet lighting to really make your kitchen projects shine. With a flattering flicker from multiple sources, you'll never have shoddy meal prepping ever again."



"Spice up your living space with a variety of textures! From feathered fabrics to coarse grains, there is a multitude of options that give dimension and interest. Mixing and matching textures can add interesting layers and make your house come alive with playful, whimsical vibrance. Daring patterns take center stage and help show off what makes your home unique and wonderfully you! Dive in and explore different fabrics, styles, and materials to create the perfect oasis for yourself."


"Are you feeling a bit blah from all the current trends of gray and white homes? Incorporating simple, natural elements into your home is a sure way of making it homier, more inviting, and grounded. Get inspired with wooden pieces such as a statement console table in your entry or an eye-catching driftwood art installation. Or why not bring in some lush greenery with some house plants arranged in different artful ways? Either way will certainly add warmth—that unique something extra that can really give off positive vibes."

5. 94 | ISSUE 002



Hot Take

"Don't be so quick to jump on the open-concept floor plan bandwagon. Sure, it may seem like the ultimate way to create a spacious and flexible living area, but there are some serious drawbacks to consider [no privacy, acoustical issues, and temperature control issues]. Eating, working, lounging, and studying [in one room] can make things tricky, right? So let's get creative with our space and find ways to make it work for everyone!"

Continued > 95

Must-Haves for the Home That Changed My Life 7

Deep Basin Farm Sink

"Talk about an improvement! Having a deep, single-basin sink totally elevated my kitchen game. Cleaning extremely large pots and pans is not only manageable now, but downright easy. It's like there's room for everything—even a baby bath seat! I don't know what else can fit in this pool of awesomeness!"

Smart Refrigerator

"My smart fridge not only rocks in style, but it's making my life first-class! One of my favorite things about it is that I can virtually count all the food items tucked away safely and still see what they are. Plus, it sees when something needs replacing: sudden flaggers like when food items are getting low, or expiration alerts like when something is going out of date— this simply blows me away! Best of all, when I’ve got no desire to brainstorm dinner plans, my refrigerator knows how to throw some inventive ideas into the mix using the goods that I’ve already got. Automatic dinner services in your home? Sign me up!"

Rev-a-Shelf Kitchen Inserts/Accessories

"This is a must for anyone who loves/needs kitchen organization. These inserts and accessories always keep all your favorite items accessible without them getting buried, forgotten, or stuck behind a shelf (I’m looking at you, standard Lazy Susans)."

Aprilaire Humidifier

"For our very dry winter seasons that have harsh effects, cue the dry cracked skin and sore throats, this humidifier will keep your house exactly as it should be— comfortable and cozy."


LED Light-Up Closet Rods

"No more eye strain trying to figure out the difference between navy and black! Closets backed with only a single overhead light may not always provide enough illumination. With lighted closet rods, that problem instantly dissipates. These glow brightly, indicating each individual hanging piece of clothing with precision and clarity, so you can effortlessly color coordinate and select whatever apparel resides inside your closet."

Voice-Controlled Lights, Music, and Blinds by Amazon Alexa

"This is just modern-day convenience. Instead of fumbling around for remotes, or having too many different systems for music, blinds, lighting (i.e., lamps, mood lighting, etc.), Alexa allows you to just simply ask for a task to be done, and she does it. You come home in the dark and your hands are full, just ask Alexa to turn the lights on."

LED Mirrors

"LED mirrors are a definite must-have! Not only can they provide you with the perfect makeup lighting, but they'll also illuminate you while you're taking care of your morning routine. Whether you're prepping your hair and face or just trying to rid yourself of unsightly bristles, with an LED mirror, there'll be no more unexpected shadows showing up at the wrong time."

Local Recommendations Kristen's

2. Northern Stone

"They are so great to work with. There is a variety of product options in various price ranges to fit any project’s needs and budget."

Clearwater Custom Cabinets

"The best part of working with them is how they approach every project, big or small, with the utmost respect and quality, and they pay very close attention to all the details. They are willing to find a solution that works for any unique project."

JDP Electric

"They provide top-notch quality work. They always offer their professional suggestions, are willing to answer any questions, and do their best to achieve the design goal set forth."

Carpet World

"They have the most current trends in their products and are always very cognizant of the details needed for any design challenge."

Thoreson Plumbing

1. 3. 4. 5.

"They are timely and very professional. They make sure no detail is missed and they strive to provide the best service."

98 | ISSUE 002


What is being an interior designer all about to you?

As an interior designer, I'm curious about how people live and the things that make them happy. It's my mission to bring out their unique identities in everything I design—I strive to transform everyday spaces into functional masterpieces of beauty that elevate and enrich lives. With this focus on personalization comes plenty of creative thinking; it takes a special kind of perspective to truly unlock opportunities within any given environment!

Tell me about your name "Studio Rogue" —what's the inspiration behind the name?

When you hear the word "rogue," images of adventure and daring come to mind. That's exactly the kind of excitement we want to bring to every project we take on. We're not content with sticking to the same old routine—we want to blaze new trails and explore uncharted territory. We seek out challenges that make us flex our creative muscles, push past our limits, and deliver something truly unique.

Continued > 99

I feel like that blue was a pretty bold color for an A-frame cabin—but damn it's beautiful. Too often I think people "play it safe" and go with neutral colors. Why is bold the right move in design today, and will we see more of that as the year progresses?

Dare to be bold and let your personality shine! In a world filled with neutrals, it's time to embrace the extraordinary and show off what makes you unique. Watch out as the year unfolds, with maximalism making a comeback in a whirlwind of vivid colors, mesmerizing wallpapers, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. No more playing it safe with whites and grays; life's too short to blend in with the crowd! Let's celebrate our individuality and color outside the lines!

What other new styles and techniques have you been trying to incorporate into your work?

I'm a firm believer in blending natural elements into my designs. Keeping things earthy and making sure we feel connected to our environment. Using woods, lush greens, stones, and organic textures. Otherwise, it starts to feel a bit too sterile.

Outside the professional world, what do you devote yourself to? I hear you enjoy softball and curling—did you play sports in college?

In my free time, I'm all about spicing things up and exploring different hobbies. It's all about family time with my hubby Spencer and our adorable 14-month-old son Kade, as well as throwing fun get-togethers with our close friends. Some of my wilder adventures have included joining a curling team (influenced by the Olympics, of course), and my better half jumped on the bandwagon, too. But

it didn't stop there—I dove headfirst into a summer softball league, even though I’d never played on a softball team before. For me, it was all about making new connections and stepping out of my comfort zone. Why not, right? And when the weather's on our side, I'm all about soaking up the great outdoors with my family. We're all about those camping trips, so I jazzed up a vintage camper to make it our cozy home away from home. Oh, and since being a designer doesn't have an off switch, my hubby and I always have some cool project in the works—like breathing new life into our charming 1940s house!

You love camping in your renovated camper. What have been some of your recent favorite destinations?

Exploring Minnesota's state parks and national forests are our favorite destinations. They offer hiking trails, scenic bike routes, and peaceful lakes, and also offer cool activities like geocaching. And when it's time to set up camp, some spots offer a perfect private setting. We've crossed paths with some truly gorgeous parks like Itasca State Park and Lake Carlos State Park, but nothing compares to the magnificent Chippewa National Forest. The area is simply breathtaking.

How would you describe your special flavor as a designer? Why is Fargo the perfect place to play into that style?

As a designer, my flavor is undoubtedly eclectic. I thrive on mixing and matching various styles to create a unique and daring statement that can withstand the test of time. My love for the unexpected combination of elements and styles is what makes me stand out from the other designers, and that's why I'm confident that I can deliver designs that are not only beautiful but also timeless, and Fargo is the perfect place for that.

How To Support Kristen | | @studiorogueid | /search "Studio Rogue Interior Design" ALESHIA BEVERLY PHOTOGRAPHY

Commentary From The

Design Professionals

Do you ever just look at something in a home and think, 'I really, really like that,' but you couldn't say why? And you wouldn't have thought to use it in that way.

That's what sets the experts apart. As a fun exercise, we showed a handful of this month's features an appliance or piece of furniture and asked them to tell us a little bit about how you should and shouldn't include that piece in your home.

Rebekah Koenig Lindsey Christie Kristen Carlson Paige Breidenbach
102 | ISSUE 002

Enclave Rebekah Koenig

Dining Table from Grain Designs

"This [table] is a trending style because it merges contemporary furniture with a modern aesthetic. It is a great balance of the two styles and allows a solid wood table to feel lighter and less rustic."

"The dark stain provides a timeless look and provides a great contrast to the lighter flooring. Because it is a dark stain with primarily brown and black undertones, it fits the style and color of almost all palettes."

Expert Tip

"Use fresh greenery or a floral centerpiece to help make this table pop."


"I would avoid using this table finish with a dark floor or dark wall colors. I think this would mute the prominence of the table in the space."

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades from Dakota Blinds

"Roller shades are admired for their sleek look and flexibility when it comes to their extensive fabric selection and light filtering options. They are also one of the most practical and affordable window coverings you can buy."

Think Outside the Box

"Try using roller shades for your garage windows!"

Expert Tip

"I would incorporate these on all windows throughout a home. Depending on the room, I would change the sheerness of the blind. Meaning, I would have blackout shades in a bedroom, but something with a bit more sheerness in my dining/living area. There are also options to go cordless, controlling your shades with a remote."


Try avoiding styles of blinds that obstruct your window view—"Roller shades are a way to add an extra layer of privacy and style to your room, while disappearing in the headrail when fully raised to keep from obstructing your view!"

104 | ISSUE 002

Studio Rogue Kristen Carlson

Del Mar 4-Piece Room Group from Slumberland Furniture

Expert Tip

"One simple trick to tie everything together is to play with textures and colors to create a cohesive look. For instance, if you have a cozy patio set with blue and green throw pillows, don't stop there. Extend the theme of blue and green to your outdoor dining area by incorporating matching colors in your furniture or accessories!"


"Avoid overcrowding. This piece will take up quite a bit of space, so that needs to be taken into account when planning its location."

Think Outside the Box

"Utilize color! This is a very neutral piece just waiting for some added personality. Add throw pillows and/or a blanket, or a brightly colored area rug."

U37 Urbana Gas Fireplace from Hebron Brick

"The brick background and birch logs in this fireplace can seamlessly complement different textures. It's like the perfect wingman for any design scheme—whether paired with cozy blankets or sleek metallic accents."

"The dark stain provides a timeless look and provides a great contrast to the lighter flooring. Because it is a dark stain with primarily brown and black undertones, it fits the style and color of almost all palettes."

Expert Tip

"Putting a big, beautiful mirror above your fireplace can make your room look way bigger with the illusion of depth. Not only that, but it also helps reflect more light around the space, making it feel brighter and more open."


"Hanging your TV over the fireplace seems like a convenient, space-saving solution. But doing so takes away from the charm and beauty of the fireplace as the centerpiece of the room."


Lindsey Grace Interiors Lindsey Christie

Capital Archer Hanging Light from Valley Lights

Expert Tip

"[I love] the natural wood tone and clean lines. Since it's a warmer tone, I would pair it with cooler tones allowing the piece to really pop. This could be fun in a boy's bunk room or bedroom!"


"I would avoid using this piece as a pair of kitchen pendants, it may feel a bit heavy in the space and depending on the kitchen design, it could feel a bit busy."

Think Outside the Box

"Try hanging this over a basement game table!"

Mango Wood Window Cabinet from Kirkland's

Expert Tip

"I love the warmth of the piece—the clear glass gives a great opportunity for a styling moment. When we create a lighter backdrop with the finishes in a space, we love bringing in warmth and texture to make a white space still feel cozy."


"I would be careful not to pair it with too similar of a wood tone. I always suggest mixing the woods rather than trying to match two that aren't quite the same."

Think Outside the Box

"Try adding a hanging rod and use it for a guest bedroom armoire."

106 | ISSUE 002

Mosaic Interior Design Paige Breidenbach

X-Shape Live Edge Table from Everything Amish

Expert Tip

"Since this table is visually smooth with the appearance of a rough live edge, incorporating leathers and knits would help add interest and textural balance."


"I would avoid incorporating any other pieces that have a wood/metal combination."

Think Outside the Box

"This could be incorporated into a sunroom or a lower-level bar/entertainment space."

Cabinet from Eco Chic

Expert Tip

"Since this piece is smooth with subtle woodgrain, any and all textures would go great with this piece. The clean lines and versatile style of this piece will ensure it will be in style for a long time. Find ways to make it more of a focal point in your space and not cover it up or shove it in a corner."


"I would make sure not to fill this cabinet with too much decor. How it is styled in the photo is perfect and ensures the pieces inside don't take away from the overall appearance."

Think Outside the Box

"If given a large-scale bathroom, this piece would be a fun alternative to a built-in closet. With the glass doors, you could display some beautiful hotelquality towels, decor, etc. to offer the space more of a luxury resort feeling."







Wasifa Hasan


Photos provided by Wasifa Hasan
108 | ISSUE 002


Wasifa Hasan, owner of Sifa's Corner, is a beauty/ makeup and chronic illness blogger living in Fargo-Moorhead. Through her blog, Sifa, as she likes to be called, has touched thousands of lives with her useful, interesting, and informative content. She is a dental surgeon, a mother, a writer for multiple local publications, a blogger, and a social media influencer— accomplishing all of that while living with a chronic pain disorder.

"She is right, you definitely don't have to do anything crazy with your workout routine. However, consistency is key and you should try to do something every single day. Even if it is just a walk."

" Whether you are staying indoors or outdoors, I have found that being active is the best way to eliminate winter lethargy and the depression it brings. Even some quick stretches to get your heart moving can work wonderfully."


"These two services are underutilized by the majority of people in my opinion. Yes, they can be expensive, but the benefits are amazing! My favorite chiropractor I have found is Dr. Dockter at Venture Chiropractic ( ) and my favorite massage therapist is Gavin Fitterer at Active Recovery Massage ( )."

"Getting massages or going to a chiropractor can assist in managing a chronic condition, especially if you are in pain most of the time."

"Whether it's a friend, family member, or therapist; talking about your feelings to someone who truly understands can help you mentally. You can even find an online community where people have chronic illnesses and share your everyday ups and downs with them. I found my community and made good friends through blogging and online content creation and it made the whole situation more bearable."

"I believe in occupying my mind with productive thoughts and that's how my journey as a blogger began 13 years ago. Find your passion and invest your time in that whether it's painting, makeup, doing TikTok videos, or gardening."

110 | ISSUE 002


"You can get a variety of treatments from a team of experts specializing in the clinical practice of face, body, and skin treatments like injectables, body contouring, laser hair removal, facials, pharmaceutical-grade skincare, and more!"

Places to Go WASIFA'S


"I love that my 7-year-old daughter and I can have fun together when we go to the mall. They have lots of sitting areas around the mall. So whenever my pain gets the better of me, I can just sit back and take a breath."

3 4

"I LOVE coffee and one of my most visited coffee shops is this one. You can grab your coffee, sit down, and work on your computer over there. I have written some of my best articles while working from Caribou."

Did you know?

Caribou Coffee was founded in Minnesota!

"My family and I like to explore different cuisines. For Mexican food, I love Acapulco. The food is delightful and the servers are sincere and gracious. My kids can enjoy, make noises, and we always leave with leftovers!"



Approved WASIFA

1. Real Good Bath and Body Bath


"Nothing beats a warm bath after a long day, especially when you have chronic pain. I love Real Good Bath Bombs—these do not have harsh chemicals. And also the variety? *chef's kiss*."

2. GuruNanda

Ultrasonic Humidifier & Diffuser

"My essential oil diffuser and humidifier combo are two of the most used gadgets around my house, especially during winter. It boosts my mood and also takes care of winter dryness."

3. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

"Though it says 'daily use,' I use it twice a week and I am left with smoother skin every time without any irritation. I always follow up with a thick moisturizer afterward."

4. Acidic Bonding Concentrate

"I absolutely love the whole Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate line. These products are miracle workers for dry, rough, and damaged hair."

112 | ISSUE 002


Listen Shop

Trestique Makeup Kit - "If you are confused about what to use while getting ready in the morning, this kit is perfect for you. You can customize your kit according to your skin color and add your favorite face, lip, and eye products. The products perform excellently. They are also easy to apply and travel-friendly."

Ulta Beauty Fargo - "Some retail therapy never hurts! I love Ulta for its various collection of skin, hair care, and makeup products. You can also get your hair done or do your brows here."

Elevated You Podcast by Kay Coté"Kayla has created a wonderful platform
"How Are You, Really?" by Jenna Kutcher - "I just started reading this one and am already in love!"

What is the most difficult thing about living with your condition in Fargo?

Living with a chronic pain condition is always a little bit difficult, especially around wintertime. So, I have to adjust a lot of things when I need to go out in colder months. But Fargo's summer is the best! I enjoy going out and walking around the downtown area. I only wish there were more sitting areas around downtown for people with physical limitations.

What is it like living with your chronic condition? And, if you could give three tips to someone living in a situation similar to yours, what would they be?

I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. To quote Mayo Clinic,"Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) are

compressed. This can cause shoulder and neck pain and numbness in your fingers."

I have gone through numerous surgeries, physical therapy, and other treatments for the past 17+ years to manage the condition. Nowadays, living with my chronic condition means I have to deal with arm, neck, and back pain and numbness almost all the time. I also have to prioritize which work I am going to do on a specific day according to my health that day (#SpoonTheory). With trial and error, I can manage my day-to-day work with pain medication and other holistic practices. I have to be mindful of my energy and focus on the positive side of things to get my mind off of the pain and discomfort. My social life is definitely limited, but through my blog and social media, I have found some great friends.

If you have TOS or any chronic pain condition, my top three tips for you are as follows:

1. Manage your workload by dividing it into smaller tasks. If dividing is not an option, then focus on one big task per day. For example, if you are doing grocery shopping and you know

your pain is going to get worse that day, take the rest of the day off. Get back to the pending work the next day.

2. Surround yourself with positive-minded and empathic people. We have lots of "down" and depressive days, but when people near us understand our difficulties and support us, it makes the whole process bearable. Remember the proverb, “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow. ”

3. Give yourself grace. As people with invisible illnesses, we are constantly battling with our ailment(s) and pushing ourselves to do more to get back to normal or appear healthy. We may never get back to normal, and it's okay. Find your new identity, find your new passion. Your illness is not your fault.

114 | ISSUE 002

in a day. This explanation can be with chronic conditions because it allows them to explain to others about how their energy is allocated

The biggest general wellness tip I have is from my primary care physician and she always asks me to "move my body." Doing gentle stretches, yoga, or just walking helps

Take deep belly breaths when the pain gets worse. And last but not least, lighten up. Crank up the music, do a silly dance, or do something else that brings you pure joy. For me, it is playing with makeup. I adore the glitz and glam a simple red lipstick can

beauty options in town that

I have gone through laser hair removal

unlimited package is wonderful to keep the pesky unwanted hair at bay and I have one

Support WASIFA HEALTH, BEAUTY, AND FASHION | @sifascorner | /SifasCorner | | @sifascorner 116 | ISSUE 002

Relentless Positivity

ounded on the premise of “inclusivity, positivity, and authenticity,” Fargo All Stars’ mission and dream is to create a haven where everyone is celebrated and able to pursue what makes them glow while challenging themselves to grow in a safe and supportive environment— and they’re living out that mission every day.

Through various programming for children of different ages and abilities, Fargo All Stars is offering a place where anyone can excel. Before opening, the organization’s founder, Nikki Lorsung, created an outline for what she dreamed Fargo All Stars could be, and after sharing that plan with Alex Pratt, the latter described it as “a movie moment unfolding in real life.”

Alex began her journey in the gymnastics community at the young age of three and continued being a gymnast her entire life. She found a passion for cheer and began competing in middle school. Years of competition brought her to Fargo to continue cheer and study business management at NDSU. Meeting her husband-to-be here in Fargo, she chose to stay in the community post-graduation and found opportunities through her career to take advanced leadership training.

But almost a decade before Nikki approached Alex with the Fargo All Stars plan, Alex had dreamed of her own plan to open an all star gym with a very similar mission, making it seem like a destined opportunity to unite both of their passions and drive to bring a relentlessly positive gym to life.

Growing up as competitive athletes, both Nikki and Alex say competitive sports built them into the people that they are today. Whether it was gymnastics, martial arts, swim team, volleyball, or

By Geneva Nodland | Photos by Geneva Nodland
FAMILY 118 | ISSUE 002
Co-Owner Alex Pratt & a Fargo All Stars team member testing out the giant slide for a birthday party!

cheerleading, they were always moving and stretching their abilities. Alex shared that some of the most inspiring people in their lives were their coaches.

Both, now Fargo All Star coaches (among the various other roles business owners tack on their never-ending nametags), say they are passionate about creating a home for everyone who is interested in moving their bodies, especially those who would normally not get the opportunity due to financial struggles.

“All Star cheerleading is the perfect mix of individual effort and teamwork where all bodies and abilities can be celebrated. This was the bedrock of Fargo All Stars—celebrating individuality and community through movement for everyone. We are happy to continue to be able to celebrate Fargo All Stars' record of never turning anyone away due to an inability to pay,” Alex said.

Within only two months of Alex hearing Nikki’s shared dream of this gym, Fargo All Stars celebrated its soft opening at their May Camp in 2021.

“Our founding members are truly some of the most amazing humans. In our soft opening, the bathrooms had not yet even been installed, but that did not stop our founding families from supporting the dream they too were inspired by,” Alex said.

Within another three months, Fargo All Stars celebrated their grand opening with the Fargo community at the First Annual Block Party on September 12, 2021.

Fargo All Stars offers a space for everyone to be their authentic selves. With our passion for cheer, we realized there were limited options for cheer programs in the area. We came about to provide another option for cheer! Once we opened our doors and talked with the community, we learned that our community really needed a large space for kids to explore! From there, we added our recreational tumbling, open gyms, Parents Night Out events, and birthday parties!"

Alex, Co-Owners of Fargo All Stars

Still early in its operation, the gym has seen exponential growth in its membership, and has begun hosting a variety of special events.

Engaging their motto of “relentless positivity,” the gym helps young athletes grow in both their athletic journeys as well as in life. Their biggest programs are Cheer and Tumbling classes.


Fargo All Stars offers various classes and programs for ages as young as 8 months up through adulthood. There is a place for everyone at Fargo All Stars!

Tumbling Classes:

“Our class sizes are limited to six for preschool and eight for all other recreational tumbling. We do this to allow more one-on-one time with the participant and the coach. This also allows participants to feel safe in a small group learning new skills!”


“Our cheer program teaches all things cheer. Cheer is composed of stunting, jumping, dance, and showmanship. Participants learn to work as a team to achieve their successes.”

Alex Pratt Co-Owner of Fargo All Stars

Where do you fit?

Fargo All Stars’ variety of programs includes a full-year and half-year competitive cheer, cheer camps, recreational tumbling classes, and tumbling clinics. Check them out!

Novice Cheer:

An alternative to the 11-month program, this program is a half-season team that runs from October- April, performing and competing locally.

Tumbling Clinics:

The gym also offers specific tumbling skill clinics throughout the year, with each clinic focusing on a single tumbling skill. Anyone can register to master the skill. Offered once a month, the clinics focus on specific drills and repetition to help gain confidence and mastery of the skill.

Recreational Tumbling Classes:

All Star’s tumbling classes are the best showcase of variety, reaching ages eight months through adulthood.

-Preschool classes focus on body shapes, basics of tumbling, and social and emotional learning—all while having fun!

-Basics of Tumbling - Level 6 is built for school-age kids.

-Trick Flipz program is geared towards young male athletes, working on gainer tricks, air dynamics, and ninja!

Competitive Cheer:

Prior to the season’s start, athletes attend the team placement camp in May. The season is spent working alongside your teammates to hone individual skills, build difficulty, and best perform the team's routine.

“We end the season with a local showcase and celebration banquet to recognize the amazing achievements each athlete accomplished!”

-11 month season, running June-April

-Traveling throughout the Midwest to compete

Another large part of the Fargo All Stars’ gym programming is their special events as well as offering the space up for rental. Alex explained that after getting their programming and operations down, they were able to take feedback from the community and add more to their schedule.

FAMILY 120 | ISSUE 002


Fargo All Stars offers its space for Parents Night Out events, birthday parties, and space rental for private events. The gym houses 2 bounce houses, a 40-foot trampoline, a Ninja Course, a blacklight dance and dodgeball gym, a sensory play corner, and much more. Check them out!

Parents Night Out (PNO):

Fargo All Stars’ Parents Night Out events are offered one Friday each month during the school year where parents can drop off their kids for a night to themselves. Each event is four hours long and full of fun. Kids can play on the bounce houses, 40-foot trampoline, interactive floor projectors, ninja course, and sensory corner. They also have a themed craft, movie room, and face painting available for the kids. The only requirement for registration is that each child has to be able to use the bathroom independently.

Birthday Parties:

The team at Fargo All Stars makes it easy to book, plan, execute, and play with their birthday packages. Birthday parties hosted at Fargo All Stars are offered every weekend. Kids

can celebrate birthdays at the gym, making it a stress-free day for those who plan it. Families can bring their own food for their two-hour reservation, access the entire 10,000-squarefoot gym, and have no limit to the number of guests.

Birthday Party packages include:

-Entire gym access

-2 interactive floor projectors

-2 bounce houses

-40-foot trampoline

-Group games like dodgeball and parachute

-Time for cake

Tips if You Book!

A few details if you’re looking to book! If you think you’ll invite more than 15 active participants, the team asks that you let them know 10 days before your party. Party hosts are welcome to set up and decorate 15 minutes before the reserved party time starts, free of charge. Party hosts can bring their own food and coaches will have access to a fridge and freezer. Fargo All Stars provides tables and flexible seating for up to 24 guests for food and present time, but you are welcome to bring more seating to accommodate a larger number of guests if needed. As a courtesy, party hosts are given an additional 10 minutes to clean up after the party ends free of charge.

Open Gym Time:

During this time, kids will have access to all the toys in the gym including the sensory corner, the rings, and all of the ninja equipment.

FAMILY 122 | ISSUE 002

Not only has the gym adapted to the needs of their community since its start, but upon opening they filled one of those needs, too.

“Fargo All Stars offers a space for everyone to be their authentic selves. With our passion for cheer, we realized there were limited options for cheer programs in the area. We came about to provide another option for cheer,” Alex said. “Once we opened our doors, and talked with the community, we learned that our community really needed a large space for kids to explore! From there, we added our recreational tumbling, open gyms, PNO events, and birthday parties.”

Outside of being another option for children to be active and be engaged with peers, Fargo All Stars gives its youth the opportunity to explore positive culture, embrace confidence, and “learn to believe

in themselves throughout the entire journey of learning new skills, new people, and new experiences.”

Through the journey of success and growth in personal ability and through team accomplishments, the kids of Fargo All Stars experience teamwork in a new fashion. Whether they visit the gym while attending a birthday party, stop by during Parents Night Out, or practice every week alongside their teammates, they make positive connections and memories to push them forward in their youth.

“We embody a culture of building each other up and growing together. Leadership is learned throughout our gym. Recognizing each athlete's strengths and encouraging them to use them throughout the gym is what we aim to do each day,” Alex said. “We

have so many natural leaders in our gym that continue to grow their passion for the sport and build up those around them. Positivity is truly contagious!”

Learn more about programming and book your next birthday party at


1601 33rd, Ave S, Fargo (behind Hornbacher’s on 32nd Ave)




“We understand that parents need a break too! Our PNO events allow parents some time to themselves, all while their kids are having a blast here at the gym! Whether parents need a night out, time alone on the couch, or time to run errands stress-free, our PNO events give them just that.”
- Fargo All Stars Team

Staff Picks!


Hailey Bebler

This has been my favorite store in Fargo for YEARS. Not only is their book selection the best around, but so is their stationery, glassware, and handbags. If I ever need a gift for someone, Zandbroz is always my first stop!


A few from our team love Wild Terra. We've even featured a few of their drinks in Fargo Monthly, like their Strawberry Coconut Mojito Kombucha the perfect sip for the coming spring!

So many fun, groovy things have been cooking at my favorite Fargo cidery. I personally am thrilled about their Taco Nights & Vino Flight Nights! Heading into the summer months means a lot of cool events are about to kick off including my favorite, the Vintage Market!

I enjoy visiting Lovely Lash Company. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel like a princess. They give you warm slippers and a warm blanket to cozy up with as you get your services which makes it a special and relaxing experience.


My husband and I visited Pixeled Brewing Co. on a date night, and it was so fun to play the games that I played as a child. It is something fun and different to do where you can feel young and carefree.

124 | ISSUE 002



I've been a bowhunter all my life and there's an archery club in West Fargo where you can shoot for fun, compete in tournaments and have a whole ranking profile and everything, with both indoor and outdoor ranges.


Yes, we have a horse racing track in Fargo that not a lot of people know about and it's super exciting to watch.


Follow them on Facebook!

Just search: FargoMoorhead Astronomy Club

I think the love for astronomy is making a comeback and the MSUM observatory at Buffalo River State Park is a neat thing. There's also a Fargo-Moorhead Astronomy Club that I used to be a part of.

I love what Lynn Park at Kanji Naturals is doing. She is formulating healing teas from gardens/ herbs grown right here in town! I really like the inflammation tea, I drink it to help my digestion since I have Crohn's. It gives a nice comforting feeling. I like to drink it after a long day or if I have been eating unhealthy things.

Josiah Kopp
"The best way I can describe how I feel after drinking inflammation tea from Kanji Naturals is that it feels like my body is able to take a deep breath when I drink it."

Staff Picks!


Brew Bird. I'll say it again—BREW BIRD! They are like a "fast food" chicken place with a much classier (and tastier) feel. They have amazing chicken sandwiches and the flavor combos are out of this world. Their side options are truly some of the best in town in my opinion and they have unique touches in the restaurant like trophies instead of table numbers! One of my highest-recommended places in town. Plus, their fried chicken is gluten-free!


Harold's on Main is a hidden gem! I can't believe when I talk about it that there are people that have never heard of it. The vibe there is SO cool, and they have amazing cocktails. I love how dark it is and their bathrooms are so cute!


I love Town Hall—I have run into people I know that go to Town Hall to get away from the "in" bar scene. It's on the west side of town and has a very dive bar atmosphere, but everybody that we have met there has been super nice. They also do karaoke regularly.


I play in a number of adult sports leagues. There's something for everybody to do no matter what your physical level is or the sport you want to play. I play in two hockey leagues and two volleyball leagues. Through those, I'm learning about more sports and different leagues to join.

Check out our February 2023 issue of Fargo Monthly for more information on local sports and activity clubs!

"My favorite dish at Brew Bird is the Southern Drawl , with OMG sprouts on the side!"
126 | ISSUE 002



Ty Betts



I love going to Paradox Comics and Cards to play a good long game of Magic the Gathering. Being surrounded by like-minded nerds is the best and I have made some amazing friends by attending Paradox.

The Oasis in West Fargo seems very underrated. They have a really cool and friendly atmosphere and serve awesome seafood and Asian-fusion cuisine. Sirirath Thai House is a great restaurant that serves incredible Thai cuisine. It's a small restaurant located in a small business plaza right across the street from Costco. The great food paired with a quiet and quaint atmosphere makes for a perfect cozy lunch or dinner.

Check out Free Comic Book Day at Paradox Comics on May 6th and meet X-Men comic writer Chris Claremont!

This coconut soup at Sirirath Thai House is made with coconut milk as the base, with chicken, onions, mushrooms, lemongrass, and galangal (a spice) mixed in. Try it!


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