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Ben Nelson, Cottonwood Cider House

Tom Knowlton, Drekker Brewing

Jared Hardy, Fargo Brewing Company

Ellie Neuberger, Icewind Brewing

Seth Harms, Junkyard Brewing Company

Meghan Pegel, Pixeled Brewing Company

Sean Syverson, Swing Barrel Brewing Co.

Grayce Darrah, Wild Terra

Check Out These Extra Drinks To Sip On This Summer

Whiskey Showdown: Get Ready To Rumble!

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Think Global; Act Local

Meet The Maker: Leika Sensory Creations


A Preview of the Red River Valley Fair's 2023 Celebration

It Keeps Getting Better & Better... Even 40 Years Later

Foreigner's Fargo Farewell


Summer on the Courts

Let's Get Official


Parade of Homes: Spring 2023 Recap


Wine of the Month: Sheyenne


Museums of the Fargo-Moorhead Area


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June 2023 Volume 13 / Issue 5



After a grueling, never-ending winter, the long-awaited season is finally here in full 80-degree force, and we're ready for it. If you're like me, I've made my plans, some a bit loose, but planned nonetheless. Maybe you have some friends coming into town and you want to show them the best the valley has to offer... but you're not quite sure where to start the night. Well, you've come to the right place! Take a tour through the local brewery and cidery scene to see what they've brewed up for the summer season, and what they recommend for your summer itinerary!

In this area, where it's almost impossible to get a tan for over half the year, it's easy to feel pressure

to jam-pack your summer days with tons of plans, to try to squeeze countless memories into a fraction of the year. Because, let's face it, not much compares to an afternoon lunch under the sun with your toes in the lake water or an evening walk with the smell of BBQ drifting throughout the neighborhood. The soft, green, lush grass that only June rain and sun can bring. The late July nights when your skin is still warm from the sun tanning it all day. The August heat melting the popsicle in your hand... well, maybe we can do without that one. Regardless, it feels like there is so much do to this time of year, and in reality, there's so much more to not do. No shoveling snow or planning an extra 10 minutes to drive in fear of icy roads (but beware of the construction). So with all of the

excitement and freedom that summer brings—enjoy it and, planned or not, make sure you savor it. No matter the amount of planning, your perfect summer is the one you participate in.

As Sheryl Crow says, "I'm gonna soak up the sun." I hope you can too. To a fulfilling, sun-soaked summer, Happy Reading!




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Are you overwhelmed trying to plan for your big day? You're not alone. We've done our best to provide all types of local resources, expert guidance, destressing tips and everything in between. Your wedding day is one of the mos important days of your life. Hopefully, this issue will help you prepare for that day so it's all about you.


Did you know?

The water park will be open to the public and will hold over 700 people at any given time!

The Wave by EPIC Water Park Resort... coming soon!"—As Fargo-Moorhead greatly anticipates the completion of North Dakota's largest water park, let's take a look at all of the resort's amazing features and amenities visitors can look forward to, coming in 2025.

The Wave won't just be North Dakota's largest water park, it will be a destination location for all surrounding areas to visit. Visitors from the surrounding states and even Canada will be eager to visit Fargo's very own Disney World. Some of the bells and whistles of The Wave will include a 135-room hotel connected to an indoor water park with 50,000-square-feet of net-play area!

Photos provided by EPIC Companies

The Wave by the Numbers

square feet of net-play

There will be many awesome features at the water park including:

• 5 unique slides - 2 tube slides, 2 mat slides, and 1 body slide.

• A kid-friendly splash pad

• 13 reservable party cabanas - with soft seating, a TV, a fridge, and a ceiling fan, they're perfect for all gatherings, from family reunions to team hangouts.

• Self-use lockers

• A ninja cross - an interactive play crossing with various obstacles for people of all ages.

On the hotel side, a wide variety of rooms will be offered, including King suites, double queen, and familyoriented themed rooms.

The hotel and resort will be connected to a 500-stall parking ramp. The Wave will also feature a bundle package where wristbands are included in each visitor's stay—this is a unique and successful model that Eric Lund has implemented into other water park projects.

One of the other main highlights of The Wave includes a family entertainment center, which Lund calls the 'Vegas for kids.' This area will have a wide variety of "dry play" activities. "You'll have games for younger kids and activities for teenagers and young adults, and [there will be] something to do for everyone," Lund said. Additionally, there will be a restaurant and tiki bar as well as a snack and shake bar inside the resort for families to enjoy.

To bring such a massive project to life in Fargo, EPIC Companies knew they needed one of the best experts in the industry to help bring their dream to fruition. Meet S&L Hospitality CEO Eric Lund, one of the key masterminds behind The Wave by EPIC Water Park Resort.

As a founding partner in the Great Wolf Resorts chain, a franchise owner of many hotels (including Marriott, IHG, Choice Hotels, and more), and having a combined 60-plus years of experience in the water park and hotel industries, few understand the business of fun better than Lund.


7-Story, 135-room hotel Indoor water park with 50,000 area Parking ramp with 500 stalls
The Wave next page>
With his outstanding portfolio in the Wisconsin Dells area, EPIC knew working with Lund on The Wave project was a sure fit for success. And for those who aren't familiar with the Wisconsin Dells, it's often referred to as the water park central of the world.

"EPIC Companies hired Hotel and Leisure Advisors (a national company) in 2021 to come to Fargo and do a market research study on the need for an indoor water park in Fargo, ND. The results were astounding with close to 7,000 people taking the survey and recommending that we build a family friendly attraction like this! So two years later, here we are making the vision come to reality with The Wave by EPIC Water Park Resort."

Check out these other water park resorts Lund and S&L Hospitality have helped develop across the nation, stretching from Iowa all the way to Pennslyvania. Water parks aren't just for the Dells anymore; they're for everywhere, including North Dakota.

- McKenzy Braaten, Chief Communications Officer at EPIC Companies. Grand Harbor Water Park, IA
Great Wolf Water Park, Traverse City, MI Great Wolf Lodge Water Park, This rendering from EPIC Companies provides a glimpse of one of the interior perspectives of The Wave. next
Park, Poconos, PA KeyLime Cove Water Park, Gurnee, IL
Three Bears Water Park, Warrens, WI

With the ever-changing climate the Red River Valley brings, finding consistent family activities is a seasonal challenge, since so many local recreational activities are weather dependent. The Wave is a great solution because it provides an experience families can enjoy year-round, and it also brings in a steady stream of visitors from the region. Placing North Dakota's largest indoor water park in Fargo was no mistake; it was strategically placed to maximize regional reach from neighboring areas while providing sustainable, year-long activities for families across the upper Midwest.

Another important reason why this project is great for Fargo is the unique way EPIC Companies builds communities through their mixed-use developments. With all of the interactive elements EPIC creates through their projects, such as The Lights (West Fargo), The Beacon (Grand Forks), and The Tracks (Minot), there are unique opportunities for bundle packages, concert tickets, and more with the way EPIC is creating their own ecosystem of experiences through building communities.

Additionally, with the EPIC Companies' involvement in charities, there will be unique charitable opportunities for providing experiences at The Wave for kids and families who may not otherwise have that opportunity. And as part of the American Disabilities Act, The Wave is inclusive and equipped in ways to support people with disabilities to still be able to enjoy all The Wave has to offer in a safe manner. This project isn't just about boosting the local economy, it's also about connecting the community through the experiences EPIC is creating.

| 745 31st Ave E #105 West Fargo, ND 58078 | 701.866.1006 | epiccompaniesnd.com Learn more about The Wave! Want to learn more about all of the economic opportunities Fargo-Moorhead businesses can look forward to? Read more about The Wave in our sister magazine, Fargo INC! A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for late summer 2023! 14 | JUNE 2023 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM
By Brady Drake
Photos provided by SCHEELS

Next, it’s time to set up a home base.

One of the best tents on the market right now is the Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology, which offers a 5-minute setup, waterproof technology, and a sturdy frame that can withstand up to 35 mph winds.

Another camping must-have is the Grand Trunk Double Deluxe Hammock to make sure there’s a comfortable place to relax or even take a nap! There is a wonderful day ahead, and when one of the children asks if they can play a yard game, you jump at the opportunity!

One of their favorites is the Minnesota Vikingsthemed Escalade Sports Bag Toss kit, because they love some friendly competition.


A YETI Tundra 65 Cooler—stocked with all the essentials: water, juice boxes, sports drinks, and, of course, some adult beverages for those of age. All of which will stay cold all weekend long.

GCI Freestyle Rocker Chairs—for relaxing, telling stories, and roasting marshmallows later, around the campfire.

Speaking of fire— there’s no longer a need to toil with flint, sticks, or rocks. The Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit gives a perfect, smokeless bonfire every single

The setup is complete, and the kids are excited for the adventure


One child wants to get on the water and paddleboard. Grab the easy to set up and use Retrospec iSUP Weekender inflatable paddleboard kit, to get on the water in minutes to explore the beautiful lake. After fun on the water, the family sets off to explore the surrounding area. Just past the nearby trailhead, everyone is quickly engulfed in the beauty of nature, surrounded by foliage, and countless critters on a perfect prelunch hike.

Did someone say lunch? It’s time to break out the Pit Boss 3 Burner Tabletop Griddle that is a must-have for every camping trip and make some family favorite grilled PB&Js.

Once the food has settled, it's time for a bike ride. All four of the family's Trek Mountain Bikes made the trip thanks to a Yakima Ridgeback 4 Rack. The bike ride is long, but there is an amazing spot on the lake to jump in at the end of the trail. Finally, the end is here and the kids' eyes widen, as they can’t wait to jump in! It was well worth the leg burn, and they talk about how much fun they had all the way back to the


What a fun adventurous day, which means everyone is hungry. The Solo Stove heats up quickly to make hotdogs that taste extra good after the long bike ride. The sun is beginning to set, the loons are calling, and the real magic around the fire is about to begin.

It truly is a magical moment, thanks to Liberty Mountain Colorful Fire, a smokeless, odorless, and fumeless fire enhancer that turns ordinary flames into a dazzling show of changing colors. The kids can’t believe their eyes, and tonight’s fire tops off the fun as the night comes to a close with marshmallow roasting, plenty of stories, and countless laughs.

The day is a great success, and now it’s time to rest up for yet another day of adventure!

| scheels.com

| /scheels

| @fargoscheels

| @scheels



Summer Sips!


Ben Nelson

What are we sipping on?

What are we Doing?

"I recommend people go to the Ottertail River to go tubing. It's a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon. If you want a little more excitement, you could go to Phelps Mill Park. There's a bridge that's a lot of fun to jump off into the river or you could just bring some food and have a picnic in the surrounding park."

"The whole downtown Broadway area always has a lot of stuff to do. You can see a show, go dancing, or just get a strong drink with a good friend. I like hanging out along the Red River as well. It's a peaceful break from the city and a decent area to try to catch some fish."

"Downtown Fargo has some excellent street food vendors Soul Taco has some great fusion-style tacos. Fargo Fillies makes a tasty cheesesteak that's always a good way to end a night out. Taco Bros has an inspired menu that combines authentic Mexican food with a fun and approachable street vendor vibe."

"In the basement of Front Street Taproom, there is a comedy club called The Cellar. They showcase a ton of local comedians and have some out-of-town headliners for special shows. Open mic night can be a lot of fun to attend especially if you've got some material you want to try out. They've got a great beer selection. You can grab a beer at Front Street Taproom and enjoy some local beers and ciders."

"If you're looking for something unique, I would recommend going to Marge's Bar. It's a fun little basement bar located in Robert's Alley right next to The Boiler Room. They make some really good cocktails and the cozy, intimate vibe of the location is perfect for a night out with some friends or a date."


What are we sipping on?

Tom Knowlton

What are we Doing?

"The Park Rapids area, it’s the perfect blend of nature, small-town atmosphere, and good food and drinks. It's the quintessential summer destination for me and the family when we want to be within a few hours of the metro. We like to hit up downtown, do some shopping, stop for lunch at the Good Life Cafe, ice cream and treats at the Minnesoda Fountain, and spend time on the water or hiking around Itasca."

"Summer in Fargo to me is all about enjoying the outdoors while the weather lets us. Visiting Bear Creek Winery is an awesome place to enjoy locally grown and made wines outside at their pond side barn, and it's amazingly kid-friendly. Otherwise making a day of just walking and shopping downtown… then we bring the kids to the splash pad at Broadway Square and grab ice cream before heading back home."

"The short answer is Brewhalla. All of the food there is unreal. Specifically Mågata Wine and Raw Bar. Yes, the oysters are amazing but you have to check out their entire menu, they are doing things like no one else in Fargo-Moorhead. Their ceviche, aguachile, and poke are the best."

"There are so many kick-ass events in the summer it is hard to choose. Anything that the fine folks at Unglued put together is always a safe bet. Their Adult Summer Camp is the perfect blend of nostalgia. They are always throwing fun craft events at their new classroom space located in Brewhalla!”

"For anything cocktail related I always hit up Mezzaluna, Marge’s Bar, and Luna, the latter being one that I think people forget makes amazing drinks. The Vieux Carre from Mezz is my go-to any time of the night. For N/A drinks I love to go to Namaste Chai, housemade chai drinks just hit different. You have to follow them on socials to find out where they are setting up that week but it is worth the trip!"


What are we sipping on?

Jared Hardy

What are we Doing?

"I recommend a road trip to the Oregon coast. The journey is filled with stunning scenery through North Dakota and Montana into the Idaho panhandle. I am probably biased, but there are plenty of great breweries to visit along the way. My family enjoys exploring the beaches and tidepools, hiking the many trails, and seeing the small coastal towns. A couple of our favorite towns are Astoria and Cannon Beach."

"As mentioned before, I am biased as a brewery owner, but I recommend people touring the local breweries. We’re fortunate to have so many great breweries in Fargo, Moorhead, and Mapleton, and they all grow and change every year. Each offers a range of unique beers and experiences with their own perspective and take on our brewing scene."

"Nova Eatery has become a favorite of mine, and not just because they are attached to Fargo Brewing—I enjoy the comfort food aspect of their menu. My 'go-to' items are the Nova Smash Burger or Pork Belly Burnt Ends. Another favorite is Blackbird Pizza, the Hot Chica pizza. The combo of woodfire pizza and hot honey drizzle makes it my favorite. It's not always on the menu, but I have good luck asking for it when I visit."

"I highly recommend attending outdoor concerts as a fun and memorable way to spend a summer night. They are a great way to appreciate live music, and you'll feel more relaxed with the fresh air and sunshine."

"I recommend grabbing a drink from the local vendors at the Red River Farmers Market before strolling through the market and stocking up on fresh produce for the week."

Summer Sips

Ellie Neuberger

What are we sipping on?

What are we Doing?

"One of my favorite places to travel to in the summer is Duluth, MN. I love staying in Canal Park. There are so many little shops, restaurants, and things to do within walking distance. Another one of my favorites in Duluth is the Great Lakes Aquarium They have touch pools as well as an amazing array of fish and sea life.

"There are so many good parks in Fargo. I really enjoy taking my dog on walks through Island Park. If you have a hammock, there are plenty of trees to hang yours on and relax with a good book. If the weather isn’t cooperating, I enjoy going to local downtown coffee shops such as Twenty Below Coffee."

"One of my favorite places to eat in Fargo is a small Thai restaurant downtown called Thaikota. My favorite thing to get there is the Drunken Mama noodles, a spicy stir fry. They have a sweet little patio you can sit on and enjoy your meal with good company."

"Fargo Brewing partners with Jade Presents often. I love going to concerts in their outdoor space. They often have local and nonlocal artists performing. Their atmosphere is out of this world. It’s such a cool and fun place to enjoy good music and drink good beer."

"One of the coolest spots I have found in Fargo is Marge’s Bar. They have a wonderful menu of handcrafted cocktails. On their menu is an option where you can pick your liquor of choice and they will make you a surprise cocktail. I choose this every time I go there and I have NEVER been disappointed. Their bartenders work their magic behind the bar to create a unique cocktail that is sure to please."


Seth Harms

What are we sipping on?

What are we Doing?

"I recommend Duluth, Minnesota, a beautiful city located on the shores of Lake Superior. The city is home to many parks, including Canal Park, which offers stunning views of the lake and the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge. There are also many hiking and biking trails, as well as opportunities for fishing and kayaking. The downtown area is filled with unique shops, restaurants, and galleries, and there are many festivals and events throughout the year."

"I recommend visiting Buffalo River State Park in Minnesota. Just 17 miles east of the heart of downtown Fargo, this park is a hidden gem. The park offers a hike along a glacial beach ridge in big-sky prairie country. The trail alongside the river is ideal and a great place to spend a summer day with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors."

"I highly recommend BernBaum’s on Broadway. BernBaum's is a popular American restaurant located in downtown Fargo. They're known for their delicious bagels, sandwiches, and pastries. It's a great place to grab breakfast or lunch if you're in the area. Bernbaums can get quite busy—so, if you take it to go, I recommend enjoying your meal in Island Park."

"Check out Bob Log III at the Aquarium on June 20. He’s known for his unique one-man-band style, playing guitar and drums at once while wearing a full-body suit and helmet with a telephone receiver on it. His music blends blues, punk, and rock and roll, and live shows are known for being wild and unpredictable."

"I’ll be sipping Junkyard's Margarita Slushy Seltzer all summer! It’s perfect for hot FM summer evenings, perfectly blending lime juice, agave, orange juice, and our homemade seltzer base."

Summer Sips

Meghan Pegel

What are we

What are we Doing?

"Rothsay! Their Truck Stop Cafe has a huge menu—I recommend some sort of breakfast smothered in hollandaise sauce. While you're there, check out "the Attic" Thrift Store, a non-profit with a huge selection for extremely cheap."

"Patio season, baby! Hit up some brunch and happy hours and bask in the sun with a cold drink and some buddies. I recommend Wild Terra, Camp Lone Tree and Marge's Bar."

"ThaiKota! Try the Gau Gee dumplings and yellow curry with tofu if you feel so inclined. They even have an outside seating area for summer, too!"

"PRIDE events are scheduled to happen August 10-13, specifically the parade and "Pride in the Park." Check out fmpride.com for the full list of events."

"Big Gingers at Duffy's Tavern is the summer vibe."


Sean Syverson

What are we sipping on?

What are we Doing?

"I recommend people plan to attend All Pints North Summer Brew Fest in Duluth, MN, Saturday, July 29. This beer festival features breweries from all over the state of Minnesota, offering tastings, live music, and other activities right at Bayfront Park."

"I recommend people visit all the amazing craft breweries in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We really do have phenomenal beer in this town, and the atmosphere at each place is unique and inviting. "

"I recommend people eat from one of the several fantastic food trucks around the area. There are so many options, and all of them are tasty."

"I recommend people attend a concert at Bluestem Amphitheater. There is not a bad seat in the house."

"I recommend people check out Marge's Bar in Roberts Alley. One can choose their desired main spirit (Blanton's Whiskey, for example), and then request that the bartender make a surprise drink from that choice. It's a fun way to try something that the bartender is confident in making and that might be new to the customer."

Summer Sips

Grayce Darrah

What are we sipping on?

What are we Doing?

"In the summer I love traveling to the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It's the less popular of the two units, so it's a great option if you are looking to avoid crowds. The Maah Daah Hey Trail starts near there if you are feeling up for an adventure, or there are a few other nice shorter hiking trails in the park. The North Unit is also 20 minutes from Watford City where I enjoy checking out Stone Home Brewery for local brews."

"Wild Terra is always hosting a ton of fun events in the summer! Our Plant Party and Vintage Market have always been a huge hit. I always find something rad from the various vendors. I'm most excited for June 4 because it's our first Brunch Fest and who doesn't love brunch?!"

"Thaikota is just a block away from Wild Terra so I grab food from them quite often! It's always fresh and super fun to try something new on the menu each time I go. The Khao Soi with tofu and Shrimp Pad Thai are my favorite!"

"It's super fun to attend a Redhawks baseball game on the weekends. I enjoy hanging out in the beer garden while watching the game! On some Saturdays, they do fireworks after the game and they usually have a deal on hot dogs and pounders on Sundays."

"The Rhombus Guy's rooftop is one of my favorite places to grab a drink in the summer. I am obsessed with their Sour Diesel cocktail! The ginger and basil in the drink are so refreshing on a hot day."


doors sits Martini Blu at the Grotto—a full bar and grill open to the public where you can order martinis, wine, beer, cocktails, and dine from the Tavern menu. Next time you're in for a spa or salon appointment, cap your visit with a drink at the Grotto and try this Espresso Martini!

The details: Espresso martinis are on special every Wednesday for WINOS (Women in Need of Sanity).

Grab an espresso martini on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

The Grotto Hours:

Monday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Tuesday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Wednesday 11 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Thursday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Friday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cucular Caley

One of the HoDo Classic drinks, the Cucular Caley, is the perfect sip to quench your thirst during the summer heat. Made with Ciroc Red Berry, Captain Morgan, Prairie Cucumber Vodka, Triple Sec, cucumbers, Sweet and Sour, and Sprite, this drink is as refreshing as it is tasty! Head to to try this drink!

BoomBoom Kombucha

For those who opt for mocktails and N/A drinks, we've found the perfect summer sip—BoomBoom Kombucha! This fermented refreshment is fruity, punchy, but still sweet enough to keep going back for more. Pictured here is the Summer Punch with mango, strawberry, raspberry, and while you might not be able to find this exact flavor, you're guaranteed a delicious combination of tastes when you see the rotating flavor menu online!

BoomBoom Kombucha is one of the newer drinks to hit the Valley—and it's coming in with a bang (really, when you open your bottle, the pressure from the kombucha-making process builds up and it goes "boom!").

One reason why this kombucha is so cool (besides the boom boom effect) is the ordering process. Amanda, the owner, has multiple ways you can order the drink. When you choose your flavor you can pick from the categories Fun and Fruity, Spiced and Always Nice, and Seasonal Sensations, but no one flavor will be exactly the same. For example, if you order from the Fun and Fruity category, you may get something like the Summer Punch, but don't worry—you can customize your flavor if you're not a fan of surprises. Finally, pick up or have your kombucha delivered right to your door!

Learn more at boomboomproducts.com





• Legent Bourbon

• House-made blood orange shrub (fresh blood oranges marinated for a week in sugar, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, tarragon, and peppers, and finished with red wine vinegar)

• Ginger liqueur

• Fresh squeezed lemon juice

• Napa Cabernet foam

• Honey/Serrano/Butterfly pea flower infused ice cube



• 2 oz Legent Bourbon

• 3/4 oz of Campari

• 1/4 oz of Grand Marnier

• A spoonful of our winter simple syrup

• A spoonful of Cynar

• 2 dashes cherry bark vanilla bitters



PORCH SEASON • Legent Bourbon • Disaronno • Lemon Juice • Peach Vanilla syrup • Heavy Cream • Egg white 39


• 1.5 oz Legent Bourbon

• .75 oz Campari

• .5 oz Meukow Cognac

• .5 oz DOM Benedictine

• 2 dashes each of orange and Peychaud's Bitters

• Stirred in a Yarai glass with ice

• Strained over a double rocks glass with a large rock

• Garnish with Bordeaux cherry and orange twist




EAST MEETS WEST OLD FASHIONED • 2 oz of Legent Bourbon
1/2 oz wasabi soy simple syrup
Three dashes of Angostura bitters
1 dash of cardamom bitters 41

Rochina Lobo

Where do you call home?

I was born in Valencia (Spain) in the year 2000. Valencia the third largest population in Spain and it enjoys the best climate throughout the year, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with a great gastronomy.

I have been very lucky with my family (parents, sister, uncles, and grandparents) they have always helped me grow and have given me great guidance throughout my life. Jorge and Ana (my parents) are my references in this life, very hard-working and above all: very good people. They both studied law and currently, each one works in a different sector.

My mother works in the courthouse of Valencia and my father is a Broker who specializes in trading nuts. Finally, my sister Natalia is 19-years-old and studies psychology in Valencia.

I am currently studying Business Administration and Management at the University of Valencia.

My hobbies are football, tennis, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with Claudia, my girlfriend, who I am enormously grateful for having known. It has helped me grow a lot on a personal level and she is a great support for me. Two weeks ago, she crossed the world to come see me in Fargo; she loved Fargo and its people.

I have always thought that speaking English is paramount to succeed in international business. Therefore, I have always considered it very important in life to have experiences away from home to

mature, grow, and gain experience in all senses.

My first experience abroad was not good. At the age of 15, I went to Vancouver to spend a summer, possibly it was a first experience far from home and with a difficult host family. Despite this, I did not give up and from there, I told myself that if others could do it, I could too. At the age of 19, I spent an unforgettable summer in Fargo in which I thoroughly enjoyed myself with an amazing family that made me feel at home and for whom I will always be deeply grateful for. When you feel loved everything usually goes much better.

Last year I studied for a semester in Utah with a scholarship provided by Weber State University. I am currently in Fargo (ND) doing my business internship at Red Red River Commodities and I will graduate this summer from the University of Valencia.

Did you start working at Red River Commodities?

Regarding my experience in Fargo, first I would like to thank Red River Commodities. They have given me the opportunity to do an internship in their company. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to learn so much while gaining experience in one of the most important national and international companies for the production and export of sunflower seeds.

I am amazed by the kindness and predisposition of every one of the members of the company: from the president to the person seated next to me. My family business in Valencia has been working for many years with Red

River Commodities. Jose Luis Rochina (my grandfather) and international brokers Jorge Rochina (my father) are nuts brokers in Spain and import many products worldwide for Spanish consumption and beyond.

Why should other international young professionals come to work in the Fargo community?

I think that for any business student, it is essential to speak fluent English and have professional experiences that will help you grow as a person. An internship in a good company will always help you to know how companies do business and how they work with their industry.

It is not the same to study at your university and to pass the exams to understand the reality of the job market, the great effort, and the dedication that it requires. I believe that there is no better place than the United States to know the true spirit of a job well done and daily dedication to contributing more to your company. In the United States, many people live for their company. It is always something enviable because as we can see they are the #1 world economy, and this is not by chance.

How would you describe the Fargo area and your experience to a friend in Spain?

I have nothing but good words. First, its people are super hospitable, kind, and friendly. I have been very lucky because I have met many people and made many friends including a great friend who speaks magnificent Spanish and from whom I have learned a lot. The ones I played


soccer with, we tried ice fishing, and we went to the lakes for a few days.

I have learned something in the United States: if you make an effort, speak with people, and be kind, they will return it multiplied by 1000. I think that this world lacks people like the ones you find in Fargo. I imagined the city being very small, but it is very wide to the point that you need a car to be able to go anywhere because the distances are significant.

I recommend all my friends to come to Fargo even if it is a visit of a few days because it is worth it, and they will be able to have unique experiences like the one I have had.

What are your career goals and vision for 2030?

This question is somewhat difficult because life often takes many turns. But in the future, I see myself forming a beautiful family and above all, the most important point for me in this life: to enjoy what I do and be happy. I think that in our daily life, we cannot

continually complain that we do not like our life or what we do, because in the end, a large part of your life is based on your attitude and your routines. Things do not change and improve by chance, but everything which changes requires effort and work, and with that, you can get as high as you want and achieve all your goals.

No one wants to be separated from their family, significant other, and friends at first, but I think that the little effort that I have made has and will improve my life in many aspects. On a professional level, I know that I love sales and building personal relationships so I see myself working in any activity related to sales and maybe in the future to be able to have my own company.


Leika Sensory Creations

Summer unleashes loads of free time for kids to try to stay occupied, have fun, and recharge. It just so happens that a brother-sister duo right here in Fargo is making that even easier for families! Leika Sensory Creations was born out of the pandemic by two educators and is getting kids creative and inspired in a new way, with both handcrafted items they make and events they host using them!

Tell us about yourselves!

We are a brother-sister duo originally from Granville, ND and now we both reside in Fargo.

Ashley: I am an elementary school counselor at Northern Cass School. I am married and have two kids, ages 8 and 4. I love to plan budget travel adventures and take opportunities to explore the world any chance I get!

Mitch: I am an English teacher at West Fargo High School. I live with my wife and our dog in Fargo and enjoy reading, golfing, and being creative in my woodworking. Leika has provided a great opportunity to learn new skills, collect more tools, and spend more time building in the garage.

Describe what type of products you make under Leika Sensory Creations.

We create handcrafted sensory play items for kids—sensory kits, playdough jars, sensory tables, wooden playscapes, and more! We also offer monthly sensory kit

By Ashley Morken, Unglued Photos provided by Ashley Morken

subscriptions, community play events, and birthday or celebration sensory play designs!

Ashley creates our handcrafted sensory kits. We dye rice, noodles, and beans and make our own super soft playdough, which is the base to all of our sensory kits. We often pair these sensory bases with themed loose parts to encourage independent, creative play.

Mitch specializes in the playscapes, trays, and wooden tools and toys that we sell in our online shop. Together, our mission is to create sensible, imaginative experiences for children and adolescents at affordable prices.

Tell us how you got started with your business.

It was on one of our family trips to Iceland to trace our family roots that truly sparked the magic of sensory play. At the time, Ashley’s daughter was 2 and a half years old. We had long day-trips planned each day to experience all the wonders of Iceland. Each day, we were astounded by her pure joy and engagement in the experience. A new sensory experience awaited around every corner—the heavy black rocks from the black sand beach, the cool water and rushing sounds of waterfalls and rivers, the crunch of the glaciers beneath their feet, and the peaceful warm sensations of the hot springs.

It was a total sensory experience that kept her intrigued and playful.

Then in 2020, when the pandemic sent educators home to teach virtually, we had to circle back to find ways to keep kids intrigued and playful.

It was then that Ashley researched the benefits of sensory play and experimented with her then prekindergarten daughter and 1.5-year-old son each day with sensory learning and play. In order for us to focus on our new-found virtual obligations, we had to restructure what play looked like in our home. Sensory play built more independence and child-led play. It regulated their bodies and emotions and allowed them to have new experiences when the world was on pause (and in chaos) on the outside.

And then friends started encouraging Ashley to create sensory kits for others

and eventually, she roped her brother Mitch in to put his woodworking skills to work!

You often set up sensory stations at events you are a part of—what is a current kid fave?

Current kid faves at some of our play events have been our new critter kit with black beans and lots of bugs and reptiles and any sensory bin with water beads! Our scented playdough is always a hit too—families are always surprised at how soft our playdough is and how relaxing some of the scents are!

What is your personal favorite item or piece you've created so far?

Ashley: I love creating custom birthday party sensory bins and playdough invitations. Recently, we had a mom request a pool-sized monster truck sensory bin. It was so much fun creating big-scale sensory elements for littles to crash, scoop, pour, and jump over. I love thinking of new ways for kids to engage in their five senses and fine motor skills.

Mitch: Our sensory tables are my personal favorite. I make them out of cedar so that they are naturally weather resistant and they make a great playscape both indoors and outdoors. Hearing returning customers talk about how many hours their kids have played at the tables is the best part of this job!

Where can people find your work? Where can people find your work?

We have tons of summer and fall plans, which include vendor fairs, community play events, some speaking engagements, and even a few kid’s classes at the Unglued Craftatorium in Brewhalla! We love partnering with community organizations or businesses to offer classes or play events. We are always looking for new opportunities to ignite creative play with families in the FM area!

| leikasensorycreations.com

| /leikasensorycreations

| @leikasensorycreations

Upcoming Events: leikasensorycreations.com/events

very year, the Red River Valley Fair Association puts on what they call “The 10 Best Days of Summer.” This year marks the Association’s 118th year of entertaining the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo community with family-friendly fair events. Check out this preview of the July celebration, which also includes highlights from last year’s fun!

The RRVF is offering a “Mega Pass” to the 2023 fair. The Mega Pass gives the ticket holder unlimited access to the Red River Valley Fair and ALL the rides for all ten days of the fair! Each Mega Pass costs $120 and is only available through July 6th.

This year’s rides include the Monkey Maze, the Ring of Fire, the Scorcher, the Spider, the Supershot, the Surf Shack, the Swing It, the Thunderbolt, the Tilt-a-Whirl, and the Tornado.

Each year, the fair offers a wide variety of opportunities for fair attendees to learn about our region’s unique agriculture. The RRVF’s Ag Education Center, which is presented by the Cass County Farm Bureau, offers interactive experiences to help people learn more about farm animals, bees, agriculture, and the process of bringing farm products to our tables.

In 2022, the Ag Education Center held educational day camps, like their Beehive Camp that taught participants more about our favorite fuzzy pollinators. Similar camps will be held in 2023!

an array of free activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. This year, free entertainment will include glassblowing with Mobile Glass Studios, Swifty Swine Pig Races, ALL ABOARD Train Rides, dairy education with the Mobile Dairy Classroom, live goat feeding at Goat Mountain, Pikadilly Face Painting, the Bear Hollow Wood Carver, and more!

In order to make the fair experience fun for all, the RRVF always hosts

The RRVF offers a plethora of vendors that serve food, sell handmade crafts, and offer carnival games and rides. You can even see the fair’s fireworks display from the carnival area! As part of their agriculture education, the RRVF offered a “Beehive Camp” to the community, where kids ages 6-12 could learn about bees and help assemble and decorate beehives!
Agriculture education is a huge part of the fair experience. Last year, fair attendees got the opportunity to vote on a new dairy calf’s name. The winning name for this beautiful calf was Fable!

Last year, musical acts like Jason Derulo and for KING & COUNTRY graced the Grandstand at the fair. This year, acts include Flo Rida, Ying Yang Twins, Dan + Shay, and more!

This year’s festivities will feature the NEW Red River Valley Fair “Sip ND” building! According to the RRVF’s Director of Marketing and Events Elizabeth Birkemeyer, the Sip ND building is “a building that is dedicated just to local craft drinks.” The building will host local breweries, wineries, cideries, and more, embracing the craft drinks that are unique to our area.

Perhaps the biggest draw for the RRVF is their concert lineup. Last year, the lineup included big artists like Jason Derulo, Parmalee, for KING & COUNTRY, and more. This year, headlining acts include Dan + Shay, Third Eye Blind, Flo Rida, Ying Yang Twins, Shinedown, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, plus more!

The fair also offers free concerts throughout the duration of the event, included with your gate admission.

More info and tickets can be found at redrivervalleyfair.com

| (701) 282-2200

| info@redrivervalleyfair.com

| /RedRiverValleyFair


| @redrivervalleyfair

When: July 7-16, 2023

Where: Red River Valley Fairgrounds, 1805 Main Ave W, West Fargo Gate Admision: $15.00 for ages 12+ $8.00 for ages 6-11

Free for ages 5 & under Concert Admission: Varied by artist

Check out the North Dakota State Fair, taking place July 21-29, 2023!

The NDSF will include all kinds of carnival activities and a concert lineup including Ludacris, T-Pain, Eric Church, Joe Nichols, Brad Paisley, Five Finger Death Punch, and more!

For more info and tickets for the North Dakota State Fair, visit ndstatefair.com.


It Keeps Getting Better & Better... Even 40 Years Later

WE Fest is gearing up for an extra special year—check out what this year's festival has in store!

E all know and love the annual celebration of country music, Midwest festivities, and summer jubilee, an all-encompassing single weekend better known as WE Fest! And this year, we're celebrating a little extra for WE Fest's 40th birthday!

In the last year, the WE Fest crew has decided that in order to make the already beloved party even more exciting, they would put some time and effort into additions to make attendees' experience just a little bit better... and there's a lot of 'new' to go around!

The Pre-Party Party!

To kickstart the birthday bash, WE Fest will be hosting a birthday celebration! This party will offer an abundance of extra surprises!

At 8 p.m. the dance party starts with the musical trio, Cheat Codes, from LA! Enjoy the music along with the next best thing—lots of food. There will be drink specials, birthday treats, and more! Plus, if there's one thing any good birthday party has, it's goodies—in this case, we're talking giveaways. There will be 40 gifts, one for each of the 40 years WE Fest has been in existence, and the biggest one includes a free 3-year lease on a new Ford F-150 truck!

Whether you're going to attend WE Fest or not, you can enjoy this birthday party, but just a warning—once you're there, odds are that you're not going to want to leave.

Get birthday party tickets and learn more about all of the details for this jam-packed pre-event at wefest.com/ pre-party!

Add On, and On, and On, and...You Get the Idea!

WE Fest is all about music, but music pairs so well with great food, delicious drinks, awesome seats, and a relaxed experience. As a way to enhance your festival weekend, the team created and launched the Bacardi Country Club at WE Fest 2022, and after a successful first run, it's back!

Instead of trekking back to your campsite in between acts, enjoy a

in the shaded lounge area, or get the exclusive chance to see some special guests perform for the members of the club—there are a million reasons to be a part of this VIP-like experience, but only so many tickets!

Get yours at wefest.com/tickets!

courtesy of WE
Visit the QR code below to learn more about who will perform in the Bacardi Country Club. ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

And, quite possibly the fanciest, newest addition to the WE Fest affair—glamping!

Through a partnership with glamping outfitter Homma Camp Company, WE Fest is offering you the experience of camping with a little bit of extra glam for those who want to level up. Each sturdy, canvas bell tent includes:

- a platform bed + bedding & pillow

- an electric fan

- a charging power strip

- rugs

- a side table

- a door mat

- door frame string lighting

- two camp chairs

- camp access passes (concert tickets sold separately)

- the opportunity to renew for 2024!

The campsite, which is located in the new glamping village at

If you haven't heard, the 2023 WE Fest concert lineup is pretty insane—check it out!

• Morgan Wallen

• Brad Paisley

• Kane Brown

• Chase Rice

• Brothers Osborne

Lake Sallie, comes with setup and breakdown, dedicated porta potties, adjacent parking, a shaded lounge tent, a supply store, and a 24/7 camp coordinator. Although it might not matter to everyone, this add-on is absolutely worth the Instagramable features! See your options for tents and get your tickets at wefest.com/glamping!

Not Just a Concert...

Over the span of a few days, your WE Fest experience is sure to bring you tons of music memories, but that's not it. Between the food and drinks, the laughs and sing-alongs, and, of course, the activities happening all over camp, the weekend is not something to miss. Next page >

• Gabby Barrett

• Ernest

• Travis Tritt

• Blackberry Smoke

• Bailey Zimmerman

• Jo Dee Messina

• Neal McCoy

• with Cowboy Troy as our emcee!


Here's what's going on WE Fest weekend to build your perfect festival itinerary!

- Campsite Decoration Contest (Chance to win Reserved Seat tickets for 2024)

- WE Fest Dance Competition (Chance to win Reserved Seat tickets for 2024)

- Baggo Tournament (Miller bracket winner vs. Leinenkugels bracket winner for the grand prize)

- Scavenger Hunt (Play along on the WE Fest App)

Making History, One Side Step at a Time

Finally, this year's WE Fest is truly going down in the history books... or at least the Guinness Book of World Records! The goal? To have the World's Largest Line Dance, and there couldn't be a more perfect place than a Minnesota-based country music festival!

KLN, the sponsor of this recordbreaking event, connected with a local dance team to choreograph the line dance. Now, in the months leading up to the festival, and throughout the concert weekend, they will be teaching you the dance. The actual recording of the line dance will take place on the last night in the concert bowl

So, mark your calendars for the festival, download the app to have this jam-packed schedule at your fingertips, grab your dancing boots and your birthday hat, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend at WE Fest! Oh, you might need tickets... head to wefest.com/tickets!

Watch for updates on all things WE Fest!

| wefest.com

| /wefestmn

| @wefestmn

| @wefestmn



It can be argued that few bands have stood the test of time as well as select bands from the 1980s—AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, and of course, Foreigner. The iconic band has been active since 1976, providing 80s anthems including “I Want to Know What Love Is,” “Juke Box Hero,” “Cold As Ice," and many more.

Having recently announced “The Historic Farewell Tour,” scheduled for the Summer of 2023 with Loverboy, it appears that Foreigner is closing up shop, with their recent stop in Fargo on May 10 being their last. Check out some recap photos from the event, along with a special Q&A with Michael Bluestein, Keyboardist of Foreigner, where we discuss his role in the band, what’s next for him, and more!


In January of 2008, I was at a huge music convention out in California called NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), a big networking chain for musicians and vendors. It’s a fun weekend that’s filled with people who sell equipment and build guitars, drums, etc.

I ran into an old friend of mine that I'd worked with before, Paul Mirkovich. At the time, he was playing keyboard with Foreigner as an interim keyboardist/band member for the band, until he helped them find a replacement. When I ran into him, he said, “Oh, I'm glad to see you. I think you'd be perfect for this gig. Do you want to audition for Foreigner?” And I said, “Well, hell yeah.”


We’re always kicking around some new ideas. It's been a minute since any new music has come out, but we’ve got some ideas for singles and isolated tracks that everyone should stay tuned for.


I played with and did a great tour with Boz Scaggs back in 2003. I’ve also played with Stevie Nicks and Enrique Iglesias. I've gotten to do some gigs with Burt Bacharach. I've gotten the chance to play with amazing people.

It was incredible. I mean, talk about a legend. She’s iconic, and for good reason. She was amazing.

It’s great. The crowds are always welcoming, no matter the demographics. It doesn't matter the age—they’re going to show us a good time.


Bluestein has performed an estimated 100 shows a year with Foreigner since joining in 2008. He guesses that he’s performed “well over 1,000 shows with the band” by now!


I love composing and producing so maybe more stuff in the studio playing keyboards for other artists, or even working on my own stuff since that was a viable path and I still do that stuff. Or maybe composing for film and television, as I've done some of that too. As long as it's in music, I'm happy.

I like indie films and stuff that's a little more understated, as opposed to the big Hollywood blockbuster or Disney symphony. Those are great and fun, but I like moodier, more understated things, like a Wes Anderson or Coen brothers movie.

My favorite to perform is "Long, Long Way from Home." It’s a really rockin' high-energy tune with a great melody, some fun keyboard parts, and really haunting lyrics. It’s one of the staples, and we do that one at pretty much every stop.


There's a bit of change when we go to Europe. Anywhere overseas, there are some adjustments that are made. The encore can be a little different depending on the night and there tend to be one or two tunes that get switched out, but the bulk of the setlist is pretty much the same.

We’ve toured with Cheap Trick and Styx, which were both amazing. We played with REO Speedwagon and did some shows with Heart a while back in New Zealand. I would say that some of those are some of the highlights.

Denmark and Switzerland are real favorites of mine. South America really brings it out in a big way. [They] will start doing these crazy, exciting soccer chants. They're pretty amazing. Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina…South America is pretty amazing in general.

Herbie Hancock is one of my favorites in the jazz and funk world without a doubt. I'm a huge jazz fan and absolutely love it. I would definitely be right at home in that genre as well.

We all had this feeling that after all these years on the road, it was time to wind down a little bit and spend more time at home with our families. The wear and tear of the road can get to you after a while, but we're all feeling pretty good about that decision. Getting to spend a lot more time at home will be wonderful.


I'm looking forward to more time in the studio composing and producing, something that I'm pretty excited about. Sure, I'd be open to some touring, but it’ll be nice to be at home more often for sure. It's a lot of time at the home studio, along with local performances, collaborating with local artists around Los Angeles and composing and producing.

| foreigneronline.com | /Foreigner | @ForeignerMusic | @ForeignerLive | @ForeignerOnlineOfficial | @TinaBlueLA | @TinaBlue8283 61

Summer on the Courts

emories are made with lake water splashes, s'mores around the fire, songs and theatrics and talent shows, and, of course, with the enjoyment of others while participating in any one of the number of activities at the resort.

For the most part, those classic summertime activities have remained the same over time. However, a new activity has recently taken the resort, and the nation, by storm. So much so, Fair Hills opened six new courts dedicated to the sport last year. No more modifying the tennis courts, as they upgraded the grounds when it came time to redo the courts' surfaces. They are excited to bring official pickleball courts to Fair Hills Resort!

According to Fair Hills Resort Creative Director Emily Meyers, the love of pickleball has seen a fairly steady increase at the resort, concurrent with the rising trend of the sport in the FM community.


Maybe you've heard about the sport, maybe not. Brush up on the whos and whats of pickleball and learn where you can play in the Fargo-Moorhead area in our February issue, "What's Your Sport?"

"...It has been so fun to see all of the courts in play at the resort," Emily said. "We host weekly pickleball tournaments for guests at the resort and now have started to introduce the Fair Hills Pickleball Tournament and Clinics to the community. Our first event was held over Memorial Day weekend with more to follow throughout the summer."

Being a staple in the lakes community, and always working to expand that reach, the pickleball tournaments and clinics hosted at Fair Hills Resort are open to the public; meaning you don't need to be a guest at the resort to attend!

"We also want people to have the opportunity to experience the magic of Fair Hills Resort, so we are hosting tournaments when we have cabin availability for players to stay in if they choose," Emily explained.

Two certified pickleball professionals led the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament, dubbed the "Stay and Play Your Way weekend", as attendees were welcomed to stay at the resort as well as participate in the other activities going on that weekend like a yoga retreat and special rates at the Wildflower Golf Course.

The professionals, Paul Murray and Paul Huch, helped run the tournament and provided tips, tricks, and professional insight to enhance the athletes' pickleball game. In addition to the tournament, the duo also hosted skill-focused clinics throughout the weekend.


Fridays are for football! Well, they used to be. If you have a kid in high school, you may be surprised to see games happening on Thursdays and Saturdays. Sometimes even on an errant Tuesday. Why is this happening? Why are games getting spread out to different days and why is it happening more often?

It has become the only option in many cases. Simply put, there aren't enough officials to referee every game every Friday, so they are being spread around and rescheduled. But this is only a temporary solution to a growing problem. A problem that will eventually exceed alternate game days and smart planning.

50,000 referees and umpires, according to the National Federation of State High School Association, that’s how many officials have left since the 2018-2019 season.

I sat down and had an interview with Jeremy Carney, Rob Kueneman, and Dave Klundt, all officials with over 100 years total of combined experience, to learn more about this ongoing issue that has hit us just as hard as anywhere else in the country.

Currently, officials' pay ranges from $30 per game for youth sports all the way up to $50-$60 per game for hockey officials. However, Carney, Klundt, and Kueneman don’t believe that the amount of pay is the reason we are seeing declining numbers of officials.

“There is the allure to some degree, to a young person, right? I can spend my Saturday working a youth tournament and I can walk away with a good chunk of money from one day’s work," Carney said. "When you get past the point of seeing this as just for money and you actually want to become a good official, there’s the break point.”

Jeremy Carney could teach us all about becoming a good official as he has 28 years of experience officiating football and basketball. According to Klundt, who has 42 years of experience as a sports official with a career that covers basketball, baseball, football, and softball at the high school and college levels, one major culprit may be the sheer number of games being added to the season.

"We're an unwanted necessity."
-Rob Kueneman

“When I started officiating, there was no such thing as travel basketball," Klundt said. There was no such thing as Junior Olympics volleyball. "There wasn’t even hardly any USA travel hockey. Instead of schools running up little third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade programs of whatever sport and playing a handful of games and focusing on skills development, a lot of these organizations have started pushing these kids to play more and more and more games while traveling all over the place to play these games. So you’ve added hundreds upon hundreds of games for youth that never existed before."

All three also agree that sometimes, life just takes over. A referee may have children who are now in their own sporting events and when it comes down to it, they are not willing to miss their child’s events.

“With all the colleges here, we’ll get some kids who will try it in college," Kueneman said. "It’s a good part-time job. Then they move away and they don’t have that local connection and a local association to get back into it. Or they get their full-time job and don’t have as much time for it.”

Rob Kueneman is a big name in the world of sporting officials. An outlier from Klundt and Carney, this is Kueneman’s full-time job. He is the executive director of the High Plains Officials Consortium (HPOC) and has 32 years of experience. The HPOC is responsible for the assignment of sporting officials.

As is the case with most issues, money has had a serious impact on officials, whether that cost stems from the cost of entry, with some baseball umpires paying as much as $500 just to get all of the gear necessary to officiate their first game, or the cost the parents are paying for their children to participate. According to ESPN, baseball has an average annual cost of $660. Swimming? $786. And ice hockey has an average annual cost of a whopping $2,582. Parents are expecting an expert caliber of official, and with the costs they are paying, those expectations are high and it can cause blood to run hot at some games.

The lack of pay, the increase in the number of games, the lack of leadership, and the cost of entry were all things that

Carney, Kueneman, and Kludt quoted as possible reasons for the shortage. But all three agreed on one thing; the biggest reason for the shockingly low number of officials is because of confrontations between officials and parents, coaches, and even players.

Kueneman, Carney, and Klundt attest that they have all been harassed by parents and coaches alike.

“Little things like even wearing your wedding ring," Klundt said. "Don’t wear it. That just added more fuel to the fire.”

All three of them agreed that people have a way of honing in on vulnerabilities while trying to get a reaction out of the officials.

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t stop at just a verbal confrontation. If you look up “referee assaulted,” the entire first page of search is littered with articles from the last year or so about officials being assaulted in some form or another.

So, what can we do about these problems? How do we get new officials to apply and seasoned officials coming back? How do we confront the issue of respecting the officials who keep our games going?

“We’re getting better but we don’t really have an avenue for recruiting," says Kueneman, "I think we could do better, just going out talking to kids in school and highlighting the positive aspects of officiating outside of the game. The camaraderie, the friendships. The fraternity, you know?”

“I think there are things schools can do better and it starts with the coaches and administration and the culture they build around their programs," Kueneman said. "The meeting they have with parents about expectations is important and it's important to hold them to that."

More recruitment would be great. Educating parents, players, and coaches on expectations from the game and the officials who keep them going would be even better. However, all of that needs to be built on a strong foundation of knowledge, education, and camaraderie.

All three men agree that one of the biggest benefactors of getting new

officials to sign up and return for multiple seasons would be better mentorship. All three fondly remember their mentors and how they got into officiating. They believe that if young people entering the profession had someone they could rely on, to help them learn the ropes of not only the game but also the way of handling the fans and coaches, there would be less turnover in the field.

After sitting with these guys for an hour, I learned that my last question had a very easy answer.

Who should apply to become an official?

The answer?

“Anyone. If you have a love for the game,” Kueneman said.

“If you played the sport and want to still be around it, it's a phenomenal way to stick around the sports,” Klundt said.

“Anyone. And multiple sports because there are a lot of transferable skills," Carney said. "Rules are different but dealing with people, how I dealt with a coach or manager in baseball, that helped me with football and translates well.”

If you would like to become an official please use the contact information below!


Three Homes with Three Different Price Points—Which Best Suits You? The spring 2023 Parade of Homes just wrapped up two successful weekends of home tours, showing over 50 homes across the Fargo metro—and let me say, there are some stunning homes out there. If you weren't able to attend, we've got your back! We chose three unique homes with three different price points, which include a remodeled rambler by Hawthorne Custom Homes, the brand-new Landing at 1001 NP rentals by Kilbourne, and a beautiful bi-level home in Bison Meadows by Thomsen Homes. All three of these featured homes and rentals have some unique offerings, and even if you're not in the market for a new home, these can be a great inspiration if you're wanting to spruce up your home this spring.



$690,000 | 3,353 SQUARE FEET | 3221 56TH AVE SW

Nestled within the quiet Frontier community, this HCH remodel truly has a unique setting for any growing family. Enter the front door from the cedar-accented, covered porch and you'll immediately be greeted by an expansive living room complete with a gas fireplace and custom feature wall. Connected by an open-concept dining room full of natural light, a gourmet kitchen boasts elegant quartz countertops, a tiled herringbone backsplash, and a walk-in pantry.

The adjacent three-stall heated garage connects to a tiled mudroom with heated floors, a vaulted ceiling, additional

laundry hook-ups, and an access door to the rear patio. The primary bedroom and ensuite feature a tiled shower, dual vanities, a large walk-in closet, and even access to its own private patio! Four more bedrooms and two full bathrooms complete the rest of the home.

For more information, visit hawthornecustomhomes.com




The Landing at 1001 NP is a brand-new hub of practical and healthy living, individuality, accessibility, and modern comfort. These downtown Fargo apartments impress with a set of contemporary amenities, a diverse selection of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom layouts, as well as a fantastic location in the up-and-coming U10 neighborhood between University and 10th Street. Living at The Landing puts you a short walk away from local shopping, dining, museums, and numerous recreation spots.

Residents enjoy on-site features like a charming rooftop patio overlooking the city and features fantastic grilling stations. The clubhouse is the ideal spot to get refreshments and socialize, and the stateof-the-art fitness center is where sports enthusiasts can comfortably work out. Your pet will be right at home enjoying the petcentric highlights, such as a heated relief area and a wash station. Not to mention the convenience of multiple elevators, heated underground parking, secure bike storage, a Butterfly package system, and so many other additions.

In addition to the versatile apartment layouts, The Landing includes walk-up townhomes. What all units have in common is a selection of smart-home features, efficient stainlesssteel appliances, in-unit washers and dryers, 9-foot ceilings, plank floors, and expansive closets. Select floor plans even benefit from stylish floor-to-ceiling windows and walk-up patios.


TheLandingFargo.com or stop by for a tour at your convenience!


The Ease is a stunning bi-level home from Thomsen Homes’ Roots Collection. This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom floor plan boasts a modern exterior and offers a host of luxurious amenities.

Inside, the Ease features a large airy foyer, quartz countertops, soft-close cabinetry, and recessed lighting, elevating the overall elegance of the home. The kitchen is standout, equipped with sleek stainlesssteel appliances and a spacious island that combines functionality and style. A fully finished basement gives you plenty of room for entertainment and family bonding. These contemporary features not only serve their purpose seamlessly but also instill a sense of charm and quality a homeowner is looking for in a new home.

The Roots Collection represents the latest addition to Thomsen Homes’ diverse range of home plans, reflecting the dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. The Ease floor plan truly embodies modern living, showcasing a harmonious blend of sophistication and practicality for any family to call home.

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Home Builders Association of Fargo

Moorhead has a brochure that lists all 58 homes along with their top features and price points. Visit paradefm.com to learn more.

$276,215 | 1,793 SQUARE FEET | 1576 69TH AVE S FARGO

Wine of the Month.


The inspiration for Bear Creek's Sheyenne comes from buttery California Chardonnays. "We are attempting to create a similar style utilizing local grape varieties," they said. "It takes a warm and long season to be able to achieve this style. The 2021 vintage was exactly that!"

smooth finish, oaked six months in Hungarian barrels

Bear Creek Winery

50% Prairie Star grapes

50% Louise Swenson grapes

0% Sugar (Dry)

12.8% ALC

8800 25th St S Fargo, ND 58104 72 | JUNE 2023 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

My initial thought was, "this reminds me of popcornflavored Jellybeans" (which I loved growing up). The first characteristics that stood out were the tropical fruit aromas along with the vanilla and oak. I also noticed some subtle earthy notes and honeysuckle.

The Sheyenne is a dry, medium plus bodied wine with nice acidity. A multidimensional wine with light tropical fruit and pear notes upfront, followed

by a round mouthfeel of oak, vanilla, and balanced acidity.

I recommend enjoying this wine with food!

A cheddar or gruyere will pair nicely on your charcuterie board. Try it with cream-based sauces or foods that are higher in fat content like some pulled pork or chicken with mac and cheese, stuffed mushrooms—or the one that makes my mouth really water—lobster fettuccine

from Maxwells! A perfect local, dry white for your dinner table.

Cellar 624 | 624 Main Ave Ste 4B, Fargo | cellar624.com Bear Creek Winery | 8800 25th St S, Fargo | bearcreeknd.com | /bearcreeknd | @bearcreeknd "THIS REMINDS ME OF POPCORNFLAVORED JELLYBEANS, WHICH I LOVED GROWING UP!" - ASHLEY SERBUS, CELLAR 624 75

museums of the fargo-moorhead area

The Plains Art Museum hosts the Creativity Among Native American Artists initiative that works to increase knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Native American art, values, worldviews, and histories among Native and nonNative people alike.

The Plains Art Museum was founded in 1965 and was originally called the Red River Art Center. Its original location was in Moorhead, MN, but it moved to Fargo in 1996. This art museum features unique local and regional art, as well as some national pieces, too. If you like creating art, there are even some studio spaces that are available to rent out, or you can take a class on anything from ceramics to stained glass to drawing and painting. Find out more about the Plains Art Museum online at plainsart.org.

The Rourke offers monthly "Coffee and Critique" events, where local artists can bring unfinished work and get an outside perspective from other artists and community members.

The Rourke Art Gallery + Museum is a huge part of the Fargo-Moorhead community, supporting and displaying local and regional artists as well as selling their work. Opened in 1960, the museum has been part of local culture for over 60 years. The building that houses the gallery and museum has been home to many businesses, like the Moorhead Post Office and the Plains Art Museum, before being bought by the Rourke Art Gallery. Find out more about the Rourke at therourke.org.


The Fargo Air Museum's flight simulators— machines that mimic flying in a real plane, complete with computergenerated images to mimic the pilot's view— have over 30 kinds of aircraft to choose from, and have a virtual reality option!

Planned in the late 1990s by a group of pilots, military folks, and plane restorers, the Fargo Air Museum opened in 2001. The Air Museum aims to promote interest in Aviation through education, preservation, and restoration. They offer classes for people of all ages to learn about aviation. Occasionally, their historic planes even take flight! Learn more about the Fargo Air Museum at fargoairmuseum.org.

Bonanzaville's old buildings may be haunted—the society hosts paranormal investigations throughout the month of October!

The Cass County Historical Society, also known as Bonanzaville, USA, was founded in 1954. The name Bonanzaville refers to the Bonanza farms that used to exist in the Red River Valley. Their historical site consists of a museum, as well as over 40 buildings, some of which were transported to Fargo for preservation. Bonanzaville houses several individual museums, as well as displaying significant Period Artifacts in the buildings with more historical significance. The historical society also offers cool holiday events for Christmas and Fourth of July! Find more info about Bonzaville, USA at bonanzaville.org


In 2022, Aaron Judge broke Roger Maris's American League home run record with 62 home runs! Maris had previously held the record at 61.

Roger Maris was a baseball legend and a Fargo legend. In 1961 he broke Babe Ruth’s home run record, and that led to acclaim in the baseball world and beyond. Maris wanted his museum to be visible, accessible and free, so the founders created his exhibit within the West Acres Mall in Fargo. If you go to the mall, it is hard to miss his museum! The small museum exhibit includes a room to watch historic game footage with actual Yankee Stadium seats, a replica of his Yankee Stadium monument, a replica of his locker, and other artifacts from his youth and Major League days.

The Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead houses a replica Viking Ship, the Hjemkomst, built by Moorhead resident Robert Asp between 1974 and 1980 in Hawley, MN. The name Hjemkomst means “homecoming” in Norwegian. After a homecoming journey to Norway, the Hjemkomst took up permanent residence in Moorhead. Learn more about the Hjemkomst’s construction and journey at hcscconline. org/hjemkomst40.html.

After a poll in 2018 revealed that the FargoMoorhead community wanted a science museum, local scientists and educators came together to start plans for one. Their goal is to make science more accessible and “break barriers” to science education. They do not have a building yet, but they have raised over $1,000,000 to support their mission and innovate science education in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Recently, the museum announced its future location—the Urban Plains development in south Fargo! The museum, estimated to be a 63,500-square-foot building at the intersection of Seter Parkway and 31st Ave S, is projected to open to the public in early 2027.

Stay updated on the museum's progress at fmsciencemuseum.org.


At Home Mixologist

Ronny Torgerson

On The Rocks

Knob Creek Old Fashioned Ingredients

On The Rocks

Walnut Bitters


Old Fashioned

meet Ronny NON

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