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​From photographers to cakes, we highlight everything you need to know about planning a wedding in Fargo-Moorhead. Photo by Yvonne Denault Photography





Your​Wedding Guide

​ rom photographers to the cake, we break down what you need to F know about planning a wedding in Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo.


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PLANNING A WEDDING IS TOUGH, and even after getting all of the expert advice that you can, you might still find yourself in need of some inspiration. We’ve gathered a collection of photos from recent weddings to give you inspiration for anything from DIY decorations to fun traditions, so we hope you see something that catches your eye. Kory & Erica Reiners Carlina Jane Captures

Cole & Tracey Hooey Manstrom Photography

Tyler & Cassandra Matthys Ridge & Linda Fatland

Ward & Alyssa Briggs Milestones Photography

Colton & Ashton Kanstrup Alysha Scholten 10 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING

Matt & Lindsey Sandbeck Katie Lewis Photography

Brandon & Paige Raboin Bella Journee Photo



Cole & Tracey Hooey Manstrom Photography Shannon & Maggie Henstorf Kate Minor Photography

Matt & Lindsey Sandbeck Katie Lewis Photography

Colton & Ashton Kanstrup Alysha Scholten Ward & Alyssa Briggs Milestones Photography

Brandon & Paige Raboin Bella Journee Photo 12 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING

Matthew & Elaina Tieszen A.T. Photography

Ryan & Janna Knox Shawn Rode Photography

Brian & Alica Stuvland Studio A Photography


Ward & Alyssa Briggs Milestones Photography

Brian & Alicia Stuvland ​Studio A Photography

Cole & Tracey Hooey Manstrom Photography

Brandon & Paige Raboin Bella Journee Photo

Mitchell & Krissy Skajewski Michael Jahnl

Shannon & Maggie Henstorf Kate Minor Photography

Brian & Alica Stuvland Studio A Photography

In case you’re feeling inspired to give some of your wedding projects your own personal flare, look no further on where to start from scratch. We’ve gathered a list of some of the places in town that you can get everything you need for personalized and DIY décor. abode décor & gift 4340 13th Ave. S, Fargo shopabodedecor.com

c. lizzy’s 410 Broadway, Fargo clizzys.com

Art Materials/Uptown Pen 300 Broadway N, Fargo artmaterialsonline.com

Eco Chic Boutique 4955 17th Ave. S, Fargo iloveecochic.com

Beads on Broadway 114 Broadway N, Fargo beadsonbroadway.com

Hobby Lobby 4427 13th Ave. SW, Fargo hobbylobby.com

Bouclé Yarn Studio 616 Main Ave, Fargo boucleyarnstudio.com

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft 4340 13th Ave. S, Fargo joann.com

K & Krafts 420 Center Ave. Ste. 10, Moorhead (Moorhead Center Mall) facebook.com/kkraftsmn Michael’s 1638 13th Ave. E, West Fargo michaels.com Nordic Needle 1314 Gateway Dr. S, Fargo nordicneedle.com

O’Day Caché 317 Broadway N, Fargo odaycache.com Party City 4340 13th Ave. S, Fargo partycity.com Things Remembered 3902 13th Ave. SW, Fargo (West Acres Mall) thingsremembered.com Unglued Market 408 Broadway N, Fargo unlguedmarket.com 13


shopping for weddings, for brides to really kind of gather all the information and tools and names and numbers for people. It might be their venue and their DJs and their photo booths or cakes or flowers or whatever they might need for their wedding. ... Plus there’s going to be a fashion show, and then you have me who’s going to help guide them through helping them find the perfect wedding dress. So many brides are anxious about selecting that wedding dress, and I break it down to where it’s a really simple, easy, fun process.” Q: What would you say is the biggest

stressor about picking a wedding dress?



TLC’s hit show “Say Yes to the Dress” is going on an amazing 13 seasons, and one of its stars was at Shooting Star Casino’s Wedding Extravaganza on March 1. Randy Fenoli is the fashion director at Kleinfeld, the New York City bridal salon where the series takes place and he was happy to chat all things wedding gowns with us. Interview by Lisa Marchand | Photos courtesy of TLC

Q: You grew up in southern Illinois,

but you’ve been in New York City for over 20 years. Do you still maintain some of your Midwestern roots?

A: “I would say I maintain my Midwestern work ethic, if that makes sense. I was raised on a farm so I think when you are raised that way it always sticks with you.” Q: Let’s talk about this bridal

show coming up at Shooting Star Casino on March 1. How do events like these benefit couples

planning their wedding?

A: “It’s a great place to go and really meet all the vendors that you’re going to need at your wedding and really compare and contrast, see who you click with, see who you don’t. Sometimes you’ll see things that you never even thought of, because every bride wants their wedding to be unique, and I think there’s so many new and exciting things out there that brides have never even thought of. I know when I go to these wedding events and appear, I go and meet the vendors and I see things that I’ve never seen before, and they show me things that I’m like, ‘Oh wow, that’s really cool.’ ... It’s a great one-stop


A: “… I think the bride always wants to please everyone and wants everyone to love her dress. And I think what she needs to realize is that if she loves the dress and she feels beautiful, if those people really love her, then they will love the wedding dress. And if they don’t, then why did she put them on the guest list to begin with? It’s like if they’re not going to show you the respect and love because you are who you are, then let them sit at home. (laughs) Q: Who should brides really bring

with on the day they go gown shopping?

A: “See, I don’t have a problem with big groups or small groups. What I do have a problem with is brides that don’t communicate before they step in the bridal salon. Because I really think that if a bride thinks she’s mature enough to get married, then she’s mature enough to handle a bridal appointment. And when I say that, you need to sit down and say, ‘Look, my budget’s $1,000, so please don’t pull a $10,000 dress unless you’re going to pitch in the other $9,000. You know I don’t want to look like Cinderella, so don’t go pull a big, poofy ball gown because I’m in my early 40s and I don’t want to look like a 20-year-old bride. And you know I’m very sensitive about my hips, so when I’m on the pedestal in the three-way mirror in front of everyone, don’t say, “Gosh that dress makes your hips look wide,” because I’m going to start crying. And remember this is a wedding dress for me, so I appreciate your opinions, (but) remember that it’s really about what I like and I’m hoping that you’ll support what I like and be there Interview continues on next page


GO WEDDING Q&A for me.’ So I think if she sets it up with that premise, she’ll have a much more enjoyable bridal shopping experience.” Q: What do you think about when

brides bring their fiancés with?

A: “You know, it really depends. I’ve seen them bring fiancés that all they want is, ‘Oh I just want her to look sexy.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh dear lord, that’s called the honeymoon. Get over it.’ Then I have fiancés that, let’s say the bride grew up New York and the fiancé grew up in LA, and maybe they moved to Michigan or Minnesota and went to college together, and then after college they lived together for four years. So now (for) eight years they’ve known each other and have really been away from their parents. At that part of your lives, you really start to develop, and your style evolves into what it is today. I think that maybe your parents and maybe your childhood friends still think of you as this little princess or the style that you used to have when you were much younger, but maybe your fiancé really knows what your style is today. So he may be actually a good person to bring along because he knows what you’re looking for.” Q: How far in advance would you

recommend scoping out the dress?

A: “I would say if you’re below six months, that’s when you need to get in gear. Not to stress anyone out, but if you shop for a wedding dress under six months, there’s some styles that you simply cannot order, even with a rush charge. Maybe it’s the Chinese New Year in China and they take off a month. I would say anything like six to 12 months is fine, but don’t shop until you’re ready to buy and don’t shop too late.” Q: What’s the best way for brides to

find styles and shapes and fabrics that they like? Do you recommend looking at wedding magazines or Pinterest or anything?

A: “Both. I think going to Pinterest, going to wedding magazines, going to bridal blogs and whatnot, pull out things that you like. They say a picture paints a thousand words. I think that showing your — not that you need a thousand pictures — but if you show your bridal consultant a few images, then instantly that tells her this girl is traditional, or she wants to be really sexy, or she wants to be a princess, or she wants to be gothic or bohemian. I think that one picture or a few pictures is really going to help

guide the consultant into finding the dress that’s perfect for you. Then after that it really comes down to silhouette and proportion.” Q: It seems that so often on “Say

Yes to the Dress” that they have a style in mind and then it just A: doesn’t work.

“The other thing I say is keep an open mind. Even though you come in with those pictures, I have so many brides that will say, ‘I absolutely do not want a strapless dress because everyone I know has worn strapless. And I don’t like lace. And I don’t want beading.’ And they end up with a strapless lace beaded dress because they’ve never had it on. It’s not like purchasing a pair of jeans where you know your waist and your inseam and the kind of wash you want and the brand that fits you the best, and you go in, you pick it up off the shelf and you put it on the counter. It’s not like that. Unless you’re Elizabeth Taylor, you haven’t done this eight times before. This is new to them, so they should keep an open mind. The worst thing that happens is you have to take it off.”

Q: What are some of the biggest

wedding gown trends right now?

A: “Definitely there’s the pastel colors and the off-whites and everything are in, like pale pinks and green. But I find that most brides end up with white or an ivory color. I would say as far as trends, definitely shorter trains on the dresses. That’s because the brides today are thinking more about the reception rather than the ceremony, so they don’t want all that fabric to have to bustle up for the reception and carry around all night and dance with this big heavy French bustle on the back of their dress. For that reason the designers have gone much shorter with the trains.

Say Yes to the dress Season 13 of “Say Yes to the Dress” premieres March 6 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.


GO WEDDING Q&A Also, brides have been screaming about ‘Strapless dresses, strapless dresses.’ A lot more dresses with straps and yokes and halters; just anything non-strapless has become very popular. And with that, because they are doing dresses that aren’t strapless, they can really now emphasize on the backs, so a lot of back interest. You can’t do a low back with a strapless dress because it won’t stay up, so now that they have straps they’re doing really low, sexy backs. I also saw lots of dresses with cutouts, and I mean lots of cutouts. I think this had a lot to do with Kim Kardashian’s dress because she had that dress with the two cutouts on the sides and lots of cutouts. There was hardly a body part I didn’t see that wasn’t exposed coming down the runway. I feel, for me, once again I’m a little more of a traditionalist. I think it’s a religious thing that you’re doing, generally speaking. It’s going to be in a church or some sort of synagogue or something and you’re going to have your grandmothers there and your great aunt and I think you should be respectful. Just remember, being sexy, you can save that for the honeymoon.” Q: How has the actual act of

wedding gown shopping evolved since you first began working at Kleinfeld?

A: “I think now that girls have seen the show, I think they have a different expectation of what to pay for the dress, what they’re going to pay. Here’s the thing: the average price that a woman in America spends on a bridal gown is anywhere from $800 to $1,100. But at Kleinfeld, the prices start higher, and if you’re going to want a Pnina Tornai (gown), they’re going to start at least $5,000 minimum, so I think brides have more knowledge now. They’re armed with more knowledge to know if you’re going to want the dress with all the Swarovski crystals and the beading and the lace and the satin and everything else, what you’re going to have to pay for it. What I’ve noticed — it’s kind of a funny little thing — is that before the show, brides used to come in and they would come in in sweats and their hair in ponytails and whatever they had, no makeup and their hair not washed. And of course now that we’re filming the show, they come in camera-ready just in case they get caught in a back shot or something. They want to make sure that they’re looking good. (laughs) It’s really

funny. I feel that you should always present yourself nicely when you go into someplace, but it’s just interesting to see the evolution that they used to just enter these shops in their sweats and now they’re, and I mean, dressed to the nines and made up for camera.” Q: “Say Yes to the Dress” has

remained insanely popular since it first began in 2007. Why do you think that is?

A: “It’s going on 13 seasons, which is, as far as I know, one of the longest running series in TLC history. … I think it’s so popular because the show really isn’t, for me, the show really isn’t about selecting a wedding dress as much as it is about the family unit and them coming together and trying to make a decision on one single thing when everybody has kind of a different opinion and different ideas and different expectations. I think so many different people can watch the show, from little girls who want to be Cinderella and dream about their wedding dress in the future to brides who are in the process of getting married to see what’s out there and what to expect and everything, to grandmothers who maybe never had that shopping experience with their families, or maybe fathers who watch it and think, ‘Oh what am I going to do when I have to go shopping with my little girl?’ So I think everyone can really relate to the show. Even guys are like what’s the big deal? I’m just going to go and pick up my tuxedo at a rental place, so what’s the big deal about this wedding dress? And then they watch it and they’re like, ‘Oh wow, I never knew this whole world went on behind these closed doors.’ So I think it really opened up people’s mind to what happens in a bridal salon and I think it really speaks to the family unit and just how they interact in a public setting. I think that because we don’t script it that it’s real families going through real things and real people can relate to it, and I think that’s why it’s lasted so long.” Q: What is the best part of your job? A: “The best part is when I get a bride on a pedestal and in the perfect dress and maybe she has never truly felt beautiful before, and she looks in the mirror and her body languages changes and her eyes start to tear up and she looks at me

Randy Fenoli of “Say Yes to the Dress” spoke at Shooting Star Casino’s Wedding Extravaganza March 1.

and she goes, ‘I feel beautiful for the first time in my life.’ For me, that’s like winning the gold medal. … When you get a girl and you get them in the right dress and she feels happy and beautiful, for me it’s like winning the gold medal or the Academy Award.” Q: It really is an instantaneous mood

change in the room.

A: “Oh yeah, their body language changes and the way they pose and the way they walk. You know when they’re in the right dress, and that’s when I know it’s time for me to get up there and fight for her because she really likes this dress. And maybe the family doesn’t see it. Sometimes I sit there and wonder, ‘They’ve spent their whole life with this girl and they can’t tell how much she loves this dress? What’s going on here? I just met her and I can tell.’ It amazes me.” 17


Wedding Checklist ​Planning a wedding is no simple task. Worry no more; we created a checklist just for you.

12 TO 14 Months Before Settle on a budget and decide who’s paying for what. Decide on the style, formality and size of your wedding. Select a date. (Keep in mind popular wedding dates, sporting events, etc.) Begin creating a guest list.

Book your baker and decide on cake designs or alternatives. Find a florist and finalize arrangements. Find a caterer, if none are available at your reception venue. Find a photographer or videographer and finalize contracts. Pick out bridesmaid dress(es) and notify your girls.

Decide if you want premarital counseling. Begin looking at wedding gowns for inspiration. Visit and book your ceremony and reception locations.

6 TO 9 Months Before

Finalize guest list. Send out save-the-date cards.

10 TO 12 Months Before Create a save-the-date guest list and gather addresses. Choose your wedding party. Settle on colors and themes with your fiancé. Make a bridal salon appointment and try on gowns. Order wedding gown and veil. Begin researching honeymoon locales. Book your DJ or band. 18 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING

Begin registering for gifts. Visit a jeweler to pick out wedding bands for you and the groom. Decide on wedding day transportation. Choose the officiant for the ceremony. Confirm that the bridesmaids have had their fittings. Pick out tuxes and notify the groomsmen. Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. Purchase wedding dress accessories. Schedule engagement photo session.


Wedding Checklist 4 TO 5 Months Before Confirm that groomsmen have had their fittings. Pick out wedding invitations. Finalize catering menu. Confirm dates for bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Reserve any rental equipment including chairs, tables, linens, etc.

1 TO 2 Months Before Design and order wedding programs. Get your marriage license. Test out hair and makeup styles with your stylist. Have your final gown fitting. Meet with your officiant and finalize ceremony plans. Write your vows. Purchase gifts for your groom, parents, in-laws and wedding party.

2 TO 3 Months Before 1 TO 4 Weeks Before Have your first bridal gown fitting. Bring your shoes so they can alter accordingly. Select wedding favors and order if necessary.

Prepare a must-have shot list for your photographer and/or videographer. Finalize playlist or set list for reception.

Notify family and friends who will be doing readings or singing at the ceremony.

Confirm all beauty appointments.

Book a rehearsal dinner spot.

Pick up groom's tuxedo.

Book makeup artist and hairstylist.

Confirm final headcount.

Confirm wedding day transportation.

Give final numbers to all vendors.

Pick up your wedding gown and veil.

Select music for the ceremony and dinner. Mail invitations at least eight weeks before the wedding day. The BIG DAY is FINALLY HERE! 19

By Andrew Jason, Erica Rapp & Lisa Marchand Spread Photo by Images Off Broadway Photos by Tiffany Swanson and J. Alan Paul Photography




Capacity Guide THE NUMBER OF WEDDING RECEPTION VENUES IN THE AREA CAN BE OVERWHELMING. Once you've settled on the number of guests, consult our capacity guide to find the right space for your special day. Keep in mind that many venues offer smaller rooms to accommodate your guest list and rooms that are perfect for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and bridal showers.

More than 650


Up to 650

Oxbow Country Club Baymont Inn Holiday Inn Fargo Carlos Creek Winery Hilton Garden Inn Howard Johnson






• On-site catering and bar services • LED lighting in all ballrooms • Free built-in screens and projectors • Built-in dance floors in most rooms • Adequate parking

Roosevelt Board Room (75)

Up to 450


What used to be The Hub has transformed into a spectacular event center, complete with four ballrooms and space for up to 1,200 wedding reception guests. Now dubbed Avalon West, the feel is brighter and more spacious than ever in this private events center. • Complete set up and tear down, linens included

Ramada Plaza & Suites Dakota Magic Casino Avalon West Shooting Star Casino


Avalon West

Radisson The Barn at Five Lakes Resort Fair Hills Resort The Avalon Downtown O’Kelly’s Hjemkomst Center Rendezvous Park Waterfall Eastgate Event Center Elks Grand Lodge Romantic Moon Events Center Fargo Air Museum Plains Art Museum

Up to 200

Hotel Donaldson Usher's House Rheault Farm Seasons at Rose Creek Coteau des Prairies Country Inn & Suites Island Park Santa Lucia Sons of Norway


Courtyard by Marriott The Vintage Garden The Lodge on Lake Detroit Red River Valley Fairgrounds Holiday Inn on the Lake Cambria Inn and Suites Bonanzaville El Zagal Shrine Rustic Oaks Concordia College Five Lakes Resort

Up to 250

Boerth’s Gallery/D’Vine Moorhead Country Club NDSU Alumni Center Meadows on Lind ecce art + yoga Copper Ridge Event Center Fargo Country Club A Friend’s House Bluestem Center for the Arts Detroit Mountain Grazies Atrium Trollwood Park The Bowler Fargo Civic Center West Fargo VFW

Perfect for groom's dinners, this stunning room has a full bar on hand. Sheyenne Ballroom (150) This arts and crafts-style room is ideal for those with a smaller guest list. Dakota Ballroom (200) For those couples looking for a classic space, this French Provincial-style ballroom could be a great fit. Prairie Rose Ballroom (325) This Art Deco-themed room is filled with over 40 pieces of art and gorgeous chandeliers. Millennium Ballroom (1,200) There's more than enough room for your guests and then some in the event center's largest room. It's complete with a loft and alcove for additional seating.


NO MATTER HOW YOU SHAKE IT, music is a necessity at every wedding reception. Whether you go with a DJ or a live band is up to you, but we sat down with three experts to get a better idea of how to choose.

tips from pirate radio productions


• Pick a DJ that you mesh with • Decide if you want music for you or your guests

• Be wary of outdoor receptions Pirate Radio Productions Productions Owner Brian Bingham Assistant Manager Nikki Hegarty

"It's not that a band or a DJ is better. I think you really need to talk to your significant other and decide what you want your wedding to be." - Nikki Hegarty of Pirate Radio Productions

tips from heart&soul • Listen to the band ahead of time • Meet the band



Often more expensive, but some bands are willing to work with the couple.


Typically more budget-friendly, depending on whether you utilize other services they offer.

Songs will be one-of-a-kind, especially the couple’s first dance.


The playlist can be customized to the couple’s liking or to satisfy the crowd of guests.

Most have dozens of receptions under their belts, so they know how to work a crowd and put on a show.


They each have a distinct personality; some are better at DJing while others find their niche in emceeing.

Most have a distinct sound and genre they prefer to play, but that may not be what the couple is looking for.


They have the ability to play any song of any genre.

If they’re booked, they’re booked.


Most companies have multiple DJs on deck in case there are many other weddings that day.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love hitting the dance floor for a live band.


They’re trained to read the crowd and can adjust the playlist as necessary.

They can’t offer much else beyond their set and a really great time.

OTHER perks

Many have additional options like karaoke and photo booths.

• Budget accordingly

Heart&Soul Band Manager Paul Shields



Blossoming Beauty FLOWERS ARE EVERYWHERE IN WEDDINGS. From the table centerpieces to the wedding party, you’ll want your floral arrangements to be on point. We spoke with some floral experts in the area to bring you the best advice when it comes to choosing your stems. You see a photo of a beautiful bouquet or arrangement that you’d like to use for your own wedding – but what’s all in it exactly? With the help of Prairie Petals owner Kimberly Hess, we were able to dissect a beautiful bouquet of flowers so that you don’t have to be totally lost when it comes to floral planning.

Rice Flower


Juliet Cabbage and Versilia Roses Dusty Miller

Queen Anne’s Lace

TIP FROM Hess Silver Bell’s Eucalyptus (Painted Gold)

Prairie Petals 210 Broadway N, Fargo prairiepetalsfm.com 28 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING

White Stock Flower


“Look into having a flower attendant to be there on the day of your wedding. They can take proper care of the flowers and make sure they get water in between photos.”

Florist Cindy Schmeets constructed some beautiful ideas for table centerpieces and wedding reception décor. We found out that roses are still a hot classic for floral arrangements, and that mason jars have become increasingly popular at weddings for a casual, yet elegant look.

Arrangements made up of Waxflower, Blue Perm and Tulips

“Keep in mind to think about what will be in season when choosing your flowers. It always helps the florist to have the client get inspiration and color ideas first as well.” – Cindy Schmeets Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 4000 40th St. S, Fargo shotwellflorist.com


A QUICK GUIDE to photographers SINCE 1919, SCHERLING PHOTOGRAPHY HAS BEEN TAKING FARGO-MOORHEAD’S PHOTOS. With 96 years under their belt, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about wedding photography. We talked with Assistant Manager and Photographer Tara Scherling about what you need to know.


Planning Ahead


While it’s important to talk with your photographer about what you’re looking for, remember your time limit. Some people want all candid shots, but miss out on doing posed shots while others want vice versa. Make sure you communicate with your photographer to figure out what’s feasible and what’s not.

Trends come and go. A couple of years ago, trash the dress was popular. Now that’s gone. Research what you would like to do. Scherling has noticed that High Dynamic Range photos are becoming quite popular. Don’t pick your photos off of trendiness. Ensure you’ll like them 30 years from now.

Have a Backup


Make sure your photographer will be bringing a second shooter to the wedding. There are so many candid moments that happen during the day that it’s impossible for one photographer to capture them all. Speaking of backups, make sure your photographer has a plan in case something happens that prevents them from making it the day of your wedding.

Talk with your photographer about how long you want them there the day of the wedding. Scherling Photography offers packages ranging from one to 10 hours. Scherling said the majority of packages cover six to eight hours. This allows the photographer to be there for the bride and groom getting ready through the beginning of the reception.

KNOW WHAT YOU'Re GETTING It’s easy to call yourself a professional photographer these days if you have a nice camera. Get what you’re paying for by asking the following questions.

• Do you have backup equipment in case something breaks? • How many years have you been shooting? • How many weddings have you photographed? • Will you be bringing a second shooter? • How long do I have to wait before receiving the finished images? • How do you describe your wedding photography style? • What type of equipment do you use? • How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan? • Will you give me the negatives or the digital images, and is there a fee for that? • How will you be dressed?


Wendy Thymian, sales and inventory manager at Wimmer’s Diamonds, knows fine jewelry. She filled us in on what you need to know when picking out the perfect ring.

This ring epitomizes two of the biggest trends in engagement rings right now: vintage-inspired and a halo, a center gem encircled by smaller diamonds.

tip Thymian recommends getting your rings cleaned 3-4 times/year.

engagement rings

The solitaire stone is a classic look but with a twist. Brides are on the hunt for unique rings, and yellow gold is making a comeback — in the best way possible.

This white gold engagement ring features a princess-cut diamond accompanied by a scalloped, stackable wedding band. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the two.

groom's wedding bands

There’s no denying that rose gold has made its way into everyday fashion. What better way to sport it than on your hand for eternity?

Tungsten​is huge right now, and the s​ implicity​ of this band is what so many men are looking for. This metal is scratch-resistant, but know that it can break or crack if dropped and can’t be resized.

White gold bands like this are ​timeless​and can be refinished, repolished and sized.

• Send your man ideas.

• Shop together.

​Pro Tips When Shopping for the Ring

• Don’t forget to have fun.

• Try on different rings.


• Don’t feel rushed.


unique wedding meals

IF THERE’S ONE THING PEOPLE REMEMBER ABOUT WEDDINGS, it’s the food. Theodore Swiontek, owner of Oven Door Catering, helped us understand the pros and cons of buffets versus fullservice plated meals.

You don’t have to go with a traditional meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out alternative catering options like the ones below.

buffet LUSH LOLA'S Choose from three wedding packages: Rustic Elegance, Country Classic or Country Casual. From fajita bars to whole roasted pigs, this caterer is perfect for the meat-loving couple.

Once guests begin piling food onto their plates, aesthetic appeal may go out the window.



MOE'S SOUTHWEST GRILL Bring some southwest flair to your reception with their slew of menu options. Besides, who doesn’t love chips and queso? Photos courtesy of Lush Lola’s, John Borge and Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Chefs can take the time to make each dish beautiful for your guests.

Since more employees are required to serve and remove plates, the cost tends to be higher.

Varies by caterer, but is typically less expensive than full-service plated meals.


Some couples prefer guests to serve themselves for a more laid-back feel.


Adds an element of formality to a reception, particularly at black tie weddings.

Guests get up from their tables and tend to mingle with more people.


You are guaranteed dinner conversation with those at your table.

Some caterers can set up stations, from meat-carving to desserts, to allow guests more freedom to choose what they want.


Guests typically choose from between two to three meal options prior to the wedding day.

Whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors, hot food is usually guaranteed longer.


Sometimes weather can dictate how hot the food is upon arrival at outdoor receptions.

For couples on a time crunch, allows guests to get served faster.


If time is of no constraint, provides more emphasis on the mealtime.

BLACKBIRD WOODFIRE The downtown hotspot began as a catering business and is happy to accommodate weddings. Menu options include personal-sized or large pizzas as well as tapas and salads.




AH YES, THE CAKE. There are so many choices when it comes to flavors and designs that it can be a stressful task to make a decision. Although there’s nothing wrong with a classic three-tiered mountain of sweetness, there are plenty of fun alternatives that can make your special day even more unique.

Fantasies in Frosting offers beautiful and delicious cakes and desserts that are uniquely designed in all kinds of tastes and styles. If you’re looking to do something different from a traditional cake for your big day, be sure to inquire about anything from personal pies and cookies to cupcake platters and dessert buffets. Owner and certified decorator Darla Julin was able to give a little advice for anyone out there in the process of wedding planning.

CHECK WITH YOUR VENUE “Be sure to double check with your venue that it’s okay to bring in outside cakes and desserts. A few places will require you to go with their cakes as part of a package deal, or just won’t let you have outside food.”

ORDER EARLY “We take orders up to a year in advance. Booking early is obvious, but you never know how popular the date of your wedding may be. There could be a lot going on the same day or weekend.”

Fantasies in Frosting 4501 15th Ave. SW, Fargo fantasiesinfrosting.com 38 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING

Love in the Oven Bakery has plenty of fun alternatives to traditional cakes. You can custom create your own dessert bars, order a tower of cake pops or the bakery can recreate family recipes to make your wedding personal and unique.

Cake pops can be designed to cater any style.

Love in the Oven Bakery loveintheovenbakery.com

If you’re looking for cupcake central, here it is. With more than 50 gourmet and gluten-free cupcakes available, the possibilities for personalization are immense. Not only can each of your guests enjoy their own sweet stuff, but the mini cupcake option can cater to all by allowing guests to try more than just one. Bake•ol•o•gy bakeologyfm.com


On Your Big Day WITH CLOSE TO 4,000 WEDDINGS UNDER THEIR BELT, it’s safe to say that Bill and Judy Walker, owners of All Occasions Limousine and Coach, know a thing or two about transportation for weddings. We talked with them about what you need to know about getting around on your big day.

Book Early

Know Your Budget

See The Vehicles

Yes, every wedding vendor says it, but All Occasions Limo recommends booking out one year in advance and at least six months before the day of the wedding. They even have reservations up to a year and a half before the date.

Every transportation company will offer something different. Make sure you research what you’re getting for the price. You will have to balance quality versus affordability.

You don’t want to be picked up in a dilapidated vehicle on the most important day of your life. Make sure you scope out the vehicles beforehand. Bill Walker recommends checking the mileage. Try and avoid vehicles with more than 100,000 miles.

Know Your Schedule

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Chauffeur Vs. Driver

No matter how much planning goes into your wedding, something is bound to go wrong. Make sure you plan some buffer room into your schedule. Give the chauffeur at least 15 minutes so they can be there in case something goes wrong.

Obviously, a big part of weddings are the bachelor and bachelorette parties. While all of these will vary based on budgets, limos are a popular ride. All Occasions offers a special bar hop package with buy one get one drink tickets and free covers to numerous bars across the area.

One of All Occasions’ most unique vehicles is their trolley. This coach seats up to 28 people and has Tiffany sconce lighting throughout, a surround sound system, chandeliers and makes for a great photo backdrop the day of the wedding.


According to the Walkers, there’s a difference between chauffeurs and drivers. All Occasions hires only chauffeurs to drive their limos and trollies. The chauffeurs clean the vehicle, stock the ice and will assist you in any way possible. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you order your transportation.

All Occasions Limousine and Coach fargolimo.com 701-232-LIMO

looking for something different? For the last 52 years, Dakota Carriage has been offering a unique service to the people of FargoMoorhead. Started by Jim Hoglund in the ‘60s, Dakota Carriage offers a variety of horse-drawn carriage rides.

With several carriages ranging from wagons capable of holding a whole wedding party to mini Cinderella carriages, there is something for everybody. Open year-round, Dakota Carriages remains a popular option of getting from the church to the reception. Derik Kraft, co-owner of Dakota Carriages, recommends booking transportation at least a year in advance, although they can work with shorter deadlines. The company isn’t limited by where you want to go either. Kraft said that their carriages have gone down 13th Avenue in Fargo, although the horses only travel about four miles per hour.

Dakota Carriage Company dakotacarriagecompany.com 701-347-4069


IF A PHOTO IS WORTH 1,000 WORDS, HOW MANY IS A VIDEO WORTH? We asked Penny Burns of Northern Stories why having a video of the most important day of your life is so crucial.

Q By the numbers




Average price to budget for videographer




Number of hours that can go into editing a highlight film.


1 year Amount of time in advance to contact a videographer.


Are most people getting highlight videos or are they having the whole ceremony recorded? “The way I set up my package is, I provide the highlight video and the ceremony is included in that. I feel like the trend is to go for just the highlight video because there’s a lot of storytelling that can be done as opposed to having someone just set up a camera.” When should people contact you when planning a wedding? “Generally a year in the wedding business. People who are booking weddings, videography is kind of a last minute thought. Especially in this region I feel like it’s just catching on. I would suggest a year.” Why should someone hire a videographer versus having Uncle Larry set up a camera? “There are so many moments during your wedding day that fly by that you don’t have a chance to soak in. Hiring a professional to do that allows you to preserve those memories and allows you to remember what your grandma looked like as she busted a move on the dance floor.”


What should people be looking for in a wedding videographer?


“When I’m talking with potential clients, I think the number one thing is to make sure we connect on a friendship level because you’re going to be working with that person for many hours throughout the day.”


How many hours of editing goes into one highlight video?


“A lot. … I would say I spend at least 20 hours on a film.”


Roughly how much should people budget for a videographer?


“I’ve seen in town anywhere from $1,700 up to $5,000. It depends who you connect with. I would say around $2,000. I think people are surprised by the cost of videography because you see a highlight film and you think, ‘Oh, that’s not very much.’ There is a lot of work that goes into it.”

Northern Stories northern-stories.com 701-566-0280



LOOK YOUR BEST ONE OF THE BIGGEST, MOST TIME-CONSUMING DECISIONS OF YOUR BIG DAY IS WHAT YOU’LL WEAR. Lace or satin? Mermaid style or ball gown? Cathedral length or birdcage veil? No matter what, there are plenty of places in town to help you make all the calls.


Belair Hairpiece $126


Bride’s Bejeweled Necklace $209

We can’t forget about the men. Spice up their tuxes with bright patterns and fun accessories.


Tiadora Wedding Gown $1,699


a.b. Ellie Champagne Belt $499

Tip Top Tux tttux.com $49.95


Dyeables Shoes $82

Pearl Clutch $59

Unglued Market ungluedmarket.com $36

Striped socks Tip Top Tux tttux.com $12.95 ​ ll bridal items from Alan Evans Bridal A alanevansbridal.com 44 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING



wedding planning



PLANNING A WEDDING IS HUGE. There are so many tasks that you may not know where to start, or you may not even know what questions to ask yourself about where to start. That’s what the experts are for. Christy Schauer with Love Always Event Design & Rentals was able to take frequently asked questions and tailor her advice to all of those in the planning stage.

First, talk with your fiancé and discuss what items are most important to you and do not try to cut costs on those items. Once you do those, a couple options could be: Review your guest list: If you are doing a full meal, this will be the most effective way to reduce costs. Be creative at the bar: Instead of offering a full bar, work with your venue to only offer wine and keg beer, along with a customized wedding cocktail. Off-season: Look at off-season or Friday bookings when working with possible ceremony and reception venues. Often times they will have special pricing packages on dates that are not in demand.



First discuss a budget with your fiancé and the families involved. This will help set expectations from the start. Next, begin your search for a ceremony location and reception venue. I would encourage you to research different options in the Fargo-Moorhead area including local parks, rustic barn venues, smaller intimate settings as well as local hotel banquet halls. 46 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING

In the Pinterest world, possibilities are endless! Do I focus on a rustic, classic, vintage or glamorous theme and how do I tie it all together? I would recommend finding one color palette or design element that inspires you. Once this is chosen, make it your design foundation. As you consider design elements going forward, make sure to reference this often and it will help to eliminate other ideas that might creep in and don’t align with this theme or color palette.



Invitations should be sent out between 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding date. An appropriate date to expect an RSVP is two weeks prior to your wedding date. Most caterers and venues will not expect a final number until one week out. This gives you a week to finalize all numbers, reach out to those who have not responded to the RSVP and print necessary seating items.

Dear Miss Unique:

My best advice for this is to pick two to three things, do them extremely well, make it personal and be intentional. This can be done at any point in the wedding process. A couple examples include: The Wedding Invitation: Spend a little extra money for calligraphy, higher paper quality and a custom design to fit your style. This sets the tone for the wedding. Wedding Ceremony Music: Find a string quartet or exceptional pianist to entertain your guests. Guest Favor: Purchase items from a local vendor that is close to you and your fiancé for the gift. Along with the gift, attach a custom designed personal message for your guests.

Extra Tips for Design Budget a little more for one specific focus area of your reception to create an intentional striking design element. For example, make your head table ridiculously amazing. Work with your florist on specific pieces for that table, design a striking back drop and rent specialty linens, unique chairs, vintage dishes and glassware for your wedding party.

Learn more about Love Always Event Design & Rentals at lovealwayseventdesign.com.


Wedding Planners/ RENTALS Bliss Events & Weddings 701-261-4730 blissweddingsfargo.com

CHOOSING THE RIGHT CATERER OR PHOTOGRAPHER CAN BE HARD. While we can’t make the decision for you, we’ve compiled a list of area wedding vendors.

Love Always Event Design & Rentals 701-305-0282 lovealwayseventdesign.com

Rustic Trunk Event Design & Rentals 701-412-3782 rustictrunk.com

Sharper Image Wedding & Event Rentals

Jewelers A Cutting Edge

1700 32nd Ave. S, Fargo 701-356-7700 acuttingedgejewelry.com

Classic Jewelers

4302 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-0990 classicjewelersfargo.com

The Crown Jewels

1450 25th St. S. #136, Fargo 701-237-6809 crownjewelsfargo.com

218-850-9394 sharperimageweddingrentalsfargo. com

Riddle’s Jewelry

4055 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-277-1494 riddlesjewelry.com

Royal Jewelers

73 Broadway, Fargo 701-232-2491 royaljewelersfargo.com

Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry 3011 25th St. S, Fargo 701-237-9211 schmidtsjewelry.com

Eide Jewelry

Wimmer’s Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds

Wimmer’s Diamonds

3222 Highway 10 E, Moorhead 218-287-1411 eidejewelry.com West Acres Mall, 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-6341 helzberg.com

Kay Jewelers

West Acres Mall, 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-3684 kay.com

Puffes Fine Jewelry

Moorhead Center Mall, 510 Center Ave, Moorhead 218-233-3190 puffesfinejewelry.com 48 | MARCH 2015 | FARGO MONTHLY WEDDING


602 Main Ave, Fargo 701-232-2008 wimmersdiamonds.com

West Acres Mall, 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-2606 wimmersdiamonds.com


West Acres Mall, 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-4533 zales.com

Affairs by Brittany

Washington Square Mall, 808 Washington Ave, Detroit Lakes, Minn. 218-847-3788 affairsbybrittany.com

Alan Evans Bridal

Moorhead Center Mall, 512 Center Ave, Moorhead 218-236-8543 alanevansbridal.com

David’s Bridal

1500 13th Ave. E, West Fargo 701-281-4945 davidsbridal.com

Halberstadt’s On Broadway 102 Broadway, Fargo 701-364-9225 facebook.com/ HalberstadtsOnBroadway

Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers

West Acres Mall, 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-277-0745 facebook.com/ HalberstadtsWestAcresFargo

Kerri Lynn Designs Alexandria, Minn. kerrilynndesigns.com

Kristen’s Bridal & Tuxedo

2650 32nd Ave. S, Grand Forks, N.D. 701-775-0567 kristensbridal.com

LeeAnne’s Bridal

Your Day by nicole

Gigi’s Cupcakes


Hornbacher’s - Moorhead

102 Broadway Ste. 103, Fargo 701-478-1970 Search Your Day by nicole on Facebook

4340 13th Ave. SW, Fargo 701-232-7433 leeannesbridalnd.com


Men’s Wearhouse

Cakes & Crafts

4302 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-4386 menswearhouse.com

Straus Clothing

3223 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-235-7593 strausclothing.com

Tip Top Tux

West Acres Mall, 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-6248 tttux.com

Wedding Elegance

2551 45th St. S. Ste. 125, Fargo 701-241-9128 weddingelegancend.com

701-388-1130 bakeologyfm.com 3012 22nd St. S, Fargo 701-298-0017 cakesandcrafts.com

Cash Wise Foods

1401 33rd St. S, Fargo 701-237-4120 cashwise.com

Cash Wise Foods

3300 Highway 10 E, Moorhead 218-236-4910 cashwise.com

Fantasies in Frosting

4501 15th Ave. SW. Ste. 110, Fargo 701-356-5540 fantasiesinfrosting.com

1650 45th St. S. Ste. 103, Fargo 701-364-2253 gigiscupcakesusa.com

101 11th St. S, Moorhead 218-236-6333 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s - Northport 2510 Broadway N, Fargo 701-293-5444 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s - Osgood 4151 45th St. S, Fargo 701-281-8111 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s - Southgate 1532 32nd Ave. S, Fargo 701-280-1999 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s - Village West 4101 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-6363 hornbachers.com

Dan Francis Photography danfrancisphotography.com 10 8th St. N, Fargo 701-238-7185




Love in the Oven Bakery 701-388-1137 loveintheovenbakery.com

Nichole’s Fine Pastry

Dude Walker’s Music on Wheels 4110 40th St. S. #104, Fargo 701-234-9492 dudewalker.org

Harmon Danceworks & DJ 3425 1st St. E, West Fargo 701-541-7988 harmondanceworks.com

13 8th St. S, Fargo 701-232-6430 nicholesfinepastry.com

Jim Rivers Productions

Quality Bakery

Kick’n Entertainment

2532 University Dr. S, Fargo 701-237-9326 qualitybakeryfargo.com


701-371-7005 jimriversproductions.com

218-207-8109 kicknentertainmentweddingservices.com


6025 Bennett Ct. S, Fargo 701-367-8324 djmixvibes.com

Musicbox Entertainment ACL Sound

374 5th St. N, Fargo 701-491-9016 aclsound.com

All Access Mobile Music

1455 32nd St. S. #9892, Fargo 701-793-2463 aammdj.com

Boss DJ Services 701-238-9528 bossdjservices.com

By Request DJ

900 Highway 10 W, Dilworth, Minn. 218-443-8241 byrequestdj.dj

Dan’s Mobile Jukebox

701-239-3028 dansmobilejukebox.vpweb.com

Dance Machine

3837 River Dr. S, Fargo 701-261-8686 fargodancemachine.com

Digital Delight Professional DJ Service 3010 7 1/2 Ave. N. Ste. 2, Fargo 701-799-0685 digitaldelight.info

1408 72nd Ave. S, Fargo 414-460-6938 musicboxent.com

Pirate Radio Productions

2111 Main Ave. E. Ste. 3, West Fargo 701-799-5672 pirateradioproductions.net

Platinum Plus DJ

415 Main Ave. W, West Fargo 701-361-7862 platinumplusdj.com

Power Play DJ

3317 Fiechtner Dr. S, Fargo 701-235-3211 powerplaydj.com

Zims Entertainment 701-306-5701 zimsentertainment.com

32 Below

218-287-2037 32below.net

8th Hour


The Front Fenders thefrontfenders.com


DJ Jeff Benda

630-640-8033 heartandsoul.vpweb.com

D&J Music and Karaoke

218-287-2037 octoberroad.net

701-799-8299 jeffbenda.com

51 Broadway N, Fargo 701-639-3789 djmusickaraoke.com


October Road

Scherling Photography scherlingphotography.com 2801 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-237-3157

The Shakers


The Roosters

218-863-1367 theroosters.com

Rhyme or Reason 218-287-2037 rhymeorreason.net


Avalon Events Center Downtown

613 1st Ave. N, Fargo 701-232-1336 fargo-avalon.com/downtown

Avalon Events Center West 2525 9th Ave. SW, Fargo 701-478-9600 fargo-avalon.com/west

Baymont Inn and Suites (Formerly Doublewood Inn) 3333 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-235-3333 baymontfargo.com

A Friend’s House

Bluestem Center for the Arts

American Legion

Boerth’s Gallery

AmericInn Hotel & Suites


10066 20th St. N, Moorhead 701-541-3747 afriendshouse.info 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo 701-237-4013 americanlegionpost2.net 4325 23rd Ave. S, Fargo 701-235-4699 americinn.com

801 50th Ave. S, Moorhead 218-477-6500 trollwood.org 212 Broadway, Fargo 701-235-8923 boerthsgallery.com

1351 Main Ave. W, West Fargo 701-282-2822 bonanzaville.org

The Bowler

2630 University Dr. S, Fargo 701-235-7588 thebowlerfargo.com

Cambria Suites

825 E. Beaton Dr, West Fargo 701-551-0120 cambriawestfargo.com

Carlos Creek Winery

6693 County Rd. 34 NW, Alexandria, Minn. 320-846-5543 carloscreekwinery.com

Concordia College

901 8th St. S, Moorhead 218-299-3566 concordiacollege.edu/conferences

Copper Ridge Event Center 21 18th St. S, Fargo 701-200-4768 copperridgeeventcenter.com

Courtyard by Marriott FargoMoorhead 1080 28th Ave. S, Moorhead 218-284-1000 marriott.com

Images Off Broadway

imagesoffbroadway.com 218-343-0347 or 218-443-3660


Venues (Continued) Coteau des Prairies Lodge

9953 141st Ave. SE, Havana, N.D. 701-680-1175 cdplodge.com

Five Lakes Resort

34677 Camp Cherith Rd, Frazee, Minn. 1-800-323-2849 fivelakesresort.com/weddings

Grazies Atrium in the Multiband Tower

Country Inn & Suites

2000 44th St. SW, Fargo 701-492-5151 graziesfargo.com

Dakota Magic Casino

4351 17th Ave. S, Fargo 701-499-6000 hilton.com

Days Inn

202 1st Ave. N, Moorhead 218-299-5515 hcscconline.org

Detroit Mountain

3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-2700 fargohi.com

Eastgate Event Center

1155 Highway 10 E, Detroit Lakes, Minn. 877-251-9348 dlinn.com

ecce Art + Yoga

101 N Broadway, Fargo 701-478-1000 hoteldonaldson.com

El Zagal Shrine

301 3rd Ave. N, Fargo 701-232-8850 hojo.com

3316 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-234-0565 countryinns.com/fargo

16849 102nd St. SE, Hankinson, N.D. 1-800-325-6825 dakotamagic.com 600 30th Ave. S, Moorhead 218-287-7100 daysinn.com/moorhead 29409 170th St, Detroit Lakes, Minn. 218-844-3537 detroitmountain.com 123 21st St. S, Moorhead 218-233-4888 eastgateeventcenter.com 216 Broadway, Fargo 701-298-3223 ecce216.com 1429 3rd St. N, Fargo 701-235-7521 elzagal.org

Elks Grand Lodge-Fargo #260 3435 Broadway N, Fargo 701-293-5151 elks.org

Fair Hills Resort

24270 Co. Hwy 20, Detroit Lakes, Minn. 1-800-323-2899 fairhillsresort.com

Fargo Air Museum

1609 19th Ave. N, Fargo 701-293-8043 fargoairmuseum.org

Fargo Civic Center 207 4th St. N, Fargo 701-241-1480 cityoffargo.com

Fargo Country Club 509 26th Ave. S, Fargo 701-237-9122 fargocc.com


Hilton Garden Inn Fargo

Hjemkomst Center

Holiday Inn of Fargo

Holiday Inn on the Lake

Hotel Donaldson

Howard Johnson

Island Park

302 7th St. S, Fargo 701-499-6076 fargoparks.com/views/amenities/ weddings

The Lodge on Lake Detroit

1200 E. Shore Dr, Detroit lakes, Minn. 218-847-8439 thelodgeonlakedetroit.com

The Meadows on Lind

11463 U.S. Highway 59, Detroit Lakes, Minn. 701-361-8319 meadowsonlind.com

Moorhead Country Club 2101 N River Dr, Moorhead 218-236-0100 moorheadcountryclub.com

NDSU Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center 1241 University Dr. N, Fargo 701-231-6800 ndsualumnicenter.com

Fate and Love Photography fateandlovephotography.com 701-690-7789


3800 Main Ave, Fargo 701-277-1880 okellys.net/privateevents.html

Oxbow Country Club

130 Oxbow Dr, Oxbow, N.D. 701-588-4666 oxbowcc.com

Plains Art Museum 704 1st Ave. N, Fargo 701-232-3821 plainsart.org


201 5th St. N, Fargo 701-232-7363 radissonfargo.com

Ramada Plaza & Suites 1635 42nd St. S, Fargo 701-277-9000 ramadafargo.com

Red River Valley Fairgrounds 1805 Main Ave. E, West Fargo 701-282-2200 redrivervalleyfair.com

Rendevous Park

1055 32nd Ave. W, West Fargo 701-433-5360 wfparks.org/parks-facilities/rendezvous-park

Rheault Farm

2902 25th St. S, Fargo 701-499-7788 fargoparks.com/facilities-detail/rheault-farm

el Zagal shrine Center “where you don’t have to be a shriner to use our facilities”

Romantic Moon Events Center

Plan your next event with us!

158 80th St. S, Glyndon, Minn. 218-233-3025 romanticmoonevents.com

Full Service Bar

Rustic Oaks

12155 3rd St. S, Moorhead 218-343-0347 rusticoaks.net

Catering Available Risers Available for Head Table, Dance Bands or Entertainment

Santa Lucia

1109 38th St. S, Fargo 701-281-8656 santaluciainc.com

Ballroom Seats 265 with Large Dance Floor Lower Level with Large Outdoor Patio Seats 208

Seasons at Rose Creek

1500 Rose Creek Pkwy. E, Fargo 701-235-5000 seasonsatrosecreek.com

Sound System Newly Remodeled Lobby

Shooting Star Casino

Air Conditioned

777 S Casino Rd, Mahnomen, Minn. 800-453-STAR starcasino.com

Sons of Norway

722 2nd Ave. N, Fargo 701-478-5727 sofnfargo.com

Plenty of Parking Open to the Public






1429 north 3rd street Fargo, nd 58102 (701) 235-7521 www.elZagal.org




Trollwood Park

3664 Elm St. N, Fargo 701-499-7788 fargoparks.com/views/amenities/ weddings

Usher’s House

700 1st Ave. N, Moorhead 218-287-0080 ushershouse.com

The Vintage Garden

13571 130th St. S, Barnesville, Minn. 218-329-8108 vintagegardenvenue.com

West Fargo VFW

308 Sheyenne St, West Fargo 701-282-4728 westfargovfw.com

Photographers Admire Photography

701-212-9906 facebook.com/Admirephoto

All Event Photography 701-261-0713 alleventphotography.com

Autumn Wilson Photography

Fate and Love Photography 701-690-7789 fateandlovephotography.com

Gregory Photography

219 6th St, Hawley, Minn. 218-486-5600 gregoryphotographyhawley.com

Haney’s Photography

1610 Main Ave, Moorhead 218-233-8778 haneysphotography.com

High Photography

824 20th St. N, Moorhead 701-205-7488 highphotography.com

Images Off Broadway

218-343-0347 or 218-443-3660 imagesoffbroadway.com

J. Alan Paul Photography 701-566-0525 jalanpaul.com

J. Style Photography 701-219-5799 jstylephotography.com

Jenna Lenertz Photography

701-527-1293 facebook.com/jennalenertzphotography

Katie Lewis Photography 701-893-5782 katielewisphotography.com



701-893-6383 kaightie.com

Blacktie Photobooth

Laurel Sexton Photography

1722 35th St. S, Fargo 701-306-3929 blacktiephotobooth.com

Britta the Photographer 824 Main Ave, Fargo 701-446-8766 brittathephotographer.com

Carlina Jane Captures

701-306-1800 sextonphotography.com

Legacy Photography

118 Broadway Ste. L5, Fargo 701-893-7468 legacyfargo.com

Limelite Photography


218-329-5945 limelitephoto.com

Countryside Photography

Mataya Creations

Dan Francis Photography

Melissa Dale Photography

701-281-3031 countrysidephotond.com

10 8th St. N. Ste. 200, Fargo 701-238-7185 danfrancisphotography.com

Elisabeth Eden Photography 11 8th St. S. Ste. 201, Fargo 701-566-0806 elisabetheden.com

320-491-3998 matayacreations.com 701-219-4802 melissadalephotography.com

Memories Forever Photography 3940 10th St. N, Fargo 701-297-7594 mfphotos.net

Milestones Photography

405 W. Main Ave, West Fargo 701-371-7363 photomilestones.com

Mindy Craig Photography 701-369-0980 mindycraig.com

mJoy Photography

Shawn Coulter Photography 701-491-0489 shawncoulterphotography.com

Shawn Rode Photography 701-541-1560 shawnrodephotog.com

Studio 9 Photography

701-730-0422 mjoyphotography.com

901 9th St. S, Fargo 701-850-5765 studio9fargo.com

Northern Stories

Taylor Made Photography

701-566-0280 northern-stories.com

Photography By Joelson 3133 9 1/2 St. N, Fargo 701-232-3149 photographybyjoelson.com

Rialee Photography

505 N. Broadway Ste 205 Fargo, 701-478-9659 rialeephotography.com

Samantha Meyer Photography 910 Main Ave. Ste. 201, Fargo 701-491-8435 samantha-meyer.com

10 8th St. N, Fargo 701-793-6790 tmpfargo.com

Two Pines Photography and Design 701-270-8863 twopinesphotography.com

Yvonne Denault Photography 417 Main Ave. Ste. 200, Fargo 701-373-5770 weddings.yvonnedenault.com

Zach Davis Photography 701-690-7789 zachdavisphotography.com

Scherling Photography 2801 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-237-3157 scherlingphotography.com

Caterers Avalon Events Center Downtown 613 1st Ave. N, Fargo 701-232-1336 fargo-avalon.com/downtown

Avalon Events Center West 2525 9th Ave. SW, Fargo 701-478-9600 fargo-avalon.com/west

Blackbird Woodfire Catering 206 Broadway N, Fargo 701-478-1968 blackbirdwoodfire.com

Casey Jo’s Catering

7214 80th St. S, Sabin, Minn. 701-219-1353 caseyjoscatering.com

Catering by Concordia 901 8th St. S, Moorhead 218-299-4271 concordiacaters.com

Classic Cakes & Catering

411 2nd Ave. S, Moorhead 218-233-3008 Search Classic Cakes and Catering LLC on Facebook

zach davis photography zachdavisphotography.com 701-690-7789




D & J Catering

701-799-2856 dandjcatering.net

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 3402 13th Ave. S, Fargo 866-227-2328 dickeys.com/catering

Famous Dave’s

2581 45th St. SW, Fargo 701-282-8900 famousdaves.com/fargo

Grazies Italian Grill

2000 44th St. SW, Fargo 701-492-5151 graziesfargo.com

Green Mill Catering

3340 13th Ave S, Fargo 701-298-8000 greenmillcatering.com

Johnny Carino’s

4410 17th Ave. S, Fargo 1-877-PASTA-411 catering.carinos.com

Lush Lola’s

One-on-One Pro Catering 1421 7th Ave. N, Fargo 701-237-4666 oneononecatering.biz

Oven Door Catering 1338 3rd Ave. N, Fargo 701-232-3207 ovendoor.com

Panchero’s Mexican Grill 4761 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-478-8090 pancheros.com/catering

Panchero’s Mexican Grill 803 Belsly Blvd, Moorhead 218-477-1990 pancheros.com/catering

Private Events Catering 2621 Fairway Dr, Moorhead 218-287-9477 privateeventscatering.com

Qdoba Mexican Grill

Several Locations 888-736-224 qdoba.com/mexican-food-catering

Quality Catering

1939 County Highway 35, Ada, Minn. 218-280-1801 qualitycateringfm.com

21134 County Highway 47, Osage, Minn. 218-234-2712 lushlolas.com

Santa Lucia Restaurant

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Seasons at Rose Creek


Speak Easy

Mosaic Foods

Sodexo MSUM Catering

NDSU Dining Catering



Usher’s House

Olive Garden

VIP Creative Catering

2511 Kirsten Lane, Fargo 701-356-6637 moes.com/catering 220 Broadway, Fargo 701-526-0149 montesdowntown.com 69 4th St. N, Fargo 701-373-7805 mosaicfoods.net 1415 14th St. N, Fargo 701-231-8122 ndsu.edu/dining/catering

3800 Main Ave, Fargo ND 701-277-1880 okellys.net 4339 13th Ave, S, Fargo 701-277-1241 olivegarden.com/catering


1109 38th St. S, Fargo 701-281-8656 santaluciainc.com

1500 Rose Creek Pkwy. E, Fargo 701-235-5000 seasonsatrosecreek.com/catering 1001 30th Ave. S, Moorhead 701-233-1326 speakeasyrestaurant.com 725 14th St. S, Moorhead 218-477-2852 mnstate.sodexomyway.com/catering 202 Broadway N, Fargo 701-235-9100 toscanadowntown.com 700 1st Ave. N, Moorhead 218-287-0080 ushershouse.com 624 Main Ave, Fargo 701-293-1999 fargo-vip-room.com

melissa dale photography melissadalephotography.com 701-219-4802

Zen’s Creative Catering

24026 County Highway 27, Fergus Falls, Minn. 218-998-2979 zenscreativecatering.com

Flowers Baker Garden & Gift

2733 University Dr. S, Fargo 701-237-6255 bakernursery.com

Cash Wise Flower ShoppeFargo 1401 33rd St. SW, Fargo 701-566-0955 floral.cashwise.com

Cash Wise Flower ShoppeMoorhead 3300 Highway 10 E, Moorhead 218-303-1611 floral.cashwise.com

Classic Floral

29 Sheyenne St, West Fargo 701-281-0767 westfargoflowers.com

Country Greenery

2901 13th Ave, Fargo 701-239-0000 countrygreenery.com

Country Greenery

17 5th St. S, Moorhead 218-236-0000 countrygreenery.com

Dalbol Flowers

1450 25th St. S, Fargo 701-235-5864 dalbolflowers.com

Designs by Donna

701-238-9346 uniquedesignsbydonna.com

Eloise Boutique and Flowers 14 8th St. S, Fargo 701-205-4190 eloiseflowers.com

Floral Expressions 1002 Main Ave, Fargo 701-356-2221 fargoflowershop.com

Hornbacher’s at Northport, Attn. Sue Northport Shopping Center, 2510 N. Broadway Dr, Fargo 701-293-5444 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s at Osgood, Attn. Carly 4151 45th St, S, Fargo 701-281-8111 hornbachers.com

shawn coulter photography shawncoulterphotography.com 701-491-0489




Hornbacher’s at Moorhead, Attn. Leah 101 11th St. S, Moorhead 218-236-6333 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s at Southgate, Attn. Deb 1532 32nd Ave. S, Fargo 701-280-1999 hornbachers.com

Hornbacher’s at Village West, Attn. Abbey 4101 13th Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-6363 hornbachers.com

Prairie Petals

210 N Broadway, Fargo 701-364-0151 prairiepetalsfm.com

Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse

The Fun Bus 701-361-4456 thefunbus.net

Platinum Limousine 701-471-5353 platinum-limos.com

Profile Limousine 701-741-6462 profilelimo.net

VIP Limo

701-318-5070 fmviplimo.com

Videographers Eclipse Multimedia & Video 701-200-9552 eclipsemulti.com

Exposure Productions 701-540-3236 fmexposure.com

4000 40th St. S, Fargo 701-356-9377 shotwellfloral.com

Fate and Love Photography

Swenson’s Floral

Grassfire Studios

2307 19th St. S, Moorhead 218-233-5311 swensonsfloral.com


701-690-7789 or 218-422-6107 fateandlovephotography.com 916 Main Ave, Fargo 701-658-9406 grassfirestudios.com

Morningside Films LLC 218-790-0929 morningsidefilms.com

Northern Stories All Occasions Limousine 701-232-LIMO fargolimo.com

Dakota Carriage

701-347-4069 dakotacarriagecompany.com

Elegant Limousine 701-795-5620 gflimo.com

Excaliber Limousine 701-730-6023 excaliberlimo.net

Fargo Party Ride 701-371-3615 fargopartyride.com


701-566-0280 northern-stories.com

northern stories northern-stories.com 701-566-0280

Laurel Sexton photography sextonphotography.com 701-306-1800

Taylor Made photography tmpfargo.com 701-793-6790


J. Alan Paul Photography jalanpaul.com 701-566-0525

KTography kaightie.com 701-893-6383

Two Pines Photography and Design facebook.com/twopinesphotography 701-270-8863

Jenna Lenertz Photography facebook.com/jennalenertzphotography 701-527-1293


milestones photography photomilestones.com 701-371-7363

Mataya Creations matayacreations.com 320-491-3998