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Eric DeClercq of Century Builders teamed up with homeowners Tyler and Melissa Brandt to deliver a beach house experience that DeClercq describes as "an entertainer's paradise."

44 The Entertainer's Paradise


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92 Beach Hues Meet Grand Views 100 A Nautical Dream Dwelling 106 Contemporary Meets Classic


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There's a saying by my favorite author, Louis L'Amour, that goes, "All loose things seem to drift down to the sea, and so did I." I think that's how many of us feel come summertime, eager to get outdoors, soak up every bit of sun and catch every wave we can, knowing all too well the season's days are numbered here in the Red River Valley. Earlier this summer, I had the privilege to explore Italy with my loved one— my first time across the Big Pond. So many impressions and memories were made, but one thing I've observed in all of my travels is how we gather at the lakes. The waters have a way of bringing people together. Whether it was Lago Di Braies in the Dolomites,

childhood memories at Lake Sakakawea or photographing beautiful homes along Detroit Lake—lakes are a universal gathering place for people. Lakes are a place where people can feel lost, free and at home all at once; there's a certain tranquility one finds here. Welcome to Design & Living's Summer Lake issue—in this mag, you'll find much more than just beautiful lake home views (and trust me there are some real beauties!). You'll read stories about friendships and connections, creative minds coming together and crafting something beautiful. In addition to the grandeur views of homes, Design & Living has always

been central to the people that dwell in them, and the lake issue provides a unique scope into their stories. Take time this summer to let yourself drift down to the sea (or the lake), and have yourself a summer rendezvous. From all of us at Design & Living, we wish you a blessed and safe summer.



























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LaValle Flooring A n I n n o vat i v e S h o p p i n g E x p e r i e n c e By Josiah Kopp

Norberto Rivera Vazquez and Matthew Sanchez holding a custom-made Elvis flooring sample in their new Downtown Fargo studio. 18

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Photos by Josiah Kopp


Valley City Flooring Company Opens New Branch in Downtown Fargo

Founded by San Diego-native Norberto Rivera Vazquez in 2014, LaValle Flooring is a full-service flooring and tile company based in Valley City, ND—recently opening a new branch in Downtown Fargo. LaValle offers everything from carpet, vinyl, hardwood and tile to full flooring installation services to Fargo, Jamestown, Valley City and the surrounding areas. Growing up in a family flooring business, Vazquez discovered the business opportunity in North Dakota was optimal for starting his own flooring business. With hard work and dedication, Vazquez has watched LaValle gain traction and success, and has earned the Best of Houzz Award five times since 2018.

Best of Houzz is a community-based *award given to home professionals who contribute great content to the Houzz community and who provide excellent customer service to their clients.


Q Meet Matthew Sanchez, Branch & Manager of the new Downtown A Fargo Location 20

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2


How long have you been with LaValle, and how did you first get connected? I've been working with LaValle Flooring since 2018 on the sales side, but I had previously helped as an installation assistant back in 2016. I actually went to high school back in sunny San Diego, California with Norberto, the eldest son of the Family, and I ended up moving to North Dakota a few years after he did. The move was meant to be temporary until I could afford to pay for my college tuition back home—but then I met my wife, Madi, and plans changed a little.

Talk about the customer experience LaValle is creating with their Fargo showroom.

Why did you decide to open a showroom in Fargo? What opportunities did you see?

Well, the new Fargo location is definitely making use of being in the current age of technology! Basically, anyone within the company can access the cameras, microphones, and even the front door from our phones, allowing us to let customers come in and check out our products without having to have someone in the showroom 24/7.

Fargo is kind of smack dab in the middle of our service range, so it made sense for it to be a location to expand to. On a more personal note, my wife and I are having a baby this fall, and because I live in Fargo, commuting will be a whole lot easier when it's a drive across town rather than an hour-long commute west on I-94.

Talk about the approach to creating a no-pressure customer experience. What are the advantages, and how does this model shape who you are as a company? One of the reasons I really enjoy working sales at LaValle is because we don't ever use any of the classic 'sales gimmicks' that plague most retail stores. The best part about working with the products we have in the showroom is the quality of product we offer, which means rather than talking about price, I can talk more about the features and quality of the products. What I think helps us the most as far as doing business goes, is that we provide folks with a customer experience that focuses on helping our clients improve their homes, without rushing to make a sale.

Although LaValle's new Fargo location is "remote", they still will have the store staffed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-6pm. If you prefer meeting face-to-face, feel free to stop by on one of those days, or make an appointment online!

Rather than selling thousands of brands, LaValle focuses on selling a select few and marketing them well. What are the advantages of this approach? With having only a select amount of brands, we are able to foster a much stronger relationship with them. This brings a huge list of advantages, the biggest two being better pricing and better customer service, which in turn help us service OUR customers even better!



Read Why More People are Choosing LaValle for their Flooring Projects "Start to finish the staff did a great job with communication and service. The floors look great!"

LaValle offers extended financing for both material-only purchases or for customers that want to bundle materials with installation.

Paul B. The staff is so helpful. I received so many great suggestions but felt no pressure. I got exactly what I wanted in both product and installation. I seriously have zero criticisms and I'd consider myself to be a picky person. I will continue to use this company for future projects.

Tina H.

I can't say enough great things about LaValle Flooring! Firstly, the customer service is amazing! Fast communication. Second is pricing—they blow others out of the water on their great prices! Thirdly, the flooring is beautiful and so easy to install. We have used another product in another room and it didn't go so smoothly. I recommend LaValle Flooring to everyone!

Holly o. 624 Main Ave Suite 12, Fargo (701) 212-3183


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Border Bank:

A Friend to Homeowners


Meet Kelly Engstrom and Nicole Hjelden of Border Bank's Mortgage Department Nicole: I graduated from North Dakota State University with a Business Administration and Family Science/Child Development degree. At graduation time I didn’t know my path would lead me to banking, but it was a way to blend my two degrees. I have been in banking for over 30 years, working mainly in consumer lending; and with the recent merger, I switched solely to real estate lending. I always enjoy getting to know people, listening to their personal situations and trying to find a way to improve their financial or personal situations.

Kelly: I graduated from Mayville State University with a Business Administration degree with specializations in finance, management, marketing and real estate, which are all areas I knew would help me in the banking industry. I have been in banking for over 15 years, now working specifically on real estate loans for over the last 10 years. My love of real estate started when I was young because my parents would always flip the houses we lived in. I lived in five different homes, plus one lake home, growing up while we were remodeling them, so we were constantly in a construction zone!


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

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What does Border Bank's mortgage department offer that homeowners may be unaware of? Border Bank offers everything from lot loans to construction loans—to 30-year fixed-rate financing. We can finance your primary residence, second home or even an investment property. Since we are a smaller community bank, we can make the time tofocus on the customer experience. Communication is very important, making sure we are educating our clients, keeping them informed and always responding in a timely manner when our customers reach out to us with questions.

What are some critical aspects of working with a homebuilder that your team and Border Bank as a whole excel in? We communicate with the builder just as much as the client does to keep everyone on the same page as the project is getting completed. The builders will issue the bank a construction estimate which breaks down the cost of supplies and labor; the bank will use those estimates to compare to the invoices they provide during the disbursement phase. This helps keep everyone organized and to show if there are differences in the cost to get further explanation from the builder. We want to keep as much communication between the builder and the bank so that there are no surprises at the end and funds come up short. We have had builders come to our office and visit with us and the client prior to the project starting; we have communicated through email and phone with builders anytime they have questions about the project or disbursements. We always want to stay in contact with all parties involved so the project runs smoothly and the homeowner is happy and satisfied when all is completed.

How can a homeowner prepare for a construction project? What tidbits will help make the whole journey more painless? When we begin the discussions of a construction loan with clients, there are a few items we have them provide and cover: • Plans and drawings of the home • Construction estimate from the builder - this will give the breakdown of the cost of the home. • Proof of down payment (20% is required) • Proof of overage funds (construction costs can increase with any changes, we want to know if the client has funds to draw from if needed) • Run tax estimates with specials so the client understands what their total annual tax payment could be once the home is constructed. • Run payment estimates with different terms (15 or 30 yr) to see which payment is comfortable for the client.

Walk me through the construction process with a client, how does it work? Once the construction loan has been approved and signed by the client, the building project can begin. The builder will issue invoices to the client and the bank usually in phases of the building project. Once the client approves all the invoices, the bank will issue a cashier’s check to the builder for the amount invoiced. The bank will do an inspection of the project once that phase is completed before issuing funds for the next phase. The customer will pay interest only each month on the amount advanced on the construction line. If the client chooses to make some changes or upgrades during the building process, the builder will issue a change order and have that approved by the client and the bank to make sure there are enough funds to cover those changes. When the home is completed, we meet with our customer to start the process of rolling the construction loan into permanent financing.

Why is Border Bank the right choice for F/M homeowners? If you want to feel like you have a relationship with your banker, Border Bank is the right place to go. We really strive to stand out by our great customer support! We also have numerous products to help fit our clients’ needs and even offer local servicing so you can contact us anytime you have a question. Border Bank also has some great consumer and commercial banking products as well so we can help our clients with all their banking needs.

How does Border Bank (and the mortgage team) cultivate strong relationships, go above and beyond, as well as create loyalty with customers? We run our business as a team to make sure there is always someone available for our customers to get a hold of. We consistently strive to go above and beyond for our customers, and if that means responding to an email at night or on a weekend, we will make it happen. Typically, real estate transactions are one of the biggest investments in a person’s life and we want to make sure they know how important it is to us that we help them get though the process—from beginning to end—as smoothly as possible.


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Client Testimonial

Two Locations, Same Great Service:


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2


By Josiah Kopp


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2




DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

SPONSORED CONTENT Joshua & Audrey Cook inside their personal Royal Victorian greenhouse, one of the two main models they offer



Reimagined. By Josiah Kopp

Photos by Josiah Kopp

eM et o J shua & u A drey Cook of 46 o N rth Landscaping & Design


North Landscaping in Fargo is on a mission to create landscapes unique in form, complete in function and rich in plant material. Fast forward from his childhood days of playing with Tonka toys in his grandpa’s dirt pile to today, owner Joshua Cook has over 20 years of experience working in the construction and landscaping industry. While paver patio and plant installation occupy most of the summer season, Joshua and his wife Audrey are excited to be the first contractor in the midwest to provide permanent residential greenhouses.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

While residential greenhouses have been popular in Europe for years, the concept is only recently catching on in the United States. Modern technology has made these permanent structures more versatile, more affordable and incredibly strong. Inside an unheated greenhouse, you can enjoy early spring planting four weeks sooner and extend fall growing four weeks longer simply from the sun's natural warmth.


Riga 6 XL

Improving Quality of Life When it feels like the walls of winter are closing in, having a heated greenhouse offers an escape to nature. Even on the coldest days, produce can easily grow in a heated greenhouse. Simply brushing your hand over the garden herbs and the earthy smell of moist soil fills the space with the scent of summer. Even for non-plant growers, feeling that boost from greenhouse sunlight on the skin is a mood lifter. 46 North offers two main styles: Victorian and Riga greenhouses. The Victorian is a classic European style with elegant full-length glazing panels. The Riga is a rugged ‘onion’ shape designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads. Both styles feature tougher, stronger panels and substantial aluminum frames that beat any competitors in this price range. By selecting optional accessories like shelving, hooks, seed trays, and automatic-window openers, homeowners can customize their greenhouse to meet their needs.

Creative Use: Outdoor Dining Room, Hot Tub Spa Room, Private Studio, She Shed

Pro tip: Typically, a greenhouse falls in the same

permit category as a shed. If you have room for a shed, you have room for a greenhouse. A sunny location is ideal. The greenhouses can be set on bare level ground, gravel, cement or a patio. 46 North offers professional assembly as well as free consultations to work with your specific needs. 70 1 . 3 8 8 .7 2 78

Royal Victorian 34 35


Creating the

Perfect Patio

With SCHEELS Home & Hardware


i le x

a sM

r u co

t , SC

H E E LS F u r n i t u r e M a n

a ge


By Alexis Maucort, SCHEELS Furniture Manager


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

you love hosting large backyard gatherings or need to finish off your backyard oasis, SCHEELS Home and Hardware is the perfect place to start. Living in the Fargo-Moorhead area means you understand how important it is to make the most out of the summer months and savor the warmer weather. If you enjoy spending time outside, your patio or deck likely becomes an extension of your home in the summer. Create a space where you can relax and entertain your friends or enjoy some alone time drinking your morning coffee. SCHEELS Home and Hardware carries everything from beach-style Adirondack chairs and rockers, comfortable sofas and

sectionals and functional outdoor dining sets. These styles are offered in a vast range of materials including poly lumber, aluminum frame and resin tops to get that natural driftwood aesthetic. A fun new style that emerged this year is mid-century modern. We are seeing examples of this in dining sets with black metal hairpin legs with a poly-lumbar top in a natural wood aesthetic finish to embrace this trend. It is important to consider what style works in your outdoor living space and consider longevity. With a wide variety of brands, styles, materials and price points, we offer something for everyone. Consider asking yourself if you are looking for something you will replace in a few years

Photos provided by SCHEELS

or something more timeless—something you can add to your collection for years to come. We carry many quality outdoor furniture brands, but one of our most popular is Berlin Gardens. In true Midwestern fashion, this furniture is made to withstand any tough weather conditions. For the hot summer days, all of the materials contain UV Fade Resistant Technology to help keep those colors vibrant and fresh. Plus, there is no need to worry about rusting with their stainless steel and chrome-plated hardware.

If you are looking to upgrade your patio furniture or you are starting from scratch with your outdoor space, SCHEELS Home and Hardware is the perfect place to find your front-row seat for summer!



Creating the Perfect

Living Room

With SCHEELS Home & Hardware By Morgan Diehl May, Interior Designer


M o rg a n D

ie hl

M ay , In


i or


n sig


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Initial Consultation The goal is to meet with our customers in their home to establish their wants and needs, determine their style, and gain a better understanding of how their space will ideally function. Functionality creates purpose for the space and is the foundation of a home, so some important factors to consider are: Do they have pets or kids? Is this space for lounging, working, sleeping, eating, etc.? These factors help to determine what type of fabric we suggest for the furniture, the level of durability required to compliment their lifestyle, and what cushion options are available to meet their comfort levels. We also take measurements at the consultation to ensure that all furniture is proportionate to the room size and that there is adequate space to move around the furniture. We take the “Before” photos as a fun way to look back on the progress at the end of the project! Here are before pictures from a recent project we completed:

Photos provided by SCHEELS


Concept Development


Once all of the information is gathered, we put together a design concept for the space. Paint and fabric swatches are pulled to represent color schemes, digital concept boards are made, as well as furniture plans, to help visualize how the furniture will fit in the space. At this step we can give a rough estimate of the overall cost of the project.






We present the design concept to the customer and, once approved, we make a plan for execution! Whether the plan is to complete the project all at once, or done in phases, we work at the customer’s pace.




Photos provided by SCHEELS

Final Design Development After deciding on the concept and choosing custom elements, like furniture and window treatments, the timeline can be determined. For this project, we decided on custom bench cushions for the customer’s reading nook, the fabric was ordered and we worked with a local seamstress on the design and execution. We also ordered all of the furniture, rugs, lighting and the wallpaper for the accent wall.


Execution Once the walls are painted, the wallpaper is installed and the furniture is delivered, I complete the install and stage the beautiful new space for the customer to enjoy.

Design Studio Services • Hunter Douglas Window Coverings • Paint Consultations • Wallpaper • Upholstery 40

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

• Space Planning • Accessorizing • Furniture Selection

Contact Scheels Home & Hardware at 701.232.8903 3202 13th Ave S Fargo, ND 58103


ENTERTAINER'S PARADISE By Josiah Kopp Photos by Josiah Kopp



DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

First impressions upon arrival, this beach house is the architectural definition of grandeur. Calling this just a beach house is like calling the Piazza del Duomo just a church—it's so much more than that; it's art you can dwell in. The midcentury-modern geometric design makes you forget where you are, as the style stands alone against the bordering lake homes along Detroit Lake. There's so much to explore inside—and outside—this one-of-a-kind beach house, so let's step inside and begin.

From the moment you arrive at the property, you are completely taken away by the stunning, breathtaking views. You drive up the hand-laid paver driveway, to the front of this beautiful entertainer's paradise. With large glass windows, on the front and rear of this home, you immediately notice the lake view through the grand windows. Once you enter the home through the grand entrance, you walk into the great room with 18' tall ceilings, exposed steel I-beams, two large chandeliers, a threesided fireplace and a 14' tall log storage niche. "Modern, warm and timeless—yet approachable." That was what homeowners Tyler and Melissa Brandt wanted to achieve in the final design. "Century Builders had built other homes for our friends," said Melissa. "Having Eric as the lead for our project was amazing—his customer-facing etiquette and his attention to detail is refreshing." Tyler Brandt had worked with Century Builders on past projects, and loving both their work and the relationships made, decided to ask them to build his and Melissa's dream lake home.


Although labor shortages and the pandemic created certain challenges for this project, the communication of Eric and Century Builders paired with the creative teamwork of the Brandts guided this project to successful completion. The feedback from family and friends has been 'unbelievable,' says Melissa.

The Brandts love to entertain but also enjoy bonding with their kids and their friends and significant others. They believe this home design allows for that flexibility. "We can easily entertain hundreds of people—or on the flip side adapt to a quiet night, snuggled up by the fire watching a movie with our kids or playing bags on the lawn," said Melissa. "Priceless!"



DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

MEET THE BUILDER Eric DeClercq Project Manager for Century Builders

"The project began in the late fall of 2019 and was completed in early 2021. Tyler & Melissa worked with Mevold Studios to design the home. Tyler, Melissa, Chris Schuler and myself worked closely together to help make their lake home a reality."


The kitchen includes custom cabinetry throughout, a large island and a wet bar with hidden storage for glassware.

The pool room includes a wet bar, fireplace, hangar door and bathroom. Outside the pool room is a large patio with an outdoor kitchen, a pool with an infinity edge and two water features that flow into the pool.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Down the stairs is the walkout basement designed for nothing but fun and relaxation. The basement includes a wet bar, fireplace, custommade shuffleboard table and a golf simulator.

Upstairs includes a loft with a balcony that overlooks the pool and gives a stunning view of the lake.


The oyster shell decor is the shape of Detroit Lake, hand-glued on a wood and fabric wallpaper. The ace on the lake represents Ace Brandt's lake home (Tyler Brandt's brother), who passed away in 2021, as well as the Brandt family logo which represents where their home is on the lake. This conversation piece is meant to provide organic and meaningful art to welcome guests.

Reactions from the Homeowners


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

"We absolutely love it! Our family and friends enjoy spending time here with us all season long. Creating lifetime memories is what Tyler and I strived to achieve—we both believe we succeeded in that goal." -Melissa Brandt


Check Out Prairie Design's Project for the Dwyer Family An Inside-Look at a Newly Finished Residential Project by Architect, Leah Petersen and Project Manager + Designer, Chelsey Johnson of Prairie Design Studio. 54

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

This single family residence was designed for a family of 6 wanting a functional design with a mid-century modern aesthetic. It was completed winter of 2021 and is located on a beautiful river lot in Lost River Development in Horace, ND.

About the Architect

Meet Leah Petersen, Architect at Prairie Design Studio

Prairie Design Studio 601 Sheyenne St Horace, ND 58047 701.282.2850

I graduated from NDSU with my master's degree in Architecture in 2017. I became registered in May of 2021. My father, Kim Stokes started PDS in the early 80s. Our focus is mainly on commercial projects, such as nursing homes, office, retail and multi-family but our firm has experience with a variety of occupancies.

I grew up in Horace, ND and decided it was the place I wanted to stay. Our office is actually located in Horace, in the first home my dad designed.

The Dwyer's have been a friend of my family for years. We use each other's services when needed since Jack Dwyer owns Dwyer Law Office and is also a developer.



Main and Upper Floor Plan

Turning a Dream into a Reality Q&A with the Architect How do you choose a design, what does that process look like? The design process varies for every client and is very personal. With this particular project, the owner knew they wanted a midcentury modern design as well as a functional layout for a family. They provided us with a list of spaces and the preferred locations and we took it from there. Carpenter Homes then took our construction drawings and made the vision a reality. What was the goal in using this specific design? The goal was to create the functionality & flow of a split-level layout, with a high-end aesthetic. Most people associate bi-levels and split-levels as entry level homes and that does not have to be the case! Split-levels are unique in the sense that they create a great connection between all areas of the house and adequate natural light throughout all floors. They are also more ideal in areas like the Red River Valley because of our high water table. What challenges did you face in the design process? One challenge was creating a high level of privacy on the front of the house while still providing curb appeal. We utilized transom windows in the master bathroom and kitchen to create a mid-century style on the inside while keeping it private on the outside.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

This exterior rendering helped the client choose their siding colors while allowing them to visualize the exterior

House is framed and trusses are getting installed

Exterior completed 58

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Weather resistant barrier installed

AARP North Dakota

The slatted, white oak wall provides a separation of space while also allowing light to transfer through the different levels

Watching it All Come Together Q&A with the Architect What were some specific features the client requested? The client's wanted an open stair, river views, and it was important that the exterior design looked as if it could have been built during the mid-century design era. What features are you most excited about? The soaking tub located in the master shower is probably my favorite design feature but I also love how interconnected the split level design is for a family. Having easy flow + access to all spaces of your home is something people don't usually think about. What did you learn from this project; how did it make you a better architect? There are always new experiences with every project because each client has a unique vision. Creating new construction with mid-century inspiration was something I personally had not done before. Prairie Design appreciates every opportunity to get creative and can take on any design challenge, whether it is commercial or residential. Talk about the feedback you've received from the client. What were the reactions when they saw it all come together?

The girl's bathroom has an unexpected pop of color

Empowering people 50+ to choose how they live as they age.

The Dwyer's love their new home and how custom it feels to their personality and lifestyle. What other unique characteristics or features did the space/project offer that brought it all together? The large picture windows in the main living area do a beautiful job at bringing the landscape into the space. Exterior views and natural light are something that should never be compromised by the interior layout.

Learn more, get involved. Find us at /aarpnd @aarpnd

The transom windows provide total privacy with the benefit of natural lighting while getting ready

The se win large p dow ictu view s provi re de st She yen o the ne R iver


Prairie Design designed this home in less than 2 months to meet a fall construction schedule. 60

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

ARCHITECT FEATURE Photos by Scott Amundson with Scott Amundson Photography

Retreat: Reinvented An Inside-Look at the Newly Finished Project by Craftwell Architecture + Construction


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

This project by Craftwell was for a family with deep roots on Lake Melissa, having grown up a few cabins east. Their client found a cabin for sale down the road f rom the original family cabin. However, it wasn’t exactly the canvas they had in mind— the rooms were small, it lacked natural light and had little to no relationship to the lake. It left very little to the imagination and the awkward angles of the existing layout required some clever planning and execution. The project took a little over a year to complete and with most remodels, they often took two (or three) steps back to take one step forward.

About the Architect

Meet Mike Dawson, Principal Architect at Craftwell Architecture + Construction

Craftwell Architecture + Construction 2534 S University Dr #3 Fargo, ND 58103 701.478.4600

The scope of Craftwell's work ranges from 1,000-sqft hand-crafted cabins to 300,000-sq-ft multi-use commercial projects. Mike spent his first year in college studying business at SMU in Dallas before returning to NDSU to pursue Architecture.

The Fargo, ND native has wanted to be an Architect since he was 5 years old.

The client of this project is a designer herself and loves to push the envelope—which is exactly what this project was about. Her ambition paired with Craftwell's passion for challenging adaptive re-use projects was a perfect match.


"I love adaptive-reuse projects... They are really the definition of “unique” within the world of architecture."

Turning a Dream into a Reality Q&A with the Architect Based on our client’s needs, it was determined early that an addition would be required. The lot is relatively shallow and was nonconforming due to the distance the cabin was set back from the lake, which meant the addition had to be toward the road. The size of the addition was dictated by the amount of pervious surface area left after accounting for all patios, walkways and the driveway. The “big move” was opening the existing exterior wall between the bedrooms and the screen porch with several steel columns and a large steel beam. This allowed the opportunity to create space for entertaining large groups while enjoying the view of the lake. From there, areas were created for a primary suite, a guest suite and a wing for her two boys that included a bunkroom, bathroom and a lounge for rainy days off the lake. The design is rather eclectic with nods to the “midcentury modern” fabric of the original structure. 66

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2




The combination of simplicity, practicality and intentionality created a fun, fresh and inviting lake cabin.

Watching it All Come Together Q&A with the Architect The game plan for this project was to develop the drawings to a point where we could understand the structure and develop things from there. Projects like this are all about discovery; you learn about solutions for details, finishes and connections as you open things up and understand how they relate to the bigger picture. I love adaptive-reuse projects because they are all unique— something that is the foundation for our work as a firm. Each project requires you to think critically about every move—and when you get to the end, they are so far from something you would probably do if you were to start on a bare lot without constraints. They are really the definition of “unique” within the world of architecture.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

ng livi e d n nc n a erie e ch xp kit m e roo


I often tell clients that “anything’s possible." Sometimes, it requires tearing out the floor, digging out for a new foundation and installing a 30’ steel beam.

ARCHITECT FEATURE Photos by Scott Amundson with Scott Amundson Photography

The Crooked Cabin Project An Inside Look at the Newly Finished Crooked Cabin Project by Craftwell Architecture + Construction


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Crooked Cabin is located near the Nevis MN area surrounded by an amazing lake setting f illed with beautiful large spruce trees. This project was about f riends doing a collaborative project together and how the beauty of 'simple' can age well over time and continues to inspire. The goal for this project was to include a signif icant program into a "no fuss/low maintenance" package that lives big in its modest footprint. The design process started back in 2020 and we f inished construction in the spring of 2022.

About the Architect

Meet Chris Hawley, Principal Architect at Craftwell Architecture + Construction

Craftwell Architecture + Construction 2534 S University Dr #3 Fargo, ND 58103 701.478.4600

Working construction was a big piece of Chris' education.

Craftwell was founded in 2011 and focuses on unique boutique projects (residential and commercial).

The Minot, ND native graduated NDSU with a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Environmental Design. Chris has worked with many great mentors, including Phil Stahl, Mike Allmendinger, Scott Meland and a lot of professors.


"The beauty of 'simple' that ages well over time and continues to inspire."

Turning a Dream into a Reality Q&A with the Architect The design was a collaborative process with the owner entailing many meetings regarding programming, spatial understanding and careful finish selections while managing a budget.



DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

The combination of simplicity, practicality and intentionality created a fun, fresh and inviting lake cabin.

Watching it All Come Together Q&A with the Architect This is an interesting project in that it is actually a main house and a guest house that is joined by a common porch gathering space and everything is organized around that center space. In addition to that, it is also a place of meditation, and bathing/ sauna and can be enjoyed by large groups or comfortable for a small family. From an aesthetic perspective, it was always about it being lost in the trees with black metal panels, very clean simple finishes that frame views to the beautiful setting, and no-maintenance, zero-fuss design.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Sta look nding in in t and g throug he porch into h the h the kit , the b che all edro oms way whe n are l ocat re ed

a sub above


The zoning of spaces in this project is unique; The private spaces are on the ends and the owner or guests can meet in the middle or close it off and make it a part of their respective spaces for a private experience depending on the time of day. It really feels like a spa or contemporary resort nestled into the big pines—very comforting.

833 24th Avenue E. West Fargo • 701-561-0800 5050 Timber Pkwy. South Fargo • 701-929-6550 1970 South Columbia Rd. Grand Forks • 701-732-3200


A Modern Lake Luxury A Strom Architecture design that is currently under construction


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Strom Architecture specializes in the design and interiors of custom residential architecture and boutique commercial projects. At Strom, we believe that great relationships build great projects, and we are excited to share one of these projects with you.

About the Architect

Meet Jackson Strom, Principal Architect at Strom Architecture

Strom Architecture 530 Oak Ridge Way E Suite #104 West Fargo, ND 58078 701.446.6347

I graduated from North Dakota State University with my Master's Degree in Architecture in 2009. My parents' work ethic and positive outlook encouraged me to pursue my passion in design. After gaining over 10 years of experience, I founded Strom Architecture in late 2019. We specialize in high-end residential and boutique commercial projects.

Growing up in a small town in South Dakota, I learned the value of hard work and relationships. These values have continued to guide our business today.

For this project, our client reached out to us, as they were familiar with other work we had done on the lake.


"We want our clients to be just as excited at the end of their project as they were in the beginning."

Turning a Dream into a Reality Q&A with the Architect We kick off all of our projects by utilizing a Design Survey to record the initial information about a project- square footage, aesthetic, room requirements, and budget. We then reference that information while we discuss how our clients want to live and experience their new home or cabin. With that information in hand, our design process begins. Since maximizing views was a priority for this client, we designed floor-toceiling windows and a two-story living space on the lakeside. Our clients desired a family-centered design, which we accommodated with a bunk room, open-concept floor plan, and a guest cabin. The collaboration between our team, the interior designer, and builder, allowed for a seamless transition from paper to construction. 80

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2


Working closely with the interior designer, we have been able to curate the interior of this cabin specifically to the needs of our client.

Watching it All Come Together Q&A with the Architect As the project continues to come together, we ensure the client's requests and vision are fulfilled. The interior will be finished with a simple and modern aesthetic, including elegant lighting, a metal paneled fireplace and wood slat accents throughout. The upstairs loft creates a connection between the two floors, allowing light to filter through the space. This project exercised our constraint, as often the hardest part is knowing where to stop with a modern design. We are thankful our clients trusted our team to collaborate with, and bring their vision to life.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Giving Should Be Easy... Th tran is patio sitio n for is a perfe livin ind ct g. to th From th oor-outd e kit e fire oor c area place, th henette e for e very re is an one!

Let Us Help

When it comes to giving locally, we’re partners you can count on. WE OFFER: - Donor Advised Funds - Scholarship Funds - Planned Giving Options - Tax Benefits - And More!


Even though everyone resides in different states now, the client, interior designer, and architect, all grew up within 100 miles of each other.



Industrial Design, Reimagined Check out Enclave's New Home Office


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Completed in March 2021, Enclave's home off ice in West Fargo is not only representative of their growth and future plans, but an opportunity to create a dynamic environment for their team members, tenants and guests unlike anything else in the area.

Enclave 300 23rd Ave E Suite 300 West Fargo, ND 58078 701.478.4300

About the Designers

Meet Enclave's CoFounders, Ben Meland & Austin Morris Through the strength of the team, Austin and Ben have grown from a twoperson start-up to more than 180 high-performing team members over the last decade.

"This project was an opportunity to create our very own Enclave, providing a space that maximizes enjoyment for our team, tenants and guests."

Austin (Left) and Ben (Right) first met in 2011, founding Enclave that same year.


"Ultimately, the goal was to provide an atmosphere for our team to thrive, offering space to focus, collaborate and enjoy each other's company."

Turning a Dream into a Reality Q&A with the Designers How do you choose a design, what does that process look like? As peacemakers, it's always our priority to ensure our projects are not only well-matched for their surroundings but add value to enhance what's already there. For this specific project, we knew we wanted to play off the location's riverscape setting to bring the outdoors in. What was the goal in using this specific design? Beyond maximizing the site's location, the goal of the design was to bring the best experience to the largest number of people. It's why our workstations were thoughtfully designed to be along windows with offices and huddle rooms located along the center of the building. What challenges did you face in the design process? As a developer, builder and property manager, we're familiar with all types of challenges of the building process. With this being a project for our team and long-term growth, we really had to dive into the workflow and collaboration of our teams to accurately address our space planning needs.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2




DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

The common areas of a building are experienced by all, so it was important for us to not let these areas be overlooked.

The lobby is your first impression of the building, offering space to co-work and gather.

Watching it All Come Together Q&A with the Designers What were some specific features the client requested? While we partnered with architects, we knew we wanted to be innovative with the design. The exterior and interiors were carefully planned to coexist while providing moments of surprise and delight. What features are you most excited about? The breakroom and patio provide plenty of space for our entire team to connect! We love seeing these spaces bring together people across our development, construction and property management teams.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

The deck third-flo o host offers a g r ameni ty even reat plac ts or e sim to the o utdo ply enjo y ors.


Enclave currently occupies the entire third floor of the building, with KLJ Engineering on the first floor. Due to the organization's growth, they are now space planning the fit-up of the second floor. More to come from Enclave!

by Josiah Kopp

Photos by Josiah Kopp

A Dreamy Lake Home Remodel by dw2


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

evin and Jean Moug have been clients and friends of Linda Birmingham of dw2 for years. She has assisted with elements of their Fargo home where they raised their family. When their girls graduated and moved out, they felt it was time to downsize to a townhome and Birmingham was lucky enough to lead the charge in that project. When they approached her to assist with the new build, she, of course, was thrilled again with the challenge. Birmingham was already very familiar with the previous cabin that stood on the beautiful level lot on Pelican Lake because she also had a part in designing the custom furniture for it. She had already built a strong relationship with the homeowners, so she was excited to jump right in with that room for full creativity. One of the homeowners' main emphasis was on making the interior of the home light and airy with a beachy feel. The Moug's love to entertain friends and family, so lots of seating in the heart of the house—aka the kitchen—was a must, and furnishing the bar and island with very comfortable seating was critical.


"I know that a project is spot-on when it's so comfortable that your friends, family—and in a commercial setting, your customers—don't want to leave. That's how the Moug lake house feels to me when I visit; it feels like you're on vacation all year long."

"It's sometimes hard for customers to trust when they're not able to sit in every piece of furniture, but we're pretty good about knowing the comfort factor in all of our custom furniture," said Birmingham. "I love using swivel chairs in a space. We did that in the main living area for adjusting the conversation and TV watching. They emphasized wanting a recliner but didn't want the puffy look of some, so we decided upon a very popular model we've had very good luck with." The recliner has a comfortable seat with a motorized foot and headrest and doesn't block the stunning lake view—which is the focal point just as soon as you enter the front door. Design-wise, it fits perfectly into the transitional look and feel Birmingham was going for. "I was able to choose some really awesome lighting, furniture and art because Jean was open to new and different ideas," said Birmingham. "Because of that, I sourced some new vendors that will open up other possibilities with future projects."


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

Touring the Finished Result


A Complete Walkthrough with the Designer

Texture is always a must in every room. Bedrooms are no exceptions. I prefer textures over patterns when searching for bed treatments. Pillows are a great place to throw in some patterns like you see in this photo.





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When you walk in the front door, you immediately see the beautiful view of the lake—so the foyer had to be grand, but calm. We didn't want the furnishings and art distracting from that. The art was one of my favorite elements in decorating this home.


This idea of having a bar in the same area as the island was an idea they had that took me a while to grasp, but I love it! Again, using the mixed metals in the design gave us so much flexibility for moving around stools and mixing things up, making the custom bar top stand out but not taking away from the beauty of the kitchen area. 97


The large round 60" washed oak table was so interesting and beautiful, both Jean and I fell in love with it—and now, with her blessing, I have it in my lake home as well. It's the perfect spot for dining and playing games. The fabric on the chairs are covered in a performance fabric, so you don't have to fuss over stains; the white fabric cleans up quite easily. Again, you'll notice the unique light fixture that doesn't overpower the room and looks to float over the table. I put dimmer switches on any fixture that could possibly set a mood for an evening.

KITCHEN The elements in the kitchen are so soft and simple; the softness of the circular bases on the stools, the ball-shaped pendants and the circular element on the cabinet door pulls answer to the calm vibe we wanted to create. The Cambria island countertop includes a deep navy blue veining with tiny gold specs that pull in the deep blue island base color.

Reactions from the Homeowners 98

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

"They were thrilled when they moved in! They had such a great team of professionals that contributed and that's key. Everyone communicated well and personally, I would work with any of their subs on any other project."



DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

The homeowners were seeking out a light, bright and airy design. They wanted to incorporate vivid colors through accents and unique features that truly made their guests feel like they were on a lake vacation. Throughout the design process, Fingalson kept the basics very neutral, but incorporated bursts of color through the area rugs, decor, pillows and wall art. Her team custombuilt cedar accents including the bench top, beam, and floating shelves to bring warmth into the cool-toned space; oranges and blues set the color theme. The project began as bare studs when Fingalson was called in, so she was able to get in right at the beginning planning stages to determine what was going to go where and how the space was going to lay out. Typically, on their decorating jobs, Design 2 Sell brings anywhere from four to five of their design team on site. From the time her team started planning until the day they completed the final decorating was just over one year. "Our design team was ecstatic to complete the final decorating stage so we could put on those final touches for [the Bergeron's] to enjoy!" said Fingalson.

For Fingalson, this particular project had so many unique features that set it apart including the beautiful kitchen that her team placed floating shelves in, a marble herringbone backsplash, the soft blue cabinets, quartz countertops and the fun textured cabinet hardware. All of the floating shelves have lights underneath to create an inviting atmosphere at night. Other unique features include the bar area that was separate from the kitchen, the bench at the top of the steps to be able to hang up your personal items, the fireplace wall and all three guest bedrooms are all areas that guests can enjoy and use throughout their stay. "While creating this guest area, we were able to have fun," said Fingalson. "Not everything had to be so sophisticated; it's a vacation home!"

While discussing the large open wall behind the couch area, the clients voiced that they really wanted something unique hung back there. "I happened to be walking through the Flea Market in Detroit Lakes when the Life Preserver rings caught my eye," said Fingalson. "I thought 'Wow, I could make shadow boxes around these and use them to not only tie in the orange from the stone in the fireplace, but as an incredible art feature in the room that would eat up that wall space while also adding dimension and texture.' It was a complete surprise to the Bergeron's as they did not know what our actual plan was for the decor until it was finished." Fingalson also had a custom-built surfboard coffee table built for the space.



DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2


| Showers | Fireplaces | Window sills


Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo

Solid Choices in Stone Countertops ______________________


Stunning color selections in granite & quartz


Stock inventory selection and remnant inventory viewable from our website


In-stock sinks for kitchen, laundry and bathroom vanities


Countertop service & repair

1126 Main Avenue W, West Fargo, ND




By Josiah Kopp

Photos by Josiah Kopp




A South Fargo Home Remodel with Linda Birmingham of dw2


he homeowners first connected with Linda when their daughter graduated from high school and they were needing a fresh look for her open house. Interestingly enough, this was not their first time working with Linda Birmingham on a home remodel. In Design & Living's 2021 Summer Lakes Issue, the same homeowners worked with Birmingham to remodel their lake home in Detroit Lakes, which made the cover story for that issue. The


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2

homeowners loved working with Birmingham so much they chose her again, this time for their home in South Fargo. "She decorates according to the homeowners' style, and budget and always puts a special 'sprinkle' in her decorating to make the final touch grand," they said. Take a tour with Birmingham as she walks you through this contemporary-meets-classic "go big or go home" remodel.

Creative Inspiration When she started planning for the project, Birmingham's goal was to create an open space for the couple and their grown children. They had two dining tables within just feet of each other and they really wanted a kitchen area where they could all gather. " We know that the kitchen is always the heart of the home and is where everyone congregates— 'Go Big or Go Home' was what I was thinking for the island," she said. They like to work on crafts and hang out together so I decided to throw out the idea of getting rid of the dinette table and replacing it with an expanded island.

Birmingham joined forces with Kitchen Designer, Kim Zimmer of Accent Kitchen and Bath in Fargo and together they came up with what she believes is her favorite kitchen remodel yet. The whole main floor is a combination of contemporary and classic melded together. Greys, whites, taupes, tans, golds and silver were all used throughout. New white trim made the new doors stained in a deep coffee color pop. You'll see texture throughout.


The new fireplace included a textured weave metallic wallpaper and a natural 4x4 tile, the rug, a long hair taupe rug that feels dreamy on your toes, and metalic penny round backsplash just to name a few. Birmingham added a bit of fun to the parlor room; it's the area where conversations are meant to be shared, an intimate setting to put your feet up, get comfy and chill. Bold tone-on-tone fabric with a pop of gold that says "Happy". The ability to switch out accent colors seasonally is a great touch as well.

I really wanted an asymmetrical design, well balanced with just the right amount of texture," said Birmingham. Brittney from Showcase Floors laid it out on CAD and together they came up with the final plan. The staircase was initially designed to be cable and steel, but it was just too contemporary for the exterior of the home considering that's the first thing you see coming in from outside. The occasional circle on the iron spindles added the uniqueness they were looking for.

"The fireplace wall design was created on the back of a deposit slip while I was waiting at the Dr. office." 108

DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2


Overcoming Challenges Birmingham's biggest challenge was finding subs to work with. Thankfully, Fargo-Moorhead is a close community when it comes to building and design, so peers will always help out. Cody, her rep from D&M, introduced her to Dave Langenberger, owner of LangWood Creations. He served as her install guy for the new staircase and doors. Birmingham also worked with G&T Plumbing— whenever she had an issue, they were quick to respond and well as the electricians from Voxland. "There wasn't always time to get the OK on everything, so trust from the homeowner was valuable," said Birmingham. "Supply chain issues were a challenge as they still are. Small parts are always coming from China for furniture, appliances and lighting. COVID in India slowed down getting our rugs. Practicing patience was key with everyone involved."

The Best Lighting Experience "Lighting complimenting a home is like jewelry complimenting a great outfit," said Birmingham. "It can take a space from looking nice to looking incredible." dw2 source a lot of their lighting, but also go to Valley Lights or Ferguson. Birmingham always looks for lighting that is a bit unique in its design, that isn't too trendy, or that you'll see in every Pinterest picture. It's all about the personality of the room and placement. If possible, she likes using a triangle of task or decorative lights in a room.

Tip from dw2: Always include lamps in a plan. Ceiling lights are great, but to create your warm, cozy feel there should be soft lighting at table height.


DESIGN & LIVING | S U M M E R 2 0 2 2


3499 39th St S Fargo, ND 58104 701.476.0938

A Finished Project: The Homeowners' Reactions "It is so fun to show the decorating to family and friends," the homeowners said. "As their jaws drop, and their eyes look amazed we always hear them say, 'wow!'" For Birmingham, working together with the homeowners has been "a great relationship." "They are just such classy people that I've grown to love," she said. "I appreciate that they expect attention to detail in their home—they appreciate the small details and allow me to create based upon their tastes and personalities." It's just a great relationship.


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