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contents APRIL 2013 | VOLUME 7 ISSUE 9 Bison Illustrated is a free publication distributed monthly (9 times a year). Our mission is to help promote North Dakota State University Athletics, provide a quality and fun reading experience and aims to improve the way of life in our community. The publication is mailed to homes across the US and has stand distribution throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.



As one of the best golfers to ever play at NDSU, we re-live the Amy Anderson era and the obstacles conquered when becoming the best.



Spotlight Media Inc.


Mike Dragosavich




Pitching a complete game takes teamwork, we expose the Bison’s three-headed monster on the mound.

We sat down with one of the oldest living Bison, Neal McClure.




The men’s golf team likes to keep it loose, we went to the Sports Bubble to see what they are all about.

Catch up with the ladies of the NDSU women’s golf team as they horse around in the sports bubble.

Joe Kerlin Mike Dragosavich, Andy Neidt, Sean Walsh Kyle e Seifert Josh Swanson, Andrew Jason, Haley Haddock, Kyle e Seifert, Amanda Ahrenholz, Liz Huwe Haley Haddock, Joe Kerlin Brent Tehven


Brent Tehven, Tracy Nicholson, Todd Graf


Haley Haddock




Andrew Jason

Jesse Ho orelbeke of J. Alan Paul Photography (, Dennis Hoff and NDSU Media Relations Jeff Schwartz, Ryan Perreault, Wes Offerman and NDSU Athletic Media Relations

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Men's Summit League Tournament

Calling On Colwell



Women's Summit League Tournament

Jenina Ortega



Coach's Conversation (Golf Teams)

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Five Things I Know About Team Makers


Swany Says


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B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Bison Illustrated is published monthly by Spotlight Media Incorporated. Print quantity exceeds 15,000 per issue. Printed in the U.S.A. Bison Illustrated does not necessarily endorse or agree with content of articles or advertising presented. Bison Illustrated assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. Bison Illustrated is NOT an official publication of North Dakota State University. Send change of address information and other correspondence to: Spotlight Media Inc. 502 1st Ave N. First Floor Fargo ND, 58102 or

Once a

BISON always a BISON


ince moving to Fargo two years ago, there is one phrase that has been constantly engraved into my skull: “Once a Bison, always a Bison.” Nothing confirmed this statement more than when I met Neal McClure.

Not only is Neal one of the oldest Bison around, his demeanor, his aura and his sense of pride made me sit back and think long and hard about the loyalty that the alumni have for this school. The love and support Neal showed to go along with his genuine smile and sense of humor made me truly appreciate being a member of the Bison family. Being around the NDSU athletic programs and spending time with a lot of Bison athletes these past months has been exciting, fun, and most of all, a huge learning experience. I don’t mean this in the academic sense of the word but more of a transition into their athletic culture. The athletes I have met are great at what they do, but what most fans don’t realize is that these students are also great individuals.

5 My Top

moments of the year

5. Andy Lillijord and Deborah John Named Summit League Athlete of the Year

All of the athletes we have covered over the past year have been extremely appreciative of the exposure we have provided for them. One team in particular was the golf team. Being a former college baseball player, I can understand how easy it is to let the “college athlete” label go to your head. But with the golf team, and all of the Bison athletic teams really, they don’t see themselves as better than anyone else. Yeah, they play a sport on an extremely high level and would most likely whoop my butt up-and-down the golf course, but they aren’t going to rub it in my face. Instead, they are going to give me a handful of mulligans and great putting advice (don’t bend the wrists). These are the type of athletes within the Bison program that make the family concept work. The athletes aren’t seeking personal glory and fame, they are playing for something greater than themselves. It’s like that old cliché: play for the name on the front of your jersey, not the back. Being a part of this publication has been awesome. Becoming a member of Bison Nation has been even better. I hope you guys enjoy our final magazine of the 2012-13 school year. See ya on the gridiron in August.

4. Amy Anderson Tying The Record For Most Career Wins

3. Trent Sprenkle Named An All-American

2. Men's Basketball Team Playing In The Championship Game Of The Summit League Tournament

Joe Kerlin, Editor @j_kerlin


1. Football Team Winning Their Second Consecutive FCS Championship B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3



tell us your story ideas, compliments, complaints, what you had for breakfast, whatever. We want to hear from you. Email us at:


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! well, 5 addys actually.

West Farg o, ND 2013


Marshall Bjorklund was efficient all season, shooting 66.7 percent from the field.

NDSU Men An extraordinary 24-10 season came to a close after the Summit League tournament’s championship game in Sioux Falls, SD. After defeating Kansas City and rolling over Western Illinois, the Bison didn’t have enough juice left to topple the number one seeded Jack’s of South Dakota State. Cluttered with young talent, the men’s program ended another chapter, but will be going into next season with high hopes, returning eight of their leading scorers. Photos by Brent Tehven


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Lawrence Alexander made a huge improvement to his game this season.

In six seasons, Saul Phillips has an impressive record of 108-77.

Lawrence Alexander led the team in minutes played with over 34 a night.

As a defensive specialist, Kory Brown was a Diaper Dandy!

Taylor Braun looked great coming off his foot injury.


The Floor General, Katie Birkel, finished her career with 1,451 points.

NDSU woMen A difficult season came to a close in the first round for the women’s basketball team. Injuries and illnesses riddled the Bison all season and continued as they limped into the tournament short-handed. A valiant first half effort from senior leader, Katie Birkel kept the Bison in the game, but in the end the South Dakota Coyotes came out on top. The Bison will gear up for another season in hopes of putting this one behind them. Photos by Brent Tehven


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Freshman Marena Whittle drives to the hoop.

Liz Keena with the tenacious defense.

Katie Birkel led the team with a total of 416 points scored this season.

Dani DeGagne finished with a spectacular career at NDSU.

Hannah Linz, the senior guard diagnosed with cancer, made an appearance at the game.



B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

FROM START TO FINISH A quick look at the NDSU pitching crew

Senior fllamethrowers John Straka, Simon Anderson and Kyle Kingsley know what it takes. Pitching is not always about how fast you can throw the baseball or how much break is on your curve ball. Focusing on the task at hand and playing the game pitch-by-pitch helps these Bison pitchers from start to finish.

photography by

written by Joe Kerlin J. Alan Paul Photography


Starter John Straka 6ft. 3in. 220 lbs. Year: Senior Throws: Right

High School Chaska High School Summer Team Kenai Peninsula Oilers - Alaska Baseball League 2012 All-Summit League Team Named to Summit League Commissioner’s List of Academic Excellence Selected as a 2013 Candidate for Senior CLASS Award Missed the entire 2010 season recovering from major elbow surgery. 16

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

What’s the mentality of this pitching staff? “All of our pitchers focus on one thing and that’s executing pitches. It allows us to focus on what we can control and doesn’t distract us from other factors like the weather, who is up to bat, what our defense is doing or the umpire’s strike zone. If we just try to hit the catcher in the glove, the rest will take care of itself. And if you can be consistent with your command and control you can go a long way in this game.”

What makes coming out of the bullpen so unique? “It gets the adrenaline going, you know? Sitting over in the bullpen twitching; but that’s the good part about it. It definitely is nerve racking but at the same time you have to take it one pitch at a time and if you do struggle a little bit, you just have to put it behind you and make sure you bring it the next time.”

High School Bemidji High School Summer Team Walla Walla Sweets West Coast League 2012 Summit League all-tournament team Summit League Winter/ Spring All-Academic Team Had a microscopic 1.83 ERA in 2012

Setup Simon Anderson 6ft. 5in.

215 lbs. Year: Senior Throws: Right


What made your move to the bullpen so easy? “I was a starter my freshman and sophomore year. It didn’t go so hot right away my sophomore year and coach Angier was like, ‘Let’s try the bullpen.’ It just kinda worked out from there. I love the ‘pen now more than starting...The key is to have a short memory. If you have a bad day you have to put it behind you, forget about it and go out there the next day.”

High School Fargo South High School Summer Team Walla Walla Sweets West Coast League Named to the Stopper of the Year Watch List by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association 2012 All-Summit League Second Team Pitched 17-straight innings without allowing an earned run in 2012


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Closer Kyle Kingsley 6ft. 3in. 230 lbs. Year: Senior Throws: Right

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dynasty is coming to an end at NDSU.

One of NDSU’s greatest golfers of all time, Amy Anderson, is graduating this year. For the last four years, Bison fans have grown accustomed to hearing about Anderson winning on the links. We look back at her four years here and look to what’s next for her.

Nathan Anderson

Dyn Article by Andrew Jason Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Amy Anderson

nasty 21


ith golf being such an individual sport, you’d think that Amy Anderson’s favorite memory would be

coming out first in one of her 17 wins but you’d be wrong. In fact, Anderson’s favorite memories come from her team. Whether it’s the tradition with her team that whoever loses the practice round has to eat something strange or the time that she accidentally stole a hairdryer from a hotel during a tournament in Oklahoma. Those are the memories that she’ll always cherish. “When you’re out on the golf course just playing your round, it’s you and the course but all the other time during practices, workout, practice rounds, eating meals, we’re a really close team and I think we all push each other to get better.” While she’ll always remember her time at NDSU, Bison fans will probably always remember her track record of winning. She has left her footprint with the school. Anderson holds 18 of the 19 records for individual lowest 18-hole round. She also holds the record for lowest individual 36-hole and

54-hole rounds and has the best scoring average and best winlost percentage. She not only succeeded on the golf course; she excelled in the classroom. Every year she has earned awards for her academic success. No matter how you look at it, she is one of the all-time greatest female golfers to come through NDSU. However, the numbers don’t matter too much for her, it’s the people. “The thing that I’m most proud of is the people,” Anderson said. “My team, my coach and all the people in the athletic department are so friendly and care about you, not just as a student athlete but also as a person… I’ve talked to a lot of different people who go to different schools and what we have here is something special… No matter where I go, I’m so proud to be a Bison.”


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Anderson has had quite the run at NDSU but her brother, Nathan, was along every step of the way. Nathan is 19-months older than his sister but they both came together to NDSU, played golf together and, amazingly, they both get along great. Their relationship has been very beneficial for each other. “We practice mostly together,” said Nathan. “…We always have someone there to help us out.” However, Amy doesn’t hope to end her success after graduating. She has plans of going pro after graduating in May. She’s not exactly sure how this process will work but she’s planning on going to Qualifying School this fall. This is a three-stage event and, depending on how she does at the school, she can get status on either the LPGA or the Symetra Tour. Although her future is uncertain, one thing is crystal clear. Bison fans have watched Amy Anderson compete throughout her time at NDSU and they are sure to continue watching her, wherever she may end up.


80 70 60 50 40 30

80 70 60 50 40 30


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Construction Equipment Operator

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73 years ago, Neal McClure graduated from NDSU. Throughout his entire life, McClure has remained faithful to his alma mater, proving that... Once a Bison, always a Bison.

By Joe Kerlin

Football Folklore W

hen Neal McClure enrolled at North Dakota State University, the world was changing. A world power was brewing in Europe while over in America most of our ancestors were enjoying their first Orange Bowl. It was the end of the Babe Ruth-era in baseball, a dime could buy you a gallon of gas and bread cost barely a nickel. North Dakota introduced their new sales tax but most importantly for McClure, he was starting the adventure we call life.


Neal McClure

This 93-year-old lifelong Bison faithful proves how long-lasting Bison Pride can be.


Bison Back Then T

he NDSU we know and love today is nothing like it was during the 30s. When McClure first stepped foot onto campus in 1935, there were only a handful of buildings and acres upon acres of farm land. No Minard Hall, no Union, just the old Fieldhouse, Old Main and a few other smaller buildings. “I stayed at the dormitory, Churchill Hall,” McClure said. “We had a room in the basement, kind of a community bedroom where the athletes and other people stayed and then they had ten kitchens all along the basement.”

“We would trade off right and left guard and we had plays where the guard would run interference for the runner,” McClure said. “Quite frequently we were called upon to do that.” McClure played for three seasons for the Bison, accumulating a record of 14 - 13 from 1936 - 38. Football was a different game back in the thirties and McClure experienced more than his fair share of bumps and bruises.

McClure got to know Churchill well by working in one of the kitchens as a member of the crew along with numerous odd jobs like scrubbing windows and yard work. But it was the gridiron where he performed his toughest task.

“At that time, we didn’t have helmets that protected the face,” McClure said. “We were practicing one time, I was the tackle and we were charging through the line and someone swung their heel and caught me right in the nose. Broke it open and it took seven stitches. Casey (Finnegan) felt very responsible for that so he took me to the clinic and sewed me back-up.”

Playing for Bison’s legendary coach C.C. Finnegan, McClure stared on the offensive line making holes for the explosive Bison backfield.

It may have been a painful experience for McClure but looking back at it now, he can’t help but laugh and be grateful for his memories on the gridiron.

Path to Success B

efore becoming a Bison, McClure was raised in a farming community in Bowbell, ND. The hard work and lessons learned from the farm were engraved into him and his brother at a young age. “One of us had to stay home and milk the cows once in a while,” McClure said. McClure kept his interest in farming while at school, pursuing an agriculture degree and planned on using his knowledge of the farm to teach classes. He was sent to both Casseltown and Fingal for teaching school until there was an unexpected change of plans. “The dean got a call from the department of agriculture locally here in Fargo,” McClure said. “They had an opening in their department and was wondering

if he would recommend somebody. He interviewed me and said that’s fine, come with me and as soon as you graduate we’ll put you on board.” McClure went on to receive his degree during the winter commencement in 1939 and joined the department of agriculture staff. Fresh out of college and filled with life, McClure was put in charge of getting people to work during the depression while providing them a place to call home. “… A lot of the big farms here got bought-out and the department of agriculture made them into a farm unit and they built a barn and a house and broke them into smaller units.” McClure said. “They usually went about 275 to 300 acres and that was it for the unit. They also had a grainery and a barn and livestock.”

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This was also around the same time McClure married his college sweet heart, Lue, right here in Fargo in 1941. As much as the newly-wed McClure’s wanted to start a family, they would have to wait, because that same year the U.S. entered World War II. McClure served as a first lieutenant during his three years of service during WWII. McClure was stationed at the US Naval Training Center during the war, training recruits in both Idaho and San Diego. He would eventually return home where he remained actively enlisted in the National Guard. When the

Korean War broke out in 1950, McClure was sent overseas to serve his country once again. This time he came back to the states with a bronze star and a family. Neal and Lue McClure had two children. Brian (66) and Ron (62), both still live in Fargo. McClure went on to become an important figure in the North Dakota soil industry as the Assistant State Soil Conservation Officer. He worked for the federal government for 36 years before retiring and Pat, his daughter-in-law, said it best claiming him, “the number two soil guy in North Dakota.”

Staying Loyal to His Roots M

cClure graduated over 73 years ago, but hasn’t lost base with his alma mater. The former football player supports his team every Saturday, watching intently on TV in his living room. “Every gameday he wears his green and gold,” Pat said. McClure’s health has kept him away from the FargoDome for the past few years but it hasn’t scared him away from the practice field. “Ron drove by and we decided


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

to stop at one of the practices last fall and I got to visit with Bohl,” McClure said. Before the death of Lue, back in April of last year, she and McClure loved going to the homecoming games to catch-up with old teammates and friends. Now at the age of 96 and with most of his former teammates gone, McClure can peacefully relax in the comfort of his own chair, reliving his wonderful experiences, watching the Bison battle it out on the gridiron while sporting the colors he still adores.


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Player photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

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& Kroetsch




Men’s and Women’s Golf Coaches photography by:

j. alan paul photography

article by:

joe kerlin

Half way through his fourth year of coaching the women’s golf team, Matt Johnson has already seen a vast improvement in the focus and talent of the team. On the men’s side, not having the luxury of building a rapport with his team, interim coach, Kris Kroetsch has had to take a different approach with his group of young golfers. We sat down with both coaches to talk about their teams, strategies, and of course, Amy Anderson. So coaches, how have your seasons been going thus far? Matt Johnson: “It’s been going great. We have been having the most success we have ever had, we have just been kind of improving slowly and things have been kind of coming to a culmination this spring with players and getting good scores.” Kris Kroetsch: “In each of our events right now, we continue to improve in each round and we need to keep doing that because our conference tournament is coming up and our goal is to win that tournament...We got a great group of guys and we think we have a good shot of doing it this year.”

Not a lot of people know who you guys are, so who are you? MJ: “I started golfing when I was thirteen. I’m from the small town of Valley City. Fourth-year coaching the women, had a stint with the men from 2001-2004, when we were divisiontwo. It (the team) means everything. I tell them I don’t want to coach 32

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

anywhere else, this is my team and this is where I want to be and I want to keep moving forward.” KK: “I grew-up in Grand Forks and I have played golf, I think I started when I was fourteen, played with Red River. Played regionally and played some stuff nationally and tried to see how far I could take my career professional wise...I’m very happy where I am now and I still actively play in all of the state opens and section championships.”

Coach Johnson, you have been coaching Amy Anderson for four years, what’s her contribution to the program been like? MJ: “Well, we have quite the senior class obviously with Amy, who has played a big role in the improvement of not only the team but she kind of motivates the others to work harder and get better because that is the main reason we have improved, but she has been used as a recruiting tool too.”

Coach Kroetsch, you are the interim head coach, what’s the story behind that?

KK: “I started right before Christmas in December. Bill had resigned in November and I took over right after him. It’s exciting and I’m happy to be here. I think they (players) have been happy with it and I think they like having me around because of my background in golf and everything, I’m still an active player and everything.”

What’s your coaching philosophy for an individual sport such as golf? MJ: “The first tournament was to practice your training because you have to get the feeling of golf again because you can hit balls all winter, but you have to get the feel of what you’re doing and what the ball is doing so it takes really a couple of tournaments to do that.” KK: “I know what it’s like when you’re playing good and I know what it’s like when you’re playing bad. I think I have a good sense of how to approach them on the golf course when they are in the situation.”

Matt Johnson Year 4th

Alma Mater Valley City State University

Credentials Former Men’s Coach, won 1993 North Dakota College Athletic individual championship, Threetime All-Conference Performer

Kris Kroetsch Year 1st

Alma Mater University of North Dakota


Eight-time Dakota Chapter PGA Player of the Year, Two-time NCAA Division II regional individual qualifier












The money that Team Makers raise comes from a variety of places. From former athletes, NDSU alumni, and local Fargo residents, they have raised a lot of dough, that’s for sure!

Not only are current members important to Team Makers, but new members are just as important. This past year, Team Makers has received 334 new members.

Cash Donations $2,850,000 Gaming / Trade $650,000 Total $3,500,000

Fun Fact: In 2012, Team Makers committed $175,000 to a new practice field, this would be a new venture for Team Makers.

With some organizations, you don’t know where your donations are going. That’s not the case while donating to Team Makers. 95 percent of the money is allocated to scholarships and only five percent of the donations are used for operations. That’s reassuring, huh?

Besides seeing the fans at Bison sporting events, ticket sales prove that we are in Bison Nation and this community loves to watch their team play. In this past football season alone, 12,100 season tickets were sold, which is 3,000 more than last football season. That is a whole lot of support!

Applications for becoming a Team Maker are accepted year round, so it’s really easy to sign up and you can become a member for as little as $100 a year. Also, you benefit from being a Team Maker, you get to see these student athletes compete successfully and you get an annual tax deduction! You know what that means? Being a Team Maker is a good investment!



Once again, the NDSU Team Makers have pulled off a successful year. The 90 members of the Board of Directors are responsible for creating volunteer teams that head all fundraising efforts. Team Makers strives to be a premier annual giving program in Division I sports, and they have done that very thing in the 2012-2013 school year. Throughout her research, Bison Illustrated writer, Haley Haddock has discovered five things about Team Makers that you should know.

2 3 4 5

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Where are they noW?

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5-Iro n 38

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Keeping it loose is what keeps this group of golfers together. With a new coach and an influx of new talent, the Bison men's golf team is still gelling as a team out on the links. We caught up with a few of the guys to make sure they weren't having too much fun building team chemistry.

n men Article By Joe Kerlin Photography By J. Alan Paul Photography


TR rEeN nTt Trent Olson

Year: Sophomore Hometown: Horace, ND What is your most memorable tournament being a part of the golf team? "My favorite tournament was at the Naval Academy. It was really fun because Nathan (Anderson) won it, Bill got second and then I took third; it was a lot of fun."


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3





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connor Connor Holland

Year: Freshman Hometown: West Fa

rgo, ND

What is the craziest sto ry you have ever heard involv ing a golf cart? “I had a buddy who dropped a cart down off a cliff in Arizona. He completely totaled it, saw the picture and ever ything. I don’t think they were happy.”


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Bill Carlson

Year: Sophomore Hometown: Fargo, ND What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on the golf course? “I got hit with a golf ball one time on the last hole. It was from the tee box in-front of me and he hit it and decided not to say ‘fore!’ and smoked me right in the shoulder. I was probably like 16 at a time, it was in a tournament. I was pretty upset, I know that much.”

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Kyle Kyle Jandro

Year: Junior Hometown: Fargo, ND Golf carts can be prett y dangerous. What’s your wildest story involving a golf cart? “Once I was standing in the middle of the fairway and my bu ddy was driving up and he was going to play a joke, like come really close, so he yells when he’s right behind me and I jumped to the same way, he swerve d so he clipped me right on the side. Did a little half flip, got up and it wa s fine. Didn’t hurt too bad, it was pretty funny.”


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3


Nate Varty

Year: Senior Hometown: Elk River, MN What was your best round of golf ever? “I shot a 29, but only nine holes were open that day so I couldn’t keep going. That was probably my best nine holes ever. It was the first day the course opened, it wasn’t that nice, it was cold, the greens were still bumpy and all wet.”


At the pace the women’s golf team is going, the sky is the limit for the lady Bison. They are off to their fastest start in recent memory. Led by a couple of laidback, wily veterans and complimented with a handful of energetic, young talent, the Bison golf team is a program to look-out for.

Fairway t Article By Joe Kerlin Photography By J. Alan Paul Photography


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

o heaven 47

amy Amy Anderson

Year: Senior Hometown: Oxbow, ND We hear you got in the way of a club while working with some young players?

Cydney Cydney Hasselberg

Year: Senior Hometown: Staples, MN

Any embarrassing stories about Amy? “Freshman year, she stole a hair dryer from a hotel we were at. And she was convinced it was mine she was saying, ‘Cydney it’s yours,’ and I said, I didn’t even bring mine to college. She was worried that the hotel was going to come get her.” 48

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

“I was kneeling down to put the ball down and the kid standing there swung the club. It flew back into my face during the back swing, they were going to chop at it like an ax. Apparently there was a lack in the teaching…I survived though.”

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Abby Knutson

Year: Junior Hometown: Hatton, ND What is one thing you can always beat Amy in? “We beat her in almost everything. Sand volleyball, lightening, cooking, business management, dancing; she’s the worst dancer in the world.”


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3


My one reason?

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As a new donor, you can earn up to $100 this week. Donate today at:

Talecris Plasma Resources 800 Holiday Drive Moorhead (218) 287-2700 In addition to meeting the donation criteria, you must provide a valid photo I.D., proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card to donate. Must be 18 years of age or older to donate.


Megan Swan

Year: Junior Hometown: Tipp Ci ty, OH Closest you have come to getting a hole-in-one? “It was the first hole I joined up with these three guys because of the slow play. The first hole I joined up with them was a par three. I hit this sh ot and it rolled right over the cup, like two inches past and they were all like, ‘if that would have gone in we all would have left the course.’ I made the bir die.”


Mon - Sat 1404 33rd Street S. Fargo East of Cashwise off 13th Ave 4:00 -10:30pm Check out our fine wine, beer and cuisine @

Sarah Sarah Storandt Year: Sophomore Hometown: Moorhead, MN Have you given the freshman a hard time this season? “I didn’t talk to them while we were playing because I’m shy and they took it the wrong way. I kind of liked it though. I like to instill fear into people, (laughs) just a little bit.”

Hailey Hailey Boner

Year: Freshman Hometown: Stillwater, MN Most embarrassing moment on the golf course? “In high school, I bent down to get a putt on the third hole and I split my pants. Right up the crack, you could see my butt cheeks...It took my coach 13 holes to get new pants and to cover up what had happened. But it was a great round because I didn’t lose it. I just laughed about it and moved on and shot a 75 so that was probably my best round.”

Cassie Cassie Wurm

Year: Freshman Hometown: Hudson, WI So I hear Sarah likes to give you freshman a hard time?


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

“She didn’t really talk to us. Well, she did, but it was really short and a little bit intimidating so Hailey and I had a little issue with it. But we got over it and we’re friends now, I guess it must have been a freshman thing.”

NDSU golf

Remaining Schedule MEN


April 22-24: Summit League Championship at Keller, TX April 27-28: Dakota Cup at Morton, MN


o April 9: Kansas City Kangaro MO. Invitational at Kansas City, sic April 15-16: Creighton Clas at Omaha, NE April 22-24: Summit League Championship at Keller, TX April 27-28: Dakota Cup at Morton, MN

Ticket Booth Reserving your seat in the FargoDome for Bison football is the most important thing to remember when preparing for another wild season. There are only five games scheduled at home for the upcoming season. Make sure you don't miss your chance to witness the Bison go for their third national championship in-a-row.

I Need Tickets! The Bison ticket office began taking requests for season tickets back on March 15. There's still time to order your season tickets before the May 1 deadline.

Here's The Thing More tickets will be reserved than are available making the request boil down to a priority points system. The higher the priority points the more likely you are to land Bison season tickets.

The Lowdown Last season, all 12,100 season tickets that were available were sold and the ticket office anticipates most of the tickets to be renewed. But do not fear! There's still a chance to reserve your ticket.

It’s All About the Points How do you gain priority points you ask? Easy. Every member of Team Makers gains a point every year they are a member. You also gain a point every season you are a season ticket holder for football, basketball, wrestling and volleyball. You can gain points through contributions to various NDSU organizations like Team Makers, NDSU Development Foundation, Endowment, Cornerstone, Bison Excellence, Brick & Morter or by making contributions to Bison Athletics.


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

playerbio year.


major. University Studies hometown. Shoreview, MN height. 5'11 weight. 180 position. Center Field bats. Left throws. Right


B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

calling on

Colwell article by joe kerlin


photos by j. alan paul photography


hen Tim Colwell first stepped foot on a diamond at NDSU, the Bison Baseball Team were the bottom feeders of the Summit League. With the program all but forgotten, the team experienced a resurrection. Coming off their first winning season since 2004, the 2013 Bison baseball club will look to this junior center fielder and leader to guide them to another successful season.



No one is responsible for the resurgence of the Bison baseball program more than Tim Colwell.

“Growing up, baseball was life,” Colwell said. “We would

But of course he would be the last one to tell you.

Colwell, the youngest of four, followed in the footsteps of

The humility of the Bison center fielder isn’t the

his two older brothers and credits much of his success to

only attribute that baseball fans are drawn to; it’s his

watching them when he was growing up.

get the neighbors together and play in our front yard. It’s just what we did and I loved it.”

display of excellence on the diamond that has fans believing he may be the greatest player to ever wear

“We were always really supportive of each other,”

the Bison pinstripes.

Colwell said, “but I mean, you always want to do better than the other one for sure so that drove us even more

The American Baseball Coaches Association certainly

to work hard. I wouldn’t say there was a sibling rivalry

believe this to be true, voting Colwell to the All-


Midwest Region team last Spring, the first Bison to receive such honor since the program's move

During his first two seasons at NDSU, Colwell had the

to division one. He was also recognized earlier

pleasure of playing with his older brother, Nick.

this winter when he was voted to the preseason All-American third team by the National College

“It was awesome playing with Nick, especially coming

Baseball Writers Association.

into college baseball. He made it great for me. He helped

“It’s an honor to be recognized for something like

me as much as he could and made the whole transition process great.”

that, but at the same time it doesn’t mean too


much,” said a grinning Colwell. The junior from

After an outstanding freshman season, Colwell followed

Shoreview, MN knows the importance of preparation

with an extraordinary sophomore season hitting lead-off

and hard-work, stressing the point that he has to

for the Bison. He attributes his work ethic as the key to

perform on the field to be fully satisfied.

his success.

Colwell attended Irondale High School where he and

“I love baseball,” Colwell said. “So it’s kind of something

his two older brothers were in constant competition

I have liked working towards. I’ll take extra hitting and

with each other on the diamond and the front lawn.

I feel like it’s just my love of baseball. It makes all that

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

“I’ll take extra hitting and I feel like it’s just my love of baseball. It makes all that extra work I put in that much easier.”

extra work I put in that much easier.” The extra batting practice paid-off, earning him a spot on the 2012 All-Summit League First Team. But, it’s Colwell’s wheels on the base paths that have head coach Tod Brown singing his praises. “Tim brings a certain amount of energy to the top of our line-up,” coach Brown said. “He puts a lot of pressure on defenses because he runs the bases so fast and so well. He brings that energy to our lineup and the level of play is increased when he is productive and he has obviously been very productive since he has been here.” Colwell’s energy propelled the Bison to their best season in program history in 2012. The Bison went 40-20 and qualified for their second straight Summit League tournament but fell one game short of the conference title. Colwell looks forward to leading this group back to the tournament.

“We’ll have some new faces in the field,” Colwell said. “I think we have had guys working hard and there has been a lot of competition which is definitely good because there are some spots that need to be filled.” Having tough position-battles is a good problem to have, but it’s safe to say Colwell has solidified his position in the outfield and will look to solidify his spot in Bison baseball lore for years to come.


summit league leader batting average: .381 hits: 93

runs: 62 triples: 9


Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography By Joe Kerlin

jenina Ortega

Jenina Ortega is entering her third year as the Bison softball backstop. Since playing shortstop in high school, Ortega’s arm has been her greatest weapon, nearly eliminating any thought of stealing for even the fastest base runners. After hitting .300 and playing sensational defense behind the dish her Freshman year, Ortega was named to the Summit-League All-Tournament Team. Ortega looks to lead this young Bison team this year as they fight for their fifth straight NCAA Regional appearance. 60

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

THE INTERVIEW BI: You gals have a very young team this year, what kind of leadership role have you taken with the team? JO: “I’m doing more of the ‘do well and hope they follow.’ I try to get everybody to be a leader and everybody can contribute. Talk less do more.”

BI: What’s one piece of advice you stress most to the younger players? JO: “Stay confident, that’s one thing I stress. They don’t know what it’s like to play in the atmosphere and compete for a championship. A lot of them are uncomfortable but we learn how to become comfortable by being uncomfortable so now they’re starting to fit in.”

BI: Catching is one of the toughest positions to play in softball, how do you keep yourself fresh day-in and day-out? JO: “I get a lot of treatment. A LOT of treatment. I take care of my body and eat right. That’s the biggest one, eating right. I eat a lot of chicken breast, brown rice, vegetables and a lot of fruits.”

BI: You’re from San Jose, California, what do you miss most about home? JO: “The weather (laughs). The weather is what I miss and my family. The only person that has ever come up here is my mom. But NDSU is a perfect fit for me.”

BI: Baseball and softball players have been known to be very superstitious, do you have any superstitions? JO: “I eat a lot of candy before the game.”

BI: You have a knack for throwing out potential base stealers, what makes you so good in that facet of the game?

Year- Junior Hometown- San Jose, CA Height- 5'2 Throws- Right Bats- Right {2011 Summit League All-Tournament Team}

JO: “Trusting my teammates, that’s what makes you the best. Anywhere the ball is thrown I know they are going to get it. I think it’s safe to say I give all the credit to them.”




P O P se


Track & field

Track a


Taylor Stainbrook Before tearing her ACL last spring, Stainbrook was one of the greatest freshman the Bison have placed on the pitch and was voted to the Summit League All-Freshman team. The sophomore defender is looking forward to coming back from the injury and building on her freshman success.


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Do you have any pregame rituals?

Mark Hermes Nicknamed “Boomer,” Hermes represents everything Bison athletics are about. Not only does Hermes fan hitters while he’s on the mound, he is also a distinguished scholar in the classroom. Hermes has been a key component in the bullpen for the Bison since his freshman year, back in 2009.





If you weren’t playing your sport, what would you be doing?

Andre’ Martin Jr Martin is more known for his play on the football field but this spring the defensive back has been burning opponents on the track. The senior transfer competed in the 60-meter during the spring and is ready for the outdoor season.

Definitely our “road to Omaha!”

I say a quick prayer and visualize a good performance.

I’d probably be Thundar.

Good weather and lake life.

Music and specifically dancing is a big part of my warmup.

I can’t imagine my life without it. I can’t even picture how I’d be living/ what I’d be doing.

Visiting family with my wife and daughter.

Attend chapel, read over notes given by Coach Klieman, then swag up.

Playing basketball or I would be involved with some type of ministry.

Running in the sun. :)

NOPE. I keep it pretty chill.

Drowning in boredom. Or saving the world. I think I would have a dog.

Field d n Maddie McClellan When you talk about long distance running at NDSU, it’s impossible not to bring up McClellan. The junior from Perham, MN is the current record holder in the steeplechase with a time of 10:19.39 which she ran during last season’s Summit League Championship meet.

B i s o n I l l u s t r a t e d • A pril 2 0 1 3

Favorite course at NDSU and why?

Physics. Landon “Darth” Bladow is a great professor.

Sociology 111, Professor Smith is awesome!

HDFS 760 Aging Policy. I am in a graduate program called Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GP-IDEA), which is a partnership of 20 public universities.

Literary Analysis. It was the hardest class I’ve ever taken, but I got to read great books and I was forced to become a better writer!

What is your go-to karaoke song?

“Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G

“Burn” by Usher

“My Girl” by the Temptations

Something that makes me look like I’m singing/ dancing horribly on purpose... perhaps Miley’s classic, “Party in the U.S.A.”




HONEST people, doing GREAT work ,with the FINEST products!!!

218-596-8773 Ulen, MN

Swany Says Who in the world is Nate Hamblin? By Joshua A. Swanson @swany8

Nate Hamblin? You don’t know it yet, but Nate Hamblin is the only man standing between you and catastrophe. But before we get to that, let’s segue into a Kindergarten lesson, shall we? Sharing isn’t always a good thing. Remember when you were younger and your teacher taught you it was nice to share. Share your toys. If you want treats, bring enough for everybody. If you were the kid with the jumbo box of crayons, you were more popular during coloring time than a Frisco bartender swarmed by Bison fans. Today, not much has changed. Instead of sharing our toys, we have a fancy phrase for it. Grown-ups call sharing “paying it forward.” I’ve heard people will pay for the coffee of the person behind them in line at Starbucks. If this happens to you, you’re supposed to return the favor to the person behind you the next time you’re getting coffee. What a wonderful concept. I love the very idea of it! It’s that public service commercial, kindness, pass it on! Brought to you by the folks for a better life or the American Smiley Face Association. In fact, bright and early this morning, when driving through Starbucks for my jumbo coffee, I’m going to pay for the coffee of the car behind me. I’m the gift that keeps giving – coffee and columns with Swany! You can syndicate that all the way to the bank. You know what’s not a wonderful concept? Unfiltered Twittering or Facebooking. It’s not a joke! Think I’m kidding? Log into Twitter or Facebook after your favorite team has a huge win or disappointing loss. Twitter and Facebook have created more armchair analysts and Monday Morning Quarterbacks than Bisonville could dream of. Nothing but love for my Bisonville friends, but you guys aren’t even in the same ballpark with the insta-arses popping off on Twitter and Facebook about why team “x” sucks eggs, or why “x” player should walk himself into oncoming traffic, even though “x” player is an all-conference performer. That makes as much sense as strutting your moxy up

to that girl who looks like Sofia Vergara and telling her you’d never date her because, with your Steve Buscemi-esque looks, she’s just not hot enough for you. Just last weekend, I put one of my own buddies on blast for making an absurd comment on Facebook about an opposing player’s subpar performance in the NCAA Tournament. This same player, by the way, eliminated North Dakota State from the Summit League Tournament and a shot at the Big Dance. My buddy showed him. Take that, jerkhead! Maybe I’ve mellowed a bit in my lawyering days and realized I don’t need to have an opinion or comment for everything. It’s just too exhausting. I don’t have the energy to tear people down and throw hate around online like bad candy at a parade. It’s absolutely classless to rip another team or player. Especially on Twitter or Facebook. What did you do today while that athlete was out there busting their hump competing for his team? Maybe watched some “Big Bang Theory?” Ordered a $5 foot-long from Subway? Or maybe complained about your boss or job to friends over beers? Here’s some tasty medicine. Next time I see a habitual Twitter or Facebook narcissist at one of my favorite watering holes, I’m blasting them with both barrels on Twitter for drinking beer like a cat in a bath. It doesn’t even matter if it’s not true because it doesn’t have to be. I can tweet until I’m twittered out, truth be damned. One of my favorite sports personalities is ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt. During my drives to and back from Minot, Bismarck or Williston for work, I tune into XM 84 for SVP and Russillo. These are the dudes that rep a Bison football helmet on their set. Van Pelt has it right. Almost everything about sports on Twitter is hateful garbage. Now, back to our friend Nate Hamblin. This was an actual tweet tonight from @Nate_ Hamblin after the Chicago Bulls snapped the Miami Heat’s 27-game win streak. Yes, that Nate

Hamblin, the suburban Chicagoan with 279 Twitter followers living in his parents attic. King James chokes in a city where Jordan made history for so many ironic..#RIPstreak. Well, thank heavens Nate Hamblin put LeBron in his place. Now we can rest easy in our beds tonight. We need to stop the Nate Hamblins of the world. The North Dakota legislature seems to be sticking its noses in all kinds of places where it doesn’t belong. Maybe they can put together some harebrained legislation regulating Twitter and Facebook. We can start by requiring licenses to tweet or permits to post. This would stop the Nate Hamblins of the world from polluting our internet. Or, how about abstinence only tweeting. It really is as sexy as it sounds. Protect yourself kids, you don’t know what’s out there, so we won’t teach you anything about it. That way, we can be sure you won’t use the Internet and be exposed to all that garbage on Facebook about equality, free speech and the dreaded penumbras of liberty. It’s the filter we’ve all wanted but have been afraid to ask for.

“It’s absolutely classless to rip another team or player. Especially on Twitter or Facebook.” Until the legislature gets their act together and clamps down on these First Amendment rights, I guess we’ll just have to deal with the Nate Hamblins of the world popping off and forcing their views upon us. I suppose we could just ignore them. But then who would protect us from stuff we don’t want to see? Maybe I can find somebody on Facebook for the job.






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