GOODSPEED The Tradewind Magazine | Issue 04 | May 2018

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“ Avoid the critics as they make it more complicated. The winemakers can explain the wine’s transitions in a simpler way.”

are very much chef groupies here at NWF. Our team also does production for the James Beard Foundation, so we have access to a lot of great chefs. It’s rare a chef doesn’t want to come back.”

Nancy’s F E E D B A C K


We asked Nancy what ideal comments she’d like to hear from an attendee, a chef and a winemaker. ATTENDEE: “It was an experience I couldn’t have anywhere else.” CHEF: “The attendees of the festival are the perfect clientele for me, plus participating in this festival is really easy and I hope to be invited back.” WINEMAKER: “The attendees of the festival are the perfect clientele for me and though it might have been far for me to travel, it was well worth it.”


Asked which event she’s most excited about in this year’s program, Nancy mentioned Dame Dejeuner, which celebrates women in our industry: chefs, vintners, sommeliers and female leaders. The event is sponsored by Veuve Clicquot and honors Madame Clicquot as a fearless trailblazer. “The wine and culinary worlds have always been such a male-dominated environment, though the women in the industry are so phenomenal,” explains Nancy. “We wanted to showcase that and hear everybody’s story. This year Elizabeth Falkner is participating, which is particularly exciting.” She’s also quite proud to have Bruno Borie, this year’s luminary. “He’s never been before, and I think our programming with him (wine dinner, French country lunch) is awesome. Marc Perin is also coming for the first time ever,” she explains. When asked to name something people may not know about the wine festival, Nancy points to the charitable nature of the festival and that, despite some of its more expensive events, their goal is to remain very charitable toward the island. “We give back to the island and support various organizations, primarily youth organizations but also Parks and Recreation projects like out in Tom Nevers.” She also wants the breadth of programming and wide range of prices to be better understood. “We don’t make a big point of it, but we do offer more affordable events, especially in the culinary village. We strive to involve the community as well as offer diversity in our programming and give back to the island.”