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Falcon 2000LX Š Dassault Falcon / Alain Ernoult

About Us Take Off with FlyCorporate FlyCorporate is the premier multimedia resource dedicated exclusively to international operators, industry professionals, users and owners of corporate aircraft. We engage in a broad range of design, branding, content, publishing, interactive and advertising projects, offering clients a unique blend of big-picture marketing and communication strategies and detail-oriented execution. Our multiple print, digital and new media channels promote aircraft as an important business tool, providing information on issues ranging from developing a business case, assessing aircraft models, financing and insurance, to avionics and engine technology, charter, ownership and more. The dedicated FlyCorporate team of experienced journalists around the world ensures that readers are abreast of the latest trends in the business aviation industry with reliable, accurate and informative news, reviews, features, statistics and analysis. FlyCorporate offers multiple new media opportunities to spread your marketing message to our influential, highly targeted readership. Our global reach with special emphasis on emerging markets gives you an unparalleled platform to present your services and solutions, and maximise brand interaction through innovative marketing and communication programmes. FlyCorporate is a component of Mach Media, a leading global public relations and marketing communications agency. Diana Albiol Editorial & Publishing Director, FlyCorporate



Innovative Branding – What We Offer Broaden your brand reach within the business aviation industry through our innovative brand engagement packages:

Creative Digital/Print Advertising • FlyCorporate delivers your full-page advertisements to targeted readership of more than 15,000 (see page 6 for distribution and circulation) • Advertorial – a branded article within the magazine, created to provide a targeted message to readers • Custom publishing – a special issue with the unique mix of your brand and FlyCorporate’s editorial content, graphical look and production • Interactive Digital Magazine – Video advertisements create a unique experience and complement our digital magazine, (see page 6)

eMarketing • – numerous digital options (see pages 8-11) o Video ads: Feature your corporate image through video: pre/post roll, lightbox ad, YouTube o Online Advertising: Prominent visibility through your branded banner ads - leaderboard, skyscraper, quad button, small banner or button o Homepage takeover: Overlay our reader with your corporate creative and the message for the impression that will last as long as the user is on the website. Static image across the home screen. o Podcasts: Communicate your story and thought leadership in an audio feature with your key opinionmakers • On the Fly Reports and Newsfeeds – Reach influential readers on a regular basis (see page 6) o Online breaking newsfeed: Promote your company news as it happens o Weekly newsfeed advertising: News and analysis sent to subscribers weekly o On the Fly Report: Monthly special reports

Customised Marketing & Communication Solutions o Events: Helping you promote your brand and presence at important industry tradeshows, conferences or client/prospect meetings o Social Media and Web campaigns: Enhanced brand engagement on important new media channels o Aircraft/Photo Gallery: Your corporate photo gallery on an exclusive FlyCorporate page o 360 Private Virtual Tour and Photography – Unique virtual tours of your aircraft, FBO, Airport deliver the ultimate interactive customer experience. ‘I have found the team at FlyCorporate to be great to work with for over 5 years now. As a business that has been expanding rapidly in the business aviation space we have found them to be a great partner to us providing insight, knowledge and advice that adds to the value of all our promotional activities. As such they have been part of our success story in EMEA and Asia Pacific providing synergy for our business activities. By getting to know our team and the part we play in this industry we have also been pleased to be asked provide our insight and comment in our areas of expertise that they are covering. Being placed alongside the many other expert commentators is nice recognition and the balanced journalism and editorial keeps things interesting for readers.’ James Hardie, Director, ARINC Direct, EMEA and Asia Pacific


DISTRIBUTION POINTS FlyCorporate Distribution In addition to this, FlyCorporate Magazine is proud to have a global distribution partner network which delivers copies directly to customers in FBO lounges and onboard aircraft. FlyCorporate Magazine is also present at key industry events throughout 2013, including:

• ABACE – China


• EBACE – Switzerland

• CEPA – Czech Republic


• Continuing Airworthiness Management Summit – UK

• AERO Friedrichshafen – Germany

• Dubai Airshow – Dubai

• BAE – UK

• Isle of Man Aviation Conference – Isle of Man

• Baltic Business Aviation Summit – Estonia

• JETEXPO – Russia


• SPACE – Singapore

See more on our FC Events Page


‘Excellent and informative content.’ – Franco, Captain

Subscribers FBOs/Airports/Operator Lounges/Jets Trade Shows & Events


Benefits of FC Multimedia Products Scope and targeting – As a leading global business aviation resource, FlyCorporate delivers specialised content to a unique, difficult-to-reach market segment – enabling you to communicate with your target audience. FlyCorporate reaches the key decision makers, from manufacturers, chief pilots, crew, fleet managers, aircraft users and operators through to the boardroom. Engaging printed magazine with wide distribution – With all the attention to new media, we haven’t forgotten how influential a high-quality, 4-color, printed magazine with strong editorial content can be. We distribute an average of 10,000 printed copies worldwide per issue to subscribers around the world, in addition to delivering copies as via our global distribution partner network, including in FBO lounges, onboard aircraft and at the key industry events throughout the year. Innovation & Technology – The FC App launches in 2013, offering greater market penetration and reach, providing you with more creativity and interactivity in presenting your brand. Web and Tablet-use has grown rapidly among our readers and with it the opportunity to sustain editorial excellence through swift, easy digital distribution—a superb global platform. Long-lasting impressions – Advertisements aren’t limited to a once-read print title which is quickly thrown away. Readers will access these stories (and your branding message) time and again. Prominent brand exposure – generates average monthly page views of 25,000 and 67% unique users from around 165 countries. Desirable demographics – 60% of readers are Board, C-level or directors Steady stream of information – Your advertising will be seen again and again, as readers click through to our newsfeeds, updated daily, weekly or monthly. Over 7,000 digital subscribers will be able to engage with your brand regularly. Flexibility – Our digital solutions allow you to update and rotate your brand images as often as you like, targeting special events, promotions, etc. Exclusivity – The number of advertisers per ad position is strictly limited Timing – Selective positions are sold for a minimum of three months to create consistency in brand positioning and add value in visibility, exposure and web traffic.

‘FC Has more material about business and private aviation than all other sources.’ Reinold, General ManagerCaptain


PRINT and digital FlyCorporate Magazine Readership and Circulation FlyCorporate Magazine reaches the Aircraft Operators, Chief Pilots, Board Members, CEOs, Presidents, COOs, CFOs and Senior Management Teams of international corporations. FlyCorporate Readership by Function


Corporate Decision Makers (Aviation and Non-Aviation sectors): Board Member/CxO/MD/ President/VP/Director/Private jet owner and user


General Management (Business Dev., Marketing, PR, Technical, Sales, Engineers, Attorneys, Fleet Managers)


Pilot/Captain/Airport & FBO Manager/Administration/Crew




Readership by Gender Female




FlyCorporate Magazine publishes 3 editions in 2013, to coincide with key aviation events including: The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) - Shanghai The European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (EBACE) - Geneva The National Business Aviation Association, Meeting & Convention (NBAA) - Las Vegas Printed Distribution

Circulation by Region

Readership: 172 countries Print run: 10,000 Controlled print circulation: 9,428 Total readership per issue: 29,991 Direct mailing to individual subscribers 78% Tradeshows/events FBOs/Airports/Operator lounges/Jets

FlyCorporate Digital Readership Readership: 142 countries +7,000 digital magazine subscribers +7,000 monthly report subscribers +7,000 weekly newsfeed subscribers

15% 7%






North America & Carribean






Middle East



Asia Pacific








South & Central America

Website Highlights Average # of page views per month: 25,000 Average # of pages visited per visit: 2.34 New Visits: 69% annually


PRINT specifications FlyCorporate Magazine Double Page Bleed: Trim: H 295 x W 450 mm H 285 x W 440 mm 11¾” x 17¾” 11¼” x 17½” Full Page Bleed: Trim: H 295 x W 225 mm H 285 x W 220 mm 11¾” x 9” 11¼” x 8¾” Half Page Bleed Vertical: Bleed Horizontal: H 142 x W 220 mm 148 x 225 H 285 x W 110 mm 295 x 115 11¾” x 4½” 11¼” x 4¼” 6” x 9” 5¾” x 8¾”

Content Safe Area Safe Area: H 275 x W 400 mm 10¾” x 15¾” Full Page Safe Area: H 275 x W 180 mm 10¾” x 7” Half Page Horizontal: Vertical: 275 x 90 132 x 180 10¾” x 3½” 5¼” x 7”

All print materials must be CMYK (quadri) pdf files at 300dpi Crop and bleed marks must be included File type should be pdf EMEA & Asia





FC Interview:



Steve Taylor Boeing Business Jets


Market Focus

Latin America +55 12 3927 3399, U.S., Canada and Caribbean +1 954 359 5387, Europe, Middle East and Africa +44 1252 379 270, China +86 10 6598 9988, Asia Pacific +65 6734 4321

Jean Rosenvallon

Quick Conversions • Cabin IFE • Cessna Latitude and Longitude • Trip Planning Resources Aircraft Review • Airport Review • BizApps • Landings: FC’s Guide to Oman ISSUE 16


ISSUE 17 - 2013 ISSN: 2030-0468

FC Interview: President and CEO Dassault Falcon

Legacy 500 offers one of the best flying experiences around. Fly-by-wire Interiors & Completions • AircraftThe Management Finance &theLeasing technology controls. Unrivaled • performance. And it's first in its class with an unbelievable 6ft tall cabin and flat floor. Find out more about the Legacy 500 and Hong our six other Kong exceptional •models at Landings: FC’s Guide to BizApps

The Legacy 500 offers one of the best flying experiences around. Fly-by-wire technology controls. Unrivaled performance. And it's the first in its class with an unbelievable 6ft tall cabin and flat floor. Find out more about the Legacy 500 and our six other exceptional models at

EMEA & Asia

Market Focus:

on Centre Stage Class leading technology.

Class leading technology.


Middle East Africa India

Large Jets

Latin America +55 12 3927 3399, U.S., Canada and Caribbean +1 954 359 5387, Europe, Middle East and Africa +44 1252 379 270, China +86 10 6598 9988, Asia Pacific +65 6734 4321






ISSUE 16 - 2012 ISSN: 2030-0468

Mail Artwork / Ad materials to: Mach Media Kortrijksesteenweg 62 Suite 11a B-9830 Sint-Martens-Latem Or upload to: If file size does not exceed 8 Mb, ad materials can be e-mailed to ‘FC is simply a great magazine. We have it available in our FBO crew and PAX lounges, and it is very popular among all who read it.‘ Jan, FBO Handling Agent


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MAY 2012

Fees and Charges

MAY 2012

Your wings in safe hands The business of flying is governed by process and procedure, all naturally designed with safety in mind, but it’s a full-time job keeping your aircraft fully up-to-date and legal. A far

By David Corfield

How much you pay depends on many factors: the size of the aircraft, how many hours it will be flying, whether you are prepared to lease it out to other users, and so on. Fees range typically from between $7500 to $15000 dollars a month. A good management company, working smartly on your behalf, will look to offset a lot of these costs by regularly negotiating on fuel, insurance, training and so on. “If a client is willing to let the operator undertake other commercial flights when they are not using the aircraft,

This is a cost that should be met by the management company, and they will ensure that crew are regularly tested and trained on flight simulators appropriate to your aircraft. This training should also extend to cabin crew, with food preparation in particular coming under scrutiny. “We partner with Private Flight Global to take care of inflight catering and we carefully monitor the operation in order to deliver the highest level of quality and to ensure efficiency,” says Audrey Gaona from Comlux Aviation.


better idea is to leave these technicalities to those who know best. But before you appoint an aircraft management company, just what else is there to know? Let FlyCorporate guide you.

Depending on how much personal involvement you want in the running of your aircraft, the management company will tailor a package to suit you. This can include flight crew training, aircraft maintenance and purchase, fuel agreements, safety programmes, record keeping flight planning.

High Standards A quick trawl through the Internet will reveal many management companies, and while their websites might look slick and well written, make sure you

actually speak to the people in charge and find out if they outsource the services they list, or whether they perform them in-house. And if they do everything themselves, make sure they are regulated and are operating to the standards set by their aviation authority as each country has different regulations in place. You need to make sure that whoever you choose understands this and fundamentally that requires absolute trust. Trust is such a vital ingredient in aircraft management; you need to be sure the

company you appoint can keep the promises they make. Jürg Reuthinger, Senior VP, Aircraft Management and Charter at Jet Aviation sums this up neatly: “Trust doesn’t grow free of charge on an apple tree. The client is king and the operator should be looking to save you money at all times. You have to earn trust and we do everything to meet a client’s requests. We are looking after their baby, after all. It’s the most precious thing their business owns.”

Looking after your aircraft on the ground is another area requiring careful consideration that certainly reduces the fixed costs for the owner,” says Paras Dhamecha, Executive Director of Empire Aviation Group, “But make sure they have the right permits in place. In the UAE, for instance, the aircraft must be managed by a licensed operator with an AOC (Air Operators Certificate) issued by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority.”

Training Needs Another important consideration to make, over and above the actual running of your aircraft, is the ongoing training needs of your pilot and flight crew.

Comlux Aviation

Asset Protection Looking after your aircraft on the ground is another area requiring careful consideration. While a lot of people say that a hangar is not made to shelter an aircraft but to perform maintenance, hangar space in countries affected by adverse weather is of prime importance. In sub-tropic countries like Hong Kong, for instance, with high humidity and storms, prices explode because there is a huge demand for dehumidified storage. Again, your management company will actively negotiate this cost on your behalf.

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Dassault Falcon

‘On the Fly’ monthly Report Ad (Horizontal: 2000x248px - 300dpi) (Vertical:533x2000px - 300dpi) jpeg Our monthly Report is distributed to subscribers via email, and PDF version is downloadable from Exclusive advertiser: 1 banner ad & 1 skyscraper ad. ‘On the Fly’ Reports remain available on

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Post show report • Press Coverage • Company logo and link to your corporate website • Various advertising options, specifications available upon request

Exclusive Photo Gallery Sponsorship • Exclusive branding on the FlyCorporate photo gallery • Press Coverage for corporate branding • Monthly Website visits: 25,000

Customised Campaign/Report • Customised mailer provides a unique platform to reach out to your customers and prospects. Includes exclusive advertorial, photography, podcasts, videos — all linking to your website. • Sent out via email to FlyCorporate’s entire digital subscriber database, selected to match your readership requirements.

Mobile Advertising and Sponsorship Customised interactive branding experience


eMarketing Customised Marketing & Communication Solutions 360° Private Virtual Tour and Still Photography FlyCorporate’s unique, high-quality 360-degree photography results in a customised, interactive tour of your aircraft, FBO, airport or lounge – giving you a truly outstanding tool to enrich your Sales & Marketing efforts.

Unique Special Reports • A unique resource aimed at the business aviation user, providing detailed coverage on airports, operators, FBOs and business aviation services within the region. • A one-off Special Report is published in E-Magazine format, available on • A special report will be updated once a year • In addition to the initial launch, the report will be mailed to our entire FC readership Event Management – PR and marketing support around the leading BizAv events • Pre-event, onsite and post-event marketing and PR support to maximise your impact at the important industry events • Event promotion on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin • Management and coordination of onsite media interviews; preparation of speaking points • Hosting of hospitality break-outs, client functions • Share links, videos and images related to tradeshows, events and insights for our partners Social Media – Positioning your organisation throughout all of FlyCorporate’s active Social Media sites and groups • FlyCorporate Twitter, Facebook • LinkedIn Group: European Business Aviation • More than 3,500 followers/members for these leading social media channels • Promotion of your special offers or services to our social media followers



Insertion/Editorial Deadline

Delivery Date

Editorial Feature

On the Fly Report 52

January 3

January 10

Pre-owned Market Landings: Berlin

On the Fly Report 53

February 7

February 14

Aircraft Maintenance Landings: London

On the Fly Report 54

March 7

March 14

Avionics Landings: Hong Kong

FlyCorporate Magazine - Issue 17 *Extra distribution at: - Singapore Private Aircraft Conference & Expo 16-17 April 2013 - Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE), April 16-18, China - AERO Friedrichshafen, April 24-27, Germany

March 1

April 13

Asian Bizav Market Interiors & Completions Finance & Leasing Aircraft Management Large Jet Market Aircraft Review Landings: Hong Kong

On the Fly Report 55

April 4

April 11

Helicopter Market Landings: Barcelona

On the Fly Report 56

May 2

May 9

Fuel Landings: Paris

FlyCorporate Magazine - Issue 18 *Extra distribution at: - EBACE, May 21-23, Switzerland - Isle of Man Conference, June 13, Isle of Man - Business Aircraft Europe (BAE), September 11-12, UK - Jet Expo 2013, September 12-14, Russia

April 8

May 20

European/Russian Bizav Market Charter Market Bizav: The Powerful Business Tool The Broker Report Mid-Size Aircraft Review Landings: Paris

On the Fly Report 57

June 6

June 13

Aircraft Management Landings: Sao Paulo

On the Fly Report 58

July 4

July 11

Crew Focus Landings: Casablanca

On the Fly Report 59

August 8

August 15

Tax & Registration Landings: Sydney

On the Fly Report 60

September 5

September 12

Finance & Leasing Landings: St Petersburg

FlyCorporate Magazine - Issue 19 *Extra distribution at: - NBAA 2013, October 22-24, US - Dubai Airshow, November 17-21, UAE

September 10

October 22

Onboard technology Insurance FBO Services Americas Bizav Market Light Jet Aircraft Review & Turbo Props Landings: New York

On the Fly Report 61

October 3

October 10

Catering Landings: New York

On the Fly Report 62

November 7

November 14

Pilot Training Landings: Doha

On the Fly Report 63

December 5

December 12

Handling Services Landings: Cape Town



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FlyCorporate is the premier multimedia publication for current and potential owners, operators and users of corporate aircraft.