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cut, paste, life Art-based research bold project: Artificial Intelligence A.I. art innovation, reinforced ML/ RL (human body movement), Industrial Robotics

by FLORIAN LIBER Montreal, Toronto, New York, Europe

AI research leads to Body Shape & color unsupervised recognition that does not require the prior knowledge of class membership (Hartigan). This approach develops algorithms that construct classes as the analyzed forms are considered. They are called grouping algorithms or clustering – a machine learning technique. Machine learning ML uses a type technique named unsupervised learning, which finds hidden patterns or intrinsic structures in input data. Choosing the right algorithm can seem overwhelming – there are dozens unsupervised machine learning algorithms, and each takes a different approach to learning (hybrid human-machine) Simnon – Every system, which can be defined in mathematical terms, a discrete event simulation is the simulation of queues and operating systems. Simnon is intended for the simulation/ emulation of continuous time as well as discrete time dynamical systems. Numerical integration routines are used to simulate differential equations. = algorithms IoT –Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects or people

CLUSTERING al gorithm #bodyshape reco gnition (Hartigan, Vanea)

CLUSTERING al gorithm #color re cognition/ filters, no ise removal (Wie ner), restoration of ge ometric distortions (Silverman)

Genuine specim en (Liber), sculpture 50x20x 18 inches



REVIEW of my published issue http://litteraria.ff.cuni.cz/journals/extracts/16.32_intro.pdf

CT and MRI scan

stereo digicam optical OCR (Optical Character Recognition), human body motion capture

tensometric stamps, human body motion capture & emulation FIND OUT MORE/ my published book https://www.amazon.com/

ph%C3%A9nom%C3%A8ne-actuel-d%C3%A9membrement-virtuel-humain/ dp/6131525277

Sliding Mode control law, F Liber dipl. eng. Ind. Robotics TITLE of paper: Microcontroller/ DSP (digital signal processor) based management of an industrial robot using a nonlinear Sliding Mode control law KEY WORDS: SIMNON emulation, industrial robot, real time, robust control law, DSP, simulation language – nonlinear differential equations, digital mathematical model

FIND OUT MORE https://florianliber.wordpress.com/folding-paper-space-and-time/

https://florianliber.com/ info@florianliber.com Montreal, Qc, Canada BFA Beaux-Arts, Master degree Faculte des Arts et Sc, dipl. eng.

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AI art innovation/ clustering body shape recognition (ML)