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Post-humanity on NET F l o r i a n LI B E R

Those images of synthesis/ acrylic paintings & concrete sculptures reveal the claim of a contemporary creation process, ergo artistic practices of the human body based on the virtual body corporealizations (innerNET* and bioinformatics**), and the emergence of real-time interactive technology and new media dedicated to new technology arts. My personal contribution is materialized by a conceptual creation, and by the identification and typological classification, both rely on architectural or constructive structures, and on the creative process inherent to these actual artistic practices.

*Post-Internet: Quest for meaning and authenticity or selflessness, which refers to a service which is performed without an expectation of a result.



“ballet is dead” by F. Liber; acrylic on photo resolume

“post-humanity inner net�; video projection, New York

Concrete sculpture by f.liber, synthesis image (Polunin ballet’s destructive)

HTA 2006, NYC www.florianliber.com

Profile for Florian Liber

Post humanity reconfiguration  

Post humanity reconfiguration