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World Meets Girl


Destination: Design The designers and companies bringing the best of the world’s design back to


Selling History

The ins and outs of buying a piece of history with historic home expert, Ines Hegedus-Garcia.

Weaving tale of two textile companies revolutionizing their industry, one thread at a time South

Miami native, Reyna Noriega, takes the art world by storm with her vibrant, female-forward creations

Tradition A

BRAZI L I A N LUMB E R Everything you need for your indoor and outdoor projects PREMIUM DECKING, BUILT THE RIGHT WAY. Código QR Brazilian Lumber LLC The qualityhighest tropical hardwoods TURF AND IVY The generationnext of COMPOSITE DECKING CLADDING

Textiles by Maharam Design Studio,

24 Destination: Design

The ins and outs of buying a piece of history with historic home expert, Ines Hegedus-Garcia

11 Selling History

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08 In The Mix

A compilation of industry news and real estate spotlights


30 Designer Spotlight

HGTV’s Matt Blashaw shows us how creating the feeling of home begins and ends with family.


See what’s next for Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander and her Miami-based real estate team.

12 World Meets Girl

18 Maya Takes Miami

A tale of two textile companies revolutionizing their industry, one thread at a time.

Elevate your kitchen with culinary wares from around the world.

Get to know our featured designers at the Home Design Show and Remodeling Show.

38 Closing Thoughts

The designers and companies bringing the best of the world’s design back to South Florida

16 Kitchen Must-Haves

20 Weaving Tradition

On The Cover: Cuban-born designer, Maite Granda, showcases her globally inspired interiors on page 24.

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Miami native, Reyna Noriega, takes the art world by storm with her vibrant, femaleforward creations.

In this issue, we also seek out South Florida’s leading designers and real estate experts to bring you the latest trends, products, and services needed to create a beautiful home. But with only so many pages in each issue, and so much information to share, it’s impossible to capture everything in one magazine. That’s why we’ve found new ways to become a year-round resource. With four shows per year and weekly segments on our Home Design Podcast, we serve the South Florida community as the largest and most trusted destination for everything home design and home improvement.

Take KLEI Hand Crafted’s artisanal rugs, made with the materials and methods of the indigenous people of Colombia, or Brazilian Lumber’s dedication to bringing the highest quality tropical hardwood back from the Amazon to use for decking in our own backyards.




In a place as multicultural as South Florida, we are lucky enough to have the best of every world right here in our backyard. In fact, the influx of people moving here has brought on a renaissance of design. From up-and-coming designers bringing their heritage with them to a demand for authentic and ethically made reproductions of furniture and fabrics from a bygone area or halfway across the world.

While our design inspiration extends to the far reaches of the world, we’re on a mission to make beautiful home design and remodeling achievable for everyone, right here in South Florida. We hope you enjoy this issue.


The act of travel is marked with traditions, celebrating our own while exploring someone else’s.


It’s true what they say. The world is getting smaller. And when we embrace different cultures and ideas, it can be more beautiful than we’ve ever imagined doing it on our own. Our featured artist, Reyna Noriega, shows us how with her vibrant, colorful depictions of marginalized people that are rooted in their joy instead of their Wetrauma.hope you enjoy this global-inspired issue of Home Design. We’re sure you’ll find that the more traditions you bring into your home, the closer you’ll be to finding your own.

I’d like to think of decorating our homes in the same way. Whether you’re retrofitting modern fixtures into a historic space or adding a bit of global inspiration to your personal style, we revive traditions by making them a part of our daily lives.

As we explore all the ways of bringing the world closer to home, you’ll meet the designers and companies making it easier by bringing their heritage to South Florida. We’ve also tapped Miami’s historic home expert, Ines Hegedus-Garcia, on everything you need to know about buying a property with a past and how to add personal touches, while restoring it to its former glory.


Keep on exploring,



With single-family home inventories cliff diving to all-time lows, South Florida buyers are turning to boutique residential buildings to give them the security and amenities they seek. In Miami Beach alone, condo sales have skyrocketed 55% in the last year, while Downtown Fort Lauderdale has no less than 40 new developments underway. IN THE MIX


Fans of B&B Italia’s contemporary Italian furnishings can now own a home personally customized by the luxury brand’s famed creative director Piero Lissoni. Located in the heart of Downtown Miami, Casa Bella by B&B Italia features 312 residences with a selection of European fixtures and finishes inspired by Italian heritage. www.Casabellaresidences.com

New developments across the world are adding man-made lagoons to boost value for buyers and developers alike. From Thailand’s largest artificial lagoon sprawling 18 acres at MahaSamutr to a beach-inspired lagoon surrounding North Miami’s ONE Park Tower by Turnberry, these community centerpieces are the future of sustainable waterfront living.



Credit: Related Group

These spectacular properties are an asset to buyers and history itself.



Credit: LPG/ONE Sotheby’s International Realty


Located on 100 feet of private beach front, this Highland Beach estate houses a collection of art and artifacts that rival those of a museum, including an 1890 Steinway grand piano, Louis XIV carved and gilded armchairs, and artwork collected from the ballroom ceiling of a Belgian castle. 4217 S Ocean is listed for $25 million by Chad Carroll with Compass.

Tucked into Coconut Grove’s most coveted address, this 31,000-square-foot lot is made up of 3 separate structures for a total of 7 bedrooms and 9 baths. The 1930’s main house was restored to perfection with exceptional craftsmanship and sophisticated design. Carpenters were brought in from Italy to complete the kitchen. 3580 South Moorings Way is listed for $19.9 Million by Jill Balli & Saddy Delgado with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty.

Credit: The Carroll Group

Ines Hegedus-Garcia shows us the ins and outs of buying a historical property in South Florida.

“The owner of an Alfred Browning Parker home in Schenley Park found me through my blog,” explains Ines. “She knew the second she read my historic posts that no one else could represent her in the sale.”

“The first thing I do is point out original features and even restorations. Explaining the process of restoring and the meaning and history behind the features is something that I really enjoy,” says Ines. “It’s even comical to have listing agents follow me around taking notes about what I’m saying while showing a house. Most of the time, homeowners don’t even know the value of what they have.”


“The first thing I do is point out original features and even restorations. Explaining the process of restoring and the meaning and history behind the features is something that I really enjoy.”

Thanks to pioneering developers like Henry Flagler and George Merrick, South Florida is home to some of the most well-preserved and sought-after architectural styles in the country, like Mediterranean Revival, Florida Vernacular, and Mid-Century Modern. And for nearly two decades, Ines has built a career out of

Along with her vast knowledge of South Florida’s history and architectural movements, Ines’ walkthroughs are more akin to a museum tour than a showing.

On the flip side, Ines also has the task of guiding first-time buyers through the process of finding a historic home they love and feel comfortable investing in. Although working with someone as passionate and knowledgeable as Ines is an excellent place to start.

“Once I got my real estate license, it made sense to have a niche in historic and architecturally significant properties,” explains Ines. “Aligning my passion with my daily work was magic, and being able to provide that added value to historic home buyers and sellers set me apart from my competition.”

When real estate agents ask their clients what they want in their next home, open-concept kitchens, laundry rooms, and smart appliances are among the usual responses that arise. But for Miami’s historic real estate expert, Ines Hegedus-Garcia, and her team the answer lies in the preservation of the property’s past.

her passion, leading a team that’s represented countless buyers and sellers of the region’s most exclusive and historic homes.

Along with a vast knowledge of architectural history she shares with her clients, Ines publishes monthly market reports, historical listings, and tips on how to buy and restore a historical property on her blog, Miamism, where she’s amassed a dedicated following and even a few of her favorite clients to date.

For more information on Ines’ historic properties or to get in touch with Ines, visit miamism.com and follow her on Instagram at @miamism.

“Our clients have a love for identifying what’s original or not in a historic home,” Ines adds. “Being able to explain the restoration process is something they really appreciate.”

“I always tell them to educate themselves first,” adds Ines. “To know how difficult it is to maintain and restore a historic home, but how rewarding it is. And to know that historic homes ‘historically’ sell for more (pun intended).”


Since historic homes are almost always a labor of love, sellers aren’t willing to sell to just anyone. Ines and her team have the challenge of finding the right buyer who would appreciate the home’s architecture and be willing to continue its restoration rather than completely gut and rebuild it.



They say creating art is coming face to face with yourself, and for Miami-based visual artist Reyna Noriega, that couldn’t be more true.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Dunn


Leaving her full-time position as a high school art teacher in 2018, Reyna ventured out on her own to create joyful modern portraitures of women of color, reflecting her own experience as an Afro-Latina woman. Since then, her artwork has graced the covers of Science Magazine and The New Yorker and thousands of people collect and showcase her art in their homes around the world. But behind her colorful creations, Reyna’s artwork serves a higher purpose: To fill the world with vibrant, joyful depictions of marginalized people.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Dunn

Are you working on any exciting upcoming projects you can share with us?

What role does your Afro-Latina culture play in your work?

So far, my Brookfield Place Winter 2020 Installation, which has been my biggest installation to date, and my New Yorker covers were very pivotal moments in my career. This winter, I have a full hair accessory line coming out with Goody and Walmart, so I am very excited for that to hit the shelves.

As our featured artist of September’s Home Design and Remodeling Show, we had the opportunity to speak with Reyna about her multicultural and creative upbringing and how she uses her artistry to empower the voiceless to use their own voice.

The women in your work are almost always faceless. Is there a meaning behind that?

Do you think your work is a reflection of yourself or a reflection of the world?

How do you balance creating meaningful art with creating joyful art?

Were you raised in a creative household?

The work is meaningful in the sense that it calls for communities that generally don’t get the luxury of just enjoying life and art to be the center of my work. It calls for a radical feeling of self-love. It calls for the validation of the humanity of minorities and the importance of having art and representation that is not rooted in our trauma.


I would say it is a bit of both, I am a reflection of the way I am experiencing the world. As I learn more about myself through those experiences, I am able to communicate it and share it with others who may be experiencing the same things.

Growing up, I got to see my dad balance his two loves, baseball and art, while my mom was a model, make-up artist, and teacher. Once I became more interested in art, it was very helpful to see that it was possible to make a living off of it based on my parents’ experiences.

Absolutely. I wanted women to see themselves in my work. To me, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I wanted the soul of my work to come from the women that would see parts of themselves reflected in it.

Being Afro-Latina, it is always my mission to present strong female subjects of color in my work. Aside from that, I have a natural love and affinity for vibrant colors and plants thanks to the vibrancy of my culture.

To learn more about Reyna’s story and artwork or to contact her, visit her website www.reynanoriega.com or stay up to date with all of her projects on her Instagram @reynanoriega.

Photo Credit: Raquel Noriega





Prepare stews, curries, and couscous in true Morrocan style with the flameproof Clay Tagine Pot. Shaped, fired, and glazed by artisans in Italy, each hand-painted tagine features a one-of-akind traditional Moorish design.




The art of French cooking and the craftsmanship of Italian design meets with the Majestic II 40 Inch Fuel Range. This sizable European convection oven features a dish warming drawer, non-stick coated burners, and a TFT oven control display.



Bring gems of London’s Underground to your kitchen. Inspired by the traditional tiles of London Tube Stations, each of deVOL’s emerald ceramic tiles is carefully rolled, cut, glazed, and fired by hand.



Authentic paella, cooked outdoors on an open fire, is a Spanish tradition that goes back generations. Join the party with La Paella Garcima Cooking Kit that includes a tripod, propane burner, and 18” carbon steel paella pan serving 5 to 8 people.




Make every night Teppanyaki night with the Built-In Indoor Teppanyaki. This 304 stainless steel stove top has patented “shallow dip” technology perfect for searing juicy steaks, yet gentle enough to keep food warm without drying out.

To work with Maya Vander and her team at Maya Vander Group, visit mayavandergroup.com. View her real estate course at www. maya-vander.mykajabi.com. And follow Maya on her Instagram @themayavander.



Maya and her team will continue working in the luxury market, selling multi-million dollar homes to discerning clients from Palm Beach to Miami, in affiliation with Compass, the country’s largest independent real estate brokerage.

Growing up in a family with a history of investing in properties and flipping homes, real estate always came naturally to Maya. Eager to share her success, Maya recently opened her own online course, Keys to Becoming a Top Agent, offering young real estate

But after five successful seasons of dominating the real estate scene on both coasts, Maya has stepped down as Selling Sunset’s least dramatic figure and left The Oppenheim Group to focus on her family in addition to launching her own real estate team, Maya Vander Group, in May of this year.

“Design and real estate go hand in hand together. I am very excited to be a part of this beautiful home show convention,” says Maya. “Come see me!”

Known as the voice of reason on Netflix’s reality TV series, Selling Sunset, Maya Vander has mastered the art of cutting through the drama on and off the screen. Over the course of the show, we watch her navigate her professional and personal life with astonishing poise, working for The Oppenheim Group in LA and spending time with her husband and two children in Miami.

agents insights into the industry to build a solid foundation for their careers and elevate their business. She is also excited to share her expertise in the luxury real estate industry during our Home Design and Remodeling Show in Miami from October 21 to 23, 2022, at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Center.



“My country has unique landscapes, from mountainous jungles to grassy plains and pristine beaches,” explains KLEI Hand Crafted’s founder, Viviana Char. “This means we can access the unique plants and materials indigenous cultures use to create incredible art pieces.” These indigenous artists use sophisticated hand-wrought techniques, from weaving and embroidery to beading, representing their customs and beliefs. Their colors, patterns, and materials are unique and represent the creator’s feelings at that time, much like a work of art.


We often hear the phrase “life imitates art” but when that art is the product of thousands of years of tradition, life and art become one and the same. This is the story behind KLEI Hand Crafted. Making its US debut at this October’s Home Design and Remodeling Show, the handcrafted textile company is steeped in ancestral traditions from Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Perhaps even more unique than how KLEI Hand Crafted’s rugs are made, is what they’re made of.

True to its name, each one of KLEI Hand Crafted’s products is handmade and made to order, upholding the company’s brand pillars of sustainable design, ethical production, transparency, and craftsmanship. Employing a centuries-old method of weaving, each one of KLEI Hand Crafted’s products has a story, a town, and a group of people behind it, curating designs that bring modern trends and ancestral traditions together.

“One of our most popular materials is fique,” says Viviana. “Fique is a natural fiber that grows in the Andean region of Colombia. It comes from a big beautiful green leaf attached to a tiny stem. These leaves are treated by artisans, tinted, and yarned into a naturally beautiful and resistant material.”

One rug can include a combination of unique materials like horsehair, silk, copper, steel, or nylon depending on the client’s wishes and how the rug will be displayed.

To learn more about KLEI’s handmade rugs and home, follow them on Instagram at @kleihc

If you’ve ever wanted to see the textile industry reach its peak of self-actualization, you’d only have to look at Maharam Design Studio. Founded in 1902, Maharam is not only a leading provider of textiles to architects and interior designers, but a curator, auteur, and respected authority in the world of Thedesign.latest


A continuation of Jongerius’ ongoing inquiry into the relationship between craft and industrial techniques, Spindle is based on tangible, handmade objects and enlists exacting constructions to achieve methodical repetitions of texture, pattern, and color.

To learn more about Maharam Design Studio products, visit www.maharam.com

textiles coming out of the Maharam Design Studio are a product of a two-decades-long collaboration with Dutch designer, Hella Jongerius. One of the upholsteries, in particular, Spindle by Hella Jongerius, is a design that represents the universal role of spinning and weaving in cultures worldwide.


Relatively unknown to the US market, visitors to the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show in October can be one of the first to experience KLEI Hand Crafted’s products in person.

“The mix of the metals with natural fabrics reflects beautifully with light and will look different depending on the time of day.”

“People are always surprised by how a KLEI carpet can bring a space to life!” says Viviana. “The mix of the metals with natural fabrics reflects beautifully with light and will look different depending on the time of day. Each rug is a handcrafted piece of art to adorn your home, office, or store.”

• Tandem ball bearing rollers for effortless operation. (Optional stainless-steel rollers available.)

• Meets AAMA 1302.5-1976 Code for Forced Entry Resistance.

As seen on the

• Extruded aluminum screw covers conceal installation screws.

Quality Windows & Doors Since 1960

• Full perimeter panel and frame weatherstripping.

• Available in XX, OX, XO, XXP, PXX and PXXP in 2-Door; XXX, OXX, XXO, XXXP, PXXX, PXXXP in 3-Door; XXX, OXO, XXXO, OXXX, PXXXP, PXXXX and XXXXP in 2T4D; and XXXX, OXXX, XXXO, XXXXP, PXXXX and PXXXP in 4D4T. Max panel widths up to 4’x10’ and 5’x8’.


lawsonwindows.com33166 9400 Series - Impact Resistant Sliding Glass

• Available in 7/16” laminated impact glass and 1” insulated laminated impact glass (LIG).

• By-Pass & Exterior Open Pocket Configurations

LAWSON 8501 N.W. 90th Street Florida Door

• Meets HVHZ standards. Meets or exceeds FL#27559-1 Miami-Dade County NOA and FBC Building Codes.

• Stainless-steel mortise type door lock.

• 2-1/2” standard sill riser. Available with optional sill adapters of 3-1/4” and 4”.

• White or Bronze powder coat painted finishes are standard.

• Available in standard and custom Fullview, Brittany or Colonial glazing styles. Mono-glazed double-applied raised/flat, I/G GBG (grilles between glass).

• Available in clear glass standard, High Performance LoE366, and tinted interlayer colors of gray, bronze, green, white or blue. Custom glass types, such as double or triple interlayer tints are available as a special order.

• Wet-glazed with extruded aluminum glazing bead.

• Deluxe aluminum extruded box screen is standard.

• Heavy-Duty extruded aluminum door panels and master frame.



From the colorful motifs of The Caribbean to the functional, modernist architecture of Brazil, so much of what we consider great design today can be credited to international tastemakers who’ve brought a little bit of “home” back to our side of the world. Meet some of the South Florida designers and companies helping you bring a bit of global flair to your own home—no passport required.


Born in Cuba and raised in Madrid, Maite Granda has spent over a decade creating luxurious interiors that strike a careful balance between colorful expression and functional simplicity. Through her award-winning design firm, Interiors By Maite, she’s won the Best of Houzz Design award for 11 consecutive years and continues to captivate her nearly 40,000 Instagram followers with daily inspiration from her globally inspired designs.

My Spanish and Cuban culture are my greatest source of inspiration. From the Arabic influence on Spain to the dreamy pastel colors of pre-revolutionary Cuba, an unexpected world of influence comes from just these two countries alone.

How has your heritage influenced your career as a designer?

What tips would you give someone who wanted to add a bit of Cuban flair to their home?

Cuba it’s well known for its spectacular architecture and beautiful homes built in the pre-Castro era. Inspire yourself with elements from this period, including Spanish-style floors, domino tables, high ceilings, and colonial-style doors and vitrales, among other characteristics.

Take a peak at Maite’s most recent projects on her website maitegranda.com or on Instagram at @interiorsbymaite

Interior Designer From Cuba



Growing up in Minas Gerais, Brazil, I was surrounded by the colonial furnishings and artwork of centenary farmhouses. This instilled in me a deeper appreciation for history and a great sense of aesthetics that I mix in with modern sensibilities, creating a perfect meeting of past and present.

What makes Brazilian-made furniture so special?

I dare to compare Brazilian design to Bossa Nova music, as this category mixes the precise notes of Jazz with the soul of Samba. Brazilian style has soul, and isn’t that what we all want for our homes?

Having learned from her mother who owned an antique shop in Brazil, Roberta Schilling established her furniture line in 1995, using materials, textiles, and woods sourced directly from Latin America. With her expertise as a collector and authority on Brazilian colonial antiques, Roberta combines Brazilian traditional wood-work techniques with unusual findings and fixtures to create modern furnishings that have attracted a following of collectors and design fans alike.

How has your heritage influenced your career as a designer?

For the past 10 years, Brazil has developed a great school of new designers along with the arrival of the newest technology for the furniture industry and a vast offering of exquisite raw materials. This combination has made our design fresh, current, and competitive.

Learn more about the Roberta Schilling Collection at www.rscollection.com or follow her on Instagram @robertaschilling.

ROBERTA SCHILLING Furniture Designer From Brazil

A Jamaica Native and self-taught designer with 15 years in the design industry, Nicole White centers her colorful interiors around being an escape for wellness and a space for entertaining. Her design firm, Nicole White Interiors, specializes in renovations and new construction and has been recently voted among the Top 25 Interior Design Firms by the South Florida Luxury Guide.


What tips would you give someone who wanted to add a bit of Caribbean flair to their home?

I’m deeply inspired by the bold colors and textures of the Caribbean, like burlap, because that’s what I saw growing up. There’s also a high possibility that clients are going to hear reggae or dancehall music if they’re around during an installation!

How has your heritage influenced your career as a designer?

Interior Designer From Jamaica

To start, avoid the cliche of the Caribbean home. There’s no need for coastal paintings and throw pillows with seashell motifs. The sophisticated Caribbean home has loads of art, often specific to the many talented artists from the region. There’s no central air in the Caribbean, so there’s an emphasis on light and airy window treatments; sheer curtains in light linen or cotton would be great. Add color via large-scale patterns and pay attention to woven textures like rattan and cane.


See a full range of projects, services, and how to reach Nicole at www.nwdinteriors.com or follow her on Instagram at Photo@nicolewhitedesignsinteriors.Credits:GloribellLeBron

Is there any personal connection between Brazilian Lumber’s employees and South America?

What makes Brazilian tropical hardwood the best choice for decking?

When we transitioned to importing lumber ourselves, we began traveling to different South American countries to find the best mills for different types of tropical hardwood. On these exploratory trips, we met with many different people and formed wonderful relationships throughout different countries. We are now partners with one of the biggest holdings in Brazil which own a variety of forestry concessions and mills. Thanks to this partnership we now control the production, quality, and sourcing of all our materials, which is something very few US companies can do.

Originally an interior remodeling company, Brazilian Lumber discovered a price and service gap in the lumber industry when their client requested a set of Brazilian Cherry stairs to match their flooring. Buying the lumber was complicated and expensive until a childhood friend stepped in to manufacture the stairs in Colombia—for less than a fourth of the price. Since the first container of hardwood was imported directly from the mill in 2015, Brazilian Lumber has become the leading importer of tropical hardwood in the world.



Decking Company From Brazil

Tropical hardwood is the best option for exteriors as it does not deteriorate at the same rate as domestic wood. Ipe, cumaru, jatoba, garapa, and tigerwood are all very dense and have naturally occurring oils that protect them from decaying agents such as mold, mildew, insects, UV rays, moisture, or corrosion. This means that ipe will last over 30 or even 50 years depending on the local weather conditions as opposed to domestic wood, which in some cases can deteriorate as quickly as five years after installation.

For more information or to view products, visit www.brazilianlumber.com

Taking Indoor Design & Comfort Outdoors BOCAwww.belamo-design.comRATON 7301 N. FEDERAL HIGHWAY BOCA RATON, FL 33487 561.617.1118 FORT LAUDERDALE 2756 N. DIXIE HIGHWAY WILTON MANORS, FL 33334 954.530.3683 NAPLES 661 TAMIAMI TRAIL N NAPLES, FL 239.331.458234102 SEATING | DINING | LOUNGERS | UMBRELLAS | ARTIFICAL TURF TOPIARY | ACCESSORIES European Design for the American Dream

A culmination of the books I read, the hotels I stay at, the restaurants I eat at, and the places I travel. I am inspired and driven by so many factors … it’s never just from one place!

Ann Ueno is the owner and creative director of Ann Ueno Interior Design, a Miami-based, full-service design firm helping families and busy professionals complete a home renovation with ease. A former corporate executive, Ann brings leadership, creativity, and a healthy level of risk-taking to her design projects. With nearly a decade of interior design experience, Ann’s passion and design DNA is approachable luxury living, giving everyone an opportunity to love where they live.

A piece of art I commissioned from Tiago Magro.

Follow @annuenointeriordesign on Instagram to see Ann’s latest projects or visit her website www.annueno.com



Ann Ueno Interior Design

Describe your personal style in 3 words. Timeless, Bold, Layered

What’s your greatest source of inspiration?

Get to know the South Florida designers featured at our Home Design and Remodeling Shows.


What’s your favorite statement piece in your own home?

Perla Lichi is a globally inspired interior designer who believes each design she creates should be defined by her client’s individual style rather than following a trend or a movement. Her portfolio includes a wide range of contemporary, classic, traditional, and transitional design. Known for her diverse projects, she has been designing luxury residential and commercial interiors throughout North America. Globally, she has designed masterpieces throughout the world, receiving more than 650 national and international awards for residential and commercial interior design projects.


Describe your personal style in 3 words?

Travel, People, and History


What’s your greatest source of inspiration?

What’s your favorite statement piece in your own home? My art collection

Follow @perlalichidesign and @perlalichi on Instagram to see Perla’s latest projects to visit her website perlalichi.com

Distinct, Practical, Elegant

Perla Lichi Design


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Creating the feeling of home for someone goes beyond the visual aspect of design and dives deeper into the functionality of the space. A perfect home not only will complement a family’s daily activities but also be versatile enough to grow with them throughout the years.

Photo Credit: Martin Klimek/Getty Images, 2013, DIY Network/ Scripps Networks, LLC.

For us, a house is not a “home” until we can share it with those we love.


Matt Blashaw

Matt Blashaw is a professional contractor, construction expert, and TV personality. He recently starred in HGTV’s 5-part series Build It Forward with design expert Tania Nayak.

What Makes a House a Home?


I come from an Eastern European background and cooking lots of food at home to share with family is a way of life. Our kitchen is perfectly set up for us to cook for large parties and for people to gather and enjoy.

SCAN THE QR CODE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO VIEW OUR PROJECT GALLERY. Hardie Boys is a proud American manufacturer that creates a variety of components that complete an entire exterior trim building system. A system comprised of PVC, creating Millwork & molding as well as brackets, rafter tails, columns, soffits, louvers, trellises & HB Elements Stain Series. www.HardieBoysInc.com Pompano Beach, FL | 954.784.8216

Interior by: Taniya Nayak Photo credit: Jackie Knabben

The Home Design and Remodeling Show has been bringing together South Florida’s home design community for over 40 years.




“The Home Design and Remodeling Show has successfully proven that this expo has become our exhibitors’ largest source of new business and form of networking,” said Adam Kayce, president and show director. “These exhibitors are interacting with more potential clients in one event than what most businesses see in an entire year.”

The Pros to access South Florida’s largest home improvement network, read up on industry trends and home decor must-haves in the Home Design digital magazine, and listen in for weekly interviews and advice on The Home Design podcast.

But the opportunities don’t stop there. In addition to quarterly expos spanning Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach, Home Show is supports the South Florida community as a year-round resource for home design and Homeownersimprovement.canuseShop

To learn more about Home Show opportunities as an attendee or exhibitor, visit www.homeshows.net.

elcoming tens of thousands of guests annually, the expo connects homeowners with industry-leading professionals from the entire spectrum of home renovation products and services. And what has quickly become South Florida’s one-stop shop for consumer-facing home design and home improvement, has also provided a much-needed platform for businesses large and small.


Exhibitors also have the chance to build brand reputation and equity by presenting their expertise alongside industry celebrities, like HGTV’s Taniya Nayak and Matt Blashaw, or Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander.


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