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November 2011

Bayview Civic League Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month September through June 7:00 pm at 1601 E. Bayview Boulevard, Norfolk (Christ United Methodist Church)

November Guest Speaker Thelma Drake, VA Dept of Transportation Director Our Mission: Neighbors helping neighbors for the good of our community. Together we make things better.

November 8th Meeting Agenda: • Police Officers visit • Thelma Drake • Upcoming events • Networking social

Time for another fun, informative Bayview Civic League gathering! On November 8, we will hear from long-time friend and member of BCL, Thelma Drake. In her role as Director of the Virginia Dept of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), she is continuing to serve this community and our Commonwealth. The DRPT’s mission includes managing the growth in congestion on Virginia’s highways, and improving our access to transportation choices. Be sure to join us in welcoming Thelma at 7 on Nov 8. Bring a friend. Bring a snack to share. And bring something for our veterans at the VA Hospital. See you on the 8th! (And see you on the 5th for our cleanup!)

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 8, at 7:00 pm. Bring a dish for the social if you want and don’t forget to bring a friend! INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Community Safety and Security Start the Holidays in Hampton Roads NEXT MONTH: Annual Holiday Fundraiser 2008/2009 Officer Election Slate Fitness: From Couch to Coach In The Garden t Have

Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011

The purpose of the Bayview Bulletin is to communicate information to Bayview Civic League members, supporters, and neighbors. Front page artwork contributed by Jeannie Wilson. Bulletin contents are considered property of Bayview Civic League. Articles within the bulletin reflect personal viewpoints of the authors and are not necessarily the views of advertisers or the Bayview Civic League. The Bayview Civic League is apolitical and does not endorse any candidates for political office.

Civic League Board* President Linda Lundquist 1st VP Aaron Ellis 2nd VP Janet Hayden Corres Sec’y Susan Jones Rec Sec’y Sylvia Ross Treasurer Gena Goodnough Editor & Web Manager Jeannie Wilson Area Preservation Jim Ripley Ways and Means - Advertising for Bulletin Susan Jones (temp)

588-3960 587-0004 241-0045 587-9586 553-7817 333-3913 588-3960 587-9149 587-9586

Communications - Bulletin Distribution Anita Unger 587-3405 Membership John Huffman 480-4507 Refreshments Pat Davidson 587-3219 Safety and Security John and Sara Gaul 531-0323 Zoning Laura Brown 351-6981 Education & Legislation Cindy Huffman 480-4507 Sunshine Janet Hayden 241-0045 Environment & Beautification Vacant N/A *Email addresses are available on our website!

Local Contacts

Clean and Safe Neighborhood Norfolk CARES Assistance Center


website: email: Report these issues: Health: Pet area/yard not cleaned regularly, rodents, tall grass/weeds, biting or abused/neglected animals; Zoning: Parking on grass in front yard area, commercial vehicles/ equipment parked in residential areas, boat or camper in front of house, inoperable vehicles; Waste Management: Dead animals, improper curbside disposal; Other Issues: Streets, lights, sidewalks, curbing, traffic signals or street signs, wetlands, dunes...

Non-emergency number 441-5610 for Police, Jail, Animal Control, and suspected criminal activity.

PUBLIC WORKS PHONE NUMBERS Curb, Sidewalk, or Pothole Repairs 823-4050 Damaged & Faded Signs 823-1223 Ditch Maintenance 823-4000 Recycling 441-1347 Bulk Waste Collection 441-5813 Street Flooding 823-4000 Traffic Signal Service 664-7300 Keep Norfolk Beautiful 441-1347 Polluting hotline for illegal dumping 441-2536

All Emergencies - call 911 Animal Protection Health Department Rabies Control Pretlow Library Voter Registrar Bayview Elementary School Oceanair Elementary School

664-7387 683-2700 683-2712 441-1750 664-4353 531-3030 531-3095

Bayview Civic League Goes Green Bayview Civic League believes that reducing any environmental impact is a worthy goal. To further this goal, we actively encourage use of recycled material. Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011

✬ From the President ✬ ✬ ✬

I love being part of Bayview Civic League! Through BCL, I have made many good friends who share concern and involvement in many facets of our community. In fact, BCL members are found doing, learning, and sharing throughout our area. And what fun we have at our meetings - interesting speakers (like Thelma Drake this month!), great snacks in a festive setting and time to “visit” with each other. Can’t attend the meetings? We stay connected with our world-class, monthly newsletter, the Bayview Bulletin. Regularly proclaimed the best-written civic newsletter in town, it is well-written with many articles from members. And we welcome new contributors, too. Invite others to join in the fun - encourage neighbors to be part of BCL. Our Membership Drive is underway - sign up a friend for BCL and you both earn a chance for a prize! The drawing will be held during our December Celebration meeting, where we will be joined by 83rd District Delegate Chris Stolle, who will represent the eastern part of Bayview. I wish you a thanks-filled and blessed Thanksgiving! Linda Lundquist Remember: Together, we make things better! Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011


Bayview United Church of Christ

(Congregational Christian) 1051 E. Bayview Blvd. Norfolk,VA 23503 PH; 588-2479

Welcome! Worship Service: 11:00am Sunday School: 9:45am

(Nursery Provided) Communion celebrated the first Sunday of each month.

Bayview Neighborhood Watch: Community Safety and Security by John & Sara Gaul No significant updates at this time; however, I would like to inform you of a program offered by the Norfolk Police Department (NPD) Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) known as Security Surveys and Safer by Design. Security Surveys: Crime Prevention officers will inspect a residential or commercial property at no cost to the property owner. Once the inspection is complete the officer will provide a written report that identifies areas where the owner has done a great job with security, and will make recommendations on improvements in design elements such as locks, lighting, or landscaping where needed. Safer by Design: The Safer by Design philosophy recognizes that neighborhood environments can either encourage or discourage criminal activity. Crime Prevention officers utilize the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), a major component of Safer by Design, to identify the design elements that make it easier for criminals to operate. Through access control, territoriality, and natural surveillance – the ability to observe the natural surroundings, Crime Prevention Officers help citizens take corrective measures to strengthen their personal security. These are the same principles that are applied when officers conduct residential or commercial security surveys, and when participating in the City’s Site Plan Review Committee which reviews all new construction and major renovation plans. Call the Crime Prevention Unit at 757-664-6901 to schedule your Security Survey and to find out more about Safer by Design. Volume 13 Issue 3

PREVIOUS CRIME STATS (9/1 – 9/26) ‣ Burglary: 3 ‣ Larceny – Auto: 8 ‣ Larceny – Other: 7 ‣ Narcotics Violations: 1 ‣ Simple Assault: 3 ‣ Vandalism: 6 CURRENT CRIME STATS (9/26 – 10/18) ‣ Burglary: 2 ‣ Simple Assault: 1 ‣ Stolen Vehicle: 1 For more detailed information on Crime Stats please visit t h e N o r f o l k C r i m e Vi e w w e b s i t e : h t t p : / / CRIME TRENDS From the stats it appears that crime in our area is decreasing. Burglaries are down by one; no Larcenies and Vandalisms have been reported. To ensure that this trend continues, please refer to the “Tips to Maintaining Safety and Security” below, and we can continue to reduce the amount of property crimes occurring in out neighborhood. An important thing to avoid as colder weather approaches is “warming up” our automobiles without being inside of them. A vacant automobile that is running is a crime of opportunity waiting to happen. TIPS TO MAINTAINING SAFETY AND SECURITY ‣ Always Lock Exterior Doors, Especially Storm Doors ‣ Lock Windows when Away from Home ‣ Keep All Entrances and Garages Well Lit ‣ When Going Out, Keep a Television or Radio On ‣ Utilize an Alarm System ‣ Keep Valuables Out of Sight ‣ Never Leave an Automobile While it is Running ‣ When Entering and Exiting Always Lock Your Car If you have any interest in the Neighborhood Watch or would like to contact the Neighborhood Watch with concerns please contact me at b c l . a d v i s o r y. n o t i c e @ g m a i l . c o m o r b y p h o n e (757-531-0323). Page 4

November 2011



Weatherization Items Weatherization is one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient. By making sure your home is sealed properly and that you’re not wasting water, you can drive down your heating costs. If you’re looking for ways to get started weatherizing your home, the list of items below is a good place to start. Outlet Gaskets –Place caulk or foam between the electrical box and drywall on switches and outlets located on exterior walls. Then place these foam gaskets behind the plates for a good, airtight seal. Child Safety Caps –Promote energy conservation and child safety by keeping drafts and your child’s favorite toys away from unoccupied electrical outlets. Weather-stripping –If you have an attic access located within your home, make sure the access door is insulated and seals tight, much like a refrigerator. Use weatherstripping and screen door latches to get a snug seal. Rope Caulk –Caulk is best for gaps and cracks less than about ¼” wide. If the caulked joint will be visible, consider using paintable caulk. Use a high-quality caulk to ensure durability and longevity. Window Insulator Kit –Seals windows airtight, eliminates condensation, cold drafts and heat loss. The kit contains enough plastic shrink film and two-way tape to cover four average size windows. Use tape to hold the plastic film in place and then use a hair dryer to shrink film to form a smooth, tight finish inside a storm window. Low Flow Shower Head and Sink Aerator –A family of four each showering five minutes a day can use about 700 gallons of water per week. Water conserving showerheads and faucet aerators can cut hot water use in half, saving that family 14,000 gallons of water a year. Pipe Insulation –Insulated pipes keep the hot water that exists in the pipes warmer, meaning you won’t have to wait as long for hot water - reducing waste. Water Heater Jacket Cover –A water heater jacket can knock up to 15% off of the costs of heating water by preventing energy loss. Volume 13 Issue 3

Silicone Caulk –Silicone caulk helps fill cracks and gaps where air can enter or escape your home. Toilet Tank Displacement Device –Control the amount of water used to flush your toilet, saving hundreds of gallons of water per year. Foundation Vent Cover –Help keep cold air out of your basement or crawl space by covering vents during the winter. Foundation vents help keep your floors warmer and ultimately your heating bills down. Shower Head On/Off Switch –Turn off or lower the flow of your shower when you need less. Perfect for reducing water waste when shaving.` Fiberglass Insulation –The insulation R-value you need depends on the climate and your heating and cooling system, but the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness.

October Refreshment Thanks by Pat Davidson All that attended our October Meeting ,were treated as usual to a 'Treat Of A Speaker"Ralph Northam"and an abundance of Treats, we shared during our Networking Time. Tommy Smigiel showed up as an added Treat.! Thanks to the following for their contributions to our Treating. Aaron Ellis DarleenHodges Janet Hayden Jim & Helen Ripley Mr Walker

John & Cindy Huffman Bob & Gena Goodnough Sam Maddox Doris Sockell Pat Davidson

Hope to see everyone at our November 8th meeting. Any ideas or suggestions, please call Darleen at 531-0335 or Pat at 587-3219. Thank you!!! REMEMBER!!!!! Bayview Is The Place To Be!!!!!! Welcome To Our New Members!!! Raffle Thanks go to Janet Hayden & Darlene Hodges. Stay Safe and Stay Happy!! Page 5

November 2011


❄ Start the Holidays ❄ in Hampton Roads Don’t Miss the 27th Annual Grand Illumination Parade November 20, 2010 7:00pm Join in for the kickoff to Holidays in the City. It begins with the illumination of the downtown Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth skylines followed by Hampton Roads' most cherished event, the Grand Illumination Parade. Website: Click Here Phone: 623-1757

MacArthur On Ice November 19 through January 16 There is only one place to skate outdoors during the holidays. Bring the family, bring your friends and get the best skating extravaganza Norfolk's ever seen. Enjoy public skating, figure skating exhibitions, lessons, skating with the Norfolk Admirals and more. SKATING SESSIONS: Monday – Thursdays: 3 pm to 10 pm Fridays: 3 pm to 11 pm Saturdays: 10 am to 11 pm Sundays: 11 am to 8 pm Special Times: November 24: opens at 10 am December 21-23, 26-30: 10 am to 11 pm Christmas Eve: 10 am to 7 pm Christmas Day: noon to 11 pm New Year’s Eve: 10 am to 8 pm New Year’s Day: 10 am to 11 am January 2: 10 am to 11 pm Regular admission is $6 for skating, $5 for skate rental. Military personnel and their family members get $2 off! Additional pricing and services are noted on the website. Website: Click Here Phone: 314-4409

Volume 13 Issue 3

d'ART Center Holiday Gift Shop November 19 through December 31 Location: Selden Arcade, 208 East Main St. d'ART Center Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm Find the perfect one-of-a kind artful gift with pricing starting at only $10! Website: Click Here Phone: 625-4211

Winter Wonderland: The Coleman Collection Courthouse Galleries, Portsmouth Free for members. $3 all others. The official opening celebration for Winter Wonderland begins the day after Thanksgiving. The weekend is full of special performances and activities like face-painting, magic, pony rides, and more will delight all ages. The exhibit, Winter Wonderland, continues until December 31. Exhibit Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 9 am to 8 pm Friday – Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm Sunday: 11 am to 8 pm Closed: all day: Mondays & Christmas day at 5 pm, December 24 and 31, 2011 Special Time: December 26 9 am to 8 pm Website: Click Here Phone: 393-8543

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November 2011 Your Friendly Neighborhood Market Great Variety • Great Low Prices


DIRECTOR: Jim Royer PHONE: 757 583 4848 E-mail: 347@FRESHPRIDE.COM

Checkout for recipes, coupons and more!


e-Tide Day Pass Hampton Roads Transit launched an online ticket sales program that allows round-trip ticket purchases for The Tide from the comfort of home or on a smart phone. It promises to ease congestion at ticket vending machines at train platforms, especially during large public events when lines can delay travel.

card. Confirmation will be sent to your home computer or smart phone. The electronic ticket contains confirmation codes, your name(s), and the date of travel. Prepare to provide identification to matches the name on the eticket. Use a smart phone or a paper printout as proof of purchase.

By visiting and clicking on the e-Tide link, you will be directed to Select the date of travel, the number of tickets needed, and an email address that will receive the tickets. Purchase is made by credit

TIDEWATER  DRIVE  STORAGE  CENTER Call  Now  (757)333-­‐7800  CIVIC  LEAGUE  SPECIAL  Save  $50,  $40,  or  $30  on  1st  Month  Rental    FREE  MOVE  IN  TRUCK!    FREE  $12  DISC  LOCK!      6555  Tidewater  Drive,  Norfolk      Email **offer  expires  September  30,  2011

Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011

Norfolk Public Library Highlights American Indian Heritage Month 2011 Saturday November 12 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM The Legend of Turtle Island, Presented by Alice 'Elk Moon' Contact: 441-1750 Storyteller Alice "Elk Moon" Call of the Me'tis Nation will tell the enchanting American Indian creation story- "The Legend of Turtle Island". Traditional clothing, music, and puppetry are used to educate and entertain.

Save this date!

November 5, 2011 Meet your neighbors at Bayview Elementary School and give our neighborhood the “Clean Sweep” we all know it will need after the ghosts and goblins of Halloween are finished with their treats. The fun starts at 9 am with coffee and doughnuts and ends at noon with a much cleaner view. Bring the kids and grandkids.

Annual Holiday Fundraiser To benefit the Bayview Civic League Scholarship Fund. Get ready! The holidays are just around the corner. This year we hope your family will participate in the Bayview Civic League Holiday Fundraiser. This year there will be gift baskets available for your pleasure rather than an auction. You buy raffle tickets and choose the ones you desire. Past donation examples were gift certificates, artwork, nautical items, children’s books, handmade dolls, and an autographed Redskin coat signed by Joe Theisman. All items are donated by members, local businesses and other supporters of our civic league. All proceeds benefit the BCL scholarship fund. If you, your business or someone you know would like to donate an item or items to fill the baskets, contact Gena Goodnough at 588-8131 or via email at Gena will make arrangements to pick up the item(s) from you up to one week prior to the party on December 12. Thank you in advance for your generosity and we look forward to another great fundraiser this year. Editor’s Note: The fundraiser is just a small but meaningful part of our Holiday Party. Make sure you mark your calendar for December 8th and come ready to have fun. We usually have quite a feast, Santa’s visit, and musical entertainment. Who knows! Maybe you’ll win the perfect Christmas gift or that treasure you never knew you wanted. Volume 13 Issue 3

America Recycles Day America Recycles Day (ARD) is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. ARD is celebrated November 15. Hundreds of events are held across the U.S. to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and to encourage Americans to sign personal pledges to recycle and buy recycled products. Started by the recycling sector organization National Recycling Coalition in 1997, America Recycles Day has been a program of Keep America Beautiful since 2009.

In honor of Thanksgiving, please bring nonperishable items to the BCL meeting. Items will be gathered and taken to replenish a neighborhood food bank.

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November 2011

DOMINION GARDEN OF LIGHTS November 24 5:30 - 10 pm Repeats daily, until January 1, 2012. PRICE IS PER CAR: $10 (Sun-Thurs) $15 (Fri-Sat) NBG members &$2 discount, Cash only at the gate. Don’t miss Hampton Road’s favorite holiday tradition. Bring your family and friends to our 17th annual light show extravaganza for a magical holiday experience. During this event, our garden is transformed into a winter wonderland where you can enjoy a 2-mile drive through a million sparkling lights bringing the four seasons to life.

START THE HOLIDAYS IN STYLE! VIRGINIA CAMELLIA SOCIETY FALL FLOWER SHOW AND SALE November 12 9 am - 4 pm Included with Garden Admission The Virginia Camellia Society’s Fall Flower Show and Plant Sale is an open to the public bloom competition for non-commercial displayers. The Plant Sale is a consignment camellia sale with local grower Bennett’s Creek Nursery. For more information see The Virginia Camellia Society website.

GARDEN GIFT SHOP'S TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS December 1 9 am - 5 pm Repeats daily, until December 12, 2011. Included with Garden Admission The holidays are almost here and it’s time to start your shopping list. Members receive double discounts in the Gift Shop during our “Twelve Days of Christmas” celebration. Bring in the coupon (below) between December 1 and December 12 for a ONE TIME shopping spree and save 20% on all regular priced merchandise. It’s a great opportunity to shorten your list and save money. Clip your coupon at

MAKE & TAKE THANKSGIVING CRAFTS November 3 4:30 - 6 pm November 19 10 - 11:30 am $16 per set ($12 per set for NBG members) Join NBG’s youth educators for some family fun! Create multiple projects to take home for Thanksgiving. They provide the supplies and clean up the mess! Adults must accompany child.

NEW: MILLION BULB WALK November 19 5:30 - 8:30 pm Repeats daily, until November 23, 2011. $10 per person (2 & under FREE) You asked for it! Enjoy a festive and healthy way to kick off the holidays. Walk through 2 miles of spectacular lighted displays. New this year: Experience “dancing” tree sculptures choreographed to synchronized holiday music. Tickets available each night at the ticket booth. Advance online ticket available here through November 10. No Refunds. Event is rain, snow or shine. PS: Take a look at the new video of the tour here! Volume 13 Issue 3

These events will sell out - Call NOW!


5 - 6 pm (SESSION #1) 5:30 - 6:30 pm SESSION SOLD OUT Repeats weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, until December 22 $10 ($8 for NBG Members) All aboard! Bring your family and friends for NBG’s most popular holiday event. Warm up with a tasty cookie and a warm cup of hot chocolate while you listen to a reading of the Polar Express, then take a tram ride through the Garden of Lights Holiday display. The event has become a tradition for many, so book early before it sells out! Visit for registration info. Page 9


November 2011

Fall Backwards – Daylight Saving Time Ends November 6 Remember to change the battery in your smoke detectors. (Norfolk Fire-Rescue provides free smoke detectors and installation to residents in need within the City of Norfolk, call 664-6604.)

Veteran’s Day is November 11

VA “Goodies” Drive It’s time to collect donations for our annual Veteran’s drive. Many veterans at the VA don’t have nearby family to help provide personal supplies, such as shampoo, deodorant, extra socks, denture supplies, playing cards, note paper, etc. Looking for a thoughtful way to recognize and assist those who have put themselves on the line for our nation? This is a great opportunity to deliver a welcome message of caring!



In Our Thoughts Our hearts go out to Laura Brown and her family as her husband recovers from an assault by a group of teens in Northside Park.

Mike Strader Owner 866-824-5173

Ask about our “Fall Cleanup Specials!” The greatest compliment I could receive is a referral from a satisfied customer: friend or family! Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011

Fitness: From Couch to Coach by Cindy Huffman Goals…..putting one foot in front of another. Last fall I ran my first 5K ( well I walked it) but decided to set my sights higher – to finish a half-marathon so I entered the Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon. My daughter, a former cross country runner was competing with me and promised to keep me motivated to the finish line. My goal was to finish in the four hour time limit and to be alive when I crossed the finish line. September 4th, the big day has finally arrived. I had trained since June, but the previous week I was a nervous wreck. I felt like a kindergartener on the first day of school. Getting up at 5:00 am and catching a ride to the oceanfront. Timing tag on my race shoes, racing bib pinned on, find the correct corral, stretch, be nervous – I worked my way down my checklist. Thousands of other runners, the music, the excitement, the exhilaration all were keeping my senses on high alert. The announcer was former Olympian Frank Short. I have never been a runner and I even knew who he was! “On your mark, set, go” and off went our wave of runners. Cheerleaders, local bands, and residents filled the streets cheering us on. Cow bells were the instrument of the day, but how motivating to be told by total strangers, “You are doing great”, when you know thousands of other runners are much faster than you. After all, remember, my goal was to cross the finish line alive in the four hour mark. By the mile 4 mark, we could see the elite athletes reaching the Boardwalk and nearing the finish line. We were just getting started. I could see the 11 mile mark on the other side of the street. Hmmm. 11-4 =7 That is just a

Volume 13 Issue 3

5K down and a 5K back with a 5K to finish. We just completed a 5K already. This is so doable. The more miles I covered, the more fun I was having. My daughter spent the early miles of the race asking if my shoes hurt, if I was in pain, if I wanted to keep going. I finally convinced her that if I needed something, I would speak up, and to quit asking. Crossing the finish line marked a milestone in my life. I had never participated in more than recreation level sports all of my life. And I had never excelled in Physical Education class. So this was a major milestone. I had been very ill last Christmas and to be able to gather the physical and mental strength to meet this goal was a source of pride and accomplishment. The week of the race I felt so good physically that I challenged myself to complete a half-marathon a month for the remainder of 2011. I ordered a plane ticket to San Jose to run the Rock and Roll San Jose Marathon with a high school friend, Joy Poulsen. She is a fitness coach and already had plans to run the race. On October 2nd, I finished my 2nd half-marathon and even improved my time. Talk about being out of your comfort zone! But I had so much fun and the memories I have of the 50th birthday present I gave myself will live on. A runner and his family sang me “Happy Birthday” at the 12 mile mark. Another runner had competed in the Virginia Beach Shamrock Half Marathon the previous year. And just by wearing my Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon shirt, people assumed I was a runner. After all, only runners are crazy enough to travel long distances to pay people to run. I tried to explain, I am only a walker (you might see me practicing in Bayview), but they did not believe that. If improving your health and fitness is something you desire, I would be happy to help you reach your goal. I will be competing locally in the Norfolk Freedom Marathon on November 13 in downtown Norfolk. This will be race 3 in 3 months. Come cheer me on. The race still needs many volunteers from setting up and working the expo, to course marshals, and passing out race snacks. I am writing a book titled, “My Journey to Health” which should be published early next year. You can change your life. It all starts with one choice.

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November 2011

HANDYMIKE Carpentry Painting Plumbing Electrical

General Fix-it Yard Work Hauling Roof & Gutter

Mike Supan 757-729-0512

Cap’n Ron’s Bar & Grill

Be sure to visit our web page!

Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011


November Calendar of Events 6 Daylight Savings Ends 8 Election Day 8 Bayview Civic League meets 11 Veterans Day 15 America Recycles Day 24 Thanksgiving Day 9,23 Recycling pickup, Week 2* 2,16,30 Recycling pickup, Week 1* 11 Street Sweeping (Area N-2)** 17 Street Sweeping (Area N-5)** *Week one or week two? All of Bayview is in week two, except Evelyn Street and Pythian Avenue (south of Sunset Dr.) are in week one. **Help keep our streets clean! Please avoid parking on the street on the day your street is to be swept. Area N-5, swept monthly on the 3rd Thursday, is all streets east of Capeview Avenue. Area N-2, swept monthly on the on the 2nd Friday, is all streets from Capeview Avenue west. Street Sweeping MAP: stormwater/CityWideSweepingZones.pdf

Now you can print the BCL calendar page online.


by John Huffman Thanks to the 14 renewals this month and welcome to new member Jenna Sells. We are trying to send reminders with your bulletin delivery to get everyone’s dues current and we appreciate those that have paid for 2012. In December we are having a drawing for a gift card to Captain Groovys. All new members are eligible, as are current members who sponsor a new member. So reach out and ask your friends and neighbors if they belong. Dues are $5 per year which include a Bayview Bulletin full of news, and informational meeting, and the best social in town. There are many houses in Bayview that have no members and I do believe that many of those families are just unaware that we exist. Take a moment and share the news. You can renew by mail, at the monthly meeting, or drop your envelope at 1928 Kingston Avenue. We are issuing membership cards at each meeting and will mail them if a SASE is enclosed, or by your bulletin deliverer.

Volume 13 Issue 3

Need help? Apply for Fuel Assistance. Families who need help with their heating costs this winter may apply for the Fuel Assistance Program from October 12 through November 12 at any Norfolk Department of Human Services location. Fuel Assistance is available to Norfolk residents with heating expenses and gross incomes that meet eligibility guidelines. The Fuel Assistance Program, one of three components funded by the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program block grant, serves approximately 100,000 households each year across the Commonwealth. The program is designed to help offset fuel expenses rather than to pay all of it. This program can also help with furnace re-starts, late charges, delivery charges, installation charges, and connection or re-connection fees. The maximum gross monthly income to qualify for Fuel Assistance is $1,174 before taxes for a household of one, and $2,389 before taxes for a family of four. For more information about this program contact the Norfolk Department of Human Services at 664-6035.

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November 2011

Bayview Civic League Minutes SUMMARY October 11, 2011 Several reports were given after the call to order and Pledge. They included the latest update on area water/ sewer projects (Phases 3, 4, and 5), the Nov. 5 clean-up at Bayview Elementary School, the veteran’s drive, and the league’s new members’ drive. Ralph Northam, State Senator for the 6th congressional district, was the guest speaker. He made remarks about the commonwealth’s financial health, education and health care, the importance of the Chesapeake Bay, transportation, and infrastructure. He stayed through the socializing portion of the meeting to interact with audience members. Ofc. Snyder, the league’s police partner, provided the area crime statistics. Property crime led the numbers once again. Business included mention of several opportunities for residents to participate in various meetings in the area in the next month, and Jim Ripley’s introduction as the new lead of the Area Preservation committee. (See him if you have interest.) Announcements concerned the Garden of the Month (contact Linda Lundquist or Susan Jones), Pretlow Library’s book sale on Oct. 21-24, membership, refreshments, and the raffle. The meeting adjourned for networking at 8:10 p.m. prepared & submitted by Sylvia Ross, Recording Sec’y

Legislative Update by Cindy Huffman Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Don’t forget to VOTE! At the October meeting we heard Senator Ralph Northam who has served us the previous 4 years. He is opposed by candidate Ben Loyola who could not attend due to a prior commitment on the Eastern Shore. We also had a surprise visit from Ward 5 Councilman Tommy Smigiel. He will be holding a Town Hall Meeting with Marcus Jones, city manager and Richard Bentley, superintendent of Norfolk Public Schools. Join them at Tarrallton Elementary School 2080 Tarrallton Drive, Norfolk, VA 23518 on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 6:30pm. The recent redistricting of the Virginia General Assembly led to the dissolution of the 87th District. We would like to say Thank You to Paula Miller for her years of representation. The Bayview Precinct is part of the 83rd District represented by Chris Stolle of Virginia Beach. The Oceanair and Oceanview Precincts are represented by Lynwood Lewis of the Eastern Shore. Both of these delegates are unopposed.

Having trouble keeping track of the recycling collection schedule? Sign up for the Recycle e-minder, and have a reminder sent right to your Inbox! Send your street address to

American Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Established in 2009, Cagney’s is a new dining experience like nothing you ever encountered. You get home style cooking in a movie style setting of the past. Marilyn Monroe, James Cagney and many other stars adorn the walls on this classic but hip restaurant. Open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

1108 East Little Creek Norfolk, Virginia 23518. 757-275-9579 “Proud Sponsor of Bayview Civic League” Volume 13 Issue 3

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November 2011


GARDEN November 2011

by Susan Jones Here are a few gardening tasks and projects that you can do to keep your garden looking it's best for the rest of this season, and to prepare for the long cold winter and upcoming spring. Remember: Winter winds can whip and severely damage unprotected plants. Make sure that the canes of your climbing roses and other vining plants are securely fastened to their supports, tight enough to prevent excess movement but not so tight that they bite into the stem. Try using a length of an old nylon stocking because it stretches as the plant grows. Mound five to six inches of soil around the bases of your hardy Fuchsias and roses. Use soil from another part of the garden, rather than risking damage to the roots by digging around the base of the plant. Cut Chrysanthemum stems to 2-3 inches from the soil once they have begun to die back. You can continue to transplant perennials throughout the fall and winter, as long as they remain dormant. You can also continue to plant hardy bulbs this month. Tender bulbs that do not winter over well in the ground should be taken up and stored in a cool dry place. If you plant hyacinth bulbs, wear gloves as they contain an oil that can be irritating and cause an uncomfortable itch. If you planted asters for fall color, do not throw them away after they die back. They are perennials and you can move them to other areas of the garden for color next year. Make sure to plant them where they can grow to their full height of 24 to 36 inches without crowding other plants. The best November gardening tip I can give you is to mulch, which protects perennial plants from freezing in the harsh cold. Be careful not to mulch too early. The best time is just when the ground starts to freeze. If you mulch too early you could end up with rodents Volume 13 Issue 3

in the mulch and your plants will not yet have started their hibernation period. The perfect raw materials for mulch includes pine needles, straw, leaves and bark. Straw works as the best mulch as it is a good insulator. Leaves are starting to fall and this source of mulch should not be wasted. Do not blow them into the gutters. A mulching mower will cut up leaves into tiny pieces and make the perfect fertilizer for your lawn. Matt them down to about four inches. If your garden has evergreens, then these need to be protected from the cold too. Where the wind is the strongest, make a windbreaker with posts with burlap woven between them. Avoid using plastic since it heats up during the day and could burn your plants. Be sure that tender plants are protected from frost. Mulching will create a blanket of protection over the fragile root system. Should the weather get suddenly cold, place burlap, cloth or dark plastic over tender plants for added protection. Remove this extra covering when the weather has stabilized! Keep your garden clean in the winter. Remove plastic, vines, stems, rotting plants and vegetables. As November approaches, test your soil with a soil test kit, available in most garden centers. November is not the time to add fertilizer because most of the nutrients are lost in the process of leaching or erosion. This is also the time to prepare your garden tools for storage for the winter. Clean your tools thoroughly, removing any dirt or rust. Coat the metal with a light oil. Then store them in a dry place. When you have mowed the lawn for the last time, remember to drain the gas tank and clean the mower blades before storing. These steps will insure that your tools are in good shape for spring. Website: Page 15


November 2011

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