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March 2012

Bayview Civic League Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month September through June 7:00 pm at 1601 E. Bayview Boulevard, Norfolk (Christ United Methodist Church)

March Guest Speaker

Councilman Tommy Smigiel Our Mission: Neighbors helping neighbors for the good of our community. Together we make things better.

March 13th Meeting Agenda:

Many have asked when we can have Councilman Tommy Smigiel spend an evening with Bayview Civic League again. Because City Council meets at 7 on Tuesdays, this has posed a challenge. But this month, the council schedule has changed for March 13, so Tommy is available to meet with us at 7 pm March 13. Take advantage of this great opportunity to hear about the latest and greatest from Tommy, find out what we can do to help, and share your concerns. I’m looking forward to hearing from Tommy - be sure to attend this exciting meeting. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 13, at 7:00 pm. Bring a dish for the social if you want and don’t forget to bring a friend!

• Police Officers visit • Tommy Smigiel • Upcoming events • Networking social

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Virginia Zoo Breaks the Record Homearama Returns to East Beach St. Patrick's Day Events New 911 System Improves Service Statewide Tornado Drill In the Garden

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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March 2012

The purpose of the Bayview Bulletin is to communicate information to Bayview Civic League members, supporters, and neighbors. Front page artwork contributed by Jeannie Wilson. Bulletin contents are considered property of Bayview Civic League. Articles within the bulletin reflect personal viewpoints of the authors and are not necessarily the views of advertisers or the Bayview Civic League. The Bayview Civic League is apolitical and does not endorse any candidates for political office.

Civic League Board* President Linda Lundquist 1st VP Aaron Ellis 2nd VP Janet Hayden Corres Sec’y Susan Jones Rec Sec’y Sylvia Ross Treasurer Gena Goodnough Editor & Web Manager Jeannie Wilson Area Preservation Jim Ripley Ways and Means - Advertising for Bulletin Susan Jones (temp)

588-3960 587-0004 241-0045 587-9586 553-7817 333-3913 588-3960 587-9149 587-9586

Communications - Bulletin Distribution Anita Unger Membership John Huffman Refreshments Pat Davidson Darlene Hodges Safety and Security John and Sara Gaul Zoning Laura Brown Education & Legislation Cindy Huffman Sunshine Janet Hayden Environment & Beautification Vacant

587-3405 480-4507 587-3219 531-0335 531-0323 351-6981 480-4507 241-0045 N/A!

*Email addresses are available on our website

Local Contacts

Clean and Safe Neighborhood Norfolk CARES Assistance Center


website: email: Report these issues: Health: Pet area/yard not cleaned regularly, rodents, tall grass/weeds, biting or abused/neglected animals; Zoning: Parking on grass in front yard area, commercial vehicles/ equipment parked in residential areas, boat or camper in front of house, inoperable vehicles; Waste Management: Dead animals, improper curbside disposal; Other Issues: Streets, lights, sidewalks, curbing, traffic signals or street signs, wetlands, dunes...

Non-emergency number 441-5610 for Police, Jail, Animal Control, and suspected criminal activity.

PUBLIC WORKS PHONE NUMBERS Curb, Sidewalk, or Pothole Repairs 823-4050 Damaged & Faded Signs 823-1223 Ditch Maintenance 823-4000 Recycling 441-1347 Bulk Waste Collection 441-5813 Street Flooding 823-4000 Traffic Signal Service 664-7300 Keep Norfolk Beautiful 441-1347 Polluting hotline for illegal dumping 441-2536

All Emergencies - call 911 Animal Protection Health Department Rabies Control Pretlow Library Voter Registrar Bayview Elementary School Oceanair Elementary School

664-7387 683-2700 683-2712 441-1750 664-4353 531-3030 531-3095

Bayview Civic League Goes Green Bayview Civic League believes that reducing any environmental impact is a worthy goal. To further this goal, we actively encourage use of recycled material. Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

✬ From the President ✬ ✬ ✬

Last month, several people signed the petition to request a referendum on our November ballot about directly electing our Norfolk School Board. We will have ballots available again at our March meeting. We’ll also hear from our Ward Five Councilman Tommy Smigiel. Tommy works tirelessly to help City Council make good decisions about issues affecting our neighborhood and the city at large, as well as shedding light on overall governance. What does Tommy need from us? Our active voices and energy. Speak up on issues important to you. Be involved where you can - many voices are heard louder than just a few. Norfolk truly shines during the Virginia Arts Festival and this year’s will be a deusy! Bulletin Editor Jeannie Wilson has culled through the many events and links, which you will find in this Bulletin. Read about cool stuff coming up at the Botanical Garden, Norfolk Zoo, and the multiple concerts and performances of the Festival. OV gets in on the fun with our famous St Patrick’s Day Parade March 17. And this month marks the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts - have you bought your cookies yet? Be sure to take a look at the many upcoming opportunities throughout our area and mark your calendar for some fun. Wicked is back - one of my all-time favorite shows! What are your plans for March? See you at our meeting and around the town! Linda Lundquist Remember: Together, we make things better! Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

Bayview United Church of Christ

(Congregational Christian) 1051 E. Bayview Blvd. Norfolk,VA 23503 PH; 588-2479

Welcome! Worship Service: 11:00am Sunday School: 9:45am

(Nursery Provided) Communion celebrated the first Sunday of each month.



Neighborhood Watch by John & Sara Gaul CRIME STATS Burglary – Residence: Larceny – from auto/of auto parts: Larceny – Other: Narcotics Violations: Robbery – Individual: Simple Assault: Aggravated Assault Stolen Vehicle: Prostitution Rape Vandalism:

(11/22 – 1/22) 11 17 17 2 5 1 1 1 1 13

(1/22 – 2/22) 2 7 9 4 0 5 1 3 1 0 10

For more detailed information on Crime Stats please visit t h e N o r f o l k C r i m e Vi e w w e b s i t e : h t t p : / /

Volume 13 Issue 6

From the stats it appears that property crime in our area is staying steady; however, burglaries and robberies have decreased. If we continue to remove valuables from sight and lock all windows and entrances we could see these numbers decrease. Stolen vehicles have increased with 3 occurring over the past month. An important thing to avoid in this cold weather is “warming up” our automobiles without being inside of them. A vacant automobile that is running is a crime of opportunity waiting to happen. One positive trend noticed is that violent crimes (assault, rape, murder) have continued to decrease. Over the past month there were only 2 violent crimes. Please keep an eye out for yourself and others, and call 911 if anything seems suspicious. If you have any interest in the Neighborhood Watch or would like to contact the Neighborhood Watch with concerns please contact us at b c l . a d v i s o r y. n o t i c e @ g m a i l . c o m o r b y p h o n e (757-531-0323).

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March 2012

Bayview Neighborhood Watch & Safety and Security On February 2nd the Norfolk Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit held their quarterly meeting for neighborhood watch coordinators. Issues regarding solicitors and trespassers were discussed quite thoroughly. Here are some points from these discussions: § In Norfolk, all door-to-door sellers must carry the solicitors permit that issued by the City of Norfolk, plus proper identification and display this to all public officials, including law enforcement, and to any members of the public that they are trying to solicit. The solicitors permit will state what goods or products are being sold, an expiration date, and what neighborhoods they can solicit in. § Before you ever open your door, look to see who your visitor is. Make sure you acknowledge the person at the door, even if you do not plan to open it. Ignoring the solicitor suggests that no one is home and you could potentially become a victim of a residential burglary. It is preferable to speak to strangers through your door. § Use good judgment: It is safer not to allow the salesperson into your home. You are encouraged to avoid paying immediately. Do not give the salesperson cash or a check, as it may be pocketed and you may never receive the product ordered. Instead, find out from the seller how you can order directly from the company or receive a bill upon receipt of the product/service. If the salesperson is concerned about losing their commission for the sale, offer to provide their name when placing the order. § Do not give in to high pressure tactics. Never be afraid to say “No!” If a salesperson tries to pressure you into buying their product, terminate your conversation with them. You can contact the company directly if you still want the product or service. Avoid making an immediate purchase in order to receive a “free gift.” If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Volume 13 Issue 6


It should be noted that in order to keep solicitors or trespassers off your property, a “No Trespassing” sign must be placed at a location visible from the apparent entrance to the property. A sign that reads only “No Solicitors” is not a legal sign, the phrase “No Trespassing” must be included. A letter must also be filed with the Police Department informing them of your sign. This will allow the Police permission to enter the property and arrest trespassers. Also at the meeting, Officer John Folscher relayed a story of good neighborly awareness. Earlier that day in the Larrymore Lawns neighborhood a person saw three men enter their neighbors property and proceed into the house. The person immediately realized something suspicious was taking place and proceeded to call the police. In addition to calling the police this person began to take photographs and describe what was occurring. Just as the three men were finished robbing the house the police had arrived on the scene. Two of the men were grabbed on the spot. The witness spotted the third member on an adjacent property, and relayed this to the police, who then apprehended him. Due to the neighbor realizing something suspicious and acting on it, criminals were apprehended on the scene, and the owners of the property did not loose their valuables. Please keep this story in mind whenever you see something suspicious. If you have any interest in the Neighborhood Watch or would like to contact the Neighborhood Watch with concerns please contact us at or by phone (757-531-0323).

TIPS TO MAINTAINING SAFETY AND SECURITY § Always Lock Exterior Doors, Especially Storm Doors § Lock Windows when Away from Home § Keep All Entrances and Garages Well Lit § When Going Out, Keep a Television or Radio On § Utilize an Alarm System § Keep Valuables Out of Sight § Never Leave an Automobile While it is Running § When Entering & Exiting Always Lock Your Car Page 5


March 2012

Regional animal adopt‐a‐thon March 31 and April 1 Fall in love with one of the many companion animals who are looking for their forever homes in Hampton Roads. This two‐day event at the Priority Indoor Supercenter, 110 S. Independence Blvd. will include obedience training demos, Ask the Vet, and activities for kids. Gift baskets will be raffled throughout both days.

The Virginia Zoo breaks the record in 2011

Did You Know? NPL has E-books for Kids! TumbleBooks is an online collection of animated electronic picture books which help teach kids the joy of reading! This unique collection is available from NPL's website and can be used at home or at any NPL location! Try it today, by clicking here. Or go to home_tumblebooks.asp

Our Zoo received more than a half‐million visitors last year. "It's a significant milestone," said Greg Bockheim, the Virginia Zoo's executive director, "and we couldn't have done it without the support of the City of Norfolk; our donors, staff and volunteers; and of course the people of Hampton Roads." Total attendance for calendar year 2011 was 505,641, versus 410,141 for 2010, an increase of 23 percent. The biggest event of 2011 was the launch of the new Asia – Trail of the Tiger exhibit in April. The 5.5 acre expansion added nearly 30 new animal residents to the Zoo, including Malayan tigers, Asian small‐ clawed otters, orangutans, Malayan tapirs and exotic birds, while increasing educational opportunities for residents and tourists. Bockheim said the Zoo's goals for 2012 include fundraising for the construction of a new veterinary hospital and animal wellness campus, and bringing some new animals to the Zoo. "With the launch of Asia – Trail of the Tiger in April, the Zoo has really grown into a world‐class zoological institution, and people are taking notice," concluded Bockheim. "If you haven't been to the Zoo lately, you really haven't been to the Zoo."

This March, Norfolk Public Library pays homage to the struggles and achievements of American women throughout history with special woman oriented events. For a copy of the Women's History Month Booklist, please click here. Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

Homearama Returns to East Beach from the Civic Connection, March 2012 The Tidewater Builders Association will return to Norfolk’s East Beach community for the 3rd time when it hosts its Fall Homearama 2012 showcase of fully furnished and landscaped homes. The event, set for Oct.13‐28, will mark an unprecedented third time Homearama has visited the award‐winning coastal community known for its porches, bay front greens, linear parks, winding, pedestrian friendly streets and sidewalks and other elements of a traditional neighborhood development. Up to 25 lots are available for builders interested in participating, including several bay front lots. The first streetscape in the neighborhood was created for Homearama 2004, after the city of Norfolk and the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority cleared the blighted area. East Beach Co. LLC. then joined with the city and NRHA making East Beach a public‐private initiative. Six years later, with more than 250 families making it home, the community was host to Homearama 2010, featuring nine homes, plus condominiums at The Villas at East Beach. TBA President Sam Cohen built in the 2004 event and also plans to build a Homearama home this fall. “East Beach has so many attractive characteristics going for it that it has become the address to have in Norfolk,” said Cohen. “Not only was it designed to be one of the premier


TIDEWATER  DRIVE  STORAGE  CENTER Call  Now  (757)333-­‐7800  CIVIC  LEAGUE  SPECIAL  Save  $50,  $40,  or  $30  on  1st  Month  Rental    FREE  MOVE  IN  TRUCK!    FREE  $12  DISC  LOCK!      6555  Tidewater  Drive,  Norfolk      Email **offer  expires  March  31,  2012

walking communities on the East Coast, it features amazing attention to detail on the exterior of each one of these houses, the bayfront club where one of the best lots on the site was preserved for the residents to enjoy, and of course, the Chesapeake Bay as your backyard.” The Homearama site represents the next to last phase of purely residential development being planned in the neighborhood, which is designed as a mixed‐use community with commercial amenities in the mix, according to Bart Frye, managing partner for East Beach Company, LLC. “We were very pleased with the success of the 2010 Homearama and we welcome the opportunity to showcase the bayfront district of East Beach,” said Frye. “We also hope to feature scattered coastal style homes throughout the neighborhood to give potential buyers a chance to see a variety of products available in East Beach.” A lot drawing for interested builders is planned for noon, Wed., February 22, at the East Beach Bayfront Club. Lots range from $150,000 to $525,00 for a bayfront lot. The Homearama lots range from 3,500 to 6,300 square feet and are located between East Beach Drive and Pleasant Avenue. East Beach is situated on 100 acres along the Chesapeake Bay. The master plan for this $500 million development includes a minimum of 700 residences, neighborhood restaurants, boutique shops, a Bay Front Club, unique parks and public places, as well as business offices.

Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

Hampton Roads Kicks off Spring With Local Sights and the Sounds of Music! shake off that cabin fever with...

St. Patrick's Day Events

Shamrockin’ in Ghent Where: Colley Avenue, between Shirley & Gates Ave Date: March 16, 2012 Time: 6pm-10pm Keeping the St. Patrick’s Day street party tradition alive, Hope House Foundation in partnership with BOBFM hosts Shamrockin’ in Ghent. Tis the luck of the Irish they’ll be sharin’ as they welcome neighbors to the party of the year–a long standing tradition for the community. Everyone will enjoy authentic Irish music from 6:00pm – 8:00pm along with a live band from from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. All proceeds benefit Hope House Foundation a local non-profit organization providing independent living services to adults with developmental disabilities in Hampton Roads. The event is free and open to the public.


Norfolk Waterfront

Where: TowneBank Fountain, Town Point Park Date: March 17, 2012 Time: 5pm-10pm Headlining the evening's festivities is Hampton Roads' favorite dance band, Cheap Thrills! Known for performing tunes from Michael Jackson to Black Eyed Peas, this band promises to help you channel your own inner-Irish! Prepare to dance the night away with your friends and soon-to-be-friends! Feast on traditional Irish delicacies served up at Omar's Fountain Café. With themed specialty adult beverages available for purchase, guests will be green with envy at this St. Patrick's Day celebration. A portion of the beverage sales and all tips will benefit the Norfolk SPCA, a no-kill humane society dedicated to fostering the human-animal bond to ensure that every adoptable companion animal finds a home. Look through photo catalogs of healthy, adoptable animals that need a loving home at

LEAPING LEPRECHAUNS! Where: Norfolk Botanical Garden 6700 Azalea Garden Road Date: March 17, 2012 Time: 1pm-2:30pm Cost/parent & child: $20 ($15 for NBG Members) Go Green and celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making a leprechaun puppet from recycled materials with Debra Burrell from Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets. Pre-registration is required. Click HERE for more info.

Half Price Admission to Nauticus Where: One Waterside Drive Date: March 17, 2012 Time: 10am-5pm In honor of St. Patrick's Day, enjoy half price admission to Nauticus if you wear green! Offer applies to both children and adults.

Virginia Arts Festival Begins This year’s Virginia Arts Festival is filled with performances and exhibits galore! Pick up a brochure at and see what captures your fancy.


March 22-25, 2012–Drinks, Spas, Brunch, Dinners and more featuring the delicacy for kings at the Virginia Chocolate Festival including...

Chocoholic’s Dream – The Main Event Where: Scope Exhibition Hall, Norfolk Date: March 24, 2012 Time: 10am-5pm Cost: $20 Adults; $10 Children 13 and under It’s a flavorful fantasy come true: chocolate in every form, from around the world, gathered under one roof for your delight! Lots of SAMPLES, sales, demos & more!

♣ Oceanview is filled with bands on Saint Patrick’s Day! ♣

St Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday, March 17 from 10 am to 12:30 pm Join with neighbors and friends for the 45th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ocean View. The parade begins at Northside Middle School and ends at the Knights of Columbus on First View. This fun filled Irish event has all the marching bands, clowns, floats, cars, and people necessary to make up an exciting and enjoyable parade. Everyone is Irish both in and along the parade route. Join the After Parade Party (21 and up, 1-4pm) on the Knights of Columbus grounds (211 W. Government Ave). This years bands will be: Hotcakes and Bill Deals The Original Rhondels For more info, check out

Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

Coming soon: Zoo Snooze Friday, April 27, 2012 Cost: $30 per person The ultimate sleepover for night owls who want to answer the call of the wild. Zoo Snoozes are a one-of-a-kind afterhours experience for families and other public groups, that your family, friends or coworkers will never forget. Bring the sleeping bag and they take care of the rest: behind-thescenes encounters with Zoo animals, an adventurous nighttime flashlight guided tour of the Zoo, wildlife games and crafts, and even breakfast! The Zoo keeps everyone safe and sound indoors for the sleepover, but imagine the stories you can tell about your exclusive after-hours night at the Zoo! This snooze is for ages 6 and up.

The next snooze is the Tiger – Rainforest Themed Snooze! Malayan tigers are the smallest of all tiger subspecies. They are elusive, small in number and struggling to survive in the wild. Enjoy an evening of games, crafts, live animals and in the morning hear the roar of the tiger. Activities are geared for children 6 and up and a parent or guardian must attend. The Zoo only takes a limited number of people and they take reservations on a first-come, first-served basis, so contact them today to reserve your spot! For information or to make a reservation, call (757) 441-2374, ext. 229 or e-mail

1812 Bicentennial Events are on the way! On the horizon lies a historic American milestone, an extraordinary occasion for the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia... the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, the writing of the Star Spangled Banner, planned together with the spectacle of OpSail 2012. From June 1 ‐12, 2012, the Port of Virginia will once again host an impressive fleet of tall ships, navy and military war ships representing the world. OpSail 2012 Virginia is planned to illuminate the community with spectacle and festivity, and will place our Commonwealth front and center on the world stage. OpSail 2012 Virginia is a collaboration between Operation Sail Inc. (OpSail) national, the United States Navy, Norfolk Festevents, and hundreds of national, state and local organizations. Stay tuned.... Volume 13 Issue 6


Real Estate Tax Relief is Available for Elderly, Disabled Four satellite locations have been selected to help senior and/or disabled citizens apply for Real Estate Tax Relief. To be eligible, the applicant must meet the following criteria:Must be 65 years of age or totally and permanently disabled Must live on the property to be exempted Combined income of those who live in the dwelling cannot exceed $67,000 Net worth of applicant, not including home, cannot exceed $350,000. The dates, times and locations of the satellite sites are: March 7, April 4, May 2 ‐ 10 am ‐ 2 pm Prime Plus Senior Center, 7300 Newport Ave. March 14, April 11, May 9 ‐ 3 pm ‐ 6 pm Norview Comm. Center, 6380 Sewells Pt. Rd. March 21, April 18, May 16‐ 10 am ‐ 2 pm Pretlow Library, 111 W. Ocean View Ave. March 23, April 27, May 25 ‐ 10 am ‐ 2 pm Berkley Multi‐Purpose Center, 925 S. Main St. For more information, call the Commissioner’s Office at 823‐1130, or online at

Commissioner of Revenue offers state and federal income tax preparation assistance. Representatives from Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, will be available in the commissioner’s office on the following Thursdays, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. March 1, 15 and 29. The service is free. The service will be provided on a walk‐in first come, first served basis. The following documentation is required. • Copies of all W‐2, 1098 and 1099 forms • Social Security or Individual Tax Identification Number Provider’s address and Tax Identification Number for Child/Dependent Care credit • Form 8332 or copy of divorce decree for non‐custodial parent claiming child • Banking Information (check or savings) for direct deposit • Amounts and dates of other tax payments • Amounts of other income In addition, the Commissioner of Revenue offers assistance with filing Virginia State Income Taxes. Tax filers must bring with them a completed Federal Tax Return and W‐2s so their State Return can be processed. Office hours at the Commissioner of Revenue are 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office is located in the first floor of Norfolk City Hall, at 810 Union Street. For information, contact the Commissioner of Revenue Income Tax Team at 664‐7885. Information is also available on the Commissioner of Revenue website at Page 9


March 2012

March Calendar of Events 11 13 17 17 20 14,28 7,21 9 15

Daylight Saving Time begins Bayview Civic League meets St. Patrick’s Day Ocean View St. Patrick’s Day Parade Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring) Recycling Pickup Week 2 Recycling Pickup Week 1 Street Sweeping (Area N-2)** Street Sweeping (Area N-5)**

*Week one or week two? All of Bayview is in week two, except Evelyn Street and Pythian Avenue (south of Sunset Dr.) are in week one. **Help keep our streets clean! Please avoid parking on the street on the day your street is to be swept. Area N-5, swept monthly on the 3rd Thursday, is all streets east of Capeview Avenue. Area N-2, swept monthly on the on the 2nd Friday, is all streets from Capeview Avenue west. Street Sweeping MAP: stormwater/CityWideSweepingZones.pdf

February Refreshment Thanks by Pat Davidson Twenty four Bayview Civic League Members celebrated Valentines Day together, enjoying three very interesting speakers. We also enjoyed a variety of sweet Valentines Treats. Thanks go out to the following: Anita Unger Janet Hayden Aaron Ellis Kathy Rose Darleen Hodges

Sara Gaul Kathy Poorman Sam Maddox Pat Davidson

Hope to see everyone at our March 13, 2012 meeting. Any questions or suggestions, please call Darleen at 531-0335 or Pat at 587-3219. Thank you!!! Stay safe and well.

BCL Meeting Minutes—SUMMARY February 14, 2012 by Sylvia Ross, Recording Sec’y Once the meeting was called to order, Officer Snyder, NPD, provided the latest crime statistics. He also reported that both violent crime and property crime are down in the Blue sector (includes Bayview). He also cautioned residents to watch that people appearing to leave advertisements on doors are doing only that and not checking for unlocked doors. John Stevenson, Senior Transportation Project Manager with Public Works, reported about a proposed plan to make the drop-off/pick-up area at Bayview Elementary on the Bayview Blvd side safer. Featured speaker Donna Krabill, Director of Education and Communications at Norfolk Botanical Garden, provided news about the eagles, plants, and upcoming activities this year. Patrick Smith, the lead on the Elect the Norfolk School Board initiative (, spoke briefly and asked for volunteers to collect legitimate signatures for the 12,000 signature petition that is due July 17, 2012. Other business included the league’s 2012 OV Crew sponsorship, a word from Marcus Calabrese, and the Hampton Veterans Administration acknowledgement of our November 2011 donation of personal items. After announcements and the raffle, the meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m. for refreshments and networking.

REMEMBER !!!!!Bayview Is The Place To Be !!!!!! Welcome To Our New Members!!! Raffle Thanks Go To Darlene Hodges, Aaron Ellis, Janet Hayden, and Bayview PTA. Some took home Prizes, but we all went home Winners!!!!!! Bayview Notes: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Edward Sockell who passed away February 11, 2012. Also, speedy recoveries to Cindy Huffman and Peggy Meador who have both undergone recent surgeries. Get well soon. We would like to correct the spelling of MRS. KIRCHEVAL'S name . Sorry for the mistake. Volume 13 Issue 6



March 2012

New 911 System Improves Service After two years of planning, Norfolk’s 911 Call Center went live with its new Sentinel Patriot phone system on Wednesday, February 22. The new system allows for more effective use of technology combined with redundancy for failsafe operations. It significantly improves the technology 911 dispatchers use to meet the emergency needs of residents and the communication needs of public safety officers. NEW FEATURES: • Automatically distributes incoming 911 calls to the next available agent. • Provides a more operator-friendly display of essential information like phone numbers and, for landline phones, location of incoming calls. • Automatically notifies of a "hang-up" and places that caller at the top of the queue if the caller tries again. • Dispatchers can redial numbers with one-button push. • One-button transfers or calls to neighboring jurisdictions, hospitals and other emergency entities. • TTY/TDD features offer the ability to quickly select and send pre-formatted phrases, meeting the needs of the hearing impaired. • Provides new back-up and monitoring features which will ensure little to no delay in response to calls. • Sets up laptops so the 911 center can move quickly to another site if an emergency warrants. Working with numerous communications partners, the cutover of the Sentinel Patriot system was one of the “smoothest we have seen”, noted Carousel Program Manager, Adrienne Turner. Extensive planning, weekly meetings, and keeping the Team focused on providing uninterrupted 911 services proved successful!”


9561 SHORE DRIVE NORFOLK VA 23518 (757) 227-3484


Mike Strader Owner 866-824-5173

Ask about our “Spring Cleanup Specials!” The greatest compliment I could receive is a referral from a satisfied customer: friend or family! Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012 Your Friendly Neighborhood Market Great Variety • Great Low Prices


DIRECTOR: Jim Royer PHONE: 757 583 4848 E-mail: 347@FRESHPRIDE.COM

Checkout for recipes, coupons and more!


Be sure to visit our web page! HANDYMIKE Carpentry Painting Plumbing Electrical

General Fix-it Yard Work Hauling Roof & Gutter

Mike Supan 757-729-0512

Cap’n Ron’s Bar & Grill

Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

Save the date:

March 20 is a

Statewide Tornado Drill Registration is now open for the March 20 Statewide Tornado Drill. Businesses and organizations, schools and colleges, and families and individuals can practice taking cover from tornadoes by participating in this annual safety exercise, set for 9:45 a.m. "Last year 51 twisters hit Virginia, the second highest number on record," said Michael Cline, state coordinator for emergency management. "But more importantly, communities are still healing from the affects of those tornadoes that killed 10 people, injured more than 100, and destroyed 212 homes and 17 businesses. It's vitally important that everyone know what to do if a tornado warning is issued for their area." The annual drill is a joint effort of the National Weather Service and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. To start the drill, at approximately 9:45 a.m., the NWS will send a test tornado warning that will trigger a tone alert and broadcast message on NOAA Weather Radio, simulating what listeners will hear during an actual tornado warning. Although registration is not required, people participating in the Statewide Tornado Drill are encouraged to sign up to show their support. Learn more about tornado safety, how to hold a drill, and how to register for the drill at h t t p : / / w w w. v a e m e r g e n c y. g o v / r e a d y v i r g i n i a / stayinformed/tornadoes. Here's a look back at tornadoes in Virginia during 2011:

Volume 13 Issue 6

• 51 tornadoes hit, the second highest number on record (87 struck in 2004) • In April, 10 people died and more than 100 were injured Most tornadoes occurred during April, but tornadoes also were recorded in March, May, August, September, October and November • In April, 212 homes and 17 businesses were destroyed; more than 1,050 homes and businesses were damaged • Nearly every part of Virginia experienced tornadoes during 2011, including mountainous Southwest Virginia. Other areas hit: Southside Virginia, Roanoke Valley, Shenandoah Valley, Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, Middle Peninsula and Hampton Roads • One‐third of the tornadoes struck at night, including the deadly EF3 tornado that hit Washington County around 1 a.m. April 28

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March 2012


GARDEN March 2012 by Susan Jones Finally, warmer weather! As the weather begins to warm up, we feel the urge to get out into the garden. Knowing what not to do at this time of year is about as important as knowing what you can or should do. For example, winter and spring rains can leave parts–maybe all–of your garden pretty soggy. Resist the urge to walk on or dig up planting beds when they're wet! Each footstep compacts the soil and makes drainage worse. Before digging, try this test: grab a handful of soil and form it into a ball. Then drop it. If it stays in a ball, the soil is too wet to work. If it crumbles or breaks apart, go ahead and start digging. As you plan your garden for this year, here are some basic principles to keep in mind: Order/Balance/Proportion– The basic structure of the garden. Order can be obtained through symmetry, as in a formal garden, through repetition of plants or colors or through balancing bold or

bright features with a comparable weight of fine or muted features (generally in a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio). Harmony or Unity–When the parts of the garden work together as a whole. This can be accomplished by using a limited color palette, repetition of plants, colors or structures and a clear focal point. Themes gardens have built in unity, like: all white gardens, butterfly gardens and cottage gardens. Flow, Transition or Rhythm–Keeping the eye moving and directing it where you want it to look. Gradual changes in height and color prevent the eye from making a sudden stop. Transition can also be used to create the illusion of a larger space by creating depth as smaller plants flow back into taller plants. Of course, you can play with these elements to personalize your garden, adding more elements like fragrance. Remember, gardens are a work in progress, so don't be afraid to play. As you begin to prepare beds for planting, work plenty of organic matter into your soil. Plants growing in healthy, well cultivated soil need less fertilizer and are better able to deal with disease and insects. In our clay soil, adding organic matter creates structure, increases air space, and helps soil retain moisture in dry weather and drain better in soggy weather. Organic matter includes homemade compost, composted cow manure, leaf humus, and shredded pine bark.

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American Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Established in 2009, Cagney’s is a new dining experience like nothing you ever encountered. You get home style cooking in a movie style setting of the past. Marilyn Monroe, James Cagney and many other stars adorn the walls on this classic but hip restaurant. Open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

1108 East Little Creek Norfolk, Virginia 23518. 757-275-9579 “Proud Sponsor of Bayview Civic League” Volume 13 Issue 6

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March 2012

Spring Forward – Daylight Saving Time Starts March 11 Remember to change the battery in your smoke detectors. (SHARE THIS: Norfolk Fire-Rescue provides free smoke detectors and installation to residents in need within the City of Norfolk, call 664-6604.) GARDEN. Continued from previous page. Now's a good time to clean up your yard--remove downed twigs and branches, and rake up any leaves left on the lawn or caught in ground cover or on flower beds. Cut back ratty looking foliage on perennials that haven't gone completely dormant. Cut back ornamental grasses, including liriope, to several inches above the ground. LAWNS • Lime your lawn if it needs it. Garden lime lowers the acidity of the soil. If your soil is too acid, it won't be able to use fertilizer as well. If you're not sure whether you should lime, take to a quart-sized jar of soil the Virginia Tech Experimental station and they will test it for you and tell you how much lime you need. • Fall is the best time to seed lawns , but if you have thin or bare spots that won't wait til then, March is the next best time. After that, it will be getting too warm for the grass to germinate and get well established before the heat of summer sets in. • Avoid the rush-- get lawnmower maintenance done early, before you need to start mowing the lawn. Buy fuel for your lawnmower and get the blades sharpened. Dull mower blades damage grass blades and leave your lawn more susceptible to disease. SHRUBS AND TREES • Prune to remove any broken tree or shrub branches. Don't worry about sap bleeding from pruning cuts on elm, maple, dogwood, beech, walnut, birch and redbud. This bleeding won't hurt the tree. • Remove bagworm bags now--they contain hundreds of eggs that will hatch soon. Destroy or throw away the bags--don't just knock them down and leave them on the ground. • Prune back forsythias after they finish blooming, cutting off 1/3 of the old canes at the ground. • Prune crape myrtles toward the end of month. • As long as the ground isn't too soggy--or frozen-March is a great time to plant shrubs and trees. Planting in early spring gives the plants a chance to get their roots established before the summer heat kicks in. Volume 13 Issue 6

ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS • Watch carefully for signs of life in your perennial beds, and remember that each plant has its own timetable--some never disappear, especially in relatively mild winters; some are early to come up; and some may not show signs of life until April or even early May. In your rush to get some early color into the garden or to prepare beds for spring planting, be careful not to dig up a plant that simply hasn't woken up yet. • Spring bulbs are emerging. If the weather turns cold (or even snowy) again, new foliage may be burned by very cold temperatures, but flowers should be OK. • If you're a new homeowner (or somehow, you didn't get around to labeling all your bulbs when you planted them) now's a good time to map out or label those bulbs. Take inventory of what's blooming when, and make notes of spring flowering bulbs you'd like to add and where. You may think you'll remember this in the fall when it's time to choose and plant bulbs, but you won't. • When your daffodils finish blooming, cut back the flower stems, but not the leaves. Don't tie them up in bundles, either! Let them mature naturally--they're storing energy for next year. Sources: and http://

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March 2012

Thomas R Smigiel, Jr. City of Norfolk Councilman Ward 5

P.O. Box 8157 ph: 757-531-7595 Norfolk, VA 23503 fax: 757-664-4290 E-mail: Website: Paid for and authorized by Friends of Tommy Smigiel

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March 2012 - Bayview Bulletin  

The Bayview Bulletin is the monthly neighborhood newsletter for the Bayview Civic League in Norfolk, VA. Volume 13 Issue 6

March 2012 - Bayview Bulletin  

The Bayview Bulletin is the monthly neighborhood newsletter for the Bayview Civic League in Norfolk, VA. Volume 13 Issue 6