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April 2019 •


Latest Iveco delivers improved engines, reduced operating costs and increased connectivity

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30 APRIL - 2 MAY


CANTER. DESIGNED TO DELIVER. FUSO Canter offers a range of compact, agile vehicles perfectly suited to the busy, congested streets of today’s urban environment. With a market-leading payload of 5t you can be sure that the Canter 7.5t is strong enough to meet your needs, while the short wheelbase and compact cab mean you can get into the tightest of spaces. If you’re looking for even more payload, the Canter 8.55t offers over a tonne extra. This weight lifter gives you all the capability of the 7.5t plus crucial carrying power and can even access zones restricted to a 10t limit. For fuel efficiency, the Canter 7.5t Eco Hybrid thrives in start-stop rush hour traffic, generating energy as you brake, reducing fuel consumption by up to 23% compared to a standard diesel only Canter 7.5t. Canter can do loads more. To find out more visit

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April 2019 •


Latest Iveco delivers improved engines, reduced operating costs and increased connectivity












April 2019 •

06 News > High visibility vehicle graphics trialled

30 APRIL - 2 MAY


Director Jerry Ramsdale Editor Dan Gilkes

08 Analysis > Tackling driver health and wellbeing

Business Editor Natalie Middleton Content Editor Jonathan Musk FW Editor Martyn Collins Account Directors Claire Warman

10 Interview > BT Fleet adapts to changing demands

12 Interview > Ford looks to the future

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EDITOR Health and wellbeing

Van Excellence should be applauded for raising such a range of issues.

The most impressive thing about this year’s FTA Van Excellence Operational Briefings, which focused on driver physical and mental health and wellbeing, was not so much that the FTA was spending time and money promoting the subject, but the number of companies that had taken the time to come along and listen and learn how to better look after their drivers. The briefings took place over three days in Edinburgh, Derby and London, with more than 150 attendees packing out each event. The list of companies taking the time reads like a who’s who of best practise business leaders, with the likes of Murphy Plant, Amey Fleet Services, Cadent Gas and Balfour Beatty Plant & Fleet Services among the audience. The events were subtitled Van drivers – industrial athletes and, as someone who has run several marathons over the years, the topics were very similar to pre-race runner briefings. Nutrition, hydration, mental strength and resilience are all topics that will resonate with anyone who regularly takes part in sporting or endurance activities. But, van driving? Yet, as the day unfolded, it was easy to see why the parallels had been drawn. Multi-drop delivery work does require focus, concentration and stamina, particularly if you are carrying parcels or goods up flights of stairs. Working alone, often against tight deadlines in constantly changing urban traffic conditions, requires mental resilience and agility. Of course, as any manager knows, good staff are often a company’s biggest asset. Having healthy, well prepared and supported drivers can improve performance and productivity, contributing to a positive result on the bottom line. Van Excellence should be applauded for raising such a range of issues, but no less than the companies who hopefully will now go on to implement policies that will boost their driver health and wellbeing. Talking of taking the time to visit, the CV Show is almost upon us and the annual trip to Birmingham’s NEC looks set to be well worth the investment. Van Fleet World will be covering the event and we’ll have a stand in Hall 4 if you would like to drop by. We have a preview of some of the highlights in this issue and will follow up with a comprehensive round-up in the May issue.

Dan Gilkes VFW editor

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IN  BRIEF Driver shortages With no Brexit outcome in sight, the FTA is still advising members to prepare for a No Deal scenario. However, with 11% of van drivers and 13% of truck drivers working in the UK coming from EU countries, policy manager Denise Beedell is warning of further driver shortages to come. She also comments that 90% of logistics workers will be under the governments required level of educational achievement, with 88% earning less than £30,000 per year, meaning that it will be harder for EU nationals to gain driving work in the UK. With that in mind the FTA continues to campaign for access to lower skilled workers. “We want the apprenticeship levy to be converted to a training levy, to include all vocation training,” said Beedell.

Fleet management Mercedes-Benz Vans has opened an office in Leeds, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Finance, to form a mobility partnership to keep customer businesses moving. Moving away from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks facility in Barnsley, the new office will deliver a range of services, including fleet management of customer vehicles.

Reduced carbon Anglian Water has added 10 electric vans to its fleet, in a bid to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Nissan e-NV200s will be used by employees that carry out localised visits, though Anglian Water has installed charging points at a number of its sites. The company’s vans travel 22 million miles each year, with a diesel spend of £4.5m.

006 •

FHOSS delivers brighter roadside vehicle graphics

FHOSS Illuminated Safety Solutions has launched the latest development in illuminated safety solutions for vehicles and construction equipment. Working together with the AA, FHOSS attracted some of the UK’s biggest construction and fleet hire companies, including Highways England, TRL, DFT, Flannery, O’Brien and L Lynch Plant Hire, to a demonstration in Weston-Super-Mare. The trial began as the sun set, to measure effectiveness in twilight, partial and total darkness. The AA provided two vehicles, one equipped with the FHOSS livery and the other without. “The roadside is a dangerous place and our absolute priority is the safety of our patrols and our members,” said Steve Ives, AA chief engineer. “We needed a stretch of road on which we could measure the effectiveness of our product, as well as being able to gather as much information and feedback from leading government and industry experts,” said Andrew Kimitri, director of FHOSS. “This road was perfect, due to the straight approach as well as the fact that we were able to switch off the streetlights, to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products in total darkness.”

Supersite trials electric vans Europcar Mobility Group UK has opened a Van Supersite in Birmingham Newtown, to meet growing demand from customers throughout the Midlands. Featuring electric van trials for businesses attending the opening event, the site was officially opened by Councillor Waseem Zaffar, Birmingham City Council’s cabinet member for transport and environment. “We know that Birmingham City Council has advanced plans to introduce a Clean Air Zone in 2020 and we aim to play our part in supporting the initiative to improve air quality and reduce emissions,” said Gary Smith, managing director of

Europcar Mobility Group UK. “As such, our new supersite is offering local businesses sustainable mobility solutions, including electric vans. We have future-proofed the site to ensure that we can offer a real solution for urban transportation needs. This includes the installation of electric vehicle charging points, as well as hourly, daily, monthly and even yearly rental options, on conventional diesel or petrol vehicles, or EV and hybrid solutions.”

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Holistic wellbeing Van Excellence has focused its attention on maintaining driver health, both physical and mental, says Dan Gilkes. The Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence programme has held three Operational Briefings across the UK, offering fleet managers and van operators an insight into maintaining driver wellbeing. This includes nutrition, hydration, mental resilience and a holistic approach to driver health. Research by the British Dietetic Association shows that 56% of van drivers consider themselves overweight, while 96% felt that healthy eating was important. However, only 76% took an actual lunch break and 41% of drivers ate their lunch in the van. Unsurprisingly, only 37% eat at least one portion of fruit or vegetables during the working day. Despite this, hydration is for many, worse than nutrition. Research by Mercedes-Benz Vans shows that many drivers don’t consume enough liquids during the day, partly due to the lack of toilet facilities. In addition, dehydration can also be driven by air conditioning and hot, protective clothing. The third pillar of health, alongside nutrition and hydration, is sleep, which it seems is a rare commodity among many workers, 20% of people in devel-

oped countries suffer some form of sleep problem. A lack of sleep can cause drowsiness, sleep seizures, stress, mood swings, reduced energy and a lack of vigilance. “Sleeping just 4-5 hours a night for a week impairs our performance to the same extent as being legally over the alcohol limit,” said Marcus de Guingand, managing director of The 3rd Pillar of Health. He claims that fatigue accounts for 20% of accidents on UK roads and 30% of fatal incidents. A driver who is awake for 24 hours is seven times more likely to have an accident. Tired drivers also have what is known as microsleeps, which last from a fraction of a second to 2 seconds. At 56mph a van travels 25m/sec, so microsleeping for 2 seconds means 50m of unconscious travel. Beside physical problems, there are of course a host of mental health concerns that can affect van drivers. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, with one man dying every two hours. To help combat this, Van Excellence has partnered with CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM operates a 24/7 helpline and a range of campaigns to promote mental health, particularly in young men. The CALMVan initia-

“Effective management of driver wellness needs a shared approach. However, a well-designed driver wellbeing programme can not only save money, but can also make money.” Paul Jackson, head of impairment research at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

008 •

tive will put a tax disc sized information sticker in 5,000 vans initially. The discs show the helpline number and encourage drivers to seek help if they are feeling stressed. Van Excellence is also calling upon employers to ensure that they have a formalised driver wellbeing programme in place. This can be achieved in three phases. Phase one is an assessment of current policies and procedures, analysing rosters to identify fatigue hotspots. Phase two involves developing strategies and procedures to support driver health, integrating HR, insurance and telematic data and training managers and transport office staff to recognise stress points. Phase three is the implementation of improvements, checking compliance against new company policies and benchmarking against the initial baseline. “If people are hiding fatigue, you have no idea what sort of a problem you have,” said Paul Jackson, head of impairment research at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). “Poor driver wellbeing is having an impact on many aspects of your business, from customer service to performance, operational costs and crashes.”


LIKE YOU DO NEW COMBO CARGO Carries British business Up to 68.8 mpg Payloads up to 987kg Car like cabin



n atVa ? 20


See us at The Commercial Vehicle Show (NEC Birmingham) 30 April – 2 May 2019 on stand 5C40.




Official Government Test Environmental Data. Fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100km) and CO2 emissions (g/km). New Combo Cargo Van Range: Urban: 57.6 (4.9) – 64.2 (4.4), Extra-urban: 67.2 (4.2) – 72.4 (3.9), Combined: 62.7 (4.4) – 68.8 (4.3). CO2 emissions: 117 – 107g/km.# Model shown New Combo Cargo L1 Limited Edition Nav with offside sliding side-access door (optional at extra cost) and Night Blue metallic paint (no-cost option). #Fuel consumption data and CO2 emission data are determined using the WLTP test cycle, and the relevant values are translated back to allow the comparability into NEDC. The values do not take into account in particular use and driving conditions, equipment or options and may vary depending on the format of tyres. For more information contact your local Retailer. Vauxhall Motors Limited reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw this offer at any point in time. Correct at time of print (March 2019).

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Changing demands BT Fleet Solutions is having to adapt, to provide customers with an EV van offer. Head of engineering Gary Harrison talks VFW through the changes.

ARE YOU NOTICING ANY TRENDS IN TERMS OF EV ADOPTION WITHIN BT’S OWN OPERATIONS AND AMONG BT FLEET’S CUSTOMERS? We are starting to see a genesis of EV take up. This is certainly the case in the smaller van sector where manufacturers are jumping on the back of technology developed for the car industry. That’s kind of where the interest is at the moment, certainly for us and for our customers. The challenge continues to be the next size up, as there is almost a void in the market. Once you get above the small or car derived van, that is the gap that everybody is waiting for. Everybody wants a manufacturer to step in, they are waiting for the 3.5 tonne panel van. These vans make up the bulk of BT’s own fleet. To be able to migrate onto alternative fuels in volume, that is the space we need manufacturers to start looking to fill. WILL ELECTRIC VANS MEET YOUR OPERATING REQUIREMENTS? Manufacturers are marketing EVs as a final mile delivery solution. Once you get into specialist fleet or the service sector, the van becomes a ‘workfrom’ vehicle so it is pretty much at full payload and remains at full

010 •

Gary Harrison Head of engineering, BT Fleet

payload all day. These vehicles contain power tools, stores, onboard equipment and test gear to fulfil these jobs. That’s a different operating environment to what the manufacturers are predominantly designing the vehicles for. HOW ARE YOU ASSESSING OPERATING REQUIREMENTS? We are using a lot of telematics data and we have been able to develop

some sophisticated telematics modelling, whereby we can track where the vehicles are going, what range and what duty cycle they have. With this data, we can come up with a model for vehicle selection. Previously payload was the predominant figure but now when we have to consider range anxiety and the mileage these vehicles have to cover, we’ve had to look more sensibly. With that in mind, our model within BT is that we will have a 50% safety margin at full payload on a day’s duty cycle. So we run analysis on the previous 12 months of mileage, we work out what that particular van has done and then make sure that any alternative fuel replacement has that 50% safety margin of the range that that vehicle has done from the previous year. We’re not expecting an engineer to recharge his vehicle during the day due to the operational downtime so product selection is critical in making sure we get that right. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES? I think we are at a pivotal point with regards to the whole life cost stacking up. From our perspective and from talking to some of our customers, when they have done their numbers,

IVIEW_BT Fleet_VFW_Apr19.qxp 05/04/2019 16:30 Page 2

it is there or there about. Charging in clean air zones is certainly what pushes the decision over the edge compared to a non-Euro 6 diesel. From BT Fleet Solutions’ perspective, we did a price point comparison between a Euro 6 diesel and a pure EV and the one product we are testing is pretty much balanced against a Euro 6. But, with a Euro 6 of course, we don’t have all the other complexities that have to be taken into account such as charging infrastructure and the cost of providing that infrastructure, changes to our internal procedures, or questions about how we reimburse a home parking engineer. These are also discussions we are having with our own customers. Product availability and price are only part of the complexity of introducing EVs to an operational fleet. Other questions we are looking to address include how you put a charge point at an engineer’s home? How do you maintain it? How do you deal with driver training? How do you deal with engineers that don’t have a driveaway? How do you reimburse a driver for electricity that’s used? We are working through the journey from diesel to EV so that as we ramp up the number of vehicles, we will have all the necessary processes and systems in place to support that. HOW WILL THE ADOPTION OF EVs PROGRESS? We have a very clear environmental commitment where we expect our fleet to be around the 85% mark in terms of introducing alternative fuels by 2030. We have been very public in the fact that we are fuel agnostic so we accept that certain parts of our fleet will be pure EV but we also accept that pure EV will not be suit-

able for all of our fleet. So we continue as a business to seek out any form of alternative fuel that will improve our carbon footprint and still allow our customers to maintain operational effectiveness and supply the same services to their end users. Internally, because of how we purchase our electricity, we are 100% renewable on the electricity that BT Group consumes. And the price point for a small electric van such as a Renault Kangoo or Nissan e-NV200 is pretty much comparable to a diesel. We are using a small number of EVs to understand how we put in the necessary support infrastructure. It is coming, and we are committed to replacing our vehicle fleet with the most efficient vehicles we can buy on each one of our replacement programmes and that’s why we are keen to make sure that we have a real good process and understanding of EVs. We are buying a number of EVs to go into Birmingham and Leeds, a combination of both home-based and work-based parked vehicles so we can get as much data as we can. SO YOU ARE CLOSELY MONITORING EV USE? The learnings are not just data driven. We are seeing a huge behavioural piece. We are exploring driver training, driver perception, and how we migrate a driver from diesel to electric. If you think about it, for the last 100 years, you have taken one set of keys from someone and given them another. You turn the key, you start it up and drive away. We are now migrating into a technology that is so fundamentally different we need to take the drivers onto a journey of migration, rather than

handing the keys over and giving them a handbook. There is a change management and an educational piece associated with the driver as we move to an alternative fuel technology that we have never had to deal with before. And that’s not just the range anxiety, we need to consider how drivers operate the vehicle to make it perform most effectively, maintenance as well as driving experience. HOW DO YOU SEE THINGS DEVELOPING LONGER TERM? In the next 10 years, we expect to see a much larger selection of vehicles and specifically a larger range of 3.5 tonne panel vans – the one that a lot of our customers are waiting for. At that point we expect take up of EVs to accelerate. To some extent, that will depend on legislation and government subsidies, but I think there will be a substantially higher number of alternatively fuelled vehicles, with EV making up the highest percentage of that. At the end of the day, our task is to ensure our customers have the right vehicle at the lowest environmental impact that allows them to deliver the services to their customer, at the best price. If Euro 6 is the best for that operating environment, then Euro 6 will be the tool of choice. Also, whereas currently the standard fleet mix is 100% diesel, in 10 years’ time, I think the fuel source will be much more fragmented across the entire fleet. We will see EVs for certain operating environments and we will see CNG, LPG, hydrogen and anything new for others. • 011

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Transit, Tailor-Made Following a record 2018, with 126,000 vans and pickups registered in the UK, Ford of Europe’s general manager for commercial vehicles, Hans Schep, tells VFW how the company is aiming to be one step ahead of an ever-changing market.

PARTNERSHIPS Commercial vehicle usage is diversifying, and Schep believes partnerships are vital to meet consumer needs. The UK is an advanced market; the first with specialist Transit Centres, now encompassing 950 sites across Europe, and an early adopter of leasing among smaller fleets. Ford is extending that offer to include mobile servicing, and working closely with dealer partners. “We are currently implementing a downtime management tool which enables dealers to access resources from the entire Ford organisation, from the parts team to specialist engineers, to get every vehicle back on the road as soon as possible,” he says. Partnerships also broaden the product offer. Ford recently started working towards a range of CVs co-developed with Volkswagen to share expertise and cost, and Schep says plans are underway to double its network of 100 accredited converters by 2020. Many will be pan-European partnerships, offering the same conversions through its dealers across the region. CONNECTIVITY Ford will offer built-in modems on all CVs later this year, exchanging data with the company’s own cloud-based fleet management system. This will enable it to offer its own telematics solution for fleets, including real-time health checks, or to supply a tailored bundle of data to third party software if customers prefer. Schep says the next step is broadening its offer for small fleets. A professional version of its consumerfocused FordPass smartphone app is due within months, enabling up to five vehicles to be monitored at once. Real-time data about vehicle health, taken from on-board sensors, will underpin usage-based maintenance

012 •

Hans Schep General manager for commercial vehicles, Ford

and early fault detection, both designed to reduce downtime. “As we introduce our connected Transit and FordPass Pro later this year, that’s the time to put those services in place,” he says. “We have a list of key things for breakdowns – diesel particulate filters and oil are two of the main items – so we’re starting by bringing those in, and there are opportunities to bring in items like batteries later on.” BEYOND DIESEL Electrification isn’t taking hold as quickly with CVs as it is with cars, but Schep says ever-changing regulations – increasingly set at a local level – require a similarly wide range of powertrains. Petrol uptake is increasing in the Connect and Courier, while the larger Transit and Transit Custom will gain 48volt ‘mild hybrid’ diesel technology this summer, claiming an 8% fuel economy improvement (versus a diesel engine) for urban fleets. “Rather than betting the farm on a few propulsion solutions, we’re investing in

pilots and partnering with third parties. It’s interesting, coming from a business where you can’t make mistakes because it’s capital-intensive, that we’re switching to a different approach where you have to try many things to see what the future will look like.” Plug-ins are en route, too. Fleet trials of the Transit Custom PHEV are ongoing London, with feedback informing a more powerful electric motor and demand for geofencing its 31-mile electric range when the production model launches late this year. In 2021, Ford will introduce a full-size electric Transit with a range of bodystyles and a “competitive” payload, Schep says. This will incorporate expertise from DHL’s Transit-based StreetScooter electric delivery vehicle, of which almost 2,000 are already in use. But, he adds, it’s vital for policymakers to work with manufacturers. “When things change, it’s difficult and messy at the beginning. We need to get through this to figure out how we collectively work out a responsible solution for our cities.”

B U I LT T O K E E P Y O U R B USI N E S S M OV I N G F O RWA R D D i s c o v e r m o r e a t f o r d . c o . u k /n e w - t r a n s i t - c u s t o m o r c o n t a c t t h e F o r d B u s i n e s s C e n t r e : 03 4 5 7 2 3 2 3 2 3 | f l i n f o r m @ f o r d . c o m



163 -182g/km

39.8 - 44.8

OďŹƒcial fuel consumption figures in mpg for the New Ford Transit Custom range: urban 36.7- 39.8, extra urban 43.5 - 48.7, combined 39.8 - 44.8. OďŹƒcial CO2 emissions 163 - 182g/km. The mpg figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results (EU Regulation 715/2007 and 692/2008 as last amended), are provided for comparability purposes and may not reflect your actual driving experience. Information correct at time of going to print.

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DAILY DELIVERY Iveco has updated its Daily van range with improved Euro 6D Temp/Euro VI engines, delivering reduced operating costs and increased connectivity, says Dan Gilkes.

DRIVELINE The Daily continues to use a range of 2.3 and 3.0-litre diesel engines, now compliant with Euro 6D Temp (light duty) and Euro IV (heavy duty) emissions regulations. The 2.3-litre engines offer outputs of 116, 136 and 156bhp, while the 3.0-litre is offered with 160, 180 and 210bhp. The 3.0-litre engine is also available to run on compressed natural gas, where it delivers 136bhp. The vans continue with a six-speed manual or the Hi-Matic eight-speed automatic transmission. The introduction of electric power steering, an electronically controlled variable geometry turbo, super low rolling resistance eco tyres and standard Stop&Start on the 2.3-litre engines, have resulted in a claimed 10% improvement in fuel consumption in urban driving. Service and maintenance costs have also been cut by 10%, as service intervals move to 37,000 miles, from 32,000 miles on the previous model, thanks to a larger oil sump.

014 •

INTERIOR The biggest changes to the van can be seen in the cab, where a new dash with TFT screen and central 7� monitor provides more information for the driver, with seven different menus of data. The Hi-Connect DAB infotainment system is both Apple and Android compatible and the central monitor can be used for a rear-view camera and with TomTom satnav. A 14mm smaller diameter steering wheel, with flat bottom for improved leg room, now comes with up to 20 integrated switches, while an electric parking brake improves cross-cab access and reduces effort for the driver. Electronic power assistance reduces steering effort, while a City Mode cuts steering effort by 70% for low speed manoeuvring. The steering column is now also adjustable for reach and rake.

SPOTLIGHT_Iveco-Daily_VFW_Apr19.qxp 05/04/2019 16:38 Page 2

IN  SUMMARY Daily retains a familiar appearance, yet Iveco has provided a host of detailed updates that lift the van to a new level of user friendliness, while cutting potential operating costs for customers.

SAfetY ASSIStANCe The van has been restyled with a three-piece bumper for reduced crash repair costs. LED lights deliver a 15% improvement in visibility, with automatic high and low beam, should last the lifetime of the vehicle. Daily can be specified with a host of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This includes Autonomous Emergency Braking, with City Brake Pro. This combination provides braking assistance at speeds as low as 5km/h and up to 80km/h. The vans can also be offered with Adaptive Cruise Control, Proactive Lane Keeping, Crosswind Assist and Queue Assist, which allows the vehicle to autonomously drive in low speed start and stop traffic. For drivers that tackle poor ground conditions, in construction and forestry for instance, there is the option of Hill Descent Control and Traction Plus, to deliver controlled driving on loose surfaces. Tyre pressure monitoring is available on single and twin wheel models.

CoNNeCtIvItY The vans are offered with a connectivity box that provides remote diagnostics and remote assistance. Where customers have signed up to service and maintenance contracts, there is also the possibility of proactive contact from Iveco direct to the driver, to provide remote software updates and to book regular servicing. Iveco will also offer a range of tailor-made maintenance and finance options, to suit individual customers. Drivers and managers will be able to access data through a MyDaily app and a web portal, to monitor vehicle performance and driver style. A range of fleet management and telematic solutions will also be available. Iveco can also supply the telematic data for use with a customer’s third-party fleet management system. The connectivity box will be optional, with customers opting in to the many services on offer. • 015

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PREVIEW CV Show 2019

Exhibition extravaganza As the UK logistic industry makes its way to the NEC later this month for the CV Show 2019, Dan Gilkes looks at some of the potential highlights. The 2019 Commercial Vehicle Show looks set to be another success, as the transport and logistics industry once again descends on the NEC in Birmingham from April 30-May 2. More than 400 exhibitors will be showing everything from the latest vans and trucks, to a wealth of services and technological innovation. With more than 21,000 visitors expected over the three days

of the event, the Commercial Vehicle Show 2019 will once again, incorporate separate Workshop and Cool zones, providing a shop window on these essential sectors of the distribution business. Van Fleet World will also be present, with a stand in Hall 4. These will certainly be plenty to see at the show and these are just some of the reasons to visit.

VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS FORD Dominating the main entrance to the show, Ford’s stand is always popular with visitors. This year the company will be launching the latest version of its 2-tonne Transit line, first seen at last year’s Hanover show in Germany. With deliveries due to start by August, the Transit features a revised exterior look and a new interior, taking its design cues from the latest Transit Custom. The EcoBlue 2.0-litre diesel engines move to Euro 6.2 emissions levels and Ford will offer a 48V mild-hybrid on both fullsize Transit and on Custom models. There is a new 185bhp power offering and Ford will emissions test some models to the heavy-duty cycle, that is outside of WLTP standards, though it is not yet clear which specific models this will include. While front-wheel drive Transit will still be offered with a sixspeed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission, some rear-drive models will be available with an optional 10-speed automatic, as seen in the new Ranger. There are payload improvements across the range, thanks to alloy bonnets and other weight saving measures. Ford is claiming up to 50kg savings

on front-drive Transit and 80kg on the rear-driven models. The vans will also get selectable driving modes, including eco and towing. Options will include power side doors and active park assist, as the vans will be equipped with electronic power assistance for the steering for the first time. Transit and Transit Custom models will also come with an embedded modem, providing access to a host of online monitoring and driver assistance applications. Custom also benefits from the move to Euro 6.2 engines, with the new 185bhp rating replacing the previous 170bhp engine in Sport and Tourneo models. The vans will also get the selectable driving modes and the mild hybrid option, while Ford’s plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Custom will finally be offered to paying customers. Ford’s all-new Ranger pickup will make its first public appearance at the show. Powered by a range of EcoBlue 2.0litre diesel engines, including a new bi-turbo model, the company has recently announced that it will also keep the existing 3.2-litre diesel engine alongside the 2.0-litre models. The Ranger line-up will be joined by the extreme Raptor model over the coming months.


016 •

PREVIEW_CV Show_VFW_April18.qxp 05/04/2019 16:51 Page 2

PREVIEW CV Show 2019


CITROËN Citroen is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and the company will be sharing its biggest stand ever at the show with fellow PSA Groupe companies Peugeot and Vauxhall. The new Berlingo will take centre stage, backed by Dispatch and Relay. All Berlingo models will move to Euro 6.2 engines in May, along with Dispatch, with Relay making the engine change in June. The company will be promoting its service offering to customers, with news of changes to the Business Centre network. While all of the firm’s 145 dealers can sell and service vans, Citroen now has 41 Business Centres, offering an enhanced service to fleet users. In addition, it has appointed 75 Business Active centres, that will offer additional support to business users without providing the full Business Centre service.



Peugeot will have its full van line-up on display, including the award-winning Partner range, the mid-weight Expert and the larger Boxer. The company has been working with its 180-strong dealer network to bolster its 52 Business Centres, with the development of a network of Business Essential outlets. Though not offering the full Business Centre service, the Business Essential dealers will have LCV expertise and test vehicles on offer, as well as improved levels of after-care and service.

The new British-built Vivaro will make its first appearance at the CV Show on the Vauxhall stand. Based on PSA siblings Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert, the Vivaro will be offered in a range of wheelbases and load volume capacities. Set to be formally launched in June, the van will be offered in both light commercial and peoplecarrying formats. To prepare for both the new Vivaro and to accommodate the recently launched Combo, Vauxhall developed a network of 65 Van Business Centres. Each outlet will display the full range of Vauxhall LCVs, with test drive vehicles on offer. The company will employ national, allinclusive service pricing with overnight drop-off and pickup availability.

VOLKSWAGEN Visitors to the Volkswagen stand will once again be made to feel at home, in the company’s ‘house’, where there will be a chance to relax on the sofa and discuss light commercial requirements with the team. The focus will be very much on new technology though, with electric versions of the eCaddy, e-Transporter and e-Crafter on display. The e-Caddy, which alongside the e-Transporter is built by partner ABT, will be the first to arrive in right-hand drive this year, followed by e-Transporter in 2020 and e-Crafter in 2021. The company will also show a number of new conversions for the standard Crafter van, including a long-wheelbase CR50 riot van and a CR50-based high-roof minibus conversion, offering 17-seats. At the opposite end of the scale, VW will also demonstrate its commitment to accessible mobility, with wheelchair-accessible versions of the Caddy, Transporter and Caravelle.

TOYOTA Toyota is extending its light commercial vehicle line with the launch of a car-derived compact model. The company will continue its cooperation with the PSA Groupe, basing its new model on the latest Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo and Vauxhall Combo. That should mean short and long wheelbase models with payload of up to 1-tonne on either chassis. The new model will build on Toyota’s success with Proace, itself based on the mid-weight PSA van line. The company will also show some exterior specification changes on the Hilux Invincible X model, increasing its range-topping status.


018 •


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PREVIEW_CV Show_VFW_April18.qxp 05/04/2019 16:51 Page 3

PREVIEW CV Show 2019


MITSUBISHI Though Mitsubishi’s next generation L200 pickup will not be making an appearance in the UK until later this year, the company will have two new LCVs on offer in Birmingham. Both the Shogun Sport Commercial and the Outlander PHEV Commercial have recently been added to the firm’s line-up, offering customers a conventional diesel and a hybrid driveline in the 4x4 van market. In the run up to the show, Mitsubishi will also be running an online social media competition to design a truck of the future, with a show truck being built to display some of the winning ideas.



Fiat Professional will once again be focused on trade customers, with each of the vans on its stand built to reflect a specific trade use. This will include a sandwich van, an ambulance and a painter and decorator’s vehicle. The stand will feature three Doblo Cargos, a Fiorino Sportivo, a Talento van and a Ducato with a tipper body.

As one of the few heavy truck manufacturers to consistently exhibit at the show, DAF will have its largest display to date, across two stands, with a full line-up of vehicles. Yet, with no brand new models to show, much of the emphasis will be on customer support, including DAF Connect, an online fleet management system. The firm also offers a comprehensive range of maintenance and support packages to keep fleets on the road an ensure compliance. DAF Trucks will also be promoting a driver training voucher scheme. When acquiring new CF and XF trucks, retail customers’ drivers will be entitled to around 2.5 hours of professional driver training, through 25 dedicated DAF Dealer Driver Trainers.

MAN TRUCK & BUS MAN Truck & Bus will offer customers a full line-up of commercial vehicles, from the 3.0-tonne TGE van to a 44tonne tractor unit on the stand at this year’s show. For van buyers, the TGE is the focus of interest, offered from 3.0-5.5 tonnes GVW, the TGE is of course based on parent company Volkswagen’s Crafter. This year MAN will offer the TGE as a minibus, based on the 5.0-tonne chassis and will also demonstrate a 3.5-tonne TGE Flatframe chassis cowl. Based on a front-wheel drive chassis, the Flatframe sits 190mm lower than the standard frame TGE chassis cab. It has been designed for specialist body builders to base conversions upon, such as low height Luton bodies and boxes.

ISUZU Isuzu will base its display on the theme of award winning, as its D-Max pickup has indeed won 10 awards in the last 12 months. The D-Max line-up will include a variety of trim levels, along with an SSE branded working truck and a tipper conversion.

BODY BUILDERS AND CONVERSIONS VFS Popular bodybuilder VFS (Southampton) will have six bodies on display, including an aluminium tipper with a tool pod and cage, from Ford’s One-Stop-Shop range of pre-bodied vehicles. The tipper has a five-stage underbody hydraulic ram and a 2kW electro-hydraulic power pack. A steel bodied Transit tipper will also be on show for comparison. In addition, the firm will show a steel 3.5-tonne dropside body with a host of optional extras, including a Penny Hydraulic crane, Chapter 8 livery, a bulkhead storage box, working at height rails and an LP13 light arrow, to demon-

020 •

strate the range of options available to customers. Moving up in size, VFS will demonstrate a 7.5-tonne tipping body from parent company Scattolini. Designed for vehicles like the Fuso Canter, the firm is also looking at Iveco’s Daily 7.2tonne chassis. Alongside its traditional dropside and tipper lines, the company will show a Luton body, equipped with a 500kg DEL tail lift. With an aluminium frame, the roof construction is a translucent GRP sheet, while the body sides and bulkhead are made from 33mm Foamcore composite panels.

PREVIEW_CV Show_VFW_April18.qxp 05/04/2019 16:52 Page 4



Specialist bodybuilder Cartwright Group will be launching a 3.5-tonne low ride rigid box van, for parcel delivery companies that is said to offer up to 15% more payload than competitive models. Flush rear doors have a slam-lock feature and there is a step in the bulkhead with hand poles to allow the operator to access the space over the cab. The body, which has been built onto a Movano chassis, comes with PIR controlled lighting. Cartwright will also show a 7.5-tonne box based on an Iveco EuroCargo NP, powered by compressed natural gas. Plus, the stand will feature a 13.6m curtainside trailer with redesigned cant rail for easier side loading and a doubledeck fridge trailer with a low height of 4.65m.

Truckman has developed the RS-3 hardtop range with three lockable gull-wing doors, that will be available later this year for all leading pick-up truck bodies. The hardtop is ideal for engineers and technicians that require a mobile workshop facility with off-road capabilities. Available with an intelligent racking system, that can be accessed through the rear or gull-wing side doors, the RS-3 hardtop has the option of built-in electrical conduit, allowing installers to fit additional lighting and alarms. The hardtop can be colour matched to the host vehicle or provided in an easy clean white finish.

TEVO Racking specialist Tevo is to change its operating name to that of parent company Modul-System, though customers should not notice any other difference in operations. The company will have a number of updates on offer, including a lightweight workbench top that is made from the same material that the company uses for van flooring. Weighing just 7kg, the new worktop will be considerably lighter than the current 19kg wooden surface. Modul-System has also developed a range of roof bars and lockable pipe tubes, to complement its racking lines. The roof accessories will use the vehicle manufacturer’s fixing points, so there is no requirement to drill into van bodies. The company is also updating its Modul Connect plug and play wiring system. This will now incorporate wireless and Bluetooth activation for components. The system can also include a SIM card, to allow communication between the vehicle and its operating base.

EDSTROM System Edstrom returns to this year’s CV Show with a Meet and Fleet Café, a dedicated refreshment area where fleet professionals can meet and chat. The fim’s latest racking products will be displayed on an electric Renault Kangoo Z.E. 33 van, where reduced component weight is said to improve potential payloads. The company will also demonstrate an onboard power system for electric and hybrid light commercials.



Our robust, yet lightweight

racking offers an unrivalled...


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PREVIEW CV Show 2019




Vehicle conversion company Ring Carnation is launching a new generation of vehicle power management. The Genisys II ECU system has increased processing power with a larger memory and greater control capability. In addition, the firm’s Wireless Switching Power Hub provides up to eight output ports with a total rating of 60A, making it easy to connect ancillary electrical items. The updated Power Hub can reduce the installation time on a typical installation of a light bar, two working lamps, three interior lights and a hand wash from three to two hours.

The Thermo King and Frigoblock divisions of Ingersoll-Rand will be present at the show, displaying a range of temperature-control solutions for future low and zero-emissions vehicles. The display will include the E-200 all-electric refrigeration unit for vans and trucks below 3.5-tonnes. A new controller allows the refrigeration unit to adapt its capacity based on the actual need and available power. When equipped with an optional TK battery, the controller manages different power sources at the same time. Thermo King will also be promoting its connectivity and telematic capabilities, that improve customer uptime, operational efficiency and can contribute to proactive predictive maintenance.

LABCRAFT LED lighting firm Labcraft will present three of its lighting solutions this year. Banksman BM3 is a Regulation 23-compliant manoeuvring lamp that can be mounted at various points on the underside of the chassis. It can be set to work when reversing or when travelling forwards at speeds up to 6.4mph. Vanlite is direct replacement for OEM workspace lighting within vans. The LED light is seven times brighter than conventional interior lighting and plugs directly into the OEM lighting apertures, making it quick and easy to install. Si9 Scenelite if the firm’s first scene light, for use on a wide range of applications, such as tail-lifts and on utility vans and rescue vehicles.

COOLKIT Temperaturecontrolled bodybuilder CoolKit will base its stand around the latest VW Crafter equipped with a dual-temperature conversion capable of carrying frozen and chilled goods. The vehicle has a moveable lightweight bulkhead, providing flexibility of compartment size, even permitting the full cargo area to be used for frozen or chilled. The body features CoolKit’s CurtAir system on both side and rear doors, creating an effective climate separation between the inner temperature and the outside, ambient temperature. The company also claims that weight savings throughout the build have resulted in payload improvements of up to 150kg, depending on van make and model.



Auto power systems supplier Mastervolt will make its first appearance at the show this year, with parent company Power Products (Mobile Solutions). The company will show a range of batteries, inverters, power systems, chargers and monitoring equipment, based on a Volkswagen Crafter chassis.

Van Guard will be launching a number of vehicle security and loading systems at the show, including the Van Guard Ladder Loading System and a quick release ladder clamping solution. The company will also bring a range of trade van racking options, roof bars and roof rack storage systems.

SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE AXTEC Axle weighing company Axtec has updated its OnBoard Axle Load Indicator system. Suitable for all commercial vehicles, from light vans to 44-tonne trucks, the revised system comes with a choice of 5” or 7” touchscreen displays, providing a clearer graphic. All management functions are password-protected and there are no manual controls for drivers, to ensure failsafe protection from overloading. The new screens use less power than previous models and now provide outputs to tracking systems and other telematic devices. Options include remote calibration, video recording and analysis of vehicle data.

022 •

PREVIEW_CV Show_VFW_April18.qxp 05/04/2019 16:52 Page 6



Vehicle Weighing Solutions is launching VWS Live, a smart data system to provide customers with immediate access to weight, alerts and location data. The company will also have its Vehicle Overload Protection System VOPS2 on the stand. VOPS2 can be installed on most commercial vehicles from 3.5-tonnes upwards.

SmartWitness will launch three new and upgraded video telematic solutions this year – SmartView, SmartGuard and SmartAPI. SmartView is a video tracking fleet software system that provides instant HD video on demand from all cameras on the vehicle. Maps show where the fleet is at any time and managers can track routes taken. SmartGuard is a full service software package upgraded this year with driver league tables, that can be used as a virtual fleet manager. It can be used to simplify the vast amounts of data available to fleet managers into simple to use league tables. Smart API is an application that allows traditional telematics providers to add video to their own systems. The system has already been adopted by CMS Supatrak.

TRAKM8 Trakm8 has unveiled a mobile app for fleet managers using its Trakm8 Prime solution. The Trakm8 Prime Fleet Manager app delivers important insights into driver behaviour and vehicle condition. The launch follows a recent move to 30-day rolling contracts, providing companies with increased flexibility. The company has also updated its RH600 in-cab camera system to include driver concentration alerts.

ECCO SAFETY GROUP ECCO Safety Group will participate at the show under its own name for the first time this year. The Group, which owns Britax, Vision Alert and Premier Hazard, will offer a range of safety solutions for fleet vehicles, in sound, vision and lighting areas.


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PREVIEW CV Show 2019


VISIONTRACK VisionTrack will show an enhanced advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) solution and an extended range of forward and rear-facing cameras for LCVs. The connected ADAS system combines a forward-facing camera with an in-vehicle fatigue and distraction monitor, driver feedback device and HD mobile digital video recorder. The ADAS camera identifies lane departure forward collisions, tailgating and vulnerable pedestrians or cyclists, while the in-vehicle camera can identify a tired or distracted driver. The driver can be alerted to potential dangers and office-based managers can monitor areas of concern both in real-time and historically.

WORKSHOP AND LEASING YOKOHAMA Tyre manufacturer Yokohama will make its first appearance at this year’s show, with a full range of premium van, 4x4 and high-performance tyres. The company is pushing into the van market and has recently won a number of LCV fleet deals, from companies including Comet Car Hire and European logistics firm X One Wholesale.

SELSIA FLEETCHECK FleetCheck has updated its Vehicle Inspection app, which is currently used to carry out more than 3,000 vehicle checks in the UK each day. The app now includes access to tyre pressure data for a wide range of vans. It delivers a paper-free vehicle check process, including uploading relevant photos from drivers and bespoke checks for specialist equipment.

BT FLEET SOLUTIONS BT Fleet Solutions will be promoting a range of apps and systems that can make life easier for van drivers and fleet managers. From daily checks to MOT and service alerts, defect notification to pre-booking of repairs, the BT Fleet Solutions app, offers a complete operational support structure, to reduce downtime and boost operational profitability.

TRUTAC Tachograph and compliance provider TruTac has updated its TruLicence system, to make it easier for fleet managers to verify driver licence and tachograph data. Key features include online driving licence checks, validation of correct information, current endorsements and points, entitlement to drive, confirmation of vehicle categories and checks against disqualified drivers.

VDO Tachograph specialist VDO, part of Continental, will be hosting a range of free seminars in the Workshop area of the show. Lastly one hour, the seminars will cover Smart Tachographs and Future Technology Within the Transport World. The aim is to provide a brief introduction to the changes within the transport industry with new tachograph legislation and to outline Continental’s future innovations.

024 •

Selsia will showcase its centrally managed multi-site accident repair network and the benefits that it can bring to van fleets. The company works to take over the hassle and complication of managing accident repairs, no matter how large or diverse the fleet. With more than 200 approved accident repair centres across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Selsia works to keep repair costs down, while minimising vehicle loss of use.

LEASEPLAN With over 65,000 commercial vehicles on its fleet, LeasePlan will be communicating four major messages at the show this year. This will include a focus on electric light commercial vehicles, looking at the challenges and opportunities that fleets face. The perennial question of whether to lease or to purchase will also be addressed, while the company will also look at ways in which customers can improve operating efficiency through better management of their vehicles. Lastly, safety and compliance will be a tackled, with LeasePlan one of the first leasing companies to be fully accredited by FORS as a fleet vehicle provider. This can help particularly smaller companies to achieve the FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold standards of operation, by providing a telematic paper trail. Representative from both FORS and electric charging provider Chargemaster will be available on the stand to answer customer questions and to provide advice to potential leasing users. LeasePlan has launched its own internal CV Academy. All employees within the company now have to be at least at the bronze level of LCV awareness, with those regularly involved in the LCV market achieving the higher Silver and Gold standards.

RHA The Road Haulage Association (RHA), one of the three CV Show partner organisations, is celebrating its 75th Anniversary at this year’s event. Visitors to the stand will be able to take a trip down memory lane, to see how the industry has changed and the impact that the Association has had since its start in 1944. There will also be a helpdesk facility, providing the opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with experts on a range of issues.


The showroom for excellence One event. Three days. Build your industry knowledge at The Commercial Vehicle Show 2019 in an interactive way. Explore the latest products and developments in the show halls and discover the dedicated Cool and Workshop zones. The Commercial Vehicle Show 2019 is the showroom for excellence, providing an ideal opportunity to network and engage. Visit us at the NEC Birmingham, Tuesday 30th April – Thursday 2nd May 2019.


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ROAD_Ford Fiesta Van_VFW_Apr19.qxp 05/04/2019 16:41 Page 1


Ford Fiesta Sport Van Rumours of the Fiesta Van’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, says Dan Gilkes. It’s not often that you can say that a van is back by popular demand. However, after Ford announced that it would no longer be building the Fiesta Van, a number of customers apparently made it clear that there was still a demand for the carderived model. At last year’s CV Show, Ford therefore announced the return of the Fiesta Van, based on the latest Fiesta car body. Available in range-topping Fiesta Sport Van trim only, the compact Ford is now powered by a choice of a 1.5-litre diesel engine or the 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol motor. The diesel delivers a punchy 120bhp with 270Nm of torque, while the petrol engine puts out 125bhp with 170Nm. That power is delivered to the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox and, in the diesel at least, delivers a truly entertaining drive. The Fiesta Sport Van uses a threedoor car body with a steel and mesh bulkhead behind the front occupants and a flat load floor that offers just under 1.0m3 of volume. You can carry half a tonne, which should be more than enough for most buyers, who opt for the Fiesta more for its ease of use and car dimensions than its LCV capabilities.

026 •

The cab is a comfortable place to spend the day, with sports seats and a chunky, leather-clad steering wheel. The new dash is dominated by an 8” touchscreen, that in our test van had been upgraded to SYNC3 specification (£480) with DAB, satnav, voice control, Bluetooth, Emergency Assistance, along with Apple and Android compatibility. Being car-based, there are plenty of options available to buyers, including a host of electronic safety and driver assistance systems. Standard kit includes front and rear disc brakes with traction control, hill launch assist, emergency brake assist and emergency brake light flashing. You also get keyless starting a lane-keeping system and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm. The van looks the part, thanks to lowered suspension, spoilers and side skirts, though how sporty you want to go will depend on your wheel choice. That’s because you can specify 16”, 17” or the 18” wheels tyres that we have here (£480 extra). With diesel power these offer a combined fuel figure of 67.3mpg, 65.7mpg or 64.2mpg respectively, with CO2 outputs of 107, 109 and 111g/km. I’m guessing that won’t worry the majority of buyers. It never ceases to amaze just how Ford’s engineers can dial in such incredible handling and manoeuvra-

bility, with a firm ride the only slight downside. As mentioned though, the Fiesta Van is a delight to drive. Little wonder then, that it is still very much in demand.


Ford Fiesta Sport Van




4-cyl 1,560cc 120bhp @ 3,600rpm 270Nm @ 1,750-2,500
















984 0.96


40 litres






1 years/10,000 miles


3 year/60,000 miles

THE VERDICT With no obvious competition, the Fiesta Sport Van should tick all of the boxes for loyal fans.


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p70 p72


6 x 2 = MASTER



6 x 2 = MASTER


Renault Trucks' 6.0tonne 6x2 van takes on a 7.5-tonne truck

Volkswagen joins the electric van club




Renault Trucks' 6.0Volkswagen joins tonne the 6x2 van takes p70 MASTERCLASS electric van club ER on a 7.5-tonne truck ST Advice for LCV fleet x 2 = MA ' 6.0telematics & tracking 6 t Trucks takes Renaul 6x2 van tonne tonne truck 7.5a on



E-CRAfor LCV flee s the Advice agen joinb t telemat Volkswicsvan clu p70 g c & trackin electri


for acking Advice tics & tr telema p72


6 x 2 = MAST

' 6.0Renault Trucks takes tonne 6x2 van truck on a 7.5-tonne


joins the Volkswagen electric van club



MASTERCLASS et Advice for LCV fle ing telematics & track • 027




Trade Van Driver 2018 ds awar




CALL 03303 335126 OR VISIT ISUZU.CO.UK TO BOOK A TEST DRIVE #Over 40 MPG figure applies to manual transmission models. MPG figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. Official fuel figures for the Isuzu D-Max range in MPG (l/100km): Urban 30.4 - 38.7 (9.3 - 7.3). Extra Urban 40.9 - 50.4 (6.9 - 5.6). Combined 36.2 - 45.6 (7.8 - 6.2). CO2 emissions 163 - 205g/km. For full details please contact your local Isuzu dealer or visit *3.5 tonne towing applies to all 4x4 models. **125,000 miles/5 year (whichever comes first) warranty applies to all new Isuzu D-Max models. Terms and conditions apply. Visit

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Profile for Fleet World Group

Van Fleet World April 2019  

Van Fleet World April 2019