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Gator Tales September

“The Park with A Heart”

Editor: Joice Smith

Lake Hammock Village 36106 US Hwy 27 Haines City FL 33844 863-421-5764

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In Memory of our beloved friend and neighbor Walter Paulovski September 26, 1924 – August 4, 2018

Debbie Bialecki – (863)422-8296

“Gator Tales” is available online at: http://floridacommunities. com/lake-hammock-newsletter.


Hi everyone and can you believe that summer is over, Labor Day starts the countdown to fall. Soon our snowbirds will return to enjoy our community and say goodbye to the cold, snowy winter months. I hope you've enjoyed the fun activities we put on for you this summer - the movie nights, ice cream socials, entertainment for the 4th of July picnic, the pool party, etc. All these functions are available due to the profits from selling food at bingo nights. A special thanks to all our many volunteers who do all these activities to make Lake Hammock Village such a great place to live. Just a heads up - this October we will have another Medicare Seminar to help sort through all the Medicare confusions. Look for the flyer in this issue of Gator Tales for all the important information, date, time etc. Light refreshments will be served along with a question and answer session. Plan on attending this very important and helpful seminar. Also, a reminder that our HOA meetings will start up again this month. The HOA Board meeting will be held Tuesday, September 4th and the HOA General Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 11th. Please bring along any ideas you have for additional seminars sessions if you'd like to see more. Lastly, there's a signup sheet in the clubhouse for anyone interested in participating in a yard sale in November. I've been approached about this by several residents so please sign up if you're interested, we'll finalize this at our September meeting. Thanks for your support, see you out and about. Joyce Middelton President HOA

Movie and Popcorn Night Monday, August 6th Clubhouse 7:00 Pm Sheryl Nykaza – 863-353-7609 Get out of the house and come down and enjoy an evening of fellowship and a good movie. Free popcorn will be served

HOA BOARD MEETING Tuesday, September 4th 7:00 PM LHV Clubhouse Joyce Middleton, President 1st meeting of the season will be held at the clubhouse. Everyone is welcomed. BOOK CLUB Thursday, September 6th 2:30 PM Millie Currey – 315-854-6248 Dona Rawson – 316-200-1892 Come and join in. Bring your lunch or snack, no food will be served.

Birthday/Anniversary Celebration Sunday, September 16th 6:30 p.m. Dona Rawson (863-547-9326) & Joanne Marko (863-438-5011) Come celebrate September birthdays and anniversaries.

Activities Meeting Tuesday, September 18th 2:00 PM Clubhouse If you have ideas of activities, places to eat around town or other things that you would like to see LHV do, then please join us in the clubhouse as we plan our activities for the upcoming winter season. We enjoy having new ideas to explore.

Ladies Lunch Wednesday, September 19th Clubhouse 11:30 am Pat Bergstrom 740-624-6903 Meet at Clubhouse @ 11:30 AM Olive Garden, Winter Haven (Deadline to sign up is three days prior to the event)

HOA GENERAL MEETING TUESDAY, September 11th LHV CLUBHOUSE Joyce Middleton, President (330) 323-2247 The monthly HOA meeting will be in the clubhouse. Please take the time to attend the meeting to hear what is happening in YOUR park.

Early Bird Dining Tuesday, September 25th Clubhouse 4:30pm Marilyn Smith (863)421-1018 Buffett City, 810 Cypress Garden Blvd. Winter Haven (Deadline to sign up is three days prior to event)

Dining by the Book Thursday, September 13th 4:30 pm - Clubhouse Marilyn Smith 863-421-1018 Sal’s Island Grill, 5654 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter HavenCarpool 4:30 at Clubhouse (Deadline to sign up three days before event)

Color and Stitch Thursday, September 27th 2:30 PM Dona Rawson -316-200-1892 Come join in and bring your knitting, crocheting or something to color.

Activities Chairs These volunteers will not be hosting all the events, but they will be the ones finding hosts for the events and planning the dates. If you have any Activities: Maria Combs 438-6643 Birthdays/Anniversaries: Joanne Marko 438-5011 Breakfast Out: Marge Love (815)978-7427 Bus Trips: Joanne Marko 438-5011 Early Bird Dinner: Marilyn Smith 421-1018 Dining by the Book: Marilyn Smith 421-1018 Ladies’ Lunches: Pat Bergstrom – 740-624-6903 Breakfast: Maria Combs 438-6643 / Karen Wilson (434) 248-6431 Memorial: Dona Rawson – 863-547-9326 Debbie Bialecki – 863-422-8296 Newsletter Information All newsletters can be viewed in color on the web site at www.floridacommunities.com (click on Lake Hammock at bottom of page). Just a reminder, any information needs to be submitted to me by the 20th of every month. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Gator Tales, please contact Joice Smith by email or phone. We are always looking for ways to improve. Gator Tales Staff Joice Smith (Editor)

121 Silver Crest 863-594-4840 smithjoice89@yahoo.com Dona Rawson – Proof reader Andy & Nancy Belski Richard & Marion Spiegel The Gator Tales would like to welcome Dona Rawson as the newest member of our Gator tales’ staff. She is replacing Judy Page, who passed away in July. She will be proof reading the Gator Tales for me each month.

HELP NEEDED I would like a helper doing irrigation problems. I’m willing to show you how. Please contact me (Richard Spiegel @ 422-1570)

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ANNIVERSARIES 5th 9th 10th 14th 15th 17th 21st

Richard & Marian Spiegel – 54 yrs. Bill & Karen Patelunas – 41 yrs. Gary & Anna Smith – 9 yrs. Steve & Linda Pierce Den & Rita Cramer – 62 yrs. Gary & Barb Waybill – 35 yrs. Randy & Pat Bergstrom - 50 yrs.


First Response


David Graham – Hospital/Home Barb Stauffer – Hospital/Home Art Stanley – Hospital/Home Jane Biba – Hospital/Home Scotty Schmauder – Hospital/Home Jerry Sibila – Knee Injury/Home Barb Stauffer - Home from Hospital Walter Paulovski - Niece

THANK YOU SUBMITTED BY: MARY ANN DONOVAN Thanks to all those that helped to make our LHV Pool/Luau party a big success, despite the downpours of rain. Lots of planning, preparation (loved the decorations) and go into these events. HOORAY TO ALL!!!!

There was a beautiful sky, that September day. I woke up hoping, it would always stay that way. This was "Nine Eleven," Two Thousand One, the day the terrorist atrocity was done. They attacked our city that belonged to every race; we didn't know how many planes, there were to face. The "Trade Towers" were struck, the time to escape was clear; yet "Heroes" charged up "those stairwells," despite the fear. By "end of day" there was loss, we could not bear, while "Ground Zero" smoldered, and poisoned the air. Thousands of funerals took place, one by one. Eulogies searched for reasons, but there were none. This was the time the world ended as we knew it. The news had us watch and repeatedly view it. Our hope was restored by those who "First Responded." By their brave sacrifice, we are all now bonded.

Submitted by Marian and Richard Spiegel

I was humbled by one Fireman, who searched the rubble. He was helping families, in their final trouble. Burned red on his face, his wife clutching his arm, he still stood ready for the next, emergency alarm. We went on with our lives as the site was fallowed, because they watched over, this ground that was hallowed. Alan Siris, East Setauket

MARILYN SMITH Submitted by: Mary Ann Donovan Marilyn and Don Smith moved into 67 Sargent Street in 2000, after traveling for seven years in their motorhome exploring the Unite States. Sadly, Don’s COPD worsened, and he died in January 2003. Marilyn retired in 1994 after teaching for thirty years in New York State. She and Don had three children, Jeff, Melanie and D.J. On December 7, 2016 Melanie died very suddenly. Marilyn has five grandkids and one great grandchild. Marilyn is very active, both here in LHV as well as outside our park. She has been on the HOA Board and Welcome committee. She is on the activities committee and is responsible for scheduling Dining by the Book and Early Bird Dining every month. She has also helped in the kitchen with Bingo food and special events such as Walter’s 90th birthday. She also volunteers at the Visitors Center in Haines City and is also a Hospice volunteer with Cornerstone Agency. Her love of travel has taken her all over the world. Hobbies besides traveling, she loves to cook, and she took Greek cooking lessons for several years. She is also handy with a needle and thread which mainly includes cross stitch which she does for gifts. Marilyn keeps in touch with most all park residents and visits them in the hospitals and nursing home.

IN MEMORY OF WALTER PAULOVSKI September 26, 1924 – August 4, 2018

We lost Walter Paulovski, a beloved member of LHV family on August 4, 2018. Walter was very active in the community, he attended just about all the functions and enjoyed talking and making friends. He also loved his country and was a World War II veteran. His two favorite events where Memorial Day and Veterans Day. He will be sorely missed, but he is at last with his beloved wife. Rest in peace Walter.

Medicare 101 Seminar Presented by: Brown Insurance Group

Do you ask yourself these questions? Do you know the different options? • • • • • •

What’s the difference between Medicare A – Medicare B – Part D What is a Medicare Advantage Plan and is this something I need? What is a Medicare Supplemental Plan? What is MediGap coverage? Do I need a separate drug plan? How do I know what’s right for me and my needs? Can I use my doctor?

Why should you attend the Medicare 101 Seminar? • • • • • •

Open enrollment for Medicare is October 15th through December 7th - so now is the time to think about changes or having the best options. Get the help you need to navigate the Medicare maze. Learn about all the Medicare benefits to choose what’s best for you. Bring all the questions you’ve had from past plans to be certain you have the best Meet one-on-one after the meeting or make an appointment for a later date if needed. This is NOT a sales opportunity and he is NOT representing any one particular Insurance Company, but IS a sales free knowledge gaining opportunity covering all plans.

So mark your calendar – save the date Wednesday, October 3rd @ 1:00 PM Lake Hammock Clubhouse Brought to you FREE by your Lake Hammock HOA Light Refreshments Served Questions – Contact Joyce Middleton 330-323-2247

Procrastination: The Enemy

Dear Friends, It is human nature to put things off until tomorrow. It seems easier that way. Tomorrow we can put things off again for a few more days or a week or two - or more. I was going to wait until next month to write this letter………….just kidding…………..but putting things off is the point. One problem with this is convincing / fooling yourself that you REALLY WILL do it………just not today. How many people have you known that have done this and NEVER did what they originally planned? My experience has been: A LOT! One sad case was a young man who decided “to take a year off” after high school before going to college. Sadly, he never did get to college. I have struggled with procrastination over the years as many of us do. It is a constant struggle because it really is easier to put it off. I have tried to develop a “Do it Now” attitude. I like to think that this works most of the time. However, like the common cold or flu, it keeps coming back. In the long run – or short run - the results are negative. We keep feeling that we have failed again and again. It is not a good feeling. It feels much better to “get it done now”! I have been fortunate to serve on a new committee of the HOA, the Emergency Preparedness Committee. It has been wonderful meeting new people and getting to know them. By the way, we here at LHV are so fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers constantly working quietly, helping others. We see them at Bingo, cooking at the get togethers, hosting different things, putting together our newsletter, proofreading things, and quietly helping others. And thanks to the HOA for all they do for us. I know I speak for many of us when I say THANK YOU! The point I was trying to make when I began is that HURRICANE PLANNING IS THE WORST POSSIBLE THING TO PROSCRASTINATE ON! So far this year we have been fortunate but, like last year, things can change quickly. All of us can be better prepared. It is easy to think everything is great and we will not have any problems – but weather doesn’t listen to us and we may find ourselves in a real bind. It was an eye opening experience the first year here to go to Walmart and find no batteries, no water, no canned goods, etc. and long gas lines at the stations that were open! We promised not to let that happen to us again. But it is up to us, and we have done better this hurricane season. There is no easy answer to this. However, by being aware and thinking about things in advance we can help ourselves prepare for the inevitable storm before it comes our way.

Dave Graham

Survival Kit Food Options by The LHV / HOA Emergency Preparedness Committee

In the last issue of Gator Tales we listed items to help put together a “Survival Kit” for emergencies. Two of the essential items were: ▪ ▪

Drinking water in non-breakable containers (1 gallon per person per day) Foods (canned goods and nonperishable foods)

The category Nonperishable Foods is a large one and subject to individual preferences. Needless to say, in an emergency situation decent nutrition is more important than flavor, though a combination of both would be ideal. What food items should be in your survival kit? We have tried to list some specifics along with references for more information. In addition to the regular items listed below, consider the long list of items available right across the street at WalMart. or at the WalMart online website below: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wise-Five-Day-Emergency-Back-ack-with-Food-Water-First-Aid-for-OnePersonRED/44491345?athcpid=44491345&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&a thstid=CS020&athguid=466001f5-e4ebc4f7-d200954c82e15d05&athena=true The following, the Wise 5 Day Survival Backpack for one person at $ 59.95, is one example of the type of supplies available (from WalMart or others). There are many more. Many can be ordered online and have free shipping: The 5-Day Survival Backpack for one person provides you with everything you need to survive for 5 days, from first aid necessities to waterproof matches and a deck of cards. It includes 32 servings of entree options to keep you replenished and energized for the days ahead, and a portable stove to simplify reconstitution. Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Food and Drink, 32 Total Servings (Including Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Brown Sugar Cereal, Creamy Pasta, Southwest Beans and Rice, Hearty Tortilla Soup, and Whey Milk) 5 X 4.227 fl. oz. Water Pouches, First Aid and Hygiene, 37 Piece First Aid Kit, N95 Dust Mask Pocket Tissues, 3 Wet Naps Waste Bag, Additional Supplies, Portable Stove (Including Fuel Tablets), Stainless Steel Cup, Squeeze Flashlight, 5-in-1 Survival Whistle, Waterproof Matches, Mylar Blanket, Emergency Poncho, Playing Cards

For those who like shopping with Amazon, search www.amazon.com for “Emergency Preparation Kits”. They list a great number of items with the ease of purchasing and next day shipping. The Best Foods to Stockpile for an Emergency: * Fueling your body during an emergency is very different from your everyday diet. Becau se you will probably use more energy than you normally would, you should try to eat high energy, high protein foods. The higher the quality of foods the better. Calories are important as are nutrients and fiber. With careful planning you can put together a variety of good foods and nutrients. What to Always Keep in Your Pantry: These items have lengthy expiration dates and can be stored for long periods of time. Put together a list

of everything in your stockpile and check expiration dates every 6 to 12 months to keep things fresh. And remember: be sure to include a can opener and have it available. Suggested items are: Peanut Butter Peanut butter is a great source of energy and full of healthy fats and protein. Unless the jar indicates otherwise, you do not have to refrigerate after opening. Whole Wheat Crackers These are a good replacement for bread and can also substitute when making sandwiches. Due to their higher fat content, whole-wheat or whole grain crackers have a shorter shelf life than their plain counterparts (check the box for expiration dates), but the extra fiber pays off when you are hungry. Consider vacuum packing your crackers to prolong their freshness. Nuts and Trail Mixes Stock up on these high energy foods. They are healthy and convenient for snacking. Look for vacuum packed containers, which prevent the nuts from oxidizing and losing their freshness. Cereal Choose multigrain cereals that are individually packaged so they do not become stale after opening. Granola Bars and Power Bars These healthy and filling snacks usually stay fresh for at least six months. They are also an excellent source of carbohydrates which provide additional energy. Dried Fruits, Such as Apricots and Raisins In the absence of fresh fruit, these healthy snacks offer potassium and dietary fiber along with a significant amount of nutrients and calories. Canned Tuna, Salmon, Chicken, or Turkey These generally last at least two years in the pantry. Canned meats provide essential protein. Vacuum packed pouches have a shorter shelf life but will last at least six months . Canned Vegetables, Such as Green Beans, Carrots, and Peas When fresh vegetables are not an option, canned varieties can provide you with essential nutrients. Canned Soups and Chili Soups and chili can be eaten straight out of the can and provide a variety of nutrients. Look for low sodium options. Bottled Water Try to stock at least a three day supply. You need at least one gallon per person per day, half to drink and the other half is for adding to food and washing.� Sports Drinks, Such as Gatorade or Powerade The electrolytes and carbohydrates in these drinks will help you rehydrate and replenish fluid when water is scarce. Powdered Milk This substitute is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D when fresh milk isn’t an option.

Sugar, Salt, and Pepper If you have access to a propane or charcoal stove, you may be doing some cooking. A basic supply of seasonings and sweeteners will improve the flavor of both fresh and packaged food. Multivitamins Supplements will help replace the nutrients you would have consumed on a normal di et. What to Buy Right Before an Emergency: If you have some warning that a storm is coming, there may still be time to get to the market and pick up fresh produce and other items that have shorter shelf lives . Most of these foods will last at least a week after purchase and will give you a fresh alternative to all th e packaged food. Check your local farmers’ market if it is open as the produce there is fresher than what you will find at your supermarket and you will add a few days to the life span of your fruits and vegetables. Apples Apples last up to three months when stored in a cool, dry area away from more perishable fru its (like bananas), which could cause them to ripen more quickly. Citrus Fruits, Such as Oranges and Grapefruits Because of their high acid content and sturdy skins, citrus fruits can last for up to two weeks without refrigeration, particularly if you buy them when they’re not fully ripe. Oranges and grapefruits contain lots of vitamin C and will keep you hydrated. Avocados If you buy an unripe, firm avocado, it will last outside the refrigerator for at least a week. Tomatoes If you buy them unripe, tomatoes will last several days at room temperature. Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Yams If you have access to a working stove, these root vegetables are good keepers and make tasty side dishes. Stored in a cool, dark area, potatoes will last about a month. Cucumbers and Summer Squash These vegetables will last a few days outside of refrigeration and also can be eaten raw. Winter Squash While most are inedible uncooked, winter squashes, such as acorn squash, will keep for a few months. If you will be able to cook during the emergency, try to stockpile some. Hard, Packaged Sausages, Such as Sopressata and Pepperoni Since you do not want to eat canned tuna and chicken forever, try stocking up on a few packages of dry cured salamis like sopressata, a southern Italian specialty available at most grocery stores. Unopened, they will keep for up to six weeks in the pantry. More Food Advice for an Emergency: ▪

If the electricity goes out, how do you know what is and isn’t safe to eat from the refrigerator? If your food has spent more than four hours over 40º Fahrenheit, don’t eat it. As long as frozen foods have ice crystals or are cool to the touch, they’re still safe. Once it gets to be room

▪ ▪

temperature, bacteria forms pretty quickly, and you want to be very careful about what you are eating. Keep the doors closed on your refrigerator and freezer to slow down the thawing process. If you do not have electricity, you may still be able to cook or heat your food. If you have outdoor access, a charcoal grill or propane stove is a viable option (these can’t be used indoors because of improper ventilation). If you’re stuck indoors, keep a can of Sterno handy. This is essentially heat in a can, requires no electricity, and can warm up small amounts of food in cookware. If your family has special needs, for example, you take medication regularly, or you have a small child, remember to stock up on those essential items, too. Keep a backup supply of your medications. If you live in an area at high risk for flooding, consider buying all your pantry items in cans, as they are less likely to be contaminated by flood waters than jars. It is recommended that people do not eat home canned foods or jarred foods that have been exposed to flood waters because those seals are not quite as intact.

* This document utilizes information from an article from REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE online, These Are the Best Foods to Stockpile for an Emergency .



LHV Residents Corner Shelly’s Cleaning Service 58 Sargent St Cell Phone: 910-624-8925 Email: Shelly.Shaffer81@yahoo.com

I take pride in my work. Your home is like my home. When we meet we will review and write down everything you want cleaned. One-time jobs and other errands performed as needed. Give me a call – or stop by my house.

A Place for our Residents’ Services

Household Handy Man Bruce Lemay 863-353-1108 33 Silver Crest Dr. General maintenance and home repair. No job to small, call or stop by for estimate.


Handy Man at your Service Jerry Sibila Cell Phone: 910-876-7221 No job to small!! Give me a call and we can discuss what you need done. OR stop by my house and see what we’ve done inside. 58 Sargent Street Floors – Plumbing – Ceiling Fans – Painting – Landscaping – Household Repairs – ETC.

Are you interested in moving towards a more Holistic approach to health and wellness? Are you wondering what the craze about essential oils are all about. I would love to share this information with you. Please contact: Gloria Bitner RN, BSN Wellness Advocate 160 Glen Este Ct. 989-992-6949

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SUNCREST SALES CORPORATION at Lake Hammock Village 36106 Highway 27 Haines City, Florida (863) 421-5764 or (866) 741-1239 www.lakehammock.com Email: phil@lakehammock.com

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Key Features: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Dining Room Custom Cabinets & Upgrade Appliance Package Oversized Master Suite w/Very Large Closet Glamorous Master Bath w/ 2 Sinks & Linen Cabinet Great For Entertaining

Key Features: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Dining Room Custom Cabinets & Upgrade Appliance Package Oversized Master Suite w/Very Large Closet Glamorous Master Bath w/ 2 Sinks & Linen Cabinet Great For Entertaining






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