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January 2014

Annual Membership meeting (We need you)

Fulfillment in the New Year Here’s to the outgoing year, 2013. May the good times live on in our memories, and may we learn lessons from the troubling times that will make us stronger and better than ever. Here’s to 2014 for each and every one of you, may it be filled with significant steps toward the fulfillment of your fondest wishes. In this coming new year, let us focus on our goals and work toward our dreams, and yet (smile) let’s all try to go with the flow a little more and stress a little less. And most important, (raise your glass), here’s to all of you. Appreciate yourselves and each other in the New Year as I appreciate all of you now. Let’s focus on each other’s good points and choose to overlook minor annoyances, to create mutual happiness and contentment in 2014. Here’s to 2014 (raise glass). Enjoy the journey!!!!

Since last January, 2013, your board has worked diligently and was available to work with all the residents and to make available more interesting events and entertainment. Do you have any community events that you wish you had more influence over? Do you have any ideas you’d like to see implemented? Are you on a committee and would like to have more prominence? Here’s an opportunity to become more active in our community. So, don’t sit back and complain, ,come and join the forces!!!! As a board or committee member, your voice will be heard and counted on for ideas and also being on a committee will help anything that affects our community association. Please come forward as a member before the January 27th annual membership meeting, because your votes count. Please help to make this a better active and fun loving community.

Happy New year from your editor, Phyllis Grossi Let your voice be heard. Use your expertise and talents to help our community. Volunteer for a committee today if you don’t want to be on the board! REMEMBER – you must have your dues of $20.00 th paid by January 15 , 2014 in order to vote or be on any committee. Please submit payment to Carol Wild, Secretary.

Newsletter 1

Newsletter Information Note, any information to be placed in the newsletter, must be submitted between the 1st and 15th of every month. Please contact the editor (Phyllis Grossi) at 567-6105, or drop off the information at 11150 Mesquite Dr. All newsletters can be viewed in color on the web site @ (click on Southfork at bottom of page.) Suggestion Box Suggestion Box is to be used to deposit, Annual Dues, Letters to the Board etc. All letters must be signed or they will not be honored. Office of Southfork 10808 U.S. 98, Dade City, Fl 33525 Phone: (352) 523-0022,

Fax: (352)523-0611

After Hours: (352)206-4080

_________________________________________________________________________ ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: President

Dot Cady


Vice President

Tom Geyer



Carol Wild



Mike Gallagher


Directors: Phyllis Grossi


Jim McAdams


Harvey Barber


Roger Layne


Emergency CONTACT NUMBERS IN PASCO COUNTY (911) Pasco Cty Sheriff 352-521-5131

Dade City Police 352-521-1493

Hurricane Updates 800-427-8340

Dade City Hospital


Sick List. Don Reno Pete Logoyda

Art Addington

Betty Taylor

Marie Esche

Irene Macomb

Vern Schneider

Get Well Wishes To All! In Memoriam Jerry Way

Resident passed away, 11/20

Our condolences to the family and friends! New Residents None this month!!!!!!

Welcome to our Community of Southfork! Wedding Bob & Donna Elder


January 7th

______________________________________________________________________________ I am looking for wedding anniversaries celebrated for each month of the year. We have so many in this community who have shown wedded bliss for so many years and we would like to acknowledge all. Please submit to me (Phyllis) by the 15th of each month so it can be shared by all. _____________________________________________________________________________

I made a boo boo and the article written in last month’s Anniversary Edition “About the dirt pile” was submitted by, Jim & Carol Barnett!! Sorry about that.

from the Association President

Dear Southfork family It is time to reflect from

2012 to 2014!

To the Officers and Directors , Thank you for the huge efforts you all have made to make these years of activities and entertainment something to remember. Special thanks To All Chair persons and the many, many, volunteers who year after year, give huge amounts of hours to keep our activities a success! It has been a pleasure to work with you and greatly appreciated! Last, BUT certainly not least , to all of you who have generously supported the ANGEL tree and bought gifts! One hundred-forty gifts will be delivered to patients at Heritage Park Nursing Home, Our home bound residents, and for the other residents located in other nursing homes who need a little Christmas Cheer! Safe travels and Have a Happy New Year! Dot Cady, President

Southfork Annual Association Meeting

What: Our annual homeowner’s meeting is a chance to meet new neighbors, catch up with old friends and discuss local issues. This January meeting has been designated by our by-laws to be the first meeting of the fiscal year with the election of new officer’s and directors. Please plan to attend and learn what’s happening in Southfork! Where:

Southfork Clubhouse, January 27th, 2014 at 9A.M. sharp!

Why: It’s your neighborhood, too! With our combined efforts, we can continue to make our community a better social environment with better communication to everyone. We need everyone’s support to help and vote on issues that everyone is happy with! It is next to impossible to please everyone but there are ways to try and appease most of the people. If there is anyone who is interested in being an officer or run as a director your name must be handwritten in on the already printed ballot because nominations were closed at the November membership meeting! Who: You, the homeowners, must have your yearly dues paid by January 15th in order to vote for any new officer/director’s. The annual yearly dues is $20.00 per household and only one (1) member of each household is eligible to vote. Submit payment to (Carol Wild) 11108 Maverick Dr or place in the suggestion box in the lobby of the clubhouse. How: No need to RSVP, just show up! Reason: If there is only 1 person for each office with no competition, elections will be held and the slate is automatically given to the ones listed for each office. So, if you want “change” this is the time to do it!!! Please, come and submit your name or your ideas.

How awesome is this look of Mustang???? What an awesome site on mustang drive. So much patriotism being shown and thanks Jack and Marv and the rest of the guys for doing this labor of love to show how we are so fortunate to be living here in the USA!!! Driving down the street just gives you goose bumps knowing what all it stands for!

Survey of Southfork Community

The Association is a social group and we are looking for ways to help improve on the type of activities and entertainment that we hold here in Southfork. Please fill out and deposit in the “suggestion box” at the clubhouse . Attn: Dot Cady

1. Do you like the entertainment such as, music to dance by, and how often do you think the Association should hold dances? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

2. List and name the type of activities/entertainment you would like to see more of. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

3 Do you like “Potlucks” and if you do, how often should they be held? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Please help us by filling this out so we know how to move forward in this next new year!!!!! Please fill free to add any other comments on what likes/dislikes for any activity or entertainment you would like to see more or less of!!!!!

Women’s Club

Dec 4th, 44 members met in the clubhouse for their Christmas party. All the reports were read and approved. Our treasurer, Phyllis, gave us a breakdown of our annual bazaar and we did very well. Where can you make more than a thousand dollars in less than 4 hours. We are very pleased with the results. I want to thank everyone in the community who gave us their support. Some baked for us, some made the raffle baskets, some bought the raffle tickets for the baskets, some bought raffle tickets for the beautiful quilt made by the ladies of the quilt committee, some bought raffle tickets for ($100.00 give-a-way), some rented tables and so many bought the sloppy joes, coffee and doughnuts. All of that made it a success and a “big” thanks to Mary Bolin, the bazaar chairman. We could not have done without Mary and all of you@ At the meeting, instead of exchanging gifts, the ladies decided to bring $10.00 each and we collected $320.00. Half was given to charity and the other half was raffled to the pleasure of the ladies. At our next meeting we will be selling tickets for one (1) month of free Southfork rent valued at $390.00. The price of the tickets are $8.00 each and you do not have to be present to win. This ticket will also be your admission ticket to our fashion show held on Feb 5th and was graciously donated to us by SF management. At the end of our meeting, Mary Jo Dye played a game called “Christmas Challenge” and it was very interesting. Mary WHITE WAS OUR WINNER AND SHE REALLY KNEW HER Christmas carols and got a gift. At our January meeting we will have an election for the board positions. We will also have a speaker from the lighthouse ministries. The meeting was closed at 10:30am and we all left for our Christmas luncheon which was held at the Golden Corral where we had a good meal and paid for (including tip) by the women’s club in recognition for all their efforts in supporting this club during the year. Do not forget our January meeting on January 15th instead of the first Wednesday as usual because of the New Year’s holiday!!!!!

Marielle, President

SATURDAY, Jan 4th @ 8AM TO 9AM $3.00 PER PERSON SAUSAGE GRAVY/BISCUITS, SCRAMBLED EGGS & HASH BROWNS, Coffee, Tea and O.J. Take home is available. Can’t get to the clubhouse? We will deliver! Contact, Tom Robinson…..Cell 1-540-529-8247

Southfork’s Angel tree was a great success and we made so many homebound residents of Southfork and of Heritage Park Nursing Home in Dade City so happy. There were another 8 residents in other nursing facilities visited with gifts also. All who participated, we want to thank you for helping make this a success and we hope to make this an annual affair. Also, thank you to Mr & Mrs Santa Claus who made the evening with the delivery of the gifts. _____________________________________________________________________________________

A HAPPY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION This year seems different somehow, despite the traditions and holidays as they have been for years, some families have lost loved ones, gained new grandchildren and great grandchildren and even acquired new in-laws etc., that’s part of life. Expected losses and gains have made the year memorable as we close the calendar year of 2013. There is something different in the air with the political parties, economy, job losses and fear of not knowing what the future holds for all of us. Fear, but also patriotism, it’s time for America to change back into the nation it once was and always has been and be rid of all terror and be at peace. This calls for a New Year’s resolution for everyone. Love your neighbor…..Cherish your family. Appreciate your Country (USA) for its rights, its freedom and its values. This is a resolution everyone should be thinking about now. The world has changed, America has changed and so must we…………….. Happy New Year’s to All!!!!!!

Card bingo (not like regular bingo) January 26th, 6pm Chairpeople, Burt & Sandy Case (new residents)

Southfork has a new card game and it sure does sound interesting. This card game is played over at Grove Ridge across the road from Southfork and they have been invited to participate and help teach us the game. We anticipate a full house because the game is so well liked and we hope a lot of you will come to learn and have fun. This is a great game for all and so easy! You will need 1 deck of cards (bring a deck of cards) for 4 people – 13 cards to each person and $2.00 in dimes. If you don’t have 4 people at a table, it can be made up of 3 people. You start out by dealing the cards to each player in your group (it works best if you lay down all your suits together, (ex: hearts, diamonds, spades etc.) The caller will hold up a card & if you have it in your hand, you lay it in front of you, or if one of your partners has it, they lay it down. The first person to run out of cards calls out “bingo”. If you are the only one then you get all the money, if more yell bingo, then the money is split by number of winners. Throughout the game the caller will tell you if you need to put in one dime, two dimes or three dimes (a cup will be passed along the tables). There are 14 plays & some of them will be different, such as (ex: take our all diamonds from you hand, or all face cards, etc.) The last hand is three dimes so that is the one you hope win!!!!! It’s a fun game and only lasts about an hour. Don’t shy away because you don’t understand the game – it will be explained as we go along & don’t be afraid to ask questions. Hope to see everyone there. Thanks, Burt & Sandy, (if you like this game it can be hold each 4th Sunday)

Entertainment Schedule @ Southfork Join us for the following events:

Dec 31st - New YEAR’S Eve Music by Bobby K and the Kruisers @ 8:00pm until ??? A finger food buffet will be served during the evening. Cost is $15.00 per person which includes good music, food, noisemakers and all the fun you can fit into the evening. This is a BYOB event.

January 7th, 2014 “MIDLIFE CRISIS” @ 7:00pm We have had this outstanding act at Southfork in the past. Susan roams throughout the clubhouse while singing some of our favorite songs and she also engages the audience into her act. Ruben amazes everyone with the range of his voice. This is a very entertaining show for everyone. The cost is $7.00 per ticket.

January 21st, 2014 “STARBURST BAND” @7:00pm We have had this brother/sister band at Southfork many times. They are one of everyone’s favorites. They play the dance music we can all dance to and also the kind of music we can listen to and understand all the words. Bring your own snacks and beverages to this event, plus table reservations are possible (eight people required.) The cost is $7.00 per ticket.

Contact Jim McAdams for tickets.

WINE TASTING W/CHEESE – CRACKERS AND GARNISHES January 12, 2014, 4:00pm, Clubhouse $6.00 per person This event is a FUNDRAISER for the Southfork Ambulance Program. Each ticket will entitle you to 3 different selections of wines to taste and a plate of cheese, crackers and garnishes. This event will be held at the clubhouse. Our event is open to all – you do not have to belong to the Ambulance Program to attend. Tickets are available from any of our board members: Jim McAdams, Gary Mentro, Jo Bellows, Mary Freund, Tom Geyer, Pat Guyette and Carolyn Mc Adams. ___________________________________________________________________ PICTURE DIRECTORY The first 2 days of picture taking was a great success in December and we had a total of 50 people for first time ever here in Southfork for the taking of the Picture directory. We have signed up another 50 people for the last 2 days which will be on Tuesday Jan 28th and Wednesday, January 29th. Just a note, for both of these 2 days the Hall and Card Room will be closed to all except the photographer and crew and residents who are having pictures taken, and the hall will reopen at 4pm on Wednesday, Jan 29th. Thanks to all, Phyllis Grossi

Fun Time at the 20th Anniversary Party!!!

ANNUAL HAND AND FOOT TOURNAMENT SATURDAY, JANUARY 18th, 2014 AT 10:45AM. There will be cash prizes and the sign- up sheet is on the bulletin board. Deadline for signing up is January 13th, 2014. Entry fee is $5.00 per person paid in advance. Please check bulletin board at the Clubhouse for the sign- up sheet. All entrants, please bring a finger food and your own beverage. Coffee will be served! Thanks in advance to everyone who will help make this a success and hopefully it can still be held each year. Any questions, call Phyllis @ 567-6105

January 31st, 9am to noon


Listed below are some of the Health Vendors who will be in Attendance!

Hernado Pasco Hospice


United Way

Pasco Regional - Sleep Disorders, Wound Care, Blood Pressure, Glucose

East Pasco Meals on Wheels

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Area Agency on Aging

Pasco Co. Health Dept

Dynamic Seniors Adult Day Care

Heritage Park

Mary Lapusnak Ministries and Food Bank


Florida Hospital

Hodges Funeral Home

Lowella Esperanza Dermatology

“ Door Prizes by the Vendors!�

Total Foot & Ankle

Southfork Emergency Backup Listing This form is to be used by all residents so that we have a back up emergency listing in cases of illness’s, death or your home being destroyed by some disaster. Try to use a contact not living here in the park in case they are in the same situation. This information will not be shared and will be kept by Phyllis Grossi who does all the emailing to the residents here in the park when any death or crisis occurs This is offsite information in case the park managers are not available during the off time business hours. Please take a few minutes to fill this out to make changes, deletions or additions.. You can then drop off or mail to attn.: Phyllis Grossi, 11150 Mesquite Dr. I already have a listing for Emergency contacts for most here in the park but it needs updating. Name ____________________________________________________________________________ Spouse/Friend ____________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________Phone#____________________________ Email Address ___________________________________ Wedding Anniversary ______________ Northern Street Address ________________________________________________________ Northern City/State/Zip _______________________________________Phone# ________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact ___________________________________________________________________ Address of Contact ___________________________________________________________________ Phone# of contact ___________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact ___________________________________________________________________ Address of Contact ___________________________________________________________________ Phone# of contact ___________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact ___________________________________________________________________ Address of Contact ___________________________________________________________________ Phone# of contact ___________________________________________________________________

Dog Sitting

Let me Do That

Pressure Washing

My name is Tom Martini and a new resident. I will do any dog sitting either in my home or yours and my reference is Dr Blake Vet Hospital.

Housecleaning ($10 per hr), Laundry/Ironing, Painting, Landscaping ($15 per hour), Window Washing, Snowbird Peace of Mind,any other odd jobs. Sherry Morvatz

See Andy @Clubhouse

Call @ 352-467-0929

$65.00 per house, $25.00 for Green side only


C 999-2949, H 437-4782 Let Me Fix That Car Detailing, Minor Plumbing Repair, Minor Electrical Repair, Minor Structural Repair, Minor Roof Repair, Window Screen repair, Ceramic Tile Installation, Laminate Floor Installation, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Solar Tube Installation, Skylight Installation. Jim Morvatz C 843-2222713 H. 437-4782 Will rake your lawn @ $5.00 per bag. Bobby Hahn 567-7125

Avon: Catalogs are available. Call Tanya or Bobby 567-7125 Chlorophyll (Body Healer) For information, call Bob & Mable Ianson, 5213859. m ________________________

Computer Help Is there anyone who is willing to help with computer/print installation or just plain help with the computer. Resident help is needed. Contact Phyllis @ 352567-6105

Professional Handyman Services 2 Year Full Warranty & Insured. All your home improvement & handyman needs! Call 888-295-9879 or 352-437-5300. GK Construction Company LLC www.gkconstructionc George Swatzbaugh, (New Resident of Southfork) Credit Cards Accepted

Weekly Calendar of Events Sunday

Church of Your Choice…”May I” card game @6pm

________________________________________________________________ Monday

Coffee Hour @8am…Line Dance @10am…Poker @12 noon (Fall/Winter) Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm… Hand & Foot @6pm Euchre @6:30pm

________________________________________________________________ Tuesday

Trash Pickup AM…(Fall/Winter) Mixed Shuffleboard @9am… Exercise @10:30am…Sequence @1pm…(Fall/Winter) Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm…(Fall/Winter) Ladies Shuffleboard @3pm Bowling (Zephyrhills) @noon…Dble Pinochle @6pm…Poker @4:30pm

___________________________________________________________________ Wednesday

Blue bag Trash pickup 1st & 3rd Wednesday…Men’s Golf @10:30am… Quilting @9am…(Fall/Winter) Bridge @1pm…(Fall/Winter) Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm…Bingo@6:30pm, doors open @5:30pm

__________________________________________________________________ Thursday

Hand & Foot @9am…Dominoes @1pm…(Fall/Winter) Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm…(Fall/Winter) Ladies Shuffleboard @3pm Poker @4:30pm…”Alley” Board game @6pm

_________________________________________________________________ Friday

Trash pickup… (Fall/Winter) Mixed Shuffleboard @9am…Exercise @10:30am…(Fall/Winter) Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm…

______________________________________________________________________ Saturday

“TOPS” Weight Loss @9am…Mixed Poker @4:45pm…”65” game @7pm

Jan 3rd


Men’s Social Monthly Breakfast (IHOP) 9am

Jan 4th (Sat)

Biscuit and gravy Breakfast 8 to 9am

Jan 7th (Tues)

“Midlife Crisis” entertainment (see write up in this newsletter)

Jan 15th (Wed)

Womens Club Meeting 9:30am (notice change of date) Nominations/Elections at this meeting. (Bring 2 cans of food for needy)

Jan 18th (Sat)

Annual Hand & Foot Tournament 10:30am check in time

Jan 20th (Mon)

Assoc Officers/Board meeting 9am

Jan 21st (Tues)

“Starburst Band” music to dance by (see write up in this newsletter)

Jan 26th (Sun)

Card Bingo @6pm (This is not regular bingo but one played with a deck of Cards! Something new here in the Park. See write up!

Jan 27th (Mon)


Jan 27th (Mon)

Association annual meeting (Elections) 9am

Jan 27th (Mon)

Hand & Foot cancelled today, because card room is set up for photographers on Tuesday AM.

Jan 28th (Tues)

Tuesday , Picture taking. Remember both card room and Hall will be closed to all games, except the photographers until Wed pm. For picture taking only!

Jan 29th (Wed) Jan 31st (Fri)

Both card room and hall closed all day until 4pm Health Fair 9am to noon

Picture taking!!!

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