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Southfork News “FOR THE RESIDENTS, BY THE RESIDENTS” Happy Mothers Day

May 2011 In Loving Memory, this Memorial Day

We set aside Memorial Day Each and every year To All Moms

To honor those who gave their lives

A mother’s love is like a garden Her children are the seeds And as they grow, she tends to them, Fulfilling all their needs. Her kindness is like sunshine That warms them as they flower. Her nurturing like springtime rain A soft and gentle flower. A mother’s love is like a garden Reflecting tender care, For wherever there is beauty, A mother’s love is there.

Defending what we hold dear. In all the dark and deadly wars, Their graves prove and remind us, Our brave Americans gave their all To put danger far behind us. They made the ultimate sacrifice Fighting for the American way; We admire them and respect them On every Memorial Day.



Newsletter 1

Newsletter Information Note, any information to be placed in the newsletter, must be submitted between the 1st and 15th of every month. Please contact the editor ( Phyllis Grossi) at 567-6105 or drop off the information at 11150 Mesquite Dr. All newsletters can be viewed in color on the web site at (click on Southfork at bottom of page) Please contact Phyllis Grossi for any changes, deletions or additions to the calendar by the 15th of each month. Phone number is 567-6105 ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Park News Item that is delivered twice a month to Southfork from Zephryhills: Contact from Southfork to submit articles is, Jim Morvatz @ 437-4782

__________________________________________________________ Office………10808 U.S. 98, Dade City, FL 33525 Phone: (352) 523-0022, Fax: (352) 523-0611 ______________________________________________________________________________ Association Officers: President V. President Secretary Treasurer

Dot Cady Jim Morvatz Craig Whitbeck Phyllis Grossi

2011 2011 2011 2011

Directors: Tom Geyer Bill Laforest Tony Trubiano Jim Peltier Bob Lynch

2011 2011 2011-2012 2011-2012 2011-2012

Sick List Dorothy Eberhart Helen Stowe

Chuck Rouer Carol Whitbeck

Peggy Collins Bob Sanborn

Don Pease Elsie McDowell

Brenda Goebel

Get well wishes to all! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Resident passed away

Our condolences to the family and friends! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

New Residents Patrick & Phyllis Fisher

11122 Ewing Dr

Welcome to our community! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hotdogs By the Pool The heat is on us in the mid afternoon and cooking in this is no fun. So the Wednesday cook out will be stopped until Fall. So look for the start up date in the newsletter, after some of the heat leaves us. Thanks for your support and see you then. Enjoy your summer!!!!!

from the Association President

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We tried another “First”….this time a Health Fair. Many, many thanks to Diane Unger. Diane contacted all of the Health Service Agencies and planned the Health fair down to the last detail. Ninety people did come……but there was time and place for many more. It is unfortunate if you missed the opportunity to learn about all of the services that are available at a low or no cost to us Seniors. That knowledge is like money in the bank, there when you need it! The second “First” is in the works. The recent water problem brought to light that there are many of us who do not go out every day. While posting the signs to boil water worked for some, others did not see it. We are working on lists of people who have volunteered to call 5 people. Those 5 people will each call 5 more people etc. Are you willing to volunteer to help? The third “First” is the First Anniversary of Choices….”for residents who live alone or who have spouses who would rather stay home”. May 17th you are invited to go to lunch with us. If interested see the bulletin board at the clubhouse to sign up. Dot Cady ____________________________________________________________________________________

Check List Before You Leave your Home Here In Southfork To Go North 1. Turn off your water 2. Set your thermostat to 80 (air) or higher because of the heat here in the summer. 3. Turn off all unnecessary electrical appliances (example: hot water heater & refrigerator, unplug cords etc.) 4. Properly store all outdoor furniture (hanging baskets, wind chimes, welcome mats, umbrellas, grills and all ornamentals) 5. Make sure an up-to-date house key is left with a trusted neighbor or friend who is a year round resident. 6. Properly prune all shrubs and dispose of any unwanted plants. 7. If you have shutters or awnings, please close them and secure them upon your departure. 8. Stop and forward your mail 9. Contact your cable etc and let them know you will be on vacation for however months and you will be away 10. Stop your newspaper 11. Put plastic wrap over your toilet tanks so that the water in the bowl will not evaporate. 12. Spray and set out some roach traps to catch those little invaders who love the heat. 13. Remember to ask a neighbor or friend to check your home while you are away in case of leaks etc. By making your property look like it is lived in everyday, might discourage theft. There are available people who will look after your home for a small fee if needed.

From the Manager’s Office

Hello from the new managers!!!! We’re John & Sandi and we are excited to be here. We originally hail from Massachusetts (go Red Sox; and the Bruins)!!!!!! We have lived in Florida now for 9 years (this time). We lived on our sailboat for 3 years, which brought us down the east coast to Florida. More recently we lived on our RV and have traveled up and down the east Coast (obviously on land this time). We did live in a house for several years between the boat and the RV. We are happy to be settling down where we now consider home. We are looking forward to meeting all of you and working together to continue to make this a community that we are all proud of. “John & Sandi” _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Information

I want to thank everyone for replying to the emergency information sheet in the last newsletter. To date I have been given the emergency information ffor over 200 homes and this will be used in emergencies only. So to all of you snowbirds, if this area should get any bad weather situations and you have to be contacted, everyone, including the office knows I have this contact information to get a hold of you (which I hope is not the case) and hope that we have calm summer months. I also try and send out monthly emails to everyone everyone(if I have your email address) just to update on weather conditions and if any other happenings are going on here in Southfork. So have a great summer and a healthy one and please keep me informed if there is any illness etc so I can update the sick list during the summer months. Phyllis Grossi

Women’s Club On April 6th, 40 Ladies met in the clubhouse for their monthly meeting. The monthly reports were read and approved. A special thanks to Mary Bolin, Mary Jo Dye, Bobbi Gillis and Nancy Steding for the social part of the meeting. We had a speaker from “Pregnancy Parenting”, Marisela Castillo, who explained to us that their organization is helping the young women to have their babies instead of having an abortion. This is part of “Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center”, a ministry of Catholic Charities to assist women and families in making positive life choices. The Women’s Club gave her a check of $100.00 and we will continue to help this organization. In November we will hold a Baby Shower to help get baby clothing, diapers etc. This will take place at our November meeting and this shower will be headed by Willie Stoever and her committee. So Ladies, if you see any good sales in baby clothing during the summer months, it’s a time to buy. I want to thank also, all the ladies who brought canned food etc for “Day Star” and is very well appreciated. We finished the meeting with a beautiful luncheon and a social time. The theme of our next meeting is “Mother’s Day” and it will be hosted by Joann Bowman, Dee Dee Southerland and Shirley Tiratto. So see you on May 4th and we should have a great time. Sincerely, Marielle Quain, President _____________________________________________________________________________________

Happy Mother’s Day

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ~Washington Irving

Southfork Men’s Club The Men’s Club met on April 7. A report was given on the Shuffleboard tournament, which took place on March 22nd. All went well and the tournament ended at 1:15PM. I want to thank all of the ladies and men who worked so hard to make it a wonderful day with fun for all. Food and beverages were served and the baked goods were a real treat. Thanks for all of your efforts. The Men’s club is presenting a breakfast for the ladies on May 7, 2011, at 9:30 AM. A sign up sheet is posted in the clubhouse, please sign up, come and enjoy. Men will pay $3.00 each, ladies are our guests! The menu will include eggs, sausage, toast, juice and coffee and tea. The breakfast will be served from 9:30AM to l0:30AM. LADIES - - IT IS YOUR DAY. After the meeting , 12 men went to ABC Pizza for lunch and it was enjoyed by all. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, May 5, plan to be on board. Don Duarte, Chairperson ________________________________________________________________________

Newsletter Delivery

At our April Board meeting, the motion made by the Block Captain chairperson, Doris Grandy to stop newsletter deliveries from June-September, at our March 28 Association meeting was reviewed. It is the opinion of Paul Johnston, General Manager and our board that it is important that the newsletter be delivered as usual. Many of our year round residents depend on information of upcoming events. The entire cost of paper and printing is at the Heiler's expense. Although Phyllis is an officer of the Association, her work as Editor is entirely separate from the Association. We are grateful to her for all of her efforts in making our Southfork's Newsletter one of the best. Officers and Directors of the Association

THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN SOUTHFORK Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, o'er a dusty volume of quaint and forgotten lore – Oh wait a minute, that's a story for another time - STOP THE PRESSES – On Wednesday 3/30 this roving reporter was prowling the highways and byways of Southfork just looking for something newsworthy. Well, lo and behold I came across a seemingly motley crew loitering in the vicinity of our beloved clubhouse. So being the news hound that I am, I just had to stop to enquire as to just what the problem might be. Came to find out the electric had gone out as a result of the storm and that was just about the time that our beloved game of bingo was about to commence. Of course the hall was in the dark and most everyone was just milling around outside. Then the Exalted Bingo Authority showed up and called the game off due to not being able to make coffee and popcorn for the masses. So, on that very night, for the first time that this reporter can remember, there was not the usual sounds of chickens squawking, bells ringing, horns tooting, or any other sound of merriment coming from the hall on a Wednesday evening. As it turns out the power was off from 4:30 until 8:30 that evening, so a lot of Southforkians had to resort to just going to bed early, reading by candlelight or firing up the old generator like some hardy soul did over on Tumbleweed. Our astute new general manager was on the premises until almost dark and then called back later on in the evening just to ask if the power had been reinstated. Kudos to Paul J. for caring about us! My investigative resources revealed many limbs down on Thursday and a small crew of volunteers going around on Friday morning picking up those limbs just to help out the SF maintenance dudes who were overwhelmed with clogged man holes and pipes that had burst, also due to the storm. WOW, you should've seen all that water in the retention pond! Many of you devoted readers may have noticed in the paper or watched on the news about the sporadic damage that was done by the storm down in Lakeland and Tampa with roofs blown off, trees blown down and a bunch of airplanes damaged and stacked like pick-up sticks down at the air show at Linder Airport. It seems that even though we had a minor mess to clean up that Southfork was spared any major damage. This reporter feels that good clean living by the SF residents helped us muddle thru this potential damage with no ill effects. Your Roving Reporter signs off for now, but be aware that I am on duty 24/7, always at the ready to report on and document the happenings here at Southfork.

Restaurant of the month TOMMY’S STEAK & SEAFOOD 7TH STREET DADE CITY, FL 33525 352-567-3300 Hours: 11am to 10pm daily Everyone I think is familiar with Toms Burger place on North 301 and how great the burgers are. Well, they just opened on Wednesday, April 6th in Dade City, right across from Babcock’s Furniture store going into Dade City. They have opened with a lunch and a dinner menu and their first couple of days was so overwhelming, they closed on Sunday, April 10th, just to recoup and figure out what to do correctly to make it less noiser. They are going to place curtains and fixtures to buffer the noise because the rooms are so big. They have a great menu and they serve ½ pound burgers. They serve steaks, seafood and many different sandwich’s along with some great appetizers. Some of the appetizers listed are: Gator Bites, Sirloin Steak Flatbread (served with bleu cheese and onions), Tater Skins etc. They have Ribeye Steaks, New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Choice Sirloin and Ribs. On the menu they also have Pork Chops, Chicken, Haddock, Grilled Salmon, Scallops, Grouper and Shrimp. On Fridays they have a Friday fish fry, all you can eat for $7.99, plus they do have Fish & Chips. All dinners come with 2 sides and your choice of soup or salad. (Onion soup is delicious.) The side dishes offered are: Deep Fried Sweet Potatoes, Fried Okra ,Pole Beans, Collard Greens, Red Parmesan Potatoes, French Fries etc. They also have Desserts which are, Orange Blossom Pie, Southern Pecan Pie and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The lunch menu has more items and of course less expensive then the dinner meals. They also have a bar to sit at if you are just going by for a drink! All steaks are flame grilled over Dade City’s own Orange Wood!!!!

So give it a try!!!!!!!!


HEAR YE!!!!!!

To all, this is just a reminder that come fall, our first Fall Association meeting will be held on November 28th. I know it’s a little early to be asking but this coming November is nominations for the officers and board of directors. This year we will have all the officers positions available and 2 directors positions. We need all the help we can get and we would like all of you to stop and think if you would like a position on the board or know of someone you can nominate. So put your thinking caps on and be ready to help out with selecting volunteers for nominations!!!!

Important Southfork Notification Information Needed! Well, after the issue with the water and the many problems it incurred, it was brought to our attention by many of the concern with the “boiling of water situation”. There was no way of forewarning the community of this problem and we are looking for all and any suggestions on communication. The only solution that was thought of first was to put it on both signs which we did. We have started up a calling committee with the help of the new managers who will initiate the calling . Another suggestion was to get everyone’s email address who have computers and we could send out a mass email to all with the problem on hand. It does not necessarily have to be about the water but for any thing happening here in the community that needs the attention of all home owners. So as a start, I will accept any email addresses that I do not now have and we can at least contact you this way and the others will have to be reached by a phone call and then there won’t have to be as many phone calls made and we would be reaching everyone one way or another. So please, send me your email address and when sending, put in the subject “Southfork” and I will know it is not spam. My email address is:

If any questions or concerns please contact: Phyllis Grossi @ 352-567-6105


Even thought Kate Smith did not show up to sing the National Anthem and the USAF Thunderbirds missed Southfork in their fly fly-by by the Southfork Annual Shuffleboard Tournament was held on schedule this year. Sponsored by the SF Men's Club (Citrus Motors) sixteen Lady Shufflers and sixteen Men Shufflers drew names to play on the mixed doubles teams. The sixteen teams took to the courts using the elimination ion bracket method to narrow the filed down to three winning teams. Third place honors went to Mary Fruend and Les Myers. Second place was garnered by Linda Nutter and Frank Armstrong . The first place team, winning a 10' tall trophy and a check for $1 $10,000 (just kidding), was Mary Jo Dye and Tom Geyer. The contestants and passers passers-by by were kept nourished and hydrated by a cadre of volunteers serving up keilbasa, hot dogs, sodas and lots of homemade cookies. Smiles and hearty congratulations went al alll around at the end of the tournament. 1st Place Mary Jo Dye & Tom Geyer

Shoecam showing winning style

Recipe of the Month

Snack Mix (Puppy Chow) Ingredients: 1 stick margarine 1 cup smooth peanut butter 1 package of chocolate chips 1 regular size box of Chex cereal 2 cups powdered sugar divided between 2 large bags Directions: 1. melt first 3 ingredients 2. In large bowl, pour melted mixture over cereal and stir 3. Divide coated cereal into 2 bags with powdered sugar and shake 4. Enjoy P.S. This is a treat for you to eat and not your dog!

Italian salad-on-a-stick

Cubes of Mozzarella cheese Cucumber chunks Grape tomatoes Pitted black olives Cube pieces of Pepperoni Arugula leaves or any lettuce Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Thread all of the above items on a skewer and place on a platter and then drizzle the dressing over each stick. Nice summer pick me up when you are not really hungry!

Meet and Greet Our New Managers Tuesday, May 10th , @ 2pm Come one, come all, greet our new managers, John and Sandi Bartoszek. There will be a little reception for you to come and introduce yourselves and refreshments will be served. Let them know how much Southfork is loved and to wish them the very best in their new home and office. They are both eager to meet everyone and to learn faces and connect with names. See you all there!!!!!!!

Mailbox Overload

It has been brought to the attention of the newsletter editor that on many occasions, when a resident deposits mail in the mailbox, they do not make sure the mail drops all the way to the bottom of the box. When you place any mail to be picked up by the mail carrier and place it in the mail slot, take a second to push the mail all the way in. It has been seen on many occasion that the mail can be lifted right out of the box by someone else because it is still sticking up at the top of the slot. You should not be able to touch a letter once deposited into the slot. This can be a way a letter or bill etc does not reach its destination because it came back out of the box or was stuck in the slot and never got to the bottom of box for the courier to see it. So please, be extra careful when mailing anything out.


On April 9th this roving reporter came past the Southfork Clubhouse and had to stop to see just what was the hubbub, Bub. Well, lo and behold, the Southfork Homeowners Association had tried another new endeavor. They had arranged for fifteen health care agencies to set up shop and talk with anyone interested in their services. There were hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, wound care specialists, hearing specialists, a foot and ankle doctor and several other health care providers. Over 90 Southfork residents took advantage by coming to the clubhouse and talking with all of the providers. All walked away with a lot of new found knowledge and many were spotted carrying whole bags of goodies provided by the agencies in attendance. One of the highlights was that the seniors that live here in the park who wear hearing aids received special audio enhanced telephones at no charge There was also nineteen door prizes who went to the lucky participants that signed up at the door when entering. As part of this promotion the Florida Blood Net Bloodmobile visited the park on the following Monday because of a conflicting schedule. Seven pints of the “gift of life� were collected and the donors were given a vintage style baseball cap for their donations. Donors were also given a packet of discount coupons for a local fast food restaurant. Association President Dot Cady stated that this was a first attempt for the health fair and deemed the attempt a success and was promised by the health services agencies that they would be happy to come back year. The President also said she appreciated a couple of members of the men's club that helped to arrange the clubhouse for this event and thanked those residents who took the time to participate. She said that she hoped that everyone who attended this year would take the time to come again next year.

This reporter is once again on the move covering the comings and goings of everything Southfork.


Join us each month for a carry-in dinner and with food of your choice. Just bring your favorite dish to pass and share and enough for 8 to 10 people.

The Potluck is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm each month of the year (exceptions maybe Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Include your own utensils and plates and drinks. The coffee will be perking and ready to drink when you get there for those who like coffee.

We are always looking for a host/hostess to make the coffee and for clean up after and there is always plenty of help for this. This is the easiest job out of all the activities and a good way to get to know people.

Don’t feel you have to have a reserved seat and just sit with anyone where there is an empty seat. Get to know your neighbors and fellow residents and you may find you have similar interests and something you can chat about.

Any questions, contact any board member.

Restaurant of the Month

Help…………………………….I need some input from all of you on write ups for the restaurant of the month. If you have been or know of any restaurant that I could write up and place in the newsletter I sure would appreciate it. I am running out of ideas and I would like to see this continue so I am begging all of you to send me a restaurant name with just some tidbits about it and I will do the rest. Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!!! (Phyllis)


Thar I was, just ridin' by, mindin' my own business, wonderin' where my next news article was goin' to come from, when I glanced over at the old SF Clubhouse. On Sunday afternoon, April 10th there was a lot of suspicious activity with a bunch (more than two) golf carts and cars parked in the vicinity of the clubhouse so this old newshound jus' had to stick his nose in the door to see what was goin' on. Thar stood the President of the Ladies Club, jus' standing thar beamin', and givin' a speech to the crowd of about sixty head of folks jus' sittin' thar. It seems that the Ladies Club had invited all of these good people to come to the clubhouse to be thanked proper for helping the Ladies pull off yet another successful Chili Dinner, Auction and Newly/Oldly NewlyWed Game. Not only did those good neighbors get to hear that nice speech, but they also got free stuff too, thar wuz soda pop, coffee, enough submarine sandwiches and chips to go around ( and then some) but also some of what looked to be homemade cookies and ice cream. That Ladies Club president was quite eloquent when she spoke about how that Chili Dinner has become their main fundraiser for the year and that she shor' did appreciate all of the volunteers who had helped to make that event a success for the Ladies Club and a night of mighty fine entertainment (lot's of giggles) for those who attended. After that sumptious repast was served, this lowly reporter had the opportunity to interview (that means talk too) the Ladies Club officers who all stated that the main objective of their club is to raise funds that are in turn distributed to local charities. Those officers of the club also said that plans are already in the pipeline for next years Chili Dinner and sum kind of surprise type of entertainment. (jus' like Gomer use to say "Surprise, Surprise Surprise”). This reporter hopes to “scoop” that event too, 'cause that is some mighty fine chili that those ladies dish up and their ideas on how to have sum fun are a blast too!! You never know where this reporter is going to show up next, so just keep your windows clean and your head down................................

Grandma’s on the Internet

Grandma’s on the internet, You won’t believe the nuts she’s met But what she’d really like to know, Is-where are those who quilt and sew And do the things she likes to do? She’d give them hints, and learn some too.

She used to be “scared” of a wee little mouse, would scream if one ever got in the house. Now she hugs one night and day, she’d rather cuddle it than stay on the couch and watch T.V., her first love now is her P.C.

She’s like to see it all unfurled, so much to learn in this new world. She could explore it from her chair, but mostly, she plays solitaire, but that’s o.k., she doesn’t care, about the terrible weather in Zaire?????

Windows were glass she’d wash and look through, now they are programs to help us all view, the earth and the sea and the beautiful sky. A “virus” was something from which you could die, now it’s a nuisance that could spoil your day, but it can be fixed and sent on it’s way.

She served her time with diapers and dishes. Now she can do whatever she wishes, and if that means staying up half the night to point arrows at “ icons”-that’s really alright.

A “bit” was something you had little of, now it takes “eight bytes” to make the above. It’s all so confusing, it makes her head ache. A “byte” was something you take from a cake. She’s learning more about it now, guess who from. Her four year old grandchild showed her how!!!!!

Southfork Association Committee Chairpeople Listing Year 2011


Various Volunteers for events


Summer (Claire Cox, Elizabeth Demers, Paula Campbell) Winter (Jim Barnett, Harvey Barber, Anita Warschkow)


Marielle Quain, Irene Schreier, Phyllis Grossi, Linda Dickinson, Pat Lynch


Tom Geyer, Craig Whitbeck

Block Captains

Doris Grandy

Bulletin Boards

Clubhouse/Lower Board - Craig Whitbeck Sign’s - Bill Laforest, Tom Geyer, Jim Morvatz

Can Recycling

Bob Downs, Bill Laforests, Pete Logoyda

Carport Sales

Mary Bolin, Advertising; Jim McAdams, Traffic

Door Prize

Pete Logoyda and committee

Election Committee

Tony Trubiano


Jim Peltier

Kitchen Supplies

Jim McAdams , Jim Morvatz

Monday Coffee Hour

Winter months (Marvin Dye),- Summer months (Pete Logoyda)

New Resident Greeting

Pat & Phyllis Grossi


Phyllis Grossi


Bill Laforest/Tom Geyer & 2 Association members


Jim McAdams

Paper Recycling

Appreciation Dinner,- Marvin Dye & John Kuehl

Phone Directory

Phyllis Grossi

Wellness (Sunshine)

Phyllis Grossi

Let me Do It!!! Caring for the sick

Meal Preparation

House Cleaning


Yard Work/Landscaping

Personal Shopping

Trips to Airport, Doctor or Hospital Computer Help Available

Power washing, Gutter Cleaning, Laundry Local area resident (father-in-law lives in Southfork) , willing to Tutor and give training, Installation of new equipment , In home service, Computer repair. Call for flat rate fee. Patrick Barnett @352-521-3234

Any other odd jobs!

Reliable and on time!

Reasonable rates! Call Sherry Morvatz

C 352-999-2949 H 352-437-4782

Brand new 26 inch (Boys/Girl) bike. $80.00 or best offer. Call Harvey Barber Pet Sitting

352-437-4228 or 814-490-4710

Will pet sit, at your house or mine. One, on one attention, not a kennel. Avon: Catalogs are available if interested. Please call Tanya or Bobby Hahn @ 567-7125 or email

Paula Campbell


10936 Tumbleweed Dr 352-437-4538

Pet Pix by Diane


Pet photography, Home, Fundraiser, Pet Parties etc.

Portable Potty Seat that fits over the commode (FREE)



_______________________________________________ I would like to rent your carport!

I need to store an operable antique car. Would anyone consider renting your carport? Car will be stored safely. Thank you!!!!! .

Call Ed Bittman 352-437-5139

Contact Pat Van De mark @ 523-1710


May 2011

Weekly Calendar of Events

Sunday : Church Of Your Choice …”May I” card game @6:30pm, 2nd, 4th and 5th weeks ____________________________________________________________________________________ Monday: Coffee @ 8am…… Line Dance @ 10am…… Women’s Poker @ 12:30 Men’s Shuffleboard @ 1pm…… Hand/Foot @6pm……Euchre, 6:30pm _____________________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday: Mixed Shuffleboard 9am……Exercise @ 10:30am……Sequence @1pm Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm……Ladies Shuffleboard @ 3pm Men’s Poker @ 4:30pm ……Dbl Pinochle @ 6:30pm……Bowling @12 noon _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday: Men’s Golf @7am……Quilting@ 9AM……Bridge @ 1pm.…..Bocce @ 3pm Men’s shuffleboard @ 1pm……Women’s Golf @1:30pm Bingo @ 6:30pm TRASH PICKUP @ AM ____________________________________________________________________________________ Thursday: Hand & Foot @ 9am……Dominoes @1pm…… Water Aerobics @9:45am……Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm Ladies Shuffle @ 3pm……Men’s Poker @ 4:30pm ”May I” card game @6:30pm _____________________________________________________________________________________ Friday:

Mixed Shuffleboard @ 9am……Exercise @10:30am……Women’s Poker @12:30 Men’s Shuffleboard @ 1pm _____________________________________________________________________________________ “65” (Card Game) @ 7pm TRASH PICKUP @ am Saturday: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Special Monthly Events May 1st


Bunco night 6:30pm

May 4th


Women’s Club 9:30am (remember to bring 2 cans of food for the poor)

May 5th


Men’s Club 9am

May 7th



May 7th


Mothers Day breakfast (Men’s Club serving ) 9:30am (please check board for sign up sheet)

May 10th


Reception to meet new managers 2pm

May 15th


Bunco night 6:30pm

May 16th


Association Board Meeting 9am

May 17th


Choices 1st anniversary (see bulletin board for details)

May 19th


Potluck 5:30pm

May 21st



May 30th


Memorial day Potluck 4pm (see bulletin board for signup details)


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