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Southfork News “FOR THE RESIDENTS, BY THE RESIDENTS” Happy Valentines Day

February 2010 th

January 25 , Association Meeting

A Valentine Poem for That Special Person On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection, My thoughts naturally turn in your direction. I think of many things, big and small That you’ve given to me and given your all.

Election of 2010 Board Listed below are the officers and directors that were elected and voted upon at the January annual membership meeting. The officers serve for two (2) year’s now (By-law change) unless they decide not to run again for next year and the directors also have a two (2) year term.

You see me always in the kindest light; You’re a glow in my life, golden and bright. I’m thankful for the happy ties that bind Me to you in our family, and I’d like to remind You of all the special memories I treasure. Having you in my life is nothing but pleasure! You’re a walking example of how to live, How to share, how to teach, how to love, how to give.

Officers President,

Dot Cady


Vice President, Hattie Lane



Jim Morvatz



Phyllis Grossi


Please accept this Valentine poem, Warm from the heart of your loved one!!!

Directors: Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Tom Geyer –


years nd

Marti Witham – 2 term Bob LynchLarry Ruffner-







2 term



Craig Whitbeck- 2 years


Transition of the new officers and board will take place on Monday, February 1st at 9am. After the transition takes place the new board will start their new terms immediately.

The first official board meeting of the new officers/directors will be held on February 15, 2010 at 9am.

Newsletter 1

ewsletter Information Note, any information to be placed in the newsletter, must be submitted between the 1st and 20th of every month. Please contact the editor ( Phyllis Grossi) at 567-6105 or drop off the information at 11150 Mesquite Dr. All newsletters can be viewed in color on the web site at (click on Southfork at bottom of page) Please contact Jean Matala for any changes, deletions or additions to the calendar by the 20th of each month. Phone number is 523-2001


Bingo Bingo is alive and well and still hopping every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Join us for a night of (maybe) luck and listen to all the complainers who do not win. You will hear many “boos” to the people who win all the time and tell us they never win……..But it is all in fun. Bingo fights the blues! Getting together with friends to play this game every week boosts your social bonds and stimulates your brain cells-----two keys for keeping your spirits high, say Yale University researchers. So come and join us on Wednesday evenings and the doors open at 5:30pm and the game starts at 6:30pm.



Sick List Earl Eberhart Chuck Rouer Jim Stevens

Fran Armstrong Tanya Hahn

Get well wishes to all! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I MEMORIAM Debbie Burriss Judy Sluder Patti Sibbitt Jim Barnett

Brother, Bill Jr passed away Mother passed away Mother passed away Brother passed away

Our condolences to the family and friends! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ew Residents Kenneth & Linda Joyner,

10900 Prairie Dr

Welcome to our community! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Scheduling of the Clubhouse

To schedule a function in the Clubhouse, you must reserve the hall with the Association President first. In most case’s the scheduled Association events (such as bingo etc.) takes priority over private party requests. Give at least 30 days to 2 months advance notice for any scheduling and don’t assume the date is available. There is something always scheduled at any particular time over a 7 day week and a handwritten reservation request would be most appreciated before any function or activity is scheduled. Thank You!!!!

Basic Meat Loaf Ingredients: 1 egg Salt/Pepper to taste 2 tablespoon Dijon-style mustard 1 cup milk ½ cup chopped fine celery ½ cup chopped onion ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons ketchup 1 ½ pounds ground chuck meat 1 ½ cups fresh bread crumbs 3 strips bacon Directions: 1. Preheat oven at 350 degrees 2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the egg, seasonings, mustard, milk, celery, onion, ¼ cup ketchup, ground meat and breadcrumbs. Mix well 3. Place the meat mixture in a standard 8 inch loaf pan. Spread the surface with the 2 tablespoons of ketchup. Layer the bacon over the top. 4. Bake for 1 hour. Drain any excess fat from the pan. Remove the meat loaf and let cool at room temperature for 5 minutes. Cut into thick slices and serve. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Oven Fries for Two 1 or 2 large Yukon Gold potato, peeled and cut into wedges 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil ¼ teaspoon salt/pepper ¼ teaspoon dried thyme (optional) Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees 2. Toss potato wedges with oil, salt and thyme if using. Spread the wedges out on a rimmed baking sheet. 3. Bake until browned and tender, turning once. 4. Approx 20 to 30 minutes baking.

from the Association President

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Volunteerism is growing……………..Thank you, Thank You!!!! Many willing hands and thoughts made 2009 a very successful year. Because of your concerns, many changes have been taking place. Congratulations to the “New Men’s Club!” Their 2nd meeting is the first Thursday of each month at 9am. They have many ideas of what their organization can do for the residents of Southfork. Tony Trubiano and Bob Lynch have volunteered to greet new residents as they arrive. Thru the efforts of Tony Trubiano, Harmony Heights has joined along with Blue Jay and our residents doing nightly Security Patrol. Please read Tony’s important article in this newsletter. A group of volunteers are joining together to become our Activity organizers. If you are interested please contact me. Many hands make the work to be done fun! We are so very Blessed to live in Southfork! Dot Cady ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Special events for February Feb 14th


BUILD YOUR OWN SUNDAE’S and then sit back to be entertained by a group of Entertainers. Including, “Name that Tune Contest” and door prizes. $2.00 for members and @4.00 for non-members to cover the cost of the refreshments!

Feb 18th


Potluck Supper (always 3rd Thursday of the month) Italian Night! Bring your favorite dish to share!

From orm’s desk One thing is certain….We always have something and different here at Southfork. We recently had a single momma raccoon move in with her off spring. It was quite interesting and we finally had a professional trapper come and trap them. I have had a lot of very positive feed back about the R.V. storage area and it is appreciated. “However”, there are still some people who have not parked their trailers properly and if you are one of those, please come by my office and I will explain why and how this will give you your own space (15’ x 40’) with a number. I need a copy of your insurance and registration, all tags must be correct. I have placed a large dumpster down by the compound, please do not, I REPEAT, do not put tree trimmings in it. You cut them in 3’ lengths, tie and bundle them and put them out with your trash. PS Do not pay attention to the door knocker regarding the blue bag pickups put out by the trash company. It was distributed by mistake. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Bunco ight Bunco night is held twice monthly on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. The month of February, the first Sunday is Superbowl Sunday and there will not be any Bunco held on that night. There is an average of 20 players for each night the game is played and anyone wishing to join us, we would love to have you. The sign up sheet on the bulletin board is so that we know how many tables to set up for. So if you forget to sign up, don’t worry about it and come any way. We always have room. We have a great time and we take a break after the 2nd game and enjoy all the goodies that are brought. The cost to play is $3.00 per person and you will never guess who brought in a $20.00 bill to pay their fee. You got it……M.Q. and boy was she razed about it. So you see we do have a lot of laughs and a lot of interaction with everyone. All money collected is given out in 7 prizes and believe it or not the losers get a prize in this game .When all winners are declared we even give a chance to those who won nothing and have them pick a number and the prize is $4.00. Not bad for having not won anything else and they still get a chance to win something!! So, hope to see you on February 21st, the 3rd Sunday.

Women’s Club On January 6th, on a very cold morning, 34 brave ladies had their P.J. party in the clubhouse and had lots of fun. We had our breakfast before the meeting and after enjoying the delicious food that everyone brought, we had our regular meeting. The Quilt committee will continue to make a quilt and 2 other prizes to be raffled at our next bazaar, but will reduce on the amount of items being made so that we can sell what we already have in our storage cupboard. The Yarn Hookers have enough items left so they don’t have to make more and they will teach instead. The Charity committee is always as active as ever, thanks to Shirley ouer and Mary Bolin. Next month we will have a speaker from Habitat. On January 23rd there will be a Memorial in the clubhouse for Georgia Duarte. We will also buy a brick for Georgia to be placed at Hospice next to all the love ones that we lost here in Southfork. Our bazaar held on December 12th was a success. We made as much money as last year ($1925.73). Half of this amount goes to Charity. OLD BUSINESS: We got some hostesses for each month of 2010 except September. We will have to work on that month. NEW BUSINESS: On March 13th, we will have a Chili supper with a “Mystery Auction” and the tickets will be $5.00. You will get a bowl of chili, salad, crusty bread and a piece of cake all for the $5.00. The tickets will go on sale after the February meeting. Then it was time to get a new board. Well nobody wanted to be President or Vice President, so I will remain President and Hattie Lane will stay as Vice President, and our very efficient Treasurer, Phyllis Grossi is also staying. Shirley Rouer because of family problems resigned as Secretary so Bobbi Gillis gracefully accepted the job of Secretary. I want to thank Shirley Rouer and Judy Sluder who shared the Secretary job. Shirley did most of the meetings because Judy had to go North. Thanks Shirley for a job well done. The $5.00 dues should be paid at the February meeting. Also bring a gift for your secret pal because it is time to find out who that person is……….. After the meeting was closed we had a parade of the ladies in their P.J.’s and we had lots of laughs and the 3 winners were chosen. They are: The Funniest: Carol Albers The Sexiest: Mary Freund Most Original: Ginger Shanbeck. We will have a P.J. party every year. DO NOT FORGET to bring a couple of cans of food for DayStar at our next meeting in February. I will see you on February 3rd at 9:30 AM. Marielle, President

Woman’s Club “Charity Committee The Charity Committee and the women of Southfork’s Woman’s Club have had a very busy and successful year of 2009. Following are some of the people or groups who received some help from all of us: 1.(February) Hernando/Pasco Hospice, 37445 Clinton Ave, A. $100.00 donation 2. (March) Daystar Hope Center, 15512 Hwy. 301 N., Dade City A. Speaker (Donation of $50.00) 3. (April) Sunrise of Pasco Co., 12724 Smith Rd., Dade City A. Speaker (Donation of $50.00) B. Solutions Thrift Store. 35535 St. Rt 52, Dade City, for pickups call 521-3358 4. (May) Postage for Troops’ Packages, Bob Williams, Wesley Chapel ($100.00 donation) 5. (June) Hospice-Memorial Brick in memory of Barb Seib, 1st President of Women’s Club. ($100.00 ) 6. (August) Sunrise (Battered Women), Children’s shoes, ($100.00 gift certificate) Cox Elementary, ($48.00) Backpacks, School supplies 7. (October) A. Hernando-Pasco Hospice, Speaker ($50.00 donation). B. Spay/Pasco- Donation $100.00) To help reduce over-population of dogs/cats and to And reduce Euthanized animals. 8. ('ovember) A. Toys for Tots (Donation of $50.00) B. $167.50 used for 24 families for Thanksgiving for 4 schools. 24 hams were purchased for the 24 most needy families in Dade City. 9. (December) Toys for Tots ($292.50 used to purchase 31 pairs of sneaker shoes for the kids. A total of $1208.00 was used for the above charities! A. B. C. D.

Every Day Blessings donated clothes and baby diapers which were given to Catholic Charities Schools in the local area, we took many children’s books. San Antonio Boy’s Village, Several jigsaw puzzles were donated for their use. Sunrise Battered Women, Many carloads of new or barely used clothing and shoes for women, girls, And boys. Also books, purses, linens, toiletries, towels, washcloths, curling irons, make-up, shampoo, Conditioner, children’s toys etc. Every time of our women cleaned out her closet, Mary and Shirley made another trip to the Battered women’s office. This is done quite often!!!! E. Daystar, Almost at every Women’s Club monthly meeting we gather many bags of canned goods, Rice, cereal, macaroni and cheese, pasta & sauce, soups, peanut butter and other good things for their Food pantry. We will continue this project this year since there are more people than ever out of work and needing food. We also give clothes and misc. items including the articles leftover from the White Elephant table from our yearly bazaar. F. Cox Elementary School, In August the ladies filled the box provided for school supplies in an overflowing box filled with many school items. G. Toys for Tots box was filled with kids underwear, socks, toothbrushes and tooth paste, disposable diapers, games etc. (Over flowing)

None of this would have been possible without support of the committee and women of the club. You have always responded way above and beyond what is expected. God Bless you all! With much appreciation, Shirley Rouer and Mary Bolin and all the Charity Committee

Southfork Guys Band Together to Form ew Men’s Club On January 7th, eighteen Southfork men met to form a new group to be known as the “SOUTHFORK MEN’S CLUB.” After the men were seated in a round table type discussion group, each man introduced himself and then gave a short dissertation concerning where he was from, what job or profession he had retired from, and how many years he has lived in Florida. Most of the Southfork men are from the Northwest and Midwest. Many different occupations were represented running the gamut from agricultural farming, engineering, airline mechanic, export inspector, military, teaching, business management, police and postal service. Discussion was then held as to what kind of club the men wanted to form, either a social club or service club. It was decided to discuss that subject again after a few members did some research on different ideas. One suggestion was that a contingent of members could visit with veterans in the local VA hospitals just as a show of support to our troops who had been injured in the line of duty. Another suggestion was to work inside Southfork to provide support to any resident who was in need of help dealing with illness, death of a spouse or other emergencies such as transportation needs, home repair or maintenance emergencies. The club also discussed activities such as poker tournaments, shuffleboard tournaments, pool tournaments, golf outings and trips to local places of interest. One member stated that he had already arranged for a tour of a local mobile home manufacturing plant and a tour behind the scenes of a local bowling alley to see the pin setters in operation. Dues were set at $12 per year to be used for administrative needs of the club. Pete Logoyda volunteered to serve as Treasurer and an administrative committee was formed consisting of Bill LaForest, Bob Downs, Pete Logoyda, Don Duarte and Jim Peltier to act as the governing body of the club. The Men’s Club decided to sponsor a Super Bowl Party to be held at the Southfork Clubhouse on February 7, 2010. Meetings will be held on the first (1st) Thursday of each month at 9am. Any men in Southfork who missed the meeting are encouraged to join the club at the next scheduled meeting in February. Jim Morvatz

2nd Annual Hand and Foot Tournament The 2nd annual Hand and Foot tournament was held on Saturday, January 16th at the clubhouse and was a great success. There were twenty eight (28) entrants and the tournament started at 11am ending at 1:45pm. Everyone brought a type of finger food and we had 2 tables full of delicious items including desserts and coffee. In between and during the games everyone munched on goodies and it was like a gourmet special displayed with a great party atmosphere. There was a lot of quiet at first when everyone was seated and then you could hear the giggles and laughter start and when everyone had really relaxed the fun really began. Its all in the cards and if you have them okay and if not………well we seen what happened and who the winners were and there were a few with some penalty on their score sheets. I want to thank Marielle Quain and Irene Schreier for helping and totaling the games to see who the winners were. They took care of entering the people as they came in and making sure everything was okay. They verified and reverified each game sheet to see whom the 1st and 2nd place teams would be. Again, thank you both very much! We had an entry fee of $5.00 person. All of the entry fees collected were paid back to the top winning two (2) teams. A total of $140.00 was collected and shared between the two teams (four players.) The first place winner of $40.00 each went to Willie Stoever and Sherry Glatfelter. The 2nd place team was Dee Stipanovich and Carol Whitbeck and they both received $30.00 each. It was a huge success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So all in all, thanks to everyone who entered the tournament, brought food or helped in any way. A successful event is only made when you have good participation. Submitted by, Phyllis Grossi ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Double Pinochle Remember, every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm there is Double Pinochle being played at the clubhouse. Come and join the crew who play weekly. We can play with 4, 5 or 6 at a table. Come early and chat and find out more about our game, we would love to have you!!!!!! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Haiti Earth Quake Relief Fund Please note: There will be a box or boxes at the clubhouse for all donations of medical items and clothing for the people of Haiti. Treasurer, Phyllis Grossi will also be collecting any money donations to be sent to help these people.






Attention all residents…………If you have had or seen a security problem, we need your help!!!!! No matter how slight it may seem, please call Tony Trubiano at 813-992-0844, at any time, day or night. We need to document any concerns or issues and keep better tract of any problem, big or small which may exist. This gives your security patrol a better idea of what may be going on and thus a better ability to serve the community. Tony Trubiano _____________________________________________________________________________________

Monthly Potluck Meal Potlucks are held every 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm. Please bring a covered dish enough to serve at least 8 people and please, bring your own tableware, cups and beverage. Coffee usually is supplied. On a monthly basis we do ask for volunteers to host the monthly potlucks and this is the easiest thing to do. If interested in hosting, please contact the President. In case you forget, always check the monthly calendar (last page) for the date. Come and enjoy your meal with all of your friends and neighbors!

Out and About Friday, February 26,2010 Let’s go Fishing, for Lunch. Cherry Pocket Fish Camp 3100 Canal Road Lake Wales, Fl 33898 863-439-2031 “Fish Camp”, says it all!!!! Big lake, old cabins, old docks, old fishermen, outboard fishing boats, air boat, float plane, plus, an old run down restaurant, with excellent food… Not to be forgotten, a large Parrot walking around squawking at people. My kind’a red neck place and it is only about sixty years old. This place always gets a Four Star food rating. Leaving Southfork at 11:30am Driving time should be about an hour, depending on traffic. This time we will caravan and everyone will be given a detailed map with specific directions. Truth be known, I’m not sure if I can find it again!! We may have to put a driver with a GPS in the lead car… The only “mystery” to this trip. Is how did we find it?? The luncheon menu items run from $7.00-$14.50. Plus soups & Salads. Look for sign up sheet on the bulletin board! _____________________________________________________________________________________

Help Wanted……Southfork Hosts Take a minute to think back to the first few months that you were a new Southfork resident. Do you remember not knowing where the best place was to get your car serviced, your hair cut, the best deals on Insurance, or even a good restaurant? How did you feel showing up at the Clubhouse for an event, looking at all those faces of strange people, who all seemed to know each other, wondering where you would sit? We are looking for neighbors who would be willing to host new residents of Southfork. Hosts would help new residents overcome those daunting feelings most of us have experienced when unfamiliar with a place, especially if moving here from a different state. All it takes is being a friend in need to answer questions, offering to save a seat at Southfork activities, and just helping to introduce them to the wonders of our community by being a welcoming source of friendship for two to three months. This new “Southfork Hosts” committee would operate similar to the way the “ Welcoming Committee “ works. On an as needed basis, you would be assigned, on a rotating schedule, to a new neighbor. If you feel inclined to help out with this committee, please get in touch with one of the board members.

Southfork Phone Directory Soon everyone should be receiving their new phone directory delivered by your street captains. Any changes to the directory made after December 1st, 2009 will not be reflected in this new book and will take effect in the 2011 directory. Please note, if you would like the state that you are from listed besides your phone number please let me know. Take a look at the new changes of additions and see how the other residents have theirs listed with their Northern home states of where they moved from. If you have any changes, deletions or additions please contact Phyllis Grossi, 567-6105 or email me at


Out and About III Fly me to the Moon Kennedy Space Center Tuesday, March 23, 2010 “Houston, we have a problemâ€? “The Eagle has landedâ€? “One small step for manâ€? How can we ever forget those words‌? Most of us have enjoyed watching launches here in the park. Some have watched from the coast, but, a lot of us have not visited the Cape. NASA shuttle buses will move us from site to site. Informative guides will Direct us through the different facilities and presentations. I understand they have a new exhibition called “The Shuttle Launch Experienceâ€? which enables everyone to experience the sounds, feelings and sights in an actual space launch. I have been told that you need about six hours to see everything, plus time for lunch. Let’s take a bus!!!!! The $67.00/person cost includes entrance and exhibit fees of $39.00/person, including The I-Max Theaters. Lunch on your own. The bus will load at 7:00am from Southfork and return about 6:30pm. OTE: The bus requirement is 46 people min., 54 people max‌ A smaller 40 person bus is also an option. Our “CUT_OFFâ€? date for this event is March 4th. Please check the bulletin board for sign up. We are inviting BLUE JAY to join us. Contact Carolyn & Jim Mc Adams w/questions. 330-242-3503

Wanted: For Sale

Roundabout Motorized Wheelchair w/batteries Asking - $1,500.00 (like brand new)

A gently used 3 wheeled ladies bike. Doesn’t have to be perfect but must be usable. Please call 727-327-3115 in the evening or leave a message. This is a St Petersburg number and we will get back to you. Ed & Jeanne Bittman, 11207 Ewing Dr.

Metal 5’ Ramp, Asking - $50.00 Pet Sitting Leave message on Phone if interested 352-521-6603 Jo Bellows

Will pet sit, at your house or mine. One on one attention, not a kennel. Paula Campbell

Lessons Beginner’s music lessons offered in your home for organ/keyboard/accordion. I have background in music theory and taught for several years. You’re not too old to learn. Reasonable fee. Call Colombe Remick 352-567-5665

38709 Brahman Dr 352-437-4538 Handyman Available Steve Coker does inside and outside jobs, even hanging curtains or blinds, touch up painting, power washing, yard work, shuttle to the airport, seasonal maintenance, computer training etc. Call Steve, 813-695-0451

Avon: Catalogs are available if interested. Please call Tanya or Bobby Hahn @ 567-7125 or email @ License # 081820

28 B.J.


21 Phil Ghiata


23 H.H John & Shirley Sewle

16 B.J.


14 B.J.

Jim McAdams

9 Laird Monahan

8. B.J.

7. Bill Stricklen


2 B.J.


1 Bill Steding


Neighborhood Watch Patrol B.J.

25 Willie Morris

24 B.J.

Southfork Non-911 emergencies, call Tony Trubiano 813-992-0844

18 B.J.

11 Gary Deloff.



17 Ted Sternhardt

10 B.J.

3 Bud DeGood


Blue Jay If Pelican Hall at BJ is unlocked, call Joyce Hudak @ 567-5826 and she will bring a key to lock the door.

27 Harvey Barber

26 B.J.

13 H.H Susan Solomon Judy Walsh


20 B.J.




19 Pat & Phyllis Grossi


5 H.H Mel & Jan Hughes


February 2010


February 2010

Weekly Calendar of Events

Sunday : Church Of Your Choice … ____________________________________________________________________________________ Monday: Coffee @ 8am…… Line Dance @ 10am…… Women’s Poker @ 12:30 Men’s Shuffleboard @ 1pm…… Hand/Foot @6pm……Euchre, 6:30pm Ladies Golf _____________________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday: Mixed Shuffleboard 9am……Exercise @ 10am……Sequence @1pm Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm……Ladies Shuffleboard @ 3pm Men’s Poker @ 4:30pm ……Dbl Pinochle @ 6:30pm _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday: Men’s Golf……Quilting@ 9AM……Bridge @ 1pm.…..Horseshoe’s @1pm Men’s shuffleboard @ 1pm……Burgers and Dogs @4:30pm to 6pm Bingo @ 6:30pm TRASH PICKUP @ AM ____________________________________________________________________________________ Thursday: Hand & Foot @ 9am……Water Aerobics @9:45am Bible Study @12:30.…..Dominoes @1pm……Men’s Shuffleboard @1pm Horseshoes @3pm……Ladies Shuffle @ 3pm……Men’s Poker @ 4:30pm Yarn Hookers @ 6:30pm _____________________________________________________________________________________ Friday:

Mixed Shuffleboard @ 9am……Exercise @ 10am……Women’s Poker @ 12:30 Men’s Shuffleboard @ 1pm……Bid Euchre @ 7pm _____________________________________________________________________________________ “65” (Card Game) @ 7pm TRASH PICKUP @ am Saturday: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Special Monthly Events February 1st


Committee Chairpeople/new board meeting

February 3rd


Women’s Club 9:30am

February 4th


Men’s Club 9am

February 6th


Pancake Breakfast

February 7th


Bunco cancelled today because of (Super bowl Sunday)

February 13th




Make your own Sundae’s/Entertainment 6:30pm $2 for members, $4 for non-members

February 15th:


Board Meeting 9am

February 18th


Potluck 5:30pm (Italian Fight)

February 21st:


Bunco night 6:30pm


Association membership meeting 9am

February 26th


Out and About (Fish Camp Restaurant) 11:30am

February 27th



February 14

February 22






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