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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! Ever wonder how that saying got started? Well, wonder no more. Here’s one account. Numerous “frog and fish showers” have been reported in Europe since ancient times. The stories include ludicrous notions that creatures fall from whirlwinds or are vomited by birds. No clear conclusion can be drawn, but what does seem clear is that cats and dogs in the expression raining cats and dogs refer not to mammals but to fish - specifically the catfish and the dogfish that especially heavy rain may bring down. Proof of the catfish link was found in a Singapore downpour when fifty acres of land were found “covered with a local species of catfish.” For the dogfish, there is evidence in an old sailors’ belief that if dogfish were sighted on a morning run, a torrent would soon come and the clouds of the storm would contain dogfish. So grab an umbrella when it starts to rain and have a very wonderful April! ~The Cat’s Pajamas

The Taxman Cometh It’s time again for the yearly scramble to organize receipts, tally deductions and face the taxman. And to make an appointment with AARP Tax-Aide, a free tax service for middle- and low-income individuals, with special priority given to those who are 60 and over. The service is available to both AARP members and nonmembers. The Tax-Aide program offers free one-on-one counseling, as well as assistance on the telephone and Internet to help individuals prepare basic tax forms, including the 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ and other standard schedules. To find your nearest Tax-Aide location, call toll-free 1-888-227-7669 or visit

Quiz Answers A. XENON B. BOXED C. FLUX D. NEXT E. TWIXT F. LOX G. LATEX H. FOX Nixed letters spell TREASURE Newsletter Press, Inc. For questions or comments please call 432-426-2072, Fax 432-426-2421, or write to HC 74 Box 115, Fort Davis, TX, 79734. For more info about our newsletters, visit our Web site All rights reserved. Please recycle this newsletter.


For Ramblewood Village

All About April ACTS & TRI VI A FUN F

APRIL FOOL’S DAY seems to have begun in France in 1564. April 1st used to be New Year’s day, but the New Year was changed to January 1st that year. People who insisted on celebrating the “old” New Year became known as April fools and it was common to play jokes and tricks on them.

cene April 2009

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EASTER is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The DIAMOND, birthstone of April, is the hardest natural substance on Earth. Diamonds can only be polished with another diamond.

It’s going to rain if....

APRIL comes from the Latin word ?Cats sneeze or wash behind their ears. aperio, “to open (bud),” because plants ?Spiders abandon their webs. begin to grow in this month. ?Ants close off the mouth of their nest. ?Horses stretch out their necks. Legend holds that an EGG laid on ?Peacocks cry out at night. Good Friday will never spoil ?Mosquitos bite more frequently. and that if you don’t cook it, ?Seagulls make more noise than usual. the yolk will become a ?Deer and elk come down from the hills. diamond in a century. ~Old Farmer’s Almanac

don’t trash it,



April Crossword

Did you know that it’s believed Columbus carried chickens aboard his ship to provide fresh eggs for the journey and that some of the chickens that remained became the first American flock? Surprised? Here’s more eggs-cellent trivia.

Americans generated more Sorry there is no announcements but than 251 million tons of trash my computer crashed. in 2006, according to the most recent data from the Environmental Protection Agency. So, before you toss DID I MENTION I HATE out another thing, look at it in a new COMPUTERS! light - here are some neat ideas.

During the two weeks before Easter, over 211 million dozen eggs are sold; that’s more than 2 billion eggs!

Wastebaskets - A tall one is perfect for storing rolls of wrapping paper. Old furniture - A nightstand or end table placed in the bathroom can store extra rolls of toilet paper, hand towels shaving cream or beauty supplies. Coffee mugs - Who doesn’t have too many of these? Use in the bathroom or bedroom to help sort lipsticks and other makeup. Put a few in other rooms to organize pens, pencils, etc. Also keep one on the kitchen counter to wrangle all those small “found” objects - buttons, screws, coins and the like. ~Woman’s Day

April Chart Toppers Do you remember these? 1954 - Oh! My Pa-Pa - Eddie Fisher 1955 - Earth Angel - Crew-Cuts 1956 - Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis 1957 - I’m Walkin’ - Fats Domino 1958 - Tequila - Champs 1959 - Venus - Frankie Avalon



1. Sunday, April 5th, 2009 5. Aspiration 9. Locale 10. Theater group 11. Ash____ , Feb. 25, 2009 13. Draft animal 14. ___ de France 15. Mardi Gras, et al.

Down 1. Fido’s foot 2. “Roses ___ red ...” 3. Directed 4. _ _horseback 5. Existed 6. New Delhi’s country 7. Place for Mr. Ed

8. Actress Helen 19. “Annabel ____,” ____ Poe poem 12. Banishment 20. Roman 51 15. Store employee 21. April 12, 2009 gift 16. Circe’s island 26. Strap 17. Varnish 27. Opera song ingredient 28. Philosopher 18. Of a germ Immanuel ____ 22. Explosive 29. It starts on 11 23. Before, to Keats across 24. Card game Answer on 25. Gun: slang back page.

In modern henhouses, computers control the lighting, which triggers egg laying. Most eggs are laid between 7 and 11 a.m. A hen requires about 24 to 26 hours to produce an egg. After the egg is laid, the hen starts all over again about 30 minutes later. To tell if an egg is raw or cooked, spin it! If the egg spins easily, it’s hard-boiled, but if it wobbles, it’s raw. Howard Helmer, is the Omelet King. Helmer holds the Guinness World Record for omelet making 427 omelets in 30 minutes. It’s nearly impossible to hardcook an egg at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet.

The FUNNY Zone

“Your policy simply states, ‘A semi-private room’.”

Lighter Side of Headlines Witness how the double meaning of a word or two can inadvertently change a serious journalist into a silly play-write. Officials Suspended Over Hotel Fire t

Lawmakers Back Train Through Iowa t

Boat Captain Fishes for Family t

Japanese Scientists Grow Frog Eyes and Ears t

Asian Population Jumps Across Country t

Cubans March Over 6-Year-Old t

Municipal Seats Up for Grabs t

Denver Chapter Will Have Senator for Breakfast t

Lack of Brains Hinders Research

Never Have a Heart Attack! Some lifesaving advice from the experts: A huge study found that these 5 lifestyle guidelines slash heart attack risk by a whopping 92% (incorporating just the first two into your routine cuts your risk by more than half). Here are the factors that count. 3Moderate amount of alcohol: no more than half a glass of wine daily. 3Healthy diet: one based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and legumes. 3Daily exercise: more than 40 minutes of daily walking plus 1 hour a week of more strenuous activity. 3Healthy body weight: waist size is 85% or less of your hip size (use a measuring tape). 3Not smoking: never smoked or stopped at least a year ago. ~Karolinska Institute & Boston University School of Medicine


I found my mother’s old Royal Crown Cola bottle that had a stopper with a bunch of holes in it. I knew immediately what it was, but my daughter had no idea. She thought her grandmother had tried to make it a salt shaker or something. I knew it as the bottle that sat on the end of the ironing board to “sprinkle clothes” because we didn’t have steam irons. ~Marie Muniz Gilberts, IL

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April Tips You don’t have to pick up a picket sign to be an environmental activist this Earth Day - April 22nd - just follow the advice below.

The Green Scene

`Go Compact - Replace burnt out incandescent bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs. `Curtail junk mail - The Federal Trade Commission Web site spells out how to remove yourself from lists. You’ll help save trees and water too! `Turn off the tap - The average faucet releases about 3 gallons of water a minute, so shut it off while you brush your teeth or shave. Penc il Pastime

X Marks the Spot Change a letter in each of the following words to X to create a new word. The letters you change in order will spell something marked by an X. Answers on back page. A. TENON _______________ B. BORED ________________ C. FLUE _______________ D. NEAT __________________ E. TWIST _________________ F. LOU ________________ G. LATER ________________ H. FOE ________________

Climate changes don’t just influence your clothing choices, the weather can also forecast your health. COLD TEMPERATURES

Strokes - Stroke risk spikes during the winter due to more cold and flu infections, which can thicken a person’s blood. HIGH HUMIDITY

Heart Attacks - Infarction deaths are 3.5 times higher in June. Heat keeps your body from cooling itself, burdening your heart. HIGH WINDS

Migraines - Wind alters the number of positive- and negativecharged molecules in the air, which can alter your brain’s biochemistry. RAIN

Allergies - Rain ruptures pollen sacs, increasing airborne pollen levels 12-fold. RISING BAROMETRIC PRESSURE

Osteoarthritis - As barometric pressure rises, so does pressure within your joints. This causes pain and may slow the flow of lubricating fluids. ~Men’s Health



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Others lighting candles this month: 1st, Ali 1 April McGraw, 70; 3rd, Doris Day, 85; 5th, Colin Fool’s Day Powell, 72; 6th, Billy Dee Williams, 72; 8th, Bingo Betty Ford, 91; 11th, Ethel Kennedy, 81; 6:30 PM 16th, Bobby Vinton, 74; 19th, Hugh O’Brian, 79; 22nd, Jack Nicholson, 73; 24th, Sue Grafton, 69; 26th, Carol Burnett, 73 and 30th, Willie Nelson, 76.


Major League Baseball Opening Day


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Income Tax Day Red Hats Bingo 6:30 PM


National Volunteer Week


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Happy Birthday, Taurus!




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Ice Cream Social 7 PM

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Full Egg Moon Good Friday

Passover begins at Sundown

Palm Sunday


Happy Birthday to our Friends Celebrating in April!







Hotdog & Shuffleboard Event 1 PM

Coffee 9 AM HOA Meeting after coffee

Arbor Day

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30 April BirthstoneDiamond April Flower Sweet Pea

Monthly Reminders

Blue Bag April 3rd & 17th Swimming exercise with Darlene Mon., Wed., & Fri. at 12 PM. Please sign up in clubhouse for Breakfast Outing, the Ice Cream Social and the Hotdog and Shuffleboard event. Red Hats time and place to be announced. Watch Board.