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Southfork News “FOR THE RESIDENTS, BY THE RESIDENTS� Happy Thanksgiving

November 2008

From your editor

Now that you have seen a few issues of the monthly newsletter and the new format that I am using, I will need some input from all of you. Is there anything that you would like to see added to the newsletter? If there is no change, I still would like a submission of recipes etc. to help me out. My goal is to have the newsletter completed and sent to print by the 23rd of every month, only so it is back in your hands by the 1st of every month. You can use the suggestion box in the entry way of the clubhouse and just address the envelope to my attention or you can call me at 567-6105 for anything you want to submit. Thanks, Phyllis

Remember that it is your civic duty to go out and vote. As American citizens, and with all of the freedom of speech, you have a voice to elect the candidate of your th choice. Voting is November 4 and for the people here in Southfork the voting poll is located at Country Aire Estates, 38130 McDonald St which is located behind the Raceway gas station on RT 301.

Remember to fly your flag on Veterans Day. Honor the many heroes from all the wars who died for our freedom and peace.

Southfork 1

ewsletter Information Note, any information to be placed in the newsletter, must be submitted between the 1st and 23rd of every month. Please contact the editor ( Phyllis Grossi) at 567-6105 or drop off the information at 11150 Mesquite Dr. All newsletters can be viewed in color on the web site at (click on Southfork at bottom of page) Please contact Jean Matala for any changes, deletions or additions to the calendar by the 20th of each month. Phone number is 523-2001 _____________________________________________________________

Bazaar Update Our bazaar date will be on December 6th. By the time you get the newsletter, I should have all the tables rented. We are collecting nice and gently used items for the White Elephant area. We are not asking for single items for the raffle area, we are doing something new this year. We would like for 3-5 people to go together and make a beautiful gift basket. You should have already received a flyer, explaining this project. Please attend our November 5th Women’s Club meeting and we will have one or two baskets ready for you to get the idea. If you have any questions before the November meeting, you may call me, Mary Bolin @ 352-518-0748. Thank you for your participation in making our Bazaar a success. See you on November 5th at 9:30am.

Sick List Barb Wilson Neva Morris Norman Tierney

Lenny Wilson Bob Fritts Tanya Hahn

Susan Kell Bella Kinney Bob Gaston

Get well wishes to all!


I MEMORIAM This was a great month with no deaths reported! Our condolences to the family and friends!


ew Residents Frank & Carol Albers 11055 Maverick Dr Welcome to our community! ____________________________________________________________________________________

Southfork Semi-Annual Carport Sale Saturday, November 15th from 8am to noon is the semi-annual carport sale. This is the time of year to have your sheds, closets etc cleaned out and try to get rid of things that you don’t know you even have. We will have the early birds who ride around starting at 7am waiting to be the first at your tables. So get started with your set ups the night before and be ready for the first customer who comes along. Good luck to all and hope you sell everything!!!!!

from the Association President The only message I have for you this month is to be sure to vote and pray for our country. Thanks again to Marge Morrison who has done a great job of keeping me informed about board meetings. Ernie PS See you soon!


Association Board Highlights Although we had 96 sign up for the pizza party held on October 11, we calculated that approximately 85 actually attended. It appeared that everyone was satisfied with the menu and Al Albrecht decided to auction off the leftover pizza at the end of the supper--which made for interesting “deals” and added to the festivities. A huge “thanks” to all who so willingly helped out. I hope everyone understands that it is necessary to have a somewhat accurate count when planning to serve food. The only way that can be achieved is by having people sign up in advance! So, when sign-up sheets are posted, it is important that people use them. We would also like to ask everyone to please retain patience, especially with people who are willing to work these functions and who are trying to do the best job for all our residents! Your patience and understanding would be most appreciated at all clubhouse functions. We look forward to seeing you at the pot luck on November 20th, and we hope to include some Thanksgiving goodies!! Out first association meeting will also be held in November, and we look forward to having Ernie Sluder back with us at that time. Many thanks for all the willing help that I have had during the “empty seat” period of time. I am grateful to you all!! Marge Morrison, Secretary ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Association Meeting Monday, November 24th, 2008 Be there at 9am It’s important eed your input Greatly appreciate your support Objective?? Obtain a new bingo machine. With the help of bingo players, management and the association, we will meet our goal. The old machine is about to give out due to hardening of the arteries. Thanks, Netta Tierney ______________________________________________________________________________

ovember Activities November 1st 4th 11th 15th 24 27th


Pancake Breakfast Election Day Veterans Day Semi-Annual Carport Sale (8am to noon) Association meeting (9am) Thanksgiving Day

Check community sign and bulletin board for any additional activities or changes! ________________________________________________________________________

Recipe of the Month LASAGA TOSS (short cut method) 1 lb box lasagna noodles, broken into large pieces 1# ground beef 1 jar (2lb) spaghetti sauce (approx 32 oz) 1 cup ricotta cheese (small container) 2 cups (8oz) shredded mozzarella cheese ½ cup grated parmesan cheese ½ teaspoon each dried sweet basil & parsley flakes Cook the noodles according to the package directions, drain. Meanwhile, in a soup pot cook the ground beef over medium high heat until no pink remains, stirring to crumble the beef, drain. Add the noodles and remaining ingredients to the pot, mix well. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook for 6 to 8 min or until heated through and the cheese is melted. Serve immediately. Sprinkle with grated cheese. ________________________________________________________________________


From orm’s desk Now that most of our snow birds are home, I would like to welcome you all back. It has been a good summer and we hope on keeping it that way. Please be careful about locking the club house doors when you have finished your evening and weekend functions. I have had reports of doors being left unlocked and we don’t want unwanted visitors coming in. When you spill or drop food, please clean it up ASAP. I have had complaints of bugs and have had the building treated, but if you do not clean up your mess, we will still have problems. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration. PS - I MUST REMIND YOU THAT WE DO NOT ALLOW ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR GLASS CONTAINERS IN THE POOL AREA. I have many comments and complaints of people wasting water by allowing their sprinklers to throw water on the street. Please do not waste a precious resource by allowing it to run down the street into the drains. Norm _____________________________________________________________________________________

Hand and Foot Tournament The first annual Hand and Foot tournament will be held in January. The date will be announced in the next 2 newsletters. At the beginning of December, there will be a sign up sheet and there will be a deadline set for the week prior to the tournament. Look for this on the bulletin board in the clubhouse. This tournament will be held on a Saturday. ________________________________________________________________________ WELLESS COMMITTEE

Just a reminder that if anyone gets sick and sent to the hospital or any death in your families, please contact Phyllis Grossi @567-6105. I do not have ESP and if no cards are received after a hospital stay or a death in your family, its not because I forgot, but because no one let me know.

Women’s Club On October 1st, the ladies got together for their monthly meeting at 9:30am. The hall was decorated with Fall colors and it looked beautiful as usual, and was under the committee of Pat Lynch, Dolores Pesch and Ginger Shanbeck. Thanks ladies for a job well done! Shirley Rouer, head of the Charity Committee, is working very hard and a check of $100.00 was given to East Pasco Meals on Wheels and some Supplies were given to Sunrise for Abused Women. Now, we have a big Thanksgiving project under the direction of Carol Barnett and Mary Bolin and there will be 24 baskets of food given to the four (4) Dade City area elementary schools for the neediest families. The Ladies were asked to bring food and the “Turkey and Bread “ will be paid for by the Women’s Club. On December 6th, we will have our Annual Bazaar and we will be needing items for the “White Elephant Table.” The Raffle table will have a new look and we will do a Chinese Auction. Different types of baskets will be raffled off and will be explained more at our next meeting. We will also need donated baked goods as usual. Remember, this Bazaar is the backbone of our club, so Ladies whatever you can do to help us is very much appreciated. The Quilter’s and the Yarn Hooker’s who have worked all year, are now ready for this annual event. Ladies, there is a sign up sheet in the Library - Please sign up for our December meeting. We are going to the Golden Corral for our Christmas Party and we will have our gift exchange like we did last year. The ladies who have a Secret Pal will bring a gift marked with the name of their Secret Pal but not from whom it is (it’s a secret.) The other ladies who don’t have a secret pal will bring a gift saying from whom it is from and will get a gift in return. * ote * - there is a telephone fraud going on in the Park. If someone calls you and say that you owe them some money from an old loan, even if they have your social security number, please hang up immediately! Someone is trying to hit on Senior Citizens and we are retired, (not retarded.) PLEASE, JUST HANG UP! Next meeting is November 5th at 9:30am. See you there. Marielle

Thanksgiving Meals This year the Women’s Club (via Charity Committee) will distribute Thanksgiving meals to 24 Dade City families whose children attend Dade City public grade schools. Need for this assistance will be determined by the four school’s Social Workers. At the November Women’s Club meeting, any woman who did not have the opportunity to select a coupon/s to complete one of these meals (total 132 coupons) can now do so. Each coupon is designated with specific foods to be purchased and returned no later than FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14 to the homes of either Carol Barnett or Mary Bolin. If you have already purchased your food, you may bring it to the November Women’s Club meeting. The club will purchase 24 turkeys and loaves of bread to complete each meal. Details will be given at the November meeting. Call charity committee members Carol Barnett (567-7605) or Mary Bolin (518-0748) for further information. ________________________________________________________________________

Time Change Daylight Savings time ends November 2nd. Set your clocks back 1 hour and at the same time, change the batteries in your smoke detectors! ________________________________________________________________________

THANKSGIVING DAY Thanksgiving Day will soon be here It comes around but once a year If I could only have my way, We'd have Thanksgiving every day.

Game of the Month Euchre On Monday nights at 6:45pm we play EUCHRE and it has become a very popular game. For this game, you play with 5 cards in your hand which can be learned very easily and it is a fast game. It will cost you $1.00 per game and then it is $0.10 per Euchre hand. There are 10 games played of 8 hands. At the end of all the games we have 3 prizes, First, 2nd and 3rd best scores of the night. Come and enjoy, it is a lot of fun! Bid Euchre On Friday evenings at 7pm, we play Bid Euchre and this is a variation of the Classic Euchre game. The main difference is that you bid for the number of tricks you can take per hand and the trump. There is no money involved with this game. We welcome all of you!



Southfork Phone Directory

The deadline for any changes, additions, or deletions of our directory, is by November 15th. Anything submitted after that date will not get into the new directory which comes out in January of 2009. This new directory will for the first time have your home state listed. To date I have about 125 homes with home states and the rest will be blank unless I am notified by the 15th of November. If there are any name misspellings, wrong phone numbers etc. please notify, Phyllis Grossi @ 567-6105 or email me at or with the subject (Southfork.) ________________________________________________________________________

Fall in Florida You know it’s Fall in Florida when:     

You put away your light green bathing suit in favor of your brown one. You can roll down the windows in your car and not run the risk of melting. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of festival celebrating art, food, wine, crafts, history, cans, gourds, aliens etc. You can plant things without them withering immediately. The stores put out the winter holiday decorations, especially Christmas, in October.

Women’s Golf Lady Golfers of Southfork We would like to see any Lady that likes to play Golf, to come and join us at least one (1) day a week. We just go out to have fun and enjoy a lot of laughs. You don’t have to be a terrific golfer and if you need to take a “Mulligan”, its fine with us. We would just like to have you come join us for a few fun hours. We only play nine (9) holes at The Abby-St Leo’s golf course………Anyone interested????? Please give me a call for the days and time we all meet.. Marce Emley at 518-0992 ________________________________________________________________________

Scheduling of the Clubhouse To schedule a function in the Clubhouse, you must reserve the hall with the Association President. In most cases the scheduled association events (such as bingo) takes priority over private party requests. Give at least 30 days to 2 months advance notice for any scheduling and don’t assume the date is available. There is something always scheduled at any particular time at least 6 days out of the week and common courtesy would be appreciated before any function or activity is scheduled. ________________________________________________________________________


Volunteer “Kudo’s” We here in Southfork do not realize how lucky we are to have so many volunteer’s that do so much for the many activities and events happening. One of which is the Library and taken care of by dedicated people to make sure the books/magazines are shelved properly. It is a bigger job than most know and takes many hours to keep the library organized.

I must also give a big “thank you” to the Captains of each street who deliver the newsletter as soon as it is in their hands. These captains are always called upon to deliver not only the newsletter but for other info that can not make it to the newsletter and delivered at other times besides the 1st of the month. There are so many volunteers in so many different categories that I cannot even start to mention all of them. I cannot forget our “Host with the Most” (Sam) who makes sure everyone gets served coffee and he does it all himself. He is our perfect waiter especially at Monday night card games. All of these people are our “unsung heroes” and are never thanked or thought of and they just keep on helping wherever they can. We take so much for granted so when you can, “thank” a volunteer whenever you see them doing something to help us in some way.


Hot Dogs and Hamburg’s!! Hot Dogs and Burgers at Poolside will start Wednesday, November 5th at 4:30pm. Thanks to a group of volunteers who have agreed to help with this enjoyable event. A different approach is being taken this year. In order to keep our cooks and helpers from “burning out” we have decided to establish 4 or 5 “teams” with 4 volunteers to each “team” so that each team will only work one week per month. Members of Team #1, Harvey & Mary Jean Barber, Bob Downs, Aggie Mitchell; Team #2, Tom & Judy Geyer, Gene & Hattie Lane; Team #3, Frank & Carol Albers, Willie Stoever, Mary Price. On this first outing, Colombe Remick has agreed to entertain everyone playing her keyboard. If you would like to volunteer and be a part of this fun group, please contact, Jim Morvatz @437-4782, Shirlynn Collier @ 521-0776, Aggie Mitchell @ 567-7473 or Bob Downs @ 523-2505. Come & enjoy your evening meal with us!

Singles of the Community Thursday October 16th, the night of our Pot luck dinner, was the first time a gathering of this group get together and two (2) tables were reserved. There were approximately 10 people for this dinner and a fun time was had by all. The very first thing that was done when each person arrived was to be given a name tag, well, you can’t imagine the stir this caused….they couldn’t pin the tag on themselves so they had to ask another person to help them get it pinned on and this started the ball rolling for some great laughs and introductions. Everyone brought a covered dish and Jim Morvatz made the best “pork chops” to die for and of course those have to be submitted for the newsletter in the recipe corner. There was a lot of great food and enough for everyone with a lot of food left over and a lot of chatter amongst this group. During the dinner a list of Southfork’s activities was given to each person to look over and maybe some of the people will be interested in joining as a team or a group. So be looking for more information on the bulletin board and for the rest of you (81 single homes) we are looking forward to seeing you at our next gathering. ________________________________________________________________________

SEQUECE RETURS The ladies of Southfork are returning to the card room on Tuesday, November 4th, to play one of their favorite card/board games, SEQUENCE. We don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we just hope you will “elect” to find a time to VOTE for your choice for President that day, but save 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to join us for a challenge to your mind, but with lots of laughs. If you don’t know how to play, we’ll show you - it’s pretty easy and you’ll love it. It’s a seriously fun time - so be there to meet us every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Thanks, Shirley Rouer

BIBLE STUDY The Southfork Bible study, led by Leona Shearer, will begin its fall season on Thursday, December 4th at 12:30pm in the card room of the club house and last about one hour. The starting date will again be in the December Newsletter and on the bulletin board. We will meet briefly in the card room on Thursday, November 20th, at 12:30pm to sign in, get acquainted and receive the first lesson. We look forward to seeing the regulars from previous years, as well as some new faces. Any interested newcomers are warmly invited to join our group. We are non-denominational and everyone uses their own Bible. We will be covering the Pauline letters, starting with Galatians and continuing on in the New Testament. If you have any questions, please call Leona after November 1st at 567-1371. We look forward to seeing you soon! ______________________________________________________________________________

Yarn Hookers The “Yarn Hookers” have been working hard all year long to get ready for the bazaar on December 6th. We meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm all year round. We again this year will be raffling off an afghan made by the members along with many other knitted and crochet items. If anyone has any crochet or knitted items they would like to donate to this group, we would appreciate it and we will add this our table to sale. Besides the items we knit and crochet, we were ask to knit and crochet some “skull caps” for our military overseas which we have done. These caps are put under the helmets of our military to keep their heads warm in below freezing weather while they are out there fighting for this great country. We were told that 10,000 caps were needed by the end of October and we donated approximately 50 to the volunteers who ask us to make them. We are only one small group that were helping to complete this mission. Our small group is also open to outsiders and we have one woman from Blanton and the other from San Antonio who have joined us and have become regulars. They were looking for evening groups of knitters and crocheters to join and we welcomed them with open arms. In any questions, please contact, Phyllis Grossi @ 567-6105

November Sun








1 Pancake Brealfast 8 am - 9 am Cards 6 pm "65" 7 pm TRASH PICK UP

2 Church of your choice

9 Church of your choice


5 Womens Club 9:30am Bridge 12:30 pm Horseshoes 1pm

6 Ladies Golf 8:30 a Water Aerobics 9:45 am

7 Shuffleboard 9a Exercise 1 0 am Nickel/dime pokr

8 Cards 6 pm "65" 7pm

Shuffleboard 9 am Exercise 1 0 am Sequence 1 p Lady shuffle 3pm Cards 6 pm

Burger/dogs 4:30 - 6P Bingo 6:50 pm

Dominoes 1 pm Horseshoes 3pm LadiesShuffle 3 pm Cards 6 pm Yarn Hookers 6:30 pm

12:30 pm Bid Euchre 7 pm







Coffee 8 am Line dancing 10am Nickel/dime poker 12:30pm

Shuffleboard 9 am Exercise 10 am Sequence 1 pm Lady shuffle 3pm Cards 6 pm

Mens Golf

Coffee 8 am Line dancing 10 am Nickel/dime poker 12:30pm Ladies Golf Cards 6:00 pm Euchre 6:30 pm


Cards 6:00 pm Euchre 6:30 pm

16 Church of your choice





Shuffleboard 9a Exercise 1 0 am Nickel/dime pokr 12:30pm Bid Euchre 7 pm

Cards 6 pm "65" 7pm



Coffee 8 am Board Mtg 9:am Line dancing 10 am Nickel/dime poker 12:30 pm

Shuffleboard 9 am Exercise 1 0 am Sequence 1 pm Lady shuffle 3pm Cards 6 pm

Mens Golf


Ladies Golf 8:30 a QUILTING 9 -12 Water Aerobics Bridge 12:30pm 9:45 am Horseshoes 1 pm Dominoes 1 pm Burger/dogs 4:30 - 6 P Horseshoes 3 pm Bingo 6:50 pm LadiesShuffle 3 Pm Trash Pick Up

POTLUCK 5:30 PM Cards 6 pm Yam Hookers 6:30 pm

Shuffleboard 9a Exercise 10 am Nickel/dime pokr 12:30 pm Bid Euchre 7 pm


Cards 6 pm '65" 7pm TRASH PICK UP








Coffee 8 am Assoc Mtg 9 am Line dancing 10am Nickel/dime poker 12:30 pm

Shuffleboard 9 am Exercise 10am Sequence 1 pm Lady shuffle 3pm Cards 6 pm

Mens Golf QUILTING 9 -12 Bridge 12:30pm

Happy Thanksgiving

Shuffleboard 9a Exercise 10am Nickel/dime pokr 12:30pm Bid Euchre 7 pm

Cards 6 pm '65째 7 pm

Cards 6:00 pm Euchre 6:30 pm

30 Church of your choice


Ladies Golf 8:30 a QUILTING 9 -12 Water Aerobics Bridge 12:30pm 9:45 am Horseshoes 1pm Dominoes 1 pm Burger/dogs 4:30 - 6 P Horseshoes 3pm LadiesShuffle 3 pm Bingo 6:50 pm Cards 6 pm Trash Pick Up Yarn Hookers 6:30 pm


Cards 6:00 pm Euchre 6:30 pm

23 Church of your choice

Trash Pick Up

Horseshoes 1 pm Burger/dogs 4:30 -6P Bingo 6:50 pm Trash Pick Up

Water Aerobics 9:45 am Dominoes 1 pm Horseshoes 3pm LadiesShuffle 3 pm Cards 6 pm Yam Hookers 6:30 pm