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January 2008 HAPPY NEW YEAR Dates to Remember: Jan 2 -- Women's Club, 9:30am Jan 5 -- Pancake Breakfast, 8-9:30arn Jan 15 -- Association dues are to be paid to the Secretary Jan 17 -- Potluck, 5:30am, Italian Night, sign-up sheet Jan 2 1 -- Board Meeting, 9am Jan 28 -- Association meeting, 9am. Election of Officers Jan 3 1 -- Steve Jeffiis Entertainment, 7pm, $5 per person (assoc. gets $1 per ticket) See Dot or Aggie to purchase tickets Women's Club: On Dec. 5 the ladies of the Women's Club met together in the Clubhouse to celebrate Christmas. We had a good meeting. Carol Sanborn, Charity Comm. Chairperson, assisted by Shirley Rouer were very pleased with the response of the park people contributing to the Toys for Tots box. It was full of underwear, socks, tooth brushes, 28 pairs of shoes.Thanks for a job well done. The bazaar coordinated by Mary Bolin was a total success. Thanks to everyone who participated. We really have a group of "angels" in the park. Some of you don't make much noise but are there when we need you. Thanks also to Colombe Remick who enchanted us with Christmas carols. I also want to thank our Santa Claus, Jim Peltier, who was very charming and very good in this job. Gifts were exchanged and everyone who brought a gift went home with a gift. There was a catered luncheon served by Tropical Breeze. Thanks to John Martens who went to pick up the food, saving us $35 delivery charge. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and we are looking forward to the new year. Happy New Year everyone!! We will meet again on Jan. 2,2008 at 9:30am. Marielle, President

DUES . . . DUES . . . DUES January 15", 2008 is the last day you can pay your annual Association dues of $15.00. This gives you voting rights and we have election of officers in January. This also covers a lot of our expenses and fun activities throughout the year. You can put your check in the box located as you enter the Clubhouse (under the bulletin board on the right) or call Aggie Mitchell.

Southfork Cruise: So far 8 couples are going on a 7-night western Caribbean cruise on Nov. 16,2008. If there is anyone who would like to join in on this adventure, there will be a meeting at the Clubhouse on Jan. 6" at 3pm or call Kathy Myers if you can't make the meeting at (352)521-3680. Thank You: I'm hoping that 2008 will bring good health to all of us here at Southfork. I want to again "thank all of you" who have called, dropped by to check on me, and sent me cards. I really do appreciate the thoughtfulness. Hattie Lane Get Well wishes: Betty Toney 11043 Mesquite Dr.

Hattie Lane Pat Grossi Bob Downs Dick Collier

1 1 144 Ewing Dr. 11 150 Mesquite Dr. 1 1 1 0 5 Palamino Dr. 1 1024 Mesquite Dr.

Svrnpatl-w Extended to the family of: Frank Pelc, resident in care of Edwinola Retirement Center, 14235 Edwinola Way, Dade City Pete Logoyda's brother passed away From Norm's Desk: Thank the Lord! We are thru another year. It has been a good year and much has been accomplished. Sandie and I look forward to serving you again in 2008. Thank you all so much for the cooperation and kindness you have shown us. Just a couple of reminders . . . first, be sure that you get your lot rent of $302 to our office by he fifth day of each month as the late fees are getting high at $25.00. Please remind any guests that we do not flush hand towels, wipes or any foreign objects down our toilets because it causes problems with our sewage plant. Thanks again for your consideration and have a Happy New Year. Norm Netta's News: Well, are you Christmas and New Years worn out? Hard to believe we are 8 years into 2000. Now it's time for New Years resolutions and dieting from eating all those cookies, candies and pies. I just ran into a member of the Diet Club and she moaned about her lack of will power. She'd made her family's favorite cake for Christmas and they'd eaten half of it. The next day, however, the uneaten half was gone. She cut herself a slice, then another. By the time she polished off the cake, she knew her husband would be disappointed. I asked her what did her husband

say when he saw the cake gone? Oh, he never found out. She said she made another cake and ate half. If you did not get up to the Clubhouse during Dec., you missed how beautifully decorated it was, thanks to Claire Cox, Mary Bolin and Sue Peltier. Also the Assoc. purchased 50 chair pad replacement seats. Andrew assembled them in time for our potluck supper held Dec. 15. Ham and all the trimmings were served, plus a sheet cake and ice cream to about 90 people. The tables were decorated in Christmas cloths with holiday center pieces. Everyone who attended had plenty to eat and a big thanks to all those who helped to put it all together. Also I want to mention that Southfork management will purchase our 6 foot tables for the Clubhouse, the lighter weight ones that are easier to handle. Speaking of management, did you know that Norman (our manager) got run over by a big red motorized reindeer coming toward the Clubhouse Christmas Eve. The golf cart got a dent and the reindeer, it was bent. Norm, no big bruises did he receive, so he said. "Oh, Norm got run over by a reindeer."(the song) That's it; I can't think of anymore lyrics. You people come up with some. If any of you Bingo players missed a few weeks, Rosie and Mary Price won the cookie jar and Bobbie Hahn bought a large sheet cake for Tonya's birthday. We all sang Happy Birthday to her. The cake was good. We also have a few squalking chickens on Bingo night that got roudy when the #11 was called. Now a few eggs have been laid under the table. We do have fun at Bingo. I think a rooster may show up. If our kids could see us there, would they think we were "nuts?" If you have an item for sale on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse and the date is over one month, it has been removed. Please make sure you date the item listed and post it again. Southfork had its annual Golf Cart Parade a few days before Christmas. Hope you all came outside to your driveway and saw us. There were about 15 carts all decorated with garland, bows, bells, and some teddy bears even had some music. And of course Santa Jim Peltier was there. We also had a real baby, Jayden, 10

weeks; also dogs . . one of the latest is Todo, Dot Cady's new pup. Jayden is the great grandchild of Netta and Norm. Also Alex, grand child of Bill and Sandra Kendall. We rode all around Southfork, Blue Jay and even Harmony Heights. Then we went to the Clubhouse for cake, cookies and coffee. Before I close this newsletter out, I want you to put your thinking caps on and figure out what year this was that made the news: "AARP was formed, also NASA, trading stamps in supermarkets, trapeze silhouette dresses, the chipmunk song and the movie Dr. Zhivago and TV's "77 Sunset Strip." All this was 50 years ago in 1958!!! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are Netta celebrating this month! !





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