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August 2009

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AUGUST BIRTHDAYS Kz Bowden Carol Whitmire Ron Lallier Janet Karem Lillian Loy Bee Koenig Elaine Blake Susan Huber Ivan Miller Marcyn Seal Donna Hunt Jane Lallier Joan Brake Gail Seal Helen Tvrdik Irene LoBello Jeff Hunt Alice Metzger Linda Martin Penny Boettcher

August 1 August 1 August 2 August 3 August 3 August 6 August 8 August 8 August 10 August 10 August 11 August 13 August 15 August 16 August 18 August 19 August 22 August 25 August 26 August 29

AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES Jack & Margaret Conley Stewart & Linda Staton Chuck & Bee Koenig Jerry & Joan Butler Chuck & MaryLeigh Osborn Frank & Donna Patton Phillip & Sharon Greenfield Joe & Betsy Hartwick Hank & Connie Marion KZ & Sharon Bowden Dennis & Joanne Casey Tom & Doreen Hughey

8/3/???? 8/3/1985 8/5/1994 8/7/1993 8/9/1959 8/9/1986 8/13/1971 8/13/1983 8/19/???? 8/21/1983 8/21/1960 8/22/1998

NOTICE I am using the most up to date records that I have for the birthday / Anniversary list. If you have been omitted, please let me know so that I may update the records.

The Gator Tales

The Unofficial Newsletter of Lake Hammock Village David Schnopp Editor

MANAGER’S CORNER I know that there have been many questions about when the new coating will go on the roads. The company that is doing the work will send me a work plan before they start. At that point, we will have a meeting at the clubhouse where I will give out all of the information that I have. I want to thank the Homeowner’s Association Board for the event that they put together on July 4th. For those that were unable to attend, you missed a great party. Thanks again.


Bruce Lemay Kay Levinson Renee DeJane Gail Seal Robert Stemple Herman Biba David Schnopp

2010* 2009* 2009* 2010* 2010* 2009* 2010*

Note * Denotes term ends at the end of the noted year.



Dave Johnson

For the newcomers. Do not cross a state highway(Rt 27) with a golfcart. The police will hand out a fairly expensive ticket for this offense. The Editor

“Gator Tales” is available online at:

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Berry Berry Cool Pie



1 can (14oz) condensed sweetened milk 1/c cup lemon juice 1 ½ cups assorted fresh berries (your choice) 1 (8oz) container frozen non dairy whipped topping (thawed) 1 (6oz) graham cracker pie crust

We have now been in the community for one year now.

Just a little note, I hope everyone who came to the Fourth of July party had a good time. I think things went very well and it turned out to be a very nice day. We do look forward to having other events in the future that will turn out to be as much fun.

In a large bowl, mix together condensed milk and lemon juice; combine well. Mix in berries. Fold in whipped topping. Spoon mixture into crust. Freeze five hours or until set. Let stand for 30 to 40 minutes before serving. Keep leftovers covered in freezer.

We would like to thank all of those who have made us feel at home and made our year such a great experience. This is a great place to live. Mary & David Schnopp

As far as I know, the road work will probably be done at the end of July or the first week of August. From what I’ve been told, the patches had to cure. We will be having new road signs that Bill will be putting up after the road work has been completed.


Well, that’s all of the news for now. I hope everyone has had a nice summer so far.

BASIC NAILS Complete Professional Nail Care Acrylic nail, Manicure, Pedicure, Tanning, Waxing and Nail Art

SUNCREST SALES CORPORATION AT LAKE HAMMOCK VILLAGE 36106 Highway 27, Haines City FL 33844 863-421-5764

86 Maxey Circle US HWY27 Haines City, Fl. 33844 Tel: (863) 422-8130 Mon -Sat 9am – 7 pm Sunday Closed

Walk ins Welcome

FAX 863-421-7378

John Bialy (H) 863-422-0521 © 863-956-6540 Nancy Kerrigan (H) 863-421-8854 ©863-207-1492 Kay Levinson (H) 863-422-8543 © 863-206-1675 Rene DeJane (H) 863-421-8561 © 863-242-5400

Bruce Lemay

EDITOR’S NOTE If you have any submissions for “Gator Tales”, I would appreciate it if you would get them to me by the 20th of the month. DSCHNOPP2003@YAHOO.COM 863-353-1804 205 Glen Este Ct

PLEASE BE CAREFUL The roads in the community are shared by cars, golf carts, motorcycles and pedestrians. Please be sure that you look before backing out of your driveway. We don’t want to have any unfortunate accidents. Also, the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Thanks for Listening Mary Schnopp

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Many thanks to those who sent cards, called and visited during my recent stay at Heart of Florida Hospital. Thank you Mary and David Schnopp for looking after our dog Gator when Maryleigh was at the hospital with me. I am glad that I am fortunate enough to be a part of this community.

Thanks Again, Chuck Osborn

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GRANDMA’S ATTIC Barbara Pund chair 93 Reineke 419-8231

Adjustable potty Walker with wheels Queen size aerobed With sheets & pillow cases

Mary Ann Donovan Graco playpen/ Crib combo 72 Sargent High chair 422-3465 Wheelchair with Removable legs Georgianna Palmer 167 Glen Este 419-0097

Adjustable walker with wheels Metal crutches

Jack Connelly 107 Reineke 353-7640

Two strollers

Barb & Ron Cowles Transfer light 94 Reineke wheelchair 353-7336

Plans for this month's events were made with by a very few. Therefore, any Activity planner with new and creative ideas to inspire park folks to participate in happening is needed. Please call of see any LHV HOA board member to volunteer. On the calendar are these events: Sat.-8/1Buffet Brunch at 10a.m. Bring a dish and your table service. It has been suggested to label dishes with the creator's name so others may give credit where is due. Tues.-8/11Ladies'Luncheon at Crisper's on Rt 27N. Carpooling at 11:30. Sat.8/15-Breakfast for All at R-Eatery at 8:30a.m. Sun.-8/16-Movie at 7p.m. We'd like to see more at this gathering. Tues.8/18-our monthly Pot Luck Supper beginning at 6p.m. Please remember to label your dish. Tues.-8/25- Texas Hold'em still going strong at th 6:30p.m. Early Dining Out on Thurs. the 27 completes this month's events. We'll carpool at 4:30 and travel to Long Horn's in Winter Haven. Please note Men's Breakfasts have become a weekly affairs on Thursdays at 8a.m. and remember that Coffee & Chatter continues on Wednesdays at 8:15a.m. As always, hosts and helpers are needed for each happening. PLEASE VOLUNTEER.

REMEMBER WHEN I was asked to tell you about what it was like as a child growing up in WWII. Some of my thoughts are on Cape Cod MA. Do you remember- We collected milk weed pods for Navy life preservers. We also collected tin cans, tin foil and newspapers. We also saved meat fat drippings. Butter was so scarce so this is when our markets came out with Oleo. We remember the yellow button that came in the oleo pack that you pushed and broke and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed to make the oleo look like butter. When in grammar school and doing the Pledge of Allegiance, you would first put your hand over your heart and then stretch out your arm and point to the flag. This was done away with as it looked too much like the Nazi salute. We remember blacking out the top half of the headlights on our car, and ration stamps for sugar, meat, coffee and gas. We took our money to school to buy War Bonds. We grew Victory Gardens. We had air raid drills in school and hid under our desks. There were wardens walking the beaches at night to see if any subs were off shore or rubber boats coming ashore. I know that some German subs did go through the Cape Cod Canal. After the 1944 hurricane we had German prisoners cleaning up the fallen trees. We remember the day FDR dies.

Marilyn Kay Levinson, November 2006







Coffee & Donuts, 8:15am every Wednesday

August 2009 2


Men’s Breakfast every Thursday at 8:00am

4 HOA Board meeting 7:00pm




Saturday 1 Buffet Brunch 10:00am Activities Meeting


Daily Events Recurring 9:00 AM - Water Aerobics or exercises every Mon, Wed, Fri.

Coffee-Donuts-Chat 8:30 AM Every Wednesday

Daily Dominoes – 7 PM Every Wednesday Events Ladies Men’s Bridge breakfast every Mon-7 PM FriThurs. 8:00am 1PM Donna Michigan Rummy 7 – PM Every Friday



11 Ladies’ Luncheon Crispers N –27 Carpooling 11:30am




15 R-Eatery Breakfast 8:30am

9:00 AM - Water Aerobics Cribbageevery – 7 PM or exercises Every Sunday Mon, Wed, Fri. Coffee-Donuts-Chat Board Meets 8:30 AM Every 1Every st Tuesday At 7-PM Wednesday Dominoes – 7 PM Texas Hold’em th Wednesday Tuesday of the month 4Every

16 Movie 7:00pm






18 Pot Luck Supper 6:00pm

25 TX-Holdem 6:30pm




27 Early Dining Out Longhorns W.H. Carpooling 4:30pm





BingoPoker - 7 PM Ladies 7 to 9 PM Every Thursday Every Wednesday Michigan Men’s Poker 7 to 10 PM Rummy – Wednesday PM Monday7& Every Friday Cribbage – 7 PM David Schnopp Every Sunday Editor Staff Board Meets Bob & Gail Roubaud Every Jim & Hazel Van Dyke Richard & Marion Spiegel 4th Tuesday Mary Schnopp At 7-PM Mary Ann Donovan

Lend A Hand Every Tuesday At 1 PM


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