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Sept. 2009

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The Gator Tales

The Unofficial Newsletter of Lake Hammock Village David Schnopp Editor MANAGER’S CORNER

I would like all residents to walk or ride down to the dock area. Take one of the golf cart trails and just look around at nature at it’s best. I went down to this area yesterday and walked out to the end of the dock. The beauty of the area was so wonderful. It makes you feel glad that you live in a place that still has scenery like this. Also, the sunsets are something to see. All I ask is that we enjoy what we have and be thankful we have owners who want to make our park an even better place. Finally, thank you for your understanding during the recent road work and the delays that resulted. Sure looks great now.

David Johnson


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NOTICE . We regret to announce that Oscar Craighton of 53 Sargent street passed away on August 2, 2009. He and his family are in our prayers. The Staff

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My confinement is slowing ending. The knee is healing and I'm moving better. A HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped make this time bearable.--my faithful nurses--Barbara and Mary Ann;my mealmakers especially Joanne and David, and to all those who stopped by, sent cards, called or left the morning paper on my doorstep. As ever,



Thursday, September 3rd, there will be a meeting for anyone who would like to help sell bingo cards or call at bingo. All are welcome.

The President has nothing to say so I thought I would include a historical article for the guys about the Battle of Arnheim. Sixty four years ago, on the 17th of this month, in a bid to outflank the Siegfried Line, three airborne divisions, the 82nd US, 101st US and the 1st British, were dropped from Nijmegen to Arnheim. The US landings at Nijmagen and Eindhoven secured bridges over the Maas and Waal rivers. The British, however, were dropped too far from Arnheim to secure the bridge there. Unbeknownst to the allies, remnants of the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions had been moved to the Arnheim area. These divisions counter attacked the British keeping them from Arnheim. General Montgomery’s plan called for the 30th British Corp to race over the road captured by the airborne forces. This force was seriously delayed by German resistance and did not reach the Arnheim area until the 25th. On the night of the 25th, 2,400 British survivors were withdrawn across the river in boats. 6,450 others were captured by the Germans.

Bingo starts September 10th at 7:00pm. We stop selling cards at 6:50pm. We look forward to seeing you on September 3rd at the meeting or September 10th at Bingo.

The Bingo Committee Marilyn

BASIC NAILS Complete Professional Nail Care Acrylic nail, Manicure, Pedicure, Tanning, Waxing and Nail Art

SUNCREST SALES CORPORATION AT LAKE HAMMOCK VILLAGE 36106 Highway 27, Haines City FL 33844 863-421-5764

86 Maxey Circle US HWY27 Haines City, Fl. 33844 Tel: (863) 422-8130 Mon -Sat 9am – 7 pm Sunday Closed

Walk ins Welcome

FAX 863-421-7378

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The Editor

EDITOR’S NOTE If you have any submissions for “Gator Tales”, I would appreciate it if you would get them to me by the 20th of the month. DSCHNOPP2003@YAHOO.COM 863-353-1804 205 Glen Este Ct SEPTEMBER ACTIVITIES Another month has drifted by and we're approaching the fall season. Can't say that the temperature or humidity give any indication of FALL. Checking the calendar, you'll notice more things scheduled. BINGO's back as are ALL-PARK BREAKFASTS on the list Sat.(9/5) followed by activities planning. YOUR input and help are truly needed!! For Labor Day (9/7), there's a Cook-OUT planned. Bring your meat to grill, a dish to share, favorite drink, and table service. Hopefully, someone will volunteer to man the grill and others will volunteer to host. H O A meeting is scheduled for Tues. (9/8) at 7p.m. with the Ladies enjoying an outing in Lake Wales on Fri.(9/11) Would YOU host our POT LUCK SUPPER on Tues.(9/15) and think of a creative theme? Breakfast at R-Eatery on the 3rd Sat.(9/19)continues as does Early Dining Out. This time we'll enjoy Gary's in Lake Alfred on Tues.(9/29. As you're reading this, please think of some interesting happenings for the park residents and plan on volunteering your time. The small group that faithfully meets to plan events, me especially, is running out of ideas and truly needs YOUR Help. Marilyn

Page # 6 REMEMBER WHEN When entering “Glen Este” , as our park was formerly known, there were no businesses on the Checkers side of the road. However, the owner of Glen Este, Ralph Sargent lived on a hill that was between Checkers and the strip mall. John Reineke, son of Terry Weddington, co-owner of the park, also lived there. Hence, the names of our roads. They lived in a large 2 story house with a barn where all of the park maintenance equipment was stored. When the land was sold, the barn was demolished but Terry Weddington had the house moved down the entrance road to the gate control box, behind the retaining pond and “Kash & Karry” and out to Route 17. Terry had the house remodeled into a boutique and tea rooms. The building now houses attorney’s offices. The first 50 persons to become owners and residents were members of “The Mallard Club”. Their names were on a plaque in the clubhouse. The owners of the park gave new residents a name plate for their mailboxes with their names and the stat4e from which they came. This name plate also had a carving on it of a mallard landing. It was our trademark so to speak. Submitted by Stanley Budzyna in Sept 2006


Barbara Pund 93 Reineke 419-8231

Adjustable potty chair Walker with wheels Queen size aerobed With sheets & pillow cases

Mary Ann Donovan

Graco playpen/ Crib combo High chair Wheelchair with Removable legs Walker, large wheels

72 Sargent 422-3465

Georgianna Palmer 167 Glen Este 419-0097

Adjustable walker with wheels Metal crutches

Jack Connelly 107 Reineke 353-7640

Two strollers

Barb & Ron Cowles 94 Reineke 353-7336

Transfer light wheelchair

Let me know if you have have any medical equipment that you would like to lend to someone in the park who needs it temporarily. Potty chairs, shower chairs, adjustable canes, wheelchairs and walkers. I am also looking for baby stuff like strollers, playpens, cribs etc.

Barbara Pund 93 Reineke 419-8231

BEEF STEW 2 lb. Beef Chunks carrots, potatoes and whole onions (as many as needed) 1 can tomato soup (undiluted) 1 can mushroom soup (undiluted) 1 can sweet peas (including juice) Mix all together Cover pan with foil, do not lift until done Bake for 3 hours at 325 degrees Season to taste


Contact Herb or Donna Hunt

173 Glenn Este Blvd 863-419-9230

Marian Reynolds c/o Patty Todd



September 2009 6

7 Park Cookout 4:00pm

Tuesday 1 HOA’s Board of Director’s meeting 7:00pm

8 LHV HOA meeting 7:00pm

Wednesday 2


Thursday 3 Bingo Volunteer meeting 7:00pm

10 Bingo Begins 7:00pm

Friday 4

11 Ladie’s Outing Lake Wales Carpooling 10:00am

Saturday 5 All Park Breakfast 8:30am Activities meeting

12 “Bonanza” aired this date in 1959

Daily Events Recurring 9:00 AM - Water Aerobics or exercises every Mon, Wed, Fri.

Coffee-Donuts-Chat 8:30 AM Every Wednesday

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15 Pot Luck Supper 6:00pm




19 R-Eatery Breakfast 8:30am

9:00 AM - Water Aerobics Cribbageevery – 7 PM or exercises Every Sunday Mon, Wed, Fri. Coffee-Donuts-Chat Bingo,8:30 2nd Thursday of AM the month Every Wednesday Dominoes – 7 PM Texas Hold’em th Wednesday Tuesday of the month 4Every

20 Movie 7:00pm




22 TX. Hold’em 6:30pm

29 Early Dining Out Gary’s Carpooling 4:30pm




25 Showcase at Lake Ashton Clubhouse 10:00am


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