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February 2011 The Unofficial Newsletter of Lake Hammock Village Tammy Anthis, Editor Lake Hammock Village Homeowners Association Board of Directors 2011 Officers and Directors President:

Richard Gould


Treasurer: Reta Cramer Director: Herman Biba Director: Hank Marion Director: Ron Plouffe

2012* 2011* 2011* 2011*

The Unofficial Newsletter of Lake Hammock Village Vice Pres.: David Lennox 2012* Tammy Anthis,Secretary: Editor Tammy Anthis 2012*

*Denotes term ends at the end of the noted year Committee Chairs Activities (February): Gator Tales: Phone Squad: Sunshine: Welcome:

Marileigh Osborn Joan Lander Tammy Anthis Jane Biba Marilyn Pena Marilyn Smith

“Gator Tales� is available online at:


421-6289 422-2353 353-1959 422-6531 353-1782 421-1018

Manager Notes

Happy Valentine’s Day Congratulations to our newly elected LHV HOA Board of Directors for 2011. I look forward to working with the new HOA Board and I thank our 2010 HOA Board Members for their dedication and hard work and efforts to take our HOA into a new direction. The projected forestry project is expected to start in the middle of February. As it is planned now, we will start moving out the RV‟s and Boats the first of February. I will confirm this with the RV and Boat owners as soon as a „definite‟ start date is known. At our HOA meeting I talked about a real crappy subject…

No, really, it was. I again had to address the continuing complaints about poop…Specifically, dog poop. Even more specifically, the dog poop that is NOT picked up ON residents yards or on the common areas. I was taken aback by a few of the residents „comments‟ made at the meeting regarding our poop problem… one resident said: “I bought in here because the park is a pet friendly park”. Yes, we are a pet friendly park but that does not mean you are exempt from following LHV Rules and Regulations #15 that you agreed to follow as a LHV resident. Another comment… “The only residents complaining are non-dog owners”… NO it is/was not ONLY „non-dog owners‟ that have commented or complained about our poop problem. As one resident stated at the meeting “I am a dog owner and I have complained”. Another resident said to me the next day after the HOA Meeting, “I am a dog owner; I understand that picking up your dog‟s poop is not a very fun thing to do. I don‟t enjoy it…but I have a dog, and with that I believe comes responsibilities. So I pick up after my dog whether it is in my own yard, or while I am walking my dog. I don‟t do it just because it is required by our rules and regulations, I do it because I believe in the Golden Rule of “treat people how you want to be treated” – I don‟t want to step in dog poop and I am sure that no one else does either.”

The ONLY solution to stopping these complaints is easy… just Scoop the Poop! Please collect and dispose of your pets poop. Picking up your pet‟s waste is not only required in our Rules and Regulations #15, it is a neighborly courtesy. Thank you for complying.

Renee` February 2010


February is: In addition to being the most misspelled month, February is a misfit of days from leap year (every 4th year) to its standard 28 days in a collection of 30. February's name comes from the Latin word "februum," which translates to "purification." Given the amount of "purifying" rain that typically falls during this winter month in the Northern Hemisphere, the name seems appropriate. February Symbols~ Many people consider the primrose the special flower for February. The amethyst is the birthstone for February. February is: American Heart Month, Black History Month, Boy Scout Day (February 8th), Dental Health Month, International Friendship Month, National Cherry and Chocolate Month, and World Marriage Day (The second Sunday in February). The Angel of February is Barchiel: February can test our patience and endurance, but it also brings us a myriad of gifts. Its snowfalls turn our everyday landscape into a sparkling fairyland. St. Valentine's Day, celebrating the power of love (romantic or not), falls right in the middle as a signpost for the spirit. And this month, which can seem like the longest, is actually the shortest! Perhaps February is a lesson in perception, in searching for the positive rather than the negative. Call on Barchiel to help you focus on the positive throughout the year.

Recipe for Friendship

3 phone calls a week 2 cups of kindness

1 letter a month 4 Saturdays of Shopping

Mix ingredients carefully take turns stirring Heap with hugs and lace with laughter. Sweeten to taste and sprinkle with smile Bake till memories turn golden.


Holidays in February Ground Hog Day – In U.S. popular tradition, the day (February 2) that the groundhog, or woodchuck, comes out of his hole after winter hibernation to look for his shadow; foretells six more weeks of bad weather if he sees it; spring is coming if he cannot see his shadow because of clouds; supposedly goes back into his hole if more bad weather is coming and stays above ground if spring is near; statistical evidence does not support this tradition. Chinese New Year – "The Chinese New Year begins between January 21 and February 19. The celebration lasts four days. On the last night, people dress as dragons to frighten and delight the children. This year February 3rd begins the Year of the Rabbit. Valentine’s Day - is celebrated on February 14 in most western countries. Young and old exchange cards with loved ones. This custom is hundreds of year’s old, valentine greetings having been found that date back into the 1400's. President’s Day - Presidents' Day dates back to our founding father and first President, George Washington, who was born on February 22, 1732. On his birthday in 1796, when Washington was in his last full year as president, the day became the holiday known as Washington's Birthday. However, Americans didn't observe this holiday until 1832, 100 years after his birth. Abraham Lincoln was the next President to gain reverence similar to Washington. Born on February 12, 1809, Lincoln's birthday was first celebrated in 1865, the year after he was assassinated. Although his birthday was not honored as a federal holiday like Washington's, many states adopted it as a legal holiday. In 1968 Congress passed legislation placing any federal holiday on a Monday, including Washington's Birthday, to create a three-day weekend. In 1971, President Richard Nixon combined Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays into Presidents' Day. It would be celebrated on the third Monday in February, regardless of which day it fell on. Presidents' Day is now viewed as a holiday that pays tribute to both Washington and Lincoln, as well as all those who have served as president.


February 2011 Fun excuses to celebrate this month

1st National Freedom Day

13th Get a Different Name Day

2nd Groundhog Day

14th Valentine’s Day

3rd Chinese New Year

15th National Gumdrop Day

4th Rosa Parks Birthday

17th Random Acts of Kindness Day 18th Pluto Discovered (1930)

Thank a Mailman Day 5th National Weatherperson’s Day

20th Toothpick Day

6th Super Bowl XLV

Love your Pet Day 21st President’s Day

Babe Ruth’s Birthday 7th Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Birthday

22nd George Washington’s Birthday

8th Fly a Kite Day

Be Humble Day 23rd Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Boy Scout’s Birthday 9th Toothache Day

25th Paper Currency introduced in US

10th Umbrella Day

26th Carnival Day

11th National Inventor’s Day

27th International Polar Bear Day

12th Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

28th Public Sleeping Day



     

  

Who was the only President who did not win election to either the office of Vice President or President? Ford. Who was the only President who had served as Speaker of the House? Polk. Who was the largest President? Taft, who stood about 6 feet tall and weighed more than 300 pounds. Who was the shortest? James Madison At 5 feet, 4 inches Who was the only President to serve two nonconsecutive terms? Cleveland. Who held the first regular presidential press conferences? Wilson. Which President was sworn into office on an airplane? L B Johnson. Who was the only person to serve as both President and chief justice? Taft. Which president was sworn into office by a woman? Lyndon B. Johnson by Judge Sarah T. Hughes. Five Presidents have been elected whose closest opponent received more popular votes. Who were the Presidents? John Quincy Adams, election of 1824; Hayes, 1876; Benjamin Harrison, 1888; William J. Clinton, 1996 and George W. Bush 2000. Who was the first President to visit a foreign country while in office? Theodore Roosevelt. Which Presidents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery? Taft and Kennedy. Who were the only grandfather and grandson who both served as President? W. H. Harrison and B. Harrison. Who were the only Presidents to be sworn into office by a former President? Coolidge and Hoover (by Taft). Which President never married? Buchanan. Who were the "two" father and son pairs who both served as President? John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Most recently George H. Bush and George W. Bush. What two former Presidents died on the same day? John Adams and Jefferson. Which Presidents lived past the age of 90? John Adams and Hoover. What President lived the shortest time? Kennedy, 46 years.


                      

Who was the only former Vice President who became President but did not succeed the President under whom he served? Nixon. Which President had the most children? Tyler, 15. Who was the first President to live in the White House? John Adams. Who was the first President to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C.? Jefferson. Who was the first President to speak on radio? Wilson. Who was the first President to speak on television? F. D. Roosevelt. What two Presidents died in the White House? W.H. Harrison & Taylor. Which President served the shortest time in office? W.H. Harrison, one month, 1841. Which President served the longest? F.D. Roosevelt, 12 years, 1 month, 8 days. Which President received the greatest number of electoral votes? Reagan in 1984, 525. Which Presidents signed the Constitution? Washington, Madison. Who was the only President who had a child born in the White House? Cleveland, in 1893. Which Presidents were assassinated? Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy. What other Presidents died in office? W. H. Harrison, Taylor, Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Which Presidents died on the Fourth of July? Jefferson, 1826; John Adams, 1826; and Monroe, 1831. Who was the first President born after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution? Tyler. Who was the first President to ride on a railroad train? Jackson. Who was the only President to resign? Nixon. Which Presidents served as university presidents before their election to the U.S. Presidency? Wilson (Princeton) and Eisenhower (Columbia). Who was the first President nominated by a national political convention? Jackson. Who was the youngest person ever to become President? T. Roosevelt, 42. Who was the youngest person ever elected President? Kennedy, 43. Who was the oldest person ever elected President? Reagan, 73.


Lake Hammock Village February Happenings All the signup sheets for events are posted in the clubhouse.

HOA Board meeting will be on Tuesday, February 1st at 7 PM. Activities Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 3rd at 2 PM. All are welcome. New ideas for activities would be most appreciated. Join us for Super bowl Sunday at 6 PM on February 6th. Please bring a snack/dessert to share and a drink of your choice. Chat, play cards, board games. Enjoy! Tuesday, February 8th at 7 PM will be the HOA meeting. Friday, February 11th will be Dining by the Book at Angler’s Sports Bar on Cypress Gardens Blvd. Carpool at 4:30 PM. Please sign up by the 9th. Bring your favorite dish to the February Brunch on Saturday the 12th at 10 AM. Sweetheart Dance, Saturday, February 12th – 7-11 PM. $8 per person

Early Bird Dining will be at Bob Evans on Tuesday the 15th. Carpool 4:30. Sign up by the 12th.

Reserve Saturday the 19th for breakfast at “R-Eatery 8:30 AM. Sign up by the 16th. Sunday, February 20th will be the date Birthdays and Anniversaries will be celebrated at 6:30 PM. You’re welcome to stay for the movie at 7 PM.


Tuesday, February 22nd is the Potluck Night at 6 PM. It is International Potluck. Please bring a dish reflecting your heritage. Start searching through your family recipes and find your favorite to share with us. Monday, February 28th is the Ladies Luncheon. We will be going to Lavender and Lace in Lake Alfred. Carpooling is early, at 10:30 AM as they can accommodate a group at 11 AM. Sign up by the 22nd. Please remember to sign up for the various activities you will be attending, Hope to see you at the February Happenings. Co-Chairpersons for February Marileigh Osborn and Joan Lander

Catch the bus . . .

Upcoming Bus Day Trips C & D Tours

Saturday, March 5th – J C Cruise’s Franklin Locks Cruise: Come aboard the Capt. J P Paddle Wheeler and enjoy a 5hour scenic cruise along the Caloosahatchee River. The ship offers both open and air conditioned decks with restroom facilities. The triple decked paddle wheeler takes passengers past historic sites and wooded areas, with the opportunity to view native birds, manatees, alligators and other tropical fauna in their natural habitat. Our cruise will take us through the Franklin locks, and on down the Intracoastal Waterway. Cost is $62 per person which includes escorted deluxe motor coach transportation, buffet style luncheon, 5 hour cruise, and driver’s gratuity. Reservations need to be made by February 10th.

Future Bus Trips;

I will post the list at the club house of tours offered by C&D tours and Small World. Let me know if you see any that interest you or if you have any suggestions for future bus trips and C & D Tours will try to organize it for us. Tammy Anthis – 353-1959


HAINES CITY COMMUNITY CALENDAR (For more information call Parks & Recreation Department 421-3700) Farmers Market: Every Wednesday at Railroad Park Friday, February 4th: Movies in the Park, Lake Eva Park 7-9 PM Friday, February 18th (5-9 PM) & Saturday, February 19th (10 AM – 5 PM): Ribs on the Ridge, Lake Eva Park Sunday, February 20th: Music in the Park – Lake Eva 2-6 PM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lakeridge Winery Winefest A $2 donation to outdoor fairgrounds. Winefest is an opportunity to enjoy all the fruits of our bountiful previous year's harvest. Our full range of award-winning table wines, from dry to sweet, are sure to entice newcomers as well as draw rave reviews from longtime devotees. Over 80 local Artists and Crafters are invited to display their work, Enjoy live music on an outdoor stage throughout the entire weekend. Lakeridge wine, beer, soft drinks and a variety of food is available for purchase, along with complimentary Winery tours and tasting. February 18th (10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) February 19th (10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) February 20th (11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)


Celebration Events On Saturday, February 26th, the Artists of Celebration and Lexin Capital will once again host the Celebration Art Stroll. Between 5:30 and 9 p.m., artists will open their easels and invite onlookers to watch as they create oil paintings, charcoal sketches, watercolor, jewelry, knitted textile and more. Participating restaurants, including Imperium Food & Wine and Market Street Cafe on Market Street, will offer their favorite wines to buy and enjoy while patrons visit the artists and listen to live musical performances. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Haines City Community Theatre London Suite by Neil Simon America's premier comic playwright crosses the Atlantic for a suite of hilarious comedies set in a deluxe London hotel, a sedate place until some of Simon's trademark characters check in. Show Dates: February 18-19 & 25-26 @ 8:00 February 20 & 27 @ 2:30

Tickets $10 at the door


AT LAKE HAMMOCK VILLAGE 36106 Highway 27, Haines City FL 33844


Fax 863-421-7378

Sales Staff John Bialy (Home) 863-422-0521 (cell) 863-956-6540 Judy Dixon (Home) 863-421-7244 (cell) 863-325-6846 Kay Levinson (Home) 863-422-8543 (cell) 863-206-1675


The Lakeland Center Groups of 10 or more receive a discounted price. The price shown is the group rate. If you see anything of interest let Tammy Anthis know (353-1959) and I will post a sign up sheet. Feb 16th – Music Man – $41.58 per person Feb 23rd – The Russian National Ballet Swan Lake - $26.05-$41.58 per person Feb 24th – Michael Amante - $34.40 per person March 1st – The Oakridge Boys - $40-$65 March 10th – Frank Sinatra Jr Sings Sinata - $34.40 per person March 17th – The Wizard Of Oz - $41.58 per person March 29th – Marvin Hamlisch - $34.40 per person


USA Presidents Word Search Find and circle all of the United States Presidents that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell an Abraham Lincoln quotation.






February Birthdays

2nd 6th 7th 7th 7th 8th 8th 9th 10th 12th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 25th 26th 27th 27th 28th

February Anniversaries

Caroline Paulovske Charlean Nelson Ed Monfort Sandra Nolan Perky Schmauder Dalep Karem Charles Kemp Norm Helmkay Samantha Greenwell Mary Morin Don Sheets Joanne Casey Ron Boettcher Dorie Maddocks Delores Boran Lorayne Budzyna Margaret Conley Olive Craighton Don Dinio Mary Ann Donovan Anne Marie Curry



Robert & Gail Roubaud 31 years


Dalep & Janet Karem 56 years


Richard Williams & Delores Boran 2 years


Chester & Rita Clapp 54 years


Walter & Cathy Strohmaier 15 years


Joe & JoAnne Lucito 33 years


Roger & Doreene Martell 56 years


Richard & Carol Gould 46 years

Sick List Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers: Gerry Blake – Home Bruce Lemay – Home Mary Jo Burkett – Home Marileigh Osborn - Home Olive Craighton – Consulate Rehab room 107 Gail Seal - Home Darlene Dinio – Winter Haven Health & Rehabilitation Marcyn Seal - Hospital Linda Pierce – Home Joe Thomas – Prayers are with Joanne during Joe’s illness. If you know of anyone that is sick or in the hospital please let Marilyn Pena (3531782) know so she can get a card to them.

Thanks Heartfelt thanks to the following for our successful Christmas Dinner Jeff Hunt & Roger Martell for setting up the tables Lori Johnsen, Doreen Martell & Marilyn Smith for table arrangements Marion Helmkay, Doreen Martell & Kay Levinson for cooking turkeys Georgiana Palmer, June Gratz, & Judy Dixon for cooking hams Reggie Herman for saying the blessing Mary Ann Donovan (December Activities Chairperson) I want to thank Donna Hunt for helping me set up for the New Years Eve Dance and Eileen Lemay for cleaning up after the dance. Also thanks to Donna and Herb Hunt for taking down the Christmas Trees. Tammy Anthis A big thank you goes to Renee DeJane for her support of the 2011 resident directory. She allowed us to use the office copy machine. That made my job much easier. Thanks again, Lori Johnsen We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following gentlemen for their efforts in making my therapy manageable. It was such a genuine act of


kindness. Thanks to Walter Strohmaier who set up this much needed convince which he saw necessary in advance of our own anticipation. Thanks you good friends and neighbors for your co-operation. Barry Anthis Ron Cowles Ron Lallier Roger Martell Lyle Metzger George Palmer Bill Patelunas Richard Spiegel Walter Strohmaier Don VanDeman Bruce & Eileen Lemay

Thank you, Joyce Ladyman We would just like you to know how much we appreciated the way the clubhouse has been taken care of the last six years. You not only did a thorough weekly cleaning, you spruced it up on a daily basis. Thank you so much for a job well done! Marileigh and Chuck Osborn ______________________________________________________________ To all of our friends and neighbors in beautiful, warm, sunny Florida! Maine is certainly beautiful, but sadly, neither sunny nor warm. We have settled in to our new apartment and are slowly finding most of our belongings. We miss our friends and the thought of your long friendship is helping to keep us warm. We enjoyed Lake Hammock Village for fifteen years and extend our thanks for the kindness and care you gave us during those years. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2011. Sincerely, Don & Helen Sheets (15 degrees, two feet of snow, and counting.....)


New 2011 Lake Hammock Phone Directory The phone directory has been updated for 2011. If you have not picked one up please contact Lori Johnsen at 151 Glen Este Blvd., phone number 588-1599 or email –

Reminder I have been asked to print a reminder for residents with fruit trees. When the oranges fall off your trees, please don’t throw them in the wash behind your house. With the rain the oranges then get washed down behind other home owners and becomes an eye sore to them and they end up cleaning up rotten fruit that is not theirs.

Lordex Spine Institute of Polk County Ridge Chiropractic

Dr Chris Raemisch, DC Medical breakthrough ends back pain without drugs or surgery. Call or come for FREE consultation, see if you’re a candidate! 82 Maxcy Plaza Circle, Haines City, Fl



Newsletter Information All newsletters can be viewed in color on the web site at (click on Lake Hammock at bottom of page). Just a reminder any information for Gator Tales needs to be submitted to me by the 20th of every month. Tammy Anthis (Editor) Gator Tales Staff: (863) 353-1959 Nancy Belski 50 Sargent St Mary Ann Donovan Richard & Marion Spiegel ____________________________________________________


January 18, 2011 HOA Annual Meeting Listed below are the officers/directors that were elected at the annual meeting. President: Richard Gould Vice President: David Lennox Secretary: Tammy Anthis Treasurer: Reta Cramer Directors: Herman Biba, Hank Marion, Ron Plouffe We would like to thank Walter Strohmaier, Gail Seal, George Palmer, and Karen Patelunas for all their hard work and dedication during their terms in office.

February 8th HOA Meeting At this meeting the 2011 proposed budget will be discussed and voted on. We need the input of all HOA members as this is your association and your voice does matter. In order to vote on the budget you need to have your 2011 HOA dues paid by January 27th (10 days before the meeting). __________________________________________________

Sweetheart Dance Saturday, February 12th from 7-11 PM will be the Valentine’s Dance with DJ Ron and Arlene Plouffe. It will be B.Y.O. drinks and snacks to share. The charge will be $8.00 a person. The ticket price is to pay for the DJ and make money for our HOA. Hope every one of you will come and invite your friends (inside or outside the park) to join you. ___________________________________________________________________

Lake Hammock Village Yard Sale The yard sale will be held on Saturday, March 26th from 8AM – 12PM. The cost will be $3.00 per carport, and Donna will be around to collect on Friday, March 25th. Donna Hunt (419-9230) has agreed to be the coordinator. She will need the help of the residents to help with food sales, taxi drivers, traffic control. The bake sale is a big money raiser for our HOA fund so we need all you good bakers to donate lots of bake goods for this event. Donna puts a lot of work & time into this event so please help her out by offering your help.


ACROSS 2 God of love 6 Sent with stamp 8 Bouquet 9 Greeting sent to express thoughts 10 Kind of candy 13 Out with

DOWN 15 16 19 22 23 24 25

To wed Presents Due to wed Note occasion Piece of jewelry Going steady Holiday color

1 Wrap arms 3 Moving to music 4 Sweets 5 Pal 7 More than like 11 Love symbol 12 Smooches


14 A flower 17 Month of holiday 18 Fun gathering 20 Term of affection 21 Another name for sweetheart

Christmas Dinner 2010


Christmas Dinner 2010




ALL AMERICAN SELF STORAGE HAS AFFORDABLE SELF-STORAGE UNITS AVAILABLE  Conveniently located one block south of Lake Hammock Village (behind Manny’s

Chop House, The Haines City Police Dept., and right next to the National Guard) at 500 Nilsen St. in Haines City.  We are a clean facility with friendly on-site management.  Coded electronic gate with 24/7 storage access and security cameras  Regular Pest Control  Convenient Office Hours

No security deposits, processing fees, or long-term contracts! With 6 different sizes to choose from, I’m sure our staff can assist you in finding the size to fit your needs and your budget. Move in Now and get your 1st 3 months at 50% off regular price. Continue saving with -Pay ahead 3 months, get the fourth month FREE!!! Visit us online at or Call us at 863-421-4214 or simply Drop by. We are at 500 Nilsen St. Haines City Fl



February 2011 Sunday


Tuesday 1

2 10:00 AM Shuffleboard

7:00 PM HOA Board Meeting 6


6:00 PM Super Bowl Party



9:30 AM Water Aerobics

10:00 AM Shuffleboard

7:00 PM Men's Poker

7:00 PM HOA Meeting

14 Valentine’s Day 9:30 AM Water Aerobics 7:00 PM Men's Poker

20 6:30 PM Birthday/ Anniversary Celebration 7:00 PM Movie 27

21 Presidents Day 9:30 AM Water Aerobics 7:00 PM Men's Poker


15 10:00 AM Shuffleboard 4:30 PM Early Bird Dining 22 10:00 AM Shuffleboard 6:00 PM Potluck

8:30 AM Coffee/Donuts 9:30 AM Water Aerobics 7:00 PM Men’s Poker Dominoes

Thursday 3 8:00 AM Men's Breakfast 2:00 - Activ. Meeting

Friday 4


9:30 AM Water Aerobics

7:00 PM Bingo 10


8:00 AM Men's Breakfast

9:30 AM Water Aerobics 11:00 AM Line Dance

16 8:30 AM Coffee/Donuts 9:30 AM Water Aerobics 7:00 PM Men’s Poker Dominoes



8:00 AM Men's Breakfast

9:30 AM Water Aerobics

7:00 PM Bingo

11:00 AM Line Dance

23 8:30 AM Coffee/Donuts



8:00 AM Men's Breakfast

9:30 AM Water Aerobics

7:00 PM Men’s Poker Dominoes

28 9:30 AM Water Aerobics 10:30 AM Ladies Lunch 7:00 PM Men's Poker


7:00 PM Ladies’ Poker

11:00 AM Line Dance

9 8:30 AM Coffee/Donuts 9:30 AM Water Aerobics 7:00 PM Men’s Poker Dominoes

9:30 AM Water Aerobics


7:00 PM Bingo

4:30 PM Dining by the Book

7:00 PM Bingo

11:00 AM Line Dance

12 10:00 AM Brunch 7:00 PM Sweetheart Dance

19 8:30 AM Breakfast R-Eatery 7:00 PM Ladies’ Poker 26 7:00 PM Ladies’ Poker


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