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Follow us on Facebook It’s no secret that here at Flat White we love our coffee. So for today’s letter I thought I’d give you 20 reasons to drink it:

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15. Coffee turns a bad mood into a ‘isn’t-life-justamazing-and-incredible-and-beautiful-and-full-ofrainbows’ mood.

1. It provides you with a cloak of invisibility which 16. It improves your rate of work. Great for getallows you to do anything, only faster. ting the housework done quicker or completing 2. It fills the time before lunch and before dinner. that important project within your deadline. 17. Unlike alcohol, you can drink coffee and oper3. It’s way cooler than asking for ‘green tea, skim ate a vehicle directly thereafter. In fact, we highly

milk, hold the sugar, to go please’.

4. Good to have after dinner instead of cake. 5. Good to have after dinner WITH cake. 6. It helps you take over the world. 7. It increases the rate in which food is trans-

formed into usable energy. More energy = less fat.

8. Tastes better than water. 9. It’s food for the brain. It improves the fire

rate of your brain, improving your mood, your reactions and your general functional abilities.

10. Ninja’s drink coffee. 11. It’s a great first date drink, rather than wine

which may potentially make you stupid.

12. It smells as good as it tastes. 13. You don’t drink coffee, you die. You drink coffee, you die. So drink coffee.

14 It’s what Mr Miyagi drank just before he

caught those flies with his chopsticks.

recommend that you do just that. Especially if you’re into motorsports.

18. Chuck Norris drinks coffee. 19. Caffeine is a legal stimulant. Which means

you will never have to go to rehab for having one too many espressos.

20. Because life begins… after coffee. Thanks again for all your support. Go on, have some coffee and enjoy the read. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to contribute articles or whether you’d like to advertise in an upcoming magazine. Flat White Magazine - Made with love and a strong cup of coffee. Yours in Coffee,


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Captain Cappuccino loves Duluxe


Deluxe CoffeeWorks

My husband has the pleasure of working for a company that loves good coffee and with people who take it very seriously. With a top of the range coffee machine he is now finding himself making cappuccinos everyday rather than just switching on the kettle. He asked where they got their coffee from and the answer was, ‘well obviously Deluxe’. I urged him to take me and ended up having, what I immediately posted onto Twitter, a coffee-gasm. Yeah these guys know what they are talking about. Here’s what they have to say:

1. How long has Deluxe Coffeeworks been around and who was the brain child behind it? Deluxe Coffeworks was the brain child of, or rather the search for, a good cup of coffee. Judd Francis and Carl Wessel met each other over a couple of drinks in a local bar and realised they shared the same interest in business and coffee. Putting their money where their mouths are they pulled their resources and acquired a small 5kg roaster. They started roasting coffee and blending in Carl’s backyard until they had a blend they were happy presenting to the world. Judd being in the coffee industry for quite some time brings years of coffee industry knowledge that has set Deluxe apart from other roasteries and coffee shops in the almost four years it has been open. 2. Where else do you stock your coffee beans? We supply a large number of coffee shops, restau-

rant, offices and home users all across the Western Cape and Gauteng. Check our website for a full list of stockists. 3. Flat White vs Cappuccino? There is a definite difference in the way they are prepared. Cappuccinos are 1/3 espresso, 1/3 textured milk with 1/3 thick foam dolloped on top. The cappuccino is a very layered drink where the flat white is an even distribution of flavour drink where the milk is lightly steamed and aerated creating a micro foam textured milk, rich and velvety. This micro foam milk is gently poured into the espresso which blends with the espresso resulting in an evenly flavored coffee throughout the cup. A flat white is also stronger as it is served in a smaller cup and uses more espresso than a cappuccino. 5. How much coffee do the staff drink daily? It differs from staff member to staff member from day to day. Most staff drink black coffees or espressos. It’s encouraged that the staff taste the coffee during the day in order to taste the beans and blends and to ensure that the house blend which we serve over the counter and supply people with tastes great every time. But every one enjoys 2 to 3 cups throughout the day. Visit By Christine Bernard (Die Hard Deluxe Fan) Photos by Warren Bernard | Issue 3

Cape Town and all its scenic beauty is home to a rising coffee culture. Amongst the many tourist attractions, Cape Town coffee shop owners have taken coffee roasting and brewing to a whole new level of creativity. A perfect fit in this creative city. drinker the most flavoursome taste experience. Here is Coffey and Cake’s list of Cape Town’s great Their website is full of the wonder of their coffee coffee shops. adventures. Origin 28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant Common Ground Café This is truly one of those “love at first taste” kind 23 Milner Road, Rondebosch of places. Origin is not only known for its deli- Scenically situated opposite the Rondebosch cious coffee but its elaborate tea selection. Head Common, staring straight towards the mountain, on into town and visit Origin for a unique coffee Common Ground Café is the perfect space for a or tea experience, you won’t be let down. Origin mid-morning retreat. The café is run by artisan coffee is also easily available to buy for house- baristas, serving a warm cuppa all day long and hold use. a menu of sandwiches, pastries and light meals. Why not take a walk around the Common and stop into the café for a fresh juice before heading Haas home. 67 Rose Street, Bo-Kaap A coffee shop to match their creative team of ad common-ground-cafe gurus, Haas is a fantastic spot to spend a morning getting through those emails. With a wide range Truth of roasts, namely Colombian, Ethiopian, Brazilian 36 Buitenkant Street, or Prestwich Memorial, and Guatemalan, this coffee shop is definitely a 1 Somerset Road, Green Point must visit. Take a seat out on the street or cosy “Flavour not bitterness. No sugar required” is the up inside to the fresh aromas of brewing coffee. motto that these coffee curators live by, and they are doing a fantastic job at that. Truth is a uniquely Cape Town coffee shop and the guys who run it Bean There are passionate about making good coffee. A trip 58 Wale Street, Cape Town to either of their cafes will leave you hooked and This bunch of Fair Traders have created some- wanting more of their tasty brew. thing remarkable, to put it in their own words, “the finest single origin coffee”. Bean There is a well-known coffee shop, originally from JHB and Motherland since opening in Cape Town as well. Their coffee Mandela Rhodes Building, is uniquely delicious, as all roasts are from one Cnr Wale Street & St Georges Mall country and roasted in small batches to give the New to Cape Town, Motherland is fast becoming

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a new favourite. The detail these baristas put into making their coffee is admirable, from sourcing their beans around Africa, to roasting them to perfection. Motherland Original Blend can be purchased for your home, or you can sit down at the coffee shop and enjoy a freshly brewed cup. Another Fair Trade venture and definitely a coffee shop worth visiting soon. Starlings 94 Belvedere Road, Claremont Set in an old house that has been transformed into a little piece of magic, Starlings is a great Southern Suburbs hideaway. Inside you can enjoy the magical coffee aromas mixed with the goodness of their freshly baked goods, while outside the garden is a calm paradise of fountains and greenery. A recommended must at Starlings is their Flat White coffee and a piece of their delicious carrot cake. Knead Wembley Square, Mckenzie Street, Gardens; Dean Street, Newlands; Palmyra Junction, Claremont; Kloof Street, Gardens Knead is a popular café throughout Cape Town. Its freshly baked selection of breads is what it gets its name from, and its tasty food and rich coffee roast is no wonder this café is a favourite. Using African only beans, Knead really does serve up a great coffee, be it on the go or paired with a delectable treat from the bakery. Orchid Café 23 Wolfe Street, Chelsea Village, Wynberg In amidst the narrow streets of Wynberg is a

TASTE hidden gem. The Orchid Cafe is a quaint little spot that boasts the most delicious baked goods as well as a wonderful mix of coffee blends. The Orchid Cafe is attached to Homework clothing store and its vanilla fragrance is only the start to what will lure you in to this magical haven of tarts. Wynberg Village is a wonderfully unique area to Cape Town and it is worth taking time to stroll around the streets and through the parks, ending with a cup of coffee at the Orchid Cafe. Olympia Café 134 Main Road, Kalk Bay This corner café is most popular amongst Capetonians and best you arrive early as there is usually a wait before you can get into the café. Do yourself a favour though and wait, because Olympia Café not only boasts charming décor to match its seaside location, but they serve up warm, buttery, baked goodness that will make your Kalk Bay adventure even more worth it. Editor’s Note: Deluxe CoffeeWorks is another coffee shop worth mentioning! See Issue 4 for JHB’s Top 10 Coffee Shops By Coffey and Cake - Coffey and Cake is a blog delving into the delicious world of coffee, cafes, sweet treats and the good things in life. LIKE the Facebook page to find your next coffee fix (www. or follow the blog | Issue 3

c o f f e e c o z a

The coffee culture has taken over South Africa by storm and it has become something that we have all come to love, want, and let’s face it.. need. Nothing quite like that first cup of coffee to kickstart the day. I would love to introduce to you an ecommerce website that allows you sit back in the comfort of your own home, and with just a click of a button order delicious coffee (or tea or hot chocolate if you will). is a flourishing ecommerce site who cater for this ever expanding coffee need in South Africa. They strongly believe in customer service and providing the everyday coffee lover with a platform to buy the best beans! Their beans are brought in from around the world from Origin estates and freshly roasted for delivery to your door. The way you want it - Beans, Espresso or filter ground and even flavoured coffees. Their website, is very easy to navigate and not only can you get your coffee freshly delivered to your door, but you can also order from their range of coffee machines. I say if you’re going to drink coffee you might as well drink Follow them on Facebook: it right! And now here is a place where you can do it all, without every leaving your couch (only to open the door and let them Like them on Twitter: @Coffeecoza in!). This is a company that not only knows what they Or view their website: are talking about but is also incredibly passionate about it. With constant good caffeine runFlat White Magazine would like to ning through their veins, who wouldn’t be! apologise for a misprint in issue 2. Please note that Espresso Concepts and are two separate companies. Enjoy your coffee? Then support these guys and is not owned by Espresso Concepts. order yourself some of the good stuff. Please visit or for some amazing coffee! | Issue 3

TASTE “This coffee falls into your stomach, and straightaway there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move like the battalions of the Grand Army of the battlefield, and the battle takes place. Things remembered arrive at full gallop, ensuing to the wind. The light cavalry of comparisons deliver a magnificent deploying charge, the artillery of logic hurry up with their train and ammunition, the shafts of with start up like sharpshooters. Similes arise, the paper is covered with ink; for the struggle commences and is concluded with torrents of black water, just as a battle with powder.” - Honoré de Balzac | Issue 3 | Issue 3


YUM! Easy Lemon and Vanilla Curd

Recently we found ourselves in the happy situation of having too many lemons. Feeling very “domestic goddess” like and pretending I lived in an English Manor, it was decided that what we needed was home-made lemon curd, and scones.

I found a basic recipe, and as I’m vanilla-obsessed, thought the addition of fragrant, fresh vanilla would be a welcome addition to the tangy curd. It was ridiculously easy to make - no worrying about curdling or splitting - just thick, creamy lemonfilled goodness at the end of it. We enjoyed it with scones and butter - and subsequently on bran muffins for breakfast, as a filling for lemon macarons and on flapjacks. I’ve yet to try it as a sandwich filling for cakes - but it’s on the list.

• 3 free-range eggs, plus 1 free-range egg yolk • Seeds from a vanilla pod Method: Place a saucepan of water (about 4 cm deep) on a medium-high heat, until simmering Place the lemon zest and juice, the sugar and the butter into a heatproof bow and place this over the saucepan of water - making sure the water doesn’t touch the base of your bowl. Stir gently and constantly until the butter has melted.

Lightly whisk the eggs and egg yolk and stir them into the lemon mixture on a gentle heat. Whisk until all the ingredients are well combined, then continue to stir gently with a whisk or wooden spoon for 10-15 minutes, until the mixture is creamy and It was our first lemon curd adventure - but it won’t thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. be our last. I now can’t imagine not having a jar of this in the fridge - kept safe in a Consol jar, it will Remove the lemon curd from the heat and set last for a good few weeks. It has now also started aside to cool, stirring occasionally as it cools. Once us thinking of lime, grapefruit or granadilla curd - cooled, spoon the lemon curd into sterilised jars and seal. Keep in the fridge until ready to use. watch this space. Ingredients: • 4 lemons, zest and juice • 200g caster sugar
 • 100g butter, cut into cubes

By The Gorgeous Gourmet Twitter: @GorgeousBlog | Issue 3



flat white

The Flat White, a coffee drink, is gaining traction in Cape Town; becoming an ever popular flagship of specialty coffee and what follows is an attempt to bring some meaning to the term, and hopefully demystify much of the ‘legend’ surrounding the Flat White.

According to Warren Machanik of Quaffee, “it is what most [people] call a cappuccino, but in Australia and South Africa it means an espresso with fine micro foam milk added, preferably with some sort of latte art, that proves the foam is of a micro version.”

The questions are simple: (a) what is a Flat White? (b) What are the origins of the Flat White? (c) What makes it different from other coffee drinks such as a cappuccino or latte? and (d) why is it becoming so popular in certain coffee circles?

A few things emerge here in an attempt to define. Firstly, there is the question of ristretto versus espresso. Secondly, volume seems to be a key factor, and lastly this thing called micro textured milk.

Where does one begin to answer these questions? The logical approach would be to talk to the coffee practitioners themselves; the roasters, baristas.

I think it is safe to assume that most people have an idea of what an espresso is. To be more specific a single espresso is typically 25-30ml and a double espresso is 50-60ml. A ristretto on the other hand is argued as the purest pore of espresso amongst coffee geeks. It is a very short shot of espresso where the goal is to achieve a fuller, bolder, less bitter taste. The volume of a ristretto is 20-25ml, only slightly shorter than a single espresso.

What I thought would be a straightforward exercise from which would emerge a clearly defined paradigm of a Flat White turned out to be quite the opposite. Trying to elicit a clear and concise definition of the Flat White including its history was like asking someone how long a piece of string is. Micro-textured milk is achieved by denaturing milk proteins by heating the milk to a particular temperAccording to Jake Easton of Tribe Coffee a Flat ature (the 70-80C that Jake mentioned). Any hotter White “is a drink prepared with a ristretto shot than this and the proteins begin to break down re(single or double) and milk steamed to between 70 sulting in foamy milk that most people are used to. – 80C with micro-textured foam in a cup no greater Micro-textured milk is a sweeter more velvety milk than 190ml.” that resembles wet paint in appearance. According to Zane Mattisson of Koldserve a “Flat White in Cape Town is a double shot espresso (60ml) with micro-textured and silky milk filled to around 210 – 230ml (depending on the cup) that’s prepared to a ‘perfect’ drinking temperature to enjoy immediately (as opposed to waiting half an hour). Some still want a single-shot and it’ll still get called a Flat White.”

Based on opinion, a Flat White is a single/double shot of espresso/ristretto and micro-textured milk to the volume of 190-230ml. Zane Mattisson elaborates further on volume by stating that “it should be about ratios where the percentage of coffee coming through stays at a ratio of 1:4 (ish)… or 30ml espresso to 130ml milk… or 60ml espresso to 170ml.” | Issue 3

TASTE Where did the Flat White start and how is it different from a cappuccino or latte? Cuth Bland of Bean There Coffee Company put it best. Her response to the question on the origin of the Flat White: “Once upon a time…it started in Australia and New Zealand.” That is all there is to that story. There are no legends of profound discovery. Every answer was simply Australia and New Zealand.

“a cappuccino (or Flat White if you what to be fashionable) is when you add milk to an espresso, and a latte is when you add an espresso to milk. The one blends the flavours the other does not. This however is all negated if people add sugar and stir, since then they will taste the same.”

According to Cuth Bland, “none of these drinks have a clear definition.” She says, “if I order a latte, the cup size doesn’t really matter, I’m expecting a fairly weak coffee taste and not very much foam on top.” “If I order a cappuccino, I'm expecting anything from a small cup to a large cup, made with something like an equal proportion of milk and foam, the coffee taste should be prominent but the drink as a whole might not be very creamy.” “If I order a Flat White ... I am expecting a small cup with a very tasty, creamy coffee beverage inside. My expectation for a tasty drink is higher when I order a Flat White.”

Therefore, in closing, what is a Flat White and how is it different? I don’t really know. You see where the ‘how long is a piece of string’ philosophy is fitting in.

Warren goes on to point out that the term ‘Flat White’ is mainly used in the USA, Australia, New An anti-climax of sorts so we will swiftly move to Zealand and South Africa and what South Africans the next point. How it is different from a cappuc- are used to as a Flat White is simply called a capcino or latte? puccino in most of Europe.

Cuth says, “it doesn’t have 60 years of Italian history behind it, and I imagine that the definition of the drink is narrower so my range of options is limited to mostly tasty with a possibility of disappointing… as opposed to “I have no idea what I’m getting, it could be a disaster.”” In essence the differences are this. “A cappuccino has dry foam over the top and a latte is represented by a larger proportion of milk to coffee,” according to Jake Easton.

I will close by doing something that you are never supposed to do, which is introduce a new idea in your conclusion. The “Flat White is considered “the” marker for 3rd wave coffee professionals. If you’re serious about coffee and do not serve a Flat White you’re not considered serious about the revolution we’ve all embarked upon,” according to Jake Easton. Cuth Bland says it “can really be a showcase for a barista's skills - good control of the espresso extraction will make a sweet, tasty base for the drink but then good control of milk steaming and pouring will make a truly visually appealing piece of artwork for the customer to oooohhh and aaaahhh over.” I think the real answer to the question lies in accepting that there are no hard and fast rules in the coffee making business and that a better way to define the Flat White is in a cultural phenomenon such as 3rd wave coffee.

Zane Mattisson says, “A Flat White is a type/cousin of the cappuccino; all Flat White's are cappuccino's In the next issue I will explore this further and dig but not all cappuccino's are Flat Whites (just like in deeper into the cultural elements at play here. dogs, all Labrador's are dogs, but not all dogs are Labrador's).  The difference is in the texture of the To be continued… milk, and sometimes in the amount of espresso.” By Carl Anthony Badenhorst Warren Machanik says a cappuccino and Flat White should be the same. As far as Warren is concerned Twitter: @carlbadenhorst

Don't be flanked by "forbidden food" I lived with the exhausting physical side-effects of eczema, sinusitis, asthma, headaches and IBS as well as the debilitating emotional impacts of these diseases for many years. So, finding out that the solution was simply to cut out certain foods came as a relief and not a burden.

although similar to those of an allergy, only present themselves over a prolonged period of time. An elimination diet is the only way to determine what may be the cause. The severity of the symptoms and amount of food needed to trigger the reaction varies from person to person for both.

Firstly, it is very important to distinguish between a food allergy and a food intolerance. I mention this as most people confine themselves to continuous suffering when an allergy test comes back as negative, believing that it cannot be food leading to their suffering - effectively giving up when in reality they are most probably still intolerant.

Although an allergy can be treated with certain medications such as epinephrine (adrenaline), antihistamines and steroids I believe the simplest solution to either an allergy or an intolerance is to completely eliminate contact with the problematic protein. I am lucky as I am only intolerant to wheat. Many people suffer from multiple food allergies which can include anything and everything from A food allergy is an adverse response to a food pro- wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, shellfish, soy and beans tein; the body effectively thinks it is under attack to chicken. The list is endless and random. and the immune system responds by sending out white blood cells to fight, causing the allergic reac- Many people become overwhelmed when they tion, with symptoms presenting themselves almost are diagnosed with an allergy or an intolerance. immediately. Diagnostic tests, which include a skin My advice here is to concentrate on what you can prick or blood tests, can be done to detect whether eat rather on what you cannot. When your slew of a person is allergic after which the disease can be health issues become a thing of the past this lifetreated but there is no cure. Symptoms affect the style change is so obviously worth it. What I have skin (rashes, hives, dermatitis and eczema), respir- also found is that in restricting my diet I have found atory tract (nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma and more food and ingredients than I ever could have coughing) and gastrointestinal tract (mouth ulcers, imagined with which to experiment. It has only cramps, nausea, bloating, gas, diarrhoea, constipa- been a year since I decided to cut wheat from my tion and IBS). diet so most of these discoveries have been online on the many adventurous and exploratory blogs I An intolerance results from the absence of specific now frequently read and I have yet to translate all chemicals or enzymes needed to digest a food sub- the recipes into actual meals at home. What I have stance and is chronic rather than acute. An intoler- done though is collate restaurants that are "glutenance is more difficult to diagnose and symptoms, free" friendly that I have visited and I have one or | Issue 3

TASTE cake and biscuits but this protein is a lurker. It is found in spices, thickening agents, soya sauce, prepared soups, salad dressing, some alcoholic drinks, gum, sweets, ice-cream and even some prescription medications. It is important to always question what you are eating and where and how it has Eating gluten-free is a life-style, not a diet. This is been prepared as cross-contamination can be a sebecoming easier as the prevalence of this choice rious issue for people who experience severe sideof diet is increasing every day and as a result the effects from ingesting this protein. availability of gluten-free products and places catering for this life-style is on the rise. Some eat If you have been diagnosed with a food allergy or gluten-free to treat celiac disease, an autoimmune suspect that you might be intolerant I definitely recdisorder triggered by gluten. Some experience ommend that you find some blogs which specialnon-celiac gluten-sensitivity (we have come full ise in allergy-free cooking. It was through reading circle to the point made about the differences be- other people's journeys that my attitude changed tween allergies and intolerances here). Fad dieters to carefully consider what I eat every day and it is who think eating gluten-free will help them to lose thanks to these blogs serving as major inspiration weight must remember that gluten-free eating that I realised there were so many new, tasty and isn't inherently healthy as gluten-free processed different foods out there. As I have mentioned, foods are often low in fibre and nutrients like calci- this was the major ancillary benefit of discovering I um and Vitamin D. Like any diet, it should be varied would have to control my health through diet. and whole-foods must always be considered first. I eat gluten-free as all gluten-free food is wheat-free So do not become flanked by "forbidden food", rather create and discover with something that although not all wheat-free food is gluten-fee. is of the utmost importance to living a great life; Even though there is an abundance of gluten-free whole-food. products available today, it can still be challenging to eat this way due to the higher cost of these By Tamzin Nel products and because of the ubiquitous nature of gluten. Gluten is a protein found in foods pro- Twitter: cessed from wheat and other grains. The obvious products that contain gluten include bread, pasta, two recipes, although this might be too strong a word for my attempts, on my own blog under the category "Free Food". I love the idea of calling it free food; the essence of accepting this lifestyle change is realising that it should not be restricting.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring recipe to make this weekend, or want to order a delightful treat to share ! visit and make life more delicious. | Issue 3

We asked you: Do you have a tattoo?

35% said YES 65% said NO | Issue 3

CREATE Warren Bernard | Issue 3

Pet Photography Debonair (ish) style I’m an Irish photographer (South African really, living in the North of Ireland), having moved over here some 6 years ago on a kind of spur of the moment idea that was not preconceived. It’s one of those instances that just kind of happened by accident as a result of a suggestion at 22:30 one evening, while enjoying a glass of wine on a Thursday evening.

surprisingly not.

So that got me thinking about doing things a little differently to the other photographers in my area. I decided to include the owners in the photos and to shoot the pets with a more Debonair (ish) style. In today’s market of being a professional photographer, and I don’t mean professional because you get paid for it but rather a true professional in the I’m a Landscape, portrait, wedding and pet pho- way you craft your art, is now more vital than ever tographer here on the North Coast. I spotted this before. really outstanding pet photographer based in Las Vegas that blew my mind. Here’s why: She man- So I now shoot pets in a different way. But photoaged a portrait session with four people, a great graphing pets is not as simple as you may think, dane, poodle, miniature horse, duck, chicken and there is a definite psychology behind photographtwo rabbits. I kid you not! and the whole session ing them and if you know how to work with them, took place live on the internet for all to see. Chaos? shooting a studio full of farm animals is a definite

CREATE possibility. It’s getting to know how that’s the inter- the pets sit on for my Debonair(ish) style portrait, but it does depend on the type of pet you have at esting part. the time of the shoot. Although it is a natural instinct to fuss over the pets, this is actually rule number one of what NOT to do. In terms of my lighting set up, I use two small If it’s a nervous pet then fussing over the pet only Elinchrom D Lite100s, one at full power and the makes it more nervous. The key here is to ignore other about 1 stop lower, one slightly higher than the pet and wait for it to come to you. By ignoring the other set at about 45 degrees. It’s important the pet you allow them to enter a bored like state, to make sure you have catch lights in both eyes as thus making them more responsive to the differ- it gives them more life. If I’m shooting a pedigree ent sounds that you make. When the pet hears animal for a client I would pay more attention to the sounds it becomes really curious, the ears perk the lighting depending on the mood I’m trying to up and it wants to know what the sound was and create and the type of dog. People who bring pediwhere it was coming from. It is at this point that gree pets for shoots have paid a fair price for that you need to be ready to grab that shot, and you pet and so would appreciate the attention to detail only have a few seconds to do so. I shoot holding on their portraits. the camera with one hand and whatever I use to make the sound with in the other hand. It’s some- And remember, for a lot of people their pets are thing you just become used to and although it may like their children, so treat them as you would a be awkward at first it works better than shooting family member! And don’t forget the doggy treat. on a tripod because your conditions are changeable. By Valiant Fotography Generally you want to shoot the pets off the ground Visit my website at so a big box covered in a nice material is great with Like my facebook page, search for valiantfotograa nice background. I use our local curtain store to phy and hit that like button. If you thinking about find a great looking material with a good pattern visiting Nortern Ireland hit me with an email, we also run a B&B which doubles as my Gallery, and colour. Find something that works for you. I also use an old retro style telephone chair that

My name is Carl Anthony Badenhorst and I am a freelance writer specialising in topics pertaining to coffee, culture, creative industries, education, learning, and anything I find interesting. You can read some of my work at Email me at to discuss your writing needs. | Issue 3

CREATE | Issue 3


It’s not often you get to meet your Twitter friends, and so it was with great pleasure that I got to meet the Schwarzie sisters, who are even more talented and lovely in real life. We share similar passions for coffee, jewellery and stationery. Although while I just admire the jewellery and stationery they actually make them. They tell stories through design and a lot of their work stems from things that they have experienced in life, such as travel. Schwarzie thrives from working one on one with clients to design something unique, whether in a piece of jewellery or stationery: its all about adding a personal touch, conveying the clients story. They brought some of their work to show me and I was quite literally blown away. I immediately bought two greeting cards from them, one for my husband and one for a friend, and I already have my eye on quite a few jewellery pieces. Better yet, their work is very unique, and they have stayed away from growing trends that a lot of other designers are following. Instead they are their own brand, and it is easy to spot a Schwarzie because of this. Here are two girls that believe in living life in full colour, and it is this great love and passion for life that seeps through into every design that they create. Visit to view more By Christine Bernard | Issue 3

CREATE | Issue 3

Trash the Dress there are no limits on this type of shoot, inevitably people start getting creative. For instance those who have country, vineyard or bush weddings can have their second shoot on the beach or near water if that’s another life-love of theirs. Water means way more fun! It means water fights, action sequences and lots of sand sometimes but all in all What people do not realize is that there are huge it is great fun. time constraints placed on the couple and their shoot time on their day, so what some couples de- So far in our Trash The Dress adventures we have cide to do is have a second creative shoot. Because had girls under waterfalls, on the beach, food This is also known as rock the frock or wreck the dress and sometimes its fun titles gives the fun shoot a bit of a bad reputation. Essentially what the concept involves is doing something in your wedding dress that is near impossible on the actual day. | Issue 3

CREATE fights and even paint balloons and water guns. These special shoots allow the couples to release their inner craziness and wear their special dress one more time. The nice thing about wetting a dress, unless it is raw silk or other shrinking fabric, is that you can laundry the dress properly after the shoot and it’s ready to be stored, worn or sometimes even resold again. From the photographers point of view, the awesome thing about a Trash the Dress shoot is that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the extra time and the game attitude from the client to just do whatever will get the shot.

photo competition and has now received the title of The SA Wedding Show and The Burger (Newspaper) Photographer of the Year. If that couple had not been prepared to go the extra mile, Adrian was not prepared to get himself and his equipment damp and the couple had not scheduled the photo-shoot after their wedding day, can we safely say, there would have been no winning image on that scale? It is so worth it to have a bit of fun in your wedding dress again! One thing that needs to be done is for people to visit Adrian’s Facebook page at www. and to stay tuned to an even more outrageous trash the dress shoot that will be hitting his timeline soon.

Recently at the South African Wedding Show at CTICC in Cape Town Adrian submitted his well- By Jaimi Shields with the extensive help of her talknown image of Megan and Ross Dow on the pipe- ented man, Adrian Shields line type pier on Anstey’s Beach near Durban to the

DESIGN w WWW.SKRIF.CO.ZA | Issue 1 | Issue 3

DISCOVER My parents came to Cape Town for a three week visit and they were very keen on a trip to Franschhoek. Being of French descent they were always intrigued by this beautiful part of the world, known as the French Corner. We started off the trip by firstly stopping off at Hidden Valley for some much needed wine tasting. It was a great start to the holiday and we were all transfixed by the view that this venue has to offer. The wine tasting was done by a lovely lady who gave us ample time to enjoy every part of the tasting experience. Two cheese platters later and we were ready to go on to our next destination, two bottles of wine in hand. After a scenic drive we arrived at our destination, Plumwood Inn. What a gorgeous spot, and the perfect place to relax during our holiday. The hosts and the manager were all very friendly and by the end of our stay we all knew each other quite well. They were constantly on hand to stock us with good coffee and happy to answer questions about where to go and what to do. Great service and definitely a place I recommend everyone visits. During our stay we tried a few other wine farms, my favourites being: Leopard’s Leap – a more modern looking farm, with a delicious buffet lunch on offer. Vrede en Lust – these guys were incredible. Four people or less and your wine tasting is free and they were certainly not shy when it came to the tastings. We ordered a cheese platter at an attempt to line our stomachs, and before we knew it the conversations were flowing and laughter abounded. Some wine farms were not as accommodating and because of this I will not give them a mention. I will, however, say that if you do own a wine farm and you want people to come back then make sure you are friendly and that you give your customers time between each tasting. Never make them feel rushed and always put a smile on your face. For the places that I listed above, well done on making us feel so special and we will be back! Our time in Franschhoek was a relaxing one. The beauty surrounds you, making you really feel like you have stepped straight into another world, another lifetime. I loved the laidback feel of the place, the quaint shops, the creative spots, the delicious cafes and restaurants. I want to go back, perhaps in summer when the flowers are in bloom and the olives and grapes are bursting with flavour. No matter what season, though, Franschhoek is worth the visit, a little corner of heaven. By Christine Bernard Photos by Warren Bernard Plumwood Inn: Hidden Valley: Leopard’s Leap: Vrede en Lust: | Issue 3 | Issue 3


“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien | Issue 3

My Top Cape Getaway Destinations I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the World and although I love overseas travel, Cape Town will always be my home and where my heart is! These are a few of the wonderful areas that we as a family love to visit:

The West Coast – My favourite spot up the West Coast, Jacobsbaai, is probably a bit of a biased choice, as it is where our family holiday house is but the West Coast is such a magical, unspoiled piece of Coast line you cannot help but love it! Spending just a few days there is wonderfully relaxing and good for the soul! Jacobsbaai is approximately an hour outside of Cape Town, in the direction of Vredenberg. As I mentioned we have a beautiful family holiday home there, decorated in distinctly beach style decor, which allows the space to be both tranquil and luxurious! It truly is a beach-lovers paradise and wonderful for family holidays. It is also the place you will witness the most stunning sunsets! Other popular holiday spots up the West Coast are Langebaan and Paternoster.


a beautiful town steeped in history and renowned for good food and wine. It is wonderfully romantic and the perfect spot for a weekend away to reconnect with a loved one but equally good for a family holiday. Accommodation in the area is plentiful, with many quaint guest houses, self-catering cottages as well as luxurious boutique hotels; offering travelers many options when visiting the area. One of the most enjoyable places we have stayed at, was Rose Cottage, on the most picturesque Burgundy Bourgogne Estate. The cottage is four-star, self-catering luxury; it has an open plan kitchen, lounge dining room and an exquisite master suite.

Hermanus – Is a beautiful sea-side town, in the Overberg, which forms part of what is more commonly known as the “Whale Coast”. We love visiting the area and if you are lucky you may even get to see a few whales while you are there. If you are planning a trip to Hermanus, the end of September is a good time to go. You can enjoy the renowned annual Whale Festival, which is a great deal of fun! It can get very busy during this time of year, so prebooking accommodation is essential. There are Franschhoek – Is one of my favourite holiday des- many great restaurants to choose from – most of tinations in the Western Cape. It is approximately them, with a view of the sea. an hour’s drive, travelling on the N1, from Cape Town. “Franschhoek” meaning ‘French corner’, is Knysna - The Majestic Garden Route is definitely a | Issue 3

very popular holiday destination in South Africa, especially for families. Knysna is one of our favourite Garden Route spots and is approximately six hours by road. Although a long trip, the Garden Route is wonderfully scenic and there are lots of things to see along the way. We enjoy staying on Leisure Isle when we are holidaying there and if you are fortunate enough, you can rent a home directly on the Knysna Lagoon. It offers the peaceful tranquility

of island style living, with the most amazing views and the town is a mere 10 minutes away by car. The area is great for families – children can happily bike ride around the island or potter on the Lagoon when the tide is out. Another popular location in Knysna is Thesen Island, a Martha’s Vineyard style development and a very popular choice for holiday rental. We have stayed there in the past but I still prefer the peace and tranquility that Leisure Isle | Issue 3

DISCOVER offers. The marina on Thesen Island sports many wonderful shops and restaurants and a boutique Hotel, catering to a holiday makers every need. Gansbaai and De Kelders – Last but certainly not least, is one of our more recent adventures to Gansbaai and De Kelders. In April we spent a weekend at the gorgeous Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, which is situated on the Whale Coast, approximately 13km outside of Gansbaai in the Cape. The drive can take anywhere from 2 to 2½ hours from Cape Town, depending on the traffic. You can either travel over Sir Lowerys Pass and through Hermanus or take the more scenic coastal road. We have stayed in De Kelders before but I must admit the view, across Walker Bay, is like nothing else you will ever experience! Across the bay, the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see! True natural beauty! The Reserve is a truly wonderful place for nature lovers and they also offer a Fynbos Flower Safari, Guided Walks and Birding Tours to name just a few of the “Nature” focused activities offered to Grootbos guests. One of the great things about Grootbos is that they offer a host of great activities, which appeal to guests of all ages, from exploring the natural wonders of the reserve, to beauty treatments, horse riding, exploring the caves at De Kelders as well as the more extreme activities like shark cage diving! By Fiona Rossiter About: I am Fiona the writer and editor of Inspired Living, a melting pot of all the things I am passionate about. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Cape Town aka “The Mother City”! Creativity inspires me and I am happiest when I am being creative. The thought of a life without travel is unthinkable. I have quite a long bucket list of places I would still like to visit – top of this list is Thailand! I have a rather obsessive love of fashion and then there is my insane love of food & wine. {oh I almost left out the coffee addiction!} Photography is a big passion of mine, capturing a moment in time and preserving it for eternity! I blog to share my experience and insights as a woman and a mother; to reignite the passion and purpose in my life and share my views and insights with the world.


Nestled amongst the oaks, this charming heritage house that was once a pottery, is now a small personalized bed and breakfast. Greyton is well known for its idyllic calm and our lodgings offer easy access to the gentle pace of this historic town. Also Ideal for hikers and mountain bikers with the choice of both rooms and self catering cottages. So spend a few days with us and enjoy all that the Overberg has to offer! 16 Main Road, Greyton, 7233 076 441 5753 | Issue 3


Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Have you ever read Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson? Case Histories? No? Well, you should. They’re brilliant. I read them after a friend of mine recommended them to me. She was 93 at the time. We had very similar taste in fiction. Because I enjoyed Behind the Scenes at the Museum and Case Histories so very much, I recently bought and read Life After Life also by Kate Atkinson. Ursula Todd is born on the night of a dramatic snow storm during the first World War which marks the dramatic beginning of some dramatic lives. It’s not a typo. I meant to write lives because in Life After Life, Ursula doesn’t live just one linear sort of life, but many. In some versions of Ursula’s life, she dies during childbirth, in others she lives into adulthood. Through the various different versions of Ursula’s life, and, indeed, Ursula herself, Atkinson explores the potential for all of us to live or have lived a number of different lives and be a number of different people. The various different Ursula’s live through or die during two world wars, an influenza epidemic, marriages, family tragedies, mysterious murders, and the changing landscape of life and society for women during this particularly tumultuous period of our history. It should be a fascinating book, and parts of it, depending on which version of Ursula and her life you’re reading, are (one of the Ursula’s even meets Hitler!), but I can’t say that I really enjoyed this book. I read it to get to the end, because that’s what I do. And I felt almost obliged because I respect Kate Atkinson as a writer so much. To be honest, I got a bit bored in some parts. It might be that I didn’t connect with Ursula enough to go through so many different versions of some of her life events with her, or perhaps the pace wasn’t fast enough, or maybe there were just too many versions? At times it felt like Atkinson couldn’t decide on a story to tell, so she told them all and, for me, it didn’t quite work. Still, it wasn’t one of those books that made me think that I want my time back, because Atkinson really is a master of her trade. She writes so well and I’m sure there are many people who will enjoy this book. Reviewing a book that I can’t gush about has been trying. Perhaps the next one will have me so delighted that I forget to use punctuation? By Lisa Wiebesiek-Pienaar | Issue 3

DISCOVER I have been eagerly anticipating a new novel by my favourite crime/suspense/thriller author, Roger Smith. I just finished Dust Devils (after having to share it with my father or having him steal it from my room so he can get a few chapters in before I steal it back) and I was not disappointed. I am a great fan of crime fiction but Roger Smith does it like no other author I have ever read. His portrayal of South Africa and its contrasts is so honest and provoking, so if you have an idealized perception of this place, after reading this book you will be shocked. I was.

Dust Devils by Roger Smith

In contrast to his other two novels, which were set in Cape Town, Dust Devils is largely set in Bambatha’s Rock, in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. The story follows Robert Dell, a journalist who is on the run after being framed for his family’s murder and he turns to his oldest enemy: his own father. In the mix we also have Disaster Zondi (a character who I hope will be featuring in future novels), who is seeking revenge of his own kind. Roger Smith portrays a vivid picture of the realities of the politics in this new democracy, the attitude of people toward the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has the country in a grip of panic, and the sad and unfortunate ways that some groups still have of dealing with it, the aftermath of the Apartheid regime and what kind of legacy -and indeed, scars- it has left with the people of the country and most importantly, I think, the attitudes of South Africans toward one another. This explosive and dynamic novel is an eye-opener to the realities of what South Africa has become, but even more than that, it is a damn fine piece of writing. If it were a film, I would have given it a standing ovation. @BooksBootsBio | Issue 3

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