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Otis Roundtree Award goes to Neal Patching

Neal Patching receiving the Otis Roundtree Award from Mike Porter who received the award in 1959.

By Lynnette Hoffman The Otis Roundtree Award has been given to Winlock High School football players since 1928. It’s an award given by the Winlock Lions Club and voted on by the players. This year the award goes to Neal Patching, his parents are Brandon and Nelia Patching. The first Otis Roundtree Award was started in 1928 by Otis Roundtree. He was a businessman in Winlock and also a graduate of the University of Washington. Otis was a man who made a huge impact on Winlock. He built the Winlock-Toledo road down to Cowlitz Corner; it was a feat to accomplish

such a large construction site in those days. After the road was completed, Otis decided to hold an event called “Winlock Poultry and Egg Day.” Otis was the person who started Egg Day and is an event we hold dear to our hearts. Roundtree’s business was the hardware store, but his accomplishments didn’t stop there. He became town marshall in 1930. He was also responsible for bringing the telephone to Winlock. There is still one building named after Otis, it’s called “The Roundtree Building.” Mike Porter, recipient in 1959, continues the tradition of the Otis Roundtree award. Mike stated, “He left his mark on Winlock and

Winlock is a better place because of him. Otis definitely left his mark on Winlock and every year we celebrate the event he started.” During this time, brothers,cousins, and father and son have won the award. Brothers Steve and Mike Barnett along with Dana and Chris Olson were past recipients. Cousins were Floyd Voie and Tim Voie. Father and son were Sam and John Photos by Lynnette Hoffman Meyers. Some years they Carol Wallin dressed in a chicken costume rode in the float driven by Kenny Hauschild. had a two- or three-way tie, each recipient was given the award. This year it went to Neal Patching, who has By Lynnette quite a lineage receiving this Hoffman award. Neal joins his family Egg Day was a great day members who have received for the community, it seems the award. His brothers, a lot of new people came Uncle and Cousin and Dad out, but there were residents all received the award, for and classmates alike in the five decades one member of town. These events start the Patching family has won with the Queen's Coronathe award. tion on Friday and then on This year, Neal PatchSaturday the town is lit up ing, the recipient, stated, Egg Day Royalty for the rest of the day. “Receiving the award was a Dean Hendrickson has huge honor, and it means a given his resignation as lot to me knowing my teamco-chair of the Winlock mates saw me as an inspiraEgg Day, he will be sorely tion. However, I wouldn't missed. He has given so say I worked for it. Obvimuch of his time to run egg ously the hard work I put day with Misty Mayo, we in, in and out of the season, appreciate all you two have influenced the decision of done for the community! my team to vote for me, but Winlock has always had winning the Otis Roundtree a fun day on Egg Day and was never at the forefront of

Wrapping up Winlock Egg Day

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Apple Harvest Float

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By Samantha Lovelady

We did it, we made it through another Egg Day without rain. It was chilly, but the turnout was good. The Winlock Egg Day Committee did a fabulous job on putting everything together. These individuals work hard during the year to make Egg Day possible. They are in need of some volunteers. If you want to volunteer, check out the Winlock Egg Day Facebook page. Winlock Youth Soccer is having signups from June 1 to July 29. If you are interested, you can reach out to Winlock Youth Soccer at WinlockYouthSoccer@gmail. com. If you are new to the community and have youth that want to play, this is a great opportunity. Plus, you get to meet some great parents! Winlock had a lot of people in town on Egg Day, but I did not see the huge mess that is usually left. Thank you to all who helped keep it clean. We have a few new businesses in town. I have introduced the new florist and I will have another one hopefully next week. Nature Nuture Farmacy has been setting up the garden at Winlock Olequa Senior Center. They have cleaned out the horseshoe pit and have a little garden in the back. Nicole is doing a great job for the seniors. If you have not been yet, give it a shot, she is there to make the seniors happy and well fed. Don’t forget about the play, The Lorax, coming to the Winlock Middle School on July 15. Get your tickets now so you don’t lose out!

It’s hard to believe, but summer is coming, finally! We have had a very wet spring but we are going to get our 80-degree weather. It’s about time that we get to warm our bones after the spring we have had. The 4th of July is coming around the corner. We celebrate this day because we became an independent nation. Our freedom means much to many of us, we will forever celebrate this day! Cheese Days is coming too! This is the big event for the city of Toledo. I ran into Ronnie Smith while he was out getting advertising for the event. Ronnie has been a great person for Toledo. It’s the Annual Artist of the Mountain this coming weekend. They have arts and music scheduled. They are open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. If you just take hwy 505 to where you have to turn left to go to the mountain. This is always a beautiful drive with a lot less traffic! A lot of us look forward to Cheese Days. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. Toledo always has a longer parade with a bunch of vendors at the middle school. Last year, we thoroughly enjoyed the food from Bonanza BBQ and evening at Donna’s place. It’s not just a community event, it’s also a few large families getting togethers. Cheese Days is always a good time!

Are you ready for the Fourth of July? Make sure you head over to Ryderwood for a day full of fun. The parade starts at 11:00 a.m. followed by a potluck at noon, kids games at 1:00 p.m. and a pie walk at 2:00 p.m. After that head on over to Vader for Fireworks. RWCS Quilt Raffle on 4TH OF JULY 3 QUILTS TO BE RAFFLED $1.00 - 1 TICKET or $5.00 - 6 TICKETS Purchase tickets in the Café. VFW meeting is on June 27 at 11:30 a.m. inside the Community Hall. Cafe Menus June 23: Potato bar, drink, dessert special for a cost of $12 June 27: Burgers, soup, fries, or tots June 30: CAFE CLOSED I’m sad to say this will be my last Ryderwood News. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and it is time for me to move on. If you are interested in being the next Ryderwood News writer I encourage you to reach out to Lynette Hoffman. I have loved my time working for Lewis County News and it's been a pleasure to be a part of the family. “We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.” ― Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon

Jim Haslett Memorial Service will be Saturday, June 25 beginning at 1:00 p.m. at Napavine Assembly of God. The ladies of the church will be providing lunch. Then they will finish across the street at Mayme Shaddock Park in Napavine. The park has a very special meaning as Jim was instrumental in the development of the park. The family of Jim would like to invite you to his memorial service. Jim served the citizens for many years on the council and in many other ways! February 7, 2022 at 9:56 a.m. marked a celebration of homecoming for Jim Haslett as he exited this world and entered into the presence of the Lord forever.

By Samantha Lovelady

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Jim Haslett Memorial Service

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Vader News The last day of school was canceled for Vader students who attend Castle Rock Schools. Late on Wednesday evening parents should have received a call from the district. Superintendent Greene also issued a public statement. He addressed safety concerns and said they were working with law enforcement to verify any threat to students and staff. According to the latest details families should be able to pick up their children's things at some point this week. For the latest check out the district web page. Vader City Council Meeting this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. inside City Hall. Meetings are still available remotely but are now open to the public in person. Don’t be square and be there to find out the latest and greatest in Vader. Vader History books are still for sale at City Hall. Be sure you stop by and grab yours today. So the rumors you might have heard are true. This is my last Vader News. It's been my pleasure to write this column for over 4 years now. Crazy to think about how much has changed since I started this journey. My children have gotten a lot bigger and we even added the final Slusher (Lovelady) baby to the mix. Over the years I have learned so much about this community and the people who live here. Writing for this paper has opened up many doors for me, such as my Mayor Pro Tem posi-

tion, and for that I am grateful. My writing journey is not over, it's just time to pass on the reins and move on to a new adventure. To the wild editor that took a chance on the busy mom. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for taking me on and mentoring me over the years. I wouldn’t have made it through this journey without you. Lynnette you are and will always be my Washington Mom. Thank you for Everything Vader. Samantha Lovelady

"Dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn't teach me everything he knows." ~ Al Unser ~

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June 22, 2022 • Local News - 3

egg day

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yesterday was no exception. It was a day of seeing people you have known most of your life. It’s always a kick when we get to see the Winlock peeps in the Parade. Landon Johnson a local resident and the band he is in played at Egg Day during the parade. I always start my morning of Egg Day by going to the registration desk for floats. I asked John Prigmore how many entrees. It’s interesting to find out some people do not sign up ahead of time. So, John and Barb were there doing what they do! It’s also John and Barbs' last year registering floats. Thank you for the job you have done over the years, we appreciate you. Then it’s a trip down the road to see all the classic cars. Every year, Angela Patching does a phenomenal job getting everyone organized. She has always made sure that Front Street in downtown Winlock is filled. Before the parade starts, you usually see a few classmates or people you went to school with. It was fun talking to Bill and Christy Lucas and Steve Lucas. They had

with them Megan West who graduated from Winlock as well. I also had the good fortune of being alongside the Tamale Lady, Lorena. She made quite a few and people just love them. Right before the parade gets going, the street vendors come out. These are the ones offering water and other fair type accessories. I saw several women around with very long curly ribbons, bought from the street vendor. Every year, when you see the honor guard, you know they are there to start the parade off right. There were several candidates in the parade as this year is an election year. We didn’t have any horses this year, which was unusual. My favorite of the floats/vehicles with our local people was Kenny Hauschild chauffeuring a chicken. Now, it wasn’t a real chicken, but Carol Wallin in the chicken Heidi St. John marching in the Egg Day Parade. suit. That was such a great thing to see. You could tell they were having a good time. Dwain Miller was in the parade with his antique vehicle, but this time driven by his granddaughter. It was wonderful to see the new Chief Fire Chief Richard Underdahl in the parade. After the parade, people either went down to the grade school and plaza to see the most vendors Egg Day has ever had. You could find food down to Medicare advice. You could talk to candidates in the booth, it is always filled with a lot of people. Jodie Curtis did a great job on getting vendors. The ones that stayed uptown seemed to be a few locals, you can see them usually in one of the taverns, talking to an old classmate they haven’t seen in years. Another year is in the books, Egg Day is always a fun adventure. Next up, Toledo Cheese Days is the 2nd weekend in July, hope to see everyone there!!! The Winlock High School Band

Mt. St Helens Class of 1962



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my mind at any point.” The evening was for awards at the High School but Neal was quite surprised, he continued “Normally the Otis Roundtree is given at a team banquet in a more ‘private’ setting, so I honestly was not expecting to receive it that night, but being able to receive it in front of teachers, staff, and classmates was really cool. Regardless of my last name, my name on the plaque signifies the bond that the 2021 state team created, and their place in my heart.” He is also going to serve his church this next year, he stated, “I plan on serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and then pursuing a career as a filmmaker.”

Neal is very talented, Brandon Patching stated, “Of all of us who received the award, Neal is by far the most accomplished. Neal was a 2-way starter all four years of his high school career. Three of the 4 years they went to the playoffs. COVID was the only year

he missed in the playoffs.” Neal is quite the athlete, going with the team to state is always admirable. The Otis Roundtree is an award that many throughout the year have cherished, what an honor to receive an award voted on by your teammates. Congratulations Neal!

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4 - Local News • June 22, 2022


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