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THE CAMPAIGN FOR FIU Next Horizon—The Campaign for FIU is the University’s groundbreaking fundraising effort. The campaign’s $750 million fundraising goal is ambitious and representative of just how high FIU has set its sights. FIU Business plays a critical role in achieving this goal. Through the campaign, we will secure the investment necessary to improve the future of every FIU student, our Miami home, and those we reach across the world through our teaching, research, and the professionals we produce at FIU Business. The Next Horizon will put FIU at the forefront of discovery and innovation; health and society; environment and resilience; influence and enterprise; and community, arts, and culture. This will be achieved by focusing on two pillars—student success and research excellence—and attracting investments in the following campaign objectives:





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WE WILL DRIVE INNOVATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN SOUTH FLORIDA, EDUCATING THE NEXT GENERATION OF BUSINESS LEADERS FOR THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE. The increasingly competitive marketplace demands not only proficiency in hard and soft skills, but also an aptitude for creative thinking, a global mindset to work with teams from diverse backgrounds, and the attitude of an entrepreneur. At FIU Business, we work hard to nurture such a candidate for the world. Located at a majority-minority public research institution, FIU Business sets its aspirations high to combine academic excellence, real-world experiences, multicultural perspectives, and entrepreneurial flair. Fueled by FIU’s $750 million Next Horizon campaign, we aim to transform FIU Business into a preeminent research institution and an internationally recognized leader in business education.



Home to the only Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) in Florida, awarded by the U.S. Department of Education


Real Estate Research Productivity, U.S. (Journal of Real Estate Literature, 2018)


Undergraduate International Business Program (U.S. News Best Colleges, 2019)


Master’s in Finance Program in the World (Financial Times, 2018)

$50M FIU Business Next Horizon Goal


FIU BUSINESS FIU Business remains Worlds Ahead in preparing undergraduate and graduate business students and lifelong executive learners for leadership roles in the global market. With more than 10,000 students and 56,000 alumni, FIU Business is the largest professional school at FIU. College faculty and students represent more than 100 nations, creating a unique learning environment and reflecting a truly global perspective. Long recognized as the business school for the Americas, FIU Business continues to be South Florida’s most important business education resource, recognized as a global leader in fields such as international business, finance, real estate, healthcare management, marketing, accounting, business analytics, entrepreneurship, human resources, information technology, logistics, and supply chain management. New programs such as our Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Science in Marketing, and Master of Accounting with a specialization in analytics demonstrate our agility in responding to market needs. Through the campaign, we seek partners who will invest in innovation and keep FIU Business on the leading edge. Miami is a world-class city that needs an outstanding public business college. Your philanthropy can help pave the way, giving us the freedom to pursue bold new ideas to benefit students, South Florida, and the international business community. Together, we will position FIU Business as the leader in business education and research—in South Florida and beyond.

“FIU Business is on a clear path to greatness, but we cannot get there without you. Your support through the Next Horizon campaign will help us earn our place as an internationally recognized leader in business education and research.” ― JOANNE LI, PHD, CFA Dean and Professor FIU Business Ryder Eminent Scholar Chair in Business


TOP 5% FIU Business is among the top 5 percent of elite business schools worldwide accredited by the AACSB International— the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

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FIU’s Most Impactful Research Programs Preeminent Programs at FIU are multidisciplinary and collaborative endeavors that the University recognizes for their extraordinary success in providing unique learning opportunities, pioneering research, real-world solutions, and best practices. Emerging Preeminent Programs at FIU address critical issues of increasingly growing national and global concern. Their distinctive merits, strengths, and successes make them strategically important, with high potential to earn preeminent designation. All of these programs garner special support to strengthen their offerings, including faculty cluster hires, undergraduate scholarships, and graduate fellowships. FIU Business faculty are addressing digital defense and protection issues impacting the global cyberscape through the Cybersecurity@FIU Emerging Preeminent Program, a multidisciplinary initiative centered at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs.

Our faculty impact the lives of our students, not only in the classroom, but also as knowledgeable mentors.


PRIORITY INITIATIVES FACULTY SUPPORT FIU Business is home to more than 150 faculty members who are leading scholars and industry experts. They offer a wealth of research and teaching experiences, established networks, and practical business savvy. Their work—and success—are the most critical factors in advancing the national and global reputation of the College. Yet with over 10,000 students, our faculty count is well below that of our benchmark accredited schools. In addition, the competition for the best business faculty is fierce. To support the growth of the College and provide quality education, we need more faculty. To continue to attract and retain globally recognized scholars, we must create endowed chairs and funds for faculty to pursue next-level innovation. These efforts will enhance FIU Business’s rankings as well as worldwide recognition and respect for our degree. Students will benefit from learning from top faculty, and businesses will gain from the insight and expertise that produces relevant industry intelligence—a must for growing enterprises. Your support through the campaign can ensure that our students are taught and mentored by worldclass faculty and that our business community can access their breakthrough ideas and research. Your investment will help us meet the business community’s demand for workforce development. And your commitment will increase the value proposition of our degree and raise the profile of the College.

#1 FIU Business is the largest AACSB-accredited business school in Florida.

STUDENT SUPPORT We prepare students for jobs in both traditional and emerging industries and for leadership positions throughout the world. Our students are diverse, reflecting both U.S. and international population trends— an important characteristic for next-generation business leaders. Most of our students are multilingual, and they are comfortable working across cultures. They bring with them a unique work ethic, and many successfully balance multiple demands on their time. Through the Next Horizon campaign, we want to help these hardworking students. We aim to establish more endowed scholarships to attract top students, help meet financial needs, and support students who seek to study abroad. Student support will enable more undergraduates to take part in international business experiences and cultural immersion, critical in a global economy. You can help give more of our students the opportunity to realize their potential. Your investment in scholarships will enable tomorrow’s bold thinkers to focus on their studies, while study abroad will allow them to gain a vital global perspective.

84% Eighty-four percent of FIU Business undergraduate students work full or part time while attending school.

TOP 100 Regularly published in high-ranking journals, FIU Business faculty have achieved a ranking in the Top 100 highest research faculty, as measured by the University of Texas at Dallas.

#1 The Hollo School of Real Estate was ranked No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 2 globally for real estate research in the Real Estate Academic Leadership (REAL) 2017 Institution Rankings, marking its third consecutive year in the top spots.


Maintaining state-of-the-art technology is essential to good learning outcomes.


FACILITIES AND TECHNOLOGY An outstanding business education needs to exploit new technologies— the same technologies students will encounter in the workplace. Today’s employers, in fact, demand mastery of these tools, making it imperative for us to incorporate this technology and continually upgrade it. At this juncture, we need support for students to become adept with the technology used for data analytics and financial services. Well-equipped labs and adaptable classrooms and case rooms will ensure that students emerging from FIU Business can compete successfully with their peers in fast-growing, high-demand sectors of the economy. Your support through the campaign can give our students access to the state-of-the-art tools, classrooms, and lab settings that create an optimal learning environment and expand their after-college job opportunities.

#1 FIU Business is the top producer of master’s degree graduates in the country.

STRATEGIC FUND FOR INNOVATION AND ENGAGEMENT To meet market demand for innovators and to leverage our assets as a solution-provider, FIU Business seeks industry partners to launch an Innovation Hub. The Hub will house an open, collaborative universityindustry think tank, where industry brings its problems and challenges, and FIU activates more than 57,000 student and faculty minds across colleges and disciplines to solve them. The Hub will include an Innovator Program for students, an apprentice-inspired mentoring model with extracurricular Innovation Core training and individual and collaborative industry experiences. The Innovation Core will expose students to topics and experiences in design thinking, entrepreneurial strategy, venture acceleration, blockchain in business, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Industry partners who invest in the Innovation Hub will have offices on site to mentor and engage with students. Through these partnerships, the Innovator Program will graduate strategic thinkers with strong entrepreneurial and technopreneurial acumen, trained in data analytics, who are prepared to lead innovations in any industry. Campaign investments in a strategic fund will fuel our vision for an out-of-the-box extracurriculum and hub for academy-industry engagement. Together, we will expand the College’s network of influence, engaging new audiences, sharing our expertise, and creating connections for our students.

20% Twenty percent of our more than 56,000 alumni own their own businesses.


Centers and institutes reinforce classroom learning by exposing students to real-world challenges and opportunities.


CENTERS AND INSTITUTES The unique composition of the South Florida marketplace demands that FIU Business, its primary source for higher education in business, be as nimble as today’s most successful organizations. We have scanned the competitive environment for opportunities to expand our programs and identified hot specialty tracks and skillsets that will both meet business needs in growth fields and ignite our graduates’ prospects—whether for promising employment or starting their own businesses. These high-demand niches include blockchain, emerging markets, family business, banking, global sales, and digital/branding analytics. We have a head start in some of these areas. Through the ATOM (Analytics, Technology, and Operations Management) Think Tank, information systems and business analytics faculty and students are already consulting with organizations. In the Global Sales Lab, undergraduate and graduate students hone their skills in a simulated sales office setting. Through philanthropic investments, we will take these successful programs to the next level. Your support through the campaign will help accelerate this work and launch brand-new initiatives in areas that will give FIU Business, and its students and partners, the competitive edge.

#13 The online MBA program was ranked No. 13 in 2018 by the Financial Times.

#29 Our International MBA program ranked No. 29 in 2018 among top U.S. MBA programs for Latin Americans in América Economía, the leading Latin American business magazine.

JOURNEY WITH FIU BUSINESS TO THE NEXT HORIZON Every great city needs a great public business school. FIU Business is that school for Miami. We have a critical role to play in the shifting paradigm for business in South Florida by delivering affordable, worldclass degree and nondegree academic programs, engaging industry in cutting-edge idea exchanges, and sharing our thought leadership through an Innovation Hub. Now we seek the passion and philanthropy of FIU alumni, family, and friends to reach new heights. Working together, we will position FIU Business as the Next Horizon in disruptive innovation, entrepreneurial growth, and student success. With your generous support, we will realize our vision of being an economic engine for the region as well as a globally recognized research institution and bold leader in business education.






• F irst-Generation Undergraduate Scholarships •M  erit-Based Undergraduate Scholarships • E mergency Assistance Scholarships • T ransfer and Retention Scholarships • U ndergraduate and Graduate Research and Fellowship Awards

• S tudy Abroad Support • P articipation in Innovation Projects OPTIMIZE 21ST-CENTURY TEACHING

• R ecognizing Excellence in Teaching (Teaching Incentive Program)

• • Course Design Institutes • Faculty Fellowships

Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

• ATOM Think Tank •N  iche Areas: Blockchain, Emerging Markets, Family Business, and Banking

• Seed Funding for Emerging Research • G lobal Research Initiatives and Conferences across Continents

• Innovation Hub • Global Sales Lab • State-of-the-Art Tech Tools and Labs • Endowed Faculty Chairs • Endowed Professorships • U ndergraduate and Graduate Research Infrastructure (travel, equipment, labs)

• Graduate Student Support • Postdoctoral Fellowships • Emerging Preeminent Programs • C ybersecurity@FIU ESCALATE DISCOVERY TO ENTERPRISE

• E ntrepreneurial Development and Support AND OTHERS

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FIU Business Case Statement  

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